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New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work

Q: New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work

I just bought a new computer from Acer it was fitted with Work New Want Card To Graphics Suddenly Doesn't Nvidia s Geforce G since I had a GT lying around I placed it in the computer It worked for about a week then suddenly quit When I hit the power button the fans start turning but the monitor says there s no video input I thought it was the GT that New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work was malfunctioning so I fit it into my other rig surprisingly enough New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work it still works The new New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work Acer computer still works with onboard graphics though I bought the Acer M Here s the link to the computer s page http www acer com sg acer product d e c att amp ctx att k amp CRC Here are the computer s specs Intel G Express Chipset Intel Core Quad Processor Q GHz MB L Cache FSB GB Ram GB S-ATA HDD Nvidia GeForce G Acer said it was quot Probably incompatible with the motherboard quot I doubt so since it worked for a week nbsp

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Preferred Solution: New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have lost my cd rom windows will not acknowledge that it is there although on start up is is shown as being found. thanks for the help with the video card.

A:lost cd-romdrive while installing graphics card card doesn,t work right either

Welcome to the forum Ray and Julia,

Recheck all the cables and make sure they are plugged in properly.

When you install a new video card you have to remove ALL drivers for the old card.
Uninstall the drivers for the old card in Add/Remove Programs and if you don't have the option there, check in Control Panel/Device Manager and make sure there are not 2 cards showing under Display Adapters. If the old one is still showing, Highlight it and click Remove.

Uninstall the new video card drivers, restart then re-install the new drivers.
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I connected a gtx 750 it frozr to my hp xw 8400 workstation, when i powered everything it didn't boot and there was a red light and 6 beeps in  a row (graphics card not detected).  How is this possible that it can't detect my graphics card??
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We've recently had a new graphics card installed, GeForce 220, and are having problems viewing on the TV. When we start the computer we can see it loading up, but when it finishes and gets to the desktop the screen will go blank and we can't see anything. The computer is no forced to use the VGA and we can't watch any videos, DVDs etc. The computer will not recognize the TV if we have both the TV and a monitor. We have tried other tvs/monitors and the video card is working properly so we figure it is the tv being a 720, anyone have any solutions/suggestions for me that don't involve buying a new TV? Oh we are running Vista 32bit. Thanks!

A:new graphics card doesn't work with 720 TV

hm... did you update the drivers? or try it in safe mode?
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I connected a gtx 750 it frozr to my hp xw 8400 workstation, when i powered everything it didn't boot and there was a red light and 6 beeps in  a row (graphics card not detected).  How is this possible that it can't detect my graphics card??
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Hey guys Mettalknight here

I recently bought a new Graphics Card (A Powercolor HD7750 Pic) this graphics card has 1 HDMI 1 VGA and 1 DVI slot. My old graphics card had the same setup so I thought no problem I will just take my 2 vga monitors and since I already have a converter it will work no problem right? Well I was wrong on that one. So my VGA monitor now works but the one that is converting from DVI to VGA doesn't. Is there any way to fix this? Do I need to go out and buy a new converter?

Thanks a lot for the help!

A:Got a new graphics card and now my second monitor doesn't work

The problem is that the new card is DVI only on the DVI port. Also what you are connecting with is not a converter but an adapter. An actual DVI to VGA converter can cost upwards of $100 or more, where the adapters are a couple of dollars at most.

Sounds like your old card (what was it by the way?) was intended to do VGA over the DVI port in addition to the native VGA port. Unfortuneatly there is much you can do in this regard as very few if any cards made recently do more than VGA from one port, either native or via DVI adapter.
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i have put my graphics card in and than clocked my integrated one. then i found out taht the SiS card sucks and i tried to get my geforce back inside. oh and it says SATA device not found even though i installed a new SATA driver from SiS
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hey guys,
yesterday i bought a new Nvidia XFX 7600gt AGP to replace my old 5200 AGP and i got 512mb ram to up my gaming performance. I put these into my computer, the correct slots and everything, plugged my comp back in with the new adapter from the comp to monitor and then the problem began. The computer booted up, and the monitor had power, but nothing was displayed on the screen. Instead of a green light on the monitor, there is an amber one like when it's in standby. I'm baffled.
My specs are:
Intel Pentium 4 3CPUS
Previously had 512mb ram, just put another 512 in.
Previously had 5200 AGP, just put in a 7600GT AGP.

Any help would be appreciated!
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I m trying to figure out if my problem is my graphics card EVGA GTX GB or my motherboard Biostar TZ A LGA This computer is a brand new build Please click my system specs for more details I have two PCI-E slots There is one x slot and one x slot of the time my machine freezes a few seconds after powering card in work, in Graphics x4 ?? fine works x16 PCI-E doesn't the slot on at the Graphics card in PCI-E x16 doesn't work, works fine in the x4 slot ?? BIOS logo screen or a few seconds after that while inserted in the x slot Sometimes it works however yet it is so infrequently that I ve given up on the x slot for now It will even freeze after I ve entered my BIOS settings page even just while browsing around in it The same graphics card in my PCI-E x slot works fine if you ignore the fact that it s running at it s potential speed At least I can boot the machine up I ve spoken with a few different professionals about this and the conclusion is that my problem lies either a with my PCI-E x slot or b with my GTX Apparently the graphics card COULD work just fine in the x slot and still be damaged Now I know that you re going to tell me to try a different card in my computer or try the card in a different computer However that isn t practical for me at the moment I was wondering what you guys think or if anyone has experience with this first-hand What are you leaning towards Mobo or Gfx card nbsp

A:Graphics card in PCI-E x16 doesn't work, works fine in the x4 slot ??

Should also have mentioned that I've run three passes with Memtest86 without any errors.
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I have a Dimension computer and recently purchased a Radeon graphics card After installing the card all I get on my monitor is quot No Signal quot Is this a compatible card for this computer And if it is any suggestions as to what might resolve 9100 work, 4400, Graphics Dimension card doesn't Radeon this issue Thanks y all After chatting with Dell Support they say that my system may not be compatible with MB card However when I search their parts and upgrades for my computer all the graphics cards they recommend are MB MB even MB cards Now if my system won t handle those cards then why do they recommend them as upgrades When I Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100 asked that to the dell chat rep he said I d have to contact Dell Solution Station which of course I d then have to pay them to use Man I m really about to get fed up with Dell So does anyone know if this is true Will the MB card not work in my system if my system is set for MB nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100

The memory located on the video card is separate from the computers system memory. The set 64MB memory, is on-board graphics memory. You should turn the on-board graphics in the bios off before you install a graphics card
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and the DVD burner wont burn via windows XP I have to use quot drag and drop CD-DVD quot from sony to burn a cd This all happened on the same day Something is attacking drivers and softwars programs Here is the log from the Panda Scan lt quote gt Incident Status Location Potentially unwanted tool Application PRScheduler Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Start Menu Programs Startup PowerReg Scheduler exe Adware adware azesearch Not disinfected c windows system ztoolbar bmp Adware adware dollarrevenue Not disinfected c windows keyboard not work, com graphics Programs card wont doesn't load, working... port dat Adware adware cydoor Not disinfected c windows cdmxtras Potentially unwanted tool application need find Not disinfected hkey local machine software microsoft windows currentversion uninstall Need FindBar Uninstall Potentially unwanted tool application altnet Not disinfected hkey local machine software Altnet Adware adware getup Not disinfected Windows Registry Adware adware powerscan Not disinfected Windows Registry Virus bck bagz ab Disinfected Operating system Adware adware instafinder Not Programs wont load, graphics card doesn't work, com port not working... disinfected Windows Registry Hacktool exploit mhtredir gen Not disinfected HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Microsoft Code Store Programs wont load, graphics card doesn't work, com port not working... Database Distribution Units - - - - Spyware Cookie o Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Checkout Cookies checkout o Programs wont load, graphics card doesn't work, com port not working... txt Spyware Cookie Atwola Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Checkout Cookies checkout atwola txt Spyware Cookie Doubleclick Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Checkout Cookies checkout doubleclick txt Spyware Cookie Statcounter Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Checkout Cookies checkout statcounter txt Spyware Cookie Atwola Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Guest CREATIVE Cookies guest atwola txt Spyware Cookie WebtrendsLive Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt statse webtrendslive com Spyware Cookie Com com Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt com com Spyware Cookie Atwola Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt atwola com Spyware Cookie o Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt o net Spyware Cookie Atlas DMT Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt atdmt com Spyware Cookie Mediaplex Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt mediaplex com Spyware Cookie o Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt o net Spyware Cookie PointRoll Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt ads pointroll com Spyware Cookie Advertising Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt advertising com Spyware Cookie o Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt o net Spyware Cookie Tribalfusion Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt tribalfusion com Spyware Cookie Zedo Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt zedo com Spyware Cookie Advertising Not disinfected C Documents and Settings Katie Application Data Mozilla Profiles default eu b g m slt cookies txt advertising com Spyware Cookie o Not disinfected C Docu... Read more

A:Programs wont load, graphics card doesn't work, com port not working...

Update. AVG free is finding nothing. Ad-Aware SE would hang up on me but I think the panda scan took care of that because I ran ad-aware again and it ran through to completion... however it didn't fix any problems.
My Pole Display for our store is not working from the COM port.
My Graphics card isn't giving me the technicolor display anymore because I disabled it, but of course now I can't play games without the hardware acceleration. When I enable it and start the system over it does it all over again.
Generally comp runs slow... When I go to shut down I have to close lots of dll file programs. On start up I get pop ups.

Please help...

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I use to always connect my dell notebook computer with windows vista to my tv display with a vga cord. Then the other night, all of a sudden in the middle of a movie, it lost connection and I haven't been able to get it back up since. My computer actually detects the TV. I know this because I go into NVIDIO command center to select the different options. I still get nothing displayed on the TV when I select mirror or extend.

I've tried everything within display settings and widows mobility center and fn+f8. I've also updated my NVIDIA driver. Still doesn't work. I know its not the TV or the cable because a different dell laptop works fine with it. Its just plug and play (like mine use to be).

Think anything got uninstalled? Or a setting was changed? Help. Thanks!

