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New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

Q: New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

Bought a new to me (used) HP TouchSmart tm2 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. However, after the first few uses upon start up I am getting messages telling me that hard drive failure is eminent. I did not get any back up or restore disks with the laptop so I would like to make an image or copy of the hard drive so I can install a new hard drive and copy the image on the new one.

What is the easiest, most economical way to go about this?

Thank you in advance and I apologize if this should be in another section!!


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Preferred Solution: New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

Immediately back up everything of value to a USB Flash Drive because your hard drive can crash at any second and recovery of info off of a crashed drive costs serious $.

Can you link us to this laptop? There are inexpensive ways to transfer/clone your hard drive.
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I m not sure which forum to put this in - so I apologize if wrong I have a laptop that I m running Vista Home Premium I installed SP believe me that is malware Now I can t get into Windows When I try to repair it just stalls I can t even get it to boot from the Vista CD I did a hard drive diagnostics tests in the bio and it said the hard drive was okay And when I try to get into safe mode it runs thru the files but then stalls With desktops I have piggy backed the hard drives to copy Is there a way to do that with laptop hard drives I have also tried the boot from network and it recognizes the network but says there is no boot from harddrive? Copy corrupted laptop files filename received Is there something I can do from that Also I am trying to boot from a USB with recovery files When I go into the bios there are three USB options USB harddrive USB with key and USB as Copy files from corrupted laptop harddrive? I recall these are the three options Copy files from corrupted laptop harddrive? I put these as the first three options tried to reboot but it didn t recognize the quot disk quot The usb was in any suggestions nbsp

A:Copy files from corrupted laptop harddrive?

USB is not bootable unless the boot files and boot image exist on the drive. You can make it bootable with the HP Drive Key Boot Utility.

There are adapters for connecting laptop drives to desktops.

Another recovery option is the bootable UBCD4Win CD.

To boot from the network, there needs to exist a bootable XP installation to boot from, usually set up on a network drive (NAS).
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I would like to know if I can copy my whole hard drive to a backup hard drive.
What I would like to do is buy a new hard drive for my laptop. Then move all and I do mean everything windows XP etc. to the new hard drive. So that I could the start using the new hard drive just like the old hard drive. I think my old hard drive is going bad.

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Hi again. Can anyone tell me how to copy a 31/2 floppy ( a:\) tothe Harddrive (c:\) ? Thank you !....Izzy

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Hi I just bought my first laptop a Toshiba Satellite A- - referbished with WinXP And yes I am waiting with baited breath for it to freeze up on me A professional tech set it up as part of a wireless router D-link network with another laptop and a desktop unit I have not signed up with an ISP yet I am leaning towards OneHop com not AOL I plan to load Paintshop Illustrator and a simple -d drafting program Also all the Spybot Ad-Aware etc that has been mentioned on this wonderful board Because I am a beginner I am reading all the information I harddrive my copy Can/should that came with on the computer Now my questions are should I make a copy of my hard drive at this point in case I do something that freaks it out or do I wait untill I load all the programs how would I make a copy of my hard drive how much of this preloaded stuff -Napster AOL MSN etc do I really need on my laptop what other questions should I be asking Can/should I copy my harddrive Thanks and any help you all can give me will be sincerely appreciated nbsp

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What is the easiest way to copy from CD to harddrive on a Window Vista. Much appreciated. Thank You. MJ

A:how to copy from CD to harddrive.

Select all, copy, paste.
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hi there!
can anybody tell me please a good programm to copy my
entire first hd to my new second hd.(both hd are maxtors)
thanks for answer!

A:harddrive copy

The best free place is the HDD makers website.

Usually their free drive utility software (Maxblast?) will do what you want.
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i have a small harddrive and im going to a bigger one is there a way to copy all my contents from one to another

A:how to copy one harddrive to another

If you have Nortons Ghost software, it will "Image" and copy the contents over as a fully working copy.

Otherwise visit the website of the new drive manufacturer. They usually have free software to copy over the contents, available to download.
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Hi, I remember reading a long time ago about some companys putting a copy of the operating system cd on the hardrive. I'm looking for reformat my computer and I don't have my orginal cds it came with. Could someone point me where at this is located? I think I remember it being named msc.exe? or something of that nature. Thanks.

A:Copy of XP on Harddrive?

System manufacturer and model?

Your owner's manual or the respective website of your system manufacturer...should contain the details for recovery/reinstallation of the system.

If such is on the hard drive, its intent is to return the system to the way it was when first purchased...installing all programs, O/S, etc.

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I own many dvd's and I would like to copy them to my hard drive (its of course legal because i own them)

i have

windows media player

real one

and power dvd

if these programs cannot copy it to my harddrive what can? and with a free license?

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If I got a new (bigger) harddrive for my computer? Will XP still run if I just copy all the files over to the new one or will I have to reinstall the system? Any advice I'd be grateful for. Thank you!


A:Copy old harddrive to new one?

matos said:

If I got a new (bigger) harddrive for my computer? Will XP still run if I just copy all the files over to the new one or will I have to reinstall the system? Any advice I'd be grateful for. Thank you!

MatthewClick to expand...

You can clone one HD to the other , There are many free programs to do this . In the following link Elvandil list a bunch of programs
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My old 10 gig hard drive is getting a little full so I bought a 40 gig drive. I would like to make an exact copy of the 10 gig on the 40 gig. So far I've tried the utility provided by the harddrive company (Maxtor) and for some reason it doesn't recognize my file structure on my source disk so can't copy it. I then tried "clonemaxx" and "HDClone 2.0" and they both successfully copied the files and everything but they also copied the partition. So I'm stuck with an almost full partition instead of an almost full harddrive, this doesn't really help me much. I want the to copy the whole thing from the 10 gig partition to a 40 gig partition so I have the extra space. How can I do this?


