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Laptop not working on battery

Q: Laptop not working on battery

I have a Toshiba A75 laptop. My battery had died and I got a new one but the laptop wont work on battery. It works on the AC adaptor. I got replacement batteries twice but same result. I got the laptop checked by a repair company and they say the motherboard is ok. Is there a possibility that the battery is not working due to software / drivers issue? When I put in the battery, it shows the charging light and charges to 100% but as soon as the power goes, the computer goes out.
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Preferred Solution: Laptop not working on battery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello I recently took my laptop over to a friends house along with the wall charger and everything was working properly not working Laptop battery I get it home hours later plug everything back in like I normally have it set up and now the battery won't charge The battery icon says quot There is a problem with your battery so your computer might shut down suddenly quot and also quot Plugged in not Laptop battery not working charging Consider replacing your battery quot I did a little research on here and found a forum post from years ago in regards to an Asus laptop battery Laptop battery not working issue In that forum it was suggested to quot gt In Device Manager Under the Batteries category right-click all of the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listings and select Uninstall it s ok if you only have quot I don't know if that is my best option at this point or if my battery is toast The laptop is over years old If anyone could give me insight on how to fix this that would be great Thank you

A:Laptop battery not working

Hello Alldayvikings28 and welcome to Seven Forums.

If the battery still has a charge left, you might try running a power efficiency diagnostic report to see what the health of the battery is.

Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

You could also remove the battery and run the laptop on AC power only just to rule out a computer issue.
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I have a Gateway laptop that the Battery AC is not working right When I have just the AC plugged in and the battery removed the laptop works ok When I working Laptop Battery/AC right not plug in the battery the laptop runs off of the battery only and does not recognize the AC being connected The AC will not charge the battery When the battery dies the computer shuts down even though the AC is plugged in Then if I remove the battery and turn the laptop on it works I have plugged in the battery both Laptop Battery/AC not working right with the AC connected and with it not connected I have checked all the AC connections and they appear ok The status lights on the front of the laptop for the battery only turn solid red when the battery goes dead I have purchased new Rayovac batteries and have the same results Laptop Battery/AC not working right When I went into the BIOS to learn my old battery it said it was over voltage condition and it had no charge That is why I got a new battery The first new Rayovac battery was defective when I first plugged it in and I had to get another new battery Can anybody help me out Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gateway QTFBQS Antivirus McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Updated and Enabled nbsp
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Me and my sister have the same laptop with windows 7 ultimate 32bit running on each one. The problem is my sisters laptop is not detecting the laptop battery charger when inserted. Her battery and charger works fine as I tested them on my laptop and both fully functional and even my own battery and charger does not work on her laptop.

When the charger is plugged in no message or charging icon comes up, just the normal battery icon. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with the laptop.

any help please?


A:Laptop not detecting a working battery

Hello slizza and welcome to Seven Forums.

Could you post some additional information about the laptop like make and model? Sometimes a computer manufacturer installs their own software that controls how a machine will work. Just as an example, on a Sony Vaio they have what's called Vaio Care. This software can override the built in Windows 7 power plan settings.

In the meantime, you could compare the power plan settings on your laptop to the settings on your sister's laptop and make sure they're the same. You could also run a power diagnostics efficienty report to see if your sister's machine is showing any issues.

Power Plan Settings - Change

Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

You could also open Device Manager and see if there are any warning symbols for the battery. This could indicate a driver issue.
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i just purchased a brand new battery for my laptop and it still will not charge or play off it and it needs to be plugged in.

any suggestions are grealy appreciated

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I didnt use my laptop for 2 weeks and when I finally get to use it, an error message shows up on startup saying of an hp battery alert where the storage capacity is supposedly very low and now it is not charging. There is also the case of the keyboard not responding if left idle for a while and will only respond if the whole laptop was restarted. It was perfectly fine before so i used system diagnostics and ran an extensive hard disk check and i got this: failure ID Q09K2F-00086P-MFKR6J-61D603product ID G2G88PA#UUFHARD DRIVE 1 please help. thank you.
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my dell d600 wont charge batteries

I have purchased a new power supply, new battery

nothing worked so I took it to get it repaired and I was told that there is a problem with some connector in the montherboard I guess thats what detects the battery..
and in the bios it reports the battery as unknow as does windows
does anybody know if this is DIY job? instead of spending money on getting it repaired?

also is there a way to recharge a battery without have it inserted in the laptop?


A:Dell D600 laptop problem - Battery not working

I wouldn't waste any more money on a laptop that old. It's unfortunate that you spent money on a new battery and power adapter.

There's no point in charging the battery externally, which would require yet another purchase if such a device exists for that model battery. The odds are the problem is with the laptop itself.
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hello all, I have a problem in my Dell latitude pp0x1 laptop which is like following: 1- When I press power on button, the power light LED become light ON for 3 or 4 second and return back to off state and the laptop not powering ON at all. 2- when I connect it to the Dc power the battery button wink slowly. really I am in trouble and worried of this error plz help. thanks
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Hello there I have an ASUS K IE laptop that i had for years now been working fine until days ACPI but is battery detect doesn't 7 Windows battery working ago this problem has been bugging me for the last days here's why my laptop suddenly didn't detect my battery thought it was because my battery was dead I searched the net on things Windows 7 ACPI doesn't detect battery but battery is working to do before quot throwing in the towel quot on my battery and today i came across a blog where the instruction was to uninstall the Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery driver I did just that and my battery suddenly worked well sort of now here's where it gets all weird every time i open my laptop i do the following plug in AC to laptop turn on laptop unplug AC laptop runs on battery log on to windows battery icon shows up as an empty charging icon then shows the quot Battery is not detected quot icon again please take note that my laptop is still ON and WORKING so this means MAYBE that my battery is working is it a battery problem or the driver is just messed up please anyone who encountered this and had SUCCESSFULLY fixed the problem coz i need to fix this right now thanks and more power to you all

A:Windows 7 ACPI doesn't detect battery but battery is working

I had a problem similar a while back. Try this
1.Shut down the laptop
2.Take out the ac cord and the battery. Hold down the power for about 10 seconds to remove electric charge in the capacitors.
3.Put the battery back in and reboot.
4.Start windows normally, and See if the battery is recognized.
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I recently purchased a used Ultra-slim Battery Not Working (Flashing LED) Battery EliteBook p and was disappointed at the battery life probably Ultra-slim Battery Not Working (Flashing Battery LED) due to years of use on the battery so I decided to buy an Ultra-slim battery to maximize my battery life Today it arrived in the mail and I plugged it in only to find it doesn't seem to work nbsp When I plug it in with the internal battery still installed the battery lightning bolt LED starts to flash amber and for the most part does not stop until I remove it In Windows the internal battery shows up as Battery and reports nothing installed for Battery nbsp If I only have the external battery installed the computer will not power on without the power adapter plugged in and the computer reports no batteries installed nbsp I have tried resetting the computer as instructed by another post on here unplug power and all batteries and hold the power button for seconds but that did not help nbsp I can't find any kind of battery diagnostic tests within BIOS settings so I'm not really sure if this is an issue with the computer or the battery I bought the battery used but the seller guaranteed nbsp it was tested and that it worked Do I need to use the docking station to charge it My guess is no since it has its own battery connection but I can't really find much information about it There is a button on the front of the battery with a battery icon on it but it doesn't seem to make any difference I've tried both tapping it and holding it down
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Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

First off I for the most part do not use the battery. It is normally detached from the laptop. I only attach it to periodically charge it and test prior existing charges' performance.

O.K. here is the problem. I attach battery attachment, computer does not make it to the window screen more often than not. When it does, it freezes at the please wait loading screen.

I rarely use the battery at all, but I want all my equipment up and functional. It's life should still be good for I periodically recharge it. I think since I've had the laptop I've only recharged it a total of 6 or 7 times and that's been a year or so.

A:Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

jonasdatum said:

Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

O.K. here is the problem. I attach battery attachment, computer does not make it to the window screen more often than not. When it does, it freezes at the please wait loading screen.

I rarely use the battery at all, but I want all my equipment up and functional. It's life should still be good for I periodically recharge it. I think since I've had the laptop I've only recharged it a total of 6 or 7 times and that's been a year or so.Click to expand...

I, for the moment at least have the battery working power adapter attached. What did I do? I uninstalled Avast (freeware version) ?

I learned from prior experience that running two of any system utility software can cause problems, but it normally restricts itself to what it is protecting. Then I remembered: "If you remove the possible whatever is left however in probable must be the truth."

Next phase of testing is test the battery on it's own.
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Hello there I have Battery.. 1YearOld at battery Laptop left. 20% off powers unexpectedly an one year-old ASUS K S Laptop Windows Home Premium bits GB Ram and HDD At Laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20% battery left. 1YearOld Battery.. the beginning my battery lasted gt hours in Balanced power mode which is the one I alway use and now due to regular use it last about hours Everything normal until here About months ago i started playing this game in full screen with the battery on and it last about - minutes until it reached the low battery warning left I would then plug the power on and resume the game charging the battery as well After a few weeks the warning stopped appearing in the desktop and the computer automatically hibernated left with the game still on So i plugged the ac power on and resumed the game right away This kept happening from that moment on every time i played the game it would reach battery left and hibernate for itself whereas it should appear the low battery warning at left where I would plug in the ac power and charge the battery without going into hibernation On top of that my sister kept stealing my ac charger for charging her Toshiba Satellite as she often forgets her own charger at her workplace Now at the present day when the battery reaches about - left the laptop power off unexpectedly as if I had pull the battery off of the laptop It must be from all those time it would reach left with the game still on that quot tired quot the battery and now it won't even last further than left It might be a problem with the battery or the ac charger that my sister used in another computer Both the battery and its respectively ac charger are the ones that came with the laptop Can someone please tell me what is causing my year-old laptop to power off for no reason at all when battery has just remaining Do I have to buy a new one or what Regards conhaqu

A:Laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20% battery left. 1YearOld Battery..

Hi there .. Do you have Power4Gear Installed ... If so i would look into the Settings for that could be a power plan so save Battery life ... It should also be able to tell you your Battery's Health status ... I have no idea how good this Program is could be total crap ...
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Hello I ve been using a Dell inspiron from about years now and exactly after years of my buy the battery failed and it started showing me to battery charge! Bought battery still and dell my doesn't laptop a new replace the battery and always notified me about contacting dell for a new battery Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge! I didn t take this of much concern so i just ignored the message and kept on using my battery with my adapter plugged in After - months of such usage My battery completely failed and doesn t Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge! even offer me even a minute of backup when i remove the power socket Then i realized the importance of a new battery and then bought a new battery from Dell Its the same battery with the same specs and also the same family type After i removed my defected battery I replaced my new bought Dell battery and realized that my battery is working fine its charging well but at some time it says quot Plugged in But not charging quot Which is rare for any new battery which is bought brand new This is how it looks now after i remove the AC adapter plug and when i depend on the battery backup it is providing me a backup but I see a yellow exclamatory mark beside it Which I think should not be present it also says quot Low battery quot when there s already of battery left I ve also followed some online steps updated by BIOS to the latest nbsp Followed some other steps like uninstalling the battery ACI in the device manager and etc i would love to get this problem solved I m using a PA- family adapter which is also a replaced one So any help on solving the issue would be appreciated THANKS

A:Bought a new dell battery and still my laptop battery doesn't charge!

Hi Utkarsh. I Actually FIXED this problem months back. and I exactly want to help you on this so that you can fix it yourself too..
the problem which is creating your battery to show an exclamatory mark is your power settings.
so follow these steps to get rid of that sign and a perfectly working battery.
1) Click on your battery icon (left click) you should see an option called " More power options" at the bottom of the popup.
click "More power options"
2) Now you will be taken to your control panel where you can see all of your power plans and under each plan, you will see an option called "Change plan settings"
3) Click on "Change plan settings" for your active power plan. Now you will get redirected to another control panel window, where you can see two kind of power options to get adjusted. that is, when you battery is plugged and when your battery is unplugged.
4) Don't touch those options, just click on "Change advanced power settings" at the bottom left of that window. THIS IS THE AREA WHERE WE NEED TO FIX!
5)After you click on "Change advanced power setttings", you will see a POWER options popup, go to the bottom and then you can see something called "Battery" with a plus sign on the left. click it.
6) Now you just have to change the levels for the following values
                   --> Critical battery level ( you can change it to 10%)
                   ---> Low battery level ( you can change it to 20%)
So I hope this works!
Reply me back when you've succeeded fixing it.
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It's so strange. Today when I turned on my laptop, suddenly, there was a message that my battery has problems so the computer might shut down suddenly. I tried different strategies, like uninstalling the battery driver, or letting the computer completely die. When it turned off itself at 6%, I turned it back on, and it was at 2 minutes battery life. Then in a few minutes, it said 4 minutes battery life for 6%. Now, it's passed an hour, and it says 3 minutes, but changes sometimes to 1-4 minutes. The battery meter is completely wrong, and I don't know what to do since it is closing the computer way too early. I'm still not sure what the problem is. Please help me.

A:Laptop Battery Meter is Completely Wrong and it says there's a problem with the battery

How long have you been using the laptop with battery? Is it still under warranty?
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Ok this might be might not (COMPAQ M2105)

I ended up replacing my motherboard for a model with more features (SD readers blah blah).

I took it all apart and put it all back with the new board when i go into windows (and even before while booting)...the orange lights would come on for a second...then beging to flicker

while in just will either not charge the battery..or flicker from AC to battery

i CAN power the unit on with the battery alone, and i CAN power the unit with the cord alone...

lastly, my old motherboard (which had a HD connector problem)...still WILL charge the i'm sure its not the battery...i don't think...

i also dont' think its the AC adapter since it is the same piece I used on both motherboards.....

what to do................

A:compaq M2105 laptop - battery will not charge, flickers from AC/battery

Hopefully you are experienced in working on and repairing laptops/notebooks... and you carefully handeled the replacement motherboard and didn't damage it. Repairing laptops takes considerable skill and caution.

It does sound like the "new" motherboard is bad unfortunately. How did you handle the "old" operating system restore to the "new" motherboard?
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my battery was giving 1.5 hour power backup from last 4 months... then last month it decreased to 1 hour...from couple of days it decreased to 1/5 hour(with error 'Consider replacing new battery') and yesterday i was using on battery power... and battery had 34% power remaining.. suddenly battery indicating light turns orange and pc shutdown... after that.. my pc is not charging battery... and if i run pc on battery.. it work 10 to 15 minutes ( with orange light.. and on task bar.. battery icon giving error "No battery is detected" ) and then shut down.

today i run laptop on battery power and open setup..and there was error "No battery installed" in battery info...

what happened.. can anyone tell me????

i forgot to tell you that... according to battery's LEDs.... my battery is healthy enough.. but now only 1 led is working...

A:My laptop running on BATTERY and giving error 'No battery detected'

Your battery has failed and must be replaced. They're only good for three or four years. Happens to all laptops.
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My hp laptop had its battery flat for 12 hours. After that the laptop can nolonger boot up or charge. Please help

A:HP laptop cannot boot up or charge battery after battery went flat for 12 hours

What is the model of your laptop?
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I am becoming more and more concerned about my laptop's battery each and every passing day. When I check the bottom right of my computer screen to check if my computer battery is completely charged, it says "0% available (plugged in, not charging)". I have had to buy two new batteries because of the same thing and they also read "0% available (plugged in, not charging)". When I unplug my laptop from the power source, it turns off automatically. I cannot even bother calling Dell to check this issue for me because I bought this computer off the street for $35.

