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Q: Bios power management

Hi there. Since I bought my new mouse and illuminated keyboard, when I use the PC a lot, they have spontaneously been stoping for a period of time and then they work fine. I didn't have this problem before because I had a ps2 keyboard. Now I have USB mouse and keyboard and this happens. I do believe there is a problem with the power management. A friend of mine has the same motherboard and he incurs the same problem. I have a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V and here is a printscreen of my bios with the power management tab.
What settings should I change?

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Preferred Solution: Bios power management

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Bios power management


I think you'd be able to adjust that power management settings in Windows under

Control Panel>Power Options>Edit Plan Settings>Change Advanced Power Settings>USB Settings
Or in Device Manager>USB Root Hub Properties>Power Management Tab
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Hello Everyone!,Im running a asus x540la laptop with AMI bios and i want to make my laptop boot in the morning but i have bo powermanagement option in bios What should i do ?

A:Power management bios

I haven't seen the option to power on a machine at a certain time on any sort of modern machine.  Is it really that slow to boot that you need it to turn on automatically?  If so you should probably address that issue.  Also, a machine that new will use next to no power when it's in standby so that may also be an option if you need to get it up and running quickly.,156220.0.html
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just got this PC from a friend, and when i boot it up i get the following message:

CMOS Checksum error - Defaults loaded.
Hardware monitor found an error, enter POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP for details.

When i go into BIOS and into the Power management setup screen, i have the following errors:

1) Under the fan monitor section:

** Fan Monitor **
Chassis fan speed : xxxxRPM [Err]

2) Under the voltage monitor section:

** Voltage Monitor **
VCORE Voltage : 1.6V [Err]

I have searched around the internet for an answer but i cant seem to find anything,,, i have tried changing the power supply cable and i cleaned all the fans as i have read that this sometimes can cause the problems....

does anyone have any suggestions??

A:Power Management Setup BIOS problem

A checksum error is generated when the bios does not find the hardware it expects. Here is where I would start;
1 Change the cmos battery. These are cheap and easy to change; it should only be a few dollars.
2 While you have the case open to change the battery, check to see if you have a case fan that is not plugged in or not working.
3 Restart the system and enter the bios. Load defaults, save settings and restart.

It would help if you posted your exact system specs.
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I was searching your forums and have the following question. Are the power management settings mutually exclusive between Win95 and BIOS. In other words can Win95 have APM active and BIOS is disables, will windows control APM or do both Win95 and BIOS have to have APM installed and enabled?

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Never had to mess around with my BIOS settings.
Now I must set my BIOS power Mgmt off.
Please advise how I get into BIOS to set it.

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I have a Satellite X200 and I'm trying to access the power management tab in BIOS, however no such tab exists. The reason being is that I'm trying to set up an automatic start up time. If it is any help, the BIOS is Phoenix TrustedCore V.2.10

So I'm wondering where it is, or how to access the power management

Thank you in advance

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A:Satellite X200 - No power management tab in BIOS


Why you need an automatic start up time?

Sorry but such a function is not available. I never had a notebook that was able to set such automatic start up time.
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Hi. If i change in Windows 10 in Power Management from Balanced to Power Saver is this safe for graphic card?
I change from Balanced to Power Saver and fps in benchmark went from 180fps to 50fps. Is there any hardware related changes due to swap from Balanced to Power Saver ?

A:Windows Power Management - Power Saver - is this safe for graphic card

Power Saver attempts to save power by reducing the CPU’s speed all the time and lowering screen brightness, among other similar settings and that may account for your fps drop when benchmarking. Doesn't sound like a good choice for your purposes.
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Wanted to get to the bios of my wife's win 7 pc. Restarted, and used the delete button as I have done on previous occasions - HOWEVER - no boot messages, and computer went through to desktop without going into bios. (pausing to ask for password of course)

Tried several times, and on one occasion was confronted by a screen message titled boot manager (with the option to press F8 to access memory diagnostic.

Is there a blatantly obvious fix for this? / something I have missed OR can I remove cmos battery to get back to start-up basics?
In all other respects, the PC operates as it should.
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Using 'DEL' gets me to boot management NOT bios !!!!!

Hello Purgatory,

What is the manufacture of your computer? When you first start your computer, it should flash-up at the very beginning which F keys get you to which option.

Thank you,
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I think power management has worked on this system for about five minutes. Here is the story. If I choose stand by I get this message. The device driver for my modem is preventing the machine from entering standby. You may need to update the this driver. So I remove the modem and the drivers. Now it says the device driver for comport 2 is preventing the machine from entering standby. I deleted comport one. I disabled comport one. No matter what I do it will not go to sleep. I have acpi support and I have apm checked yes in the bios. Any fresh suggestions???

A:power management

Disable power saving. All it seems to do is cause a hard reboot when it continues sleeping when yo try to wake it. I tried all configurations of power management with many reboots until I simply turned it off.
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I have edited my power management settings,

I have set the computer to turn off the monitor after 1 minute, hard disks after 30 minutes. However neither the monitor or hard disks turn off when they are set to, why is this?

no screen savers are set.

A:Power Management

You probably need to enable APM (advanced power management) in your bios.
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I am using a Toshiba Satellite notebook and the power management utility doesn't seem to be working. There is no choice for notebook use and there is no hibernate option. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:xp pro power management

i had the same problem with my ibm thinkpad t23. there are two solutions: upgrade to service pack 2, but thats a huge download. service pack 2 MIGHT enable your advanced PM. the other option is to go to toshibas website and download the PM drivers for your laptop
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I have an ACER Aspire 5810T laptop about 18 months old, running Windows 7. Suddenly the battery will no longer run the device. The power monitor says the battery is 79% available and not charging. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Cointrol Merthod Battery without success. Any suggestions

A:Power Management

It is most likely that your battery needs replacing. If it lasted 18 months, you should be thankful.

But you could try recalibrating by letting the battery run down until the machine shuts off and then charging it fully (as possible).
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I have my computer set up to turn off the monitor, go to standby, etc after a set time. It used to be that when it went into standby and I moved the mouse some time later, the monitor would light up and the blue log in screen would appear and then I would click the appropriate user and go from there. Now, after I move the mouse and the monitor turns on, there is no log in screen, it takes me right to the desktop of the last user. How do I get it to function the way it used to with the log in screen when it turns back on from standby mode?

A:Power Management in XP

There are so many factors in Windows that can affect Standby Mode that it can be very frustrating trying to figure out what is going on. Standyby feature has always been a 'thorn' in Windows side so to speak. Some people can use it and never have problems, some can't use it at all and some just have lockups when it worked fine. My opinion?? Leave the standby feature off, have your monitor shut off after XX amount of minutes. Set the hardrive to shut down XX amount minutes later. That way, when you log off to the logon screen, the monitor will shut down as per your settings. I know this isn't a fix for something that worked for you before. Did you install or make any changes to software/hardware before this happend? Anything different in your settings before? The only other thing in your case is maybe some software program activates and logs back on to the last person's profile.
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Hello to all,

Not a big deal, but my machine doesn't seem to go into Standby automatically lately unless I do it manually. The settings in Power Management under Control Panel seem to be OK, unless I'm overlooking something. Any takes on it?

Pete C.

