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Acer Aspire laptop not Charging. HELP PLEASE?

Q: Acer Aspire laptop not Charging. HELP PLEASE?

I have an acer aspire that won t charge I had problems with the charging adapter before so I thought that was the problem and replaced it the replacement worked for a while but I had to rotate the connector in the place it went in the laptop until a connection was found and now I can t even do that my laptop just won t charge and I can t even turn Charging. Acer PLEASE? HELP Aspire not laptop it on now because the battery is drained HELP PLEASE I m broke and urgently need my laptop back to work PS-The battery itself is fine As for the cable like I said I have a new one and the only way for it to charge is by bending it into a certain direction untill a charging connection is found but now not even that works And I live in Portugal Europe not the USA so please don t suggest stores there to fix it as people have before nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Acer Aspire laptop not Charging. HELP PLEASE?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Please help me. Im really in trouble if I can't fix this problem.My laptop acer aspire one d257 won't turn on. The power button is functioning, the lights at the bottom are functioning. But nothing is appearing on the screen. Please give ideas to solve this problem.
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I can't turn my laptop with just the AC adaptor on however if the battery is put in,it boots it up fine.The light on the AC adaptor is on green (not blinking but still).What is the fault of this problem,is it the AC or is it the battery?

A:Acer Aspire 5633 laptop charging problem

Is the battery charging when on AC power?
if not either faulty power brick /cable or bad power jack / voltage supply board on laptop.
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Hey,My Acer Aspire E5 isn't charging properly. Usually charging not corss more than 52% and battery life is also not that good any more. My laptop model ( I should do..? Thanks.
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I've got a fairly new Acer Aspire V15 (I think I've had it a month). It is no longer charging at all. A few days ago it seemed the charger connection may have been loose - it was charging intermittently - I could wiggle it and find a spot where it would charge. Today it seems that there is no longer a connection when I plug in the charger. I read somewhere to take out the battery to see if the laptop would run solely on the charger, but it doesn't look like the battery can be taken out. Anyone have any recommendations for me?  Thanks!
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Hey,My Acer Aspire E5 isn't charging properly. Usually charging not corss more than 52% and battery life is also not that good any more. My laptop model ( I should do..? Thanks.

A:My Acer Aspire E5 isn't charging more than 52%.

Try running on battery till Windows automatically shuts off laptop at the critical level(about 5%). Then re-connect charger. Then power up again. Report back Jack E/NJ
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My laptop is barley two years old, I got it in Fall 2014, and just today when I plugged it in it would not charge. I took it to Best Buy and after 40 mins of looking at it in the back while I wait the guy comes back out and says I should just get a new laptop...this is ridiculous there has to be a way to fix it that doesn't involve spending anther $300. Up until today I have tried taking the best possible care of my laptop, I only plug it in when it needs to be charged so I don't short out the battery and I keep it in a case so the port won't get damaged. I never had any big issues until today...
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hey guys, i am really desperate right now and i need some quick help.

a few days ago i ordered a laptop which arrived on friday and then i started to set it up with windows 10 and some software.

i immediately realized that the laptop is not charging.

in the windows taskbar, when i click on the battery logo, it says "0%, not charging"

i know that there is some threshold that the laptop only starts to charge when it's below a set value, normalle ~50%.

but the laptop is not charging at all, it's stuck at 0% and when i plug out the charging cable it turns off.

i also checked the battery with a program to see if it's broken, but the wear value is only at 2%, so that should be fine.

any help is appreciated!

A:Acer Aspire E3-112-C4LF not charging

First off seeing as it's a new laptop, can you not simply return it and get a replacement?

Second, as for the battery its either a bad battery or bad charger.
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This started happening to me yesterday, and Im very unsure of what to do. I tried just leaving the computer plugged in but it stays at 1%. Sometimes I get an orange blinking light but thats when the laptop isn't plugged in and turned off? Any solutions besides replacing the battery? I want to leave that as a last resort.
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Hey everyone nbsp I have had my Aspire E - G for - Charging Acer E1-571G Aspire about years now Specs i M GB RAM x GB x GB - MHz upgraded from original GB RAM WD GB HDD RPM Windows Ultimate x nbsp It's started to develop an issue while charging every time I plug it in it does its normal beep and the charging light Acer Aspire E1-571G - Charging turns on and the icon shows that the laptop is Acer Aspire E1-571G - Charging charging nbsp After about seconds it goes beep again telling me that Acer Aspire E1-571G - Charging the charger has been unplugged which it hasn't it stops charging the charging light and the light on the power begin blinking and the laptop stops charging nbsp Before the issue wasn't this annoying I had to plug the charger in at a certain angle and it would charge fine That doesn't work anymore It just stops charging after seconds of me plugging the charger in nbsp I ordered a new battery after reading somewhere that it is a battery related issue New battery and old battery show the same results nbsp nbsp What could be causing the problem here nbsp I did a fresh install of Win deleted the battery drivers from Device Manager rebooted so they'd re-install Nothing worked nbsp nbsp Any replies would be greatly appreciated nbsp nbsp Thanks Solved Go to Solution

A:Acer Aspire E1-571G - Charging

Straighten lightly this part (see attachment).
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Hi nbsp An hour ago my computer randomly shut down while I was using it At that time it was connected to the AC adapter and I had just plugged in a USB Hub that also had an external V5-573G charging not Acer Aspire powering or on power source When it shut down I noted that the indicators for power and charge were both switched off in spite of the AC adapter being powered on Moreover I wasn't able to boot the laptop despite the battery being at I tried unplugging the AC adapter and waiting for some time for any stray charges to dissipate and also held the power button for seconds while the AC adapter was unplugged I even tried a spare AC adapter to no avail and found that my adapter was able to charge another Acer laptop I tried searching for a Reset button on the body of the laptop given that this model has a non-removable battery However I wasn't able to find one If this laptop had a removable battery I would have been able to fix it by now However I don't want to nbsp remove the back plate of my laptop and risk losing my warranty It would be much appreciated if someone knew how to fix this without touching the battery through the reset button or an alternate mechanism nbsp Solved Acer Aspire V5-573G not powering on or charging Go to Solution

A:Acer Aspire V5-573G not powering on or charging

Never mind, I found the reset button. It's in the middle of the back plate, for anyone who has the same problem.

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 Acer aspire e15 e5-571g. When i play games with the AC plugin. it suddenly stopped charging. power LED and Charging LED blinking. and when i try to play without battery only the AC. the laptop is suddenly shutsdown. but when im in normal use it charges normally. please anyone knows how to fix this.
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My Acer Aspire 10 E has problems charging. When plugged in it starts charging and then immediately stops.

A:My Acer Aspire switch 10E has problems charging.

To help you troubleshoot the issue, please follow the steps given below:- First of all make sure, you have securely connected the power supply connections to the laptop and the power switch and that is turn on.- Keep laptop for charging for at least 30 minutes.- If issue persists, please replace the charger and the battery if feasible.- If that is not feasible, please contact ?Acer Customer Support? for further assistance from the link given below: Hope this will help you.
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My Acer Aspire 10 E has problems charging. When plugged in it starts charging and then immediately stops.

A:My Acer Aspire switch 10E has problems charging.

