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What happen to my rapidshare premium account... almost 5 days, download is very slow...15kbps and finally gone... Normally, i got 212kbps.

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Preferred Solution: Rapidshare Premium Account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Rapidshare Premium Account

Tell us more. What is a Rapidshare Premium Account?
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I was curious if anyone who has Spotify Premium and uses it regularly on their smartphone could tell me approximately how much their monthly data usage is. I was planning on getting 4GB and was curious if this would be enough with using Spotify.

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I have an: DIXONH55ITX Socket 1156 Advent Firefly FP 3104 System Motherboard

I'm looking to upgrade for 2 main reasons.

1.) Upgrade my Ram, (as the limit of ram for this motherboard is 4gb.)
2.) More than 1 PCI-E slot. (There's only one on this motherboard.)

But my main question is:
What do I need to take into account when upgrading my Motherboard?
(Compatibility issues etc.)

Also any motherboard recommendations (under 200). As I'm planning on upgrading my computer to a gaming rig.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

A:What do I need to take into account when upgrading my motherboard?

Not quite understanding you. Are you wanting to keep all other parts and just upgrade mobo, ram and gpu?:

It sounds to me like you are wanting to build an entire new system. If so, give us a budget and what should be included (monitor, windows etc.).
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I moved everything into a server case. The case has a hot plug box for 4 hard drives and since there is no other place I can put them I moved my hard drives in there. I also moved one of my spare drives there so I can use it to store backups. My intention was to plug the drive in, make a backup and remove it. Without having to restart the machine. However once I moved it in there I realized that windows does not see it as removable drive but as normal drive. and there is no "Safely remove your hardware" icon in the tray. Now I am wondering whether it would be safe for me just to remove the drive straight out or do I have to restart it every time?

A:Hotplug in Win7 Home Premium

Was that hard drive that you intend to use just simply for your "back up's", is that hard drive an I.D.E. or SATA or USB?

Because if it's an older styled I.D.E., you will never get that "safely remove hardware" message. Even if the drive is a more modern SATA one, just like with an I.D.E. you will not get that "safe to remove hardware" message as well. But if your drive is a USB styled one, your Operating System should have picked up on what it was, how it was being connected and more importantly, what kind off hook up the device is using. Almost every Operating System I've ever put my hands on, know when something is a USB device, and will almost always display that "safe to remove hardware" message, both by way of ((right clicking)) the device icon itself by way of Windows Explorer, or going for the little icon in the lower right hand corner on your Windows taskbar.

So if it's not a USB device, I'm afraid to properly remove and install the drive, your going to have to power down the computer, each and every time.....sorry!
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Im not familiar with PC TV tuners and am wondering the following about Verizon FIOS and an HTPC.

1) Is there such a device that makes it possible to view and DVR all subscribed premium FIOS channels? I am aware I would need a cablecard.

2)Is there a better program than XBMC and WMC to use for a HTPC?

3) what is the typical "standard" cpu used in HTPC builds?
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I just received a Dell Inspiron 1420 and it did not have an OS on it. I installed Windows Vista Home Premium which was the original OS on the laptop. Everythng seems to be working fine however the touchpad freezes. The buttons work fine.

I've tried different drivers and nothing. Please help me.

A:Dell Inspiron 1420 touchpad acting erratic after reinstalling Vista Home Premium

did you run Windows Update?
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First of all, I dont know if this is the right spot to ask about hosting, but since Techspot has helped me with a lot of computer related problems, I thought Id give it a try...

Anyways, Im about to buy a hosting plan from Hostgator, but I want to use one account to host at least 3 different sites (top domains, like, and I know the reselling account would be the most effective, but I dont need to have a different cPanel for each user.

Can this be done with a Baby plan? Im going to buy domain names from another company, but I guess that doesnt matter. Im new to all this hosting stuff, so any help will be appreciated.


A:Hosting several sites on one account

that's all up to the hosting site policies - - don't hold your breath.

the Apache2 web server does this with <VirtualHost: ipaddress:80>
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Last night when I logged in to Rapidahare, I realised all or most of my files were gone, and there are some important files I need to retrive it, and I had already contacted Rapidshare about this, their reply was :

However, maybe you find the files in the Trash Folder in your account. If they
are deleted, there is no way to recover deleted files.

I'm sorry for the inconvenienc

can anyone tell me how to retrive the files and to find out the date the files were deleted? or also the ip address

help help

A:I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

Maybe one of your family or friends that you share data with deleted your files...
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Latest boot-screen use is sharp vivid colors producing high resolution for the current tablet build Note text is not shown on your boot-screen it s only shown here Finally in this version and build I was able to change the appearance of the main task bar replacing poorly looking Home Camera Volume Menu and Back Arrow with my own creations you see above Including Google Imprint to make it looks official Basing every detail on the HoneyComb OS and Motorola ROM Premium V7.2.0 3.2.11 MOD rooted Honeycomb Xoom is what inspire me to create such a revisionary build Optional HoneyComb Clock shown Wallpaper different ones included all new true HoneyComb included Shown Dock Box new layout new trash can better performance Shown Complete list of app root tweak entertainment games and more included in this package HoneyComb V Rooted ROM MOD with Market Gold TABLET REQUIREMENTS Prior Build Numbers WMT OR WMT MB of RAM GB NAND Internal Storage GB External Storage Vibrates when you turn on power Premium Honeycomb rooted ROM MOD V7.2.0 3.2.11 Green Power On Red Charger lt b gt Ports are Black ONLY lt b gt NO GREEN HEADPHONE -pin or -pin Slot quot Screen Size x Visual Screen Size Gome Flytouch Epad Maylong M A M A M A Available right now for Builds WMT WMT Note Gome Flytouch ePad and Maylong M A M A and M A are supported only nbsp

A:Premium Honeycomb rooted ROM MOD V7.2.0 3.2.11

Now available for Epad WMT2.1.2_105 and Epad and PanImage Tablet's WMT2.1.6_PDN use the first post link to get you there.
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I want to build a large network, I will start with 50TB will upgrade later on, what storage system do I need and what connection do I need. please provide me with links and Ref. which data centre do you prefer in the UK/Manchester, how many servers and routers, if you have an idea please design me a network.

A:How to build a large storage network such as RapidShare or MegaUpload?

This is sort of a big task to plan on a forum...
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Hi Thank you for taking the time to read this thread I have a Toshiba Qossmio G laptop bit O S - Vista minutes after Home up laptop Windows Premium 10 locks Vista Home premium - Windows Vista Home Premium - laptop locks up after 10 minutes CPU Intel core duo CPU P GHz Memory GB RAM Norton It is running like thick molasses moving downhill I have tried registry cleaners speed boosters etc all junk If the laptop sits idle for around minutes it will locked up the mouse pointer moves but I can not close any windows or shut the system down All I can do is hit the big off button over and over again I get like a ghost like background with a blue quot O quot spinning around and around endlessly I have checked out my power settings thinking there was something wrong there but everything seems to be the way it should be I had a feeling I should have built my own machine but i got lazy Do you have any idea of what the problem might be Any information will be greatly appreciated Thank you Rick nbsp
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Hello Thank you for taking the time to read this post I have a Toshiba quot Qosmio quot lapstop Laptop Premium Home lock-up Vista running Vista Home Premium I have heard many rumors of how much Vista is junk and Windows is the Laptop lock-up Vista Home Premium cure of all of vista s annoyances I do not know if l am having a computer problem or an operating system problem If my Toshiba laptop sits idle for say minutes it locks up with frozen screens lt CTRL gt lt ALT gt lt DEL gt does not work at all and the only thing i can do it hold down the Laptop lock-up Vista Home Premium off button Then comes the usual routine of being asked if I want to start window normally or in safe mode etc I have been fiddling around with this for a week now with no cure Do you have any knowledge of what is causing this Any information will be appreciated I knew I should have just built another machine myself but I got lazy I guess THANK YOU Rick nbsp

A:Laptop lock-up Vista Home Premium

Is the laptop getting hot under normal use?

Go to Control panel, Power and then change the settings for standby to off and apply.

Try it again and see what happens and report back please.

It sounds like it might be an issue when trying to head into standby if its not overheating related.
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I have a Sata 1TB hard drive that I want to install in my system because the ide hard drive that's in it only has 120gbs of space and is running out of space. Can someone please help me with the formatting of this? I am not familar with this system to that aspect to formatting the new HD.the hd is already installed but I having trouble determining what to do. I want to use it as an extra drive without having the OS on it! What are the steps to get it recognized in my computer as a drive? This is my second computer Asus-M4A785TD-V EVO with 6GB Kingston HyperX 1600 ram,Phenom II X4 925 processor,120GB WD HD (IDE),LiteOn iHAS324 multi-drive,LiteOn iHBS112 Bluray Burner, Corsair 650W PSU.OS-Win.7HP 64bit

A:Installing second HD on Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit?

