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Disconnecting DVI and reconnecting

Q: Disconnecting DVI and reconnecting

I just recently built a new computer and everytime I disconnect the DVI cable from the video card i have to take out and put back the video card or else the computer wont boot up...does anyone have any ideas?
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Preferred Solution: Disconnecting DVI and reconnecting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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First of all, sorry for my bad english.
My pc was working perfectly for about a year now, but these days it started having problems.
In the past few weeks it started disconnecting from the internet with the message: you don't have a valid
ip configuration. (It was working on the other pc connected to the router with lan, and on the notebook connected through wifi)
A reboot of the pc/router did always solve my problem in these situations.
Yesterday, my internet connection started connecting/reconnecting, and I couldn't solve it in any way, not with
a restart, and not with that network repair tool (idk it's name, I have hungarian windows). When it stayed connected for more then 2 seconds I was even able to load google, youtube, other sites,
I tried some solutions, like disabling the energy saver settings, setting it to 10mb half duplex, etc, but nothing worked, my
internet kept connecting/reconnecting.
Today I started my pc and it works perfectly.. Any ideas on how to solve it? I have the newest lan driver.

My mobo is Asrock 960gm-vgs3 fx.

A:Network keeps reconnecting

It appears that you manually configured the IP for at least one system.
DON'T do that - - make sure all systems use DHCP
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Hi there!

I recently have come across an issue where my internet randomly disconnects, mostly while on Skype or downloading video games and cannot figure out the issue at all. It usually downloads fine for about 1 minute and then disconnects completely. 0kbps and internet drops on my computer alone.

I'm kinda new to tech forums so if you guys need any information let me know.

A:Internet keeps disconnecting randomly

Hi, I had this problem a few years ago, which was fixed by buying a new USB wireless dongle.
But if you are using wireless connection to the router, try an ethercable instead and see if the same thing happens.
Are you using a laptop? If so it could be faulty wireless 802.11 board.
If you are using a USB wireless adapter, it could that the pc is turning off the power to the USB ports to 'save power', that can be changed if required.
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Hello, I've had this problem for a good while and cant seem to find many answers. What happens is that I will be online and everything is fine untill my wife or daughter decide to get on to one of their devices that use the same wifi (ipad, ipod, phone) and everyone will get disconnected. After 2 or 3 minutes everyone will be able to connect again, for a few minutes at least, then we will get disconnected again. Rinse repeat.

Our router is a Belkin wireless G-plus mimo, Model# f509230-4
Modem is Westell model 6100, e90-610015-06
My wireless router in the bedroom connected to the PC is a linksys wusb6300 (blinks orange light at the time of dissconnect)

Any ideas on how we can stop constantly disconnecting each other would be greatly appreciated.

*just saw I posted this in the wrong place..ugh

Moderator note: Moved.

A:Disconnecting from internet when others use the wifi

Two suggestions:

First, make sure you have the latest firmware for that router

Second, after updating the firmware, access the router config and set the MTU to 1492.

This will stop packet fragmentation and all devices will then be protected from a packet reassembly overflow condition, failing all existing connections.
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Hello all. I hope this isn't in the wrong section...
My computer recently has begun to disconnect itself from the internet randomly. One time, it did it for an hour and would keep reconnecting but soon after disconnecting again. I've eliminated the chance it was my whole service by asking members of the household if their internet was acting up.

Here's another strange thing that will happen when the problem occurs. Upon shutting down to try and reconnect, my computer will be stuck on the shutdown screen.

I found one minidump from yesterday, but I'm not sure how much of a help it will be. I'll attach it anyway.

Please inform me if there is any other information that you require.

A:Internet Disconnecting Randomly

What is your network adapter? It must be an issue with your adapter.
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So I have an xbox in my living room which I play alot on and the most problem ive faced over the keeps Xbox disconnecting connection past years is constant disconnection or Low Connect Idk what is effecting my Xbox connection keeps disconnecting Internet a router which is Xbox connection keeps disconnecting in the middle of the house which gives wifi to the whole house The xbox connection is always full bars but the thing is it keeps constantly disconnecting me or when im playing on Black ops It constantly has from Full bars down to bar internet which is totally unplayable until minutes after that im disconnected from xbox live again If anyone knows the problem of this any help would be thankful Could this be because of the internets strenght Like Mbps is mbps even good enough these days and the whole rip off is for just half an hour calling the company tech costs Euros cant feed the company with more money can I Is mb- mbps even suppose to give me mbps only I suppose it should be somewere near middle nbsp

A:Xbox connection keeps disconnecting

What router do you have?
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Hi So my modem keeps disconnecting some times it lasts for some hours and then starts disconnecting every minute or so Sometimes I just turn the computer on and it already starts his routine of disconnections this has been happening for about moths what I have already done got a new modem dlink b gt dlink b full virus spyware scan disabling antivirus firewall update network adapted driver configured a static ip address enabled DMZ host called the ISP they said that everything was fine on their part and I should check the cable called the cable guys said that everything was fine so I should check with the ISP ended the vicious circle ask help on forums in progress future plans set everything keeps disconnecting Modem on fire -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistics -- xDSL Mode ADSL Traffic Type ATM Status Up Link Modem keeps disconnecting Power State L DownstreamUpstream Line Coding Trellis OnOn SNR Margin dB Attenuation dB Output Modem keeps disconnecting Power Modem keeps disconnecting dBm Attainable Rate Kbps Path Path DownstreamUpstreamDownstreamUpstream Rate Kbps MSGc of bytes in overhead channel message B of bytes in Mux Data Frame M of Mux Data Frames in FEC Data Frame T Mux Data Frames over sync bytes R of check bytes in FEC Data Frame S ratio of FEC over PMD Data Frame length L of bits in PMD Data Frame D interleaver depth Delay msec INP DMT symbol Super Frames Super Frame Errors RS Words RS Correctable Errors RS Uncorrectable Errors HEC Errors OCD Errors LCD Errors Total Cells Data Cells Bit Errors Total ES Total SES Total UAS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Log Date TimeFacilitySeverityMessage Jan userwarnkernel NBUFF v Initialized Jan userwarnkernel Broadcom Packet Flow Cache learning via BLOG enabled Jan userwarnkernel Created Proc FS procfs fcache Jan userwarnkernel Broadcom Packet Flow Cache registered with netdev chain Jan userwarnkernel Constructed Broadcom Packet Flow Cache v Mar Jan userwarnkernel bcmxtmcfg bcmxtmcfg init entry Jan userwarnkernel adsl adsl init entry Jan userwarnkernel Broadcom BCM B Ethernet Network Device v Mar Jan userwarnkernel dgasp kerSysRegisterDyingGaspHandler bcmsw registered Jan userwarnkernel map xf eth MAC Address B E VPORT ID PHY ID Jan userwarnkernel map x eth MAC Address B E VPORT ID PHY ID Jan userwarnkernel map x eth MAC Address B E VPORT ID PHY ID Jan userwarnkernel map x eth MAC Address B E VPORT ID PHY ID Jan userwarnkernel PCI Enabling device - gt Jan userwarnkernel wl srom not detected using main memory mapped srom info wombo board Jan userwarnkernel wl loading etc wlan bcm map bin Jan userwarnkernel wl Broadcom BCM Wireless Controller cpe Jan userwarnkernel dgasp kerSysRegisterDyingGaspHandler wl registered Jan userwarnkernel BcmAdsl Initialize xC D g pFnNotifyCallback xC FF Jan userwarnkernel pSdramPHY xA FFFFF x D xDEADBEEF Jan userwarnkernel PhySdramSize got adjusted x AB gt x Jan userwarnkernel AdslCoreSharedMemInit shareMemAvailable Jan userwarnkernel AdslCoreHwReset pLocSbSta e bkupThreshold Jan userwarnkernel AdslCoreHwReset AdslOemDataAddr xA F A Jan userwarnkernel dgasp kerSysRegisterDyingGaspHandler dsl registered Jan usercritkernel Line xDSL G training Jan usercritkernel eth Link UP mbps full duplex Jan usercritkernel Line ADSL G started Jan usercritkernel Line ADSL G channel analysis Jan usercritkernel Line ADSL G message exchange Jan usercritkernel Line ADSL link up Bearer us ds Jan userwarnkernel bcmxtmcfg XTM Link Information portid State UP Service Support ATM Jan userwarnkernel bcmxtmrt MAC address b e Jan userwarnkernel DoCreateDeviceReq register netdev Jan userwarnkernel DoCreateDeviceReq register netdev done Jan userwarnkernel bcmxtmcfg Connection UP LinkActiveStatus x US DS Jan daemoncritsyslog PPP server detected Jan daemoncritsyslog PPP session established Jan daemoncritsyslog PPP LCP UP Jan da... Read more

A:Modem keeps disconnecting

What is this computer, a laptop or desktop? Make and model? What version of Windows is installed?
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I currently have as my ISP. Every 5 minutes i disconnect from the internet and almost reconnects instantly. This is very irritating for some applications and games. I figured it was because renews their DHCP every 5 minutes and my router somehow blocks the renew causing the disconnect. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? My router is WRT54G, Firmware Version: v1.00.9 . ISP disconnecting

Sounds like you've got a firewall enabled that is rejecting the DHCP renewal. Try disabling that to resolve this - or switch to a static IP, they're free for residential customers.

Someone else posted about this issue - and a fix for DD-WRT, in this forum thread:

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Hi all mrs got a toshiba satelite and on wireless and even through ethernet we keep getting message when trying to connect to the internet saying re dialling or re connecting what could be the cause of this . is it something like wireless card faulty or network connections all gone wrong i dont want to fiddle with it till i get some advice please thanks all

A:Toshiba Satellite keeps saying reconnecting/dialling when I try to go online

Could be anything... model, age, setup, operating system... need for a re-installed or upgraded driver, hard drive failing, defective component... defective wireless modem... wireless device that is too close to a wall or other interference...
First, you might try downloading and re-installing the drivers... then try installing another hard drive, if you have one handy... That will be one way to test your current installation...
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Hi I have an internet issue that I just cant keeps tried Internet seemingly everything! disconnecting, I've quite get my head round I m with Talktalk and have a Huawei HG b router i m connecting wirelessly to it I ve been told that the router has problems when using DHCP and causes searches to be redirected so I ve given my computer a static IP My computer is using the opendns dns codes primary secondary Like i stated im connected by a static IP and on the options for my router i have set it to a nailed up connection so it Internet keeps disconnecting, I've tried seemingly everything! does not disconnect for being idle I m using wirless channel I ve also unticked the IPV box and turned off the power management settings in the adapter settings and updated my wireless adapter But still after doing all this my internet connection is never reliable I cant work out what it is thats wrong in the bottom left corner it still shows be as Internet keeps disconnecting, I've tried seemingly everything! being connected but when I try to load websites theres nothing just continual loading The times when its most noticeable is if i m using the radio on my laptop it just stops playing and thats how i no the connections been interrupted That says sometimes it goes hours without being used My main internet browser is Google Chrome i do have others available for use but they are also having the same problems Any suggestions would really be great i m all out of ideas nbsp

A:Internet keeps disconnecting, I've tried seemingly everything!

Those DNS codes don't look right. Where are you located?
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Hello, I have a multiple user home network that has been experiencing some unusual internet behavior. I scanned both the desktop and laptop with HJT and I was wondering if anyone here could give me a hand sorting it out. Cheers.

