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Solved: Faulty Power Cord or Faulty Battery

Q: Solved: Faulty Power Cord or Faulty Battery

I recently bought a new, 3rd party power cord for my Toshiba Satellite L300 from eBay.
Recently I've noticed that my battery stops charging earlier and earlier. At first it stopped at 87%, then 83%, then 80% all in one week. I've had the computer for about a year which seems a bit early for it to start degrading so fast, so could it be the power cord?

The Toshiba cord says Model: PA-1750-29, Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 1.5A, Output: 19V[solid line above a dotted line]3.95A
The 3rd party cord says Model: PA-34671ACA, Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50/60Hz, Output: 19V[solid over dotted]3.95A

If the new cord is harmful to my battery, I can just solder its input plug onto the Toshiba charger (that's the only bit that was broken) but I'd rather not risk breaking two power cords if I don't need to.


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Faulty Power Cord or Faulty Battery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I ask because I think that s what s behind my computer powering itself off from the main desktop today Order of events - Go to turn on my computer sees its not powering on after pressing the button - No problem this has happened before but not for a few months Reaches back and pushes the power cable back power cause to a power compter cord faulty a Can down at random? in move the wire a little until I can turn the PC on -Pc turns on Clicks the proper user desktop appears nothing unusual - Walks away for about ish seconds comes back to see the computer powered off with the monitor saying what it usually does when I manually power down the PC - I turn if back on and it s been working for the past hour Nothing in the event viewer no mini dumps Already set to not auto reboot on BSOD I just want to first see if the events that happened can possibly likely be the cause of said power cord before I go any deeper to figure out the cause of the reboot If there is anything you need to know or which I should check because it probably wasn t the power cord giving my PC the power it needs please don t hesitate to post nbsp

A:Can a faulty power cord cause a compter to power down at random?

If the desktop computer's power cord was conically loose, an electric spark between the power cord and the power supply, could have eventually damaged the power supply or even the motherboard...
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Sorry card? Solved: Faulty graphics Or motherboard? faulty that this is quite long but I want to give complete details as to the problem rather than just giving a vague problem Nvidia GT card has been overclocked for the last year Original Stable OC Before Solved: Faulty graphics card? Or faulty motherboard? you panic Solved: Faulty graphics card? Or faulty motherboard? it s been stable and temps have been fine lt My motherboard is a Asus P N-E SLI board The computer is dual boot to Vista for general use and XP x for games ONLY XP IS OVERCLOCKED Vista is not overclocked at all Only the GPU is overclocked in the computer Now the problems started when I moved the computer All the games on x crashed unless I underclocked the machine except UT ancient game which garbled the graphics weapon textures on walls etc I found out it was because somehow the card wasn t plugged in properly - so I pushed it back and I was able to play again Since then sometimes the card is alright and other times it isn t The other day I was playing fallout graphics intensive game for around hours without any problems But right now I boot to vista and within a minute it crashes Other times I was programming not even using graphics and the mouse suddenly has a flickering box around it - then the computer crashes When it crashes the screen goes weird colours like its rendered the screen as bit colours rather than bit and shortly after I get a blue screen with it complaining about a graphics DLL At first giving the card a wiggle in the PCI-E slot fixed it Now I ve discovered that when the garbled graphics come up if I physically push the card upwards in the PCI-E slot whilst the PC is still on they go away by this time the computer has crashed amp so I have to reboot anyway It s nothing to do with the drivers I ve reinstalled them on XP and besides the problem happens on both of the OS on the computer Vista seems to be considerably worse though - XP only crashes once in a while whereas Vista seems to be more unstable If you push the card up quickly sometimes Vista quot recovers quot It says quot the display ddriver stopped responding and has recovered quot or something like that You can then use the computer normally If I push the card down when the computer is working fine the computer crashes Any suggestions whether it s the card or the motherboard I removed the card blew dust off it etc put it back into the machine and the problem still happens although it initially solved it I don t want to spend on a new card to find that it s the MB that s the problem I m wondering if the card is fine since it doesn t have an issue with hours of gaming on a good day If it s a lose connection what can I do about it it s fully pushed into the motherboard If you ve read this far thanks nbsp

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How can you use your notebook when the ac power cord blows the fuses?  That is what they say after I filled up the form for faulty cord.Why is it that the US recognise my Ac power cord as faulty but not Australia?The ACCC requests the supplier to replace an unsafe product it is nothing to do with warranty.Should I go public? The Check-out program would have a field Day!How come local businesses cannot get replacement  cords from their supplier? Is it because we are living in the country?
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This is what happens After a few hours of operation svchost exe crashes Doesn't matter what I'm doing Gaming surfing you name it Faulting module svchost exe version faulting module unknown version faulty address x A few seconds will pass as I accept and my theme will change from the start blue one to the old grey one in a few seconds and then reset to the standard XP one Here's what I know so far When this happens crashes it takes faulty randomly, Svchost.exe no address, faulty module crashes no Windows Audio and a few other services with it which I have to start again using Run services msc I know which instance contains the Windows Audio Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module service so the problem is Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module most likely with one of the services hosted within that particular instance of Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module svchost I'm a bit lost though I don't know what to do because it doesn't give me an address it doesn't tell me which service is messing up so I need some help I have the windows error log and a decent recollection of what has happened since that error started I got a new X-fi sound card a Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal ty Champion The errors coincide with me installing that card but I can't see how that would mess up like this though http img imageshack us my php image errorspx jpg I don't know if I'm totally off the mark here but is it fair to assume that it is only ONE instance of svchost crashing The screenshot above shows the svchost hosting the services that go down after the crash I have a saved version of the program error log Right click on This Computer administrate System tools Log Program I have searched far and wide on the internet and tried all kinds of solutions Others have had this problem and it has been linked with the quot Automatic Updates quot service but that did nothing for me whether deleted the whole Windows Update service and re-registered the DLLs in short even though I replaced the Windows Update service and everything related to it with fresh copies generated by Windows itself Another related problem I found was the same message and the same symptom svchost crashing some time after a bootup There was a hotfix for this but I'm already using Windows XP Pro with Service Pack which contains this update and others addressing such issues And I have zero malware on this computer Am I looking at a faulty product here Damaged ram Lastly I have a copy of my error log containing about months before this error started http www megaupload com d DVZTRVWR Any help appreciated I'm going mad just from not knowing where exactly the problem lies
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I have a dell that is about a year and a half old xp ghz gig ram all in wonder Last night the power went out for some time I was asleep I wasn t worried about my comp bc it was off and I have it on a surge protector I went to turn it on and it didn t supply? Solved: Faulty Power respond at all I did everything possible except take it in checking connection inside and out I gave up figuring that the power supply was fried I came back a few hours later and it started right up It did something similar to me about a month ago I have been a little rough with it recently the dorm rooms are really hot and I have an upgraded video card What do you guys think I m almost tempted to buy a new p s just because but I don t know if it would fit in the oem dell box Any and all help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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every once in a while my computer just turns off?

i dont know if its the power supply or not, but i only just bought it.

its a casecom 350W.

any sugestions?


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I believe drivers? faulty BSOD 116 card or graphics faulty the initial crash was caused by overheating Based on the fact that I have gotten it to work for a short amount of time more on that later Booting up with the drivers for my graphics card enabled causes BSOD to appear but when it is disabled everything is fine I can boot into safe mode and I have already reinstalled windows My motherboard is Asus B M-e and my graphics card is Nvidia EV A GTX How I got it to work for a short amount of time I reinstalled windows and then installed my integrated Ethernet driver After that was out of the way I installed and used driver booster to install the rest of my drivers I then noticed there was a missing driver that the program could not install that was named Simple PCI Controller So I thought I should install that driver using my motherboard's driver installation disk It then worked up until I decided to change the settings in Nvidia Control panel I also do not know how faulty graphics cards behave so it might be my graphics card The game I was playing when this started was Life is Strange if that is needed

A:BSOD 116 faulty graphics card or faulty drivers?

Sorry thought I uploaded this but apparently not.
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Two times in the last week my monitor (a KDS visual sensations CRT) has come on with the image looking like an hourglass (wide at the top and bottom, pinched in the center). This happened imediately upon boot up and both times rebooting has returned the monitor to normal, leaving the computer running does not bring the problem back. Which is more likely, that my monitor is beginning to fail or maybe my graphics card (a saphire, ATI radeon 7000) is failing? Is there some way (other than swaping my monitor out and trying another as this seems so far to be an intermitent problem and may not arise when a new monitor is conected) to check and see which it may be?

