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Vid card not being detected

Q: Vid card not being detected

I recently bought a new video card the gt 220. I connected it to the slot correctly and everything, the fan on the card goes on when i power the pc but its not being detected as a video device. it says its a pci-e 2.0 slot but in minimum req says any pci-e slot will work not necessarily a 2.0 i dont know which i have. I used to have a video card that died on me and now im thinking it might have been the slot that died. I don't have access to another card to check if the slot works or not with a known working video card. Just want to know what you guys thought about it because the video does go on its just not detected.

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Preferred Solution: Vid card not being detected

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Here s the story I got a new Nvidia GeForce GT to replace my old Nvidia GeForce LE First of all New Not Detected Card I uninstalled the drivers to my old card then shut everything off etc then put in the new card When I put in the new card it powers up and all like it s supposed to fan spinning and all But when I plugged my monitor into the card I got a blank black screen with quot No Input Signal quot I try over and over installing new drivers to everything on my board etc but it still New Card Not Detected isn t working Now the slot won t even read my old graphics card The cards still power on the fan will spin but it s like it just isn t sending any input signal My computer doesn t seem to recognize the card is there even though it powers it on When I go to the device manager only my onboard video card is listed Neither my new nor my old card will get detected My BIOS is set to use the PCI-E slot first but I guess since it doesn t know anything is New Card Not Detected there it s not using it Any help would be so great I ve been trying to figure this out all day nbsp

A:New Card Not Detected

Installing drivers will do nothing if your board/windows isnt picking it up.

I had this problem a while back, I had to re plug it in a few could also be your cable thats dodgy considering it isnt picking your old one up now either, how old is the board it possible that the slot is faulty?
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I just bought this GFX card for a brand new PC I bought that had onboard.

I have a PCI express port and inserted the graphics card yet my monitor will not start up with the PC when I turn it on (the light on the monitor which should turn green when the display shows stays orange and no display shows). I have checked the monitor cables, the graphics card connections and absolutely everything I can think but still it just won't work and the card is not being detected. I also tried to install the drivers with my monitor plugged into the onboard and it said 'no suitable hardware found for these drivers'.

Would appreciate some help.

A:GFX Card not being detected

Nearly 15% of video graphics cards arrive partially defective. Call your tech support person for that card... or whatever you do in the UK.
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Hello I just bought a Transcend TS-PDU to install in card run. PCI-e being detected W8.1 USB first only on 3.0 a SABERTOOTH X motherboard Intel X chipset last BIOS available running Windows It doesn't need to install new drivers as Windows USB 3.0 PCI-e card only being detected on first run. W8.1 detect it by default This is the issue after plug the card in the motherboard the first run works perfect I can reboot as times as I wish even sleep the computer But when I shutdown the computer next time I turn it on It just disappear If I take the card and plug in a USB 3.0 PCI-e card only being detected on first run. W8.1 new motherboard slot exactly the same first run works but not anymore update Just found that if I unplug the computer and let the motherboard to lost all the power after turn it on it works again Tried on two PCIEX and one PCIEX slots same behavior Tried a fresh windows install same behavior if I format the computer with the card already installed It don't appear in the new fresh install if I unplug it and plug it before format it works Tried almost all the options i found on BIOS and read a lot of posts about USB problems but no luck These are the two states of the devices Not detected Was detected in the pass When it is working all the hidden devices are ready only after plug it in a new slot Any idea Thanks for your time
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My graphics card is not being detected by windows xp. I was using the computer and was installing a windows update when the computer monitor just turned black and the signal got lost. I rebooted the pc but the monitor still didn't receive a signal. I connected the monitor to the onboard graphics plug and went to device manager and the graphics card didn't show up under display adapters. After uninstalling the drivers and updating the bios it still doesnt show and I tried reinstalling new nvidia drivers but it says the nvidia setup program cannot locate any drivers compatible with your hardware and it just closes. Video card: Nvidia 8600gt
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Hello everybody First off I forgot to thank you guys for my previous problem which is now fixed thanks but now I m back with a even more puzzling problem My sound card isn t being detected It s a sound blasted Live and I simply don t know why I ve turned off the on-board audio via BIOS in the integrated devices version A Plus I have both the drivers off the dell website for Card Not Detected Audio the sound blaster audio and NEITHER want to download cause they say they can t detect the card Audio Card Not Detected Am I missing a -original- installation disk for the sound card If so it s lost and I need to get it another way Would creative com have it SIDE NOTE I m not sure what my exact sound card is So If someone could help me identify the sound card and where to get the original installation stuff be it creative com if they have it or some other form of help I d be most grateful I pray for a fast and compelling reply No doubt someone will be able to help - Thank you Whitefang nbsp

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Hey Guys,  I am lost. I got my new GT750m5, removed the DVD, added the new card and nothing. I tried reinstalling the Nvidia drivers and nothing. IT doesn't even show up in the device manager. I even have the new 170w power adapter plugged in and the power management set to performance. Any ideas?  I also tried uninstalling the Intel display driver, then the Nvidia display driver and then I tried just installing the Nvidia driver (both the provided lenovo Nvidia driver and the newest 331.65). I keep getting errors about needing an intel driver installed first. Suggestions?

A:New y510p sli card not detected

This sounds like my situation:
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So lastly (right around when the anniv. update occured) my sound stopped working on my windows 10 tablet, ive researched it on the web for about a week, reinstalled windows, tried to update the driver but nothing is seems to work. The fact that my tablet is an INSIGNIA NS-P11W7100 is not helping since its a cheap brand and the company doesnt offer help for making their own drivers. One weird thing ive noticed is that ,when i go to control panel->device manager-> audio, video and game controller, it shows.. 2 different sound card Is it normal, what should i try next? Any help would help!
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I am using a AMDtek AN983 10/100 PCI Adapter LAN card to access my broadband internet.The OS on my PC is Windows XP professional SP2. Whenever I restart my PC the LAN card is not detected. It is detected only when I turn off the power and start the PC all over again. The driver seems to be installed properly cuz when I turn on the PC all over again the LAN card is detected and the internet is fine. The problem arises when I restart my PC only.Can somebody help me out??

A:LAN card not detected when I restart my PC.

Looks like your PC performs a soft reset and your NIC can't handle it. Check the BIOS setup for something that would always force a full hardware reset.
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Alright so about a year back i built myself a computer and bought a ASUS PCE-AC AC wireless adapter to use in the build Now i assumed it would work so i didn't really bother installing any drivers and soon forgot about it A year later i come across it and and i believe it's not installed correctly Please keep in mind that some of the names for link may not be correct as i'm translating them from Norwegian to English but that Network Help Not Card Detected, shouldn't be an issue Also as Network Card Not Detected, Help for the specs and OS Windows Home MSI GeForce GTX Gaming GB MSI Z -G Intel Core i - k HyperX Fury DDR MHz GB Red Corsair RM W PSU So here's what I've done so far on my own I've already checked in the device manager and it doesn't appear the thing's listed are the Broadcom onboard network card the realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and a bunch of WAN miniports so theres that When i looked in the BIOS it simply said it didn't quite recognize what was placed in the slot other than the fact that whatever was Network Card Not Detected, Help there was a network controller Sooo kinda I've also checked the card itself and it looks like it's put into the motherboard properly with the light glowing blue and everything Then i looked in the network connections Control panel - gt Network and Internet - gt network connections where it only showed my Ethernet and Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi being connected through the Broadcom -network card BUT THEN i saw a shimmer of light as i went into system information Typing system info into start screen - gt Components - gt Network - gt highlight card and voila there it showed up alongside the Realtek PCie GBE Family Controller Microsoft Kernel Network Card Not Detected, Help Debug Network Adapter Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter and all the WAN miniports But that's just about all i could find So now i turn to making a forum post any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated
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I have an ASUS M4N78 Pro mother brd with build in sound. Window 7 did not detect the on board VIA1708S 8-chan High Definition Audio CODEC.

Current situation
I read Win 7 had problems with mother brd sound chips so I purchased an Auxentech X-Raider 7.1 PCI sound card.
When I attempt to install the Win7 drivers I get a small error window popping up saying " Please plug-in C-Media Audio Device device"

Can anyone help?

A:PCI Sound card not detected

mmino, welcome to the forums.

First make sure that the Via onboard is disabled in the bios. Next re-seat the card (maybe even try a different PCI slot) and try the driver again.
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Hey I need help with my computer as i cannot play the Sims anymore I get the following error Failed to find any DirectX c compatible graphics adapters in this system Please make sure you have a direct X c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer The application will now terminate I ve looked all over not Graphics card detected forums trying to find an answer but none have helped I ve run dxdiag and it says that there is no device and that the system is using the generic video driver Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer I don t know where it s gone wrong and this is all i know about my system Specifications SOLTEK System Model ERV BIOS Version American Megatrends Graphics card not detected Inc T Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Version x Family Model Stepping Speed MHz Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Hardware Video Card null DirectX Version DirectX c Any help would be appreciated the Sims used to work perfectly fine before Thanks nbsp
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Hi, i've installed windows 7 yesterday and i found 2 problems that i want to resolve with your help.
My motherboard is the ASUS P5Q PRO and i've already download 5 or 6 drivers and nothing happen.
In device manager don't appear the Sound Device.