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my system winxp SP has harddrives - WD aaks- yga - wd ks-oomjbo - st as all are SATA connected all are NTFS formatted I m using HD tune to check the transfer rate On a fresh startup the transfer rate of the gig drive is around MB sec This stays that way until i start to copy files to anywhere from this drive I start copying any big file or collection of files and windows starts by saying it needs about minutes to finish But after minute the time starts going up to minutes If i then abort the copying and go back to hd tune i check the transfer rate again and then it s Harddrive during copy slowing down MB sec This stays that way until i reboot I ve tried several ways to solve this all to no avail Off course spyware and virus sweep nothing checked all cables OK checked defragmentation OK tried different connections on the Motherboard nothing used the devicemanager to remove the harddisks and let Harddrive slowing down during copy windows reinstall nothing used the devicemanage to remove the sata controllers nope Tried to find another driver for the controllers nope Tried finding the same problem on google and forums none found Tried finding any weird settings in the BIOS seems ok I also saw the same problem on my gig drive the WD That would lead me to think it s not the drive itself that causes the problem The gig drive is months old Also since the problem Harddrive slowing down during copy occurs some time into the copy operation it kinda looks like a piece of memory or buffer is filling up and doesn t empty or something I m only guessing there since i don t know a lot how this works exactly i m running out of ideas here can anyone help me nbsp

A:Harddrive slowing down during copy

First, the Windows file copy estimate time is bollocks. Don't even look at it, ever.

The transfer speed dropping like that could be Windows switching the drive from DMA to PIO mode. This happens because of errors during data transfer, which can be caused by bad drivers, bad mobo, bad cable, bad drive..

I would start by going over all the SATA cables, making sure they are plugged in. Maybe swap the cable with the problematic drive and a good drive. Then run the manufacturer's diagnostics on the troublesome hard drive.
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I've got 271gb free space on my external hard drive but when I try and copy a 4.82gb .mdf file onto the hard drive it comes up with the message "Cannot Copy: There is not enough free disk space. Delete one or more files to free disk space, and then try again." And then it offers me Disk Cleanup... Any ideas how to sort this out?
Windows XP SP3 Home Edition
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz

External hard drive:

500 GB formatted capacity
7200 RPM rotational speed
16 MB buffer size
USB 2.0 interface

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turns out my sister owns a comp but her xbf needs the info off the drive..

it has a password on it(i can copy it but i cant get into the windows desktop because password (vids he wants no1 to see)..

so i was wondering how easy or hard this is?..

i got quite a few drives...

ill hook comp up beside me once some1 msgs thread its outside my door..

untill then, later..

A:Copy Harddrive INFO onto different drive!?

Hi, we wont be able to help you, because the PC isn't yours.
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i am facing some problem copying movie files to my portable hard disk.

it said. 'cannot copy:the request could not be performed because of I/O device error' or something like that

the files were .avi .mpeg .wmv
i cn only move(cut) the file to my externalhdd

why is this happening to my computer?

A:Can't Copy File To External Harddrive

How large are the movie files? If they're over 4GB and the external drive is FAT32 file system, you will be unable to transfer the files to the drive, as that's beyond the maximum size for a file on FAT32. If this is the situation, unless you are happy to split the files, you'd need to change to NTFS as the file system on the external drive.
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is there any easy method to copy recovery partition to new hard drive the earlier hard has to be change .....

so any one can help me in this


A:how to copy recovery partition to new harddrive

GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD
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I have a bunch of files I cant copy or move to another external harddrive..I bought the computer used ..Could this be a adminnistration proplem?

A:cant copy or move files to another harddrive

Does it say access denied?
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Few years ago i stored some music/video files on blank discs.

Just recently i decided to copy the music files from those cds to my hard drive.

When i insert the cd into the computer, the procedure begins normally. some albums are copied to my desktop without a problem. The noise is normal when the cd drive goes to work.

But then a certain album might give problems. The cd drive will copy each track but then it will struggle to copy a certain file. The noise from the cd drive goes silent all of a sudden. Then there is no progress and applications might freeze if i try to use them. To cancel this i have to eject from the cd drive.

Anyone know whats going on here and how i can copy all the media files from the cds to my pc please?

The cds are not scratched. The files were saved to dvd+r discs.

A:certain files fail to copy from cd to desktop harddrive... help pls

I can only think of a dirty disk (finger prints?). Wash it with detergent and cotton cloth making movements from inside to the edge.
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I just purchased a Sony Walkman for my daughter and she wants to watch our movies on it. We have lots of DVD's that I would like to transfer to my laptop and then to her Walkman. I am looking for software that will rip or copy the movie to my laptop (preferably free) and will be able to copy purchased DVD's that have copy protection. Thanks for advice and help!!

A:copy dvd movie to harddrive to sony walkman

You may want to review this web site's rules section regarding regarding "Circumventing Copy Protection".
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I have a computer with two physical drives a G and a G What I am attempting to do is to copy the Windows XP existing an 8 bootable Partition from new Magic harddrive making a using copy partition from the G drive to the G make the G drive the bootdrive then remove the G one I am attempting to do this using Partition Magic but so far I am having no luck I copied the partition using Partition Magic then swapped the drive letters of the two disks made the new copy of the partition on the G HD Active then making a new bootable harddrive from an existing copy using Partition Magic 8 rebooted and disabled the G drive in the BIOS This did not work the system hangs soon after the POST where it should begin showing the boot screen I didn t really expect it do work and I have since re-enabled the G in the BIOS and subsequently swapped the drive letters back to their original state What I am wondering is can you actually do what I am trying using Partition Magic I only see the option to copy a partition It makes no mention of creating a clone of an original drive so I am thinking that maybe i need a different piece making a new bootable harddrive from an existing copy using Partition Magic 8 of software to accomplish my goal Thanks for any help in advance nbsp