You will have to format the hard drive in Disk Management. For details take a look at this short video tutorial :
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Hi I ve got a very old Asus mobo P AD -E Premium which has the CMI audio built-in When I upgraded to Windows Ultimate last Oct I had trouble with the CMI driver right off It didn t work at all but eventually I found that I could use the old Win XP driver but had to run the setup in Win XP compat and use Admin privs So now it plays audio but not as well as it did in Win XP I cannot use the volume controls in the mixer but when I change vol in iTunes it does work I am also trying to use this system to get input from a mic for 9880 on Asus CMI Premium mobo P5AD2-E speech recognition It does work but not all that well Audio level is quite low When I search for a better driver none is ever found Asus no longer supports the LGA boards I don t have the money to upgrade my hardware unless I can get a new audio system for a good price Maybe a USB system CMI 9880 on Asus P5AD2-E Premium mobo Any recommendations Thanks FW nbsp

A:CMI 9880 on Asus P5AD2-E Premium mobo

"I don't have the money to upgrade my hardware, unless I can get a new audio system for a good price. Maybe a USB system?"... USB sound systems are cheap and they should work fine under Window 7
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hi everyone first off i just want to say that i am terrible with computers - and unfortunately have a huge problem my keyboard doesn t work as far as i can tell i am HP working Premium, not Home keyboard laptop Vista Pavilion usng an hp pavilion entertainment laptop running on vista my keyboard says that it s a hid keyboard device when i go to my control panel and click on keyboard it says that it is working properly but in reality it isn t working at all what happened was this i was working on microsoft word last night typing out a document very fast when all of a sudden asi typed out a word correctly -it would appear on the document with three consecutive letters for exampl if i typed the word after it woul come out on the screen as aaafter i ignored the problm and kpt on working however as i was working i noticed that the light on my caps lock key was on it didn t matter how many times i presed it the caps lock key remained on i continued working on ms word all night without any other roblems i went to bed really late and didn t bother turnig my Vista Home Premium, HP Pavilion laptop keyboard not working computer off instead i just closed the screen this morning when i tried to log on my mouse on the laptop didn t work so i just plugged in a physical mouse into the computer next when i tried to type in my log-in password the keyboard would not work at all i also noticed that the caps lock light is still on i clicked on the little blue option box in the left-hand corner and selected the on-sceen keyboard i ued this to type in my password now that i m on my desktop-i still can t use my keyboard at all and the caps lock key still appears to be on i ran the systems-restore but it didn t fix anything help please nbsp

A:Vista Home Premium, HP Pavilion laptop keyboard not working

kimsland said:

Cleaning Laptop KeyboardClick to expand...

Other than cleaning
You may need to physically remove the keyboard (usually via removing screws underneath laptop)
And disconnect it then reconnect it

You could also test with a USB keyboard, to confirm it's the laptop keyboard only
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Hello and thank you for allowing me to post in your forum First thank goodness I have two computers and am able to correspond Vista Cannot Boot Windows Premium via the healthy one I have no idea what my husband did to our other Cannot Boot Windows Vista Premium computer while I was sleeping last night but when I tried to boot it this morning the screen filled with exclamation points top to bottom with a black bacground Somehow I got it to the screen to start in safe mode and I did a system restore When I rebooted it I got the same exclamation points and now the next screen has text in another language French I think along with exclamation points and the same black background If I hit enter nothing happens if I hig esc the screen goes black Also I do not have the installation disc but I did create recovery discs sometime ago when I realized I didn thave the installation discs I have a feeling that my husband went to a questionable web site and this is the result of that action Can you please help Thank you nbsp

A:Cannot Boot Windows Vista Premium

If you have multiple restore points, try using an older one as the information you've got doesn't give much idea what may be wrong.
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I have owned the system with the P5AD2-E Premium for nearly 5 years, and have used a RAID 0 configuration on the Silicon Image 3114R controller.
I also have a stand-alone SATA drive on the Intel ICH6R controller.

I am installing a new hard drive, with 32MB cache (compared to the 8MB the current drives have) as the main drive. I will partition this drive for Win XP Pro and Win 7 Ultimate, plus another partition for data and additional programs if needed.

I am not going to use RAID for the new setup, and am wondering whether I should put this drive on the Silicon Image 3114R or the Intel ICH6R controller for the best performance.
I will retain at least one other drive in the system for backup purposes. Performance of this drive is not particularly important.

Any advice?



A:Asus P5AD2-E Premium HDD setup question

Install Windows 7 first, then Windows XP Pro... I would put it on the Intel ICH6R... but both are so old that it really doesn't matter much... you probably have as much experience with it as anybody on this forum.
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Hello to all I m a relative noob when it comes to pc s and I am pulling my hair out I m hoping someone can help with Trouble me I am a rapidshare premium account holder and up until last Trouble with thursday I was experiencing download speeds of upto kbps Since then Trouble with the speed has dropped to wait for it kbps If i m lucky this might jump to kbps Trouble with I contacted rapidshare and they assured me there was no problems their end I logged on to rapidshare while at work and yes experienced full download speeds I went back to my home pc logged onto rapidshare there and again got kbps download speed I then ran a speed test which came out at mb Downloaded some files from various sites and got high download speeds I tried rapidshare again and got kbps My isp insist it could be my distance from the exchange line quality modem drivers but I feel these are not causing the problem Has anybody got any ideas what could be causing the slowdown to that one particular site Many many thanks in advance Darren nbsp

A:Trouble with

You may have a corrupted system... it could be from a virus, spyware, or a failing hard drive.
Tell us more about your computer brand, model, memory, hard drive, and age. Also what security software is installed for antivirus and antispyware.
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Hi all Let me start out by stating my tech experience with this matter I know -bit OS s have -bit emulators that allow them to run -bit software and I also know that (64-bit) (32-bit) Premium from Vista File Ultimate Vista transfer to there are a lot of programs that simply don t run under a -bit OS I have done a file transfer from an older File transfer from Vista Premium (32-bit) to Vista Ultimate (64-bit) system to a new one but they were both -bit Vista machines Here s the situation I am building a new system here in a few days and it will have the -bit Vista Ultimate OS on it to accommodate the GB s of RAM in the system Right now my current system is running Vista Premium -bit and has a lot of needed files that I d like to move to the new system Here File transfer from Vista Premium (32-bit) to Vista Ultimate (64-bit) s my question Will a -bit machine accept files from a -bit machine through a transfer cable or will they not cooperate with each other I already know that any system files won t work from one machine to another but would I be able to get pictures videos game files movie project files etc moved over Thanks in advance TZ nbsp

A:File transfer from Vista Premium (32-bit) to Vista Ultimate (64-bit)

Yes you should be able to transfer files easily. Are the Vista PC's both updated to Service Pack 2?
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Hullo there I thought I d better seek help before this sends me round the bend I have a DAC which P5N32-SLI How I my on enable sound do ASUS Premium? S/PDIF must be connected to my PC via the Coaxial How do I enable S/PDIF sound on my ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium? S PDIF out the orange port thingy - I hope I m using quot port quot correctly there So I How do I enable S/PDIF sound on my ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium? took out my sound card Went to uninstall the Creative driver it was a Creative card but I couldn t find it and am assuming it somehow uninstalled itself This could be my first error Then I went to install the ASUS sound driver SoundMax but whenever I tried to do so I got the message quot The HDA Audio Bus Driver is required but not found quot I figured I got this message because it seems I didn t build this PC on-board sound is actually on a mini-sound card with the P N So I popped this in and could then install the driver But no joy from the S PDIF The loss in quality downgrading from my cheapo Creative to onboard sound is really noticeable btw so that bodes well for the DAC I went to check things were set up ok in the BIOS The only thing that seemed to relate was under Advanced - gt Onboard Configuration - gt HD Audio This was set to Auto as oppose to disabled So that s presumably ok There was also an option to change quot something or other quot sorry I m going from memory from HD Audio to quot AC quot I tried changing that over to AC but still the same result EDIT Now I have the driver installed if I set this to HD Audio I get a BSOD To be quite honest I don t feel like I know what I m doing so please point me in the right direction Thanks All guidance and lessons appreciated I wondered whether there was something I had to adjust in the driver control panel so I took a look in the Help sections there and came across this quot If your system supports SPDIF Digital Audio there will be an Advanced Controls button under the Master volume control This button will display the SPDIF controls quot Well there is no Advanced Controls buttion under Master volume control which is something of a concern quot Disable Digital Output quot is unchecked btw ----- Here s how that menu looks in my BIOS Also I did wonder whether there was some loose connection so this is a picture of my mobo directly behind the S PDIF port But as far as I can make out there is nothing missing that should be there Apologies for the dust nbsp
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i got windows xp pro i was missing around with computer management and did something now i cant log into my mind administrator account i try to reboot on safe mode i get the administrator name but i try to create a another accuont or change but i get a asses denied i try i to Ctrl Alt Delete and nothing i think i my have deleted something and messed everything up ..when i go to my user account from control panel i dont see a quest account or administrator all i see is that small picture off a bass guitar and its says administrator but under it says guest account i have no privilege for nothing . how can i change that guest under admintrator account ?

