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Q: HP Pavillion ZE 4600

When i disconnect the power cable and try to go on the internet the laptop freezes (when i initially take out the power cable the screen fades) any ideas what is wrong
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Preferred Solution: HP Pavillion ZE 4600

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi there!
can anybody tell me please,is it a big
differense between mx 440 and ti 4600?can i see it
instantly?what is the differense?
thanks for answer.matrix4

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Q: XW 4600

I am trying to upgrade the RAM in my XW 4600 workstation and 2 of the new 4gb sticks are seen as 1gb while the other two cause the machine to fail the POST.  I ran MEMTEST86 on the two good sticks and they passed.  I upgraded the BIOS to V1.34 REVA and that had no effect.  Anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas of something I could try. The new sticks are ECC ram just like the old ones...Thanks in advance.
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Which is better, the GTX 645 OEM or the Intel HD6400?

A:GTX 645 vs HD 4600

Personally mate I prefer the NVidia stuff so I would go the GTX 645 as I had grief with the Radeon stuff.
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is there a significant difference between these cards?

A:geforce 3 ti 200 vs gf ti 4600

oh and the ti 200 is a visiontek xtasy 64 mb
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Hey guys. I want someone's opinion if my CPU is a bottleneck for the rest of my system...?

Here's my specs:

CPU: AMD 4600+ x2
RAM: CORSAIR 3GB (3 x 1GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Video Card: EVGA 8800GTS 512MB

If so, any recommendations?

Thanks for any replies

A:Bottleneck from AMD x2 4600+?

Can you list the motherboard and PSU as well, thanks.
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Who out here has a GeForce Ti 4600? I am asking because i just got mine and I am looking for benchmark scores to compare to.

If you do what are your 3D Mark 2001 scores?


Any other benchmark scores would be helpfull.



P4 1.7
512 Rambus
140 Gigs
GeForce 4 TI 4600

A:Do you have a GeForce 4ti 4600..

I can only dream of having that amount of disposable income.

Lucky you! I can only dream of having that amount of disposable income.
I've never been fond of benchmarks. Be that as it may, your "scores" will vary from rig to rig.

Enter for a chance to win the Lightning fast GeForce 4Ti video card from Gainward !!
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I am getting a score with 3DMARK 2001 SE under 7,000. Here is my system:

Windows XP
AMD XP1900+
512 RAM
eVGA Ti 4600

I can't figure out why it is this low. Any suggestions?


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I have one of the Core i7s with integrated graphics (HD 4600). However, it is not being used because I have a Radeon R9 285 dedicated video card installed (for gaming). Is there any way that the HD 4600 could be used for anything? Maybe like OpenCL, etc? Seems wasteful to have it not doing anything...

A:Intel HD 4600

Does that motherboard allow for switchable graphics in BIOS? Home built computer?
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My machine now has a 939 socket with a 3500+ CPU. I've told that I could upgrade to either a FX-55 or a 4600+ and not need a new power supply. It's a Gigabyte board that will accommodate these CPU's.
I've seen pricing for around $200 for the Fx and $239 for the 4600. Does that sound right?


A:upgrading to a 4600+

The fx55 was around $130 some time ago. I guess they are getting scarce. As long as your board supports dual core, you can install the 4600+.
Note there are issues with dual core cpus and the nforce4 chipset. If your board has this chipset, I would go with the fx55 rather than the 4600+

Next if you do decide to install the dual core, either change the HAL manually in device manager or you can download a driver from amd that does this for you. The HAL [hardware abstraction layer] needs to be set for multi cpu so the os takes advantage of both cores.
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Alright some backstory This is a used laptop I insisted on making the salesman install a fresh version of Win x after he warned me I'd have to reinstall the secondary M GPU's drivers manually when I got home So I other (AMD I can Graphics How my M230/ get 4600) use PC GPU? my to HD did just that and How can I get my PC to use my other GPU? (AMD M230/ HD Graphics 4600) the Catalyst Control Center Switchable Graphics Settings appeared whenever I right clicked the desktop indicating my success in installing the drivers So just one problem remains I use the Global Switchable Graphics Settings to set my AMD to run everything but when I launch up a game the Intel takes over which isn't really too bad as it's still a decent GPU but I'd take FPS over any day and I also can't seem to bring up the Intel's settings anymore I DID try disabling the Intel in Device Manager but that just caused my laptop to use the motherboard's GPU I think it's called that it was just shitty Now I need to know what I can do to force the system into using my AMD rather than my Intel
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I have this dell dimension 4600!!! And I want to upgrade it!!! But I am not so sure about what my mother board can support!! I have tried "Ernest home edition" but it doesn?t help much!! is there a program that give the detail description of a PC!! Or is there a web site with detail descriptions of Dell Pc's!

Mobo name: Dell Dimension 4600i


A:Dell Dimension 4600

What do you want to know?
Here's the dell support page.
You could dl the owners manual or look at the service manual.

Here's the spec sheet.
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I already know my XFX is very overclockable and i've found more reasoning why that is in this new review from Guru3d...

Comes highly recommended :grinthumb
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I have a Dell Dimesion 4600. should I upgrade certain hardwares or is it not worthwhile, and I should just buy a new PC? (of course cost is part of the issue) I use my comp pretty much just to surf the web, download audio and video files, watch DVDs, use Microsoft Word etc.

A:Upgrade dimension 4600 or buy new PC

In general, if you will spend more than $300 and it does not include a graphics card expense, then it is better to replace.
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Ok, here is the question of the century for all the vid card buffs; I bought this card from ebay and installed it, I get a "cannot install card, invalid data or something wrong with device." In the device manager, it is on the other devices and not working. Im in vga mode by default. There is no display device listed. I spent a lot of time on other forums and I tried all the drivers, uninstalling the ones first, updating my agp driver, reinstalling my old mx400 (which worked fine again,)the card is supposedly out of a gateway that the guy bought and immediately changed the card. I tried to call PNY and I'm still waiting for a tech to call back. It really seems like a software issue. When I reboot, XP recoginzes the Ti4600 but wont allow it to install. HELP!!!

A:Ti 4600 install error help

What motherboard are you using?

If ya don't know download a diagnostic program like SiSoftware Sandra 2002 Standard.
(Search Google)
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Hi all. I am brand new to this so please bear with me.

I was just given an old Dell Dimension 4600 with a CD burner and integrated sound card. I needed a new PC so that I can edit home videos on my computer (my last was a Windows 98 - inadequate).

I purchased a Lite-on DVD burner and installed it. Video is fine. However I keep getting a clicking sound as the video runs and the audio is slightly distorted. Do I need to purchase a better sound card? or a new video card? The sound from the CD player or from the internet is fine. It is DVDs that produce the clicking - homemade or commercial movies.

Please help.