What's missing ?

The second problem is that my USB when i put something it always appears as Unknown Device, and i've tried with diferent objects

Help me please.

A:[HELP] No Sound Card Detected

Hi, Having a similar problem with a Medion laptop (Intel core duo 1.8GH and 3G ram) annd W7.
The Realtek sound card is showing in Device Manager and shown working correctly and indeed it plays CD or sound from streaming. However in Sound Control Panel the only device for playback is the speakers; and for recording only the microphone is listed. No mention of Realtek. Plugging a USB sound card in gives the same result; in Device mgr but only speakers and mike in Sound. This means I cannot do VOIP or record from streaming directly. I have to link the speaker output by 3.5 mm jacks to Mic input to record streaming. No good for VOIP. VOIP programs state no sound card found. Any ideas please?
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Dell Latitude C810 laptop
Windows XP Professional

Lately (for reasons unknown to me) my laptop has been really sluggish and I have received the error notification (blue screen) that the nv4_disp file has some kind of error and is stuck in an infinite loop. I have done a system restore to about a month ago and things seem to be working better but I've noticed that in the device manager there is no video card listed under display adapters or anywhere for that matter. Shouldn't there be a video card there somewhere? I didn't disable a video card. Is there any way to get Windows to detect my video card short of opening the laptop and unplugging it and plugging it back in?

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This is really really frustrating me.. blehh I've been trying to fix it since yesterday. After (accidentally) uninstalling stuff, I think I accidentally uninstalled something that made my computer not detect my sound card, only, I don't know what? Now.. I don't know how to fix the problem at all. I was trying to find the sound card's manufacturer, but I couldn't find it (no sound card detected.. ;>.>) Anyway, my computer specs are below, and I just hope someone can help!

Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Dell Dimension DIMC521
AMD Sempron(tmm) processor
1.80 GHz, 448 MB Ram

Uhh hope that info helps anyone.

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My sound went out on my laptop one day and didn t know why My Acer Aspire doesn t have a sound card that can be found The system tray says quot NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED quot So the Card Detected? Sound No hopeless person I No Sound Card Detected? am googled for solutions I tried going into Control Panel gt Device Manager gt Sound video and game controllers and EXPECTED to see my realtek hd sound card thingy in the droplist but only found quot AVerMedia A Minicard DVB-T quot I was going to uninstall and reinstall the realtek driver but it s not even on the list so I can t do it I downloaded the driver off of the ACER website itself but I have found no use for it if the sound card can t even be detected on my laptop I m starting to think my sound card is just old and I need to replace it Btw I am not really a computer junkie so simple language would be best PICTURE INCLUDED FOR REFERENCE nbsp

A:No Sound Card Detected?

Noo one can help????!?!??!!??!?!
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i install nhancer and when i first run it it says (the nvapi reported no attached nvidia display in the system)

A:graphic card not detected?

and here is my system information
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Hello everybody and thanks in advance for any help
I have got a problem with my sound card,It always has worked before I reinstalled XP system pack 2
My sound card isnt detected by the system, it was fully functional before ,i tried to install the driver but i get an error message saying that no HD sound card was found
I tried to turn it on in the BIOS but it was set in automatic mode
Please help


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I was hoping someone would be able to assist me. I have an ASUS 8An-SLI motherboard with NVIDIA running windows xp 32bit. Recently I had to change out my chipset fan, since then my sound card is not being detected. I have tried to search through device manager, control panel add new hardware, I have gone to asus and nvidia and downloaded drivers - although asus only pointed twoards realtek. A friend of mine built this computer about 4 years ago for me and I'm not sure if the audio is built into the motherboard or not. (the friend is unreachable for any advice) I first noticed no sound when I loaded up winamp and recieved a message saying bad direct sound driver.

Any ideas???


A:Sound Card Not Detected

are you running SP3?? SP3 and current windows fixes did fix some sound driver issues.
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This is probably a silly question but it has been frustrating me for a while now I have recently bought a new PC with two video cards one nearer the bottom of the tower Not Card Graphics Detected and the other closer to the top The lower one works fine but I really want to use the other one as it has an HD connector and I would like to try it with my monitor using an hdmi to hdmi cable The problem is that I cant seem to get my system to Graphics Card Not Detected detect Graphics Card Not Detected it no despite my best efforts At the moment I Graphics Card Not Detected am using an HDMI-DVI cable which I suppose is as good but one of the reasons I bought this PC is because of the second video card withthe HDMI connection Could anyone please let me know how to solve this Any advice offered is greatly appreciated OS - Windows Vista Ultimate x Processor - Intel Core Quad Q at Ghz Memory - Gb RAM Video Card In Use - Nvidia Geoforce Undetected Video Card - Nvidia GeForce NForce i Please see attached Image though I m not sure how helpful it is nbsp
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Hi just installed win 7 upgrade from vista on my sony LT1S.

Now video wont play

no blu ray or dvd play back or live tv through media center.

I have just checked my win exp score and it has come down to 1.0 !

Graphics -nothing listed

Gaming graphics-not detected

dedicated graphics memory-0mb
dedicated system memory-0mb
shared system memory-0mb

I have unistalling the driver,on restart it says it is loading standard vga driver.

I have tried loading the driver froom sony and Nvidia but no joy

All was fine before the upgrade.

Has anyone got any ideas (i have asked sony support but after previous experiences i am not holding my hopes up1


A:Graphics card not detected

Go to device manager, right click the graphics adapter in question under display adapters, choose properties, details tab, change dropdown to hardware ids. Copy and paste what is there to here.
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I recently had to reinstall XP and since then my graphics card (Geforce FX 5200) isn't detected in device manager, although the monitor is plugged into it and works fine.

Is it likely to be something to do with the motherboard drivers because I had to reinstall the onboard sound drivers for it?

I tried to install the latest Geforce drivers but the program said it couldn't detect a viable card either.

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Dear All,

Kindly advice for the problem I faced. My OS is W7 32 bit and on OS Vista, the card reader is working properly. After upgrade to W7 the hardware stopped working and undetected. My platform is Acer Aspire 4935G; CPU Core 2 Duo P8400; 4GB RAM 553hz.

Driver software has been downloaded and run, but not detect the hardware.

A:Card Reader not detected

Even though it doesn't work, does the card reader appear in the Device Manager? If not, under the Action menu button, select Scan For Hardware Changes (for this option to appear, highlight the computer name at the top of the list) and see if it appears then. Usually, if a driver can't see the hardware, it is because it is not listed in the Device Manager. Not being listed can be due to a bad connection or defective hardware.
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i have a dell n5010 it came along with windows 7 since i formatted and installed ultra my graphics card integrated amd radeon is not detected,,installed the drivers as well instead i have a vga one giving a max of 12x7 resolution
one more thing i had a 64 bit home now i have ultra 32 it because of that?

its similar to this problem
Graphic Card not detected after format; drivers can't be installed

help plz!

A:graphics card not detected

As best as I can find, Dell has no listing of Windows 7 32 bit drivers, they only have 64 bit drivers. Perhaps if you could contact them, they could provide you one. Is there a reason you switched to 32 bit from 64 bit?
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i`ve instaled today windows 7 build 7229 but it does not recognise my sound card ...
i have a integrated sound card, wich is disabled from msDOS, and another sound card wich it was suposed to work ...
i tried to install the driver manualy but it gave me an error that it doesn`t work on this platform ...
what should i do ?
i have to change my sound card?

A:no sound card detected :(

What drivers did you try? If Win 7 drivers are not available - try the Vista ones from your manufacturers website.
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Hiya, guys.

I'm having trouble with an onboard network chipset. HWiNFO32 identifies it as "nVidia nForce Networking Controller" with the vendor description "NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Adapter Driver". I've tried searching for these drivers but have had no luck.

The motherboard is an ECS GeForce6100PM-M2 with an nVidia nForce 6100-405/430 chipset. The ECS website has been anything but helpful. They list the NVIDIA NAM driver but it hasn't worked.

I'm trying to get this to work with Wndows XP x64 Edition but regular 32-bit XP pro fails to recognise it too. Weirdly enough it works fine in Vista x64 and also in Ubuntu 10.10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, guys. This thing's been driving me round the bend!


A:Network card not detected in XP

Have tried the NVidia site?
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i 'm using this memory card since 4 years ago but now suddenly its crashed when i copying files phone to pc.
memory card is not detecting on phone too
is memory card crashed or waste? help !! i need to use it :'(
i tried memory card reader ... here this screen shot below

A:Why my memory card is not detected?

