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I have an Everex laptop. Sometimes when I am typing the keyboard moves single letters around sometimes splits words. It happens quiute a lot. I was wondering if anyone knew why this is happening.

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Preferred Solution: Laptop Keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop Keyboard

Sure your not touching the touchpad? (which is the same as left clicking with the mouse button on a lot of laptops).
If not, you need to give more examples!
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So I plugged a mac keyboard into my pc laptop and now ....

Some of the keys in my laptop keyboard work and some end up typing something completely different than what they are.

Anyone know how to fix this? I googled for a solution and couldn't find any results

A:Solved: Plugged a keyboard into my laptop. Now my laptop keyboard doesn't work
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Hi all. I have already posted this once here. The topic had quite a few views and not a single reply. I'm giving this another try, as the problem persists and is not getting any better.

The keyboard on my Aurora m9700 is having some strange issues. I cannot figure if it is software or hardware related, either. At random intervals, the keyboard will cease function. But when I go into standby, then come out of standby the problem seems to be magically fixed! In fact, the problem just happened right after I finished typing the last sentence. I checked event manager, nothing changed. I had to go into standby and come out of it...

So please, is there anyone on here that can help me out? I have reformatted the computer since this started happening and nothing has changed, so I do not know what could possibly be causing this!

A:Weird keyboard laptop issue. Keyboard randomly stops functioning until I standby.

Just going to keep bumping this until I get a reply, or bet banned. Every thread has some form of reply...maybe I smell or something?
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I am using windows 8.1.
1. Go to Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Tab HardwareIn list Devices is null.
2. Go to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Tab Hardware
In list Devices is null.
How to fix this error.
Thank you!
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Hey guys!

I recently got a Casio keyboard, with a new MIDI cable.

I'm a music artist and I'm totally new with this 'keyboard-to-computer-via-MIDI' stuff.

I don't know how to connect my Casio Keyboard to my computer with a MIDI cable. I've mostly been using Mixcraft's music library, but I want to start something new with my new keyboard.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can connect my keyboard to my laptop via MIDI?

I've looked at other forum posts and contacted a few music artists..........they had nothing.

Please help!

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Hi, I do a lot of typing at night time and the click of my keyoard's keys can be quite noticeable when there is pure silence. I have a Logitech K520 which isn't so loud but I would really love a keyboard that has the same type of keys as my Samsung laptop which are practically silent. Most laptops I've tried have similar keyboards in that the key doesn't travel far at all and there is no 'clicky' sounds either.

I have no idea what I would search for as I don't know what the style of keyboard is called. There are various names on the market, 'soft touch', 'quiet touch', 'low profile' etc etc but nothing that specifically identifies a laptop style.

I would just like a wireless laptop keyboard basically, even if it's the same size as a laptop keyboard but preferrably full sized.

Thanks very much for any advice

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Hey I am pretty desperate usb does fine not keyboard but keyboard works work with laptop now as I recently got a new Lenovo z laptop keyboard does not work but works fine with usb keyboard ideapad laptop which i think its months old only All of the sudden one day the shift laptop keyboard does not work but works fine with usb keyboard key started to automatically been pressed down as if its like its being 'possessed' in simple terms and it happened at random times After much forums some say hold shift key down for secs or x amount of secs disable sticky keys filter keys bounce keys or even continue press shift keys continuously etc etc Did all those disabled sticky keys bounch keys filter keys and now whenever i on my comp the shift key will automatically be pressed down so i have to hold the shift key for like - secs to disable it than it works fine and no more occurence However a new problem occurs now certain keys on the laptop is not working like the right shift key when the right shift key is pressed down none of the letters are being capital or none of the symbols are showing BUT the left shift key does the job Than the left shift key could not caps the letter z t y m and a few more but it works prefectly fine with other keys Now i am pretty sure its not a keyboard malfunction because without pressing caps all the keys are fine but only these certain keys wont be caps when the left shift key is pressed So i decided to use an external keyboard and everything works out fine right shift key is working left shift key caps those letters which could not be caps on the laptop So what is the problem actually and how to solve it is it a keyboard driver or software problem or hardware problem Novice here Ps now i know you guys would say send in for warranty but I'm now in Australia and unfortunately i bought this machine in malaysia and my international waranty wont work cause my model is not sold in Australia yea bloody stupid for calling international warranty thanks and hope you guys could somehow help out

A:laptop keyboard does not work but works fine with usb keyboard

The fact that a USB keyboard works fine when your built in one doesn't, proves that it is the keyboard itself (or connectors) that is damaged/defective, otherwise, if it were a software problem, the external keyboard would do the same.
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I want keyboard laptop all-in-one I into trackpad my and want turn keyboard an and mouse to to remove the monitor basically gut it and turn the keyboard and trackpad of my laptop into a keyboard with built-in mouse for my desktop It s an old laptop that I was I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse thinking about throwing away anyway so I might as well turn it into something useful look at attachment I want be able to connect that to my desktop with USB and be able to use I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse it as both keyboard and mouse have both I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse the keyboard and trackpad work My desktop is right next to my bed so I sometimes swing the monitor around and put the keyboard and mouse on the bed But it s damn hard to use a mouse when you have bedsheets and blankets and other stuff that s soft as a surface Also I can t have any compatibility problems it needs to work with all systems in my house that I may want to connect it to Mac OS Windows XP Vista and Linux Ubuntu and Fedora nbsp

A:I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse

would anyone happen to know, and can give me a step-by-step?
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I had a problem with my laptop not Several laptop keyboard working keyboard - keys on problem not which is certain key on my keyboard is not functioning The weird is it happened without a reason because Several keys on laptop keyboard not working - not keyboard problem after I shutdown doing my work when I turn it on again I discovered my quot s quot quot d quot quot g quot quot h quot quot quot quot m quot quot left shift quot quot caps lock quot and quot quot key did not work at all I try taking the key off cleaning underneath but nothing seems to be working After that I try to use usb keyboard and it seems the key can be entered So I thought my hardware is the problem than I replace into the new one but still having the same problem I already waste my money buying new keyboard Does any one happen to know what sort of problem this is and how I would go about fixing it Is it related to the registry My laptop is Acer aspire G ram GB processor i GHz I hope someone can help me to solve this problem nbsp
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I have a Dell M Laptop that has New different function like keys laptop (: Help! keyboard has old keyboard? layout, served me quite well for several years I just replaced the keyboard the other day and everything is working fine except that the new keyboard has a slightly different layout than the old keyboard did For example with the new keyboard all the F F F etc keys have function secondaries on them like multimedia brightness antennae toggle and so on My old keyboard New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: didnt have most of these and so when I attempt to use them on the new New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: keyboard they simply do not work In fact when I use function keys as if I still had my old keyboard installed the functions work which means it is the software interpretation of the keys that I need to change Does anybody know how I can fix this so that the keys of the new keyboard and functions match what the keys New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: actually say Another thing to add is that some of the new function keys on the new laptop such as antennae toggle were not on my last keyboard at all because they are softkeys on the case of my computer and I am not sure a function like that would be able to be added to the keyboard mapping at all but I m not sure Also I would prefer to not install third party software to accomplish this even if it means I need to delve into the registry manually Can anybody help nbsp

A:New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

You might try holding the 'fn' key while you tap the fnumber key.
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My grandmother was in the middle of typing an email. When she hit the shift key to make a capital letter, a box about sticky keys came up, and now neither keyboard will work. She has restarted the computer, unplugged/re-plugged in the auxilary keyboard, (before, even with the auxilary keyboard plugged in, she could still use the laptop keyboard), pressing the scroll lock key didn't do anyting either.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I have an old Time laptop (so getting any drivers/chipsets will be a pain) that I'm using as a Home Theatre PC under my TV. I can wake up from standby with its power button, but not from its keyboard. Also, I can't do this using my Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard, connected via USB (laptop doesn't have any PS2 ports).