My question in general is how do I get this problem fixed and how do I keep an eye on how my laptop computer charges correctly (or not)???

A:General Question about laptop battery charging AND 0% battery

Some reading and testing for you

Why is my Laptop battery not charging? – updates

Laptop Battery Not Charging | PCWorld

The common method is:
- Create a System restore point
- Uninstall (Under the Batteries category in Device Manager) the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery.
- WARNING: Do not remove the Microsoft AC Adapter driver or any other ACPI compliant driver.
- click Scan for hardware changes
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Recently I noticed that the amber LED on my HP Probook 650 G1 flashing constantly, even when the laptop is powered off.   The System Tray battery indication is 100%, fully charged, when on AC power and 100% on battery power shortly after undocking.    I find the Probook won't power up if AC power is not available (no response when pressing power button) but remains powered when I remove it from the docking station.    Have the electronics that control this LED flashing and power up when not on AC gone bad?    Is this an indication of other failure? thanks
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Hi Guys,

I have replaced the battery of my laptop after using it on AC supply for about year after my old battery died.

I get this error message.
"The AC power adapter type cannot be determined
Battery may not charge.
This problem might be solved by:
Connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or higher."

But I am using a 65W Dell Adapter that I got with my laptop.
BTW, I tried the steps for disc AC >> Start>>Uninstall MS ACPI >> Insert battery>> Restart. This process did not yield any favorable results.

Please help!!!

A:Replaced battery on laptop, Battery not taking charge.

If you take the battery out and just use the adapter, will the laptop boot up without errors?
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HP g - b us Notebook PCHere is the situation LED charge whi... battery charging battery shows and not Laptop and symptoms nbsp Battery not charging Battery icon indicates battery being charged but it sits at Have bought a replacement HP battery and that battery will not charge also it sits at which I assume is the initial charge it came with nbsp Run the HP Support Assistant and both batteries fail the test saying that cell is bad cells to have charge but cell has a reading even in the new battery Is there a problem accessing charging Laptop battery not charging and battery charge LED shows whi... cell When the battery is installed and the AC adaptor is unplugged and the laptop is turned off the battery charge LED shows a white LED red amber indicates that it is charging the battery now the only time the LED goes out is when the battery is physically removed Before the problem began the battery charge LED would be off when the battery was installed and the charger was not being used Now the battery charge LED goes off only when the battery is physically removed What I have tried Cleaned the contacts Bought a new HP battery Tried the complete discharge method of turning the laptop off removing the power cord and battery and holding the power on key for over seconds Have done safe restarts Reset to HP recommended settings Suggestions recommendations
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Hi i have a XPS M dell laptop and bought a new battery wich came charged to the instructions said that i should discharge the battery to and then chargeit to for first time I used the laptop withouth cord until it was then i plugged it but the amer light that should battery testing of of or port need dell a i help a Hi, a battery laptop appear it is not when i plug the laptop with the battery installed then i check the energy administrator i have xp Hi, i need help testing a battery or a port of battery of a laptop dell and lubuntu and it both was the same and it said quot charging quot but it stayed in i let it more than hours plugged but never charged the battery it is still in and the light of the battery doesnt turn on I dont know if the battery is bad because it worked when had charge or is maybe the laptop that is not charging Is there a war to check if this port is charging electricity to the battery i have a multimeter and i know how to open this laptop Any information would be helpful as i havent been able to found information on this and also is there a way to know with the multimeter if the battery is allowing energy to charge it i hope you have understood im still klearning english thanks for your time nbsp

A:Hi, i need help testing a battery or a port of battery of a laptop dell

Testing the DC jack on a laptop
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Hi out cuts battery power, on laptop battery good my girlfriend in Beijing has an Acer Aspire S latop She bought a new battery for it laptop cuts out on battery power, battery good a while back and told me it was no good I was in Beijing recently messing around with it and found that actually the battery is fine lasts for gt hours but when unplugged and running on battery power the laptop often just cuts out suddenly loss of power I took the battery out and had a look and cleaned all the connections but they seem fine The next part is the strange part and which I hope might give someone a clue as to what s going on When it cuts out it will never restart again unless the mains power cable is plugged back into the laptop As soon as that s done and the power button is pressed it starts up again and the cable can be taken out immediately I mean immediately - you can plug the cable in push the quot power on quot button and pull the cable back out in less than a second and it will start up and run fine on battery again until the next time it suddenly cuts out without warning Because any unsaved data is lost and because the laptop cannot restart without the power adaptor this very portable and light laptop is now reduced to having to be kept at home all the time and plugged in which is exactly the opposite of what she bought it for Anybody have any idea what the problem could be or suggest some tests that could be done to find out She took it to a local computer shop but the guys there had no idea Thanks in advance for any advice nbsp
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Find 14 easy ways to prolong your laptop battery life and find more Laptop, Processers, Hard Drives, Desktop PCs, Anti Virus and User computers at a good price in
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Thanks for reading this ??battery battery Laptop calibration?? issue i have never posted anything in my life but i am stumped and need some help I got a dell inspiron and one day i was running it while it was Laptop battery issue ??battery calibration?? pluged in and i unpluged it and the laptop just quot Bloop quot shut off i tried turning it back on but nothing just as if i had no battery in it at all when i pluged it back in it fired up like normal i checked Laptop battery issue ??battery calibration?? the battery meter and it said full then charged up to full but still it wont run off the battery as soon as i unplug it it shuts right off Someone told me to run the battery calibration but my bios doesnt have an option for it at least i cant find it i know it has it somewere because when i first bought this laptop the screen was broke and when i bought a new one for it and booted it up it said i had to run the battery calibration befor it could start quot not sure why quot but i did watched it drain and charge so i know it's in here somewere do you think this would even help Also i think i updated the bios so it might have had an older bios witch might have had the battery calibration and the new one i put on doesnt It has verison A now i tried quot downgrading quot to A and A but it doesnt let me Says i have a newer verison and cannot install an older verison Stinks this problem kinda takes the quot Mobil quot feature out of a laptop Any help would be Awesome

A:Laptop battery issue ??battery calibration??

i'm afraid the battery calibration program is only used to initialize new Li-Ion batteries which need to be prepped with an initial charge-discharge cycle.

It sounds to me like you have a battery composed of 32 (probably AA sized) cells.
One of those cells has died and hence you see only 97% charge. Unfortunately losing a single cell prevents current from entering or leaving the battery so your battery will not discharge correctly therefore shutoff without discharge.

I think you need a new battery. Although it may be possible to replace the single bad cell, other cells may be degraded also - if one cell failed, why not others? unit could have been exposed to heat etc.

Although I was an engineer for Gould, I am not a battery expert!

good luck!
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Since i bought a new laptop E7270, is it allowed to use my power adaptor my old Dell E6420 also for the new one?   If so i can use one adaptor at home and another in office and dont need to carry the power adaptor always.
Will this impact the battery performance of the new laptop?

A:If it is possible to use the power adapter of E6420 for my new laptop E7270? Will it impact the battery of the new laptop?

