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Motherboard fried and RAM replacement

Q: Motherboard fried and RAM replacement

Hello all My desktop was showing no signs of power I pressed the on switch and nothing happened I took the computer into a shop and they said the motherboard is toast The board shows a green light on it when it is plugged in Would this light shine green if the board was fried I am shopping for a new motherboard and was wondering if I should replace it with the exact same one or if there was a benefit to choosing a new board or a new board and processor I currently have an Intel DP LT and am running a E Intel processor Also I have RAM slots and two of them are filled with Gig of DDR cards for a total of gigs of ram I ve read that the board can upgrade to a total of gigs I would like to have at least gigs but I m a little confused about the RAM slots I ve read that if you want gigs you have to run gig cards that run at Is this slower Would it be better to have gig cards running at or gig cards running at If I buy replacement and fried RAM Motherboard two more gig cards can I just put them in the remaining two slots ie plug and pray Thanks and I hope this isn t too confusing Eric nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard fried and RAM replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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ok im new to this site and all so i really Fried adding HELP! RAM? Motherboard? Fried Processor? from hope i can get an answer and fast To make a long story short i bought an AMD Duron brand new off of ebay andi just got it today on It came with GB Hard drive NO OS around GHz processor K -FSB Motherboard built in graphics sound card MB RAM Case x CD-ROM Keyboard Mouse Speakers i already have a monitor i bought it cuz i fried my old PC by replacing the processor with a different kind but i managed to salvage my old GB hard drive and now i want to transfer those files onto my new hard drive So i took the AMD Duron apart and replaced the hard drive with a GB and this GB hard drive in an effort for Fried Processor? Fried Motherboard? from adding RAM? HELP! a file transfer I also loaded a DVD-ROM in replacement of the CD-ROM it came with I hooked up everything and i turned it on and everything seemed to work When i got to windows i realized that i accidently mixed up the hard drives so that the GB was on MASTER and the GB was on slave So i set the jumpers again and also decided to throw in another MB of ram that was laying around which i believe was my fatal mistake When i turned on the PC power was running through the system but no Fried Processor? Fried Motherboard? from adding RAM? HELP! signal was being to sent to from the keyboard or the monitor and the system loading light was staying on the whole time In fact these circumstances were the same as when i fried my old processor on my old PC A scary comparison So ive been desperately hooking up this to that hard drive and what not but even when i take out the things i added in i cant get it to work In fact no signal at all is being sent even if not drives are in and no RAM The answer could also be static electricity but i didnt touch anything except the RAM and the PCI and power cables Is that enough to fry a PC I called my friend who signicantly knows more about computers than i do and he said that nothing i did or modified should ve done to the PC what it did His advice was to get a refund or get a replacement I cant send it back cuz of a void warranty for quot tampering quot and plus i already spent my on it and have nothing left for S amp H I ve gotten so ticked since this happened especially since i only got to use it for like minutes Can anybody help me My mom wont let me replace it and i want to make sure its absolutely impossible for me to fix myself or one of my friends fix before i bring it to a pro technician Reply to this quot thread quot or whatever its called or just email at screechingspiders hotmail com I m kinda desperate so the sooner the better Thanx darth nbsp

A:Fried Processor? Fried Motherboard? from adding RAM? HELP!

Not touching anything but the PCB components is the best way to fry stuff with static. Always touch the case of the computer or a good ground source before meddling with the electronic stuff.

Just calm down. Take out all the parts, clear the CMOS. Put in the CPU, memory and video. See what happens.
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About my Motherboard Fried??? or CPU is my Fried, Is a week ago I was working on my computer when I started to hear a bit of a squeal I could not determine the location of the squeal while the computer was running due to additional noise of the fans and such So I turned off the computer and vacuumed Is my Motherboard Fried, or is my CPU Fried??? it would a bit to remove dust from the fans and aloud it to cool down When I booted up again a couple hours later it started to load with no issues and no squeal After about seconds it started to squeal again this time louder and then all of a sudden turned off I could not get it to start up again immediately after a couple hours after and a couple days after I swapped out the power supplies thinking it may be the power supply as I had an extra to which that did not help or do anything I unplugged everything only keeping the motherboard plugged into the PSU and tried turning it on This did not do anything Is my Motherboard Fried, or is my CPU Fried??? either I swapped the power supplies back and I found that when powered on I can hear a high pitched noise and when the power button is pushed it gets louder It sounds like it is coming from the general area of the CPU but I cannot be too sure I have pulled everything from my system ram video card HDD etc and re-seated everthing making sure nothing had come loose and all that fun stuff Tried loading it up again and nothing I have looked at the CPU which looks like it is worn a fair bit as most of the writing on the chip is gone It looks like some corrosion around the chip even though it has never been wet I have checked out the whole motherboard and everthing is seated properly no broken wires or missing diodes Cannot find any scorch marks indicating that the board fried So I am thinking this is the CPU itself that had died but does anything Is my Motherboard Fried, or is my CPU Fried??? have any suggestions for me to try out before I go replacing the motherboard CPU or just buying a new computer The computer itself is older approx or years old but has been very realiable to me Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hey guys I just joined this forum because I need a little help with my motherboard I am not that technology savvy so I m sorry for any errors A few days ago my monitor stopped working At first I thought it was my video card so I kept fiddling around with it to see if I could fix it It worked a little so Wondering I if fix fried my motherboard motherboard) fan my how to (and I thought I fixed it Then every once in a while it would freeze I opened it up and switched out the video card but still it had the same problem of freezing That s when I noticed one of Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) the fans on my motherboard wasn t turning on It would rotate once or twice and not start but now it doesn t even rotate I m wondering if I can fix the fan its plugged in correctly and if I have to buy a new motherboard I can t tell what motherboard I have Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) so sorry So in short my motherboard fan is not working Any way Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard) to fix or do I need a new motherboard nbsp

A:Wondering how to fix my motherboard fan (and if I fried my motherboard)

I would start by checking your power supply with a good tester tool and multimeter.
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I think I may have fried my motherboard.

I recently got a new computer case and installed my Asus a7n8xe deluxe into it without using standoffs. When I tried to boot it up, I got nothing. No fans spinning, no beeps, no POST, nothing. When I realized what I had done, I quickly removed it and installed the standoffs. Now, I still get no beeps, however the fans spin (they are geting power from the MB) and the LED on the motherboard lights up and the power LED lights up. Nothing else happens. No POST. No nothing.

Is this thing toast? Is there any other damage that I may have caused to the machine or its components (hard drives, processor, memory, etc.)?

Please help

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I have a Packard Bell I Media computer a couple of nights ago there was a big flash when my sister plugged out the computer and now it is completely dead

No sign of any power-up fan isnt working

I've searched online and it says either my motherboard or power supply is dead but i bear very little funds to fix it

can it be done by hand?


A:Motherboard fried?

You can try a different power cord maybe borrow one if you don't have one laying around. If you check yahoo groups for a freecycle group in your area you may be able to get ahold of replacement parts or even an older working pc for free. You can try to clear the cmos on your motherboard and you may get lucky. As far as repairing a motherboard you really need to have high tech level and alot of patience. As far as a psu I would not recommend anyone trying a repair on a faulty unit for two reasons 1 It's dangerous not only to you but to anyone around you as you could quite easily end up burning your house down with an electrical fire and 2 you run the risk of frying what is quite possibly a good mobo. Odds are very good that if the pc was off when the plug/outlet sparked that it's either the power cord or the psu that's dead.
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I'm not positive but I think that I might have fried my motherboard and am looking for some other input. I have a self built desktop with this motherboard:

My problem started when I went to upgrade my ram about a year ago and wasn't able to get the new ram to work with the old. So I gave up. I recently tried again and in the process I changed a couple of bios settings, nothing major and when I restarted it froze at the motherboard boot screen. I restarted again and my screen stayed blank (no signal to monitor) and my fans went into turbo drive.

here was my old ram:
here was my new ram:

does my diagnosis sound reasonable?

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I was running a 475w power supply and the other day I smelled burning electronics and then my computer shut off. After looking(and smelling) I found out that my power supply burned out. I ordered a 550 and after installing it my comp doesnt doesnt even display anything or make the classic boot up noise. I assume that by the power supply taking a crap it shorted my motherboard, but I would like some other opinions before I get another one.

A:Fried Motherboard?

A blown power supply certainly can take a motherboard out with it. It can also damage harddrives, optical drives and other PCI cards you have installed. Did you also check the motherboard that their isn't anything wrong with it. Though blown caps don't usually smell, these can cause your computer to not boot and your motherboard to not work.
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Hi, since ive been having a lot of issues with my computer giving driver errors left and right and freezing, my teacher suggested I could try a program called Fresh Diagnostics. I ran it and most of my tests came back fine, but under the sensors page it rates my motherboard as temp of 76 degrees celsius. My power supply is rated at 34 celsius and my processor at one point in it was rated at 122, but i refreshed it and it said 72 and just a sec ago it poped up as 19 degrees celsius and now i can get it to show up anymore. But my baord is consistently rated at 76 and im just sitting here typing. Is my board fried already as its been giving errors and freezing and not downloading right for the past 2 weeks? Thanks for your help.

A:Is my motherboard fried?

Download a program that will consistently monitor your temps. It sounds like the one you are using is a little wonky.

Try this one:

And if it is true that your motherboard is consistenly at 76C, then yes you are overheated to dangerous levels.

By a can of pressurized air and blow off the dust from your motherboard. How many fans does your case have? How many sucking in, and how many blowing out? What size are the fans?
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Hey I m new here and I really could use a hand Today I went off and bought myself a new chassi one more graphic card and a motherboard all brand new My old fried? got motherboard New motherboard was okay but a bit outdated Besides I ve been thinking about doing crossfire with my Took me a couple of hours to set things up After everything was done I started it up I was suprised it even started The only problem that came up was quot Unknown CPU Detected Update BIOs for full power quot or something like that I tried starting it up got a blue screen I read up on some forums and people with the same problem said that New motherboard got fried? you d have to update BIOs The problem here was that I recieved New motherboard got fried? no CD from my motherboard box So I New motherboard got fried? went on my brothers computer which I am at right now and downloaded the latest bios for my motherboard Burned it on a CD and then used it to update bios Everything ran smooth as well It said that it had to restart everything was still fine Then after it resetted nothing happened I tried to start up the computer but nothing happens A blue light starts glowing along with the gfx card for a mere second But that s all So here I am tired frustrated and disappointed The manuals didn t tell me jack-all about anything of this Everything I plugged in was correct My old computer was built from scratch so I did everything on my own and it worked Any ideas I think I fried the motherboard for some reason but I can t get to bios and fix it I read online as well that you could take out the battery and decharge it but I m not that skilled to be playing with the chips ANY suggestion how to fix this is GREATLY appreciated Thank you And sorry about the wall of text And yeah here s my spec Asus ATI Radeon HD GB in xfire Asus - Socket - ATX nForce i Striker II Formula Intel Core Duo E GHz MB MHz Socket Corsair XMS MB DDR PC - MHz Seagate Barracuda GB SATA II Windows Vista x bit Tell me if you need more information Edit After letting the computer cool for a bit it starts up only to be shut down after about seconds nbsp

A:New motherboard got fried?

CPU's rarely fail... but if it has pins, check the pins to assure none are bent over...
Did you overclock before you got it running in normal mode?
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ok, so my friend's house was hit by lighting and the computer wouldn't turn back on. so he bought a new one and gave me the broken one. i dont know if its the power supply or the motherboard or what, but i opened it up and when i plug it in a LED on the motherboard lights up (if thats any help). and there is a very quiet hum inside the power supply.
so if you guys could please tell me what i should do to fix it that would be great, and im not to good with computers. thank you

A:Is my motherboard fried?

I would say Power Supply as No.1 replace option
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I am looking at a computer for a friend of mine. The problem is nothing will load up once the power is turned on. After turning on the power, nothing happens. The power stays on, but that's it. It does not appear to go through a POST script, nor does the BIOS appear to load anything.

I had the computer apart and everything seems connected just fine.

Any thoughts or questions?

A:Fried motherboard?

First try clearing the cmos. If that doesn't work, remove all devices not required to post (IE Expansion cards, hard drives, optical drivers, etc) and anything on the back of the system, save the power and perhaps the video and keyboard. If it posts, start putting in one device at a time and see if it posts.

