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Fresh Windows XP Install on a Fresh Hard Drive using a Burned DVD OS install - PLZ HL

Q: Fresh Windows XP Install on a Fresh Hard Drive using a Burned DVD OS install - PLZ HL

Hey, I'm installing windows XP onto a 500 g SATA hard disk that I just installed into a Dell Dimension 9100.

I have an .iso file that I need to place onto a DVD to serve as the OS boot disc. My DVD-R is in my Mac. So i need to burn this .iso file on the mac but have it boot the PC..

What is the proper file extension for the dvd file? is there anything I need to do that I'm missing?

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Preferred Solution: Fresh Windows XP Install on a Fresh Hard Drive using a Burned DVD OS install - PLZ HL

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Fresh Windows XP Install on a Fresh Hard Drive using a Burned DVD OS install - PLZ HL
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My music computer started having problems with Windows locking drive, Windows fresh same lockups! Fresh old 98 install, up at irregular intervals and after a while the thing simply wouldn t boot up all the Fresh drive, fresh Windows 98 install, same old lockups! time The lockups had been getting worse so naturally I thought I had been vicitimized by some spyware adware virus infection and took measures After countless hours I finally gave up and bought a new hard drive installed it and put on a fresh copy of Windows SE from my recovery CD It worked fine - for a while Now the computer is exhibiting the same symptoms with the new drive as it did with the old drive I tried running the Seagate SeaTools to see if I could find any abmormalities and it checked out fine What is odd is that the computer locks up at no particular place with no particular interval of time Quite often I can t even get it past the Windows splash screen My uneducated opinion is that this has to be a hardware issue and I m feeling frustrated by my inability to isolate the problem If anyone can make suggestions as how I should proceed I would be very grateful indeed The computer has an AMD Athlon processor with MB of RAM installed on an Azza X AS motherboard by the manufacturer CyberPower Inc It clocks around ghz The computer has a CD-R RW a Toshiba DVD-ROM a floppy drive a Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live GeForce meg video adaptor a k modem a Turbolink switching power supply atx and extra cooling fans The original drive is an IBM Deskstar gig and the new drive is a Maxtor Diamondmax Plua gig The machine worked perfectly since and it s been hooked up to a network router and the internet the entire time running hours a day except during bad weather The old Pentium sitting next to it has been doing similar duty since with no problems running Windows nbsp

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Hey everyone I've the same sort of issues with my computer in the past I thought to rectify some of these by upgrading my hardware video card hard drive psu and doing a complete re-format and fresh install of windows I am still having BSODs The first BSOD occurred while I tried to overclock my CPU through AMD overdrive understandable The second was during downloading battlefield through origin while reformatting my old HDD The third was while transferring files from my external hard-drive back to my re-formatted HDD simultaneously downloading battlefield through origin I believe Windows is still in the process of updating itself I did Windows update after each restart but apparently it has not gotten to SP yet Attached to this post is a zip including my dmp files and system report Note the system report was gathered while I was re-reformatting my old HDD Below is after hard drive) (new 7 Install Windows Fresh BSODs some information about my system specifications BSODs after Fresh Windows 7 Install (new hard drive) OS Windows Professional bit CPU AMD Athlon II X Dual-Core Processor GHz Motherboard ASUS M A -M Memory GB x GB OCZ Reaper -Pin DDR Model OCZ RPR C GK BSODs after Fresh Windows 7 Install (new hard drive) Graphics BSODs after Fresh Windows 7 Install (new hard drive) Card XFX HD- A-ZDFC Radeon HD GB Sound Card Creative SB Audigy ZS Hard Drive OCZ Vertex VTX - SAT - G quot GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive only housing windows -bit OS origin battlefield software and drivers for my hardware Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB RPM SATA for media brought in from backup before reformatting this drive PSU Thermaltake Black Widow TR RX w modular power supply The RAM kit I'm using is not listed on the QVL for my motherboard but is similar to other products on it with regard to cas latency timing and voltage Just thought I'd mention this Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:BSODs after Fresh Windows 7 Install (new hard drive)

Several issues.

One at a time.

The pre 2009 version of this driver is a known bsod cause.

Please visit this link: Asus tek computer inc. -support- drivers and download p7p55d le

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P5K-VM

Scroll down to the utilities category, then scroll down to the "atk0110 driver for windowsxp/vista/windows 7 32&64-bit" (it's about the 12th item down).

Download and install it.

Go to c:\windows\system32\drivers to check and make sure that the asacpi.sys file is date stamped from 2009 or 2010 (notbefore).

Old drivers needing updating

emupia2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:10 AM fffff880`019a3000 fffff880`019f5000 0x00052000 0x461a3aba
ctsfm2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:11 AM fffff880`01800000 fffff880`0184a000 0x0004a000 0x461a3abb
ctoss2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:14 AM fffff880`03e43000 fffff880`03e7e000 0x0003b000 0x461a3abe
ha10kx2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:15 AM fffff880`05c47000 fffff880`05e00000 0x001b9000 0x461a3abf
hap16v2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:17 AM fffff880`03bac000 fffff880`03bee000 0x00042000 0x461a3ac1
ctaud2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:29 AM fffff880`03ea0000 fffff880`03f71000 0x000d1000 0x461a3acd
ctprxy2k.sys 4/9/2007 8:08:30 AM fffff880`03e7e000 fffff880`03e86000 0x00008000 0x461a3ace
COMMONFX.DLL 4/9/2007 8:08:38 AM fffff880`0610b000 fffff880`06136000 0x0002b000 0x461a3ad6
CTAUDFX.DLL 4/9/2007 8:08:39 AM fffff880`06136000 fffff880`061e5000 0x000af000 0x461a3ad7
CTSBLFX.DLL 4/9/2007 8:08:42 AM fffff880`064c3000 fffff880`0656e000 0x000ab000 0x461a3ada
How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads
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I bought a new 2 Tb hard drive because my primary one was getting full.

I would like to do a fresh install on the primary drive once I have moved over all the games, videos, pictures, etc. that I don't want to lose.

I can format the primary drive and reinstall windows without affecting the content on the second drive, correct?
Is there anything I need to know?

A:Fresh install of windows on primary hard drive

The only thing you need to know is to disconnect your primary drive before you do the install. After the install, re connect the primary drive, get your data off and format it if you want to. This tutorial may help. Clean Install Windows 7
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Hello everyone,

I've just installed a new hard drive and a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on it, and I just received two BSODs within minutes of each other, citing ntoskrnl.exe with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION on BlueScreenView. I had periodical blue screens before my last HDD died so it's most likely something else causing it, maybe hardware... but not sure how to tell what. I've attached the necessary files.

Is Windows 7 . . .
- x64
- the original installed OS on the system? Yes
- Full retail version

- What is the age of system (hardware)? About 5 years
- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?) Two days

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:BSOD on a new Hard Drive, fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64

ASACPI.sys Sun Mar 27 20:30:36 2005 (42476C4C)
Older versions of ASACPI.SYS are a known BSOD problem on Windows 7. Update the driver by:Going to the Asus motherboard support site
When you reach the website:
Scroll down the page and click Utilities
Hold Ctrl and press f (ctrl+f) to enter the browser's find feature
Search for "ATK0110 driver for WindowsXP/Vista/Win7 32&64-bit" (without quotes)
Download and install the driver.
After installation is complete, verify that it installed correctly.Click Start Menu
Click My Computer
Go to C:\WIndows\System32\drivers\
Verify that the ASACPI.SYS file is dated 2009 or newer (2010,etc.)
If you need help, please fill in your system specs in your profile and not in a post in this thread: System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hey guys I am new here so also please let me know if I am posting in - fresh Windows formatted drive install failing Update on hard the wrong section or I need to provide more different info to my post - thanks Here is the situation I had some pesky malware on my PC and at the same time was going to add a new TB hard drive to my PC as a nd drive Since the new nd drive was going to have me making a lot of changes to my systems setup anyways and since I had the malware I decided I would just reformat and start fresh My system setup is pretty simple anyways - just Windows Steam Origin and a bunch of games But now after formatting my hard drive and installing Windows Home x from the disc I am getting Windows Update failing - fresh install on formatted hard drive these error messages when I attempt to update - http i tinypic com eoh w png I tried Googling the error code but there is not much information as of now on the web about it Can anybody help me I have no idea why it's not working on a clean install EDIT here are some more screenshots

A:Windows Update failing - fresh install on formatted hard drive

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)
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Hi hopeing someone here can help out.
built a new PC and installed Win 8.1 and updated it all.
had the BSOD clock watchdog time out since system 1st built
here is speccy link
minidump file zip
could only get access to 1/2 of the files ?
also attached is output of last 10 errors from mini tool box.
I am going to run 10 Pass memory test overnight to see if there are any errors with the memory.
Did speak to guy where i bought the components and his idea was to do full wipe and reinstall of windows.
I do try and leave this to last ditch attempt.
Thanks for all and any help or advice.

A:Clock watchdog timeout win 8.1 fresh build pc and fresh windows install

A wee update.
ran mem test over night. did 10 passes and no errors with the memory.
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Have installed new hard drive, a 500GB Samsung Spinpoint, slipped in my XP disk - and windows setup says this:

Windows XP Professional Setup

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program.

Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3​
Could it be that Windows Setup is not seeing the HDD because it is SATA, may need specific drivers or similar? Vaguely remember this happening the last time i installed the OS on this system, but this was years ago. It appears in the Bios on bootup, so the machine itself is counts it as present.

Running an AMD Athlon™ XP 2800+ on a DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B motherboard, with 1GB of RAM

Any help much appreciated - completely stumped

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I was having issues with an infected install of Win Pro drive let too fresh 1TB New something? won't Is a or copy. big install hard me bit and since I was planning on changing to a bit copy eventually anyway and already had the CD for it I thought I would go for it So I wiped out the partition table I had set up formatted the drive restarted from the CD and when I tried to install it gave me an error and told me to check the setup logs After trying one more thing zeroing out the drive with the dd command in Ubuntu and having the exact same problem I decided it was probably a hardware problem with the disk I need this running as quickly as possible because I am in a New hard drive won't let me install a fresh copy. Is 1TB too big or something? Computer Repair and Networking class and I have several software tools and some websitet that don't play well with linux that I need for doing homework It's a Seagate Barricuda TB drive So I figured I would try getting a new drive and picked up a newer version of the same model from Best buy I installed it and tried to run the CD again and install again Same error No error code just a quot check the setup logs quot warning So now New hard drive won't let me install a fresh copy. Is 1TB too big or something? I have only Ubuntu working TB Seagate Barricuda drives one New hard drive won't let me install a fresh copy. Is 1TB too big or something? installed and brand new so I know for a fact it works the other in the box for the new one and since it has the same error I think it still works as well and no idea what to do next Class starts in less than ten hours Help me please My rig Case MOBO Old HDD New HDD almost the same as the old one Power Supply RAM and Processor GFX Card

A:New hard drive won't let me install a fresh copy. Is 1TB too big or something?