A:Power Management

Any number of things can prevent a computer from going into standby mode. Nearly any program running in the background can cause the problem. The only way to figure out which one is to start disabling things. Unfortunately, security software is a frequent culprit, and you don't want to disable that.
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I'm looking for some advice regarding power management in Win XP for the home user with a desktop. Is it better to activate the system standby and hibernation features, or should I stick with "turn off monitor after 20 minutes"? This all stems from, is it better to shut the system off each night for a clean start the next day, or is it better to save the wear and tear of startup with standby or hibernation. Thanks in advance

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If I start up the pc on internal battery then when I connect mains power to the pc (no matter the level left in the battery) when it is on using the battery, the pc freezes until I disconnect power and go back to the internal battery. I have to close the pc entirely to connect to mains power again. But if I start on mains power connected and disconnect to use the internal battery no problem, until I try to reconnect to mains power again. WHY?
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I am using a USB device that only works if you unplug and replug the device in the same or different USB port. It will work until you restart the machine. The length of restart doesn't seem to matter. Is there a way so that I can leave that USB device permanently on. I already tried deactivating the power saver on the usb port option, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Steve [email protected]

A:USB Power Management

Did you disable power saving on all of the usb root hubs in device manager.
What kind of USB device is it?
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When I set my Monitor to turn off in power management it dosen't come back on when I need it
I tried different setting ,still woun't come on, I have to reboot??
What do you think is wrong??

A:Power management

Many times Power Management options as originally designed do not work well. If the system was designed specifically to be compatable with power management all will go well until something changes. In your case it could be addition of a video card or updated drivers. Or incompatable drivers to start with. The only suggestion I would have is go to your Video cards manufacturers website and see if newer drivers are available. If you have on Motherboard video then to the Motherboard manufacturer you must go.

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I have a new XP machine and an older machine I m still migrating off of Both computers Power management have LCD flat panel monitors I m a small business user Time is always of the essence and waiting for my computer is never a good thing I m wondering if Power Management is useful and worthwhile ie to put the computer into power saving mode after an hour or two of inactivity I m really more concerned with saving the life of the computer than few pennies on electricity I never even bother to turn off the lights when I leave the office Also is a screen saver useful at all with an LCD monitor Power management or totally unnecessary Oh and Power management I notice my Norton Anti-Virus automatic update checks aren t taking place at least not on the machine anyway -- not sure about the XP machine -- shile in Standby mode Not cool Not worth a few pennies savings Takes me more time to manually do the LiveUpdate when I get back to the computer than it s worth Thanks nbsp

A:Power management

I have always set all the power saving options to Always On and leave the screen saver off. When I am leaving the PC for more than a few minutes, I turn the monitor off. If there's an open project I'm working on, it's always there when I return. Using the Standby mode and other handy features, raises the possibility that you will loose it when the darn thing doesn't "wake up" when you want it to. It only takes a few seconds for the monitor to come up and you know you have it just like you left it.
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Is Hp Power Management compatible with windows 8? i re installed it but it never seems to run, and it doesnt dim the screen or work in anyway, please let me know, thanks guys
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I'm running Windows XP Home. I know how to get to my POWER OPTIONS PROPERTIES WINDOW. I know how to adjust my Monitor settings to shut my monitor down, however how do I get my computer to Sleep? What is the difference between SYSTEM STANDBY and SYSTEM HIBERNATES options? Which function should I use if I want my computer to basically shut down if I'm not using it after a certain peroid time? Also under Power Schemes options I have it set for "always on". Where should be set? Thanks

A:Power Management

To get your computer to sleep go to the advanced tab on the power options. There you can set different reactions for your actions like sleep when I push the power button. My understanding of standby is that during stand by the computer essentially shuts down with the exception of the memory. This way the data for the current system state are still stored there allowing quicker restart while the battery, if it is a laptop, lasts or the power is plugged in. Hibernation is similar except the data from the memory is stored in a temporary file on the hard drive and the computer shuts down completely. When it restarts it reloads the data from the drive to the memory and restarts much the same as sleep mode from there. Problems with both of these modes is that changes to things such as the last good configuration, registry or profile are not completely saved which can cause certain issues if these are used all of the time. As far as the settings for your power scheme the right one is the one that makes the computer do what you want it to do. Other than that it doesn't matter. For myself unless it is a laptop I have it set to always on and turn all of the items underneath to never so I don't have to wait for anything.
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Windows 7 has the full and basic aero themes that can be changed inside personalization. Windows used to automatically disable Windows Aero (transparency) when I unplug my laptop from the mains.
I reset the theme and now it doesn't do this anymore. I can't seem to find how to enable this again. I've checked the advanced power options and control panel but turning back on this feature is eluding me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:power management

You might try

Start> Right Click Computer> Properties> Advanced System Settings> Advanced tab> In Performance - Settings> Check Let Windows choose what's best for my computer

A Guy
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I seem to be missing my power management tab for my Power USB Tab Management Root Hubs I ve got power management for USB Power Management Tab the keyboard not usb and mouse usb but not for my wifi I d like to control the power management for the wifi but there no tab for that Is that normal or is something wrong here I ve also noticed that some times when bringing the machine out of standby that my wifi doesn t always reconnect Recently I had to reboot to get it reconnected So I don t know if this is an associated problem as well I have another machine operating the same software and noticed the same problem so I was able to disable power management for the wifi and the problem went away That s why I d like to do the same for the above machine but No power management tab I m running WinXP Pro SP and all updates and drivers are current nbsp

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Two Problems I am unable to save a Power Scheme In Windows Xp you are supposed to be able to create and save a power management scheme by selecting times to shut off monitor place system on standby turn off hard disks and hibernate Then click save as and type a name for the scheme and click apply Well when I do all that it appears as though it is saved I can click the dropdown list arrow where the scheme names are and the new scheme will be listed Then I will close out the window after Management In XP Power clicking apply OK I will go back into the Power Management and the scheme that I created will not be there at all and the settings Power Management In XP are back to where they were before I changed them Any idea how to fix this or what is creating the problem When my computer is on standby automatically from a power managment setting and Power Management In XP it comes out by me clicking the mouse it used to be that the welcome screen would come up and I would have to click a user name to continue Now it just automatically comes up to the desktop with no option to choose a user name I can t seem to figure out why the change all of a sudden nbsp

A:Power Management In XP

1. I had the same problem. Did you delete the presets? I deleted all the presets, and XP got angry and wouldn't let me save any of my own. I restored to before I deleted the presets, and now I can save (and keep) MY presets. The only annoying thing is that I have all these bloody XP presets I don't need.

2. Go to your power options in control panel. Then go to the advanced tab, then check "prompt for password when computer resumes from standby, that should fix it.

Sorry for the late reply, I've been on a posting frenzy lately...
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Win 8.1.1, I noticed, that sometimes windows fails to manage cpu frequency - i was watching 1080p flash videos with chrome, and i noticed that it lags much, but it has never laged before. So trying various things i noticed in task manager, that when i start video, cpu stays at its miserable 800 mhz in powersaving mode (though i have set everything to performance and full speed in power management) instead of going to full speed at 2,4 ghz. So without any games i just completely disabled cpu power management in regedit to "solve" this problem. What could be the reason for this bug ?
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Anyone know how to permanently disable power management in Vista?
I have a KVMA switch and it's a real pita when the monitor shuts off due to inactivity when I jump to the other PC.