If it still does nothing, try configuring the system down to just motherboard, cpu/fan, and power(remove the ram as well) and see if you get some beep codes. If you get no beeps, then it's probably the motherboard.
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i went to a local computer repair store today to buy more RAM for my pc my pc is an HP pavillion a n i told them that and they looked up the type of RAM needed fried? motherboard is my and i made my purchase i tried to install it but the RAM just wouldn t seem to fit right it probably wasn t wise but i had the ram in as far as it would go and assumed that it might just be something wrong with is my motherboard fried? the locks and tried turning on the computer when i tried this nothing at all happened it was as if the computer was unplugged i then took out the new RAM and tried to start the computer up and it wont start at all still as if it were unplugged what i dont understand is A if the computer didn t start at all i dont see how it could have fried the motherboard or anything and B even if it would have started the ram wasn t fully in place so how could it have even had an effect oh and also the RAM they gave me was pc ddr but after my problem i did some searching and discovered i NEEDED pc - ddr i dont understand how they could have screwed that up i m no technician but even i can use google nbsp

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I put the wrong type of RAM into my computer without realizing it. When I started the computer it turned on, but didn't do anything. Once i realized what i did I replaced it with the correct RAM. Now when I start it it just beeps. Its one short beep followed by one long beep. I've tested the RAM on another computer and it works fine. The computer i used has DDR3 and the one i put in by mistake was DDR2(not sure why it even went in that slot). Any help would be appreciated.

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hi total ********/newbie here the story is this i opened my pc and tried to install some memory, (it looked the same) anyhoo when i switched the pc on it started for a few seconds then stopped and there was a strong smell of burning, and now there is nothing happening except the fan on the chip running what i need to know is can i get all the stuff from the hdd onto another pc that i have, nothing major just photos my favourites list or can i just take the hdd and plug it in to the other pc. any advice wellcome

A:I fried my motherboard i think

You should be able to get the data off the hard drive assuming the drive itself isn't damaged.

As long as the interface is the same between both computers, you can just plug the hard drive into the other computer and copy. If one is an IDE interface and the other a SATA interface, you can use a converter cable for the same thing or use a hard drive dock that plugs into the computer externally.
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Seems like every single thing I m doing with this stupid computer is going wrong I m about to just buy an alienware or something so I don t have to deal with it but here we go So I shorted my motherboard a month ago so I got another one and bought a new cpu since both were dead I finally got my computer up and running I was playing battlefield was getting really low fps around then updated drivers and it was at about fried? my Is motherboard I decided to overclock my cpu since I had water cooling and figured it would be fine So I overclock it to ghz wasn t very stable my first OC so I went down to a safe ghz it was working Is my motherboard fried? fine This morning I turn my computer on and I hear a pop and see a spark out of the corner of my eye I sigh because just my luck Another computer problem Well it restarts and turns on fine I decide to go into bios and revert it to default So it s going fine I decide to play battlefield I m connecting to the server and my computer turns off and restarts So now when I try to turn it on it loads up windows sorta It gets to the point of the windows symbol wooshing around then restarts then gets to the wooshing and restarts and sometimes it gets to the loading screen and restarts I pulled the side panel off I noticed the spark was around the v atx power connector so I m looking around there I see one of those small black square capacitor things at least I think that s what it is it looks like there s a little hole in it Is that what s causing this Would a not so bad OC cause this why me Picture hard to tell though http oi tinypic com e sfte jpg specs AMD Phenom II X T xfx hd crossfire d G SKILL Ripjaws X Series GB DDR MSI A-G AM AMD SATA Gb s USB ATX Thermaltake TR RX W Bronze cpu and both gpus are water cooled I just made it to my desktop only lasted for about seconds before a restart though I tried booting into safemode and got there fine If the motherboard was screwed up I wouldn t be able to get into safemode would I It just wouldn t be working right Maybe windows got corrupt or something nbsp

A:Is my motherboard fried?

Could be any number of possible causes, and yes, any overclocking can cause hardware issues. OCing typically causes parts to use more power than normal. Over voltage can cause any number of issues.

Two thoughts. First, if will load into Safe Mode and function for extended periods of time, then yes, it could simply be corrupt files. Second, if you can see damage to any components, then it's faulty and should be replaced. Faulty parts are unstable. Faulty doesn't always mean dead or non functional. It simply means they don't function properly.
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hey guys i need some help... last night my computer was running fine until i tried to plug in a usb flash drive and thats when it froze. i shut down the computer then tried to boot up again and nothing happens. the fan on the mobo spins and all the LED's turn on but i dont get any signal on my monitor.

my guess is that the motherboard got fried i know its not the PSU because i tried switching it and it does the same thing. anybody got any good ideas or anything i should try before i just give up =(

its an HP pavilion a282n
Motherboard Specifications, P4SD-LA (Stingray) i cant find a replacement anywhere! anybody that know of any that might work?

A:Motherboard probably fried?

Your best bet would be to try clearing the CMOS using the jumper on the mobo or by removing the battery for 20 secs. If you can get into BIOS after to reconfigure all the settings and the computer starts up normally you should be all set. If not, you may have fried something on the board and it may need to replace it. Let us know if clearing the CMOS did the trick.
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I just put together a nee PC and when I go to power it up I only see the 2 case fans, cpu fan, and graphics cards fans running... I have a VGA plugged into a monitor that for sure works and I get no response... Do you think my motherboard is fried? I just bought it. I even tried to get static electricity out of mr when I could...Any thoughts? Thanks

A:Motherboard Fried?

First of all, have you read the guide at the top of the forum for problem builds? If not, do so. If you follow ALL of the steps of the guide, you will find the cause of your problem.

Next, no one [other than you] has any idea what parts we are attempting to diagnose. Post ALL of your exact specs; ie exact mb, exact cpu, exact ram, exact pw supply, etc, etc. Do not post 500W pw supply; post the exact brand and model# Do that for all of your parts.
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I recently bought a new MSI Z97 gaming 5 motherboard and 750W power supply and CPU i7 4760k processor and etc. I hooked up all my components that make the PC run and I turned it on and it only lasted 2 seconds before turning off. I tried turning it off a few times but it turned on for 2 seconds before shutting off. I thought it was the power supply so I returned it and got a new one but the same thing happened. I'm thinking the motherboard fried but I'm not for sure. Any thoughts? Do I need to get a higher wattage power supply a different CPU or is the motherboard fried?
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OK I have a question for PC Savvy People.

I recently installed a motherboard and it accidently touched the case when I powered it on, because of a missing screw. I want to know what fried, was it the motherboard, processor, memory, or video card.

This is what it does. The cpu fan works, the bootup screen can be seen, It boots through the bios screen where it shows the devices, but then it goes to the deadly blue screen. I only have one stick of memory and dont want to buy another if thats not the problem. So does the boot screen mean the motherboard is not fried? How can you tell when a processor is fried?

Alot of questions here answer all or some if you can Thanks.

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A few weeks ago i started my desktop pc and had to play with the on switch to get it started A few days later i openned it again but this time it never powered on It was just dead Thinking that it could be the on switch i openned the case and had to admit to myself that i couldn t see anything that would indicate what was wrong I then realized that it could be the power supply I decided to change the case and the power supply After getting fried Motherboard ???? all i needed i tried Motherboard fried ???? this weekend to put everything in the new case I m now stuck with the following problems At first i saw that i couldn t get any picture on my monitor I switched the cable between the two outlest of the video card with no difference I checked everything and in doing so i noticed another problem My DVD player and my DVD burner are having the same problem When the Motherboard fried ???? power supply is plugged in the tray opens If i plug the data cable the trays don t opens and if i unplug them the trays are working again I switched data cables and it s the same thing I discovered that if i leave the data cables plugged in the two DVD player but i unplug the data cable from the motherboad the trays now works I switched data cable and nothing is changed I also tried it on IDE and one the motherboard and again it s the same thing For the hard drive it could have the same ploblem with the cable Is the motherboard fried Is there a way to be sure Except for the new case and power supply everything is only two years old and i only use that machine a few days a month for records keeping the occasional game and for photos editing Motherboard fried ???? I also never leave the machine on when i m not using it Compared to my laptop it s not used that much The board in question is an MSI K N Neo Platinum SLI which is socket It s not new but it s doing the job and also i upgraded the processor recently to give it a little boost so i would hope that there s nothing wrong with the board itself and i m only doing something wrong I sure hope somebody can clear this up for me Thanks nbsp
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I have the same computer. Sounds like BSOD to me. I have an HP Pavilion a6113w that my daughter received for a birthday present September 2007. System just crashed about 3 months ago and went to BSOD. The PC won't boot at all now, I opened up the panel and the motherboard smells like something fried on it.

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Recently my friend purchased a combination of computer parts online so i could build him a system Upon completion of assebly i booted up the computer and the bios didn t come up and my monitor was black I removed the heat sink my Motherboard? Fried Could I have and found that the Arctic silver thermal compound adhesive i put on it had caked onto the processor along with this quot square quot of thermal conductive material that came on the bottom of the heat sink BTW i didn t mean Could I have Fried my Motherboard? to use the adhesive i meant to use the regular thermal compound The material and the compound were pretty much caked on there good While trying to clean it off i scratched the chip and so Could I have Fried my Motherboard? i concluded that the chip was FRIED That was not the only thing that allowed me to realize the chip was fried other than the sizzling sound the processor was making i looked on the underside of the chip and saw a sticker that was totally burnt up in other words FRIED This morning i went down to the local computer store and bought him a brand new OEM AMD Athlon Could I have Fried my Motherboard? Thunderbird GHz Socket A CPU w FSB This time i correctly installed it and attempted to boot up Again it wouldn t boot but the processor wasn t destroyed trust me on this one It WAS NOT destroyed the processor is fine On the motherboard there is a series of diagnostic LEDs that lets you know the status of your computer In my case all four of the LEDs are RED and in the users manual it says that means quot System Power ON - The D-LED will hang there if the processor is damaged or not installed properly quot D-LED meaning diagnostic LED I don t know why its doing that The processor is brand new and i haven t fried it Really there is no other way to install it so there is NO WAY it could be installed INCORRECTLY My thinking is there might be some problem with the motherboard but how could i have damaged the motherboard if i Just fried the processor I m confused please help Here is a list of components on the computer This might help a bit Amd Athlon GHz CPU FSB Thermaltake Heat Sink Fan MB PC KingMax DDR-RAM Seagate Barracuda GB - ns seek time Generic Geforce II Video card TV out mb ddr W power supply netgear NIC ethernet card Diamond Multimedia MX Sound Card Creative k modem sony CD-RW I really hope you guys can help Thanks nbsp

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Today after starting my pc I left the room I came back and it had turned off on its fried motherboard? own I started it again and fried motherboard? there was a burning plastic smell I then opened the case and noticed a spark on the motherboard I shut down the pc and waited for the smell to dissipate I tried starting the pc again and it would seem like normal but there would fried motherboard? be no image on the screen Tried changing the video card plugged everything off and tried again but it was the same The LED s on the motherboard were all on and it powerd the fans and etc just like normal I took the pc to bestbuy and all they could tell me was that the power supply the ram and the video card were all ok so it was most likely just the mobo I also took out the ram and the video card and tried again but heard nothing but the fan noise I read somewhere that there should be a beep if the bios is ok I identified that what burned on the board was a small black rectangle to the right of a capacitator just above the jusb section part of it turned white because of the burn Taking all that into consideration should I assume the board is dead and buy a new one or can the LED s indicate the opposite Thanks for your time Specs OS Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Intel Core i Processor x GHz MB L Cache RAM GB GB X DDR - Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTS - GB - SLI Mode Hard Drives GB HARD DRIVE -- M Cache RPM Gb s - Single Drive Motherboard SLI MSI X PRO-E nbsp

A:fried motherboard?

First I wouldn't go to best buy for computer diagnosis but thats another thread in and of itself. Anyhow if the boards burnt its a good bet it's dead, but there's still a little you can try. Try reseating your RAM and video card before replacing the board.
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I have a 2 year old HP Pavillion DP6000, where the CPU failed. Fixed that, but now on start up does not recognize any hard drive installed and won't boot from CD.. I tried multiple SATA drives with some intermittant success where I can get to the Windows did'nt start correctly so run recovery message, but then goes blue screen on me.
Any ideas?