They fail just like anything else electronic. Other than carefully cleaning the contacts there isn't much you can do. What does disk management show for that card?
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Alright so i decided i wanted a graphic card Graphic Detected Card Not New upgrade from the New Graphic Card Not Detected le on board one So i bought an New Graphic Card Not Detected XFX Ati Radeon HD I tried installing my new card the usual way First i disabled the on board one since i cant uninstall and remove it Second i put the new card in the PCI-E slot and attatched the -pin power cable Thirdly i plugged my monitor into the new card I booted up my computer and recieved no signal So i plugged it into on board display which still worked With it plugged in directly to the computer i got x resolution so i tried downloading and installing new drivers for my card That didnt work so i used CPUID CPU-Z to see if it recognizes my card but it shows nothing is there New Graphic Card Not Detected i went into dxdiag and under the display tab it shows i nothing i tried the xfx drivers cd but it gives me the quot could nt detect an xfx product quot Is my card faulty or is it my computer COMPUTER SPECS http h www hp com ewfrf wc d roduct ALSO i have a bfg tech watt PSU http www bfgtech com bfgr wgspsu aspx nbsp
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Okay, so this is bugging me. I have a 2g SanDisk Micro SD Card that I have a good amount of music, pictures, videos, and ringtones on, even a few school projects. So, after putting some music on it last night and trying to put it in my LG Voyager, the card is not even detected.

I insert, take out, insert, take out, etc. It is still not detected.
I put it in my friend's quikfire and it is not detected. I put it in my DSi and it is not detected.

However, my computer still detects it, and I can browse through the files and play music and everything.


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the sound card isnt shown in the device should be a plug and pray device so the drivers should be loaded after the restart but they this card messed up ?? any info is appreciated

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Hello i just bought myself a jewel for my gaming experience but when i plugged it in my video not card New detected pci slot it doesn't start The card is GF GTX INNO D GB -bit I unplugged my old card New video card not detected ati radeon hd went to the shop and came New video card not detected back with the new one I plugged it and i started the pc Nothing happened Then i switched the monitor into the mainboard and when the monitor flashed it was loading windows When windows loaded it was recognizing the old video card because it's driver was still there It didn't detect that i have plugged any new hardware When i insert and run the driver DVD included with my new card it also says that i don't have device compitable with the drivers it wants to install Truly i am with my generic mainboard video at the moment and at least it allows me to start my pc and try to solve the problem Is it that i don't have enough powerful supply Is it that the video card isn't compitable with my mainboard Is it that i haven't plugged it right it surely goes smooth into the slot but the card has my old card had power supply hubs to stick it in Tried both didn't work My power supply is Flotron W My processor and mainboard are AMD Phenom Quad-Core GHz GB RAM Motherboard ASUS M A -T AM OS Win Ultimate On the official website it says this A PCI-Express compliant motherboard with full size expansion slot gt x -pin PCI Express supplementary power connector i have plugged only will try how to plug the nd one too and see if it works

A:New video card not detected

Yip, the GTX 460 INNO3D requires both PCI-e 6pin power leads attached. 400W PSU is a bit low. A quality 450W is the lowest recommended.
You may also need to go into the motherboards BIOS and change the VGA detection order, so that it looks for a graphics card on the pci-e slot instead of using the onboard HD3300.
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Hihi Jumanji,

need your help again

could you please advise how to recover files from micro sd card, it was not detected

please advise
thank you

A:Micro Sd card not detected

There are many capable heads here who can help provided you give full details of your problem. I would advise you not to tag on to an old thread. Instead start a new thread and give full details of your problem.
For instance 1. make/manufacturer/capacity of the Micro SD Card 2. Where was it being used: a phone? a camera? with details of the device in which it was used 3. When it happened? Was there any precipitating factor you can think of?

Given below is a typical post by a user:

"I bought my Xperia Z a while ago, and with it, a micro SD card. I've been using the phone (with the sd card inserted) without any problems. I've stored my pictures, music, files, etc. in there and always worked fine.
Yesterday, I got a notification on my phone about a new software update. Once I got home, I had the phone updating only to discover that after it finished, my sd card is no longer detected...

Any help would be appreciated please."

The user here has more or less defined his problem and any missing data we can always query and get it.

A new thread will also attract the attention of many (and not only jumanji) and you are likely to get a resolution, when many heads put their thoughts and experiences. So even if jumanji fails, there would be someone else better equipped to deal with it.

So try and make a new thread on the above lines. Don't be afraid and go ahead. We are here to help you. But help us to help you by giving as much details as you can.

( In the above case do you know what was the resolution? "Sony apologises for Xperia Z sudden-death glitch" There was someone who instantly came out with this while others were desperately trying to analyse the problem to find a solution. No, I am not saying that this applies to your case, but see how the details given by the user helped nail the problem.)

So get on to a new thread. While I go to sleep a shortwhile from now, others will be there to work on it and help you. I shall see it only after another 10 hours.
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Hi I ve had excellent success getting help from this site in the past so I thought I d give it another go I recently bought a new graphics card for my also new compaq presario computer My com came with an nvidia geforce integrated card and I card Help! New not detected, graphics bought an nvidia geforce gt card Literally the day before I got this new card a friend brought over a gt card and threw it in my computer the card auto installed on startup and worked like a charm Starcraft looked great So with great confidence I tried installing my when it came in the mail today I plugged it into the only viable slot pci x or something and turned on my computer and there was no option to auto install drivers Not to be deterred I threw in New graphics card not detected, Help! the included install cd and installed the drivers that way but to no effect My computer still in no way recognized that the card was there I checked this by clicking run in the start menu I m running windows btw and typing dxdiag which is something I saw while googling around for help The resulting window said that currently my card was the card included with the com So after closer inspection I saw a power cable that came with the card it had pins and I saw only one possible place for it to be plugged into my New graphics card not detected, Help! psu so I plugged that in Now when I turned my computer on the moniter would not display anything the power light would glow or orange instead of blue whether it was plugged into the graphics card itself or in my computers VGA input Before without the graphics cards power cord plugged into the psu the moniter at least worked with my regular computers VGA slot My two cents on what s going on To me it seems like when the power cord is being used the graphics card is finally powered and therefore all I d need is to accept it installing the drivers like I did with my friends card although I ve already installed them with my install cd but the moniter can t display anything cause it s not yet installed I don t know what to do if I use the power cord I can t see but if I don t the card isn t detected Help I m posting this from my phone so I can give better info if needed soon nbsp

A:New graphics card not detected, Help!

Bump? Sorry I'm not good with computers if there is any major info I missed let me know and I can get it for you. I appreciate any help immensely.
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Hey everybody i have an issue with my video card First off i have a Packard Bell EN TK- laptop with AMD Radeon HD M graphics card So long story short my file system got corrupted so i formatted my hdd reinstalled windows bit Now boot takes about minutes card detected? Video being not to be done and while im IN windows it's pretty slow problem is not the speed actually its considerably okay but that things freeze quite often Question no can the video card cause this or is it my hdd as i mentioned i had to reinstall windows cause of my hdd That being said After i Video card not being detected? got into windows i wanted to install necessary drivers The driver for my motherboard is installed i think because when i click on my MB in the device manager and go to 'install updates' it says that drivers are up to date and Video card not being detected? installed Question no is it possible that my chipset driver isnt actually installed or it isnt installed correctly thats why im getting all this trouble Next thing i wanted to do is to obviously install the video card drivers My video card didnt show up in the device manager i thought its normal since i didnt install drivers yet So i downloaded not the newest driver from amd com but that one which is listed as a necessary driver for this laptop on packardbell com it includes driver for the southbridge for usb drives and for some other stuff Everything installed correctly except for the video card driver after the isntallation it says that a problem has occured and i can view the log Once i do that it says that it failed installing my vcard driver So im sitting here now and i honestly dont know what i could do at this point I didnt really found anything usefull on the internet and one thing i can say for sure that it IS my system not detecting the video card because it sure didnt get ruined or something Dan Edit i forgot to mention that since it doesnt see my video card it is using this 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' with mb vram People in forums recommended to uninstall that thing and then try to install an amd driver I've done this and it doesnt work Now device manager doesnt show anything related to video card drivers Whats going on Its driving me crazy

A:Video card not being detected?

Filesystem corruption and very slow system can both indicate a failing hard drive. This laptop originally came out in 2011, and if you bought it then, and have been using it daily since, it's very likely the hard drive is wearing out.

If I was you, I would find out what brand hard drive, go to the manufacturer's website, and if they have a drive checking app, download that, install it, and run it.
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I bought a new graphics card for my pc (Sapphire Radeon HD5570) and is not detected by my motherboard.I m running an ASRock conroe1333-d667 motherboard.
I tried so many things to make it work..I formated my pc, I changed settings in BIOS and made PCI-E primmary video adapter, I removed and inserted again the CMOS and still the card is nowhere in the device manager...I also want to say that the graphics card fan is working...plz help me because i m starting getting mad!!!

