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Removing secondary partition from Ubuntu experiment

Q: Removing secondary partition from Ubuntu experiment

Have two hard drives, both had windows, tried to install Ubuntu on both with
same exact 'error' problem. Fdisk will remove the main partition but not the
other minor/secondary 4% of disk one.

Is there a program that will erase this unwanted partition or should I leave it
alone and hope that windows XP or even ME will install on either of these Hard Drives ?

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Preferred Solution: Removing secondary partition from Ubuntu experiment

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i have a Packard Bell Dot S2 Netbook. When i bought it, i made 2 partitions for Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Then I wanted to remove Ubuntu, so i deleted his partition. Now, when i restart, i read only "Grub rescue >".
I read in this forum that i should reinstall Windows 7 using the CD, but my netbook can't read CDs!
I can use another pc with Windows 7....can i use it to fix the problem?

A:Removing Ubuntu partition from Netbook, Windows 7 doesn't boot.

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You can create a w7 installer on a USB flash drive and reinstall with that. For how see here: Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Download the iso file for your w7 version from here, Dell Community Sometime the iso will not work the first time and requires a re-download.

Here is a tutorial with all the above info. USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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I insalled Ubuntu along side windows 7 , and then i removed it using the command prompt by typing the two commands ( i used windwos 7 DVD installtion disk)
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec fixmbr
and now when my computer starts it boots to windows 7...but when i try to delete the partition that contains the Ubuntu , it does not work, i use the disk management tools from windows, I've tried many times but every time i get the same message ...
is there any way to delete this partition from w7 or do i need to have third part software..

A:Can not delete Ubuntu partition after uninstalling Ubuntu

and what is the message ???
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I loaded a hard disk formatted as a Windows Primary Disk onto my SATA controller. The BIOS sees the disk. In this case I want to load the new disk as a secondary drive (of course I have booted with a different hard disk). I load the Partition Manager and inside I find that the partition manger does not see the new disk. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the new disk being a Windows 7 primary boot partition as well. I was hoping to get a drive letter mapped to it so I could extract some data from that disk. What should I be doing when this occurs?

Thank you...

A:Partition Manager. Primary Boot Partition as Secondary Drive.

Have you tried Disk Management? Right click computer and select manage, in the left column select disk management. In the lower portion of the window you will see each hard drive with drive letters. If you see one with no drive letter, right click it and select 'change drive letter or path, next screen select add, and pick whatever drive letter you would like from the drop down list. Once it gives it a drive letter, you will be able to see it in explorer. If you have data on the drive you would like to keep, Do Not format it, if Disk Management wants to.
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I have my Windows format disc and I want to create another partition with it. I tried to create one, but it said something like "You have no more space to create another partition because you used up all your space on your Windows primary partition". See, when I reformatted my computer a while back I just created 1 partition for Windows and applied all the space onto that partition.

I was wondering if there is a way I could remove some space off of my Windows primary partition and create another partition with the space I removed. I want to do this so I can put general things in my other partition such as documents, music, etc. and just leave the other partition for Windows and programs. This way, my computer will possibly run faster, etc.

Could someone tell me how to do this?

A:I want to create a secondary partition, but I added all space on primary partition

You didn't mention what operating system you have.. that could make a difference... Vista has made it a little easier to do.
I'll assume you have XP.

1.) First defrag your drive.

2.) Then back up everything, because partition changes can easily wipe out your whole drive.

3.) Then, use a program such as Parted Magic, Partition Logic, or Partion Magic to change your partition sizes.
I'm not sure this will help you that much that it's worth doing, but good luck with it.
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My Windows 8.1 crashed after I tried playing an offline copy of Half-Life 2 on Steam. Now my windows won't even load, or if it does, it won't do anything. I am currently not even able to boot it into safe mode from the login screen. I'm at my wit's end.
Here's the deal. I actually backed up all my data on my Windows partition on an external hard drive. My question is, if I press the little "Reset" button on the side of my conputer, will it affect my Ubuntu partition? My computer is a Lenovo Ideapad P500 Touch model.
Thanks for all the help!

A:Does reseting the Windows 8.1 partition affect my Ubuntu partition?

Hi fox Resetting your Windows 8 will affect your Ubuntu partition. Since it was probably not part of the original configuration the manufacturer of your laptop created for that laptop, it will most likely deleted and Windows 8.1 will be reinstalled on it. Resetting a computer under Windows 8.1 pretty much delete everything on it, re-format the hard drive correctly and reinstall Windows using the manufacturer system image on the DVD or partition included with the laptop/computer. If you want to read more about the Reset process, you can read the HowToGeek article below:
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I have an Acer Aspire 3680, and I noticed that my wifi is really bad on my Vista partition (I can barely move spots without disconnecting or slowing down) But my ubuntu partition wifi is perfect. I can move around freely and hardly ever disconnect. The Atheros drivers are installed correctly, I believe. So I don't know what the problem could be,.

A:Bad Wifi on Vista partition, but excellent on Ubuntu partition?

Do you have the latest wireless driver from Acer's web site?
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I have a second partition that I would like to install windoiws 7 pro on, but am not sure how to go about it, and once I do install it, how do I boot to it?

So, my questions are-
How do I install Windows 7 on this second partition
how do I boot to it

I know on my mac with boot camp I just hit the alt button and I have the choice of which OS to run.


A:How to boot to a secondary partition?

Originally Posted by mike6623

I have a second partition that I would like to install windoiws 7 pro on, but am not sure how to go about it, and once I do install it, how do I boot to it?

So, my questions are-
How do I install Windows 7 on this second partition
how do I boot to it

I know on my mac with boot camp I just hit the alt button and I have the choice of which OS to run.


You can install the windows 7 to the second partition by booting from the DVD, then selecting Windows 7 on the boot menu after you have successfully installed windows 7 on dual boot.
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My secondary NTFS partition is not mapped (has no drive letter) in Windows XP. This is due to one or more of the preceding events: moving partitions with Partition Magic, then installing Ubuntu and finially getting both NTFS partitions mapped for it, and finially getting XP to boot again after rebuilding the somehow deleted boot.ini . The status of the secondary partition is Healthy (system) in Disk Management. Again it IS accessable in Ubuntu. Thanks in advance

A:Secondary partition not mapped

You should be able to assign the partition a letter in Disk Management, which you seem to have found.
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Hi Friends,

I would like to get help with the following problem.

I have a Toshiba laptop with Linux(UBUNTU) in it. I do not have any of those CD's and now I want to install Windows xp in this machine by removing UBUNTU.Is this something possible with out UBUNTU CD's??I have a Win Xp cd.Please help me out and let me know if I need to download anything to make this happen.

If its not possible to remove UBUNTU please advise me if I can have Winxp along with that and have Dual OS.

Thanks in advance.


A:Install Win xp by removing Ubuntu.

If you are not concerned with data loss, then just boot from the XP CD, and follow the prompts for a "New" installation, and allow it to delete/create a new partition to replace the Ubuntu partition, and that's it.
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Hi, When I installed windows 7 I had 2 hard drives hooked up, a SATA drive "C:" and an IDE "D:". I installed windows to the SATA drive and now want to remove the IDE but when I do I get a message that says "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key." While researching this I have seen that windows will sometimes put some data on the secondary drive while installing and I should have pulled it before installing windows. Is this what happened to me and if so is there any way I can fix it without doing a "repair install" from the windows dvd? I've tried running the startup repair from the install disk and it didn't work. Windows XP was installed on the IDE drive when I installed windows 7 the to SATA drive. Thanks.

A:Windows 7 won't boot after removing secondary drive

Welcome Jwhite to the forums. One of your problems is that the install for windows 7 found your installed XP installation and made some changes in the boot record. Can we assume that you used to boot from the IDE drive with windows XP?

If So, then your probably out of luck as the system seems to think that your boot drive is really D as the boot record contains some information for the ntloader for windows 7.

I would bet that you won't be able to boot your XP installalation from your D drive if you remove your SATA drive from your machine.

I always recommend removing the cables from any other disk when doing an install.

Less aggrivation would be to remove the D drive and then boot your windows 7 dvd and do a format and install of windows 7.

Some of your data from the old D drive is probably still available once you have successfully installed Windows 7 on your Sata drive.

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I created a 50GB partition for Linux Ubuntu and other files and was advised not to designate the partition as dynamic. My question now is, since the partition does not have a letter designation how do i download and install Ubuntu to that partition?

I've been at this for two days now. PLEASE HELP!

A:Partition for Ubuntu

Hello mate.

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a maximized snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums
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I've got dual boot with XP Pro SP3 and Vista Ultimate.

I don't use the Vista and would like to just get that partition off my drive.
If I use various disk utilities to poke around on the C Drive, it will show me the partitions but I've got no way of knowing which is which.

At startup, XP has to be chosen or it will default to the Vista OS.
I just want it gone.
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okay, so i want to dual boot ubuntu and windows 7, i already have ubuntu up and running, and i want to install windows 7 on my secondary partition.

im getting an error saying "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate existing system partition. see the setup log files for more information"

I have tried installing windows 7 on unallocated space, and ntfs, but to no avail.

here's a pic:
(incase you're wondering partition 1 is ubuntu 10.10, 2 is where i want windows 7 ans 3 is SWAP space)

A:installing windows 7 on secondary partition


I would suggest you use the free Partition Wizard boot disk to create and format the partition you want to use for Windows 7 as a Primary partition and then use PW to mark that same partition as active, then start the install and just to be sure you have no file system errors use the Windows 7 installer to format the partition again, then finish the install.
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I am setting up a secondary slave drive for photo storage and want to know if it is normal to have it automatically create an area of 181mgs for the (Healthy (active, OEM partition). I wanted all the drive space dedicated to it. Its only 181 megs out of 1.3TB, but just wanted to know if that is normal.

A:OEM Partition on secondary hard drive?

Sounds like you are a used HDD, which has not been cleaned.