A:Fried motherboard?

Hi and welcome to TSG.

How did the original CPU fail, or what made you think the CPU had failed? Its possible that if the CPU failure was due to something like a PSU blowing, then it has actually damaged alot more than just the CPU.
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Hello Here is my problem I bought a new case for my old computer I fried? motherboard Is my just unplugged everything and transfer the Is my motherboard fried? all thing to the new case I connected back the hard drive dvd etc and connected the powerswitch to the motherboard This is what s happening The fans start to turn for second and stop and then nothing happens the power led on the motherboard is on when I switch on the power but when I press the power button on the case the fans turn for sec and stop I unplugged the powerswitch from the motherboard and to check further I put a screwdriver on both pins of the powerswitch and it does Is my motherboard fried? the same thing exactly When I rebuilt that computer a month ago I did the same with a screwdriver and it started everything ok I have to say that when I transfered the motherboard to the new case I forgot to screw in the standoff and screwed it directly which I know is not good Anyway does that mean that my motherboard ASUS A V is fried or is there a way to know for sure Thanks a lot for your help William william talgorn com nbsp

A:Is my motherboard fried?

take it apart and check your connections
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I've had this computer working for a year or two and nothing has ever gone wrong. I recently needed to use the case's front audio & USB ports so I decided to actually connect them. I think I accidentally put them in the wrong spots since when I booted up and plugged in my headphones to the audio port, the entire computer shut down. Now every time I flicker the power switch on my power supply, the motherboard's green LED light flickers on for a second or two, then off. My computer can't turn on, and the power button doesn't start the computer at all. Do I have a fried motherboard on my hands or can this be fixed?
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Hello I was recently overclocking a P to mhZ It worked fine Fried Motherboard! but I decided to try a more conservative setting so I turned off the computer returned the multiplier from x to x and overclocked the FSB from mhZ to mhZ When I turned the computer on the computer wouldn t display anything on the monitor I turned off the computer and returned the FSB from mhZ to mhZ When I turned it on it still wouldn t display anything I Fried Motherboard! NEED HELP I already know that the monitor still works but I have no IDEA if anything else still works I want to know your opinion of what happened I have limited the problem to three things The graphics card isn t working The motherboard is gone The processor is gone If it helps I know the system specs of the computer Since I built it myself it doesn t have a brand NOTE This system was assembled sometime around - IT STILL WORKED PRIOR TO THE MESS-UP SO I KNOW THE PROBLEM ISN T DUE TO OLD AGE Motherboard Amptron PM- don t know specifics Monitor MAG Innovision FS CPU Intel Pentium Classic mhZ Graphics Card Trident Microsystems TGUI MB VRAM Sound Card Creative SoundBlaster Plug and Play Memory MB EDO RAM don t know speed or rows PLEASE HELP ME dead nbsp

A:Fried Motherboard!

I would disconnect everything from the motherboard, all cables, RAM, CPU, PCI & ISA cards ... everything. Then reset the motherboard, better yet, remove the battery for about 10 minutes or more.

Put the battery back in, try it again with 2.5 X 66MHz. If you go through POST, enter BIOS and load the defaults then change settings as you like.

BTW, there is nothing ?conservative? about going from 66MHz FSB to 75MHz FSB!
Run at 2.5 X 75MHz or 2.5 X 83MHz.

I go to Lake Orion MI often; I should bring you one of many 233MHz MMXs I have.
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I purchased 2 Samsung 500G 7200RPM SATAII with the intention of installing Vista Ultimate x64 on one and running a dual boot system with XP. Finally got this all to work, but still have experienced instability issues with Vista (SP1) freezing. Was going through process of upgrading drivers etc when decided to upgrade the bios.

Was using Uguru bios flash utility and was about 60% complete when I had some form of power spike in the house (all lights and computers turned off momentarily).

Subsequently the computer will not boot. The Post messages get stuck on C1.

Does anyone have any idea on how to reflash the bios seeing as it is probably now corrupt.

Motherboard is ABIT AB9-Pro Intel 965 Chipset Socket 775 Motherboard

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I believe either my motherboard or CPU is dead It may be my PSU as I haven t gotten around to testing it yet I was using it just earlier and it suddenly shut off and wouldn t reboot I unplugged and replugged the PSU and that allowed it to turn on but that s pretty much it No POST beeps no video All of the fans and LEDs inside turn on So far I ve tried booting with no RAM and each of two chips fried? Motherboard/CPU at a time I ve reseated the CPU checked all connections and generally cleaned it out I have an older mobo Motherboard/CPU fried? ram cpu that I m going to use to test the PSU tommorow At first I was afraid that the CPU had overheated and is now dead because I had been running it pretty hard for minutes ish just before this happened but when I looked at it nothing seemed damaged There was no burning smell at any time Specs are EVGA i SLI mobo Intel core duo E GB x GB Corsair Dominator RAM Tagan W I think PSU Motherboard/CPU fried? BFG GTXOC Couple other notes When I try to boot the motherboard gives one of two error codes on the display thing - or In the manual is listed as Reserved don t know what that means and is listed under NVidia added codes as Initialize hardware devices Also all parts except the RAM CPU and Mobo are two years old this xmas Those three are one year this xmas Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Motherboard/CPU fried?

You must get to Windows to do any checking.Have you tried Safe Mode ?
If you get there use a Restore point.If not you might need a paid Technision
to find whats at fault,but the three of 1 year are probably warranted 3 years.
I suspect the mbd,and the rest will be ok in a new same Model mbd.
That happend to me but after 5 years but just the mbd was shot.
So take it there.I hope it wasn't an online purchase.
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Ok.. um, basically I woke up one morning and tried to run my computer. So I turn it on.. Nothing, no picture on screen, yet the HD light was on, but nothing else. So I tried to take out the ram and run the computer which should make the computer beep... nothing. I tried EVERYTHING basically and the only result I get is the computer actually being on. Is my mother board fried?

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I was given an eMachines T3256 computer from a friend who hadn't used it in 2 and a half years. The moniter turned on, but I couldn't get the computer to start up.

I took it in and payed $40 for them to tell me that I had a fried motherboard.

I am totally clueless when it comes to this stuff...can anyone suggest a reasonably priced, compatable motherboard?

Also, would I need any other components to get the computer to start?

A:Fried motherboard

You will probably need a power supply too. An XP install CD will be needed. You will have to format the 160GB hard drive and install Windows XP fresh. As far as motherboards, if you plan to use the old CPU and memory the hunt might be tough. If you plan to upgrade the processor and memory, the choice is much easier...

Read some of the eMachines posts in this forum. They will give you some more info
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I have a toshiba Fried Motherboard satellite a laptop and the computer won t turn on I know it s the motherboard but I went to New Dimensions Service Solutions ndss com and they said that it was my motherboard and I have two choices One choice was to get a new motherboard frm a third party vendor which costs for the part shipping and labor is totaling it to be Alternative is to ship the computer to Redwood City where the MANUFACTURER is located and have it for only If they CAN T fix it what NDSS said then I get a refund of of that First of all what the hell does he mean if they can t fix it They build it they fix it Motherboard Fried What s the problem there Second are the prices overpriced Thirdly I went here to NDSS instead of BestBuy GeekSquad because in my opinion GS are not reliable Prices are high as well Long periods of time and when they can Motherboard Fried t fix it they ship it to Chico City and then I wait another weeks I am asking on what should I do Does it take to get a new motherboard refurbish it install it test it and ship it back to the customer Should I get multiple opinions with other computer services near I live nbsp

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Thank you in advance for viewing my post I am fixing a computer for a friend which I believe has a fried motherboard but I would like to see if other people have ideas because I don t want to order a motherboard if that isn t the broken part Originally I thought it was going to be a simple power supply change but that isn t the case The information I have to offer is below The computer was working fine when they used it and they shut the system down A week later when they tried to start the computer it doesn motherboard my Is fried? t do anything I thought the power supply was maybe bad but I swapped one in that I know works and it still shows no life I check Is my motherboard fried? all the obvious things like making sure it was plugged in the switch was on and so forth The computer is a Dell computer for and I have two other motherboards I wanted to swap in but the LED Power Switch and Restart Switch connections jumpers or whatever they are called cannot be attached properly to the motherboard with the case I have also tried switching the possibly broken motherboard processor and RAM into another machine and haven t been able to get any response from that either My best guess is there has been some storms in the area lately and maybe the motherboard was damaged by lightning The only signs of life the motherboard has is there is a green light that lights on the mother board with i turn the power supply on otherwise none of the fans move and the motherboard doesn t make a sound when started just dead silence The power supply works if someone were to guess if this was a motherboard processor or RAM problem based on the symtoms what would they guess Thank you very much for your time and help It is greatly appreciated nbsp

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Ok about a month ago my Girlfriend s eMachines ET - w quit working I thought the PS gave I have fried a motherboard think I out so I think I have a fried motherboard I took it apart and swapped out the PS with a known good PS W and still the machine will fire up for about seconds then turn off Machine does not post and I think I have a fried motherboard never is on long enough for the display to even start Now if I unplug the pin CPU power plug the pc stays runnign I think I have a fried motherboard but of course that is completely useless Not sure what to do PC has been replaced but this machine is much better than the pc s our kids use and would like to save it if I can even if I have to replace the MB my question really is do any of you think it s possibly the CPU I understand that if i change the MB then the emachines EULA for Vista is now void and I ll have to reinstall windows any help would be great Paul nbsp

A:I think I have a fried motherboard

It could be the motherboard but it's hard to say for sure. You could try to run the PC on just one RAM stick and then swap it out for the other stick to see if anything changes. Are you running it with the onboard graphics? Do you have access to a separate graphics card to test with?

All this is just to test your parts and to eliminate them as the source of the problem. In the end it could come down to the motherboard or CPU. My guess would be the motherboard first.
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Hey I have a HP media center m7650n desktop PC and i took it in to the shop and they told me the motherboard had been fried. It had an ASUS P5BW-LA motherboard in it (specs at h10025.www1.hp.(SPACE)com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00783637&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=3245034, remove the space) Can anyone recomend a good new motherboard to get or should i just buy another of the same motherboard? I haven't changed anything from the stock PC except the graphics card and mostly use the PC for gaming.

Edit: It is running Windows vista 32 bit

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Ok I have a problem, a couple nights ago I was trying to fix a USB port in the back of my pc. I made sure everything was unplugged and the PC was powered off, I used a pair of needle nose pliers to try and bend the pins back, got them back a little. I plugged everything back in and tried powering it on and nothing happened, then I thought maybe it was a connection issue took everything apart and cleaned everything then put it back together, still nothing. One thing there is a green light flashing on my motherboard but it won't power on.

A:Fried motherboard?

What was the problem before you started diddling with it?
Sounds like the first move is to put it back like it was. You likely have damaged the system board in a way that can still be fixed... get it back like it was without causing any parts to break off.
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ok heres my spec before i start motherboard asus m n sli deluxe processor AMD Athlon X Dual Core Ram Corsair GB Kit x GB DDR MHz PC - Graphics Card Point Of View GT mb DDR Case Raidmax Sagitta Black Silver Gaming Case With Side Window - With W PSU Cooling Thermalright Ultra- EXTREME CPU Heatpipe Heatsink with Scythe S-FLEX RPM mm Fan basically i bought all of the above and set it up put in my old ide harddrive and my old dvd writer and my floppy drive all from my last pc Booted it Motherboard my fried? Is up it was working fine apart from i got BSOD when trying to boot my windows on my ide harddrive Is my Motherboard fried? i think its to do with the ide controller being different from my last pc or something So i thought well doesnt mater i ll buy a sata drive and install windows save any files from the ide drive and then wipe the ide drive so i bought a sata drive installed it plugged it in turned on my pc and no signal was going to my monitor It smelt like it was burning slightly too so i quickly powered off the pc So i unplugged the sata drive and booted it up but i just get the same no signal to my monitor The power is running through the motherboard all the fans are on the ide sata drives spin the graphics card fan is spinning I have tried taking out and plugging in my graphics card several times but still nothing Tried it in both my pcix slots no difference Im guessing i burnt something due to the smell but i just don t know what or the reason Anyone have any idea i m thinking its either the motherboard is fried or the graphics card or maybe the cpu nbsp

A:Is my Motherboard fried?