To help you troubleshoot the issue, please follow the steps given below:- First of all make sure, you have securely connected the power supply connections to the laptop and the power switch and that is turn on.- Keep laptop for charging for at least 30 minutes.- If issue persists, please replace the charger and the battery if feasible.- If that is not feasible, please contact ?Acer Customer Support? for further assistance from the link given below: Hope this will help you.
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I've got a friends computer and she says it will charge when its not being used but not whilst being used, when she plugs the charger in the blue power light flashes, but does not charge, can anyone help?
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I got back an Acer Aspire from a customer that is having charging issues There are times the it will charges others when it will not The DC plugin seems to be a bit odd with it hard to plug in unless you plug it in at just the right angle So I broke into the case thinking that the connection had broken off from the mobo Turns out this computer like some of the newer laptops Issue Aspire Acer Charging 5552 don t have their DC jacks connected directly to the Mobo So there goes my idea Only thing i can Acer Aspire 5552 Charging Issue come up with is buying a replacement on ebay for and trying that Just because I wanted to check all my bases I tested the DC jack power cable at the distal end from the plug the plug that connects to the mobo it tested at almost v Acer Aspire 5552 Charging Issue on my analog millimeter at v i m just going to assume its right couldn Acer Aspire 5552 Charging Issue t test the amps though I found that odd I couldn t test the power supply cable the plug it to small for my millimeter to get inside of it for a good reading Anyone had this problem Any ideas ThinkI m on the right track with replacing the DC plug nbsp

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OK ive posted about this a couple times but that was when i didnt have a clear picture of the problem Acer VN7-591G Charging intermitte... Nitro V15 Aspire nbsp Last week my computer was fine i use it for gaming so i have it plugged in while playing and disconnected while not using it sometimes i just need to use the browser so i dont plug nbsp it in Just a couple days ago i noticed my computer making beeping sounds whenever Acer Aspire V15 Nitro VN7-591G Charging intermitte... i started playing a game didnt think of it as much of a problem A couple days after i notice its doing it more often while i play keyboard backlight keeps going on and off and the screen dimiming and getting bright following the same pattern as the beeping nbsp I start doing some research and nothing i unplug all devices and still I unplug the charging cable and it does the beeping and it ends there Now i know the beeping has to do with the charging turning on and off for some reason The next day i am just browsing and the beeping starts happening when im just using chrome nbsp This became a problem since my laptop was bassically not charging while im using it so i decided to check if it charges while off or in sleep mode Which it does this makes me think the computer decides to stop charging and charge whenever the hell it wants because of some problems while anything is running while the computer is on nbsp Since my computer is out of warranty i tried to get assistance from AnswersByAcer the guy helping me decides to ask for remote connection which i let him and he calls me to assist me better He then starts downloding like three files of each program to check my computer status programs from the acer site I didnt mind him installing these programs but he installed of each for some reason then he ends up telling me that he cant really do anything and that he will transfer me to another technician above him but since my warranty is over and i only have the one time tech assistance by him i have to purchase another tech warranty minimum i have to pay is for a one time call That might not fix it since it might be hardware related i said i didnt want to pay for anything and the guy just hanged up without thinking twice not even is there anything else i can assist you with or go try the disccusion forums or nothing nbsp This computer has given me more problems then i can count and when i actually need help with some hardware problems im expected to pay for a one time call nbsp nbsp wow so im seeing if anyone in the community has had this problem and is able to give me any probable solutions to this problem Thanks in advamced
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Good Day! For 2 days now, I'm having a problem when it comes to charging my laptop. I'm not sure if the problem is the battery or the ac adaptor, itself. But I think, it's the ac adaptor. Because I have to disconnect and connect again the socket(you can take it off) in my ac adaptor for a couple of times before it start charging continously. I get the same problem everytime I charged my laptop and there is an orange blinking happening when you know it's not yet charging. So I might be correct that the problem is my ac adaptor? How much do you think is the cost of a new ac adaptor?  Thanks!
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My Nephews laptops battery ran low and required charging. When the charger is plugged into the laptop the orange 'charging' light illuminates for approximately 6 seconds then, goes out for a further 6. This repeats continuously whilst the battery remains flat and the machine will not power up.
I have checked the output from the charger which is constant although I have no means, at present , of ascertaining the actual output values.
If there is anyone with any hints or clues I should be most grateful' Thanks.

A:Acer Aspire 5552 charging/battery issue

So the laptop will not turn on at all? Does it act the same if you remove the battery? If not the the adapter may be faulty, the DC jack in the laptop may have broken, or there's a motherboard failure in the laptop.

Testing with a known good and compatible power adapter would be the next step.

How old is the laptop, is it still under warranty?
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I just bought a new battery for my Acer aspire 5570 from ebay. Its only charges for 20 minutes and windows power management detects it as a Unknown battery, and my Acer power management software says the battery is at 0% and does not go into sleep mode anymore.

Is this a battery problem or a software problem ... my old acer battery is at 50% capacity in about a year now and i really hope this problem is solvable or ill be permanently tethered to a outlet ....


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I don t how can I describe this problem detailed enough But my acer aspire G has been turning off randomly this laptop has been with me for about years now and I suspect that because of the age problems will occur I still hope that you guys can help me repair this on my own Windows vista core duo gb RAM mb video Here are the problems mainly about shutting off randomly -I will be using my laptop for the whole night and while using with no heavy applications running it will just shut off -the processor fan is running I shared this info because I suspect that its due to overheating but will still shut off -I already dismantled my laptop just to clean the fan I removed the dirt trust me I really cleaned the fan on Shutdowns, Charging Not 4935G turned Aspire Random when Acer and where the air is coming out clean still shutting off randomly -I tried putting a desktop fan under the laptop not just a usb laptop cooler but really an electric fan to remove overheating But still shuts off -now here s the weird part I play NBA k which we know is a very heavy game in terms of processing and video and RAM etc If I play NBA k it doesnt shut off Ever but if I do an alt tab to go to my desktop after a few mins it will Acer Aspire 4935G Random Shutdowns, Not Charging when turned on shut off weird thinking that shutting off will mostly occur while playing games But no it doesnt shut off while playing NBA k this is the only PC game I play -if I go to ctrl panel gt power options gt quot Acer ePower Management quot and if I adjust my CPU Speed to quot High quot and quot Maximum quot laptop will shut off in few seconds So right now my laptop is always running in quot Low quot OTHER MAJOR PROBLEMS - for example ill be using my laptop for the whole night in the morning if I plug in the laptop its charging BUT if I pressed the ON Button the charging STOPS so imagine if I dont have a battery inserted in the laptop it WONT TURN ON because its not charging -now if I put the battery and I turn on the laptop it will continue to boot BUT for as many as tries or more it wont reach my desktop because the laptop keeps shutting off AND ITS STILL NOT CHARGING Hope you guys can imagine -now my battery is like dead it doesnt last for an hour I think this is a common problem for year old laptop batteries so imagine the problem if my laptop wont charge even with the battery connected I cant turn on my laptop I just wish that the battery could hold enough power to complete the boot to windows -charging of the laptop or electricity flow will resume in the laptop after a few mins only if I make it to windows I don t know what triggers the charging But my laptop will just Start charging RANDOMLY So this is like the best condition of my laptop WHEN ITS CHARGING and NO SHUTTING OFF Occurs -everything just starts randomly in my laptop SHUTDOWNS AND CHARGING and I cant really find what triggers the SHUTDOWNS and THE CHARGING -if I remove the charger laptop will turn off battery cant hold the power so those are the problems I rEALLY HOPE THAT SOMEONE READ this and Help me repair this on my own Im not afraid to dismantle my laptop what could be the problem is it the battery the fan the charger im planning to reformat my laptop factory defaults or setting install windows but will this help is this a software problem Please help I know this is still a good laptop P S While making this post my laptop shut down TWICE I have to save this to a word file Pls Help nbsp

A:Acer Aspire 4935G Random Shutdowns, Not Charging when turned on

Turn off laptop take your battery off then hold power buttin down for 20 seconds then plug in charger with battery still off then turn laptop on . what happens ? is laptop running fine
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Wonder if anyone's seen something like this... I just got a new battery for my Acer TravelMate 230, and it seems to be having a wee issue: the battery meter sits at 0% while it's plugged in, until after a couple hours it jumps to 75%, and won't go beyond there. If I unplug the power, it'll run for a good half hour with the meter at 75%, after which it drops to 0% again, although the laptop continues to run for a good hour-and-a-half or more.