A:My graphics card is not detected...

Whoa, why did you do all that? Flash the BIOS with "ASROCK Conroe Bios 1.83 (or newer)" and "Save and Exit" BIOS R3.0&o=BIOS
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Greetings everyone nbsp WLAN detected card No I'm having a weird problem with the above-mentioned laptop When I got it the OS crashed so it required a reinstall I went on and installed Windows -bit nbsp In the final steps of the install it asked No WLAN card detected me if I wanted to connect to a wireless network and found my home network I skipped that step because I always set those things up later when the drivers are already installed nbsp Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to do it later as no wireless card was even detected Not even in Device No WLAN card detected Manager so it wasn't a driver issue Under System Information F it says 'No Device Present' under WWAN and WLAN FCC ID nbsp I've updated the BIOS and tried reinstalling the OS but this time it didn't give me the option to connect to a wireless network No WLAN card detected before the first boot nbsp I'm having a really really really hard time believing that the WLAN card died between the time it asked me to connect to a wireless network and the first boot nbsp Any ideas
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Here is goes:

when I turned on my pc, monitors says "no input detected" . At first I think my monitor was the problem but when I connect it to my laptop it works. So I thought the problem is my video card but I inserted my old video card and it is still not detected. So I think its not the video card problem. Right now I just using my MoBo Graphics..

any replies would be much appreciated..thanks!

MoBo : MSI MS-7267
Video Card: GeForce 9500GT

A:Video CArd not detected

You can try the same cards in another Computer(if possible). If it works then it is the slot on the MoBo and if it doesn't then its the cards.
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h t t p w w w evga com articles asp lt ---Video card specs Ok I just got an upgrade from Vista to Windows plus I wanted to play Maple better on my crappy Slimline HP s n computer so I bought this card Mine is exactly the same but the MB model Everything went perfect for like around month Computer specs link --- gt h t t p h w w w hp com ewfrf wc document docname c amp lc en amp dlc en amp cc us amp product amp lang en One day I turned on the pc only to find out it didn t show any display on the monitor so I restarted but nothing seemed to change I looked at the connection detected not Video card on the back of the pc DVI to VGA adapter but eveything was good No beeps Video card not detected all fans working nothing loose So I had to change the monitor connection to the one on the motherboard and it worked When I logged in I noticed the PC slower so the st thing I did was to check for the Video Video card not detected card in device manager and It was not being displayed So now I had a bigger problem Unistalled the latest drivers from nVidia and reinstalled them went to a previous restore point around days back but nothing I even went into the BIOS to change the main video adaptar to PCI-E and to default settings nothing So im thinking quot the fan spins at least is getting power quot so at this point I don t know if is the PCI-E slot the card drivers BIOS or what the hell I went on to a friend s house to check the card but same thing happened well a little worse The card was getting power fan spin but the card wouldn t display anything and if we changed the connection back to the VGA slot on the motherboard it wouldn t work either The only time the PC could display anything was to boot it with out the card installed Back at my house I installed the card and went to sleep In the morning I turn on the pc and WTF The VGA slot in the motherboard now doesn t work now so the st thing I do is to put the adapter and try the video card slot and works GREAT But only for day I turned on the PC in the morning just to find out the same thing happends No display from the card and not detected by the system and fan spins Only one new thing comes to my mind the power supply might not be enough to handle the card since it says it neads a w power supply and mine s w but why would it work for several weeks and then not Any help nbsp

A:Video card not detected

Long story short

Its your Power Supply, you need a better one (say 450Watt will do)

Have a nice day
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I have an Asus PCE-N15 I recently put into my new computer. I need to connect to the Internet, I installed drivers via USB but they cant go to the right folder because there is no wifi card to be found. It is connected properly
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Okay so I had a geforce card being detected!! not HELP, Video Need integrated graphics Need HELP, Video card not being detected!! card and I bought an GT to play the higher end games yesterday I was able to get it to work i installed the drivers and everything and disabled the i played lots of games and stuff and had it on for a long time before sleeping i turned off the computer today when I woke up and turned it on my screen went blank So I stuck the monitor plug from my gt back to the motherboard one and it worked I went to the bios and made sure that the card it uses is the PCI-e one instead of the PCI or the onboard one stuck the monitor plug back into GT and it still didn t work what I noticed is that even though the gt is still inside my computer doesn t detect it anymore Yesterday before i even installed the drivers and stuff it detected the graphics card today its not doing it anymore i dunno why btw the is still running inside the computer i can tell because the fan is running fine someone please help me i m really depressed right now nbsp

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Hi All,

I have a new tiny Micro SD card reader for my XP but the PC doesn't detect it when I plug it in the USB slot. The PC makes a noise ( when a piece of hardware has been plugged into the USB port) but when I look on 'My Computer' I cannot see it.

Any advice?


C h r e d g e.

A:Card reader not detected

Did you get a CD with software for it? If so try installing the software and it will tell you to plug it in. If that doesn't work then it maybe a problem with you usb ports.
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Wow so I just received my new in the mail today and guess what it doesn t work Well here s what I did so far I uninstalled all nvidia graphics drivers which I used for my gso Rebooted to complete installation Disabled onboard video drivers Shut off computer Installed into motherboard Booted up Now I don t get any video from the card outputs itself so I used my onboard video output to log into windows I tried installing the CCC but the installation failed or something like that I check the device manager and there detected card not Graphics isn t any sign of the showing up Now I m a little scared and not sure what to do The appears to be powered cause my computer is x louder with that damn fan Its just that it won t be recognized by device manager and the drivers won t work Thanks guys Edit When I installed the I had to move the hard drive and cd sata cables from the first and second port to the third and forth ports Whenever I boot my POST says your system last boot fail or POST interrupted Please enter setup to load default and reboot again I press f to bypass this Also when I go into system for some reason it only detects GB of RAM I have bit windows lt -- it only started happening since the new graphics card was installed Reinstalled Windows same damn problem Also I m starting to think that the graphics card is defective as even the bios cannot recognize the card on boot And I believe that is the reason for the Graphics card not detected POST failing nbsp

A:Graphics card not detected

Also, when I go into system, for some reason it only detects 3.87 GB of RAM... I have 64 bit windows 7 <-- it only started happening since the new graphics card was installed.Click to expand...

That's probably because your onboard video is allocating some of it.
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MY SERIAL NO - [Personal Information Removed], AND card eadeer is not working ....... please help


Hello BHUMINDRA, Welcome to the HP forums,  download and install this driver; Winos.

The doors of wisdom are never shut. Benjamin Franklin&We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right. Nelson Mandela
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In my system running Windows ME, I put an ISA Intel EtherExpress 10 MBps card in it, but windows doesn't dectect it, even thought it blinks at startup, meaning it has power. The other computer I have has Windows 98b, and it detects it, so what is wrong with it???? Is it just the OS?
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I just had a friend send me an agp video card I followed the installation instructions that came with it but when I plugged the monitor into the new card there is no video detected I am not very smart with computers as far as tech stuff goes so I had a couple friends of mine who know a lot more than I do try and help They really couldn t figure out the problem either They re not looking at it I guess so kind of hard to figure out the issue I ll give information on my computer motherboard type as well as graphics card type below It is an AMD Athlon Processor GHz MB of RAM Running windows XP home edition service pack The graphics card is a Radeon HD Pro The motherboard is K V-MX S I m not sure what else to put as far as computer information I tried a few different things like disabling the display adaptor in device manager and when looking in BIOS it was set to AGP for primary graphics display or whatever If it ends up that it is the card itself can anyone tell me what Not AGP Detected Card Graphics kind of graphics cards would be compatible with my computer so I can go and purchase one I want to be able to play games Thankyou Anyway if someone could help me I would really appreciate it Thankyou nbsp

A:AGP Graphics Card Not Detected

I'm a little unclear on what you did. Are you saying you plugged in the monitor to the Radeon HD 2400 while the PC was still running? If I've misunderstood that, then when you boot up the PC, you are seeing the motherboard splash screen and can get into the BIOS? If so, then it just won't boot into Windows? Could you clarify?
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I failed to install a PCI Lan Card, it seems that it can not be detected, and I found some posts here that upgrading bios might help. Does anyone know if bios has to be upgraded from v02.65 to 00.02.68 for the PCI slots to work ? Is there other known issue on v02.65 ? We really need to install dual Lan cards and have 2 isolated network with our desktop.  Please help. Million thanks.
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im trying to put in my radeon 8500 into my computer. but it is not being detected although it is in correctly. my motherboard is compatable, and i took the CMOS battery out but still no luck. do you have to uninstall the previous card for it to work. and does the radeon need its own powersupply?