I want to be albe to keep the laptop lid closed at all times and placed above my VCR, so having to open it every time I want to wake from standby is not ideal.

I've looked at all the APM properties for m/board and keyb but nothing. The BIOS says nothing about power management either.

Running Win XP SP2

Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Laptop can't wake-up from Standby with own keyboard or USB keyboard


Were u able to do that before? Are u sure that your laptop is set to standby and not to sleep/hibernate mode?
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Everything was working fine. Suddenly, when I typed on the usb keyboard, nothing happened. So I put it in a different usb port on the laptop, and it still didn't work. So I tried the laptop's own keyboard and still nothing. I'm not sure what is going on. 
I tried deleting the keyboard driver from Device Manager but that did nothing. I tried searching for this problem but all the results seem to not apply to this specifically. 
Any help would be appreciated. 
Also... I'm a n00b that knows very little about computers so bear with me

A:Laptop won't recognize keyboard OR external usb keyboard

When you deleted the keyboard driver for the laptop...did you reboot after doing so?
Does your BIOS call for USB  boot via USB device?
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I have a HP vt6200 Omnibook laptop with German Keyboard. Recently my internal harddisk crashed and I replaced with a new IDE disk. I installed Windows XP (English US) afresh. Also installed the necessary drivers downloaded from HP site. Now the german keyboard is not working. It types multiple characters & behaves erratically. When I connect an external US English Keyboard, it works perfect. I tried changing the language/keyboard settings. It didn’t work.

I donot want to use German anymore on that laptop. All I want to use is only English. Now I am unable to use the laptop keyboard at all. Pls help !
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Hi folks I've had success on this forum before and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge of IT than me can Cannot and in laptop to keyboard on-screen unresponsive keyboard ? W7 log no suggest Cannot log in to W7 laptop ? unresponsive keyboard and no on-screen keyboard a workaround solution Cannot log in to W7 laptop ? unresponsive keyboard and no on-screen keyboard to an issue I currently have with a Windows Home Premium laptop This is an old laptop that I only use from time to time but it still has a number of files and photos on it that I don't have saved elsewhere Last time I used the laptop it was acting as if the Ctrl key was being pressed every - seconds which made the keyboard difficult to use because it triggered shortcuts as I tried to type Ctrl O Ctrl S etc Because I don't use the laptop as my main machine I decided that I'd uninstall the keyboard driver from within the Control Panel and just use the on-screen keyboard going forward Following this I powered the machine on a couple of days ago and panicked when I discovered that I couldn't get the Ease of Access dialog box to display on the login screen to allow me to enable the on-screen keyboard It doesn't produce any kind of error it simply does nothing when the button located in the left-hand corner is clicked At this point I was still hopeful that I could get around the issue by connecting a standard USB keyboard but this is also completely unresponsive although it does appear to be getting power from the laptop because the Caps Lock indicator light is lit I've tried a few alternatives connecting the keyboard before powering up during the start up process and also at the log in screen Additionally in the hope that it would automatically install a driver in the background and eventually allow the keyboard to function I left the machine running for about minutes but still nothing So just to confirm the machine has only a single user account set up on it which is password protected I can't proceed past the log in screen at all the laptop's default keyboard is unresponsive Ease of Access OSK dialog box will not display and the standard USB keyboard I have here doesn't appear to be helping either I also considered trying the above in safe mode before realising that I couldn't even do that without a keyboard unless there's another way of accessing this that I'm not aware of Any ideas - Thanks

A:Cannot log in to W7 laptop – unresponsive keyboard and no on-screen keyboard

If you are just interested in recovering your data to save elsewhere you could purchase an external enclosure for about $8.00 at Newegg, remove the HDD from the laptop and install it in the external enclosure.  You can then attach it to another computer via a USB cable (which comes with the enclosure) and access your data to recover what you want.
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I have a strange problem and I can't find solution on internet. My 2 years old son was watching cartoons on my Laptop, he got excited and start hitting buttons on the keyboard. Some letters and numbers stooped working even arrows sure what to do?

I have restated the laptop took off battery and did so many things What should I do?
please help

Thanks for your help

A:Laptop Keyboard main keys not working on Acer laptop

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

It is not hard to replace the keyboard.

See these search results for pricing and "hot to" videos.
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I'm thinking about taking and old laptop and retrofitting it with a mini motherboard to use as a server at my new apartment. I would like to use the keyboard and monitor on the laptop case to keep the overall size down but I can't find any reference as to how you connect standard motherboard connectors (video and PS2(keyboard)) to the connectors found on the laptop monitor and keyboard. If anyone knows where I can find these connectors or specs on how to make them I would really appreciate it. If the mod gets done it will probably be pretty impressive and I'll give you credit for your troubles. Thanks

A:Need help with adapters: VGA to laptop monitor & PS2 to laptop keyboard

You should look for a docking station for it. That will solve your problems. :hotouch:
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My dad can't use his spacebar at all on his keyboard of his laptop. Is there something he should do to help this problem? The arrow keys will not work either. Help please?


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I have an HP Pavillion dv9000z (the 17 inch monster) and i just installed windows 7 and it works fine, but there is a small problem, the keyboard thinks its on the 15 inch model. when i turn on num lock, the num pad works, but then p becomes *, j becomes 1, etc. any way to fix this

Note: looked it up on the hp website, doing anything with the numlock/fn keys didn't seem to work

A:hp laptop keyboard

U=4 I=5 O=6 P=*
J=1 K=2 L=3 :=-
M=0 >=. ?=+

This right.
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How do you install a new keyboard on a Toshiba Setallite A135- laptop?

A:Laptop Keyboard

toshiba's website may have service instructions. also consider the age of the piece. it may not be worth messing with.

Most laptops have hordes of screws (Dell latitude models have 65+ screws in 6 different types) and you have remove many types of them to get to the keyboard. if they are marked in any way, draw circles on a piece of paper. Mark the circles for the screw type (motherboard, keyboard, disk drive, lcd ...). put the screws you remove into the proper circle and don't move the paper until you have completely reassembled the laptop.

Remove the battery, hard drive, optical drive and other loose parts first. Look for notches that show where you can gently pry apart pieces of plastic to access the hardware below.

If they are similar to Dell, there are 4-5 screws marked as KB. Remove those and the bezel piece between keyboard and LCD panel. Carefully lift up the keyboard, noting how it connects to the mainboard. Most use a mylar strip with connectors embedded. You may need to figure out how to unlock the connection in order to remove the strip. Some systems use a 2 part connector. Move one side of the connector and it unlocks. Do not force the connector apart by pulling on the cable. That will ruin the connector.

Reassemble in the reverse order.