I keep going into power management in control panel, into performance power management profile, setting everything to never. Somehow the monitor option keeps getting set to shut off in 20 minutes!! This is on both Vista Home Premium 32 bit and 64 bit.

There must be a service to disable so it won't sleep the monitor no matter what the setting I would think.

A:power management

Hi MilesAhead,

You might see if resetting all Power Plans back to default, then setting them back to never may allow the monitor setting to stick for you.

Did you also set the screen saver selection to none?
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My pc is pretty new, it's a custom build. Everything seems to be working okay but I have this message in the action center telling me to install the power management driver. I have the ASUS motherboard disc and I installed all the drivers previously so I don't know what happened, but I have no idea where the driver would be. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Power Management

If you open the Action Center, you should be able to turn off that message.

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What sorts of things can I do for power management, or is there any freeware/cheap software out there for this?? I cannot get my Sony Utilities installed, which means I no longer have Sony power management....

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This is a second attempt for this question:

I have a W2K server domain in a small business office. Two of the PC's are running WinXP Pro. The two pcs have to stay active 24/7/365. By default the macines go into standby is left unused for 15 minutes. These machine are logged into by several users a day using a domain login account. The only accounts that can change the settings are admina and power users.

Is there a setting that changes it for all users or a group policy that can be enacted for all users. I dont want to make everyone that uses the machine a power user for security reasons. Changing the setting by an administratopr does not affect all users.

A:Power Management

Your question is a bit unclear.
<<Is there a setting that changes it for all users or a group policy that can be enacted for all users.>>
Changes what? What exactly are you trying to do?
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monitor blanks doesn't shut off

A:power management

I recommend you to try unhooking your monitor and hooking it back up. That might work on some monitors.
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Hello everyone I know some of you have seen this issue before and I'd like to get your input on this I Diskpart / BIOS vs Management Disk the and some others have been working on this in this thread linked below Don't Know Why nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by First Install Diskpart / Disk Management vs the BIOS Another new clean install is connected to the SATA port of the mobo and set as the first boot device and it was the only HDD connected for the clean install Originally the quot Movies quot HDD was Disk after the others were reconnected but that changed also at a later time Edit I just posted more in the second post down This time all the HDD were connected for the clean install the quot Disk quot changes at random intervals and is sometime different from one look at disk management diskpart to another it's completely screwy This first set of snips is the way it should be and is the way it is some of the time the second set is from just a few minutes later sometime the quot Storage quot HDD is Disk and sometime the quot Movies quot HDD is disk the C should be Disk the first snip is the BIOS listing Any ideas anybody

A:Diskpart / Disk Management vs the BIOS

Here see what I mean, I just now got these.
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The problem is pretty much sum'd up in the title I have a TB Western Digital Blue Caviar sata HDD hooked up to the motherboard A while back when I went to go boot is Win bios, disk management HDD in 7 (1TB) not 2nd recognized in up the PC the HDD busy light just stayed solid and windows took a lot longer than usual to load When it does I can't use the hard drive I have tried to rescan for it in disk management and exhausted all most all the fixes I can find in threads on the net I know it's not a totally dead disk because 2nd HDD (1TB) is recognized in bios, not in Win 7 disk management a couple times the C drive boot drive automatically ran CHKDSK it seemed to repair or small files a 2nd HDD (1TB) is recognized in bios, not in Win 7 disk management file structure or something and then the D drive would return for a couple days before the problem returned I replaced the Sata cable with a new one it started working again but only for a few days I'm kind of baffled on this one Usually I figure these things out Any help would be greatly appreciated Have a good day AMD FX tm - Eight-Core - Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd A-DS P - AMD Radeon R Series - Microsoft Windows Ultimate -bit

A:2nd HDD (1TB) is recognized in bios, not in Win 7 disk management

Are C and D both partitions on this single WD Blue?

Or do you have 2 distinct drives?

Not sure what you've tried, but have you run any Western Digital drive diagnostic utilities?

Have you connected the problem drive to several different motherboard ports?

Please tell us about your "Pennsylvania" operating system.
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Good day I have a problem with my computer It keeps on hanging on the bootscreen bios management microsoft system part so I tried to boot in safemode when i check the device manager to see if there s something that affects for my computer slowing I microsoft system management bios noticed that there s a yellow icon on quot microsoft system management quot and did a research on that until I get in this site I found out that my problem is different from the others here s the hijackthis log of my computer Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files BitDefender BitDefender vsserv exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files TuneUp Utilities TuneUpUtilitiesService exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files BitDefender BitDefender updatesrv exe C Program Files Stardock ObjectDockPlus ObjectDock exe C Program Files Stardock ObjectDockPlus ObjectDockTray exe C Program Files TuneUp Utilities TuneUpUtilitiesApp exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files HijackThis HijackThis exe C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Increase performance and video formats for your HTML lt video gt - E D- - FD- C - A F - C Program Files DivX DivX Plus Web Player ie DivXHTML DivXHTML dll O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO FlashGetBHO - b d e -fec - d - e a- d eeb d b - C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Application Data FlashGetBHO FlashGetBHO dll O - BHO URLRedirectionBHO - B F A - E - -BA - B E FF - C PROGRA MICROS Office URLREDIR DLL O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl - E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - C Program Files Java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll O - BHO SingleInstance Class - FDAD DA - A - FD - C - F AC - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn YTSingleInstance dll O - Toolbar Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - Toolbar Bitdefender Toolbar - FFDE - - F -B D-FC A F C - C Program Files BitDefender BitDefender IEToolbar dll O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Startup Stardock ObjectDock lnk C Program Files Stardock ObjectDockPlus ObjectDock exe O - Global Startup ram vbe O - Extra context menu item Download All By FlashGet - C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Application Data FlashGetBHO GetAllUrl htm O - Extra context menu item Download By FlashGet - C Documents and Settings Jim Davis Application Data FlashGetBHO GetUrl htm O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS... Read more

A:microsoft system management bios

We can't help with HJT logs here. This is the wrong forum. Regardless of your Windows version, HJT logs must be posted here:
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i've purchased a new ssd for extra storage, but it does not show up after plugging it in, currently running os on a different ssd.

A:new ssd shows in bios but not disk management

In order to help you, you need to post a LOT more info; exact system specs, exact drive you are having problems accessing, if your board has more than one sata controller, what controller you are using for the drive, etc, etc.
Post a screenshot of disk management.
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So after reinstalling my windows on a SSD, i cannot see my other HDD drive that I haven't even touched, It only shows up in device management in the disk drives, not in the disk management. It also shows up as dynamic. Tried using Partition wizard, but it shows that the disk is bad, so i tried converting it from dynamic to basic, but it fails to do so. I have files on it that I cannot lose, any suggestions?

EDIT: Fixed by itself, it now appears in the disk management.

A:HDD gets recognized by BIOS but I can't see it at Disk Management.

Quote: Originally Posted by aiceo

So after reinstalling my windows on a SSD, i cannot see my other HDD drive that I haven't even touched, It only shows up in device management in the disk drives, not in the disk management. It also shows up as dynamic. Tried using Partition wizard, but it shows that the disk is bad, so i tried converting it from dynamic to basic, but it fails to do so. I have files on it that I cannot lose, any suggestions?