A:making a new bootable harddrive from an existing copy using Partition Magic 8
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Last night I was transferring files to my external hard drive I use for storage when half way through copying a group of files an error popped up in a bubble in the bottom right of my screen saying that windows could not copy file error after detected External Harddrive copy no longer the file and data would be lost I didn t write down exactly what it said I wish I had after this error happened External Harddrive no longer detected after copy file error my external drive is no longer detected in windows I have tried using it in the external case I ve tried taking it out and hooking it up to the motherboard I checked disk management and it s not even detected there I ve tried plugging it into a laptop External Harddrive no longer detected after copy file error with vista on it and I cannot figure out External Harddrive no longer detected after copy file error how to fix this problem any help would be greatly appreciated I am using win xp pro sp asus a n-e motherboard amd x radeon x gb patriot ram pc gb corsair xms pc The hard drive I m having trouble with is a WD Caviar GP WD EACS http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp
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Okay brand new HP Pavilion DV t- it want pro copy of HP while New 7 add keeping stock to a laptop, copy? has home premium on it from the factory which i dont mind but i New HP laptop, want to add a copy of 7 pro while keeping stock copy? have a few copies of pro i am about to New HP laptop, want to add a copy of 7 pro while keeping stock copy? go into my junior year of college as a Information Systems Major ive worked some on an IT helpdesk as well this is just a little background to say im not completly computer illiterate one reason id like to run pro is that many companies are currently running it and since im in the business school i just would like to be used to it However id like to keep the premium version on the laptop to have for whatever i choose mainly to upgrade it to windows bucks when buying new laptop when it comes out to play around with I have a gb hard drive which after HP messes with it its considerably less but on the partition that is my main it has somewhere around id like to leave maybe gb or so on that copy just for when i get so i have plenty of space if i decided to go to full time at some point but like ive read hp has sections and thats the limit how is my best way to go about this guys Thanks so much

A:New HP laptop, want to add a copy of 7 pro while keeping stock copy?

When you are in the installation, just choose the upgrade option.

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

Apologize I read that wrong.

I do believe you can go into the disk management and create a new partition. Then format with NTFS. And install the windows 7 on there.

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Just to say thanks for the answer to my previous question but here's a new one:

My Dell laptop just died. I am computer illiterate so all I know is how to get the harddrive out of my dead laptop. The reason I need it is that I did not backup my info so I need to transfer it to the new laptop. I am not sure if I am supposed to take out the harddrive on the new laptop and replace it with this old one so that I can back up the data and then switch the harddrives. Or hopefully if there is a way that I can back up my older harddrive externally without having to put it inside my laptop?

A:Dell laptop harddrive...can I use it externally to another laptop?

Since it won't boot in a different machine, putting in the other laptop won't do you any good. Look for an external case with a USB connection so you can use it is an external backup drive after you empty it.
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My laptop recently broke and I got a new one but I need to try and get my files off the old one. I got the hard drive out but I don't know if this is the thing I need to connect it to my new computer so I can get the files or not.

My old laptop was an Acer Aspire 7551-7422 with windows 7.
My new laptop is an Acer Aspire E5-722-81MJ with windows 10.

Will the hard drive fit in this and connect to my new laptop? [Upgraded Version Support UASP] Sabrent Ultra Slim USB 3.0 to 2.5-Inch SATA External Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure [Black] (EC-UK30): Electronics

Thanks in advance

A:Is this what I need for my laptop harddrive?

Yes it will work.

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Hi, I have a presario c700 laptop. I bought a new harddrive for it and I wanted to put xp and ubuntu on it dual boot. But the hd says there is no hd when I tried to put xp but it took ubuntu software no prob. What am I doing wrong? Should I try vista and ubuntu? Thanks.

A:new laptop harddrive help

See the thread I started with title "How to install OS on an HDD which isn't currently formatted for Windows "

The Win XP install protests if the HDD isn't a totally blank disc, and currently doesn't have a Windows partition on it. Are you getting the same symptoms as me when you either press C to create partition, or D to delete existing partition?

From the sound of it, you've installed Ubuntu (?) first, so all you'll have on the disc is an Ubuntu partition.....?
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Well unfortunately I just found the first bad sector ever on the harddrive of my laptop I just noticed it also makes a gurgling noise whenever I start to play a DVD in it Need Laptop Help Harddrive doesn t seem to make the noise when I do Need Laptop Harddrive Help anything else So I go on a search for a PCMCIA hard drive and I find one at e bay and I can t seem to find any others So I figured I better ask before I go blowing any money on parts that might not be great is a PCMCIA hard drive worth the effort to find or am I better off getting an external hard drive of some sort I really really don t want to have to buy a new Need Laptop Harddrive Help laptop I love this one Up until this point it s been extremely reliable Moreso than any other computer I ve ever owned Which probably explains why all my other computers are sitting under a couple inches of dust and this one is suddenly starting to give up from all the wear and tear Thanks nbsp

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On a laptop hard drive with the label on the top, is pin #1 on the right or on the left?
Thank you

A:laptop harddrive

Holding the drive with the PCB down and the connector away from you, pin 1 is on the left of the connector.
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i have an old laptop which i would like to load win95 onto but it has no floppy or cdrom so i brought an adapter so i can fit the harddrive into my desktop pc .when i load 95 and put the harddrive back into the laptop it needs more files from 95 which i can`t load is there a way i can load all of the 95 cd onto the harddrive so the files will be on the laptop all the time .
i hope someone understands what i saying i`m new to this.
Thanks for any help Brian

A:help please with laptop harddrive

All you have to do is connect the laptop hd back to your desktop with the adapter and copy all the .cab files to the laptop hd. Or just copy the Win95 folder onto the hd. That way when you install something that requires windows files it, you can choose where the Win 95 files are.
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I have 2 harddrives in my laptop

one is a 160gb 7200RPM Drive
the other is a 250 5400RPM drive.

Everything was working fine until I reformatted because I wanted a clean install, wiped out all partitions on both harddrives and went to go install windows, I put windows on the 160GB drive and it installed fine but 75% of the time it would bot up it would just blue screen. So i reinstalled it again, and same thing. So I put windows Vista 64 Bit on my second harddrive, and it works fine, loaded up my 160gig drive with some data. restarted 160 gig drive was gone, shut off laptop unhooked drive then hooked back up drive was there next day drive was there when booted up, restarted Windows Vista and now its gone again? is my hard drive dying?
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On laptop have tried to reformat C: drive, it completes 100% and then.... format cancelled unable to write to boot.

A:Laptop Harddrive

check in your bios, is boot virus protection enabled, if so, turn it off
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Could someone be so kind as to point me inthe direction of a good deal on a hard drive for my hubby's laptop computer. He needs lots of space for his truck driving programs...

