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No Display output after disabling video driver on motherboard.

Q: No Display output after disabling video driver on motherboard.

I No motherboard. disabling on driver Display output after video was having trouble installing the driver for a new graphics card so I deactivated the On-board Intel video driver System rebooted fine immediately after doing this and had the basic safe mode graphics display but still could not get the new driver to be recognized so as a desperate act of stupidity I deleted the On-board driver Now there is no video output what so ever nothing at all during boot even so finding it hard to repair windows or reinstall onboard video driver I have the original motherboard disks I ve tried safemode approach and also the quot wait till fully booted then using windows U to get the vocal screen reader but no approuches have worked I ve of course tried booting with windows disc motherboard disc and new video card driver disc Also tried different monitors and all the output plugs at back also tried taking graphics card out etc Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Adam nbsp

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Preferred Solution: No Display output after disabling video driver on motherboard.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No Display output after disabling video driver on motherboard.

Welcome to TSG.
If you didn't previously told the computer to have dual display, meaning allowing an external monitor, it will be hard to do anything and you might have to install everything from the original disks, unless you have some kind of a networking already set up on that computer and you could access your files from the network to save your files
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I had trouble with my Radeon Video Card, so I uninstalled it from my Windows XP Home system. I then had the default system VGA display working OK. The problem is, I stupidly disabled this in the "current hardware configuration" setting, and now when I turn my system on, it boots up just find but I have no display. How can I fix it if I can't see anything?

A:No Display after disabling video driver

When the computer turns on get the Boot Menu up by pressing F8 just before or as the XP logo comes on the screen. From this menu select VGA Mode or Safe Mode and re-enable the driver.
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Okay, here's what I want to do. I want to send video output to a Plasma in my family room and also have output to the computer monitor in the adjacent office. I have the option of using either VGA or DVI to either monitor, so I can use a video card that has dual VGA/DVI outputs. Or, I can buy a separate PCI video card. Right now I have an ATI All-in-Wonder 7500.

Am I better off to get a new video card with dual monitor output or have two separate video cards. If the former, what video cards do you recommend? I know I've seen recommendations for the 9600 Pro, which seems to have dropped significantly in price? I'd like to stay with ATI as I've always used that.

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I have a ibm 2137 e84 it has built in video card...i tried to put in a new one... cant find where to disable old one and it wont run both. I am not computer literate but a friend showed me how to get in bios but we could not find old card to disable it...thanks for any help out there Zoren

A:disabling video card in motherboard

Go to start/settings/control panel/system/device manager/display adapter tab, click on it to expand and select the onboard video, select properties, find the check box to disable in this hard ware profile, check it, hit okay, shutdown, put the new card in and try it. Make sure bios is set to boot pci or agp depending on what card you are installing
If that doesn't work then there must be a jumper on the motherboard somewhere to disable it.

Moving to hardware forum
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hi, i have got a motherboard( not sure what kind it is) and basically i have no video output from it. i have tried resetting the BIOS several times and used 2 monitors(one of which i know definitely works)

what might be up? what would i do?

much help would be appreciated, please if you can help then reply because sorry to sound over-exaggerating but it is quite urgent.

many thanks


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Hey im getting into PC's building. My friend gave me a older computer he had lying around (without a CPU or heatsink). Just wanted to know if i could assess the bios without having the CPU in the motherboard. It does have a GPU built on the motherboard. It powers on and all the components start working but still doesn't output. Didn't know if there was a trick I didn't know about.
Thanks for your time.

A:Can my motherboard output video without its cpu

I wouldn't think that it would, but I'm not an expert at this.
I"d suggest asking over in the Internal Hardware forums:
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PC Asus CG the old motherboard that won't output video motherboard it came with didn t output any video-nor through the computer s graphics card Nvidia GT or the onboard video I just ordered a new motherboard That s not outputting video either here s a list of quot motherboard won't output video symptoms quot details was using HDMI VGA dual output for a quot HP monitor and a Vizio TV tested both the monitor and tv with different computers-worked tested the new mobo with a completely different monitor-no luck Computer boots up and the restarts no beeping I tried removing the RAM but it doesn t make a sound acknowledge anything tried pulling mobo battery for seconds didn t change normally computer would shut down if power button is hit soon after turning on This doesn t happen I have to hold it down for - seconds for it to shut down tried a different power supply If anyone has any advice I would really really appreciate it nbsp

A:motherboard won't output video

OEM PC's (ie: Dell, HP, etc.) require a power supply upgrade for addon video card usage. Size will depend upon your hardware specs. Min size would be 550W. And quality is more important than size. Corsair or Seasonic.

The reboots would seem to indicate a power issue (ie: low power output).
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Ok breakdown of the issue Moved in June my tower sat in the garage until Friday I opened the case and cleaned out the dust during this I removed the cpu heatsink and fan assembly as it was basically caked in dust making the fan useless Cleaned the old heat issue? output. No video Possible motherboard paste No video output. Possible motherboard issue? off the cpu and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol applied new paste electrically non conductive popped all the cards nvidia graphics soundblaster xfi ddr ram and a modem of some type The cpu heat sink fan also did not spin up in the nearby socket so I had to run the line to an auxiliary case fan jumper to get it running Let it all settle plugged it in and spun it up unfortunately it only stayed on for a minute no video Swapped out a known good hdd and a known good video card from an older machine still nvidia still running xp still no video output No video output. Possible motherboard issue? I ve checked the seating of the cards all good but along the way I found a new symptom No power comes from any of the usb ports I think its a shorted mother board but before I drop the cash and order one I d like a second opinion from someone more knowlegeable than I in the subject of computers I appreciate any and all input on the subject Brandonha nbsp

A:No video output. Possible motherboard issue?

The CPU heatsink fan should be connected to the CPU power connector on the motherboard. It should be labeled as such. If the motherboard doesn't detect the CPU fan connected to that connector, I believe it is supposed to shut down to avoid damage.
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No video output on iGPU or GPU on Desktop. Motherboard not posting. GPU fan spins at 100%. I've tried removing all RAM sticks and tried each one by itself. I've removed all hard drives. I've reset GPU and tried without GPU. I feel like I've tried everything at this point. It's a new power supply. I've tried two other power supplies as well.

I can't get Dual BIOS to kick in, either (no switch on this board so I have to use the power cycling trick).

Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H
i7 3570k
AMD 6950 2GB
Silverstone 500W Strider PSU

A:No video output from motherboard/gpu. Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Based purely on your description, it sounds like the motherboard has failed.
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So I recently decided to update my graphics for the new Battlefront and got a pop up from Catalyst Control asking if I wanted to activate some super high setting for my Toshiba BV B quot tv I foolishly clicked okay and now my tv won t display any video I m not sure where to go to turn that setting off but I can get back my video by plugging in a DVI output at the same time I just use this extra monitor for when stuff breaks cause the BIOS options don t show on HDMI output - right now it s allowing the TV to display the picture but if I remove that cable the video goes again I HDMI update No after video driver on video output m guessing it s a different video profile when they re No video output on HDMI after video driver update both plugged in from when they aren t or something No video output on HDMI after video driver update and I don t know how to make changes to just the TV when both are plugged in for me to be able to see Any help would be much appreciated Kind regards Nick Extra info AMD Radeon HD gb card Windows Ultimate bit TV Resolution when DVI plugged in x -bit hz - Generic PnP Monitor If you need any No video output on HDMI after video driver update further info about my setup just let me know and I ll try to provide it asap nbsp
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Is there a way to get the real-time output from a video camera onto a computer monitor without having to use a computer in between?

To be clear, all that will be present will be a video camera, a computer monitor, the necessary connecting cords


whatever adapter box/device to adapt the video camera signal to a computer monitor.

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Hi there! I was plugging back in a Dazzle DVC100, a video game capture device, when I got a blue screen. This has happened to me before on a previous computer, so I wasn't too surprised.

Upon reboot, my monitor couldn't pick up any signal from my video card's HDMI or DVI output. My OS boots fine, so I know it's not a hard drive problem. I was able to use my Mobo's VGA output and load BIOS and Windows. Therefore I'm led to believe it's some sort of problem with my Video Card. I receive error codes A2 and 9C upon booting through the CMOS debug. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

My build:
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard
Intel i7-4790K
MSI Radeon R9 390X
Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) RAM
Cooler Master Hyper 212EVO
Samsung EVO 250GB SSD

A:Blue Screen -> Video Card Output Wonmt Display

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Your description would indicate a possible GPU problem.

Have you physically removed and reseated / checked all the connections for the GPU?

What is the exact make, model and wattage of your power supply?
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Elsewhere I had a question about installing a PCIe video card to a failing
motherboard with onboard video.

Before shutting down, I disabled the installed driver at the Radeon entry.
Previous expectation was that the HD would boot to 640 base video until
a new driver could be installed.

What went wrong?

Is it possible to recover from this error from a CD or will I have to lose
the data?

Repair install stopped at the same place probably looking for video. I've tried everything I can think of including loading the HD on another machine, asking for Safe Mode and then would turn the driver back on. No good doing that either.

When it ran in trace mode loading Safe Mode options I did not save the
line at which it stopped.

This is in Win 7. Would a driver reinstall from the factory CD salvage my disk?

What would anyone else do if the "Disable" option were engaged?

A:Disabling a Radeon Video driver in Win7 will not boot to the OS

How do you know that your onboard video not working.
Have to test with another computer, for your monitor.
Or have you get another monitor to check if your computer working or not.

Also you did not indicate is monitor or TV you are connected to.
Some monitor do fail at times, &or monitor setting is wrongly set.
Also if the cable pin is out &or broken, bent, it may affect the video.

For the PCIe video card it will have a copy of CD with drivers included for various OS.