As a workaround, try using a regular keyboard plugged into the usb or ps/2 port.
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Hey there, I want to find out if my keyboard is back lit. If yes how do I turn it on. Cheers

A:Laptop keyboard

Specs do not mention backlit, but if it is f5 turns it on and off
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I have an ibm thinkpad t22 it is 900 mhz with 256 meg ram 20 gig harddrive. I am having problem with the keyboard. The problem is several key are not working the key are as follow q,w,e,rt,y,u,i,o,p,[,], left shift, tab key, cap key and backspace key. I instal two new keyboard and have the same problem. Any idea.

A:Laptop keyboard

It sounds like it's had liquid spilt on it, sometimes replacing the keyboard won't fix it. All I can suggest is using an external PS2 or USB keyboard.
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I connected a 2nd keyboard to my laptop to make things easier. But now when I do want to use the laptop's original keyboard, it's all screwy. Like hitting the letter L gives you the number 3 instead, and all sorts of other errors. This still happens after I've disconnected the 2nd keyboard. How do I fix this?

A:laptop keyboard mix-up

Do you have different country's keyboard layouts installed? You may have some switched it to another language.
Outside of that, reboot didn't fix it?
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Hi, my dell laptop keyboard got messed up so I bought a new
one in ebay (same one) when i recieved it I installed it and
I turned on my laptop tried to type but the letter Z i think is stuck
because it stays doing this zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wont stop.
Can it be solved ? Before I send it back . ^_^

A:Laptop keyboard

The quick down and dirty answer because it's a brand new keyboard is no. I would RMA it asap. See if they will charge another keyboard, to credit later once the defective keyboard is returned. These sticky keys can be manipulated so I'm told, but every time I've tried it has remained the same or gotten worse or jacked up the mounts as to make installing the key back impossible. Don't mess with a good RMA ! Oh you can try holding the keyboard upside down and blasting light blasts of air under the Z key but likely its the return spring is bad or needs to be pulled up.
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So I have had this odd problem for a long LONG time.
Since the day I got this replacement keyboard from alienware on my 5500m laptop, certain keys do not work.
The following keys do not work:

I called alienware, we reinstalled the driver, didn't change anything. THey sent me a replacement keyboard, didnt change anything.

Makes me think there is something wrong with the motherboard, but then again all the other keys work. Its a EXTREMELY strange problem.

A:Laptop Keyboard

Try a differant ribbon
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I have just acquired a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro Laptop (purchased on Ebay)
It is running WindowsXP Home.

Silly question I am sure but, when I try to type the "@" charecter, using the left shift key, all I get is ". I can't work out how to set up the keyboard, and obviousley until I do so I cannot use the laptop for emails etc.

any suggestions, the technological pigmy is lost in the long grass!

Thank You.

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Ya, i asked a question on my keyboard question on my laptop and here is an update. The guy from dell replaced the hole keyboard. It was working great, but yet again, it does the same thing. Something has to be wrong. Can someone help me. It cant be derty since i just got it a few hours ago

A:Laptop keyboard help plz

Which same thing? Keys not working or the wrong letter being displayed. You can probably plug an external keyboard into the back of your Laptop and see if the problem stops when using that keyboard. If not it may be a software problem and you may need to scan for viruses and spywhere.
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I have a gateway m675 series laptop. I haven't used it in awhile, but now I can't even type on it. The keyboard does not respond to anything I do. I hooked up a external keyboard through the usb port and that works fine. The touchpad works too, but no response from any of the functions keys or regular alphabet. Any help would be grateful. Also, the power button works, the cd-rom drive works too. Just the keys have no response. I went and downloaded the drivers for the laptop off gateways website, but they have so many drivers for keyboards and most seem to be upgrades. None were just the basics. None of them worked. Help please!

A:can not use my keyboard on laptop

Does the Kb work when you are in the CMOS?BIOS setup pages?
If yes then you might have some corruption in the O/S a system restore or previously good startup may be in order.
If it does not ,You might have to send the Lptp in for service.
Also check the Setup for anything that might shutoff the onboard Kb to use an external KB especially docking settings,etc.
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I have a new laptop that just got fixed and my niece pressed something on the HP Pavilion DV6-6000 Keyboard and now i cannot type anything, if i try to type something like if i type the "F" key some tool bar comes up. PLEASE HELP!!!!

A:Help with laptop keyboard?

Did you niece spill something on the keyboard? They are easy enough to replace, and as you can see, fairly cheap too
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Problem : Numbers  with special characters dont work properly
what happens is
when i press 1 i sometimes get 111 , 11 not single 1 , but repeated numbers following...
second is i cannot press shift + number key for special character  
example shift + 2 = @ , i get nothing after repeated tries i manage to get it ..
Edit : my shift keys with other keys is working fine , like shift +a = A etc , its only the top number keys problem.
Please help 

A:Laptop keyboard

its only the top number keys problem.
Do you mean the F (Function) keys?  F1 through F12?
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Im trying to fix my mom's laptop she has a Dell Inspiron 1200. And for some reason when you type on it you get an extra letter, for example when you press 'a' you get 'as' or 'sa'. I dont know whether this could be a software problem, or just a dumb hardware thing. Anyone have an idea what the problem is? and if it's even fixable? Thanks much guys.

A:Laptop keyboard mix up


Yes, it could be either. However, my experience with the 1200’s indicates a failing keyboard and/or a keyboard that has had something spilt on, even a little splatter of something sticky can cause this.

To eliminate a “software” issue, it would be best to boot into another OS or piece of software that will allow you to type. Even if you just download the Linux Ubuntu Live CD and boot to it. Then open Open Office and type all the letters on the keyboard to see if it still occurs.

Sorry, the Ubuntu Live CD is the 1st thing that popped into my mind for a bootable OS or program that would allow you test. I’m sure there are other programs out there that would allow you to do this too.

Thanks……………. Shane
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My son has a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. Last week the keyboard stopped working. I just assumed it had worn out so I bought another one from Dell. It arrived today and before I could change it, he called me and told me the old one started working again. Does this mean something sinister is going on? I am going to change it anyway since I have the new one but I wonder if something else might be going on. Thanks for any advice.

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hi, i am using an e-system 3090 laptop, problem is on the letters on the second bottom on the keyboard, the letters x c v then n m , . / dont work, the letters z b are okay, i havent dropped or spilt any thing on the keyboard and the drivers show they are working okay.

A:Laptop keyboard

The ribbon cable might have come loose, although that very rarely occurs. Also, the contacts underneath those keys might need cleaned.
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I have an hp pavillion. Recently my keyboard has been doing some strange things. Sometimes the b and n keys don't work. Sometimes when pressing the b key it turns the cap locks on and brings up the microsoft help page. I have checked the fuction lock button and it is not on. Does anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?

A:HP laptop keyboard help

Someone wrote a guide on => Cleaning Laptop Keyboard
But if cleaning does not help, you may need to replace it
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Hi I have a toshiba satellite L455D labtop, my daughter spelt coffee on the right handside of computer and spelled 90% of it on the keyboard. We wiped it off right away and cleaned up under it but half the keys don't work. Should I just buy a new one if so where to go and if not then how can I fix it at home?