If the connector fits (it may not - the older systems use a much larger barrel connector than many of the new ones), AND the power (wattage) is equal or greater, yes.
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Hello there I have an one year-old ASUS K S Laptop Windows Home Premium GB Ram and HDD At the beginning my battery lasted gt hours in Balanced power mode which is the one I alway use and now due to regular use it last about hours Everything normal until here About months ago battery Laptop at powers laptop unexpectedly 20% off problem: i started playing this game in full screen with the battery on and it last about - minutes until it reached Laptop battery problem: laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20% the low battery warning left I would then plug the power on and resume the game charging the battery as well After a few weeks the warning stopped appearing in the desktop and the computer automatically hibernated left with the game still on So i plugged the ac power on and resumed the game right away This kept happening from that moment on every time i played the game it would reach battery left and hibernate for itself whereas it should appear the low battery warning at left where I would plug in the ac power and charge the battery without going into hibernation On top of that my sister kept stealing my ac charger for charging her Toshiba Satellite as she often forgets her own charger at her workplace Now at the present day when the battery reaches about - left the laptop power off unexpectedly as if I had pull the battery off of the laptop It must be from all those time it would reach left with the game still on that quot tired quot the battery and now it won't even last further than left It might be a problem with the battery or the ac charger that my sister used in another computer Both the battery and its respectively ac charger are the ones that came with the laptop Regards conhaqu

A:Laptop battery problem: laptop powers off unexpectedly at 20%

Do you still need assistance with this issue?
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Hello ...
I have had a Toshiba C850-A965 laptop for 4 years
and it's been working perfectly
untill one day recently, a message poped up saying that there's something wrong with the battery and should be replaced, but it was still the same, works for an hour and a half approximately
But, I went ahead and bought a new battery, the message disappeared
and i fully charged and then started the laptop
it worked for about 15 mins and then it shut down ( like u took the plug off from a desktop computer) without any warning
when i turned it back on, it was still fully charged !!! and the shutting down happend again and again :(
the old battery is still working fine
so that must mean that there's nth wrong with my laptop right? and the battery is bad?
please give me your opinions
thank you for your precious time

A:laptop battery problem, laptop shut down suddenly

Could still be a faulty battery. It can read the correct voltage off load, but as soon as you put a load on it, it takes a dive. The battery status symbol is just that, a symbol. The only foolproof method of proving it is to replace it with a known good battery. Do you have any good friends with a similar laptop ?
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Hi problem: detected" battery is "No Laptop battery everyone My laptop battery seemed like it had loads of life left in it but one day Laptop battery problem: "No battery is detected" it just suddenly stopped working and my laptop started saying quot no battery is detected quot I contacted the insurance people and they came over to check that the battery was dead and that it wasn't a problem with my laptop itself They confirmed that I just needed a new battery and sent me a new one Now with the new battery in it is saying the exact same thing quot no battery is detected quot and only working off power from the charger If I take the battery out and then put it back in again the laptop says quot plugged in and charging quot for a few seconds before switching back to saying quot no battery is detected quot and completely ignoring the battery I know that the problem must be with the laptop and not the battery so does anybody know how I can fix this problem Thanks

A:Laptop battery problem: "No battery is detected"

Hi and welcome to TSF please try removing the battery and the ac adapter and hold down the power button for 45 secs then try booting with the battery alone
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I have just received a replacement battery for my Toshiba Satellite L laptop which I Won't On Now Turn New Laptop Battery - Laptop Solved: purchased from a preferred seller on Ebay When I put Solved: New Laptop Battery - Now Laptop Won't Turn On it in the laptop to charge and use the computer while it s charging the computer will not even turn on I contacted the seller and this is what he replied quot We are sorry to hear that the battery did not work well No problem for return and you will get a full refund if we receive your return within days of the purchase date However before the return please check Solved: New Laptop Battery - Now Laptop Won't Turn On the following Make sure that your power adapter and electric outlet work well Make sure that the connection part between battery and laptop is clean If not please clean and try the battery again Many new batteries need several charge to reach the full capacity If it is a newly received battery please recharge several times to allow the battery to its full capacity If you recently upgrade your operating system to windows it may cause the battery not charge Please go online for a solution for your specific laptop model Please check your laptop manufacturer s website for a BIOS update Recently a few customers reported that the Bios update solved the problem having with their battery If none of these steps works please return the whole package to the following address by USPS Priority or UPS ground And please include the order receipt or shipping slip in the return package We suggest that you use a delivery confirmation to track the shipment so that the return is confirmed Upon receiving the return we will process the refund in business days quot I have checked to see that all connections are good and I have not recently upgraded operating systems Now what I am wondering is should I check into the BIOS update or should I just consider this a lost cause and return the battery I realize that buying an original Toshiba battery would have been a better choice but I was just trying to save some money Please advise Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 43.86%

I ve got a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT P laptop that I just recently got a new battery for The old battery had reached the off is Laptop Laptop Charge Battery Doesn't if end of its life only lasting for about - minutes if I was lucky Anyway I got a new battery but Laptop Battery Doesn't Charge if Laptop is off it was not the original Sony battery it was a comparable one of a different brand for less then half of the price of the Sony When charged it lasts a good hours no problem but doesn t seem to charge when the laptop is off Yesterday I turned it on it said it had remainng I charged it for about minutes and then it read Upon unplugging it it again read but with another minutes plugged it it went up to and stayed there when unplugged I should also note that I ve reformatted the computer so it only has Sony drivers that the device manager said I lacked Was the lower priced battery too good to be true or is there an easy fix to this problem Appreciate the help in advance Zach nbsp

A:Laptop Battery Doesn't Charge if Laptop is off

a bios update is often needed when using a different battery than what the laptop was designed to use, and since you bought a generic battery, i highly doubt that Sony will provide support of any kind for it.

Check Ebay for actual Sony brand batteries (not another generic), you can get them on Ebay for 1/2 (or less) the price that you would pay in a store or from Sony
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I have an HP Probook 4540S.

I don't use it that often and when I put it away, I make sure the battery is at 100%.

Today, I went to use it, and it would not power on.

I plugged in the A/C adapter and it powered up and showed the battery at 0%.

I called HP and they said that is normal and if I'm not going to use it for more than a week, to remove the battery.

I went to the HP forum, and they said just the opposite- The Mod said it has to be a software problem or a crappy battery.

Which is correct and would removing the battery when not using it be okay?



A:Laptop battery draining when laptop is shut down

Batteries do lose a certain percentage while being shutoff, usually 2-3% but it can be higher. The battery could be completely normal or it could be going bad. Typically this is from heat or poor charging habits (don't worry, everyone does it).

Here is a link to help you better understand laptop battery usage:
BatteryCare - Proper laptop battery usage guide
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Hi all of you that are reading my post.Here where i live the electricity is not good that means that we have electricity for two hours
then it dissconect for five minutes or more.I have a pc with UPS(battery) and when i go for work i let my pc turned on downloading,but as we know when the electricity missing the UPS take pc turned on for 15-20minutes and then it turned off without command.And i want to know if Pc have the ability to know if its working with turned electricity or UPS and if it knows which are the components that make it(software or hardware).Please help me!!! Thanks

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I juse recently purchased a lenovo ideapad 100s and my laptop won't turn on unless i have it plugged it into the charger. But the second i unplug it the laptop dies becuase the battery is always it 0% even if i have it charging for hours .
Relevancy 43%

I replaced the battery of my laptop ( Inspiron 17R SE 7720) with a new one.
But the Old one is 48 Wh and the new is 60wh.
When the laptop has started, this message appears " Warning, this battery is not recommended for this system use. It may only have limited features and non optimized performance. " .
What shall I do ?
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I have my hp elitebook 850 G3 for one month now. When it was new i could use it for 9 hours on airplane mode but now fully charged only 4 hours on airplane mode. I want it to be 9 hours on airplane mode aigain. I have also noticed that my precentage is going down faster than before and I only use word and microsoft edge
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Hi there,
I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521. Since a while now my laptop is given me messages explaining my battery has a fatal error and needs to be replaced. I have been searching for a different solution than simply replacing the battery/adapter and I've seen that a lot of people had to update their BIOS. I currently have BIOS A07. When I try to update using the driver I've gotten from your site this window pops up and tells me I have to plug in my battery and adapter. Both are plugged in but I can't seem to manage to start the update. 
I hope you guys can help me,Dries Vanden Broecke