The retailer suggested giving it three full charge/discharge cycles... it's on the third charge cycle now, and still sitting at 0% after almost an hour on AC. This doesn't seem right at all. This is the first time I've actually had to buy a new battery for a laptop - is this common?

A:Acer laptop battery charging problem?

I betcha' this is a calibration issue...

I can't find where I read it, just the other day, but I'm sure someone here is familiar with the process.

There's also a possibility that it's a counterfeit battery, even coming from a retailer...
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I have a Acer Aspire Laptop that was running Windows The hard drive had totally crashed so I ordered one from Newegg It came in and I installed the Western Digital Hard Drive There was Laptop! Bad a New Please Aspire Acer with Help no problem in installing the hard New Help Bad with a Acer Aspire Laptop! Please drive After installing I checked the Bios and the drive New Help Bad with a Acer Aspire Laptop! Please was recognized I had ordered from Acer a set of Recovery CDs which I used today to recover Windows All went well and I had the system up and running There were a Windows updates that I started Went in the other room and came back in about a half an hour and the laptop was dead I went into Bios and no drive was recognized I am not sure what else I could do to see if in fact the drive was bad I mean I had it completely finished and running fine I ve taken out and reinserted the hard but it shows New Help Bad with a Acer Aspire Laptop! Please no drive in Bios I would sure appreciate any and all ideas any of you might give to me Thanks

A:New Help Bad with a Acer Aspire Laptop! Please

I am not sure what else I could do to see if in fact the drive was badIf you have another computer and by using a USB external enclosure, you may be able to check the status of both the new and old laptop drives. There maybe a chance that your hard drive is not well seated and needs to gently press while powering up your laptop and then try checking on your BIOS utility. Check also for any dented pins. Have you tried reapplying thermal paste for the CPU and look for any oxidation and burnt components?
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I own this acer aspire E 17 laptop, upgraded it to windows 10. after that i always have trouble in rebooting.Now my laptop dont get me to desktop anymore. it always shows "your PC didnt start correctly, press re start or advance option. i tried both but nothing have changed. it alwasy ends up to your pc ran into a problem and need to restart. there is stopcode shown Critical processed died. I also tried system restore but it says system restore not successful an unspecified error occured (0x800700b7)please  help..i dont have any CD when i bought it.
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Hello my name is Niqua and I'm having a trouble fixing my laptop. Its an Acer Aspire 5732z and it wont boot up it will go to the windows start up screen and then i get an error message saying it encounted a problemand needs to restart. I did not receive a recovery disk or a manual for it and I'm so lost please help

A:my acer aspire laptop :(

Hello NiQui and welcome to TSF!

Have you tried booting in Safe-Mode?.
If not you can try this by holding F8 when Windows is about to boot and a menu should appear. You should select " Boot in Safe Mode". See if you manage to get to desktop with this.

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I am damian I would like to know since I have a female to female vga and I would like to connectto pc monitor

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windows 10 ,32 gig hard drive,,These things are crazy-it does an update and have 2 gig left on drive so i try to do a reset but cant -it said i need 2 more gigs ,so i do a roll back and was able to do factory reset--i cant get the 0S on two dvds -i have to buy a stupid thumb drive--why didnt they make these things with an 80 gig drive-it would of cost maybe 2 more dollars

the worst thing is i have no mouse, yet it will work with external mouse

im through with buying windows i think

btw "advanced system care" software seemed to have saved my xp computer for now anyway

A:Acer Aspire Laptop

First of all try disk clean up > run that
Then again but this time choose 'clean up system files'

Run CCleaner Slim (only in its 'default' settings) and run the cleaner. Use its 'Tools' to remove all but the latest System Restore point.

Other things to free space is do a clean uninstall (using something decent like Revo Uninstaller in its Advanced mode) of any programs you don't need or use.
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so I have a Acer Aspire E5-574-G laptop, and have several questions about it. Firstly, I would very much like to replace the battery in my laptop with a better one with more capasity. Is one sold? if so, what do i get? secondly, I have the dedicated graphics card, and whenever the battery gets low it swithces to the intigrated graphics, even when plugged in. How can I make it use the dedicated graphics for the programs it usually would, even when the battery is low?         Cheers,                  Randomdude
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a Plants Vs Zombies GW2 for our son. He has been unable to play it on the laptop. We have noticed it requires a CPU of 3.2 GHz. Is it possible to increase the CPU on our laptop so he can play the game?  Many thanks

A:Hi. We have an Acer Aspire E 15 laptop with a cpu ...

Hello, Could you give me the first ten characters of the computer serial number (S/N)? Only the first ten.
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Hello folks,

My sister's Acer Aspire 3002LMI has recently ceased to power on whatsoever. Bought in '05 and run mostly from the mains, it suddenly acted as though it was running out of battery - despite being plugged into the mains - and went into hibernation.

By the time she showed it to me, pressing the power button would just make the battery charge LED flash 8 times - nothing else. Now, a few days later, absolutely nothing happens when I press the power button.

The problem occurs regardless of whether the battery is in the laptop. She never used the laptop without the battery in - as it formed part of the base - so whether it ever worked without the battery is not certain. I've also tried using another power cable, to no avail.

So, any ideas what the cause of this problem could be? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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i thought that if i coould factory reset my acer aspire e1-431 it will become faster like before .. but i was wrong, when i finished my factory reset the monitor shows me black screen with cursor and a blink of a green screen which will you enter the password. and it will take almost half hour before it gets to text box which we write password. after that the desktop screen is so laggy and it will take 5 mins to open a web browser.. i've tried to refresh the o.s but its not working .. i also tried to disable the microsoft applications in the safe mode as i read in the article .. but its not working too... what should i do ?
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Hello I just purchased an Acer Aspire 4530 AMD Athlon X2 dual-core QL-60 1.9 GHz 1 MB L2 cache CPU with 2 GB of ram for 113.00 and 13.00 shipping and was wondering if it was a good deal. Here is a link to the ad/listing


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I know this has been posted a lot but mine seems to be a little odder than what has been posted. My laptop just shut off one day and will only turn on when the back/bottom of the laptop is not on, which means my motherboard is completely exposed, once I put the back/bottom back on it will not turn on. I thought it might have been the fan, its not brand new fan and still wont turn on. Any help would be awesome!

A:Acer Aspire laptop won't turn on

This is not an easy one to help with without have the laptop in my own hands. You will most likely find that there is a bad connection somewhere that is being broken when the base is fitted. Have a good look at all the ribbon cable connections as one has probably worked loose.
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I've had this since it was new, but I got a more powerful asus laptop for christmas last year.However, thats waiting for a new power supply.