A:Laptop keyboard


you cant fix laptop KB's they arent repairable, Ebay is your best bet, they are easy to replace, usually a few screws or a couple of pop tabs and a ribbon cable.
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okay ex calls me up tonite and says that when she types on her keyboard the T's are 6's & the A's are 9's or something like that...not all keys are wrong though...mouse works fine. she thinks a child might've been playing with it but I don't know...don't ask me what kind of laptop it is...never saw it...told her to run her v scans,try going into windows accessabilty and checking it out,reboot,shake upsidedown for crumbs etc....any suggestions? thanks...paul

A:Laptop keyboard just isn't right

If children are involved, a new keyboard may be needed
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packard bell easynote r5 ; windows xp

the keyboard is frozen. if i press a key then mouse freezes too. tried restarting and system restore.

no working keys therefore cannot enter bios

problem occured after installing apache. now uninstalled but still a problem

A:laptop keyboard

could you get your hands on a USB keyboard, that may allow you to enter the bios. the mouse still works if you dont press buttons though.
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hi some keys on my laptop keyboard do not work for long periods then work for a matter of minutes so im currently using on screen keyboard below is alphabet and numbers from my internal keyboard to show what doesnt work


maybe some connection im not sure with this stuff also my enter tab wont work i have no external board so im screwed please help im running vista

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Ok, here's the lowdown:

My younger sister spilled pop on her laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520) and has since cleaned it up with a little water on a paper towel. I knew this is not enough, but she insisted it was fine. Only, when she went to type, her keys were wrong.

For example, the 'A' key puts in letters such as 'FDLKS'. This happens on the left side of the keyboard, which is where the pop spilled. The right side seems to work just fine.

I know that taking apart the computer and taking out the keyboard might be the way to go, but do any of you have any suggestions as to how to clean it? And if that is not possible, where would be a good place to get a replacement keyboard?


A:Pop on laptop keyboard!! Help!!!
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My laptop keyboard is fried (Dell Inspirion 2650) and says it is holding down keys such as X, s, and Tab...I have a seperate USB keyboard plugged into it but the laptop keyboard still keeps doing that.....Is there any way to disable the laptop keyboard 100%

I really appreciate all responses, this is my only computer for college.


A:Laptop Keyboard help.

I am not sure but there should be screws for you to unscrew your keyboard. Check.
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I just installed a new hard drive in my computer (upgraded to a 1TB,) re-installed Windows 8, everything seems to be going great...except...

It seems like my keyboard is ultra sensitive...? That's the best way I know how to describe it. When I rest my hands where I normally do and start typing, especially if I'm going super fast, it seems like keys I'm not pressing get 'pressed', or the cursor just moves to another place on the screen randomly. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it's doing this or what I can do to make it stop. It's very very frustrating!!

A:Laptop keyboard seems to do whatever it wants

Where is your thumb when you are typing???
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Please help!!
X button on my laptop keyboard came off when I was just cleaning it.
Only the outer square plastic layer came off and the action still works.
Its only 3 months old laptop.
Can any of you please tell me how I can fix this button again..
Thank you,

A:Laptop Keyboard button came off

Generally key buttons will snap back on. If you can't accomplish that yourself, take it in to the store you bought it from for assistance.
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Hi Laptop keyboard broken I have a Laptop keyboard broken laptop which was not starting It was not allowing me to move the cursor to start into safe mode So I connected an external keyboard which allowed me to attempt to enter safe mode or last good config But it still wouldnt start I went into setup and noticed that a menu was flashing on and off and deduced that the keyboard was reacting as if a key was held down So I hit it And it now starts fine But obviously the keyboard could stop working at any time The laptop is the kind that has the mouse as a little nub below the G H keys So I assume that if the keyboard was disconnected the mouse would stop working too As a fix I am wanting to open the laptop and disconnect the keyboard-mouse and use and external mouse keyboard But I am worried that this might be more difficult than it sounds as I have never done it before I am worried that the connection might be disable the screen or something too Can anyone advise me on whether I should attempt this or how I should go about it I have a little experience with electronics but noting extensive The laptop is a Toshiba Satelite I can post the model and seriel numbers if needed Thanks nbsp

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Hi I have a Dell inspiron which recently had a cup of coffee spilt over it it has been fully dried out striped down and cearfully cleaned internaly once this was done the laptop seemed to return to full working order it boots up fine and seems there has been no data loss There is a problem with the keyboard however certain keys are doubling up with others ie when you try to press you get gives pressing laptop Problem with keyboard t activates Problem with laptop keyboard the caps lock and many letters give an extra letter or as well as the key pressed i am presuming the problem is solely with the keyboard and i plan on replacing this with a new one i just want to be sure before i start spending money on a replacement that my presumption is correct or is there other reasons this could be happening other then a problem with the keyboard thankyou in advance for any advice information you may be able to provide me with nbsp

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Hi I have a Lenovo N laptop and days ago some virus attacked my Windows XP Pro SP machine disabling the keyboard So I couldn t go into safe mode to run any scan I then got a USB keyboard and was finally able to enter safe mode I ran Malwarebytes SPYBOT S amp D and Avast antivirus but none could find the infection I ran full scan Panda Activescan and Microsoft Removal tool as well but no avail Can you please help remove the infection I use this laptop for my work and reinstalling XP is my last last option please help hijacked keyboard Laptop - Here are the log files required --------------------- Hijackthis log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Safe mode with network support Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Laptop keyboard hijacked - please help Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe D Program Files Alwil Software Avast AvastUI exe C Documents and Settings Administrator Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKLM Laptop keyboard hijacked - please help Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www comcast net R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local O - Hosts gs apple com O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - no file O - BHO URLRedirectionBHO - B F A - E - -BA - B E FF - C PROGRA MICROS Office URLREDIR DLL O - BHO CutePDF Form Filler - D F - C - B- E-C D CBAF - D Program Files Acro Software CutePDF Pro CPFillerCo dll O - HKLM Run tsnp std C WINDOWS system tsnp std exe O - HKLM Run ACTray C Program Files ThinkPad ConnectUtilities ACTray exe O - HKLM Run igfxpers C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe O - HKLM Run igfxtray C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe O - Laptop keyboard hijacked - please help HKLM Run TPWAUDAP C Program Files Lenovo HOTKEY TpWAudAp exe O - HKLM Run SynTPEnh C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe O - HKLM Run snp std C WINDOWS vsnp std exe O - HKLM Run avast quot D Program Files Alwil Software Avast avastUI exe quot nogui O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper quot C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Startup Dropbox lnk C Documents and Settings Administrator Application Data Dropbox bin Dropbox exe O - Startup Stardock ObjectDock lnk D Program Files Stardock ObjectDock ObjectDock exe O - Extra context menu item Add to Google Photos Screensa amp ver - res C WINDOWS system GPhotos scr O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE O - Extra context menu item Se amp nd to OneNote - res C PROGRA MICROS Office ONBttnIE dll O - Extra button Send to OneNote - A- - f c- - EE C C - C Program Files Microsoft Office Office ONBttnIE dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Se amp nd to OneNote - A- - f c- - EE C C - C Program Files Microsoft Office Office ONBttnIE dll O - Extra button OneNote Lin amp ked Notes - FE F- FC - A - -EDE DB C CA - C Program Files Microsoft Office Office ONBttnIELinkedNotes dll O - Extra Tools menuitem OneNote Lin amp ked Notes - FE F- FC - A - -EDE DB C CA - C Program Files M... Read more

A:Laptop keyboard hijacked - please help

here is the ark.txt file attached
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Hi...mother in laws laptop so bare with me....

