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Hard drive or Motherboard failing, thinking HDD.

Q: Hard drive or Motherboard failing, thinking HDD.

Hi guys Over the past month I have been getting soft locks on my pc a few BSOD here and there CRC errors when transferring files etc files not opening on the drive - it or drive Motherboard thinking Hard failing, HDD. is my oldest of drives and so I think it s going to kick the bucket The RAM I have in my system was just purchased so I know it isn t that - although I will run memtest on it Hard drive or Motherboard failing, thinking HDD. eventually when I have everything backed up So I have run HD TUNE and the warnings are this only -Ultra DMA CRC Error count Number Date Time Current Worst ThresholdData Temp PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM Current Pending Sector Number Date Time Current Worst ThresholdData Temp PM data column- gt PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM Also there are a bunch of others that say quot OK quot but they have many numbers under quot data quot and quot current quot as well too Let me know if this is abnormal Several photographs have failed to transfer from this drive to my backup drive now - luckily only maybe or out of over but it still worries me - as well the drive I am backing stuff up to now has -Ultra DMA CRC Error count - Threshhold data something But I am thinking maybe this is because I am attempting to back the files up to there No other warnings on that drive As well the bad drive once did not show up under My Computer and also when trying to boot it just would hang and not detect the drive and therefore my OS wouldn t start I Just fixed this by disconnecting the Sata cables to the Mobo then reconnecting - it started up OK and here I am backing up files now Thanks very much for your time sorry this is a bit erratically written Any thoughts or advice greatly appriciated nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Hard drive or Motherboard failing, thinking HDD.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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ive had problems with viruses in the past and the computer doesn't run as smoothly as it used to and there always seems to be little problem notifications popping up like "couldn't find this" or "couldnt open that". Will getting a new hard drive help.

A:Thinking about Replacing Hard Drive

Short answer - maybe.
What's the operating system?
What's the security software?
Are both current?
What scans have you run?
(replacing the motor on a vehicle with flat tires won't make it run better)
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I am considering installing a second SATA hard drive to supplement my current one because I am running out of room. I will need to install a SATA controller first, however, because my computer only has one port and I will need another. I am not super tech savvy but I believe I need to do something with BIOS but when I start up my computer I get a message saying that there is no BIOS is not installed. What do I do?

A:Thinking about installing a second hard drive

what's your motherboard?
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i am looking to buy a new hard disk soon,willing to spend a little less than 100$ on a 1TB drive, internal...plz give me suggestions about what i should buy

A:Thinking of buying a new hard drive

The WD1001FALS should be your best choice. It's available for about $100 shipped on most sites, and I believe ZZF sells it with a $15 MIR.
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As my Zip 100 isn't really upto the task and hasn't been for some years!!
I need a source to backup my work to, as I am starting a business and need to take care. My MSI MEGA PC is doing fine and has been very reliable (touch wood)
I'm running windows XP I have about a 40gb HD of which only half is full, including games etc. So as you can see I dont need anything fancy and dont want to spend much. I just want the facility to recover all of my documents, emails, favourites,pdfs, etc.
I'm not sure what the best solution is, so am asking if anyone has any guidance??

Many thanks in advance.

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My hard drive started making funny clicking noises and the pc pitstop checkup gave me a response time of 77ms and a warning that it could expire shortly. So i bought a new 80 gb hard drive, installed it, partitioned it no problem, but i now want to swap all the data from my old hard drive to my new one (os and all), and then junk the old drive.
How can i do this without spending money on software that i will probably only use once or twice.
Any advice would be appreciated.


the pipster

A:How can i copy my failing 8gb hard drive to my new 80gb hard drive?

For free:

HDClone (free edition only smaller to larger)
PCI CloneMaxx
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A friend brought me her computer It is a Sony Vasio Laptop model PCG- K L It and take to do a failing drive move new Vista hard old How it hard I off my drive? has a Hitachi GB RPM SATA HDD that has failed do How do I take Vista off my old failing hard drive and move it to a new hard drive? to physical damage How do I take Vista off my old failing hard drive and move it to a new hard drive? she dropped it Is it possible to move all the data including the Vista Home Premium OS from the old HDD to a new HDD so she doesn t have to buy a new OS She s had the computer for awhile and doesn t have any restore or repair disks I happen to have a Vista repair disk from an old laptop Am I able to install the repair disk on the new HDD and then use the product key on the underside of her computer to install Vista Thanks for your help If this topic has been covered successfully in this forum in the past just link me to it I tried looking but am not exactly sure how to phrase the search question I ve looked but not satisfied with what I have been finding Thanks nbsp

A:How do I take Vista off my old failing hard drive and move it to a new hard drive?

In spite of the physical damage you can still read the hard drive? Try cloning the drive or imaging the needed partitions. I use Macrium Reflect Free. Easeus Todo Backup is another free one, and there are lots more.

Am I able to install the repair disk on the new HDD and then use the product key on the underside of her computer to install Vista?Click to expand...

Only if the "repair disk" is a Vista installation DVD. Repair disks just include the Recovery Console programs (I probably don't have the correct term there) to fix issues with booting and startup, etc.
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Hey there guys about six months ago I started receiving an error every few days on my computer on boot and it was something along the lines of 'pxe-rom Check cable connection ' To fix it I just used my Windows install CD and it was fine until whenever it'd happen again Now just about three days ago an error popped up that said 'Windows has problem. detected Windows Hard drive hard has a failing? disk detected a hard disk problem' The hard drive is a GB Toshiba MK GSXN Anyway after Windows has detected a hard disk problem. Hard drive failing? getting that message I quickly backed up all of my important documents and stuff onto an external HDD It was also very slow slower than my computer had ever been So I decided to do a clean install since scans with Malwarebytes and AVG detected nothing And then once it finished it popped up the error message again I have noticed that the slowness has gone but I'm not installing any programs in case it does fail I am wondering that maybe the 'check cable connection' error was telling me something but I didn't think anything of it So does it sound like I need to get a new hard drive EDIT I bought a new hard drive fixed

A:Windows has detected a hard disk problem. Hard drive failing?

In many cases, that is Windows way of saying your hard drive is in imminent danger of failing. Of course there could be other problems, but windows will usually detect it first. A tutorial that may help is simple to use, but may take a while. Disk Check I would also get the Manufacturer's hard drive diagnostic program to check the drive. You were wise to back up all of your personal information.
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Hi guys I ve got a Dell Dimension and my Hard Drive is the MAXTOR E L DiamondMax Plus According to the Dell Disk Monitoring system SMART or whatever my drive on the primary IDE channel which I take to be my hard drive is operating out of normal specifications It said that it is advisable to get a new hard drive So I plan on getting a new ATA to hard 1st Drive things, need failing, new of Hard know to HELP! drive, need get ton IDE hard drive but i need to know a few things My C drive basically my Hard Drive failing, need to get new hard drive, 1st need to know ton of things, HELP! hard drive RIGHT please Hard Drive failing, need to get new hard drive, 1st need to know ton of things, HELP! clarify if i m wrong So if my current maxtor hard drive fails will the C drive be inaccessible or will the C drive disappear from My Computer or what Really don t know about this issue If I remove my current hard drive from my computer will my computer still work As in will i be able to start my computer but not be able to access any files Also will the C Drive disappear Also I was wondering about those external USB connection hard drives Are they just plug and play like a gigantic USB flash drive or do I need to install them in the computer Also for the external USB hard drives will there be a separate drive on My Computer for me to access the files on the external hard drive e g F drive or G drive or H drive etc Also are there any factors or limitations to what type of hard drive I can get for my Dell Dimension I current hard drive is gb inch ATA IDE EIDE RPM If I can have all these features but say the hard drive is hypothetically Gb or gb yeah right But if it was that big and it had all the features of my MAXtor will it work I mean does the settings of my motherboard have anything to do with the hard drive Also my maxtor s cache of buffer size is MB while other hard drives cache is MB Will the ones with MB cache work in my computer I m so sorry guys that I have a barrage of questions but I m really curious since I need to buy this before June end of the financial year because then I won t get my savings and whatnot Anyway urgently need help THANKS GUYS nbsp

A:Hard Drive failing, need to get new hard drive, 1st need to know ton of things, HELP!
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I have a Dell Precision M6400, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T9900 4.00 GB, 32 bit operating system, Windows 7 Professional, service pack 1

I have had problems for the last week of freezing and stalling. Ran update on Trend Micro Antivirus, no results after dealing with very slow start ups yesterday with it being on the windows site for at least an hour booting I ran Malwarebytes and found some maleware, cleaned it. This morning come in to find that it took about another hour to boot, then got the window storage matrix console hard drive fail come up on the computer. Ran a check disk on C drive, shortly after it gave me the blue screen, couldn't write down the failure quick enough. It sounds good as it runs, but something's clearly off - Any help?
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I originally thought I had malware/virus but I was in the BC Malware forum, and was sent here. SifuMike suspects that my hard drive is failing-he found no malware during his analysis.
My computer, runing Windows XP, has been acting a little strange lately-when I run Spybot, Ad Aware, Housecall...-any of the anti virus software, it shuts down midway, and restarts with a blue screen and does a Check disk function. It does not find any bad sectors, and then the log in screen comes up. When I log on, I am informed that the computer has recovered from a serious error. I would appreciate some advice on what to do next!
Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Hard Drive Failing?

Disable the atuomatic restart after a system failure, that way you can see what the BSOD is saying and copy down the error number and any files it references to.

Right-click on 'My Computer'
click 'Properties'
click the 'Advanced' tab
click the 'Settings' button under the heading 'Startup and Recovery'
clear the checkmark in 'Automatically Restart'
click 'ok'
click 'ok'

then go ahead and run your scan again, and when you get the blue screen, copy down the stop error code (0x00.....) and any files that are listed on that screen

You might also download a drive diagnostic tool from the manufacturer of the hard drive
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Second physical drive actually.

For the last week or so I "come upon" the computer to find the shortcuts to the D,E,F,G, partions of this drive have a red "?" on them and I cannot acess the drives. The drive also does not "exist" in Device Manager, if hovever I right click on the present "C" drive and run "look for hardware changes" the screen wipes for a few seconds and LO' back comes the drive!