A:Battery not working

Hi Dries Vanden Broecke,
Download the A14 BIOS here -
Now, for the BIOS update to run, it is required that the battery be connected and battery should contain a minimum charge of 10% and the adapter needs to be detected in BIOS.
Having said this, Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point. Check the battery health in BIOS (if applicable).
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Hello I and fan working. Battery not have the following queries regarding my year old notebook whose warranty just expired - nbsp I want to buy a new battery for my laptop as the original one does not work anymore So Battery and fan not working. I was thinking if I can get a battery with a more capacity than the original one so that it lasts longer How much would the battery cost nbsp My laptop's fan also stopped working a month ago I suspect it might be because of dust collected over time Can I get that checked too along with the battery at HP service center and how much would it cost if I need to replace the fan nbsp I also want to Battery and fan not working. upgrade my TB hard disk with a SSD Is there any exchange or buy-back program at HP And how much would it cost nbsp I want to add another GB RAM to the existing GB Any idea how much it'd cost if I do all the above together nbsp Thanks amp Regards
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After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.
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My hp steam 11 says it needs a new battery and  i have only had it for 6 months and it says the battey is 365 days old
Relevancy 42.14%

I juse recently purchased a lenovo ideapad 100s and my laptop won't turn on unless i have it plugged it into the charger. But the second i unplug it the laptop dies becuase the battery is always it 0% even if i have it charging for hours .
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
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I put in my new battery; it has had more than 48 hours to charge, but when I turn on the notebook, it trys to start, and then just shuts down before it boots up at all.  Yes I used the same kind of battery, same brand, etc.
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battery is not working. my pc is under warranty. I need a support from gandhinagar service station. please replace it as soon as possible.

A:need support. battery not working.

Prachi. Warranty Service Partners for Commercial Products REO
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I bought this laptop (Compaq Presario 2596US) off a friend. Its got a 40GB eIDE hdd, and 768MB RAM.

The issue is the battery. He replaced it a year before I bought it, but it won't charge. Looking in the BIOS i see:
BSN : 08274 09/19/2008
C1: 4400
C2: 4311
C3: 0
ME: 1
CC: 3
T: 23
TV: 3993
C: 0
DV: 14400
S: 4AD0
CV1: 1181
CV2: 1388
CV3: N/A

The battery is an F4809A. If I hold the self-test (blue botton with a pointer finger next to a percentage bar), no lights show up.

The AC charger works fine, it powers it up and is a geniune HP charger.

Is the C/CV fields where the problem is?
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My Thinkpad T530 just stopped working on battery power and only powers/stays on when the AC adapter is connected. When it's connected and the battery is in though, the battery is detected and shows 100% charged. The second I unplug the AC adapter, the computer will cut off and it only turns on when the power is connected. Has anyone else experienced or remedied this issue? Thanks.
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Can someone please help
I recently bought a new charger cable for my hp compaq 6720s and since then my battery wont charge and when it is plugged in the mains (the only way the laptop works) the mouse on my laptop doesn't work either, i've also tried using an external mouse but that doesn't work also. is it the charger i bought which is faulty or the battery, or even just the laptop itself?

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:battery not charging and mouse not working

There could be a problem internally, with your laptop such as the motherboard, causing both the keyboard and battery problem.

1.) Have you tried removing the laptop battery, and testing it with just the adapter plugged in to see if it still works without powering down? If it powers down while plugged in-with the battery removed, there is a problem with the computer itself or the power adapter.

2.) When you say your are using an external mouse, is it a corded mouse or is it wireless? (It is best to swap with a wired mouse instead of a wireless for troubleshooting purposes)
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My external battery is not working.  I get the following errors when I start my computer. 1. Power Manager Guage - An error occurred while loading this resource.2. There was a problem laodgin (x86)\Thinkpad\Utilities\PWMTR64V.dll A dynamic link library (DLL) initalizaiton routine failed. Under Lenovo Settings - Power manger it says my second battery is in bad condition.  I bought a new battery and it still displays this message. Under battery gague reset it says 90% remaining for the second batery.  I'm running windows 10 / 64bit and have done all the lenovo updates and attempted to reinstall the related driver. 

A:T440s external battery not working

Hi Dan, Do you have a setup.exe file located in the c:\program files\Lenovo\settingsdependency\power  folder, and if so, can you try running that and see if the problem goes away?     I should add, that it might just say Setup, and not actually say Setup.exe depending on your view settings, but run it anyway.
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Hey I ve got an N4050 14 working Inspiron Battery not Inspiron N bought years ago never had a problem with it of the time I used it directly connected to the power outlet at home When I plugged in the battery fully charged it went from to then to its s and s Inspiron 14 N4050 Battery not working real quick maybe in a matter of minutes and then shut down I then bought a new original battery because I thought that the fact of not using it in years and that the original battery was years old could be the reason I ve followed the guidelines and I m now using it for the first time I fully charged it and when I turned on the laptop it said it had around hrs min of battery After a few minutes around hours min Then it set at hr min After one hour of very low usage Used Microsoft Word and read a few PDF s its at with minutes left I checked that the computer was at power saving mode and all that The brightness is set far lower than high nbsp What should I do and where could the problem be coming from Thank you
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Hi guys.

I've search the forum but I can't find anything relevant.

I don't like leaving my laptop on charge all the time and I sometimes forget to switch the battery charger on and Windows shuts down.

Now in Control Panel - Sounds you can set various sounds for various operations I made my own Chargebattery.wav and enabled it for Critical Battery Alarm and Low Battery Alarm and they both test ok. When the battery gets low it doesn't play the wave file.

Does anyone know why it doesn't sound on a low battery or am I missing something in the sound settings?


A:Need the charge battery sound working?

Well I posted this thread a week ago and 80 users have read it but no one has made a comment.

As anyone any suggestions to try?

I've downloaded Battery Meter Gadget but thats only a visual warning so you would have to have the sidebar on top all the time plus it doesn't play any sounds?
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New Aspire R3 battery won't charge. Was fine but now just recognises it is plugged in but not charging. Only 12% left.

A:My new Aspire R3 battery won't charge. Was working...

Hello, Have you tried this:1. Shut down your laptop2. Disconnect the AC adapter3. Wait few minutes4. Follow this procedure Note: The battery reset pinhole is marked with this symbol on the bottom.
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Hi guys, I have a Tecra A10 0n Win 7 x64 Pro and has been working perfect for ages, all of a sudden the laptop went into hibernation and will now only boot up with AC plugged in.

The battery is fine as I have tried it on a different laptop without issue.

When I try to boot laptop without AC connected it loads to the Toshiba splash screen for a couple of seconds then dies.

Has anyone else had this or have an idea what the issue could be. Latest BIOS has been on for a while and all correct drivers are installed.

Laptop runs perfect with AC connected but tries to hibernate as soon as AC disconnects.

Could it be that the laptop cannot take power from the battery for longer than a couple of seconds?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Tecra A10-14P Wont run on a working battery

> Laptop runs perfect with AC connected but tries to hibernate as soon as AC disconnects.
For me it sounds like the battery charge level is very low and that the power management of the Win OS set the notebook to hibernation mode due to charging level.

Possibly the notebook does not charge the battery properly.
If you said that the battery is OK (don?t know how you test this) then there must be a issue with the battery charging system. This means that the motherboard is not OK.