EDIT: Fixed by itself, it now appears in the disk management.

I have files on it that I cannot lose, any suggestions?

You can use Macrium ( free) to create the image.
Be careful when downloading to always click "custom" and decline any of the crap it wants to add - i.e. changing search engines, home page, etc.

Make a boot cd( instructions on main page) and also after creating the image, do a Verify.

I do this by clicking Restore and browsing for the created image and you will see a link to Verify.

Put the image on a different internal hdd and if you have an external hdd, put one there as well.

Do an image backup periodically, (I do it once a week or after any major changes).

This will prevent loss of your files if you have a virus,corruption, etc.
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Hello guys,

I quite frequently leave my PC on when i go to bed, to let it finish a task, and i want it to shutdown when the task is complete...

I im in the power saving mode, and i can set times for:

Monitor off
Standby mode
Hard disks off

For one, what does shutting the HD off do if the PC is still running?

My big question, are the times that i set for standby after i don't touch the computer, or after the computer is finished its tasks...


A:Question about Power management...

im sure leaving it on all the time will hurt it in some way shape/form. but i do the same thing. but i do set it so the monitor/screen does turn off. cause images will get burned into the screen. and u would set the standby for after task complete.
also depending on what you're running u can go into the bios and actually set a shutdown standard time and even a turn on standard time.
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for the last 2 days ive been getting a blue screen with Page_fault_in_nonepaged_area and it states its dumping physical memory onto disc?ive no idea why this is and its getting to the stage where ive got approx 5 mins after starting up till it happens,also i keep getting power management wizard on startup which has started the same time as this message has?.
could anyone help?

A:Page_fault_in_nonepaged_area /power management

What OS?

Start with a thorough disk check and repair.
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My PC keeps restarting the bios load screen when i have power management turned off in the bios, almost like its restarting but never makes it to windows booting.
As long as I leave Power Mgmt on in the bios the PC boots fine.
MB--AOPEN AK77 PRO ..bios is up to date
XP pro sp2
amd 1600

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have set power management so the display goes off ater 60 minutes but it (and sound) still goes off within a couple of minutes. I don't mind the display going off but I would like to still hear programs and program streams. How do I resolve this issue? What other power changes can I make to help resolve this issue? (I am not on battery power.) Thank you.

A:Yoga 13 Win 8 power management

hi n6neb1,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Can you try to Disable Sleep and Hibernation Settings under the power options and see if the display or the system still goes off after a couple of minutes.
Let me know your findings
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L -A- with an integrated Li-ion battery The removal of this Toshiba battery is quite complicated it is necessary to open the case unscrewing screws and remove the dvd unit The battery itself is fixed to the motherboard with screws and a pin connector See this instructive youtube video My main concern is that I need to use my notebook daily for L50-A-161 management power Satellite a prolonged period of time many hours a day often from morning to night and I rarely need the battery as a source of power working in places where Satellite L50-A-161 power management the AC power is always available To some extent I would mainly need and use the battery as an AC filter Many in fact suggest not to remove it so to avoid to expose motherboard and hard disk to power surges and also not everybody can afford a UPS for every place he is supposed to move to With this in mind I am wondering what practice suits me best keep the laptop connected to the AC grid and calibrate the battery once a month with occasional partial discharges charges would be safe Battery University writes that Most users do not remove the AC power and this practice is safe but of course this goes against the Partial charge better than a full charge guidance rule keeping the laptop connected to the AC grid would keep the battery always at charge Besides Battery University points out that quot charging stops when the Li-ion battery is full quot and that it is not necessary to remove the battery when it is full because the charger turns off does this also apply only when the machine is turned off or also when I am using it To sum up in my case the battery is useful in Satellite L50-A-161 power management case of AC power blackout and against power surges With the necessity of working all day I cannot rely only on the battery it lasts just about hour and a half What would you suggest me to do Is it safe for the battery to keep the laptop always connected to the AC grid
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My laptop G 50 30 is showing message that your power management system is not compatible with this version of window and currently i m using window 8.1 and my model name of power management system is lenovo acpi virtual power controller can somebody help me which version of window is suitable for my laptop
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
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I have Windows Home Premium x Retail installed on my desktop at home So far I love it I ran the RC prior to this and found it much much better than I had expected Anyway for some reason my computer is not suspending itself any more It worked fine for the first week turning quot off quot after about minutes Great feature especially since I have a NAS for file and printer sharing now I don't need to have my desktop on all the time anymore This started happening yesterday The only thing out of the ordinary that I have done is cancel an automatic AVG scan yesterday so I could play some games after work Could canceling this scan have triggered something I went into the Power Management screen multiple times and reset the suspend time it never changed from minuites until I changed it to and back to I restarted the computer this morning so I'm not sure if it's still happening but has anyone heard of something like this

A:Power management not working?

As an update to this:

I ran powercrfg -events and powercfg -requests last night to try to determine where the hang up was, and apparently something is using my audio driver, preventing it from going to sleep properly.

I can put it to sleep via the start menu with no problems, it just won't do it automatically for some reason.

My next step is going to be to either find an updated driver that hopefully won't do this, or simply uninstall the driver and let Windows use its own driver. I've searched the net, and this seems to be a common issue with the SigmaTel HDAudio drivers.
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Okay, I know there's a problem with the devices going to sleep, and I know that people have a fix which works. The only problem is, my device doesn't have power management:
I really don't know what to do, but I'm definitely not going back to Vista, so will someone please help me?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the driver installed successfully, and there aren't any updates for it.

A:Wireless Power Management

hello Copyright and welcome to the forums
if you see below where it says power state mapping which says which are supported..
from what i can see this should be supported....
like i said my tut here disables the adapter before the computer goes to sleep so it shouldnt matter whether its power state is enabled...
i cant tell completely if you dont have power management but if you look lower like i have here...

you can see that the S1 S3 states (i think you know what means) are translated into D1 D3 ect and are arranged like you see here in mine i dont have dcap wake from D(X) and my computer can come out sleep fine (used to happend on 7000 x64 but not anymore on 7048)

unless i can see the lower half i can be for certain
if you want you can give vista drivers if you have not tried them..
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I'm adjusting some power settings in group policy for a special set of tablets Panasonic H in our organization that are in high use I have a question about one setting in there I'm unfamiliar with which is processor power management I've read some white papers from Microsoft along with Google research but I'm yet to find a good answer on how to properly adjust these settings to extend battery life The first thing that looks weird to me is that in the group policy it is represented as a time in minutes but when you edit management processor power the settings it is represented as a percentage I was wondering if anyone had knowledge on these settings or another website with some useful information about what to adjust here The H processor power management tablets use remote apps for the most part so I feel like I could reduce CPU power without affecting performance within processor power management the remote apps they use Their biggest problem is battery life right now

A:processor power management

Just set minimum to the lowest it can go and let the computer handle it. I this case, 0. That way the computer will adjust the frequency of the CPU when it needs to. Otherwise it will stay at the minimum.
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How do I give a user on a Windows Server 2000 Domain the access to change the Power Settings for the Monitor turning off, Hard drive shutting down and so on? Right now I get access denied on all systems including the server logged on as the user OR the Administrator. Is it in a group policy on the Domain or a local policy on the stations? If so where? Active directory and DHCP are both installed and active