A:Internet is disconnecting/intermittent problems with speed

Alright so I feel like a huge **** for not searching the forum first. I realize that HJT is not used to determine network issues so if there are any processes on this list that pop out at you as malicious software please let me know, but I will deal with the connection problems in another way.
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SOLVED Realtek Ethernet disconnecting keeps PCIe GBE Family Controller SOLVED Hello i ll try to describe the problem the best i can Ethernet keeps disconnecting Sorry if my english isn t too good im venezuelan i ve been trying to get help from other forums and can t find a fix for this The internet keeps disconnecting the actual problem is that i get a system tray message saying Ethernet keeps disconnecting Your cable isn t connected I mean the RJ IS plugged in - - All i do is Deactivate then Activate the Local area network and boom it works again I want this to stop i downgraded from Windows to XP to see if it was a W problem but happens the same on Ethernet keeps disconnecting XP In W i had to reboot the PC completely so it would turn on again here on XP just Deactivate - gt Activate I d be very grateful if i get some help on this this is a month old PC Specs Phenom II X Ghz MSI NF GM-P Gb Ddr Ram w Omega PSU Geforce Gs GB - DDR To me it seems like it s a Mobo problem but it s just weird The guy that sold it to me said that it happened a couple times to him but he installed Fix it dunno if it s the Microsoft Fix It center or another software gt lt Thx for reading some help is appreciated i wanna play online w o disconnecting so much Ps Edit Ok now i was running desperado s Cooper s Revenge and it went full screen the connection was lost again after i closed the game it just gone back to normal Deactivate activate - gt connected again This is driving me crazy EDIT SOLVED - The problem was with the WOL feature Wake on lan and the PHY Steps Uninstalled the driver Got the latest one before from Realtek webpage wich is PCIE Install Installed the new one that i wrote above W o rebooting With no success i kept reading forums and some Anonymous user just posted some steps about the PHY and WOL stuff Gone to internet connection gt properties gt Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Config gt Deactivate WOL and PHY The weird step this actually worked gt Shut down the computer entirely UNPLUG the psu cable and then started to push the on off button many times to drain what s left of energy Gone and shower came back and pushed a little more got a coffee put the PSU cable in again switch on PSU and Boot again Around - minutes of computer totally OFF The guy said something about the Mother Board keeping the Ethernet connection active cause of the WOL feature and disconnecting even the psu draining the power would work since it actually shuts down entirely cause psu has transistors and stuff that keep the MoBo alive rather than shutting it down entirely No disconnection so far Not even running games on full screen downloading or going with a load of downloads tweetdeck online gaming Ps I noticed this a very common problem on those people with the Realtek NIC I tried every step that s on the net and this Anonymous guy and his advice to shut down completely including power supply was the only one that helped me If you know ANYONE with this issue please let them know about this method it might help It s been days of intensive reading about this and the solution heh Weird one to be honest But it WORKS Sorry for the long post Cya nbsp
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hi everyone first time posting in this forum So heres my problem my wireless connection is good most of the time really good that is when I m simply just surfing the web but even then sometimes my internet speed gets really slow My biggest problem though it when im streamin videos or playing an MMO game I could be playing a game for a good mins no problems then suddenly everything freezes and i get disconnected When it comes to streaming i could have the video loading quickly and then all of a sudden it will slow down to a snails paste and occasionally it will stop all together On a few occasions i completely lose my internet connection and says its local only the page says my dns is not responding or something along those lines i know i should of took a screen shot normally i can fix these problems by flipping my wireless Lan switch on and off and my connection will come back but its only a momentarily quick fix and sometimes it will act up again a couple mins after there are two other laptops in this house and the internet connection is never bad its always stable unlike mine On the command prompt ive ipconfig release ipconfig renew and ipconfig flushdns and its the same as flipping my lan switch on and off as its only a quick fix and ill receive problems shortly after again heres my ipconfig all pic with my wireless connection My dad says its failed hardware but he knows nothing about computers and i dont want to start thinking that as ive only had this comp for months im good with computers but still inexperience in this department as most of my comps never had an ip address dns problem so its unknown territory for me and sorry if this is long dont post in forums often nbsp
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I have a rather old Linksys WUSB11 Wireless-B USB adapter that worked fine with my old D-Link DSL-2640T Wireless G router. However when I changed to D-Link DIR-615 router, problem arises. My USB adapter keeps disconnecting for a few minutes and reconnects to the router. Signal strength was averagely 3 bars that time. It was used on Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.

Any idea on why is this happening? Thanks in advance.

A:Wireless USB adapter keeps disconnecting and reconnecting


USB is notorious for being flaky and i would and have always advised against using it, however you could try changing the channel on your router to another number this may fix the issue for you.
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Hey guys, I've been getting disconnected from a lot of websites for the last few days now and I'm getting sort of frustrated. I'm on facebook, looking around and then I decide to go on google for something and then it tells me i'm disconnected.. It's not really disconnecting but It shows me that the site can't be connected. Even if it says that, I can still go on facebook. Facebook doesn't seem to have any problems but all the other sites I try to get onto are unable to be connected. I'm calling this partial disconnection for now, but can anyone help me on this?

I'm using Windows XP btw

A:Partial disconnecting?

Laptop or desktop computer? Try this:
Release and renew IP adresses
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HP Compaq nc XP Pro SP Hadn t used the laptop for awhile had black screen after I charged it then tried to start it Disconnected the battery amp held start switch for about a minute reinstalled the battery then the hp logo showed on startup and after a couple tries Windows booted Was trying to find out how startup external after disconnecting on monitor screen Black to run an external monitor Went into the control panel display settings found that I had options under DISPLAY but both were identically worded - basically for multiple monitors One was the other was I hooked up the external monitor and it worked fine I tried toggling between to with no problem or change in what was displayed I shut down the laptop then unplugged the external monitor When I try to restart I have a black screen nothing at all shows incl the hp logo that usually shows right at the start The HDD etc indicator lights still show that things are running normally The only thing I did was leave it on the display setting altho it read identical to essentially quot multiple monitors quot When I got the black screen on startup after disconnecting the external monitor I also tried the fn f button which is supposed to be the multiple monitor function without any result or change in the black screen When I had the external monitor hooked up and working I tried that to see if it had any effect but it did not Appreciate any help to get the display back to functioning nbsp

A:Black screen on startup after disconnecting external monitor

So even now if you hook up the second monitor you still don't get any video on either display?
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My wireless internet keeps die randomly, just the connection dying. The internet stays connected to the router but i have no connection on my computer until i repair the connection to which it works fine again for about another hour.
So i have decided to try and find out why this was happening, which is why i have done the hijackthis scan.
So if anyone would be so kind to see if there is any problems going on here, would be apprieciated.
And if there is any of way of finding out why my connection keeps dying randomly would also be very much apprieciated.

A:Internet randomly disconnecting

Welcome to TechSpot! Hopefully I can give you some guidance.
First, you need to understand that we don't use HijackThis to 'screen' for problems.

About the connection interrupt:
1. If you use a router: Disconnect the power from the router and the modem. Wait about 30 seconds. Then reconnect the power to both. This is known as power cycling If frees up the memory in the router.
2. Check the manufacturer's site of this:
C:\Program Files\TalkTalk\TalkTalk SNU5630NS 05 Wireless USB Adapter Utility\TTUSBBGMonitor.exe
See if there is any firmware update available. If there is, follow the instructions and update the driver.
3. Check the setting you have for this:
O23 - Service: ES lite Service for program management. (ES lite Service) - Unknown owner - Crogram FilesGigabyteEasySaverESSVR.EXE Easy Energy Saver it's a motherboard utility that manage the power of CPU, fan and may others.
Click on start> All Programs> double click on GigabyteEasySaver and check the settings. It might be that it is closing the system down for some reason.
4. If you have checked all the equipment, cable and settings and still have the problem, contact your ISP are report the problem.
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I've just got a new laptop and for some reason, I can connect wirelessly fine but when everyone else in the household comes on after a while it will disconnect everyone from the router and it has to be turned on and off. We had this problem a while back when my brother came back from university and started using his laptop. We have around an xbox 360 and 3 computers/laptops connecting at any one time, and none of them doing any heavy downloading.

I do not think it's wireless interference from other devices since it always seems to happen when a certain number of devices connect to the router.

I have a D-link DIR635 router, and we all connect via wireless G or ethernet.

Please help, this has been a recurring problem and it's beyond me,
I can provide router logs etc. just ask!


A:New laptop, wireless network disconnecting

look for a firmware update for the router


a WiFi driver update for your laptop.

Then get a copy of NetStumbler, scan the network and see if you can find a channel that has
no other SSIDs on it.
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Hi all, I have a Lenovo 3000 C200.

I have the problem where when there is USB device plugged in and a key on the keyboard is pressed it is disconnected/ejected.

I've tried updating BIOS just just get a BSOD!

I have searched till I'm blue in the face for a solution and just can't find one.

Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Lenovo 3000 C200 and USB disconnecting problem

This problem is known on the Lenovo 3000... you might look on the Lenovo or Thinkpad sites for more assistance on how to resolve it. But There are some major defects that appear on some Lenovo 3000 system boards.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite M/40/M45 Laptop. We have Verizon DSL. I had my desktop connected to the Modem and my laptop linked to the Linksys Router and everthing was working fine. Verizon told me that they had a new modem with a built-in router that would run much faster. I got the unit and replaced my old set up with the new one. Since then, my laptop which is in another room about 15 feet away keep getting disconnected from the internet when browsing or when it's idle.
I've call verizon several times but they don't have a clue what the problem is. Looking in this forum. they did a diagnostic test to see if it was receiving the signal and it was. When the network is connected, it says the signal is excellent.
Can anyone offer any suggestions?
thanks in advance

A:Wireless networks keeps disconnecting

look for and remove static IP addresses from all systems.

you should have this layout
modem==router<-- desktop wired
+ . . . . wifi to laptop

ONLY the router should be connected to the modem
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Last night I bought Mass Effect on steam This Internet disconnecting/reconnecting morning it was at Well I got annoyed at the slow download speed I was getting in steam so I decided to set the Internet disconnecting/reconnecting bandwidth settings from Mbps to Internet disconnecting/reconnecting because recently I upgraded from a to service to a Mbps service Well it actually worked I started getting download speeds anywhere from kbps to mbps But as soon as these great download speeds started my internet would disappear after anywhere from min to mins I ve never had this problem since I got this router or my new internet with their cable modem And there is no connection even to the modem so I m pretty sure it s not the router And when I normally use the internet my activity light on my modem is blinking but when I turn on my steam download it is solid So I m wondering if it has anything to do with the good download speed I m getting Does the ISP see that I m using a lot of bandwidth and shut me down Edit ok I started steam and as soon as I did the activity light went solid again- I paused the download and it went back to blinking So I went into AvP classic - which just got updated recently for multiplayer and I as soon as I started looking for a mp game to play the activity light went solid again and after playing for a couple mins I got disconnected the scoreboard still showed people but there wasn t anyone but I didn t get actually cut off I was still in game Edit If I use a speed test while it s doing the actual download or upload test the activity light stays solid but as soon as it finishes it goes back to blinking I don t understand it and I don t understand why it would happen now I haven t changed anything else edit yes another edit well this time I disconnected my router- plugged the modem directly to my laptop It did the same exact thing So it s not the router nbsp