It is not right to delete the driver, as normal it would not affect if you install another driver.
Additional drivers may not affect the system, it indicate as not connected only.
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Elsewhere I had a question about installing a PCIe video card to a failing
motherboard with onboard video.

Before shutting down, I disabled the installed driver at the Radeon entry.
Previous expectation was that the HD would boot to 640 base video until
a new driver could be installed.

What went wrong?

Is it possible to recover from this error from a CD or will I have to lose
the data?

Repair install stopped at the same place probably looking for video. I've tried everything I can think of including loading the HD on another machine, asking for Safe Mode and then would turn the driver back on. No good doing that either.

When it ran in trace mode loading Safe Mode options I did not save the
line at which it stopped.

This is in Win 7. Would a driver reinstall from the factory CD salvage my disk?

What would anyone else do if the "Disable" option were engaged?
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I have Vista 64 installed on a system with a Powercolor X1950 Pro. Everything works fine until I install the ATI driver. If I do, when I restart the computer, I lose video on both of the card's outputs, but I think Vista is still running fine. If I restart in safe mode and uninstall the driver, everything is fine again. I ran Windows update before installing the driver, but nothing changed. I'm sure I'm using the 64-bit driver. I originally had 32-bit XP installed and everything worked fine after installing the driver. I've searched for possible solutions online, but haven't found much that was useful.
Any ideas?

A:No video output after installing ATI driver

The only thing I can come up with based on some other threads is that maybe I need to install the general vista vga driver first. I kept skipping that because I knew I had the ATI driver and because don't remember doing it on XP. Does anyone know if this could be related to my problem?
I'm in the middle of reinstalling XP now, so I don't want to stop and reinstall Vista without knowing if it's a likely fix.
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I'm not getting an image on my computer screen. Tried second monitor without success. PC savvy friends have told me it's the video card or the motherboard. I purchased a new graphics card. However, I wouldn't know how to go about installing it without a display. Could it be my motherboard? Any help would be appreciated. Dustin

A:Help! I lost display on my PC monitor! video card or motherboard?

first off dustin, welcome to techspot.

It does sound like a video problem...

Before we can help you out..we need a bit more info.

First off, have you made anymjor changes to you PC? Or have their been any problems before this happend? (flickering screen etc etc)

Replacing a video card is not hard at all, but we need to determine if your PC used an actual video card, or the video output is built into your Motherboard.

If you could tell us you PC make, Model, and some simple hardware specs, including you motherboard, and video card (if you use one)

If you dont know how to get them (specs), dont panic, its not that hard. You should consult this post found here

Post back with your specs, and we can go from there....

Good luck

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When my machine comes up the display flash to black occasionally and not everything on the screen displays when it is up (for example, I can see the login area, but not the box to type into) there are also stray lines on the screen. I thought it was a hardware problem. However, when I boot safe mode, everything works fine.

I've tried installing the latest drivers from Nvidia (the video card is an MX4 series) and have also reinstalled the OS. Neither of which worked.

I'm fairly confident this is a hardware issue, but I don't know which piece of hardware is the problem. Does anyone know for certain if this sounds more like a video card issue, a motherboard issue, or something entirely different. I do not have an extra video card to plug in though I may go that route to avoid having to replace the motherboard unnecessarily. Thoughts?

A:Very strange display card, motherboard, OS?

if you can get into safe mode easily and not regular, it would be a software issue
do you have any restore points that you can use and go back to a previous time when things worked well
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Hi all please give me some advice The graphics video display on one of my computers just went crazy it s totally distorted in different ways - vertical segments distorted matrix like text in Screwed or display card video graphic problem? up motherboard - Help! DOS XP stuck in bit color I don t Help! Screwed up graphic display - motherboard or video card problem? know why it s like that even in DOS when you start up I want to know if it s the motherboard or if it s the videocard that s creating Help! Screwed up graphic display - motherboard or video card problem? this But the weird thing is that sometime I can get lucky after a few reboots and everything will look fine for a few minutes but goes back to screwy after next reboot I uses SOLTEK SL- DRV and Geforce MX I ve formatted and reinstalled XP but still ended up with this mess I already have the latest drivers for the video card and the BIOS are updated Also tried plugging computer into different monitor same situation Please help I have no idea what s going on Greatly appreciates all response thanks nbsp

A:Help! Screwed up graphic display - motherboard or video card problem?

That sounds like a bad video card. Have you tried swapping in a different card?
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I would like to know how to find and download video driver for a
TX PRO II MOTHERBOARD. at least i think thats the name of board. Monitor only shows 16 colors . I have loaded windows 98.

A:video driver for motherboard

You need to find out what the chipset the board has- the bigger chips, like Intel, VIA, Ali, Sis, etc....your manual should have all this information. Isnt there more to the make/model of the board? The video most likely is onboard AGP...drivers available from board's website, no problem getting them, just need more info unless that's it for the board's ID and I do not realize it...if you cant find any more info, you can download Belarc Advisor from small free hardware and software ID tool- will give us info needed to get a driver.
If you have just loaded win9x into a system, you also need to obtain the chipset drivers right now- did a disk come with the computer /board to install these AGP,USB, etc drivers?
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My monitor changes to wierd colors when I go from one website to another and websites are HUGH For example yahoo com is so big on my screen there is now a quot vertical quot scroll bar at the bottom of the screen I have to use just to get to the quot mail quot icon on the top of the page A co-worker thought maybe video , driver, video motherboard vc or card, what? card driver needed updating or video card itself was going bad I have set all my display settings and fonts as small as they will go My pixels are at x Color resolutions are My monitor is a quot Gateway my video card is an ATI d Rage Pro I have tried to downlaod drivers from several video card, vc driver, motherboard , or what? websites ATI Driverguide video drivers and a few more video card, vc driver, motherboard , or what? but the puter freezes when video card, vc driver, motherboard , or what? the quot Installing driver components quot window pops up I tried just opening the driver from the websites and from a save file I looked in my tower thinking I ll just replace my video card but found out it is an quot integral quot part of the motherboard So How do I get past the quot Installing driver components quot window to finish installing an updated driver Is it even the video card thats causing these problems monitor color changes and HUGH websites Is it my motherboard that s dying What else could it be My puter is an Acer series with Windows Any and all help accepted nbsp

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My screen on this laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520, Windows 10, 4gb max memory) had gone virtually dark, in the right light you could faintly see the screen being active. Without the availability of the screen, I utilized the external monitor output AND the SVGA option output to 2 different flat screen TV's which both options worked for months! Then that stopped, yet you can see and hear the hard drive working in reaction to my interactivity?. I promptly replaced the graphics card! THAT DID NOTHING FOR NATIVE OR EXTERNAL VIDEO OUTPUT!!! Three years ago I replaced the mainboard which afterwards worked awesomely, now I'm stumped. I truly love this little machine, what am I overlooking?! Can someone shed some light on this scenario?! Thanks, Craig
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I just reformatted a 366 MHz computer with Win98. The last one I did like this I just had to load the drivers for my monitor, and I got 256 colours. This one, I think I need to load the drivers for the motherboard. I went to the mfg. website, but the didn't list an exact driver for the motherboard, and I'm not sure close will cut it.

Everest says I have:
PCChips M748MR (1 ISA, 3 PCI, 3 DIMM, Audio, Video, Modem)

Anything else from Everest you need to know?? I really don't want to have to flash the bios. This lady *barely* knows how to use her computer, and I've already reformatted it and I have to put in a new modem still. For someone who might turn it on once a month to type a letter, I'm not concerned about new, quick, or flashy. And neither is she.


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Hi, A new guy here needing a little help solving a nagging problem. I have a Gateway gt5014 pc running windows xp pro with an Intel 82945g express chipset family video chip. I am consistently receiving a IALMRNT5 display driver error. I have gone to the Gateway support site and downloaded and reinstalled the correct driver numerous times. This works for a couple of days
and poof error again. How do I resolve this problem? Would the installation of another video card into a pci slot work? Any help or comments appreciated.
thanks, leon66

A:Video Display Driver Error

You should try going to Add or Programs an uninstalling the current Intel graphics drivers. Then install the latest one directly from the Intel website. The newest Intel 945G driver is dated from 2008:* XP Professional&lang=eng
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Hello I don t know if anyone has ever had similar issues but here goes I m working on a Sony Vaio VGN-FE Came with Vista and I installed XP to create a dual boot Everything seems to work issues! Display driver and video great except the video Display and video driver issues! in XP When I move windows they quot jump quot instead of quot gliding quot across the screen And scrolling is just stuttered completely I ve tried to install updated drivers I have a NVIDIA Geforce but an error pops up during installation saying the program cannot find the software to support my hardware I don t have any display adapters in my device manager so I m assuming that XP is just not quot seeing quot the video card I m wondering if this has to do with the dual boot and some setting in Vista Any help would be greatly appreciated I m pulling my hair out when I use XP Thanks in advance PS Please excuse the quot little quot language remarks I use to describe what s happening nbsp

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I should preface this by saying I'm not sure if this is the Display Driver? Video - Stretched right place for this and my computer knowledge is very limited I'm sorry if my information isn't adequate enough Recently the display of my laptop HP Pavillion Entertainment PC has become horizontally stretched I've played around with all the control panel settings tried adjusting resolution etc I didn't touch any display settings before this issue came about I don't think any of that is the problem Plus I'm having other symptoms like issues with internet connection lower performance etc I'm almost sure the problem started after Stretched Display - Video Driver? Windows installed updates the other day I'm thinking my video driver may have been corrupted somehow but I'm not positive Again I've exhausted all other options but this one so I'm hoping that's the problem and I can fix it Does it sound like it could be the video driver If so could someone give me a step by step as to how to reinstall it Again my knowledge is very limited Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Stretched Display - Video Driver?