A burning smell regardless of how long the power is supplied IS BAD! It could be anything in your system that burned. You could try another video card first, then the motherboard... The CPU would be that LAST thing to replace, video card is the first
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i have a computer,perhaps the mobo is fired(as a guess)
the computer was new,used for 3 months,then stored for 6 months.

i went to turn it on tonight,the light on the back of the computer is lit(where the power supply is located inside the computer). but the power button on the front will not start up the computer. i have tried over an hour,one time the computer went to start up,making a grinding noise,the light of the power button were flickering.
the computer was open one time,the ram was taken out and put back in.(testing memory on another computer). the computer was never turned on after that until now.....when it wasnt turned on.

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I had a case fan wire get frayed and it hit the chassis. I'm pretty sure the mobo is dead but I just wanted to post it here to be sure before I ordered a new one.

A:I think I fried my motherboard

Uhm.. Does the computer work?

Does it power up? You could have fried the PSU too.
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Ok so one day my computer decides it wants to restart over and over again so I search around for what the problem could be. I tried a new power supply which didnt help. I put my hard drive in another computer as a slave drive and it said it was corrupt so I bought a new hard drive and cant finish installing xp without getting an error. Sometimes I get "SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" and other times I get "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Maybe my motherboards fried too? Any ideas would be very much appreciated

A:Motherboard fried?

try cleaning the winxp cd to make sure no smudges are on it and check all your hard drive cables and make sure your RAM is seated securely or isn't defective.
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My PC was struck by lightening several weeks ago When I try to boot it will power up and then die However I can boot to the a prompt with boot disk and to the cd rom But I can not boot to the OS I am running Windows XP I think I fried my mother board I MotherBoard Fried have run a chkdsk and a scan disk on drive C it appears to be fine I have tried reinstalling windows I am able to do this to a point When it needs to reboot it will not Monitor shuts off Sorry now Fried MotherBoard to my question Can I put the HDD into another computer I tried putting the cd rom into another pc and it fried the mother board I am hesitant to put this drive on my pc I am Fried MotherBoard currently using an antique Intel Pentium processor mg of ram and G of HDD So you see why I would want to salvage the hdd That and no budget for a new one Any help will be appreciated Pedgies nbsp

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Hi everyone I recently tried to plugged in I fried motherboard my think i my svideo wire into my dvd player to my computer from my room and apparently it fried the dvd player rj- bk inside my room and fried the tv toshiba television set quot and my little brother s computer a MSI motherb with a videocard thats been running perfectly for ages in the living room I have no clue how it traveled all the way to the living room but now i can turn on my little brother s computer but it shows a red blank screen with glitches My computer is absolutely fine and the dvd player also turns on but the lcd screen does not show I think i fried my motherboard a load screen and I think i fried my motherboard i can t open up the disc tray My tv in the living room also can turn on but gives me a blank black screen i can flipped through the channels but there is no signal just a blank screen can someone please help me Thank you -Tommy nbsp

A:I think i fried my motherboard

Welcome Toeme,
Start here:
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I have disassembled my PC and determined that the motherboard ports for the hard drive and CD drive are probably fried. (it does not recognize them).

The motherboard is a Transend TS-AVE3. I dont have any of the paperwork on this board as a friend built this unit for me about two years ago. I want to go with an Asus motherboard but am not sure which model to go with (this PC is used by my kids for games and schoolwork).

Suggestions please, I need to order a new board right away.

Thanks in advance.

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I had an old motherboard and one of the components on the board itself caught fire. Would this have ruined my hard drive?

A:fried motherboard

It could have, if it sent a surge to it somehow. Best bet would be to take it out and put it into another system, or a friends. Just make sure you have it jumpered as a slave.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Sometime ago I put one computer together and got OEM Win Pro installed Last weekend I think my ASUS motherboard and or CPU went bad My CPU usage is pegged at I looked inside I saw a few component nearby LAN port got burnt probably from power strikes I look around and I could not locate the same Win OEM 7 Motherboard/CPU VS Pro Fried motherboard I have not check with ASUS yet to see if they have OEM Win 7 Pro VS Fried Motherboard/CPU some old stock or refurbished in stock that I can buy I can buy exact CPU new as they are still available but not the motherboard Am I correct that a copy of OEM Win Pro I got and installed now married to this particular computer Can I buy a new motherboard or CPU if I have to rather than trying to find the exact motherboard CPU Will Win complaining if I have to get a different motherboard CPU I OEM Win 7 Pro VS Fried Motherboard/CPU think the rest of the hardware are okay because I can boot up to windows but things are so slow and CPU is up at Thank you

A:OEM Win 7 Pro VS Fried Motherboard/CPU

Quote: Originally Posted by Nid

Sometime ago I put one computer together and got OEM Win 7 Pro installed. Last weekend I think my ASUS motherboard and/or CPU went bad. My CPU usage is pegged at 100% I looked inside I saw a few component nearby LAN port got burnt probably from power strikes.

I look around and I could not locate the same motherboard. I have not check with ASUS yet to see if they have some old stock or refurbished in stock that I can buy. I can buy exact CPU new as they are still available but not the motherboard.
Am I correct that a copy of OEM Win 7 Pro I got and installed now married to this particular computer?

Can I buy a new motherboard or CPU if I have to rather than trying to find the exact motherboard/CPU?

Will Win 7 complaining if I have to get a different motherboard/CPU. I think the rest of the hardware are okay because I can boot up to windows but things are so slow and CPU is up at 100%.

Thank you,

You can try installing the OEM Win 7, but most likely you will have to call Microsoft and talk to someone. Tell them what you just put in your post and they should activate it for you. Check this out for the phone activation. Activate Windows 7 by Phone
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OK, my comp would not turn on. Solution: my power supply somehow went bad (had comp for about four years) , so, I bought a new one. Everything is plugged in correct but now it seems like maybe my comp isnt fully booting. I turn the power on and it makes noise like it is booting up and all I get on my screen are about 5 colorful lines about 2 inches thick going down my moniter. Is this a problem with my motherboard, video card or hard drive?

Thanks in advance from the computer illiterate ShellBell7975!

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So I bought all of the parts to build a new pc consists of Intel Motherboard? Fried Core Duo E Allendale GHz LGA Processor OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI ATX V W Power Supply EVGA -CK-NF -TR LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory four sticks totaling g ram EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card This is the first computer I ve put together I ve a fair amount of knowledge enough to set up this pc at least so I thought I ve it all in my case power to the processor power to motherboard hardrive connected cd rom drive connected graphics card connected Power and data cables Fried Motherboard? to everything Came down to the headers I ve power switch connected I ve reset switch connected The HDD Led is connected but the Pwr Led is not connected because it is three pronged or so I didn t think that mattered to start the computer Fried Motherboard? up anyway So I m confused here and asking for some help please as to why my system won t boot Fried Motherboard? up it starts up for one second then shuts down I found out my problem was the risers I had way too many put on and it was touching the motherboard which explains why it came on and shut off like a second later Now I have the right risers connected correctly and only using which ones I need it comes on fans all spinning and on the led error it just says -- which means no error I do believe but I ve connected a video card and seem to be getting no connection through my monitor the screen remains blank black So have I fried my motherboard nbsp

A:Fried Motherboard?

Surprisingly MBs are usually pretty forgiving when you short them like you did, but you could have fried it.

Suggest going through the sticky at the start of the forum concerning new builds. This assumes all your parts are compatible.
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Here is my issue I had my computer in a tight space so air flow was very limited The computer shut itself down probably because of an overheat issue After I rebooted with a fan blowing on it and with optimal air flow windows would fail to load I ve taken out every component RAM Video Card Disk Drives Hard Drive and everything has been tested in another PC and everything works fine After buying a new Hard Drive windows would still fail to load at the same exact spot I also tried a new power supply but I still got the same exact problem I ve fried? my Is motherboard also reset bios The only possible problems are either the Proccessor or the Mobo The place where Is my motherboard fried? I keep getting freezes are right when I get to Is my motherboard fried? the Starting Windows screen and the logo begins to form As soon as the Logo starts to animate everything stops keyboard shuts off and cpu resets itself Windows recovery tool will load files and when it comes to starting up windows i ll get the same thing freeze then reset I am able to access bios but a few times I ve encountered freezes during the bios I ve also tried booting with no usb s plugged in or anything plugged in at all and still get the windows logo freeze every time So is it the Motherboard Or processor AMD Athlon Quad Core Phenom Windows Ultimate -bit nbsp

A:Is my motherboard fried?

Sounds like it is.
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Hello A friend at work wanted me to look at his computer He said the hard drive crashed so he bought a new one and it would not work So I got the computer and opened it up and everything looked ok When the power goes to the computer you can hear a little whisper from the power supply and that is all No lights or chirps or anything I thought maybe the power supply was gone so I went and got a watt power supply there was a watt in the system This produced the same result It did nothing It is an GFXCEL PC motherboard with sticks of MEG ram The original hard drive was a gig caviar and he replaced it with is ? Motherboard fried an gig WD SATA hard drive I think it is either the motherboard that is gone or it is the power off and on switch that is gone Could it be something a little easier to fix He said the hard drive was making a lot of weird noises before everything stopped Motherboard is fried ? Thanks for taking the time to read this nbsp

A:Motherboard is fried ?

to test for the power switch shot the pins on the motherboard for the power switch connector with the system pluged in.If it turns on the switch is the problem if not it could be the mainboard. After checking the power switch if the system still doesn't statr pull all expansion cards a stort in any of them could cause the computer not to start to protect it self.Disconnect all drives for the same reason and see if it boots to BIOS.If none of that works It is probably the board but before replaceing the board replace the battery on the motherboard.If it still doesn't work after all that the motherboard is the culprit and needs to be replaced but it might not be the only problem sience matherboards can take down other components when they die.
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Hello all i ve got a question I recently bought RAM Fried New Motherboard? a stick of Corsair DDR RAM that I New RAM Fried Motherboard? intended to put in my year old gateway I ran into a very weird problem upon insertion I placed the card in the second RAM slot of my motherboard next to another stick of DDR RAM I locked it in place then proceeded to power on my PC New RAM Fried Motherboard? for a test Upon hitting the power button the PC started up but none of the key functions were working The keyboard has no power none of the lights will go on on the keyboard such as Caps Lock Numlock etc the mouse is optical and is also unpowered The monitor detects the PC as being plugged in but stays in quot power save mode quot because it is not detecting that the PC has become active again None of the USB devices will get power either I have checked the connections numerous times everything seems to be in order I removed the Corsair RAM from the PC and tried to power on again - Same thing happens I tried switching the slots of the RAM as well Nothing has worked i ve become very perplexed with this issue I ve built many PC s and I have never encountered a problem like this before The only thing that I can think of is that possibly the motherboard some how fried It seems irrational but I have not a clue what could be causing this problem Please help if you can Thank you for your time nbsp

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hopefully this is in the right forum.
Basically my pc crashed after I tried using an overclocking tool, Windows will not load past its loading bar and wont even boot from disc. However, I can get windows to work in safe mode.

The overclock was a small one and one that i had working perfectly from manual bios tweaking. The only difference was that I had just tried to use asus's Vturbo tool instead.
I'm a little worried i may have overvolted something.
(have tried memtest + prime 95 allready and gotten good results)

If anyone has any ideas or has experianced this before please help.