A:Internet disconnecting/reconnecting

Check with your internet provider.....some restrict usage during peak times no matter the bandwidth you are paying to use.
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My first post I received my new DVD DL -RW drive today and eagerly installed it I of course unplugged my computer s power supply while doing it After plugging the power back in the green up power disconnecting after power supply Computer won't LED on the back of the CPU started blinking never noticed this before and when I hit the power button NOTHING happen No fan Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply turns no lights nothing When I unplug the power supply the green LED blinking gets slower and slower and after about minutes it totally stops I plug the power suppply back in and it starts blinking all over again and still the power won t turn on All I did was replace a CD-ROM drive with a DVD Multi drive I didn t mess with anything else so there should be no power supply shortage or problem Any thoughts as to what could Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply be happening By the way I have a year old Compaq computer with ghz Athlon gig RAM no problems thus far nbsp

A:Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply

While installing the new optical drive, you might have inadvertently loosened one or more connectors. Recheck all data and power cables to make sure they are tight, including all those to the motherboard.
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Recently my internet started disconnecting a ton during the day and I am really looking for a fix to this problem When my internet starts disconnecting it ll happen anywhere from every minutes to every hour The only ways I can get the internet to start working again Wired Internet Disconnecting Connection Randomly after this happens are to go into Network Connections through the control panel and then right click Local Area Connection and press repair or by restarting the computer After doing one of those things my computer will start disconnecting again soon after I m running Windows XP and have a Netgear WGT v router However I believe that my problem is not any type of hardware error because it only happens during the day and never happens to me at night at all The computer is using a wired connection but whenever the internet stops working on here Wired Internet Connection Disconnecting Randomly it will still work on all of the other computers connected to the same router I have also scanned the computer for viruses and spyware but have not found anything This problem is really bugging me so I d be very happy if anybody could help me If you need any additional information feel free to ask nbsp

A:Wired Internet Connection Disconnecting Randomly

What did you use scan the computer for pest? Also have you updated XP for patch release lately? How about the Netgear have you updated the firmware on it?

You can try to backup the router configuration to a file.
Then do a 90 second reset on it.
This would mean you keep on holding the reset button on the rear of the router with power cord attached while perform the following:

1. press and hold reset for 90 secs
2. during the first 30 secs you will unplug the power cord
3. during the second 30 secs you will plug-in back the power cord
4. during the third 30 secs at the end of that you would release and unplug the router for 15 seconds

Now try it again and see if the router works now..
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Recently the Internet Day the Randomly Disconnecting During internet on my computer started acting up I have noticed a pattern with this and it seems that it only happens during the day and I never experience it at all during the night This leads me to believe it s not any type of hardware failure Anyway I m using windows XP and have a Netgear WGT v router My connection is wired and none of the other computers on the network have any problem connecting when my connection goes down The only solutions I have found to the problem are restarting the computer or going to Control panel then network connections and right clicking Local Area Connection and pressing repair After doing one of those things to temporarily fix it not too long after the connection will start disconnecting again Also the Local Area Connection status is Connected whenever I look at it when this happens Also I ve scanned for viruses with avast a few times as well as Spybot Search amp Destroy and haven t found anything wrong I d Internet Disconnecting Randomly During the Day like some help in trying to find a solution to the problem If you need any more info let me know and I ll be glad to provide it for you nbsp
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can anyone help me here pls

In noticed that when i plug my ethernet cord in the LAN ethernet intergrated port my local area connection 2 keeps connecting and disconnecting. It tries to connect for about 12sec then it tries to reconnect for about 5-6sec, and this keeps doing that same process over and over. I have noticed in the back the amber light blinks every 3sec and the green light is solid. Do you think the port is about the fail or can i have any suggestion? I also reset the modem and disconnect the cable and put plug them back in.

A:Lan connection problem disconnection and reconnecting

you say its connection 2 do you have another nic also what is the end result after waiting to connect (limited or no connectivity or media disconnected or what)
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A couple of weeks ago my internet connection began disconnecting and reconnecting several times a day. The disconnects seem to be more frequent when more bandwidth is being used. Every time it disconnects the DSL light on the modem blinks red momentarily, and soon returns to normal. I've tried two different modems and they both do the same thing. I have tried multiple cords with the modem. I contacted AT&T and they said they ran a line test and it looked normal. There are 4 computers sharing this connection and the router is a Linksys WRT54G. This pretty much ruins my online gaming experience and is just a pain when browsing.

Any ideas?

A:AT&T DSL Disconnecting

You might try updating the firmware on the Linksys WRT54G, or get another router like D-Link
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My wireless conectivity is switching off when I connect my laptop to the mains.

It's an Acer with an Atheros adapter

I noticed someone else had aproblem with the same thing

Any ideas


A:Wireless disconnecting when power cable put in

Check the Acer support site for a possible update to the Atheros adapter driver. What OS are you running?
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Heres my dilemma About a week ago my internet began to randomly disconnect weather I m playing an internet game browsing a website or chatting on msn sometimes it randomly disconnects From looking at a log there is no apparent link between the times it disconnects Its completely random but happens often I have a Netgear router which has an additional other computers hooked up to it All Ethernet no wireless The problem doesn t only affect me but it also affects all the other computers at the same time Randomly stops working even though Local area network remains disconnecting Internet connected I have no idea Internet disconnecting what the problem is about a week ago it started to randomly Disconnect and that was it from there it hasn t stopped working After thinking about it i realized that Internet disconnecting it is not a Network problem since LAN can be used without any disconnects Also This problem Internet disconnecting started occurring after the main computer in the Network had a RAM upgrade i m not sure if its possible that it has somehow conflicted and hence why the internet drops out randomly If anyone has any tips and advice or would like some more information which will help to try and resolve this problem i will try and do what i can Thanks Computer amateur nbsp

A:Internet disconnecting

hi, welcome to techspot

it appears that your having problems not with your network as it stays connected but with your ISP, if you could provide what kind of internet you have (ISP) cable, dsl, fios, it would be easier to diagnose your problem
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I have a D-link DI-524 wireless router that I've used for a few years. I have to get rid of it by tomorrow, so I tried plugging my modem straight in through my PC. I did this before I ever got the router and it worked fine. Now I get the "limited connectivity" message in my tray when I do it and cannot access any web page. When I right click on the connection in my network connections and hit repair it always tries to renew my IP, and then fails.

Is there something else I have to do to be able to run straight from my modem to my PC after getting rid of the router? any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

A:Can't connect to internet after disconnecting router and going straight through modem

I'll skip the explanation as to why.. but try to force your ISP to reset

1. Disonnect computer from cable modem
2. Turn off (if no on/off button disconnect power) to cable modem
3. Unscrew and remove coax cable to cable modem
4. Wait about 5 minutes
5. Screw cable back. Turn cable modem on.
6. Cable modem lights go thru a pattern for maybe a minute till the blink as usual
7. Now reconnectg computer to cable modem and ry connecting to internet again
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I've recently encountered a problem in which my 'linksys 3' connection keeps disconnecting numerous times per hour. For example, when I log on my laptop, it says I'm connected with an 'Excellent' signal, then 4-5 minutes later, it becomes disconnected, by which a yellow exclamation sign will appear on the connection logo (I use windows vista home premium), but sometimes it stays connected for at least 1 hour before disconnecting again. Every time that happens, I have to switch the wireless switch on and off for it to connect again. Also, sometimes it disconnects again after mere seconds of reconnecting. There is also my sister's laptop which is connected to the router by a LAN cable, I'm not sure if that would affect it, but this is the first time it has happened, and now it's becoming really annoying and frustrating.


Toshiba Satellite
Cable Modem
Linksys router (silver model)

A:Wireless Connection Disconnecting numerous times per hour!

Ive had some porblems maintaining my wireless signal. For mine though I think it was a combination of vista and uTorrent or the rubbish router that im forced to use.

Mine doesnt happen that often though, not sure what could be causing it.
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I am having a really annoying problem with my internet connection.

Randomly, but it seems after quite a few hours, I loose all connection out of my PC. No internet, email etc. I cannot even ping my modem (connected via network, cat5). Repairing doesn't work and I have to reboot to get the connection back.
Is there anything that I can do to stop this or at least start trying to hunt the problem down.
I have Vista home premium, windows live mail, zone alarms, avg anti virus, skype and DAP installed (and more but I'm thinking these my be the main ones that could affect problem).
Any help would be great

A:Vista PC randomly disconnecting from modem, needs reboot

Are you using an on-board NIC (network connection on the motherboard) or a PCI NIC? (a network card installed into a motherboard slot)

Remove Zone Alarm and see if the problem stops
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I have recently purchased a new BT hub router, this has been working fine apart from when I play on Xbox Live in multiplayer online games. Its become a repititive problem that I keep getting disconnected in the middle of an online game session.

Could this be conflict in wireless frequencies? As I do also have BT phones, or could this just be a simple configuration problem?

This didn't happen before with a previous router.

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Hi, can someone give me some advice? I have an LG Flatron L1910BA monitor a few years old. worked perfectly fine. connected it to my ancient Toshiba Satellite and enjoyed the big screen display. worked fine. then when i reconnect it back to the original CPU (Korean TG Dreamsys) the display is completey horrid. all the text is absolutley tiny (maybe 2 point font - or less!), the icons are distorted in size but semi-coherent. What can I do? when i go into windows xp safe mode the display is the same. i have the original monitor drivers but i can't read the control panel as the windows that pop up are about 1" x 1" in size. It's really insane. and I don't know what to do or even where to begin. Thanks for any help that you give!

A:display problems after reconnecting LG monitor from notebook to original CPU

There was a driver (or other install software) for the LG Flatron L1910BA that came on disc with the monitor. It is probably downloadable from LG. If not, we have two.
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I have an XP Laptop that is used to record video for our high school football team. When we are donw using the video on the laptop we store it on a TerraStation 2TB server in the office. It is always on and connected to a hub that the laptop is hooked to when on.

My problem is this.... when the laptop is turned on, the network drive I set up shows "disconnected", and consequently, the application for transferring the video to the server doesn't show the network drive to select... after I click on the network drive in "my computer", the application will then see the network drive.

My question is how to make this automatically connect when the computer boots. I set it up to "reconnect at logon", but it does not without me opening the drive 1st...

Thanks for your help in advance!


A:Networked Drive not Auto reconnecting ay logon

Reconnect at Logon not working

Me, too; I have XP Pro SP2 with automatic updates on 5 systems, and just this one fails: after most reboots, if I launch an application that was last working on a file in the mapped network drive, it comes up "unavailable" or "file not found" unless I visit Windows Explorer first.

I even tried putting batch files with shortcuts "n:\dummy.txt" and "m:\dummy.txt" in my Startup group, to force references to my M: and N: drives, and that isn't even enough!

No domains, just workgroup peer networking here. Like I say, works on all my other systems, has for years, just my latest Gateway Profile 6 acts different.
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I have a wireless connection that we receive from our landlord upstairs. we are living in a basement suite right now.

The connection has recently started to drop at random times. It is PISSING.

The signal strength varies from bad to very good, bust mostly fluctuates around good to very good.

I am using a D-link WUA-1340. I do not know what kind of router they use upstairs. My question is there anything I can do on my end to help out the stability of the connection? (I've tried physically moving it around already)
Should I change to a wireless card that fits inside the computer?
Thanks in advance.