A:Dimension 4600 Sound

I would try a different optical drive first. The click is not a good sign, and not typical.
If an alternate optical drive produces the same results, I would buy an adequate sound card... They start at about $24... then disable or delete the old audio driver in the Device manager before installing the new one.
If you can get access to a stethoscope, check the hard drive. The clicking is more typical of a failing hard drive than anything else... especially if it is a Western Digital, Samsung, or Maxtor.
The 4600 itself is an excellent computer worth spending a few bucks to get it right.
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Questions for the Graphics Gurus I'm running an on-board Intel HD Driver is up to date Intel & DirectX 4600 HD with xxxxxxxx DirectX on Insider Question is The HD claims it only supports up to DirectX Is there any possible conflict with DirectX installed I have a very intermittent flick blip but Intel HD 4600 & DirectX only on desktop background slideshow Any theme any pic Also occurs on Win RTM AU and - all dual booted Also have the transcoded image quality set to from default of - no difference Included DxDiag if it helps Thanks TC Code ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name DESKTOP-NR OEH Machine Id BF A -A C - A -BCB -FAB F D Operating System Windows Pro Insider Preview -bit Build rs prerelease - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Inspiron BIOS A Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled Miracast Available with HDCP Microsoft Graphics Hybrid Not Supported DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Intel R HD Graphics Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip type Intel R HD Graphics Family DAC type Internal Device Type Full Device Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Device Status A DN DRIVER LOADED DN STARTED DN DISABLEABLE DN NT ENUMERATOR DN NT DRIVER Device Problem Code No Problem Driver Problem Code Unknown Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name CF C F HDMI Monitor Model C F Monitor Id SAM D Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HDMI Driver Name igdumdim dll igd iumd dll igd iumd dll igd umd dll Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Feature Levels Driver Model WDDM Graphics Preemption Primitive Compute Preemption Thread group Miracast Supported Hybrid Graphics GPU Integrated Power P-states Not Supported Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size PM bytes WHQL Logo'd Yes WHQL Date Stamp Unknown Device Identifier D B E - - CF- B - D BAC D Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Driver Strong Name oem inf f e dd f e iHSWD w pci ven amp dev Rank Of Driver D Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeWMV C ModeVC C DXVA Modes DXVA ModeMPEG VLD DXVA ModeMPEG IDCT DXVA ModeVC D DXVA ModeWMV IDCT DXVA ModeVC IDCT DXVA ModeH VLD NoFGT DXVA ModeH VLD Stereo Progressive NoFGT DXVA ModeH VLD Stereo NoFGT DXVA ModeH VLD Multiview NoFGT DXVA ModeHEVC VLD Main Deinterlace Caps BF EF - CC - A-BE B- BD CAEEE F Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech EdgeFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend BF EF - CC - A-BE B- BD CAEEE F Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech EdgeFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC... Read more
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the screen keeps blinking after the post tests. I dont see any text, i dont think its a video card issue. I see the bios screen. I reboted the comp, formatted it, and when windowsw was abotut to install the screen gets messed up. Whats wrong

A:Messed up Dimension 4600

The monitor is going from text mode to graphic mode, and when it does not it usually means your graphic card is going bad. But first try unplugging the monitor connectors and reconnecting them. Next try reseat the graphic card, by removing and reinstall it.

Good luck.
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Sorry if this is a repost, but here goes:

My parents have a Dell Dimension 4600 that is currently using a 37GB IDE hard drive.

I'd like to help them upgrade it, so I took a look at Dell's online documentation, and it says the computer supports SATA.

If I just open the case for a quick peek, what do I look for to see if it actually supports SATA?

Is there some telltale wire that I need to look for?

I know what the IDE strips look like, they're the flat ones with like 40 lines.


A:SATA for Dimension 4600

Look at the photo further down
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i was wondering if i chould put PC4200 ddr2 ram in a dell dimension 4600 it says on the doc that it takes ddr2

any help whould be nice

A:Which ram for a Dell Dimension 4600

ok maybe you can then, try it, see if it boots.
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I reformatted an older Dell earlier and now I'm having issues with the RAM. It had two sticks of 128MB DDR RAM (PC3200) and I tried adding a single stick of 256MB of the same type. After the computer recognized that there was a change in physical memory I went to load XP and I got a fast blue screen. Now, the OS will not load at all even with the original memory configuration (128x2) reinstalled. I hate Dells, have I mentioned that?

Also, when i try to boot into Safe Mode it stops loading drivers at agp440.sys if that's any indication.

A:Dimension 4600 Not Starting

Alright so I didn't exactly figure out what happened with this but it had something to do with the OS or the HDD I believe. I swapped out the drive with a spare 40GB I had lying around and did yet another fresh install; all seems to be working now. I have no idea what caused startup to hang but I did notice that when I tried a repair install on the original drive, setup also hanged when it searches for previous installations of Windows. When I wiped the disk clean and formatted it as a slave/external drive, it worked fine...
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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew if my Dell 4600 has AGP or PCI Slots. I recently moved and my internet is not the fastest so i was planning on getting an intermediate Videocard so i could get a higher fps to make up for the internet. I dont really know much about computers so I asked my friends to help me. I asked about three friends and they all told me the same thing. I need to find out if i have agp or pci slots before i get a card. So if anyone out there happens to have a Dell 4600 and knows please let me know.

and if anyone knows a good graphics card for about 50-75 dollars for cs 1.6 that would be good too.

thanks for the help if i get any!

A:Dell 4600 AGP or PCI Slots

4600's have an agp 8x slot. I do believe there is a SFF 4600 (might be called the 4600c) that dosent have an agp slot. But a plain 4600 has an agp.

As far as the card, for 10 bucks more, you could get this
which should handle 1.6 fine
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Windows 10 just installed on my laptop.. and it refuses to allow me to open an overlay editor. It complains that it has a problem with my intel HD Graphics 4600 card.
I downloaded the latest new drivers for this card - ones that were made available because of the release of Windows 10 and this installation made no difference. I even uninstalled the existing drivers and than rebooted. No luck.

What have I missed?? Everything else seems to work. I have only had windows 10 on my laptop now for about 2 hours. Not sure what will happen later as time goes on.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A:Intel HD Graphics 4600

Hi ve1drg and welcome to the forum

Please complete your system specs within your profile in full. In particular, where it asks for make and model of device, just saying Lenovo is insufficient.

Is this a Win10 upgrade or a clean install?What method did you use to upgrade?Did you confirm activation of Win10?Please post a screenshot of your device manager.With the exception of you downloading the latest driver for the 4600, have you changed any other drivers from the default Microsoft drivers installed during the upgrade /Win10 clean install?
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Im having some troubles with it (atleast I think its the cause).

I try to play games - and it locks up.. Even tried to use the EarthViewer (that nvidia gives you a trial for) and even though its not full screen, my computer still locks up.

I have the newest drivers (atleast I did a month ago after I reformatted). I was having troubles before reformatting too, but only had them in 1 game (half life).

I have no idea whats causing this but Im assuming is a software problem. If somebody could help, I would really appreciate it - with all the new games coming out

Gotta get Far Cry, HL2, BF: Vietnam, etc

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I m having another little problem My video card makes this whining sort of noise once in a while when ti GeForce 4600 4 Asus i boot up the machine It usually happens when i cold boot in the morning I ve had the video card which came with my OEM pc for almost a year now I m pretty positive the noise is coming from the Asus GeForce 4 ti 4600 little fan on it and i ve manually taken out the video card to make sure its the video card I have removed the little metal cover over the tiny fan and cleaned it with a wash cloth and blown it out and it seems to help some of the time but it still gives me some problems Could it be the fan going out or could it need to be oiled or something I ve never oiled any of my fans or done anything to them except clean the dust out of them with a wet cloth HP says they will fix it but i have to send in the whole machine and wont get it back for like a week I dont think so I wouldn t last that long lol It doesn t really make the noise very often but every once in a while it will just get real loud at boot up and stay that way but will usually go away if i shut down and restart the machine a couple of times Any help would be appreciated as HP doesn t seem to know whats the matter with it nbsp

A:Asus GeForce 4 ti 4600

Like you said burningrave1 it's the fan that is giving away...No matter how much you will clean it up , blow air .. it will continue to do that .. Why it does it at the cold boot ? Because the "oil" inside the fan is cold and once the fan starts to spin, it starts to make it more " fluid" hence the whinning stops.
There are 2 options that you have at this point ( beside sending the puter back ).
1. If the fan has a sticker on top of it, might wanna take the sticker out and drop 1 -2 drops of fine oil machine ( available at the local hardware store).
2. Look online on sites like, that have cooling the video card. Get a new fan+heatsink for the video card, replace the old one and enjoy it.
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Hello. My PC uses Intel HD Graphics 4600 for its graphics driver. Here is the link to the latest driver version:

However, when I go on to Device Manager and select 'Update Driver Software' it gives me this driver version:

As you can see, this driver software states that it is for Intel NUC products (which I do not have), but it still gives me it as the 'latest driver software' for my Intel HD Graphics 4600.