A:vga out to TV suddenly doesn't work

Could you please check Device Manger if there are any Warning Signs or Red X's If so please Reinstall those Drivers

Many Thanks,
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Yesterday March Microsoft Expression Web stopped working It crashes immediately after the original splash window opens This happens using the free EW version and it happens using the quot WebStudio Trial quot only if you apply SP When it happened on my Win triple too) doesn't 7 MS Web 4 Expression (Win work Suddenly boot partition I went back to my Win partition with the same result Its interesting that the latest versions of EW work well in my Win partition and Virtual Box Win running in Win Therefore my assumption is that a recent Win and Win update has caused this problem Since EW is only on quot long term quot support MS may not be very interested in this problem I find EW Suddenly MS Expression Web 4 doesn't work (Win 7 too) is an excellent free super code editor for website development and would hate to have to Suddenly MS Expression Web 4 doesn't work (Win 7 too) find an alternative I found this page with suggested fixes but they didn't work Causes for Expression Web Crashing - Ruminations from the Expression Web support team - Site Home - MSDN Blogs My work-around is to use the WebStudio trial version of EW without SP Any suggestions would be appreciated

A:Suddenly MS Expression Web 4 doesn't work (Win 7 too)

I just checked mine on Win7 and didn't see a problem. I haven't put it on Win8.1 yet. I would wonder if the Folder it opens in has been changed, moved or deleted. Mine is C:\Users\Berton\Documents\My Web Sites\\WWW\
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Hey everyone I m in dire need computer to card up fine graphics Graphics post monitor, my doesn't boots any of some help with my PC The computer turns on fine and boots up can hear the windows start up tune Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine but I can t see anything on the monitor Here s the details I was playing a computer game on friday and during that it crashed I have no idea if this is when things started or not but I restarted and it was fine On sunday I had another crash only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor about inches apart in a perfect pattern When I restarted there were no graphics on the monitor The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode I took the computer apart unplugged everything and put it all back together and for whatever reason it worked fine for about hours The next day I turned the computer on and it loaded fine but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern These were flickering furiosly I tried restarting my computer and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor However the computer booted up fine and I heard the start up tune and minutes later I shut it down by pressing the quot Power Off quot button on my keyboard I tried another monitor and again got nothing I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again only this time it didn t help I ve taken my graphics card out put it back in used both the monitor cable ports left the computer off all night without the power cable in and I can t get anywhere I ve taken my old card GeForce GTX out and borrowed my landlords GTX which is working fine at the moment I would go and buy a new card but I don t want to risk this happening again if I don t know why it s happening Fingers crossed I don t break my landlords graphics card by putting it in my pc I would like to know what s causing this if it is my graphics card or whether my motherboard will just start eating future graphics cards A friend of mine had a scenario not long ago where his motherboard kept breaking his graphics cards some how How would I know it would be safe to splash out on a new card My computer worked fine for years until now I d also like to point out that the fans didn t go into faster mode at any point they all remained pretty calm so I don t think it was overheating My computer s spec is OS Windows XP GPU GeForce gtx DVD Sony DVD-RW Q A Networking Nvidia nForce Networking Controller Processor Intel r Core tm Quad CPU GHz Motherboard nForce i SLI PSU Enermax Galaxy watt Thank you everyone nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.
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I made a thread about work anymore? Laptop suddenly doesn't my issue on Laptop suddenly doesn't work anymore? another forum topic and I was redirected here My Problem http www techsupportforum com foru ml post So I did every step that I needed to do - here are the results Attach zip contains Attach txt and ARK txt Btw thanks alot for helping me D My DDS txt DDS Ver - - - NTFS x NETWORK Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by yasemin at on - - Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files LogMeIn Hamachi hamachi- exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users yasemin Documents Contacts Downloads gmer gmer exe C Windows system conime exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page about blank mStart Page about blank uSearchURL Default hxxp www google com search q s mSearchAssistant Google mCustomizeSearch Google BHO Search Helper EBF - F- bff-A F-B E AAC B - c program files microsoft search enhancement pack search helper SEPsearchhelperie dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - c program files java jre bin ssv dll BHO ShowBarObj Class A F B - A - AA - D - B B E - c program files acer empowering technology edatasecurity x ActiveToolBand dll BHO Windows Live Aanmelden - Help D - C - ABF- ECC- C - c program files common files microsoft shared windows live WindowsLiveLogin dll BHO Norton Identity Protection AB C -A EC- f-B FE- B B A F - c program files norton identity safe engine CoIEPlg dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO HP Smart BHO Class FFFFFFFF-CF E- F B-BDC - E E A - c program files hp digital imaging smart web printing hpswp BHO dll TB Norton Identity Safe Toolbar A C - D - BF -BC D- C - c program files norton identity safe engine CoIEPlg dll TB Acer eDataSecurity Management CBE B C- E - e-A DD- DB E - c program files acer empowering technology edatasecurity x eDStoolbar dll TB Norton Identity Safe Toolbar A C - D - bf -BC D- C - c program files norton identity safe engine CoIEPlg dll uRun WMPNSCFG c program files windows media player WMPNSCFG exe uRun CCleaner Monitoring quot c program files ccleaner CCleaner exe quot MONITOR uRun ehTray exe c windows ehome ehTray exe uRunOnce Report c adwcleaner AdwCleaner S txt mRun NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE c windows system NvCpl dll NvStartup mRun NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE c windows system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit mRun PLFSetI c windows PLFSetI exe mRun Microsoft Default Manager quot c program files microsoft search enhancement pack default manager DefMgr exe quot -resume mRun SynTPEnh c program files synaptics syntp SynTPEnh exe mRun IAAnotif c program files intel intel matrix storage manager iaanotif exe mRun ePower DMC c program files acer empowering technology epower ePower DMC exe mRun eAudio quot c program files acer empowering technology eaudio eAudio exe quot uPolicies-Explorer NoDrives dword mPolicies-Explorer NoDrives dword mPolicies-System EnableUIADesktopToggle dword IE Add to Google Photos Screensa amp ver - c windows system GPhotos scr IE Free YouTube to MP Converter - c users yasemin appdata roaming dvdvideosoftiehelpers freeyoutubetomp converter htm IE C - F F- d -B C- C DFE - c program files acer acer bio protection PwdBank exe IE C - CB - a-A C -D FCDDC D - F B - A - F - DB-E F AEC - c program files windows live writer WriterBrowserExtension dll IE A- - f c- - EE C C - E -E D - - C-F F E C - c program files microsoft offic... Read more

A:Laptop suddenly doesn't work anymore?


Hi and welcome to TSF.

I am currently reviewing your logs. Please note that this is under the supervision of an expert analyst, and I will be back with a fix for your problem as soon as possible.

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I have IBM GB RPM ATA If I remember correct the name of HD is IBM Deskstar GXP or something like that I m using Windows SP I have partitions C amp D GB on each partiton Ok so I bought this HD with my computer a year ago or so I didn t have any special problems So one day I restart my computer suddenly I see everything runs VERY slow I enter quot My Computer quot it takes about - secs just to see what s in it Then I enter C everything fine running a bit slow I try to enter D it loads for a while secs and then it writes me the message The disk in Drive D is not formatted Do you want to format it now Ok so first what is this problem Is it hardware related The HD is ed up or could it be Windows problem or a virus or something Problem: work doesn't partition Suddenly HD a What about the stuff in D is it lost What should I do now The stuff on C is important for me so I don t want to lose it Please help thanks in advance nbsp

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Problem signature Problem Event Name BEX Application Name chrome exe Application Version Application Timestamp ba e Fault Module Name StackHash Fault Module Version Additional Information Additional Information d e f c b f f ea Additional Information bf a Additional Information bf aa c | Error browser BEX All doesn't suddenly work d bd baa e a aed c Hi every one This problem appears to be common i found lots of threads with this issue but no real solution Few weaks ago i encounter similar problem but then All browser suddenly doesn't work | BEX Error only of the time the browser didn't launch crushed this time i can't get chrome firefox rolling and IE also crushes All browser suddenly doesn't work | BEX Error often this site for example crushed times I didn't installed any program before just got up at the morning and no browser working properly What i've tried so far Unistall Norton as one suggest at other forum Uninstall Chrome and reinstall it Reboot computer So if anyone of you guys think he know what cause this problem please let me know as others can benefit from it also I'll really appreciate that Thank you Yaakov

A:All browser suddenly doesn't work | BEX Error

Do a System Restore prior to problem. After that, run Windows Updates.
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I have recently bought a computer for my work. I have installed all of my programs and finished of last Friday by protecting my computer by adding a password.
Now today I booted up my computer, typed in my password everything going just fine. Up to the point that I want to use my 1GB Traveler data key, every time I insert it it says that the administrator has denied me this privilege, how is this possible if I am the administrator? I haven't changed anything. What is causing this and how can I fix it? Any help is much appreciated.


A:Data Traver Suddenly Doesn't Work

Boot into Safe Mode and see if you can access it there.
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So I recently moved my computer to my new apartment and my surround sound system too After doesn't suddenly work Surround system sound setting it all back up my sound suddenly doesn t work It s a powered centrios surround system and my computer is an HP Pavilion Elite m f running Vista home premium bit I realize there s probably a lot of these posts and I Surround sound system suddenly doesn't work ve tried my best to find a solution before posting anything but I m out of ideas Nearly every solution relies around updating your sound card drivers or whatnot and I ve gone into my system device manager and looked for anything out of the ordinary There s no exclamation marks or anything telling me there s something wrong I ve made sure my speakers aren t muted I ve made sure the system is plugged in the right socket even tried all the other sockets for good measure I m not very computer savvy so this is difficult for me to work out on my own And in the event it s relevant my logitech headset still works and gives me sound but my speakers won t To reiterate I moved my sound system which all I did was unplug Surround sound system suddenly doesn't work it then set it up exactly the same shortly after Tried every bit of advice I could find and I m still having a problem Thanks for reading
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I have a Compaq Armada laptop running Win XP Pro I was trying to get a GPS receiver to work which plugs into the PS port It didn t work After I disconnected it I noticed that the mouse built-in pointing device was acting really strange Whenever I d move the cursor to somewhetre it would jump to some other location I couldn t get it to stay where I put it for even a fraction of a second Rebooted same problem So I connected a regular mouse via the PS port and it worked fine But I noticed that the built-in one didn t move the cursor On previous occasions with the external mouse connected the built-in would also work Finally when I disconnected the external mouse the pointing stick just wouldn t work Several reboots later same condition If anyone can tell me what s going on here and - more importantly - how to fix this situation I d really appreciate it Oh yeah I tried to access the BIOS by pressing F during bootup like the user manual says to do but that didn t work Laptop device suddenly doesn't pointing work Any help here would also be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Laptop pointing device suddenly doesn't work