How did you set up the drive? Windows 7 can create partitions, set them as active, and format hard drives with out extra tools. Try deleting the partition and then re-create it and then install using the windows 7 disk. These options are under the advanced install options and you have to right or left click to do it (Depending on mouse set up.)
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Hi to all I guess I have to reinstall tried everything repair xp but still goes back to registry -error blue screen. must be corupted files. Anyway is their a way I can take drive out and copy files for my pics and other stuff. companys that do it and cost to do it? kevin

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Hello all I have just bought a brand new hard drive due to my failure drive Hard fresh after install last ones controller failed Western Digital Caviar Black gb So Hard drive failure after fresh install the problem Did a fresh install of win Build two nights ago all installed perfectly next Hard drive failure after fresh install day yesterday went to boot up pc and had the dos error message - Disk boot failure please insert system disk and press enter My first impression was it may have been an install failure so i formatted the hard drive and reinstalled shutdown the PC and rebooted up Hard drive failure after fresh install and i had the same error message now after this i got my failed hard drive out and after a lot of faffing around BIOS found it and it gave me the same error message Can anyone tell me what the problem might be I have tried Windows startup repair did not fix BIOS settings are First boot device is Hard drive second boot device is CD-ROM I have even swapped these around to boot from windows and it just starts the setup procedure of installing windows drivers I have even set boot order of HDDs so my main windows HDD is up top Anyone got any clues I will be flashing my BIOS tonight but has anyone got an idea of what is happening Thanks in advance

A:Hard drive failure after fresh install

Try another copy of the OS and again perform fresh install, remember to format the HDD. You could also boot the DVD and try repair?

Sounds like you will have to run the Windows installation again anyways. Usually when you boot with the install CD, you get the "press a key to boot from CD", if you don't get that then it means you either don't have a boot sector on your hard drive or the hard drive is not in the boot list in the BIOS.

In any case, when Windows installs and reboots for the first time, leave the CD in the drive and do not press a key to boot from CD, it should then boot to hard drive and continue installation
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Well,as you might know,for the past weeks I've been posting BSODs on my system with one Samsung HD and WD HD.

in the end,I got frustrated and took out the SAMSUNG HD,the only thing I did for disconnecting it was to unplug the SATA cables from it and the MOBO,leaving only the WD connected.

I did a fresh intall of W7 Ultimate 64b and download all the lastest drivers.

But again,got one of those "weird" things=

Today,when I cold booted it,the WELCOME screen was not at 1024x1028,it was at 800x600!

Restarted and fine,until I got BSOD=

A:BSOD-After taking out bad hard drive and fresh install

Quote: Originally Posted by ArgentineBoy

Well,as you might know,for the past weeks I've been posting BSODs on my system with one Samsung HD and WD HD.

in the end,I got frustrated and took out the SAMSUNG HD,the only thing I did for disconnecting it was to unplug the SATA cables from it and the MOBO,leaving only the WD connected.

I did a fresh intall of W7 Ultimate 64b and download all the lastest drivers.

But again,got one of those "weird" things=

Today,when I cold booted it,the WELCOME screen was not at 1024x1028,it was at 800x600!

Restarted and fine,until I got BSOD=

Easy and quick. Not at all un-expected. Your symantec caused this one.

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product | Norton Support


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\022411-24336-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\Symbols*;srv*e:\symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16695.amd64fre.win7_gdr.101026-1503
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02c4d000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02e8ae50
Debug session time: Thu Feb 24 15:17:50.478 2011 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:01:17.914
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck FC, {fffff8a001e32820, 82000000d346f963, fffff88006d2ab50, 2}

Unable to load image \??\C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Symantec Shared\EENGINE\EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys
Unable to load image \??\C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\SYMEVENT64x86.SYS, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SYMEVENT64x86.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SYMEVENT64x86.SYS
Probably caused by : EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys ( EraserUtilRebootDrv+1069c )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An attempt was made to execute non-executable memory. The guilty driver
is on the stack trace (and is typically the current instruction pointer).
When possible, the guilty driver's name (Unicode string) is printed on
the bugcheck screen and saved in KiBugCheckDriver.
Arg1: fffff8a001e32820, Virtual address for the attempted execute.
Arg2: 82000000d346f963, PTE contents.
Arg3: fffff88006d2ab50, (reserved)
Arg4: 0000000000000002, (reserved)

Debugging Details:


BUGC... Read more
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I just reinstalled win7 on a new hard drive and during the installation process, I split the disk into two equal partitions of 500gb. In 'My Computer' I can only see one partition which is the C drive but not the other partition. Looking in Disk Management, the other partition seems to be labelled as 'Unallocated'. How can I allocate this into a usable D drive? I would have expected this to happen automatically during the installation process.

Thanks you for your help.

A:Cannot see partition after fresh install on win7 on new hard drive

No it doesn't happen auto. In disk management right click on that un-allocated space and select create partition. follow the steps as they come up.Partition or Volume - Create New
Once that is done that new partition will probably have the drive letter E. You need to change the CD/DVD drive letter from D to F then change the HDD partition drive letter from E to D. Then you can go back and change the CD/DVD drive letter to E.
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i want to clean my hard drive and re in stall xp home i only have the cd supplied by the manufacturer which was iqon technologies if anybody can help it i would be very gratefull my hard drive is a maxtor 4R080J0



Ps I have to go now but will be back online tomorrow night

A:I Want To Clean My Hard Drive And Do A Fresh Install Of Xp Home

It depends on what you mean by "CLEAN". If the cd you have from the manufacturer is a "Restore CD", chances are it's the XP install cd. When you run the install, it should format the harddrive, meaning completley erase every file and partition you have. If you want to do a complete wipe w/ a fresh re-install, that's the way to go.I've heard of some XP disks that DON'T format automatically, but give you a choice whether you want to. I've never experienced one of those myself, so i don't know what it edits or keeps.Remember, before you reformat and re-install, save any files you need to keep on a floppy, cd-rom, or flash drive.
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Im trying to re-install win XP onto a Dell pc but i get an error saying set cannot find a hard drive.

I think it may be due to needing a driver for sata drive but ive never done it before.

Can anyone help me please?


A:[SOLVED] Fresh install wont recognise hard drive

If you are installing XP on a SATA drive, there is an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here
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Hey All, just installed a 2TB hard drive and then a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate. Now when I try to play any videos with either WMP or VLC player it plays for a couple of sec. then freezes up then wait forever for it to reset itself. Also sometimes have streaming videos online with firefox and does same thing, but not all the time, then I have to close firefox. [attachment=98957:(THEONE-PC).html] Please help

A:Problem playing videos after fresh install on new hard drive

you should delete[asap] that attachment if you still can as it contains the keys to you windows install and other software you have installed.

your mothereboard has 4 ram slots ,you are running only 2 gig ram ,i would look at adding more "asap" to help performance of you win7 ultimate install .
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Hi I m considering trying to clone my current hard drive to a new drive so I can replace it without having to install Windows XP again I posted about that here http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic html I read it s possible to clone the old hard drive to a new one using something like Easeus Todo or Easeus Disk Copy then just unplug the old drive plug the new one in and it should work like nothing has changed Also I read that afterward you can switch back and forth between the old and new drives without any problems Is that correct Seondly in the event that I can t clone my drive successfully and get the system to boot off of the new drive the OEM WinXP new hard Install to drive you old still the on Fresh Can - back switch one? second course of action I was thinking was to do a Fresh Install WinXP OEM on new hard drive - Can you still switch back to the old one? fresh installation of Windows XP I have Windows XP Home with SP and the disk that came with my comptuer is an OEM disk quot only for distribution with a new PC quot I was told I would be able to activate a new installation of Windows using the same Product Key on this computer even if I change the hard drive just as long as I don t change the motherboard My main question is if I do this and get a fresh installation of WinXP activated successfully on the new drive would I still be able to switch back and boot from the old hard dirve if I needed to Or would activating a fresh install of WinXP on a new hard drive deactivate the installation on the old drive

A:Fresh Install WinXP OEM on new hard drive - Can you still switch back to the old one?

This is a real curley one, (meaning difficult)

I have never been able to successfully Clone XP, but can give you some Guidence for reinstalling XP from the OEM Disk that should work for you. If you haven't made any changes, except for the HDD you should be able to Boot from either one, just by converting the other HDD from a Slave to Master and converting the Master to Slave, but you don't really need to do that? You can interchange Data from either one to the other, if the two are set up as Master and Slave?

Is that what you want?
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Good evening,

I have a HP Pavilion DV6408nr laptop that needed a new hard drive. Needless to say, I had to install an operating system.
I bought the laptop used with XP installed. Had the laptop for a few months and the hard drive failed.
I replaced the hard drive and installed XP pro and now I have numerous conflicts as well as missing drivers. The laptop originally came with Vista home premium. I have not only primary IDE channels using the same ports, but secondary IDE channels as well. I also have 2 PCI devices, 2 base system devices, and a video controller using the same IRQ 11.

Are these issues easily repaired or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I ask these questions because of the yellow exclamations in the device manager under Other Devices and under the tab for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Also, the wireless wasn't even recognized.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Too many conflicts after installig new hard drive and fresh XP pro install
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Hello this is my first time posting hear so please go easy on me. Me and my fiance just finished putting together her first real gaming computer and we wanted to use a Patriot 64g SSD to put win 7 on and use a 1TB Seagate drive for all the rest of the storage. The installation of Win 7 onto the SSD went nice and smooth but when we get into windows it is not detecting the 1TB HD at all. Funny thing is that when I go in to the SSD properties, I can see the Seagate under the sharing options. The only info I have found is how to clone off an existing hard drive with Win 7 on it not how to do a fresh install on 2 new drives. Any help would be great.

A:Fresh win7 install on SSD and will not detect new Seagate hard drive

Try this, right click on computer in the start menu, select manage, in the left column select disk management. Look for the seagate drive in the lower portion of the window. When you find it, right click and select 'change drive letter or path' in the next window, select add. Thake the drive letter windows offers or select another letter from the drop down window. You should be able to see it then, if that is your problem. If that does not work, please post a screenshot of the expanded disk management in your next post.
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PUH-LEEZE Help me before I do awful awful things Ugghh Model HP a n years old OS Originally XP Media Center NEW OS Installing New Windows Ult x Newer HDD Hard Drive Replaced Samsung Tb Spinpoint f hd sj here XP has issue with large drives sector alignment issues for Windows XP and never got XP working Hard 1T on Drive Install fresh Multiple 7x32 BSoD Win x07e Reformatted on the new drive smoothly Not sure how to mess with this HDD Multiple BSoD fresh Install Win 7x32 on Reformatted 1T Hard Drive x07e stuff but darik boot and nuke was done on it then ran install NTFS is format type Dont know what logical and Multiple BSoD fresh Install Win 7x32 on Reformatted 1T Hard Drive x07e primary settings are Multiple BSoD fresh Install Win 7x32 on Reformatted 1T Hard Drive x07e supposed to be Memtest passed for ran hours ran hardware test on drive passed also on HBCD Dont have recovery disks from HP and not available does that matter with a new intall But I did have the win working quot more stable quot that it has since I started using the PC again had it boxed away for months It said it was not genuine so I used DAz Loader dump thing to show it authentic thing errors started showing every hour to few minutes after restarted So I got a clean retail disk to install from SAME PROBLEMS often Tried following OS's UPdated the Intel chipset drivers G Ran Drive update programs have the drivers HP Win Ult w loader Have done windows update still bsod's ran it witout updates bsod Clean New win ult x Errors I've seen x e x e x a x quot IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL quot with the x A error THis I've never seen before Hardware Malfunction Call your hadware vendor for support The system ahs halted I have had crashes while installing new OS over previous intall Did'nt think that was possible if I was installing new OS OR at least I'm not sure if it means there's a hardware problem bad mobo sodder connection etc not sure how to test that but have been running Hirens Boot Disk tools to try to get idea of whats wrong BIOS has most recent update from of from Hewlett Packard site Motherboard ASUS P LP-LE are for HP since the Asus site does not list the board for driver updates DO I need to try different BIOS from asus to try to run this board And get allthe drivers for the components seperately and install them Dont know how to do all that but if necessary happy to learn how since it may help to build a new system soon

A:Multiple BSoD fresh Install Win 7x32 on Reformatted 1T Hard Drive x07e

* These crashes were caused by memory corruption/exception (probably a driver).
Please run these two tests to verify your memory and find which driver is causing the problem.