A:Laptop harddrive ??

Laptops use 2.5" hard drives. The common size is 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80Gb. You can use any make and the best deal is the one giving you the most Gb/$. The speed also comes into play and so the faster rotating speed gives a quicker response. Think the current speeds are 5400 and 7200 rpm.
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Hi All,

I'm trying to find out if my thinkpad t61 laptop has a max capacity in terms of harddrive.

The lenovo site said it max is 160gb but im wondering if it just what they offer because I want to go up to 200-250gb in terms of harddrive space for my T61.

Also it said Serial ATA meaning SATA drives so im wondering if that means I Can use any SATA drives such as the Seagate Momentus 7200.2 200GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Notebook Hard Drive from newegg.


A:Max harddrive Capacity In My Laptop

If it supports a 160GB drive then it does 48 bit addressing in which case it should support any current capacity drive on the market thats SATA. And yes you can buy from a site such as Newegg instead of from Lenovo.
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i have a toshiba L655D-013 hard drive quit, put in a new seagate ST9500424AS . when i run recovery disc get to "recover to out of box state" then get error 08-064B-0000 partition creation failed. tried this in identical machine same thing. was running win 7 home premium. tried boot from usb same problem. any ideas??

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I have the Compaq Presario V6ooo. It has a 100GB SATA HD. I want to format the drive and put my Win XP Pro and other programs on it and get rid of the trial programs that are on the drive when I purchased it, including the OS that's on it. Everything on this drive are trial version programs and I want to install my Win XP full version OS. But when I try to do a clean installation with my windows it stops the installation and tells me it cannot find the HD. The laptop works reads and loads perfectly, but my Win won't complete the install because it can't find the hd. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? I don't hjave a floppy drive for this laptop, only a cd and dvd drive combo. Thanks.

A:Laptop SATA Harddrive

Edited due to me completely forgetting that some systems require sata drivers....thx

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Happy New Year to You All. I have a Dell Latitude XPI laptop. I had to reformat the harddrive. After Fdisking and formatting the C Drive, when I try to install Win98 from an original disk, I get the error message, (corrupt cab file in setup and can not continue). Although I can load the cab files via "The Ultimate Boot Disk", I still get the same message when trying install Windows in the C Directory. Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem and if so, what do you suggest as a solution. Oh, Dell, not much help, well, NO HELP AT ALL. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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I have a couple of hard drives from laptops that I took out before recycling. It's been so long ago that I can't remember if I wiped them prior to taking them out.

What's the best way to be sure that no one can access them so I can throw them in the garbage...or whatever?

I don't want to connect them to anything. Can I just smash them apart with a hammer (which could be really fun) or something?

A:Laptop Harddrive Disposal

Drill, hammer, or both. Protective clothing and eye wear needed, a vise might be useful, or some sacking to cover them/contain the fragments.

Apart from the safety aspect, concentrate on accessing and then destroying the internal platters.

Time lapse video of the action is optional.

Ooh, book a trip to a shooting range... ?
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Ok I'm considering buying a toshiba laptop but reviews on the net that the cons were that it had a slow harddrive (Sata 5400 rpm) I talked to toshiba customer support and the guy told me that sata although slower in rpm actually out preforms a 7200 ide because of something about it can transfer data at higher rates is this true?

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Hi, i got a laptop on Ebay and it requires a password to access the harddrive itself. I heard that low level format may help?
I've read sth about security standards and It seem to me that the only
solution could be that pasword. or what else can i do? please help?

A:Laptop harddrive password

Are you talking about getting into the bios?
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i bought a external enclosure for my laptop harddrive when i first plugged it into my my laptop harddrive detecting not xp desktop xp not detecting my laptop harddrive that runs xp home it installed the drivers needed and all software but the computer wont recognize it in the my computer icon i went into disk management and there it is seen but it says the drive is empty when i know ther is info on it so i got a shop to get the info i wanted off then i started the proccess again reinstalled the software and drivers then i formatted the drive with no problems and i went to using it on my desktop it was even recognized in my computer so i put all the info i wanted on it and when i was done i ejected the drive as i do to all my other removable drives the next time i came to use it i t will not see it in my computer in disk management it is seen but again it is seen as empty it gave me an option to initialize the drive i just dont want to lose whats on the drive so should o initilze it or what should i do so i can use the drive and still keep my info i dont wnat to pay again for data recovery nbsp
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So I found my fathers Panasonic laptop from 1996 when he passed away. Unfortunately the screen was cracked and I am unable to find replacement parts because the laptop is so old, but I would really like to connect the laptop to one of my machines so that I can see what he was typing at the end of his life. Is there a way to connect a laptop harddrive to a desktop? I noticed that its ide, so if there are any cables I can buy peoples post! Thank you for anyone's help in advance.

*I'm attaching couple pictures of it to help out.*

A:Solved: Old Laptop Harddrive

Get one of these. Just connect the IDE portion to the hard drive and the USB to your desktop or notebook.

Just make sure that the one you buy has the connections for a 2.5" drive. I think most of them have both a 2.5/3,5" IDE connections, I know mine does, but you will need to verify.
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RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute 5400 RPM with 8 MB cache (Mobile)
Interface/Connector SATA 3 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector/SATA 1.5 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector (Mobile)
Interface IDE


500 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s
8 MB Cache; 5400 RPM

A:Need new Laptop Harddrive - will this work?

Yes it should work.
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Hi all new to this forum and hope you can help me.
I have a new laptop with vista and several scanners that vista drivers are not available. I understand I can dual boot but this seems to complicated for me.
I have a XP formated hard drive from my old laptop that has all the drivers I need. Can I put this in the new laptop and will it boot up? Would I need to reformat the old hard drive after it is installed in the laptop?
Thanks for the support

A:Xp Harddrive On Vista Laptop?

Hi Tracey, no you can not boot up with the old hard drive and the old drivers will not be compatible with Vista. What are the make and model you are trying to use in Vista?
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Laptop HD failed the other day, so i looked online.. found a 2.5" seagate 40gig IDE drive that was new. It was also advertised as a laptop HD.