Hi neverever, welcome to the board.

Video driver from update a lots of time are problematic. Try to avoid if you can.

Here are two options you may try. First roll back your driver to the previous one and second, restore system to a restore point prior the update.

Hope this helps.

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i recently had a problem and was forced to buy a new hard drive because the old one was corrupt so i called dell to ask them with help help adaptor video driver/display in reinstalling drivers onto my dell dimension i had no problems with the drivers until i got to the graphics driver i am a gamer so i updated my video card to a radeon pro and on the dell resource cd which contains the drivers i do not believe that those drivers will work for my video card i was on the phone with dell going threw procedure and procedure and i came to realize that they are quite worthless in helping me with my problem i tried to download new drivers or the video driver/display adaptor help comp but a message that says quot Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to set up your display adaptor with a standord VGA driver before running setup quot i dont know what to do and im lost please someone help me thanks for your time

A:video driver/display adaptor help


Setup was unable to complete installation

You may be recieving that message because of the drivers you now currently have installed. I would try the system default drivers first and then go online and update. I ran into a similar problem recently.
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Hi I'm having some trouble with my display driver crashing when video files are crashing (ATI driver the Video's display HD5870) played Sometimes the driver recovers but other times it ends with a BSOD I am running Windows x gb RAM Video's crashing the display driver (ATI HD5870) and a ATI Radeon HD with up-to-date drivers The driver crashes when - an embedded video such as on youtube attempts Video's crashing the display driver (ATI HD5870) to play - during the Windows Experience Index tests fails during video processing - playback of some video files in Windows Media Player error message states not enough memory The video files in the Windows Performance WinSAT folder for example don't all crash These all crash in WMP Clip sec mbps h Clip i sec mbps new Clip p sec mbps new This doesn't Clip sec mbps h They ALL play in PowerDVD and Quicktime The BSOD log's also point to one particular driver dxgkrnl sys The ATI driver is up-to-date and I've tried updating DirectX as well Even tried reinstalling the OS over the top of the existing installation Any ideas would be great because I'm all out

A:Video's crashing the display driver (ATI HD5870)

Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Are you overclocking your video card?
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I have an S-Video port on my computer and I am going to run it to my 46" Projection TV.

What I want to know is how to switch b/t S-Video out and the VGA out so I can switch between my monitor and TV - is there a keyboard combination I have to hit (like on a function key on a laptop)?

I will only be viewing video files on my TV (so it won't be too often that I use the S-Video out port).

I remember doing this a while back, but it seems like I had to do a restart and unhook my VGA connection to get the S-Video feed to work - there must be an easier way.

Thanks ALL!!!

A:Switch b/t VGA Monitor output and S-Video Output

Depending on the card, I am personally better versed with ATI, but I know my Nvidia also, you can set up a dual display and set the S video to play all movies at full screen, and through the control disable the TV when not in use.
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Was watching a youtube video (which, incidentally, I'd watched two seconds before with no problems) and my computer suddenly flashed to a black screen, then recovered. After it did so, the video was reduced to a little green banner, and I saw a pop-up with a triangulated exclamation point on my toolbar, the said something about the AMD graphics driver having to restart itself.

The warning log reads "display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

A one-time glitch or should I do a deeper search?

A:Display Driver Crashed while watching Youtube video


It may just be a one-time glitch. Double check you have updated drivers for your graphics card.

Additionally, making sure your Adobe Flash plugin (what powers Youtube videos) is up to date wouldn't hurt either:
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Hi Ok bit of a longwinded problem here goes The original task I bit changed in video registry, the only can now a display Ive driver my 4 sourcepath in was trying to perform was to fix system DLL files using SFC scannow During this process I was asked to insert Windows XP My OS btw -CD I already had an Installation disk in the CD drive So I googled it I came up with this website and advice My search for fixesI followed the advice to the letter I copied the I folder from disk to my root folder C Then I went into Regedit path HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Setup I Ive changed a sourcepath in the registry, now my video driver can only display in 4 bit modified the sourcepath here from C Windows I really hope it was this i told myself to remember the original path but my mind is playing tricks on me a little sorry and changed it to C and rebooted When the GUI had loaded the resolution was a mess as was the color bit So I tried to reverse the situation in Regedit and reboot Still the same OK I thought I shall reboot in VGA mode never done this before thought i d give it a shot still the same OK i ll Ive changed a sourcepath in the registry, now my video driver can only display in 4 bit just update the video driver right When you go to the Display app and try to change the resolution etc you get this message The currently selected graphics display driver can not be used It was written for a previous version od windows Ive changed a sourcepath in the registry, now my video driver can only display in 4 bit and it is no longer compatible with this version of windows The system has been started using the default VGA driver Please contact your hardware manufacturer to get an upgraded driver or select one of ther microsoft provided drivers So OK Ill update the video driver I have a lowly little onboard ATI radeon X for this PC I go to the ATI website and download the driver Upon install I get this message - Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup Next I goto System restore Now i thought system restore was setup correctly on this PC However it does not give any restore points to me whatsoever SR is something I have not used for a couple of years on this PC but I was surprised Perhaps this is a symptom of changing the registry key I have also tried a boot to the last known configuration No dice Whilst typing this I have thought of the idea of googling for a standard VGA driver and downloading amp Installing I will keep the post updated if this provides a fix I really dont want to have to do something like a clean install or factory restore Is there some way I can fix this And more importantly what can you teach me Also when I can get my display driver back online I think I shall post about the original problem of fixing DLL files

A:Ive changed a sourcepath in the registry, now my video driver can only display in 4 bit

System manufacturer and model?

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Hello I built my computer first time for me Ever since I first started using it I have had BSOD and application crashes at seemingly random intervals I can go a week with no problems and then get several BSOD in crashes. Constant display driver help. Please BSOD, video a few hours My video card fails every so often and applications will often momentarily freeze then resume before crashing I hope I followed the instructions Constant BSOD, video display driver crashes. Please help. properly I'm sure you'll let me know if you need anything else Thankyou OS - Windows bit What was original installed OS on system Windows Is the OS Constant BSOD, video display driver crashes. Please help. an OEM version came pre-installed on system or full retail version YOU purchased it from retailer I downloaded the OS mounted it and booted from CD Age of system hardware - Constant BSOD, video display driver crashes. Please help. months Age of OS installation - months CPU - Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz Video Card - ASUS ENGTX TI DCII DI GD GeForce GTX Ti Fermi GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card MotherBoard - ASRock P PRO B LGA Intel P SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard Power Supply - Antec EarthWatts EA- D Green W ATX V v EPS V PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply System Manufacturer - Myself Don't think I have one if I do let me know where to find it

A:Constant BSOD, video display driver crashes. Please help.


I may be new here, but still trust me! Anyway, on with solving your issues!

If you are overclocking your system, please return all overclocked components to their stock speeds. If the BSOD's are found not to be caused by the overclock, you can re-overclock the components once we have finished the diagnostics


I'd recommend uninstalling these programs, they can cause issues.
Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility Public:Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility Public
Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility\AsrAppCharger Public:Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility\AsrAppCharger Public
Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility\ASRock eXtreme Tuner Public:Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility\ASRock eXtreme Tuner Public
Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility\InstantBoot Public:Start Menu\Programs\ASRock Utility\InstantBoot Public
eXtreme Tuner is overclocking software and can lead to system instability and BSOD's.
Anti Virus?
I have noticed that you do not have an anti-virus product installed on your PC. Please install Microsoft Security Essentials and scan your PC. Then install and scan your computer with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. DO NOT START THE FREE TRIAL. This will remove any viruses you may have caught.
BSOD Analysis

The BSOD dumps you gave me do not give a definitive cause for your BSOD's.

As a result I recommend you check your hardware for issues. Please run Memtest86+ to check your RAM. Download here and either burn the .iso to a CD or use the "Auto-installer for USB Key. The USB key is the easier. Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool. Once the bootable USB key is made or a bootable CD created, boot from it. Memtest will start automatically. Let it run for 6-8 passes overnight as described in the tutorial. If errors are found, test each stick of RAM in each motherboard slot. The RAM stick or the motherboard slot could be at fault. Detailed tutorial here: Memory Diagnostics
Also check your HDD for errors using Seatools and chkdsk. Download and create a bootable version of the Seatools for DOS program as described here.

For check disk, follow this below steps:
Click Start -> Computer
Right click on the disk you would like to check -> Properties
Tools tab -> Error Checking "Check Now"
[*When the dialogue box opens, put a tick in both boxes click start
If a pop up box appears titled "Windows can't check the disk while it's in use", press "Schedule Disk Check" and reboot your computer
GFX Card/DirectX
Some crashes blame DirectX and/or your graphics card. As DirectX is built into windows, it can indicate file corruption. It could also mean you have graphics card issues.