However, in your case I would test the notebook with a new battery to be 100% sure that this issue is not related to a faulty battery.
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The battery is not working at all it keep changing but its 0% nothing when i insert it the small LED that is beside the power change cable start to blink red colour then blue red then blue but when i remove the battery nothing its just blue there is no any red blinking
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Hi I recently had a new motherboard and lcd screen installed on my Dell inspiron After the tech guy installed the new reconditioned parts and left I went to move my laptop and the screen went black upon unplugging it I went into the bios and made sure that the settings were up on brightness on battery and it was all the way up If I plug it back in it is fine I called the tech that had just left my home and he said that due to him already closing that ticket I had to call Dell and open another The working screen power. not LCD battery on issue was that I was out of warranty that day this was his rd trip due to a faulty motherboard twice I explained to Dell this was an issue that only happened after the guy changed the lcd screen and it never happened before He told me I needed a new battery I knew mine was old but it had a little life in it i knew this wasn t the problem So I had to order a new battery and it obviously didn t fix the problem I called Dell back and they refused to help me due to being out of warranty I again exclaimed that it was due to the LCD screen not working on battery power. issue when I was under warranty He refused to help this was a manager told me I needed to ship my laptop to them to fix and a low cost of Anyway is there any other issue LCD screen not working on battery power. you could think of that could cause the lcd to not work on battery power yet be fine on ac power Also on battery power everything else works so I know it isn t everything effected Thanks in advance nbsp

A:LCD screen not working on battery power.

You might check the power settings in windows control panel.
It could be set for low or no backlight for power saving options.
Start/control panel/power options.
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Hello HPForums,I realized the battery had troubles when I unplugged my laptop to take it to the bathroom (haha). I turned off inmediately. So I checked for the battery to be well connected and it was OK. When I removed it, i found this gummy yellow substance that smells sweet on one of the sides. It was both in the battery and on the slot.(See photo attached).  Battery is PI06 manufactured on 2013. The battery doesn't work but the computer do knows it is plugged in. Is there a fix? And what was the cause of this leak? I handle my computer really carefully and don't leave it plugged often. Thanks!f

A:Battery leaked and stopped working. How to fix it?



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I have Dell Ispiron 15 3542 and I am surprised that my laptop has been switched off directly even though the battery is 100% charged and even the charging icon is displaying at task bar when the charger is switched on. But red light for low battery goes on blinking and when the power cord is removed it switches off and if switched on the power cord a message appears as "Your battery has met with parmanent failure and needs to be replaced and press F1 to continue and press F2 for setup utility" 

Please help with the issues

A:Lap top not working even the battery is fully charged

I'd suggest you check Battery's status and health in the Battery Meter App. Please right click battery icon at taskbar, and then click on battery health. It should say Your Battery Is Performing Normally, if it say anything else then you most likely need a new one. Secondly, check battery status, if there's a checkmark in box by Enable Dell Extended Battery Life then uncheck it and restart computer.
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I have a new battery. The laptop is g560 working fine on AC adapter without battery in. When I put  the battery in the laptop starts draing the battery without charging. May be it will work if I uninstl the ACPI...thing  from windows 7 the problem is that impossible to turn on the machine with the empty battery  and the AC plugged in. Evry time switching on it tries to boot on battery ignoring the AC adaptor. I have no idea if the battery is charging when the laptop is turned off. 
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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Hello guys nbsp I have a recognized, or Battery A/C. not without working charging problem with my ProBook for last couple days it won't run Battery recognized, not charging or working without A/C. or charge the battery Windows shows the battery it can also read its capacity with nbsp powercfg -energy all it says is charging but the percentage never moves and if I remove my A C cable notebook shuts down nbsp nbsp What I did as a troubleshoot nbsp Different battery - Doesn't work Same battery in a different notebook G - It works Removing battery drivers from windows and re-installing the battery - Doesn't work Checking the cable connectors on a motherboard - All seems to be fine Changing -PIN cable of a battery - Doesn't work Flashing Updating BIOS - Doesn't work nbsp I've heard read there would be a screw or something which will dock lock the battery in order to work but I can't locate it myself if it even exist nbsp nbsp My very last thought on this would be a matherboard failure but I can't be sure as battery is recognized by windows just fine nbsp What should I try next nbsp Thanks
Relevancy 41.71%

Hi guys.I've search the forum but I can't find anything relevant.I don't like leaving my laptop on charge all the time and I sometimes forget to switch the battery charger on and Windows shuts down.Now in Control Panel - Sounds you can set various sounds for various operations I made my own Chargebattery.wav and enabled it for Critical Battery Alarm and Low Battery Alarm and they both test ok. When the battery gets low it doesn't play the wave file. It does show the low battery tooltip in the systray but you can easily miss that.Does anyone know why it doesn't sound on a low battery or am I missing something in the sound settings?I've downloaded Battery Meter Gadget but thats only a visual warning so you would have to have the sidebar on top all the time plus it doesn't play any sounds?Cheers.

A:Need the charge battery sound working?

Does no one have any comments on this?I made the Chargebattery.wav with 2nd Speech Center as the default Windows Battery Low.wav and Windows Battery Critical.wav are just bleeps mine says your battery needs charging. I also made a Trash.wav to empty the recycle bin that says your recycle bin has been emptied and that works great. If anyone wants these wav file let me know?The Battery Meter does play a few bleeps which is better than nothing.I put back the default Battery Low.wav and Windows Battery Critical.wav but Battery Meter still played the beeps. I removed Battery Meter and tried it again and it still didn't play the default sounds it just shows the yellow message at 10 minutes and the red one at 6 minutes so this system for playing sounds is obviously crap.
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My e's got messed up volume i... working not battery properly(and keys volume 11e buttons The LED on the F key stays illuminated regardless if its muted or not Also they keys 11e volume keys not working properly(and battery i... only function to toggle the mute on or off F F F and the volume buttons on the side To raise or lower the volume i have to use the speaker icon in the task tray nbsp Also and this is far more worrying I charged the battery to and then unplugged it to put it aside About 11e volume keys not working properly(and battery i... days later i grabbed it take it to a friends and when i got there it wouldnt turn on Turns out the battery had run TOTALLY dead in those days even though it was fully powered down 11e volume keys not working properly(and battery i... not standby Is this an issue with the e's My last thinkpad was a T but in the interum i have used lots of other laptops and netbooks none of which were this quick to self-discharge nbsp Its the nd gen N non-yoga running windows pro gb ssd gb
Relevancy 41.28%

Once I plugged in charger while my notebook was turned off.
It lighted Plug LED and Battery LED was blinking after 3 seconds.

I reinserted battery and it charged fine.
One day I was using my NB200 and it run out of charge, I plugged in and same thing happen but even after reinserting battery it won't start.

Plugging in it for long time doesn't heats up battery nor notebook. I can only start it without battery plugged in. Inserting battery shuts down PC after 1 seconds and LED of battery again blinks after 3 seconds.

What does it means? I tired putting battery in fridge because I read on internet it might fix but no luck.

Any idea how can I fix it.

A:Battery suddenly stopped working on NB200-10z


First of all you have to know that the notebook should run properly without the battery but with connected AC adaptor.
Even if the battery would be faulty or empty, the connected AC adaptor should supply power and you should be able to power up the notebook.

In case this isn?t possible, I assume an power supply electronic malfunction.

However, you could test the following workaround:
Try to power up and to boot the notebook without the battery.
Then go to device manager and uninstall the following entries under batteries:
- Microsoft composite battery
- Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery

Then reboot the notebook.
Power OFF again and insert the battery.
Power On the notebook and check if the unit would run properly.

Of course it would be also recommend testing the notebook in connection with another good and tested battery.
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I am working on a relatives computer and am having major difficulties. When I received the computer it would not boot. It would hang up when running the bios and stop with the error message no mouse, no keyboard or keyboard error. I was able to get the mouse recognised but not the keyboard. The cmois battery was removed and replaced and now there is no video. I am not sure what this computer is running. Theres a digital readout on the front that says 200 when you start up. It has a diamond video card. When I power it on the cpu fan works power supply works, theres no lights on the floppy or on the cdrom that light up. Any suggestion on what to do to get video back and resolve the original keyboard error message. I did try to boot from a floppy before the batteries removal and that did not work.