The ? marks are still there but the partitions now work. A reboot will clear the marks but the problem will reappear some days later.

I am poorly ATM so can't get to a shop but I intend to replace the drive ASAP with a 500G SATA unit (it is a 160G IDE in a 3G P4 WMCE pc). What would be a good (free if poss!) drive cloning utility please?


A:Hard drive failing?

Here is a free disk copy utility,
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Recently I have gotten the message Winodws detected a hard disk problem Back up your files imm to prevent loss and then contact the comp manufacture to determine if u have to repair or replace Hard Drive Failing the disk What I have done is create a disc image on an external Hard Drive Failing HD and also d l and created Gateway Recovery Disc lt discs gt and the Gateway Hard Drive Failing apps and drivers disc Where I am confused is whe the drive finally goes and I install a new HD how do I use the image and discs I have to enable the new drive to be able to boot up into Windows which I think would be there by virtue of what I have collected lt image recovery discs gt The question I have is what would be the correct sequence of getting the OS and all the files needed to enable the drive to work correctly I am sorry if I am not explaining this correctly but maybe someone can give me nformation on how to do this Thanks in advance

A:Hard Drive Failing

If you used the built-in Win 7 program to create your system image, you should use the built-in program to create a repair disk. You can boot from the repair disk to restore the system image you created.

You actually don't need the Gateway Recovery discs, if you use them to recover your system it will be restored back to the way it was when it left the factory. The system image will restore your system back to the way it was the day you made the image.
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Laptop keeps freezing all the time, have ran diagnostics and get Short DST failed. FAILURE ID: M0AELJ-00087R-MFGJMF-60R803Any help please?

A:Hard drive failing?

 Hi, Hard Disk 1 Quick Test Failure, it is necessary to replace the hard drive with a new one(SATA 2.5 inch). Check the manual, page 58 HP ProBook 640 G1, 645 G1, 650 G1, and 655 G1 Notebook PCs - Maintenance and Service Guide
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I suspect my hard drive is failing. I use itunes and over the last few months it continually looses files . It was suggested to me that this might be due to a hard drive starting to failing. I have run checkdisk a couple of times but am unsure how to read the results. Other than Itunes the pc seems to be working (Dell Win7) well enough for a 3 year old machine. Some lagging and slow boot up. How can I tell if this is the problem and what can be done?Thanks

A:failing hard drive

crystaldiskinfo should be run on this. It will display drive health. If crystaldiskinfo reports it back as healthy then you have something else going on . I use the portable zip standard free edition on this list of options:,156250.0.html
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not sure, never had one fail on me yet, but all the sudden, extreme slowness on a 2 year old 1.6 GHZ 256 Mb, 40 gig HD, laptop, no viruses according to AVG and trendmicro's online scanner. Scandisked, and defragged, still getting huge lags then stop errors, then on restarts UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME stop errors, then after a while it boots again. and....SMART diagnostics say it is just fine. also, spyware check by adaware and spybot both turned up just tracking cookies which i deleted, no major changes in software or hardware. thanks for any help.

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Hello Everyone I have Hard Drive Failing a HP m desktop running Windows Vista Failing Hard Drive that we use for our small companies files Upon booting up displays a message that hard drive failure is imminent and I need to back it up and replace its asap After this message Windows tries to load and fails The system then goes into Windows system restore and recovery mode and is unable to solve the problem I turned the computer off and uninstalled the hard drive and realized that someone has messed with the hard drive before and messed up the SATA connections on the back and the plastic guiding tab was broken off One of the SATA pins was bent and I did my best to delicately straighten it I was able to find the plastic tab in the SATA cable and was able to reseat the cable I then installed the failing hard drive onto another desktop as the slave drive The backup desktop is running Windows XP and I was going to try and back up the failing hard drive onto a portable one After getting everything installed my computer executed chkdsk upon start up and has been running for the past hour My questions are as follows Roughly how long does chkdsk take and will chkdsk run on both the connected drives What problems will I most likely incur after chkdsk has finished Will I be able to back up the failed hard drive with it configured as a slave drive What other option do I have available to recover files and back up the failing hard drive nbsp

A:Failing Hard Drive

Hard drive is failing, you're running chkdsk, and have no backup of it yet? Dude, you're brave.

'Clone' the failing HDD, ASAP.
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Okay so I came in this morning and my desktop is at a boot screen I don t know why it restarded and there is a message that says S M A R T has detected that my hard drive is say drive S.M.A.R.T. hard failing may be failing I F d to continue and all seems well but now it has me worried because I have S.M.A.R.T. say hard drive is failing a lot of on this computer and it runs great the way I have it so I don t want to mess with a reformat and resetup S.M.A.R.T. say hard drive is failing of all my settings software etc What should I do I did a scan disk S.M.A.R.T. say hard drive is failing and everything checked out fine Is this S M A R T thing in the bios reliable The hard drive is a seagate GB that is less than two years old I have regular back-ups and I also have most of my important data on a USB RAID box with two seperate hard drives in it If I make an exact copy of this hard drive OS and all on a new drive and install that drive in the same system will I run into any problems I m thinking while it s still working I should just slap another drive in as a slave copy all the info from the master to the new slave then remove the old drive and set the new drive up as the master What do ya ll think Am I just being paranoid nbsp

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Hello everyone,

I have an 80GB IDE hard drive in my computer and I think it is on it's way out. When I load the computer it makes a small deep sounding screech. I checked it with speed fan and it says that the fitness is 88%. (See attachment)

Do you think it is time for me to get a new hard drive and clone this one?

A:Failing Hard Drive?

Hard drives usually don't make screeching sounds...clicking sounds maybe so that sounds like a fan or possible a cpu more likely.
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Hard drive failed, new drive installed which worked one day. low continuous beep on startup., goes to to start menu only. tests - show no drive. any suggestionjwejcredit
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Hi I ve been having a fustrating problem with my PC for the past few days Out of the blue my PC started locking up for several minutes and then blue screened I mainly noticed it while playing video games yes my PC is more than good enough to run them but then noticed them while doing everyday tasks such as browsing the internet and while iTunes was open No idea if that was a Failing hard else? or something drive coincidence or not but it seemed to happen more when those two were open Failing hard drive or something else? At first I thought it must be a virus of some sort no matter how unlikely that was don t download anything from the internet open any attachments in emails or go on websites I don t know but I ran Avast and it found nothing Soon after that whenever I booted it it came up with quot Please select a proper boot device and restart quot or something along those lines so I took the hard drive out took the cables out and made sure they were in properly It booted fine so I thought that a loose cable was the problem and it was fixed But after about half an hour or so I was still experiencing the freezing and occasional blue screen though not as often After that didn t seem to work my boyfriend suggested that Vista was messed up somehow so I formatted my drive completely and did a fresh install of Windows last night It was fine all last night but this morning it went back to how it was on Vista I m still experiencing the same thing although more annoying somehow as I get minor freezes very often now that happen regularly and last for about minutes during this time everything just stops responding and if a virus scan is running it can t seem to scan anything and although the program is still responding no data gets scanned Occasionally I get worse freezes where everything completely locks up and I either have to hard crash the PC or it just blue screens which I doubt is helping the problem at all I ran WhoCrashed and it told me a rd party driver was causing crashes the problem is it just said unknown so I have no idea what driver it is Its a completely fresh instal so I haven t installed any off the web yet so I have no idea what that is If it helps here are my sysinfo results Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Phenom tm Quad-Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer RS HVF VC Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled My guess is that the hard drive is on its way out and its not able to read or write data correctly hence the blue screens and freezing but I don t really know Before jumping to conclusions and buying a new drive which I can t really afford at the moment to be honest I just wanted to get a few more opinions or ideas on what it could be Thank you nbsp

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So I was playing some Starcraft II and I BSoD Computer restarts and says it can t find the boot device I go restart again load up the bios and look thru the boot settings I have Failing Hard Drive? my C as the primary and my DVD drive as the secondary Restart again still no luck booting Failing Hard Drive? up I keep double checking bios settings and making sure that everything is right So then I went and just opened up the computer cleaned out some of the dust and stuff and make sure all my HDDs are plugged in securely Restart again no luck Eventually I get myself to the Startup Repair window and try to do the startup repair it errors out and says that it cannot find system and just Failing Hard Drive? errors out First I thought quot Oh maybe my windows just got corrupted and I just have to do a repair with my windows DVD quot After some more tries Failing Hard Drive? with this I end up figuring out that my C drive is failing The HDD shows in the bios as an actual hard drive with the name of the drive and everything I also DON T hear the click-of-death on the HDD as well Next thing that I tried doing is just booting up with a Ubuntu Live CD and trying to recover the data using that So I boot up using the CD and everything is going fine until the Live CD starts throwing errors while it is loading So then I pop out my quot broken quot HDD and try booting up again with the Live CD and it works perfectly fine So now I m stuck on how to recover the data from my HDD or even get it functional I m pretty sure it s working just corrupted Great Friday the th Any help is appreciated Windows AMD Phenom II X Black Edition GHz ASUS M A TD Mobo G Skill GB Ram Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD GB The hard drive WD JS WD Caviar SE gb nbsp

A:Failing Hard Drive?