Hardware:asus p7p55d-e lx, I5 750, 4gb ddr3 @1333

EDIT: have gotten working with only 3gb it dosnt seem to want to work with 4gb(tested all sticks individually seem fine)

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I have two computers which is how I am able to post this One of them just recently had an error Here is the story I leave my computers on all day and all night downloading or leaving a game on or just not doing anything Most people with broadband do this Well today when I turned on my monitor I motherboard fried? my Is had a blue screen I use windows xp and this was surprisingly the first blue screen I had ever gotten The Is my motherboard fried? blue screen said an error about a quot Win Key quot not functioning properly and at the bottom of the screen it said something about quot Stop x quot or something similar error as when I overload this computer with ram and it is incompatible To fix this I restarted the computer The monitor didn t turn on The computer began loading like it always does and then stopped loading while the monitor never turned on At first I thought the computer started up but the monitor was broken or a connection was So I checked and all connections were fine I turned off the computer removed my video card where the monitor is connected and connected my monitor to the motherboard slot the one that the computer came with Still no go with the monitor I then disconnected it and connected it to this computer It worked fine So I knew the monitor was fine Next I removed both hard drives and switched them This computer gave an error about the hard drive saying it wasn t configured for the hardware and it was the incorrect hard drive and I need to remove it I thought that was normal as this computer s hardware isn t configured for that hard drive I tried booting the other computer with this computer s hard drive and the same thing occured Flashing yellow light showing it was loading followed by the regular green light meaning the computer is on and nothing else happened So I knew the hard drives couldn t be the problems Next I connected the other computer with all of this computer s hardware mouse keyboard etc I put the ram from this computer into the other Still the same error occured I put the ram from the other computer into this along with the video card Video card works fine as does the ram both computers are ram compatible sdram pc and video card compatible pci slot I also tried starting up the computer with NO ram and only the monitor Same thing as always happened So I came to this conclusion The motherboard is broken I don t know if it is broken because I ve only seen a fried motherboard happen once before which had these same results But everything on the motherboard seems to work fine The hard drive lights up the ethernet card s light stays on the fan works I don t know if those have to do with the motherboard working or not Does anyone have any clue what is going on System Specs Computer one I am using for this message mhz celeron pc sdram mb two sticks pci video card slot HP made if you were curious abou the inferior parts Computer broken one ghz athlon which also could be a problem since amd is less reliable at times pc adram mb ram two sticks pci video card slot with a mb geforce card HP made so everything is pretty much compatible EDIT Also my computer was fine this morning I left for school it had not been touched My room with my computers were left alone I came home with the error already there nbsp

A:Is my motherboard fried?

Don't know if this will help but, take a look,

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Well I Just Bought A Broken Emachines I Thought The Capacitors Where Blown But They Look Fine The Problem Is It Wont Post It Has A Via Chipset Thats Probly The Problem I Dont Want To Get The Emachines Replacement Because It Costs 2 Much The Emachine Is A T2200 If Any Body Could Help Me Find A Great Fit Motherboard That You Can Hook Up The Front Usb Port To The Motherboard That Would Be Great It Has A Amd Processor And I Would Like It To Have Onboard Video It Dosent Matter What Ram It Takes

A:Emachines Bad Motherboard Whats A Good Replacement Motherboard

Need a motherboard here too

for the same model that is
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Hi all...
Gateway Pent III 500 with 2 20gig HD's board #Tabor3 WS440BX with Intel clone 80443 ??
I was hooking the power supply to 2nd HD with power ON and small spark and computer shutdown. It will not restart and power button does not light. Did I fry the board or is there a onboard fuse? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...-WR

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I have a gateway m Its about a year and a half old and has gotten quite a bit of use About months ago the harddrive failed and i replaced it I also upgraded it to windows motherboard my Is fried/frying? at this time It was fine until about a month ago when it suddenly started having trouble starting up Is my motherboard fried/frying? I figured it was the CMOS battery and replaced it No luck here s a rundown of what happens stage when i hit the power button the wireless icon lights up but nothing else happens The latops sits there blank screen no light but the wireless I then have to manually turn it off and on Is my motherboard fried/frying? again This usually happens to times in a row stage after that happens - times when i push the power button the wireless light lights up as before and the CD DVD light flashes I hear the drive start Then nothing this usually happens about - times with me manually restarting it each time stage i push the button the wireless lights up the cd light flashes and the harddrive light flashes of a split second the HD makes noise for a split second and the laptop immediately restarts itself it goes through this process maybe a half dozen times then stops with a blank screen I think manually restart it and go through this stage a couple more times stage after going through stage a couple times the wireless light lights up the cd flashes the HD flashes and the Caps lock and Num lock icons flash it then acts like its going to start but instead just has a blank screen i maunally restart it this usually happens twice stage after stage happens twice it beeps once and brings up this screen if i hit f and reset the default bios we go all the way back to stage If i hit f to resume i get this screen for a couple seconds and then windows starts Once windows starts everythign is perfectly fine The laptop runs as good as it ever has it just take about minutes to get it to start I find it weird that the startup progresses like it does and its always pretty much the same I know the this laptop has a history of bad boards is the motherboard causing this Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Is my motherboard fried/frying?

I'm not sure whether it'll help but read this.
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built my cousin a computer and i also built my self a computer same motherboard and cpu mobo is ecs k s a pro with amd athlon xp everythin was going right for a month when i ? out cpu plt leasefired help motherboard?? me fried started hearing noises from the fan turned out the blade of the cpu fan was hittin against the cable so i pulled it gently and i guess i pulled a little to hard and the fan started going slower i dont know what happened the fan was still turning but not like new i shut down the comp i tried to restart but the computer wont turn on i have a neon light in there and everytime i turn on the comp the lights go on and everythin like normal but after a couple of seconds the lights start to flicker and leasefired cpu ? fried motherboard?? help me out plt the fans go slower if i take the cpu out everything works like normal everythin turns on and the lights and fans all work right the cpu gets really hot and i mean leasefired cpu ? fried motherboard?? help me out plt really hot when you turn on the comp you could smell the heat i dont think its normal cpu isnt chipped burned no it looks like new nothin is burned you cant see anythin wrong with it but i think somthin got fried when i tried to fix the fan so take out the cpu everythin works put in the cpu lights flicker fans act weird i put in a new atx power supply so thas not it took out the mobo from case and turned it on outside so its not the case nbsp

A:leasefired cpu ? fried motherboard?? help me out plt

Sounds like the cpu might be damaged - do not expect to see any visible damage. If your cousin has an identical system swap parts til you find the culprit.
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Ive been trying to fix this friend's six year old HP Pavillion 500, a real old school machine with only a 60 GB harddrive and 512 MB. I tried a different AC cable to the back of the current power supply and the light blinks but none of the fans or anything turn on, and ive checked and reseated all the memory and cables and everything appears fine, I tried a new powersupply that came with a computer case i bought and still nothing. I noticed the motherboard didnt even have a video card socket so all the sound came from the motherboard, and she told me that her sound stopped working before her computer did, so another friend of mine told me he was certain it was the motherboard, but i also read on this forum about a lock-up feature which old computers have. Is it most likely the motherboard or something else?
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I pourchased my R7-572 in June of 2014.  It worked perfectly fine and I loved it!  Then one day my husband went to use it and it was completely dead.  No lights, nothing!  He is the IT manager and he did lots of troubleshooting.  The power cord, battery, etc were all fine.  After further investigation he can only attest that the motherboard has died. Thankfully, he was able to access all my files and put them onto an external drive.  However, I now have no lap top and also I do not have the funds to purchase another one.  I am extremely dissapointed!!!
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Turned on computer nbsp Fans work nbsp Keyboard lights don't nbsp No beeps fried? p7 1510 motherboard my PC Is nbsp Monitor shows only black nbsp Monitor light now blinks at me nbsp Uses built-in DVI video port nbsp Tried the following nbsp Tried to get into CMOS with F at bootup nbsp No POST nbsp Nothing on screen nbsp Restarted nbsp Hit F repeatedly for seconds then down arrow three times enter Is my p7 1510 PC motherboard fried? enter nbsp Nothing nbsp No lights on keyboard nbsp Is my p7 1510 PC motherboard fried? Hard reset unplugged power Held on switch for seconds nbsp Plugged power back in nbsp No change nbsp Used different monitor nbsp No change nbsp Used different keyboard nbsp No change nbsp Took out CMOS batter nbsp No change nbsp Repositioned CMOS jumpers and replaced to original position nbsp No change nbsp Took out all memory chips GB nbsp Beeps nbsp Aha nbsp CPU still alive nbsp Used another memory chip nbsp No change nbsp Unplugged everythong but power no change nbsp Put in different power supply no change nbsp Machine way off warranty so nothing to lose nbsp Took motherboard out of case and put every component on desk naked nbsp Powered up nbsp No change nbsp Took out CPU reapplied Arctic Silver grease and repositioned heat sink fan nbsp Started computer nbsp No change nbsp ANY IDEAS

A:Is my p7 1510 PC motherboard fried?

Greetings, Troubleshooting is time consuming and you need to have spare components that are in working condition. It is a tedious process of elimination. Wow, you really dug in and got your hands dirty. There is really not much more you could do. I think there are two good choices of possible failure. Motherboard or the Processor. Or a combination of both. Did you examine the processor and socket for pin/landing damage? I have not reviewed if you have an Intel or AMD. I believe Intel has the pins on the processor. Did you examine the motherboard for thermal damage or leaky, bulging capacitors? The only way to completely eliminate the processor without any physical evidence of damage is to install it in another known good motherboard. Or install a known good CPU in this PC. It would also not hurt to try known good RAM.  Okay, I think you did this. I don't see any troubleshooting with the graphics card. Did you try a different card? Try this graphics card in another PC. Try a discrete graphics card if you have integrated graphics. If the components in this system work in a different PC then it all leads to a motherboard problem. Cheers!
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I have a 2.8 HT Asus P4p800-e deluxe, 1.5gb ddr ram 3x512, with a geoforce fx5700u video card and a BENQ Monitor lcd...

It was working fine for the last few years and all of the sudden it boots up and nothing comes up on the display...

It seems to boot up fine, but nothing comes up on the monitor.. I know the monitor and video card are good... green light on the mother beeps at all and speaker is hooked up...all fans work and such inside...

I tried lots of things after searching the forums...

different monitor
different video card
different power supply
messing with the cmos jumper and battery
checked all connections
removed all RAM and tried with just each 512 RAM


I hate to see this machine go down.... any suggestions or help would be appreciated... thanks..

A:Solved: Is my motherboard fried???

Disconnect everything except the video card and power from the board. Turn on the computer. If the screen doesn't light up (after all you said you did beside this), you have a bad board or bad processor or both.
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Good Evening I have a Dell Inspiron r intel core i GB Memory originally with a built in Microsoft Windows Purchased in It has due to Motherboard Fried Windows 10 since been updated to Windows and Windows nbsp I upgraded to Windows as soon as I found out Windows Fried Motherboard due to Windows 10 was free for people who Fried Motherboard due to Windows 10 had Windows Windows was working fine until July and Fried Motherboard due to Windows 10 then that s when the Motherboard gave out I tested it and it said the Motherboard is fine it s just the HDD Well the Hard Drive and Motherboard overheated and both died I have replaced a Heat Sink AND Fan to attempt to save it Yes I used a rice size amount of Thermal Paste to reinstall So now I purchased a nbsp New TB GB MB Cache RPM SATA quot mm Notebook Hard Drive and that was fine I also purchased a replacement Motherboard for my Laptop which came with no Software leading me to purchase Microsoft Windows Pro I have had trouble downloading the Windows pro as it would turn off during download and refuse to actually go on and give me the proper download for a while After days of trying I finally realized I had to remove the CD once it was installed and Windows Pro was installed on my computer After a few downloads Skype Google Hangouts and Roblox Online game to be exact the motherboard fried out I recently got a Motherboard on ebay from China and now I am trying a USA seller instead Is Windows Pro frying my Laptop I know I cannot download devices from Dell any longer but I would at least like it to work Can I get the Windows back for free Can I call Microsoft and Verify my Old Motherboard s Information for a new installation I have my old items still and serial Number I just no longer have a Warranty due to the time expiration Should I upgrade the Memory and can my computer s Motherboard handle that Thanks for answering my questions any help would be appreciated

A:Fried Motherboard due to Windows 10

Windows 10 isn't frying anything.  What does "A nice size amount" of thermal paste mean?  Realize that most of it (particularly the silver stuff) is electrically conductive and as is the case with adhesive, more isn't better - you need only a very thin layer atop the heat slug (as long as the heatsink then firmly contacts the CPU you're done).
The two things that CAN fry a board are a bad battery or a bad AC adapter.  Those two things may be the root of the problem.  The operating system is not.
If the replacement board comes with the embedded product key, all you need is an OEM copy of Windows from Dell to reinstall WIndows 8.
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Hi I need some help I recently had a problem with my motherboard So I went and bought another one When I connected it the first time I started my computer the PSU fried Then I discovered my new mainboard was fried too I went to buy those things brand new I connect everything I install Windows everything looks fine then days later my computer freezes I restart and windows won t load it restarts before loading windows I tried installing a new version of vista at the very en of the installation I get this code error quot No disk xc quot I did this a couple of times Then I figured it must be mi hard drive so I try the same thing on another hard drive same thing I tested the RAM on another computer but it seems fine I don t have a spare computer to thest mi CPU I really need to know what can the problem be Please help I m desperate Hi I need some help I recently had a problem with my mother board So I went and bought another one When I connected it the first time I started my computer fried? Solved: motherboard CPU or the PSU fried Then I discovered my new mainboard was fried too I went to buy those things brand new I connect everything I install Windows everything looks fine then days later my computer freezes I restart and Solved: CPU or motherboard fried? windows won t load it restarts before loading windows I tried installing a new version of vista at the very Solved: CPU or motherboard fried? en of the installation I get this code error quot No disk xc quot I did this a couple of times Xp installation also fails Then I figured it must be mi hard drive so I try the same thing on another hard drive same thing I tested the RAM on another computer but it seems fine I don t have a spare computer to thest mi CPU I really need to know what can the problem be Please help I Solved: CPU or motherboard fried? m desperate Hi I need some help I recently had a problem with my mother board So I went and bought another one When I connected it the first time I started my computer the PSU fried Then I discovered my new mainboard was fried too I went to buy those things brand new I connect everything I install Windows everything looks fine then days later my computer freezes I restart and windows won t load it restarts after loading windows I tried installing a new version of vista at the very en of the installation I get this code error quot No disk xc quot I did this a couple of times Then I figured it must be mi hard drive so I try the same thing on another hard drive same thing I tested the RAM on another computer but it seems fine I don t have a spare computer to thest mi CPU I really need to know what can the problem be Please help I m desperate nbsp

A:Solved: CPU or motherboard fried?