This Acer was never THIS bad. Even resuming from sleep mode, the mouse lags badly, sometimes freezing for a few seconds. Chrome takes forever to load. Facebook freezes often. Even using the start menu, it lags. The final straw was when I went to delete a small text document, the entire laptop froze solid and needed to be rebooted.

You guys have helped me in the past, so i'm sure its possible to be fixed. I have tried: uninstalling things, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner.

Acer Aspire 7741z
Intel Pentium p6200 (2.3GHz, 3MB L3 cache
Intel HD Graphics

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Windows 8.1, No Touch Screen ... either the mouse/touchpad makes the Charms appear - almost random. Tried to turn off via Control Panel, Mouse.  At the Mouse window, it displays options for Button, Pointer, Pointer Options, and Hardware. Nowhere are there any options to turn off edge swipes or in any way to control the appearance of the Charms.  Under Hardare, it says Devices:  HID-compliant mouse,  Manufacturer:  Microsoft  Driver provided by Microsoft    

Go to Solution.

A:New laptop (Acer, Aspire E 15, E5-571-58FP) .... H...

BIOS check says the Touchpad is "Advanced", doesn't say aything about a PRECISION option. I fixed my issue in Win 8 using PC Settings, ... Touchpad.  Just disabled swiping from left and right sides. No the wife is happy. Thanks.

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Nearly two months ago my laptop was dropped and the display was pretty badly broken I had bought it at Charge Aspire Laptop Acer Won't Walmart less than a year before and had bought the protection plan for it I sent it to be fixed and they did fix the Acer Aspire Laptop Won't Charge screen However when I got it back I noticed that it will only recognize the power cord sometimes I called them and asked if I could have it looked at again and they sent another box for me to send it in I did I just got it back today and the repair summary mentioned nothing about my second repair request The same issue still exists I took it in to a local repair shop and of course it worked in the store but as soon as we got home it did not I have tried using other cords other outlets powering on and off and taking the battery out and just trying to turn it on with the power cord with nothing helping Usually I will leave it to sit for awhile and then it will recognize the charger and charge As of right now it will not What could be the problem and how can it be fixed nbsp

A:Acer Aspire Laptop Won't Charge

edit u covered my question already.
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I have an Acer Aspire V laptop which consistently drops the WiFi connection Windows is the O S There have also been issues with maintaining internet connection with all Windows settings indicating that connection is good These are consistent issues since owning the Aspire V Our service provider - MTS manitoba were not able to offer any concrete solution and nbsp connected us by phone directly to nbsp Acer tech support nbsp website who asked I V5 ACER Aspire 552 Nov.201... Laptop mfgr'd. a have for nbsp an exorbitant amount nbsp up front to even discuss the issue Whoever the technician was informed us it was an issue that only Acer could resolve personally nbsp I was nbsp not impressed This may not be the forum to resolve this nbsp I really want to talk to an Acer representative for an explanation but it seems it is going to be difficult to make this sort of connection Has anyone out there had a I have a ACER Aspire V5 552 Laptop mfgr'd. Nov.201... similar issue My feeling is that this should be a relatively simple fix if one knows where to look and what to do We've already invested beyond what the unit is worth I have a ACER Aspire V5 552 Laptop mfgr'd. Nov.201... now to try and resolve this JoeB nbsp
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I know my Aspire won't laptop on Acer turn first mistake was purchasing an Acer Lesson learned Now this morning I turned on the laptop forgot about it and went out for a couple hours When I got home it was in the BIOS set up I had a hard time exiting It wouldn t let me just exit In case my kids touched anything I set the Bios back to previous setting and then it let me exit Now it won t turn on The battery is charged The power light comes on the disc drives does it s thing for a second and the fan kicks in but that s all The fan Acer Aspire laptop won't turn on goes off and all is quiet with power light still on This has happened before but not for a long time and after trying to turn it on a couple of times it would I ve tried pulling the battery and power cord holding the power button for a minute and even pressing the power button for a minute then replacing battery and power cord but still nothing The model is an Acer Aspire Z- Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:Acer Aspire laptop won't turn on

How old is this laptop?
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Hello everyone!
I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but ...
I have Acer aspire e1-571 laptop for a while now more than one year. Recently it started to boot really slow. Not the windows part but the time between pressing the power button and Acer logo appearing.. Was very long about 10 to 20 min. I searched for a solution, and I tried removing the bios battery and putting it back. But now it dosntieven boot up anymore. I waited on it all night all nothing. The lights are on I even hear the fan but nothing the screen doesn't show anything.
Could anyone help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

A:acer aspire laptop won't boot up.. help !

Try reseating the memory. If you have more than one stick, try booting with just one stick, and then alternating. Sometimes, it can be the memory slot itself, so try the other.

Also, be sure to have all external devices unplugged: USB sticks, hard drives, mice, etc.
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i thought that if i coould factory reset my acer aspire e1-431 it will become faster like before .. but i was wrong, when i finished my factory reset the monitor shows me black screen with cursor and a blink of a green screen which will you enter the password. and it will take almost half hour before it gets to text box which we write password. after that the desktop screen is so laggy and it will take 5 mins to open a web browser.. i've tried to refresh the o.s but its not working .. i also tried to disable the microsoft applications in the safe mode as i read in the article .. but its not working too... what should i do ?
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hello i have just bought an Acer Aspire laptop with Vista and i would like to install Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
i put the dvd in drive and tried hitting f11 and f10 but it just carries on going to vista,does anyone know how i can boot from dvd please?
thank you.

A:how to install 7 on an Acer Aspire laptop?

You will need to set your DVD player as primary boot device...
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Hi there TechSpot Long time since I last posted but I had a very specific question I m not sure I could get answered elsewhere So my lady friend has been doing all her computing on her Droid RAZR (possible V5 -- replacement GPU y/n?) Acer Aspire Laptop which is kind of sad for me - as a long time system builder and power user - to watch With Christmas coming up her parents and I were going to buy her a laptop Now I work at an electronics retailer and on Black Friday we Laptop GPU replacement -- Acer Aspire V5 (possible y/n?) started selling the Acer Aspire Laptop GPU replacement -- Acer Aspire V5 (possible y/n?) V for I impulse bought it figuring with a GHz Core i and gigs of RAM it was no weakling for a beginner I ve always fantasized about playing games with an SO cooperatively and I thought maybe just maybe this rig could manage FPS in simple games like Magicka or even ambitiously Left Dead But no such luck despite the age of those games My question given that it s got Intel HD integrated graphics it s doubtful the machine even has a PCIe port on the motherboard But before I tear it apart to find out I thought I might Laptop GPU replacement -- Acer Aspire V5 (possible y/n?) ask the wise minds of TechSpot So anybody have any idea if I can upgrade this sucker TL DR Bought a budget laptop for my girlfriend Want to know if I can upgrade from integrated video on this particular model an Acer V - nbsp

A:Laptop GPU replacement -- Acer Aspire V5 (possible y/n?)