If you are overclocking anything reset to default before running these tests.
In other words STOP!!!

If you have raid > update its Driver.

*Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program. Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

*Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot.

Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.

Any errors are indicative of a memory problem.

If a known good stick fails in a motherboard slot it is probably the slot.

RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Driver verifier

Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. Most times it'll crash and it'll tell you what the driver is. But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. If you can't get to Safe Mode, then you'll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.

So, I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

Then, here's the procedure:
- Go to Start and type in "verifier" (without the quotes) and press Enter
- Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)" and click "Next"
- Select "Select individual settings from a full list" and click "Next"
- Select everything EXCEPT FOR "Special Pool", "Force Pending I/O Requests" and "Low Resource Simulation" and click "Next"
- Select "Select driver names from a list" and click "Next"
Then select all drivers NOT provided by Microsoft and click "Next"
- Select "Finish" on the next page.

Reboot the system and wait for it to crash to the Blue Screen.
Continue to use your system normally, and if you know what causes the crash, do that repeatedly.
The objective here is to get the system to crash because Driver Verifier is stressing the drivers out.
If it doesn't crash for you, then let it run for at least 36 hours of continuous operation.

Reboot into Windows (after the crash) and turn off Driver Verifier by going back in and selecting "Delete existing settings" on the first page, then locate and zip up the memory dump file and upload it with your next post.

If you can't get into Windows because it crashes too soon, try it in Safe Mode.
If you can't get into Safe Mode, try using System Restore from your installation DVD to set the system back to the previous restore point that you created.

Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Windows drivers for advanced users
* Please run the update readiness tool and then update to SP-1

Ensure you install the correct 64 or 32 bit option for your system)

Download the System Update Readiness Tool (64bit)
Download the System Update Readiness Tool (32bit)

Now update to SP-1

Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
* What Anti Virus program are you using?
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I was wondering if I were to use the Windows 8 disc to install windows 8 onto a new SSD drive would my Windows 8 upgrade key work on the SSD drive or does it only work on a drive that previously had Windows 7 installed on?

A:Windows 8 install on fresh drive

The Windows 8 upgrade process requires the recognition of an installed OS of XPSP3 or higher. A blank SSD does not meet that upgrade requirement.
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I have an HP Pavillion laptop that is 2 years old, and runs Vista. I want to do a fresh install of Windows 7. Everything I need is saved to flash drives, and I want to start completely fresh.
I had sort of thought I could do it myself, just pop in a disk, which would walk me through it. But I read some article which described a 36 step process and I got intimidated.
I could just pay a technician to do it. I have the money.
How hard is it?

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I need help....
I have an Asus UL30A with Windows 7, home premium installed. It still has some bloat ware but have tried to rid it of some. I am having several small issues... web cam won't work, some things won't open when I click on them, computer is sluggish etc. 
I've decided it best if I can do a "fresh install" of windows 7. 
This computer does not have a CD drive so using a disc is out. 
When I click on My computer, I see (2) Hard Disk Drives.... OS (C:) .... 73 GB free of 116 GB, Data (D:)...334 GB free of 334 GB,
Can I (somehow) place the needed windows 7 info on a thumb drive and use that?
Should I just install a copy of windows 7 on "D Drive" and use that? 
Should I wipe the C drive? How do I save drivers?
Thanks for yur help

A:Fresh install Windows 7, no disk drive.

This might help.
How To Setup a USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 7
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I need to reinstall windows xp on my Dell XPS400. I tried reinstalling it and it seemed to work fine. It asked me what partition I wanted it on and I told it drive C. It then proceeded to ask me if it could erase everything to make room for the new install. I chose yes. However, I have realized that almost everything is left on my computer. To the naked eye there's nothing there, but upon searching I found all of my old music, software trails, etc. I want EVERYTHING off, as in a Fresh clean computer. How do I reinstall and make sure my computer will be going back to how it was when I first got it?

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I need to install drivers for a Samsung ssd. This is a new windows 7 install. When I go to browse for the drivers on my usb stick, it sees nothing. I haven't had this problem in years. I am not looking for an alternative to using the usb drive. Why the heck
isn't the setup seeing the usb drive/drives. I have tried many. This is a z170 chipset. Installing from a dvd drive. Can anyone please help me figure out what the deal is? I cant help but feel silly and that its a simple overlook of something on my part.
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I bought new hard drive SATA 250GB WD HD Caviar Blue SATA III 6GB 3.5'' and i install windows 7 on it.
Problem is my computer start very slowly , (there is no programs yet) and very often randomly freezing.
Things i have do and didnt help;
I have checking my memory memtest86+ no problems found.
I reset BIOS
I upgrade BIOS, all drivers.
I borrow RAM STICK from other computer
I Reinstall Windows 7 like 10 times, using other dvd brand , burning by 2x speed or faster

And intresting is computer works faster with one stick ram 2GB THAN two stick ram 2GB but its still freezing alot like every 30 second for 2min~

Please help me, mayby u got some ideas what is wrong.
Btw. sorry for english

A:Fresh Windows 7 Install on new hard disk, frezze problems

Take the hard drive back for another, it`s bad. The fact that it`s new does not mean it`s good.

Take it back, exchange it, reinstall windows on the new hard drive.
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I installed a fresh install of Windows 7 and loaded all the drivers from the Lenovo support website. They all installed like normal except the Intel Wireless driver. It says install complete and I reboot and the exclamation point is still there in the device manager. Why is this the only driver to do this. I have also tried it on a second machine fresh out of the box and get the same results. 

A:X250 with a fresh Windows 7 install wireless drive...

Good day and welcome to the community.
Could you confirm/post the Hardware ID (found in Device Manager) of the item with the yellow bang?
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Hey guys I am completely stumped on this one About a month ago my laptop's hard drive crapped out on me so I decided to purchase a SSD to replace the operating system My SSD I bought is a Cruical m Link to the SSD Crucial M CT M SSD mm with mm adapter quot MLC Internal Solid State Drive SSD - Newegg com Link to Laptop HP ENVY TouchSmart m -k dx quot Drive. Fresh Cannot Windows Format Problem. 8.1 Install Sleekbook - AMD A Quad Core GHz GB RAM GB Hard Drive So here is where I am now I have to start from scratch and use this SSD to install a new OS on it Once I got it I installed Win on it but I realized that my MOBO doesn't have ANY drivers for Win and it Fresh Windows 8.1 Install Problem. Cannot Format Drive. was running way too slow and I was unable to install Since then I have obtained a copy of Win and I am attempting to install it I cannot format my SSD correctly to take the OS It will not let me use commands in DISKPART such as format fs ntfs I keep getting an error that the parameters are not correct The Windows installer cannot format it correctly either and I continue to get an error where it states that Windows cannot format the partition There has been for some reason once in a blue moon that I was able to format it and once it gets to the end of the installation it states that there is a corrupt file on the install I know that there is nothing wrong with my copy of Windows because it has been used to install on other systems and the USB is completely new Before my system crashed I was running just generic Windows so I have no idea if that is why I cannot install Windows I am dumbfounded gentleman and I could use all of the help in the world for this one Thank you

A:Fresh Windows 8.1 Install Problem. Cannot Format Drive.

Hello Sieg3n, and welcome to Eight Forums.

See if running a "clean" command (not "clean all") in a command prompt at boot will be able to wipe the hard drive for you. Afterwards, skip creating a new primary partition, and see if you are able to select the "unallocated" space during installation to install Windows 8.1 to.

Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command - Windows 7 Help Forums
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I just bought a solid state drive for my HP laptop. I figured I would do a fresh install of Windows 7 from my HP Windows 7 backup disc. Is this possible? Can someone run me through the steps involved in doing so? Do I need to format the SSD? I was going to break it into 2 partititions of 150GB and 100GB and put the old drive as an archive after.

A:Fresh Windows 7 Install to New Solid State Drive

A backup disc is meant to be used to basically repair the operating system when it is needed.  It is not an installation disc.
I would suggest that you call HP and tell them that you have replaced the hdd and need the installation and driver discs.  They usually will send these to you for free.  if there is a charge it usually isn't very expensive.
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Hey So today I decided to backup my SSD completely wipe it using diskpart and then do a fresh install of Windows My hard drive has been giving me some errors recently and it Fresh 7 on works BIOS? - but Drive SSD Windows isn't Install in was Fresh Windows 7 Install on SSD - Drive works but isn't in BIOS? time for a fresh install anyways So far everything has been working pretty well except for the fact that my computer keeps booting into my secondary hard drive instead of the GB SSD However I can boot into Fresh Windows 7 Install on SSD - Drive works but isn't in BIOS? the SSD easily by opening up the boot menu hitting the 'F ' key and manually selecting the SSD as my boot device Even though the Fresh Windows 7 Install on SSD - Drive works but isn't in BIOS? SSD is showing up in my boot menu it doesn't show up under my boot menu in the full-BIOS I am not too sure what is wrong I can make a video if helps explain the problem with a little more clarity I followed this guide to do the fresh install of Windows SSD HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation Thanks and let me know if you need more information

A:Fresh Windows 7 Install on SSD - Drive works but isn't in BIOS?

This might not pertain to your problem but could help some other areas, when you installed windows to the ssd did you have only the ssd in the pc at the time, if not your BCD is most likely on the bigger drive and removing it will make windows unable to boot, that being said it should not make your ssd not show up in the bios. Did you install the EVO in UEFI mode, with a UEFI windows installer?
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Hello all.

My computer got a harsh virus on it that is giving me problems so i'm left with no choice but to reformat it.

but here is my problem..

when i get to the partition part of the installation, it shows that i have 2 drives.
C: my main drive that has 70GB
D: Recovery drive that has 10 GB...

so, how should i approach this.

I just want 1 copy of windows XP running on my computer.