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Hello nbsp I nbsp battery? y40-80 Faulty have a Lenovo y - laptop Faulty y40-80 battery? out of warranty since days and I think the battery is either dead or faulty I'm still hoping to find a way to fix my problem with your help nbsp Recap of the whole thing Battery is working perfectly keeping its charge and giving me a couple of hours - h per Faulty y40-80 battery? charge after year nbsp Warranty ends on october st I thought no need for an extension what could happen nbsp November I take my computer to class and I'm suprise to see it's stuck at Then my computer shut down after minutes was still at nbsp Plug my charger and start it right away The gauge is now showing and charging but it's not as it stuck again at nbsp Since then either the battery level shows when charged until I unplug it and it shut down fast OR it stays at when I charge it and sometimes randomly goes back to nbsp I've been searching for a solution for a couple of days trying to uninstall the Energy manager and the ACPI pilot but it is still defective nbsp Ironically my warranty has been expired only for a couple of days and I thought about purchasing an extended warranty Would it be possible and would it covers for my battery nbsp Thanks a lot
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I purchased a HP G from one of our local stores its brand new out of the box Since getting it 250 and faulty HP Slow Battery G4 home i have had nothing but trouble with this dumb laptop its so slow I can walk outside and back by the time it boots up I have had this laptop for less than months its been slow from the get go due to this I have only used it a handful of times as it is too frustrating to use It freezes up all the time I cant even check emails nbsp I switched it on this morning and now its saying I have to replace the battery This is ridiculous I should have spent the extra bucks and got a different brand I am so disappointed with HP I have always wanted one but now I think i will just throw it in the bin and cut my losses nbsp Can anyone HP 250 G4 Slow and Battery faulty recommend what to do with this laptop do I take it back to the store I bought it from or HP 250 G4 Slow and Battery faulty do I contact HP directly its obviously still brand new and under warranty nbsp wish I stuck with Toshiba my old laptop never let me down

A:HP 250 G4 Slow and Battery faulty

You obviously got a faulty machine. Throw it in the bin-why,when you have a warranty? Call HP Support  >>Contact HP
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My Pavilion is stuck in a loop between the faulty battery warning and the HP start up logo. It has happened since I tried to restore the laptop.I tried all the options available,none worked and this has happened since a failed attempt at restoring and deleting all files. Some help would be much appreciated.

View Solution.

A:HP logo and faulty battery loop

 Hi @shig1, The failure ID gave me following information: Failure ID TagGLN0R3-6S6869-MFPWXF-61SS03 ChecksumOK Test Date2016/07/19 Failure Code307 DeviceStorage IncludesFloppy Drive, Hard Drive, Memory Drive, Optical Drive, SCSI, Tape Drive Error MessageHard Disk 1 Optimized The hard drive is failing. Back up your personal files, and you will need a hard drive replacement.
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so I accidently damaged a Lipo battery when i opened my laptop to fix it. Now im not sure how i should store it to be safe from explosions. Help?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop which I have just discovered has a faulty battery, and although it is plugged into a power socket, won't start up. Any thoughts on how I can get around this?

A:Starting Dell laptop when battery faulty

Remove the battery...
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I bought this laptop in November 2015 and for the last 3/4 months have been experiencing the same couple of issues.1 - The trackpad is intermetent. This randomly stopped working while playing Football Manager, so I thought this was due to the App. This then started happening in general use meaning I have to use the mouse provided.2- The battery life drains consistently, even when switched off. I'm conscious about over charging so have never done so but still face this issue.Very dissappointed.
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My Satellite R850 shuts down at approximately 70% of the battery capacity. It does not suspend, just power off. Power on is only possible when the AC adapter is plugged in again. My first guess is that (after only one year of daily use) the battery has had it's best time and should be replaced.

But why doesn't the battery indicator show the right capacity, so I could get a warning at low battery power?
Is there a tool or method to recalibrate the battery indicator?

A:Satellite R850 - Battery indicator faulty? How to recalibrate?


For me it shows like your battery is faulty.
Usually sooner or later every battery needs to be replaced because the battery life time is limited.
I have no idea how old your battery is but in my case the battery is 5 year old and it hold the power for about 2 min only. But the funny thing is that the battery indicator shows battery fully charged (100%).

However, you can extend the battery life time a little bit. You need to calibrate the battery from time to time by charging and discharging the battery. Such procedure should be repeated several times is the row?
But I guess that your battery malfunctions and such calibration does not help a lot.
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I have a Compac desktop computer that I use as a back up machine. Latley this thing has been randomly shutting off. The wierd thing is pressing the power button does not start it up but if I unplug the main power connector to the motherboard and plug it back in again it start up, even without pushing the power button., but it only shuts off again maybe 10 minutes later of maybe 30 minutes later sometime even 3 minutes later. Does this sound like a faulty power supply ?
To recap, after the computer shuts off it does not restart on its own. The power on button will not restart it. I have to unplu the main cable from the mother board and plug it back in again.
Thanks for your help .

A:Faulty power supply ?

It sounds like the PSU. Try a known good PSU.
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I have been looking at this computer that a lady gave me to try and fix. I have deduced that the computer is all fine except for the power button. Everything is plugged in properly, the power supply works just fine. When I push the power button though to power on the system, the system doesn't respond/turn on. Does anybody know where I could buy just the button replacement? I have tried tiger direct, and googled for the last 45 minutes, and cannot find just a button replacement. I really don't want to buy a whole barebones kit for only one button. It is an emachines tower pc.

Thank you to anybody who can help.

A:Faulty Power Button

So you have shorted the PWR pins on the Motherboard and it turns on? Is that how you have confirmed its the Power button only?
You might want to blow out all dust in the power button area, well everywhere inside the computer using high compressed air

The "Power Button" comes with the case, so worst case scenario, replace the entire case
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Ive got a 300 watt antec power supply powering my dvd player, cd burner, floppy, 3 case fans and my rad 9700. Is this not enough?? Recently my computer has starting acting weird.... shutting off when clicking certain icons, thats stopped after a format. But now when i play certain games it hangs there and then reboots harsh... How big of a psu should i get and where the best deals are at??

A:power supply faulty??

Is this PSU in addition to another one that powers the rest of the system? I assume so since you left out several components in the details. How is it connected with respect to the other? What is the full configuration of the system; mobo, cpu, RAM, HDDs, etc.. and what is the power rating of the other PSU if there is one?What OS are you running?
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I'm having some strange problems with my PSU My computer went black last night while I was playing GTA IV After some research power or something Faulty supply else? on the web I came to a conclusion that my PSU died I attempted the paperclip trick with no success - fans didnt do anything I was about ready to start shopping for a new one plugged everything back into places when I saw a red V V switch on the back I switched it from default V to V and tried the paperclip test again This time the fan on the Faulty power supply or something else? back of the case not PSU started spinning and lights on the front and the green light on CD-ROM lit up I plugged the pin connector back into the motherboard and hit the on switch still with V and the same thing happened From what I described above what do you think has gone wrong with my PC And why is PSU acting the way it is

A:Faulty power supply or something else?

You ask for help on your power supply and your power supply is not listed in your specs or your post. Your power supply switch should stay on the setting for your area. In the U.S.A. that would be 115 or 110 volts. If it doesn't work there your power supply should be replaced. DO NOT try to repair a power supply. Their can be enough stored amps to kill you. I recommend Corsair or Seasonic power supplies.
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Whenever I run my Laser Printer and my Copy machine at the same time my computer reboots It is plugged into a Battery Back-up UPS Surge protector but that doesn t keep it from rebooting I have tried moving different machines to different outlets but that doesn t help I have another Supply, Faulty ? RAM Power or identical computer on the same circuit and it does not have this problem Is this a faulty power supply RAM or I was thinking either Replace the power supply in the computer year-old Dell with a better one as maybe it has gone bad Faulty Power Supply, RAM or ? can t handle the voltage changes Purchase a Tripp Lite Line Conditioner Have an electrician add a new circuit in the office Purchase a new computer One more thing The Faulty Power Supply, RAM or ? computer does seem to be running slower than it had in the past with lots more hard drive activity almost to the point of thrashing Thanks for any advice you can give me on how I should proceed to correct this nbsp

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When I plug the power cable into my Dell Dimension XPS T450, it turns on. I don't hit the power button or anything. Is this a sign that my power supply is faulty or is this common for some computers?

A:Do I have a faulty power supply?

As long as your machine is shutting down and booting and everything is running o.k. you probably don't have a psu problem. I've run across several that do the same thing and never have figured out why.
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i have an eisystem 4416 laptop and the power socket is faulty as you have to fiddle about and get the lead in just the right place to get power to the lap top , the battery is not charging

all i need is instruction on how to take it apart and get at the mother board to check the power socket connections etc and start to determine the problem and hopefully then go on to fix it

i cant find dismantling instructions anywhere

any help out there

please thanks mikey w (wikeym)
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how can it be identified whether the power supply is faulty? i got a pc. cannot on. no light. the fan not working. i tried to change the power cable. it's still the same.can i make sure it's becoz of power supply faulty?

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I m pretty sure I ve got a bad power supply hoping it s nothing more then that The computer is a HP- n with a HIPRO HP-A A power supply With all plugs disconnected I measure no voltage on a drive plug going from black ground to yellow or red power supply faulty Possible The power supply light is on solid and when I press the start button the fans start to rotate but then stop No hard drives start up but I do get a LED Possible faulty power supply on the mother board that is lit But nothing more No CPU fan or computer cooling fan or power supply fan Another Possible faulty power supply problem I noticed was in the center of the motherboard was a small heatsink not the CPU heatsink or cooling fan that was attached to a chip with springs that were connected to four hooks that were on the motherboard I found two of the hooks pulled out and the heatsink sitting off the chip but still attached by the remaining two hooks that were still on the motherboard I was able to solder i hope the two hooks back tothe motherboard but the power supply issue seems to be the main problem nbsp

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I have a packard bell multimedia Pentium Mhz I have a watt power supply When I first got this machine Supply Faulty Acts Is But It? Power Like there was a problem with the power supply so I got the one I have in the unit now from a friend with a simular model It worked find The power switch was not used the machine was Acts Like Faulty Power Supply But Is It? turn off at the outlet switch This machine was used by my parents I replaced it with a P I wanted to use the pentium to run some older programs I installed a hhd cdrom floppy drive from an old I had When I powered it up it worked fine as far as power Acts Like Faulty Power Supply But Is It? goes In fact I was suprise I didn t have any problems after hooking every thing up like I often do when working on these things The machine was configuring the new hardware but the mouse would that work with that machine and I wanted to format the drive so I shut it down with the power switch on the machine to put in a boot disk to format the hhd When I when to turn it back on with the power switch nothing I could see the power supply was drawing current because the light in the room would dim a bit I would also see the fan move slightly and a light blink on the cdrom Other than that nothing I had no indication what so ever of a supply problem It worked fine for the months my folks used it My friend that took the original power supply for this machine told me he is using it and it works fine So with the information I have provided is it possible for a problem to look like trouble with the power supply but be something other than that Help please nbsp

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Can a faulty power supply course BSOD?