When i received the drive and opened it, had in bold letter.

I tried to install it and see what would happen.

It detected the drive, formatted the drive, all ok
But wouldnt install a copy of WIN XP.

I looked online and found the seagate LD25.5 drive is made for game consoles and DVR players.

Can anyone tell me the difference between this drive and a normal drive.

Thanks Matt
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Hi; I just joined. Where is the coffee machine?
I just bought a laptop without the hard-drive or battery. The machine is a 'dell pentium II cp m233xt'. Can I just get any hard-drive and put it in or do I have to be specific? Ditto for the battery?
Where's the sugar? Coffee is old.

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Hi. I'm trying to help a friend on an issue they're having with their laptop's hard drive. Their laptop does not detect the hard drive upon start up. I have a hard drive usb cable that I bought a while back for another issue I was having and I hooked it up to this drive and nothing is being detected by my computer. I hear the drive running and clicking constantly which I'm guessing isn't a good thing. Is there any way to salvage whats on there?

I've asked on the dell forum and so far one person replied and told me to either take it to a specialist or stick it in the freezer, so I figured I'd ask around for other opinions. Thanks

A:Laptop harddrive not detected

Do you have a SMART monitoring program installed on your PC, such as CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World ? If not, download and install it and see what it reports for the drive. Please include the report with your next reply so that we can give you better advice.

My guess is that it is going to be either a mechanical or electronic problem (or even both). Since you can hear the drive spinning and clicks emanating from it, it probably means that it is mechanically OK, although the head might have got stuck somehow or other. Try just gently giving the drive a few taps with your hand whilst it is running to see if there is any difference. Sticking it in the freezer (be sure to wrap it up so that it doesn't get damp) for a few hours and then allowing it to warm up to room temperature can sometimes free a stuck head assembly, but you do so entirely at your own risk.

The best thing to do at the moment is to see what its SMART status is and report back with the results.
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My son tried to clean up his laptop and did a disk compression on it and now it will not come back on. He keeps getting the following error code: OCSMY is compressed, hit ctrl/alt/del to reboot. It gives the same code with each reboot. It is a toshiba running Windows 7.

A:laptop harddrive trouble

Are you sure that's the exact error message ? I ask because I can't find anything about it with Google.

What OS is on the laptop ? Do you have any disks for it ?
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I let my nephew use my laptop and he gave it back. When I turn it on it asks for "Enter SATA port 0 HDD User Password" I asked him for the password and he states he never put one on it. So how do I get rid of it or erase the password?

A:Laptop harddrive password

Please read and follow the rules when posting. We do not offer password support since the identity of an individual cannot be determined. Here is the relevant section of the rules.
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.
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Is it possible to verify a defective harddrive is the cause of my problem? I would like to be sure before purchasing a new one. My laptop freezes up 2-3 minutes after booting up, i then have to do a power button shut-down. This happens after every attempt to re boot. It's a lenovo z570 win7 sp1
Relevancy 44.29%

hi i have two laptops i m not showing off one an ipc and the other a medion see the IPC laptop has been overheating like crazy it is out of warranty so i took the processor out and now i can t get the bugger back in it s a pin push and slide lever but the bugger won t shift i think the contact s on the plastic inset where the chip sits are damaged anyway now i have taken the HDD out of the in harddrive changing laptop IPC and want to put it in the medion but when i did this the winXP screen started to emerge then Wham blue screen with your computer is buggered it may be your HDD etc and some numbers now the HDD was fine when last used in the other Laptop it is a Gb HDD whereas in the medion is a Gb so does changing harddrive in laptop anyone know why this might be help on either prob would be appreciated nbsp

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I bought an old hp n3210 it booted up ok ran the hp diagnostic it said hd was failing. The old hd is a 4.8 gig hitachi I got a new seagate 60 gig and put in it now it sticks on the auto detecting ide devices. There is no jumper on the old drive so I didn't put one on the new one
Anyone have any ideas I don't have but a few dollars in the laptop just wanted to get it running for my Granddaughter for Christmas..

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my asus windows 8 laptop will not boot up. it says preparing to repair and sits there. I have no install disks for windows 8. I can not boot up the laptop. SO how can I tell if my hard drive is problem or windows? thanks

A:windows 8 laptop. how can I tell if my harddrive gone bad

Few solutions here.
You can ask Asus for a restoration disk.
Make a Windows 8 Boot disk on DVD or USB (one another computer) and initialize repair from there. An W8 ISO file has to be downloaded first.
Make a Linux live boot disk or USB and check HDD itself.
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got the harddrive failure is imminent message. now when I try to power on my laptop I hear the disk spin for a second and then it goes quiet and can't boot cpu what do I do now?? Can I fix this or do I need to buy new harddrive and can I recover my files off of broken harddrive. all help is greatly appreciated

A:Harddrive problems with a toshiba laptop

I would take it to a repair shop asap. Don't try to turn it on again as the attempt to spin up the HD might make the situation worse.

I assume you don't have any recent backups of your files?

The shop can take the HD out and try to copy all your data to another HD or DVDs.

Definitely sounds like a new HD is order.
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I recently got a 500GB western digital hard drive. I had one before and all I had to do was connect it to my computer and it came up right away about formatting it. That one started clicking loudly so western digital said it was a problem with the hard drive. When I plug the new one in, nothing happens. I have tried searching for the hard drive everywhere and it isn't showing up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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hi id really appreciate if someone could help me, i dont know much about laptops but a little! ok my acer travelmate 290 only boots to the acer page no futher, it says to press f2 to setup which i did and on the bios menu the 1st setting it says disabled, i gather this means the hd is disabled? is there any way i can sort this out? it then goes to a black screen and says media test failure check cable, and rom space not avalible card disabled? then exting pxe rom? then back to a blue screen with a choice of cd rom to boot from or hard disk drive, diskette a, or pxe lan, none of then work? would love someones help many thanks

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The laptop is a bit abused use to belong to my mother she gave it to me one day saying basicly "if you can fix it its yours".