Will it work in safe mode?
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Greetings I am having an issue with the audio on my laptop It s pretty straightforward the sound is not working anymore At first Audio Solved: anymore doesn't work suddenly I thought it was my headset because I had them Solved: Audio suddenly doesn't work anymore on when I noticed the problem but I ve tried them on my Solved: Audio suddenly doesn't work anymore iPod and they are fine Now when I plug it in my laptop all I hear is a little screeching sound No music no sound from the YouTube video that s running nothing So I tried the same thing without my headset plugged in no sound is coming out of the laptop s speakers Everything was working fine yesterday night when I went to bed I can t understand what s going on I haven t changed anything lately besides the installation of ASIO ALL for my Fruity Loops Studio program yesterday night yes it is an audio-related software but I figured if that is the problem I would ve had some trouble right after it s installation last night My audio device is a quot SigmaTel quot and I m running Windows XP -bit Could anyone help me out with this Thanks nbsp
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Possible solution:
Make a linux usb live disk. e.g. use Rufus to make an ubuntu usb install disk.
Change bios boot order to boot from linux live disk.
When linux is booted up, open up the built in browser, and go to a webcam testing website on google to turn on the webcam. After you see that the webcam works, reboot back into Windows, and Windows might reinitiate and reinstall the webcam driver to get the webcam working again.
Laptop built in webcam suddenly listed as unknown device in device manager. Uninstall, reboot, detect hardware, does not work, and device remains as "unknown device" in dev manager. Driver update fails, as there are no drivers available from manufacturer or microsoft.
Basically every possible troubleshooting method short of OS reinstallation fails.
(recently my asus k53ta laptop webcam suffered this issue. Posting this here for search engine results)

A:Webcam suddenly doesn't work, listed as unknown device.

Most likely there is a malware &or virus that took control of your webcam &or others.

Recommend to go to to download the free version.
Run the scan by selecting "Scan this computer" and do a "quick scan".
If not resolve, do a full scan.

Beware, someone is watch you live.
(Just a joke, hahaha...
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Hey there I built my PC a little under a year ago Everything has been working perfectly until yesterday All of the sudden my graphics card s fan has been crazy loud Like its not a quot fan running faster that usual quot loud It sounds like its having issues running as the sound also sometimes fluctuates throbs if you know what I mean At first I could get it to stop by rocking my PC back and forth once or twice and another time I did it on accident when I started to move the PC to get ready to open it I took out the card and got rid of fan loud suddenly Graphics card as much dust as I could It worked fine again for about hours then it started up again I ve been reading on the internet where people are having the same problems and had to replace the fan I m hoping I don t have to do that as there doesn t seem to be a way to even open the graphics card up Here s Graphics card fan suddenly loud a link to a video I recorded to show people the sound youtube dot com watch v VHeqK Z x E It s a Radeon HD The noise is seriously getting irritating as I can t even use the computer without it making noises Not to mention that I m worried I ll have to spend a lot of money to take care of the issue FYI I m not very hardware savvy nbsp

A:Graphics card fan suddenly loud

Hi, to me that is common in CPU and Laptop CPU fan, it just suddenly loosens and you either need to open it and clean it or buy a new one, it happen more often in Laptops, but u should also know that will also happen if its up-side-down.
Best thing is to get a new one, but if u want you could try opening it and clean with an alcohol, then smear in a simple light grease... that will smoothen it again... but being that you are not a hardware savvy, then i thing get a new one...
Hope that helps
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I bought a Nvidia Geforce gt some time ago and it ran perfectly for Broken Graphics Suddenly Card over a year with no problems until just recently it garbles all graphics when I use it I switched back to my integrated graphics card and my computer runs fine tried installing all the new drivers for it and remove reinsert it to find no difference I lost my receipt and box disk that my graphics card came with so this is my last resort before having to buy a new one I am running Windows Xp and I m using is a PCI-Express slot for my graphics card The Graphics Card Suddenly Broken exact things I see when I restart my computer are Gateway Logo no garbled graphics - gt red lines all over my screen - gt black screen and hearing the windows start up Graphics Card Suddenly Broken sound Using the nvidia card I can get into safe mode but the screen choosing safe mode is a series of garbled symbols When in safe mode i can browse my computer fine but the red lines are still in the background Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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I ve had my laptop Advent Vista Premium Intel Core Duo Processor Ghz for about months and it s been fine until recently The monitor that I use instead of my laptop screen became quite blurry and now has an Input Not Supported message bobbing around the screen At first I assumed it stopped working! Graphics suddenly card was because the monitor was bust it wasn t very expensive so Graphics card suddenly stopped working! I downloaded the latest drivers for it changed the settings and did everything that seemed to have fixed the problem for others but to no avail Very recently I went into Games and got the following message after trying to start a game quot Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver which could slow game performance Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that hardware acceleration is turned on quot Could this be related to my monitor problem Sorry for being such an idiot at these things Anyway I checked the hardware acceleration and it was at top I then downloaded and installed the latest drivers but it still didn t work When I try to run Sims which used to run perfectly I get an error message saying quot Failed to find any DirectX c compatible graphics adapters in this system Please make sure you have a DirectX c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer quot Don t know what to do anymore Sorry for the looooong post thought I should be specific and it s the first time I ve posted anything on the internet for support but I m at wit s end It s a UMA Intel GM Graphics Card Please help Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi I need some help with my graphics card My current graphics card is nVidia Geforce LE which came with the computer Card Suddenly Working? Graphics Stopped that I got not too long ago I have Windows Vista Home Premium -bit GB of RAM GHz So it should be compatible as it was working before I don't know what exactly happened but I left my computer on over-night checked in the morning and realized that my Windows Vista Premium theme changed to Win Vista Basic theme Then I checked Windows Experience Index to Graphics Card Suddenly Stopped Working? check my base score and the result was The Graphics windows aero and Gaming Graphics dropped from to all in one night but other categories were ok My D screen saver is now getting an error quot The screensaver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct D quot And I can't play any games either because of this graphics issue I looked for solutions in yahoo answers and already tried to reinstall the latest drive from the nVidia official website reinstalled DirectX rebooted my computer and scanned for any spyware with Norton Internet Security My last solution might be to recover from the Recovery Drive or send it for repairs but I'm going to lose some files documents that are important Not hoping to have to do this So I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this problem Thanks in advance

A:Graphics Card Suddenly Stopped Working?

Hi, transpark, and welcome to the forums.

Have you tried running the GPU-Z utility from to see what it reports about your card? It could be that your card overheated, or has over heated to a point of failure....

Instead of recovering (which would fix a software issue, but it seems as if there really is not a software issue), I would find someone who has an old card and borrow it to see if your card has simply died....
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Hi Guys 
can anyone help with this problem ? 
I have laptop (ASUS K52Jc, win7 Home premium 64-bit) with ( NVIDIA 310m 1gb ) the gc was working, but suddenly I can't find it ! Not even in device manager under Display Adapter. I keep getting this message telling me that it'is not there when I try to access its control panel . so I restored the system by a backup image, and the whole thing disappeared   there is no sign of the graphics card ! So now it is working on the intel chip  . 
* ( I contacted both Nidia & Asus, but they're useless )

 Untitled.png   475.14KB

A:My Graphics card ( Nvidia ) suddenly disappeared !! help

Hello - Please post a snapshot with Speccy for more system details -How to Publish a snapshot with Speccy <<--Follow Bleeping Computer Directions Here Extra - Is this causing your computer any problems at this time ?? Thank You -
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I bought a gt last year in july it s been running real good since then not overheating or anything the perfomance was good enough but today it suddenly stopped working I just installed a new anti virus AVG then Card Help Graphics suddenly.. working Stopped here Plz uninstalled it again So after unsintalling I restarted my Pc just Graphics Card Stopped working suddenly.. Plz Help here when the monitor turned off and the CPU restarted my GPU completely stopped working and there was nothing being displayed on the monitor The Monitor was turned off but Graphics Card Stopped working suddenly.. Plz Help here the Windows restarted amp was still loading Only the GPU became Dead suddenly So i checked the plug and all other things restarted multiple times But nothing helpe it s dead I opened my system The Card was fine no high temperatures on the external body usually Everest showed that it stayed around - degress underload Also the card was fully seated in the PCI Express slot So what can be the Problem Even though my gt was inserted in PCI Slot I pulled out my monitor s VGA display from the GPU and connected it to Onboard Graphics Plug This is where i was surprised to see that the Monitor started displaying everything Onboard display is ON even though My card is still inserted in PCi slot as it used to be Suddenly Why isn t my PC detecting my Gt now Now i ve pulled out and inserted my GPU in PCI slot many times tried to everything i could Nothing worked It s dead This is so heartbreaking for me I was so happy Yesterday I got Rainbow Vegas I played it only once today for a few mins Perfomance was great amp the game is lovely but i had to finish installing my anti virus and other things So i closed my game amp just after a minutes my GPU becomes dead Why do we get a - year warrantly for something that does not even work for year without any problems Previously I had similar problems with my GT It started freezing after a couple of months then it too stopped displaying anything The company never repaired it or sent me a new proper working one So i bought this Gt What i wanna know from you guys is that has anyone of you ever experienced such problem Is it possible that my Graphics card is still Fine May be something is wrong with the motherboard or the Slot or may be this operating system im working on Any possibilities any solutions for this I can t spend money on a new GPU now I haven t even told my faather about this or he s gonna kill me this time amp I don t wanna go to my retailer He s just gonna take this GPU from me then clean it amp return the same non-working GPU after more than - months Sorry about my english nbsp
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I bought a laptop this time 2 years ago. Suddenly wile watching a hd film in bed my laptop over heated and then crashed. So I waited then booted up again and now my good graphics card is not working
It is not being detected in device manager at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?

some details on laptop and graphics card. cost me a good bita dosh so would like to get it fixed
Chassis & Display Vortex Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
Processor (CPU) Intel® Core?i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-3840QM (2.80GHz) 8MB
Graphics Card AMD® Radeon® HD 7970M - 2GB DDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 11

A:Laptop Graphics card suddenly not detected

Ouch if the laptop over heats and shuts down and not recognized again it could actually be physical damage to the video card. Another way to test if the video card has completely failed is by plugging an external monitor into the display port on the laptop. It could connect via hdmi, vga, or possibly display port. If a picture appears on the monitor then it could possibly be software related if you dont see a picture the video card has failed for sure. If it has failed you will more than likely have to replace the motherboard. In rare chance the video card may not be intergrated to motherboard but I doubt it. If you know someone that could whats called (re-flow) the video card
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Hey guys. Recently, i've tried to open halo (which has always worked) and it's saying that i need to installed DirectX, or i may have my hardware acceleration turned off. Since then, i've re-installed directx 9c, re-installed my graphics card drivers, and nothing has worked.