Please run the sfc /scannow checker to check and repair important system files. To do so, follow the below steps.
Open a command prompt window as an administrator. To do so, click Start and type cmd. Don't press enter!. Then right click the top entry(cmd.exe) and then "Run as Administrator"
Type the following command - sfc /scannow (Note - there is a space between the sfc and the /scannow)
If it reports that Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations, then all is well. If it attempts to repair files, attach the CBS.log file to your next post. It is located here C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log.
Then, follow the steps for Diagnosing basic problems with DirectX. If that proves unsuccessful and doesn't solve the BSOD's, then try to reinstall your graphics card drivers by following these steps.
Download the drivers you want for your display card(s)
Click Start Menu
Click Control Panel
Click Uninstall a program
Uninstall the NVIDIA Graphics Driver (this should uninstall all NVIDIA software and drivers)
Restart your computer
Make sure NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver, NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player, NVIDIA HD Audio Driver, and NVIDIA PhysX System Sof... Read more
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A:Need Driver and installation instructions for S3 Trio 32/64 PCI Video Display

Try here
It all depends on who made the card, S3 is a chipset, used in many different cards.
Hope it helps
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Hi I came across this forum as I was looking for a solution this error 'Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered quot I was just watching a Youtube video through RealPlayer and at the same time browsing a couple of websites I can't recall now what exactly happened but I remember the video screen from Youtube turning green but the audio was still there The error message appeared and then the computer stopped responding I restarted the PC but it stopped responding after the desktop displayed I tried restarting again but now the PC stopps after the animated windows logo was completed I tried to rollback and update the display driver but nothing worked I don't think the updating of the driver was even completed because the computer would not restart completely I can still run the has responding Display has video driver stopped recovered-onboard and computer in safe mode Another thing I noticed is that after the computer has stopped responding I would usually turn if off with a long press on the power button - the fans would stop the led on the casing would turn off the monitor's power indicator would turn yellow however the LED on the keyboard the one that says quot Num Lock quot would remain lighted I would have to pull out the plug or turn off the AVR to turn the light off I brought the unit back where I bought it for servicing but to my surprise the computer worked just fine when the technicians turned it on It was like nothing had happened to the computer -it went throught the normal process of booting and then to the desktop I asked them what happened and they said it must be due to too many processes applications that load on startup They said they had deactivated a couple of them so they won't all load next time - but they did this after the PC had completely booted So now I'm confused - how come the PC worked at the shop but Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered-onboard video not at home They also suggested plugging the PC directly to the wall socket in case the AVR is lower voltage power than what the PC needed I didn't install any graphics card so I'm Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered-onboard video using whatever's on the motherboard Intel DH wwbr I hope you guys can help me because I don't really know much about this Thanks in advance

A:Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered-onboard video

Take a look at this thread.
Hope this will help.
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I uninstalled my nvidia drivers to my Geforce 3 card to install some older drivers. After i was done installing the older drivers i could not access my display properties so i tried again to uninstall those drivers and install the latest ones. they would not uninstall properly because windows could not access the display panel. So now I don't know what to do, I don't see any drivers listed in my add/remove programs. I cannot uninstall the video card hardware because windows needs to access the display panel which it cant. please help

A:tried to install older video driver now cannot access display panel


Try to access it here:

Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, View,Resources by Connection, Interrupt Request IRQ, then look for the Video Card......Right click when you find it (if you do) for changes that you want to make.
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I have an external monitor plugged into my Acer Aspire 4315 laptop running Windows XP Pro. When plugged in on startup, the external monitor works and the laptop monitor does not and when not plugged in, the laptop monitor works.

In both cases, when I open Display Properties / Settings, it does not recognise that there are 2 monitors. It just says Default Monitor - I don't have any option to set both up in parallel.

When I run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, I get this message in the display tab:

The system is using the generic video driver. Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer.
To test DirectDraw functionality, click the "Test DirectDraw" button above.
Direct3D functionality not available. You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer.

I don't know how to get this video driver. Help would be much appreciated!

A:Solved: Display settings problem / Missing video driver

From the Acer site?
Choose VGA_Intel_etcetcetc from the Xp section.
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NVIDIA 9500GT video card Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.Display driver NVIDIA windows kernal mode driver,version 258.96 stopped responding....Windows 7 Ult. Can't roll back old drivers. Reformatted and still having proplems....Also had windows install drivers still have video go black for a few seconds then comes back only to do it again....

A:NVIDIA 9500GT video card Display driver stopped responding

Remove your Nvidia drivers using driver sweeper: Guru3D - Driver Sweeper
Then reinstall the current Nvidia drivers: NVIDIA DRIVERS 258.96 WHQL

Either your graphics card is faulty or your RAM is bad or incorrectly configured (timings or voltages)

Test your RAM: RAM - Test with Memtest86+
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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer However every time I try to install the software I get this card - video error installation driver display standard with VGA Setup message Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup Click to expand I m completely confused because I m using a standard VGA driver Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics I can t figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated Video Card Info Video card Visiontek Radeon Video Card MB PCI w DVI Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error TV-OUT from TigerDirect ca tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Software VisionTek Radeon ATI System Info Windows Manufacturer Acer Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor LE- GHz Installed memory RAM GB MB usable System type -bit Operating System Screenshots Installation error message i photobucket com albums g wandering alice Computer atiproblem jpg Device manager i photobucket com albums g wandering alice Computer Devicemanager- jpg nbsp

A:Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error

You went into your BIOS and disabled the integrated graphics? Um you might try a free program like Driver Sweeper to remove whatever remains of the old video drivers. For some reason the new video driver installer does not see your new video card.
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My problem seems to be two fold Dxdiag is reporting everything in display as n a ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name REBECCA-PC Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD System Model MS- after screen DxDiag and driver video install card display blank BIOS Default System BIOS Processor AMD Phenom tm II X Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Manufacturer Chip type DAC type Device Key Enum Display DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install Memory n a Dedicated Memory n a Shared Memory n a Current Mode x bit Hz Driver Name Driver File Version Driver Version DDI Version unknown Driver Model unknown Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B EE - - CF-B -B DAEC CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Driver Strong Name Unknown Rank Of Driver Unknown Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a D D Overlay n a DXVA-HD n a DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback Yes Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name RTKVHD sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No Description Realtek Digital Output Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback No Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name RTKVHD sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No --------------------- Sound Capture Devices --------------------- ------------------- DirectInput Devices ------------------- Device Name Mouse Attached Controller ID n a Vendor Product ID n a FF Driver n a Device Name Keyboard Attached Controller ID n a Vendor Product ID n a FF Driver n a Poll w Interrupt No When I install my video card drivers for my Ati Radeon HD it will load the Bios screen but when it gets to windows it goes blank I can hear it starting up and if I type in my password on the blank screen it will take me to my background image but do nothing else I can get to safe mode If I uninstall the drivers I can load regularly but can not play any games that need directx Windows automatically downloads some VGA drivers When it restarts the computer returns to blank screen at login Edit Also when I do install the ATI ... Read more

A:DxDiag display and blank screen after video card driver install

I solved both issues. They had to do with use of dual monitors, so it was making my television the primary monitor and not my comp's monitor. Unplugged the television and reinstalled the driver, works perfectly now.
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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer. However, every time I try to install the software, I get this message:

Setup was unable to complete the installation.
Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.Click to expand...

I'm completely confused because I'm using a standard VGA driver. Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics.

I can't figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated.

Video Card Info:
Video card: Visiontek 900089 Radeon 7000 Video Card (64MB, PCI, w/DVI/TV-OUT) from
Software: VisionTek 6.4 Radeon / ATI
System Info:
Windows 7
Manufacturer: Acer
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640 2.70 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 1.00 GB (895 MB usable)
System type: 32-bit Operating System

A:Setup Display with Standard VGA Driver - Video Card Installation Error

The Radeon 7000 drivers are not compatible with Windows 7; that video card is ancient and doesn't support Windows 7 fully. The integrated Radeon 2100 is massively newer and better then this card, especially since this card uses a PCI interface compare to a modern PCI-Express interface that video cards now come in.

Also if you got a compatible graphics card, you'd want to disable the graphics card in the BIOS rather then in Windows as that will fully turn it off and return the 128MB of system memory its currently using.
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Hello everyone, I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I am able to access all my channels when viewing them on my Windows 7 laptop using Media Center. When I hook up a HDMI cable to the laptop and connect it to my TV I get the following error.."display driver error the video playback device does not support playback of protected content". I have updated the video card drivers and this issue still persists. Does anyone have any ideas to solve this. I am using a HDHomerun Prime and this is the only way I have to watch live TV on my TV. Thanks in advance for everyone's help

A:Windows Media Center display driver error the video playback device does not support

"display driver error the video playback device does not support playback of protected content"

Infers the content/media that you are playing is protected and/or the HDCP handshake is not taking place. This is likely a hardware issue. The video chipset (ie: HDMI port) or the TV does not support HDCP.

Try viewing a different channel or content.
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I am looking to upgrade my GPU, but many of them do not have VGA connectors. My motherboard does, however. Is there a way in the BIOS, etc.. to connect my VGA monitor using the motherboard connections, but still enable and use the a new GPU's power?

My stuff:
Intel Core i5-3570K

A:Solved: Use my motherboard VGA without disabling GPU?

An adapter from DVI to VGA is on option. Check the type of DVI connector on the video card first.
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Heyy everyone This is my first post on this forum and it has taken me a while to post this thread since I have been trying to research and figure out my own problem myself by searching many MANY other related forums but so far have had not much luck Also obviously I couldn t find an individual who had the exact same specs as my computer Driver has driver Display Issues; responding Display stopped igfx who had the same issues so I am going try and get help through this thread specifically for my computer First I will explain everything that is going or happened and then all the specs are at the end of the thread Recently I downloaded a trial of World of Warcraft just to start playing it again for a Display Driver Issues; Display driver igfx has stopped responding little bit I played it for about two days and then after playing it for about an hour or two straight all of a sudden the video card craps out screen flashes goes black and then comes back within seconds Then a message error pops stating Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered Within those two days I was playing though I was doing a lot of updates on my computer since I reformatted my laptop recently So I thought maybe it had to do with the updates and decided to do a system restore Of course with my luck the system restore failed and failed a couple more times after trying again but at different restoration points dates So then I decided so continue with my updates since I still had to install services pack more updates service pack and more updates With every restart I had to do for the updates I would try WoW but right away as soon as I try moving my character in the game the video card acts up again instantly but very severely causing my whole system to freeze and I am forced to hard boot my laptop So since the updates were no luck I went onto Intel s website and downloaded the most up to date driver for my video card I have still had absolutely no luck I have updated everything downloaded driver updates for my video card through Windows HP s website and Intel s website updated BIOS tried downgrading the driver to an earlier version but still NO SOLUTION So frustrating The specs for my computer Hp Pavillion dv ca OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Quanta BB None Antivirus Norton Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled I also did the quot Can You Run It quot test and surprisingly my computer failed but not surprisingly failing in the Video Card section specifically under Hardware T amp L it claims I don t have it I really don t even know what that is since I don t know too much even about video cards themselves The only reason I find this surprising is because I used to play WoW on this laptop about a year ago with no problems at all and because I also played it for two days before it crapped out I also looked up the error in Event Viewer Log states Log Name System Source Display Event ID Level Warning Here is the DXDiag report as well request before posting a thread ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NICOLE-PC Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Build Service Pack vistasp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model HP Pavilion dv GM UA ABL BIOS Ver PARTTBLv Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDr... Read more

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I'm trying to upload my Sony dcr-trv19 camera mini-dv tapes using "Video 2 PC" with no success. I've tried S-video to S-video, yellow to yellow, and yellow to yellow, white, red without success. I get an MPG file but when I play it there is no video or audio. Please advise.