A:Administrator account problam

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

Or use UBCD to back up your data and re-install clean
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OK So i have built small business server machines for other companies One from ground up with actual MS Disk One pre-installed from Dell This third one is also pre-installed from Dell OS SBS r Premium Edition Machine Dell PowerEdge T RAID gb Drives Physical setup Qwest DSL gt Actiontec GT -WG Modem gt Linksys GB NIC gt Broadcom NIC gt Cisco Systems Linksys SD - Qwest Internet 2003 SBS Premium Issues? Connectivity Modem No - Switch gt Workstations The Actiontec has the wireless disabled no need for it We have a block of static IP s from Qwest it s either or can t get SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues? only don t get me started lol The actiontec has the latest firmware on it I m trying to configure the server to have a static public address on the linksys NIC Then the Broadcom NIC has a static internal IP and goes out to the switch I want the server to be the DHCP and the DNS I have successfully done this on prior SBS Premium servers So on the linksys I configure it to be static IP from Qwest subnet mask of which Qwest techs continue SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues? to tell me is which absolutely won t work Gateway i use the IP of the modem Primary DNS i use internal IP of the server I configure the modem by turning off the DHCP and the NAT This should work right It doesn t As soon as this configuration is in place i lose connectivity to the internet and the modem I can no longer access the modem interface and can not get any internet I am not able to ping the modem IP of and can not ping any URL s Things i have done which by now have my head in a whirlwind I have used the connection wizard chose quot direct broadband quot in the public adapter i use the same settings described above and same to with the local adapter as well I use the standard firewall settings and don t change my email settings and finish the wizard This nets me no resolution I have reset the modem and then configured it in bridge mode shut the DHCP and NAT off Set my server static IP in the DMZ then on the server configure the public NIC like stated above and then run the connection wizard choosing the quot a connection that requires a user name and passowrd PPPoE quot I put the PPPoE info in and continue the wizard using the DNS provided by Qwest and the gateway as well This nets me no resolution I have tried just changing the config on the public NIC using the static IP the subnet using the gateway and DNS from Qwest Didn t work I have tried so much that i am not even sure all that i have done I do know that i always end up in the DHCP mode of the modem so the office can work I ve searched the net looking for answers and really have not come up with any answers I think the problem lies in the modem but i get no help or support from Qwest They simply say they don t support the OS i am using Although i have some decent knowledge on serve and some schooling on the enterprise version i am not an expert and have trouble wrapping my brain around things like forward lookups and reverse lookups The DNS appears to be fine to me looks like it has the addressing it should but i am not positive I have not changed any of theat manually if i have then it was through the connection wizard This server works like a dream when you let the modem be the DHCP server and change the public NIC to obtain IP automatically But it is not what i want at all I will ultimately run into hassles with what he wants to do with his server I also won t be able to remote nor use OWA or VPN I am at wits end and not sure where to turn I do not have any friends with this knowledge and i have read through the books i have and none deal with configs on modems I think i got all the info here can anyone help I am in a crunch my client is an accountant and this is Tax season Thanks for any guidance Gary nbsp

A:SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues?

I would suggest a few things:

1. Turn off DHCP on the modem.
2. Assign the Linksys NIC a static IP that is on the same subnet as the LAN of the modem.
3. Set the DNS of both NIC's on your server to the DNS provided by your ISP (this is usually just easier than doing DNS yourself).

You will still be able to use VPN, RDP, and OWA as long as you forward those ports to your servers (linksys NIC) IP address. If you need to know what those ports are, let me know.
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Hi, I have the P5K Premium Motherboard but I have never had RAM that has large Heat sinks on top of them and I know that some sticks of RAM are to big to have 4 sticks in one computer, so can you tell me if 4 stick of Reaper ram will fit into the P5K Premium
Here is the link to the RAM

A:Will 4 sticks of this RAM fit into P5K Premium

If you do some Google you find people saying they use both;
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Hey Guys, totally new to this forum. Just wanted to ask a question. I'm currently have a ASUS A8N-SLi Premium and looking into buying 2x 9800GT 1Gb, so I can SLi.

Also attached to my config currently:

Dual Core 3800+

Is it possible to run the SLi without having to upgrade anything. I really do not want to upgrade the MoBo. If need be, il upgrade the RAM because the MoBo holds a max of 4Gb, so il purchase another stick of RAM.

Also the MoBo is a Socket939. If I can pick up a cheap CPU that fits that socket that is better than what Im running, il buy it.

Any suggestions/ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated

If there is any more information you want/need

A:ASUS A8N-SLI Premium + SLi

You might want to tell people what you have for an OS and what psu.
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i have connected 2 computers to share 1 internet connection....

and everything was working good...but after i installed avira there was no internet connection on the second computer

i try to disable the firewall on both computers and it back working good

so i need help how to use the firewall adopter rules to allow internet sharing


A:Help with Avira premium security suite

Easiest way is to go back to the Windows Firewall, uninstalling any other firewalls. Avira will protect you well elsewhere. Then slowly reinstall stuff.
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I have updated my mobile phone tools software to 5.07 and still unable to locate drivers for my w230 Motorola phone. Any help here.

A:W230 Drivers for Vista Home Premium

have you tried this

or this
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Anyon else had this problem I recently upgraded my system with Intel E cpu Crucial Ballistix PC - memory Asus P K Premium This was an upgrade to my current system my current hard drive is a Samsung Spinpoint SP C I installed everything it posts but I then get message saying quot Detect Drives Done No Any Drive Found quot it then tries to start windows but before windows starts I get a BSOD flash up quickly and then it tries to restart and it loops through the same process I m running Windows XP with the latest service packs I ve flashed the BIOS to the latest version from Asus I ve tried various SATA settings with no success I can see my drive in the BIOS so it is recognising it I ve also tried disabling the JMicron RAID controller and I ve also tried putting a Asus Premium No Drives P5K Any Found - jumper on the drive to switch from SATA II to SATA Help please nbsp

A:Asus P5K Premium - No Any Drives Found

"Detect Drives Done, No Any Drive Found",Click to expand...

Is referring to ATA Drives not Sata

It's not finding any ATA Drives, that's good
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Can Anyone help I have a MSI PT Neo Mother board a GHz Processor Ram A NVidia GeForce FX Video Card I recently updated to Vista Home Premium The problem was that I had a mb card plus a mb card after the Initial startup if I shut down the computer it would keep rebooting Thinking that Premium Home Vista rebooting keeps I had a faulty memory card I ordered a gig card a ddr when Vista Home Premium keeps rebooting it arrived I installed this card as well as a ddr It still rebooted after pressing f I started the computer in last known good config After stopping the reboot procedure so I could read the blue screen it said that I had the PFN list was corrupted with these errors C windows minidump mini - dmp C users Ron AppData local temp wer- - sysdata xml C users Ron appdata local temp wer A tmp version txt However since cutting my ram back to mb the computer does not reboot Could it be the Video Card nbsp

A:Vista Home Premium keeps rebooting

could be a bad mis-match of ram
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Hello everyone I m very new to Memory dumping Home Vista Premium Why? this sight is really a life saver I have been reading alot of things but really couldn t find my problem or simular to I know I didn t look hard enough I m sure I will find it but in the mean time I will try as best that I can to explain my problem Recently my Notebook power pin broke so I couldn t charge my notebook This gave me a rare opportunity to buy a new system against my better judgement I bought a refurb ACER Aspire - pretty unit all the way around the machine came with Win Vista Home premium its a Turion Mobile kb L cache NVIDIA GeForce Go video card now it had but I replacd them with gig DDR II Now before I started making any changes to it was working pretty good I added Photoshop elements and then added the two gigs and next thing you know I notice blue screens at the bottom dumping memory or time it got worse Now with out warning not like it gave warning before but I will be lucky to go a few hours before the blue screen of death comes and then at the bottom of the screen it will say dumping memory now sometimes it does and sometimes the numbers will not move the srceen will just read dumping memory It can be in idle and it will randumly reboot what can I do I put a program by Stomp Soft registry repair nope nothing a Memory dumping Why? Vista Home Premium few minutes later out of the blue it just reboots mind you after it dumps memory This is kind of funny usually I would redo the whole computer from the ground up but no restore CD s I Memory dumping Why? Vista Home Premium m stationed in Iraq currently Can t make any recovery CD s and I m very new to Vista period It really frustrating to say the least Help please I hink the next machine is going to be a Pentium I was reading some where some time ago that the machines work very well with Adobe am I mistaken What do you reccomend I m frustated it s twisted I know but when I go out on mission I think of alternatives what to do and Iall excited to try a few things and when it looks good I m doing the quot whos the man dance quot Short lived though cause shortly after blue screen appears and it starts dumping memory or it just freezes in that blue screen I watched and waited and it didn t move for hours I m going to lick this problem yet An with the help of my new friends learn alot So there you have it I await further instructions Max nbsp