Compaq Presaro CQ42..
Window 7 Home Premium
Service pack 1
Keyboard doesnt work, will work if in safe mode, will not work in safe mode with networking.....
runs norton 360, internet by usb and wireless network at my house
have tried reinstaling driver......all windows updates current and nortons up to date...grrrrr
gone through HP help and done a bios update......
tried diagnostic start up....still not working....
Any suggestions??????
thx di

A:keyboard not working on laptop...pls help

Please do not double-post. Read the rules.
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I m sure this question has been asked many times before but I couldn t find any instances of it when I searched the forums so here goes This morning one of my co-workers a nice guy who is also an idiot decided to see what would happen if he poured water on my little fan Well what happened Laptop on Water Keyboard was that Water on Laptop Keyboard water went flying everywhere Most of it landed on my paperwork which is a whole other problem but some of it did get on Water on Laptop Keyboard my laptop keyboard My TWO DAY OLD laptop which as you can imagine almost caused me to murder my co-worker The only thing that kept him alive was the fact that he looked even more upset than I did Clearly he realized what a complete and utter idiot he was but sadly that realization came too late I immediately ran and got some paper towels and cleaned the keyboard lovingly drying all the water under the keys etc The computer seemed fine and so I kept working for a bit because I had a deadline in minutes Once I finished my work I started getting scared that maybe the water was slowly dripping into my hard drive onto my motherboard etc So I turned off the machine turned it upside down removed the battery and didn t use it for the rest of the day My plan now is leave it alone for the next hours or so and let it totally dry As I say it wasn t a whole lot of water that landed on the keyboard but I ve heard horror stories about a single drop of water totally ruining laptops and so I didn t wanna take any chances Even if this wasn t a brand new machine I d still be worried as hell mainly because it s in my nature to freak out etc I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what else I should do before turning the machine back on Blow dry it wait another hours etc I just wanna make sure I do everything possible to help my laptop get better My fingers are crossed that it ll boot up just fine and give me no problems As I say I worked for minutes after the accident and everything seemed okay But I know that when it comes to computers- anything s possible So I want to do whatever I can to help Anyone got any thoughts Rest assured they d be greatly appreciated Cheers Snaithbert P S If there IS a problem fingers crossed it s covered under warranty but oh dear god do i NOT wanna send my day old computer in to be fixed Something about that really depresses me nbsp

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Please help. When I type a message, my keyboard letters jumped all around and enter past words that I have typed. I have switched keyboards and it does the same thing. I am using a Dell laptop with Windows7 and intel Pentium inside.
My original sentence before I made corrections read "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."
This is the way the sentence looked before I made corrections "The quiwnck bro f.fped ogver the lazyx o jum do

A:Laptop keyboard problem

What antivirus program are you using? How old is this laptop?
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I recently upgraded the memory in my fathers Laptop from the original 256Mb sim to a 2Gb sim. No problem there however the Return key and the Cursor keys seem to have stopped working even in the Bios.

I have removed the battery and held the power button in for 30secs thinking a reset of the Bios would fix the problem, no luck there they still do not function.

I have removed the keys and checked that nothing has been spilled on the keyboard, no problem there ether.

I have also checked internally to see if there was any damage to the ribbon cable. Seems fine.

To be honest I cant seem to locate the issue and was hoping someone could offer some additional support. Anybody any ideas?

Specs: Esystem EI 3101 laptop, Intel Celeron M430 1.73ghz CPU, 2Gb DDR2, Internal 256mb GFX card.

A:Laptop keyboard issue

Did you try re-installing the 256MB memory to see if the keyboard started working again?
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A couple of my friends have bought new laptops within the last couple months including myself and we all have problems with what we think is the keyboards We all make mistakes typing (I laptop new think) problems keyboard occasionally but it seems like we have many many more problems with letters missing on the monitor The space bar don t always work I mean we will hit the space bar between words and there will be no space new laptop keyboard problems (I think) Our key board is silent when hitting the letters No click like on a desktop keyboard I ve been told that the laptop doesn t have micro switches like a desktop My laptop is a HP Do others have the same problems My friends have the new laptop keyboard problems (I think) same type keyboards one is a Toshiba and HP s I ve thought about plugging a regular keyboard in to my laptop but new laptop keyboard problems (I think) I m not sure what I have to do to get the laptop to switch to the external keyboard Anyone know wWe all have win nbsp

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I can be typing away then all of a sudden where I am typing jumps back up the sentence and gets my wrough ork all messed up its a real pain if I dont notice and need to go th

see as i was typing this post all of a sudden it starts typing between words iv already typed underlined above can anyone help.

A:Keyboard problems on laptop

Don't worry about it. I have a perfectly functioning keyboard and my typing at times is not so well either.


I'm kidding of course.

Look into updating your chipset drivers for your motherboard.
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My wife has recently spilled red wine on my Laptop. I immediately shut down to prevent as much caramelizing of the sugar as possible, removed the keyboard and cleaned the system as much as possible. I re-fitted the keyboard and decided to leave it overnight to help it dry out.

This morning i switched it on and it is playing up. The keyboard responds erratically, with some characters working and others not a all. Some perform functions they should not be doing.

However when i plug a USB wireless keyboard it responds perfectly. I am trying to understand if it down to a keyboard error or otherwise. I find it difficult to see why a simple pressure pad device would cause the problem, but on the other hand on the USB system, what interprets the ACSII characters.

Would replacing the keyboard solve my problems??? Cheers for any help given



A:Laptop Keyboard issue

Replacing the keyboard is probably your best bet . .
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Hi, I turned on a friend?s laptop today, a Toshiba satellite, and its making a repeating beeping noise and the keyboard has stopped working altogether. I have checked to see if any of the keys are stuck down but I can?t find any. When I press some of the keys they also produce another beep. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong or as to how this may have occurred?

Any help would be great

A:Laptop Keyboard Error

If you open Notepad, you might be able to see which key is repeating, something like this aaaaaaaaaaaa

Sometimes you can just vacuum the keys (watch out they don't go up the vacuum though).

Can be caused by dust or even moisture. Can also be the connection from the keyboard to the mobo
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I installed a wireless keyboard on my laptop and now whenever I try to use the normal laptop keyboard I get incorrect characters coming up. For example 3 instead of L. Help!

A:Laptop keyboard problem

Do you mean that WITH the wireless STILL connected, you are using the hard wired KB and this problem occurs, OR AFTER the wireless is disconnected?
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Hi there,

I recently broke the keyboard in my prostar laptop and would like o buy a replacement.

Underneath the keyboard is a sticker that says "Vendor: Chicony" and "Model: MP-07353US-430"

I tried going to the website but I would need to install the chinese character set which is a problem because I am at work and don't have access to a windows CD.

Other searching around on google hasn't turned up much of any use.

Can anyone recommend somewhere I could look to buy one of these keyboards?



A:Chicony laptop keyboard

Chicony make proprietary keyboards for many suppliers, but its likely that you would need to purchase it from the laptop vendor, they may not sell OEM to individual customers?