There's no way to upgrade a video card in a laptop unless it's something from ASUS, MSI, Alienware, (If you're lucky)

But even if you could, the upgrade would probably be anywhere from $200-$600+ maybe even more. Old 7900GTX Go cards are still fetching roughly $100 on Ebay
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Hi there I have had my Acer Aspire g for a few laptop Acer Aspire battery months roughly months Within the past month the battery drains really quickly E G I plug Acer Aspire laptop battery it in when the warning pops up telling me to plug it in I leave it plugged in right up until it has finished charging I may even leave it in until long after it finished charging but this cannot affect it as the it stops charging at OR If I unplug it at it is dead within literally minutes When it was brand new it would barely last hours but I know this is normal especially for such a powerful laptop and running various programs e t c I know it is unlikely but is there any thing that can be done or that I have done wrong I bought it from PCWorld and have their techguys package would this cover me getting a new battery Alternatively where can I find one online at a reasonable price I have looked but cannot find one specifically for my laptop Acer Aspire laptop battery Thank you much nbsp

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Windows 8.1, No Touch Screen ... either the mouse/touchpad makes the Charms appear - almost random. Tried to turn off via Control Panel, Mouse.  At the Mouse window, it displays options for Button, Pointer, Pointer Options, and Hardware. Nowhere are there any options to turn off edge swipes or in any way to control the appearance of the Charms.  Under Hardare, it says Devices:  HID-compliant mouse,  Manufacturer:  Microsoft  Driver provided by Microsoft    

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A:New laptop (Acer, Aspire E 15, E5-571-58FP) .... H...

BIOS check says the Touchpad is "Advanced", doesn't say aything about a PRECISION option. I fixed my issue in Win 8 using PC Settings, ... Touchpad.  Just disabled swiping from left and right sides. No the wife is happy. Thanks.

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My acer aspire E15 laptop is not starting up, I was plying game n than suddenly lapi is shut down n than not sstarting up n my battery is inbuilt, any led is not turning on.PLZ HELP ME OUT

A:my acer aspire E15 laptop is not starting up

Since it shut down during gaming (which creates more heat), the laptop may have overheated. When that happens, it shuts down automatically to prevent permanent damage to the components.So let it cool down for a few hours then try again.If it still won't power up you'll have to take it to a laptop repair shop.
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Can someone please tell me how to get my laptop to work, I kee getting the same error message over and over, no matter what I have done so far, error NLS files missing or corrupt. I have a repair disk and a backup disk made and tried both of them multiple times, and I get the samee screen with same message, tried doing the recovery, and still the same thing. Am I doomed?

A:Windows 7 Acer Aspire Laptop

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot.

In particular run a full Disk Check from DVD or Repair CD System Recovery Options Command Line, followed by SFC -SCANNOW Run in Command Prompt at Boot.

If these fail to help work through the other steps in order until if necessary you run Factory Recovery or Clean Reinstall. You can rescue your files at any time using that step.
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I have a friends acer aspire 5100 that was getting stuck on the wondows login screen.
So I used GPARTED and saw there were 3 partitions.
two were 50+ gigs and the 3rd was 4.11 gigs.
So I used GPPARTED to make one partition.
So I tried to format it but wouldn't see the drive. So I used GPARTED again and saaw that it wasn't allocated.
So I then booted with GPARTED again and now have a bigger problem.
Now it boots with beeps,, one long and two short so is a vid prob now as the screen is black.
any suggestions on how/what program to use
to get the drivers to install so I can see the screen?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm having a few issues with my laptop. I'm running Windows 8.1. Can someone please help me figure things out? 1.) Can't access Acer Explorer, says there's no program that can open it!! what?!2.) Keeps randomly shutting down. Yes I've run my virus program and made sure the fans running and clean. Still, however gets hot, so I'm wondering if I might need to replace the fan. How can I know for sure?3.) Keeps telling me I need to update or install the flash player but when I do, it says I have the most updated version.4.) Can play and hear music played by my media player, but when I try to burn the file to a disc it says either to install cd/dvd burner or the format is wrong. I have a cd/dvd burner installed and it works just great except when I download music from the internet and try burning them to a cd.
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Acer aspire 8930 i cant get it to start. When i try it shuts Down when it loads Windows or it freezes ive runned it on safemode and ive tryed to reboot it. But Then it needs to be runned in normal mode to continue but it cant because it shuts DownI Got an aspire 8930 acer

A:Cant get Acer Aspire laptop to start plz help

Sometimes this procedure has been known to unstick computers:Turn off and remove from power. Remove main laptop battery. Press the Power Off/On button for about 30 seconds before re-assembly (which discharges the motherboard components). You might be lucky.When you are in Safe Mode, at what point does it require to be in normal mode to continue?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I have a broken button on the pointing device on my laptop, i have taken all the screws out of the casing but still cant seem to get the casing off, can anyone help?

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I have a Cicero 15'' monitor I can hook it up to my Acer aspire 3000 laptop with standard VGA cable, but now I want to hook up a Dell ultra sharp 17 '' it seem to be loader with things I have never heard of like DVI-D, BSMI , C- TICK , FCC CLASS B , NEMKO , SASO TCO-99 , ETC . I think it has 2 USB and 2 HDMI. try to hook it up with the VGA cable I have But it wouldn `t work . Can some one guide me .Iam trying to sell both monitor , I need to be able to demontrate they work Thank YOU..Dave

A:add monitor to acer aspire laptop

Hi Dave, and welcome to TSG.

Check if the Dell monitor has any buttons for activating an on screen menu that allows you to choose which input it should use.

If you need further assistance, it would help us to help you if you told us the exact model number of the Dell monitor.
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My first post and its a problem

basically I have a Acer Laptop when it goes into standby and you try to go back to desktop you get a bluescreen of death and reboots but it happens to fast to see the error.

Other times it will just randomly freeze for no reason.

Sometimes when you press the power button all you get is a black screen.

I have installed winxp home and pro editions, done all service pack updates and driver updates. Updated the bios. and still the problems persist.

Has any one got a solution or faced the same problems.

thx for reading.

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I have an acer aspire laptop.  Every time I shut down, I have to go to adapter settings, go to tcp 4 on properties then a screen opens for me to put in wi fi configuration numbers manually, validate and run trouble shooter then it has to be run as administrator for dchp to fix it.  Help!
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My son has an Acer Aspire Laptop 5630. For some reason when you try and turn it on nothing happens, this will happen 2 or 3 times then it will start to boot up. It then goes to the blue screen where it starts to check the Hard Drive after it has finished checking the drive it starts again to check the drive and just keeps on repeating this action has anyone got any ideas as to what is happening. The OS is XP home sp3. Any help much appreciated.

A:Solved: Acer aspire laptop

try to boot into safe Mode tap F8 as it boots up

has this happened since SP3 installed ?

the not being abloe to switch on my be a secondary problem
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Screen and keys broken, connected to tv but can't switch output bc function key is broken. Only way to switch I found is safe mode. But I want to be able to access the computer fully while switchin it to a tv for now. Help anybody? There's a command prompt but I'm unsure what to do there either..

A:I know what's wrong just need help w/acer aspire one laptop!!

What is the make and model of your laptop ?
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Something has happened and all my files and photos have deleted, hoping there's a way to have everything restored?

A:How do I restore everything on my Acer aspire e15 laptop

More detailed nformation is essential here.What happened prior to your files disappearing?Do NOT run a fectory restore/reset routine, as if you do you will lose all prospect of recovering your files.Does the computer boot up to a normal desktop etc.?
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Windows 8.1, No Touch Screen ... either the mouse/touchpad makes the Charms appear - almost random. Tried to turn off via Control Panel, Mouse.  At the Mouse window, it displays options for Button, Pointer, Pointer Options, and Hardware. Nowhere are there any options to turn off edge swipes or in any way to control the appearance of the Charms.  Under Hardare, it says Devices:  HID-compliant mouse,  Manufacturer:  Microsoft  Driver provided by Microsoft    

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A:New laptop (Acer, Aspire E 15, E5-571-58FP) .... H...