Do you have a card reader or USB drive, or printer with a USB card reader built in connected to the computer while installing Windows? If so I'd disconnect any card reader or USB device, delete all partitions off the drive and do a new install.
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Hello I unplugged my computer on mistake while it was on and now when I power on my computer everything seems to work but my Monitor does not get a signal I have old one I motherboard, now new install a to Fried need a feeling it is my motherboard because this happend to one of my motherboards a few years ago and I read online and Fried old motherboard, now I need to install a new one people have had the same problem as me My real question is that what is the easiest way of installing a new motherboard I really dont want to have to reinstall wondows xp I just want to put the new mobo in and power it on and just do some easy steps to have it work I have read a little about XP Repair or something like that So can somone tell me step by step what I have to do to make this happen easiest for me Thank you Also I know that I need a mobo with pin for my CPU and AGP slot for my vid card but I read something about XP OEM or something can you tell me if I need to be looking out for something to make this an easy swap

A:Fried old motherboard, now I need to install a new one

Have you tried clearing cmos? What kind of pc is it, custom built, psu,
case, store bought dell,hp,gateway? System specs please. I would not
give up so easy. Do a little testing may be able to revive the beast.
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Since my pc wouldn t POST and according to the many sites I found on the internet I came to the conclusion that my motherboard was fried But I wasn t sure so I took it to GeekSquad I became desperate They opened it up and tried a different psu and came to the conclusion that the motherboard was fried Just GREAT sarcasm I think I might ve fried the motherboard when I was installing it motherboard... Awesome... my fried just I in the new case because I didn t ground myself stupid mistake So now I need to buy a new motherboard and take it to GeekSquad and have them install it for me that is how Awesome... I just fried my motherboard... much they wanted just for the installation Here are my specs Intel P Processor J with HT GHz MB L Cache Front Side Bus Speed MHz Chipset Intel G GB PC- MHz DDR MB x GB rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive ATI Radeon X MB Video Memory Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Which motherboard do you recommend My current chipset is a g does that mean I have to buy a new motherboard that is also a g The guy at GeekSquad said I might also need to reformat the hard drive to guarentee that it works Why would I need to do that nbsp

A:Awesome... I just fried my motherboard...

azndude said:

Since my pc wouldn't POST and according to the many sites I found on the internet. I came to the conclusion that my motherboard was fried. But, I wasn't sure, so I took it to GeekSquad (I became desperate). They opened it up and tried a different psu and came to the conclusion that the motherboard was fried. Just GREAT! [sarcasm] I think I might've fried the motherboard when I was installing it in the new case because I didn't ground myself (stupid mistake). So now, I need to buy a new motherboard and take it to GeekSquad and have them install it for me. $130, that is how much they wanted just for the installation.

Here are my specs:
* Intel P4 Processor 560J with HT (3.60GHz1, 1MB L2 Cache)
* Front Side Bus Speed: 800MHz
* Chipset: Intel® 915G
* 1GB PC-3200 400MHz DDR (512MB x 2)
* 250GB2 7200rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive
* ATI Radeon® X300 (128MB Video Memory)
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005

Which motherboard do you recommend. My current chipset is a 915g, does that mean I have to buy a new motherboard that is also a 915g?

The guy at GeekSquad said I might also need to reformat the hard drive to guarentee that it works. Why would I need to do that?Click to expand...

Is this an OEM PC (if so list make and model) or did you build it yourself?

You don't necessarily need a 915g, but a 915g will save you from haveing to reformat and reinstall XP.
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This message motherboard Dell fried? E520 a close parallel to a previous topic Drive Bay Power Supply w Dell Dell E520 motherboard fried? mobo My E came with a LE video card The Dell website suggested the EVGA GT gb video card as an upgrade It didn t work - result PSU fan noise and blank Dell E520 motherboard fried? screen Figuring that EVGA was serious about the minimum watt PSU I installed a watt Cooler Master The install went well Fan noise dropped dramatically until I added the the Dell E520 motherboard fried? GT - then I got the same result as before PSU fan noise and blank screen Finally I called EVGA The tech rep had me searching for the four-pin power connector on the motherboard Due to a miscommunication I plugged a pin PSU connector into an empty socket on the mobo which turned out to be the connector for an optional media card reader Power was applied Now the quot flea power quot indicator on the motherboard responds with a yellow light when power is applied That yellow light is now the only thing my E will do in response to power It doesn t post There is no initial whir of the PSU fan - nothing - except the little yellow light I ve gone through the process of removing expansion cards hard drives memory etc I swapped out the CMOS battery and tried using the original PSU Still nothing but the yellow light Lesson don t mess with electricity while on the phone From what I ve read on this site the aforementioned Drive Bay Power Supply w Dell mobo due to the new PSU itself without me plugging connectors where they shouldn t go could kill both the mobo and the PSU So here are the questions Is there any reason to believe that my mobo might not be fried If I get the mobo repaired is it true that I need to use the original PSU Is it possible to replace the mobo with a non-Dell mobo processor combo with a view to upgrade speed and memory capacity I am not a gamer I just wanted the better video card for graphics work CAD etc Memory gb is DDR -bit Vista Desired -bit OS with higher memory limits nbsp

A:Dell E520 motherboard fried?

There is every reason to believe your motherboard might be fried.
But to know for sure, you need to remove everything from the board, then do a basic reinstall...
This is to make sure you haven't missed something.]
I would test with the old setup, original hard drive, original power supply.. and keep all the new stuff off it for now.
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hey guys i just got a new MOBO cpu combo pretty happy bout it installed of fried new eyes infront my motherboard in no time booted the thing up and infront of my eyes one of the circuits on it literaly cought on fire for like secs the thing i saw the flames on it now guys i was grounding my self and all the mobo still gets power too it and still turns the new motherboard fried infront of my eyes fan on new motherboard fried infront of my eyes the cd rom all is functional is just that it will not post L and there is a black mark in the mobo where it cought on fire hahahaah i never seen that before the worst thing is that is all operational but its wierd now the question is do you think when the store sees that they will give me a refund or exchange i never had to return a part before damnn this sucks even though it was like dollars i mean still was it something i did or it was just that was a dudd hahaha lol nbsp

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Please help me. My motherboard fried, are my components gonna be alright? (cpu,ram,disk drives, hdd,etc) I will be more than happy to provide more info, im gonna be getting a new motherboard soon to, i just want to make sure my components will be alright. Thanks you guys Sorry for typos im real nervous about this

A:Motherboard Fried(scared for pc parts)

SuckyGamer said:

Please help me. My motherboard fried, are my components gonna be alright? (cpu,ram,disk drives, hdd,etc) I will be more than happy to provide more info, im gonna be getting a new motherboard soon to, i just want to make sure my components will be alright. Thanks you guys Sorry for typos im real nervous about thisClick to expand...

also is it possible that my mobo didnt fry and could it be my p.s.u?
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My PC motherboard got fried during a blackout in my area , I have LOTS of music, pictures & important personal documents on the hard drive I need. Is there a way for me to get all these files from the hard drive without going to a computer repair shop? It's an HP Pavilion a250 with Windows XP SP3. I tried finding a used desktop at second hand stores to but my hard drive into to get the files but haven't had any luck finding one. Would this work if I do happen to find one in a second hand store?
Thanks for taking time to read this, any help or suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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Alright this may be long I m running a system that I built about months ago and it has been working fairly well Soyo Socket A SY-K VTA Motherboard AMD Athlon Thunderbird mhz processor Antec Case w Power supply motherboard.. hard CPU and/or diagnose Fried to I don t believe the other parts of the computer are important because they seem to working well Recently I began to have trouble with my computer locking up and I noticed it was running at a slightly Fried CPU and/or motherboard.. hard to diagnose higher temperature than usual At this point I had a generic CPU fan Coolermaster don t know the exact power and no case cooling fans So I bought a new Antec Jet Cool CPU fan and a new Cooling fan for the case In the process of removing the old fan the screwdriver being used to remove the old fan slipped and just barely dinged the motherboard Probably not enough to break anything no visible marks When we finally got everything installed and plugged in we powered on the computer It started up Fried CPU and/or motherboard.. hard to diagnose all the fans etc and after about five seconds it powered on the hard drives Fried CPU and/or motherboard.. hard to diagnose It then immediately shut down I don t know whether or not it had completed POST because the speaker on my case doesn t work so I hear no beeps no matter what THe monitor never comes out of suspend mode during this time The first thing I did was to unplug all the fans and see if I had fried the power supply Still the same problem I tried everything I tested other power supplies and they did the same thing So it s not the power supply I ve removed all cards plugged in to the motherboard and unplugged all accessories hard drives cd-rom etc Still the same problem So I tried taking out the CPU Once I took out the CPU the computer stayed on after being started up So this is all I can think of A Fried CPU - either the cpu is smart enough to shut down the computer when its plugged in or the motherboard is smart enough to shut down the computer when it detects that the CPU is fried B Fried Motherboard - that would mean that the CPU is smart enough to recognize that the motherboard is fried and would shut down the computer Anyone have any ideas thanks a ton -matt Oh yah also I tried removing each stick of RAM individually with no results So I removed all of them nbsp

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I was given a computer the other day and the woman who gave it to me told me that it would power up but that it would not do anything else no video no beeps etc She said it had been hit by lightning which she suspects is the cause of the problem So I take it down to my workshop and start working on it I turn it on and as she said it powers up but there is no video on the monitor no beeps nothing I also noticed that the CPU fan is not spinning so I quickly shut the system off This is a P socket motehrboard by the way So I take both of the power connectors off Computer fried? not working....motherboard the board look them over and reattach them I turn the computer back on and much to my surprise it boots I was able to get into Windows and everything However I shut it back down and have not since been able to get it to boot again I want to beleive that the motherboard is bad but Computer not working....motherboard fried? I want to be certain that it is before Computer not working....motherboard fried? I replace it So does it sound like the mother board is bad Or perhaps something else is wrong It would Computer not working....motherboard fried? be great if I could avoid having to replace anything and since I was able to get it to boot once I m optimistic that I may be able to Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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i was wondering if my motherboard might still be good. i changed the battery and when i put the new one in, the computer would not work after that. i was just wondering if i tried to flash the bios that would work. or do you think it fried the motherboard when i put the new battery???? thanks for any help

A:battery exchange fried motherboard

try your computer with no battery at all. (just ac adapter). It should work.......if not you may have damaged the system
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A while ago (about 7 months now) the motherboard in my desktop computer went bad and I haven't had the money to replace it. I haven't particularly needed anything off of the Hard Drive until now. I went on Amazon and bought a SATA to USB kit so that I would be able to do it. I got everything hooked up and the drive powered up and I plugged it into my laptop. When I did this, it failed to install drivers for it and would flash the drives in Explorer for a second and then they went out and it said that I needed to format each one before use. I can't really do this because I need the information on them. Even when I click to format them, it can't bring it up (Says that Windows cannot access the drive and it is not connected properly). Help please! I could really use those files.