When i run Dxdiag, and click display, even though it says "no problems found" it still says "not available" next to all of the settings in "directx features". None of my games will work at all.

Graphics card : Radeon 7000 (stupid agp motherboard)
C-media sound card
1gb DDR Ram

Any suggestions would be great

A:Graphics card problems. Suddenly not recognising DirectX

Try uninstalling Direct x and re-installing it....
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Hi TechSpot folk, and thanks for in advance for anyone who can help me.

I've bought myself a new video card yesterday; HIS Radeon X1650 Pro 512mb IceQ, AGP. I went ahead to install it, and I get no picture after booting up.

I am receiving a signal to the monitor (I am not getting a "check signal" message) but no image comes to the PC. I went to put my old card in which is a Gigabyte 128mb 9600 Pro, and it now it doesn't work either!!!

Both cards are receiving power as theirs fans are chugging along.

I had also purchased a 1gig stick of RAM to complement my new video card, so I set my PC up the way it was before the attempted installation of the new card. Still nothing happening.

Current components of PC are:

P4 2.8ghz (D865PERL)
Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
512mb RAM
DVD and Lite-On burner

A:New video card install no good, now older card doesn't work either

I don't know about the 9600 Pro but the X1650 Pro should have a power connector on it. Possibly a floppy drive type connector. Was that plugged in?
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Just to let you guys know, I'm new so forgive any mistakes.

The title says it all.

I get a replacement GPU (GT240) because my first GPU stopped working. The first time I install the card, nothing comes up on the monitor so I plug my D-Sub cable back into my integrated graphics. I download the new drivers. I restart my computer and what do you know my gpu works. All this was done at night by the way. The next day when I wake up, I turn on my computer. Nothing appears on my screen. I still have D-Sub plugged into my gpu. On the monitor it says "no signal".

I should enough power. I have a 450w Corsair PSU.
My first GPU (actually second) was a GIGABYTE GT 240 1GB DDR3
The replacement is an ASUS (they didn't have another GIGABYTE card) GT 240 1GB DDR3

A:New Graphics, Works Once, Doesn't Work Again!

Uninstall all existing drivers and display devices in device manager and add or remove programs. Download driver sweeper and run in windows normal and safe mode. Reinsert new graphics card and go to nvidia's website to download newest drivers.

Good luck!
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Hello. Few days ago i bought a new laptop. HP Notebook 15-ay057nw. Everything was okey but not the graphic card and performance. I can't play games !!! ;/ Laptop uses only Intel HD Graphics. I have the newest drivers in both graphic cards. In BIOS i can not find the option to change graphic card. I set all to "max performance" but still the dedicated card doesn't work ;/Dedicated card in any apps, games are 0%. I try everything and i can not find the solution. Guys please help me i really need a helpI'm giving a prof to this the AMD Graphic card is 0%. In dxdiag the first graphic card is Intel HD Graphics. In the advanced options of resolution the graphic card is Intel. Sorry for my english, i'm polish so my english not the best. Thanks for any help-Best wishes, Luke
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Hello all I recently had a bit of a problem with my graphics card Yesterday I turned my computer on and nothing would come up on both my monitors The light on them just blinked The computer worked fine I was even able to use it through LogMeIn so it was a problem related to the monitors hence the graphics card I opened it up and right Card my doesn't to Something with seem be Graphics cleaned a bit Now I managed to turn it on successfully except for some weird things that have been happening - I can t use Aero I m stuck with the Basic Theme on Windows Can t change it to Aero - When running some fullscreen games I Something doesn't seem to be right with my Graphics Card get terrible framerate Weirdly when I switch to windowed mode the framerate goes back to Also I already tried reinstalling the drivers and nothing changed Also I Something doesn't seem to be right with my Graphics Card m a bit scared of turning it off again and not being able to turn it back on What can I do to fix these things Is the graphics card really faulty despite it having turned on again What can I do to fix these problems I listed before Thanks in advance TSG SysInfo Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard FOXCONN A VMX Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Something doesn't seem to be right with my Graphics Card

To be honest I would say it was a hardware fault. Have you got a different PCI slot you can try putting the card in as this could be the problem.
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My friend had been having some trouble with his graphics card it kept crashing during games and eventually seemed to burn out all together So he bought a new one When he installed it the network was gone he had to reinstall his network card drivers then he updated his graphics card drivers Everything seems peachy He loaded up starcraft II and the game crashes to desktop everytime He can t even select a mode to play So he uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them Now the game loaded at work dont' and same card network card time. the graphics up just fine and he can play BUT when network card and graphics card dont' work at the same time. it loads up the network crashes and he has to reinstall the network drivers After the computer restarts he loaded up starcraft II and now it crashes again So it seems like everytime he updates the network drivers it screws up the graphics card and everytime he updates the graphics card drivers it network card and graphics card dont' work at the same time. screws up the network card I ve never heard of a problem like this so I m at a loss to help nbsp

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Hello First sorry if I am asking simple doesn't graphics fan turn card's My questions but I really don t know the answers I don t mean to waste your time and I would really appreciate any help My PC freezes up whenever I try and play a game and it happens with all of my games This started to happen a couple of weeks ago Everything was okay before this started happening I haven t changed the hardware and the only software change I have made was to install Civ IV Grrr Usually the screen just freezes and I have to restart The games start as normal and play as normal for about mintues My graphics card's fan doesn't turn before they freeze My graphics card's fan doesn't turn up On a hunch I tried swapping my Radeon Pro for my old MX graphics card There are no problems with the old graphics card After putting the Radeon Pro back in my machine I noticed that the fan doesn t turn I had to use a mirror to check I took the card out to clean the fan and I noticed that the heatsink was hot I say I noticed the heatsink was hot - I actually burnt my finger and hopped around the room swearing So my diagnosis is the games are freezing up because the graphics card is overheating And the graphics card is overheating because the fan isn t working I don My graphics card's fan doesn't turn t know why the fan isn t working The card is connected up with a four-pin lead from the PSU and should have all the power is needs My PSU is W Does my diagnosis sound okay - is the problem with the fan What can I do about it I m hoping that I can replace either the fan or both the heatsink and fan on my graphics card but I don t even know if that s possible What do you recommend I already have two case fans and I don t have a spare PCI slot for extra cooling All helpful suggestions welcomed - except the suggestion to just carry on using my old graphics card and stop whining nbsp

A:My graphics card's fan doesn't turn

Arctic Cooling makes extremely high quality, quiet aftermarket coolers for ATI GPU's. The units for the 9800 Pro's are about $30 USB. Combined with a dab of Arctic Silver 5, you're 9800 Pro should no longer have any temperature related issues... plus also be very ready to try Overclocking if you choose this route.

The main problem is- Arctic Silencers are about 40mm thick, so it will be tight in the AGP slot if you have something in the first PCI slot. I'd think this is a bad combination anyways since the first PCI slot usually has shared resources with the AGP slot and should always be left open anyways.

If you think you have enough room (try measuring from the PCB on the 9800 pro and out where the fan is now to be 45mm or so), the link is:

It's either this or you remove the fan yourself and hit an electronics store in hopes of finding a suitable replacement if you wish to repair vs. replace the 9800 Pro.

If it's a true-blue ATI, it may still be under warranty as ATI cards of that era carry a 3-year warranty. If you still have proof of purchase documentation, ATI will most likely RMA the card in a week or two. Realize any repairs you attempt yourself will of course void that warranty.

Good luck!
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Since the anniversary update my graphics card has become invisible.

A:My PC doesn't detect my graphics card

Hi! Please provide more information. How are you looking for your graphics card? Are you looking in devise manager??
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I Pro Win Graphics card register doesn't XP finally bit the bullet and did a installation repair of the system The PC works fine now except for one fact - XP Pro cannot see the Radeon X GT AGP card According to the Hardware Device manager I have no display adapter and the system refuses to install drivers downloaded from the AMD site Even the installation software from AMD balks since it too cannot find the card While this is going on Windows is using the standard vga driver I would have been inclined to think that the card might be faulty but This is a dual booting PC and the alternative OS is Lubuntu The Win XP Pro doesn't register Graphics card card is identified absolutely correctly in that system and the driver used is excellent I Win XP Pro doesn't register Graphics card would be grateful for any help in getting Windows to recognize the video card Update I solved this Somewhere in the Hardware Device listings was something called a Microsoft AGP Filter abd a little further down a ViA AGP something or other I uninstalled them and re-started XP now said it had fouund new Hardware and offered to install I declined assuming that if the system could now see the graphics card ATI should also do so as I had already an ATI driver handy Installed the ATI driver and it worked so this machine is now
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Hello, I've been having this problem 2 days ago and it's a bit frustrating. I was just playing some games when it suddenly restarted automatically. My device manager doesn't seem to acknowledge my graphics card anymore for some apparent reason. I've tried plugging my monitor in my graphics card and it just seems like on a standby mode with the blank screen showing nothing. But when I plug my monitor to my motherboard port it shows up fine and is in the device manager. I've tried cleaning my drivers with "Driver Sweeper" then reinstalling the lastest driver for my graphics card, but that didn't do anything. I was hoping if anyone knows what's wrong with my graphics card . Thank you.

Is my graphics card burnt/broken?

Graphics card - Radeon x1900

A:System doesn't detect Graphics Card

OK first of all there are no drivers for Windows 7 supporting you card. Your card is not even supported by Windows Vista as support has been removed, therefore, the reason for the problems you have been experiencing is a driver issue not the card itself. You cannot use 6.5 drivers on you card, the reason why you are getting these blank screens and dropping out of games is because of the drivers.