BIOS check says the Touchpad is "Advanced", doesn't say aything about a PRECISION option. I fixed my issue in Win 8 using PC Settings, ... Touchpad.  Just disabled swiping from left and right sides. No the wife is happy. Thanks.

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Hi - I have a strange problem with my Acer Aspire Ultrabook laptop. The screen only displays when it is part open . As soon as I open the screen fully it just goes to a white blank display. The laptop is working fine other than this problem ..... if I connect to an external screen it works normally.
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Hi there.... So I spent an hour this morning and ironically used up 30mins of Skype time to call Acer about my free $10 Skype voucher! I bought this laptop about a month ago and did what many people here seemed to also do - I followed the steps outlined in the leaflet included with my purchase....I registered my product with Acer and waited for an email with the voucher number for Skype....and surprise, suprise it never arrived.  I spoke with *6* different people this morning and wasted not only my time but my own Skype minutes calling them.  If anyone from Acer can help me with this I would very much appreciate it - as thus far I'm extremely unimpressed with how this has been handled.  Thank you!

A:Bought an Acer Aspire E-15 Laptop and NEVER RECEIV...

Check the date when the promotion is valid

Se eu fosse til, um Kudos apreciar e lembre-se de marcar Aceitar como Soluo se o seu problema foi resolvido . Conhecimento adquirido deve ser compartilhado pois assim podemos fazer este mundo Melhor
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Can I keep my laptop plugged in or will this cause battery problems?
I am only accustomed to using a desktop computer.

A:Solved: New Laptop Acer Aspire User needs help

Can I keep my laptop plugged in or will this cause battery problems?Click to expand...

it can reduce battery life
some machines have a power option to prolong battery life - acer may have this option in the power settings
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there is no eject button or start menu to het to dvd rw

A:how do I open dvd tray on acer aspire V laptop

I've started your own thread for you here. Please do not post irrelevant material in somebody else's thread.

Every optical drive I have seen has a small manual eject button hidden in an equally small hole into which you can insert a paper clip or similar.
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Hi! I have an ACER Aspire 3050 for some reason will not turn on. No lights, no fan, absolutaly nothing will happen. The laptop isn't actually mine, its a friends. I shake it from side to side a little and I can hear a tinking sound like something is loose. I'm going to try and open it up to see if this is the case but if its not, is there any other reason why it just randomly won't turn on anymore?

Thanks for any help!

A:Acer Aspire 3050 laptop will not turn on

I think it's best we wait for your reply to what's loose inside!

Make sure battery and power adaptor out
And also hold down the ON button (to disperse all internal voltage)
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HI I have an Acer Aspire 3680 laptop that wont boot when turning it on it gets to the Acer screen then beeps continuously then when pushing f2 to go to Bios Setup is Beeps twice, ive tried to swap boot order to boot from a cd or usb to bot up win xp install cd but no luck, I also created a bootable usb with win xp but couldn't boot that ethier? any help would be appreciated.


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Hey I have a proble, with my screen. Everytime I close it I guess it goes to sleep. I open it back up and the screen is black. I press the power buton, any key, or Fn+F4 and it still doesn't come up. I've tried changing video display. Nada. I just found out that when I click space or back space. It makes the ping sound. So I know it's running just, not showing anything. Any help would be definitely appreciated.
Thanks, Daeva

A:Acer Aspire Laptop screen problems.

Was this laptop upgraded to Vista? Please give me more info. Make, model no etc.
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Hi all hoping someone can help me with this I was online earlier when suddenly my laptop started screaming about a virus being detected My virus protection expired last week and I hadn t got around to replacing it thanks to having no money so in a bit of laptop 5335 will Acer boot up not Aspire a panic I immediately turned off Acer Aspire 5335 laptop will not boot up my modem and then turned off the laptop Now however the laptop will not start up here s the exact sequence of events that takes place on pressing power on Acer loading screen starts as normal Blue loading bar fills at normal speed Screen then switches to blank black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner Pressing most buttons produced a high pitched beep sound and the only thing that seems to do anything is Ctrl-Alt-Delete which simply seems to reset the black screen with the flashing cursor - the screen goes black then reverts to the erroneous screen I can still get into my Setup Utility screen by pressing F during the Acer boot screen but when it goes beyond that none of the F buttons will work Any suggestions EDIT Some more information It s a Vista machine Warranty expired ages ago sadly And I haven t opened it up yet nbsp

A:Acer Aspire 5335 laptop will not boot up

First, we can suggest a number of security softwares that are absolutely free and are excellent in protection.

Second, there is the possibility you'll need to do a reformat due to infection. However, first go to our Virus and Malware Removal forum and read the Updated 8 Step sticky. At this point it doesn't see you'll be able to necessarily do the steps but at least familirize yourself with the process.

Then on that forum, if you cannot do the steps, post your issues and make sure you tell them about the virus.
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Dear, I have Acer Aspire V 15 nitro laptop. its under warranty. I am facing problem with color dullnes. I bought this laptop so that I will get proper color while designing on photoshop or related software. The problem is that when I attach charger in my laptop then  it showed me proper bright colors without any dullness. The minute I unplugged my charger, color becomes dull and bad. I have visited acer care centre many times but sadly they are not able diagnose the problem. I have also restore windows 10 to windows 8 acc. to acer service centre direction but it didn't help. I am looking for permanent solution so that the heavy amount which I spent on this laptop will not be wasted. Looking for reply with solution. Thanks, Shivin
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Greetings to the community,         Hello, I have an Acer Aspire V15 Nitro(VN7-571G-73ZJ) and I was wondering if I can upgrade this kind of Laptop? RAM, Graphics Cards, etc.. if possible. A Reply would be much appreciated. Thank You.  Specs:         i7 5500U 2.4GHz         Nvidia GeForce 940M         8GB DDR3 L

A:Can I upgrade my Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Laptop?

Hello, Your laptop is equipped with a discrete graphic board. That means all components are directly soldered on the motherboard:Spoiler (Highlight to read)NB.MUW11.003MAIN BD.DIS.W/CPU.I7-5500.GT940M.2GBNB.MUW11.003MAIN BD.DIS.W/CPU.I7-5500.GT940M.2GBIt supports up to 16Gb - DDR3L - 1600MHz (2x8Gb). Compatible memory: Kingston
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Hello I have an Acer aspire laptop its about 3 months new and recently it hs been slow and freezing and yesterday I got 2 plus screens with words on them and this morning it kept messing up and so I cicked the restart button and now it will get to were it boots and it says Acer on the screen with an F2 option and then reboots to it again in a loop what do I do!? Please help

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Hey all,

I just acquired a new laptop an Acer Aspire E1-510 laptop.
It comes with Windows 8 by default and wanted to install Windows 7, so I did my regular pre-install driver checks, and found out Acer does not have Windows 7 drivers for this model.
I saw in another post that the same thing happened to someone else for a different Acer E1 model and they found the drivers. Could you help me with finding the correct drivers?

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows 7 Drivers for Acer Aspire E1-510 laptop

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Run Windows updates .. Then any Drivers that are missing report back ....
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Hi -

Having a problem with my Acer Aspire laptop. When I boot it up all I see is this grey screen:

I recently had it hooked up via HDMI to a TV that was doing the same thing. Any ideas?