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums
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Alrighty so once again I find myself at a loss with this bloody Vista system When I purchased the computer the company had set in Vista Setting as secondary partition up my gig hard drive with a gig partition intended as a secondary partition I just formatted the entire computer and reinstalled windows including the secondary drive However after this was done the secondary partition is being marked as a primary partition Vista is installed on the larger primary partition and I simply want to assign the smaller portion to be secondary I ve checked around Setting partition as secondary in Vista in Computer Management Setting partition as secondary in Vista and can t seem to find the method in which to do so and until I do so it won t show up as a useable drive Setting partition as secondary in Vista even though it s set to E in my computer the E drive simply doesn t appear I imagine there s a simple way to do this but I can t seem to find it anywhere Thanks Got it working In case anyone reads this looking for answers the way I fixed it was after the initial format while installing windows I went into computer management and instead of straight formatting the drive I deleted the partition so it became unallocated space Once that was done I formatted the drive again it still comes up primary but is now viewable and useable in quot My Computer quot nbsp
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Recently I installed Ubuntu on my HP laptop with Vista. I have since decided to remove it and stupidly deleted the partitions using a program in Vista. I then got a GRUB error and had to reinstall Ubuntu using the LiveCD to be able to boot to either OS.

So I have searched around and found out that I need to perform the fixmbr command to restore the master boot record in Vista. Then I could safely remove Ubuntu? However I do not have a Vista CD, it came pre-installed and have no idea what to do as everything that I have read has told me to use a CD that I do not have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I Have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and just installed linux ubuntu 9.10 as a dual boot option. After playing around with it I realized I don't want it as a full os yet. Video problems, sound issues, flash player issues. How would I remove it from a dual boot option and set the space back to windows?

A:Removing Ubuntu 9.10 from Dual Boot

One way is to right click on my computer, click on the manage option. There you can delete the section of hard drive that was allocated to the Ubuntu installation and then expand the Windows 7 drive to take up the empty space left behind.

Also you can remove it from your boot options by following this simple tutorial.

BCDEDIT - How to Use
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I just recently installed the latest version of Ubuntu on my computer And it seems that there is absolutely no way for me to access it It s a frustrating matter really But there are a few red flags in this situation First of all when installing Ubuntu in the first place it offered me no selection to choose which drive to install it on going straight for my SSD that I wanted to leave reserved for Windows But whatever right I just needed it so that I could play around with an old hard drive that I needed to do some work Troubles with Ubuntu Running/Removing on But then after asking what language I wanted Troubles with Running/Removing Ubuntu to install in it went straight to the desktop and the cursor went to the quot waiting quot animation and stayed that way Troubles with Running/Removing Ubuntu After waiting for over fifteen minutes for anything to happen or to be given any possible means of interfacing with the system other than the three icons at the top - I m new to Linux but I feel like I should be given at least a little more control or at least some direction I got fed up and tried restarting No use Then Shut Down Nothing Finally reluctantly I forced a hard reboot Now whenever I restart my system GRUB does not appear with any boot options instead it just goes straight for Windows I ve tried using the Ubuntu installation disc I created to try and re-access the OS but it does not offer any options beside installation So now I have an inaccessible copy of Ubuntu floating on my SSD So I went ahead to try and uninstall I ve followed several guides and all of them give the same instructions use the Command Prompt to repair MBD and drop GRUB which appears to have worked and go through Computer Management and manually delete the partitions Except manually deleting the partitions does not seem to be an option Two blank non-NTSF partitions were listed in Disk Management and only one had been given the option to be deleted Upon attempting to delete it it of course tells me it was not created by Windows and asks for my approval to continue Upon my approval it then says this quot The partition Simple Volume is currently in use To force the deletion of this partition click Yes WARNING Forcing a deletion might cause unexpected errors in the application that is using this partition Do you want to continue quot Clicking quot Yes quot leads to this quot Delete is not allowed on the current boot system pagefile crashdump or hibernation volume quot I ve pored through guide after guide and none of them offer any support from this point Every guide I read appears confident that I will be able to delete the partition with no troubles whatsoever It seems to me that I have an unusual circumstance on my hands And to make matters even worse any options to delete the partitions have vanished and the right-click menu is fully greyed-out Also I should note I have been having some weirdness going on with my Gigabyte A-DS P motherboard It seems having too many USB devices plugged into my computer at the same time had caused my BIOS menu to load only partially or not at all rendering it totally inaccessible leading me to force a reboot Research into this problem has led me to find a review here or there that says Linux does not so much agree with this motherboard I m not sure if that s relevant at all and I have no idea how the motherboard would strongly affect the operation of Linux but there it is Any help I can get on this matter would be greatly appreciated And if more hardware specs are needed I will be happy to provide them Thanks in advance nbsp
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I've installed XP W7 Pro x64, Ubuntu and Pro Partition: Triple x86, 10.04 XP and W about three times today and once yesterday I just can't get them to sync What I am attempting Triple Partition: XP Pro x86, W7 Pro x64, and Ubuntu 10.04 to do is create a triple partition on a single Seagate Barracude GB HD by first installing XP Pro x then W Pro x and finally Ubuntu LTS Previously I had a W and Ubuntu dual partition with XP running on W 's XP Virtual Mode I had no problem with that configuration except for the fact that I needed to use XP Recovery Console for class and observed that it was impossible with XP running in Virtual Mode because you cannot access the boot menu in VM Now I have XP W and Ubuntu boot discs I installed XP on a GB NTFS primary partition and I was able to boot into it just fine Next I put in the W and installed that in a GB NTFS primary partition I was able to boot into W just fine but when I attempted to boot into XP I got a BSOD blue screen of death NOTE Based on research I understood that you cannot without much difficulty install XP on a SATA HD So before I even installed XP I went into the BIOS and changed the controller to IDE It remained in the IDE setting for both the XP and W installation NOTE After installing both OS's I changed the controller to SATA and neither would boot The XP remained a BSOD and the W would not boot past a certain screen See attachment for what EasyBCD revealed for the HD configuration I need an excellent tutorial or something to help me get this working I haven't even been able to get Ubuntu installed this time around because I'm too busy trying to resolve the XP-W issue Thank you Please give me any advice you can

A:Triple Partition: XP Pro x86, W7 Pro x64, and Ubuntu 10.04

If you install XP in the IDE mode and you change to the AHCI mode, you'll get a blue screen when trying to boot from XP. That's because the AHCI driver needed for XP to boot wasn't installed.

You can slipstream the AHCI driver into a new XP user created installation disc. That way you can install XP and Windows 7 using the AHCI mode, I'm not sure about the procedure for Ubuntu. Someone else will weigh in on this, with some tutorials.
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I was trying to open a file I saved in my Ubuntu partition with Wordpad, and for my surprise, Vista couldn't find the partitioned driver.

Why does it happen? How do I fix it?


A:Can't see Ubuntu Partition in Vista

Its because Windows does not recognise Linux partitions. You need to save documents to a USB flash disk or some other removable drive which is formatted as FAT32 so that both systems can read/write to it.
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Vista Home Premium 320G HD, 4G RAM.

I had to try Ubuntu for a couple of months and will say there are some features in a Linux system that are highly desirable. However, I've played with it enough and found that the advances in Windows OS's makes it a far better choice for me. That said, I want to uninstall Ubuntu and the Partition on which it resides. Ideally, I'd like to regain that space where Vista is installed. (Screenshot of disk)

I used the GRUB installer (a nice installer) to install Ubuntu and it manages computer startups.
What the method of choice to delete a partition and regain the space on the drive where Vista is installed.

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Uninstall Ubuntu on its own partition

HI Markaz
This should answer your questions
How To Safely Uninstall Ubuntu From A Windows Dual-Boot PC
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I've been using ubuntu sometimes on my computer on dual book option with windows but when I decided to delete the ubuntu partition some boot problems and partitions problems came I've already solved the boot problem but the partition problems still I've deleted the ubuntu partition from the widndows disk manager and now I can't merge it with the C partition again and I can't create an another disk parition because it says that I've reached the max allowed for my HDD Here is a little video of my problem before I installed ubuntu the option quot extend quot on Ubuntu partition problem the C context menu was available and I could merge them but after the install of ubuntu and after I delete the partition y can't use that option anymore Extra when I Ubuntu partition problem deleted the partition it took no time about or seconds so obviously all the information inside that partition still there but on the disk manager it shows as free space Maybe what I have to do is format it but the disk manager does not allow me to do that Thanks for your help

A:Ubuntu partition problem

You might want to try partition wizard to do that.

Partition Wizard Home Edition - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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So heres the deal. I deleted the Ubuntu 10.04 partition in windows computer management/disk management. Then i shut down the computer, upon booting up i was greeted with an grub error and unable to boot into windows. I used super grub disk, now windows boots up fine now. I'm left with this now, three other partitions and a 218gb of free space. How can i allocate my free space (218gb) to my C: drive? I right click my C: drive but the extend volume is grayed out. Only the Shrink volume is selectable.

A:Deleted Ubuntu 10.04 partition

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot
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Hi All,
I recently installed Ubuntu by making a seperate partition on my machine, but it really isn't working right. So I repaired the windows boot launcher (using a repair disk) and I now want to completely remove linux and reclaim the partition as my own.


Thanks in advanced!

A:Deleting a Partition (Ubuntu)

Assuming you just have Vista on C: partition and the ubuntu partition is immediately after, you should be able to go into Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Disk Management. Delete the ubuntu partition so it shows as unallocated space. Expand C: to include all of it.

If you have an image backup program I would do that first if you are inexperienced with disk partitioning. If Disk Management gives you a hard time you can use Partition Wizard freeware boot CD instead. Disk Management should do it for you in a few minutes. It's not complicated.
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Ok, for a while now, I've been dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04. However, now I just want to have Windows 7 and get rid of Ubuntu. How do I get rid of the partition while making sure Windows 7 will boot up normally? I know you have to go into Disk Management, delete the Ubuntu partitions and then extend the Windows 7 partition so that it takes up the entire hard drive again. After that, with the GRUB boot loader from Ubuntu gone, how do I make sure that Windows 7 will boot normally? I heard you can insert the Windows 7 Installation DVD and choose to repair your computer and then choose Startup Repair. However, could someone please confirm this? I don't want to end up doing a full install of Windows 7 again.

A:Deleting Ubuntu 9.04 Partition

You are going perfect. No issues in your method.
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Hey guys, I have no idea where to post this so I decided to post it here. Sorry for being a noob.