The model of the laptop is Toshiba Satellite M55-S135. I remember the error I use to get was something due to an error with the old harddrive a few months ago a bought a new hard drive and attempted to fix it due to being busy I haven't gotten a chance to try and fix it again up until now. I can't get the laptop to detect the new hard drive to attempt to install windows on it.

Thanks for any help in advance.

A:Having Harddrive problems with a toshiba laptop

k so I swapped it back to the old hd and i got a error message that told me that a failure was imminent and to replace the hard drive. The hard drive I've used to replace it is a MP0603H I dont know if theres any special thigns I need to do to when i'm installing it whenever i've replaced a HD before the computer picks up on the hard drive without any problem no drivers needed etc. but I dont normalily work with laptops.
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I have earlier successfully used a SATA\IDE adapter with a 12v=2A/5 V=2A power source (don't know what the two values actually mean here) for saving some data from a harddrive in a broken PC. Can I use the same adapter for saving data from a laptop harddrive? The adapters seem to fit with the extensions I have, but the specs on the harddrive says 5V 700mA. Or will the output of the power source be "too strong" here?

A:Saving data from laptop harddrive

that should be OK -
you have an adapter - 5V 2A - so the max current is 2amps
and you only need to provide 700mA or 0.7amps
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I got a harddrive enclosure, and plugged in into the computer I am going to put the files on, but it shows up on the computer as system reserved K: 70.3 MB free of 99.9MB
My hard drive is 500GB

A:Need help backing up harddrive from broken laptop

What you are seeing is the system partition and should not be edited at all. Everyone should have one if they have Windows 7.

Could you go to Start > Computer and show me the list of drives that you can see available? To attach a screenshot follow this tutorial - Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

After that could you also upload a screenshot of your disk management similar to my one. To do this follow this tutorial - Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Many Thanks,
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Hi there, was wondering if I can upgrade my Sony laptop pcg-fxa32 harddrive. currently i have 15G. anyone know where i can find a bigger drive for my laptop. any specific manufacturers? thanks.
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I think that my laptop doesnt recognize the HD. WHen I try to power on, it hangs during boot sequence then a screen comes up saying :
" primary hard disk drive 0 not found"

I'm thinking this is a hardware problem and the drive it loose or something....

ANything I should try BEFORE cracking the case (never been inside a laptop before) that would explain this??

I check the diagnostics and get an error on the "DST short test"

test results : fail
Error code 1000-0141
No drive detected
The remainder of the tests are OK.

Any thoughts?????

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I have a HP Pavillion dv6626us laptop with a Core Duo 5250 1.5 GHZ in it---
my Vista hard drive is dieing.
I have ordered a replacement SSD to put in it.
my question is--how will this laptop run if I install windows 8.1 on it ?? it only has intergrated graphics
on my laptop. will it run at all or crash all the time with 8.1.
would Windows 7 be a better option for it ????
both windows 7 & 8.1 say they need at minimum a 1.0 GHZ CPU so will 1.5 GHZ be enough ???
thanks James
I have lost my Vista key so I have to go with at least windows 7,
plus Vista is no longer supported

A:replacing dieing harddrive on a laptop

According to this Vista will still get security updates until 2017 :-

You can find your key with this :-

You may be able to do a 'recovery' of Vista as detailed here :-
This would go back to how the laptop was when new, any programs and/or data you have added would be lost.

You could clone the present hard drive to the SSD then, if required, do the recovery with the SSD.

EDIT : the Vista key may be on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop or under the battery.
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Hi there,
Please can any one help me clean up my harddrive on the laptop to be able to re-format it again and start with a clean slate ..everything is in a muddle with my trying to connect the internet wireless in my lap top with my desktop PC and Router..which are already connected to the Router and working fine...but somehow I cannot get the wireless connection to marry up with the router etc...

Is this an impossible situation guys..?? I have spent hours trying and its driving me mad...

My heartfelt thanks if you can help me cos I am at my wits end...the internet worked fine on the laptop until it crashed last week...tks...

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Specs MSI PR NoteBook Intel Pentium dual-core T GHz quot Wide XGA GB Memory GB Harddrive Replacement for Solved: laptop HDD DVD Super Multi Intel GMA X Problem Solved: Harddrive Replacement for laptop Replacing my old harddrive i had dropped the laptop and smashed the LCD ez repair cost me bucks Loaded it up Bios still worked registered all of the hardware so i thought i was in the clear Go to boot from HDD gave me a disk error and press ctrlaltdel to restart went to reinstal OS from disc so boot from disc gave me a bootmngr error so my guess is the HDD is shot so gonna have to replace now ive never replaced a completely shot HDD on a laptop always my replacments have been for an upgrade sake and i just copied all the info over via a USB HDD hub Now how do i go about putting the OS and settings onto this new HDD Im at a complete loss here SO any info would help thank you I also have another thread on here addressing the original HDD problem not much there nbsp

A:Solved: Harddrive Replacement for laptop

Since the old drive is physically damaged, you have to reinstall Windows from an installation or recovery disk.
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My son purchased an Acer laptop with Win XP from a seller on ebay who only owned it for a short time. It keeps shutting down during certain processes like converting files and things that run on their own like virus scans and SpySearch and Destroy. We also cannot get his e-mail to receive. It did for a couple days, but now won't work and our broadn band tech support tried all suggestions and said something else is wrong. We figure at this point the best thing to do is reformat the harddrive. This will also get rid of some unwanted files that were already on the harddrive that we can't delete.

The issue: how do we do this. The only disk we have is the Acer recovery disks.

Appreciate any help.

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Is there a website out there that has a tried-and-true tutorial on how to remove and replace a laptops harddrive? I don't want to screw anything up and/or follow somebody who doesn't know what they're doing's tutorial. Thanks in advance

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I desperately need to recover information on a hard drive in my broken laptop. I just took out the hard drive and it doesn't look damaged on the outside at least...

I'm wondering if it is possible to buy some kind of adapter so that i can plug it into the USB port on my other computer? The hard drive has two rows of gold pins on it. Here are the specs that i have read off the bottom of the drive...