A:Help with wireless disconnecting

The only thing you could do is tell you landlord to move the router closer to the room you use your computer in or set up a wireless bridge between his wireless router and the one you would need to buy.
Something like this:
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My son was recently given a three year old laotop computer. It was originally connected to a DSL connection and I use a Cable connection. It has a built in wireless 802.11g card and a 10/100 interface. I configured it to connect wirelessly to my wireless router. The connection is established and DHCP assigns it a network address. Every 20-30 seconds it drops the connection and imediately reacqires a new connection. I disabled the wireless card and enabled the 10/100 LAN connection. Same thing. The router makes the connection, asigns a valid IP address, drops it, and imediately reastablishes the connection. The TCP/IP stack looks good. The link speed is right. Could it be conflict with some pre existing software? Maybe the old DSL software ot some instant messaging program. I loaded new antivirus software and ran a complete sucessful scan. Any thoughts what it could be?

A:Laptop Network Connection Dropping and Reconnecting

"Drops the connection" means what?

Do you use any software firewalls? VPN software? Packet sniffers?

Try updating the router firmware..

What is the DHCP lease time on the router?
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Sorry if I stuck this in the wrong forum I saw Networking and thought it disconnecting...what WAN keeps gives? was the right place My desktop is hooked into DSL service through an Actiontec Gateway router that is wireless capable with a card I bought the card and hooked up my wife s laptop through the wireless and all is good My desktop s DSL line exits the computer enters the router then the other line exits the router and I have it plugged into a female receptacle on a phone line that my father hard wired into the wall jack of my kitchen Recently I WAN keeps disconnecting...what gives? got DirecTV which totally rocks and there is a phone connection necessary to get some of the services So I ran that phone wire around my room behind my desk and got a female splitter that I pulugged into the female receptacle of the aforementioned phone wire Since I ve done that the WAN connection has kept dropping and I have to go in and fix it through the browser by manually reconnecting it I don t know jack no pun intended about phone lines and signals could it be the receptacle is causing all sorts of problems If so is there a solution where I can use the same phone line for both DSL and my satellite TV connection nbsp

A:WAN keeps disconnecting...what gives?

If I understand this correctly, you have a slipter coming out from the wall one to your dsl modem and the other to the direct tv box.You probably need to place a filter on that line some how or just install another wall jack just for the direct tv that way you can place a filter on it.
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My wireless connection seems to randomly disconnect, and then imediatly reconnect, dont have any frequency interference that i know of, any idea what would cause this?

i have client lease time set to a long time, so its not that.

A:wireless connection randomly disconnecting/reconnecting

I'm having the same exact issue, no idea what could be causing it right now though. I've tried so many things.

First however you could narrow it down: try running a wired connection briefly and see if the connection still gets interrupted.
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I have an Intel GRH board which has the internal sound card SoundMax Recently I connected the Front panel Disconnecting the Headphone Jack Front Panel Headphone wires in the mobo near PCI slot arbitrarily so that I could hear only sound no microphone But now I want to connect my microphone but I cannot connect the microphone jack in Front panel as I haven Disconnecting the Front panel Headphone Jack t connected the wires internally Also I tried to connect the speaker jack in the internal sound card in the back panel ButI get the error message that I cannot hear the sound from both the speaker as well as the Headphone connected to the Front Panel Headphone Jack even though I have already disconnected the Front panel wires So it s a nuisance trying to hear and record at the same time Since I don t have mobo s manual either suggest me how I can connect the internal wires in the mobo so that i can use microphone as well or suggest me how I can get rid of the error message and hear the sound from the back panel jacks nbsp

A:Disconnecting the Front panel Headphone Jack

do you know the model/maker of your mobo you can always download the manual from the manufacture site.
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Hi, I have a problem with my Linksys router. I have verizon dsl and on this connection I use wireless router which keep loosing connection every couple of hours. The only solution I found to make it work againg is to power it down and up again. Some days it works fine , others I loose connection every minute. I dont know what is going on. I had the same problem with D-link router so I bought Linksys one hoping that this would solve my problem. But it did not, and my 1 month old router makes me maaaaadddd.
Does anyone know how to fix it??? People in Linksys keep checking my setting - it work for a couple of hour or days but it happens again and again.

A:Linksys Router keep disconnecting

"lose connection" means what? Can you still access the router? If you can get to the router setup page then most likely it is the DSL that has died and not the router. You may have a bad line or some problems at the exchange.

1. Always upate to the latest firmware.
2. Disable unneeded services on the router - get rid of uPnP, DHCP, packet filter. This way there will be more resources left to th real job - routing.
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For somereason since I installed my Belkin Wireless G router my aim get disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes? even on the computer that is wired to it. the firmware is up to date and everything is there just something dumb I am missing? never had this problem since I hooked the comp up to a router =( help a newbie out lol

A:My aim keeps disconnecting?

Might seem completely irrevelant for me to ask this, but are you using Trillian? Both my work PC and one of my home PCs were having issues with AIM recently (yesterday at home and today at work) and I then upgraded to Trillian 3.1 (I had 3.0) and it installed updated stuff for AIM, now the problem is gone.
So if you did this recently, it may not be your router.

If you don't use trillian, then disregard what I just said.
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I'm having problems with my LAN connection in my flat. Three computers are hooked up to a router and while everyone else seems to have no problems every so often my connection fails. Usually a message flashes up about renewing the IP address and tries to connect again. Sometimes it can be knocked off for hours, but I've found that powering on and off the router allows me to connect right away. Any ideas on what the problem could be that it keeps disconnecting me?

Many thanks.

A:LAN connection disconnecting

I had a similar problem last week, and updating the drivers for my lan card fixed me up good. Try it and see if the same works for you.
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Help! I installed my Linksys wireless print server and sometimes it connects sometimes after I first boot up then disconnects. I can hit the "info" on the dropdown on the icon and sometimes it will connect for a short time again but then it will disconnect. I get an error to set my PC IP to the same as the print server. I emailed Linksys but after a few back and forth emails I am still at a loss. They don't seem to explain things well to a novice. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hey guys, i've got a really strange problem. I've searched for along time to resolve this, but none of the exsisting threads seem to have exactly the same problem as me so let me explain.

Im using a NF7 V2.0 motherboard with an Athlon 3000+ XP. The NF7 V2.0 has an onboard network card which I have the Uni drivers for (nForce2). The problem is at random times it seems to cut out then start up again, with a little bubble in the bottom right corner saying "Local area connection is now connected 10/100m" or something along those lines. So I tried my PCI network card and that has exactly the same problem. It usually disconnects during games, and as im sure you can imagine its extremly frustrating.

I have turned off "Let windows turn this devices off to save power" option but that has no effect.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:Network card keeps disconnecting. :(

Where does the other end of the cable go?

You could have a bad network cable or the device at the other end may be malfunctioning.

You can try setting the link speed manually to 10Mbit/100Mbit half/full duplex to stop the auto-detection and possible flapping
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Since I cleaned viruses off my computer (along with my mirc program), it will not stay connected to the internet. I have always had this problem whenever I have to reload mirc on this Vista computer. I have managed to fix it before after lots of trials and errors, but I can't remember how.

The error code is [10053] Software caused connection abort.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this??


A:Mirc disconnecting

Please have a look at this thread, and see whether suggestions on that one help you out.
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I have had the Cryptowall virus a few month ago I had to do a WIndows re-install because I was having problems with my Wireless drivers After the new install it was good for a while When I am online sometimes it will screen and blue Wireless disconnecting disconnect and I had to troubleshoot and reconnect it It has never happened while playing an online game but I get it a lot when browsing webpages like clothes- Wireless disconnecting and blue screen loads a lot of pictures The troubleshooter will say Default gateway not available Tonight It happened again a few times then a blue screen came up with this A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage A driver has a overrun a stack-based buffer This overrun could potentially allow a Wireless disconnecting and blue screen user to gain control over computer This has popped up a few times I am hoping to get this resolved and here is my mini-tool box info sMiniToolBox by Farbar Version - - Ran by cappatown administrator on - - at Running from C Users cappatown Downloads Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Model System Product Name Manufacturer System manufacturer Boot Mode Normal Flush DNS Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache IE Proxy Settings Proxy is not enabled No Proxy Server is set Reset IE Proxy Settings IE Proxy Settings were reset FF Proxy Settings Reset FF Proxy Settings Firefox Proxy settings were reset Hosts content IP Configuration Linksys AE Wireless Network Connection Connected NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Local Area Connection Media disconnected ---------------------------------- IPv Configuration ---------------------------------- pushd interface ipv reset set global icmpredirects enabled popd End of IPv configuration Windows IP Configuration Host Name cappatown-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List hsd or comcast net Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix hsd or comcast net Description Linksys AE Physical Address - - E- - -F DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address f ed a df ab Preferred Temporary IPv Address f cf cb a b Preferred Link-local IPv Address fe ed a df ab Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Wednesday May PM Lease Expires Wednesday May PM Default Gateway fe beca b ff fecf e DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - C-A -C - C-F - D- -AD-ED- F DNS Servers feed feed NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Physical Address F - D- -AD-ED- F DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap hsd or comcast net Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix hsd or comcast net Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap FACFC - BC - -B - EE DA EFB Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Server cdns comcast net Address feed Name google com Addresses f b a e Pinging google com f b a with bytes of data Reply from f b a time ms Reply from f b a time ms Ping statistics for f b a Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms Server cdns comcast net Address feed Name yahoo com Addresses Pinging yahoo com with bytes of data Reply from bytes time ms TTL Reply from bytes time ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times i... Read more

A:Wireless disconnecting and blue screen

Download Autoruns and Autorunsc Unzip it to your desktop and then double click autoruns.exe
After the scan is finished then click on File>>>>>>>>>>>Save
The default name will be autoruns.arn make sure to save it as Autoruns.txt under the file type option.
in other words make sure it is a .txt file instead of .arn Attach the text in your next reply.
Please upload your minidump files. How to compress and upload Minidump files
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Disconnecting and reconnecting (not the modem.. its the software)

My computer had a virus, and i was tryin to get rid of it.. kind of a long story. I had a process called services.exe from win.ini C:\windows\inet10009\services.exe. It showed up as a 'F1' in hijackthis. But i got rid of that with Win Tasks pro, well i think I did. Now the problem is .. i dton know if its with the whole connection or aim itself, but it keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting. I reinstalled the software and everything. It is still doing the same thing.. is there a way i can find out if its just aim or all my programs?
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Hi Everyone!

I'm using an old windows XP laptop to run a server for a voice chat program called Team Speak 3.

For months it has worked fine just being left on 24/7, allowing me and fellow gamers to all join a chat room while playing but just recently it has been disconnecting its self from the WiFi at random times (its not always the same length of time so im not sure if its timing out)

It has been very quiet on the server recently so im not sure if maybe there needs to be a constant flow of users joining it to keep it active.

Does anyone have any ideas and is there a way to force the connection to stay live?

side note. i dont run it off my normal pc as i turn that off most nights and would like the server running all the time.