I'm dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 8.1, no errors, both run smoothly, all's good. :3
Thing is, when I installed Ubuntu, I gave it 70 gbs of space.. And I regret it. I want it to have more.
Is there anyway I can resize Ubuntu partition safely without damaging anything in both operating systems?
If so, where do I resize it? In Win8.1 or Ubuntu?

A:Resizing partition for Ubuntu

This guide should help you.

How to Resize Your Ubuntu Partitions

Posted via Blue Vivo IV Android Smartphone
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I have a secondary partition on my son's computer's hard drive. Files (any type) cannot be saved to it, unless I open the program I'm using as Administrator, then I can save to that partition. Is there a way to fix this partition so files can be saved to it without needing administrative rights? Thanks.

Just now saw this tutorial here. Will try it out.
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Hi Folks I have contrived to partition active without partition? removing to change data from How get two active partitions on my PC After a week old hard drive D amp F - died I replaced now F amp G it with an old drive that had previously been configured with XP and as a boot drive I don t think it is acting as boot as drive C has an active partition and boot and largely the computer runs fine with the exception of G not being search index able And there being a phantom path in the backup which I can t reset So the question How do I remove the active setting on G it holds all the variable windows data and will it lose all the data Im at that point where a little knowledge is dangerous and have seen some genius replies so thought I would ask and see if you could help me out See attached screen shot NB The old drive partitions were formatted before being repopulated

A:How to change active partition without removing data from partition?

Hello and welcome to the forums MarkRocketman!

You can easily change the active/inactive flag on a partition easily by following these steps:-

Removing the Active Flag from a Partition
(on a drive that's not currenly being used as a boot drive)

First, open an elevated command prompt in Windows:-

1. Click Start Orb
2. In search box, type cmd
3. Right-click on cmd.exe, and choose 'Run as Administrator'

In the elevated command prompt type in the following commands:-

SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the HDD in question)
SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the Partition that holds G)
Hope that helps!

EDIT:- As a supplementary addition here's how change it back to active:-

SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the Partition you want to activate)
Exit (to exit Diskpart)
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i was dual booting with windows 7 and ubuntu. i wanted to remove ubuntu so i formatted the hd it was on (not on the same hd as w7), but now, my pc wont start up. i tried the repair feature with the windows disc as well as restoring to a previous back up. windows 7 does not show up as an option. so i removed the hd that ubuntu was on, and still nothing. the pc wont even load. all i get is the flashing cursor on the screen.

now, i put in the windows 7 disc and selected to try and find my os, My Computer pops up and i am able to see my files and the hd that windows is on. but it tells me to load a driver. im not sure where to find this driver.

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:windows wont load after removing ubuntu

let me also mentioned that i tried to reinstall ubuntu to the hd and it did not work. i tried to install a different version of windows 7 over the hd and nothing. i got a message saying that the format (NTFS) was not usable with windows 7. i removed the hd from my pc, put it into an external case and connected it to a laptop. it was not recognized.
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Hello I have installed windows on a different partition without removing windows xp Now I am having trouble removing windows xp from my windows ubuntu boot Ubuntu triple Removing Windows 7, boot XP from The problem is when I try to delete the partition it keeps telling me quot Delete is not allowed on the current boot system pagefile crashdump or hibernation volume quot Here is my Disk Management Simple Basic Healthy Primary Partition Removing XP from Windows 7, Ubuntu triple boot - gt Linux C Simple Basic NTFS Healthy Boot Page File Active Crash Dump Primary Partition - gt win D Simple Basic NTFS Healthy System Primary Partition - gt xp E Simple Basic NTFS Healthy Logical Drive - gt for data In boot manager I only have one boot entry quot Windows quot because I removed windows and Removing XP from Windows 7, Ubuntu triple boot ubuntu from it using easybcd i use grub for all Even if the Boot is written for win in disk management I don't have bootmgr and boot in my win partition It's in winxp partition EasyBCD keeps giving me error quot The boot configuration data store could not be opened The system cannot find the file specified quot so i have to manually refer to the BCD file located in winxp partition What should I do to remove windows xp Thanks Kasya

A:Removing XP from Windows 7, Ubuntu triple boot

It says it is the system partition. Thus the Bootloader for windows 7 resides on it. You can delete the Windows folder, and many of the other folders on the XP drive, but not the Boot - Boot Configuration Data (BCD) folder or many of the files in the Root of that drive - if you do, you may need to repair or reinstall windows 7.
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Hey guys! I recently uninstalled Ubuntu (installed to Windows) but its still on the boot order. The boot order is however NOT GRUB so I am wondering how to remove it. Thanks!

A:Removing ubuntu from Boot Order Windows 7


There is a file that lists the boot information, but I can't remember where it is. I am going to through this over to the windows folks as they will know what file I am talking about and know where it is.

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Okay so I ve spent the last couple hours researching how to remove my ubuntu partition from a multi-OS boot with Windows and Vista still boot with Windows dual 7 Ubuntu in removing not convinced of an exact method or strategy I need the space but am more afraid of losing all my data and having to reformat and reinstall Windows Yes my data is backed up but it s just the hassle of having to reinstall apps and shortcuts and every single little thing I ve tweaked especially the registry in the past year Does anyone know of a full proof method to uninstall and remove this ubuntu linux removing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 7 partition Does the fact the i installed Windows after Ubuntu laptop came with Vista then installed Ubuntu to dual boot then recently got change anything or the fact that Windows is listed as my default OS Until i know for sure i guess I m just gonna have to leave it there any help would be greatly appreciated I knew that grub was gonna come back and kick me in the ass Vista Home Premium Ubuntu Windows Professional Thanks

A:removing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 7

So you have a triple-boot? Vista, Ubuntu, and 7?Do this for me while inside Windows 7:in the Start Menu search, type this and hit Enter:msconfigOnce on the "Boot" tab, take a screenshot and post it here.
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I have a Lenovo V laptop which had a working XP-SP system with hard disk partitioned for data and OS and Lenovo s infuriating hidden partition for recovery I decided to install Ubuntu dual boot - all went well - GRUB took over booting Today I tried to remove the dual boot and revert to XP-only I followed instructions found elsewhere that told me use compmgmt msc to remove the Ubuntu-XP Disaster Boot Removing Dual partitions then Removing Dual Boot Ubuntu-XP Disaster use my install-CD to go into repair mode and run a program to fix the mbr - I used the disk utility to remove the two ubuntu partitions - I booted using the XP CD What went wrong - When I tried to enter the repair mode it repeatedly told me it couldn t find a hard disk Removing Dual Boot Ubuntu-XP Disaster and gave me only the option to reboot - which didn t help - Now when I boot without the CD in place I get an error message from GRUB - error - and am totally stuck I tried using the XP CD again and am still told that there aren t any HD s available What should I do to get back my working XP nbsp

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Wubi [Ubuntu Installer]:


What happens when I right click on the 30GB empty partition in Disk Management:

What happens when I try to format the empty partition:

I hope you can get what is wrong with all the pictures :P

A:Can't install Ubuntu onto empty partition

The boot files for C are on E as shown by the System Active flags, however the status of the partition is RAW, or ruined. Will C still even boot?

You can try to move the System boot files to C using EasyBCD but they may be damaged. If so you can try the choice to Re-create/Repair them at the same time. EasyBCD (free Download at bottom of page - no name or email required)

I would then try to Delete the partition or do a partition-specific wipe using free Partition Wizard - Use the Bootable CD - Option Two.

The cleanest method is here to Dual boot Ubuntu-Win7
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first of all been awhile since I last posted here I recently tried to remove ubuntu from my computer and got the grub rescue screen tried redoing the computer from recovery partition this didn t work tried reinstalling Ubuntu didn t work still grub rescue changed some settings and now i get grub to come up has the options for ubuntu and the windows recovery environment when trying to go to windows recovery grub just restarts I searched and found many kind of like issues but most were solved with into partition can't recovery Ubuntu get removed a windows disk I found disk that I had from a college upgrade program and nothing removed Ubuntu can't get into recovery partition worked for me from the repair computer option selecting console i tried fixboot fixmbr as well as the steps in this article http www sevenforums com installation-setup -remove-grub-restore-windows- -a html called sony about the issue all they said they could do is send out the disk for plus tax and shipping any help would be appreciated and thanks in advanced nbsp

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I am working on windows 7 (64 bit ) . Can i have Ubuntu installed in another partition ? I tried to install ubuntu but unable to complete the process. Is it because Ubuntu works only on 32 bit ? or the installation CD corrupted ?

A:Unable to install UBUNTU in a different partition

Hi Muralikrishna
Depending on the Ubuntu version it should work in 64 bits. But that woudl only make a difference if you are invoking the installation from your 64bits Win7, and I don't think that is the way you can install Ubuntu, you should boot from the install DVD
The DVD might be bad, burn it at slow speed and check that the iso file was not corrupt (check the MD5 checksum)
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Im using dell inspiron 1564.this is a dual boot system-(windows7 & ubuntu). Recently my system got affected by viruses. Even-though i have a working antivirus I get frequent pop-ups saying "threat detected". I'm tired with deleting those viruses. so decided to restore system from OEM partition to get rid of all those viruses. before installing ubuntu I had a single partition (c:\), then i made it into two partitions one for ubuntu clean install. now if I restore my system to factory settings from OEM of windows7 will the partition of ubuntu get formatted or deleted? I need help please. Thanks in advance for any kind help....

A:will the partition of ubuntu get formatted or deleted?

Are you sure the pop-up is from your AV or the Win7 Firewall and not a fake AV trojan which you clicked on from a pop-up which has now infected your System. If so you'd want to run Combofix to repair infection. There are other steps in posts 9 and 11 here which can overcome this type of infection: Fake AV infection - files hidden?

Normally Dell DataSafe Recovery will restore the HD back to factory condition when it is run, unless it offers to direct the restore to a named partition. Dell Restoring Your Computer?s Software to the Factory Settings

A better option for you might be to do a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 while deleting the Win7 partition to recreate and format it during install. Everything you need is in the blue link.