A:Memory dumping Why? Vista Home Premium

You really have to pay close attention to just what type, amount and speed of laptop memory you purchase for your laptop's model. Have you carefully done this?
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Yesterday I bought the above-named headset to use when playing Team Fortress It connects to my mobo with two separate quot plugs -- one for the headphones and one for the mic I m positive I ve got them in the right jacks Right off Logitech work. Headset, Premium Stereo doesn't mic the bat I noticed that I had Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work. to turn the volume down substantially from where I had it with my regular Sony headphones -- I was getting tons of high-pitched interference that disappeared when I turned down the volume even though playback still seems to be good and loud The mic however is crap at Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work. this point When I went to test it in the audio section of the control panel I found that it barely registers on the level meter even when I m speaking at louder than normal volume In properties I brought the mic volume all the way up and made sure that the mute box is not checked The headset comes with its own mic mute switch on the cord and it s open When I went to the voice recorder and did a test what I recorded was a faint high pitched mix of static and electronic squealing -- sort of like the sound a fax machine makes and yes -- it s not unlike the initial interference I was getting on the headphones There was nothing in there that sounded like my voice or words When I went to test my mic in-game before actually playing I found that speaking at the same louder-than-normal volume pushed the level up into the red but I couldn t hear myself over the headphones -- not sure if I was supposed be able to I didn t want to bother starting a game until I can be sure that I m not just going to broadcast hums and squeals I ve been on a bunch of different websites for the past hours and so far nothing I ve found has solved my problem In addition to any suggestions or questions you might have I m wondering Would switching to a USB headset fix this Would installing a rd party soundcard fix this Does this sound like an issue with interference due to cheap cords and connectors on the headset or elsewhere Thanks I m open to taking the headset back to the store this afternoon but I m still holding out hope that they work and there s another way to fix the problem Edit Whoops I should add that I m using XP sp with an ASUS P motherboard and onboard sound Soundmax HD Intel Core processor x nbsp

A:Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work.

I usually go through the windows live messenger audio setup to get a microphone working correctly. 9 times out of 10 that alone will sort it.
Relevancy 26.66%

My old mobo died and my friend has just gotten a new one so he decided to give me his old mobo an A N SLI Premium Today I took out my old mobo leaving all the rest as it was transfered my CPU and cooler to the new one put it in and connected everything correctly I hit the power button eagerly looking forward to be able to game and model Booting Sli A8N - Problems Premium again after four weeks of no-pc-pain but it just won t boot My friend and I the one I got the mobo from started some troubleshooting we connected only the most critical parts switched RAM sockets etc Now the A N has a LED on the mobo itself indicating that the mobo is receiving power A8N Sli Premium - Booting Problems This led is on as I turn on the PSU but it still won t boot I have even tried using a jumper on the two quot Power switch quot -pins on the mobo and it still doesn t give any effect When I took out the CPU I only touched the plastic part so it couldn t have died from static electricity A dead CPU seemed most logically to me as it won t boot at all but still seems so weird seeing as I have no idea how it could have died So any suggestions I should try or previous similar experiences you d like to share A possible solution to this problem Thanks in advance Here s my rig configuration AMD Corsair x MB XMS TwinX Asus GT TOP Enermax Liberty W PSU Gig Maxtor IDE Gig Samsung SpinPoint SATAII nbsp

A:A8N Sli Premium - Booting Problems

When you say "won't boot" do you mean that the machine turns on and you get a POST but it won't boot into Windows? Or is it just dead from the start? (No noise, no psu, nothing. If everything is turning and you don't have your program come up it may be the different BIOS.
Relevancy 26.66%

I just bought a Samsung 226 BW LCD monitor. With it was a leaflet saying if I am using Vista I need to go to a specific web site and download the above software. I tried the address they provided but all I get is a blank page. Does anyone know anywhere else I can download it?




A:MagicTune Premium Software

here you go
Relevancy 26.66%

My son's computer has the problem of not booting past the ASUS screen, and when he tries to go into BIOS it freezes completely. There are no test beeps or anything...can you help me with this, please?
Either here or at [email protected]

I have suggested a new BIOS chip, but am not sure....

A:ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Blues

Have flashed his bios after getting it to boot properly..seems to be working great now...thanks anyway...
Relevancy 26.66%

there was a recent bios update for my mobo. I have the faintest idea of how to install a bios revision, can anyone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

A:p5n32-sli premium bios revision

Hmm... I would assume that the instructions would be in the motherboard manual, or at least on the website you download it from.
Relevancy 27.09%

Recently purchased this board. First time builder. I had no problems on start up. I love this board because it has 2 16 lane pci slots and another 8 lane pci slot for maybe a phsx card for you hard core 1st person shooter gamers. No bio revisions needed to support any of the new core2duo or quad processors. This board is amazingly cool to have so many features. I have the wifi version which runs great. If you're some sort of admin you can use the dual gigabit lan for a barrel effect for double the bandwidth. This board IS NOT for the overclock happy. You will get 25% overclock on this board. I think ASus did this purposely because the board isnt cheap. The commando and the other high end asus boards have many of the same features as this one. Also overclockable at 25%

A:p5n32-sli premium

Possibly the worst review ever.
Relevancy 26.23%

is a link to my motherboard specifications. Will my board take core 2 duo processors?

Thanx fo looking

A:ASUS P5WD2 Premium and Core 2 Duos

It doesn't look like it.
Relevancy 22.36%

Here is the found connect account Windows domain cannot (2003) to not back story I am at a school with a NT domain server We bought a new SP server We have two IP ranges Our old configuration had static IP address with DNS servers located at the Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found district that was referenced in the TCP IP properties I set up the new server with roles It has an Active Directory It is a DHCP server I have machines The DHCP has a superscope with scopes within the superscope Each scope has a range of IP address and the exceptions for the server printers et cetera It also is a DNS server that quot listens to all IP addresses quot instead of listen to the quot following IP addresses quot However on the listen to the following IP addresses I put in it s own IP address The DNS server also has forwarders to the district DNS servers The last role is as a File Share I have connected about computers just fine Everything is working good however I am now getting sporadic computers that can t log on I get this message Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found Please try again later Click to expand The computers are still on the server If I re-add the client machine to the domain everything is fine--for now This has been happening to xp machines It has happened times now and I am worried about a continual problem or a major problem around the corner Are there any ideas on what is causing this I have read up a little bit about SID problems but I am not that literate yet I am wondering if I set something up wrong failed to set something up or if there is an entirely different reason Could it be because the computers are still on the NT directory I have not taken off the NT active directory yet or added the NT server to the server I also have an independent server for the library and a server for a special ed room and program No one at the district can help I am out of ideas I am getting really worried that I did something wrong I can t fix I am not an expert I am in the very beginning stages of my MCSA training nbsp

A:Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found

I would look at the network before you look at the OS, when it happens see if you can ping the server by name and IP, also look in the event viewer of the machine and see if there is anything showing up in there.

Relevancy 26.23%

Hey I am planning on building a gaming PC for myself After some research I am having trouble deciding between these mobo - ASUS P N -SLI PREMIUM WiFi-AP nVIDIA nFORCE SLI CHIPSET with eVGA GeForce GX Video Card ASUS P W DH Deluxe with Sapphire Radeon X XTX MB I plan to use crossfire SLI will buy the nd card after a couple of months and SATA disks in raid config as I will be using the same PC for wrk and Vs. PREMIUM/WiFi-AP P5W DH ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe require data back-up In either case I would have the following components - - Intel Core Duo E - GHz MB Shared L - Seagate ASUS P5N32-SLI PREMIUM/WiFi-AP Vs. P5W DH Deluxe Gbps GB RPM MB Barracuda - NEC ND- A X DVD -RW - OCZ Titanium Alpha VX GB x GB DDR - - - - Also need to decide on the case amp power supply cooling system no water for me I would appreciate if the folks could help me make a decision on the mobo Also if there is an alternate mobo or any other component that you would suggest Thanks nbsp


Since you want the super high-end I'd wait a month for Geforce 8800 and the new Nforce Intel edition mobos.

The P5W DH has easy back-up for driverless raid.

I like this COOLER MASTER Praetorian Aluminum ATX Tower Case, and a 700w FSP power supply. It is the same one as the 700w OCZ GameXstream and some others made by FSP. It is powerful enough for Quad SLi, it should run G80 well too.

For cooling stock will be fine. If you want more quiet a Freezer7 pro, and if you want to overclock a Scythe SCINF-1000. If you do want to overclock deficiently go with a P5W DH.
Relevancy 26.66%

Can you guys give some online retailers (USA Based) that are selling this board?