A:Sony video-cam, video 2 pc, no video or audio output

There should be a Firewire (otherwise called IEEE 1394 or DV Link) port on the camera, it looks like a mini USB port. Using a Firewire cable, connect this port to the Firewire port on your laptop or PC. If your PC has no Firewire port, you can add one by buying a PCI Firewire card.
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Is there are any video splitter , preferebly free which keeps the output video size same as original video size. I have tried some but in the end, they convert/re-encoding the splitted video and the output video becomes large. If anyone knows a video splitter as I stated, please advise.
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hello im using windows 7 x64.

i have pluged a Graphic Card in my pc and it has a HDMI port and a VGA also.
But my monitor is VGA and i cant hear anything from Motherboards Audio Output device .
If i use MotherBoards VGA port i can hear from speakers.

when i use non board Graphic card no sound ,
tried to Change Playback Devices but its only 1 (Digital Audio HDMI)
I have installed/Uninstalled audio drivers ,still nothing...

please help

A:Motherboard output

Hi welcome to the forum

ok when you use the onboard vga sound works when using onboard in play back devices do the speakers show up? when you installed the graphics card which what graphic card did you put in? probably has an audio chip on the card. when the graphics card is installed go to bios and make sure audio is enabled.
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A few weeks ago my usb-ports and internet port stopped working suddenly, i solved this by using a usbhub connect to the front usb ports and i had to reinstall my internetport driver each time i started my pc.

Now since yesterday it became worse, now all the ports of my motherboard seem to stopped working, my front usbports are also down and even worse .. my dvi ports also stopped working so i can't even login to my pc anymore.

I tried resetting cmos by unplugging powercord and removing the battery ... but still nothing works ,i also tried resetting with the jumpers but also that didn't work Thx to this i'm in real bad situation as i need my files for school on this PC.

I would be so happy if my problem could be solved here.

thanks in advance,

A:Got no output from my motherboard at all, please help

Dont' know if this is hardware failure or not.

From an elevated command prompt type:

sfc /scannow
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I have a new sound card to fit to a P6LX-A motherboard. The on board Vibra 16 sound chip needs to be disabled. The motherboard manual makes no reference to this. The only feasible jumper, J25 - Audio MB-Pro header, has no jumpers and the Award Ver.4 BIOS has no reference to the sound system not even in the on board peripheral section.

Can anyone help?


A:P6LX-A Motherboard - Disabling Sound Chip

I couldn't find any info on this either. A lot of systems will automatically disable onboard sound when they detect a sound card. Sorry not much help I am afraid.
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Trying to uninstall the second monitor and video adapter, through Device manager. Have Ati 9600Pro, removed all Ati software except for drivers, and have installed the latest Catalyst drivers. Any ideas

A:Disabling dual display

I have the 9700 Pro, but I haven't used dual display (yet -- though I am here in a few weeks). I *think* one way you can do it is try going into Device Manager and disable the second display adapter. If you remove one or the other I believe it removes both seeing as how it installs adapters for two monitors even when you dont have two.

Doing a bit of guessing here, but give it a try and let me know if it works.
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I accidently unplugged my external hard drive from the USB port, (got it mixed up with headset). When I plugged it back in the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon popped up. I unticked/unchecked, Display device components. Rebooted, and the Icon still appeared. I find it annoying and want to hide it.

A:Disabling USB Display In Taskbar

Hallo Fiery, is this tutorial what you are after?

Notification Icons - Customize
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I have a pentium 4 asus motherboard sis661fx running windows xp and it outputs no signal to monitor or the usb mouse. When you turn it on it goes through the internal check of drives etc but does register keyboard or mouse and if you plug in a usb mouse it flashes for a second then goes out. It has a geoforce 4000 video card which I have taken out and reinserted without any change to situation as far as i can work out it may have started when I attempted to upgrade ram from 256mb to 1GB upsetting the system some how?
I checked the sis website for correct ram and other info about the system but I am at a loss as to what I have done and how to fix it
so I would appreciate any help.

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Has anyone connected an S/PDIF optical output from their computer to their home stereo receiver? If so, what kind of receiver do you have and what type of cable do you use?


A:S/PDIF output on motherboard

Optical cable from wal-mart $19.99
Harmon Kardon
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Hello sevenforums First of all I know there are a lot of threads not only here but on the internet and mind you I've seen most of them and tried brightness? display automatic Disabling some of the solutions I disabled Disabling automatic display brightness? quot Automatic Display Brightness quot for absolutely all Power Plans in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel I disabled quot Display Power Saving Technology quot in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel I disabled quot Enable adaptive brightness quot for all Power Plans and for both On Battery and Plugged In I tried creating my own Power Plan as suggested on these forums I think but that didn't work as well I tried disabling quot Adaptive Brightness quot from running quot services msc quot I tried uninstalling Intel HD Graphics Driver and it works even with driver uninstalled Nothing worked so far Additionally this happens only when I work from the battery on my laptop When I plug it in it stops I remember it happened before but the option I listed above helped me back then now it doesn't Please help me as not only the brightness is driving me crazy but the fact that all the solutions seem not to work I am using Dell Inspiron

A:Disabling automatic display brightness?

Did you look at the Dell Software installed on the machine?
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I've been having a rather irritating problem with my NVIDIA graphics card. Ever since I installed the card, it has been outputting sound through the card instead of through my onboard audio. Since I do not want to purchase an HDMI to DVI cable to play sound through my monitor, I was wondering how to redirect the audio to play through my motherboard so I can hear sound again. I have tried resetting BIOS settings, reinstalling all drivers for sound card, motherboard, and gpu, and I have poked around 100's of forums, and tried everything. I'm even considering buying a different brand of card because this stupid thing has created so many problems.

A:How do I output sound through my ASUS Motherboard?

Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Select playback devices and see if you have an option other than HDMI. I have 4 HDMI ports in addition to Speakers and "Speakers" is the default device on my machine.
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So im in a bit of trouble here with my computer
I was mucking around with my wireless adapter and for some reason took it out and plugged it back in while the computer was still on, and the metal bracket where the antenna plugs into touched my motherboard which caused my computer to reset itself.
The adapter is fine but now my computer has lost the ability to output sound. Ive tried all the jacks with my speaker system, and also with a set of headphones but nothing works. The volume control still shows that sound should be playing but theres no output.

Is there anything i can do here or did i screw up something on my motherboard permanently?

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I'm getting the message "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." when watching video files or online video streams. I'm sure this is not linked to temperatures or high usage, as I can run FSX with maximum settings for hours at a time without anything bad happening. I have tried several different versions of video drivers (card is EVGA GTX 580 DS), and I've also taken off all overclocking from both the card and the CPU. Please advise, as I'm totally lost as to what to try next.



A:"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding" only when watching video

How old the graphics card is? Is it under warranty?
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my processor: intel pentium 700 MHZ, L2 cache: 256 KB, Memory:256 MB, Maimboard: trigem computer inc. Nava-A, Monitor- Plug and play play, Video Card- 3DFX interactive inc,. Banshee, Mode 800x600 with 32 bit color deph...
when i open the computer and it will restart it again it said thier was a error in banshee and nid to reboot it the box said "The banshee display driver has sopped working normally save your work and reboot the system to restore full display functionality. The next time you reboot the machine dialog will be displayed giving you a chance to upload data about this failure to microsoft" it always said that when i open my computer pls help me with this and what will i do...thanz for advance...

A:Guys help me with my video card"banshee display driver stopped and reboot it"

Uninstall the Banshee driver, clean the registry, reboot and reinstall the Banshee driver
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I have a Laptop (Specs up to date on Profile), which I want to connect to a Phillips CRT Television.
The connection between the two is a THREE cord chain. Beginning with the Laptop's (7 Pin - S-Video output) and ending with the TV's (4 Pin S-Video input), The 3 cords go like this: [1] [2] [3]

[7pin>>Yellow Female Composite] >>> [DOUBLED ENDED Yellow Male Composite] >>> [Yellow Female Composite>>4pin]

Is this configuration even possible, and if so, how does one enable the graphics card to send out the signal?

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Hi everyone,

How can I disable Windows Display Property Objects such as the Browse Button in the Background Tab, etc. using VB6?
Or where in the registry can I set its values?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi, I have a PCI(not PCI-E) Graphics card in an old P3 system. BIOS is not automatically disabling my onboard graphics after inserting the discrete card. So i had to manually edit the PCI configuration registers to use the discrete graphics card. When the same card is installed in a modern system, the integrated graphics is automatically disabled by the BIOS and the discrete card becomes the primary display adapter.