Finally, when I run Intel's automatic driver finder and installer, I get this driver:

I am extremely confused with which driver is the latest and best for my PC. Could someone please help me? Thank you in advance.

A:Intel HD Graphics 4600

I would install the latest Driver Version: which supports your Intel HD 4600 (4th generation Intel processor)
Only limitation you need to have windows 10 64 bit version.

Ps. You are sure you have a Intel HD 4600 and not a HD4000, because than you have to install Version: (Latest)
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im probably going to upgreade my geforce 3 to a spiffy geforce 4 card, but after snooping about the web ive found that a couple of big name manufacturers make geforce 4 cards. the main ones being PNY, Vision Tek, Asus and Abit. does this even matter?? should i just go for the cheapest one or will i regret it later?

A:GeForce 4 Ti 4600 makers

They all perform almost exactly alike. The only difference is in the software that comes with it, and sometimes the drivers. Heatsink/Fan combos may differ with different boards, as well as TV out and different gadgets and such.

Basically, going for the cheapest is not a bad idea, you'll end up with essentially the same thing, just a little more...vanilla.

50th post! Yeah baby!
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Hi, I'm new, this is my first post.

I replaced the motherboard on my 4600, but can't get past the Dell startup screen. It just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Putting an XP install disc in the drive doesn't do anything. Setup sees my HDD. I've removed all but one stick of RAM.

I've tried changing the battery and PSU. The diagnostic codes on the board are all green like they're supposed to be.

I'm out of ideas, can anyone help? Thank you.

A:Dell 4600 won't boot

Find ot what Hard Drive is in it, and download the Diagnostic from the manufacturer - you can make a booable floppy or CD.

Obviously, you have to set it to boot from Floppy or CD 1st - which is probably why your install CD isn't working.
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I just recently bought a geforce 4 ti 4600 distributed by aopen. It worked great for 3 months, but now, every time i start up, there are grey vertical lines, from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. Pairs of 4 about 3 inches apart from eachother. Then when it gets into xp, there are just vertical lines, over the whole thing. When i try to reinstall the newest drivers, the OS restarts itself, then when it gets to the point where the desktop loads, the monitor turns itself off and gives me a message saying, check connection, check pc. Is my video card shot for some unknown reason? Is there anything i can do at all? This is horrible.

A:Geforce ti 4600 problem, PLZ HELP :(

Look is you monitor connected to Geforce TI 4600 and what kain of monitor you have?
The monitor needs to be connected to Geforce TI 4600
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Good Evening

Any one out there that could possibly help in getting Transport Giant Gold edition (without any other mods installed) to run on my new HP model. HP Pro Book 450 G1.
What amazes me is that an older program called Freight Tycoon runs perfectly, but the TG Gold "stops" at the menu, when it wants to do the "screen resolution check".
I have it running on another pc with Win 7 Home Edition without any problems!
Is it just the diff between Win 7 Pro & Home Edition that will not let the program run?
Any ideas and or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you & have a great evening

Regards from South Africa


A:Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

It's probably not the difference between the Home Edition and Pro that's causing the problem. It's likely that the game is finding something in your graphics card that it doesn't like.

Are your video drivers installed and up to date with the most recent version applicable to your PC?
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Hey BC!
My mom wants to give away her old Dell 4600 to my sister. It came with a reformatting CD (in the color of maroon), as well as a couple of blue driver discs.
Sadly, when the reformat CD is put in, it spends a good five minutes loading various drivers, and then so generously provides me with this error:
"Setup cannot load the keyboard layout file KBDUS.DLL. Setup cannot continue. Shut down or restart your computer."

And then, the keyboard starts working until the computer is forced to be shut down by holding down the power button and turned back on again.
Help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Reformatting Dell 4600

Hi .These CDs you speak of...are these Dell CDs? Is there any writing on the one you are attempting to use?What exactly do you want to do?LouisFWIW: The only examples of this I see documented...occur with Win 2K.
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I have a laptop, toshiba 4600. It is mine, but I have changed jobs. I haven't used it since June. I have forgotten the password, and can't log on to the computer, and the only network it lists is the old work site, and it does not see my local network.

Is there a way to log in as admin and change password or create a new user?


A:Need Password Help Toshiba 4600

Yes, but if you have the computer password protected you should need the appropriate password (you set) to log in as the administrator.

Try logging in as "administrator" in the account name box leaving the password box blank.

I doubt that will work, but it's worth a try.

How do you even get to the desktop without logging on to see what networks are available?
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Hello all,

I just reinstalled the OS on a 4600, but I have no driver disk. I've checked this site (for the past week and a half) and did a lot of google searches, but can not find an archive of the drivers for this older laptop.

I went to the canadian website as another person was directed, and although they have the 4600, the part numbers aren't matching up.

Part number for my laptop is PS460U-06QVX8.

Once done, I will also be looking at drivers for a Satellite 2180CDT. Hopefully, both sets of drivers are in the same location.


A:Drivers for Satellite Pro 4600


I have a little bit searched with Google and I founded out that Satellite Pro 4600 is an US model and so you can find all drivers on the Toshiba US page: > Download
Before you search have to click on ?Show All Models?.

The drivers for Satellite 2810CDT you can also find on the Toshiba US page ? The same location! :)

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Working on Dell 4600 for daughters friend.Power supply making all kinds of noises.Inside of computer full of dirt,figure dirt got into power supply fan bearings.Looks like a standard size PS will fit in it.4600 doesnt have a proprietory PS does it?I dont think it is but want to check before trying to replace.
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Hallo,my PC has - I dont know why - 2 graphic possibilities: Intel HD 4600 and NVIDIA Geforce GT 630.Which one is better to use for Windows 10 and Eizo 24inch Monitor? Why are 2 cards? Difference?Thanks in advance for hints.Richi
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Dell Dimension 4600 with integrated audio and video. After moving from Sacramento to San Diego, no video output - in fact connecting the monitor to the PC makes the monitor go blank. Replacing the power supply didn't help. Next step?

A:Dell Dimension 4600

Either the monitor doesn't work or you need a new video card. That unit probably cantake an Agp card so I would buy one and try it since you most like lt don't have another monitor to try on the desktop.
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I replaced the motherboard on my 4600, but can't get past the Dell startup screen. It just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. Putting an XP install disc in the drive doesn't do anything. Setup sees my HDD.

I've tried changing the battery and PSU. The diagnostic codes on the board are all green like they're supposed to be.

I'm out of ideas, can anyone help? Thank you.

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I replaced a hard drive in a dell 4600 with XP professional service pack 1a, all setting are right. After installing the hard drive the pc displays message "strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. When hitting F1 it just repeats even after I insert Reinstallation CD.

I'm trying to reload windows xp after new hard drive installed.


Keith Long

A:problem with dell 4600

Hi klong231,

Press "F2" and go into setup. Then change the first boot in the BIOS to CD/DVD Rom, save settings, and then reboot the computer. Then see if the computer is able to boot to your Windows XP CD. Hope everything works out well for you.
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Hey Guys ,

am new to overclocking for AMD.
can anyone suggest best oc values for Athlon 64 x2 4600+ ????

Thanks in advance

A:Overclocking AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+

I dont think this CPU can be OCed. If it can, you will need a aftermarket cooler and look up some values online because this is a very old cpu
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I am having an issue when printing. Every page has 8 uniform dots on the right hand side of the paper. I have tried cleaning the cartridge and removing any dust from the machine.
If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

A:HP 4600 Laser Jet Printer

If the "dots" are of exact spacing then it will be caused by a fault in the drum or the transfer system, a dot being made on each rotation.

There is usually nothing you can do about it if it is the drum, apart from replacing it. That model does have an "all in one" drum and color toner assembly I believe, but I am unsure if the drum will have the problem or the transfer belt in your case.
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Hi ,
Sorry for my bad English.
I have an ATI Radeon 4600 HD on my PC which is running Win -7.
I installed the latest Catalyst driver from ATI.