A:Acer Aspire laptop - grey screen

If you connect it to an external monitor and get the same problem, then it is more likely driver or graphics card hardware related, probably not an issue with the actual laptop screen. Unfortunately this can make diagnosis harder without physically getting hands on it.

How old is the laptop?
What is the exact model?
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My problem with this two year old laptop is that I can't turn it on? Someone suggested that it might be the Motherboard? If so, can they be replaced?

How would I go about checking to see if indeed this is the source of the problem?

A:Hello...perhaps someone can help me? I have an Acer Aspire 5000 series laptop

Common windows XP error. Check to be sure you have all the driver updates from Acer, then make sure you have all the Microsoft updates.
It is not the motherboard. But the fix is different for every computer brand.
I assume you have scanned for virus and spyware, in both normal and Safe Mode.
If you have a copy of Windows XP disk that will allow a Repair mode from a cold boot, that usually takes care of it, otherwise.
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I have this acer aspire for almost 2 years and recently having a random shutdowns. I already scanned my laptop from viruses and malware I've used avg, avast, spybot, malwarebytes but I found nothing. also I am having this weird issue when I am playing this game heroes of newrth my laptop doesn't shutdown it is very weird, also my laptop doesn't shutdown when I let the monitor off by doing nothing. please help me I already format this laptop but still having this problem.

A:Acer Aspire laptop random shutdown

additional to this, almost all of the time when I turn it on it suddenly turn off again for no reason
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Acer Aspire V5 has no notification light or tone when Num Lock is toggled even though the keyboard settings were set to do so

A:no tone on Num Lock key on Acer Aspire V5 laptop

Was Windows 10 preinstalled on Acer Aspire V5 ?i_Xp/Vista/W7/W10 User
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Got my 5672WLMi last week and out of the box the sound worked fine on boot. But the minute I started playing a game or a media file it starts breaking up and stays that way. I work in IT so did the following things:

Updated to the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers
Uninstalled and re-installed the sound device
Updated to latest Bios
Restored to factory settings
Clean format and re-install of XP Pro SP2

None of these worked. Could it be a hardware problem?

A:Help! Bad sound on new Acer Aspire 5672WLMi Laptop

I'm guessing that you mean that the sound is "Stuttering"???

If so, the moat probable cause is that the "LOAD" that the game puts on the Laptop is too much for it to process the sound properly. In normal laptops the sound and video are onboard units (size issues). So, when doing heavy processing, the onboard units are impacted negatively.

Most lappies are not for gaming.
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Hello people of tech support forum i am new here so please be nice When Problems acer sp1 my with aspire vista laptop it comes to computers laptops Problems with my acer aspire laptop vista sp1 i am clueless so i decided to post here in hope someone with some knowhow would be able to help me anyhow back to the matter at hand i have a acer aspire laptop with vista premium sp problem When i try to watch a movie online or watch something on youtube and try to full screen it the screen just goes black and i have to press ECS to cancil it - i do have the updated version of java and flash player For some reason i cannot download windows updates or windows messenger when trying to download the updates it comes up with error code i spoke to a friend of mine who told me to configure my aol rooter under WAP setup to number i think it was it was with reguards to dowloading msn messenger when i try to download it simply says this webpage cannot be displayed my final problem is - when i google search a website or click on a link to a website a majoraty of the time i get redirected to random websites sometimes even ebay there my problems i have at the moment ill also add the anyone that connects to my rooter cant download msn or windows updates its just not me if anyone could please shed some light on what i should do i would be very greatfull i can list any other details iff needed but if its complicatated if you could tell me how to access the details you need i would also be greatfull there Anyhow thats my post i think i got it in the right place and hope to hear from you guys soon thanks again Tilly

A:Problems with my acer aspire laptop vista sp1

hi you may have more than one issue but for now i would suggest going here to help with your network problem the folks their will be happy to help hope this is usefull
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i have acer aspire r7 571 6858 and i want to upgrade the motherboard with r7 571G 6895 can i do that?

A:can i upgrade my laptop acer aspire r7 571 motherb...

You could. The case is the same. You will have to replace the motherboard, the cooling heatsink, buy the second fan.2ND FAN FOR DISCRETE 23.MA5N2.001THERMAL MODULE W/O FAN-DIS FOR R7-571 60.MA5N2.001You're probably looking at $350 - $500 dollars.Just buy this
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I have Acer Aspire laptop and the problem is that it won't load past Acer won't 5320 at load up Aspire laptop all. the windows xp Acer Aspire 5320 laptop won't load up at all. loading screen without getting a blue-screen error message It will Acer Aspire 5320 laptop won't load up at all. not load at all Tried the automatic repair at command prompt - won't work Screen stays black safe mode - won't work because as it loads - gets blue screen of death Normal Start-up - Won't work blue screen of death either at main windows logo loading screen or after seemingly able to log in - get blue screen of death This may be unrelated or not I don't know if it may help with your expertise Acer Aspire 5320 laptop won't load up at all. but I had a problem with Disk Check as it kept restarting from possibly an interrupted shut-down process So I consulted google found a forum other than this one that solved this problem Followed the steps on there and had to disable automatic disk check at every start-up Then deal with the boot problem at the registry edit carefully Disabled it Then had to use command prompt to do ftsuil - find out it was C drive then ran that checkdisk f to get it to work It seemed to have fixed it - no problems the past few days until now I suspect I may have a virus on my laptop from looks of it - may be malicious and beyond my amateur computing skills I know I've got windows defender on there but not sure if I remember any anti-virus on there maybe AVG Either that or my computer has a serious low memory problem Feel free to ask me any questions that will help me solve this problem Thanks in advance for your help Oh and one more thing - if there's already a posting on this site that had this problem already solved Can you post me a link to that

A:Acer Aspire 5320 laptop won't load up at all.

What does the BSOD message say?
Boot off of the XP CD Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Drive Fitness Test in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn and boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and extended tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.
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hey guys

im new here. i got a new laptop about 7 weeks ago. acer aspire 7740g-6969

i hadnt used it for a while because i didnt get an antivirus; i now have BD 2010 total security

im not sure what is causing the problem, but whenever i start my laptop, the harddrive keeps spinning. it slows down in between for a short bit, then speeds up again.

this happens even if im not doing much. like just typing this out here.

i have run a virus scan, there doesnt seem to be a virus.

any help would be appreciated.

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I'm trying to do a factory reset on an acer aspire 1410. I'm running windows 8 (I think). I'm not very technical when it comes to computing. I've tried to reboot and hold down the 'Alt + F10' keys but nothing is happening. Can anyone help ?

A:laptop problems acer aspire 1410

Hi Phil, welcome to the TSG Forums....

Can you please download and run the TSG System Info Tool and then C&P the results into your next post.