The difference between the two cases is that the modern system's BIOS changes the integrated graphics controllers' device subclass register's value from 00(0h) to 80(0h) at Offset 0A(0h). But this register is read only and i'm unable to edit it so as to simulate the same in my old system. Can someone help me out?
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My HDMI display will not give me full screen. I am allowed letterbox but my actual viewing area is cut off by 2" on top and bottom only. I've gone into display properties, tried to change size and multiply displays to no avail. What can I do to get full screen? Any  assist and input is appreciated.. gwill71731
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I have searched the forums and was not able to find anything on this issue problem windows media player will not display any video on secondary screens I have WMP multiple display output a computer hooked up to a network of display outputs and when i tried to show a video it would play on the computer but the outputs WMP multiple display output which showed everything else on the screen just fine would just have a blank area where the video was supposed to be playing sound worked fine My found temp solution WMP will only play video on the primary display device It will not even let me toggle in between display devices while WMP is running If i change the display device to my secondary screen main laptop screen is now blank and reopen WMP the videos will work as they should full solution endstate display video on both primary and secondary screens simultaneously other info unfortunately there is a class being taught with said computer using temp solution so i am unable to get WMP version it is on an XP machine all help is appreciated -B nbsp

A:WMP multiple display output

If you have ATI Catalyst Control Advanced there is a place in the settings for the form of vidieo playback you want on a secondary display (same as 1st, full screen, etc.). There might/should be something very similar for Nvidia as well.

If not however or maybe in spite of these settings correctly set, it doesn't work and if there is no other problem its a video acceleration problem which you can force by going to Display settings/Settings/Advanced/Troubleshoot and set the hardware acceleration to about 50% first and restart the player and see if it works. If not, set it all the way off and it should work if your system is capable and has no other problem. You will lose some other minor functionality in the video subsystem so its only a temporary solution. Definitely see if the Control center settings solve the problem first.
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Hi everyone.
I am recently having problem with my PC.
My PC in not showing output on monitor when i start the PC.
but after pushing the restart button the PC restarts and output is displayed.
i don't know what is the problem. See my system specs in profile.
sometimes i have to restart twice to bring output.
I have dual boot with Ubuntu and windows 7 ultimate, so I push restart when it reaches the grub menu.
My PC's boot up itself takes more than 25 seconds till it reaches grub menu.
Please can somebody help me?
even if someone have any idea about the problem please share.
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Hi guys I'm really stumped with this issue I recently dug out my oldish PC I didn't have it for a year while at University and on first boot up it was fine Second boot as soon as it moves from BIOS to windows there is no video out signal The worst Display Output Settings part is I have the same problem booting in safe mode as well So first up I'll Output Display Settings post the specifications of my PC ASUS M A MVP Deluxe Motherboard No integrated graphics to test against GPU AMD Athlon X GHz EVGA GeForce GT GB RAM W PSU So the story is I dig it out and move it to my flat from home Snag an old monitor off a mate I go to install Windows bit Professional over the top of my Windows Vista Home Premium Everything goes smoothly and the update has worked great I boot up my laptop and download AVG's free anti virus protection Copy the installer across to my desktop run the software and connect my ethernet cable when prompted to download the rest of the software I'm prompted to restart and do so And now i when it boots the OS it crashes Hmm I manually restart the computer and try and boot in safe mode it comes up with all the files that it loads and gets stuck at one named avgidseh sys and stops loading After a while it reboots itself and i'm back to square one I've tried to restore to all points available and it comes up with an unspecified error code So i figure it might be a GPU problem and plug in a friends AMD ATI i think it was Again no luck I try reinstalling the OS when we get to the second restart as part of the installation process it drops video signal again and then reboots itself without having installed I've tried a new HDD and that doesn't work either I've also tried a copy of Linux Mint that was running from disc and no success I also tried a RAM check in the system repair portion of the Windows disc and it reported no errors I think I've covered everything I've done If not I'll edit this post Any help will be hugely appreciated Many thanks in advance Matt

A:Output Display Settings

Seems Avg is the issue. When crashes what do you mean by that. Do you get a BOSD?

Can you uninstall AVG? Where did you download AVG from did you download it from a3rd party website? Or from AVG or
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My HDMI display will not give me full screen. I am allowed letterbox but my actual viewing area is cut off by 2" on top and bottom only. What cna I do to get full screen?
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i am using g480 windows7 laptop. today suddenly function keys activated in my laptop. please let me know how to off/disable function keys.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved posting to its own thread.

A:Lenovo G480 - Disabling the Function Keys Display ...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Please check to see if you have an option for enabling the Screen Display in Control Panel's Screen Display.  If enabled then uncheck the box to disable and reboot the computer. 
The Lenovo article below will explain the steps needed to access that option.....
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Morning Evening Afternoon Who ever reads this I ve got a problem quot obviously quot I just got my hands onto a New Computer Output Problem] 970 AsRock Motherboard Pro3 R2.0 No [Audio something around a Week Ago it s meeting all my standarts for the Price But [Audio Problem] AsRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 Motherboard No Output My problem is that it seemingly doesn t output any sound The Motherboard comes with the Realtek High Definiton Audio Codec I ve got a Logitech G Headset which is basicly a quot plug and play quot headset which doesn t need any drivers to work Yes the headset does Function on other devices but when I plug it in either the front jacks or the ones in the back no audio is running through The Audio Manager showes that sound is running through the actuall device front or back jacks when for example I play a Video Song or Audio Test but nothing is coming out on my End I ve tried reinstalling the Realtek HD Driver from the Webside from the Disk that comes with the AsRock Motherboard and from Windows itself nothing worked Suprisingly it plays sound when i plug an LCD TV to it then it does seem to send the actuall audio through I m pretty much helpless and out-of-ideas by now Before any Responses fly in Yes I ve checked if everything is correctly plugged in inside the computer Thanks for every Helpful Soul that comes by in the Future Have a Good One nbsp

A:[Audio Problem] AsRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 Motherboard No Output

I just got my hands onto a New Computer something around a Week Ago, it's meeting all my standarts for the Price. But My problem is that it seemingly doesn't output any sound.Click to expand...

as a new machine without audio and all thats been tried to resolve the issue, i'd be thinking of getting in touch with the vendor and manufacturer.

audio should be available whether the machine required driver updates or not. but some obvious changes can sometimes be overlooked. also, sound would be emitted without a headset.

retracing the obvious to see if any setting has been inadvertently toggled. go to control panel and go through the menu settings to see if mute has been checked and keep the music playing so it will alert you if anything changes. go into windows sound settings and select default output as speakers

could try looking to see if your audio is enabled in Bios. make sure you have Realtek as your main audio device.
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I have a motherboard that will boot into windows (I memorized how to get to notepad and print) and did that test and it prints, but I can't see anything on the monitor. I have tried different video cards and monitors but for whatever reason this board won't initialize video, no video card, ISA, PCI or AGP sends video to the monitor. I have tried different PSU's, ram and cpus but all end up with the same result unit beeps accesses the floppy and starts booting without video.

I'm not sure what the problem is, for now I'm declaring this thing dead unless something amazing happens. Any ideas? I think this must be a bios issue but I'm not sure if changing it would help, what kind of hardware failure could cause this? It would have to be VERY specific.


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I am trying to reinstall xp sp Home edition on my older desk top computer as I wanted to upgrade the capacity of hard disk to GB and to eliminate various PC problems My old disk was only GB capacity Here are the specifications for my desk top Desktop is Mesh for which there is no support in the UK it ceased existing a long time ago in UK Mother Board Asus P R -VM Processor unit Intel Pentium chip IXP My old HD which I am replacing is PM - Maxtor Y PO GB capacity My new HD is Quickview Maxtor L PO GB capacity The installation reaches to the stage when it has to write the system files on to the hard disk and it fails The system BIOS recognises P4R800-VM Controller for Driver XP Re-installation Storage motherboard Mass Asus for motherboard the new disk as it is showing it as L PO in the BIOS I have gone through lots of forums and realise that mass storage device driver is not compatible with the new drive or is missing I have even tried to reinstall the system on to the old hard disk to see what happens but it still fails at the same place I do not have manufacturers disk of drivers for my desk top as it came only with recovery disk and no drivers disk I have found all the drivers chip set vga etc from Asus site but do Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation not know which driver is for mass storage Device there Or should it be from Intel site If so what the name would be Please help to get correct mass storage device driver on a floppy disk as I can only insert the driver in the installation process at RAID drivers insertion point I cannot clon old HD either as the drive is already formatted I was trying to reinstall the system first onto the old drive to correct the errors When that did not work I bought Quickview maxtor drive with higher capacity But still I cannot reinstall on the new drive I have an original XP SP Cd from another PC and I downloaded the installation programme on floppy disks from Microsoft site But even this combination does not install the system In this way the system tells me in the middle of the installation that the system cannot copy the file plugin ocx obviously this particular file is not available on the xp sp CD I have I don t know how to obtain it and from where In the end the system cann not copy the files on the hard drive and fails Sorry for the long post as I wanted to explain where I am at the moment in ths process Would be grateful for any advice in this matter nbsp

A:Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation

Almost a word for word copy & paste from THIS forum post made in 2014
@muckshifter the bus inspector should be along soon
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Hi all, I have an Acer S7 392 ultrabook, with a water damaged HDMI port. I have successfully used the supplied display port -> VGA adaptor to connect a monitor, but I need to be using HDMI. Is it possible to get a display port -> HDMI adaptor for this ultrabook? Thanks in advance   

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Hi all, I have an Acer S7 392 ultrabook, with a water damaged HDMI port. I have successfully used the supplied display port -> VGA adaptor to connect a monitor, but I need to be using HDMI. Is it possible to get a display port -> HDMI adaptor for this ultrabook? Thanks in advance
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I am making a script that will update my games svn addons automatically and i am trying to make it output to a log file while still showing everything on the console. any help is appreciated.