The problem :
I connected my PC to my Plasma TV, which is 720 but capable of showing 1080p broadcast.
I can see picture when I connected the PC to TV through VGA cable.
BUT- When connecting through HDMI, I cannot see any picture, even not the boot process when powering on the PC... no signal !

I'm clueless and really almost gave up...
Does anyone have a clue for that ?

Thanks !!

A:ATI Radeon 4600 HD - No signal ...

I think that HDMI is the problem then . . . . The connection of the card to that port might be damaged !!!!
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A week has gone by living with the AMD 4600+ over the 3500+. It's not much faster than the the 3500+. BUT, I didn't reload Window either. Will reloading make a difference? BTW, my bios is up to date as well. The bios was flushed out too. AMD suggested to do that


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Hi All!
I went to turn on the laptop today, the green 'on' light came on and the battery was fully charged and plugged into the mains - but nothing happened!!

All it does is sit there with the green 'on' light, there is no sound from the fan, floppy drive, CD Drive, or anywhere. If you shut the lid, there is no beep like it usually makes, and there is nothing on the screen.
It's like it's turned off, except for the light being on telling you it's ON!

I have taken the battery out and swapped it with my other one and it does exactly the same, I don't know what to do next!


A:toshiba 4600 boot trouble

You could try removing the hard drive from the laptop. If the hard drive crashed it could mimic the same problems your having. Remove it and then try booting up. If it boots then your problem is solved. It's a failed hard drive. Otherwise well have to start looking elsewhere.....

Did you add anything new recently to the laptop?
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I got a Microtek ScanMaster 4600 as a gift. I was better off with my little Mustek.

This is horribly slow. Any ideas what I should do? I know you don't know what I mean by slow. I mean SLOW like 2 minutes fo cook and do a simple 50 kb line art piece.

Forgive me for a vague post. I am just hoping that someone who has had the same problem and knows the monster and will say, "Oh yeah, do this of that"


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ok I inserted the card and everything I got it to work but for some odd reason it is performing really slow which is annoying the hell out of me, I mean damn I updated the drivers for every possible thing on my computer even the chipset and it is still running slow can someone please tell me what they think it is and help me get this card runningthe way it is supposed to be PLEASE, I have a P41.6 with 256 megsof ram anda gigabyte mobo and a trinitron multiscan 17 inch monitor please this has been irritating me for a week now!!!

A:Geforce Ti 4600 not performing properly

card may be bad but.... i heard that some of the ti 4600 need more power that what the agp give them (i know the fx has a power connector) but some have connectors to a fan power port and i have see a few on searches with this and some with out
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are there any online resources available to assist in this task? walk me through this process for the 4600?


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T540p - Geforce GT 730m/4600 HD graphics Found a similar post but it then seems to go on about the Nvidia driver and not the 4600 driver, tried what was detailed but the but solution didn't work. Recovered back to Win7, now looking to install most recent 4600 HD driver - Tried through windows Update - FailedTried through Intel's update app - Driver not selectable - recommends to go to maufacturerTried through Lenovo's own driver - Failed with "Computer does not meet min requirements"Tried through Lenovo software update - no 4600 HD driver listedTried forcing update - still failed Hopefully someone can help? Current drivers are too old - ver9.18.10.3272. This seems to be an absolutely ridiculous situation. CheersRob
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When I attempt to have windows or intel install the upgraded driver for the onboard intel 4600 graphics, the machine returns an error - hardware not compatible (or words to that effect) - anyone familiar/have a work around?Machine runs normally most of the time, but regularly get BSOD error - bad_pool_caller, which I suspect is related to the outdated driver not playing nice with windows . . . Gateway desktop DX4885, 16 gb ddr3 ram, everything else stock

A:intel 4600 driver not installing

I don't know what OS you are using. Download the appropriate zip (not the exe) and extract it......and then use the "have disk" method to update the HD4600 graphics driver. The links below are just examples of how you use the "have disk" method and are for example purposes only........but should give you the general idea. Edit:  Make sure you have your files backed up and have a USB factory default recovery drive in case something goes haywire.
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Hello I just bought a Zeus Mini i from Best Buy PC arrived today set it up and it will not detect the GTX it only detects the Intel Integrated HD card on the mobo Not sure what to do I've tried a number of things and my GPU Detects PC Not NEW Intel Only 4600 Nvidia - computer doesn't even detect the GTX In GPU-z only the Intel HD shows up I don't know if this is a factor but upon first boot I had the monitor plugged into the Only Detects Intel 4600 Not Nvidia GPU - NEW PC mobo i e Intel HD Whenever I try to plug into the GPU be it HDMI or regular cable that came with the monitor there is nothing but darkness Tried to install Nvidia drivers it cannot detect hardware In the BIOS it's under PEG instead of IGD but still nothing When I boot up with the cable plugged into the slot for the GPU I cannot even see the BIOS It's just a dark screen My last resort was to try Windows Update and it downloaded some nVidia apater drivers right now for the GTX Updates were a success apparently yet in device manager I still only see the Intel and when trying to manually install the Nvidia driver that I downloaded from their website it says quot could not find compatibable hardware quot I am at a loss and this is a completely new system Under device manager when I click to show hidden items it does show the GTX and says it is not properly connected code My friend and I tried to do some troubleshooting and now the GTX doesn't even show up under hidden devices As soon as I plug into the MSi GTX slot HDMI or regular cable from the monitor doesn't matter no input BIOS is set to PEG and not IGD Doesn't matter it just defaults to the Intel Whenever I try to install drivers it just says it doesn't detect the hardware I am at a loss and by no means an expert in any of this I am not sure if maybe the GPU came loose during transit it was packaged pretty tight but you never know I am afraid if I open it the Cyperpowerpc warranty will be voided Since I am in Canada I am also at a loss as to what to do I bought it from Best Buy Canada It was an Online Only purchase Can you even return those in store I really do appreciate any help provided I am just at a loss and so disappointed and deflated right now I was really excited for this PC EDIT Researched seeing as how it's Cyperpowerpc opening the case will not void their warranty Only damaging hardware will Yeah I can't even get the side panels of the case off after unscrewing what was holding it

A:Only Detects Intel 4600 Not Nvidia GPU - NEW PC

You should be able to take it to the nearest store. Make them fix it or return your money.
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Okay, so what I need to know is what, if any, sound/music device will work on MS-DOS games. I don't like the cheesy PC SPEAKER sound. I know it has sound besides that because I can play songs with-in Windows 98.

A:MS-DOS: Soundcard for Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600?

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Hi I wanted to play Battlefield 1 on my laptop lenovo g510 but i need to have intel hd driver xx.xx.xx.4380 or later so i started to looking for that. I found that on intel website but I couldn't install that because of customization, so I was looking for more and I found one on lenovo website. I think i installed that but I still have the communicate i need to update that. Can someone help me?My system: windows 8.1 64 bitSorry for my english if something is wrong but im from Poland and i can't speak fluently by english.
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Hello friend first this is my configuration of my pc intel motherboard and chip of ghz dual core Kingston gb ram Ati Radeon ok so here is the problem THIS ALL CONNECTIONS ARE DONE TO GRAPHIC CARD i have set up my LCD by a VGA port and i up 4600 to set monitors Ati HD RADEON in dual HOW try to connect my tv through the HDMI port when the pc starts the boot screen is displayed on both of the screen but afer the boot screen goes off then on my LCD connected trough VGA port jsut displays the HOW to set up dual monitors in Ati HD RADEON 4600 mouse but the tv dosent displays anything its just blank after some time the blue light come on tv and a message NO SIGNAL is displayed while on my monitor only mouse is displayed and other everything is blank when i remove the HDMI cable the monitor displays the login screen THIS IS WHAT I hgAVE TRIED- Setting u p dual monitor option is windows personalization option it have tried all the options like extended displays and all MY graphic card driver is up to date i have tried connectinf the HDMI cable after the deskto is being displayed but HERE BOTH THE MONITOR AND TV GOES BLANK AND I HAVE TO RESTART DUE TO NO DISPLAY IN ANY OF THE SCREENS SO PLEASE HELP ME GUYS WHAT SHOULD I DO