A:Win 2K Server Power Management

This might help{2}.pdf
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Some weeks ago I posted a message in this forum regarding a problem with a new E Core duo computer Specifically it would not go into Standby and or Hibernate on it s own per the Power settings and if I put it into Standby manually it will sometimes go on to Hibernate sometimes not but if it does within minutes of hibernating it comes problems management Power out all on its own I have been told that it might be a memory problem but I am now using my old P computer and it has started doing the same thing If I boot the computer with quot Diagnostic Power management problems start up quot basic start items and services only Standby and Hibernate work perfectly If I go back to a normal boot the problem reappears so it has something to do with some service s or software I have tried selectively unchecking various items in the Startup and even tried disabling some services but cannot isolate the culprit My virus and multiple spyware softwares reveal no viruses or spyware Following is a Hijackthis dump I see absolutely nothing in it that should cause this problem Does anyone else Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at pm on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMax PNP exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro itype exe C Program Files Microsoft IntelliPoint ipoint exe C Program Files Canon MyPrinter BJMyPrt exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm RoboTaskBarIcon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe c Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro dpupdchk exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe Power management problems C Program Files Google Common Google Updater GoogleUpdaterService exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C Program Files Common Files AntiVirus SBAMSvc exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMAgent exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C PROGRA AVANQU SYSTEM MXTask exe C PROGRA AVANQU SYSTEM mxtask exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO CitiUS Shared Browser Helper Object - EDF - CF - -BC F- BE C - no file O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files Avanquest SystemSuite LinkScannerIE dll O - BHO Canon Easy Web Print Helper - F E- - E - AAF- BC A A BE - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint EWPBrowseLoader dll O - BHO RoboForm - d a - d - d - - e a - C Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm roboform dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Data Vault - ADC - - DD- D - C D - C Program Files Avanquest SystemSuite IE ContextMenu Vault dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dll O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c ... Read more
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I recently re-installed Windows XP Home to my notebook. Since the re-installation I have had problems with Power Management, I normally have my Power Scheme as 'Always on' and 'Do Nothing on Lid Close'. But, everytime I return from stand-by or reboot. The power settings are returned to the default Portable/Notebook power scheme settings but the power scheme selected is still 'always on' and my advanced options for 'Do Nothing on Lid Close' are returned to 'Standby on Lid Close' which is the default for notebooks.

A:Power Management Problems


Originally Posted by ZeroBishop

I recently re-installed Windows XP Home to my notebook. Since the re-installation I have had problems with Power Management, I normally have my Power Scheme as 'Always on' and 'Do Nothing on Lid Close'. But, everytime I return from stand-by or reboot. The power settings are returned to the default Portable/Notebook power scheme settings but the power scheme selected is still 'always on' and my advanced options for 'Do Nothing on Lid Close' are returned to 'Standby on Lid Close' which is the default for notebooks.

This maybe of help
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Hey, I'm sorry if I don't use proper terms, but I'm using a Dutch Windows XP Home version, so I'm just trying to translate the names.
My problem is I can't get the Power Management back to work. I was playing a bit with the names, but accidentally entered a name for a new scheme which was already in use, and now my Power Management doesn't work no more. I can't select Schemes no more, they're all gone, nor can I enter values to shutdown my monitor etc. The fields are all plain grey..
Btw I'm using a laptop, don't know if it makes any difference. I also tried several solutions regarding the registry, but none of them worked.
Can anyone help me?


A:Power Management got corrupted..Need help or
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hello im new to this fourm and i am not experianced with computers~
well heres the problem. Today i turned off my computer and when i returned after about 1 hour i turned it on and it started, but a little box comes out and says Power management and some numbers with the title being Frequency does anybody know how to fix this? i cant start my computer it just restarts and does it voer and voer agian.

im using a differnt computer by the way it would be great if u could asnwer asap~alos ive tried safe mode and it still wont work it restarts after its on the loading page for Windows Xp
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Now that I've built my new system, my "standby" functions do not work as before. I'm pretty sure it is something i can set up, or does anyone know if the GA-7DX cannot do this?

When I press "standby" the drives do shut down, but the fans are all operating. How can I make the fans sleep as well?

Also, once my ssytem is in "sleep" the kbd or mouse will not wake it. Nothing wakes it. I have to press the power button and then it looks like it retarts! How do I make the keyboard & mouse come out of sleep?

Is that the same thing as Suspend To RAM? I dont have Suspend To RAM enabled - I'd have to set a jumper for that. I thought that sleep and suspend to RAM were different.

Any thoughts on these sleep issues?
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Hi Brink et al I experience a lot of warping in an online game that I play now and then Aces High II My system has plenty of RAM GB and a good mobile GPU so I know the problem is caused by something else I have disabled all unnecessary services per blackviper com The tech guy at the game company said that I need to quot disable all power management Power Management? Disabling all quot because it is the main source of warping online Hmmm ok I'm willing to give it a try I searched the forums this thread is the closest thing I found about disabling all power management in Vista Didn't really give me what I'm looking for I was surprised that there isn't a Service in Administrative Tools gt Services that I can just disable Any idea how I might disable all power management Disabling all Power Management? in Vista Home Premium -- at least temporarily while I see if it makes a difference Thank you My system in case it matters Gateway P- Fx laptop Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GTS Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GTS Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB

A:Disabling all Power Management?

Hello TBbolt,

Setting everything in your Power Plan Options and Screen Saver settings to Never should turn off this for you.

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Is there any power management to change the charging limit and threshold for P50/P70 on Windows 10?

Go to Solution.

A:Power management for P50/P70 Win10

Unfortunately, since Windows 7 there is no method to do this through the Power Manager.  However, there are registry entries that will allow you to set your own start and stop percentage points for the battery to charge.  This thread will walk you through editing those registry keys:
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I have a HP 530 laptop with a Celeron M processor at 1.6 ghz, the battery has 4 cells and overall the lifetime of the laptop is quite short, for Acer notebooks there's an application that lets you reduce the processor speed and shuts down several hardware components (like the LAN card) to increase battery life, HP does not have such an application, is there a similar third party application that you can recommend for this laptop? Because Windows XP power management does not do a very good job.

A:HP 530 Celeron M power management

gravesent, celeron can't change it's clock and voltage. but you can replace it to Pentium-M, which can do those things
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Hi, my problem is when I boot up. Before I get the windows screen I get a message saying something like 'Hardware Error, go to POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP' When I go there(which I really don't understand much of it) I see a couple of errors, the first is;

Fan Monitor
Chassis Fan Speed: XXXXRPM[Err]

and the second is;

Thermal Monitor
MB Temperature: 122*F[Err]
then it jumps to 120*F with no error next to it.

I am running Windows 98
AMD-K6 3D Processor

I also have had a couple of Blue Screens where it has said;
Invalid VxD dynamic link call from VWIN32(05)+0000119E to device "0002", service 1.
Configuration is invalid. Please run Setup.

My questions are:
Has one got anything to do with the other?
How do I run Setup?
How can I fix the problems?