If the drive is Identified by bios but can not be accessed, may only mean that the Circuit board on the drive is still good while the Mechanics of the drive may have died. Just because you didn't hear the click of death does not mean the drive is spinning or that the Arms that drive the heads are moving.
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Hi Over a year ago my laptop hard drive started making a sort of quot seek quot noise not what I d call a click repeatedly- it d do five of those noises then a pause Drive Hard Failing? five Hard Drive Failing? more then a louder noise then it d start again It happened at random Hard Drive Failing? times often in groups I think it happened in three groups a few months apart and on the last one everything went completely wrong and I ended up having to re-install Vista This was about months ago Since then I ve installed Windows and not had the problem until today I just woke up my laptop from standby and it did the same thing- had to force a restart and it lasted a few more minutes then did it again I managed to run a Short DST using Seatools and that failed it started doing those noises again On the next restart it started making some noise but it did five and then stopped I ve just ordered a new hard drive assuming that is the problem am I right in thinking this Are there any other possible solutions I tried running CHKDSK last year a few times- sometimes it succeeded other times it just started making the noise half-way through and failing nbsp

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I built a Sandy Bridge and foolishly used a Samsung J Spinpoint TB drive NOw being a first timer I just put it altogether and swircted on gt loaded the OS - Home and began computing However the Samsung has made quite loud clicking scratching noises form the start as it reads writes and after two months this morning is making a loud noise that I can only describe as an out of aligment rubber whell rubbing on the side of the case THis is now loud enough for me to hear outside of failing drive Hard thee room A thrum thrum noise as you get with an old ceiling fan sometimes I have been told that I should have set the drive up when I built the machine - partitioning the drive etc before loading the OS I have since installed two Seagate's - x MB for back up and x TB for storage - it was when I looked in Computer that I saw that the smaller one was listed as having a MB partition which I think I backed up Hard drive failing the OS form the C drive by copy paste and the TB ws not even there - arousing my curiosity as to why it was not listed So I am left feeling a bit of an idiot knowing that I should have researched it a bit more before going in gung ho with drives etc I ma thinking that perhaps my only recourse is to take out the Samsung and make th larger Seagate my OS drive after partitioning and formatting it I have a small USB external drive I have system images on which I am hoping to be able to use to recover some of my photos passwords apps etc - if this is possible even if it is only the important stuff Everything was going fine until now and it is now frozen solid and I think only unplugging it from the main power supply will I be able to shut it down So is there anyone who is good at teaching an idiot that could point me in the right direction

A:Hard drive failing

Samsungs have a good reputation. You just got unlucky, as can happen with any brand.

Not sure what you mean by someone telling you that you should have "set up" the drive before installing the OS. There isn't much to do---just partition and format. You obviously did that or you could never have installed Windows on the drive.

Not sure what you are asking. If the Samsung is broken, get rid of it and go to Plan B, which I guess is to use the 1 TB Seagate as a boot drive. No problem with that.

All you have to do is decide how many partitions you want to put on it. You gotta have at least one. Many on this forum would tell you to use 2: the first for the OS and the second for data. With maybe 75 or 100 GB for the OS partition and the entire remainder for data.

Then decide what you are going to do about backup. The 500 gig Seagate may ultimately be too small for that purpose?

What exactly are your questions??????
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Ok guys so I own a Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 (2011) and I it was freezing and running slow so I did a Dell diagnostics. When I did that it said my hard drive might be failing with the error code of [Error Code 2000-0142]. I would say the laptop has been running slow and does take time to boot up and log in. I also did a Crystal Disk Info which is the screenshot I posted below. I did buy a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD to replace it if it is going bad. If its not then I will just use it for the PC I am going to build.


BTW I am new to the forums so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

A:Hard Drive failing?

In Crystal Disk Mark, go to function/advanced feature/raw values and make sure raw values is set to 10 Dec. Then look at the raw values column again.

It may be failing, but what to do about it is another question. All electro-mechanical devices have a shorter remaining life today than they did yesterday.

You'll never know if it's failing at a fast rate and will not work within a week, or at a slow rate and might work for years.

You can keep an eye on that reallocated sector count to see if it moves up. That often happens.

Or you can give up on it immediately and replace the drive.

You have to consider how valuable the data on the drive is, whether you have backups, how critical it would be if it dropped dead immediately, your budget, etc, etc.

The easy thing to do is replace it now, but it might linger a long time and you can't make an accurate speculation about that.
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I have an ISA Server 2004 that has been dropping disk space on the C drive at an alarming rate. I have cleared out as much log files, dump files, temp files and anything else it was safe to delete. However, it is still dropping and I am wondering if it could be the first hard disk in the RAID failing. It is flashing amber. But, would that cause the disk space to drop? Is it just a case of ordering a replacement drive?

Thanks for any advice.
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Hi there New here not extremely tech savvy but also not an idiot Here Drive Failing Hard is a short summary of what is happening I have an Asus laptop I bought it about - years ago and it got through my last year of college plus a few more years afterward It holds important files including only copies of original writings and some photos A few weeks ago my laptop was attempting over and over again to update itself to Windows It would go through a whole process updating and installing took a very long time and after each attempt it would say that it failed Each time it did Failing Hard Drive this my computer would start to freeze more and run slowly I don't use my laptop very often anymore at all since I graduated college I use it sparingly After a while it just stopped booting and started coming up with an automatic repair screen After doing some research I realized the issue was my hard drive At this point I tried a few different ways to get the files off my hard drive and possibly reformat it and reinstall it in my laptop I tried plugging in an external hard drive for the automatic repair but it didn't seem to recognize or be able to access it I tried removing the hard drive and putting it into another PC to transfer the files that way but it wouldn't open I tried using the cords to plug the hard drive directly into another PC and it wouldn't open that way either After all of this I decided to take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to see if they could help After about - minutes of the associate at Best Buy trying to sell me a membership for I finally got my laptop checked in and I paid After a few days they called me and said that they basically did the same exact thing that I did plugged the hard drive into several different PC's and found that they couldn't open it I essentially paid them to do what I had already done They told me my hard drive was failing which is something I had already known They said that they could send it out to a facility where they would take the hard drive apart and try to recover the files this way but that this would cost anywhere from -over I said no and I will be picking the hard drive up today My question is is there a way I can take the hard drive apart and recover the files myself Or is there a better way to recover files from a failing hard drive Any advice would be helpful

A:Failing Hard Drive

Do not disassemble the HDD yourself.

My suggestion would be to get a Linux LiveCD such as Ubuntu, boot off of it, and then try and access your HDD that way. I've had much better luck trying to recover files off of dying or bad HDD's while running in Linux because it accesses the drive differently than Windows does. Plug in an external drive so that you can back up the files from the original drive and go from there.
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My computer has been SUPER SLOW for the past few days I've restarted it turned off bloatware processes and still no luck It will be a complete system lock up where the whole computer will stop responding for at most seconds then if I click while it's locked up nothing will happen Then when the computer comes out of the freeze I'll hear the computer beeping like the type of beeps from the bios not from the OS Also when the computer does this the Hard Drive light will be constantly on it'll try to Failing Hard Drive??? read or write for a few seconds then stop and repeat the process And then it'll start to do its crap and the computer won't be locked up One last thing While typing this my computer was locking up and I'd still type and nothing would appear on the screen until the computer started to respond again Sorry for the long ass information Any help appreciated and I will give Rep Thanks Add ran a quick scan on antivirus and came up with nothing

A:Failing Hard Drive???

Run chkdsk or some other hard drive utility.

And as always: sfc /scannow
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So my HP pavilion g - sa laptop has been acting odd lately a little while after updating to windows from the laptop started to get gradually slower programs such as internet explorer not responding etc It would take a long time to log on and to do anything and after numerous start up repairs and refreshing the laptop in the troubleshooting f mode this didn't work either these tasks all taking a very very long time to complete many hours just drive? failing Possible hard to get through automatic repair takes an hour or two So i decided to go back into the f troubleshooting and do a reset of the laptop first try did not Possible failing hard drive? work and the second did also this took all night to complete and once it has the laptop Possible failing hard drive? still lags slightly on the log in screen when i press the ease of access button that takes a few minutes to load and then when pressing the gui keyboard that takes a while too Also theres another problem in which when I try to login using my microsoft account it says the password is incorrect which it isnt at all ive tried with another keyboard so it isnt that Anyway just wondering if it sounds like a failing hard drive and whats the problem with logging in

A:Possible failing hard drive?

You can perform the inbuilt HDD diagnostics by pressing F2 after turning it on. Additional info can be found here, regarding the performed tests and returned results.
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Hello everybody

So i bought this Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drive, but i am experiencing really strange sounds with it.
So occasionally the hard drive would "reload".. for example, just after i open a program, everything would hang for about 3 seconds, and the hard drive would make sound like if it would spin faster and then make a click sound, and after that, everything goes back to normal again.
This is a 3 week old drive, but i noticed it some days after i bought it. It is not my OS drive, i'm running my Windows 7 32bit on an another HDD.
I have heard that click sound means the drive will fail soon, but i don't know so much about drives, i have had another samsung HDD in over 2 years without any problems, so this is something new for me...
thanks for any further help!

A:Hard drive failing?

Get Samsung's ES-Tool and test your drive with that. Then when it fails send it back to them for a replacement.

You are right that the sound you are hearing is a good indicator of a failing drive, be sure and get any important data backed up asap.
Relevancy 62.78%

Today I was on this web site and I tried to scroll down and everthing froze up. My screen got dim, then went blank, then a black screen came up saying my boot selection failed and a required device is inaccessible, status: 0xc000000e. Does any one know what this means? Every since then my computer has been unstable, crashing a number of times. Only thing i've done was split my page file. I left the min. amount on my system drive and put the rest on another drive. Both drives are solid state. Could this be the cause of my failure?

A:Hard drive failing?

The error means no such device. Is this a clone, image or what?
Seems that it is not being recognized

Go to the website of the drive manufacturer and test the drives.
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Performance and diagnostics indicate the hard drive in my notebook is failing. I am trying to find availability of a replacement. Any assistance is appreciated, many thanks.
Relevancy 62.78%

I got my computer upgraded about weeks ago at a local computer shop They replaced my original drive with gigs hard drives or gigs i can t tell to be honest I just know that there were extra failing? Hard drive drives put in gigs Hard drive failing? each So few days ago computer s been freezing and I found out through the system event viewer that there were a bunch of bad blocks on Device Harddisk D which I assume means Hard drive failing? drive C I took it back to the local computer shop yesterday using the warranty and explained to them that I even got the errors on the first day I took it home When I came back to pick it up they said it was probably a virus acting as that message put windows on a new gig hard drive and kept the quot bad quot one in I said Sure ok and yesterday I periodically checked the system event viewer again and sure enough I got the SAME errors except now on Device Harddisk D because the quot bad quot one is now drive D Alright so here s the error I got few days ago and still today The device Device Harddisk D has a bad block and The driver has detected that device Device Harddisk DR has predicted that it will fail Immediately back up your data and replace your hard disk drive A failure may be imminent Is it quite clear now that the drive is failing I don t want to go back there again to be corrected then see those messages again They told me if it was failing I wouldn t even be able to boot the computer up I m using the computer right now to type this message nbsp

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I bought this brand new a couple of years ago and I have had no trouble with it until the hard drive failed. I have replaced this hard drive twice now and it keeps failing. Any known issues that would cause this to continue? Very frustrating.
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I'm trying to help a friend "speed up" his Dell Inspiron 1200 laptop, did all of the usual things software-wise, no apparent malware. It takes a long time to boot and performs sub-par generally. So the last thing before punting and doing a format/reinstall was I'm running a checkdisk, which is listing a long line of "windows repaired bad cluster..." entries. Is the hard drive failing?