A:HOW to set up dual monitors in Ati HD RADEON 4600

Does your video card support dual monitors?
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I bought a Dimension at a yard sale and it seemed to run fine once I put ram and hdd in it I had taken it apart and used some issues 4600 Having with Dimension Dell of the parts in another computer I put together Having issues with Dell Dimension 4600 for Having issues with Dell Dimension 4600 a friend I was having Having issues with Dell Dimension 4600 problems with the quot build quot so I decided to put the Dell back together using all the original parts All I got was am amber light blinking no fan or hdd spinning Thinking it may be the psu I switched psu and the computer booted fine except the floppy wasn t hooked up so I got a message about that I put the original psu back and rebooted and it booted until the floppy error I hooked the floppy drive and rebooted All I got was the blinking amber light I put the other psu and same thing I don t understand whats going on with that I had just had it running Any ideas Dell Dimension P ghz mb ram gb hdd w psu nbsp

A:Having issues with Dell Dimension 4600

Sounds like the floppy drive is faulty....try getting into Bios and disable the floppy drive..if it has that option and then save and exit

here are the usual keys for entering Bios to start tapping immediately on startup.
{Delete} (modern Award and AMI BIOSes)
{F2} (modern Phoenix BIOSes)
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Hello I've recently noticed that my intel HD integrated card isn't working good nbsp If I run light nbsp games like nbsp Peggle there's a noticeable lag nbsp I don't think this card is that bad to lag in such a game nbsp I ran DMARK and compared my results with other people I'm getting really bad FPS I then noticed that in GPU-Z my BIOS Version is UNKNOWN nbsp nbsp A friend has the exact same laptop his screenshot nbsp nbsp This BIOS uknown Intel Y50 4600 - HD - guy nbsp is getting double my score vs nbsp with his core i while I've core i both aren't overclocked but BIOS version exists in his screenshot nbsp nbsp nbsp All other guys who have BIOS version known get really high score What proves that to me is that I found this one who gets nbsp nearly my same score and he also has UNKNOWN BIOS nbsp nbsp Y50 - Intel HD 4600 - uknown BIOS So I think it's somehow related nbsp I've updated to latest intel drive but that didn't work I also have the latest bios from Lenovo nbsp Can I use GPU-Z to extract the VBIOS of my friend and flash it on my device nbsp Or how to deal with this problem nbsp Note I've tried both drivers from Lenovo and Intel no difference nbsp Thanks nbsp Thanks
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Hello. I am running Windows XP, and I recently was going through the software on my Dell Dimension 4600, with original hardware. I saw a program called SoundMAX and it said I rarely used it so, I thought that it was just something that was a part of Smart Music. I uninstalled it, and now, no sound. I figured out that it was probably my sound drivers, and I tried installing the sound driver that are on the Dell website for this computer. It did not work. Please help me!

A:Dell Dimension 4600 SoundMAX

These drivers are on your resource CD.
At the Dell site, enter your service tag to find the original drivers.
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I plan on getting one of these cards for my Toshiba Satellite.

1. Do you guys think it will be good for 1080p movies and action games at 720p? (my monitor supports 1080p)

2. Where would i buy it? I dont see any link of where to buy these.

ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 4600 Series Specs

A:ATI Radeon Mobility 4600 Series

Going that your in america,ive heard nothing but good things about - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!
Only they dont deliever to Europe lol

I got an XFX ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB,works good on the likes of call of duty 4,but just dont expect to run it in maximum graphic options,but its not far off

If you want to run the latest games in full graphic option,id say the 5770 or something similar would be the one.
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Can some one please help me. I'm kinda mew at this, and I want to clock my dell dimension 4600, only uppgrade is RAM and sound card. can some one plz help me with program and how mutch?

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my brother in law bought a dell 4600 at an auction..i have installed xp...but i need drivers that i dont have the disk.. the drivers i need are
ethernet contoller
multimedia audio controller
sm bus controller
universal serial bus (usb) controller
video controller (vga compatible)
ive tried the dell web site.. but no luck
any suggestions..

A:dell dimension 4600 drivers

You should find all the drivers at Dell:

One of my comps is a 4600, and I have the Driver CD, but can't figure any way to extract what you need. Can't find anything but an install option.

The CD also checks your system to determine the installed hardware.
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Which of these two is better? I have both of them in my PC. I have heard that the hd graphics does better than the nvidia gt 610. Would it make any difference if I disable the nvidia card and use the intel graphics? Or do both of them work together in sync?

A:Intel HD Graphics 4600 with Nvida GT 610

You really, seriously believe that the Intel HD is better than the Nvidia?! Then the joke is on you, my friend. I don't know where you got your info, but it's just flat-out wrong.

Try play a relatively recent game with the Intel HD forcefully set as your primary card (in the Nvidia Control Panel). It may run OK, maybe not. Then forcefully set the Nvidia as your primary card and play the same game again. You'll see how much better it runs. Maybe not great, but it will beat the Intel HD by a mile any day.

Combo Intel HD/Nvidia setups are known as Optimus. The Intel will generally run the primary display when not gaming, but the Nvidia should (but not always) automatically take the reigns when a game or other 3D application is started. But you can forcefully set either the Intel or the Nvidia as the primary display to override this behavior. I will assume you have a laptop rather than a desktop, I also have an Alienware laptop with Optimus. I play games on it all the times, including newer games like Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, etc, they run pretty well for the most part (after some tweaking). But I have forcefully set the Nvidia to run as primary all the time.
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Hello- I am having trouble with my Display Adapter Driver crashing, black screen, and recovering rather frequently. System is absolutely malware free.

The Driver is the latest release from HP.

Please note the attached .zip screen shots of applicable info.

1)System Info- all relevant info, everything is up to date.

2)Event Viewer Info- Error ID 4101

3)Video Hardware Error Report

4)Device Manager- Driver Info. The one shown seems to work the best- it
came with this system build (pc was brand new last month), however
there is a new Driver release as of 06/05/2015 from Intel, but it crashes
even more frequently. I believe the HD 4600 Driver that HP installed is a
'custom' driver designed for this OEM intent.

5)HD 4600 Properties- shows Adapter Information (Memory, etc.)

I surely would appreciate any and all help coming up with a solution for this very annoying anomaly. I thank you in advance for helping me out.


A:HD 4600 Driver Crashes Windows 7 Pro

Hi ... Did you Install the Graphics Driver from the Link below ? .... Have you also Updated the Chipset Driver ? ...
Was your Original OS Windows 7 ? ...
HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP? Support
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Visiontek Geforce 4 TI 4600 Benchmark Problem

I got a question for you all. I see all these benckmarks for the Geforce 4 TI 4600 being around 10,000 in 3d Mark 2001SE i get 8200 at best. I'm a Computer tech too, but i think im missing something. I reinstalled Win XP Pro(Formated hard drive) and installed all the newest drivers. Ran all the Windows updates and installed 3d Mark 2001SE. So pretty clean system. Install 27.51 det 4 drivers. I restarted and waited for everything to load, then ran the test. I got 8203 ......I also disabled V-sync under open gl. and set it to disable AA under direct x. Those are the only settings i changed. Can anyone tell me what im missing?

Asus A7n266-E
AMD Athlon XP 1900+
512 PC2400 DDR
Visiontek Geforce 4 TI 4600
W.D. 100 gig SE hard drv.
400 watt PS

A:Visiontek Geforce 4 TI 4600 Benchmark

Im in the same boat as you. When I run 3Dmark2001se on my system with the lowest possible settings I get the same scores that other people are getting with the default settings which are alot higher. I think that every system runs differently. It could be bios update, a ram cas latency setting, bus speed overclocking. It really can be alot of different things.