Thanks in advance


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I have a Compaq Prsario 2500 (2512EA) with Phoenix BIOS KF.F.14 (The latest I could find). The BIOS seems to support ACPI but not APM (SiSoft SANDRA reports). I have XP SP2 Pro with all available updates from Microsoft. I have also installed the latest drivers from HP website (Including VGA). And here is the problem: My Laptop doesn't support basic power management features like standby or hibernate. How do you thik I can enable them?
Thank you in advance.

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My Power Management used to work. I have it set to turn off monitor after 1 hour and hard disks after 2 hours. It never shuts down. I tried checking the standby box and it doesn't work either. I tried checking hibernate and THAT seemed to work, but it had to completely restart.

I only want it to turn off monitor and hard disks. Why does this no longer work?

It used to work just fine! Please help!!!!

A:XP Power Management Does not Work!

The power management features don't always work right - as you've found out.

Set the power scheme to "Always On", set everything else to "Never", set the power button command to "Shut down", set the sleep button command to "Do nothing", and turn off hibernation. Then get in the habit of turning off your computer when you're done. There's no need to turn off the monitor because it'll go to sleep when you turn off your computer, and then it'll wake up when you turn your computer back on. It's good to restart your computer once a day anyway.

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Hallo ppl. I have just installed windows 8.1 enterprise, and after that problems started. Battery charges very slow and only to 60%, and discharges fast esp. when i play games. I have Toshiba satellite P775-11P
I think the problem is in "Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) DisabledPCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer."

A:Power management issues!

Satellite P775-S7165 Support | Toshiba
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The monitor & hard drive no longer turn off after the set time & pc won't go into suspend mode after set time and if I use the "sleep" button on the kb to suspend pc hangs & has to be cold booted. It's been this way for months and I don't know what qualifying event may have triggered this. I know I can just turn off APM and not use it, but I want it to work. I think I have checked the obvious settings and may need to reinstall something.

Relevancy 49.88%

I set the power management for a number of minutes, and after the computer has been asleep there`s no internet connection. I restart the computer and then the internet connection is back on. Is there something that`s not set? It`s a Windows 7 computer.

A:Power management no connection

I set the power management for a number of minutesClick to expand...

after the computer has been asleep there`s no internet connection.Click to expand...

This problem was far more prevalent in XP than it is in Vista and Windows 7, but still occurs. Make sure you have the latest correct network driver. If it is an integrated adapter get the driver from the PC (or motherboard) manufacturer's web site.

Make sure you have the latest firmware for the router; then reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure.

If the problem still occurs you could try a different adapter or router. The workaround I use (less trouble than a reboot) when I run into this is to disconnect before Sleeping, and then reconnect after awakening.
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Greetings friends.
We still do have 30 Windows XP Computers in our Network which are not in domain. Yes we're migrating slowly towards windows 7.
Recently we have standardized our computer settings to be 10 minutes of inactivity to turn off screen and 20 minutes of inactivity to sleep. It was really tedious to go to each and every computer change the settings manually.
So i made a batch file to implement the standard settings created in one of the xp machines
"powercfg /export powerStd /file filename.
Now to invoke that batch file a NORMAL account allow in xp to change the powercfg.
When i do runas /u:administrator "powerStd.bat, The power settings are created instead for the administrator user.
I hope i clearly mentioned my problem.
Many Thanks
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My laptop's LAN card is bad so I got a dongle, the problem is that when I plug the dongle in the USB port Power Management activates (checks) "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". This means that the dongle gets turned off causing a fault if not active for a period of time if I forget to change the setting. Is there a way to completely disable the setting?
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Does anyone know of a quick way to change between power management schemes? For a desktop setup - I'm thinking of a utility that sits in the taskbar that allows you to quickly change schemes.

A:Power Management Utility?

Here I simply right clicked on the power options item once going into the Start>Control Panel there to make a copy for a custom toolbar. The shortcut can be renamed and dragged right onto the taskbar itself in order to save steps.

For themes those are actually custom plans created in the power options section itself. You can create any number there and have ready access with the shortcut pinned. No 3rd party utility needed.
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We have a Toshiba A75 Satellite and, well, I hate it. Anyhow, the computer is plugged in and I have to use Toshiba's power management rather than windows power management. I think I have it configured right but the screen keeps going black after about 5 minutes. Is there any way to turn off the Toshiba power management and use windows?
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If I start up the pc on internal battery then when I connect mains power to the pc (no matter the level left in the battery) when it is on using the battery, the pc freezes until I disconnect power and go back to the internal battery. I have to close the pc entirely to connect to mains power again. But if I start on mains power connected and disconnect to use the internal battery no problem, until I try to reconnect to mains power again. WHY?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Yoga 2 13 - power management

Good day and welcome to the community.Please provide more information about your system (model, OS, recent updates, etc), otherwise it will be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.
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I am running windows 7 professional  Every time I try install lenovo power management it installs fine but when i restart i get a blue screen of death. (I restore using last known good configuration) I have tried the version on the y570 drivers page as well as the general updated version, both with the same results

A:Help! Power Management Y570

If you could upload a copy of the BSOD details, it would help diagnose the problem To do so, go to and select the Choose File box (down the page a bit) and browse to the C:\Windows\Minidump\  folder and select one of the recent .dmp files, and then select the Upload Dump button.    After a short period of time, it will dispaly the details of the BSOD, which you can then select, copy and paste into your next post here.     Hopefully the BSOD details will point to the culprit. Cheers,
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I've recently been getting annoyed by the noise my PC makes, specifically the 2 HDDs. It's the high pitch whirring noise of the 7200rpm spindle spinning constantly. It's very noticable when my room has gone completly quiet.

I see the power options to shut off hdds after 10mins, i could hear the difference straight away, the whirring noise has near enough gone.

Is there anything wrong with doing this as my second 'storage' drive only warms up when i need to access it rarely say when just using Word and hdds have gone to sleep in background until i save or something.

remember they goto sleep after x minutes of idle time so if i'm surfing and C: drive is occasional in use with the IE cache, it stays alive.

it makes more immediate difference then anything else i've tried b4.

A:Power Management and HDDs

You really shouldn't spin down a HD if you're going to start it again more than 3-4 times a day.

I don't know if there is a way to spin down only one HD. There were such utilities for DOS, but I haven't seen such a thing for newer OS.

Have you tried a thick sock around the HD?
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Does anyone know where I could find the Toshiba Power Management utility (with comtrols for screen brightness, hibernation, etc) for a Satellite 2515CDS funning Windows XP professional? I checked the Toshiba site, but I couldn't find it (I'm not known for finding things, though).