A:Motherboard fried, need files off of HDD. (SATA to USB)

When you connect the hard drive to the USB adapter, can you hear the hard drive spin up? Lightly put your finger on the drive - can you feel it moving? The adapters are pretty much plug and play. But there's always the chance the drive you're trying to access has died.

Right click on My Computer and select Manage. Scroll down to Disk Management under Storage. Do you see your USB drive listed there?

As a test, try your adapter setup on another computer or with another hard drive - just to make sure the connections are all working.
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My brother wanted to try his PS optical mouse on my PC to see if it was quot bad quot since it was skipping on his PC and a regular ball mouse was not skipping on his PC So I unplugged my USB Christmas A - Fried Not Merry Motherboard? mouse and restared the PC on the first restart the mouse wasnt being read so we restart and the computer detects the mouse Please see the HISTORY portion of this post below for why the mouse didnt read on first try so he is moving the mouse and then see s it skipping freezing on my screen like his Then ALL OF A SUDDEN Not A Merry Christmas - Fried Motherboard? my computer turns off I try to reboot the machine but it will not turn on The power good light on my Motherboard is lit up and green but the PC just wont turn on So I switch Powersupplys I plug the new one all up and hit the I O switch on the back of the new powersupply and the PC turns somewhat on with the Processor fan running BUT I am unable to turn the PC off with the front on off button so I must turn the PC off by the I O on the Powersupply I then plug in the monitor and turn on the PC and see no video and the CD Drives do not iopen up I test the old powersupply on another computer and it works on that one So I am thinking that my Motherboard got fried from using a PS mouse on it OR could their be another reason HISTORY OF MY PC I first got my motherboard an ASUS P R Deluxe in August Everything worked fine on it Then in February PS mouses would not be reconized on boot up of the machine always causing me to restart the PC sometimes several times for it to finally read the mouses movements Then I got a USB mouse and the computer would always reconize those movements So now it is December th and the Motherboard for what Im thinking just died for no reason but having troubles with PS mouses Please give me your input This just sucks because I got Not A Merry Christmas - Fried Motherboard? a new AGP video card in the Summer and now my AGP motherboard breaks and I could have saved on getting new PCI-E nbsp

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This is a long one I apologize but I m trying to Computer Boot! Won't Motherboard fried? give as much detail as possible and I hope someone can follow I think either my motherboard or power supply is toast A few weeks ago my computer started shutting off randomly while playing games Then it started getting progressively worse and turning off at any time sometimes immediately after booting sometimes several minutes after boot Sometimes it wouldn t even get past BIOS Computer Won't Boot! Motherboard fried? before crashing I suspected it was my ATI Radeon X XL graphics card because the Computer Won't Boot! Motherboard fried? ATI graphic utility program would pop up with an error before the computer crashed sometimes So I reinstalled the drivers and that didn t fix the problem I even reformatted the computer and then reinstalled the drivers and that didn t fix the problem So I picked up a NVidia GeForce GT OC graphics card The computer was better with the new card but still shut off randomly A couple days after getting the new graphics card Computer Won't Boot! Motherboard fried? my computer finally shut off and wouldn t turn back on at all I would hit the power button on the front of the computer and the little power light would come on but nothing else would happen The power supply fan wouldn t even kick on so I figured it was my power supply This made sense too because I still had the stock watt crap-o power supply that came with the Gateway computer and I discovered the ATI Radeon X called for at least W I bought a new Cooler Master W power supply After I installed that the computer booted normally and performed problem-free with the new Nvidia card in it for a couple weeks However it still did the same thing where it wouldn t even boot into BIOS with the ATI card I assumed that the previous power supply being insufficient had toasted my ATI card I sent it off to ATI for repair replacement I just got the ATI card back from service today I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers put the ATI card back into the computer and again it wouldn t boot The power supply fan doesn t even turn on Assuming they just failed to fix the card I put the Nvidia card back in and the computer is doing the same thing The computer also won t boot from the onboard graphics card with neither card in I don t know where to go from here It seems like it could be the power supply considering last time it did this I had to replace it but at the same time I don t see how it could be the power supply because it s brand-new and why would putting the ATI card back in suddenly make it fail If it s not the power supply then I d guess it to be the motherboard I don t know where to go from here Any help is greatly appreciated -Capnbob nbsp

A:Computer Won't Boot! Motherboard fried?

Capnbob said:

I don’t know where to go from here. Click to expand...

You go to the beginning. If you don't have a power supply tester, take the tower into a shop and have the power supply tested, it only takes about 10 minutes.

Because it's only a few weeks old really doesn't mean much. I've seen power supply's defective out of the box brand new. Power supply's may last an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or several years.

IF the unit you purchased was a COOLER MASTER eXtreme RP-500-PCAR ATX from factor 12V V2.01 this is a very low end power supply. IF this is the unit you have, and it tests bad look for a better quality unit.

Good quality power supply's to consider are PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, Zippy, Silverstone, Antec, Seasonic, Enermax, Thermaltake.
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Hi all- I m having a series of strange problems with my PC and I m at my wit s end so I thought I d post here My specs Gigabyte GA-MA GM-S H Motherboard AMD Phenom GB GSkill DDR PC GeForce GT Antec watt power supply Sony DVD RW Windows Vista The system ran well for about months and problems? CPU? and/or Electrical motherboard Fried then restarted during a Windows Update and would not boot After turning the machine off and restarting I got power to the motherboard fans spinning but it would not post or beep I returned the board to Gigabyte and they sent me an RMA replacement I installed the board yesterday and the system worked fine for several hours I was playing a game last night and after about minutes the machine shut off It will not turn back on and this time when I turn on the power it stays on for about seconds and turns off I tested the power supply and it works fine with other systems I ve also tried a new power supply with no luck I have removed everything but the CPU and it still won t power up I ve also tried booting the board while out of the case to eliminate the possibility of a short Could this be a bad processor or am I really unlucky enough to get two bad boards I m more likely to think Fried motherboard and/or CPU? Electrical problems? that something else is shorting out my system Thanks Brian nbsp

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So, my intel d875 got fried

I have found a few AGP slotted mobos and this one is what I may be going with

My question is will my new card provide the same features as the old and therefore be compatible? I checked to the best of my ability but need to be sure before I pull the trigger.

Thanks for the help

A:Motherboard fried, is this board compatible?


Well, no. The product addresses I followed show the Intel board is socket 478, while the Asrock is an LGA775. So. best guess is it will take your video card, but you'd have to spring for a processor.
You could also consider Matx size boards as they usually fit into Atx cases.
I don't know if it's worth it to directly replace your 875 board, but I do understand limited finances. The ASRock board does accept 184 pin DDR and AGP graphics, the only addition would be a new CPU. With another board you might have to buy 4 things, (CPU, board, RAM, and Video Card).
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My computer would not start up all of a sudden. The power light comes on but no sound is heard. I decided to replace the power supply but it does not seem to be any better, I pulled the battery and tessted it also, it seems OK.

I have pulled all connections and cards to reseat them.

I changed exchanged the IDE cables

The weird thing is this, if I leave one of the drives IDE connection unplugged, it will power up. What does that mean?

Regardless there is no POST or Beeps.

If a Power supply burns out can it damage the mother board?

Any Idea's???

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For people who are on TS because of a MOBO or processor problem I would recommend reading this guide Step Find computer temperature First you will need to find your computer temperature by placing a thermometer inside the case with the caseopen Record the temperature believe to MOBO(motherboard) if processor is your fried What or you do of the MOBO and processor Step Replace the powersupply Even if you believe your MOBO or processor is fried you may want to try replacing the powersupply psu Go What to do if you believe your MOBO(motherboard) or processor is fried to your computer manufacturers website or call them at a tech support hotline and ask them what kind of PSU can be used as a replacment If this works it so happened that it was your PSU not your MOBO or processor If replacing the PSU didn t work If your computer is still in warranty call your computer manufacturer tech support hotline and have them determine the problem They usually know the answer but if their suggestion doesn t work take it to where you bought your computer if its What to do if you believe your MOBO(motherboard) or processor is fried still under warranty They sometimes replace your MOBO or processor whichever is defective If you get POST beeps What to do if you believe your MOBO(motherboard) or processor is fried Ususally the POST beeps mean there is something wrong with your PSU MOBO or Processor The absolute first thing your going to want to do is make sure your processor fan can spin freely If it cannot go to a local circuit city best buy or wherever you bought your computer in the first place They may need to replace the processor if necessary or the processor fan If it is NOT under warranty it will usually come with a price You re probably going to need to save up to to have everything replaced or repaired This concludes my guide and if anyone has a problem especially computer illiterates and newcomers I strongly recommend reading this guide Best regards sw P S There is a guide to the POST beeps this page is accessed HERE nbsp

A:What to do if you believe your MOBO(motherboard) or processor is fried

Many motherboards (MSI does) posts CPU and motherboard Temperatures in BIOS (assuming you can get a POST)
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Good day While playing my pc suddenly goes off the other day Then when I tried to start it again there were no beep post nor video So I thought it was probably due to heat so I tried to dust my pc reseat the heatsink and memory Then I was able to make it boot again but suddenly goes off again And it will now only boot up after I let it rest for a while I was successful to boot it up another time and did some prime I think I was able to components Motherboard fried, safe? other do some min - hr test on each of the tests and all displayed no error Then I tried to restart it so that I can do a memtest but it won t boot again no matter what I do I also tried to clear cmos by removing the battery and by shorting the clear cmos pins Also tried to assemble the components outside of the case laying in a cardboard sheet Still no beeps or post After reading a couple dozens of thread with the same symptoms I believed the culprit was either the motherboard or the PSU I went to my friends house to try his PSU on my motherboard and there were no post nor beep same as before I tried my PSU Motherboard fried, other components safe? on his PC and it worked like a charm So the motherboard was the culprit Now my problem is what made my motherboard defective These are some of the things that could ve caused it or signs of the impending problem I overclocked my APU s graphics part from mhz to mhz with no increase in volts Maybe defective PSU I opened it up and found like a coffee stains on its circuits It started a couple of months ago I always felt some electricity when I touch my case some threads points it to faulty psu My monitor is on VGA but everynow and then I use our HDTV on HDMI and sometimes it reports no signal for a to second There was a lightning storm the night before it broke and me and my friends played Motherboard fried, other components safe? NBA k all night long I m also suspecting faulty electric wiring because our house is really old I think - years old I have no problem buying a new motherboard but can I rule out all the other components especially PSU Thanks in advance Procie AMD A - k Mobo Gigabyte F A M-D H Ram G skill Ripjaws X x GB mhz PSU Aerocool Strike-x w nbsp

A:Motherboard fried, other components safe?