Try running 23.11 drivers and see what scores you get. The newest doesnt always mean the fastest.
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I have a Acer V3-772G with Intel HD Graphics 4600 .  I have the latest OEM drivers from Acer's website. However, they are NOT the latest Intel drivers for the HD 4600. I can't upgrade it any further than Acer's drivers, despite Acer's drivers being out of date. I tried to uninstall the driver and install the latest version of intel website but the same error occurs : the minimum required or system is not supported ... 

A:Intel hd graphics 4600 don't update

So we need to assume your OS. I think you have a windows 10. Of course there is a workaround about this and you can follow the suggestion from this topic: the second post from the topic and follow the instructions mentioned there. Another way would the the solution to this topic posted by  jose423.
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The INTEL graphics card keeps crashing and recovering again sometimes - times in a row I've HD Intel 4600 crashes Graphics tried reinstalling drivers using both Intel and HP latest versions but nothing changed so far nbsp Below nbsp are my nbsp specs nbsp OS Name Microsoft Windows HomeVersion Build Intel HD Graphics 4600 crashes Other OS Description Not AvailableOS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name GSHPSystem Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardSystem Model HP ENVY TS Notebook PCSystem Type x -based PCSystem SKU E S UA ABLProcessor Intel R Core TM i - MQ CPU GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Insyde F SMBIOS Version Embedded Controller Version BIOS Mode UEFIBaseBoard Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardBaseBoard Model Not AvailableBaseBoard Intel HD Graphics 4600 crashes Name Base BoardPlatform Role MobileSecure Boot State OnPCR Configuration Binding Not PossibleWindows Directory C WINDOWSSystem Directory C WINDOWS system Intel HD Graphics 4600 crashes Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale CanadaHardware Abstraction Layer Version Username GSHP GeorgeTime Zone Eastern Summer TimeInstalled Physical Memory RAM GBTotal Physical Memory GBAvailable Physical Memory GBTotal Virtual Memory GBAvailable Virtual Memory GBPage File Space GBPage File C pagefile sysHyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions YesHyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions YesHyper-V - Virtualisation Enabled in Firmware NoHyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes nbsp and also my graphics nbsp specs nbsp Name Intel R HD Graphics PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp amp amp Adapter Type Intel R HD Graphics Family Intel Corporation compatibleAdapter Description Intel R HD Graphics Adapter RAM GB bytes Installed Drivers igdumdim dll igd iumd dll igd iumd dll igd umd dll igdumdim igd iumd igd iumd igd umd Driver Version INF File oem inf iHSWM w section Colour Planes Not AvailableColour Table Entries Resolution x x hertzBits Pixel Memory Address xD - xD FFFFFMemory Address xC - xCFFFFFFFI O Port x - x FIRQ Channel IRQ Driver c windows system drivers igdkmd sys MB bytes Name NVIDIA GeForce GT MPNP Device ID PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV A amp EEE BDD amp amp Adapter Type GeForce GT M NVIDIA compatibleAdapter Description NVIDIA GeForce GT MAdapter RAM bytesInstalled Drivers nvd dumx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvd dum nvwgf um nvwgf um nvwgf umDriver Version INF File oem inf Section section Colour Planes Not AvailableColour Table Entries Resolution x x hertzBits Pixel Memory Address xD - xD FFFFFFMemory Address xA - xBFFFFFFFMemory Address xB - xB FFFFFFI O Port x F - x FFFIRQ Channel IRQ Driver c windows system drivers nvlddmkm sys MB bytes nbsp Thank you for ypur help in advance
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Hi Desperate measures I m trying to fix sound problems on my lame computer was wondering if you might know how to help me fix my sound 4600 -of sound course! xp 2012 No Dell problem And yes it is of course that dell dimension i w xp- sp Yes I know its an old and now lame computer and there are sooo many others out there w similar sound problems w Dell computers But like most people in the real world right now I do not have the to just go out and buy a precious but fragile mac and No sound Dell 4600 xp -of course! 2012 the pricey precious but fragile mac accessories I have this constantly reoccurring problem with my internal No sound Dell 4600 xp -of course! 2012 mic with quot mic signal too weak quot So whenever I google how to fix it I end up being told to download add stuff that always screws up my entire sound leaving me with no sound and many problems -my speaker icon then dissapears from task bar -when I do find and click on speaker icon the volume control is grayed out -when i type quot SndVol exe quot into Run it says quot There is no active mixer device available To install quot -In my device manager there s a yellow question mark next to quot Other Devices quot as well as yellow question marks next to quot Multimedia Audio Controller quot and quot Video Controller quot I ve gone to Dell and to Intel sites for correct drivers and re-downloaded ALL drivers I supposedly need to fix this Soundmax that Intel thing the ADI thing Nvdia video thing Soundblaster that annoying Realtek thing blah blah etc etc But whenever I download install and restart computer for each of these is either says quot No ADI Codec driver is intalled quot Or what will happen is the quot Found New Hardware Wizard quot will automatically come on and ask to find and install VGA Video Controller and or Media Controller except it can never find the files or it rejects the newly downloaded drivers I select to install quot No hardware files found cannot finish installation quot etc I have a lifetime tech help warranty w Dell so i called them They certainly tried at length to help me but only to then tell me I d have to spend over a for some one-time-quick-fix but that is unfortunately not an option for me right now I do freelance minor music stuff for extra needed so I need my internal mic to work -HELP if possible Thanks Thanks anyway Sincerely mark Here s my log from HiJack this Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe c Program Files Microsoft Security Client Antimalware MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C WINDOWS system inetsrv inetinfo exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS zsm exe C Program Files Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings myname Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe O - Service Java Quick Starter JavaQuickStarterService - Sun Microsystems Inc - C Program Files Java jre bin ... Read more

A:No sound Dell 4600 xp -of course! 2012

Use the Service Tag # from the label on your computer case. On the Dell website, you can search for drivers using the Service Tag # and it will list all/only the drivers needed for your model.

Download and install the audio drivers. If it doesn't work, post the exact error that you receive.
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I am trying to fix a Dell Dimensions (windows XP) 4600 PC that is not working. When I turn it on it sounds like it is running, but nothing is showing up on the screen. It is not the Monitor as that works fine with another computer. What do you think the problem could be and any troubleshooting tips would be great. Thanks

A:Dell Dimensions 4600 Not working

is it running on on-board graphics or a card?
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Ok, one day i was messing around in my computer and took out my microprocessor , and i took out my heatsink and then my microprocessor. And then it happened, I bent the little golden pins underneath the processor ,and I tried to bend them back, and it just got i just put it back the way it was , and i prayed that i would work,but now it wont even turn on . but when i plug in the power cord to the power supply on the back and i have the side pannel off ,a little green light comes on on my motherboard. and i went to dell to try to find a replacement but there were none . so what i need to know is can i just buy any microprocessor and it work with my computer.please let me know as soon as possible.i need my computer.PLEASE.....

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Since there is variations of numbers on this laptop am abit confused as to which forums to post on appologise if i still got it 4600 Satellite PS460E - Win install Cannot Pro XP wrong Am pretty much running Satellite Pro 4600 PS460E - Cannot install Win XP out of idea's what could be the problem so in a last effort to try resolve this i thought about posting here I have a SP series Toshiba Model PS E i went to format and reinstall a fresh XP install it's now currently got a new gig IDE HDD in only meg ram as it's not easy to find and i dont belive it can handle alot anways On starting the windows auto boot disk from CD-ROM it goes through everything pretty much fine you see all the drivers options loading in etc at the bottom of the screen It then gets to the quot Setup is starting Windows quot and just hangs doesnt move doesnt turn off doesnt do anything just stays on that screen and nothing else the CD-Rom and the HDD seem to just stop as Satellite Pro 4600 PS460E - Cannot install Win XP well The HDD has been replaced as it had an old gig which i thought could have been the problem I have used alot of diagnostic tools to test memory hdd mother board etc the only one thats crashed out bombed out was a stress test version which starts ok then mins in crashses so unsure what that would be Any idea's on how to resove this problem as am pretty much out of all ideas atm

A:Satellite Pro 4600 PS460E - Cannot install Win XP

> The HDD has been replaced as it had an old 20gig which i thought could have been the problem.
Did the same issue happens using the old 20GB HDD?
If the same happened with the smaller HDD then I would assume that this issue is NOT related to a HDD but to another part?