Thank you for your help.

A:Hard drive failing?

takes a long time to boot? try cleaning unnessery files such as temporary files. best software for that should be CCleaner which is free, also try defraging. use perfectdisk trial version its the best disk defragment utility that I'm aware of and you can download the trial version which has 30 days. just analyze the drive with that program and it'll tell you the necessary course of action. just follow its instruction and it should help with boottime and maybe some glitches. also try to disable as many startup programs as you can. be advised that a laptop hdd runs at about 5400rpm. compared to a desktop hdd which is usualy 7200 or 10000 rpm so don't expect the same results.


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I have a computer with 3 harddrives in, one of them started making a lot of noise recently and yesterday it got very loud. i have identified which one it is (the one with the OS on, lucky me! )

I assuming that as it is making a lot of noise this is a bad sign and it is most likely to die on me any time soon.
Also as i have unplugged the other 2 drives (one which had the pagefile on) it has since got ALOT slower since the page file has moved back.

Is there away i can judge the health of this harddrive and how long it will last?

I have a new one ordered and on its way, and everything important backed up.



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I have a friend who shut his computer down sucessfully Upon booting his computer the next day he was presented with the message quot Windows has encountered a Hard failing drive software or hardware problem and will not boot if Hard drive failing this is the first time you have seen this error quot or something similar I can t remember what the message said exactly He is then given options for booting the computer such as quot Boot with last know good configuration quot Safe Mode etc Choosing any of the options bring back the error screen Running the Recovery Console after booting with the Win XP cd and running chkdsk says everything is fine but running chkdsk r or p says the Hard drive failing drive appears to have one or more unrecoverable errors The drive is in FAT because it was originally a Win ME machine and was never converted to NTFS The computer has also not had any recent hardware or software changes The drive is making grinding noises when it is being accessed It seems that the drive is failing but could there be any other Hard drive failing reason for these errors and what might the solution be If the drive is failing is there any way to get the data off the drive or is everthing lost Also if my friend ends up getting a new drive and reinstalling Win XP will it complain that his copy of Win XP is already being used and how do we tell Microsoft its just a reinstall Thanks for your help nbsp

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I use Windows Vista Home Basic and a Dell desktop computer.

I think I started to run into problems after doing a disk defragmentation. Can using that utility harm your hard disk? I get blue screens all the time now. It sucks.

The blue screen messages say:

From the way I looked it up everyone gets these and they could mean anything. I will post the minidump files in another post because right now it is not letting me put them in a ZIP folder cause it will tell me that there is no read permission. I will try it in safe mode.

A:I think my hard drive is failing. Not sure though.

Oh yeah. It might be helpful if I pointed out one time I was using it and the screen went off and the hard drive started beeping in sets of 4's like: "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" Could have been sets of 3's, but I am pretty sure it was 4's.
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I hope someone can help advise me on this I ve been having a problem with my laptop for Can Hard certain drive someone me be help failing? a long time now but recently it has happened more and more and I can live with it no longer I m running Hard drive failing? Can someone help me be certain Windows on a Samsung np - b laptop Basically every now and again I will turn on the machine wake it out of sleep and it will be really unresponsive Like I can go to close media player if something had Hard drive failing? Can someone help me be certain been halfway through playing and it will take forever to close Eventually it will do it but then the next thing will take forever to happen It doesn t sound like the hard drive is being engaged busy and I have turned off all other processes so I don t think it is a bottleneck of the CPU being busy or anything like that might be wrong All of a sudden at some random time everything will run again at full speed with things responding immediately No waits no delays for anything Weeks could go by without the problem returning When the problem happens I have control over some things that I suspect might be limited to what is already cached or in RAM so I can move my mouse on the screen and it follows or press the start menu button as many times as I want and the menu will pop up and disappear instantly And now it s in the middle of happening and I can write this text at full speed It s just that new stuff won t respond So if I had two explorer windows open I could switch between these no problem instantly but if I tried to open a file within one it would be back to the freeze issue and take forever to do this I kept from mentioning this before in case it coloured anyone s view but on rare seemingly unrelated occasions my hard drive makes awful sounds clicking as if it is on its way out This can cause everything on the machine to grind to a halt until it eventually stops or on a few occasions it goes to BSOD I have used up most of my hard drive space now and the freezing happens more often so I m thinking possibly this is all a read-issue and the drive is dying and really on the way out I m tempted to get a new drive but I wanted to run this by people here first to see what they thought I think it s the drive but I don t want to replace it just for the issue to continue Are there any diagnostics I can run Thanks for any help or suggestions nbsp

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today when i started up my computer...the hard drive was making some loud noises...and sounded like it was spinning up really fast then just stop and starting up again...and it was the first time hearing this...if it makes any difference the temp of it right now is 41oC...

is there some sorta of test i can do to see the "health" of my hard drive?

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First off i have a Seagate sshd hybrid 2tb.

So if im using applications or playing games etc. i hear a little 2 second noise coming from my hard drive then game will freeze for 20-30 seconds then return and play fine. My mouse still moves just everything is unresponsive.

Like i opened Archeage (MMORPG) i clicked on my character loaded 100% saw scenery then hard drive made a quick weird noise then game stopped for about 30 seconds replaying sound (but i could move the mouse) then it unfroze and could play just fine.

Any thoughts?

A:Hard drive failing?

You might be well served to download Seagate's drive health software tools and check drive.

SeaTools for Windows | Seagate
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I have a Directv dvr that keeps giving me error messages when scanning disk and is stuck in reboot mode. It says 507 errors and corrects over 600 when it gets s5uck. I have another dvr that works fine, is there any way to recover the shows that I have recorded. I normally wouldnt care but my kids were on tv a few times and I dont want to lose those recordings! Please help

A:Failing DVR hard drive please help

I'm going to suggest also looking in the DirecTV forums on dbstalk
as there are knowledgeable people there when dealing with the DirecTV DVRs and receivers. Since you didn't say if it is a HD or SD DVR I can't be more specific as to which subforum.
There is a slim possibility that opening up the DVR and putting the drive in a computer and running the drive makers software could help.However unless you own it that is against the DirecTV TOS. Due to the way DirecTV does their software the drive will only play back in the DVR it recorded in as I understand it. I have directions on opening different HR series DVRs there.
Good Luck
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My primary system drive where Win is installed is a WD K M SATA WD AAKS HD G - OEM Long version feel free to scroll down to short version Yesterday I came back to my computer and all of my applications and desktop were frozen but I could move the mouse When I do what failing, Hard drive to clicked on a window the cursor would turn to the blue spinning thing and the window would eventually say not responding and turn a lighter shade of white I couldn't click on the desktop of the start menu so I did a hard reset The computer then wouldn't pass the black quot starting windows quot screen I did another hard reset and it asked me if I wanted windows to try to repair start up Soon after that it asked if I wanted to restore windows but when I clicked OK I Hard drive failing, what to do got what looked to me to be a memory error sorry don't recall what it said Then startup repair seemed to do nothing for a few hours till I got impatient and restarted the computer I was able to get into Windows and I scheduled a memory test and reset the computer Memory test ran and found no problems I Hard drive failing, what to do restarted and Windows loaded but soon after my computer was laggy and the programs were freezing So then I thought it may be a HDD issue so I scheduled to run check disk on that drive and reset Check Disk found corrupt files and bad sectors After that I was able to load Windows normally but when I tried to open MC for quot Live TV quot it wouldn't pass the searching for tuner stage so I closed out MC and got an error message in the action center So I ran chkdsk again This time windows wouldn't load after restart so I went back into repair startup and it seemed to have found the error really fast restarted and everything seemed fine I decided to run chkdsk one more time for good measure and it had a couple more read errors and found more bad sectors Now I have been running windows with no apparent issues yet Short version computer froze ended up running chkdsk times had to repair start up and now everything is OK for now but obviously I'm worried about more harddrive failure Here are my questions How troubling is this Do I need a new harddrive ASAP or can it run for years with a few bad sectors Any further tests I could run If I am to get a new system drive what should I get All I have on it is windows and my programs I have separate disks for data I'm using roughly GBs out of Should I just try to get the same drive same speed same capacity or is there a good upgrade and is it worth getting an upgrade I don't need more space but something that would help performance maybe or any good deals on sale now I bought my current failing HDD on and I'm pretty sure WD has year limited warranty Should I peruse that angle Any tips or advice related to that How should I got about moving restoring this OS to the new drive a I have a half dozen Windows Image Backups saved Should I just use an old one from before the failure or should I try to create a new one now even though the disk may be corrupt b Or is there a better program to be using than Windows backup and restore Is there anything else I need to know Thanks a lot for any information

A:Hard drive failing, what to do

First, back up everything. When you are done, I will give you advice, but the back up gets priority.

We can test the HardDrive, etc.

Here is a start, but back up, now
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Hi there I have a hp pavillion dv1000 laptop with windows xp that seems to have a failing hard drive. I run chkdsk and it freezes on step 5 at 56%. I then ran the bios diagnostics and it comes back saying test status 2- 07 fail. For a 3rd test I downloaded HDtune I included a snapshot of the results. I assume I need to replace the drive right?

A:Hard Drive failing?