Then follow Barman's procedure here to set up the Dual Boot so that GRUB can't corrupt Win7 as it can do otherwise when on the same HD: Dual boot Ubuntu-Win7
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Now I can't boot from the harddrive at all even after reinstallng windows history I installed a new drive and since I need to test apps on multiple operating partition damaged windows my ubuntu systems I install ubuntu damaged my windows partition several windows versions I spend two weeks installing many windows versions then updating and installing software on each then before I was about to clone the drive to use on other systems I installed ubuntu All ubuntu damaged my windows partition was fine I had Win pro win xp pro k datacenter and vista and seven in and bit versions all living with ubuntu until ubuntu asked to update from to When done the ubuntu damaged my windows partition Grub bootloader would fail to load the win seven bootloader After about hrs tryng to fix it I decided to delete the ubuntu and use my windows disc to overwrite the grub bootloader I did it successfully according to windows but it wouldn't load and nothin would boot I then try to reinstall Seven on the first partition hoping it would at least boot that and all seemed well during install but as soon as it tried to boot from harddrive nothin happened I then tried to reinstall one of the WinXP versions to let it overwrite the Seven boot loader but the same problem it's like something is stopping this partiton from booting I didn't want to wipe the partition if I don'thave to so I tried to use Gparted to resize and move it making it partition and a fresh partition to instal win on and hoped it would see and setup the booting of the other versions but I couldn't even move the martition unspecified error I think I'm about to just wipe the drive and start over losing weeks of work unless someone has a magic cure I've already tried to restore master boot records boot sectore fix every windows and rd partytool says it's fixed but it won't boot and won't instal Ubuntu's help is worthless unless it's ubuntu thats broken Every choice they have in installation recovery is to deal with ubuntu not working nothing at all with it killing allyour windows installations nor is there a way to quot undo quot the update or installation

A:ubuntu damaged my windows partition

All Linux code must be deleted using the CLEAN ALL command.As you have had linux on the HD you need do a Clean all & full format.

Type in command line

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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I just recently installed Ubuntu 13.04 in my new msi laptop. My goal is to hide Windows 8 partition in ubuntu and vice versa.
In ubuntu, I disabled auto mount so it is working as desired.
In windows 8 disk manager, I cannot seem to find a way to hide the ubuntu partitions.

My goal is to keep windows and ubuntu partions (in windows drives) to see each other to protect the parition from accidental damage.

Is there a way to this in windows 8 home edition?

I hope somebody here have more success than me.

Thanks in advance

A:Hide ubuntu partition in Windows 8

Hide partitions in windows by removing the assigned drive letter in the Disk Management Console.

How do I hide specific drives/partitions in Windows 7? - Windows 7 Help Forums

It is similar in Windows 8 - the link in post #3 points to Shawn Brinks tutorial:

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums

Even more protection is offered if the formatted filesystem for the Ubuntu installation is unreadable by Windows - such as ext3.
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I installed Ubuntu 14.04 a few weeks ago and I was happy about it, but I need to sell this PC and I need to install Windows in it. The problem here is that I erased the recovery partition by accident and I can't install Windows with a CD because my computer doesn't have a disk case, the model of my PC is Lenovo Yoga 11s.

I tried to make a booteable Windows 7 USB with Unetbootin, but the BIOS doesn't let me boot from the USB slot. My BIOS configuration was in Legacy Support and my USB was the priority to boot. My USB was formatted in NTFS. When I open the boot menu it take me to the Grub of Ubuntu.

I don't know what else to do... I just need to install Windows, it doesn't matter if is 7 or 8.

A:How do I remove Ubuntu without recovery partition, USB boo

I'd download the GPARTED .iso file [Google Search], created the disc using the burning program, booted to it and wiped the HDD then installed Windows. Since I couldn't boot to a Thumb/Flash drive I obtained an External USB Optical drive to do it. All the Netbooks I've worked with booted in such a manner, no other way to install the OS from CD or DVD.

The basic reason for wiping the HDD is that Linux [most versions] change the formatting of the HDD and Windows usually can't deal with it directly.
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I have gone experimental yesterday and installed ubuntu along side windows.But later realised that a bad idea and deleted the linux partition.Now I can be able boot into windows and everything is fine except my personal files partition d: drive just went missing from explorer......:-( but I can see 500 gb of free space in the disk management window....I have got 2 questions 1) are all my files are deleted?
2) how can I recover the partitions?

my hard disk is samsung ata 1tb has 3 partitions c: f: and 100 of os space and 500 gb of free space( it cannot be allocated to any partition)

A:partition went missing after ubuntu uninstall!

Are you certain grub has been completely removed?
It can sometimes cause problems like this.
Once you verify grub is removed then you can attempt a normal windows startup repair to try and save your install.
Remove Grub - Restore Windows 7
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I wanted to test drive Ubuntu and install it TOGETHER with my Windows Vista However the Ubuntu installing failed and somehow corrupted and can t continue the installation So right this moment I m still on quot test drive quot mode in Ubuntu that is running on a CD drive Apparently it erased all drive OS partition erased and Ubuntu my hard drive because I can t boot into Windows won t load at all and the F recovery partition would not load either This computer did not come with a recovery disk I have the HP m n and it s refurbished I just realised that these computers have these stickers that contain the product key Since I do have the product key on the side of my comp would it be possible Ubuntu erased OS and partition drive for me to attain a copy of Windows Vista Home Edition CD from my friend and Ubuntu erased OS and partition drive use my product key I happen to have an OEM machine so would that affect it as well Someone suggested i get the recovery kit from HP but dont these disks need thesystem recovery drive partition to work So i guess that isnt an option Thanks for the help i appreciate all the help i recieve nbsp

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Hello Everyone,

I just got a new laptop that has a 256GB SSD boot drive and a 1TB HDD Storage drive. Dell put 2 recovery partitions and and OEM partition on the SSD and I want to maximize my SSD space. I have already created a USB recovery media but I would like to be able to still reset or refresh my PC if I need to while on the go. Is there a way to move or copy these partitions over to the HDD and have the Windows Recovery Environment still be bootable and the reset and refresh functions still working?

Thanks for the help

A:Bootable Recovery Partition on Secondary HDD Storage Drive

from command prompt(admin)
type> diskpart
type> list disk
type> select disk # (# being the disk number for the ssd)
type> list partition
type> exit
type> reagentc /info

post a pic of cmd window
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OK, my problem is the following:

When I was installing Windows 7 I partitioned my hard drive into two parts. The first one I allocated 20GB of free space for Windows to use. The second one I crated, was allocated 230 something GB for music, software, etc. The problem is that when I started my computer for the first time only the first one (20GB) was showing under My computer. The second one (230GB) wasn't there as a separate label. How do I make this work? Please help. Thank you in advance.

A:Secondary partition created doesn't show under My Comp


That seems pretty straightforward. Type diskmgmt.msc into the start menu and press enter.

Right-click on the "hidden" partition and select Assign drive letter and paths. Then give that drive a letter!

Good luck,
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I have Windows vista and currently dual boot ubuntu linux

I was thinking about removing linux as my dad is not happy with it dual booting because he is not familiar with it

I was wondering if factory restore would remove everything to do with linux. or would it still be there but with no documents or anything...

I have a few quick questions to add to this topic being:

1) Would linux be permanently removed if i tried factory restore
2) Would the partitions be eliminated leaving only one full partition

replies would be greatly appreciated

thank you!

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i am running windows xp and ubuntu linux on my computer (dual boot) but i can't really get ubuntu to work properly. how would i uninstall it as well as the partition between linux and windows?

A:removing ubuntu (linux) from a dual boot system

how is your machine partitioned?
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Installed ubuntu and decided I didnt like it so I deleted the partition now when I boot I boot I get this: error: no such partition. grub rescue>. What do I need to do so I can boot back to windows without a disk? I can boot to windows with a disk but not otherwise.

A:Problems booting after Ubuntu partition deletion

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot

If you have not made your Startup Repair
System Repair Disc - Create
Do you have a mate with Windows 7 & CD/DVD RW Drive, how could burn one off.

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.

How to use Toshiba Recovery.
How to use the Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility

You can order Toshiba Recovery disks from here:
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Here's what happened I made a dual boot system with Ubuntu and Windows with a GRUB boot loader on my TB HDD partition Ubuntu Hang OOM/Windows Dualboot after allocating about lt GB including all proper partitions to Ubuntu and GB to Windows since I read that it's better to install the OS to a smaller partition Dualboot Ubuntu OOM/Windows Hang after partition leaving the GB of unallocated space thinking I could partition it later since I was busy at the time The system ran perfectly fine until I decided to partition all of the unallocated space using Disk Management on Windows Dualboot Ubuntu OOM/Windows Hang after partition probably not the greatest idea ever It took some time so I went on to do other stuff Next time I checked I saw an endless stream of command lines such as Out of memory Kill process systemd-udevd score or sacrifice child Killed process systemd-udevd total-vm kB anon-rss kB file-rss kB until a blank screen appears After restarting the computer I tried booting Windows and it hangs on the Starting Windows screen Trying to boot Ubuntu results in the same Out of memory failure Safe mode with networking doesn't load either gets stuck on CLASSPNP sys After this I've tried connecting the HDD to an another computer with Windows since I only need the files Strangely whenever the HDD is connected to the other computer the Windows from the other HDD also hangs on the Starting Windows screen After disconnecting the HDD other computer Windows loads perfectly I'm absolutely sure that the first boot device selected in BIOS was from the healthy computer Only thing I need is to backup the data stored I don't think I'll mess with any dual boot systems for a while after this D Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Hi I have a small query about this whole partitioning business I'm trying to set up a partition so I can dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu My computer came with a Dell Recovery partition and an OEM partition as well as the main C drive which are all primaries I've created a new logical drive which I've called Z with the idea being to install the Linux OS in that Ubuntu to dual-boot 7 a partition Windows up and Set chunk of the drive My first question First up I've formatted it as quot exFAT quot - is this the same as FAT Next question can I divide this 'Z' into smaller chunks with different formats or do they all have to be the same format I was hoping to be able to format a small bit of the drive into a Linux filesystem so that both OSs can be kept entirely separate from each other but leave the bulk of it as FAT so that I can see my files with both Set up a partition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu OSs If this is not possible what would be the best way to achieve the desired result Thanks for any help McG

A:Set up a partition to dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

Hi McG, welcome to the forums.
I can't really answer your questions about Ubuntu, but I recommend you start by checking this thread at the Ubuntu forum. I would save it since you might come into those problems when trying to install Ubuntu in your disc.
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I need to (for recovery purposes) mount an NTFS partition so I can copy files off of it to an external drive using ubuntu.