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Hi My laptop has become very low browsing the internet in the last couple of months I mainly use it on home wireless wireless and have signal strength is excellent with out of bars OS - Windows Home Pemium SP bit System laptop Slow Aspire Acer 5742 - Acer Aspire laptop Slow Acer Aspire 5742 laptop RAM Slow Acer Aspire 5742 laptop - GB CPU - Intel Core i M Ghz TSG SysInfo - Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Aspire Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled I have tried deleting all browser history running check Disk with both options checked and done a analysis on Defragmentation which found the c drive defragmented I am running Windows Firewall and Security Essentials as my AV I have ran Hijack this as advised on other posts and the log is below - Please can you advise Thanks Kevin Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files x EgisTec MyWinLocker x mwlDaemon exe C Program Files x Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Users Donald AppData Local Facebook Update FacebookUpdate exe C Program Files x Intel Intel R Rapid Storage Technology IAStorIcon exe C Program Files x EgisTec IPS PmmUpdate exe C Program Files x NewTech Infosystems Acer Backup Manager BackupManagerTray exe C Program Files x Launch Manager LManager exe C Program Files x Ask com Updater Updater exe C Program Files x EgisTec IPS EgisUpdate exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbarUser exe C Windows SysWOW Macromed Flash FlashUtil e ActiveX exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Users Donald AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files Content IE VVW TWY HijackThis exe c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD saui exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http homepage acer com rdr aspx b ACAW amp l amp m aspire amp r l l z v s R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google co uk R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http homepage acer com rdr aspx b ACAW amp l amp m aspire amp r l l z v s R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http homepage acer com rdr aspx b ACAW amp l amp m aspire amp r l l z v s R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C Windows SysWOW blank htm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook UrlSearchHook Class - - E - FD - - F E FC - C Program Files x Ask com GenericAskToolbar dll R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll F - REG system ini UserInit userinit exe O - BHO Lexmark Toolbar - A C- F - -A D-EDD AC F - C Program Files Lexmark Toolbar toolband dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files x Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Windows Live Messenger Co... Read more

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my acer aspire e15 didnt turn on when push power button.I push it so many time but still happen when I was trying to replace the hard disc to the old one.then accidently push the power first it show on the screen to boot up.then it turn blank..when I turn it on again.there are no light coming from the l.e.d and the screen are blank.I try to replace it again with the original but still the same.please help.message edited by mcleon

A:my acer aspire e15 laptop didn't turn on.

Try recovery with Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device
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Hi I ve got an Acer Acer laptop 3694 Aspire keeps cutting out Aspire with Acer Aspire 3694 laptop keeps cutting out GB RAM running Windows Vista Basic with SP I mostly use it for work I m a translator so it s just Word Office Windows Mail and then quite a few browser windows But no resource-hungry stuff Mostly I sit in the same place so run Acer Aspire 3694 laptop keeps cutting out it off the power cable because the battery only lasts an hour However lately it s been cutting out without warning while I m in the middle of things Then I seem to get power lights eventually if I twiddle about with the power supply point but have to reboot It does feel quite hot on my legs and I was wondering if this is because of overheating Or a faulty power supply Or lead Anyone suffered the same or got any ideas I think I invalidated its guarantee as I upgraded the RAM Acer were a bit stuffy about that What could I try Thanks for any help because it s most disconcerting and sometimes I end up having to redo stuff Jobec nbsp

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I am looking for a power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, to use in my car. On line I have seen two - one with output of 19v 3.42A  and the other with 19v 2.1 A. Which one would be best?Thanks for the help!

A:power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, for ...

Hello, As the original AC adapters are 40 or 65W, I suggest you to use the second:19x2.1=40W19x3.42=65W
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Hi All,

Hope you can help me please. My Windows 7 laptop won't shut down normally. The screen shows it's shutting down but it just continues on and on.

I Have to remove battery to close down. (Not good)
Start up is also quite slow. When it's running everything seems to work normally. Not slow or sluggish.

I have Kasperky Internet Security. I do regular scans using Malwarebytes, SUPERantispyware & Kaspersky.

I would appreciate any help anyone could offer.


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Hey im having problems with a laptop acer aspire 5610 laptop, i hade to format this computer, but i dont know way but it's not working properly every time i formate it seems i get a new problem, fist it's slow then some of the running programs start to fail so i have formatted this computer 2 times and i still get this problem and this computer is only one year old can any body help me!! please thks. bye.

A:Problems with a Acer aspire 5610 laptop

depends on what program you re trying to run

whats the specs of you laptop?
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Once I plug the laptop into the mains the screen goes very dark, if I unplug it its fine again, laptop only 3 monts old, seems it has only started happening since windows 10 has installed, any ideas anyone?

A:Hi,my acer aspire e15 laptop goes dark when I plug...

can you post your exact laptop model? which windows OS version is installed?
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My Acer Aspire 5610-4648 is not listed in the Acer site's compatability list for an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. The Acer support says that a change of operating system for this model is not supported. The Microsoft Win 7 upgrade advisor has no objections.

After reading all available posts that I could find, I did not find any posts of success, yet the difference in technology should not be that great. The areas of concern to me are for the Acer-supplied applications such as the Enpowering Technology, and especially the wireless manager.

Has anyone had success with this upgrade and are willing to share their experience?


A:Acer Aspire 5610 Vista laptop to Win 7 - possible?

Sony said mine CAN NOT run Wds7 at all .... but I did a clean install anyway and it works perfectly fine ..
I also used all vista drivers "32bit" for new windows .. So i think you are fine.
Look at my specs ....
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My laptop is running very slowly and everytime i tried to run it in safe mode it will always get stuck on the Avgidsha.sys and I've tried every single boot option and it still wont work my screen would just turn black and i can only move my cursor for several minutes and then it would shut down by itself...There's nothing i can do i cant run chkdsk and the startup repair wont fix aswell
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The model is an Acer Aspire laptop Yesterday it froze for an extended period of time so I shut the computer down by simply holding the power button Now whenever I attempt to boot my laptop it goes through these steps Shows me a page with the ACER logo at which point I have the option of pressing F Continues to a Windows Error Recovery page where it gives me two options to Launch Startup Repair recommended or to Start Windows Normally I instinctively chose to Launch the Startup Repair It first goes to a page where is says quot windows is loading files quot and then advances to the standard windows loading page but after Aspire start/boot Acer won't Laptop about seconds of the windows loading page the screen turns black for an extended period of time If I choose the Start Windows Normally option it goes to a Starting Windows page for approximately seconds before a blue page with code suddenly pops up for a split second and then the computer brings me back to the Windows Error Recovery page I really do not know what to do I desperately need my computer right now for school work I am not very versed in computers so I may not understand complex computer Acer Aspire Laptop won't start/boot terms that may be used Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Acer Aspire Laptop won't start/boot

You can either have a failing hard drive on your hands or an over heating system or perhaps both. First lets test your hard drive by going to another computer if possible.

Download UBCD which is in my signature.Burn the ISO Image to a blank CD using Imgburn (How to burn a ISO Image using Imgburn) burn at lowest speed. With the newly burned cd boot with the cd go to HDD>Diagnostics>The make and model of your hard drive, Seagate, Maxtor, Drive Fitness which is Hitachi, Or Western Digital. Perform a short and long test. Could also be called "Standard" and "Extended" test or also "Comprehensive" test. The Seagate hard drive test will work on most drives.

If you can not find the right test for your hard drive your OEM computer may have it's own hard drive diagnostics testing tool. Refer to your OEM computer documentation to find out how to access these test. Also try going to the manufacture of your machine to find documentation about it. Also consider going to the manufacture of your hard drive to look to see if they have hard drive diagnostics test. The ideal test or method would include an ISO that could be burned via an image to a cd which would be made bootable.

Also go into bios under Hardware Monitor or PC health and look at temp readings and post here.

Then we will give the next steps depending on the results.

Also I see in your profile you have listed Windows XP. This a Windows 7/Vista portion of TSF. Can you tell us which version of Windows you have so we can better assist you.