Asus P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP

Is it even out yet?

And also, ASUS's description has this:

"- Dual-channel DDR2 800(OC) /667/533" - Ram
What does the (OC) mean? I know it stands for Overclock, but will my non-OC G.Skill DDR2 6400 run at 800?
G.Skill DDR2 6400 2GB

I'd like to get this or a GIGABYTE GA-965P-DQ6, but the ASUS is quad sli ready.

Relevancy 23.22%

i need to get into the administrator account on this laptop.

i barely know any information about this computer.
i am on a limited account.

it is a dell inspiron 1100.
& i am using windows xp pro.

obviously, i need to get the password for the administrator account.

i would really apprececiate some help on this matter.
please & thanks.

A:I need into my administrator user account but don't have the password.

Ask the administrator.
Relevancy 25.8%

I posted a thread in OS a while back about my CPU usage being stuck around the 50% mark.

I took it to a comp technician(friend so free diagnosis) and he said it was definitely the mobo, but alas he could not fix it.

Apparently it's having some problems with the IRQ's and is hogging up a lot of CPU power with interrupt requests.

Now, either I need to know how to fix this, or I could get a new mobo. If the latter, any sugguestions?

Specs are as follows;

Sapphire ATI Radeon X850XT 256mb PCI-E
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
Seagate 300gb 16mb cache SATA HDD
AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.0GHz EDIT : it's socket 939 to clarify.

About a $250 CDN budget.

A:ASUS A8N-SLI Premium IRQ problems; Time for a new mobo? Suggestions?

i reccomend a replacement nforce4 sli board from MSI, gigabyte, or asus. all three of these brands make quality products, with features equal to or similar to your current board. i believa that you can get an exact replacement for under the stated budget limit.
Relevancy 26.66%
A:Should I buy an ASUS A8N-SLI or the DELUXE or PREMIUM versions?

It depends on your budget and your CPU. If you have a Sempron CPU, get the deluxe model, if not, get the Premium one. It has 2 PCIeX16 slots, in case you want SLI.

Here they are so you can compare them:



Good luck on your choice!
Relevancy 27.09%

hey i was just wondering if anyone that had this motherboard knew where to find the cpu/memory ratio in the bios so i can oc my opteron 144 past 2.5Ghz which by the way is on the stock cooler running very cool from the high 70s to low low 90s

Oh and btw the motherboard is the ASUS A8N-SLI Premium not deluxe....please help
Relevancy 26.23%

Well this is the mobo as of right now I am thinking of getting It is the Asus A N Sli Deluxe or Premium I am now asking if it is worth the extra - to get the Premium over the Deluxe since all that is different is that the Premium has a better cooling system I have read in many places that this is a good mobo and that it might not be the best but does quite well also many have said the lay out is one of the best for the nForce ones Any ways I am only going Deluxe Premium? nForce4 Motherboard Or Asus A8N-SLI with a single GPU so the Sli I don t think matters I thought think it is only for GPU s being used at once not one And I am thinking of getting Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce4 Motherboard Or Premium? a NF GPU any ways which supports Sli but not two I want your opinions on if this is a good mobo and if I should get it or another one If another please make your suggestions My price range is about this mobo it being the max I am willing to pay ish Thank you so much all for your help you have done so much already for me Thank you so much all for your help you have done so much already for me Craig nbsp

A:Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe nForce4 Motherboard Or Premium?

I would choose the premium over the deluxe.
Relevancy 23.22%

I have setup my computer (WinXP Home) to have two user accounts. I've noticed that often (maybe always) whichever account is initially logged into when the computer is first booted up seems to be the only account from which the CD or DVD drives can be accessed. What can I do to correct this?
Relevancy 27.09%

I have just purchased this mother board (ASUS A8N-SLI Premium) and placed 2 GB of ddr 400. It is running window XP pro and has 5 drives all together HD, 1 DVD-Rom, 1 CD-rom) and every time I plug my 80GB USB hard drive into the computer (both device and computer end have USB 2.0) it finds the drive but crashes every time I transfer stuff to the drive or from. I have used this drive on more than one computer and works fine, but when I put it in this computer it just messes up. I have reinstalled the OS twice and still the same problem. Has anyone see this before?

A:ASUS A8N-SLI Premium

TypeX45 said:

I have just purchased this mother board (ASUS A8N-SLI Premium) and placed 2 GB of ddr 400. It is running window XP pro and has 5 drives all together HD, 1 DVD-Rom, 1 CD-rom) and every time I plug my 80GB USB hard drive into the computer (both device and computer end have USB 2.0) it finds the drive but crashes every time I transfer stuff to the drive or from. I have used this drive on more than one computer and works fine, but when I put it in this computer it just messes up. I have reinstalled the OS twice and still the same problem. Has anyone see this before?Click to expand...

sound like you plugged USB lines in wrong order... make sure you plugged into this?

USB3 or USB4 ::::.

The first four pin at bottom is for the first USB port and the top one is for second USB port. please pull the USB and plug exactly i stated... Let start with the first pin at bottom left of _ ::::.

Bottom line is . VCC 1 (red), DATA-1 (White), DATA+1 (Green) and GND 1 (black). Do same for the second line. you can find it on the manual.

Edited: Make sure you put DVD in master and CD on slave. The HDD should be same.
Relevancy 26.66%

I just received my new A N-SLI Premium MOBO AMD CPU twin pack G of Vista ram from Newegg I thought I researched this board enuff but I am having problems loading the OS and am finding that there are just as many people getting this MOBO to work as there are not Back when I had the A N X-E Deluxe I found on this board which rocks the needed files to load my the OS onto a pair of Raptor s WD in RAID O stripped I have been on the phone with ASUS tech reps to get the BIOS set-up correctly and gone to the Western Digital site to find the right drivers for the Raptors The BIOS see s the Raptors but when it is time to load onto the hard drive s I get A8N-SLI fresh Premium load a screen telling me that quot There is no disk in this drive quot What am I missing Where do I go and what do I A8N-SLI Premium fresh load need to do Help I m starting to feel like I made a mistake with my selection of hardware nbsp

A:A8N-SLI Premium fresh load

How many hard drives have you installed and are they IDE or SATA drives?

Are you using a RAID configuration?

If so, I would disable the RAID settings in the BIOS and use a single hard drive to install Windows on.
Relevancy 26.66%

I juust got my a8n0sli premium mobo....which card should i use, which is the best for a good price approx below 150.00
so far i have looked into this one
Please recomment the best one with 256MB must be PCI-E sli-ready card.

XFX Geforce 6800 XTreme PVT42EUDE3 Video Card
XFX Geforce 6600 XTreme :wave: :wave:
Relevancy 27.09%

I just ordered A8N-SLI Premium MOBO, what memory ram should i use. I order 1gb but the guy emailed me saying that the mobo has nvida2 chipset their for i need to get another typ eof memory ram 1gb 64x4 low density memory ram. is this true???????????help please

A:help please with a8n-sli premium mobo

The A8N-SLI boards are all nForce4 and only use DDR ram NOT DDR2.
Relevancy 25.37%

My PC ASUS A N-SLI Premium AMD X Nvidia GT SLI Here s the thing I built it with bit XP PRO on a striped pair of WD G SATAII drives using the onboard NVIDIA RAID controller This works well but a lot of games lot a everything doesn t like bit XP so I created a second Primary partition and installed bit XP Pro Install went OK Premium, XP HARD A8N-SLI LOOP. BSOD, BOOT RAID NVIDIA Restart and I tried a couple versions of bit NVIDIA RAID drivers but after an apparently normal install bit XP won t boot I get Windows logo and progress bar for aboth seconds then a blue screen for about of a second to fast to read or anything then a hardware restart No boot option safe command line works better and logged boot will not produce a log file Boot Manager works ok and bit XP still works fine Since I can t even get a boot log I assume the OS has a problem working with the RAID I have removed all cards but vidio card but no help I am guessing the OS does not recognize the RAID and load the RAID XP BOOT BSOD, HARD Restart LOOP. A8N-SLI Premium, NVIDIA RAID driver I am using original BIOS which I assume includes RAID controler code At boot up NVIDIA RAID says it s version I don t know BIOS version since it either does not show or flys past too fast during boot I know that a BIOS update is a reasonable thing to try but the mechanics get sticky ASUS web site has a bunch XP BOOT BSOD, HARD Restart LOOP. A8N-SLI Premium, NVIDIA RAID of BIOS XP BOOT BSOD, HARD Restart LOOP. A8N-SLI Premium, NVIDIA RAID update instructions which seem to talk about every MOBO but the A N The ASUS update utility is supozed to automate everything but it does absolutely nothing Has anyone solved this problem Has anyone got good instructions for updating BIOS for this MOBO nbsp
Relevancy 26.66%