Thanks in advance


A:XP "Server PC" disconnecting from WiFi

Is it the Chat Room that gets disconnected or the Internet Connection? Who hosts the Chat Room? If the Internet Connection, Unplug the Power to the Router and Modem and wait 15 minutes and then plug them back in. Click on this link and provide us this information Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues
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In excel I have a workbook containing employee information across many sheets with different info on different sheets. all sheets have info in tables so that I can sort by type of employee. (Department)

how can I add new employees to master list of employees and have it update all sheets without disconnecting the information across the rows?
or do I have to update each sheet separately?
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So I had this issue where my ethernet connection on my Lenovo B570 laptop keeps disconnecting about every couple of minutes and the link lights would turn off then it would reconnect. So I did the following:

visit Realtek and install the latest driver. (Might not be necessary but do it anyways)
open Network and Sharing Center, click on Manage adapter settings, right click Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (Local Area Connection) and select properties. Click on configure, switch to advanced tab and change the following properties:

Auto Disable Gigabit > Relink Battery or AC
Green Ethernet > Disable
Energy Efficient Ethernet > Disable

My ethernet connection has been stable so far.

Hope this helps anyone.

A:Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller keeps disconnecting - my fix.

Thank You Very Much! Your manual really helped me!
I was dancing with a tambourine for 3 nights, before i found Your message.
I Must add that 1 step was made by myself: link speed/duplex settings were changed from Auto to 10 Mb, Full Duplex. And only after that link lights began to work....
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I have a windows bit HP laptop computer All updated via windows update I've been having this problem for awhile but it's becoming more problematic recently Laptop disconnecting. Windows keeps 7 Wireless Network Every now and then while browsing the internet my internet will go off I notice in the bottom right hand corner there is a yellow explanation icon on the networking icon If I wait it will come back on itself Sometime I have to diagnose the connection Sometimes it will repair the problem sometimes it says there is a problem with the router More and more it has been doing and it's starting to get really annoying I've noticed when Windows 7 Laptop Wireless Network keeps disconnecting. it goes out that it's the only computer on the network that is losing internet I have wired desktops wireless desktop wireless laptops iPod Touch Kindle Fire Every other device doesn't lose internet but it's always this particular laptop that it happens Windows 7 Laptop Wireless Network keeps disconnecting. to occasionally I've tried searching from device manager for an updated driver but it says I have the current one I've tried turning off the network to the laptop with the hotkey on the keyboard and then turning it back Windows 7 Laptop Wireless Network keeps disconnecting. on to reconnect I've looked in windows update for an update I've ran antivirus spyware and all that Nothing is wrong except the fact it keeps dropping the internet and reconnecting and I don't know what else to do anymore If you need anymore information let me know Thanks for reading

A:Windows 7 Laptop Wireless Network keeps disconnecting.

Find the program called hp support assistant, open it and see if you can find any updates with it. If your computer is missing it, here is the link : HP - United States | HP Support Assistant
Please give feedback with how this goes.
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Okay so I am not tech educated in the least and this is my first time posting in this kind of forum but I am running slim on options So sorry if this isn t the right spot to post I have a Windows computer barely a year old and this last week it has developed a few issues I haven t been able to locate any virus s no matter what program I run and it has persisted despite my attempts to internet Disconnecting afterwards immediately freezing from and find the cause Basically what has been happening is my computer will be running fine working fine and then it will get some internet issues No big deal right Except there is absolutely no way to reconnect to the internet The wifi isn t the problem either because it will be working for every other device except for my computer About say - seconds after this Disconnecting from internet and immediately freezing afterwards happens everything will freeze The images the music the mouse everything I ve tried going ctrl-alt-delete but it doesn t even respond to that Everything Disconnecting from internet and immediately freezing afterwards becomes completely inactive and the only way to temporarily fix the issue is to force restart it There is no time frame for the attacks either sometimes it happens immediately after start up and other times it can take hours or more I am going off to college soon and need to get this problem resolved as soon as I can so any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Disconnecting from internet and immediately freezing afterwards

Do you get the same problem with an ethernet connection?

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver. If it is an integrated adapter get the driver from the PC manufacturer's web site. Else get it from the adapter manufacturer's site.

What brand and model is the adapter?

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista through 10.

Start - All Programs - Accessories and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt. [For Windows 8 thru 10: <Windows Logo> + x - Command Prompt(Admin)]

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Reboot the machine after all three commands; no need to boot after the 1st and 2nd.
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Hello about a month ago my laptop with wired connection started disconnecting every - min or so for about 5min disconnecting every for 10seconds Internet - seconds It s quite annoying while playing games and not sure if I have the same Internet disconnecting every 5min for 10seconds problem with Wifi or not but i prefer to use cable because it s a Internet disconnecting every 5min for 10seconds lot faster I m pretty sure it s somthing to do with my laptop cause my brother who is on the same router has no problems I ve updated my network driver and i ve reset the router amp modem but no use I live in belgium and we use belgacom as provider not sure if that s of any use Here s my ipconfig any help would be greatly appreciated Windows IP-configuratie Hostnaam Dillingers Primair DNS-achtervoegsel Knooppunttype hybride IP-routering ingeschakeld nee WINS-proxy ingeschakeld nee DNS-achtervoegselzoeklijst home Draadloos LAN-adapter voor Draadloze netwerkverbinding Mediumstatus medium ontkoppeld Verbindingsspec DNS-achtervoegsel Beschrijving Intel R Centrino R Wireless-N Fysiek adres B - - - - - DHCP ingeschakeld ja Autom configuratie ingeschakeld ja Ethernet-adapter voor LAN-verbinding Verbindingsspec DNS-achtervoegsel home Beschrijving Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Fysiek adres C- -A -A - - C DHCP ingeschakeld ja Autom configuratie ingeschakeld ja IPv -adres a a f d d e cf d voorkeur Tijdelijk IPv -adres a a f d e fa e d voorkeur Link-local IPv -adres fe d e cf d voorkeur IPv -adres voorkeur Subnetmasker Lease verkregen vrijdag augustus Lease verlopen vrijdag augustus Standaardgateway fe f ff fe e b DHCP-server DNS-servers NetBIOS via TCPIP ingeschakeld Tunnel-adapter voor isatap home Mediumstatus medium ontkoppeld Verbindingsspec DNS-achtervoegsel Beschrijving Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysiek adres - - - - - - -E DHCP ingeschakeld nee Autom configuratie ingeschakeld ja Tunnel-adapter voor isatap E - ED- -BEA -AC F D D Mediumstatus medium ontkoppeld Verbindingsspec DNS-achtervoegsel Beschrijving Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysiek adres - - - - - - -E DHCP ingeschakeld nee Autom configuratie ingeschakeld ja Tunnel-adapter voor Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Mediumstatus medium ontkoppeld Verbindingsspec DNS-achtervoegsel Beschrijving Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Fysiek adres - - - - - - -E DHCP ingeschakeld nee Autom configuratie ingeschakeld ja Tunnel-adapter voor isatap A AD C- B - BA- C - B D Mediumstatus medium ontkoppeld Verbindingsspec DNS-achtervoegsel Beschrijving Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysiek adres - - - - - - -E DHCP ingeschakeld nee Autom configuratie ingeschakeld ja Ps Sorry it s in dutch not sure how to change it nbsp

A:Internet disconnecting every 5min for 10seconds

no need to change the language - layout is the same - if there is something , we don't understand we can ask for that specific item.

do a tcp/p reset and also let windows re-install - see how below


Uninstall and allow windows to re-install the adapter and Driver
goto the device manager > Network Adapters > click on the [+] to show all the adapters

right click on the adapter and from the menu

remove/uninstall the adapter

Now restart the pc and allow windows to detect new hardware and re install the adapter and the driver


TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

For Windows Vista through to Windows 10
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on the screen )​
For Windows 8 & 10
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold and red for the following commands.
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press enter
​ReStart (reboot) the machine.

If you receive the message
The requested operation requires elevation.
Then please open the command prompt as administrator - as requested above
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen )​Please note and post back - if you receive the following message :-
Access is Denied
This error will occur with windows 8 and windows 10 , so ignore.

please post back the results in a reply here - its important we know that these commands have worked correctly and not produced any errors
right click in the command prompt box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Details also here
also the link has a Microsoft Fix it , which will do the above for you

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I have a netgear nighthawk r7000. Every 30 minutes or so my internet will disconnect for a good 5-10 seconds then resume back to normal. I noticed when im downloading something my internet will disconnect constantly alot.. around every 1-3 minutes.. when the downloading is done it will go back to normal and disconnect every 30-1hour. I've been dealing with this issue for a while and would like to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

A:Internet disconnecting issue

Happens to all PC's at the same time. Im connected via ethernet. Im using cable
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The title says it all, the usb ports randomly freeze sometimes for some seconds, but sometimes it freezes totally and I have to switch to other ports to get the mouse and keyboard to work again, I have updated all my drivers and done virus scan with malwarebytes and it hasnt helped.
All the mouse and keyboard light stay activated, they just stop working... It started happening a few weeks ago and I don't know for what reason, freezes occur every 10 minutes or so, and the ones that won't unfreeze every once in an hour..
I'm on windows 8.1.
Thank you in advance

A:Windows 8.1 USB ports randomly disconnecting!

If this is a laptop you will only want to do the following on the port which is shutting off as it will use power all the time that the computer is on.
Open the Device Manager and scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controller.
Right click/tap on the first USB Root Hub (there should be several), then click/tap on Properties.
Click/tap on the Power Management tab.
You will see the following option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.  Remove the check from its' box.
If this is only occurring with one port you will need to see if this resolves the problem.  If it doesn't, replace the check in the power option and try the next root hub and so forth.
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I couldn't really give a good title to this thread so I'm gonna explain it here thoroughly I've been using my home WiFi to access the internet for like months from this laptop The problem that occurs is that at any random time during the day I get disconnected from WiFi disconnecting Randomly from the network Now that wouldn't present the problem unless the following occurred every time - when I try to reconnect no matter how many times Randomly disconnecting from WiFi I do I always get the 'Can't connect to this network' without any further explanation The annoying solution that I found is to restart the PC every time and it works but sometimes it's really inconvenient because I may be in a middle of some work for which I needed the internet Oh and forgot to mention when I lose the connection every other device connected to the WiFi works normally still connected to the network no problems so I am positive that it's not about the network it's about my computer I hope someone has an answer to this Thanks in advance

A:Randomly disconnecting from WiFi

"I've been using my home WiFi to access the internet for like 3 months (from this laptop}"
I think we need more information: Is the laptop yours and is it only 3 years old?
--- Is it an older laptop that doesn't have built in W-Fi?
--- Is there an additional wireless router involved?
Does the network adapter driver and/or firmware need to be updated?
Are there any recent incompatible installs/downloads recently such as an "alternate network connector"
Is there anyone else using your home Wi-Fi?
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Hi, so basicaly my problem is stated in the title, I've tried everything, disabled the auto channel on router and fixed it on 3-7, checked powersaving and checked wifi card to be used at max performance even on battery, i even enabled ECN and congestion control in win7 and used Wi-fi Optimizer and i still couldn't pin point the issue.
According to it the signal is "Excelent" yet when i need it to be stable it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting automatically almost with a pace, i can't tell what may be causing this, i also disabled bluetooth.
Edit: I live in the outskirts and I used Xirrus Wi-fi Inspector to see if there are any other connections that could jam or overlap and mine is the only one, so it's not that.

A:Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting automaticaly

Have you checked power and heat? If it is dropping under load it could be either one.
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Hello all I'm currently messing around with an Wireless and disconnecting repeatedly Card reconnecting old desktop computer Windows XP with a view to possibly upgrading the overall system and finding a use for it however I've come across an issue I can't get my head around The computer connects to the internet wirelessly however for some unknown reason it keeps disconnecting then reconnecting sporadically but typically every couple of minutes I'm not sure if this is an issue with the wireless card as other devices mobile phones tablets and laptops have no problems connecting wirelessly and don't disconnect reconnect in this way Wireless Card repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting All the drivers are up to date and having had a quick search round the web no real fix has been provided Just curious to know if this machine or wireless card has seen better days and or if there's something I could do to fix it before purchasing more RAM media card OS system et al Sure I'll probably need to provide more info so just let me know and I'll get it for you as requested Thanks in advance for reading and for any all responses

A:Wireless Card repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting

What XP SP do you have. It is SP3?
What is the make and model of the desktop or MB if a custom build. How much Ram do you currently have installed? Is your XP at SP3? You can check this kb article.
Right click the wireless adapter in Device Manager. Select Properties and under the Details tab select Hardware IDs in the dropdown box. Copy and post the first line.
If the desktop is using a Wireless Card you could try a USB wireless adapter like this for your desktop if your computer supports USB 2.0. I would look at replacing the Wireless card first before updating anything else. That would be the cheapest route.
If you plan on upgrading the system you could look at a linux distro like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Running a Live CD, you may find there is no Wireless problem. You would need 1GB or RAM to run comfortably though.
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Hi there.  I have a simple 3-computer network setup in my home.  All 3 are XP Pro.  I have the "\All Users\Documents\" folders as the shared, mapped drive folders. Everything works great until I reboot.  They become disconnected.  I fixed it for one computer with a run command, but now I can't find it again on the web for the other two computers.  Anyone know this command?

A:Network drives not reconnecting at startup.

Hi There.!
Try this...
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type cmd.
Type net use x: \\computer name\share name, where x: is the drive letter you want to assign to the shared resource.
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Hello, I am running Windows 7.  About every ten minutes my wireless network adapter is disconnecting.  I am running Windows 7.  Is this usually caused by a virus of some sort?  It's not like it's on a timer from some kind of script though.  For example it's been working right now at least for the past 15 mins.   
The behavior is inconsistent also.  I say this because when I right click on the disconnected wifi connection (lower right in the tray) and select "Troubleshoot" about every one out of three times Windows will successfully reset the wireless network adapter.  The other two times it says it can't.  Does this provide a clue as to what it is?
Any help much appreciated.

A:Wireless network adapter - constantly disconnecting

Something that will cause this is wireless interference on a certain channel.
Logon to your router and change the Wifi channel (normally auto, channel 6).
Try channels up and down and see if that helps.
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Something very strange has been happening on my computer for the past few months usually when im not paying attention (eg. sleeping or playing a video game).  My DHCP lease get's released so i loose my internal ip and the internet disconnects.  I use Peerblock and everytime this has happened i see the following every few seconds: Range: Source: Protocol: UDP I've run virus scans and i even restored to a system image that doesn't (i think) suffer from this problem. I just set my computer IP to static to see if it changes anything when it happens again (its been happening more often, around 1 to 2 times per day). I've run scans with: Eset NOD32 Antivirus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Super AntiSpyware and Spybot Search & Destroy and they haven't discovered anything. Any idea what this is? P.S. I'm also using MVPS hosts file.

A:DHCP Disconnecting

I am having the same Issue. It is happening on every computer on my network. I have wiped and reloaded one of my laptops (win8.1) - installed nothing but peerblock, and attempted to do nothing but windows updates subsequently. I have several routers. Configuration is as follows. Two dsl modems, behind two dd-wrt openVPN enabled netgear nighthawks, linked with a tplink dual wan to single lan combining router handing dhcp. Finally a Netgear wireless router in AP mode, using the TPlink dual wan combining routing device for dhcp. No matter if I connect to the DSL modems individually, the DD-WRT nighthawk OpenVPN enabled routers, or the end of the line with the TP link combining the two DD-wrt VPN enabled devices into one DHCP address range handled by the TPLINK. The same issue occurs, as described by the previous post. Seeing as Software wise, I have disconnected all devices from all network devices, and done a wipe and reload as described before, and the same issue is still occurring, I am currently stumped as well. If anyone know what this '' garbage is im seeing on peerblock just within the past week, I would like to know, perhaps have an explanation, and breakdown of what this means for my network security. Thanks.
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Having solved a number of issues with Windows I almost have it as it should have been from day I still have one annoying little issue You know that little sound the computer makes when you connect something to the USB port such as an external hard drive well mine does it disconnecting 10 hardware external sound Windows of connecting and - every Windows 10 - sound of external hardware connecting and disconnecting - minutes The sound is as if it is connecting something and then minutes later disconnecting I have external drives connected but done of them are the culprits as they show being connected all the time The computer wakens on its own from sleep mode from time to time too so Windows 10 - sound of external hardware connecting and disconnecting something is whirring away I have a wireless printer attached and wondered if it could be the problem but when I need to use it I have no issues Everything seems to be working except for the connect disconnect sound constantly playing in the background Any suggestions I have a laptop still to update to Windows but I have no intention until I nail these problems first Ian nbsp

A:Windows 10 - sound of external hardware connecting and disconnecting

Well it is not the wireless printer, that sound comes on when a physical connection is made. Change your power settings to high performance so the machine does not go to sleep and evaluate; if that does not help, then disconnect the drives, one at the time for an hour each and evaluate further.
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Ok i know this isn't asking for help gut a google search shows 's of people with the same issue None of the suggestions have ever worked Yes i tried EVERYTHING New usb mouse bought new ones one wireless one wired my old one all have the same issue and all work fine on my old XP machine IT IS NOT THE MOUSE Tried updating the drivers including mouse usb hub generic usb and chipset IT IS NONE OF THESE Turned off un-ticked power management quot turn it off to save power quot NO AFFECT un-installed the 7 connecting Windows FIX! disconnecting mouse SOLVED!!!!! usb / keeps usb hub as well usb mouse keeps disconnecting / connecting FIX! Windows 7 SOLVED!!!!! as the mouse STILL NO JOY Rolled back the driver NADA STILL THE SAME System Restore STILL DISCONNECTING RECONNECTING Tried the usb driver fix from USB Driver - General Fix for Problems BUT IT IS STILL HAPPENING Issue affects USB and ports I'VE TRIED ALL MY USB PORTS ITS NOT THEM It does not affect any other USB devices such as printer or scanner etc IT IS JUST USB MOUSE AFFECTED Tried Updating the BIOS NO AFFECT STILL HAVING ISSUES Tried cleaning contacts IT IS NOT THEM SO HERE IS THE FIX i found worked for me So this requires you to edit the registry so come with risk to help minimise the risk you need to backup the registry first To backup the registry or restore it please see this thread Registry - Backup and usb mouse keeps disconnecting / connecting FIX! Windows 7 SOLVED!!!!! Restore Ok having done that i found my antivirus kaspersky had altered the mouse upper filter value to read klmouflt mouclass NOTE Your antivirus may have a different name to klmouflt Removing Kaspersky's value quot klmouflt quot and returning it to its default quot mouclass quot resolved the issue so to change it back to default you need to Click the windows orb start icon in the toolbar bottom left of the screen and in the search type Regedit and then click OK Click the plus sign next to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Click the plus sign next to SYSTEM Click the plus sign next to CurrentControlSet Click the plus sign next to Control Click the plus sign next to Class Click D E -E - CE-BFC - BE On the left hand side of the window click UpperFilters Click Edit on the menu bar Modify Delete klmouflt so it just says mouclass and save and then exit Reboot the machine just to be sure Your mouse will now work without issue NOTE Just to say an antivirus update MAY rewrite the registry and you MAY have to follow the steps again in the future Hopefully this will get google indexed and others will also find this useful

A:usb mouse keeps disconnecting / connecting FIX! Windows 7 SOLVED!!!!!

After selecting edit on menu bar. Then hitting Modify. I was given no option to delete klmoufilt. I only had a single word NTIDrvr
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Sooooo, how do I stop my wifi disconnecting in the USER account when switching the to ADMIN account.
Some of the programs I have do not allow me to use an elevated command prompt in the USER account, so when I switch back to the USER account from the ADMIN account, my wifi is disconnected............
This has seriously turned into a pain in the (3 letter word, last 2 being 'S'), is there a fix?! I've looked but I'm thinking I've missed something.

A:How to stop wifi disconnecting when swiching from USER to ADMIN.