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Hi I Fresh fresh system Random install, - BSOD have installed a whole new windows pro x My new Random BSOD - Fresh install, fresh system mobo an ASus p e pro along with new ram pc gskill x ddr running in mhz due to my q Everythingi s running perfectly except some random BSOD total this week I have posted a pack of dump file in here the last ones are the ones that represent the BSOD I had and that I cannot explain the others ones are for various reasons crashes who happenned during installation but Random BSOD - Fresh install, fresh system that I was able to resolve What is weird is that my BSOD only happenned when I was surfing explorer on when the CPU was idle at night with utorrent running today mc pc got BSOD at AM after night or running perfectly it is open since then and running perfectly again All the afternoon for hours it loaded utorrent I cam back from the university and started to play empire total war and lot of MW multiplayer Everything is working perfectly no BSOD But I'm afraid to leave my pc open this night when the BSOD happen I usually have to reboot manually because if it reboot by itself it lead to a DOS screen saying to select a boot device Help me someone I cannot believe me G-skill memory are faulty otherwise they would have failed in-game I suspect nvidia drivers can be responsible for thoses bluescreen The power management tool is not working properly and whatever the option I choose in the nvidia panel it will sometimes lower my frequencies and sometimes it will keep the stock one A strange thing also is that my CPU is lowering it's speed in a kind of power saving option but I turned intel speedstep off so it should not do it should it IS there a problem running pc in mhz I do not want to maintain my FSB to north bridge to mhz all the time cause it heat my system a lot I use that function from time to time for hard gaming sessions crysis for example PLease help Thanks for your help already

A:Random BSOD - Fresh install, fresh system

I think I must also mention that BSOD didnt always give the same message, wich lead me to confusion in my troubleshooting research.
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Hi All

Another one...I just formatted my C-Drive and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate on it. After restart, I got the following screen - See image attached. Now Windows can't boot at all. I tried using a system repair disk but it doesn't work. I doubt if it is a hardware problem, since I can access the boot menu and its options, but as I said, running the repair disk fails, I keep on getting that screen when it restarts.

Any ideas? Can it be my MBR that is screwed? What options do I have available?

Thank you very much!

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I'm sorry but I'm new of SSD into restarts Fresh 8.1, on BSOD install Fresh at this but I'm at a loss at what I'm suppose to do Just got in the mail ssd's and the HD video card along Fresh install on Fresh SSD of 8.1, restarts into BSOD with a copy of windows complete retail My boot ssd one Fresh install on Fresh SSD of 8.1, restarts into BSOD I'm trying to install on is a gb Mushkin and the other is the one I was going to put games on the gb Mushkin So I hooked the gb one up and put in my install disk for the bit of windows It went through the install fine then it said it needed to restart to complete and when it restarted it gave me the black screen of death It sat there for over minutes then the screen turned to a yellowish orange So I formatted the ssd reinstalled fresh again Same thing I then tried the gb thinking maybe I had a bad ssd Same thing Then I tried an old gb Seagate that I knew worked but I formatted it and installed Same thing So back to the gb I went formatted reinstalled then it did the black screen again So I tried booting over a couple times till it gave me the option to start in safe mode with networking It started in a black screen with the blue windows logo and stayed there for an hour I then tried the command prompt methods of BOOTREC FIXMBR BOOTREC FIXBOOT BOOTREC REBUILDBCD and restarted with same black screen after the rebuildbcd it said copies of windows So I tried to start using the install CD as a recovery drive it brought up the option to install windows I'm not sure how I can get dumps or test stuff if there is no way for me to even get to the actual explorer other than the black screen or the black screen with the blue window logo or even he more rare black screen with underscore blinking Can someone please help me out because after two days I'm at a loss here thanks Mitchell

A:Fresh install on Fresh SSD of 8.1, restarts into BSOD

Hi MitchellTyner,

First, I looked up your motherboard and it does not formally support any OS beyond Windows 7 so that could be an issue right off the bat; however, if you are running the latest BIOS, you could try and set your BIOS to default values and try that clean install without the 7870 first. Then, if it works, you could try installing the 7870 thereafter. BTW, good luck in finding all the correct drivers for your older hardware as well.

Clean Install - Windows 8

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HI, I just installed windows 2000 professional onto my computer. Everything works fine except that the resolution is really grainy. On some web sites I cannot even make out what the words are. I found out that when I go into my monitor settings in display properties I am unable to install the drivers for my monitor. Does anybody know a way in which I can get around this.

A:monitor drivers unable to install on fresh windows 2000 install

Are you really referring to the monitor drivers or the Dispay Adapter drivers?The symptoms you describe sound like the latter issue.

Monitor drivers are no big deal to install, and even if you don't, Windows should use compatible plug and play drivers. Still it's a good idea to install them -- but you get them from the Monitor vendor site. You get the Display Adapter drivers from the Display Adaptor vendor's site.

What Display Adapter model do you have? And are they properly installed?

To install a Monitor driver, you download and unzip the .inf file from the Vendor. Then you select "update driver" and browse to the location of the file you unzipped. Once installed your Monitor should be recognized by model number.
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I'm unable to get windows 10 oobe loop install after Windows install fresh to install properly properly and have spent the around hours in total trying to troubleshoot it the last days It started with a failed overclock attempt and reseting uefi to default settings When I booted up again the start menu didn't work I attempted to arc scannow among some other fixes to no avail and therefore opted to reset windows Windows 10 install oobe loop after fresh install This resulted in an error message unable to configure windows for this hardware or something along that line I Then I made a usb with windows media creation tool on another computer and attempted a clean format and fresh install of the drive with no success This time it left me stuck in a reboot loop at the oobe phase use express settings blue screen please wait with no error After another format I tried to install windows and upgrade from there I had some success but the windows would log in with a black screen and working mouse and keyboard shortcuts After - minutes the Rest of the interface loaded the start menu however did not work nor did windows update or the search bar I've tried various fixes but nothing seems to help or introduces another issue I'm running out of ideas and cant seem to track down the root issue Could a component be broken I have gone through several attempts to reinstall but every method results in one issue or the other The strange part about that would be how windows installed and ran perfectly fine I've also been using windows with this computer for over half a year without much trouble Any help would be much appreciated Sorry of the formatting is messy Posting with my phone makes me terrible at writing I will be editing this when I remember relevant info try something new or have other results
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-Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Service Pack 1

Hello there, I've just built a new computer and am having trouble installing Windows updates on my fresh install.

When I go to Windows Update, I get the following message:

Install new Windows Update software

To check for updates, you must first install an update for Windows Update. Your automatic updating settings will not change

To install the update, Windows update will automatically close and re-open.

When I click 'Install now', the window disappears and I am then confronted with the following message:

Windows could not search for new updates

An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer.

Error(s) found:
Code 800F081F Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Does anyone know how I can get updates to work? Is there some way that I can manually download and install this update for Windows Update?

Thank you.

A:Unable to install updates on fresh Windows 7 SP1 install

I'm guessing that your installation media already contained SP1, is that correct? Since this is a clean install my first thought is something happened during the installation process to damage or corrupt some system files. I'd try the Microsoft troubleshooter first.

Troubleshoot problems with installing updates - WindowsUpdate_dt000

If that doesn't work I'd try running the System Update Readiness Tool.

What is the System Update Readiness Tool?

If still no joy, and only because this is a very recent clean install, I'd just reinstall Windows 7 again. If the problem persists I'd start looking into the possibility of a bad installation disk, hardware issues, etc. Please post back if any of this helps or not.
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I plan on reformatting Windows 7 x64 due to some hardware issues. Basically, I would like to be able to have things like Windows 7 settings, themes, ect imported. Any tips on how to do this?

edit: I do have separate partitions/harddrives to backup files, program data, ect.

A:Tips for importing my Windows 7 install to a fresh install?

Windows Easy Transfer
Ill get the link

When I went from Vista to 7, I used it. Tranfer everything to a finger drive and then transfer to the new OS.
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Hey guys, new the forum and hopefully you guys can help and hopfully i can help you guys in return. Heres the deal:

1) Computer: Sony Vaio PCG-C1MV (picture book)
2) Devices: a) USB Floppy Drive (working fine)
b) IN.coder portable USB 2.0 CDrw/DVD drive (backwards compatable w/ USB 1.0)

3) Problem: Sony Vaio completely wipe out, starts up in MS-DOS. Tyring to reinstall XP w/ reboot disk provided by sony. Unable to get dos to reconize USB cd-drive, but it does reconize the floppy and 98 book disk starts up w/ no problem. Try to start with cd-rom support but no love there. Im thinking if i can get the cd drive to work, i can install xp. Maybe i can install a small o/s on the drive temporarily so that i can get it to start up & upgrade to xp. I dont know!!!! Frustrated!!!

4) Solution: ????? Help!!!

Any Input is greatly appreciated

Thank in advance, Tony
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I'm trying to do a fresh install on my emachines desktop, I open the recovery center and put the recovery disk in and the computer restarts, but then it goes to a blue screen and says "hard disk not found!" Is there any relief from this problem?
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Hi keeps fresh after even locking Computer of hard Vista. install I wonder Computer keeps hard locking even after fresh install of Vista. if anyone can help me with this I have a pretty new computer that used to work just great Intel Q CPU EVGA i mobo EVGA core GTX WD GB hard drive Vista Ultimate x Patriot x GB DDR BFG watt PSU This computer has run beautifully for the last six months I had the occasional problem but for the most part it has been great Well just in the last couple weeks it has started to freeze up pretty frequently It locks and requires me to power down and manually re-start it This is followed by the computer often though not always making the long-beep during post which requires me to re-start it again It will eventually start but sometimes requires two or three tries I don t really know what its problem is I figured I had installed something weird and it was causing it to act up So I formatted the drive and re-installed Vista I made sure to install all the latest drivers for all my hardware too I thought sure that would fix the problem Nope It still locks up at random times-- sometimes right away other times not-at-all although it is beginning to happen pretty much every day now more than once I don t think it s heat related because I always keep an eye on my temps CPU is sporting an average of C right now-- the GPU is at C I have verified this with multiple temp applications Coretemp Everest and in the BIOS I am beginning to think that some bit of hardware is failing I know that freezes can sometimes be memory related I have also heard that this might be a power issue Everything in my system was new when I built it except the PSU which I used for about months before this in my old comp I Googled around and found a few posts about Vista s sleep functions being related to freezes I have always had Vista s Sleep function disabled because it was always buggy but I have since disabled Vista s Hard drive sleep function as well this followed about min later with a freeze so I don t think that was it Does anyone have any other ideas by chance If it is hardware related can anyone suggest what the most likely culprit is I would like to try to buy the correct replacement part if at all possible rather than spend a fortune on a bunch of stuff that isn t needed So far I was thinking about getting ram first then PSU if that didn t work Does this sound right or should I try something else first Might it be the CPU Thank you very much for any and all help wit this Edit I wasn t sure if this was a Vista or Hardware prob should I move it to the Hardware forum nbsp

A:Computer keeps hard locking even after fresh install of Vista.