How do I mount the drive so I can read it while running the live CD?
It says I don't have permissions to view it when i tell it to mount it...

A:Mount an NTFS partition on ubuntu live CD

You will find that a Knoppix live CD,or EBCD,

or the Ultimate Boot CD,or Trinity Rescue CD,

are easier to copy off files with.

If you still want to use Ubuntu,there is a page HERE
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Hello all I am running Windows on my Acer Aspire V - PG Well Windows may be a stretch Months ago I decided to switch to a dual-boot configuration of Windows and ubuntu To accomplish this I switched my bootloader from UEFI to GRUB uefi restoring ubuntu deleted partition, I decided ubuntu was not for me and rather than looking up uninstallation techniques I simply removed the ubuntu partition and used a third-party tool to reallocate the empty space deleted ubuntu partition, restoring uefi to my Windows partition I somehow managed to create my ubuntu volume to the left of the Windows volume so that was a complete pain Now I am stuck with a GRUB startup scheme displayed in pictures below Above is the first screen I figured out that to navigate to the next menu I have to type quot exit quot After I first type quot exit quot and hit enter the same screen comes up I repeat the process and the next screen is shown When I select quot Windows Boot Manager quot I am able to successfully boot Windows I also checked my disk partition settings and I infer that I have also mistakenly deleted my recovery volume Any help and direction in repairing my disaster of a bootloader would be much appreciated

A:deleted ubuntu partition, restoring uefi

Go into the BIOS and under Boot Options delete the Ubuntu as a boot source. Then move the Windows Boot Loader up in the boot order to boot first. This has worked for me.
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So I was running Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my laptop on a 64 gb SSD and I decided that I no longer wanted to have Ubuntu taking up valuable space. I look around and it seemed like all I had to do was delete the partition that Ubuntu was taking up, which was close to 20GB. I did that, then I tried to combine the main partition and the previously ubuntu partition but it was separate volumes so I had no luck. I shut it down and when I tried to restart it, the screen is black with one line which reads, "grub recovery>" So again I've looked around but haven't found anything reliable to do. I thought this would be a good place to look. Any suggestions?

A:Laptop won't start up after deleting Ubuntu partition

Boot into System Recovery Options

open a Command line to mark Win7 or it's 100mb System Reserved partition (preferred) active: Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

Then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts on it own and holds the System Active flags.

Then post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk mgmt drive map with listings and we'll help you recover the HD space into Win7: Screen Shots
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Hello First post and I wish it was under better circumstances I think I've put this in the wrong section Sorry I have managed to wipe my Windows partition while installing the latest release of Ubuntu v I've had my HDD split in two with both Windows updated to Update and Ubuntu and dual-booted between them for over a year During the Ubunut install it informed me that I had a previous version of Ubuntu and would I like to wipe the partition that it occupied and install cleanly I chose that It also offered a chance to use free space Now why I accepted that I don't know but the definition of free space seems to include any other partitions on the drive Next? installing Windows Ubuntu. partition while Wiped and didn't warn of this either The upshot is that I now have a TB drive with no Windows on it I've lost all my email pics etc etc I tried using my rescue DVD that I created from within Windows and at I am asked to insert the second disc I don't have a second disk I had to Wiped Windows partition while installing Ubuntu. Next? force my laptop to power down in order to do anything In order to get online I ended up installing Ubuntu again and it definitely shows no Windows partition I've already ordered a retail copy of Windows and I'm hoping that I can install this with no issues on what is effectively a clean drive Am I correct in that assumption Is there anything else I can try that might rescue it I have a Dell Inspiron r SE that is out of warranty so no support from Dell I'm in the UK too if that helps Thank you very very much in advance

A:Wiped Windows partition while installing Ubuntu. Next?

try i care data recovery it has a 80% chance to recover your file i recommend stellar too but prefer i care over it
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i have Ubuntu dual booted with windows 7 32 bit, i am running out of space on my hard drive and am not using the 100 gigabytes i partitioned of for Ubuntu, i was hoping that someone might know how to change the partition size as i cant find out how to do it.
Thanks very much

A:Change partition size of Ubuntu in Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by sholtob

i have Ubuntu dual booted with windows 7 32 bit, i am running out of space on my hard drive and am not using the 100 gigabytes i partitioned of for Ubuntu, i was hoping that someone might know how to change the partition size as i cant find out how to do it.
Thanks very much

Boot with the Ubuntu Live CD, select "Try Ubuntu", and use gparted to shrink the Ubuntu partition and extend the Windows partition. Don't use the Windows Partition Manager, or you won't be able to boot Ubuntu.
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I've had two disks:
1- SSD drive with OS
2- HDD with 4 partitions + system reserved

Because i wanted to get rid of system reserved partition i've deleted and extended one of those 4..
After that i formated and installed windows 7 x64 on my SSD.
Right now the hdd partitions won't show up, and the only way i can see those partitions is running windows installation cd, but they are listed as Dynamic and cant do anything about them. The partition i resized appears multiple times, i don't know what to do. I'm desperate here.

Gregrocker if you are around, please help me out.

A:Deleted System reserved partition on secondary hard drive

While you're waiting you should post a screen shot of the HDD.
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
If you have made 5 partitions you have probably made the HDD dynamic and should attempt to make it basic again. A basic drive can have a maximum of 4 primary partitions.
Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk
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Hi ya'll.

I have a 3-months old Dell laptop, which I need to do a factory reset for, using the recovery partition.
Since I don't have an external hdd available, in order to backup everything I needed (roughly 95 GB), I shrunk my C drive by 100 gig and created a secondary partition, and just moved my files there.

Now, if I remember correctly, unlike windows disc-installation, it won't let me choose which drive to format and install the new OS on, it'll just delete everything and restore it to the state it was in when I first got it.

Since both drives are on the same HDD, will it actually be deleted? (the secondary drive).
If yes, what can I do to "tell it" not to touch that drive?

Inspiron 15 3537
1TB 5400RPM


A:Restoring Windows 8 to factory state, without deleting secondary partition

Let's back up a minute. Your Recovery Partition is already a second partition. Did you create a 3rd and does it have a new drive letter?
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I was recently doing a fresh install on my SSD (primary). I saw a 100mb system reserved partition and deleted it thinking it was from the primary drive. But it was from my data drive/secondary hard drive. Now the data partition is there in secondary hard drive but I'm unable to access it. Windows says I have to format the drive to access it, rightfully so.

Is there any way to access my data now?

A:Deleted system reserved partition from my secondary hard drive

Didn`t you even pay attention to what the Disk # was when you deleted it ? Obviously not.

Why didn`t you unplug your data drive before you even attempted the new install ???????

If you format your data drive, bye bye data.

There is no reason you can`t access the data on that drive.

Partition Wizard, Linux etc, there are many ways.
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I have Dell Inspiron 3551 i need how removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10

A:How removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 3551

Below are some  links to help you remove Ubuntu and install Windows 10.
To delete the Ubuntu Partitions:

Go to Start, right click Computer, then select Manage. Then select Disk Management from the sidebar.
Right-click your Ubuntu partitions and select "Delete". Check before you delete!
Then, right-click the partition that is on the Left of the free space. Select "Extend Volume". ...

How to remove Ubuntu and put Windows back on
Removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 3551
Inspiron 3551 Windows 10 Drivers and Downloads
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Following very carefully I thought wiping to after Windows Can't Ubuntu partition! Solved: boot an old thread on unloading Ubuntu to revert to Win XP Pro I deleted the Ubuntu partition with Easeus Partition Mastri then resized my XP partition to use the extra space Then intended to boot from my Win XP CD to run fixmbr I thought from the old thread that that would fix the Master Boot Record and that I would then be up and running in Windows again But my computer now won t boot from the XP CD I get consecutive messages GRUB Loading stage GRUB loading please wait Error I can still boot from the Easeus Partition Master which shows my disk like this Size Used Unused Status FAT Mb M Mb None Primary NTFS Gb Gb Gb Active Primary Unallocated Gb Bytes Gb None Logical FAT Gb Gb Mb None Primary Unallocated Mb Bytes Mb None Logical I m right out of my depth here and would be really really grateful for some Solved: Can't boot to Windows after wiping Ubuntu partition! help What can I do now Dell Dimension Ghz Gb RAM Windows XP Pro SP nbsp

A:Solved: Can't boot to Windows after wiping Ubuntu partition!

Clean your XP CD with alcohol, rubbing from the center to the outside. Let it dry and try booting again. If no joy, borrow an XP CD from a friend if possible. If the easeus CD boots, the XP should. If must be dirty or scratched.

Another way, use the XP setup floppy set from MS to boot to the RC.

Yet another way, Get a Quick Boot CD. It will substitute for your HD MBR and boot files and allow booting Windows.
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I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my Windows 10 laptop,  I am able to boot into Ubuntu and it runs normally, but if I try boot into windows I get this message: selected boot device failed, press any key to reboot the system.
I think I messed up during the partition process, I had already installed Ubuntu but wanted a fresh install. During the install process I just selected the option to install over my current Ubuntu installation and didn't manually set any partition settings.
Please advise!
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I wonder if there's a chance I can still save my Windows Here's what happened and what I am left with laptop Toshiba my save I Windows problems)? Can (Ubuntu still install/partition Satellite C Used EaseUS under Win to modify Windows system partition to Can I still save my Windows (Ubuntu install/partition problems)? shrink it and make space for Ubuntu making an extra partition formatted Ext Can I still save my Windows (Ubuntu install/partition problems)? Did not touch Recovery and Boot Win partitions During Ubuntu installation I Can I still save my Windows (Ubuntu install/partition problems)? split Ext partition adding swap area I believe might have removed quot Primary quot property from one of the Win partitions Boot or Recovery but I reset it back immediately under Ubuntu install partition manager Did not have problems booting Windows or Ubuntu after install Same steps done earlier installing Ubuntu alongside XP did not cause any problems This time when I attempted to run Windows quot Recovery quot recover to factory state by pressing during power-up as it's done with this laptop--I could not do recovery this way anymore of course as Ubuntu install disables this interrupt--but I run Windows Recovery from boot manager like I done many many times with XP--this time however I got unusual screens and a couple of error messages After pressing cancel on these messages I was able to get to System Restore to Factory State option After selecting that option system began recovery to factory state but after about minutes displayed error message asking to press OK to shut down laptop After shutting down and booting got grub rescue no such partition message I could see that attempted and failed restore deleted all Linux partitions--without asking me And installed new NTFS partitions that weren't recognized as quot windows quot but rather as quot windows dos quot and weren't usable apparently Tried to install Ubuntu from disk NO Windows disk after shrinking one of the NTFS partitions and making ext space but failed to reboot after each installation getting the same no partition message After deleting both new NTFS partitions and converting them to quot Free space quot I was able to finally install and boot Ubuntu from HDD I can see that I still have Windows recovery partition on my hard drive and examination of files from Linux makes it appear intact there're recovery boot files When I attempt to run this Win Recovery partition from boot manager it starts but quickly fails and quits without modifying anything apparently Do you think there's anything I can do to rescue my Windows since I still have the recovery partition

A:Can I still save my Windows (Ubuntu install/partition problems)?