Yup, all three point to a faulty drive. You can get a replacement 160GB drive for $35 or for $40 you can move up to a 250GB drive with a faster spin rate of 7200 RPM and a larger 16MB cache:
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Hi I m having some issues with a Maxtor DiamondMax HDD It s only about years old and I ve been using it in an external USB case Dynex DX-HDEN if it matters The disk is gb formatted in NTFS and I ve only used it for extra storage Also I m running Windows XP For the past month or so the drive has been making a clicking noise Hard I Failing Drive... Think... on occasion and last week a Failing Hard Drive... I Think... few of the files on the drive became corrupt and I had Failing Hard Drive... I Think... to repair the disc Windows found or bad Failing Hard Drive... I Think... sectors and fixed them Today the drive stopped working altogether I turned it on this morning like I always do and it simply wouldn t read When I tried to open the drive in Windows Explorer I received the message quot Error performing inpage operation quot To ensure that it wasn t the USB case causing the problem I tried removing the drive and putting it in a friend s case but got identical results After a lot of clicking I managed to convince Windows to format the drive I found it strange that this was possible even though information such as the volume label wasn t available and now the drive seems to work fine None of the data on the drive was very important most of it was backed up elsewhere What I m wondering is can I trust this drive Being years old it s just out of warranty so my only options are to keep using the drive and hoping that it won t fail again or to start shopping Any help would be appreciated -Corey nbsp

Relevancy 62.78% I know the drill for when things look grim for a hard drive--back everything up--but I'm not really in a position to be able to do that and need to use my computer. It just today started making a whirring sound...but no clicking yet. Does anybody know if there is a general rule as to when hard drives will go after first showing signs of failing? I know a hard drive can really go at any time...but is it likely or can I get a few more weeks out of it?

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Need help quick Since August Ive been getting BSOD first stop error message was x A then I was told it was because I didnt have enough memory to run everything only had mb also said that using AOL was really bad big resource hog So I removed the mb ram stick and had two new mb ram sticks installed Now havent had any more x A but have had two blue screens saying x F somethng about a crucial thread my hard drive is yrs old short tests say its ok but it makes this random ticking noise for about minute then goes away Im assuming its the HHD but my DVD ROM had a disc stuck in it and now every once in awhile I get a little copy of a CD on my mouse pointer like its trying to load up maybe that I ran a hard drive diagnostics using Speed Fan and HD Tune and this is what it said NOTE not all warnings are reflected on fitness and performance overall values as relevancy is based upon the settings from failing?? drive Is hard my the hard disk manufacturer who is the best entity deputed to define such relationships NOTE your hard disk has reallocated sectors this value is very large and your hard disk should be replaced Hard disks do have spare sectors usually from up to used to replace bad ones Is my hard drive failing?? This remapping operation is transparent to the end user Anyway this can lead to degradated performances because remapped sectors are in different places of the disk than the original ones and the head needs additional moving If reallocated sectors grow over time you might encounter some serious troubles A backup of the most important data is suggested anyway NOTE your hard disk has pending sectors Those are sectors that couldn t be properly read and that the hard disk logic is waiting for a write operation to try to remap to a spare sector if available According to the Reallocated Is my hard drive failing?? Sector Count attribute your hard disk seems to Is my hard drive failing?? have available spare sectors A simple disk surface scan won t be enough to force the remap operation You need a read write surface scan to remap the sector The best option should be a tool that knows about what should be read from that sector so that it has some option to apply the best fix to the missing data NOTE your hard disk Spin Retry Count attribute current value is below the normal range - reported for your specific hard disk model This means that your hard disk was unable to start the motor at the first attempt and that additional retries were needed This is not a good sign and you should keep an eye on your hard disk The overall fitness for this drive is The overall performance for this drive is Ok do you think this is the cuase of my BSOD if not what else can I do to find out whats causing this seems like it only happens when my PC sits idle not when its being used My HHD temp is running around c manufacturer says it should normally be about c Can anyone help nbsp

A:Is my hard drive failing??

That doesn't look good, esp with the 'ticking' sound. I'd run one of the tools found in this thread and see what they say, it is a little better test for failure than drive fitness. If you manage to pass that then I'd run some RAM tests. Only reason I'm suggesting that is because in my expierence if a HD is going to cause a BSOD or a system hang, you'll be able to tell by listening and or looking at the HDD activity light. Maybe you just haven't noticed because you didn't know what to look for, now you do
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so my win 7 hard drive is failing and i wanted to know which files do i have to copy into my other hard drive so that win. 7 will boot.

A:win 7 hard drive failing ?

You can't just copy files to a new hard drive to make Windows work again.

You can clone the drive by using some third party software however.
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I'm running windows XP and I think my hard drive is dying. About a month ago I got the bluescreen a few times and then had a hard time booting up. I reinstalled windows but still takes a long time booting into windows. I started having my mouse pointer frreezing up within the last 2 weeks quite abit. I do a scandisk daily and a disk cleanup, defrag. I keep my Norton Internet Security updated daily and a scan once daily. My computer is 5 years old with 2 gigs of memory and 120 gig harddrive. I have a Nvidia FX 5500 video card installed. Anyone with possible answers I would appreciate it.

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I have two WD hard drives in my system and I think one of them has started to make a new noise. Sort of like a rattle now and then. No real clicking, almost sounds like resonance. Hard drive about to fail? Any way I can check the 'health' of the hard drive?

What backup programs out there are good to make an exact backup of the hard drive that I can save to a few blank DVDs? I've heard of Norton Ghost but not much else.....appreciate any feedback.

A:Hard drive likes to hum now, never did before. Failing?

Yes it does sound like your hdd is on the blink.

Go HERE and read the this thread.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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Operating System: Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3

The PC is 4 years old, so I've been wondering when the hard drive will die. For the past few days, the system opens multiple windows while on the Web and freezes from time to time.

I ran the following programs in Safe Mode:

Dr. Web - Cure It!
Malware Bytes
Super Antispyware
CC Cleaner

Nothing much found, just a few adware problems.

The machine boots up normally but after awhile the multiple windows open, programs randomly start up, and crashes happen all over again.

I ran HiJack This which shows Stopzilla as an entry and I cannot get rid of it by deleting it in the Program Files.

Should I post the HiJack This scan file and someone could take a look at it? Anything else I should try? All my files are backed up, so I could reinstall XP if necessary.


A:Is it a virus or is the hard drive failing?

If you suspect that the hard drive is failing (it is part of your thread title)...have you bothered to run the appropriate hard drive get a possible answer to that line of thought?

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I just came back from a trip data me from drive hard failing get Help and my laptop suddenly took ten minutes to boot and then starting Help me get data from failing hard drive acting very very slow I fear I may have dropped laptop and damaged harddrive I also found that the all data partition part of my GB hard drive became inaccessible to me Explorer would freeze up and crash when I tried to access my data partition My Data partition has GB of data I want to retrieve I tried putting the WD scorpio blue drive in a hard drive enclosure but the GB partition partition says location is not accessible the peramiter is incorrect A microsoft windows popped up saying I need to format the drive before I can use it I clicked ok but then quickly thought better of it and turned off computer afraid it would erase my partition I turned my PC back on and opened disk management from manage my computer and I see my data partition listed as healthy GB logical volume but it's file system says RAW instead of ntfs Is this right Disk properties would not do error check it said windows can't access the disk I also tried reinstalling windows on the primary non data partition of the GB drive but each screen was taking ten minutes to load and the install wouldn't take Anyone know warranty options on this drive I bought this WD GB drive used from ebay about months ago

A:Help me get data from failing hard drive

This may save your documents
Most warranties do not cover dropped computers, unless you purchased the special warranty that covers accidents.

There is no way of telling how software will react on a damaged hard drive etc.
Use hard drive as little as possible until recovery
As a last resort when the hard drive is dead and you did not get your doucments.
Take a baggie, put drive in baggie. Put baggie in freezer over night then try to get the documents.
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I have an Acer Aspire X3200, when I re-boot, there is a wuring noise coming from the pc. I don't seem to have any problems, but this noise. I am led to believe that my hard drive is on its way out. Before this happens, I want to install a new drive. The drive is a SATA drive. My question is how do I replace it? And can anyone recommend what drive I should look for?

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WD Hard drive is failing with increasingly more frequent BSODs
Can usually boot to Win7. Cannot clone with Macrium. Has failed 5x
Have run chkdsk before each attempt to clone
WD Data Lifeguard fails Quick Test (Status code 07, Failure checkpoint 65)
Don't have valuable data on HD but have lost keys to some of the software so I want to clone
Any repair (or other) ideas?

A:Cannot clone failing hard drive

In the past I have had cloning fail with a bad drive, but was able to create and restore a system image. I usually use acronis. You can get a free version from WD (also Seagate) but you must have one of their drives hooked up when using it.
WD Support
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I suspect the HD on a laptop is close to giving up the ghost. It is making strange clicking / humming noise all the time but still works (not sure how long before it packs in altogether!!).

I have changed out HDs in laptops before - pretty straightforward job, and reinstalled Windows.

An idea occurred to avoid losing files / data etc......

Is it possible to remove the dying HD and copy it exactly to a new HD using another PC so that the new HD can be fitted into the laptop in place of the old HD and work OK?????????????


A:Laptop hard drive failing...

I would back-up everything immdeiately to DVD and flash.

I used the following to transfer everything including the OS to a new laptop harddrive under 10 minutes. It was one of the easiest things I have ever done:
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I have a XP Hard Drive that is failing.... I Have all my Data moved to a new drive, but How can I back up settings profiles etc
Outlook profiles and email settings I have 4 profiles that I use 2 exchange 2 POP, I have the PST files I want the settings rules etc
Programs, I am guessing I have to reinstall all of the but what about codes etc

Any thoughts


A:Backing up a Failing Hard Drive

Windows Xp comes with a files and settings transfer wizard and backup utility that can be found by clicking the Start menu > All programs > Accessories > System Tools. They are basic, but will do the job. Outlook and other programs will generally have built in tools that allow you to back up and restore your settings relating to them. If you still have your original install media for your programs then you should have your software keys on or in the packaging. Make sure to backup your drivers, but before you uninstall anything, check to see if your computer has a recovery partition as it will save you a lot of time.
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Several days ago, my battery back up died. I think when it was failing and cutting off power every so often it damaged my external hard drive because suddenly the hard drive is not backing up as it's supposed to.
The error message tells me there isn't enough room on the drive. This is not possible.
Is there something I can do to test the drive before I run out and get a new one?
I just want to be sure that it's shot.

Thanx !

A:External hard drive failing . .

Have a look at this link,
It contains link to the manufacturer's diagnostic programs
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I seem to be having a problem with my hard drive.