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When I turn my monitor off to save on electricity and then turn it on again the picture is gone no display output at Green screen, display no output? all and there is a green screen The only solution is then Green screen, no display output? to unplug and re-plug the HDMI cable which restores the picture I have noticed it always seems to happen when a video is being watched online but Green screen, no display output? not necessarily every time eg never noticed it with youtube in particular I notice it happening with Amazon prime video How can I stop this from happening I'm running Windows Ultimate and Chrome I thought maybe driver updates might eventually fix the problem but never did Additionally if watching video full screen on some websites eg onlinemoviespro when I click on the screen it sometimes suddenly exits full screen and at the same time makes the window small and I then have to re-maximise the window and go full screen This doesn't seem to occur when not in full screen mode though Any theories solutions It only seems to happen with websites which use that specific web video player Here is my build in case it helps thanks in advance PCPartPicker part list Intel Xeon E - V MSI Radeon R Corsair SPEC- Red - System Build - PCPartPicker United Kingdom Price breakdown by merchant Intel Xeon E - V MSI Radeon R Corsair SPEC- Red - System Build - Price Breakdown By Merchant - PCPartPicker United Kingdom PCPartPicker part list Price breakdown by merchant CPU Intel Xeon E - V GHz Quad-Core Processor Dabs Motherboard MSI Z PC MATE ATX LGA Motherboard Aria PC Memory Kingston HyperX Fury Black GB x GB DDR - Memory More Computers Storage Seagate Barracuda TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Novatech Video Card MSI Radeon R GB Video Card Case Corsair SPEC- Red ATX Mid Tower Case Dabs Power Supply XFX TS W Gold Certified ATX Power Supply CCL Computers Monitor BenQ GL HM Hz quot Monitor Dabs Keyboard Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle Wired Gaming Keyboard w Optical Mouse Amazon UK Total
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Foolishly, I accidentally changed my display settings (right mouse click on desktop) from "Monitor" to "Digital Display" and now I cannot see anything!

Obviously, I dont have access to the desktop to change it back again, so wondering what my options are....

I can see the system boot up, display the windows logo, etc, but when it should show me the windows desktop, the monitor just goes black and i see nothing.

I can boot up in safe mood, and see the desktop, but not when i boot up normally. Is there anything I can change in "safe mode" that will enable me to change things back?

please help!!!

A:Output to Digial Display/Monitor

i would have thought that you can change your display settings in safe mode back to original settings. by right clicking on blank screen.
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Hi everyone, I came here today because I have an extremely frustrating problem that I can't find a solution for.

I recently ordered and received one PCI-e Multi I/O card: a Moschip MCS9901CV-AA(EoL);

it's a PCI-e (x1) card to add a Parallel port to my computer.

Problem is, when I add this component to my PC, the monitor will stop displaying anything. However, the video card, a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT, is still turning on.

When I take the component out, the monitor will display things normally.
Also I already installed the drivers for the PCI-e card, but it didn't do anything to help the problem.

I'm running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP2 32-bit

System specs:

CPU Intel® Pentium® D CPU 2.80GHz
Cpu Socket Socket 775 LGA
3GB of RAM

it's a Dell XPS 400 with no prior Parallel Ports.

Thanks to anyone reading.

A:No Display Output after adding new PCI-e component

Is this card new?

Does it require a PSU connection to function properly?

Did you get a manual/installation instructions with it?

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Hi guys, I have a problem with my monitor output changing when I play games. I only have one monitor connected via hdmi to my video card. It's sli. It seems to be set as the only monitor in all the settings but for some reason if I start a game the display output changes so I have to pull the connector out and change it to the second connector for the display to work again. When I close the game, I have to switch it back.

I had this same problem back in Vista but somehow it stopped, I am running Windows 7 now.

Does anyone know how I can solve this? Thanks.

A:Display output changes when playing games


That's not a problem. The resolution is supposed to change when you start a game and it's working correctly.

Set the resolution you want to use in each individual game.
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Because of some problem i  format laptop(Hp 2000 notebook, product no:C0P22PA#ACJ) and install win 7 professional 64 bit.after that i start missing output on projectori tried to many of download but not success  so please reply me the link proper suitable driver for win 7 pro 64 bit.
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Yeah, that's my issue in a nutshell. I've got an ATI card (HD3450) with latest CCC. Thing is, when i run cmd.exe and alt+enter (fullscreen) it, the monitor goes blank (disables) and the fullscreen is drawn at the tv (extended desktop / 2ndary display). This is hopefully something I've misconfigured in CCC. I'd appreciate any help.

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I resumed my PC from standby this morning, and the display output is now so dark, I can hardly see what's on the screen. I don't think the problem lies with the monitor (a new Hyandai 19" LCD) since the on screen controls are still bright and the VGA connection from my Mac still works fine. I have restarted the computer multiple times, as well as unplugged and replugged the DVI. I haven't yet tried using the VGA connection from the pc. I have an Abit IT7 mobo, P4 2.53, 512 MB, ATI 9700 Pro, Win XP SP2. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? My first thought was maybe the bad graphics card was going bad, but now I'm wondering whether the proble might be a bad mobo or RAM. Has anyone experienced anything like this?Thanks for any help you can provide!

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My problem with the card is my S-Video TV out was working fine with my Samsung HDTV until up to half a year ago or more The S-V TV output just stopped working no signal no windows logo when I boot up the computer nothing So I thought it could be the cable but the cable works when I use my laptop to my HDTV with the same cable I also thought it could be my S-V TV input on my HDTV but that wasn t the issue either for it worked when I used the my laptop to hook up to my HDTV In my ATI Display Settings screen Catalyst Interface the system does not recognize ATI Output no Pro functions 9700 but DVI - display the S-V TV output its shaded when before it did So then I tried to hook up the DL DVI output on the Radeon to my HDTV with a Dual Link DL DVI-I Male Cable to ATI Component Video Adapter and set the necessary switch settings on the adapter to only enable the modes my HDTV supports i p i I hooked it up this way because my Samsung HDTV does not support computer signals with its DL DVI connector hence why I went the adapter route so with this I plug that in to my HDTV via its Component inputs and still a blank screen and I followed the instructions to the letter as to how to hook these up The weird thing is in the Catalyst ATI Display Settings when I am hooked up via DVI the card recognizes that but I still can t get it to ATI 9700 Pro - DVI Output functions but no display display an image on the HDTV even using custom resolutions such as x i hz or hz x p ATI 9700 Pro - DVI Output functions but no display hz or hz x i hz or hz or just using default resolution settings I have tried uninstalling the drivers for my card I have the latest re-installing them as per the instructions when ATI 9700 Pro - DVI Output functions but no display hooking up via DVI interface and shut my computer off then turned on my HDTV then turned on the computer and still did not get a picture on the screen whatsoever yet as I said before in the Catalyst Display Settings the system sees that the DVI interface is hooked up to a Component Video Connection unlike with the S-V TV output where that output doesn t see anything period shaded Why isn t my S-V TV out not working Why does the card see the component video connection but display no picture on the HDTV Is my S-Video TV Out FRIED and in turn it effects the DVI input enough so that the card can see its connected but can t display a picture maybe because possibly something is shorted out Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks alot nbsp
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i was using my pc and the electricity went off (happens 2 times a day for an hour each,everyday) ,when the electricity came back,i turned on my computer and it wont boot up,there is no display output whatsoever ,the moniter is fine,the power LED comes on ,the fans work,but the LED for my HDD doesnt come on,there arent any beeps (ive heard about beeping )

my specs are : intel c2d e4600 2.4ghz 2gb ram intel dg31pr mobo and nvidia 9500gt

wht should i do???? could it be a power supply issue?? and shud i try removing the small coin like battery and if i shud,then wht happens when i remove that battery and how long is it to be removed for?

A:PC stopped booting up, no display output

What power supply is it? (company, model, wattage,)

Most low quality power supplies will have little or no transient filter, which filter the incoming AC power and suppresses any voltage spikes. Most of the time when the power is cut the voltage spikes a bit.

Try removing your CMOS battery and you suggested and leave it out for about 10 minutes, and make sure you psu is unplugged and discharged.