Possibly it?s a RAM? who knows?
In many cases the RAM can be the problem when the notebook does not response...

What about the temperature?
Did you notice an higher temperature coming or warm air coming from the cooling grilles???
The notebook seems to be old? maybe the cooling modules are dirty and cannot cool down the CPU properly???
In such case it?s advisable to clean the fans using compressed air spray?

Anyway? I think you should also test the notebook with other RAM modules?
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When I attempt to have windows or intel install the upgraded driver for the onboard intel 4600 graphics, the machine returns an error - hardware not compatible (or words to that effect) - anyone familiar/have a work around?Machine runs normally most of the time, but regularly get BSOD error - bad_pool_caller, which I suspect is related to the outdated driver not playing nice with windows . . . Gateway desktop DX4885, 16 gb ddr3 ram, everything else stock

A:intel 4600 driver not installing

I don't know what OS you are using. Download the appropriate zip (not the exe) and extract it......and then use the "have disk" method to update the HD4600 graphics driver. The links below are just examples of how you use the "have disk" method and are for example purposes only........but should give you the general idea. Edit:  Make sure you have your files backed up and have a USB factory default recovery drive in case something goes haywire.
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I am searching for a Windows 7 driver to my scanjet 4600p, because I am planning to shift from Windows XP to Windows 7 now. 

View Solution.

A:Windows 7 drivers for hp scanjet 4600?

Hi Poulladehoff, These programs would use the Windows Drivers. Plugging in the scanner to the computer will automatically install Windows drivers. It should work with Microsoft Office as well as Paint.It would be a trial and error sort of thing. Hope this is helpful. Thanks.
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Hi folks,

do you remember that Satellite Pro I mentioned a lot of months ago? The one with the amber flashing light?
Well, I changed the MoBo ant it finally turned on. But a problem arised... it doesn't read CDs. Every time I insert a system bootable disk, it says: "Insert system disk in drive. Press any key when ready..." I tried with many certainly bootable cds but nothing happens. I tried with another working MoBo but this is it. I updated the BIOS, i set up the boot sequence, nothing changes.
Oh,yes the cd-rom unit is working for sure.

What should I do??

A:Satellite Pro 4600 - Boot CD problem

>What should I do??
Set BIOS settings to default and try again.
Is HDD recognized in BIOS settings?
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The 2 drivers in the download section dont work. Everest shows me that there is no Windows Audio (service started), and the Intel 82801BAM ICH2-M - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-2] PCI.
No driver is installed now.

Any ideas?

A:Satellite Pro 4600 - No sound on Windows XP SP3

Hi stanbulino,

Have you installed SP3 before sound driver installation?

I don?t have Satellite Pro 4600 so I can?t say much about this but you should install the chipset driver firstly and then the sound driver.

Make also sure that Windows Audio Service is started.
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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade

I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2. It currently has a Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to upgrade it to but don't know where to start. I am thinking about investing in RAM upgrades, but don't know what XP SP2 will recognize maximum or even if this is where I should start to get the biggest performance boost for my money. Any suggestions? And yes I know this probably isn't the most cost effective method of getting a more powerful computer but it is my best option.
The Dimension 4600 will support up to 4gb [4 x 1gb modules] of DDR RAM, but may only address 3gb-+ of it due to the 32-bit operating system:
Also, if you are using the 4600 for internet browsing, best to replace XP with a more current operating system eg Win 7.
You are no longer able to update Windows XP, more information about this, can be found Here:
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I have a Lenovo y50-70 laptop with the i7 processor, nvidea graphics card and intel HD 4600 card.  Ever since I installed Windows 10 last fall, I've been getting an error message saying that something along the lines of: there was an error with intel HD graphics 4600 graphics card, but it has recovered. According to the drivers console, I have the most recent version of this card.I've looked into downloading a different version of that driver from intel's site but can't since its not compatible with Lenovo's software. I've seen that there are numerous other users having this very same problem, and yet I have to see anyone, either from Intel or Lenovo, provide a definitive fix to it.  Can anyone here give me instructions on what I need to do to resolve this issue.  It is very frustrating that this glitch keeps happening, especially considering how big the 2 companies are.
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Several years ago, we broke the monitor on our Satellite Pro 4600 series laptop. Yesterday I took it out to connect to a TV and see what data (mainly photos) we had on it that I could backup on an external drive. However, it won't start up. I can only see a tiny bit of the message displayed: "****Bad" and on the next line "Check su"

I have tried to start up with the companion diskette but it doesn't work. Pressing Fn F5 does not control the monitor settings with it in this state so I cannot see the complete mesdage. I would rather not use the Recovery and Configuration Builder CD because I'd like to see my files....

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

A:Broken monitor on Satellite Pro 4600

hi King_2,

the fast and easy way:
- go and get a usb-to-ide usb-adapter
- take out harddisk and
- connect it with the usb-adapter to another machine
now you have access to all of your files!

the long way:
- attach a monitor to the machine
- make sure that the external display is your primary display
- check bios and set date/time
- pray
- try to start your os
- safe your data to external drive

this adaptor is about 15 euros and you can use it more than once!
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I'm working on a friends Dell Dimension P XP Pro She said that lightning hit the pole outside and her pc has not worked since I tried to boot it up Completely dead fan does not spin on the psu There is a green led on the mobo that is lit but otherwise dead The psu 4600, Dell lightning Dimension is atx and it tested good with my Dell Dimension 4600, lightning tester Tried another psu for the heck of it Still dead I disconnected all drives except for the hardrive Took out all cards except for the video card Swapped the two ram sticks every which way Jumpered the two pins for the switch with a screwdriver Took out the battery for a couple of minutes Still dead I'm thinking the mobo is fried For the heck of it I decided to pull it out Took out all mobo screws but something around under the cpu seems to be holding the board in Have I done everything Or should I make an effort to get the mobo out and test it on the bench

A:Dell Dimension 4600, lightning

check you have not missed a screw there are usually 9 on most boards
you need to get it out so you can check both sides for damage
did you try a cmos reset
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I have just installed a New Hard Drive with XP Pro SP3, due to Very Dead Original Hard Drive as identified with Chkdsk, hence no access to Recovery Partition.
I downloaded all Drivers for this unit from the Acer Site.
All is working except for Internet Connection.
Device Manager shows Yellow Question Marks against Ethernet Controller and Network Controller, only.
I tried to install Lan Drivers from Acer (choice of 4, which one do you choose) but the only thing I can get to Install is the Broadcom Control Suite and this does not see a Network Adapter, only sees 1394 Network Adapter. The Lan Drivers do not have the usual Setup.exe files.
I checked the BIOS settings and there is nothing related to LAN settings as I thought it may be a PnP setting problem.
I am now well and truly LOST & bewildered.
Can anyone please help with this nasty.
Thank you.
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I would like to know if my Dell Dimension 4600 desktop has Wake On Lan. I do seem to have all of the options on my Local Area Network adapter, it seems to look like. But I do not have any Wake on Lan option in my bios at all. I cannot seem to find it in my bios setup. The only options that I have is the Low Power Mode, and the AC Power Recovery option in my Power Management. But no Wake on Lan option is there. Do you know if there are any bios updates on the Dell site for my 4600 Dimension model? Because my bios date is from 9/26/04. And that is a really old and outdated bios. Well anyway, so please get back to me as soon as possible, and let me know on how to enable my Wake on Lan please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

A:I would like to know if My Dell Dimension 4600 has Wake On Lan

Go into the Device Manager, then expand the "Network Adapters" heading, then double-click the ethernet device to open its properties window.