Hitachi Travelstar

Model: HTS541660J9AT00 5400RPM
5V 600mA DC 60GB ATA/IDE

P/N 0A50679 MLC DA1574
16383CYL 16HEADS. 63SEC/T

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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I have tried everything to restore this Vista Computer. I ran Norton and ccleaner and Malwarebytes to get rid of every virus, trojan and malware but it was still slow. It was ok for a day or two but soon slowed right back down again. I used the restore disk but it didn't format the harddrive and it kept the original data and stuff and this was not what I wanted and sure enough the computer slowed down again. I want to reformat the Harddrive so that every thing will be gone and then put Vista back on but it didn't come with the OS disks just a restore disk.

A:I want to fully format the harddrive for my laptop

Maybe it is the hard drive that is the problem have you tried running chkdsk.
I think the restore disk will be ok to use but would wait for proper advice from others.
Maybe it is just Microsoft's way of telling you to update to W10.
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Ok I bought an ACER laptop from Amazon for New laptop problem harddrive/Vista my parents laptop was pre-installed with windows vista home premium A recovery disc was NOT made Laptop stopped working would not boot up at all and took to repair guy- he said hard drive was broken and needed replaced I bought a new hard drive and repair guy installed into laptop and he also installed Vista- however he said he tried to activate vista using the product key from laptop found on sticker underneath laptop but it didn't work So now I have working laptop running vista and a pop-up balloon asking me to activate vista days left ACER have been unhelpful so far I'm waiting for a response from my second email to them The repair guy says he can stop timer on Vista but this is not what I want My goal is to have my parents Laptop running genuine activated version of Vista- just New laptop harddrive/Vista problem like the good old days Laptop is out of warranty period So how can I achieve my goal Should ACER be able to provide me with Vista disc Anyone know anybody who works for ACER Are there any suggestions as to how to fix this problem Thanks in advance R

A:New laptop harddrive/Vista problem

Hi -

The best course of action is to contact Acer Support and purchase a new set of Vista Recovery discs. I don't know their charge, but the last I looked, other OEMs charged about $30.

What most likely happened with your product key code - the repair shop used a full retail copy of Vista to re-load the system. The Acer OEM Vista copy is the same Vista OS as the retail version, but may contain Acer modifications.
The sad part to me is that the repair shop should have known that an OEM key will not work with a full retail copy.

Also, I would suggest that you contact Microsoft and tell them about the new hard drive and the imop key code.

When the system does get back up and fully functional with the key code in place - please validate the installation -

Regards. . . .


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I would like to copy an application that was installed on one laptop to another laptop without having the actual application. I know there are files (DLLs, etc.) which go into several different directories and that the registry gets updated with the app's info.

I know I can copy the directory under "Program Files", the obvious files from the System32 directory, and everything obvious in the registry, but I know I might not get everything I need.

What utility finds all information installed on a PC/laptop when an app is installed?
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I have searched through this forum for LaCie hardrive that disappears from their pc even though the harddrive and cables function perfectly and plug and play in other pcs to test them out. I have seen quite few messages but none of them have been solved.

My 250Gb Porche harddrive also is no longer seen by my laptop. It runs on WinXP SP3. The LaCie drive on my laptop is usally designated g: and is not there. I have done all the usual checks and tested the harddrive on two other computers including one running Ubuntu, the plug and play works fine and I can see all my files. But not on my laptop.

Has anyone solved this problem? I would be greatful for any answers.

Thank you


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I m nervous my laptop harddrive is failing Lately it s been really slow even after running virus spyware detections registry cleaners and adjusting the MSCONFIG settings Occasionally - x over the last few weeks I ve gotten a replacing laptop Solved: harddrive a Advice for blue screen error re a data dump and have had to force restart my computer It always comes back fine but slow Solved: Advice for replacing a laptop harddrive Last night I heard it making funny noises not coming from speakers Kind of like Solved: Advice for replacing a laptop harddrive a clicking cherping sound from the drive inside After searching around the net it sounds like I ll need to replace my harddrive I have a Dell Inspiron laptop purchased in I don t have a ton of data but more than will fit on my GB flashdrive What is the best and most cost effective way to backup my data and replace my harddrive Should I get an external harddrive and trx my data over before replacing the internal or would that even work Or is there a better way Or is a harddrive failure not even an issue Any help would be appreciated I m not overly hardware savvy but know enough to be able to replace an internal drive on a laptop I think nbsp

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When we get our computers in we have them bios protected. Unfortunatly, one was missed so a student got into the laptop bios, put in a bios password and now we can not get into the computer. Is there a way to remove this password somehow? I know on a desktop it is just a jumper issues. Thanks for your help.

A:How to remove harddrive password on a laptop or is it toast

Hi .From the forum rules,"No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences."Louis
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hey guys

im new here. i got a new laptop about 7 weeks ago. acer aspire 7740g-6969

i hadnt used it for a while because i didnt get an antivirus; i now have BD 2010 total security

im not sure what is causing the problem, but whenever i start my laptop, the harddrive keeps spinning. it slows down in between for a short bit, then speeds up again.

this happens even if im not doing much. like just typing this out here.

i have run a virus scan, there doesnt seem to be a virus.

any help would be appreciated.