i have this new board coming in which as far as i can tell bios asus premium a8n-SLI update is a great board asus a8n-SLI premium bios update AFTER an updated bios and chipset drivers i heard that this board comes with software that allows users to update through windows and i was wondering if anybody has this board or is familiar with it so i went to asus site but could not really find any info on flashing the bios asus a8n-SLI premium bios update i want to make sure i know the standard asus a8n-SLI premium bios update procedure for doing so just in case what ive learned so far is that i need a bootable disk with a flash executive and the new bios on it plus an optional bat file for automatic flashing i go to bios and set it so that it will boot from the disk and not the HD on the next reboot does this sound about right and if so does anyone know which flash executive i should use and where to download it from and as a side note i was planning on using a bootable image CD burned with nero if that doesnt work ill just have to get a cable for my old floppy drive i have not flashed the bios before but if it somehow went wrong would using mobo jumpers to clear the CMOS work to get it back to the original bios or would a failed flash also screw up the CMOS as far as the chipset drivers i have not done it before but im assuming i just download and install no problem since i already know which driver version i need for this board sorry i know its a lot of questions at the same time but i want to make sure i dont kill my new board Thanx guys If all goes well my new sys specs will be asus a n-sli premium san diego G corsairXMS pc bfg tech GT G seagate HD for new system and fresh winxp install G seagate HD with all my old files can t wait to get this thing up and running thanx again for any advice on the bios questions nbsp

A:asus a8n-SLI premium bios update

Asus boards do come with a windows based bios flasher, but on my board it has never worked for me. It ALWAYS says there are no updates available when I know there are. Could be a firewall issue but I just give up and do it manually.

Here is a great, comprehensive article on bios flashing:

By the way, we have almost the exact same system. You're gonna love it once you get it up and running!
Relevancy 21.93%

What sould I get? The ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard,
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard,
I would like to know which one would give me better peformance, overclocking, gaming! Don't worry about the video I'll have that by Dec.(X1600)

A:ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe or ASUS A8N-SLI Premium

You will not notice any performance difference, by default, between the two using a 64 or FX processor... the chipset is the same and the supported memory is the same among them, along with integrated components.

The only notable difference is that the premium has a heatpipe to cool the chipset and chipset VRM on the board, and it allows you to alter voltage to the chipset. This lets it run without needing a fan (the chipset).

The latter would be better for overclocking, marginally.
Relevancy 26.23%

Hey all,
I was looking to buy a 3700+ (939 socket) and a ASUS A8N SLI premium board to go with it. Newegg just put this board on sale, but upon reading the latest reviews, a few people say this is the only 939 processor that isn't compatible with this board, and that the deluxe will work. Other people say that they are running this board with this processor. This is totally confusing me, and I don't see anything specific on the AMD website.

Can someone shed some light on this for me?


A:3700+ San Diego compatible with ASUS A8N SLI Premium?

It is true.

According to the ASUS website, the 3700+ IS compatible with the deluxe version of that board (it is on the supported CPU list), but if you go to the Premium version, that particular CPU is skipped on the list.

In fact, that is the ONLY reason I didn't get a Premium board, as if I have any problems, I was afraid I wouldn't get any support as it is not officially supported.

I have the A8N-SLI deluxe with the Athlon64 3700+.

But as you said, if you search around you can see that many people do have that combination and it is working fine....
Relevancy 26.23%

Hi everyone. I am new to this board and I need your expertise. I am building a new computer using Asus P5AD2-E Premium motherboard, Intel 775LGA 3.2 Ghz, Geforce 6600GT, 500W power supply and so on. I wanted to know whether or not this motherboard will support SATA II hard drives such as Hitachi T7K250 (250 MB) or not. Thanks for the help.
Relevancy 26.23%

Hi everyone. I am new to this board and I need your expertise. I am building a new computer using Asus P5AD2-E Premium motherboard, Intel 775LGA 3.2 Ghz, Geforce 6600GT, 500W power supply and so on. I wanted to know whether or not this motherboard will support SATA II hard drives such as Hitachi T7K250 (250 MB) or not. Thanks for the help.
Relevancy 23.22%

I've tried deleting all other accounts, other than my own, and making all new ones and I still cannot get the internet to work on any of the other accounts. I don't know whether the DNS isn't working right or what? I am using XP and could use and appreciate any help i could get. Thanks, Jeremy
Relevancy 22.79%

Hello--I have been having trouble with running my protools 002 on my windows xp. A friend of mine metioned setting up 2 separate user accounts one for Protools---the other for everything else. The plan is to strip down---"tune" (uninstall any unnessesary programs from the protools account, in hopes to help it run smoother--The problem is...When I uninstall programs in the control panel,
it uninstalls it from both user accounts. Is there a way to run each user account separately? Please help!!
Thank you for your time!!
[email protected]
Relevancy 26.66%

what is the difference between the ASUS P5GD2 Premium and the ASUS P5GD2 Deluxe?

A:ASUS P5GD2 premium vs deluxe


$54. compare them yourself here.
Relevancy 22.79%

Hi guys,

Right now I have a gig of pc2100 ddr ram. I have 2 512 chips which are basically OEM models (manufactured by Infineon and and Elixir) I'm toying with the idea of upgrading to pc2700 or pc3200 and going with a premium quality brand like Corsair or Kingston. For those in the know is there really a considerable difference in terms of performance and is it really worth the price and upgrade as compared to an OEM model? I'm more interested in stabilty and reliability and have no plans on overclocking and want to get the best value.

Many Thanks,


Here are my system stats BTW:

Win2k sp3
Amd 2100xp
1 gig PC2100 OEM
Asus A7N8X Deluxe 1001g bios
Soundstorm Integrated audio
Quadro 4 750xgl (soon to be replaced by a Radeon 9800 for gaming purposes)
40 gig HD
480 watt Antec PSU

A:Thinking about getting "Premium" Ram: Advice needed

What's 'Generic' Ram like for performance?
Relevancy 23.65%

I have a P computer with a GeForce MX MX video card Audio Driver account. No only with Sound one Creative PCI ES I reinstalled my real version of XP Pro due to some not sound related hangups and space problems on that the D drive which was a cleanly formatted install The No Sound with only one account. C drive reinstallation not clean has worked fine with all the previous programs reinstalled however I get no sound neither quot Windows quot generated nor media played in the main account but have no problems in any of the other accounts on this same system Device manager reveals no conflicts anywhere let alone in Sound and video controller settings The programs reinstalled are I believe all the same that were there before and caused no such problems Is there some way of isolating this problem or migrating the other account settings to the main quot me quot account who is the administrator loosely applied term in my case Many thanks im adsvance as MS KB has nothing I can find or understand to help me Regards Jimo nbsp

A:No Sound with only one account.

If only one account cannot hear the sound, log on as another user with administrative rights, and then delete the profile of the effected account.

Right click "My Computer" and select properties for the user accounts tab.
Relevancy 25.8%

i have the following configuration:

audigy premium
inspire 5.1 digital 5700 speakers
ati radeon 8500
windows xp
amd 1800
pioneer 116 (16X DVD-ROM)

the speakers never seem to recognize dolby digital input signals. when i run the creative's test software, everything seems fine but when i play a dvd which is DD encoded, i only get stereo sound. HELP!

A:Problems hearing dolby digital with audigy premium

Some DVD players need to be set to use DD. With WinDVD there was an option you could enable. Which DVD player do you use?
Relevancy 24.94%

Samsung has a knack for offering buyers of its latest flagship devices a bundle of quality apps to go along with their purchase and soon-to-be owners of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are no exception.

Read more

A:The (good) bundle comeback: Samsung to offer 22 premium apps in Galaxy S6 free of charge

And it doesn't even have the Terminal for command-line prompt. As a Linux developer, I feel so lost and disrespected!

$ cd /
$ su root
$ service call phone 2 s16 "911"

- yes, you can make calls from Android console
Relevancy 23.22%

I have a US iTunes account that has been disabled. Is there anyway I can reactivate it with having to contact Apple?
Relevancy 25.8%

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W5 camera which came with Picture Package imaging software.
Before loading onto my new PC I am looking for other software. As ever I want it for free - freeware or perhaps opensource.
I have an HP PSC 1610 all in one printer scanner which gave me access to a suite of image editing and I guess that I could go back to using the HP photo editing - unless there is something better for free.

A:Photo editing freeware for Windows 7 Home Premium
Relevancy 23.22%

I'm a little confused by this. Isn't the whole point of using a sandboxed browser is that nothing leaves it. SAS picked this up: [ C:\AVAST! SANDBOX\S-1-5-21-3583729876-1247344376-3946384776-1000\SFZONE\C\USERS\NIGHTMARE\APPDATA\ROAMING\MACROMEDIA\FLASH PLAYER\#SHAREDOBJECTS\JG77RLU5 ]
I assumed that with a sandbox, stuff like this (especially a key bank flash cookie) would simply not exist.
Also, there is no C:\Avast!. I installed Avast to a custom folder and Avast doesn't use the word "Sandbox" to describe it's program in any files, always "SafeZone".