All the settings for the ethernet device will be there.


The Dell Dimension 4600 desktop is several years old, so I doubt very seriously that a more current BIOS is available for it at the Dell support site.

Updating the BIOS would have no affect anyway on what you're wanting to do.

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PC Config DELL Desktop P running Windows XP Home GB Western Digital HD Scenario PC was functioning fine until a recent attempt to install iTunes which required a sytem reboot after install While rebooting a black screen came up with the following message Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt windows system config system You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original set up CDROM Repair attempts a software attempt and a hardware attempt I tried installing the original WINDOWS XP CD ROM and follow the steps to repair the system file I tried to follow the steps but could not get the repair function to work for me likely not help Dell Windows 4600 booting XP some user error I tried removing the hard drive and puting it into an external drive enclosure I have another PC running Windows XP When I powered up the external drive enclosure through a USB port on the functioning computer using a quot My Computer quot window the drive did spin up and was recognized as an external device I tried Dell 4600 not booting Windows XP help to access the drive but it only gave me an error message Device not ready Questions If the hard drive is spinning and was working fine before the iTunes software install why can t I view the drive contents when using the external device enclosure I confirmed the external enclosure was working correctly Can anyone offer step by step instructions for repairing a corrupt system file using the original Windows XP CD ROM Thanks for any assistance nbsp

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A:Installed Brother Mrc 4600 Today

Im guessing you are running the new windows vista? A lot of companies are still catching up to the new OS. For some of the older machines there might not be a vista driver available for it yet.

I had a quick look on the brother site and i cant seem to find the model printer that you describe. That said, double check the model of the printer or google the model. If you are running XP then id just find the XP version driver and away you should go.

Hope this helps
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Where can I found umax astra 4600 scanner driver for win 7???

A:umax astra 4600 driver for win 7

There isn't one, Umax never updated the drivers past XP.

Did you try the XP driver?
Although older drivers pose security risks and sometimes cause BSOD's on newer operating systems it maybe worthwhile to replace the scanner.
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I need to replace a broken hinge on the above laptop.
Does anyone here know where I can get one?

I have tried searching google etc but no one seem to have them in stock . Any help would be welcomed.

A:Hinge replacement on Satelite Pro 4600


In my opinion it will be problematic to find original parts for this old notebook model.
Check eBay. From time to time you can find parts or cheap defective notebooks.

eBay is very good source for replacement parts, especially for old notebook models.
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My computer was going slow and pop-ups like crazy. So I backed up all of my information and got a new install disk from Dell. Heres the problem, When installing it keeps getting hung up on 36, 16, or 9 mins. It will not pass that point. I have exhausted all of my options, I restart checked all the cables, drained the power by pulling the cord and holding the power button then plugging it back in. Then called dell and they walked me through wiping the HD clean, by starting up in DOS and walking me through the steps. Well did all that and started install again, and once again it got hung up on 23 mins. Does anyone have any suggestions, I'm stuck????

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Hello all
I have a Satellite 4600 pro that my son bought as his first computer fixer upper.

The laptop came with the hard drive wiped. The problem he is having is trying to install Windows 2000 which the laptop came with OEM.

The computer boots up to the windows disk and loads all the files but when the actual Windows installation starts the computer shuts down.

We are trying the install with the power adapter hooked up and it seems like all the lights are either on or at least working.
This laptop was advertised as working but with no OS installed. Since this is the first one he has bought we have no spare parts to swap around.

Any pointers as to what would be the most likely problem or a good place to start looking would be greatly appreciated!

A:Satellite Pro 4600 - shuts down while installing OS

Maybe its overheating? Try cleaning the air vents with a Can of compressed air.

Also check the RAM, download Memtest from and run a few passes. Its a bootable CD or Floppy Disk.

Or if you are using a street version of Win2000, there may be a compatibility problem, in which you may need to get a copy of the original Toshiba Recovery Disc.
XP is similar to Win2000, have you tried installing XP?
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i need to format my computer. i need a step by step process

A:how do you format a dell dimension 4600?

Do you have recovery CD's?

What CD's do you have?
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I would like to know if I should upgrade my old Dell Dimension 4600 or if I should go ahead and get a new computer. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated! For example, more memory, extra hard drive
I would appreciate it, if you guys explain everything to me in layman's term.


The specs of my computer are:

Windows xp home edition
Pentium 4 2.8 ghz processor
160 gb hard drive
intergrated graphics
1.5 gb 400 mhz ram
Cd and Dvd burner

If I left anything out that you need to know or if you have any questions, please ask.

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Hi guys,

I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 PIII900/128/20G/14T/D/LM/W (it's written on the sticker under the laptop) MODEL NO. PS460E-04NVW Which MoBo should I have?? Mine is broken, so I want to buy a new one on eBay, but I don't know what model is the right one.


P.S: Sorry for my bad english again. I'm Italian... :)

A:Satellite Pro 4600 MoBo model

Ok, problem solved...
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Is it possible for me to reinstall only the IE program from my Dell Application Reinstallation Disk?Jason

A:Internet Explorer on Dell 4600

Not really..what problems are you having?
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Which brand of geforce 4 4600 has the best 2d image quality?

A:Geforce 4 4600 2D Image Quality

It's hard to tell which one has the best visual quality however like one of NVIDIA's engineers said on a recent interview (posted on the frontpage news) Gainward cards have got their complete approval.

I'm also using Visiontek's Ti cards and they look good to me, better than previous cards for sure but still not Matrox rocking 2D, my guess it's that Visiontek is also using high quality components because they similar cards to reference boards, so, there you go...
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My aged Satellite Pro 4600 has a 20GB HDD. As these are now very difficult to get hold, does anyone know whether higher capacy HDDs can be used and, if so, what is the maximum size of HDD.

(In spite of it's age I still use the Satellite Pro for certain jobs.)

A:Satellite Pro 4600 - What is the maximum HDD size?

Hello John

Satellite Pro 4600 is pretty old notebook and it is not easy to find exact info. The fact is taht notebook was delivered with 10 and 20 GB HDDs.
My opinion is that you can use 30 or even 40 GB HDDs. I believe new 30 GB HDD should be enough for your certain jobs.

What do you think?
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My girlfriend has a epson cx 4600 and it doesnt print. i have replaced the ink cartridged run throught the diagnostics and everything. The printer is getting the information. it goes throught the routine of something being printer but it only prints a white piece of paper.I have tried to copy off of the scanner and still not printing anything. I am lost here. I have tried everything that i could think of. Can anyone help me

A:Solved: cx 4600 printing problem

1. did you take off the protective cover on the ink cartridges?
2. Did you (can you) verify that they are not clogged? Have you run the cleaning function?

failling that, your best bet is to take it to a tech. If it won't even print the diagnostic page, and the jets are clear, then that usually means that the force that is necessary to bubble the ink to the jet has malfunctioned, and not a lot you can do about it yourself.

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I'm really having issues with my graphics card because i can't find update for it to work with Windows 10. It keeps crashing all the time. I've updated everything i can through Solution Center and tried this but it says it's not the right version for my graphics card.
I'm not that good at technical things with computers so if someone could tell me how can i update those drivers to work with Winodws 10.
Mod:   edited the subject line with a problem description


Go to Solution.

A:E73 - Intel HD 4600 drivers for Win 10 crashing

I looked up the driver being used on a M73 with HD 4600 (the US version of your system) that I support, it works perfectly with Windows 10.    Go to Control Panel/Device Manager/Display adapter, and click thru to the Driver tab.HD Graphics 4600      version      date 8/4/2015While you're there, you can click the Update from Online button, this will search for a newer driver. Let us know what you find.