What you can do is start disconnecting hardware from the PC, one at a time, and see if the freeze goes away.

disconnect things like, external usb devices, cd/dvd roms, add in cards(remove them), card readers, ect.

Memory, if there is more than 1 module, test each module in the system one at a time.

of course there is some hardware you cannot remove, but when you eliminate all the rest, you can start thanking about processors, video cards, motherboards.

If the PSU is in doubt, all you can do is install a spare if you have one.

A process of elimination.

should I move it to the Hardware forum?)Click to expand...

no, you will get spanked for double posting, a pet peeve around here with the mods.
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I am attempting to install a Windows OEM x onto an older machine I have MB is a Foxconn NF UK AA- EKRS CPU is AMD Athlon x GHz RAM GB I installed a new OEM GB SATA hard drive unformatted Current OS is Windows XP fresh drive sata Oem install Home SP I deleted SP since it was giving me some problems with auto login My DVD drive will not read the Windows installation disk similar to another Oem install fresh sata drive post the drive just flashes never spools up It will read other CDs and DVDs I initialized the hard drive but have not partitioned or formatted the new SATA hard drive which is where I want to install the new OS While the BIOS recognizes the drive its not listed on Computer tree I have copied the Windows OEM DVD contents onto a Folder that I created on a Toshiba External USB drive Only had a GB USB Flash Drive so thought I would use the external drive and select the setup exe in the Windows files I copied into a folder without formatting a complete GB ext USB drive Question can I partition and format the new SATA drive using the Windows XP Home Edition with an NTSF format and will this be recognized by Windows Question can I install Windows from the Toshiba Ext USB drive's folder onto the newly formatted SATA drive Or does Windows require a different formatting setup The BIOS and MB won't recognize a DVD drive it only allows a boot from CD I removed the CD and DVD master slave parallel cable and only installed the DVD as the master but Windows DVD just blinks and never spins the drive If I can get the new OS installed I'll remove my two older GB PATA hard drives and add more RAM This machine is for my wife's use since it was in the garage gathering dust Thought I would revive it and set up a wireless home group between my machine and her's I added an all in one printer copier scanner in addition to the HP Photosmart D I have so we can share files printers and internet connection I have been building my own machines since about Building a machine is fun takes maybe hrs but all the software kicks my butt Also I went to the OEM System Builder License at Microsoft OEM Partner Center that is the most confusing arrangement I have ever seen I'm just a home builder having fun not a business must I buy the full version to get this installed Thanks for the help Jetrep

A:Oem install fresh sata drive

You can actually buy a cheaper Upgrade and install it to bare metal, if you have any old XP or Vista laying around to qualify you. You're on the honor system here.
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I am attempting to fresh install Windows XP pro on my Dell XPS 400. Everything is all set for the wipe, but when I try to boot from my DVD ROM drive nothing happens. I get to the screen where it says 'press any key to boot from CD' and my drive spins down and nothing happens.

I have a TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H352c drive. Otherwise the drive works well, it will load discs and such. I tried 'deleting' the drive from the hardware manager, then restarting where windows found new hardware to replace the drivers. Same issue occured. I am unsure how to proceed. I assume that when I finally am able to reformat and reload windows that the issues will be resolved, but I need to get to that point first. Any help would be appreciated. If more information is needed please let me know!


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Just wondering what everyone rushes to install on a fresh install of Windows If this type of thread has been done already sorry feel free to merge I tend to format and reinstall apps What do install? -- Install Fresh Windows you of so often that I keep Fresh Install of Windows -- What apps do you install? all my apps on a USB stick install them all then use File Hippo's update checker to update anything that's been updated since I put the installers on my stick I also Fresh Install of Windows -- What apps do you install? copy the new installers over Fresh Install of Windows -- What apps do you install? to my stick for the next time I reinstall My first install is Anti-virus which used to be Avast but i'm now using MS security essentials I let it update and scan then reboot install any available Windows updates Second install is Firefox which is my favorite browser and I use to surf around while windows update is running After closing Firefox my third set of installs are plugins Java Flash Plugins IE amp non-IE Shockwave Adobe Air and Python The rest are -zip Great utility for handling all kinds of archives doesn't integrate into the shell well on Windows yet Abiword Light weight word processor For the most I use this to compose longer blog posts and replies to private messages It beats launching Open Office Audacity Program for manipulating audio files Mostly use this to cleanup intro and outro gaps on rips Any Video Converter Pretty simple and easy to use video converter so I can play them on my Zen Ccleaner An awesome temp internet files cleaner Google Chrome I use this as my secondary browser Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor Really nice WYSIWYG HTML editor and it's free Context A free text editor supports syntax highlighting and lots of fun stuff I don't use it much mostly use Notepad but am planning to dive into Context a bit more Defraggaler A defrag utility from Priform the makers of Ccleaner I find it easier to use then Windows built in utility Digsby A multi-protocol IM client I don't use it much especially after the whole crapware fiasco Pidgin is my favorite IM client Dropbox An awesome file sync tool that works on all platforms Easy Tag Bulk MP tag editor file renamer Really nice piece of software I like it because it's simple and to the point Easy Tag requires GTK but that gets installed with Pidgin anyhow FileZilla A great cross platform FTP client with the ability to save connection profiles Flock The quot social quot web browser mostly just have it in order to have another browser to use if need be Foxit Reader A lightweight PDF reader a good alternative to Adobe Reader Don't bother installing the Firefox plugin though as it locks up FF for a good minutes every time you try opening a PDF Primo PDF Printer Setups a virtual printer to 'print' a PDF from any program GIMP A free advanced image editor Google Earth Hey who doesn't like spying on their old neighborhood from the sky Google Talk Google's IM client I don't use it much mostly for Gmail notifications Intellipoint Intellitype Pro Enable the features on my keyboard and mouse InfraRecorder A decent utility to burn CDs mostly use it for ISOs I'll probably drop this with Windows since ISO burning is built into the shell KeePass Hands down the best password wallet saver Cross platform I use it in conjunction with Dropbox to have all my passwords synced and available to me on all my computers Notepad My favorite text editor I set it for all text file associations Syntax highlighting and a tabbed interface make this the best text editor out there IMHO Open Office A great free office suite a little on the bloated side but not too bad After installing launch open office and disable the 'auto-starter' from starting all the time in the system tray Opera Yet another browser mostly for testing Paint net Another image editor haven't really used it much so cannot say much about it Pidgin A great free multi-protocol IM client No ads in your face either This is my default IM clie... Read more

A:Fresh Install of Windows -- What apps do you install?

Don't forget to install Malwarebytes:

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Using the DISM, restorehealth, etc.. all do not seems to work. Advise. Spend 3 days doing it... even reformatting and reinstall OS.
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Can not install full fresh Windows 7 it says cannot install windows 7 it says hard disk in gpt style.

The hard drive in this HP p2-1343w Desktop PC
HITACHI HDS721010CLA632 JPT41A SATA 6.0 1TB hard drive
Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721010CLA632
P/N 0F15013 MLC JPT41A
I am trying to help a lady friend from Church.
She has a HP p2-1343w Desktop PC with Windows 8, "Which I hate".
Can not install full fresh Windows 7 it says cannot install windows 7 it says hard disk is in gpt style. I tried some steps to covert gpt to mbr so I can install fresh full Windows 7 but don't know what to do from here.
Please help thank you.
N4TUX Boyd

A:Can not install full fresh Windows 7 it says cannot install because...

Hi N4TUX is there currently an operating system on the pc?
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hi guys. did a fresh install of vista and for some reason one of my hardrive partitians is not showing in "my computer". can anyone help?

thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] partitian of hard disc dissapeared after fresh install

Has the partition been formatted?
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Okay my other thread is no longer relevant I got a computer with Win XP Home preinstalled under the C drive The drive was only GB They partitioned it to and installed Win on the GB partition I want to format the entire drive to get rid of all the crap that's on there after all these years and to merge the two partitions back into one blank GB Then I want to do a fresh install of my Win XP Home I have the disk I can't use Win to format the C drive since Win is ON the C drive In the Win Drive [SOLVED] C: XP Format Fresh for Win Install? setup help file it implied that during a [SOLVED] Format C: Drive for Fresh Win XP Install? fresh install of Win I'd be given the option to format the drive first but I wasn't I was only given the option to create delete partitions not to merge partitions or format the drive I guess [SOLVED] Format C: Drive for Fresh Win XP Install? because the Win CD copies temporary setup files onto the C drive during installation so it can't format it What can I use that can be run independent of Win like something I can put on a floppy or burn to CD that I can pop in and have my PC boot from then use it to format the C drive and then pop in the Win setup CD to have the PC boot from that and start my fresh install I had a Seagate CD from drive maintenance and installation I booted from that and tried to use its option to format the C drive but it wouldn't format it because again it had spread some of its files to the C drive and so couldn't format the drive it was running from I'm going to look up some software for this now In the mean time any help is appreciated In case you're wondering that drive is only going to be used for the OS All of my files and such are on other HDs

A:[SOLVED] Format C: Drive for Fresh Win XP Install?

G'Day cyberphonics, Welcome to TSF!

What you need is Darik's Boot N Nuke.
This utility will completely wipe the HDD back to a RAW single unformatted partitioned Drive.

"The Darik's Boot N Nuke" Download and information Site.

Hope this answers your query.

Kind Regards,
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I have a fresh install of Windows 7...all updates applied both software and firmware, and even though this dvd player/burner was used to install Win7, it does not work after the full install to both read and write to. It is not shown on My Computer and it doesn't list but it does list on the Bios on computer start and is enabled on the motherboard. It is an older IDE dvd burner 16x I believe, and it last operated just fine, (it did, after all, install Win7 from a DVD on fresh install.)

Any ideas?

Much appreciated.