No need for reply, I brought the dead recovery partition back to life...
Moved Win recovery partition several blocks back (have no clue how it got moved forward), run repair MBR and set it as active... it went into clean recovery on power up then.

It seems to be impossible to do factory restore of Win 7 (at least with Toshiba restore) without wiping out present Linux--it was possible with XP. Even if I specify small partition to occupy for Windows, the factory restore kills everything else and creates free space without file system where the Linux was before. So will have separate laptop for linux from now on.
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So the other day I decided that I wanted to try dual-booting Ubuntu on my HP Pavilion dv - cl Entertainment Notebook that already had Windows Home Premium bit installed I shrank the main biggest partition by Gigs and then installed Ubuntu on that Gigs of unallocated space All worked fine except when I tried to boot Windows from the grub menu it would come up to the beginning Windows animation and then it would crash So I downloaded a Windows Recovery CD and tried a few of the tools there I did not create a system recover image prior to my lost 7 can How after I Windows partition Ubuntu? installing recover my troubles so I could not recover the easy way After that I tried the How can I recover my lost Windows 7 partition after installing Ubuntu? Startup Repair tool which did not work I read somewhere to try that Startup Repair tool or times which I did The third time it seemed to freeze it was quot working quot for about hours at which point I decided that it was enough and shut down the PC That was a mistake From that point forward I still could not boot into Windows but also every time I tried to boot into Ubuntu I had to perform a disk check which always failed After trying that a few times I had had enough yet again and decided to just reinstall Ubuntu The install seemed to work fine but once I rebooted I could not boot into Ubuntu or Windows No matter what option I select from the grub menu or if I push F to go into recovery partition it gives me an error that says quot Error No such partition quot and dumps me into a grub rescue prompt After releasing multiple bouts of turrets I tried booting from my Ubuntu LiveUSB again same one I installed Ubuntu with twice and ran Gparted to look at my partitions It only showed me the one Gig partition and said the remaining Gigs were unallocated So now I'm stuck with no bootable operating system on my HD and to top it off HP just sent me their quot official quot recovery disks that are trying to reformat my HD and erase all my data I know there has to be a way to restore my partitions and replace the grub bootloader with the Windows bootloader At this point I don't care about Ubuntu at all All of my data was on the Windows partition which I cannot access from Ubuntu to grab it Someone please help I can provide any information that you need but remember that I can only do so via either BIOS or by booting Ubuntu from the LiveUSB I cannot access Windows I also do not have a Windows install disk as this was a refurbished HP laptop that I bought from Costco -Rob Pennington

A:How can I recover my lost Windows 7 partition after installing Ubuntu?

Try TestDisk Download - CGSecurity (free) and see if it can find and recover your lost partition.
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I have previously installed windows 7
then for trial purpose installed ubuntu on pimary drve C:

However it doesnot installed properly and now again i have installed windows7 is perfect but others partition drives are not accesible.
i attaching screenshot of this pls help

Thanks in advance ...pls help

A:Recover partition disk accesesibility after uninstallation of ubuntu

Quote: Originally Posted by kishanlald

I have previously installed windows 7
then for trial purpose installed ubuntu on pimary drve C:

However it doesnot installed properly and now again i have installed windows7 is perfect but others partition drives are not accesible.
i attaching screenshot of this pls help

Thanks in advance ...pls help

Hello and Welcome to Seven Forums.

Since the inaccessible partitions do not contain anything, are you able to delete both inaccessible volumes and extend the C: volume?
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Windows 7 seems to be located in my /dev/sda1 partition. However, ever since I installed Ubuntu (not using wubi) my fully encrypted HDD/partition will not prompt me with the password but instead boots straight to ubuntu. Ubuntu does not even recognize my windows partition. More interestingly, I did a boot repair and these are the results that show:

Ubuntu Pastebin

When I use my windows 7 DVD to repair my system it doesn't even show windows 7 is installed. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Do I need to use my encryption rescue disk? I have been trying everything and have not had much success. Thanks!

A:Encrypted Windows 7 partition will not boot after installing Ubuntu.

What encryption did you use? It sounds like GRUB overwrote the encrypted Windows MBR??? Im not sure it can be recovered......I would normally suggest this:

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

But the encryption is the unknown might have to take some risks and experiment.
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Hello I haven't been using Ubuntu as much as I'd like to so about an hour I can't Partition to boot I Windows Ubuntu after formating/deleting ago I opened up Partition Magic selected my Ubuntu partition and formated it as NTFS then on reboot to preform the operation it formatted then reboot and I got GRUB error I can't boot to Windows XP Home even though when I I can't boot to Windows after formating/deleting Ubuntu Partition look at the Live CD through linux the parition is there I've tried putting in my XP disc and doing fixmbr but I can't boot to I can't boot to Windows after formating/deleting Ubuntu Partition the I can't boot to Windows after formating/deleting Ubuntu Partition CD it'll boot to the Linux Live CD but not XP On the live CD I've used GParted to make XP the ONLY Parition and I've even tried reinstalling Ubuntu but I can't I get an error when I try to resize the windows partition and use the freed space for Ubuntu Did I just totally nuke my harddrive Will I have to buy a new Hard Drive I feel so stupid I've used Parition Magic at work many times guess I just forgot something Can anyone help me get XP back up and running

A:I can't boot to Windows after formating/deleting Ubuntu Partition

Well, I've fixed it! I called up a friend and he walked me through...I still feel pretty dumb. lol
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I'm running a primary SSD with the W7/64. I installed with ONLY that SSD in the computer. (I've learned.)

Then, after a few reboots and updates, I installed a 1tb WD hard drive. It was a new OEM drive. I did a long format, then a chkdsk.

After a few reboots (and reading some OUTSTANDING tutorials on this site), I moved my USERS folders over to the harddrive. ("D" drive.)

Upon opening Macrium Reflect to perform a backup, I see that my hard drive (D) has a 128MB partition, unformatted, but full. (That does not show up in W7's disk management.)

As expected, my "C" drive, the SSD, has a 100MB System Reserved partition. (As I want.)

What is this 128MB unformatted partition used for? (NTFS file system.) Is this where the file system stores the access table?


A:Newly formatted secondary harddrive shows 128mb unformatted partition

Did you format your 1TB WD drive to GPT? If so it will create a 128MB reserved partition called MSR MicroSoft Reserved. See my post External HDD suddenly requires formatting, read as RAW instead of ntfs

For drives less than 2TB, I would still say it would be better to go with the known MBR format rather than GPT if that option exists.
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I have a gateway laptop which at one time had windows 7. Windows started acting up, so I tried a recovery from within windows only to have it fail. I ordered from gateway the recovery disks. While waiting for the disks, I loaded the entire HD with the latest version of Ubuntu just curious i guess. I now have the gateway windows 7 recovery dvd's and it will not recover because it doesn't seem to recognize the Linux partition. Without the Microsoft Windows 7 install disk (only have gateway's recovery disks). How can I remove the Linux partition?

Any advice or help would be greatful.


A:Gateway recovery windows 7 DVD not recognizing Ubuntu Linux partition

Get the win7 install iso.

Better than the gateway I am sure: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Clean install 7, then you might want to install Mint or Pinguy - try pinguy, you may be surprised.
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i need help with resizing NFTS also i use g parted but it says it doesn t recognize using QTparted Windows Errors resizing Ubuntu & partition gParted, the file system and therefor cant split or resize it also it will not let me unmount the drive i also get an error with Ubuntu it eather hangs on the HDD partitioning or fails to resize it beta The hard drive is running good now it has xp home on it just fine so i dont see why it refuses to partition or unmount it my next step is to burn kinoppix Errors resizing Windows partition using gParted, Ubuntu & QTparted to a cd and try it i did however have to reinstall windows xp times in the summer because it kept getting corrupted so may by my HDD is dying but if it was would windows be able to pass chkdisk it is about years old WD caviler gb rpm not sure what that could be thanks btw admins if u feal im Hijacking this thread ill you can open a new one edit when i use kinoppix QTparted to resize the partition it says quot hopelessly there are many bad sectors quot and wont resize it is the drive dying as i thought or can i fix the sectors with something other then chkdisk Moved this reply to its own thread nbsp

A:Errors resizing Windows partition using gParted, Ubuntu & QTparted

im runnig the sacn but i noticed that SMART was turned off, about 5% into the test(extensive test) an error comes up and says "to many bad sectors" and fails me, is this mean the drive has failed and could this cause it not the be able to be resized

thanks again i will try the test with SMART on but i doubt it will make a difference
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hii i was using ubuntu alongside win but for some reasons i have to uninstall ubuntu so i deleted that linux partition installed win bootloader to mbr fine but i was unable to resize my c drive with that unallocated space i created by deleting linux partition so bcoz of that i formatted that drive with ntfs and start useing to store data but when i again try to install ubuntu i go for option quot try ubuntu quot but it hang up so i restarted and when partition deleting 14 ubuntu linux after trouble fedora installing and i try to install trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition fedora it says gnome and gvfs crash so i trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition was wondering did i mess with my system now what to do plz help have a look at my disk manegement crash amp warning showed as soon as dekstop was prepare note that i had not even installed f i was about too but this error drive me crazy and make me confuse the proper error of fedora is gnome disk utility - fc reson process usr libexec gdu-notification deamon was killed by signal SIGABRT crash count crash amp warning showed as soon as dekstop was prepare gvfs crash - fc reason process usr libexec gvfs-gdu-volume monitor was killed by signal sigabrt crash count so now tell wheather i should install f frm this cd or make another or what to do i need to install fedora now plz help should i avoid that error and begin with installation bcoz i have back up image on portable hdd but still i want to take advantage of both fedora and win help me with this plz

A:trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition

Be careful with Fedora 14. You have separate partitions and one thing Fedora does is merge all partitions into one logical volume group. You have a backup
partition which contains drivers for your computer/laptop, ideally I would make a copy of this data before you install.