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My wifi connections goes off and only stay disconnecting on keeps other laptop Wifi phones one and connected laptop on on my Hp laptop several times in an hours time It stays off sometimes for two minutes and Wifi keeps disconnecting only on one laptop other laptop and phones stay connected sometimes for or more minutes My other laptop and phone stay connected to the wifi What do I need to do I found this site thru anther forum and I went to their link they had in the forum and it took me to the InSSider Page of this site I clicked on Wifi keeps disconnecting only on one laptop other laptop and phones stay connected the download link for WIndows and it downloaded and installed on my computer and then just went back to that same page I thought it was suppose to run a scan analyzer on my computer So where and what do I need to do for it to run a scan on my computer to check the channels being used and possible interference with my wifi Or if there is something else that I need to do to fix my wifi connection issue Thanks in advance nbsp
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I'm a college CS student and I like to have a few screens to do homework on Windows worked slick Extra monitors were plug amp play I just got a new laptop running Windows and it does not behave the log-out. closed/lost) log session Disconnecting new it stuff monitor (all in, my is a When I back additional starts a causes my same Disregarding any issues with having several monitors lets focus on using just one I plug it in to my HDMI port or if I booted up with it already plugged in unplug it from said port and Windows automatically logs me out of my current session Once I log back in every single application I had running browser word processor games etc has been terminated It looks like I just turned my computer on Everything I was doing Disconnecting my additional monitor causes a log-out. When I log back in, it starts a new session (all my stuff is closed/lost) is lost nbsp It may not be best practices to unplug your additional monitor while the laptop is running But it should be If I want to move from my room to the living room and plug into the tv I should be able to do that no Am I the only one experiencing this issue
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Ive recently begun having this issue where my friend and I will host a personal server game and we cannot connect to each other regardless of who hosts Other people can connect to our personal game servers just fine But I cant join his or he cant join mine I have tried port forwarding Hamachi Game Ranger Tunggle and we still cannot manage to join a game with one another This is what has been happening I host the game server He connects via my public IP He joins but then disconnects a few seconds after This happens to him as well But if he or I host a game and invite someone else they can join just fine We just cant join in a self hosted game server that that either one of us hosts We can play multiplayer games just fine as long as we are not I guess you can say hosting it personally But if its hosted by someone else it we can be in a same game for example we can play battlefield together because were playing on someone else's server Or at least that s what i think I just dont understand whats going on I havent changed anything that i know of in my router settings besides port forwarding and i doubt my friend has either It just recently started happening other details Internet- Time warner Connection- cable modem router combo Direct connection to modem Modem model- technicolor TC D firewall anitvirus- windows firewall none
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Hi all I ve only begun experiencing this issue in the past month I took a few months off from online gaming in general and returned to strange connectivity issues It s happened in FFXIV Diablo Path of Exile and Borderlands My internet s never been the best a measly mbps but it s always been extremely stable while gaming until now What happens is I will suddenly be disconnected from the game s servers I m not always running other applications but when I am Skype or Pandora through my browser I don t lose connection with those services My internet doesn t really disconnect but I can t keep in contact with the servers for long This usually happens every minutes or so Connecting through a VPN WTFast helps it occur less but it does happen from time to time I ve tried disabling my software firewall AVG but it doesn t help The router firewall is disabled and I ve forwarded appropriate ports for the games I m playing Granted my router is VERY OLD It s possible that it s failing but I d rather troubleshoot the issue before throwing money at the problem It s a Westell A - - My ISP is Verizon I games (internet online on) in Frequent disconnecting stays haven t contacted their support line because I don t pay the bill and I m not sure if I can In any event I d rather look into it myself first but I m really not sure where to start Nothing unusual turns up in Netalyzr reports or tracerts to game servers I m not experiencing packet loss and my ping remains very stable It doesn t even spike before the disconnection occurs I view every technical hiccup Frequent disconnecting in online games (internet stays on) as a learning experience-- so if anyone could provide me with a starting point I d really appreciate it Edit I ve also checked for malware with MWB and AVG and everything s clean Edit This is happening Frequent disconnecting in online games (internet stays on) over a wired connection I don t have any other devices to test otherwise my desktop does not support Wifi nbsp
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Hi all I've only begun experiencing this issue in the past month I took a Online Games (Internet Remainin Disconnecting Connection in Frequently few months off from online gaming in general and returned to strange connectivity issues It's happened in FFXIV Diablo Path of Exile and Borderlands My internet's never been the best a measly mbps but it's always been extremely stable while gaming until now What happens is I will suddenly be disconnected from the game's servers I'm not always running other applications but when I am Skype or Pandora through my browser I don't lose connection with those services My internet doesn't really disconnect but I can't keep in contact with the servers for Frequently Disconnecting in Online Games (Internet Connection Remainin long This usually happens every minutes or so Connecting through a VPN WTFast helps it occur less but it does happen from time Frequently Disconnecting in Online Games (Internet Connection Remainin to time I've tried disabling my software firewall AVG but it doesn't help The router firewall is disabled and I've forwarded appropriate ports for the games I'm playing Granted my router is VERY OLD It's possible that it's failing but I'd rather troubleshoot the issue before throwing money at the problem It's a Westell A - - My ISP is Verizon I haven't contacted their support line because I don't pay the bill and I'm not sure if I can In any event I'd rather look into it myself first but I'm really not sure where to start Nothing unusual turns up in Netalyzr reports or tracerts to game servers I'm not experiencing packet loss and my ping remains very stable It doesn't even spike before the disconnection occurs I view every technical hiccup as a learning experience-- so if anyone could provide me with a starting point I'd really appreciate it Edit I've also checked for malware with MWB and AVG and everything's clean Edit This is happening over a wired connection I don't have any other devices to test otherwise my desktop does not support Wifi Edit Sorry for the weird title I've been posting this on a variety of forums to try to get help and didn't realize it wouldn't fit here until it was too late
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The integrated Mail app in Windows 8.1 64 bits French Canada keeps disconnecting...
A Microsoft account (Hotmail account) is used to logon to the machine (to open up a Windows 8.1 user session), at this point all works well.
If I start the integrated Mail app (same user account as the one that logged on to a Windows session) it does not connect. It has message something like... "service not available". It never ever connects.
If I remove the Mail app account and then recreate the Mail, all works fine until the machine is rebooted. At this point, no connection for the Mail app.
Please help!

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Every time I connect my external usb hdd to backup something,when I try to eject the drive(safely remove hardware),windows always says that the drive is used by something and will not allow me to safely disconnect the hdd.

If I just connect the drive and then disconnect it with "safely remove hardware",then it's fine but if I do some copy=>pasting,I have to set the drive to offline from device manager to be able to use "safely remove hardware"

It's 2TB "TOSHIBA External USB 3.0 USB Device" and when I check with Process Hacker,nothing is using the hdd.
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Hello I've searched the internet and I can't find a solution for this I have several USB external hard drives and they all seem to exhibit this transfers File disconnecting 3.0 through keep USB problem First I had a Western Digital MyPassport SE TB with USB Transfers of GB or less are usually fine but once it gets higher than that the drive disconnects It disconnects before the transfer is complete usually disconnecting about seconds after transfer begins I thought something was wrong with the hard drive so I had File transfers through USB 3.0 keep disconnecting it RMAd New drive came back and still didn't work This year's Black Friday gave me a Western Digital Elements TB also with USB capabilities Same as before files bigger than GB will not transfer And yesterday I was graced with a Western Digital MyPassport TB but unfortunately the same problem occurs For all of these drives I can transfer large files through USB connections no problem I would be happy with this but I was really looking forward to using my computer's USB connection for the faster speeds I've tried updating drivers for the port but I still have the problem Does anyone have any suggestions Here are links to the hard drives Western Digital MyPassport SE TB mine was new Newegg com - Refurbished Western Digital My Passport Essential SE TB USB amp USB Black Portable Hard Drive WDBACX BBK Western Digital MyPassport TB Newegg com - Western Digital My Passport TB USB amp USB Portable Hard Drive WDBY L BBK-NESN Western Digital Elements SE TB Newegg com - Western Digital Elements SE TB USB Portable Hard Drive WDBPCK BBK-NESN Here is the link to my laptop ASUS - Notebooks- ASUS U E I have the i CPU and Windows Home Premium

A:File transfers through USB 3.0 keep disconnecting

why not have a look at my paste "My Method to fix the windows 7 mouse randomly freezing issue "
I think you can not use usb3.0 now, I might be wrong.
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That's pretty much it, Although I did have an issue with the sound too but I fixed it when I installed VIA Hd Audio, I've never gotten my mic to work however.

I'm using a headset (Turtle Beach X12) The mix definitely does work, I can hear myself talk through my headset.
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Hi, whenever I connect a USB device,and disconnect it, I get a BSOD, this is a very annoying problem since I can't have my PC shutting down every time i unplug my phone from it... can anyone help ?
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To clarify, my laptop Lenovo Y510p is able to connect wifi by it self, but it's wireless card is 802.11n, it only can use 2.4 ghz. So i decide to add a wifi adapter D-link DWA 160,  with updated driver. And every time i use the adapter to wifi, it disable
itself from laptop, also a lot of time it disconnect even i was not using it. when i open the change adapter setting, the adapter go 1) attempting to authenticate 2)enable 3) disable 4) gone for 1 second and back to attempting to authenticate again. The entire
process only need 5 second. And i want it to stop doing that.Please Help
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Hi, Ive been having this problem for 2 days now.

I would connect to my Wi-Fi and use the internet normally.

But after 1-3 minutes, the connection would disconnect

Whenever I try to reconnect, it tells me that "Windows was unable to connect to (Network SSID)"

My network adapter is called: " Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 "

My driver version is

A:Wi-Fi connection keeps disconnecting

Do you have the same issue when you are hard wired? Meaning, connect your modem directly into the computer, and see if you have a stable connection? If the drops continue, you may wish to call your ISP (after making sure all your connections are secure).

Does the issue only happen when you are wireless? You may wish to check the firmware on your router and/or reset it to factory defaults. How to do this is fairly easy, but, varies from router to router. Netgear is a good easy example, and there are a lot of negear's out there so, we may get lucky and that's what you have!

in your address bar (where it currently says etc type then hit enter
a box should pop up asking for a username and password. Unless you've changed it, on netgear that should be admin/password

you will then be in your router's web interface. With a netgear, typically the first thing it will do is prompt you if a firmware update is available. If it it, please, allow it to update!

Once the update is finished, go to your wireless options (use the navigation on the left of the page) and change your channel from "auto" to 6 or 9. You may be getting interference from other wireless devices, and channels 6 and 9 tend to be less prone to that.

If all this does not work, under administration you'll see a factory reset option, reset your router to factory settings. Once you do so, you'll be back to your default username and password (SSID and passphrase). Look for a sticker on the bottom of your router for that info. If you are now stable, then, reset your username and password to what you want them to be.
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windows fails to restore normal network after disconnecting from a VPN network, the PPP adapter which represent VPN connection stays in the interface list even after disconnection. system has no network access to anywhere.

a. Win 7 Pro x64 Client computer in a home network without any corporate firewall software connects successfully to VPN using windows VPN connection. (Rasdial)
b. after disconnecting from VPN, client lost internet and local connections.
c. ipconfig -all shows PPP adapter (VPN) still exits as an network interface in nonoperational state.
d. pinging any ip address except localhost results in "no resources" error.
e. trying to dial VPN again results in "element not found" error.

Solutions I tried so far:
ipconfig -release and ipconfig -renew.
Disable / Enable Wireless Adapter.
rasdial "vpn connection" /d

currently the only solution is restarting the PC after each VPN usage which is very frustrating.
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I recently brought acer window 10 it its often disconnecting from wifi service and showing no service available once again I restart itscnnecting back , very 20mins once it doing like this. please show some suggestion on this
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I have read a lot of posts on this but here is my problem I am using Windows nbsp I have a Western Digital My Book World TB NAS nbsp nbsp The drive is mapped correctly Windows Still Drive Mapped (Always) to 7 Not Reconnecting nbsp I have added credentials nbsp through the credentials manager in the Control Panel nbsp The credentials are being remembered after logoff shut-down and re-boot nbsp nbsp If I shut-down and re-boot immediately or perhaps within a hour period the machine will reconnect to the nbsp mapped drive nbsp at logon nbsp However if more than hours elapses between shut-down and re-boot I get the now-very-familiar quot could not nbsp connect to all network drives quot message and nbsp both folders of the NAS are nbsp shown to be disconnected in nbsp Computer nbsp Of course a click on the correct folder will connect nbsp That is a pain and the rest of my family that uses this computer will not remember to do this every time nbsp It becomes quite a mess nbsp if iTunes is loaded with the NAS disconnected since the music library obviously will not load and will then need to be re-selected the next time the program is started nbsp I nbsp do not expect the other family members to be nbsp able to remember each of these steps nbsp Thus does anyone know Windows 7 Still Not (Always) Reconnecting to Mapped Drive each and every thing that must be done in Windows to ensure that the mapped network drive will perpetually reconnect at logon nbsp I say quot each and every thing quot because Windows 7 Still Not (Always) Reconnecting to Mapped Drive I have found that this is a highly nbsp iterative process nbsp I keep discovering additional steps that need to be taken upon further and further quot research quot nbsp There must be a more intuitive approach Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Windows 7 Still Not (Always) Reconnecting to Mapped Drive

If WD cannot help on it, there is a workaround we can try. You may open Notepad and paste the following commands into Notepad.
net use [driveletter]: /delete net use [driveletter]: \\server\share /user:[username] password /persistent:yes
Please save this Notepad to a location with a name reconnect.bat.
Then, launch Task Scheduler, you may create scheduled task to run this *.bat file. Probably you can set it to run after several hours.
For more information regarding the “net use” command, please refer:
Technet Library - Net useArthur Xie - MSFT
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I have searched intesively for a solution to this problem but no thread quite helped it I have and older custom build gaming pc that has slowed down lately I reinstalled windows clean instalation and it worked for a while and now it slows down again startup is really slow for the ammount of programs installed on the pc My problem is that sometimes my wired keyboard randomly disconnects Keyboard keeps disconnecting lagging my computer for a brief moment and then it reconnects If i am in a game after the keyboard reconnects i have to pres the button i was pressing when it disconnected for it to register Keyboard keeps disconnecting again button remains pressed after the disconnect Could anyone help me with this I have already tried the following -Change the usb ports to see if it is a usb power shortage mouse workes fine on any usb the keyboard disconnects on any usb -Disable the disconnecting for power saving by windows in the devices- gt usb keyboard properties i have about device functions HID Keyboard device HID compliant mouse identical USB Input devices with the exact same location quot d quot a HID Compliant consumer control device and a USB Composite device so i do not really know wich one to disable or enable As i said the other devices are working properly and i really think this is a software issue because of the huge clog of functions each device has I perofrmed the windows install under a month ago and everything is up to date My keyboard is a NateC Genesis A with no driver or anything else for that matter I wonder if it is not a problem from my SteelSeries Rival Gaming mouse as i started to get theese issues since i installed it's drivers I would preffer to not uninstall the drivers for the mouse as there may be another quicker and easier fix

A:Keyboard keeps disconnecting

Can you try another USB keyboard to determine it is not at fault?