A:Can a faulty power supply course BSOD?

It most certainly can. Please post your BSOD log so that our resident experts can analyze it for you.

If you can get into the BIOS you might want to check the listings for your PSU voltages and temperatures and post them here.

Failing that, check to see if the PSU is overheating. Better still, remove it and either check it with a wattmeter/ammeter if you have one or take it to your local repair shop to have it checked.
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Hello I've been having issues with my old gaming PC and I would like to either replace or upgrade the components but I'm not sure what the issue is Here's a list of what happened - - years ago I was experiencing BSODs on PC boot so I decided to check each ram individually to see if one of them its causing the problem So I found that sticks were faulty so I removed them and I was left with GB ram - months ago Motherboard or Power Faulty Supply? I tried to turn on the PC and it was shutting down after seconds or it wouldn't even start at all no signs Faulty Motherboard or Power Supply? of power - So I decided to disassemble everything and clean my dusty fans there was a lot of dust inside the power supply and tried to boot again This time the PC was booting but with no display - So I removed everything expect the CPU Cooler and fans and tried to boot again Still no display no beeps and fans were spinning Is it safe to assume that my motherboard is bad Is there any other way to test it to make sure Because if it's the motherboard I might be replacing the whole system unless its the power supply that's faulty so I could replace it with a cheap one at the moment and upgrade the PC later Specs OS Windows bit CPU AMD Phenom tm II X Processor Motherboard ASUS M A TD-V EVO Memory GB DDR SDRAM Graphics Cards ATI Radeon HD MB x Cooling H corsair Hard Drives WDC WD AALS- L B ATA Device GB IDE x
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Hi all,

My laptop has had a 'wobbly' power socket in the back, which has finally given up altogether. I took it to a repair shop who had it for two days and when I got it back they said I would have to keep it plugged in all the time, I couldn't take the cable out as it would happen again. So I have kept it plugged in but its gone again. My hubby opened it up and found out they had just soldered the power connector back in, and it had just weakened and fell off.

So now hubby thinks I have to buy a new motherboard and PSU, is this right or is it something I can get fixed?

Thanks guys,

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I am hoping someone can help me troubleshoot my Z as it is my main Laptop and badly needed nbsp The power jack rectangular was acting up for a long time due to wear and eventually wires popped off the jack I re-soldered it and it worked for a week then all of a sudden it would not power up I removed re-inserted the power plug a few times and the power LED seemed to light for a second nbsp I could not get any sign of life at all nbsp I took it apart again and cut the power cord and soldered it directly to the cable insideThere are wires on the cable black red and blue but looking at the jack and the mobo theres only actually nbsp and minus connections On Mobo power connector pins to nbsp and to -Both blacks are tied together and reds and blue no faulty ca... power leds rewiring Z-710 after power tied together nbsp So now Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca... I have going to Red Red Blue and Gnd going to Black Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca... BlackI see volts at the power connector on the motherboard but pressing the power button does nothing nbsp and no LEDS light up Tried with and without battery I beleive bat is dead Does anyone have any tips Maybe something simple like needing to hold the power btn down for secs or something If not where can I find a schematic to start some nbsp board level troubleshootingI have an Electronics backgroundAny help really appreciated I need this working asap nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Z-710 no power leds after rewiring faulty power ca...

BTW, I would also appreciate any help on where to purchase a new modo in case I cant fix this one.The model on the board is DUMB02(What a name)Almost as bad as the hard drives a friend used to sell called Daejong, apparently pronounced 'Die Young'I have bought a few mobos from china that were DOA so I am leery unless someone has experience with a good seller.Don't want to pay $$$$$$
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I have a pc whose video adapter died out of the blue last week. Replaced it and all was fine for one day. Now this card died too.

Would you suspect a faulty power supply is the cause?


A:2nd opinion needed on faulty power supply

Power supply's are easy enough to test. If you don't have a tester take the tower into a shop and have them test it. Cost is minimal. Bad capacitors may also be a source of your problem.
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Hi everyone for many years I ve never had problems with my desktop PC This morning after having left it on for the entire night as I always did after Beep power - sequence [Problem] up PC faulty I noticed that there was no video signal so I decided to proceed with a forced [Problem] - Beep sequence after faulty PC power up reboot through the power switch Few seconds after having turned it on still there was no video signal but I heard a sequence of beeps of this kind s second Beep- s Silence- s Beep- s Silence- s Beep- s Silence- s and so on by repeating the cycle of beeps followed by a pause I forcefully rebooted the PC still through the power switch but the situation didn t change I still heard the beeps and the video signal wasn t there My motherboard BIOS is AMI By reading here http www bioscentral com beepcodes amibeep htm it would seem that this problem is due to RAM Particularly in my PC there are RAM modules of GB each let s call them R R and RAM slots S S I removed every RAM module from the slots and I verified them one by one through the following combinations - R in S - R in S - R in S - R in S In two of the above combinations I heard the beep sequence I previously described while in the remaining two combinations no beep was produced I only noticed the front red status led of my PC case which remained turned on for about s and then it turned off No matter the combination I used still there was no video signal My PC configuration is the following - Motherboard MSI KT V Bios AMI - AMD Athlon XP GHz - RAM x GB - Sapphire Radeon Atlantis MB RAM - Creative Sb Live - HD Maxtor Y L GB - DVD Reader DVD JLMS XJ-HD S - DVD Writer DVD LG GSA-H N - Microsoft Window XP Home Edition SP In your opinion what could have happened Do you think that it would be worth to purchase a diagnostic PCI card like this I hope that there aren t short circuits Thanks to those who will be willing to help me nbsp

A:[Problem] - Beep sequence after faulty PC power up

Most likely a mb failure. Honestly that system is so old that it is not worth putting any money into fixing. It uses an amd processor that was released in 03 and is now 11yrs old. No new replacement parts are available and you would have to attempt to find a used board on ebay, etc.

If you want to open the case and reseat the video card, any other add-in cards, atx pw connectors, etc. That will not cost you any money however I doubt it is going to fix anything. It does not hurt to give it a try. When you do reseat cards, ram, etc, make sure the slots are clean. Get a can of air and blow out the slot prior to reinstalling the cards, ram, etc.

There is a chance that your pw supply has failed and you can swap in a known good unit for testing however again IMO, it is not worth putting any money or effort into fixing this system.
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Hi guys,I brought the above laptop on Friday 12th August from Argos, I used it for the first time and noticed that the power cable / charger wasn't working, I tried it on several different power points through out the the house. i went on Argos live chat who advised me to take it back to store, so I did - expecting no fuss and for them to simply swap it over. Instead, they advised me to contact HP helpline or even buy a new charger!! I was extremely annoyed so walked out. I have been in touch with HP and received the following message: 'This product is no longer serviced by HP' ..Really helpful!! Any advice?Thanks
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I currently have a XPS 12-9Q33 laptop that is not charging. The light at the end of the power adapter is no longer lighting up so it appears to be faulty. I've called Dell to purchase a new adapter but was told that they no longer sell replacements for them and was recommended to buy an adapter from a 3rd party source.
I purchased a replacement with the same voltage and amperage that is supposed to work on a XPS 12. The laptop now powers on but will not charge. The BIOS states that the adapter is unknown and will not allow it to charge.
What can I do now? I find it really frustrating that I cannot get a direct replacement from Dell themselves so I'm stuck with a laptop that is not portable at all since the battery is at 0%

A:XPS 12 Power Adapter Faulty. Cannot charge laptop.

Third party adapters usually do not have required logic circuit to complete the batter charging loop.  It's easy to find genuine, OEM Dell adapters:
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I have a year-old Asus EeePC model Over the last two months or so it s been 1001: jack power EeePC Asus faulty more and more difficult to charge I ve had to jiggle the Asus EeePC 1001: faulty power jack cord in all directions for up to minutes in order for it to quot connect quot A few days ago it stopped responding altogether I bought an aftermarket AC adapter but the problem persists which leads me to believe the power supply jack is faulty There is no change after removing the battery either The Asus has been dropped a few times and has case damage to the back corner of the screen closest to the power jack A Asus EeePC 1001: faulty power jack few wires are visible and a piece of the exterior case is split This hasn t affected it s functionality and there is no visible damage to the bottom only to the back of the screen Where do I go from here Is there a DIY solution or an easy repair Or is there any other method of charging the machine other than through the power jack Thank you in advance for your help nbsp