The last few times it has started it takes an age to get through the initial black screen, white letters (boot?) section before starting windows. One time after about an hour, it started to boot (!) and announced a disk boot failure, coupled with a request to load up the system repair disk. After doing this it went through various procedures, eventually resulting in a working machine.
Also the HD used to be silent but now I can hear it (faintly) working all the time. It's a Western Digital WDC WD10EACS and listening to the 'sample sounds' the nearest one is the stuck spindle sound but with faint irregular clicking rather than chatter.

Is this a sign that the hard drive is probably on its way out, and that I should replace it?

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Hey guys I was running Seatools and got this error. Can you explain it to me? THx for the help


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I have an external Docking station for my old SATA seagate ST AS GB hard drive and put it on there and Drive Failing Recovering Hard power it on Recovering Failing Hard Drive my new pc Once my pc detects the usb external device I get pop up windows for Recovering Failing Hard Drive each partition on my old HDD telling me that each drive needs to be formatted I click cancel cause I don't want to lose the data from that HDD even though it no longer boots up Vista on my old pc Recovering Failing Hard Drive neither does it ask me to use Startup repair anymore when I try to boot my old pc with the old hard drive I have used the manufacturer's HDD Diagnostic tool seatools for dos and after the repair it told me I had about something bad sectors So now I know what's wrong with it I'm trying to use Spinrite to recover my data but it stays stuck at on level I have no S M A R T monitor capabilities on Spinrite even though I have SMART enabled and status of SMART is ok in the bios I cannot change the emulation of my Sata controller in the bios so Spinrite could detect it it only allows me to enable or disable it However I have checked my Hard drive on my new pc using the docking station with an app called CrystalDiskInfo and allows SMART monitor capabilities with the use of an external USB hard drive After scanning it showed my Hard drive was C and it's health status was at quot Caution quot The old HDD is back in the old pc using Spinrite but it's taking hours and has not moved The only time it moved a bit of blocks in the Graphic Status display was when I stopped it wrote down the starting point and began to repair it again on level where I left off and even after those processed blocks it's only NEAR Right now I'm using level operation and i'm on cylinder and head The Dynastat data recovery graph shows a straight red line with dots in between in the middle of the graph where a question mark lies Anyone here who has any experience using Spinrite can help me with any suggestions or tell me what the hell is going on why hasn't Spinrite showed a recovered data from a sector on the graphic status display

A:Recovering Failing Hard Drive

Take a linux live distro, and run badblocks -c 100000 -sn /dev/sda (or /sda1).



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The PC is 5 months old and only used domestically. When I switched on yesterday, all I got on screen was " No boot disk has been detected or disk has failed". I tried various repairs as recommended on the forums without success. No usable PC. Before ringing my supplier this morning, John Lewis, I switched on again without any realistic hope. This time I got "Preparing automatic repair" followed by Diagnosing your PC, then Your PC did not start correctly, then scanned and repaired drive D and Configuring Windows updates. Deep joy, I thought. we are back to normal. I can now access the PC BUT it is now running at a snails pace.. It cannot even keep up with my slow typing of emails.Save my sanity and get the PC working again as it should or is this going to be an ongoing problem?
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I need to back up my files before my computer crashes again. I am unable to use the backup utility in my computer, and I get a blue screen when I attempt to use a backup software.

I want to back up my files onto a cd, but I am unable to accomplish this. Can someone give me directions on how I can back up files to a cd?

Also, when I first turn on the computer, it attempts to perform a disk check, but it never completes. Is there any way that I can repair this or do I need to replace the disk entirely?

A:failing hard drive-need to back up

a you able to get into windows? how about safemode? If so, try a system restore to a restore point just prior to the problem. Then you can drag and drop the files you want to save on the cd.

Do you have a recovery cd or an xp cd?
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Hi, I have a 2tb wd green hard-drive which is currently failing, when it is connected to the computer I get the classic :Computer freezes often. When it happens, the mouse cursor is unmovable and keyboard input is ignored. Nothing works and a restart is required to recover the computer.
File access mysteriously slows to a turtle?s pace. Saving files or open files simply takes forever

I'm trying to backup the content by just copy-pasting into another drive but it seems that each time it reach a corrupted file the system hangs up and I pretty much have to restart the computer.

Is there some sort of backup that could either skip the corrupted bit and keep going or copy the corrupted file as is, or find the corrupted sector and skip them ???

Would a linux live-cd or runing in safe mode or backup utility help ?

HDTune pro report (C5) Current Pending Sector 50 and it keep rising

A:Backup up failing hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by Caddish

Would a linux live-cd or runing in safe mode or backup utility help ?

This is definitely worth a go by getting the Windows 7 OS out of the way. Something like Puppy Linux or Hirens Boot CD.
You may want to try free Macrium reflect (V5) Boot/Rescue CD to attempt making an image to an external HDD. Attempt the image from the rescue CD.
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I have Win 7 installed on an SSD and all other programs and data stored on a separate Hitachi HDD. The Hitachi is starting to fail with over 2,000 bad sectors. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the info off the failing drive and onto the new one. I should mention that I have my entire PC backed up to an HP Mediasmart server in addition to an external hard drive so I have two backups of everything. The server will restore data to a specific drive. So I can select the drive letter that is failing and hit restore from the server. I've never had to do it before so I'm not sure exactly how it works. In my situation, is it best to try the server restore to a new drive or do I need to use a cloning software?
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Im not sure if this is in the right place.

On my HDD I have Win XP but my hard drive is failing, can i copy everything from my Win XP HDD as it is now onto my other hdd and remove the failing one without having to re-install Win XP?

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hey everyone, first post <_<

i bought a 200gb seagate external hard drive about 2 years ago, and last month it failed (sometimes it would recognize, sometimes it wouldnt, video playback would freeze after +- 20 minutes). i reformatted the drive, and it worked fine for about 2 weeks, then the same symptome started again.

i replaced the drive inside (kept the same case) with a WD 250gb that i had used in another tower for a while. wouldnt you know, after 2 weeks, the same symptoms started again.

is my case ruining drives, or do you think these drives will work in a new case?

A:external hard drive keeps failing

I doubt the case is ruining the drives, but it may be possible...

Can you pop the drive into an extra slot in your PC and see if it works fine?
To rule out the possibility of the drive being bad vs the case.
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Recently my computer has been acting strange. Eg. Windows Explorer takes ages to load from the C: drive but Firefox load quickly from the E: drive. I have checked my hard drive fitness and performance using Speedfan and it says that drive C: is at 88% fitness. My question is, Has the hard drive C: pretty much had it? and Can I copy windows xp media centre from Drive C to Drive E?

Thanking in advance,

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I know I need to back up all the stuff I have on here an gb HDD so I ordered another gb hard drive from newegg and when it gets here I m going to attempt to back up everything on this drive to the new one but my problem is I need to use the new hard drive as the primary one with XP on it but still keep all my files but don t know how I would accomplish this Will I need another hard drive If I install XP on the extra Restarting Failing, Keeps Is Hard Drive hard drive can it still be Hard Drive Is Failing, Keeps Restarting used as a slave and not booted from while running the current drive so I can backup all my files on it Hard Drive Is Failing, Keeps Restarting and then set it to master and boot from it EDIT Also I would want to back up the hard drive in safe mode with command prompt to avoid the computer shutting down like it most likely would during the back up process if running in normal mode How would I go about doing that and keeping the file structure

A:Hard Drive Is Failing, Keeps Restarting

To do this you'd need to partition the new hard drive into at least 2 different partitions. Leave the first one blank for the OS install later on - then copy the data to the next partition. I'd suggest formatting the first partition in NTFS and the second one in FAT32 to ease your access to these files when you reinstall the OS.
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Hello here is the background About two weeks ago my XP could not start properly and I was prompted to use chkdsk I did so the next startup was OK and I forgot about it Yesterday I messed a bit with the PC I uninstalled an antivirus program F-secure and installed a new one trendmicro and then I opened the case and installed GB of extra RAM Since then I can t start the computer The RAM seems to be OK the correct amount of memory is shown when I turn the PC on but when I log on it either completely freezes or starts again by itself like someone had pressed the reset button I started a command-line shell from the original CD-rom that came with the failing? Hard drive Solved: computer and run chkdsk It exited after reporting quot Solved: Hard drive failing? at least one quot not repairable error without giving me any details So now my guess is that the hard drive is dead Replacing it will be a lot of work so I wanted to check if anyone has a better idea Is it a coincidence that the hard drive died after I put in more RAM Thanks a lot D nbsp

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Hi there,

Good to be back in the realm of Techspot..

I've run into a situation with a Macbook Pro HD.

The drive had shown signs of failing and finally I got the "Pinwheel of Death".

I booted to an OSX disk and repaired it, and was able to log in okay once or twice.

The computer continued to freeze and I had no luck backing up the 15,000 images for my client.

I pulled the drive and plugged it in to another Mac with a SATA to USB adapter. The drive shows up in disk utility, I can copy a few small files over, but it quickly fails within 1 minutes of it spinning up.

So, what is there to be done with a 'failing' hard drive? Any software/tricks to stabilize it long enough to get the files that I need? (Spending $500 for mechanical repairs is currently not an option?)

Thank You for insight.

A:'Failing' hard drive -- what are my options?

Don't think you have many options unfortunately. There is a decent possibility as it heats up it fails, so if it is really dry where you live you may be able to find a way to put an ice pack on the drive to keep it cool. I'd get the drive cooled down with an ice pack or a fridge/freezer and then hook it up and keep an ice pack on it while copying the files over.

I would avoid doing this if there is enough humidity that you will run into a condensation issue. Currently there is 32% RH in my room and fighting static is much more of a problem than condensation on a beverage. So good luck, and hopefully it is dry there.
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Hey all.

Here's the thing..

IBM Deskstar HDD, made in Oct. of 2001. The drive appears to be making noise from time to time (can't pinpoint it though, doesn't do it all the time). Sometimes the machine won't be able to find an "Operating System". The IBM HDD test comes up as a fail, but after doing a repair sector, the drive comes up green. I'm curious, should I trust this hard drive, or should I trash it?