Don't get me wrong, pc's fine. I'm just wondering if this is typical or if Avast just makes a crappy sandbox.

A:Sandbox bank account tracking cookie?

Try using Google Chrome or FireFox with Disconnect + Adblock. That should eliminate the majority, if not all tracking stuff.
Relevancy 26.23%

I was given the above mentioned laptop tonight to use for myself & if I can avoid resetting it to factory settings,I'd like to. It currently is in the process of installing 60 MS updates.
I'd like to know if using Decrapifier will remove all unwanted programs on it?

A:Using decrapifier on a Vaio Vista Home Premium

Ok, I'm not going to use decrapifier, so can somebody help me by telling me how to return it to factory settings? Its a Vaio Vista Home Premium, I think the Model Number is VGN-CR590 TIA
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I use the paid version of Avira Premium 10 and was thinking about purchasing SuperAntiSpyware Professional. I've read on the Avira support site that there will be conflicts with the real time protection in SuperAntiSpyware Pro and Avira. The forum responders are always telling people to uninstall SuperAntiSpyware. But, the SuperAntiSpyware support forums state otherwise. They say there won't be any problems. I don't know which to believe. I know all computers don't work the same but it would be nice to hear from someone that isn't on either company's website. I can't install the trial version because I have tried to but it says my "evaluation period has expired". I don't remember trying it ever before today. I do have the free version and am using it. Is there anyone out there that has used these two together? If so, how has it worked for you?
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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account
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When I bought my new laptop with Windows 8 preferred me to create a Microsoft Account and use it to sign each to access Windows. After doing some reading I understand it syncs things like personal settings such as wall paper, font etc. What else does it sync? For example it seems to automatically connect other Microsoft products to the Microsoft Account used to log in to Windows, for example it automatically signed in Onenote which now stores notes in the cloud.

Does signing through a Microsoft Account backup programs and data of other programs? For example if I installed Adobe Photoshop and created a image using it and had my laptop stolen, would it have automatically be saved to the cloud?
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I am using a Yahoo mail account which downloads emails to Windows Live Mail on my desktop I am being spammed by Online Casino emails and despite blocking the senders domain in WinLiveMail it only lasts for a few days and then returns Also done the same thing with selective blocking in Yahoo Mail account settings email turn mail Temporarily account off Yahoo in for SPAM blocking but same result I tried to contact Yahoo Mail tech support to find out if it s possible to turn off my main Yahoo Mail account for a week or two as it is the one being spammed but I get no reply Apart from FAQ does anyone know how to email or live chat Yahoo Mail support I can t use the quot Unregister quot option in the incoming spam mail or I ll get inundated with commercial emails Also tried various options like Mail Washer etc Can anyone think of an option so I don t see these emails short of closing the account and creating a new one The thing Temporarily turn off email account in Yahoo mail is this is my main account I ve used in many online registrations The weird thing is I ve never been on the web site of Online Casino and never use the main email account in emails or online except for signing in to things like my ISP Yahoo Mail etc nbsp

A:Temporarily turn off email account in Yahoo mail

Yahoo email filters are poor; they only support the model:
block email-id is [email protected]​and spammers continue to reach you by changing the user portion. Better email client software supports that as well as:
block email-id contains @domain​and regardless of the email user, that domain gets blocked

fyi: Thunderbird is my favorite email software
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Explorer.exe-application error-the instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000.the memory could not be written
the problem happen when I try to sign n to my administrator account on windows 8.1 professional 64 bit.please if you know a solution contact me
this is my email address and also my facebook page:
[email address removed]

A:Problem with administrator account on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

Have you tested your system memory?
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So my friend created an MSN / Windows Live account so she could talk to some friends.
Apparently every time she tries to add a contact, and then send them a message, it doesn't work.

I had her test this by adding my username, and it didn't pop up with the normal "accept and add?" dialogue box.
I messed with this a bit further and got no where.

I decided to test this in a controlled environment. I created a new Windows Live account.
I then signed on to the account with meebo (a browser-based IM client) and tried to send myself a message.
It didn't work.

I'm lost at this point. I don't know what the problem could be at all. Any insight would be appreciated.
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Having completed a system recovery On my HP Pavillion Running Vista Home Premium, I was able to save the DBX files from my old Windows mail.
I'm now trying to import them back, but cant find ANY information how, or where they belong.
Everything seems to refer to importing Outlook Express 6 files into Windows Mail, or windows Mail 7
This is simply The old Vista Windows mail files, replacing the same version, Vista reformatted ones.
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I'm trying to change the colour of my toolbar and the headers of other windows that I open. But when I type "change window glass colour" into the start menu I don't get the option to do that. I know that there must be an option to do this in Windows 7 because my laptop has the same OS and I have changed it several times on that. I have read in another thread that it might be to do with Windows Aero. But the troubleshooter is bringing up nothing and changing the Theme from "Basic" to "Aero" and back has no effect on being able to change the window glass colour.

I can send screenshots to any replies if that will help. Any replies greatly appreciated as this is bugging me.


A:Changing the "Window Glass Colour" in Windows 7 Home Premium

You need aero active to do what you want. Whether or not win7 aero works or not also has a lot to do with your video driver. You should check with the video card (or motherboard if applicable) manufacturer's website for the latest driver version that is applicable. Also try googling to see if there is a way to determine whether aero is active or not.

Here is one example

There is a corresponding service UxSms (Desktop Window Manager Session Manager- Provides Desktop Window Manager startup and maintenance services).

This starts a process dwm.exe. With this started, AERO is enabled (if stopped AERO is disabled). So basically if the process dwm.exe runs, AERO is enabled (read the comments, this means that AERO themes might, but not necessarily have be used. However, without DWM no AERO).Click to expand...
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Hi All I have a Dell Studio Laptop Windows Vista Home Premium SP GB RAM GB HDD Norton Antivirus I use a Mbs Vista to browse Unable Premium Home -Windows random websites Broadband link Since yesterday I m unable to browse random websites such as Microsoft etc Used several browsers IE Firefox Chrome but once the URL is entereted the browser is thinking and then quot Unable to browse random websites -Windows Vista Home Premium Page cannot be Unable to browse random websites -Windows Vista Home Premium displayed quot m able to browse yahoo Google etc Tried pinging to the Microsoft website these are the stats C Users MY DELL gt ping www microsoft com Pinging lb www ms akadns net with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Tried logging in with other User profile on my PC no luck Checked the hosts file nothing there Copyright Unable to browse random websites -Windows Vista Home Premium c - Microsoft Corp This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP IP for Windows This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names Each entry should be kept on an individual line The IP address should be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one space Additionally comments such as these may be inserted on individual lines or following the machine name denoted by a symbol For example rhino acme com source server x acme com x client host localhost Executed NAV threats cleared Can someone please advise regarding how to resolve the issue Thanks Neil nbsp

A:Unable to browse random websites -Windows Vista Home Premium

C:\Users\MY DELL>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.Click to expand...

hmm; you attempted to ping and accessed instead?

=== read ALL this before you do anything; there's a gotcha here ===

run IPCONFIG /ALL and report your DNS Server Addresses.

Who is your ISP? Run NSLOOKUP on the ISP domain name too and report their DNS names.

View your browser add-ons and disable ALL of them, at least temporarily.

==== here's what I discovered as I was preparing this == =


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

This smacks of DNS POISONING to me
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Posted Fri Sep pm My computer ran out of disk space I thought the night before I had free up some space The next day I turn on computer I notice alot of icon on the desktop was missing and when I click on folder like my document which I had alot of gb of stuff in their it show empty My computer missing alot of stuff but when I go to my computer look at my c drive it showing alot gb is used up problem space account disk have An of out now on computer but cant see anything Been messing around when I go to An out of disk space now have account problem start my computer local c drive I see the message these files are hidden click on show content of this folder I see all my stuff their in different folders Seem like I am in all user account and need to be in user account When I go to C Documents and Settings user folder I see my stuff when I go to user I see what I see now When first turn my computer on basically new computer Empty but when I right click the box that comes normally white it s gray nbsp

A:An out of disk space now have account problem

How big is the boot hard drive?
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This also involves viruses and malware but I need to get past this issue first. I could get to the log in screen but after I log in to the admin account, it is just a blank/black screen. But, if I log into another user account, I could see the desktop just fine. PLEASE HELP! I already tried opening task manager -> run new task -> open windows.exe and still no results. Thanks!