One cool thing to have in your toolbox is a copy of Tool/wiz TimeFreeze

It is free and is a good way to test things if you want to keep your system the same after the test. After install let is sit in the tray. When you need it, open the window from the Tray Icon and activate it. Install/Uninstall programs, drivers, whatever to see what happens. To undo all changes just reboot.
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Hi Guys,

I have just recently bought a Windows 8 Laptop from my mates computer shop. It seemed fine for a while and then its suddenly started dropping out on wireless internet connection.

It does load back up onto the wireless connection but not for long.

My mate said it could have been the router in the house but others have said otherwise.

Any recommendations?


A:My WiFi Keeps Disconnecting On My Laptop

Make sure any power saving and/or sleep functions for the adapter are turned off in Device Manager and also in Advanced Power settings.
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My WD External Hard drive keeps connecting and disconnecting every second or so. I already went into power settings and disabled the USB selective suspend settings but that didnt solve the problem. I also went into the device manager and unchecked the option to allow the computer to turn of this device to save power option but no luck there either.

A:WD External Hard drive keeps connecting and disconnecting

Hello kieron22!
I'm sorry for your problem with a WD external!
Which model is it, a My Passport (which one?), a My Book?
You could try using a different USB cable, a new one, then on every port ? USB 3.0 and 2.0, then on another system. Does the same issue occur everywhere? Doyou hear clicking from the drive or any other unusual sounds? Any error messages? How is the drive's performance? Please use the WD Data Lifeguard software (Support Answers) and check the drive's SMART values, post the results here. Please, be careful not to post the drive's serial number, too!
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Okey, Hello guys, this seems decent forums to ask for help...

Im using portatable Modem Huawei something ( not important )
Stable 4g internet, fast and lovely.
My problem is that my internet connection just randomly disconnects for maybe a minute or 2 and reconnects, sometimes, but very rarely it doesnt disconnect but pops up this on network. Trouble shooting shows me that win cant connect to DNS server. It happens very often when im downloading/uploading torrents, lil less often when playing Games like League of Legends. THis can happen maybe twice a day, or even twice in 10minutes. Ive reinstalled windows, doesnt help, ive used 2 diferent modems, doesnt help, So i have no idea where to go on from here. Im certain it has trouble uploading data... I would really like to have help with this as on some other forums, nobody even tries to help. Ask me for more info or anything i can supply you with.

A:Internet Disconnecting

Open Device Manager, expand Network Adapters. Post a screen capture here.

Do the following twice. Once when all is working correctly. Capture data and save.
Do again when it's not working. Post both results in a reply here.

Open a Elevated Command Prompt:

Press WIN + X to open Start context menu.
Select Command Prompt (Admin)​.

Paste the following into the Command Prompt window, exactly as shown, including double quotes:

cmd /c "ipconfig /all > postme.txt & ping >> postme.txt & reg query "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" | find /i "proxy" >> postme.txt & notepad postme.txt & del postme.txt"

and press ENTER.

A file will open in Notepad. Please copy and paste the contents here. Close the Notepad window and the file will be deleted and the Command Prompt window will also close. Post results in a reply here.
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Hi Something strange is happening to my surface pro running windows Pro bit At first I was trying to surf on the dropping reconnecting keeps wifi surface manually after pro 3 on net and received something like server connections timed out I then checked on my wifi status by hovering my mouse over the wifi icon at the system tray and it said quot internet access quot This is usually a good sign But still unable to load any external pages on the firefox browser I then had to run the diagnosis over the wifi network and the wifi came back alive By the way by disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi wouldn't fix the internet connection issue after minutes or so the internet was down again I had to run diagnosis over the wifi network and it worked wifi keeps dropping after reconnecting manually on surface pro 3 again After this I tried to check to see if there was any updates that I need wifi keeps dropping after reconnecting manually on surface pro 3 to install I found that it's in the middle of downloading quot upgrade to windows pro version quot This is the latest major upgrade from Microsoft By now I kinda got tired of running diagnosis on the wifi network I got to hook it up with the ethernet wire connection Now I can access the Internet and the windows update started downloading without any interruption But I can't rely on the ethernet cable for the stable internet connection My question is would this wifi dropout issue be caused by this windows update download Or are there any tweaks that you may suggest I should try By the way I have also disabled Hyper-V on this machine Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers

A:wifi keeps dropping after reconnecting manually on surface pro 3

If it is only with Windows 10 that it is dropping connections, but not in Windows 8.1. You are one of many that Microsoft is not supporting for that unit.

The Surface 3 Pro has had more problems with it, then Windows. Majority of them are power plug adapter problems. It does not surprise me that Microsoft is forcing users to upgrade to their newer model.

A lot of people are going with the Lenovo Yoga, because it has better support and a whole lot cheaper.
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ok so im sure you have seen this all before its a common issue but a long time ago i have fixed this issue but i forgot how i have already tried all the fixes i could find on the internet i disabled quot Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power quot on every port i also went to power settings and disabled use selective suspend setting on EVERY POWER PROFILE and i also updated the usb extensible drivers and the intel series intel chipset drivers but everytime i disconnecting drive USB keeps i move reconnecting files 3.0 and when plug my external HDD to my new laptop the first port sometimes just keep connecting and disconnecting instantly and on the second port it connects and stay connected but if i move a big file it will start flickering on and off small files i can move and yes i know about the radiation USB 3.0 drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when i move files that devices output and i have moved the drive away from the laptop last step is to disable wifi and try again didnt work ps usb ports work fine

A:USB 3.0 drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when i move files

Dell inspiron USB 3.0 Problem - YouTube

i have this problem whenever i connect a usb 3 on a usb 3 port. Is it the same thing?
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So I took the plunge and updated to Windows 10 from 8.1. I did the FULL install, wiped my hard drive completely before installing Windows 10.

Everything is great, I really do like it.

But the WiFi keeps dropping and its extraordinarily aggravating.

I searched all over the internet with no solution in sight.

When this happens, I try to keep re-connecting it and it connects but then after awhile, it will just stop trying and I get the "System Broker has stopped working" as well as the "Network UX Broker has stopped working" error message.

Has anyone found a solution? I tried installing the WiFi drivers again and again but still nothing helping. I really think its a Windows issue that needs to be addressed via an update. I do have the latest updates installed as well.

The machine in question is a Lenovo Z710 IdeaPad with the Intel Wireless AC 7260 NIC.

A:WiFi keeps disconnecting

If you have a separate sound card as well as Wi-Fi, update the drivers for it also.
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So I have this pretty sweet flash drive GB and USB I used it for a while but it wasn't fast enough so I enabled write caching The downside to write caching is that unplugging the flash drive without ejecting is more dangerous I don't know if this was the problem or even when the problem started but one day my flash drive stopped working A while later it started saying it was unformatted I forgot what I did But today I went to format it After plugging it in the quot You need to format this drive to format it Would you like to do that now quot popped up I closed it then it popped up again And again And again and again and again These windows also interuppted whatever I was doing being thrusted on top of all the other windows Also they happened every single second reconnecting second. disconnecting every Flash and keeps drive On quot Computer quot I could see my flash drive disappearing and reappearing for a Flash drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every second. brief moment every second System Specs Intel i - M CPU GHz Intel HD Flash drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every second. Graphics Jealous GB RAM Windows professional service pack TOSHIBA Flash drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every second. Laptop DXDiag Pastebin com I recently enabled my paging file if that means anything That's all I can remember doing I'm pretty much unable to do anything with the drive because I only have time to type one letter before yet another formatting window pops up Also the drive keeps disconnecting or something so any formats will fail I have used a USB SSD and other flash drive today and they both worked fine

A:Flash drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every second.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
What exact model flash drive sweet is not a specific description

I'd say the error would most like say must initialize caused by not properly removing the device
let windows initialize it you pretty much have no choice as far as I know :/
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Hi i just got an ipod today and when i try to plug it in to the pc it will disconnect itself after like 5 seconds. I tried on my neices laptop what still has vista and it works fine. Anyone know a fix for this?

A:Ipod keeps disconnecting itself

Hmmm this isnt a windows 7 thing. I tried to disable/enable something to fix it on my neices laptop and it disconnected itself.
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I recently made a new computer and its unplugging my computer and replugging it when I plug in my headphones into the front panel. When I connect the headphones to the motherboard in the back it works fine.
This wasnt an issue before so I suspect its nothing with wrong with hardware unless I am mistaken. What could be the problem?

-thank you

A:Audio jack disconnecting/reconnecting glitch

Sounds like a problem, either with the front panel assembly on the case or the wiring/connection to the motherboard from the front panel. If your case, like many, came with two audio connectors (AC97 and HD Audio), you should be using the HDAudio. However, if it has both and the HDAudio is what you are now using, try the AC97 to see if it makes a difference. The HDAudio has sensing (when a headset is plugged in or out) that the AC97 does not have.

If this is not the issue, please expand on the problem.
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Hi, my laptop wifi disconnects many times and I usually receive low internet speed whereas other devices in the same network work very well. It's just my laptop.

I receive errors like these: dns_probe_finished_nxdomain, dns_probe_finished_no_internet, err_network_changed and etc.

I use Chrome. I tried resetting browser several times, but no success yet. I have also tried flushing dns and resetting proxy settings. Please help me solve this problem. Your help highly appreciated.

Here are the attached files:
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My set up was working fine & then it suddenly stopped working
I am running Win 10 on my desktop with a DVI cable to my monitor & an HDMI cable to a Kramer switch box which then goes to my projector
I can boot up fine, & run my projection software, but as soon as I turn the Kramer on, my screen goes black & it says there is no DVI link.
If I right click to bring up the Display Settings I only see one monitor

help... I need somebody

A:monitor disconnecting

Originally Posted by mbells

I am running Win 10 on my desktop with a DVI cable to my monitor & an HDMI cable to a Kramer switch box which then goes to my projector
I can boot up fine, & run my projection software, but as soon as I turn the Kramer on, my screen goes black & it says there is no DVI link.
If I right click to bring up the Display Settings I only see one monitor

help... I need somebody

I have double checked that Win 10 is uptodate
& have reinstalled the mostb recent video drivers for the geforce GT 740