Also if the laptop has been superceded with another model, its probably only available now as a spare part from the vendors.
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This morning when I booted my laptop (Dell C800) I found that a diagonal "column" of keys was not working (6,7,y,u,h,j,n,m). The keyboard was working last night. Any ideas or am I hosed?

Thanks for your help!


A:Problems with Laptop Keyboard

That doesn't sound any good. Have you tried rebooting a few times to see if that cleared up the problem?
I'd check the Dell website to see if that problem is mentioned.
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Does anyone know of a good, reputable online place to purchase a laptop keyboard for a Toshiba Sattelite?

A:Laptop Keyboard Purchase

found a place for you. Toshiba Satellite Laptop Keyboards
good, reputable ..... you have to make that decision, i never buy things online.
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I was typing on my laptop (old Dell Inspiron) last night when i tapped on a few keys around the spacebar, and all of a sudden, now my laptop keyboard is completely nonresponsive. I can't even press F2 to get into Dell Setup.

Is this certainly a hardware problem?


A:Laptop keyboard nonresponsive, HELP!

I would think so.
Try a USB keyboard and see if that works.

Same post as this one I assume?
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I see them for 21.oo bucks on amazon. Is this way hard to do? I knew it was going bad on me, and today, I realize it's either try and replace it, or go without a puter, I'm sure I'd survive, but I would like to talk to someone that's done this.

thanks much for any help. PS the space key is totaled no fixing it for sure

A:Help. Need To Replace Keyboard In Laptop

It would help if we knew the make and model of laptop.

But, I've had to replace keyboards on two Dell laptops. One I downloaded the Service Manual for, followed the instructions and everything went smoothly. The other, I watched YouTube videos on how to replace the keyboard and had no problems doing so.

I think your best bet is to go to the manufacturer's support site and download the Service Manual for your particular laptop. Keyboards are one of the easier replacements.
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Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible or particularily unadvisable to change my laptop keyboard to one by a different manufacturer?

I've recently got a new laptop (Acer Aspire 5742G) and all is grand, except for the fact that I can't stand having a keyboard with a numpad. The arrow keys are too small and the Fn + whatever keys are all in places I don't like.

This isn't a big problem or anything, I'm just curious to know if anyone has done it.


P.S I know I cant just buy an external keyboard. I'm talking about replacing the internal keyboard the laptop has on it

A:Change Laptop Keyboard

Hi stubbyhs, I'm afraid you will find all laptop keyboards are like that, I don't know what would happen if you tried a standard size usb keyboard plugged in ait works with a mouse so possible I suppose never tried it
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Hello there,

I'm having a weird problem with my sister's laptop, some keys of the keyboard writes numbers instead of letters, it gets fixed temporarily after I restart but then it comes back.

What could be causing this, how to fix it and how to prevent it from happening in the future..

Oh almost forgot, it's an Acer TravelMate 4152LMi

A:Problem which laptop keyboard

Hello Ahmed,

Did this just happen recently, or has it been going on for some time now? Perhaps a System Restore will help.

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I bought a laptop recently and one day I fell asleep while watching a movie on it and I think my daughter might have spilled something on it because when I woke up certain keys type more than one character when you touch them. ex. i8 w\ j7

Is this a fixable problem? Can I somehow take the keys off and clean under them? I tried reformatting and reinstalling windows but to no avail.

help me please

and thank you

A:Keyboard problems with my laptop

Yes, you can open the thing up and clean it. You might want to let professionals do it though - laptops are rather difficult to take apart and put together.
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Hey so my samsung-np x e laptop had liquid damage to the keyboard Laptop issue keyboard rendering most of the keys inoperable I did not send it for repair instead I m using a USB keyboard right now It was Laptop keyboard issue fine for a while So here s the problem These few days whenever I start my laptop it boots into a quot Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup quot thing and for some reason my external keyboard would not respond for a period of time I d have to I know this is really bad sort of lightly smash the original keyboard and for some reason my external keyboard would work Also when I finally start using the laptop my external keyboard s left Control key would not work I know that my external keyboard is fully functional as I tested it on another PC Can anyone help me here Why do I always boot into the setup page and why does my external keyboard s control key not work on my laptop Is it because there s a stuck key somewhere and if that is the case is it possible for me to disable my built-in keyboard Finally what is your opinion on leaving the laptop in sleep mode overnight instead of shutting it down Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello community new here. I need your guys help please. This is my Acer Laptop its a 2 in 1.When i flip the screen all the way over it gives me an option to go into tablet mode. I choose nobecause instead of actually using it as a tablet im gonna flip it over and lay it on the screen to justuse the keyboard with my external monitor but for some reason when its flipped it wont insert anykeyboard input at all when im using it. It's like a Dead keyboard when I have it "Not in tablet mode butflipped all the way over like a tablet". Hope you guys understand what im saying if not I could make a shortvideo I suppose, anyway thanks in advance!  -DjinnWraith

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A:Acer Laptop Need Help with Keyboard

you welcome, by the way, don't give up; i sent a private message to him, so maybe you can join forces.
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Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could hep me I am not a huge computer guy I am pretty upset I bought need keyboard Laptop help malfuction, a new dollar laptop about months ago now im on my old computer because last night I tried cleaning the keyboard i used a small amount of windex then I wiped it with a paper towel and I hit all the Laptop keyboard malfuction, need help keys on the keyboard I hit the keys with the towel fairly hard and it even closed out some of my programs So I noticed that my space bar was sticking after this ordeal So i tried to lift it up to clean under it and i did notice a piece of food or something I cleaned it out and popped the space bar back on and then it Laptop keyboard malfuction, need help just didnt work at all so popped it back out and cleaned it again no windex just with a dry towel and now when I hit my space bar it hits the number quot Laptop keyboard malfuction, need help quot so if i hit the spacebar times it goes quot quot and when I hit the number it does the same thing If i bit backspace it hits like CP If i hit f it hits the number If I hit the letter F it types in my time like july pm Im at my ends here does anyone have a fix or do i need to take it into the shop or get a new computer Thanks a ton for hearing me out have a nice day nbsp

A:Laptop keyboard malfuction, need help

Also on im a toshiba a505 satelite on windows 7

Also I tried to system restore, and use it in a cmd.exe in safemode and it does the same thing, seems to be a hardware issue im guessing?
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Hello community new here. I need your guys help please. This is my Acer Laptop its a 2 in 1.When i flip the screen all the way over it gives me an option to go into tablet mode. I choose nobecause instead of actually using it as a tablet im gonna flip it over and lay it on the screen to justuse the keyboard with my external monitor but for some reason when its flipped it wont insert anykeyboard input at all when im using it. It's like a Dead keyboard when I have it "Not in tablet mode butflipped all the way over like a tablet". Hope you guys understand what im saying if not I could make a shortvideo I suppose, anyway thanks in advance!  -DjinnWraith

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A:Acer Laptop Need Help with Keyboard

you welcome, by the way, don't give up; i sent a private message to him, so maybe you can join forces.
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Hi, my Toshiba Satellite A200 keyboard doesn't work it appears to think the CTRL button is being held down sometimes, but not all the time, is there a way to disable the keyboard and just plug in a usb keyboard without completely taking apart the computer and taking out the keyboard?

If this is in the wrong spot sorry :S

A:How to disable laptop keyboard?