A:video card not detected

Doesn't recognize it , as in not booting up ? Or doesn't recognize as in OS?
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Greetings, My new sound card arrived this morning. I plugged it into a PCI slot on my motherboard running Windows 10 64 bit with 4GB RAM.
Booting up the sound card was not detected and so I placed the driver CD into the CD drive and it came up with...

What should I run to make the card operational?
Any thought gratefully received,
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Hello, hope you can help. My win98se doesn't recognize the ieee1394 pci card. I've tried different IRQ, manual install, software install what else is there.

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Hey there guys Background story trying to get my brother's old computer working It's a Falcon Northwest and the graphics card in it is an Nvidia GTX M I formatted the HD and installed a clean version of Windows on it The graphics card that appears in the dxdiag and display device etc was a quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot From what I read up on it it seems like Windows defaults to this when it cannot recognize the card I attempted to download and install the appropriate drivers from the Nvidia site but upon running the installer it gives me a quot No compatible hardware found quot I read that I would first have to uninstall the quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot in order to properly install the correct drivers so I went ahead and did that However instead of listing the standard vga now it just lists quot n a quot No card shows up anywhere really The Nvidia installer is still unable to install the drivers still doesn't find compatible hardware The computer is either a or Falcon Northwest DRX If you have an suggestions on something I haven't tried yet please let me know Basically everything I've found is quot install the proper video card drivers Detected Card Graphics No quot but that doesn't seem like it's gonna fly

A:No Graphics Card Detected

Quote: Originally Posted by duen

I read that I would first have to uninstall the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" in order to properly install the correct drivers, so I went ahead and did that.

No, you don't have to do that.

Quote: Originally Posted by duen

However, instead of listing the standard vga, now it just lists "n/a". No card shows up anywhere, really.

It will if you uninstalled the standard VGA driver.

Was this card with this machine from day one, so it was a known working card with the original set up?
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Hey all Cant Second detected not - card graphics SLI seem to get the two Nvidia GTX to show up in my device manager I only get the one And there doesnt seem to be any SLI option in nvidia control panel l My Specs OS Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit CPU Intel R Core TM i - K Quad Graphics Nvidia GTX Motherboard P Z -V Memory gb Corsair DDR PSU Corsair TX Watt I was using a WATT PSU before so I upgraded to WATT PSU in hope it would easily cover it both GPU s are fitted in Second graphics card not detected - SLI the PCI-E amp slots as directed by the manual Ive tried running one card individually in each slot to see if its the slots but the GPU s work in both slots and same is said for both cards they both work individually There doesnt seem to be any options in the Mobo bios ive tried updating it to the latest version still no avail Ive tried uninstalling all drivers using drive sweep then reinstalling drivers version latest for one graphics card in PCI-E slot then taking it out and installing the drivers again for other in PCI-E slot then putting them both in Again no joy Ive got the little strip thing that runs between the slots on the outside of the graphics cards forgive cant remember name Tried with or without that Seriously stuck anyone got any clues nbsp
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Hi, I have a Lenovo T410 and I want connect my computer to the 3G. I have installed all the drivers available on the site of Lenovo, but when I try to install Lenovo Mobile Broadband Activation, I have an error saying that I haven't a supported wireless WAN card. An idea ? (Sorry for my english, I'm not really that fluent). Janine86

A:Wireless WAN card not detected

HelloThe app might say the true - wwan card isn't installed.Open Device Manager, Network adapters section. Is there device, broadband adapter related? If your laptop is produced for North America or Europe, most likely adapter is Gobi 2000. Or there might be unknown devices, or with errors.FYI, Mobile Broadband app is useless in European networks, France including.
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I have an ASUS PCE-N13 Wireless PCI-Express Adapter. This is my second wireless network card and I do not believe they were both defective. My device manager does not detect that card and I installed the driver on the CD that came with the network card. Anything I can do? Only a wired connection with an X mark shows on my task bar.

ASUS p8z68 v pro Motherboard
8 GB Corsair Vengeance
i5 2500k CPU
gtx 560 ti graphics card
500 W PSU


A:Wireless Card not being detected

Can you show us a Snip of your device manager with Network Adapter expanded? Have you tried the card in a different slot? Also go here and make sure your have the latest drivers ASUS p8z68 v pro Motherboard
and here for your wireless card drivers, latest is driver v. ASUS PCE-N13
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So recently my Pls] Detected [Need Help ? Getting Not Graphics Card laptop felldown and got damaged I managed to fix the screen etc etc nbsp nbsp But Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls] when I rebooted it back and when I tried to open Catalyst Control Center it said No amd graphics driver installed or is not functioning properly Please install the amd driver appropiate for your amd software nbsp nbsp And in the dxdiag it shows only MB of graphics instead of G or smtng and in the Device manager it Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls] shows only Display Adapter for AMD Radeon G nbsp Along with these all the swtichable graphics option in the Catalyst Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls] Control Center were gone nbsp Im sure I have installed all the right drivers provided by HP for my laptop model and I tried reinstalling them each time nbsp Also when I ran the AMD AutoDetect Utility for dricers it detected my GPU as nbsp AMD Radeon HD G and not nbsp AMD Radeon HD M nbsp nbsp So Is the graphics card broken If so is there any cheap way to fix this instead of replacing the whole motherboard nbsp Here are the Specs nbsp of my laptop nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp PS My internal Graphic Card is nbsp AMD Radeon HD G and My deticated Graphics Card is nbsp AMD Radeon HD M nbsp Please help I dont even know what the problem is yet nbsp

A:Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls]

Do you see two video cards (display adapters) in the control panel? Seriously, it would be odd for the motherboard to get damaged so that only the discrete video was bad...I would think if that got physically damaged the computer would refuse to boot up. I might suggest a reinstall of the operating system. I suspect software corruption resulting from the fall. You can also try to run a full UEFI diagnostic by tapping F2 as you power up. Let's make sure the hard drive is not damaged. What damage was done and what did you fix already?
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We bought a GeForce 9600 gt graphics card online and got it in the mail and installed it. Then we needed an adapter, so after some research, we got one. I have a dell inspiron 530.

I tried plugging the monitor cord into the new card spot, and the monitor stayed black, like in power save mode, so I plugged the monitor into the motherboard again. I've looked on the GeForce site for the bios, but the site says it can't detect the hardware.

I know I need to download something for this to work, but I can't get any information that's helpful on the matter. Could you guys help me out?

A:Graphics card not detected?

Hi did you install the driver for the card
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My motherboard had quit working on my system so I bought a new one to replace it At the time the motherboard was working my GPU was as well detected fine fans running playing games Now that I ve replaced the motherboards they re the same model my GPU isn t being detected The fans are spinning and the pins are connected so I know it s powered on The program TechPowerUp GPU-Z version is showing my Graphics Card as the quot Microsoft Basic Display Adapter quot I ve tried using AMD s autodetect utility but it says it can t find drivers for my system When I attempt to plug my DVI cable in to my GPU I don t get a signal When I plug it in to my motherboard I get Card Graphics not detected a signal Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Pro bit Processor AMD FX tm - Six-Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A L-M USB Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled The GPU is supposed to be detected as a XFX R X Thanks for any assistance nbsp

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My computer has a video card (NVidia) intergrated with the mother board and for some reason my computer refuses to detect and use it. I have tried reinstalling drivers, and still does not work. I am getting very frustraited and would very apreciate some help. 

A:graphics card not detected with 23k-121

Hello @TheNikachu, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are not seeing the integrated graphics chip, despite trying to install drivers. I am happy to help with this. When you check in device manager is there any entry at all for the graphics adapter? Is there anything showing up that is an unknown device?  If so try removing the unknown device and then scan for hardware changes, from within device manager. Let me know if it pull up the graphics adapter or not. If it does, then try using the HP Support Assistant, to find and install the correct driver. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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hi.. im new here.. need help. i recently changed my ram from 2gig to 4gig.. then after booting it.. was about to re-install my vidcard but the hardware it was not detected. my vid card is GT240 Galaxy GeForce 200 series Nvidia.. already downloaded the installer from the site since i have lost the cd-installer... need help very badly

A:Video Card not detected...