A:Asus EeePC 1001: faulty power jack

There is no other method of charging the battery and the jack replacement is one of the most expensive laptop repairs to make, aside from being the most common type of laptop damage. If this laptop is not in warranty, the repair can easily rival the cost of another laptop like it.
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This is Repeated possibly faulty crashing, supply? power my computer CyberpowerPC Stealth Raider Desktop PC Intel Core i GHz GB DDR TB Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply? HDD Windows Home Premium -Bit - Newegg com Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply? I got this computer in November I didn't used to have issues but in the past two days my computer has been dying while gaming It doesn't blue screen it goes straight to a black screen and I have to hold down the power button to power it off and restart Sometimes when I restart the computer there will be a BSOD notification as in the little window popping up just to let Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply? me know something happened but not always This culminated today in something like crashes in a row within minutes of each other and then I was unable to even see my screen as in when I turned it back on the computer's lights came on and its fans were running but there was no output to my monitor I opened it up and tightened any connections nothing was really loose and tried again and this time it powered up hence me being able to post this My power supply is W and I'm thinking maybe that it just can't handle my gaming and I should replace it with a W supply but obviously don't want to do that without being sure that's the problem I looked at the dump files and I saw they mentioned my graphics driver but I have kept it up to date It's within the one year warranty so perhaps I should just send it back Thanks for all your help

A:Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply?


well according to the graphic card spesifications should be using a 500 watt power supply but i personaly would want something in the 600 watt range and with a good make like seasonic or XFX power supply. but wait for a BSOD expert to comment on your thread.
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Hello all I made a post regarding the performance failing of one of my supply power affect hard performance? drive/computer Faulty hard drives The conclusion we came to has unfortunately not resolved my problem and I am beginning to think my Power Supply may be the culprit Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before I go into details here is my current Hardware Q GHZ GIGABYTE EP -DS R GB PC mhz x gb x gb Nvidia GTX mb requires x pin power adapters Asus Xonar soundcard requires floppy power adapters Windows x Jeantech W PSU modular PSU PCI-E nodes and nodes for other devices gb HDD operating system tb HDD data tb HDD data tb HDD data - added recently ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My original problem in brief Upon accessing certain files in one of my TB drives I hear a distictive quot click lockup halt quot sound and then the entire system crashes first the drive will become inaccessible then windows explorer will crash followed by the mouse and eventually a BSOD after a minute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I bought a new TB a month ago to replace what then I thought was a failing TB drive Since the problems have become quot random quot and happen across all four drives tb tb gb tb I am now considering my PSU the culprit Jeantech Absolute w It seems logical to me Sometimes while performing tasks which put stress on several HDD s at the same time my computer is quot choking quot running as fast smooth as it should but with sudden freezes with those HDD quot click - stop - restart quot sounds Booting into windows is failing from time to time freezes on the quot starting windows quot screen or DISK BOOT FAILURE Insert system disk The PSU is modular - could certain quot plugs quot in my PSU are faulty I haven t tested this extensively but in some cases when the computer is not starting up at all using different power ribbon cable combinations seems to help Also I had to remove my DVD drive completely when I first installed the new TB I bought and I don t think my computer will start at all with it plugged in anymore so my PSU MUST be having a hard time coping with all the components If it is of any relevance I use an Nvidia GTX which requires x PCI-E pin power connections hard drives power is supplied via THREE modular ribbon power cables - two HDD s share power from the same ribbon cable lastly worth noting I use an asus Xonar sound card requires floppy power connector several symptoms suggest the PSU any thoughts nbsp

A:Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance?

a 1000Watt shouldn't have any problem coping with the components that you have, i would recommend that u borrow a power supply from a friend and try it out on your computer, maybe the power supply is old and is not supplying proper voltages on all the rails....
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I have a Pavilion DV7 that won't powr up. Everything else is fine including the power light on the laptop from mains power.
I think it may be a battery broblem.  Yes?

A:pavilion dv7 won't power up with/without battery or ac cord

If it does not power with the battery removed and AC plugged in then it is either the AC adapter not putting out enough current, the AC power jack module or something worse like the motherboard.
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ok last year in september i got a laptop, windows vista and whenever i have the power cord in while im using within like 10mins of using it the screen goes blank but the computer stays on. when i run it in safe mode while the cord is plugged in no problems, can anyone help

A:Power cord/ battery problem

Computer make and model?
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hi all, i have an Acer Aspire 5510, the batteries pretty rubbish, only lasts about 40 mins, but if i unplug it for more than about 5 mins and plug it back in to the mains, the light on the adapter goes out and no power gets to the laptop. its seems completely random how long it takes for power to start flowing again (i just try plugging it in now and then).
does anyone have any ideas about it?

A:Tempramental Power Cord on low battery life

can it at least run without the batteries (only AC adapter)?
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If you can answer this you will have earned my undying admiration Well in truth you already have but still this is strange My brother power Laptop but crashes battery cord not on has a Dell Latitude C which recently started giving him the blue screen quot Laptop crashes on power cord but not battery memory dump quot crash He had the hard drive replaced because that is what the tech told him it was Still does it but he just noticed something He ran it for over three hours this morning on battery only and it was fine then he plugged in the power cord and within minutes it crashed He charged the battery and tried the same thing with the same results only quicker to crash once he plugs in the power cord It seem obvious that something is amiss here but I haven t a clue I thought the power cord charges the battery which then powers the computer Anyway this is totally unfamilar to me I have heard of power cords failing to provide a charge but this is a new one Any thoughts Thanks as always to you nbsp

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My laptop battery has been dead for some time and have been using the power cord only - has been working fine, but today when switching it on the screen stays blank with the caps lock and number lock lights flashing on and off. Am unable to access menus.

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Hi guys I m cord, out?! now then laptop battery, Failed power blacks hoping some of you will be able to tell me what is going on with my laptop Here s what happened- about a month ago while I was in London for a weekend I wiped Vista from my Toshiba Satellite M it s about years old and replaced it with Windows Everything was great for a couple of days then I came back to Amsterdam and plugged it in to charge and realised it wasn t charging at all I removed the battery completely and tried to turn my laptop on and it seemed to be a problem with the power cord- it was totally dead So I ran to the nearest computer store bought a new generic power cord and my laptop was back on track Or so I thought With the new power cord the battery seemed to register that it was charging but only briefly each time I plugged it in As soon as the battery drained which didn t take long as each attempt to charge it didn t go very far the laptop would switch off So I removed the battery I Failed power cord, then battery, now laptop blacks out?! have been using my laptop sans battery for a Failed power cord, then battery, now laptop blacks out?! month now which isn t a huge problem However over the last week my laptop has just completely blacked out a handful of Failed power cord, then battery, now laptop blacks out?! times The first time it happened I thought it was because I d somehow pulled the generic power cord out without noticing When it happened again I realised that my laptop really isn t happy but I have no idea why Each time I have started my laptop after a blackout it seems to be ok One time however it went into startup repair After that it was ok but things looked kind of serious there Could it be that this is all linked What are the chances that both the original power cord and battery would both die at the same time Could it be related to the installation of Vista etc One suggestion was that it might be the hard drive that is trying to pack up and take early retirement I m really very technologically-challenged Thanks a million Kate nbsp
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OK..Computer seems to be running really slow and takes for ages to open files ect..have 1gig ram installed..p4 3.4..when i open control,hardware devices,where it tells you the comp name ect,it does not state the processor or ram figures,the bottom part of the list is blank,does anyone know if this is a ram problem or processor one or anything else...

many thanks...

A:Solved: Is My Ram Faulty

Well, you can do a pretty comprehensive memory test, that should answer the RAM question. Try either of these.

Microsoft Memory Diagnostic

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Hi Folks It s some considerable time since I was on here but I need the benefit of someone faulty Do HDD? have I a Solved: else s expertise in resolving this HDD query I have a couple of programs on my laptop that monitor my HDD using SMART One is Acronis Solved: Do I have a faulty HDD? Drive Monitor the other is HD Sentinel Both are warning of impending doom with my HDD which is a Samsung HM HI The SMART data is showing a degradation of the following parameters Reallocation Event Count Current Pending Sector Count Uncorrectable Sector Count However when I run chkdsk all five stages it reports that the volume is clean I have also run Seagate s SeaTools for Windows and the disk surface scan included in the EaseUS Partition Master both would have me believe that all is well The following is a summary of my system Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc H C Antivirus Norton Internet Security Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Why am I getting such contradictory results from different HDD testing tools Any help would be greatly appreciated keval nbsp

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Hello! Here's my situation, I have recently purchased a new processor (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Yorkfield 2.66GHz 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 95W) to replace my old Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz processor. I installed everything properly.. not my first processor install.. and all the fans seem to be working fine however my screen tells me no signal. I then swapped out my new CPU for my old one and the computer booted normally. My new processor is compatible with my motherboard so I'm assuming it is just a faulty chip. Is there any way to check this other than popping it in a different computer? Or could it be something other than a faulty chip?

I appreciate the help!

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My AMD 1.4 seems to be running poorly. Yes it works but two things make me think it is the reason why my internet speed which starts off fine then slows to a crawl. I initially posted may 22 under software "Internt-a tale of two computers...". I seemed to have exhaust all answers to the speed problem.

I downloaded HOT CPU TESTER PRO from This software puts a cpu through a 6 hour test. My AMD 1.4 lasted 30 minuites before it shut down. The operating temperature of my cpu is 61 degrees celsius well below the max of 90.

I have read that there is a heat problem with AMD thunderbird cpu's but my fan works and the temperature is well within the comfortable range. Would anyone know another way to see if my cpu is faulty?


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I ahve just purchased an ew fan it is an Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 CPU Cooler (Socket 478) (HS-016-AR). I have installed it but the fan will not turn. I have tried it in 2 different pc`s with the same result. I think it is faulty or is there something I need to do to get it working, cheers Dojo

A:Solved: Faulty Fan?