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Hello all! I seem to be having some issues with my computer all of a sudden, but am wondering if it might possibly be a failing hard drive. On booting up my computer this morning, it prompted me to do a disk consistency check on my drive - I did so a couple of times, only to have it get frozen right after the USN Journal verification completed so I couldn't get the results. It seems to boot up normally - I've tried both a normal boot and a safe mode boot and it seems to be working BUT it's incredibly slow and all my programs seem to be taking ages to load. At this point, it's basically unusable as it's way too slow to do anything, even opening the start menu causes a 2 minute delay...crazy! Any ideas or advice?

A:Failing hard drive OR??? Not sure, need advice, thanks!

How are you running the chkdsk?The following are instructions for running it from a command line.Go to Start, click on Run, and type cmd in the box and then click OK.A black page like the one below will open with a blinking cursor, type in hdkdsk c: /r/f then press the Enter key.
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vista keeps saying that my harddrive is failing and to start backing up now i had this problem with only vista it was this for almost a year n the drive hasnt failed i used to have the warning turned off i found out how to do it in regedit on some page google brought me too. i just got done formating and i cant find the page any more now im getting the same message agian does anyone know how to turn it off?

A:hard drive failing warning

Hi Lost896, welcome to the board,

Before getting into more complicated trouble shooting, first, I recommend to make sure your SATA cable is making good connection by wiggle and tug on it. Replace the cables with aftermarket ones when you have a chance. Loosen SATA cable is a know cause for problem of the this type.

Hope this would fix it. Post back.
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Hello, I am worried that my hard drive is failing. My reasoning behind this is that, according to my S.M.A.R.T data my Calibration Retry Count is 2018 which HDTune says "Warning" and my Interface CRC Error Count is 9, which is an "Attention"

Is it also bad that in 3 days (13th November - 16th November) My calibration Retry Count went from 1644 to 2018

According to sentinel...

Power on time is 1064 days 17 hours and has an estimated 760 days remaining.
Performance is 100%
Health is 100%
Current temp is 44c | Max temp during lifespan was 53c
S.M.A.R.T Also passed

I checked my health with HDD Health, and that reports 93%

P.S I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section, sorry

A:Worried about Hard Drive failing

I don't think that is indicating that failure is imminent so you shouldn't fret but make sure you keep your stuff backed up regardless.
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Sorry if this has already been answered I searched a little and couldn t really find anything specific to my problem My boyfriend s laptop hard drive got a SMART error and is crashing hard and he needs his Backing a hard up drive failing files off it way to back things up So I go to press F to get out of the error screen and nothing happens awesome sauce So I do a little research online find some people with the same problems and Backing up a failing hard drive the best suggestion was booting a version of linux the said puppy seamonkey and getting the files he need off that way So I get that and burn it to a boot-able CD and try that only nothing happens I check the cd on my PC and it works fine so that s not the problem So I figure i ll just make it a slave drive to my PC and I get it all Backing up a failing hard drive hooked up and on the start up it comes Backing up a failing hard drive up with another black screen saying it s detected all my stuff and it recognizes his hard drive with SMART some stuff saying it checks out bad and my computer wont start up with it connected So i m at the end of my rope here and I cant think of anything else to do I m probably dabbling into things above my computer know how but I ve gotten this far and I don t feel like quitting yet I dont know if I have to do something in the BIOS screen or what but I m playing amateur hour over here and would love for some help Thanks guys nbsp

A:Backing up a failing hard drive

Two options I can think of ..
1) Make a backup Image to a data file in an External HDD.
Replace the HDD and attempt to restore it from the Backup Image.
I'd use Acronis .. But I hear the freeware Macrium is good.
Imaging Backup Programs run from a CD loaded to RAM.

2) Replace the HDD and recover it from the Recovery DVDs.
Put the old HDD in a USB adapter .. Read it and recover any Data files.

And Welcome to the TSG Forum
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Hello I m wondering if there is any way to tell if a hard drive is going out by making a strange sound My computer was making a a noise that started a few months ago At first it was off and on and wasn t very Drive Tell? Hard Possibly Can Failing? You How loud It sounds like it s switching gears like reving Hard Drive Possibly Failing? How Can You Tell? up and then backing off hard to explain I had asked a few people who are much more computer literate than myself and I was told by each of them that it sounded like a power supply fan going out I learned that you cannot easily anyway replace just the fan and it would be best to replace the entire power supply I took Hard Drive Possibly Failing? How Can You Tell? it to a repair shop one I used about a year ago when I upgraded with a larger hard drive He replaced the power supply End of story or so I thought Well I brought it home and set it all back up again turned it on and yup you got it STILL MAKING THAT SAME NOISE After spending to get the problem fixed needless to say I m not a happy camper so I called the tech and told him about the problem He told me quot the fan has variable speeds so I will hear it change sounds sometimes quot and not to worry about it Let me tell you sometimes it gets SO loud I can hear it off in the other room Could someone please tell me what I need to do next or if this dude is right and it s quot normal quot for it to make this sound that gets so loud it s rediculous My fear is that one of my hard drives are going out and I do not want to lose everything I have backed up important files but some of the programs on it I can longer get as my house was hit by a tornado and I lost a lot of my old software The computer is an HP Pavillion sorry I forgot to mention that before Thank you in advance for your help blondie

A:Hard Drive Possibly Failing? How Can You Tell?

You said that you have a new hard drive? If so, Sounds like you have a raddle! Had one in mine, it was the piece of casing that you can remove. I just put in a tiny piece of paper and it was quiet as a mouse.
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Hi all.

I believe the hard drive in my parents PC has just died.

Basically in the last few days the PC has been freezing, initally just in Windows XP, but then it got worse and started sometimes freezing before it could even boot into Windows.
It froze several times on the BIOS screen, and now when I turn the PC on nothing displays on the screen and none of the lights on the keyboard, etc. are working.

Are these the symptoms of a dead hard drive?
If the hard drive was dead, should I still be able to see the screen and enter the BIOS?

At the moment nothing is displaying on the screen at all.

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I recently decided to remove one of my hard drives for use in another PC.

Ever since removal I have not been able to boot back into Windows, I just get a black screen with a flashing _ in the left hand top corner.

I have tried Startup Repair and also manually rebuilding the MBR.

The partition status when I have a look at it with Acronis Disk Director is also marked as Active, System and Boot.

I did notice at the bottom of the startup repair diagnosis and repair log that I have attached to this post that is says "Boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully."

It would be a great if someone could help me with this problem, it's really starting to drive me nuts now.


A:Start up failing after removal of second hard drive

As you removed your first HD Drive.

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.
Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.
startup repair disc-create

Do a Strartup Repair:
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
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I have a toshiba hard drive in my laptop that Windows 7 says "Windows detected a hard disk problem." I've backed up my personal files, and now I'm trying to figure out if it can be repaired or if I'm going to have to buy a new hard drive. I tried to run the Toshiba hard drive diagnostic, but the tool isn't allowing me to select my drive and can't run without being able to do that, even though it is my only hard drive. I've checked for viruses and malware, and it says there are none. I've defraged as well. Where can I go from here?

A:Receiving error that Hard Drive is failing

As a guess, I'd say that the tool won't run because the drive is already too far gone.

You might see what this tells you:


For what it's worth, as soon as you get a warning that a drive has problems you can just about forget it. It might last five weeks or five minutes, but it's not going to last five years. You were very smart to back your stuff up while you could. I would plan for a new drive as soon as possible; right now if you really need the machine on a regular basis.
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I wasn t sure which topic to put this under so I apologize if I picked the wrong section So over the last few months I feel like my hard drive is failing The other day I got - bsod s in a row with irql gt zero service as error I used SeaTools to try to diagnose it but it fails the DST test and it also failed the long test when i clicked on fix it all It tells me to run seatools in DOS to fix bad sectors of the hard drive but when I load it in dos it does not even recognize my harddrive I ll try to provide whatever details of my laptop below OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name RAZ-PC System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Dell System XPS L X System Type x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot User Name Raz-PC Raz Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Here is seatools in windows log --------------- SeaTools for Windows v --------------- AM Model ST AS Serial Number VJBJG Firmware Revision D SDM Identify - Started AM Short DST - Started AM Short DST - FAIL AM SeaTools Test Code AED E SMART - Pass AM Short DST Solved: drive failing + Hard BSOD - Started AM Short DST Aborted AM Fix All Long - FAIL AM SeaTools Test Code Solved: BSOD + Hard drive failing AED C Does anyone know what I can do Is there a way to remove bad sectors on a hard drive and put them onto another area of the hard drive I ran a memtest and it passed I also ran some cpu tester and it passed so I m pretty sure it s the hard drive On a side note I can do everything fine on the computer just every now and then there will be a time when everything just kind of really slugs down and even ctrl alt del takes like minutes to show up and then when that phase passes everything is fine again nbsp

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First time poster.

I am trying to get the above laptop working and I believe the hard drive is failing.

The question I have is, can I replace it with a hard drive with a greater capacity than the 40Gb drive that is currently installed? Is there a limit to the size of hard drive that can be installed?

Any information gratefully received.



A:Satellite Pro L10 (PSL15E) - hard drive is failing

Yes, you can upgrade HDD. If I?m remembering well it is old HDD inside with IDE connector and you can upgrade it with 60 or 80GB HDD.