The only thing to do is to use the old parts and keep your fingers crossed
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I have a motherboard that may have been accidentally fried by a well-meaning salesman who was trying to help me with a new used custom built computer that wouldn t boot up in my opinion he s protected so by if a fried at motherboard Can a techician determine is looking it? to speak by good Samaritan rules I ve told him I m not holding him responsible even if it s been fried I was present when this possible frying took place because a four terminal plug located near the CPU was not Can a techician determine if a motherboard is fried by looking at it? plugged in when Can a techician determine if a motherboard is fried by looking at it? a power on was attempted but I don t recall any ruckus sights sounds or smells to indicate an electronic event like quot frying quot but I m not a tech so I don t know if frying can happen silently or not My question is before I go running off to a Can a techician determine if a motherboard is fried by looking at it? - hr technician repairman can someone with technical knowledge tell me whether a fried board can be detected just by looking at it or does the technician have to have special testing equipment to find out Note My board is currently uninstalled and detached from the case it came in nbsp

A:Can a techician determine if a motherboard is fried by looking at it?
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My mates PC is acting up One night he went out and left it copying a DVD naughty I know when he got home the PC had crashed and came up with the usual quot windows did not shut down properly quot screen So he chose to quot start windows normally quot and it looked like it was working but when it was on the windows logo screen happenings, ideas? got it any anyone Strange fried? motherboard is it just reset So he tried quot start windows in safe mode quot it started booting up again got to the windows logo screen and reset itself you see the pattern I thought maybe when it crashed it had kanckered the ntfs sys file or some other important file so we decided to re-install windows When i tried to re-install windows it let me format the hard drive as NTFS I at there for half an hour while it formatted and then it came up with an error saying drive could not be formatted drive C is corrupt So my mate went out and bought a brand new hard drive and tried to set up Strange motherboard happenings, is it fried? anyone got any ideas? windows on that and the same thing happened again Now I know neither hard drive is corrupt because I put them both in my PC and I can install windows on them no problem at all but when i put the HD Strange motherboard happenings, is it fried? anyone got any ideas? back in his Strange motherboard happenings, is it fried? anyone got any ideas? PC it gets to the windows logo screen and then reboots and reboots and reboots Now I reckon there might have been a power surge spike whatever and it s fried his motherboard or at least the IDE controllers although I can boot off CD but not off floppy if I try boot off floppy it says its not a boot disk but I know its a boot disk because i tested it on my machine first and it boots The motherboard is an Asus A V -MX prcessior is an AMD or it s got MB of RAM and now it has GB hard drives that it reckons are knackered Anyone got any idea what it might be or am I right is the motherboard IDE controller fried Ic an t find anyone else thats ever had a problem like this and I ve never seen anything like it I ve tried everything I can think of to fix this if anyone has any insight into the problem it would be most helpful Cheers John nbsp

A:Strange motherboard happenings, is it fried? anyone got any ideas?

disconnect all drives/cards except the hard drive and a known good drive to boot from. then try booting. if it fails to find even one drive in the bios or something then you should suspect the system board.
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I recently tried to record some sound off my computer onto my Fostex I already fried two channels of the Fostex way back just by trying to dodgy fried sound a cable? Have my I with motherboard get an audio signal into it and plugging it in while everything was switched on d oh but the computer itself was fine with it This time I fried a third channel of my Fostex I plugged everything in in advance Have I fried my motherboard with a dodgy sound cable? from the line out to the line ins of the Fostex and fried the right channel of the Fostex Mad with myself for losing yet another channel I very carefully plugged in a new channel and no sound was coming through except a rumble crackle I plugged headphones into the computer and still hear just the rumble Headphones still work with any other device Same with speakers - rumble rumble Device manager says the sound card is working fine I pulled out the card and rebooted trying to use the audio out that comes with the basic setup a green jack on the back of the computer that comes stright off the motherboard and get exactly the same rumble So I put the sound card back in another PCI slot and after windows successfully instals it still the same rumble No more sound at all except the rumble Have I fried something more important than the sound card itself Is that possible I am now pretty sure the cable was dodgy and possibly the two poles got crossed at some point in the wiggling of the cable Aaron nbsp
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FYI guys nbsp I bought a Y p in the beginning of I Motherboard Y510p Normal Year Below Use 1 Fried am a university student that does ocassional gaming not a heavy gamer Bought the laptop for college Y510p Fried Motherboard Normal Use Below 1 Year use and gaming on the side I know the warranty is only year and this is not why I am writting this complaint nbsp The laptop is used normally never dropped never abused I like every aspect of the laptop but not the trackpad just under I am not going to complain In fact I still like it but it's sitting dead atm nbsp Room Temperature - CLaptop Cooler Coolermaster CM Storm SF- USB nbsp st Problem Fried MotherboardI was Skyping with my gf and like any other laptops I shut the lid so it goes to standby mode I was going to go out for that night Got home and opened the lid only the power LED light was on and no fan noise nothing Tried every method Lenovo customer service told me over the phone power discharge etc This happened just under a year I remembered I shipped it to Lenovo just a month before my warrranty expired Just like any other warranty method they will try to fix if they can before swapping the motherboard At this point I was happy my Y p got fixed nbsp nd Problem Fried MotherboardNot long after the fix which was only re-soldering the chipset which was written in the st repair invoice from Lenovo my laptop motherboard got fried again Again I was doing some word processing and closed the lid to grab food when I came and opened the lid only the power LED light was on no fan noise nothing and at this point I was enraged Obviously I was about months past my warranty period so they won't fix this again nbsp My complaint If the st fix was a temporary fix and they know sooner or later my motherboard would fried again why did they not replace my motherboard In my case this is definitely a motherboard defect how can a laptop used normally never dropped never abused in just under a year fried it self Maybe I just got a bad product in the batch but I highly douby their QA is this bad nbsp Please reply if you need further details or have similar problem

A:Y510p Fried Motherboard Normal Use Below 1 Year

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of your problems.  From what you have described it is difficult to say that the 1st repair was only a "temporary fix" without knowing the cause of the 2nd failure.  The 1st repair may have been done properly and the reason for the 2nd failure could be something entirely different. Until you have it looked at you won't know.   Since you are at a university, check with the school's IT department and see if they will look at your laptop.  They maybe able to fix it for little or nothing. 
In retrospect, had I been in your situation, I probably would have extended the warranty after the first repair since the laptop's original warranty was nearing expiration.  The extra warranty period would have at least given a peace of mind that the repair was good and there were no other problems.
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hi im a newb i have a win with a p all that i really know about it I purchased a geforce mx and went mx4000 fried geforce nvidia motherboard? my to install it thought this would help with the error i was receiving while trying to play the sims Anyhow I went to power on and nothing no fan no lights completely dead So I took it out and put back my old card geforce Went to power on again nothing So my next move was trying to install the mx on my other machine win p i believe Same problem my first inital thought was the power supply tried swapping them that did not result in any progress I also called Nvidia and the only advise they gave me was to take out the button cell battery and put it back in after a minute worthless So I took both machines to my parents they are pretty tech savvy They are letting me use their nvidia geforce mx4000 fried my motherboard? xp machine while I get this whole mess figured out I returned toe mx for a refund too frustrated to even risk trying to put it in the xp machine and fry it as well So basically my question what happened and why Is it safe to try another mx in the xp machine Thanx for any help nbsp

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Hey everyone This is my parents' computer and the other day they had a power Fried Geek Says Squad Screen Frozen- HP Desktop Motherboard? Startup outage and now the computer won't get past the blue HP startup screen that looks like this Here are the specs on the desktop Model HP Pavillion p HP Desktop Startup Screen Frozen- Geek Squad Says Fried Motherboard? y CPU GHz AMD Athlon II X Memory GB MHz DDR SDRAM Graphics MB shared NVIDIA GeForce integrated graphics chip Hard drives GB rpm Motherboard M N -LA violet My dad brought it to Best Buy and they told him that the motherboard was fried and it's most likely due to the fact that my parents keep it on all the time They said they could backup everything on the hard drive for which I thought was way too expensive so does anybody know how they would be able to do this exactly Would I just need an external hard drive to do this myself and back everything up by going into recovery mode Now when I try and turn the computer on it goes to the HP startup screen and then after a second it goes to this screen I've looked up this message and seen threads on fixing it but I'm not entirely sure what to do and I don't want to mess anything up I work well with computers so if this HP Desktop Startup Screen Frozen- Geek Squad Says Fried Motherboard? is something that is fairly easy to fix i'd much rather do it myself than have my parents buy a new desktop If anyone has a solution for me i'd greatly appreciate it -Thanks

A:HP Desktop Startup Screen Frozen- Geek Squad Says Fried Motherboard?

Hi Por2geezguy,

The HP screen gives you a few options
Setup - Bios settings. HP bios doesn't give you much control though
Boot menu - what device to boot from
System Recovery - MS recovery , HP recovery
Diagnostics - probably HP diags
Have you tried the diagnostics? Were there any instructions/reports?
Setup probably won't help too much.
Boot menu does you no good unless you have a boot disk or thumb drive.
System Recovery might be your last choice - try a few other things before that. Other members might give you some ideas too.

As far as the $100 - you're right, that's a lot of money. But they do spend time doing it, and thy have the equipment to do it. Soooo.....

I bought a case for my laptop's drive when it died. Cost $15 at Office Max - good deal, now I use it as an external USB drive. So you could back up the drive if you have another machine and space. It's a good idea to do that anyway.

The Reboot-and-Select screen could be your drive or your bios. If bios gets confused, it doesn't know how to read your drive. If bios is fine, then there's something amiss on your drive. It doesn't mean all is lost, there are means to recover data. But that's another topic.

If you can recover the machine -last resort-, you might have to wipe the drive and do a factory restore. I'm not sure how far you'll get - if it's the mother board, it's replace that or get a new machine. Soooo, get either a USB cable or external case for your drive and try to back it up. Searched "SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB":
Google results
Amazon results
Thanks, I've been meaning to look for one for some of my older drives and this one might be what I need - it's a pretty good price.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, but there's very little to work on. I'd try some simple things after you back up your drive. See if you can get into safe mode, or boot from another disk/flash drive. If you can, then you might have a disk problem, but you;ll know that when you try to back it up.

Good luck
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Ok, so recently I bought an EVGA 9400 GT vid card, and with some research found out that my Dimension E310 Mobo is crap. In the BIOS I can't directly select which card to use. Also when I set it on auto detect the EVGA freezes and gives me errors and a whole bunch of crap. Anyways, I need to replace my motherboard but I am not sure what to get.

Compatibility Needs:

Pentium 4 Processor
DDR2 800MH Ram

The only real question I need answered is that say I find a mobo on newegg that says it supports DDR2 1200 memory standard. Will it support my 4GB of DDR2 MH800?

A:Need Replacement Motherboard

Hockeydude said:

The only real question I need answered is that say I find a mobo on newegg that says it supports DDR2 1200 memory standard. Will it support my 4GB of DDR2 MH800?Click to expand...

For your only real question, DDR2 800 Should work on mobos supporting DDR2 1200. As for whether it supports 4GB or not the specifications page of the product you choose should answer the question.
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I have an Hp Pavilion laptop whose warranty period has expired.Few days ago,it got shut down and never started again.At the service centre,I learnt that the motherboard of the laptop is faulty and needs replacement.Can I get my motherboard replaced?If yes,then what could be the costs involved to get a new motherboard if my PC has an Intel i5 4th generation processor?Will HP company replace the part at the authorized service centre?

A:HP motherboard replacement

Yes HP will do paid out of warranty service but it is very expensive. Your best bet is to procure the motherboard and either do it yourself, which I understand most people do not want to do or take it to a local independent service shop. Expect the whole thing to cost perhaps $200-300. HP would charge at the top end if that range or perhaps slightly more. I do not speck for them however so you should call. They will quote you a price for motherboard replacement. If you want to try self-help post back and we can locate you a motherboard but we will also need to know the country you live in,
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I have Windows XP and the Motherboard is described as Eveshamvale - no other model number or info given I am getting an intermittent dual tone beep and I think this is caused by the fan failing to run full Motherboard Replacement Fan speed Motherboard Fan Replacement Is this a correct assumption first of all Do the beeps appear when perhaps the temperature rises because of the slowing down on the fan blades I have undone the four screws that keep the fan blades attached to the rest of the fan housing and have oiled it sparingly Although the beep will often go away for hours at a time they do return I am not conversant with motherboards at all although I have installed DVD Drives etc How difficult is it to replace the fan with a new one and how would I go about getting one My system is getting on in age years old but I want to keep it going until next year if poss when Windows will have been out for some time Any advice would be greatly appreciated you tech guys Wen nbsp

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Where can I buy a replacement Joshua H61 motherboard and I7 cpu. The board was manufactured by Foxcomm

A:Replacement motherboard and cpu

Hi, The Joshua H61 that is supplied in HP PCs is an OEM model made to HP's specifications. You can try the HP Parts Store or Ebay for the exact motherboard. Even if you buy the exact motherboard, I would suggest that you that it to an authorized HP repair shop and have the motherboard prep'd. This is a list of the HP approved processors for the Joshua motherboard. The UEFI BIOS for the Joshua can be found here.
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Hi all,
I am having to replace the motherboard on an old HP M8417c AMD Athlon 64 x3 Asus M2N68-LA GLE Narra3 motherboard which died without warning. I am replacing with the same motherboard as original, unfortunately. Will I have to reinstall windows? I did not get a disc with system only on hard drive. Running Vista 64 home premium. I do have backup disc on secondary drive but am hoping I don't have to use it, not real sure how reliable software used to backup is and hoping not to have to find out. Thanks for the help.

A:Motherboard Replacement

If the motherboard is the same, then it shouldn't require a reinstall, or re-activation, although a change in MAC address can trigger the latter anyhow