Relevancy 41.28%

I have a Dell inspiron 5521 and it's 8 months old. Today when I opened it this message appeared : "Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced. I can open the notebook when ac is on but the red led of battery is blinking and the battery can not be charged. Also in bios i get the same message about battery. Is this really a permanent failure ? It's just 8 monts old. What can I do ? 
I burrow with my friend to check the battery when i replace the battery it works is that battery suddenly death ?
I have updated the Bios also
Also I diagnostics

A:Dell Inspiron 5521 Battery not Working

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please boot into BIOS <F2> and check on the status of the battery listed.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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I ve been having a strange problem with the battery for my Thinkpad laptop I noticed Battery Stopped Working Thinkpad Suddenly the other day that Thinkpad Battery Suddenly Stopped Working it wasn t charging when I plugged the AC adapter in Eventually it ran out completely and would not charge at all This happened very suddenly it was working fine a week ago If I have the battery installed and AC attached and hit the power button the system will start up for a few seconds and then shut down Sometimes it will randomly start AGAIN for another few seconds and then shut down The only way I can get the computer to run is with the battery removed and AC adapter attached If I start the computer up with the AC adapter attached and then insert the battery the computer immediately powers down I really want to get this problem resolved I m hoping that it s just the battery itself but it seems strange that it would stop working so suddenly From my experience laptop batteries tend to lose their power over time And even if the battery was no good shouldn t the computer still work as long as the AC line is connected I have no problem replacing the battery I m just not certain that this is the real issue It seems that the AC adapter works fine Is this likely just a battery problem or is it possible that the motherboard is damaged nbsp

A:Thinkpad Battery Suddenly Stopped Working

Hi Dan and welcome to TSG.

I assume your Thinkpad's warranty has run out.

It could be a problem with the motherboard power circuitry but that would be expensive to fix.

As the charger looks ok the easiest and cheapest thing to do is to try a new battery.

Sorry I can't be more specific.
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Hi.  When I'm working on my Flex 3 on battery only, after about 20 minutes, the screen will "turn off."  I use quotations because the sreen turns black but it is back-lit.  Sound still works.  No buttons get me out of this frozen state and I have to hard restart the computer. Anybody else have this issue?  Computer is 1 month old. Thanks!

A:Flex 3 screen turns off when working on battery

I have exactly the same problem. Works fine when plugged in, but absolutely useless on battery, due to this random "black screen". My screen too is backlit, but the only way I have found to "wake-up" the screen is to reboot the computer. My Flex 3 came from Costco, and I am planning to return it.
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Hi all appologies for the long post nbsp I am using Windows and nbsp re-building an image for the Lenovo X & on working powerpoint ThinkPad X260 battery not as a few users have reported an error with Power Point in Office nbsp When on battery Power Point slide shows won't advance through the slides it just stops and won't move to next slide on keypress or mouse click on mains power it works fine I had a mess around with a users laptop that has the issue and installing Lenovo System Update and installing all the available updates and drivers solved the problem so I re-created the image on another nbsp X nbsp ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working and the problem returned but now installing Lenovo System update and all software amp drivers doesn't fix the issue this is on a clean install of Windows nbsp when the slide show pauses I can press the Windows key and click Power Point and there is a little box that says Resume slide show clicking this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't all windows updates are installed if I use an external keyboard and mouse it works OK I've tried disabling ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working all power management in BIOS and Windows the only permanent fix I've found that works everytime ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working is to disable Hardware Acceleration in Office settings but some of the docs users have are massive so don't want to cause any slowdowns or nbsp issues plus it's anoying that I can't find another solution even though it worked on a users laptop nbsp Anyone else seen this issue or have an idea of a fix nbsp Cheers Solved Go to Solution

A:ThinkPad X260 on battery & powerpoint not working

I believe your system has the Intel HD Graphics, so  if that is the case, open up the Windows Control panel, and check for an Intel HD graphics control panel.    If the present, it usually has its own power management settings in Windows 7, and if so, set it to maximum performance when on battery and see if that solves your problem.     Other video card manufacturer may have similar power  settings as well if yours is not the Intel variety.    Other than some form of power management issue, I cannot see any other reason battery vs AC should make any difference.. Good Luck,
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I have a compaq presario 1700. Model#17XL360. (Please disregard the specs in my signature). When my laptop was fresh out of the box the battery only lasted 2 hrs, that is if it just stayed there turned on. Now when i try to use my battery i have power for about a minute. the battery gauge still says 100% when it hibernates. This lap to also gets pretty warm after bout 30 min. My palms are sweating right now as i type this message. suggestions??

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Can you tell me what  part number  replacement should i get for  my battery replacement
i cant see the part number on my old battery.
serial number (removed content)
product name   V8L94UA
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I need a laptop battery for a toshiba satellite. Does it matter what model it is?

Im looking for a 7400mah one? And the voltage should be 10.8v

But do I need to tell you the laptop model?

A:Laptop Battery

Yes you should for full compatibility especially if the prices are different depending on the models.
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I have HP G42 laptop. I need to buy a new battery for it. I called technical assistance team and was told that MU06 6 cell long life battery is compatible with my laptop. But when I checked the devices compatible with MU06 battery, there us no G42 device in the list. Would you please recommend how to proceed further?

A:New battery for HP G42 laptop

 Hi @Sruti, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post and you had said that currently your HP G42 Notebook is a concern with replacing a battery.  6-Cell 47WHr Lithium-Ion Battery Part number 593553-001 is still available. You can call us. They will be happy to assist you immediately for a location to purchase this battery. Please get back to me how this goes. If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help.  To show that you are thankful of my post, kindly click the Thumbs up below. Thanks.
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I have an Acer Aspire 4740 (laptop) and does the battery get damage if I leave it plugged in while am using it?


A:Laptop Battery

Once I have the battery fully charged, I remove it while I am plugged in.
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The battery on my HP laptop won't come out. The little release slider is in the release position and won't move in either direction, but the battery won't release.

Any thoughts on how I can get this thing out?



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I noticed that in the past 2 wks or so that my Laptop battery suddenly refused to charge fully. And the problem seems to be getting worse. 1 wk ago it was charging up to 69% and stopping. And now it's only charging to 52%.

Any idea what caused this problem and how to reverse it if possible? I think I've generally kept my battery in good condition, not charging it when 1/2 full etc. And this problem appeared quite suddenly.


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I just bought a new laptop, 95% of the time I use it sitting on the couch while watching TV, I use the power cord 100% of that time. If I remove the battery, will it last longer, if it doesn't keep charging up.

A:Laptop Battery

it doesn't matter, will you keep it in laptop or not. the battery controller will do all work for you.
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I have recently gone wireless and I notice my battery life is not very good. This computer has always been plugged in. Do batteries go bad if they are not used? this computer is four years old.

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I have a problem with the laptop battery it gradually drained and can't be recharged above 33% but i bought a new one and bec.ithought tht the problem is with the battery was too old but the new one had the same problem until it dropped to 59% and i didn't try anything so I need help !!!
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Hey everyone. I have a couple of questions regarding laptop batteries. i looked around on how to maintain the battery but never really answered some of the questions i have in mind

When your laptop battery is full is it best to unplug the laptop from the Ac adapter and work on the battery until it needs recharge again??

Or is it better once the battery is full then remove it from the laptop until when actually wanting to use it??

If anyone can answer these questions and provide any further advice on how to keep my battery happy then pls let me know


A:Laptop Battery

This link should answer most of your questions
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Hi all,
Just had to format my TIME Traveller laptop and now it won't run on the battery.
The charging light doesn't come on anymore. Its as if I've wiped a program out or something.
Any ideas please.
Thanks for your replies.

A:Laptop will not run on battery

Sound like your battery is dead, I am afraid.