Pick up some info about available HDDs.
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Hello everyone I have a year old Gateway Laptop with Windows Vista-Home 4 Months Ago- Failing Already! Installed New Drive It's Hard Premium -bit Operating System BACKGROUND New Hard Drive Installed 4 Months Ago- It's Failing Already! About months New Hard Drive Installed 4 Months Ago- It's Failing Already! ago March a blue screen appeared and I immediately put my laptop in a computer repair shop The repair guy told me that New Hard Drive Installed 4 Months Ago- It's Failing Already! I need a new hard drive I paid him to install a new hard drive My laptop worked fine until yesterday PROBLEM Now when I start the computer it says quot SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk ST AS - S WARNING Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive A failure maybe imminent Press F to continue When I pressd F to continue I get a pop that says quot Windows detected a hard disk problem Back up your files immediately and contact the manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk quot So I Backed up any new data already had old data backed up month ago on an enclosure Ran a virus scan with PC-Cillen a troj gen file was quarantined but the Hard Drive Repair Replace messages are still appearing Ran a Scan Disk to repair any faulty files couldn t tell if Scan Disk repaired anything after it was completed the message popped up and then closed I restarted the computer and the SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk message and pop-up still appears I m really pissed because I am a newbie web designer that works from home I urgently need my computer to do my work I just spent over months ago for a new hard drive and install I m in shock that it s failing or needs repair since its brand new only months old I called the computer repair shop and the repair guy said that a new hard drive CAN go bad but it usually happens with in the first days not months He also said that the only warranty is the manufacturers warranty and it could take a few months to get a hard drive from them Now I m totally confused QUESTION I am not Computer Repair Technician and I m totally confused now Question Is it possible for a NEW hard drive to go bad within short months or is the computer repair guy BS-ing me Does anyone have any suggestions on any additional steps I can take to fix this on my own I m a newbie web designer and forking out another for a new hard drive install would hurt me big time Please help Thanks in advance nbsp

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tl dr my dad's drive is failing and I want Safest drive? backup to failing way hard to back it up without pushing it too hard Should I do an image over manually saving files and should I use normal mode safe mode BIOS a separate computer or Safest way to backup failing hard drive? something else Thank you I wasn't able to find a thread that directly answers my question so I'm hoping you guys can share some of your expertise My father's desktop's hard drive is failing He got a warning yesterday but I do not know if it was a specific error or what to look for in event viewer anyway It's years old and it uses XP i think so I'm surprised it held so long I'm worried that backing up the drive in normal mode will make it worse so I'm trying to find the least taxing way I've always manually picked and saved files to avoid viruses and junk files Would it be quicker better to do an image here though What about safe mode BIOS or a separate computer My drive started to fail about months ago but it turned out to be something else and I used seatools to write s all over I did a ton of stuff before trying to diagnose and fix so I know a little about chkdsk using bios safe mode to diagnose using windows repair S M A R T tests with USBs etc I'm focusing on saving the files before I try to rescue the drive though Any thoughts and help would be awesome Thanks

A:Safest way to backup failing hard drive?

Does he have just 1 partition (C)?

Are you trying to save his personal files (picture, videos, mp3s, etc)?

Or his Windows installation?

Or both?

If his drive drops dead right now, do you have a means of doing a clean reinstall of Windows after you buy a new drive?
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I just checked that my hard drive is failing. Fortunately, I can still use it at this moment and backed up everything, but there's one thing I want to back up which I don't know how to. If I were to buy a new hard drive, is there a way I could use my Win10 OS , which is registered on my old hard drive, to my new one? I got the Win10 upgrade for free. I don't really have the cash to spend another $100 for the Win10 OS if I replace my old hard drive.
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Have tried to add a G hard drive to my system so that I could transfer and then remove all to recognise failing hard Bios drive info from my original G When trying to add the new HD it just wouldn t be picked up by the Bios despite it being set up to Auto and kept coming up with message quot operating system not found quot After trying for most of the day Bios failing to recognise hard drive checking that jumpers were in right place leads correct etc thought quot s d Bios failing to recognise hard drive it quot and decided to leave it for another time Now the damn machine won t even recognise the original hard drive And I keep getting the same message The main Bios screen has diskette shown and IDE amp DVD ROM and CD RW but nothing on IDE amp Have entered and set it to auto but still not picking it up Boot options are set as CD ROM without a sign Diskette and Hard Drive In case it helps Bios is a Phoenix which has sub pages Main Advanced Security Power and Exit As all was working before presume that I or my son who has a go at it have done something daft rather than Bios failing to recognise hard drive something failing but all suggestions gratefully received All this is on a system running XP Home if I could just get that far nbsp

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I ve got a year old Western Digital GB mb cache IDE hard drive that s failing There s no O S on it - it s my slave drive in a Win K Server I have it partioned into sections I m never really on that server much but I map to it from my XP PC amp my RedHat PC It started acting really slow and doing strang things so after several scan disks and reboots on purpose and BSOD s it now gets the following on startup quot Sec Master Hard Disk S M A R T Status BAD Backup and Replace Press F Hard save failing... Drive to the how data? to continue quot It ll boot up into the OS and sometimes I can access parts of it Hard Drive failing... how to save the data? and sometimes it doesn t even show up Also every once in a while it ll say it was unplugged or removed - that message that you get when you unplug a USB device I had tons of stuff on that drive Most I have backed up somewhere or I can get off CD or whatever But I kept all the pictures I ve ever taken with my digital cameras in the past several years I d like to get those back When I try to access the drive the quot pictures quot folder does not even show up Others do and I can access them sometimes That one never does Is this drive dieing and past repair or is there something I can do to get the data off it It s formated NTFS I tried a several DOS based floppys that had NTFS support on them This was back when I could see the quot pictures quot folder I was only able to copy a couple pics and then it crashed and the scan disk on bootup said I had bad sectors or unreadable sections or something like that - I can t remember exactly what it said Any help would be appreciated Cory nbsp

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About weeks ago windows started complaining my hard drive was failing I turned off the computer bought a new TB drive installed the drive couldn't boot into windows so got a Windows install disk Installed to the new drive spent two days installing updates and having windows tell me that the hard drive was failing I went from Vista to Win pro I have made back ups of the old drive and copied all the documents On boot the computer pauses until I acknowledge the failing drive f to continue Then when I get into Windows it warns me about the failing drive What I want to know is now that I've backed up or copied all the data can I save the drive Is there something I could run to reset it I read another thread and got the SMART data see below I ran the fast off line scan and it said that it completed with out errors Can I save this hard drive or should I just pull it and enjoy my new rare earth magnets Thanks

A:Windows says my hard drive is failing: Can I save it?

Seasons Greetings
Do not use that drive to store and important documents, it will fail. You may be able to postpone the inevitable by performing a scan disc. In step 4 check both boxes
Good luck
Disk Check
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i am getting this error message too. my failing attr is 5. i can still use my hard drive, but saving and installing new programs sometimes gets an error message of "windows delayed write failed".any advise? if already reinstalled windows twice and reformated my harddrive and the problem got worse each time i reinstalled and the problem didnt start until i resinstalled windows to clean out my harddrive. Split from a 2 years old Topic. See original topic

A:I am getting a "hard drive failing" error message

Hello palindrome388 and to Bleeping Computer.If you go to the website of the manufacturer of your hard drive you should be able to download a diagnostic tool that will tell you if your drive is failing and needs to be replaced.
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I recently dropped my laptop and now I get a short dst error. I've been told the only solution is to replace my hard drive, I want to know how much a replacement will be for my hard drive. Thanks in advance.

A:Cost to replace a failing hard drive

Where do you live (country)? The market varies a bit but if you live in a major US city and can do the labor yourself it is somewhere between $50 and $150, depending on the size and speed and quality of the drive you choose for a replacement. let us know if you need a service manual and a link to buy a drive.
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I ve got an internal Seagate hard drive which is not Saving hard drive failing data from in such great health It first showed some symptoms when in my Sony laptop see http answers Saving data from failing hard drive microsoft com en-us af-b - b -b - fc dce tab AllReplies I was able to retrieve some files using Unstoppable Copier but this program kept stopping when encountering a bad file or sector I removed the HD and installed it via the internal SATA to my home computer and began copying files But whenever it encounters a bad file I m trying to transfer it slows down and I have to reboot And about of the time after I reboot the suspect HD isn t detected in My Computer I d like to save all the good data - and have a list of the files which are bad or won t copy But with the computer constantly needing rebooting this is becoming a very frustrating tedious process Does anyone have any ideas of how I could easily save all the data without having all these interruptions Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

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TL DR below though the text explains the problem more specifically Recently I had to troubleshoot my brother's computer as it would not boot up anymore even safe mode would hang at loading files We ran a start-up repair and after hours it didn't work so we decided like we usually do when booting up becomes a problem to boot from the installation CD and reformat the drive This is where things got strange upon booting it would load the windows files like normal then show the windows logo After that it goes to a black screen with a cursor and stays on that screen for or so minutes much longer than it should failing hard Can with drive a booting a from CD? mess be until finally popping up to the start up screen sometimes it would not pop up We then hit the quot Install Now quot button and it goes to the quot Setup is Starting quot screen Once here Can a failing hard drive mess with booting from a CD? it just hangs though the cursor is spinning we waited about minutes before shutting down At first I thought maybe the disc can't be Can a failing hard drive mess with booting from a CD? read correctly so after trying my other disc and even an external disc drive thinking his internal one is shot I still had the same problems So as a last Can a failing hard drive mess with booting from a CD? attempt I unplugged the problem HDD and booted from the CD black screen lasted less than a minute and upon clicking quot Install Now quot the setup screen showed up for a few seconds and then it finally proceeded to the rest of the installation I now know the HDD is obviously gone so I bought a new one and Windows is currently installing as I type this but my question is why would the hard drive make booting from the CD impossible and I haven't even got to the part where I choose which drive to format I have fixed a few computers and did plenty of installs and this was the first time where it was the HDD preventing me from even being able to reformat it TL DR - How can a hard drive prevent me from booting from a CD when I haven't got to the part to choose a drive to format Thanks in advanced P S I wasn't sure if this was the correct sub-forum but it had something to do with the installation disc Sorry if I posted in the wrong place

A:Can a failing hard drive mess with booting from a CD?

I have similar issue as well. Not only booting from HDD give me diskread error message, when I booted from external USB drive to reinstall my Windows, the "Setup is Starting" screen hangs for a few hours. I tried to check my disk status via diskpart, it hangs after I executed diskpart command. I tried several suggestions with bootrec.exe/fixmbr and fixboot, but then it hangs at bootrec.exe/scanOS and/or bootrec.exe/rebuildBCD.

My theory is, the installation screen will freeze when it is trying to detect which hard drive in the PC to install the Windows into, in case your hard drive is failing. Same problem with diskpart command, I think it freezes because of trying to detect a failing hard drive. Booting from CD/DVD and/or external USB drive works normally, only the part when it is trying to detect your failing internal hard drive it will hang.

If replacing a new HDD solves your problem, then I guess I have to replace mine too.