If the power cable for the fan is plugged in properly into the motherboard and it is not working, then send it back for a replacement.
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I have had my Dell laptop for almost two years now I battery Power cord Dell charging not - 1545 Inspiron replaced the battery before the warranty expired year The battery was working fine but I was starting to have to jerry-rig the angle of the power cord in the socket to charge the battery I purchased a knock-off AC adapter replacement Dell Inspiron 1545 - Power cord not charging battery I started getting error messages almost immediately when booting up that cord might not be compatible with the laptop As it was working I didn t worry about it The power light start flashing in a particular pattern then which it has been doing for months three fast orange flashes and one long white flash Historically a white light has meant quot charged quot and an orange light has meant low power The AC adapter became increasingly less efficient in charging the battery until it ceased to charge it at all I purchased the Dell AC adapter recommended for the newest version of my laptop model There was no noticeable change I understand from Dell that the problem may have been that I purchased a W adapter compatible with newer versions of this model but that I should have purchased a W adapter as my laptop is older I returned that adapter to Dell Dell Inspiron 1545 - Power cord not charging battery and then purchased a re-furbished Dell W AC adapter through Amazon Again no noticeable change The battery is taking absolutely no charge from these cords As I remove the power cord from the socket the computer instantly shuts down When I hover over the battery icon it says the battery is charged and that it is not charging When I right click and select the Battery Meter it says that my quot battery is performing normally quot but it lists the battery status as quot idle quot If I had to guess I would say this is a problem with the communication between the power cord and the battery I m concerned that I messed that up irrevocably with my continued use of the knock-off power cord I would appreciate any thoughts as to how I can improve the situation Thank you nbsp

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Edit internet dumb fingers This has been happening for a few days now I use a Linksys cable connection on a vista PC My pings are almost constantly cycling between ms and ms I Solved: internet Faulty can t exactly figure out what is wrong sadly I m not quite as computer savvy as I d like to be The only remote consistencies I ve come across is if I reboot the router my internet usually balances out to the - ms it usually Solved: Faulty internet runs and whenever I reboot the router I have to run a vista diagnostic on my internet and reset the router connection just to connect to the internet again Also the same problem happens sometimes when I reboot my computer without rebooting the router Any help will be greatly appreciated I ll try to cooperate as much as possible I ve tried digging around the net for a while now hoping to find some solution but I finally decided to take my problem to a forum This really Solved: Faulty internet wouldn t be any big deal but I have Solved: Faulty internet a lot of friends we all play games together it s frustrating when I can t even play because of some little bug or glitch in my system It s like watching a movie that was recorded upside down by a phone s cam nbsp

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I have built a new system with vista I have not over-clocked anything BIOS is set to use defaults One of the faulty I Solved: Do have hardware? games I like to play Lord of the Rings Online causes the pc to crash not always a bluescreen while other non gaming tasks and even playing another game Guild Wars for even like hours the pc runs fine Here is what I have done so far Over hours might have been as much as hours running latest version of memtest testing the RAM with the set of default tests No errors resulted and Solved: Do I have faulty hardware? the pc remained running and I m sure if I left it continue to test would have ran for days without issue I proceeded restart the pc and load windows normally so that I could test the cpu next I installed prime and email protected to insure that the cpu was pegged at usage I ran the small FFTs maximum FPU stress data fits in L RAM not tested much test It ran for hours fine without error or crashing the pc As with the other I probably could have let it continue for days without error I then decided to try the next test in place large FFTs maximum heat and power consumption some RAM tested This test the PC crashes after about Solved: Do I have faulty hardware? to hours not sure if both times was bluescreen or not Which is about the maximum duration before the pc crashes trying to play LotRO Not sure if its just coincidence or not At this point I thought it best to try and figure out why this is happening before trying anything else with testing and trying to play the game I want to make sure that I don t have faulty HW rather than some bizarre software issue that has to be figured out nbsp

A:Solved: Do I have faulty hardware?


This appears to have been nothing more than one of the pesky driver issues. With Vista SP1 I don't appear to have any problems any more.
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For the past couple of days when I switch on my Acer monitor the green light flashes on and off but the monitor screen doesn't come on, if I try to shut it down nothing happens, the acer logo will flash on and off as though it's trying to fire up properly, eventually it comes on and then it's fine, any ideas please?

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I'm not sure if this is due to a faulty dvi cable,I recieved some hints that it might be so,so I wanna be certain.

The only thing I did that deviated from the manuals is plugging the dvi-d cable after plugging the monitor power cable.

my spec:
Mobo ASUS Z97-A , socket 1150

INTEL Core i7 4790K, Haswell, 4000 MHz, Socket 1150

ENERMAX ETS-T40-White Cluster

PSU XFX CoreEdition 80+, 750 W


GIGABYTE nVidia GeForce GTX970 WF3 OC, 4 GB GDDR5

Memory KINGSTON 8 GB DDR3, 1866 MHz, DIMM, Fury Series (1x8gb)

Monitor ACER V226HQLBbd, LED, 21.5 "


A:Solved: Faulty DVI cable

DVI cables are a few bucks, buy one and test, if not return it.

Aside from that, what's the history here? Is this a new monitor or a new computer? Does it work with a different type of cable?
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First, the specs. Acer 5315 Laptop with 1.5gbmem CPU @1.86 Intel Celeron. PIONEER DVD-RW DVR K17RS.

Problem. Had virus on laptop. Manage to fix it (barely) with various remedies from RKILL to COMBOFIX. Shortly after, had to remove HD from laptop because it wouldn`t boot up. Obviously not fixed virus problem properly. Put in old 80GB drive and booted XP from that only to find the DVD drive would not read the discs properly and now says all the discs (DVD or CD-R/RW) are 702mb discs and empty when they are not. Even shop bought dvd`s are not read properly. I checked the registry on the hard drive I now have installed and Upper and Lower filters are not present in the registry settings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Screen Grabs attached 2 and 3 show zero population and the request to write files to cd when the disc in question is a full 4.8GB DVD

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Help I have noticed a few symptoms on my Dell Laptop The machine has been getting progressively slower over the past week despite having GB memory and essentially only being used for browsing There is plenty of disk space too Last night a strange effect started to happen in tha if I pressed e or w I would get a random combination of we appearing the same effect was noticed on s amp d and c Is my infected or faulty machine Solved: amp x Solved: Is my machine infected or faulty and amp My first thought was some kind of virus but my scanner AVG is up to date and runs clean but notes changed for MBR I tried McAfee on line and it ran clean I used Lavasoft s spyware product which found objects but crashed while checking C system information I tried Microsoft s rooktkit scanner and again it has ground to a halt Because the keys are in a line I could believe a hardware fault but I am also concerned to re-boot in case it is a boot sector virus Any help from your experience gratefully received Thanks Graeme nbsp

A:Solved: Is my machine infected or faulty

Hi and welcome to TSG.
Could be a faulty keyboard.
Reboot to safe mode and run you Anti-virus and Spyware scan.
Avg MBR change is Ok unless it says infected.
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Hi I just started having problems mfc71.dll faulty appcrash - [SOLVED] with launching software quot Vector NTI Suite quot in Windows Vista - it crashes on start with the following details Quote Problem signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH [SOLVED] appcrash - faulty mfc71.dll Application Name Vector NTI exe Application Version Application Timestamp ca e Fault Module Name MFC DLL Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp c d Exception Code c Exception Offset OS Version Locale ID Additional Information f Additional Information e b b ee a bca ea Additional Information Additional Information fb c f b ee b a e The problem appeared from one day to the next - I haven't updated anything automatic updates are disabled for almost everyting in my system and haven't installed new software I have read the forum about similar problems and realize it might be a seriuos one but I still hope I find a solution that doesn't involve re-installing Windows So far I have tried pretty much everything that I could find in the internet - including replacing mfc dll re-installing NET re-installing application itself updating windows components from SP to SP with all recent updates running anti-virus combofix registry cleaners I was just wondering what kind of logs reports will be needed for people who might have insights on what went wrong here Thank you very much in advance D S

A:[SOLVED] appcrash - faulty mfc71.dll

.NET related driver MFC71.DLL has a timestamp = 0x40c69d92, which = Wed Jun 09 01:18:10 2004

Vector NTI 10 did crash -

Invitrogen shows latest version as 11.5 -

Exception code 0xc0000005 = memory access violation. The 2004 driver appears to be improperly accessing memory under Vista SP2.

See if the Invitrogen v11.5 trial runs crash-free.

I would advise that you install all outstanding Windows Updates.

Regards. . .


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Hello, my mouse has stopped working. The last thing I
remember doing was removing some files like .mozilla/
and .adobe/ in ~/.fvwm that looked like they belonged in ~.
I have tried using the mouse in X and in gpm, my results:
I cannot use the mouse at all in X, however cursors and
the digits on my clock are blinking.
On a console, with gpm running, there is no cursor
when i move the mouse but if I move the mouse up
and down it highlights random parts of the screen.