Welcome to Seven Forums!
Did you double check to see it is fully plugged in all the way? If not then do that first.
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Hi I am trying to install some wifi ruouter softwares but any software i install its failing with the error as quot Please make sure that you have a wireless card and that it s connected quot But I can use card detected not Wireless normal Wifi for connecting to the internet Can anyone help me to get this issue fixed Wireless card not detected Please find the details of ipconfig from cmd Windows IP Configuration Host Name Wireless card not detected sairam-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Mixed IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No PPP adapter Broadband Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Broadband Connection Physical Address DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe f be f Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - - -F - -E - - - E- - DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Physical Address - B-B -AD- E- DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Broadcom n Network Adapter Physical Address - B-B -AD- E- DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Physical Address E - - - E- - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe a aa c Preferred Autoconfiguration IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway fe b e a eb f c a DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - - -F - -E - - - E- - DNS Servers fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Physical Address - B- B- -D - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap FDAA - CE - C B- - EA A D Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap B DBDD - E - E- - F C Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap BC B - E - C -A - D Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address d c c caa f Prefe rred Link-local IPv Address fe c caa f Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter isatap FBCE - D- - BD- D EC F Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap F -AEC - C - F - C A Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes nbsp
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Hi, I'm new to the forums, so please forgive any errors on my part. I recently acquired a TOSHIBA T130D-001 Satellite Laptop (Its one of those small ones; doesnt even have a DVD drive). It worked fine for school purposes, but about a week ago, my wireless just stopped working. When I checked the device manager, it no longer showed up. So I'm wondering now, if there's anything I can do and does anyone have any instructions on how to open up this particular model? Thanks. I've provided a link to the specs, thank you.


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I have a Gigabyte AMD socket AMD 2 Motherboard with a onboard graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 6100) but recently i bought a new graphics card GIgabyte Geforce 7200 GS.
I have place it in and tried to change the bios by disabling the onboard graphics card but there wasnt a definate option. There was 2 options that refered to graphics cards in Advance Bios Features, the two were; Init Display first and Onboard GPU.
In the Init Display first, there was 3 options, PCI slot, Onboard VGA or PEG. (which do i select?)
In the Onboard GPU, there was two options, Enable If No Ext PEG or Always Enable ( of course Enable If No Ext PEG but is this the way to disable it?)

When i put the card in and insert the plug to the graphics card, my monitor would not detect the graphic and the screen would remain black.

Any Ideas? Thanx in advance

A:New graphics card not detected

You should select PEG display first. This may sound kinda dumb lol, but does your new card have a power connector on it (it may be a 4-pin normal connector, or the new PCI-E 6 pin connector)?

If so, check it out, also you might want to try to reset the BIOS.

And BTW, welcome to TS
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I m setting up a Thinkpad modem not detected Mini pci card T or with win se for a technophobic neighbour Trying to set up a new dial up account the owner doesn t have broadband the screen asks me to install a new modem Device manager doesn t show any icon for a modem in its window but does show query marks against all the pci entries including the PCI serial controller Properties for these all show quot No driver installed for this device quot and Resources show Mini pci modem card not detected quot do not match any known configuration quot I ve run Everest ver and that tells me there is an AT amp T lucent winmodem present in the PCI devices list I ve re-seated the mini pci card which is a combo modem LAN card but no change Am I on Mini pci modem card not detected the right track in trying to locate the problem or looking in the wrong direction Is it a software problem of not having the pci drivers installed or have I got a duff card Update I ve been into the bios settings and the first thing I noticed was a mac address of the lan card but no mention of a modem Went to config network where it showed Mini pci modem card not detected lots of lan entries - quot wake up on lan quot etc but still no mention of modem anywhere I can see Am I looking in the wrong place Do I need to go down all the dll entries in Everest to see if there are drivers missing If I identify the combo card find the drivers on the net somewhere then download them to this pc where do I file them on the problem machine Grateful for advice John Googled problem and found windowshelp com Followed the advice and loaded a generic winmodem driver So far so good Will update later John nbsp

A:Mini pci modem card not detected

You should be able to use the driver at support and download site. Just enter the full type number without the dashes, examin the listed modem for that unit, then download the driver that fits the description in the Thinkpad Matrix for that model.
The modem will not show up until you run the install of that download.
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Hello and thank you in advance I can t connect to the internet no problem with the conection before and when I run the program SIW exe that lists all the components of my PC the Ethernet card is not detected The Ethernet cable has light but not flushing light After opening the detected not The card Ethernet Solved: is PC case I saw that the Ethernet card is not in a slot form Solved: The Ethernet card is not detected that I could replace it but it is one piece with the motherboard Please help The details of my Dell Dimension PC are Motherboard details Property Value Manufacturer Dell Inc Model WG Version Serial Number CN CR A Chipset Model G Memory Controller Hub MCH Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation CPU Intel Pentium HT CPU socket LGA Processor Upgrade ZIF Socket Max CPU speed MHz Slots PCI OnBoard devices Disabled Video Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Characteristics - Multi Proccesor supported Capacity MBytes Location System board or motherboard Maximum Capacity MBytes Slots Error Correction None Name Physical Memory Array Use System memory SMBus ffff PCI details Property Value Vendor h Intel Corporation Device DCh GB I O Controller Hub LAN Subsystem Vendor h Dell Computer Corp Subsystem Device ABh Command h I O Access Memory Access BusMaster MemWrite Invalidate System Errors Status h Has Capabilities List Supports Back-To-Back Trans Medium Timing Revision h Header Type h Bus Latency Timer h Minimum Bus Grant h Maximum Bus Latency h Self test h Self test not supported Cache line size Bytes DWords PCI Class h Network PCI Class Type h Ethernet DeviceDesc Ethernet Controller LocationInformation PCI bus device function Capabilities HardwareID PCI VEN amp DEV DC amp SUBSYS AB amp REV PCI VEN amp DEV DC amp SUBSYS AB PCI VEN amp DEV DC amp CC PCI VEN amp DEV DC amp CC CompatibleIDs PCI VEN amp DEV DC amp REV PCI VEN amp DEV DC PCI VEN amp CC PCI VEN amp CC PCI VEN PCI CC PCI CC ClassGUID D E E-E - CE-BFC - BE Class Unknown ConfigFlags Driver D E E-E - CE-BFC - BE Other devices Class Unknown Icon - CPU details CPU physical processor logical processors Vendor GenuineIntel CPU Full Name Intel Pentium HT CPU Name Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Code Name Prescott- M Technology Platform Name LGA Type Original OEM processor FSB Mode QDR CPU Number Platform ID Microcode ID Type ID CPU Clock System Bus Clock System Clock Multiplier Original Clock Original Bus Clock Original System Clock Original Multiplier L Cache Speed MHz L Cache Speed Full CPU Family F CPU Model CPU Stepping Family Extended APIC HyperThreading L T-Cache K Ops L D-Cache KB L Cache KB RDMSR F F MMX yes MMX no SSE yes SSE yes SSE yes DNow no DNow no HyperThreading yes IA- no AMD no EM T yes NX XD yes SpeedStep yes PowerNow no LongHaul no LongRun no Architecture x nbsp

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Hi everyone I have no sound from my laptop since the installation of a system update a week ago There is a red cross on the volume button with a message telling that no audio device is installed I tried to update my realtek audio driver version check the device manager to track any error but none of this worked I also tried to restore my system to the save point before the presumed problematic update but it didn t worked too Since this issue I can no longer make system updates Another weird thing is that I have sound when I use ASIO Here is a summary of my system the laptop is sound Solved: detected No card an MSI GE OE Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - MQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX M - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Micro-Star International Co Ltd MS- GC Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Thanks in advance Solved: No sound card detected for your help nbsp

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I recently bought an ASUS Radeon R7 240 and replaced my old Gigabyte GeForce 630. When I connect my monitor to the board it does not detect it. Windows starts, video card starts, everything is fine exept my monitor. So, I used the integrated Intel HD Graphics. I installed the drivers for the card and it still does not detect my monitor. Wierdly, the video card isn't detected by Windows(7). Help! I hate Intel HD Graphics! It's so weak

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I quited my XP bit after long fights with errors and programs what did not supported bit versions I installed bit version of Vista After installion i tried to put on my card not graphic detected Nvidia graphic card drivers from the disc When disc started there was below of nvidia menu text Graphic card not detected When i tried to install drivers from disk it sayd that drivers don t match for my current hardware Nvidia graphic card not detected I downloaded the new drivers from nvidia page started installation and after it finished it sayd quot Sytem has not been modificated quot Okey it shows on device manager that new drivers has installed there was standart VGA but now there is Nvidia GTX drivers But the problem is i want to get VSYNC off and i don t have nvidia control panel Ive tried using drivercleaner nothing works My friend told me that aTuner is a great program to use to get off vertical sync So i downloaded it but when i try to change it from quot default off quot to quot vsync off quot it is about seconds on quot vsync off quot and then switchback to quot default off quot Maybe someone could give me some advice about atuner or my windows prob Ooh and by the way everything worked in XP Graphic card Nvidia GTX Proccessor intel e nbsp
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As the title above, my gpu is not detected in device manager, and i can't found it in bios either.
Laptop spec : Asus A55V, nVidia geforce 610m, i3 2.40Ghz

-uninstalling & installing the driver
-uninstalling & installing in safe mode
-clean install windows

Screenshot is included, any help from expert would be appreciated.