Not the news you peobably wanted to here but an upgrade is needed the drivers which would have been used would have been Catalyst 9.3.

ATI Catalyst? Display Driver
Version 9.3

9.3 Operating System(s)

Windows Vista - 32-Bit Edition Products Supported

AMD has moved a number of DX9 ATI Radeon? graphics accelerators products to a legacy driver support structure. This change impacts Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux distributions. AMD has moved to a legacy software support structure for these graphics accelerator products in an effort to better focus development resources on future products.
The following products have been moved to the legacy software support structure (including Mobile and All-in-Wonder Variants):

ATI Radeon 9500 Series
ATI Radeon 9550 Series
ATI Radeon 9600 Series
ATI Radeon 9700 Series
ATI Radeon 9800 Series
ATI Radeon X300 Series
ATI Radeon X550 Series
ATI Radeon X600 Series
ATI Radeon X700 Series
ATI Radeon X800 Series
ATI Radeon X850 Series
ATI Radeon X1050 Series
ATI Radeon X1300 Series
ATI Radeon X1550 Series
ATI Radeon X1600 Series
ATI Radeon X1650 Series
ATI Radeon X1800 Series
ATI Radeon X1900 Series
ATI Radeon Xpress Series
ATI Radeon X1200 Series
ATI Radeon X1250 Series
ATI Radeon X2100 Series

AMD may periodically provide Windows XP and Windows Vista driver updates (for the products listed above) for critical fixes only. No new features will be provided in future driver updates. The Linux ATI Catalyst? driver will only be supported in Linux distributions prior to February 2009 for the legacy products listed above.

Any customers using a combination of a ATI Radeon? HD 2000 Series, ATI Radeon? HD 3000 Series, or ATI Radeon? HD 4000 Series product with any of the legacy products listed above in a single PC system must use the ATI Catalyst 9.3 or earlier driver. All future ATI Catalyst? releases made available past the ATI Catalyst? 9.3 release will not include support for the legacy products listed above or any of the features associated with those legacy products
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i have about a 5 yr old compaq running xp.i had bestbuy to put in a radeon 9550 avg graphics card and i had to restore my com now windows wont detect the card so when i try to install the soft ware it says it cant find any hardware to install the software.i could use any help plz and ty.
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A:Windows doesn't detect my new graphics card

Double post

Already answered here:
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Hi All!

I have a nvidia graphics card (Not sure what kind, It's part of the problem) and windows 7 does not recognize it. It branded my computer with "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter."

I was wondering if there is anyway to check my graphics card in this state or fix this problem without knowing what kind of driver to update

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize My Graphics Card

Welcome to seven forums. We can try going to device manager>right click on display adpater>properties>details tab>drop down menu> hardware id(first in list) Copy and Paste the hardware id string. This should allow us to figure out your video card. Or try typing in the search box sys info click on system info>then components>display. however if it is'nt reconizing it I don't think it will show up, but might as well give it a try.Thanks. Fabe
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My motherboard is gigabyte ga-z97x-gaming 3 and it doesn't seem to detect my graphics card. If I plug my monitor in the graphics card I won't see anything, but if I plug it directly into the mother board I can see it. The graphics card is also from gigabye but I don't know its name. Do you have any idea on how to solve this ?

Edit : My graphics card is gv-n460se-1gi

A:My computer doesn't seem to recognise my graphics card

Hi do you have the 2 six pin power connection connected to the card?
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First time post so thanks in advance for any advice Here's the problem My GeForce GTX is no longer recognized by my computer As a result it doesn't recognize my monitor specifics either When I look under Device Manager it doesn't have a listing for display adapters at all There is a new entry under quot Other devices quot doesn't card graphics recognize System labeled quot Video Controller VGA Compatible quot When I reboot or quot System doesn't recognize graphics card scan for new hardware quot it trys to download drivers but fails When I try to manually update the driver I get a message quot Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it NVIDIA GeForce GTX GTX The system cannot find the filed specified quot I've tried everything including updating my BIOS updating my mainboard drivers downloading current WQHL certified graphics drivers uninstalling any and all drivers related to NVIDIA etc with no luck I have a feeling there is something simple that I'm not doing but I have no idea what System doesn't recognize graphics card it is Any help I can't play any games because the system quot Failed to find a suitable display device Exiting program quot

A:System doesn't recognize graphics card

Hello Thunck,
Did it just stop suddenly or has it been playing up for a while ?, if you have another card can you try that or try re-seating your card, and also check to see if it is getting power, i had a problem like this and i removed the power lead from the PSU for about 5 min's, then re-connected it and it worked, dont ask me why but it did. Good luck and post your results.
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Hi I bought a new graphics card ATI Radeon AGP and I plugged it into my AGP slot after removing my old NVIDIA Geforece Ti graphics card and its drivers When I turn on the power supply with my new graphics card in my monitor doesn t turn on and remains on standby mode I made sure that everything is plugged in properly Is there a way of allowing me to fix this problem so I can carry on with installing the drivers Here is my system overview ------------------ System Information new turn put in after card my Monitor I on graphics doesn't ------------------ Time of this report Machine name AWARA Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Monitor doesn't turn on after I put in my new graphics card Dell Computer Corporation System Model Dimension BIOS Default System Monitor doesn't turn on after I put in my new graphics card BIOS Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce Ti Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce Ti DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS C DE amp REV A Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Dell M Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD nv mini sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E E- - CF-F - C CB Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x C DE Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG B ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D Deinterlace Caps DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech MedianFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech MedianFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech MedianFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoPr... Read more

A:Monitor doesn't turn on after I put in my new graphics card

You see no video at all, even no bios screen? If this is true, the new card may be bad
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A few weeks ago I reinstalled Vista because of some problems. I believe I updated all the drivers, service packs, and directx (I believe). I tried playing a game and an error message appeared, "unable to initialize direct 3D" I've searched around and tried to fix the problem but haven't found anything. Here's the dxdiag system tab:

And here is the display tab, my graphics card does not show up:

Here's a screenshot of the device manager, which gives me code 43:

Here's a screen of GPU-Z:

And Here's a screen of CPU-Z:
If there is anything else you need me to provide, just let me know. I'd really like to get this problem solved. I've reinstalled the video card drivers and it didn't help, I'm thinking it might be a BIOS problem. Any suggestions?

A:Dxdiag doesn't recognize graphics card

Hello, try Speccy, free program and see if it shows your hardware . Get free of it here : Speccy - Download
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I recently got a VGA-HDMI Cable, so I could link my TV to my computer, but when I went to plug it in, my computer did not detect it. I then tried to force my computer to detect it, as many of the things I saw online recommended this, but this did not work either.
Please help me!
Also, if its any help, my graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 6400M Series, and as this is a laptop, I cant really get a new graphics card.

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I m running an eMachines M notebook It has an ATI Radeon Mobility U also known as ATI Radeon acknowledge card graphics my System doesn't Mobility IGP M graphics card I recently installed Vista I noticed that I didn t have the Aero color scheme available and discovered it was because I didn t have D Acceleration I checked the Device Manager to see if there was a problem with my graphics card System doesn't acknowledge my graphics card and low and behold it was only showing VGA I disabled VGA and rebooted and Device Manager then listed my graphics card but had the yellow exclamation point indicating that there was a resource conflict and that the graphics card wouldn t work until I disabled another device on the system I couldn t figure out where the conflict was I disabled just about System doesn't acknowledge my graphics card everything I could without completely crashing my system but every time I would disable a device more and more resource conflicts would pop up How can I get my system to recognize my graphics card without having conflicting resources Also is there any way to enable D Acceleration on my graphics card I don t think it supports it but I ve seen a few mentions of a patch or something nbsp

A:System doesn't acknowledge my graphics card

The yellow flag may or may not be a resource conflict. Usually it is simply a defective or incorrect driver. Download the new driver. Once you know where it is, go to the Device Manager in System and remove or disable existing driver. Then install correct driver for VISTA.
Cannot figger out why you would want VISTA on an M310. I would move back to WXP at the first opportunity, as eMachines does not easily make the drivers available.
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I bought a new monitor today so I could run two screens off my computer so I had more space to photoshop ect. My computer doesn't seem to notice that my new monitor is plugged in and my graphics card doesn't give me the option to use my new monitor.
I do have two monitor outputs on my motherboard/processor
Any ideas?
nvidea geforce 7300 GT

A:Graphics card doesn't accept dual monitors

I am not sure if I will be able to provide an answer but someone else here may be able to help if we knew the exact brand and model number of your computer and/or motherboard.

Your subject line mentions a graphics card. If you do have a separate graphics card plugged in, also please give us the exact brand and model number of the card.
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Hello, I recently performed a clean install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate onto my computer. While doing so, I had to unplug my graphics card and use the onboard video, otherwise I'd get an error about unexpected restarts.

After installing, Windows 7 doesn't detect the graphics card (the card works, but it doesn't show up under the device manager and I can't install nVidia drivers). If I use the BIOS to switch to onboard video, then that shows up on the device manager and works fine, but I use this PC for gaming so I'd prefer to use the video card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Graphics Card - nVidia 9600 GT
Motherboard - ASUS M2NPV-VM
CPU - AMD 64 4800+

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect nVidia Graphics Card

Which drivers did you try, these?
Also, did you try running windows updates afterwards, specifically "optional" updates?
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Hi, I don't know a lot about computers, but I can make my way around one fairly ok, I'm trying to fix up a graphics card for my father, but the system seems to not like Asus driver setup, I don't know what to do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The graphics card is; Asus AH 3450/ DI/ 512MD2 (LP)

How can I insert images here?

A:Trying to load driver for graphics card and computer doesn't like it.
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Yesterday I got battlefield 2 and installed it. It was working fine until I got to the start menu. Then this thing popped up and said my graphics card was going to reset its resolution and needed to restart the computer. So I said yes then restarted the game and got back to the menu but it did the same thing so I went online and looked up the requirements for a BF2 graphics card. It said it could take ATI radeon 8600. So I'm thinking wait I have ATI 9250 and thats higher soooooooooooo. I NEED HELP PLEASE.

A:Battlefield 2 doesn't support a higher graphics card need help!!

Go to BF2 website and make sure you have the latest patch installed for that stupid game. By stupid I mean "nothing but technical problems for everyone that buys it". Your 9250 is supported. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the 9250 from the ATI website and the latest mobo chipset drivers. Also you'll need Direct 9.0c installed (prob on the installation disk).