I'm using a thinkpad laptop and Slackware 13.0. I tried
to attach a capture from mev but I'm using lynx and it is
not working.
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I did a search for downloadable software that can give me the benefits of an address book calender specifically calander reminders software through buy faulty Did I Solved: internet? where I can keep track of my to-do list journal and contacts and contacts birthdays So I ended up with Calnique and downloaded it and BOUGHT it through the internet using my credit card bows head and shamefully pauses while everyone stares Anyway when I wanted to set-up my email reminders I had to fill in the smtp info I have a google account and my default email application is quot Incredimail quot Everytime I enter in the smtp field - quot smtp gmail com quot and click on the quot send Solved: Did I buy faulty software through internet? test message quot button it throws me a quot smtp error quot saying that the quot send timed out and that I must verify my email settings and try again quot When I go to my incredimail settings I see that the outgoing mail smtp number is Nowhere in the Calnique software does it allow me to go and change settings or even report this problem Under the help link I can go to their website which in return has a forum where one can post all your questions etc When wanting to register on the forum I have to click on the link quot I agree to all the terms and conditions quot and then it throws me a quot debug error quot A dead end in other words I have uninstalled the software and re-installed it but with no luck I have replied to the email they sent me congratulating me on my buy but with no response Please tell me if this software is in fact ligit and if it is how can I get it to send me email reminders Thanx nbsp

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Hi I keep getting error Solved: svchost.exe Application Faulty messages each time I start my computer First I get a Data Execution Prevention message quot To help protect your computer Windows has closed this program quot The name of the program is quot Generic Host Process for Win Services quot Once I click to close the message I get quot svchost exe - Application Error quot Solved: Faulty Application svchost.exe The following is the Event as written in the event logs Event Type Error Event Source Application Error Event Category Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer KRIS-E Description Faulting application svchost exe version faulting module unknown version fault address x bc For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data c Applicat f e c ion Fail ure svc f e Solved: Faulty Application svchost.exe host exe e e e i e e b e f n unknow e e e e n f at off set bc I am running Windows XP SP with the latest updates Any information on this issue will be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Faulty Application svchost.exe

How long has the problem existed and have you ever tried doing a System Restore to fix it? (Start > run: msconfig > launch System Restore .

If it works it won't tell us what the problem was, but it might save a few days of troubleshooting.
Post a HijackThis scanlog:

Download and install HijackThis using the "self extractor". Run it and select "do a system scan and save the log file". Then copy/paste the contents of the log to a reply

The "data execution" error is usually associated with corrupt or incompatible files. I don't see svchost.exe being the culprit -- it is trying to run some other "module" which is corrupt.

Do you have any other symptoms once Windows has booted? Is any other program not working?

If you do a "Clean boot" following these directions -- do you still get the error on startup?

run msconfig and select the "Services" tab. Check "Hide Microsoft Services" and then disable the rest. Also uncheck "load startup group" on the general page.

See this link for detailed information:;EN-US;310353

Now restart and test the issue at hand

If no problems, run msconfig and recheck half the disabled items on the Services tab. Test again. If the problem recurs, UNcheck half the items you just checked to narrow down the culprit.

If the problem didn't occur, check the other half, so all the Services are enabled -- proceed to do this on the startup tab as well.

Get the idea? You want to isolate the problem to a specific startup if possible

Note: if a 3rd party application is involved in this it will most likely be configured as a "service" -- rather than under the startup tab -- but do the full drill anyway.

Post your HijackThis scanlog before disabling anything so I can see what is there.
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Ok need some help on this one please My system P Ghz G ram Asrock P S mobo Elitech W PS ATI Mb video Creative sound card G WD hard drive LG DVD-rom XP Pro mm front fan mm side fan The problem I m having is intermittent boot will halt for some reason and not always in the same place It all started last week while I was playing a game system just shut down althought fans etc were Solved: boot...but Faulty intermittent still running but I had a black screen Sometimes the monitor will not power Solved: Faulty boot...but intermittent up at all and I get no Solved: Faulty boot...but intermittent beep The next time monitor might turn on and might go to the point where I can usually press F for BIOS and then get stuck not accepting input Other times it will pass this point and get to the screen that shows the drives etc but then stop frozen just a flashing cursor Then of course there is the full POST check beep then black screen or full normal boot As I said this does not always happen but the last few days it has taken - tries to boot up When it is booted it is stable and I can play games etc no problems BHD DFX etc I thought about the battery have taken it out to clear Solved: Faulty boot...but intermittent cmos too and redone the bios setup but checked it with multimeter and it s giving V V batttery so is ok Done the usual testing removing all but ram processor vid card wont boot all the time I was wondering about the vid card as I know it is part of the POST check but don t have another to test until Monday night Any help greatly appreciated Scorp nbsp

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Hi all,

I am having trouble with the above graphics card namely random pixels and banding on the screen. I have the latest drivers from ATI & have also tried a second monitor and cable just in case. I believe I've identified the fault by testing against another ATI Radeon 9800 pro card, so it's not the AGP slot or the drivers or the monitor. The symptoms are random pixels and banding on the screen. These items of noise scale when you change modes and the problem occurs when the card is cold. I've checked the heatsink fan which is all ok. Any advice/remedy will be very welcome, thanks in advance.


A:Solved: Faulty ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

Please post your power supply unit specs like

-12Volt rail amperage
-Total Watts

It could be the power supply, especially if you upgraded from a much older or weak card.
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I have bought components for a enw pc and started building it, yesterday I found out the mobo was faulty and so took it back to the shop where they confirmed the problem and swapped it for a new one.

I am now trying tobuild the PC again and still can't get it to work. The power works, all fans turn on, the mobo lights up etc however I don't get anything on my screen. All I have plugged in atm is: PSU, GFX, CPU and 1 dimm of RAM.
1. I've checked the mobo without ram and it beeps as per the mobo manual (i.e. to indicate no memory) so I can confirm the mobo is working.

2. I have checked my gfx card in my old computer and that is working.
3. I have checked the CPU is seated firmly.
Any ideas?

A:Solved: Building new PC - Checking if CPU is faulty?

Anyway of trying another stick of ram.....does the MB have inboard graphics if so can you plug the monitor into the MB Video port
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Windows Update used to run really fast but now, when I try to run Windows Update from the Help and support menu it never goes through, its just a white screen.

If i navigate to in IE8 it will work but it is VERY VERY slow but when it finally does go through the updates download and install really fast.

does anyone know what could be wrong and what I can do?


A:Solved: Windows Update faulty

There are a number of ways to fix Widnows Update issues. The easiest is to download a program called Dial-A-Fix and run the Windows Update repair on it. There are other programs but Dial-A-Fix works everytime I use it.
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Two days ago I bought an Acer Aspire One ZG5 solid-state netbook, running linux and Firefox. In the store & elsewhere there's no problem connecting to the net by wireless, but at home we don't get wireless so use ethernet connection via a Netcomm router/modem. Having made the appropriate (I think) setting changes, nearly every time we get a Server Not Found page when we try to access web pages. If I use numerical IP addresses the same error page comes up but citing the correct URL for the IP address. One or 2 pages actually go right thru and display eg goes to the Sydney University home page. But using it's URL ( fails withe same Server Not Found message.

(My home LAN seems to be OK and I can access the configuration page for the router). But what do I need to change-settings in computer, router or both ??

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Can someone please CD/DVD Aspire Combo Acer faulty Solved: give Solved: Acer Aspire CD/DVD Combo faulty me advice I bought a demo-laptop in good condition from an e-bay shop It is a Acer Aspire WLC Apart from the cd dvd combo drive all seems to be working fine My problem is that the drive s drawer won t open I have to use a paperclip and when inserting any kind of cd or dvd it doesn t even light-up nor does it play the laptop does not recognise any disc inserted Device manager says the drive is working fine but I cannot see it displayed in My computer How is this possible I am working on Windows Xp and have not yet connetcted it to the internet I only received it yesterday So I was looking for a replacement optical drive from my desktop PC and had no luck on the Net I would like to know where to look what to buy to correct this problem not even Acer com can give me much info How s that Or am I not looking in the right places or using the right key-words Please can anyone help me correct this problem or tell me where to find a new compatible drive and also how to self-install All responses are greatly appreciated thanx Petty nbsp

A:Solved: Acer Aspire CD/DVD Combo faulty

This is asmuch info as I could track down.
The drive is a standard slim drive,so you could put a DVD-RW drive in there
if you want.
The problem is that it is integrated,so the laptop will have to come apart to install it.
If you don't want to do that,buy a slim drive in a usb case and it will power from
the USB bus.
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ooook first post here for help I ll start off with specs pcchips m v A mainboard Pentium ghz DIMM Solved: faulty problems, sockets? RAM mb pqi ddr- ram two matching sticks W generic power supply Nvidia fx ultra graphics Now the problem I tried installing both sticks of ram into my mainboard making sure to ground myself and seat them properly when I try to Solved: RAM problems, faulty DIMM sockets? boot up I pass BIOS checks and Solved: RAM problems, faulty DIMM sockets? windows begins to load but I get various errors before windows can load page fault IO check Bad pool call things of that nature I figured it was my ram so I removed one stick leaving one in DIMM Solved: RAM problems, faulty DIMM sockets? Boots up fine I swapped the first out for the second and it also boots fine then I tried them both in DIMM and I get the same results both boot fine in DIMM I decided to run Memtest to see if it picked up any errors I tested each stick individually in both DIMM slots with no errors Then I tested with both sticks of RAM installed The tests ran fine until test for memtest which is quot Block move moves quot recieved a LOT of errors test moved on through the next couple until test quot Modulo ones amp zeros quot and I also recieved errors I m not sure what this means but I get the same results when I swap the sticks between DIMMs as well The only time I get any errors is when both sticks of RAM are installed any further info needed please ask Thanks in advance for any help Syl nbsp

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I am not able to play CD's on WMP any more. All attempts at upgrading to the latest version have failed.
Any suggestion that could overcome this wuld be appreciated.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 447 Mb
Graphics Card: SiS 650, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 33047 MB, Free - 8810 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Hi I kept getting quot Memory Management quot blue screens so I ran memtest and found over errors before I stopped the test To decide which RAM Stick was faulty I tested both sticks in the on Solved: faulty I replacing need RAM stick advice first slot and only one of them got errors so this was the faulty one I only had Solved: I need advice on replacing faulty RAM stick GB of RAM so now I only have GB I currently have one stick of GB VData RAM VD U B G -B with the following information printed on it Code VData VD U B G -B DDR GX U-DIMM So Would I be able to buy a different brand of RAM with the same specification and use it with the current working VData stick If so what are the specifications that I should be looking for Solved: I need advice on replacing faulty RAM stick other than the stick to be DDR with a speed of Mhz If I were to buy a set of GB with the same specification but a different brand would this work giving me a total of GB RAM If so what are the specifications that I should be looking for other than the sticks to be DDR with a speed of Mhz Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Solved: I need advice on replacing faulty RAM stick

Go here and allow the Crucial System Scanner to load and run.