With the cheap laptops the price they are now, if you can't easily get a new battery I would think about just getting a new laptop. But consider that a last resort.
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I Battery Laptop Help; help! Please ve had a medium amount of experience with Desktops Since you could get more bang for your buck when it comes to Desktops over Laptops and since I ve never had to travel to a point that I actually needed a laptop I ve chosen Desktops over Laptops in the past I m now Laptop Battery Help; Please help! expecting a used P Laptop Battery Help; Please help! Ghz Dell C Laptop with XP Pro with a GB HD that was a super deal over other laptops other equivalent laptops and in some cases less ranged from more to a couple of hundreds more The battery is guaranteed to be good and it has an AC Laptop Battery Help; Please help! adapter It is supposed to be a Lithium ion battery This is my first time even handling a Laptop so I know nothing about batteries What do I need to know about laptop batteries How can I find out about a battery s specs about the life of the battery and how long the laptop will work on the battery at one time before it shuts off Is a laptop battery something like a generator Also can anyone tell me what exactly do the battery numbers mean in layman terms Does the battery need to be recharged every so often and how do I so Any help would be appreciated Thanks for everything nbsp

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Trying to find a decent battery for my Y500, i know you can buy them off ebay, amazon etc but is there any other places? Or do you just take a chance and buy one from ebay?

A:Where to buy a laptop battery?

Originally Posted by David9723

Trying to find a decent battery for my Y500, i know you can buy them off ebay, amazon etc but is there any other places? Or do you just take a chance and buy one from ebay?

Try Battery world. They are online and also have retail stores.

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Does anyone here know how long a laptop battery should really last???? I have just bought a Toshiba Satelite A75 226s P4, 3.06ghz, 512 ram, 60 gig hd, running windows xp home. I called Toshiba and they said the battery is running normal at only 60-80 minutes because of the processor speed, All I have been doing so far is my email and surfing a couple forums. I have Norton antivirus and security & spybot and make sure that everything is updated and checked regularily. So if anyone knows if this is really a normal amount of battery time please let me know. Oh (I have the power management set to long life.) and have been to blackviper and did all the tweaks he suggests. The computer is running great but the battery stinks.

A:Laptop battery

That model uses a "desktop" processor chip, not one optimised for long battery life.

The "long life" chipset at the moment would be the Centrino, which uses a Pentium - M CPU at a lower clock speed.

You cant have 3 GHz performance AND long battery life. Most laptop users are not away from the power supply for very long, and those that are buy the hardware suited for the task.
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Hello, I bought my first laptop the other day. A 17'' HP Pavillion running Windows 7. My question is can I take out the battery and just run it via the power cable? I heard you can with some laptops but not so with others. I don't need to bring the laptop with me places so I will be using it like a desktop PC for the most part. I assume that charging and discharging the battery in time will wear it out, so if I don't need to use it on the go I might as well give the battery a rest.

View Solution.

A:Can I use the laptop without the battery?

Many people now use a laptop in much the same way as a desktop, at work or home.Such as the laptop is plugged in and rarely/never moved or unplugged nor completely shutdown,simply allowing it to go into sleep mode. This type of use does seem to contribute to battery decline from posts we see here a lot. HP & other manufacturers do recommend removing the battery in such instances. Since I do unplug/move mine at times I keep the battery in and make sure to unplug and allow to discharge & recharge periodically. This has worked well for me.
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My friend said it's better to take the battery out while you're using the power adapter because if I keep the battery on the laptop, the battery will be leak sooner.
is that true?
or is it okay to keep the battery on the laptop even though you're using power adapter?
this is my first laptop

A:Battery on the laptop ........

Modern laptops have very "smart" charging systems that should not cause any damage to the battery when its left on power.
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I was just wondering if anyone has a theory as how my laptop's battery could just suddenly stop working while i was away on vacation.

I have a 2 year old HP dv6600 in very good shape, i have taken very good care of it and it has had no problems, i went away on a 2 month vacation and now when i came back it seems like when i plug in the charger the charge led light on the computer lights up and the blue light around the contact point, everything as it should.

in windows the tray icon says charging, but current capacity is at 0% even tho it says always says charging and the icon keeps animating.. but if i unplug the charger the computer dies immediately.

A:Laptop battery

It sounds as though the battery has completely died, and is no longer capable of holding any charge. The only cure is to replace it. If you go on a vacation again, and are not taking your laptop with you, remove the battery to prevent it from discharging to a point where it will no longer charge.
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May I have some advice here please,It's about my laptop and the battery The laptop is connected to the mains power supply most of the time and use it on the battery now and again,Now to the question is it advisable while the laptop is running from the mains power is it okay to leave the battery in place or would it be best to remove the battery while running from mains.
Hope that I have put the question plain enough.The Laptop is an HP Compaq.

With many thanks

A:Laptop Battery

Quote: Originally Posted by flogit

is it advisable while the laptop is running from the mains power is it okay to leave the battery in place or would it be best to remove the battery while running from mains.

Its perfectly fine to leave it in place.
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If I turn all the settings on my laptop down then i can just get three hours of battery life. I'd like more and have heard of 12 cell batteries.

-How do I know which battery to get?(laptop is an asus X83VB and has a 6-cell battery)
-Were do I buy the battery?(best buy, asus website, battery store?)
-Will a battery with more cells(???) actually increase my battery life by very much?

A:Laptop battery

Theoretically, battery manufacturers can manipulate the numbers of cells and still not increase the battery's capacity. Of course looking at the number of cells is usually an indicator of its capacity (emphasis on "usually"); but, the one number that should always be an accurate indicator of its capacity is the amp-hour rating, usually expressed ah (amp-hour) or mah (milliamp-hour). A milliamp is one one-thousandth of an amp.

2500 mah and 2.5 ah are the same.

I got my last replacement battery from and I'm very satisfied. I went for the higher-capacity 6600 mah battery as opposed to the available 4400 and it holds up my heavy-duty laptop over two hours. I don't know how much over two hours it will go as I just haven't pushed it any further.

As to whether you should get a battery from the computer manufacturer or an after-market supplier, the batteries from the manufacturer are just as good and no better, in my opinion.
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I just got this laptop about a week ago and have been extremely pleased with it so far. But, I have noticed that the battery life is very short. When I first got the laptop, I charged it completely using an external power source and then let it drain down to 7 percent, and then I charged it again, repeating this cycle a couple of times. Today, still unsatisfied with the battery life, I ran HP support assistant and did a battery check. It came back with the result that the battery needs to be replaced?? So, how is my laptop running in the first place, and is this battery check reliable?

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This isnt a problem...its just a thing I did to my laptop battery. To be brief, my laptop has 0s worth of life, and its worth $0.56 more
But my opinion, dont buy a dell (if you do, buy a warrenty). Mine has a dying screen, dead battery, and hard drive makes a running sound (I can hear it, even if its not doing anything)

A:Best laptop battery....not

Dell is HELL.
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I'm looking for an internal battery for my Sharp Actius A250 laptop. I haven't gotten a response from Sharp, and I suspect they'll want a king's ransom for one anyway.

The battery I'm looking for is a Panasonic CGP-E/404A, 14.8V 1400mAh Li-Ion.

It's actually made up of four Panasonic CGP345010 3.7V 1400mAh Li-Ion cells, so I could actually tape one together with four of those.

If anyone has a source for these, I'd be grateful, a Google search turned up no sources for purchase.

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Hope this is the right place for this.
Should the battery be taken out if using the Laptop with supplied power cord most the time. I use my laptop at home and leave it plugged in, I put the battery in once a month just to keep it charged.

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I have this HP dv7-1243cl laptop for the past 2 years and have never used the battery connection since I am always hardwired. I received a message which said a battery replacement is suggested.

Since I never use this function can I continue to hardwire without any problems.


A:Laptop Battery

Keeping the battery on A/C power all the time definitely shortens battery life, but if you never take it off the adapter, that doesn't matter. You could remove the battery and the laptop would still run off the brick.