Is there some reason you prefer Fedora over Ubuntu? Both use Gnome 2.32 as the desktop, with the addition that Ubuntu 11.04 will install Unity desktop as well.

Unfortunately you cant tell much from the windows partition manager as drives are just assigned a letter, and you can only have 4 primary partitions.
Post on the linux forum if youre happy with your windows setup, Wmorri is Fedora Ambassador, but when you do please provide the following information.
Boot with the Ubuntu CD in Live mode (or try before installing). It will pick up your network, open a terminal and post output of:

fdisk -l
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I have had an Ubuntu/XP system for a while now, but yesterday it started bluescreening just after the windows logo on every attempt to boot. Also, while I can boot into Ubuntu fine, I cannot access the data partition which is pretty scary! I havent backed up in a good few weeks.

I dont have a recovery disk to run chkdsk from, what can I do?

Thank you for your time.
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I installed Ubuntu on a older Toshiba laptop. When I boot up it asks me to select either Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I want to get rid of the Ubuntu disk partition and give that 2.9 GB space to my primary hard drive. I go into compmgmt.msc but I can't execute any commands on that disk partition. Any ideas?

A:delete dual boot Ubuntu partition and convert to primary hard drive c:

So you wanna get rid of ubuntu totally?
first tap F8 multiple times to enter recovery environment
select "command prompt"
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

-now the default MBR has been restored (don't know if ubuntu did change that)

list disk
sel disk 0 (or 1 or 2)
list part (note the number of ubuntu partition)
sel part X (if X is number of ubuntu partition. be very sure to select right partition!!!)
delete part

try to boot. post output of "disk management" afterwards
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Hi I am going to test once and for all if people are on my WAN At first I will take away the WEP key then I will put it back on I decided I would use wireless scanner and check out the mac address s of users on my WAN I will check the mac address s by ipconfig on an...Experiment Help all and then of any of the mac s don Help on an...Experiment t match I will use a Deauth they shouldn t be on my network anyway attack on them Basically what I m asking is is this idea plausible If I test the Deauth attack on my own computer will Help on an...Experiment it screw it up after the attack is finished By the way this is relevant to my previous router problems because after I disabled the wireless on my router I haven t had problems since I m finally testing JohnWill s theory Thanks for all the help from all members that have helped me nbsp
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I have 8.1+WMC(Already activated).I entered my 8 Pro key and it displayed that it can't be used to activate this version of windows . Is this normal?


Yes perfectly normal - when you add the WMC option a new key is issued
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I am a computer tech that is also dealing with multiple machines with the se.dll nasty on them. I am proposing to purposly infect a machine with this problem, after we run all the logs and checks beforehand as a benchmark to refer against. What logs and checks would you like before I infect the machine? Just post what you would like to see and I will post them - after that we will try to infect the machine and post the logs after infection in order to try and find the problem and hidden hooks. Target machine is a Toshiba laptop, p4 2.2 gig with 512 meg ram, factory load of software with all updates and patches in place. If it won't infect - I will reload it without the patches and updates and try it again.

Look forward to working with all the techs in here - much brainpower to play with!


A:se.dll experiment

This is the Hijack this log before I start:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:02:22 PM, on 2/27/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\ltmoh\Ltmoh.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\E-KEY\CeEKey.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\TouchPad\TPTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apntex.exe
C:\spyware stuff\hijack this\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard,ShellNext =
O2 - BHO: AcroIEHlprObj Class - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Reader\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.ocx
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {53707962-6F74-2D53-2644-206D7942484F} - C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SDHelper.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NvCplDaemon] RUNDLL32.EXE NvQTwk,NvCplDaemon initialize
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [nwiz] nwiz.exe /install
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Apoint] C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [LtMoh] C:\Program Files\ltmoh\Ltmoh.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CPLBTS88] C:\PROGRA~1\EzButton\CPLBTS88.EXE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CeEKEY] C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\E-KEY\CeEKey.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [TPNF] C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\TouchPad\TPTray.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ezShieldProtector for Px] C:\WINDOWS\System32\ezSP_Px.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Pinger] c:\toshiba\ivp\ism\pinger.exe /run
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [MSMSGS] "C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe" /background
O4 - Global Startup: Microsoft Office.lnk = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\OSA9.EXE
O4 - Global Startup: Symantec Fax Starter Edition Port.lnk = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\1033\OLFSNT40.EXE
O9 - Extra button: - {CD67F990-D8E9-11d2-98FE-00C0F0318AFE} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\Shdocvw.dll
O9 - Extra button: Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Windows Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
O12 - Plugin for .spop: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Plugins\NPDocBox.dll
O16 - DPF: {6414512B-B978-451D-A0D8-FCFDF33E833C} (WUWebControl Class) -
O16 - DPF: {AB86CE53-AC9F-449F-9399-D8ABCA09EC09} (Get_ActiveX Control) -
O23 - Service: NVIDIA Driver Helper Service (NVSvc) - NVIDIA Corporation - C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvsvc32.exe

(I also have a startdrek log saved)

Now I am going to try to get infected. Does anyone know of a site that has this for sure? Wish me luck
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I have a wierd problem that most of the suggestions seem not to work.
I have a HP computer with Vista basic installed at factory with no disc sent with computer. I then added an external drive on which I installed Ubuntu OS as the primary boot drive. This was needed while I was learning and using Asterisk. Now I do not need the drive which no longer seems to have a letter designation or Ubuntu OS but cannot seem to be able to use System Recovery. Near as I can tell, I need to reset the Master Boot Record back to Vista only but seem unable to do so as I recieved no disks with the Computer.
Any suggestions. I am not extremely skilled at computer technical stuff so please assume I am an idiot if responding.

A:Removing External drive with Ubuntu OS but no drive letter designation


Look here for one un-install option: -

How To Safely Uninstall Ubuntu From A Windows Dual-Boot PC
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Does anyone know of any serious reason not to VNC into one's own machine? Using Windows or Linux?

Has anyone done it? What happens?

A friend and I were talking about it but not sure if it was 100% safe. Just wanted to see if anyone has tried and had issues and really curious to know what happened.

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like tottly...lst nite i waz playin wit my PS2 adn it like exploded.!/'"Ioo!! omg wtf n00b lolo? i mean what kind of n00b make a P2S that explodeeed!/! i trired to unpolug teh pS2 but now i cant playy it anymor.!!?!

A:strange experiment

surferboi123 said:

like tottly...lst nite i waz playin wit my PS2 adn it like exploded.!/'"Ioo!! omg wtf n00b lolo? i mean what kind of n00b make a P2S that explodeeed!/! i trired to unpolug teh pS2 but now i cant playy it anymor.!!?! Click to expand...
^ i am so cool
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were trying an experiment - wondered what components you would use there is a hotspot in direct sight from our vantage point but its like - miles away we want to see if we can hook up to it using a high gain antenna much like you see them building on youtube then when we get the signal we want to pump it back out to several computers using the same machine we are receiving the signal with your advise experiment an want for using the setup new network want your advise for an experiment under network connections XP but it gets better another involved in our experiment is several miles from us We want your advise for an experiment want to send our signal out again to see if the other quot station quot can pick up from there If that works we will get others involved and soon have a world wide wireless network today our town tomorrow the world so the question is what components would you use for this incoming and outgoing signals we were watching youtube guys make high gain antennas nbsp

A:want your advise for an experiment

Who owns the Hot Spot!
This really falls into a gray area of legality.
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I am trying to play with Kaht trojan. I downloaded this trojan into drive D:
then I extracted into my documents drive c: folder name is kaht
when I try call this trojan via DOS, i typed:
I got this error message :
[FOR GUEST ONLY] C:\Documents and Settings\FOR GUEST ONLY$ cd\kaht
The system cannot find the path specified.

please anyone tell whether I have made mistake to write the syntax. what is the right one?

A:KAHT experiment

Sorry but we don't play with our food here, we just eat it.

Given your experience level, you should not be playing with trojans.

Closing thread.
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For the sake of general information I m posting this chronology of events - - experiment installation SP2 pm winxp pro installation pm System Restore Checkpoint set - - am installed winxp SP CD am Windows Update V am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am KB am Q windows media player update am KB am KB am KB am KB am Q am Windows Update V am KB am KB am KB am KB am Q am Q am Q am KB SP2 installation experiment am Windows Update V am Windows Media Player Series am Windows Update V am Q quot windows media player quot am Windows Update V am KB quot windows media player quot am Windows Media Format Series Runtime Setup am Windows Update V am DirectX pm created restore point quot fully updated quot - - am Windows Update V am KB quot DirectX quot Add or Remove Programs List Advanced Networking Pack for Windows XP HighMat Extension to Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard Internet Explorer Q Microsoft Net Framework Microsoft Data Access Components KB Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer Outlook Express Q Windows Media Player Hotfix see KB for more info Windows Media Player Hotfix see Q for more info Windows XP Hotfix KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot SP2 installation experiment quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB quot quot quot KB Windows XP Hotfix SP2 installation experiment SP see KB for more info quot quot quot quot Q quot quot quot quot Q quot quot quot quot Q quot quot quot quot Q - - to - - Spent time installing programs Spybot S amp D Sygate Firewall Free Firefox MaxBlast RegSupreme Spent time editting services running processes running at startup Researching Event Viewer gt Applications events Researching Event Viewer gt Systems similar number of events Other Tasks amp Online Stuff monitoring the system in action basically and encountered some problems as a result of doing so not surprising I m no pro I determined that for the sake of benchmarking C contained windows OS related and only other programs see above at the present time Documents amp Settings Folder MB Program Files MB WINDOWS GB WU Temp MB and added the Microsoft Office programs I use Excel Word Access related office toolsBack to Windows Update for Office Updatesbut first more critical updates are on the list again Windows XP Hotfix KB Windows XP Hotfix KB Security Update for Windows XP or WinXP SP Internet Information Services IIS this was no doubt due to the fact I hadn t installed the additional XP program Microsoft NET Framework at the installation and had updated to the version without it also I had used system restore to roll back to a restore point just after the installation of the first programs Since this roll-back point had not solved my problem I chose the point I had set and named quot fully updated quot I essentially uninstalled all programs except Microsoft Windows Programs and Updates before continuing on I continued to Office Updates - - pm Office Professional SP followed by others KB KB no KB no Office Update - - KB KB KB pm began download WindowsXP KB -SP -ENU exe - - am finished download of MB hrs min pm Installation CompleteWith exclusively Microsoft products with updates now installed some other modem amp system display drivers and only My Documents folders amp data files misc folders and my Downloads Folder on my second disk drive I inspected the system Add or Remove Programs List HighMat Extension to Microsoft WindowsXP CD Writing Wizard MB HSP Modem Drivers Microsoft NET Framework MB Microsoft Office SR- Professional MB Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer MB Nvidia Drivers Nvidia Windows XP Display Drivers Nvidia Windows XP nForce Drivers Windows Service Pack fewer on the listC now contains exclusively Microsoft Windows Products Documents amp Settings MBInetpub kb Program Files MBWINDOWS GBWU Temp MBthe down... Read more

A:SP2 installation experiment

Hey Mate!