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I was running Windows Vista Bit with no problems but decided to give Windows bit a try After trying Windows I decided I would go ahead and go back to Vista bit of Locked out even fresh Drive D after install Vista of my until there is more support from driver manufacturers etc My issue is that after going back and installing Vista I cannot access Locked out of my D Drive even after fresh install of Vista certain directories on my D Drive I get the error message quot You don t currently have permission to access this folder quot This is on a Fresh Clean install Not upgrade I have reformatted the C Drive and put a brand new fresh installation of Vista on it times and I get this message I even went ahead and used the security options to quot Take control quot of the folders which then allowed me to access them but this is still causing me issues with programs etc Also even after I took control of the folders I did another fresh install and it went back to saying I do not have permission to access them The folders are on my Storage drive I only use the default login Windows sets up when I install it It has administrator rights I have even turned User Account Control UAC Off and it STILL denies me access until I take control The only thing I can think is that Windows somehow put some hidden files on the D Drive that Vista is noticing causing me to be locked out of these folders NOTE These are normal folders Not system folders or anything Just ordinary folders with music pictures etc Can anyone please help me nbsp

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OK Here s the deal IE was shutting down on this system pretty often but there were also a bunch of trojans on it So I formatted the c drive reinstalled xp pro office pro avira ad-aware spybot and spywareblaster I left the D partition alone where the user s docs are located Now after the fresh install IE is still shutting down out of the blue and sometimes it still freezes I did notice when I installed the drivers for the motherboard that one did not install It s called the ATM Network Controller I guess that may indicate that there is a PCI NIC installed I m not at the system so I can t check What could be causing this behavior Could it be because I did not format the D partition when I formatted the C partition and there are still some threats creating havoc Most viruses and spyware usually attack the c drive Do any still fresh crashing still drive? IE8 the on install; Threats after D attack a IE8 still crashing after fresh install; Threats still on the D drive? partition that does not have an OS Based on what I ve told you so far do you suggest that I reformat the D drive format both drives and IE8 still crashing after fresh install; Threats still on the D drive? start over or do you think I should look for and install the driver for the ATM Network Controller by PCI NIC if there is one and downgrade to IE8 still crashing after fresh install; Threats still on the D drive? IE some claim IE does not play well with XP however I believe IE was running before I formatted the C drive initially The model of the mobo is PCChips M G UPDATE Here s the latest First I got the error message that said Internet Explorer had encountered an error and had to shut down and then the screen froze and I couldn t do anything Then another error screen appeared with a big red X with the following error message --------------------------------------------- Sysfader iexplore exe - Application Error X The instruction at quot x quot referenced memory at quot x c ab quot The memory could not be read Click OK to terminate the program --------------------------------------------- Googled the above message and could not find a fix that worked Everything was frozen and I couldn t click on anything So I did ctrl-alt-delete and got the Task Lisk and closed out Internet Explorer and the error message and then opened up Firefox Will getting a new NIC still have to check if it s internal or a NIC and downgrading to IE fix this or does this info point to something new Please advise Thanks nbsp
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Hi I'm new here and didn't know exactly which forum to post this is as it covers more than one topic but it's all connected so I put it here My girlfriend got a new computer for school a HP quot ac- no ugh and wanted Windows on it it came default with W Turns out it's a mess to get W usb installed fresh no and W7u dvd-drive, install, ethernet not - on this thing as it considers W to be a quot legacy quot OS and is probably primarily meant to be used with W or W So I set the BIOS to legacy mode No biggie Trouble is though that W setup would not detect any usb ports None I could boot from USB but as soon as I entered the setup it was not available Loading the drivers from HP's website did not help either I dumped them on the HDD had not formatted yet and loaded them from there I also got an error that it could not create a system partition because of the USB stick in the port which it could not see seemlingly If I removed this I got a x error and it kept asking for additional drivers and I could not continue And the W7u - fresh install, no dvd-drive, ethernet and usb not installed BIOS on this thing is so limited that the only thing I can change is the bootorder There are no options for forcing usb or any other p amp p uefi etc settings Bootorder and the time that's about it The only time the USB drive is readable or at least recognizable is in HP's boot-menu As soon as W setup loads from W7u - fresh install, no dvd-drive, ethernet and usb not installed it it's gone - as far as W knows it would seem In order to finally be able to install W I used the still working W created a small partition on the HDD dumped the W setup files and W7u - fresh install, no dvd-drive, ethernet and usb not installed used DISKPART to make it bootable I didn't think to copy the drivers on to that partition before installing W Without any drivers available I'm stranded with a computer that I am seemingly unable to transfer any files to whatsoever Summary Fresh windows no usb drivers no ethernet drivers no dvd-drive I have a computer I cannot get any files onto Help

A:W7u - fresh install, no dvd-drive, ethernet and usb not installed

First, see if they have win 7 drivers on the laptop manufacturer website. If not, you try extracting drivers from the working 8 installation, then install them into your new 7 installation?

You can use doubledriver , or 64/32download
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Reinstalled windows after running into some problems. BIG MISTAKE. I had a hard time installing the SATA HD before and I have no Idea how I went about it the last time. I don't wanna loose any files. Can someone please help me get my system to detect my SATA Drive. I Have an Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard.

Thanks in advance,

A:Fresh Install Won't Detect SATA Drive

Did you load the SATA drivers during boot up before trying to install windows?
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Is this possible and would I have to install drivers for the SATA drive or would vista automatically install them? Thanks alot.
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Good Afternoon Everyone I am having a hell of a time here working on a customers computer Just got all the parts to do a new build for him and have run into an issue when trying to install Win Ultimate x I get the quot A required CD DVD drive device driver is missing quot Specs -MSI GMA-E Motherboard -AMD Athlon II X Processor - GB Ram x GB - GB Seagate HDD Brand New SATA -Sony Optiarc AD- S DVD-RW Drive SATA I've reviewed other posts of this nature and tried the following things Checked the SHA- HASH values with the official list which checked out Attempted install via Bootable USB thumbdrive With and without DVD Drive connected to no avail Removed all but gb of RAM Attempted to load any drivers from the Motherboard disc to no avail the program wouldn't run And of Missing Fresh Install CD/DVD - Required Device Drive course tried to install it normally using Required CD/DVD Drive Device Missing - Fresh Install the DVD Im at a loss here any ideas -Z-

A:Required CD/DVD Drive Device Missing - Fresh Install


What is the source of the ISO file? Is it a retail version of Windows 7, or OEM?

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I upgraded from XP to Win bit I did what I thought was a clean install with the C drive reformatted But alas no The C drive was originally partitioned into C amp E with one holding the operating system and the other for general use Now I find that the original partitions are still there Win has installed onto the C partition and operates normally however when I boot up I get the option for Win or original system partition cannot install drive Fresh access Win7 on now C - haven't clicked the other option for fear of screwing things up Big issue is the C logical drive is now full causing Fresh Win7 install now cannot access partition on C drive all sorts of dramas The other partition E Primary is about GB and I cannot expand the C partition into it I tried simply deleting E with MiniTool Partition Wizard but it screwed up the PC from which it automatically recovered itself In Fresh Win7 install now cannot access partition on C drive MiniTool the C drive is listed as 'System' and the E drive as 'Active amp Boot' Fresh Win7 install now cannot access partition on C drive which I assume is the issue So how can I delete the E drive partition and expand the C drive Thought simply deleting all in the E partition would allow me to expand C but obviously as it is 'Boot' no can do Can C become the 'Boot' too easily Also in Explorer E is unseen Any advice would be appreciated Hopefully there is a solution that doesn't require a complete reinstall NB After a bit more reading her worked out it is the Boot drive being installed on the E partition and not the C Can this be moved - or installed onto C and point the start-up to C Then how does the E become visible and accessible

A:Fresh Win7 install now cannot access partition on C drive

Try cleaning the HD Drive & reinstalling.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Clean Install Windows 7
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sata drivers are installed. both drives are recognised, the windows installation drive is drive 0 in device manager, the missing hdd is device 1 in device manager, device manager shows both as working correctly and all the info there seems correct. i formatted the windows installation drive on installing windows, thinking i could format the second drive in my computer by right clicking.

any ideas how to find and start using this drive.


(its a samsung spinpoint 80 gig sata)

A:'my computer' not recognising 2nd sata drive after fresh install

Right Click My computer, manage, Disk Manager from here. It should show up as a Physical hard drive - format
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Hi, just installed W7 on a new build and can't get the drivers installed. I was having issues during the installation - it was hanging on finalizing settings - and did a new install without the ethernet connected. Installation worked, but no drivers were installed. Now it won't read a usb drive so I can't manually install the drivers. I don't have a CD/DVD drive either. At this point, I'm guessing the only thing is to try and track down a friend with a CD/DVD drive, but I'm hoping someone here might have something I can try before I do that. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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Hi all,

I just finished installing Windows 7 Ultimate X64 on an Asus motherbord, i5 intel. I was checking the root folder my C:\ drive, and I realized that besides the standard folders (Program Files (x86), etc.) there is a file called bootsect.exe

Why is this there, and can I delete it?

1) I used Acronis 2014 to wipe my SSD drive (fast)

2) Installed Windows 7 by choosing the advance option (not the upgrade)

When I look at my hard drive structure via the Disk Management, I do see the proper (and hidden) 100MB NTFS System Reserved partition, *in addition to* my regular OS.

Is there anything wrong with this then?

Thanks for your help.

A:Bootsec.exe on root of C:\ drive (Fresh Win7 Ultimate Install)

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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I am thinking about zeroing and reformatting my desktop and then reloading. My XP OS has about 4-5 upgrade CD's. I have an early version of Vista before it was commercially available, but installed then immediatly uninstalled that piece of &*^%.

Can I buy Windows - 7 and simply load it as a brand new installation? Or, as I've been warned, do I have to bring all the XP versions back up to date?

Can anybody make anything that isn't a pain in the ass?


Frustrated in Detroit

A:Can I buy and install Windows 7 as a "fresh" install?

From what I can see, you can not upgrade from XP but you can from Vista. So if you have XP you will need to do a complete install, probably haveing to format, but I'm not positive of that. I don't have Vista, but I did pre-order Win 7 from Newegg. I figured it's only $99, (sale ends today the 20th) so what the heck.. I'll give it a try..
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Hi, I recently purchased my HP ProDesk 400 G3 Microtower PC that came with Windows 7 Pro pre installed but it was not provided with any Windows 7 media or a  Windows COA on the case. I would like to do a fresh install of the Windows 7 OS onto a new SSD so I have 2 questions for you? Can I download an ISO of Windows 7 Pro and install this to the SSDIf I can do the above will the Windows 7 pro licence key be picked up from the motherboard during the installationRegards db
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The old hard drive on my computer crapped out so I just bought a Windows Install XP Help Fresh new one and I am trying to install windows on it and I have gotten lost The drive I am using is http www seagate com support disc iguides sata a pdf I have a dell windows cd that came with the computer I also have the windows cd key that was used on the Fresh Windows XP Install Help computer I put in the dell cd it went through all the steps Everything seemed to be going fine It never asked me for my CD key it also never asked me if this computer would be connected to the internet The computer boots but the only thing on the desktop is the recycling bin I look into the display settings and I can only get screen size resolutions I can not connect to the internet I am confused about what I am supposted to do next I have been using the guides http www michaelstevenstech com cleanxpinstall html http pcsupport about com od operatingsystems ss instxpclean htm I would appreciate any help Thanks nbsp

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I'm just wondering how to do a fresh install of windows 7, as it keeps freezing lately, ive tried system restore but keeps coming up that it hasn't done id rather re-install from scratch again so ive got nothing on my system...Any help would be appreciated

A:How to do a fresh install of windows 7

Hello rbcuk
Have a look here -
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
Clean Install Windows 7

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Ok ive done this before times But this is different for some reason I believe on the hard drive the motherboard drivers for the SATA drives are gone I think this is due to a virus or something This is on a Acer Aspire -UR P When I try to install windows it does not find the disk drives I have Sata Western Digital Drives connected correctly I have checked the cables and replaced them and still does not see them Also trying to boot from the drive with windows still on it I get BootMGR is missing 7 install fresh to Trying windows I been trying to find all the drivers I would need not in a exe file and throw them on my flash drive or even a disk and have the windows installation program grab the drivers from there This computer did not come with a Acer Windows Recovery disk And for some stupid reason they want bucks for Trying to install fresh windows 7 it which I tried to do but their site is messed up and would not put the payment through Im starting to lose hair now

A:Trying to install fresh windows 7

Are the drives detected in the BIOS?
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A couple months ago i bought my computer, it came with no windows 7 discs. How would i go about putting a fresh install of windows 7 on it?