A:Black/blank screen after logging in to account

Sounds like you need to do a fresh Windows re-install
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This happened suddenly a week or two ago.. after having this laptop for 4 years. Tried running Malwarebytes, Antivirus thinking it could be a virus. Am having no luck getting rid of this erroneous display. Can it be fixed without reinstalling OS (Which was bundled with machine and therefore would be years out of date? Thank you for any help or advise that will help to clear up this error. -Steve

A:Vista Home Premium suddenly reports Windows Not Genuine

When it asks you to input a product key you can type in the key on the underside of the laptop on the Vista sticker.
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I wanted to change my user account name so I followed instructions from a article I found online in which it looked credible enough but apparently not It instructed to RUN quot Control Userpasswords quot which brings up the User accounts window Then I clicked on account I wanted to change name which happens to be main Admin account and clicked on quot PROPERTIES quot There I was able to change quot USER NAME quot Everything seemed fine until I tried to open WORD but failed with an error message it read quot click run virtualization han quot on top of window and the number quot quot inside the window I then went back to reverse what I did and found the quot USER ACCOUNT quot window empty my account that used to be there was deleted So I tried to System Restore and that failed with another error window I also noticed I was not able to open UNINSTALL PROGRAMS window can any body help me I would greatly appreciate your time nbsp

A:Accidentally deleted admin account by changing user name

Start Windows system restore before you boot. Tap F8 key as it's turning on, you'll get the option (Windows 7).
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To the best of my knowledge, I've never noticed a folder on the desktop of a Vista Home Premium specifically named "desktop". On mine, it has one & 99% of the time ALL downloads go in it. I have even deleted said folder but it always returns. No biggie, just curious.

A:Vista Home Premium desktop folder?

Probably whatever software you use for downloads (or at least one of them, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) has accidently got a default value for the download location of 'desktop'. If you use a specialist downloader that would be the first place to look.

The trick will be to establish a different location to be used as default. You are using Vista I assume, but from Win 7 onwards, the location tends to default to the last one you specifically chose when prompted.

So download something, and take the option to 'let me choose' then select whatever you want, such as Favorites\downloads. The default should normally be Favorites\downloads (see below)

Note on a standard PC there are already several directories called 'desktop', for instance under Favorites, and under c:\users\ every user including \public and \default also has one. It's all hopelessly and unnecessarily complicated. For instance the location I just mentioned, 'Favorites' is not a real location at all, but is really C:\users\<myusername>

Also it is still quite common for older type software to assume the desktop is a reasonable place to put a downloaded file. This is mainly because it shows up under the users nose all the time, under any windows version. But to be honest, once you start trying to understand the whys and wherefores of a Windows OS you are just pointlessly shortening your life.
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So I can't install my adobe acrobat pro unless I'm logged in under admin.
Any idea how I can do this to my other account?
This happens with multiple programs, not just adobe.
I am running windows xp Pro

A:Software won't run unless under admin account

make the other accounts admin. or install software for all the users.

if you only have limited account restart computer and keep pressing F8 button and when options show up choose Safe Mode and choose Administrators Account.

Hope it helps
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A friend told me she was doing some school work of some sort on it amp now she nor I can get it to boot to desktop She said it has a virus but I however did manage just now to desktop to Home Premium won't boot Vista get it to the desktop amp was in the process of checking the settings in Google Chrome when the screen went black Since then I ve tried f repeatedly last known configuration a few times safe mode with networking amp probably others amp no joy I talked to her amp told her I might have to reset it to factory settings amp she d lose everything She said that would be ok Its a Windows Home Premium laptop Model SVE FXW I was considering putting Firefox portable on a flashdrive so I could hopefully get a scan or two going but I don t know I will continue to quot try quot to get it up amp going amp post back if I have any luck thanks any ideas nbsp

A:Vista Home Premium won't boot to desktop

I think I should of posted this in Virus & Malware. Got Eset online scanner running in safe mode now.
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Had a virus, got all cleaned up thanks to Broni, in the Virus Forums....

Still having Excel issues...if I try to open an Excel file without Excel already loaded.
Excel opens but requests User account Control Authorization before it will carry on.
Then says: "There was a problem sending the command to the program"...(the location of the file is displayed on the outside frame of this error)...then Excel loads on top of it with no file open.

I did move some files around to tidy things up prior to getting rid of the virus...but...

There are some files that Excel will open once it is loaded....those are displayed in Excel's recent files list....

Not sure if I should try uninstalling and reinstalling, repair fix maybe...??

Suggestions most appreciated.


A:Excel asking for User Account Control authorization

The fastest solution will likely be to uninstall Excel (or the entire Office suite) and then perform a new installation of it. That won't affect any existing documents you've been using but will give you a fresh install of your Office software now Broni has finished with ridding your computer of nasties.
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When I got my HP laptop it had a trial Office 2007 which expired yesterday. I want to purchase Office Standard 2007, which would give me Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but do I also have to upgrade my Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?


A:Do I have to upgrade Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?

compused said:


When I got my HP laptop it had a trial Office 2007 which expired yesterday. I want to purchase Office Standard 2007, which would give me Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but do I also have to upgrade my Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?

CompusedClick to expand...

No! Just get the Office 2007 and you'll be set..
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I'm planning on installing Linux Mint 4.0 on my Vista rig. I currently have a 750GB harddrive with 3 partitions, one for Vista OS(60GB), one for programs(60GB), and one for data(movies/music/games/etc.). My question is....should I create another partition for Linux or would it be better to purchase another harddrive, maybe a 160GB, and install Linux and Vista OS on it with 80GB each?

A:Dual-boot Mint4.0 and Vista Home Premium x86

If your just using Linux to experiment with Linux,then you could just give it

30 GBs on your main drive,as you won`t need much data space.

On the other hand,a second physical drive is great for backups of crucial data,

so you could go that route,and just give Linux 30Gb of an 80/160 Gb drive

(vary sizes to preference)
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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know of any tool that can simplify the process of configuring roaming user profiles. I have 4 computer; 2 running XP and 2 Running Win 7 (Ultimate and Home Premium). I want to make my Win7 Ultimate my main computer (server) and store a user account in it which can then be accessed from any of the other computers. So, Is there any software to simplify this as I am sort of running into trouble!

Thanks in advance


A:Roaming User Account Tools

No one has any idea of any possible program?
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Hi all,

a works laptop has gone screwey (it mainly affects the user account) and i need to get the pop3 mail settings etc off that account.
It lets me log in as admin only, albeit very slow and haphazard. It hangs when trying to log in as the user.
Whilst logged in as admin is there any way i can access the users email and export to a .pst so i can then re-import it onto a working laptop? If i log in to the user in safe mode, then try opening outlook it comes up with an error, asking me to restart the program or reinstall.
Using Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP2 laptop.
Thanks for any help offered

A:Exporting users .pst from Admin account

Just browse to the relevant folder in the user's Documents and Settings..

If it denies access, take ownership of the folder and subfolders.
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I have downloaded MagicTune Premium and have played around with it. I have changed the font size and want it back to normal. I can't find where to get to it, can you please help me with it?
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Hello Everyone,

First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this thread and hopefully me in my quest of finding the program I am after.

I am looking for a program or utility that would give me more control over xp limited user accounts. The backgrounds are constantly being change and currently I have to manually go and change them back to default.


A:Advance XP Limited Account Software

Check this out:

I know this is not what you are asking for, but understanding these concepts may help
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A particular user on Exchange server 2003 gets this error when sending external email:

You do not have permission to send to this recipient.
server name.domain.local #5.7.1 smtp;554 5.7.1
[email protected] unknown.

Have compared the settings to a working one, and all look OK. We also tried recreating the user profile and email address but it still doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook account not sending external email

As you got the error back from the server, there is nothing wrong with the client or Outlook. It is probably some setting on the server side, blocking this specific computer, user or recipient.
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I would like to create a new user and migrate all data settings etc from an existing user to the new user on the same computer Reason is some conflicting names between some computers on the same network and a Windows Home Server I tried changing the name of the user but that doens t change the name of the profile That created some confusion with Remote Desktop Seems that even though I changed the user name I had to log on via Remote Desktop using the old user name I ve read about a method of creating profile Premium to migrate to profile? Vista new How old Home user user the new user logging on then off logging on as the old user and just copying all the files How to migrate old user profile to new user profile? Vista Home Premium from one user to the other after turning on show system and hidden files etc That doesn t migrate any settings I wouldn t think only files And another problem is there isn t enough hdd space to copy the profile not sure what to do other than get a larger hdd which I could do if totally needed I looked at the USMT a little but it looked like a lot of work for what I was doing I ve also seen a step method by Joshua Mouch which still involved copying the files Is there a way to just change the user name and then change the profile name that coincided with that user That way no files are copied or moved just changing the How to migrate old user profile to new user profile? Vista Home Premium profile name associated with that user edit I just found this does How to migrate old user profile to new user profile? Vista Home Premium this really work That s all I want to do change the user name and have that profile name match the user name Delete or rename the profile folder under the users profile folder location locate the key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList and remove the subkey that contains the reference to the profile in question reboot and login as the user this will create a new profile instance Thanks Monte nbsp