A:My Nvidia graphic card is not detected

Check if your power plan is on Power Saver by going to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options>Then click on the arrow on the right side of the ''Show Additional Plans''. When it is enabled, choose either Balanced or High Performance Mode(Warning: Battery Life may become shorter on this plan.).
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i recently upgraded from win98se to win xp pro, and after doing so my soundblaster 16 ISA is not even detected by win xp. any ideas on why?
i have read many forums but cant find an answer or how to fix it. i have been to the creative website for answers, i have tried to update my bios . i have checked my settings in bios but cant seem to find any onboard audio controls that i can disable. i built this computer a few years ago so i have no manufacturer to turn to. in talking with different people, some say even though it is ISA, it should still work with win xp. any help would be greatly appreciated ...

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I just put a new sound card in but the computer is not finding it. I've removed and reinstalled but it is the same. I just installed a complete new xp installation also.

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Hi FriendI have tryied to connect 32Gb SD card to my SD card Slot but its not showing as a drive ( D ),if any software/driver update for that. Thank youIsuru
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I'm helping my neighbor out with his computer...the sound isnt working on his the audio properties it says there isnt a device the Device manager the sound device isnt listed..any one know what it could be ?? any help is appreciated

A:Sound card not detected in Windows XP

What sound card is it? We will need to know that first.

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I have a Notebook HP Pavillion DV6 3113sa with Windows 7 64-bit
My Broadcom Bluetooth and Wireless Combo Card is not being detected. On device manager> Network adapters I cannot see my the wireless adapter. Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller is in the device manager though. Also I can access internet with an ethernt cable and my phone and other computer can detect my wireless router. The wireless light is also continually orange and will not change.
So neither bluetooth or wireless is working. I have down loaded the 2 Broadcom drivers from the HP website but neither fix the problem. However the bluetooth driver says something like 'Driver failed to install because no bluetooth device was found'.

Please help!


A:Wireless Adapter Card not detected

anything in the bios to turn them on / off

HP often have a switch to turn the wireless off - this also turns the bluetooth off - it may be off and actually remove the adapter from the device manager

I know on Sony if you turn the bluetooth off - via the wireless switch it removes bluetooth from device manager
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BACKSTORY Drivers Video Not Card Detected? Hey guys after suffering a terrible ordeal of issues from Video Card Drivers Not Detected? blue screens power failure and random errors I replaced my old NVIDIA GTS which seemed to be a culprit dollars down the drain on my Radeon and I find that Windows can t even install properly many update errors and whatnot Sleep mode was also still not functioning causing a bluescreen Frustrated I reinstalled again with one stick of RAM instead of both Two more installs later Video Card Drivers Not Detected? and I m happy to say I have a working computer with a failed video card and stick of RAM on my desk What a nightmare of errors PROBLEM Now that i ve reinstalled for the th time I m finally error free and ready to do some setting up and general cleanup This is honestly the first time i ve had enough time error free to install my Catalyst drivers EACH AND EVERY TIME I boot up despite what I click or change I keep getting this message If you look at the picture I attach you can see the Catalyst Control Center icon in the tray running and the Windows Trying To Detect This Device crap that just doesn t understand haha Anyways thanks in advance Also if anyone who has helped me with errors previously views this We ve found the problem Also Avast is very nice instead of McAfee thank you You know who you are

A:Video Card Drivers Not Detected?

For some reason, when I got to Vista Service Pack 2 finally, this issue resolved itself. Closed.
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Hello there,I have a dell 1558 laptop 1 year now, some days ago i accidentaly understood that my graphic card is not detected anymore by my system, i searched it and it appears error code 45 which means that my card is not in the right place. My graphic card is nvidia 920M 4GB.Here is 2 pics from speccy and device manager.speccydevice managerI tried to check for updates on my graphic card but everytime i try to install it tells me that i dont have compatible component or something like that..I have also run dell diagnostics on the gpu but it only check the default intel hf graphics 5500 , it doesnt recognise nvidia. thanks in advance.

A:Main Graphic Card not detected

If this is a Studio 1558, it has either Intel or ATI/AMD video - not both.
If it's a different model, please verify the exact model number of the system - it's not the one you've indicated.
If it's a 7558, it has either Intel-only or Intel-nVidia hybrid graphics - the latter was an option on some models -- it was not standard on all of them.
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Hello guys I'm new here in Sevenforums,
I have a problem about my computer's graphic card or video card or whatever it was i don't know exactly.First the video card is working well then I moved my computer on the second floor.Then sh*t happens my video card is not working anymore.I don't know if broken or not sometimes when I boot my computer up the blue one on the left side is not working then i moved it back to the graphic card then it worked ! Then I reboot my PC again and the graphic card is not working anymore.Now I can only play in low graphic.By the way sorry for my bad english....

OS : Windows 7 32 bit
Graphic card or Video card : Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS

A:Graphic Card not detected or not working

You need another pc you can install it in to test.

But you can remove it, then reinstall it to make sure it is seated in the slot correctly, it just may have come loss.
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First let me say I know my system is old its dated and I have a feeling its on its last legs or something My system spec custom built pc about years ago Pentium ghz processor MB Ram Windows Home basic bit OS Graphics card ati radeon hd pro My issue a few days ago my system Solved: Graphics being Card not detected started having Solved: Graphics Card not being detected major problems Windows wouldn t load kept crashing wouldn t even defrag or run anything ect So I decided to reinstall windows vista I have very little knowledge of computers I know defrag registry cleaner and antivirus And how to download crap Thats about it So Solved: Graphics Card not being detected I reinstall windows and after a few hours of messing around I seem to get everything up and working again It defrags I can run programs and internet and everything seems awesome Then I try to run Oblivion I get an error The game was able to play before I reinstalled windows I googled the situation--and after a bit of digging I discover my graphics card is disabled I ve spent all of this weekend trying to figure out how to reinstall my graphics card now I have the original cd it came with--tried running that once or twice and no go I go to the site and install all the drivers Nothing I try completly deleting everything ATI related and clean my registry then I try reinstalling the drivers--still nothing Graphics card is not detected by device manager I try installing that ATI Tool thingy---doesn t even pick it up Then I read that going into BIOS and Solved: Graphics Card not being detected disabling integrated video should work--so I go into bios and nothing says integrated video--but I have an integrated devices menu so I go in there and disable everything I can find--start up my comp and try to reinstall the card one more time--still nothing I m out of ideas You guys have any suggestions I really hope my card isn t dead---it needs to last me until I m done with school---just one more year - - Edit if by some horrible stroke of luck my card is dead anyone know where I can find a simillar card that will run oblivion doesn t have to run it on max that is in a college kids budget nbsp

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I searched and found people with similar problems but none with answers that helped Okay so I reformatted my computer and after detected Reformat Network not card everything went fine After windows xp Network card not detected after Reformat was installed I proceeded to install the nForce Chipset drivers for my motherboard A-bit Ni SLi The chipset drivers include the ethernet drivers also and usually after installing them and restarting my computer it will prompt me to install the nVIDIA Network Access Manager This time when I restarted I got no prompt to install the program When I go to the Network Connections in the control panel there are no connections at all nor is there a LAN icon in the tray I connect to my router through a regular CAT Cable all the other computers using the router can connect to the internet I use the integrated network card with my motherboard but I looked through device manager and it s not being detected even though I installed the drivers I even went to A-Bit s site and downloaded the drivers to a flash drive and installed those but they re the same thing that s on my CD Any advice is appreciated thanks nbsp

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I am using an acer computer.. Dont really know the specs, I am not really good with computers.
Anyways, I recently reformatted my computer, and Mostly everything is un-recognizable. Including my graphics/video card. My scrolling and Dragging is really slow, I have read alot of forum threads about the same problem, and it just doesnt work for me..

Can anyone help me?
By the way, Before the reformatting, the computer Worked just fine.
Please Reply.
- Thanks

A:Video/Graphic Card Not Detected. Help Please!

Re-install Motherboard drivers

usually on a cd when you get your computer
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This is a fairly new system that I have conjured and I am a fairly new person to the world of computer parts. I've been trying to enable the video card so that I may use it to play beautiful games, however, the motherboard has other plans for me. It wants me to suffer. I've talked to multiple people about trying to get the card to work, and all of them have failed to figure out the issue. So far, the AMD drivers should be uninstalled, the card appears to be in a working state, (although the outside may be lying to me), and the integrated graphics should be disabled. With all of this in mind, why is the card not being detected? I turn to this forums in the name of the turtle to solve such a problem.