First yours is a unique question, never had it before.
Might try going to search by the start button.
Type device manager.
In device manage lookd for the keyboard driver and disable it.
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This only started happening yesterday. I'll be typing a sentence , and all of a sudden , the typing cursor will reappear halfway throigh the sentence i've just typed and start overwriting it. I did an AVG scan which found 60 tracking cookies , which i deleted , but the typing situation hasn't resolved itself. I thought i'd get a priest to exorcise it with holy water or get in touch with you guys. I have a feeling it may be connected to the firefox " aero fox " skin i installed yesterday or the coloured tabs addon as all the 60 tracking cookies came from mozilla. Please help. Thx in advance

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I have a Asus Eee laptop with Windows XP and for a while my keyboard has been mesing up. At first it was just sometimes my number keys did the wrong things. Like 1 would preform the F1 function and 5 would do the same for F5. Now out of the blue my 0, u, i, o, p, j, k, l, and m keys do not work right. Instead I get *, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 0. These are also on the keys and I am not sure how this happened or how to get the keys to work normally. I am using my onscreen keyboard to type this and any help would be apreiated.

A:My Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working Right

Look around for something called Num LOCK and try to disable it. My dell laptop it takes to press the num lk key. Sometimes you might need to press the FN key and press the num lk (num lock)
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My Toshiba keyboard laptop has a bug or spyware surely believe Most of the time typing a word the keyboard cursor jumps back in middle and main problem is f appears not just f Hijackthis log posted Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files x UnHackMe hackmon exe C Users Aaron Documents stinger exe C Users Aaron AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Aaron AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Aaron AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C windows SysWOW rundll exe C Users Aaron AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Aaron AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x UnHackMe UnHackMe exe C Users Aaron Documents HiJackThis exe keyboard problem Laptop R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R Laptop keyboard problem - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local lt local gt R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - BHO scriptproxy - DB D A - - E -B D- F C - C Laptop keyboard problem Program Files x Common Files McAfee SystemCore Laptop keyboard problem ScriptSn dll O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Veoh Web Player Toolbar - cd bf - f - ef- d-bb bd e - C Program Files x Veoh Web Player tbVeo dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - Toolbar Veoh Web Player Toolbar - cd bf - f - ef- d-bb bd e - C Program Files x Veoh Web Player tbVeo dll O - HKLM Run mcui exe quot C Program Files McAfee com Agent mcagent exe quot runkey O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files x Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run LUTManager quot C Program Files x LUT Manager LUTManager exe quot pt quot C Users Aaron aa lut quot O - HKUS S- - - - - - - Run User UpdatusUser O - HKUS S- - - - - - - Run MyTOSHIBA quot C Program Files x TOSHIBA My Toshiba MyToshiba exe quot AUTO User UpdatusUser O - HKUS S- - - - - - - Run msnmsgr quot C Program Files x Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe quot background User UpdatusUser O - Startup ShellFolderFix lnk C Program Files ShellFolderFix ShellFolderFixUI exe O - Unknown file in Winsock LSP c program files x common files microsoft shared windows live wlidnsp dll O - Unknown file in Winsock LSP c program files x common files microsoft shared windows live wlidnsp dll O - Options group ACCELERATED GRAPHICS Accelerated graphics O - Trusted Zone http mcafee com O - DPF E E F- F- FB - -AC BF A - http platformdl adobe com NOS getPlusPlus gp cab O - Protocol wlpg - E EF CD-A A- A B- E F- F B E - C Program Files x Windows Live Photo Gallery AlbumDownloadProtocolHandler dll O - Filter application x-mfe-ipt - EF B- - -A - C D - c progra mcafee msc mcsniepl dll O - Service mcinstcleanup - - no file O - Service Advanced SystemCare Service AdvancedSystemCareService - IObit - C Program Files x IObit Advanced SystemCare ASCService exe O - Service SystemRoot system Alg exe - ALG - Unknown owner - C windows System alg exe file missing O - Service Apple Mobile Device - Apple Inc - C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe O - Service Bonjour Service - Apple Inc - C Program Files x Bonjour mDNSResponder exe O - Service SystemRoot system efssvc dll - EFS - Unknown owner - C windows System lsass exe file missing O - Service systemroot system ... Read more
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I inherited a water damaged laptop and only problem seemed to be the keyboard. So I replaced it but the keys are mixed up i.e. when i push J or K it comes up with 1 and 2. I've cleaned the connector but still nothing has changed. Can it be fixed?:knock:

A:Laptop keyboard issues

The water may have damaged the keyboard controller... Have you made sure you have the proper keyboard? Maybe the "new" keyboard is bad
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In my hands I hold a Compaq cq60 laptop with windows vista.The problem is everything starts up fine but after you type in the password and the windows starts up, no more keyboard use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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A few weeks ago I restarted my laptop and it started making an incredibly loud beeping Sound as if keys were stuck. I managed to log into my desktop using the on screen keyboard but as I double clicked my internet browser around 40 pages popped up so I knew something was stuck. After this, a few of my number buttons stopped working but this didn?t really bother me so I didn?t try fixing it but now it seems like my whole keyboard is messed up. Whenever I press a button its almost as if my return key is stuck. Here is an example of me typing without using the on screen keyboard

Im s

Orry my



Is so




This post b


I had

To type




Ecause my keyb


Is s




What can I do? please help

I've already tried cleaning out my keyboard and my
acer aspire 5750 if thats needed

A:Laptop keyboard broken

You will need to take it to a repair shop and have the key board replaced. Or if you know someone who works on lap tops and have them replace the key board for you. Either way It will need to be replaced.
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HI all recently made the very wise decision to spill coffee into my laptop did the usual drill unplugged it wiped down visible residue left it to dry then cleaned out with alcohol frist of all both the trackpad and keyboard Laptop parts keyboard weren t working but having taken the keyboard apart and disconnected the board I ve found that the mouse will work connecting it back however renders both useless also it appears as though the laptop thinks Laptop keyboard parts that buttons are being pressed because it ll keep being woken up out of hibernate as if someone pressed a key if you put it to sleep anyway I digress I m looking to see about getting a replacement board similar to this one http tommox en alibaba com produc oard For Asus F F F series V BS html but I m having trouble finding one in thhe UK for my laptop my laptop is an Asus X sr Laptop keyboard parts I beleive that moisture has gotten into the circuit board of the keyboard and that is what needs replacing does anyone know of anywhere in the UK web that I can order the necessary parts for Thanks nbsp

A:Laptop keyboard parts


just in case anyone else was interested for the answer, found it
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I have about 13 keys missing from my laptop, complaments of my 1 year old niece. They have little pieces missing so I can not pop them back on. I looked on e-bay and I can replace the keyboard for cheap. But I live in a small town with only one computer shop who said they would charge 100 dollars which seems expensive for something that seems so simple.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to replace the keyboard. Or should I pay the hundred dollars and have the computer store do it?

I have a Acer Aspire 4520

Thank you

A:How do I replace my laptop keyboard?

Nice video re disassembly of a 5562:

A Service manual download apparently exists here in rar format - - I would download to a desktop folder you make and virus scan throroughly before unpacking.