After it's finished and it displays a report, copy-and-paste the link to that report here.

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I have a CD which is faulty, thus some of the files cause errors when attempted to copy onto my PC.

I need a software which can bypass the error returns and copy abortions, and continues to copy on my PC. Any ideas and suggestions?

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I had purchased a Seagate SATA GB some months back It died within months It was in warranty so i got a replacement The replacement HD looked brand Hard Solved: New Drive: Faulty? Sata new and packed in an antistatic bag Today i took out the hard drive and connected it to my PC On starting the PC it started to give a strange spinning noise and i could hear faint clicks I checked in the BIOS It took sometime before i could Solved: New Sata Hard Drive: Faulty? get into the BIOS the red HD led was on constantly like it happens with a bad HD After a delay i got into BIOS but the HD was not detected in the BIOS I checked the connections and tried again Again not detected in Solved: New Sata Hard Drive: Faulty? BIOS I had two SATA power connectors and SATA cables I tried all of them Same result I could hear faint clicking and BIOS didnt detect the HD I have SATA ports I started to change ports Two ports didnt work Then on rd port I was able to get into BIOS without any delay and without the constant HD led glowing And there was no clicking sound and the HD was detected in the BIOS I shut down checked again It was detected again Then i did diagnostic check on the HD with the seagate tools CD It passed both the short and long tests When i did the acoustic test two times both the time drive spins and it makes a faint click at the last Now am confused should i keep this HD or should i take it for replacement again I could hear faint clicking first and no detection of the drive when i tried earlier few times But after that the HD was detected and ran fine without any clicks and it even passed the tests Is the HD faulty nbsp

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Last year i built a computer with an intel DG tl motherboard quad core q processor and seagate barracuda hard drive From the Solved: Motherboard Hard or Drive Faulty beginning Vista seemed to be having alot of problems but didnt think anything of it cause well its vista The problems were windows explorer stopped working this happened alot alot So recently ive been having problems with booting up it freezes before windows can reach the log in stage Sometimes if i let it sit a few days and replug Solved: Faulty Motherboard or Hard Drive in the SATA it will load up but eventually crashes It does alot of memory dumping too And i have changed the SATA cable ive tried that already So my question is do you think Solved: Faulty Motherboard or Hard Drive it is the motherboard or the Hard drive Ive already ruled out vista i really doubt its that My assumtion is that it is the motherboard i did some research and found out other people had problems with the board too If there is any questions that will help narrow down the possibility of whats wrong feel free to ask Thank you nbsp

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OK I have DVD writers one is a Lite-On SHW- SX and the other is another external from I O Magic The problem is with RW media First up DVD RW Sony x ---------------------- I got these Sony DVD RWs and basically the Lite-On can t write to it It gives me an error each time I try even with erasing it in Nero HOWEVER my I O Magic reads writes just fine with it Now here s the weird part If I write files to it with the I O Magic and put the disc in the Lite-On it reads it fine AND if I now try to burn the disc it works too What does this mean Oh yeah it writes fine with DVD-Rs Taiyo Yuden Second up CD-RW TDK Incompatible Drive? Faulty or Media Solved: x ----------------------- Basically same sort of deal If I try putting in media burned with my regular CD burner Lite-On as well it can t read it and basically locks up itself as well as my system and I have to use a pin to quot Solved: Incompatible Media or Faulty Drive? manually quot eject the CD The I O Magic reads the discs just fine Now if I erase the data with any other drive the Lite-On will now read write to it same deal as with the DVD RW discs Weird So does this mean the Lite-On is faulty nbsp

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Hello Tech Support Guy System HP DV2700 Pavillion Solved: Graphics faulty card Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Solved: Graphics card faulty HP Pavillion DV2700 Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Mb Hard Solved: Graphics card faulty HP Pavillion DV2700 Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Wistron CE Antivirus BitDefender Antivirus Disabled A month ago the screen suddenly filled with green and purple lines This went all over the place then onto blue See attachment quot IMG quot then sometimes black or black with lines Turning it off and on didnt help and it often crashed after turning it back on I did a sytem restore and windows repair as I was prompted to do after the crash but this did not work I had it repaired in Thailand bought this in New Zealand and was told they would repair the graphics card and there was no guarantee the repair would work They also said they could not guarantee the graphics card replacement being more expensive than the repair and seeing as I would not be in Thailand to follow up I opted for the cheaper repair Two weeks later the same thing happened See attachement quot IMG quot for one of the error messages I got only had a error message - that I could read anyway - once I can now only operate the laptop dysfunctionally in safe mode Even in Safe mode the screen is compromised - see attachment quot IMG quot The PC wont open normally anyway but that may have something to do with me repeatedly using F to access the safe mode with networking - as this is the only mode I can operate my PC in HP Thailand incidentally cover Thai bought and sold pavillions with this problem because it is a NVIDIA issue but they would not cover my laptop as it was bought in New Zealand I just got customer service BS when I called HP New Zealand So I wont be buying another HP product as they don t seem to last more than - yrs I uninstalled the graphics driver reinstalled and updated it - no luck I unistalled the graphics card disabled windows update and restarted but this did not help either What is a girl to do New graphics cards can purchased on ebay and they have fans which is maybe why this graphics card is stuffed But some people have said that the card is attached to the motherboard making it hard to separate - true If I can repair this myself I will pay up to but anything more then I need to buy a new laptop nbsp

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System Compaq Presario Networking Solved: Controller NVIDIA nForce Faulty SR NX Windows XP Professional SP AMD Sepron GHz GB RAM Problem A Solved: Faulty NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller few months ago my parents got a virus that pretty much tore up their HDD I successfully cleared it off and repartitioned it installing a copy of Windows XP Pro that my school provided me with Now however I m finding that many drivers were not successfully installed I ve been able to find all but one which has made installing the others difficult - the driver for the network controller specified as an NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller in Solved: Faulty NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller my device manager I ve been able to get a driver installed but am now receiving the error quot This decide cannot start Code quot and am completely clueless as to why it would no longer work Is this a residual effect the virus had on the computer could it really do that to the hardware The other possibilities I have been trying to work with are that maybe there is a registry problem or maybe I m not using the correct driver although I did a lot of research in order to even find it - the controller is built into the motherboard so I don t have much of a choice right now in making this work Is there anybody who can either let me know what is wrong or give me some sort of heads-up as to how to determine what s wrong and what steps to take from here I d love to be able to connect to the internet on this computer as I plan to use it for school starting in three weeks and would rather not have to bother shelling out if I don t absolutely need to If you need want any further information or specs let me know nbsp

A:Solved: Faulty NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

Get the drivers from HP.

If that fails, check device manager for any useful errors.

If it appears to be a hardware problem, just get another NIC ($20 is about average)

NICs are generally plug and play, and here would be a decent replacement:
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Hello people,

I installed a new SeaSonic 430W 80+ Bronze S12II-430 in my friends' computer. When I plugged the machine in and touched the chassis, I got zapped. I disconnected everything, looked inside the box, to make sure I had installed the motherboard and connected everything properly (no extra screw-holder thingies in the mobo panel, for instance). It all looked good. I then connected the power cord to the PSU, and leaving the switch off, touched the box with an electric screwdriver (and to verify my findings also with my bear hand....) to find it was live, alright, got zapped again.

Now, if the power switch is off, the PSU shouldn't be giving any power to any components within the computer, right? So, can I safely deduce that the PSU is faulty and return it to the store?