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Hey i'm new here but i'm severly needing help, i just moved to my grandmothers after my dads divorce and I brought my kick-*** computer with me. but.... THE INTERNET WONT WORK!!! Also i have installed my drivers, and its a windows xp fresh install.

I noticed that in "My Connections" theres only verizon wireless connection (i have a travel card) but thats it o.o. I have comcast right now. Right now i'm on my grandmothers snail pc, with my computer hooked up and right next to me. PLEASE HELP. (I use a modem not a router).

Please help,

A:Windows Xp fresh install

i have installed my driversClick to expand...

Please confirm that there are no warnings or errors or Unknown or Other devices in Device Manager.

What are listed under Network Adapters?

I use a modemClick to expand...

Dial-up? Internal or external?

Broadband? If so, what kind? Connect to it by ethernet or USB?
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I want to fresh install Windows 7 on my new SSD. My Windows is OEM version with product key on the laptop. Can I download Windows 7 ISO and enter my product key for Windows 7 OEM? Thanks in advance.

A:Fresh install of Windows 7

thunderstorm773 Basically -- no.  Most likely, since the HP OEM versions are not available for download, then any version you do download is likely to be Retail, and those will not activate using the HP OEM key that came with your laptop. What will work is restoring your machine to its original factory condition using HP Recovery Media. This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.---------------------------------------Note that if HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you can check are:  and sure to read through the material in the linked thread BEFORE you attempt the recovery: Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================
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Hi guys
After a fresh install of windows 7 should I do windows update first or install my drivers?
I7 920
6Gb ram
Ati 5970

A:Windows 7 fresh install

Windows 7 installer is mostly driver-complete, with newer arriving quickly via optional Windows Updates.

Only provide your own drivers if any are missing in Device Manager, or performance dictates.

This is not XP or even Vista. MS spent a fortune getting Win7 drivers in the installer and via Updates.
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is there a way to install a upgrade version of windows 7 to a fresh new hard drive? or is there a way to make dvd boot at post and start the install?

A:help! windows 7 fresh install

Hi ms say this is not allowed and breaks the rules from what i read
this is some info re upgrade;col1
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i used my maxblast disc to clean my hard drive now that i try 2 reinstall windows back everything i try fail i changed the bios to boot from cd rom and floppy [i have the 6 disks of xp bootables what do i do now i cant get anything to work thnxxxxxxxxxx

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My problem is that I am Can't install fresh do a of 7. Windows unable to do a fresh install of Windows over and existing installation I've been working on this problem for over weeks and can't make any progress I won't bore you with all the details but here's a brief summary of the background -I'm working on an older computer that was being used as a back up -It had Win Ultimate and Win XP installed in a dual boot arrangement -After a Win crash the system wouldn't boot past the Boot Manger screen it froze -After a lot of different attempts It finally would boot to Win but the Boot Manager screen was still frozen It timed out to Win -Win operated like it was stuck in molasses CPU usage at -I removed Win XP and formatted that partition and using Can't do a fresh install of Windows 7. tutorials from this forum Can't do a fresh install of Windows 7. and changed the bootmgr to remove XP as a choice -Win boots but still runs like molasses I decided to give up and reinstall Windows -I have the BIOS set to boot first from the DVD drive nd from the HDD -When I try to Can't do a fresh install of Windows 7. boot from the Windows DVD I get the message quot Searching for boot record from CD quot -Then I get the message quot Press any key to boot from CD quot I do this but the system still boots from the HDD to Win I have attempted F amp F from the POST screen but the system seems to ignore this and still boots to Win I have searched for suggestions but most recommend booting from a system restore disk or the Win disk which doesn't work I suspect that my problem is a corrupted bootmgr file but I'm getting a little out of my depth here Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can force this system to boot from the DVD drive or to examine the bootmgr file is that is really the problem

A:Can't do a fresh install of Windows 7.

Can you get to a working PC with a cd burner ?

Make and use a Partition Wizard boot cd.

Boot from the cd.

Delete the entire drive down to unallocated space.

Then create a Primary Partition, then align, format and mark it active ( all done with PW cd)

Click apply in the top left corner.

Remove the cd, put your install disc in and restart the PC.

Use the 1 time boot menu key to bring up the boot menu and choose your cd/dvd drive.

Post your results.

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition
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Hello I just went out and purchased a OEM copy of MS XP Pro and after I activated the OS. I was wondering since I like to format and reinstall the OS at least twice a year. how am i going to get around having to activeate it over and over because i know you can only use it once.


A:Windows XP fresh install

This article may help you
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I have been trying to install Windows XP Professional on my brothers laptop. Everything has gone smoothly, to the stage that, after the first GUI setup, the computer boots up, and the 3 blue blocks move across the screen. It goes across twice, and then the screen just goes blank.



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Hi guys I've been wanting to ask this for a few weeks but felt I needed to search properly before creating a new post but of windows 7 install Fresh after not being able to find one i have decided to ask I am looking to perform a clean install of Windows on my desktop wipe the hard drive clean Now the PC is a custom built one IE not a specific model I have had problems before when reformatting my laptop by wiping the hard drive with drivers for everything wireless being the worst and only managed to get around it by googleing the laptops make Fresh install of windows 7 and model and downloading the drivers off the manufactures website Since my desktop is a custom built one Build by overclockers is there any rd party software or even better Windows software which will allow me to extract all the drivers installed on the PC and burn them onto a disk so I can just install them off that once I have formatted the hard drive I hope I have explained this properly and that someone can help It would be greatly apprciated Kind regards

A:Fresh install of windows 7

You can try some of these freeware programs
Or you can backup them manually from windows
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I am trying to reinstall windows on another computer of mine. The boot priority is CD-ROM first, and when it loads the XP install cd, and I try to install windows, it simply tells me that it cannot detect the hard drive, which does not make sense because I run windows from the hard drive everytime I use the computer. Someone please help.

A:Trying To Fresh Install Windows

go into the bios and change the boot order
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Im attempting to install a LEGAL VERSION OF WINDOWS 7 BETA. They are offering a trial until August.

I have a new PC but no OS besides win98(new pc is not even booted yet) and would like to try usign the new windows 7 beta, LEGAL VERSION.

I dont have a CD burner so... I was hoping theres a way to put in my spare HD which has the Windows 7 Beta ISO on it.

Then boot/load that through the boot screen and install it onto my new computers HD.

Then use windows 7 beta LEGAL VERSION as my OS.

thank you in advance

A:Fresh windows install - from ISO

In a nutshell ... No ....

You'll need to burn the ISO to cd/dvd and boot to that.
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After fresh install of windows 7 on dell inspiron 1750; wireless network visible in list but cannot connect EVEN IN SAFE MODE!?!

Please help I have been stuck for days now. All drivers udated and windows updates installed, (still was'nt working before all the updates)

A:Fresh windows 7 install

ensure you are typing the password properly. ensure that the type of encryption you are choosing is correct. reboot your router. uninstall and reinstall your wireless card drivers. update your drivers. can anything else connect to the internet via your router?
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Hello, I have Acer E1-470-6806 from BestBuy Montreal, Canada in 2013/14. It came with preinstalled Windows 8. I want to reinstall Windows 8 as Linux was installed on it and it does not have any recovery partion as well. I don't see any product key sticker on the laptop, wondering how could use an Windows 8 ISO to install it and then download all acer drivers manually to have my Windows 8 machine ready. Please advice. 

A:Fresh install Windows 8

acerck, Your Windows product key is stored on a chip on the mainboard.  When you install Windows 8, the Windows 8 installer automatically retrieves it.  Windows will automatically activate when you connect to the internet.  There's no need to enter a product key. Here's vanilla Windows 8.1: You can also purchase your eRecovery media from Acer: There's lots of posts on this forum that give step-by-step instructions on how to install vanilla Windows 8.1 or Acer erecovery media.
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hey everyone need some help, i had windows 7 installed on my pc and i had a really bad virus, so i did a low level format and reinstalled windows. now as i try to load it after it says windows is starting the screen goes black and nothing happens but it starts in safe mode fine any ideas thanks

A:fresh windows install help...

As there was a virus attack, yo ushould have performed a clean installation formatting the entire C drive, as described in STEP 7 of the tutorial Clean Install Windows 7 .

At first, try Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot , and if failed still, try ... Clean Install Windows 7 .
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I am looking for Windows Can XP Fresh Not Install Help! some help with Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP a windows xp fresh install It s been days of unsuccessful attempts for me I changed mobo and processors in my computer as well as update ram When I went to install windows xp it would get to of the install and then tell me that an error has occured and windows will shut down I tried Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP several times over and got the same error My hard drive was formatted for the fresh install so there was no windows program running on the harddrive I search the net and found a thread that said to check the memory I removed one of the modules from the mobo and low and behold I installed windows After installation completed I installed the drivers for the mobo video card and other things I started to install some software and when I did a restart on the computer the system just started constantly rebooting after it was running fine Threads indicated a possible memory prob Changed the memory stick and still nothing I was able to go into safe mode and turn off the constant reboot to get and error message and then searched that error message I checked for more threads and found that there may be a Netgear wireless problem with the driver and sp They suggested removing the wireless card and then restarting the computer I did that and nothing I changed power supplies thinking that maybe power was not getting to all of the hardware for some reason Now when I started my computer it would show the mem size and video card info when you first turn the computer on then the screen went blank black Tried to go into safe mode could not screen went black Tried the xp repair by booting off the cd and it said that it couldn t copy a file Tried a fresh install formatting the hard drive agiain and now it says there s files missing from the cd which I have used without prob in the past Someone I talked to suggested making sure I am not trying to use the disk on a re-write cd rom because of possible read errors tried installing from plan cd drive still getting error messages that files can not be copied It was also suggested that maybe my hard drive has bad sectors I installed a new hard drive and tried to load windows on that and I am still getting the same error I have used the same model mobo and video card the mobo doesn t have onboard video in a machine I built for someone else and had no problems Any suggestions on what else I can try I am really at my witts end Thanks nbsp

A:Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP

Sounds to me like you have eliminated almost every possible problem except 1 the actual cd itself. Are there any scratches or is it dirty????

are you overclocking this mobo/processor at all?
another thing... what is the
drive cable settings... ex.... is hdd on Primary Master, what is primary slave???? One other possibility is the IDE cable as well.
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OK, PC I'm working on is a HP m8200n with integrated video card.The PSU fan was inop causing over heat condition,case fan was noisy and the HD had corrupt files for boot up Bsod. I replaced the PSU from a 300 watt to a 430 watt,new case fan and new HD WD from a Seagate 500g. Now at the very end of installation completing, the screen went to a smaller size as though it was adjusting from video driver,then again adjusting to a screen that could not see (all lines ). I left it alone but it did not reboot,cold boot just made me have to reinstall OS. I have never seen this before and assumed it was due to the windows 7 drivers it was installing.I ended up reinstalling Vista.Any thoughts or has anyone run into this before?