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Hi  I am hoping that someone can help me my HP Pavilion g6 2000 is not functioning as it should  1/ The keyboard is not working at all no letters or numbers nothing.  2/It also has no track pad not working at all.  3/I have no internet connection ( wireless )  I have tried a factory reset nothing nothing still the same as it was before .  I would really appreciate any help to get and have my notebook back to its normal working order.  I will now await any help at all fingers crossed .
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Hi,I have an HP G62-225DX laptop.It will not tye the letter P,the number 0,the = + [ { ' " / ?.I have to use the on screen keyboard to type these.As you can see they are all in a line up and down the keyboard.Any ideas?
Thank you.Jane
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how do i replace my internal keyboard on my laptop?i have an ACER ASPIRE 5004WLMI and i dont want to mess anything up so any advice would be great.

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Hi guys (and gals)

Ok heres the problem, I recently got a microsoft digital media pro usb keyboard and hook it up to my toshiba satellite a75-209 laptop. I had to install intellitype (dled latest 6.1) and use the special features.

The really annoying problem is that when i try and use my laptop keypad there is a character mismatch. For instance when i hit the keys J K L i get 1 2 3. Someone said i need to reinstall the toshiba keypad drivers. Only problem is i dont know if it came with a cd and i can not find where to download the driver on toshiba's web site.

Do you guys think that will fix it?
What do you think will?
Where can i find the keypad driver?

Thanks alot for your time,
you guys are awesome,
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I am trying to use a Logitech PS/2 media keyboard with a ps/s to USB adapter. The problem is that the laptop won't recognize the keyboard -- it gets power, the number lock light comes on -- but the keyboard doesn't show up under devices and attempting to use it has no impact on what happens on the screen. Does anyone know what I can do to get the keyboard to work with my probook? Thanks.
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Hi guys My sisters laptop keyboard is giving her some problems whenever a key is held down it will not repeate It will also not respond to repeated key strokes without a second delay OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name ALFIE System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System Model Satellite A System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date TOSHIBA Version SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United Kingdom Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp sp rtm - quot User Name ALFIE Jo Time Zone GMT Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space MB Page File C pagefile sys --- I have tried simply changing the scrol rate made no diference also searched for new drivers but windows found none wondering if anyone else has had sen similar problems apologies for the speling this keyboard is quite anoying nbsp

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I am stuck at the login screen of my laptop right now. Here's the story: I closed the laptop screen when I went to eat lunch. The Laptop worked perfectly fine. When I came back, the keyboard acted a bit strange. All my keys are working except the numbers and letters when I tried to type in my password to log back in. I tried using the on-screen keyboard but it still does not work. Can someone please help me!!

A:There's a problem with my Laptop's Keyboard

Two or more programs possibly clashed, Windows & keyboard lost this battle. Have you cold-powered down and cold-booted back up yet?
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I have an HP Pavillion notebook and just recently, i've been having trouble with typing. there are certain letters i type and they have numbers and symblos in front of them. These are the letters.\
~A `a
\ (enter)\
b5 B%\
5f %F \
6j ^J\
\k |K\
n6 N^\
s (takes me to the previous page)\
Can anyone help me?

A:HP laptop keyboard problems

Hi Allykins,

Make sure that there isn't any keys stuck down (tap them a couple of times), main culprits being...
the shift keys (both right and left side)
alt + alt gr keys
both CTRL keys
fn (function key)

It is also worth checking your regional and language settings
How to Change the Windows 7 Regional Format Language

*Its the Keyboards and Languages* tab you need to check.

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I have here a HP Pavilion G6 laptop.
The keys on the keyboard all give the wrong number/letter/character.
e.g. s=z
and so on, some keys dont do anything some will do volume up/down etc. Basically they are all over the place.
This is what I have done to correct the problem.
checked that the correct UK layout keyboard was installed
deleted then reinstalled the driver
done virus and malware scans
replaced the keyboard with a new one

Nothing has fixed the problem. If I plug in an external keyboard this works fine.
Any ideas?
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My laptop keyboard stop working after some alarms of a virus. I had to use an external keyboard to work on the laptop. However when the unit goes to sleep mode my external keyboard also stop working.

In addition once the EXT keyboard start giving problems when I double click in an icon it opens up like when using the rick click instead of opening the application.

I formated my HD and install everything fresh and I still can't solve the issue.

I installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware but it did not work. It found no virus. I tried rebooting in safe mode w/command prompt and installed the antivirus form my USB drive and it found no virus.Please indicate what can I do to get rid of this virus.

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hi, i wanted to know if anyone could supply me or point me in direction of where to get instructions on how to fit a keyboard on a laptop nec versa p440,im not sure which topic i should post under.....thank you joe lewis

A:need help replacing a laptop keyboard

This page has a service & reference manual with instructions ........
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My laptop keyboard is not functioning properly (I will not confirm nor deny the accidental sprinkling of a toasty beverage onto the keys) and I finally bought an external keyboard to use.  Problem is that my laptop kb still does its sporadic "entering"
and it's driving me nuts!  How do I, or can I, disable the main kb and be able to use my new external kb???  Thank you for your assistance! :)
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Hi guys, you seem like a nice community so this will be my first post here. So i recently bought what was (for me) quite an expensive laptop, this one: click here . Everything was going fantastic until after 2 weeks of owning it, my buddy tipped a beer onto the keyboard, this was a disaster, I was convinced the whole thing was destroyed but thankfully it only seems to be the keyboard that has suffered.
I have opened it up and have got down to the keyboard. I cannot seem to find a replacement for this exact model online and I was wondering if you guys could help me find a suitable replacement or the exact model and provide a link to where i could buy it. I need to use this laptop for university, so I want to get things ordered/fixed ASAP, any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Andrew
Picture of P/N etc ( click here )
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I'm having an issue with the keyboard for my Toshiba Satellite P775-S7320. Put plainly, keys have started triggering other keys, as if both keys were pressed at the same time. Nothing was spilled on the keyboard, but now, A and Tilde trigger one another, and the same for 1 and 2, Q and S, W and Tab, X and Capslock. The only exception to this is Z and \. Z will trigger \, but \ will not trigger Z. I've popped off the keys and cleaned them with compressed air, I've rebooted my computer several times, and am unsure of where to go from here.

A:Issue with Laptop Keyboard

Try hitting the NUM LK/SCRN LK key
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Girlfriend recently complained that her laptop keyboard was not working I immediately uninstalled and re-installed the troubles!!!! Laptop keyboard keyboard drivers same result I then plugged a new keyboard into the laptop to by-pass the internal one thinking this would fix my problems I was so so wrong Then proceeded to do the last resort formatting amp re-partition the HDD and reloaded Win Laptop keyboard troubles!!!! XP Pro Thinking this would fix my problems I was so so so so so wrong Now before you say I stupid I must warn you that it is simply like the CTRL key is always on Never stopping unless I activate the on-screen keyobard and press all right side ALT CTRL SHIFT PAUSE That allows me to break the cycle and use keyboard until I start again What I have narrowed it down to is that the keyboard laptop has some lock on it that will only work once I press a certain sequence of keystrokes It's not a windows thing I think otherswises I would have fixed it by re-installing a fresh copy of windows PLEASE HELP EVERYONE ANYONE

A:Laptop keyboard troubles!!!!

if its logitec download newer software for the keyboard.
or else try changing te layout of the keyboar t ous international or something else.