Good luck
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I have been looking for a Windows 7 driver for a NVIDIA Geforce Go 6800
for an Alienware Area-51 M7700 laptop. Every driver that I download from NVIDIA's website gives me the error message during the installation that it cannot find a
driver compatible with my hardware. Windows 7 has installed a generic "standard VGA adapter" which does not allow for aero functionality. Any suggestions as to how I could resolve this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize NVIDIA Graphics Card

This driver is a 32bit only driver, for windows XP, and will not install on a 64bit OS ...
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I bought a new monitor today so I could run two screens off my computer so I had more space to photoshop ect. My computer doesn't seem to notice that my new monitor is plugged in and my graphics card doesn't give me the option to use my new monitor.
I do have two monitor outputs on my motherboard/processor
Any ideas?
nvidea geforce 7300 GT

A:Graphics card doesn't accept dual monitors

Duplicate post of:

FYI, Site rules:
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I recently developed a problem with my PC (p4 2.8 win XP 2gb ram) where
it doesn't want to seem to work with my 6800LE anymore.

Basically what happens is that I boot it up, get as far as the logon screen
and then my screen goes black and nothing works. Not even trying to use
the keyboard to login without seeing it happen.

Things I've tried:
Used a different graphics card.
Tried it with a 7300GT and got the same problem

Tried it with a 5200FX and PC works fine!

The difference between the 5200 and both the 7300 and 6800 is that the latter
both required a power supply.

So I've tried disconnecting everything to the powersupply except the
MB, HD and the gfx card and I get the same problem.

Has anyone got any ideas on what else I can try?

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I have purchased a T amp W Electronics TW TV Tuner card China Manufacturer My card uses Philips SAA HL chip I installed the driver dated and the software Ulead email protected included on the driver CD My TV tuner card work well for a few seconds then the video froze no motion but the sound is still coming out from my speaker my computer becomes extremely slow Card work TV ! well doesn't nearly not responding for a while I pressed ALT F and waited for about minutes the software closed and my computer returned to normal state I tried many times but the same situation occured I tried installing other drivers older and newer from LifeView PowerView and even from DriverAgent com I can t find any driver update on T amp W website also I tried other TVR Softwares like LifeView TVR IuVCR ChrisTV but they didn TV Card doesn't work well ! t work for me Did anyone of you meet the same problem Please help me out Thanks nbsp

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This was really perplexing. I am trying to install a Galaxy GT520 on my Inspiron 546. So i take of the slot i need in the back-plate and fit the card into the slot. But...the card didn't fit into the back-plate. It's like a millimeter off.... There is a little slot that the back-plate slots go into but it doesn't fit into the slot. It's almost like it needs to be a millimeter longer. Thanks to anyone who helps.


A:Graphics card doesn't fit backplate but fits in PCI Express slot

check this out

GT520 is a PCI and should fit the 546, line it up as ^^^^ shows and press hard, dont ram it in there, but apply a bit of force.
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I'm not particularly knowledgeable with computers so please bear with me if I'm missing something overwhelmingly simple Anyway I'm trying to figure out exactly which graphics card is in this old machine A friend passed it along to me after mine gave up the ghost and I reinstalled Windows XP I checked DirectX Diagnostic Tool and Device Manager but neither can tell what the heck the graphics card is Neither can find the sound card either I need to know what it is so I can find the appropriate driver Here's what Device Manager lists under quot Other devices quot Audio device on high-definition audio bus SM bus controller Video controller Video controller VGA compatible I also tried the AMD doesn't recognise Device graphics Manager [SOLVED] card auto-detect tool but it flicks open for a moment then closes immediately for some reason I also opened [SOLVED] Device Manager doesn't recognise graphics card the machine up to see if I could find a product number on the [SOLVED] Device Manager doesn't recognise graphics card graphics card but there isn't one There appears to have been a sticker at one point but it isn't there now The best I can tell you is that it's red and bears the [SOLVED] Device Manager doesn't recognise graphics card words quot graphics by ATI Radeon quot I'm afraid I don't know much of anything else about this computer but if there's anything you need to know ask away and I'll do my best to find out If a photo of the card would help to determine its model I can do that Thanks in advance sorry I couldn't offer more info

A:[SOLVED] Device Manager doesn't recognise graphics card

What is the make and model# of the computer? Go to the manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in your make and model# and download the Chipset, Audio, and Video driver for your model.
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I sent this laptop in for repair awhile ago and I just noticed that my computer doesn't recognize my dedicated NVIDIA 650m graphics card. It's not avalible in device manager or anything. It's as if it doesn't exist. I've started doing some work where I really need it and I'm stuck with the integrated graphics. I've ensured every drive is up to date, I've tried downloading drivers from NVIDIA's website, and I've tried downloading HP's posted Windows 8 drivers (there's nothing for WIndows 10). Nothing has worked so far.
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I recently purchased a new Chaintech GeForce 7300GT videocard to upgrade my computer. After following the directions my display is completely black through POST. Then the monitor shuts down. Any suggestions?

A:Video Card Doesn't Seem To Work

A friend of mine had a similar problem.
Oddly enough after installing the card a second time it worked flawlessly...!
Sorry... cant give more help (only symphathies)!
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The SD card reader slot on my Gateway laptop doesnt read my sd cards upon insertion. It is not the card, because I have tried multiple SD cards and they all do not work. There is no error message or anything, the drive just does not appear in my computer like it used to so that I can view the files on the card. I have had this problem previously, and it was fixed by repairing my texas instruments controller thing in device manager, but it is working ok when i look at it in device manager now without the slot working. Any help is appreciated!

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deleted - wrong thread.

A:new video card doesn't work

OK, I put this in your own thread AND edited out your email addy. Replying to a guide is not going to get you any help. They are to read and use however not to reply to. Next posting your email on the forum is asking to be spammed.
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One day, the sound suddenly cut out. Since then, it hasn't worked. I had the same dilemma before, but then miraculously, the sound came back. The sound stayed for quite a while, a few months, then it went out again about 2 days ago. Since then, it hasn't worked.

I plugged my speakers into my phone and it worked. So the problem cannot be the speakers. I looked in my Device Manager and I can't find the driver. I tried installing the sound driver, but it tells me this:

"Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system. Please ensure that your product is properly installed before running this Setup program."

So, my computer isn't detecting the sound card. My sound card is Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit

Btw, I'm running Windows XP

Anyone have any ideas or clues?

A:Sound card doesn't work...

That is a pretty old card and nothing lasts forever. Pull the card and give is a close look; see if you find any leaking caps, burned components, etc. If it looks OK, install it in another pci slot and pw ON. See if windows finds the card.
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I installed win 2k pro and no matter what I try it always installs some default vortex legacy drivers. My card is a montego a3d xstream. 90% of my games don.t

A:my video card doesn't work with win 2k pro HELP.

check on microsofts website to see if that vid card is compatible. if its not then u need to either get another vid card or downgrade to 98 or ME or see if XP supports it but if 2000 doesnt then XP probably wont either. you can also check the manufacturers website to see if they have updated drivers. just make sure u search high and low for drivers before u give up
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Good-day to you all I m here with a necessity USB card doesn't work device The necessity to find out the solution to a problem that let me dismayed I m using Win XP SP and short time ago I ve bought a memory card reader those little usb The problem it is that when I use it on my computer I can t copy any files nor from the card to any folder of my hard disk nor from any file from the hard disk to the card Seldom it works and I can pass one file but very seldom If I want to transfer all the content of the card for example gb I can t And when I want to see files that are in the card it takes a long of time just to visualize a single file and when I want to copy it I just can t or it takes a huge time I tried this device in other computers running WIN XP SP and it worked out I have no doubts at all the that the problem is in my pc and for sure in Win XP It is not unrelated to say that other USB devices such as Mp or Mp players etc etc etc of high speed file transferring USb work well Not long time ago I tried installing my WIN XP SP in another partition just for trying if my WIN installation was USB card device doesn't work bad or somethjng but it doesn t work in the other WIN installation either I checked out the CMOS and it is all as it should be I mean the USB configuration it is marked quot Enabled quot in all the options I tried connecting it in all other ports from the front and back but it didn t work either The exact error is this quot The request could not USB card device doesn't work be performed because of an I O device error quot I just know that I don t know anything What should I do to fix USB card device doesn't work things out I thank you very much for your suggestions and answers nbsp

A:USB card device doesn't work

Does the problem just occur on very large files?

If you open the Device Manager (run devmgmt.msc) and look under the USB tree -- is there an entry there for an "Enhanced" USB controller? If so, is it "working properly"?

You might try doing what is known as a USB "cleanup":


First set a System Restore point and test it: start > run: msconfig > Launch System Restore.

The standard approach to these problems is to remove all the USB devices in the Device Manager and let Windows reinstall them. But there is a special technique to it.

I am uploading a registry patch you will need to download, unzip and run. Confirm the merge to the registry.

It is the patch described in JohnWill's note here:

Once you have installed the patch, follow the rest of his instructions.

Note: in some cases Windows does not have the proper install path for the information files required. If the New Hardware Wizard prompts you for an install location, point it to:


This is a hidden directory, so you will need to have "show Hidden Files" enabled in Folder Options > View to see it.
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I just got back to Windows 7 Ultimate from Windows 8.
I instantly downloaded World of Warcraft and League of Legends, and i have problems opening both.
When i open League of Legends i get the message: could not load direct3d.
And when i open World of Warcraft i get the message: Failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program.
I guess its some problem with the graphic card atleast.

DxDiag: dxdiag -

A:My graphic card doesn't work as it should.


please post your pc specs...
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JohnWill said:

I'd stick with the NEC chipset for expansion USB 2.0 cards, here's an alternative:

This should work in any desktop system with a spare PCI slot.Click to expand...

i have a dell 8200 dimension and i bought a pci card to upgrade my computer to 2.0 usb port and it is not supported and it wont work as far as 2.0 speed. sorry for butting in to this thread but i was quite dissapointed. did i get the wrong info? and can i truly upgrade my machine?

A:USB 2.0 Expansion Card Doesn't work

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. I've created a new thread for your issue here. Thanks for your cooperation.