Thanks for sharing that time line of all the work you did.

It will definitely help me with some things I'm doing currently,
though there are a lot of items there that I'd not choose to have
on my system, nor would I suggest that others "play with".
I'm helping some "seniors" with home systems.
We try to keep it all "simple".

Just out of my own curiosity - have you ever experienced "Frozen Fog"?

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this might seem to be a stupid question but can two motherboards be hooked up together, because i have two in the same BioStar P4M80-M4 and both working but i don't use it and i wanted to make use of it, got any ideas
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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I have a pc that came with XP Home preinstalled, and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a new partition. I haven't used XP in months, and I think it's safe to say I have no use for it anymore. Since XP is installed on the first partition on my hard drive, how can I safely delete it?

A:Removing XP Partition

Take look at this tutorial:
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Hi - a tech support guy has partitioned my dad's hard drive into C and D. The OS is on C and there is almost no space left on it. There is tons on d. Apart from the fact he was there to solve something unrelated we now have a prob.
Is there a way to delete the D drive (which has nothing useful on it) and release the space back the C drive/partition?
If there is a simple utitility that does not require TOO much tech knowledge I'd be grateful for any pointers.

A:Removing a partition (XP)

Hi this may be of help
download here
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I'm running XP Pro SP2 on a Sony VAIO which has a recovery partition. I've made restore discs from this, so now I want to delete the partition and get my hard drive space back.

How do I do this? Do I need special software?

I realise this may be ridiculously simple, but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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First allow you to give you my system info:

Samsung Netbook NC10
Origonally Windows XP Home SP3
Now Installed Windows Vista Home SP1

XP is installed on C: Partition, Vista installed E: partition.

I now want to remove the XP Partition but the Computer Management says my XP Partition is a system and active partition even though there are no XP files left on that partition (Iv deleted them all)

I have used Easy BCD to remove the XP from the BCD and Its gone perfect. But I still cannot format/delete the partition.

What can I do?

I must note that this is my Netbook and I do not have a CD Drive.
I do have Acronis True Image (If that helps)

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I've got a laptop with a partition on the main drive that holds some of the programs that came with the laptop(fingerprint reader, webcam software, etc.), but it's a 28 gig partition, and it's only using 2. I was wondering how I would go about removing the partition, but keeping the programs on the it. Will it work if I just copy-paste them over to the main drive and delete the partition? This is probably a stupid question, but I figure it's better to ask and know than guess and mess something up.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

EDIT: There's also a folder in the partition called drivers, so my guess would be the aforementioned copy-paste technique won't work.

A:Need help removing partition.

NO. You cannot "remove" a partition without deleting all contents. However, you can use Disk Management to "shrink" or "expand" the partition. I suggest you backup any critical data before changing the size of a partition or performing any disk level function.
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Hello All - Quick question.
I have an Acer Aspire 6530 and it came w/ 2 partitions C: and D: C: (110 GB) is the main one w/ all my data and D: (106GB) is called Data, but only have 2 .mre files less then 33mb each.

Can I delete D: and add the 106GB to my C: w/o having to reinstall Windows?

I've never had to deal w/ partitions before so pls bear w/ me if this is a dumb question. Thx!!

A:Need help in removing partition on HDD.....

Yes, you can do that.

I have no idea what those mre files are. If you want to keep them, move them to C temporarily.

Then delete D in Windows Disk Management. That will generate "unallocated space".

Then expand C to take up the unallocated space, also using Windows Disk Management.

Don't say yes to dynamic partitions, whatever you do.

You should end up with 3 partitions: recovery, C, and OEM.

Most would tell you to put all of your data on D and keep D, but it's your choice. There are certain advantages to keeping a data only partition.

You could shrink C to a much smaller size if needed, and add that saved space to D.
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(c)13 and (d)55 g partitions
want to merge partitions without just creating a 55g folder in c drive

A:removing partition

I beleive if you use the diskmanager in windows you would first move the data off of the partition to be merged, then delete the partition, then right click the main partition and i beleive it may have an option to extend the partition to claim the now blank space into the main. Therefore you will be left with one 78gig drive partition.
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Yeah, so I think my C: Drive is partitioned.
How do I check if it is, and if it is partitioned, should I remove the partition, and how do I go about that?
Note that my C: Drive appears unnaturally small (3.95gb) and is chronically low on space.



A:Removing a Partition?

Go to start/ run and type
hit enter

You should see an entry for disk 0 ,with your primary C: partition there on the left
Does it have a big space to the right labled unallocated space?
If so , you can just right click on that space and choose format and it will make that into a D: drive for storage.

Assuming your drive is actually larger than 3.95 GB and you have unallocated space you can do as above; or you can clean install windows to use more of the space. This is probably one of the more complex things to do, since you must be careful or you will wind up with it trying to install two copies of windows on the 3.95GB or installing a second copy on the unallocated space.
has a nice tutorial
Note step 5. Choose an installation partition
At this point instead of clicking NEXT you select the listed partition and press the D key on your keyboard to Delete it. Then when no partitions are shown and it just says Hard disk 0 xxxxxMB unallocated space; you select that and press the C key to Create new partitions. Specify the size you want in MB (1000MB=1GB so you want 20,000 or 40,000 MB ; I suspect someone got it wrong and thought they were making a 39.5GB partition and typed in 3950MB and wound up with 3.95GB) You repeat this until you finish. The first one you make will be the C: partition , so remember and select it then click next to format it and install windows. You use disk management when finished to format other partitions. Note that if you clean install windows you will loose all your data and only have generic drivers. SO it is adviseable that first off you burn a copy of all your data to cdr disks and that you download any drivers for motherboard chipsets, video card, network card, modem etc you will need and burn them to cdr.

If you discover as above that you have unallocated space and just want to expand the existing partition to make it bigger the best solution is one of two programs which cost a bit Partition Commander is cheaper, Partition Magic better known. These are the two most stable non destructive reparitioning tools. The built in XP partitioning tool is destructive meaning you must destroy a partition and lose all data on it to resize it. These two are non destructive meaning they can take unused space on the drive next to the existing partition and add it on without messing up windows or your drive.
Both of them have very easy to use and understand interfaces and you can just boot to the install cd and use it to resize your windows partition or you can install it and then when launched it will load to ram and reboot the system and you run it from there.
Is a free tool if you are adventureous.


Partition Logic is a free hard disk partitioning and data management tool. It can create, delete, format, defragment, resize, and move partitions and modify their attributes. It can copy entire hard disks from one to another.



Partition logic does not currently support the following:

* Partitioning of SCSI hard disks, and some SATA hard disks
* Non MS-DOS/MBR-style partition tables (i.e. Sun, BSD, EFI/GPT)
* Formatting filesystems other than FAT and EXT2
* Resizing filesystems other than NTFS (Windows XP filesystems)
* Serial mice
* USB keyboards and mice
* Keyboard layouts other than UK English, US English, Italian, or German

*Note that some of these limitations will be addressed in the upcoming releases.

This means that it can be used to resize your windows XP partition if that drive is formatted NTFS ( just right click on it and choose properties and it will list file system to see if it is). If not you can convert it to NTFS, just ask how.
Note that while it can resize NTFS partitions by merging them with unallocated space on the drive, it... Read more
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good day folks, in a nutshell. my roommate did a thorough wipe of his c drive, then installed 7 then 8.1.1. for some reason he cannot boot in to the win 7 partition. after building up and getting 8.1.1 setup just the way he wants it he doesn't care about the 7 partition any more. i know i can go in delete the 7 partition, stretch 8.1.1 to fill the entire drive, but what i'm not sure of is if the boot info is on 7 or 8.1.1. i do know that once 8.1.1 is the only os i can go into msconfig and delete the win 7 entry. note since both partitions were created using partition wizard there is not 100mb reserved partition, so the boot information is either on 7 or 8.1.1. i also have a copy of Acronis True Image 2014 Premium. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Removing Old OS Partition

Hi there
I believe I posted this before so what I'd do is the following

1) Backup your current system with Acronis (don't backup the W7 system) and ensure you have a Bootable Acronis system -- you can create it from within running windows using Acronis.

2) get into command in administrator mode

3) type the following commands in

b) LIST DISK -- you'll see a list of disks - select the one you want to use -- probably in this case Disk 0 or Disk 1

c) SELCT DISK 0 (assuming it's HDD nr 0)
f)ACTIVE ===> do this or HDD won't boot
g) format fs=ntfs quick
h) Assign

Now boot your Acronis system and restore the W8.1 backup

Boot it -- it might fail in which case simply use Windows recovery to Repair system - but it probably will be OK. (You don't need to create a Windows recovery disk if you've got a Windows install disk - that will work just fine.

Job done.

To re-size partitions download GPARTED or any Linux live CD which will have GPARTED in it -- now simply re-size your partition(s) at will.