You can discharge it by pushing the power button immediately after you unplug it, the lights and fans should flash for a second, then go off.
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A little background Help a driver disabling first About a week and a half ago I installed a service Help disabling a driver upgrade that was automatically sent Help disabling a driver to one of our computers running XP It installed fine but on reboot the system would freeze I attempted to restart in safe mode but when doing this a driver vax b sys would not load and I would get the BSOD Note that this is an Alcohol driver that I had had on the comp for a couple of years but which had caused no problems before the upgrade Assuming that this is really what is keeping me from booting I can get rid of this sucker with extreme prejudice Also note that I m fairly sure because of this that it is not a hardware problem again this happened right after installing an automatically downloaded service pack and I ve already run chkdsk and all Now here s where the big problem is I went through our old systems disks and got an XP disk out I went to run recovery console but every time I try to get to this step for some reason the computer shuts off all of the USB devices making it so I can t use my keyboard I also have a vista CD which will open fine on that computer and get me to command prompt However this version of the command prompt does not support the quot disable quot command normally available in recovery console so I can t use that I tried simply moving the driver out of the drivers folder but that hasn t helped so I m thinking I either need to do something else that the quot disable quot command would normally handle or maybe this driver really isn t the culprit Any advice on how I can fix this through the vista CD or get the XP CD to work would be greatly appreciated P S I don t know if this is relevant but it is an XP professional CD and I don t think this is the one that came with the computer We have several desktops I ve looked all over for other XP CDs to try but to no avail nbsp

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I just built this brand new system last week. Asrock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer mobo with the Killer e2200 lan adapter. My drivers are all up to date and whenever i do a download from any site that takes more than say...5 mins...the internet adapter just shuts off and the only way i can connect again is by rebooting the system. I do not have an issue with regular internet browsing or sites like netflix for example. They all work perfect. And no it is not the router or anything outside of the system cuz I have another system connected to the same router and it has no issues whatsoever. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:lan driver keeps disabling

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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Hii I recently bought a barebone and a few components to build my new PC however I cannot get any display output from the machine Here s how it is Processor fan spins green led on HDD s spin and CD - Asus Build Display Mystery New No Output Tray opens Ram Processor and New Asus Build - No Display Output Mystery Barebone have all been replaced New Asus Build - No Display Output Mystery at least once Machine has no speaker so I am unable to listen for beeps although I do plan on buying one soon I believe the bios is upto date which does support my processor rev g printed on mobo and on sticker I have tried onboard vga dvi and hdmi as well as a PCI graphics card along with several wires and monitors CMOS has been cleared several times And I HAVE connected the pin power plug I have also tried the setup with minimal components no HDD CD and no difference SPECS Processor AMD Athlon II X Barebone Asus V -M A E w psu Ram GB DDR Mhz x Note For a while the machine turned on but the front light did not and the processor fan span a little slow after lots of messing around both these issues now appear fine still no display output though Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am totally stumped Thanks Jay nbsp

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I have LG 27 inch monitor when i connect Hdmi cable from laptop to Monitor nothing happens. I even installed drivers for the monitor successfully.  I tried my laptop to other pc by hdmi to dvi and it works. Please help.  Thanks
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Hey I just finished installing my Win and having a major issue I have a MSI Ex which has a Nvidia M graphic card The card only has a VGA output and for some reason I cant make my laptop to recognize my ' Mag screen as a seperate monitor When I click the identify button it just shows ' ' or ' ' on both screens and it Display and Laptop, problems. only Multi output, VGA drives me insane because its not supposed to be like this it makes major issues When I close the lid the monitor shuts Laptop, VGA only output, and Multi Display problems. down aswel The laptop is running on x so when it pops up on a ' screen its just huge nd not comfortable to use It only recognizes it as a different screen when I do the quot Extend quot otion but I dont need nor want that atm I just want to be able to seperate my monitor from my laptop and have it run on a bigger resolution like it should I heard theres something about the framerates and i tried changing it to all possible options but still got nothing every time i try and send it to the big screen it just says quot Mode is not supported quot and gives me a range of Hrtz that changes every time I make it on a nother resul Please help me I'm going insane here because its not fun working like this and it annoys me having my laptop open all the time I have to mention that I did get it to work once but I restarted my CPU and I couldnt get it right again since I tried everything but nothing worked just pointing this out so you know there must be a solution because it worked once Thanks for all the help Tom

A:Laptop, VGA only output, and Multi Display problems.

Hello Gisenu, welcome to the Seven Forums.

If I understood your post correctly, your displays are working exactly as they should in Win7.

You find all display options from Screen Resolution tool by right clicking desktop and choosing it. When desktop (display) is extended, if you want to use just one display you have to first make it your main display and then disconnect the one you don't need:

When using duplicated desktop and you want to use only one display, you have to choose Show desktop only on X, where X is the number of display:

If desktop is duplicated, screen resolution is same on both displays. In that case the resolution can not be bigger than maximum resolution on the display which has smaller maximum resolution.

When using extended desktop or when using just one display, resolution can be different on all displays

Hope this is not too confusing...

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Hey Ive been having this problem for a very long time and since i can t afford just to go out and get a new video card etc i was hoping someone in here could help So ive been having this Video card ATI HD Output 4870 not Display Radeon Solved: Does liering around for quite some time now and decided to install it into my computer but when i insert it will not Display anything on my screen My specs is currently Philips LCD monitor with SmartTouch E SB Solved: ATI Radeon 4870 HD Does not Display Output quot w E-line x Full HD lt -- Uses VGA monitor link http www p c philips com cgi-bin dcbint cpindex pl ctn E SB amp scy gb amp slg en OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Motherboard ECS GeForce PM-M Ive read in here about some EDID corruption with the monitor that could cause this but i do not know how i can check if my EDID is corrupted And the guy fixed it by buying a new monitor but as i stated before i can t afford just to go out and buy a new video card or monitor I should probably mention i borrowed it to a friend of mine so he could see if it worked in his Computer and surely it did I hope someone can help me with this Thanks in advance P S I am truly sorry if i posted this in the wrong section nbsp

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Hi there,,
Yesterday I bought a new Asus P4R800-VM motherbaord. Thats the one with the ATI 9200 intergrated graphics. So I install and plug everything in as with the old motherboard but when I switched on the PC everything seemed to be fine. All the fans were AGP ATI X800 card was running the DVD-rom and CdRW was working..the motherboard's light is on to indicate power...all but the display. My monitor has a screen which says that there is no signal from the PC! So I plugged the video cable into the onbaord VGA slot but still no image! I have 500w power supply...could it be that the problem is that there isn't enough power? Also I have one PC2100 memory stick and P4 2gig.

Anyhelp will be appreciate seeing that I can't even see the boot screens!

A:P4R800-VM mothernboard -- No display output to screen!!

If you have transferred the HDD from the other PC, and the new PC has different hardware then thats problem #1.

Unsure if it is your main problem, but its usually futile to do this as when the new motherboard tries to boot, it gets force-fed all the wrong drivers.

Windows does not like that and will usually halt the process to avaiod damage to the devices.

Is this the case with your setup? Needs a new install of Windows (boot from the CD)
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Already started a thread on this here http forums techguy org windows-xp -help-disabling-driver html but it ended up evolving into a discussion about among other things linux so I m going to repost it because I think my problem got buried in there Anyway I installed an automatic windows update for my computer and restarted Upon restart the computer would freeze on the loading screen I tried start in safe mode but the computer would hang loading the driver vax b then dump me to the [redux] a Disabling Driver BSOD I ve found out that this is an Alcohol driver and this problem is typical I just need to get rid of it The rub here is when I try to put in an XP CD to Disabling a Driver [redux] get to recovery console it seems to shut down all of the USB ports and I cannot use my keyboard the computer a Dell XPS has no PS jacks Also if it matters this is not the XP CD that came with the computer it is one for another desktop we have I was able to get the computer to start up with a Vista CD and get into command console The quot disable quot command does not work here though I tried manually renaming and moving the driver sys- gt sss and putting it in the windows directory instead of the driver directory but now at the same point when starting in safe mode it doesn t lag at the point of loading that driver it just immediately sends me to a blue screen Moreover it s not even Disabling a Driver [redux] a quot normal quot BSOD It just outputs quot - quot So I m thinking I ve got to do something more to keep the system from trying to load the driver other than just renaming moving it I assume this is something the quot disable quot command would normally handle but as I said this is not working Is there some sort of file that handles this that I can edit or write over using files from the XP CD I know I could load vista as the operating system but I would prefer not to as this would wipe the drive clean We ve got a number of files on this computer which while not vital are things we d prefer not to lose old movies photos etc and it would be a hassle to find them all and transfer them all over to another computer using the flash drive nbsp

A:Disabling a Driver [redux]

Part of the answer may be to tell BIOS to "Enable USB Legacy Support" so your keyboard and mouse can work while you run the Recovery Console.
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My HP Pavilion Gaming 15-AK003ns Started to diasble the wi-fi drivers after 20-30 minutes of use. I canīt find any solution for this. When this happens it seems that the Wi-fi capabilites just disappear. You canīt find any Wi-Fi options, Itīs like everything that has to do with Wi-Fi just disappears nowhere to be found. The Wi-Fi drivers also disappear and i canīt connect to anything. PLEASE HELP!!
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I've isolated my laptop's Lenovo Y - battery gauge issue to a driver called quot Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller quot listed under quot System Devices quot in the Device Manager I've tried uninstalling it and deleting it when prompted by a dialogue box but it always come back after a driver bad disabling help lenovo Need a restart There is no option Need help disabling a bad lenovo driver to disable it either - it's greyed out when I access driver properties I've tried running the quot show or hide updates quot troubleshooter as indicated in the following link https answers microsoft com en-us - c a d but that didn't work either The driver simply doesn't show up in the list I thought I could trigger its presence on the quot show or hide updates quot troubleshooter if I went to an earlier version of the driver But I can't do this either - when I go to the driver's properties the quot roll back driver quot option is greyed out just like the quot disable quot option My battery gauge problem has always gone away when I uninstall this driver Many other Lenovo Y users have indicated this driver is the root of their problems and they've gotten rid of it successfully but not on Windows Any idea how I can disable this thing And yes I am an quot administrator quot I can disable other drivers in the device manager list but not this one for some reason

A:Need help disabling a bad lenovo driver

Does it have a service running ?
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I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but I'm having a problem with my video. I have a HP 6640-C with a voodoo 3 3000. I've disabled the onboard video in windows, but I really think I need to switch the jumper on the mobo to fully disable it. Granted my HP is only running at 500mghz and 120 RAM, I would still think my Voodoo 3 could handle Quake 3, but it's totally unplayable. Very jerky. Anyway, if anyone has access to a HP 6640-c mobo diagram, specifically the onboard video jumper, I would GREATLY appreciate it.


A:Disabling onboard video...

Hi celticsdiehard

This might be close. If not try surfing the HP site. Depending on the unit the video may need to be turned off in BIOS if there is no on board jumper