A:Fresh install Windows 7

Did you try updating your chip/set, video, drivers from your models # support page?
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Hello. Is there a way to install fresh windows 10 without .ISO, usb and dvd? I updated my windows 7 to windows 10, but now I want fresh install, is it possible to do it? Like just to start setup.exe and install it ... I've seen some yt video here: so I was wondering is this even legit, will it work like that?

A:Windows 10 fresh install?

Hello Squickly,

First, I will call false on the description for that video since Microsoft will always provide free Windows 10 ISO files to directly download from Microsoft. That alone makes me question anything the video says.

Windows 10 ISO Download
You can refresh or reset Windows 10 without an ISO, DVD, or USB since Windows 10 is installed with an image. You would only be prompted for installation media if there was an issue with the built-in image.

Reset Windows 10

Refresh Windows 10

If you wanted to do a clean install of Windows 10, then you will need either an ISO or USB to do so though.

Windows 10 - Clean Install
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Hi guys Has been a while since I posted here so please bear with me I 7 install fresh Windows currently am working on a Lenovo b laptop spec Windows 7 fresh install is Windows ultimate x Intel i nd generation gb RAM gb hdd On board graphics driver So I've been having problems with this laptop for a month or so now In which it would not let me view a h format file in a web browser download the video displays fine Any other video format will play through my browser After a particularly long day of messing around trying all sorts of things such as completely removing and reinstalling the activeX making sure the graphics driver is up to date etc I Windows 7 fresh install decided that enough was enough and took the drastic measure of reinstalling windows as the computer was filling up with useless junk anyway Now my problem has arisen Windows 7 fresh install that after reinstalling windows reinstalling my drivers and testing the video playback it now works fantastic I have come across the problem of not being able to use my product key to validate windows I get the error message along the lines of quot this is a windows anytime upgrade key and cannot be used for a fresh install quot My computer originally came with win home premium bit with gb of ram but that's another story and I upgraded it to ultimate through anytime upgrade I have both my home premium and ultimate license keys handy and would prefer not to have to reinstall from my backup I made prior to reinstalling windows Could somebody please tell me there is a solution out there Your replies are much appreciated in advance

A:Windows 7 fresh install

See this article: Windows 7 activation error: invalid product key
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Hello I have a laptop with a fresh install of Win Pro bit dual booting with Ubuntu also a fresh install I have a a shared data partition that Data Pro C All In Partion-(Not Drive) Install-Saving Shared Fresh Win7 I would like to send all of my documents music videos etc to by default My shared data partition is formatted NTFS This is my first dual boot attempt and I have never had a separate shared data partition Is there a way to set Win to use the shared data drive to save my data I have no data saved so there are no files to transfer yet I was hoping to set a place before moving data from my old XP desktop via a portable HDD I will be moving my old data only no system or OS Fresh Win7 Pro Install-Saving All Data In Shared Partion-(Not C Drive) settings Any help is appreciated So far both OS's seem to be working well in their OS partitions Below is a little more information if it helps Thanks again Fresh Win7 Pro Install-Saving All Data In Shared Partion-(Not C Drive) OS Win Pro bit Ubuntu bit Partition Information Win Pro amp Shared Data are NTFS format Ubuntu is formatted EXT Partition Sizes GB Win Pro amp GB Ubuntu amp GB Shared Data Partiition the rest is Windows recovery partition and Ubuntu swap partition TB HDD RPM WD Additional Software not installed yet Microsoft Office Professional Browser Firefox Antivirus installed Norton Security

A:Fresh Win7 Pro Install-Saving All Data In Shared Partion-(Not C Drive)

You can link the data folders to the related Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums
and then set that folder as the save location if you want: Library - Set Save Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums

Another method you can try is to move User folders (Documents, Music, etc) to the data partition as shown in User Folders - Change Default Location.
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I swapped out the HDD on my wife's laptop with a new SSD and did a fresh install of Windows My wife liked the live mail and the photo viewer and had the version on the old system I think Anyway you can only install the new Windows Essentials or it's individual components or so I thought I tried doing that and first it hung on the quot install quot until I got fed up and cancelled A couple more attempts and it said it couldn't install mail movie maker and photo viewer I tried the offline installer tried finding an older version with no luck It would keep installing OneDrive though if I tried to install the entire 2012 Essentials Windows 7 on Windows fresh install install. won't suite One thing I found out Windows Essentials 2012 won't install on fresh Windows 7 install. is that if there are any components program files from Windows Essentials 2012 won't install on fresh Windows 7 install. previous versions it won't install or so I read If I go to C Program files and or C Program files x there are folders for Live essentials components Obviously it came with the fresh Windows I'm pretty sure that is the reason but if I simply try to right click and delete those folders it tells me I need permission from TrustedInstaller to make changes to the folders It's ridiculous Any help feedback GREATLY appreciated Thanks in advance
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There was a post on this earlier in the month but it was about a laptop and the responders told xp new drive install drive w/o fresh on sata floppy others to fresh xp install on new sata drive w/o floppy drive make a new thread with their problems So here s mine I bought a seagate sata drive and I m trying to install xp on fresh xp install on new sata drive w/o floppy drive it I have an epox nda j mobo The computer already has a WD pata drive dual-booting XP and Vista on it I ve had absolutely no luck installing XP on the computer getting the same disc read errors that others get I tried using nlite to make a boot disc but I m not sure if I did it right or not I tried using a USB floppy with the sata drivers from epox but XP appears to have no intention of recognizing it I briefly looked into seagate s disc wizard but it didn t seem to be very helpful either I saw some stuff about dynamic drive overlay being a problem in other searches I made but the option to remove it from my drive was grayed out So now I m sitting here with a GB paper weight Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong here or what else I need to do to fix this nbsp

A:fresh xp install on new sata drive w/o floppy drive

any ideas?
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now it's a dual-boot situation and I've transferred almost all my programs over to the H drive (which is the 1st partition of the 2nd Hd) this is a 90 gig partition formatted in ntfs. does xp have a utility program to repartition this H (boot drive) into about a 30 gig (for the boot (if thats about right) and another 60 gig partition? thx

A:upgraded from 98se to xp on the c drive but had to install xp fresh on drive H

Yes . . you can delete and recreate partitions early in the installation process . . You boot from the XP CD
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I just added a new SSD drive and installed a fresh copy of Win 7 Enterprise. I have had a previous driver issue with this system in the past. The amazing people on this site helped me work it out. Now for the life I just can't seem to sort it out again myself this time.

I ran and uploaded the SF_Diagnostic info in zip file format.

Thank you for any help that can be given.

A:BSOD playing Guild Wars 2, recent SSD install and fresh install of W7

Hello and welcome to Sevenforums.


1: kd> k
Child-SP RetAddr Call Site
fffff880`02f1ffc8 fffff800`02d5c83b nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`02f1ffd0 fffff800`02d271e4 nt!KipFatalFilter+0x1b
fffff880`02f20010 fffff800`02cff3ac nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x83d
fffff880`02f20050 fffff800`02cfee2d nt!_C_specific_handler+0x8c
fffff880`02f200c0 fffff800`02cfdc05 nt!RtlpExecuteHandlerForException+0xd
fffff880`02f200f0 fffff800`02d0eb81 nt!RtlDispatchException+0x415
fffff880`02f207d0 fffff800`02cd3842 nt!KiDispatchException+0x135
fffff880`02f20e70 00000000`00000000 nt!KiExceptionDispatch+0xc2
Realtek wanted to do a task but it was executed for some reason. Do you have Realtek installed?

Best Regards,
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I had a run-in with MS Office 2007 that ended up (my bad I'm sure) necessitating a repair install of Windows 7 (64 bit) after a complete uninstall of Office. The Windows repair went well with the exception of a couple of drivers; easily adjusted.

Then I did a clean install of Office 2007. It sort of went well. Except that every time I try to do something with it (like accessing Visual Basic to put my macros back in), it's telling me - incessantly - that files don't have sufficient permission blah, blah. Well, I'm setting the permissions but it's over and over and feels like every file in "Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/..." needs permission attention.

Is there ANY way to avoid doing this over and over and over and...? And could I have avoided this by setting something different in one of the installs?


Thanks as always for the help.


A:After Win7 Repair Install & Office 2007 fresh install; no permissions!

Do you get asked for the same file or do they change? Try setting the permission at the folder level?
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Hello guys I need help for my new build from a fresh install of windows i try to install the drver for my IGPU Intel HD each time i do that i get a BSOD with this message VIDEO TDR FAILURE igdkmd sys Or sometimes it's SYSTEM THREAD EXEPTION NOT HANDELED igdkmd sys i've tried drivers from motherboard manufacturer CD website and intel and some autodetect driver software i always get Unable of driver install to Intel WIN10 HD fresh on install a graphics the same behavior the screen start blinking several time black screen before showing the BSOD then reboot and repeat it self even the driver downloaded by windows update have Unable to install Intel HD graphics driver on a fresh install of WIN10 the same impact i've managed to install it in safe mode but when i Unable to install Intel HD graphics driver on a fresh install of WIN10 restart in normal mode i get the same behavior i've tried different monitors VGA and HDMI tried with UEFI on off gt same result i've tweaked onece the tdr delay to second but didnt work i really need some help here i'm desperate CPU Intel I - KMotherboard ASUS Z PRO GAMING RAM HyperX FURY HX C FBK - Go Kit x Go MHz DDR Non-ECC CL DIMM SSD Samsung EVO MZ- E B EU GB with PLUS W power supply OS WINDOWS FRENCH HOME X -

A:Unable to install Intel HD graphics driver on a fresh install of WIN10

The most likely suspect is a bad video chip.

Now it could be a power related problem too, or heat, but if you have used good parts and a cool case and have tried multiple versions of the driver then it starts looking like hardware failure is likely.

Who makes your 550W power supply?

Double check all of your connections.
And you could go into the UEFI/BIOS and reset all defaults - don't do any tweaking until this problem is resolved.
Is that board running the most recent version of the BIOS?
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My system info is in my profile installing Windows x Ultimate Retail Attached is all of the report info I have no idea what is going on Whenever I try to install all of the Windows updates it blue screens Then it updates, error misc when install install BSOD fresh on codes will reboot try to apply the updates BSOD on fresh install when install updates, misc error codes and blue screen again I've run Linux Server on this machine just fine so I'm fairly certain it's not a hardware issue Also this build is brand new built it a few weeks ago Thanks for your time Things I've Tried - Reinstalling Windows x Ultimate - GPU CPU and RAM stress tests all showed no signs of error - Unplugging extraneous HD's - sfc exe scannow no errors EDIT The main error code seems to be x Just got a new one that is xFC SOLUTION EDIT I disabled core unlocking and everything is magically working I suspect I had a faulty core unlocked Still doesn't explain the stress tests passing but whatever

A:BSOD on fresh install when install updates, misc error codes

This one DMP was related to the following.