A:Video Card Unable to be Detected

Just to clear some questions, does it POSTs BIOS when you turn computer on or do windows load at all ?
Do you have extra power connected to video card ?
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Hi there just wanted some help regarding my sound is all Last night I was happily Sound Card Windows x64 7 detected not in on my computer searching the web Sound Card not detected in Windows 7 x64 I then shut my computer down for the night and as always I tunred the power off at the socket after a safe shut-down The morning after I wake up and notice that my sound has Sound Card not detected in Windows 7 x64 suddenly stopped working The sound card isn't detected nothing I've tried switching OS reinstalling Windows and also clearing the CMOS using a jumper I've tried everything but I think my onboard sound card is kaput When I install Windows for the first time on a clean install it has the drivers pre-installed so I dont need to worry about installing them I have tried installing the drivers from Gigabyte too but nothing it's like my sound card isn't even there What do you think guys am I better going to Scan to get a replacement or buying a cheapo sound card Any help is appriciated Thanks MrWhaleTrain

A:Sound Card not detected in Windows 7 x64

Generally, Windows 7 will install a lot of device drivers, but not all drivers and the generic sound driver that Windows installs may or may not work (or work properly). After installing Windows the best option is to reinstall all the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's install disc.

As you have a gigabyte (what I also have) install all the drivers, but you don't need all the extra software, which can cause problems in some cases. Case in point the Gigabyte "easy tune" that came with my motherboard caused sound glitches due to CPU interruptions.
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I installed an esata card on my PC, it did not get detected, how ever I manage to instal the driver, still no detection, nor the external esata Hard Disk showed up, after Googling etc, I enabled AHCI , and restarted, still no luck, Does this means, before installing the Windows 7, one has to eable AHCI from the BIos?
Any help would be appreciated?

A:eSata Card not detected by Windows 7

Your Windows 7 installation is SATA Mode specific. If you installed it in IDE mode then you can't switch to AHCI mode in the BIOS unless you install the AHCI driver and make the proper registry change like this:
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Also, some hardware requires you to install the driver software first, then install the hardware to complete the installation. If this is so it should be documented in the hardware's manual.

Note: it is best practice to uninstall any new driver software and perform a System Restore to a time before the first installation attempt before trying again. This insures a "clean slate". You can end up in a real mess sometimes otherwise.
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I know this question is asked a lot but my question is whether or not my computer can handle my new graphics card, if my computer isn't detecting the graphics card because it's DOA or just installed wrong. as far as research goes my computer should be able to handle the graphics card, it came with a AMD Radeon R9 200 and i tried installing a MSI Radeon R9 270. As far as physical difference between the graphics cards the R9 200 had 2 PCI-E power sockets, the new one only has one. would it be not enough power? outdated hardware? i installed the driver it came with and made sure i uninstalled the old one but still detects my old GPU.

Apevia X4 Dreamer
Processor: AMD FX™-8320 eight-core Processor 3.50 GHz
Ram: 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
X16 PCI-E 1
MSI 760gm-p34

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I recently rebooted Windows Vista on my laptop, but am now having troubles running games that I had previously had no problem running. I ran dxdiag and noticed that under Display there was no video card listed under Device. There's also no driver listed under Main Driver.

I am positive that there's a graphics card in my laptop, I have definitely seen NVIDIA GeForce (I don't know what graphics card I have) or something in the dxdiag before. I'm guessing that rebooting Vista has affected the computer's detection of the video card, but have no idea how I can fix this.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Edit: I've attached the dxdiag report in case it's useful.

A:Solved: Video Card not detected

You need to reinstall the graphics card driver.

You can download the driver from the Samsung website. If you have the R51 then here are the downloads:
You will need to download the Vista version for the NVidia graphics if you think you had an Nvidia card: (Win Vista VGA(Graphics),NVIDIA)
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when i started my computer recently my video card (gforce 7300) was suddenly not detected. the situation now is that i have to pull out the card from the pci express and replace it before i start up everytime, otherwise it is not detected and i have to plug my monitor into the onboard socket. this system has been running fine for about 2 years until this sudden glitch.
i borrowed a gforce 7600 and put that in and it worked great for about 4-5 startups then the same problem occured
i have an AMD 3200 processor on a gigabyte motherboard. i have only one pci express slot
i have updated the bios on the motherboard and the relevant drivers to no avail.
i am very confused

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I have a xtasy Radeon Graphics Accelerator mhz vpu core ddr memory -bit memory intereface memory clock mhz mhz ddr dual mhz dacs System Requirements is P III etc with compatible Agp x v x or universal Agp bus configuration x x windows x etc memory watt power supply My mainboard is a P Mainboard Model p s mg gl with a not detected Agp by graphic system card x x Agp slot for -compliant interface P windows xp ddr memory with watts of power I went through all the steps of disabling the onboard vga making sure the card was snug into place loaded the drivers went into the bios and switch the primary graphics Agp graphic card not detected by system adapter from pci to agp Agp graphic card not detected by system and nothing What am I missing Do I have a bum card or worst mainboard Should I be looking to switch some jumpers or what Or is the card not compatible I am not seeing it The system will not detect this card what is going on nbsp

A:Agp graphic card not detected by system

I think you need to update the BIOS for it to take the 9600.
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Have a Dell PC with a media card reader installed. Used to work fine ... then didn't. Got Dell hardware support ... which led to the replacement of the reader and the motherboard. Still cannot get the reader to be detected by XP. Have tried some system restores and get message that cannot restore to previous point - no changes. Not sure I agree with that. Wondering if this is now a software (XP) issue. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Media Card Reader not detected by XP

When u go to the Device Manager what do u see? Is there a question mark next the faulty media card reader? Or is it not detected at all.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G Express Chipset Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P G -M LE - card detected PSU Graphics problem? not Rev X x MF A G Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled Hi I m pretty Graphics card not detected - PSU problem? new to opening computers and adjusting their hardware but recently tried to install a graphics card into my desktop computer The only graphics card at the time was the onboard one I tried to install a Sapphire Radeon HD PCI-E card I disabled rather than uninstalled the onboard graphics card doing this on the device manager I put the new card in it seemed to click into place and I m sure it was in all the way I plugged the monitor into the card s VGA port turned it on and - no image appeared on the screen I plugged the monitor back into the onboard graphics card port and an image appeared When Windows loaded it did not detect any new hardware I looked on the internet and some people seemed to suggest that I should go into BIOS and somehow tell the computer to look in the PCI-E slot for a graphics card there I couldn t find any settings that allowed me to do that - making me wonder if other people have the same BIOS options that I do Opening up the computer again the fans on the card it s a half-height card for a slim desktop case hence fans plural seemed warm which I thought must mean that it was taking power But eventually I took a look at the PSU and say that it said Total Output Power W The card however had minimum requirements of W Ah I then removed the card again as I understood that taking more power than the PSU could provide would damage the components Okay so these are my questions which I would be very grateful if anyone could answer Does it sound like having too small a power source is my only problem Would the result of too low wattage normally be that the rest of the computer would start up as normal but that the new graphics card would not work and not be detected If I were to get a new PSU - it looks as if the case is designed to fit a PSU of a specific shape Would a higher wattage PSU necessarily be physically bigger Or should this not be a problem If I were to replace a W PSU with say a W PSU then assuming equal levels of efficiency would the W PSU draw twice as much power from the mains for all of the time that the computer was on Or would it just draw as much power as it needed for whatever it was doing at the time If the graphics card were plugged in would it be drawing its full ration from the PSU all of the time or would it only go up significantly when it was being used for demanding activities such as playing games If it is just a matter of getting a new PSU I think I ll do that but if it just leads to me having to get loads of other things upgraded as well I might have to give up as I m only expecting to use the PC for a couple of games anyway Thanks very much if anyone can help nbsp

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It is a Medion laptop about 4 years old with XP Home SP2

Can't connect via Wireless, even though the drivers are installed for the card in Device Manager and the icon says "One or more Wireless networks are detected - click this ballon to connect"

Windows is being used as the Wireless Utility and no wireless networks are listed, even though other laptops can detect them

Ipconfig says Media Disconnected about the Wireless Card in command prompt

The wireless light is switched on by pressing Fn and F1


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I just put a new Videocard in to the PCI/E slot, but now I cant find it.
Vista cant find it and I can find it in BIOS, its like it isn´t in!

OS: MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 DualCore 4400+
Menory: 3,0 GB DDR2 Ram

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Hello I am having problems with a Graphics detected longer no being card ASUS GTX gb I have only been using this card for to years with slight overclocking Yesterday while I was playing a game CS GO my computer shut off as if it had lost power and then tried to restart itself after a few seconds and seemed to go in a restart loop I held the button down and found that I was getting no signal to my monitor but could tell I was booting into windows I plugged into Intel integrated video and and my screen started working so I opened up Graphics card no longer being detected device manager and only the integrated video was showing up under display adapters I have swapped graphics Graphics card no longer being detected cards with an older computer I can't seem to get a signal from the in the older build while the old AMD that I put in my newer machine is working just fine The fans on the spin normally and led lights next to the power connectors light up normally I Graphics card no longer being detected called ASUS support and confirmed that the card is out of warranty I'm not sure if the problem with the graphics card is something that could be easily troubleshooted on this forum and fixed but I figured I would give it a shot before I go out and buy a new graphics card If you have any suggestions please let me know

A:Graphics card no longer being detected

When was the last time you cleaned it?