I did find it for Win 98 back when I was funning that, but I forgot what it was called. I know that was on the toshiba site, so if anyone finds that, I'll see if I can make it work.
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hi everyone first post i have windows xp media center edition with rollup i'm working on enabling s standby and have got everything setup in the bios as it should be the one thing that is holding me back is i'm unable to set windows to wake with a usb device in the device manager properties for usb root - under the power management tab the option to allow usb devices to wake computer is greyed out and Power USB Management Root unchecked is there any way to force this in windows prior to a reinstall of windows last week i was able to wake with usb devices - USB Root Power Management albeit that i had never actually gone into this area to check if this was enabled before it simply worked so i never questioned why but now i am getting very frustrated does anyone know why this would be greyed out does windows get some info from the bios on install that would stop this option being available the bios is set to S power management i can successfully standby and wake from the power button on the computer but waking with usb is no go any help would be greatly appreciated ps i checked the settings on my laptop too and its greyed out there USB Root Power Management also very odd as all the faq's i've read to date have had this option freely available to users for editing thanks again mike

A:USB Root Power Management

Hi and Welcome to TSF

In the BIOS, is the wakeup option set to Power Button only. Change it to "Any Key"

Any "CHASIS" jumper on the mobo to enable this feature?
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Hello I wondereid if anyone may be able to help me with my IBM Thinkpad T Laptop TP on power Win98 IBM management T21 IBM support say they don t support re-installing any OS and they can t help me I Win98 power management on IBM TP T21 have had to re-install Windows SE I have downloaded and installed all T utilities from the IBM support website however I have a slight problem with the power management amp Battery Win98 power management on IBM TP T21 maximiser features I am unable to get the battery maximiser gauge to display in the system tray if I select the option Options gt Customise from within ThinkPad configuration I receive the following error - RUNDLL quot Error Loading C PROGRA THINKPAD UTILIT PWRMONIT DLL A device attached to the system is not functioning quot I can view the status of the battery with the battery information utility From the configuration utility but whatever I try it will not display on the system tray Also I cannot get hibernation to work even though I have installed hibw win exe Version - Hibernation utility package for Windows NT also if I use the suspend feature I cannot get the unit to resume I wondered if you could offer any advice I suspect it is something to do with the Power management driver I have installed tpbmpm k exe Version - Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management Features for Windows Me NT XP Any help or advice would be appreciated It s not the most major issue in the world but you know how it is when you can t figure a problem out Many thanks Howard nbsp
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i have a toshiba laptop and after 30 mins of no activity on my computer, it will go to standby mode, i try to use windows power options in the control panel but it tells me i have to go to toshiba power management, well when i go there it dosent give me any time settings to change it, any help is appreciated an email ([email protected]) or msg through AIM (sn is PufferFishofDoom) whould help alot PLEASE

thanks PufferFishofDoom

A:Toshiba Power Management

cant fix this still
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Hi There

Should i be using APC"s battery backup software, or stick with Windows 7 built in battery management software?

just curious and wondering on that

A:Power Management Question

If you want to be able to have the computer automatically shut down when the power goes out, I would say go with APC's... Other then that I don't even connect my UPS's to my computers anymore...
Relevancy 49.88%

I'm looking for a driver or whatever it is I need to get this Dell Inspiron 6000 to shut down when the lid is closed....right now the only option I have is Do Nothing - I've looked on the site but can't seem to find what I need - can anyone help?



A:power management on laptop

Under the Advanced tab of Power Options do you have Hibernation enabled? Standby or Hibernation would be the other options for "lid closed", NOT shutdown. Likewise, those are the options for 'inactivity'. Shutdn is a manual operation...push the button.

I don't believe that this is a "driver" issue at all.
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Hi, I am unable to put my laptop, (HP Pavilion zx5060) into standby mode. It is no longer an option in my power management schemes. Anybody know how to reinstall it? I have been updated to winxp sp2.

A:No standby in power management

is it enabled in the bios
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I am running Windows pro SP and a few months ago this issue started though it s not a biggie I have a laptop and have the power management issues. Power Management set to turn off monitor after min of inactivity It will not turn off anymore the screensaver however does do it s thing I looked in BIOS to see if Pwr management Power Management issues. was enabled and it was tried to reapply changes to the time for monitor to go off However when I use Linux Mandrake it does turn off monitor as it should min Has to be a windows issue The only thing that may have did this was upgrading my video driver recently I have a SiS chip Audio Video chip I may revert back to the old driver to see if that makes a difference Any thoughts or any way I can go to the registry to see if pwr management has been disabled by force Issue Resolved downgraded the video driver The new SiS VGA was experimental according to thier website John nbsp
Relevancy 49.88%

Hi Forum,

I have a laptop that will not allow me to change the power management settings. When I either right click on the mouse and go to properties/screen saver/monitorpower the hr glass appears for a couple of seconds and then disappears.

.....the same things happens if I go thru control power .....

Good old Microsoft reckons the xp is probably corrupted and will have to be reinstalled ( losing naturally all the info on the HD) ....any suggestions folks?

A:Windows Xp power Management

You could attempt to fix your windows installation by inserting the Win XP CD-ROM and when prompted select the REPAIR option. If that doesnt work i suggest backing up your system data and reinstall.
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just realised that the power management options have disappeared from my control panel.

I ran command prompt as admin: powercfg -requests and got


so not sure how to reset this?

also when I click on the power icon and then "More power options" nothing happens

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I posted this in Networking but I m not sure if I needed to post it here instead so I m trying to find a good remote power management Management? Remote Power doo-hickey for our five or so servers at our co-lo Well I m trying to find a basic one actually I need one that I can work with over our LAN and that can shut off and return power to each machine individually That s pretty much it The co-lo has constant Remote Power Management? power so I don t need anything that has anything to do with a UPS I also don t need anything that monitors everything there is to know about the power going here and there I don t need alert beeps and emails Hell I don t even need alerts When one of my users here tells the server over there to shut down instead of reboot I just need to be able to sit in my chair cut the power and bring it back on So if anyone knows of any sort of thingy-mahoo like this that they ve used seen or read about please PLEASE let me know nbsp

A:Remote Power Management?

Closing duplicate, please don't double post........
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In Win XP & Win 2000, if the standby mode is selected, the PPP connection is terminated (by the Powe Manger, I think?).
Can someone tell me how this is done? I want to retain the PPP connection when I comeback from standby mode instead of re-initiating the connection.

Many thanks,
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Hi,I am having this error message on my hp dc7800.2210 - parameters frame errorme bios extension module execution has haltedupdate bios or management engine firmware if problem persists.2206 - end of post heci failuresystem halted. power cycle the system to reboot. now how can i update bios from usb
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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with a 3TB Western Digital Red drive.

It does not show up in My Computer, Disk Management or Device Manager or diskpart >> list volume.
Also a no show in the Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool and CrystalDiskInfo.

It does show up in BIOS (See screenshot) and also in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology tool (See screenshot)
In both places it is showing as 0GB though.

What I've tried:
Unplugged all other drives except the C Drive and the 3TB WD, same result as above.
Unplugged all other drives except the 3TB WD and launched the installation CD for both Windows 7 and XP to see if either would recognise it. Neither did.