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I have a TB HD external cause enclosure Could drive hard Solved: to click? faulty Seagate SATA HD that s about a yr old I bought an iMicro external enclosure for it and I use it for backup storage So it s turned off most of the time Over the last couple weeks I ve been having problems getting the drive to connect to the computer when I turn it on it s connected via USB The drive clicks whirs and speeds up and slows down as it tries to connect Sometimes I have to turn it off and on again to get it to go So is Solved: Could faulty external hard drive enclosure cause HD to click? the drive really bad I thought I d be in good shape w a Seagate drive when I bought it last yr but recently I heard that they were bought out and their drives aren t that good anymore Or could it be the external enclosure Like if it wasn t supplying good power to the drive would that make the drive act like that I recently got a new MSI mobo that has SATA ports but my boot drive is IDE If I tried to hook up the Seagate drive to a SATA port for testing purposes ie that would eliminate the external enclosure from the scenario would that interfere w the IDE drive nbsp

A:Solved: Could faulty external hard drive enclosure cause HD to click?
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I have a problem that I ve been unsuccessful in searching for a solution to I recently had to create a new admin profile in Vista because my single admin profile that I faulty as profile, default still Solved: Deleted user shows up but always use had the following error quot Your user profile was not loaded correctly You have been logged on with a temporary profile quot I tried a bunch of fixes but the only solution to getting my profile back somewhat was to create a new profile and copy the files from the old one to the new one For some reason this worked but I did have to change a few settings in the new profile that didn t stick internet Solved: Deleted faulty user profile, but still shows up as default defaults autofill outlook settings things of that nature I deleted the old profile via the quot delete this profile quot option in user accounts When I go into the user accounts area it no longer shows the old profile that I deleted However when I shutdown my computer and restart it tries to load the deleted profile I have to click on quot switch user accounts quot in order to log on to my new profile Other solutions I ve found tell me to set a default auto login but that isn t what I m trying to do I want to associate my new profile as the default profile I can see that some of my settings aren t sticking so I imagine that it s because this isn t the default Maybe there is something in the registry that needs to be deleted as well I just want there to be no trace of the other user profile It s no longer needed or necessary Any solutions Any help is much appreciated nbsp

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Hi and Faulty Stack Solved: CRASHING Kernal on fast - driver thank you in advance STOP x C Device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught A faulty driver currently on the kernal stack must be replaced with a working version Event Solved: Faulty driver on Kernal Stack - CRASHING fast Viewer - Application Error Context index on C systemvolumeinformation catalog wci is corrupt I ll attach HijackThis logs Thanks Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast aswUpdSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashServ exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast setup avast setup C WINDOWS system cisvc exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system fxssvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Canon CAL CALMAIN exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashMaiSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashWebSv exe C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe C Program Files Canon MyPrinter BJMyPrt exe C Program Solved: Faulty driver on Kernal Stack - CRASHING fast Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C Program Files ALLTEL DSL Check-up Center bin mpbtn exe C WINDOWS system cidaemon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http windstream net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page blank htm R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page blank htm O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Toolbar Easy-WebPrint - C -E D- c -AA D- AC BABA C - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint Toolband dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run avast C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe O - HKLM Run CanonMyPrinter C Program Files Canon MyPrinter BJMyPrt exe logon O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run SpybotSD TeaTimer C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe O - Global Startup ALLTEL DSL Check-up Center lnk C Program Files ALLTEL DSL Check-up Center bin matcli exe O - Global Startup Digital Line Detect lnk O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - HKCU Software Policies Microsoft Internet Explorer Control Panel present O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button no name - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Spybot - Search amp Destroy Configuration - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - Extra button no name - e e dd -d - - b -f ba - C WINDOWS Network Diagnostic xpnetdiag exe O - Extra Tools menuitem xpsp res dll - - e e dd -d - - b -f ba - C WINDOWS Network Diagnostic xpnetdiag exe O - Truste... Read more

A:Solved: Faulty driver on Kernal Stack - CRASHING fast

Closing this one and opened a new one under the FORUM Malware & HijackThis. I could not figure out how to just change this one. Sorry for any inconv. Please take a look at my open one as my computer crashes after 5 mins. Thanks
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I had a faulty key code for windows 7 professional and it screwed up internet explorer. Now I cant do anything on my laptop with any program unless I am in safe mode. Does anyone have any suggestions or can I put my computer back to windows 7 starter. Thank You.

A:Faulty Key

What brand and model computer do you have? Where did you acquire the Win 7 Professional program?
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Hello guys.
mu issue is more less common,at my home the electricity is neva stable..its on and of most I woudnt say I used the switch button to turn my pc off.
but a lito while ago,I have this problem of checksum error default loading..poping on the screen,my mouse, keybord not rensponding with some strange noise..(bips) its wen I visited this site read about som tips on the CMOS battery changing ,jumper settings and re-set , but it neva worked so I went for repair it was ok..they tod mi the noise was the one of the RAM was faulty.but wen I went home I tried the other RAM teking off the current RAM one the pc replaced with the one he clamed was faulty was ok..that ment the RAM was finebut the RAM slot was nt not ok...nw same thing has happened and am prity confused...

A:Faulty RAM?

Are you having trouble with your keyboard, or is English not your first language?
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I was wondering if there was any diagnostic tool out there that could determine if my CPU is kicking the bucket?

My graphics card is fried at the moment, but I also think that either my CPU or RAM is dying. I notice that my computer is running VERY slowly. I'm not sure if this could be contributed to the dead/dying graphics unit, but I'm worried nonetheless.

Thanks in advance.

A:Faulty CPU?

Is your computer slow at restarting?
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I noticed when I play PS1 games as well using ePSXe emulator, it behaves just like PCSX2 and the temp of the CPU goes to 78 C and the fan spins so fast
My laptop again is Inspiron 15z i7-3537U 2GHz

I made a discussion in a gaming forums and that his reply.
Is he really right?
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I ve been having problems with my computer since i moved it into a new case but the latest problem is the worst yet my computer doesnt seem to want to Faulty...something? recognize that i have a disc drive hooked up to it the power doesnt go into the disc drive because the light doesnt come on the drive is brand new after i bought one thinking the old one was broken and neither of them will light up as though they were powered up this was never a problem until i moved the parts into a new case so far ive disconnected all the new cables hooked to the case LED s and new Faulty...something? front USB port and so on so that the computer is exactly the same as it was in the old case still nothing i switched out the power to the hard drive thinking that if just the cable was ruined the hard drive wouldnt run but it did the cables are all in working order is it possible for a power supply to just not like parts nbsp

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Decided my system needed an upgrade so i bought an Asus A v x-x mobo mb DDR ram and a W PSU Using all other bits from my existing set up Assembled everthing and it posted no problem and recognised ll the bits I decided that a fresh start with a nice clean drive would be the job so decided to Fdisk and reformat Thats where the problems started i have Fdisked and formatted drives many times but this time whenever i ? Faulty CPU tried to Faulty CPU ? load the OS it kept coming up that the free space was being incorrectly reported and asking if i wanted scandisk to fix the fault I would ask it to fix the fault and the try to load the OS then it would tell me it could not decompress the cab file and the D which is the boot disk RAMDRIVE was write protected I checked all cables and that everthing was seated correctly everything looked fine and the PC continued to post ok After about a dozen attempts to set up the drive i took out everything and put my old mobo and CPU back in and bingo everthing worked fine OS loaded a treat The CPU i Faulty CPU ? was trying to put into the new setup was a Sempron the mobo came with the revision BIOS so it was Faulty CPU ? compatible with the CPU Now the CPU was previously in a PC in which the mobo and PSU blew I rebuilt this one for a friend but replaced mobo CPU and PSU Everything else was fine drives ram etc and went in the rebuild and i assumed that the CPU was ok and only the mobo and PSU affected What i would like to know is are the problems i had indicating a fault in the CPU or a fault in one of the new components If i have to buy new CPU fine but any other bits will be under warranty and i dont want to spend money replacing something that is not faulty i apologise if this is a bit rambling any help would be much appreciated Logo nbsp

A:Faulty CPU ?

I doubt it's your cpu. If your cpu was bad, nothing would work right. You couldn't have seen anything on the screen if your cpu was bad.

Are you loading xp? If so, it has it's own drive format utility built in.
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I recently put together a brand new computer from Newegg parts, with 2x 2GB ram. Windows, however, is only recognizing 3.15GB... I also just got a blue screen with the message "Page_Fault_in_nonpaged_area"
Could this be bad RAM?
I have assembled computers before and I know how to properly install hardware, but could it have been an error on my part?

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I am having problems using my CD Drive.

I am getting the error message....'handle invalid'

Is this a software error, or CD Drive error

thanks for your help


A:Faulty CD?

Boot from a floppy with CD support. Does it work then?

When do you get this error, anyway? When you put in a disc? When you open My Computer and click on the CD drive? What OS are you using?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money
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I am unable to measure any DC volts in my PC and suspect that there is no mains supply to the PSU . What would be the sequence of steps that you would take to determine where the fault lay, obvously whilst complying with safety proceedures?

A:Faulty PSU

Just buy a psu tester as they do not cost much and use it. If the psu test bad then replace it not repair it.
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Tried adding 512mb of pc133 to an old samsung v25 which only had 256 installed, the laptop powers up but screen just goes black and doesn't enter bios or boot. I've tried removing the old ram and installing the new ram in it's place but same result. Is it simply a case of the new ram being faulty or is it possibly some other reason?



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Hello Ive been having random reboots on a new Is faulty? my PSU machine i recently built EVGA i mainboard GTS mb Core Duo ghz x Gb Corsair Ram I googled my problem and found a guide on this forum saying to run Speedfan to check my PSU for voltage consistency The program after it opens up shows my temperatures all as blue down arrows except for the HD and CPU which are green quot Check Marks quot My voltages in the lower left hand corner read Vcore V V V AVcc V Now my main question is are these the v v and v rails he speaks about in his post http www techspot com vb topic html If so arent they all off Atleast the V reading more than V off seems bad to me This may seem like a stupid question but im real tight on cash and if i spent what i have on a new really nice PSU and i was wrong about this id be angry As a side note in Speedfan the green check mark next to my CPU Is my PSU faulty? which idles around C occasionally turns into a red quot up arrow quot for about seconds then back to a green check I havnt seen the temp go over C though I love this computer except for the random restarts and id be extreamly happy if i could fix it Appreciate any help you guys could give Thankyou D nbsp

A:Is my PSU faulty?

" id be angry "

LOL - you'll be even angrier if you don't and your sweet mobo gets gerfunkled.

Yes, that is TOO low on the 12v rail. Whether that reading is accurate or not is another question. Getting a measurement off of a 12v fan lead might verify that if you have a tester available.