RE your issue: It would help if you told us what specific card you purchased, and what the exact symptoms are.
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hi, i am thinkin of buying a Creative labs geforce 2 titanium AGP 64DDRTV
for my pc. will it work on a packard bell club 77 pc, with intel celeron 500mhz, 512megs SDRAM, intel 810 graphics, 2 AGP slots.
will it work on my PC?
any help gratefully accepted,


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I'm putting together a pc for my daughter, I've got an old A7V133 t-bird board, No onboard stuff, it does have an AGP slot but I only have and ATI Xpert 128 card for it, it is PCI, will this work ok or do I have to do something in the bios first.

A:Will PCI graphics card work ?

It should work ok, the manual for your MB states there is one setting that might have to be changed, PCI/VGA Palette Snoop (pg 69)

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Hi I just joined the forums because of the building frustration around my current graphics card problem I wanted to try a new game well rebuilt game APB and it shows my computer has all the necessary minimum requirements except for my graphics Graphics Which card work? will card Long story short an old friend of mine is going to build a computer for me and he asked which graphics card Which Graphics card will work? I want APB has Minimum Requirements as ATI Radeon X XT MB or GeForce MB or equivalent APB has Recommended as ATI Radeon HD XT MB or GeForce MB or equivalent With Video RAM must be MB Which Graphics card will work? Hardware T amp L must be present Pixel Shader Version must be Vertex Shader Version must be The choices I have are between ATI Radeon HD http www amd com us products desk d- Pages ati-radeon-hd- -overview aspx ATI Radeon HD http www amd com us products desk d- Pages ati-radeon-hd- -overview aspx NVIDIA GeForce GTS http www nvidia com object product-geforce-gts- -us html NVIDIA GeForce GTS http www nvidia com object product geforce Which Graphics card will work? gts us html Price is not an issue and aside from knowing which could handle the game hopefully if any knowing which is the best would help as well I would ask -how- to find out which is the best but i ve already thrown away a couple hundred of dollars and couple of months on this and I d rather just get it done as soon as possible It s exhausting so thank you for any help nbsp

A:Which Graphics card will work?

All are well above the recommended HD 2900 XT or Geforce 8800GT so any of them will do.

If those are only choices than the Radeon HD 5850 is the best.

To compare cards you need to look at benchmarks, reviews, and charts.
Here's an example:,2935-7.html
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Need a little help.
Compaq Presario Media Center SR1830NX
Mobo: Asus A8AE-LE
Processor: Athlon 64 (v) 3500+ 2.2ghz
Memory: 1gb DDR SDRAM PC-3200

Don't know much about graphics cards so not sure if the one I picked out will work.

3D Fuzion model 3DFR76256GSE
GPU: Geforce 7600GS
Core Clock: 400mhz
Memory: GDDR2

The main thing that throws me off is the different memory types: DDR SDRAM for the processor and GDDR2 on the card. Does it matter? Do they have to match?

Thanks for any help you can give

A:Will this Graphics card work?

I'm assuming you mean the DDR SDRAM for the memory. It doesn't matter if memory is DDR and the Graphics card is GDDR2. No compatibility issues there.
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Hi all,

My next door neighbour is wanting to upgrade his graphics card so that he can play flight simulators in better quality. He has currently got "Advent Quad core intel core quad processor q6600" with an already upgraded grahics card but i can not remember the make of the one that is currently fitted.

He is wanting to buy a Nvidia 9800gtx Graphics card and fit it in to the machine. We know that there is a size issue and we can work around this but i dont know how to find out if the motherboard can give the graphics card enough power to run propperly.

Is there any way i can find out if this would work?

Thank you for reading.


A:Will this graphics card work?

Motherboard will probably be ok. Worry about the Power Supply.

Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 105C
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 140W
Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 450W
Supplementary Power Connectors 6-pin x 2
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I just purchased a new graphics card I have a Lenovo Y Laptop It came with an ATI radeon HD and Graphics get New work can't card, to it I got an ATI radeon HD I was eager and stupid and didn't install any drivers or update the BIOS swapped out the cards and it didn't work so i switched back I got the drivers installed but now i can't get the BIOS updated I'm trying to update to ET WW which I got from the Lenovo website Lenovo says to right click on the file and open as administrator That didn't work I get quot open flash sys fail New Graphics card, can't get it to work quot so i go to Google and see that i need to extract and try again same problem back to Google and it says to make a bootable CD with DOS on it and try from there with both the extracted and not extracted files i get quot must be opened under win quot and quot cannot be opened in DOS quot I'm clueless Help I will give more info if New Graphics card, can't get it to work needed Thanks a bunch

A:New Graphics card, can't get it to work

Hello Vorbroker, Welcome to the Forum.

Why do think you need that BIOS update to install the video card?
Flashing the BIOS is serious business and an error can brick your computer. You should do this only if it is necessary and only if you clearly understand what you are doing.

I visited the Lenovo website and looked up the Ideapad Y710 and saw that there is only one BIOS available (v1.0). So I am concerned about where you got this new BIOS from. They are not mix and match. You must only use the BIOS for your model laptop!

Important: You need to check the specs on your laptop. Newer laptops have "Dual Graphics" capability. In addition to the video card there is also a integrated graphics processor, either on the motherboard, or built into the processor. You need to know if this is the case with your laptop, because if it is so you will need to install either the dual graphics drivers package from Lenovo, or do a more complicated dual install. Let us know what you've got.

If there is only the graphics card in that laptop you should be able to install just the AMD/ATI drivers.

To install a new video card it is very important to follow proper procedure, as follows: Go to the ATI website and download the most current driver for your new card and save it to an easy to find location.
Go into Start > Control Panel > Remove a Program and uninstall all programs for the video card. For ATI, select “ATI Catalyst Install Manager” and click on “Change”, then “Uninstall All Components”. Do not restart the computer at this time.
Run DriverSweeper to uninstall all video remnants Guru3D - Driver Sweeper .
Shut down computer and remove the battery.
Remove the old ATI card, install the new ATI card. Make sure all auxiliary power connectors are plugged in. Some cards need 2. Read the manual.
Reinstall the battery, plug in the power supply/charger, and boot the computer.
When it reaches the desktop Windows will find new hardware and will install it's own WDDM1.1 driver. Let it. You will be asked to restart. Do it.
Once back on the desktop you can now install the ATI driver package for your card.
Hope that helps.
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Will this graphics card

allow my Dell Dimension 3100C to support the aero theme on Windows 7 etc?

If looking for answer please ensure you are looking into a Dell Dimension 3100C and not a Dell Dimension 3100, a common mistake forgetting the 'C'

I'm unsure as about the wattage for the graphics card and the PSU.

A:Will this graphics card work?

If you have a pci-e x1 port that graphic card will work
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I am using this motherboard - and i bought this graphics card -

The motherboard has onboard VGA which i;ve been using. Normally when i go to install a graphics card on a motherboard that has onboard vga i disable the driver for the onboard graphics then reboot the pc and disable the onboard vga in the bios, slot in the new card and it works. But when i went to disable the onboard vga on this board there was no option to disable the bios and the primary graphics is already set to PCI-E. Yet when i boot up the machine with the new graphics card installed it doesn't display anything on the monitor at all. Anyone got any ideas?

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I'm quite new to the whole PC building thing, so I had a question about graphics cards. For instance, how come a Radeon HD 5750 performs better than a Nvidia GT 220? They are both 1GB cards, so shouldn't they perform the same?

Could somebody explain to me how a graphics card works, and what makes a 5750 better than a GT 220? (Just picked those 2 cards because I know they are quite different in performance)

A:How exactly does a graphics card work?

the 1 gb memory has nothing to do with speed - it merely refers to the amount of memory (and hence texture detail for games) on board.

without getting too technical, graphics cards have a dedicated graphics processing unit - a gpu.

different cards have different gpu's, running at different speeds. the graphics memory (vram) also runs at various speeds.

an expensive card will have a fast gpu, and lots of fast vram, and will give a much smoother higher framerate in games, because it can 'crunch numbers' faster.

it's a bit like asking why does a 3 GHz intel processor perform better than a 300 MHz amd...or why does a ferrari go faster than a ford if they both have four seats.

wikipedia page for more detail
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I am looking to get the Gigabyte Radeon HD 6670 2gb DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 DVI-I/HDMI/D-SUB Crossfire Ready Graphics Card GV-R667D3=2GI (typed the whole thing just in case ) (PC spec: and

A:How will I know if a graphics card will work for me

I am looking to get the Gigabyte Radeon HD 6670 2gb DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 DVI-I/HDMI/D-SUB Crossfire Ready Graphics Card GV-R667D3=2GI (typed the whole thing just in case ) (PC spec: and
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Hi i purchased a E System314 last christmas. The Graphics card that came with it was useless Ati Radeon X200 series. I am now thinking of getting a better card so that i can play all the latest games fine. However this is where i need help ... There are a number of problems ...

1) Will i be able to buy any graphics card? or do they need specifications that will suit your computer? any help would be much appreciated !

Are they easy to put in and install?

Aswell as this what graphics card would you reccomend for the best playability and price?

Please get back to me as soon as possible. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanxs Gary

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Will a graphics card with DDR2 memory work in a motherboard that supports DDR memory.