I'm out of ideas (I did see a few things online I didn't try, like uninstall the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers from the Device Manager, since I don't really know what that means I didn't)

A:3TB WD not showing in My Computer, Disk Management but does in BIOS

Try this.....
I have a 3 TB drive. Windows 7 Ultimate won&#39;t format more than 2 - Microsoft Community
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Hello out there ! My son says this is the best site!
I need help. I had to reinstall XP and computer runs very slow on boot.
Under device manager, there was an exclamation beside "Microsoft System Management Bios Driver". Iwent to a help site and it said to just unistall it. Well. stupid me did that and even slower now and can't donload updates from Microsoft. I updated bios from Intel but didn't help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Battery-Management-Bug BIOS 1.10? in Update T460: a week ago T460: Battery-Management-Bug in BIOS Update 1.10? I updated the BIOS of my Thinkpad T from Version T460: Battery-Management-Bug in BIOS Update 1.10? to and then some time later I noticed that from there on the internal battery pack was discharged before the external one Normally it has to be the other way round In the beginning I couldn't imagine that it has something to do with the new BIOS but today I installed the old Version again and now it works just like before the update and the battery packs are discharged in the right order I heard also Lenovo engineers and programmers read in this forum and so I decided to write about this problem here Maybe it's possible to fix this bug in Version with a new BIOS-Update nbsp - - Today I installed the update again to see if it's a problem which doesn't appear every time and at first it was just fine the internal one was discharged at first then the external one followed But when I started to charge my thinkpad I noticed that now it's just here the other way round so the external battery pack was charged at first and not the internal one as it would be normal So I think it's really a bug in T BIOS-Version which affects the Battery-Management
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Hi,I am having this error message on my hp dc7800.2210 - parameters frame errorme bios extension module execution has haltedupdate bios or management engine firmware if problem persists.2206 - end of post heci failuresystem halted. power cycle the system to reboot. now how can i update bios from usb
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Interesting. Not a problem cuz everything works fine.

But... in disk management... my boot drive (PNY 240gb SSD) is listed as in disk 1, with my data drive (Seagate 480gb SSD) listed as disk 0

While my BIOS says the PNY is connected to SATA 1, and the Seagate to SATA 2

should i be concerned? Can it be fixed? Does it need to be?

A:Disk Management vs Bios SATA drives

You do not need to be concerned.
By convention, all SATA ports are treated equally by the System. There will be no performance improvement based upon which port the drive is connected to (that applies to the standard chipset ports - any add on controller ports are a different story).

BIOS recognizes disks by which SATA port they are connected to, Windows identifies DISKS by an identifier code kept in the registry. Once a disk gets identified as Disk 0 it will remain Disk 0 until something changes.

IF you are OCD (like me) you can try this:
Shut down the computer, and switch off the power supply.
Disconnect the larger Seagate drive (SATA2 in BIOS, DIsk 0 in Windows)
Switch the power supply back on, and restart the computer. Enter Windows and check Disk Management to see if the PNY SSD is now Disk 0.
Shut down and reconnect the Seagate. Restart and see if it stays that way.
Let us know!
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I want to updgrade from Win 7 to Win 10.I'm advised it's prudent to upgrade the BIOS/Firmware before doing so.I tried using MEInfoWin but all I got were error codes. Further investigation in the bios shows ME Firmware Version and ME Management Mode as being Disabled.How do I re-enable them?I assume I need to move a jumper on the motherboard (PCB Rev 1:03)?Is it the one adjacent to CPU0-DIMM1 and what is the procedure?Any advice gratefully recieved. 

A:Z820 ME Firmware & Management is Disabled in BIOS

Try this to upgrade the ME firmware on a Z820: As you noticed, there is a 3 pin header E1 located near the edge of the motherboard, between CPU0-DIMM1 and the power connector P3.    - Power down the Z820 first.  Then move the jumper on E1 to pins 1 and 2.  (pin 3 is closest to the CPU DIMM connector)  The jumper on pins 1-2 enables flashing the ME firmware.    - After moving the jumper, then power up the system.  Note:  The system only reads the position of this jumper on power up (maybe reset?), so don't move it while the system is running.    - Now try to flash the ME firmware.    - If the ME flash worked, then power down the system.  Move the jumper on E1 to pins 2 and 3.  This enables ME.  (Note:  ME is disabled with the jumper on pins 1-2)      - After powering up the system after flashing and moving the jumper, the system may power down and up and reboot a few times.  This is normal.  I am not an expert on ME firmware, but I am fairly certain this will help.  E1 is highlighted in yellow below, pin 1 is on the left.   

I am an HP Employee.My opinions are my own, and do not express those of HP.
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Hi there,

So I am here because I am having some hard drive problems. Firstly for my Primary drive i am still running my old 250gb Hard drive (with windows already installed on this drive). Secondly, for my slave drive i have a Samsung Spinpoint 1TB Hard drive that wont display in my bios or in disk management. The 1TB drive seems to spin up fine etc. but i just can get it to display so i was just wondering if someone here could help me get this to work so i can format this new disk. Also i must add that my motherboard is an ASUS p8z68-v-pro board.

Thanks in advance

A:second Hardrive not showing in bios/disk management

check the connections--make sure that the drive is connected to one of the BLUE sata3 ports (there should be 4) and NOT to the GRAY sata6 ports (should be 2 ports)

it is also possible that you 'might' need to update your BIOS (but this could be a bit extreme) or firmware--see:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P8Z68-V PRO

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I have a Dell Precision Tower 5810 running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.
My system has an Integrated Network Card (Intel Ethernet Connection 1217-LM)
You are supposed to be able to access the Intel Management Engine BIOS by pressing Ctrl-P when you see the screen that tells you to Press Ctrl-P to enter MEBx Setup - but that Screen never pops up when I reboot while taping the F12 key.
I have reason to believe that DHCP may be disabled in the Intel Management Engine BIOS & I need to enable it because my Fiber Optic ISP uses Dynamic IP Addresses instead of Static IP Addresses.

A:Why Can't I Access the Intel Management Engine BIOS?

MEBx is VPRO not INTEL Management Engine.  If you have INTEL CTRL P then there will be a white sticker on the inside of the case with a number.
If its a 3 then MEBx is permanently disabled at the factory.
This label has a number on it that indicates the management mode you need to choose to get the appropriate configuration for the computer.

There are 3 parts to the software other than BIOS

Intel Chipset S/W Install UtilityIntel AMT HECIIntel AMT SOL/ LMS
CTRL P is very old in the
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So I've reformatted (sometimes I do that when I'm bored...) but now my computer won't cycle down after a certain time has passed. In my settings it says that that the monitor should turn off in 10 minutes of no use and other various things will sleep after 20 minutes of no use.

These settings used to work, but now they don't? I have a ghost in the machine!

A:My Power Management Settings Are Whack, Yo!

Did you try to re-apply new settings ?

You might have a corrupted install ,I would try to customize the settings again and wait to see if it takes effect

Unless you unconciously deactivated it by moving something while it was set like bumpin the mouse a little
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In Device Manager>USB root hub properties>Power management> I untick the box that "allowsthe computer to turn off this device to save power" but whenever I turn my computer on this box has been automatically ticked. I don't want this to happen, can anyone suggest how I overcome this problem please?

A:USB root hub power management issue

Will this help?

Power Plan - Restore Default Settings

Power Plan Settings - Change
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I built a tiny yet powerful HTPC with the new sandybridge Intel i3 CPU. is there some kind of software that will turn off the spinning HD when it is not needed and only turn on if say a tv recording is scheduled for a certain time, record the show, and then turn the hd off again. it runs windows 7 64 bit, 8 gigs of ram, 2tb hd, blu ray burner. Thanks

A:power management software for HTPC

Standard Windows 7 power management will do this. Go to Power Options, select a plan, click Change Plan Settings, Change advanced, expand Hard Drive. Set the time to power off the drive.
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In vista, you can change the power settings from power saver to high performance. How do you do this in XP?

In XP, I tried all the power schemes and none of them seem to lower the noise coming from my laptop fan. In vista, when i change it to power saver, the noise goes down a lot. So i was hoping i could do this to XP.

How would i do this for XP? Maybe some 3rd party programs?