A:Will the graphics card work?

yes it will, the memory version of the graphics card and the system memory version are unrelated. you can run a graphics card with DDR 2,3,4 or 5 if you wish. just make sure you are using a card with the same interface of course,( PCI,AGP, PCIE etc)
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I have a year old XFX GeForce GT PCIE X that Im trying to install in a new computer with vista and on board ATI radeon HD The first couple times i tried it after install i got no graphics at all until i removed the card After going into the BIOS and changing the quot displayPort Config quot from card not help graphics get work- to Can Auto to Enabled the on board graphics would work with the card installed but not the card graphics When i try to load the supplied drivers I get this message quot The Can not get graphics card to work- help VGA detected seems not XFX's product please go to nvidia com to get the driver for the other NVIDIA VGA quot I dont understand that but i then downloaded updated drivers from Nvidia but when i try to install them i get an assortment of error messages including quot The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware quot quot you are running a bit version of nvidia uninstaller on a bit system quot quot setup detected the operating system in use is not windows vista bit quot these errors seem to contradict themselves Is it possible this card is not compatible with the computer The card may be bad as my old PC lost graphics but the geek squad a bunch of morons by the way swapped cards and still no graphics and said my MoBo was bad so i just got new PC but woudl like to use this card as I assume its better than the included built in graphics Going into the MoBo users guide it doesnt cover switching from on-board graphics to PCI slot other than describing how to configure the BIOS settings for the graphics card to support ATI Hybrid CrossFireX I tried that but it didnt seem to do anything either im guessing the ATI contol center software doesnt show the enable CrossFire option without a CrossFire compatible card installed or i didnt install the drivers correctly for that function Im loving the power of the new PC but its weak point is definatley the on board graphics

A:Can not get graphics card to work- help

Is there anyway for you to disable the onboard video in bio's?? Sounds like it is enabled and not letting your card operate. Seems like that's the cause for your installer for your driver's not to work right. Just a guess, since all the boards I own do not have onboard video. But did you do bench marks on that onboard video compared to your 8600 and see where they rate at??
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i want to buy a new grapics card for my pc
my pc config
amd dual core 5400+ 2.83ghz
3 gb ram
motherbord asus M2N MX SE
my smps power supply is
NAV tech
Ac input 230vAC 10A 50-60Hz
model :ATX P4
Dc ouput
+3.3V +5V +12V -5V -12V +5VSB
15A 16A 15A 0.5A 0.5A 2A
max 350/400/450

A:Which graphics card will work on my PC

For your CPU, the best video card is 8800 GT or 9800 GT. For only about 60 dollars. PCIe of course. You have a PCIe slot right,, where your current card is.

Anyhow this is the best bang for the buck, and you will increase your performance by a lot.

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Hey I would LOVE some help. First off i have a Radeon 9250 graphics card and a Plug and Play monitor(it's an LCD TV Monitor). When I plug the monitor into the graphics card in the back of the computer, the screen is blank when I start up! I would be very happy to find out why this is and how to fix it. I'm trying to play Battlefield 2. I have a Dell Dimension 2350 if it helps. I know the intergrated graphics card can't possibly handle the game so I'm trying to get this one to work. Hate to beg but, will someone please help me?

A:I need help getting my graphics card to work!

Is the bios set up for your card AGP as first display

Getting into bios:
Turn on your computer
You will notice a very quick question of entering system bios (DEL or F1 or F2...)
Hit this key when the message displays to go to System Setup screen

Go through the setup pages and confirm AGP video support is enabled and as first display device

Make sure you save and exit
Then put the Display into the AGP connector, and restart again
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So no game or application will use my dedicated card all use the integrated intel graphics Tried to fix this many times over the course of months tried every forum besides this one tried calling microsoft amd and to graphics after ... 11 work get z51-70's Can't card lenovo a few times each all been incredibly useless nbsp Things I have tried nbsp Wiping hardriveUpdating BIOSChanging BIOS settingUninstalling removing all traces of both intel and AMD drivers in safe mode Can't get z51-70's graphics card to work after 11 ... then reinstalling them both in safe mode in both orders amd first then intel and vice versa setting power settings to max performancesetting radeon switchable graphics to max performanceforce stopping intel graphicsrolling back driversusing lenovo drivers massively out of date and using up to date AMD driversUsing the HDMI and VGA to output to a seperate monitora load more stuff that I have forgotten nbsp nbsp Using AMD system monitor I can see that my cpu and ram work fine but my r m is constantly at If I go into radeon settings it recognises it and says it is enabled But then when I go to Display it says No displays are currently connected to AMD products nbsp Thinking currently of sueing Lenovo soley for the amount of stress this has caused me I buy a plus laptop and the graphics card doesn't work nbsp I have upgraded the hard drive to an SSD but because of that Lenovo won't help me I have had this problem since I had the laptop changing the hard drive didn't change that atall nbsp Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do or a way to nbsp contact someone from lenovo who actually knows what they are talking about
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I have a dell dimension 3000 i bought a nvidia geforce pci graphics card now the only way i can get monitor to work is to keep integrated graphics enabled. if i disable integrated and have it set to auto detect graphics card i don't see nothing. i've tried everything and this is the only way monitor will work on graphics card if someone else has a dell dimension 3000 and knows what to do i would appreciatte any help cause i don't think computer is using graphics card right now for games even though its set up as primary monitor.

A:Can't get graphics card to work right

This may seem obvious but make sure that the monitor is correctly plugged into the graphics card when you turn it on and it is set to autodetect. Also, try downloading and installing the latest drivers for your particular card from the nvidia website.
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I'm 260X R7 doesn't like 0x116 graphics atikmpag.sys : card abit pro ip35 troubleshooting 0x116 atikmpag.sys : abit ip35 pro doesn't like R7 260X graphics card a potential motherboard GPU compatibility issue Abit IP Pro - Latest BIOS New graphics card - Sapphire R X GB Windows X SP The system was running fine I bought a new graphics card uninstalled all graphics drivers and deleted them powered off installed new card then powered on and I get BSOD stop x atikmpag sys I even tried a fresh Windows x sp install from USB stick POST displays ok but then as soon as windows install changes the graphics mode it goes to black screen and stays there The new graphics card works in another machine I've swapped out power supply and ram with the same results No overclocking System is stable with existing PCI-E graphics As I'm on the latest BIOS which I've cleared reset after flashing and I cant even get any display output during windows install I'm guessing it's just not going to work but I'm interested to know what the attached dump tells us just in case there's any hope of getting this setup to work Cheers

A:0x116 atikmpag.sys : abit ip35 pro doesn't like R7 260X graphics card

hello, obvious and welcome to the Forums. As far as your question, both dump files list the graphics drivers and a failure to recover.

start end module name
fffff880`0495b000 fffff880`049ed000 atikmpag T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: atikmpag.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmpag.sys
Image name: atikmpag.sys
Timestamp: Mon Sep 15 16:59:06 2014 (5417612A)
CheckSum: 000964D0
ImageSize: 00092000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa800707a010, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff88004966038, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000002, Optional internal context dependent data.
When you say you uninstalled the previous drivers, are you sure you got all of them? You must have had some display when booting into Windows in order to install the graphics driver, or perhaps I'm a little slow. Also, am I correct that you have a 380W Power supply? From what I am finding it is recommended to have a 500W minimum and preferably a 600W PSU. Although from what I find on the power draw of your card, I think the 600W is a little high. But, according to the dump files, what is happening is the drivers are crashing and not recovering within the allotted time for windows.

I might suggest you try reinstalling the graphics drivers, if you can get a display as follows.

I am going to give you some links that will help you get a good clean install and not have any drivers you don't need that will conflict with other drivers. Download a WHQL driver from Latest AMD Catalyst Video Driver for Windows 7 . Once you have them downloaded, uninstall you current driver from control panel. next clean up any left over drivers from following this tutorial Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling and select only ATI Display Drivers. After you have done that and rebooted, install the new driver, only select custom install and install only what you have to. Very few people need most of what they include. You do not need the audio/HDMI drivers as you already have that in your Motherboard drivers. Unless there is some reason you need them, the only thing you really need is the Display Driver.
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Hi, I have an Asus A8N5X and I am trying to install a 12-in-1 Card Reader and a fan. I install the fan to the CHA1_FAN socket but.. it doesn't work! It works on CHA2_Fan and others but not CHA1_FAN! This mobo is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW out of the box, so I know there isn't any problems with it. I don't know why the 12-in-1 Card Reader doesn't work.

Here's the motherboard:

. the Lower left CHA1_FAN socket doesn't work! and where do I install the Card Reader to? COM 1? Thanks!!
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I have a D-Link DWL-520 V. E1 wireless card and want to install it in a computer running Windows XP. D-Link does not give technical support for this card but does have the driver for download on their website.
I downloaded the driver for WinXP and clicked the setup icon to install and it installed the Utility program but never produced the screen to install drivers like the manual says it should. Is anyone familiar with this and know why I can't install the driver? The utility does me no good if the driver is not installed.

A:Solved: Wireless card doesn't work DLINK Support Revisions of D-Link Information on your particular product.

Up at the top of the page there is a contact number -

Hope this helps...Jazz
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I have a GeForce 8500GT Graphics card that no longer works if I install ANY drivers available for it. Before you ask I have tried the oldest drivers possible, they do not work either! It all started from a BSOD (unfortunately I lost the minidump files in a system restore) and the following days it stopped working, the computer would freeze on the Windows starting logo of Win7. Making it seem like a OS problem. But a week later and numerous tests later it appears the card works fine without drivers, but as soon as I install any it stops working. I was wandering if there is another way of using this card?



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I have recently been doing some small upgrades to my PC and just today I started hooking the Mobo and the Video card together I just New Mobo, New Solved: Vid card. Doesn't work bought the video card at the store today as the last part that I had ordered in the mail arrived yesterday These are the specs of my comptuer Asus P S D-X AGP x x lt a href quot http usa asus com products aspx l amp l amp l amp slname SiS FX quot gt Link lt a gt Pentium GHz FSB Kingston HyperX GB DDR PC new Video Card doesn t work VisionTek ATI Radeon x AGP x x new video card link including the place i bought it http www circuitcity com ssm Visi catOid - rpem ccd productDetail do Solved: New Mobo, New Vid card. Doesn't work Old Video card works Xtasy Nvidia GeForce Ti When I plug in the new video card I get nothing on the screen and not even a beep from the mother board however when I plug in the old video card it works perfectly Are there any known issues with these or is the video card a dud and I should return it to the store for a new one Thanks for all your help in advance guyaton EDIT Note Support for the Video card is only available monday through friday nbsp

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Hey Everybody!

Alright so today i decided to try to overclock my CPU (DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2000MHz 3800+) from 2.00 to 2.32 being the max that they would let me go up to in my bios.
i boot up my computer and i found that my sound driver had stopped working, i reinstalled the driver but still it doesn't work. So i went back into my Bios and set the clock speed back to 2.00 hoping it would magically heal itself. I boot up my computer and still no sound at all.

My Motherboard is PC Partner RD480k9-A72D
The Sound Driver that comes with it High Definition Audio Driver Package -Kb888111

Please Help as much as possible!

A:Sound Card Doesn't Work After Overclocking

I'm having trouble finding that Motherboard. Doing the following, exactly, will help you provide more info (note the clickable links, in the text)

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a brand name computer (like Dell; HP; or other) please place the Computer name & Model number in your Mobo field of your Profile