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Soon after I bought my laptop the harddrive would occasionally make a beep sound and a couple of times the performance would be really really bad Recently after downloading a mb file right upon completion of the download there were a couple of long beeps much longer and more then one beep that seems to match up with the download being completed I to laptop Odd noises harddrive, proceed? on from how advice my got scared and made sure to downloaded macrium to create an image that i can use if something went wrong Now in the last few days I have been getting a couple of Odd noises from my laptop harddrive, advice on how to proceed? blue screens Odd noises from my laptop harddrive, advice on how to proceed? and I am wondering if I should just go and buy a new harddrive http datacent com hard drive Odd noises from my laptop harddrive, advice on how to proceed? sounds php the sound I hear is very similar to what I can hear from the first clip under quot Hitachi IBM quot its called quot Hitachi laptop drive with bad heads clicks once on spin up then beeps quot I dont know if the difference in brand means anything my harddrive is the quot GB SAMSUNG HM JI quot and is i believe out of warranty I bought my laptop dec I used seatools to scan do a short test and it passed it is currently doing a long test and I will post back if it fails that test otherwise please assume it passed Outside from the times where a sound is produced I have not had a problem its basically been a full year since this started Could someone please give me some advice on how to proceed nbsp

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The harddrive on my other laptop to / How harddrive find harddisk? compatible laptop just died it s an HP Pavilion ZE This was the first time a harddrive gave up on me so I was quite shocked by the whole process never thought it d happen to me Fortunately I periodically back up all my data to an external drive Now because How to find compatible laptop harddrive / harddisk? the laptop is otherwise perfectly fine I How to find compatible laptop harddrive / harddisk? just want to replace the drive I pulled the current one out and it s a Toshiba harddrive with the number MK GAS I googled this info and I got links to new and used harddrives for sale with the same config gb ATA However I thought I d shop around and look for something cheaper and possibly with more capacity Any thoughts on how I can search for compatible harddrives E g how can I figure out if a certain Maxtor harddrive would work on this laptop Also if you have suggestions on where to buy a replacement HD for a laptop do list them Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

A:How to find compatible laptop harddrive / harddisk?

My best advice would be to contact HP.
If you go over what was installed there might be a bios limitation for large drive support.
Basicly it might not see the full drive
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im working on a dell inspiron 5100... was running xp... on boot up, i get black screen tht says "primary hard disk drive 0 failure" "no boot device available".. so looks like the hard drive is dead... ive work on desktops, but never the hardware on laptop... this is the hard drive that is on the computer...
Part Number:G0435
Functional Group:HARDDRIVE
Description:HD 40GB I 9.5MM 5.4K HIT-FRES
Comments:HGST Fresno-B 40GB HDD (5400rpm) udma 100

i was just wondering if most laptop harddrives will work on this computer without having to order the same drive from dell... does anybody have any recommendations... i think the pc is about 5 years old... thanks for your help...

A:Solved: dead dell laptop harddrive help

Yes, I've put several laptop drives in my Dell's. They don't have to be ordered from the manufacturer.

So you could even get a larger one if you want.
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Everytime I install windows 98 on my laptop, everything looks ok. I can
reboot, etc, no problems. However, once I unplug the laptop from the ac
adaptor, (my battery does have a short life span of 1 hour), next time I plug
it back in, hard drive is wiped out, no partition or anything. I am wondering
if this is simply a malfunction harddrive, or a more serious problem.

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Hello  I wonder if there anny change to adding second harddrive on Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop.  And if you can what kind of harddrive can you adding ?? Best Regards Joseph
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I have my files backup on external hard drive. I need to transfer two of them to lap top both systems are Windows 7. How do I copy from external hard drive to laptop to get the data to the right program files on laptop. I have already installed the programs on the laptop. Thank you.

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Is my harddrive broken although the computer is completely new I have bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad x with a traditional harddrive The first thing I did was going to Windows Update to download the available updates for Windows professional bit There were some problems with the installation of the updates but I could solve them with the help of information from internet One of the update files had to be installed separately first otherwise it would block the whole package of update files from installing During a reboot CHKDSK is started and gives me the message below I am sorry that it is in Swedish but if I translate a summary it says - the disk has to be controlled for inconsequences - takes away the damaged attribute post quot quot - takes away a couple of index posts - CHKDSK restores some unindexed files to What does this mean Is my harddrive broken Should I return it to the shop immediately started broken? on was Is CHKDSK harddrive laptop. the new Kontrollerar filsystemet p C Filsystemet r av typen NTFS Volymetiketten r CHKDSK was started on new laptop. Is the harddrive broken? Windows OS En av diskarna beh ver inkonsekvenskontrolleras Du kan avbryta diskkontrollen men du rekommenderas att l ta den forts tta Disken kommer nu att kontrolleras CHKDSK verifierar filer steg av Attributposten av typen x med instanstaggen x r korsl nkad f r x kluster med start vid x c En del kluster upptagna av attribut av typen x och med instans-ID x i filen x b a anv nds redan Tar bort den skadade attributposten quot quot fr n filpostsegmentet filposter har behandlats Filverifieringen r klar stora filposter har behandlats skadade filposter har behandlats EA-poster har behandlats referensposter har behandlats CHKDSK verifierar index steg av Filreferensen xd b a f r indexposten CR f r indexet I med det verordnade objektet x b r inte identisk med x b a Tar bort indexposten CR i indexet I i filen Filreferensen xd b a f r indexposten Critical af d d f daf cb beddda e e bdb d f r indexet I med det verordnade objektet x b r inte identisk med x b a Tar bort indexposten Critical af d d f daf cb beddda e e bdb d i indexet I i filen Filreferensen x b a f r indexposten Report wer f r indexet I med det verordnade objektet x b a r inte identisk med x b a Tar bort indexposten Report wer i indexet I i filen indexposter har behandlats Indexverifieringen r klar CHKDSK l ser oindexerade filer f r teranslutning till den ursprungliga katalogen terst ller den verblivna filen CAD XML till katalogfilen terst ller den verblivna filen back xml till katalogfilen terst ller den verblivna filen FE XML till katalogfilen terst ller den verblivna filen xml till katalogfilen oindexerade filer har genoms kts terst ller den verblivna filen D DB XML till katalogfilen terst ller den verblivna filen back xml till katalogfilen CHKDSK terst ller terst ende oindexerade filer oindexerade filer har terst llts CHKDSK verifierar s kerhetsbeskrivare steg av fil-SD SID-poster har behandlats Rensar upp oanv nda indexposter fr n indexet SII i filen x Rensar upp oanv nda indexposter fr n indexet SDH i filen x Rensar upp oanv nda s kerhetsbeskrivare Verifieringen av s kerhetsbeskrivare r klar Infogar dataattribut i filen datafiler har behandlats CHKDSK verifierar USN-journalen USN-byte har behandlats Verifieringen av USN-journalen r klar Korrigerar fel i BITMAP-attributen f r MFT CHKDSK hittade ledigt diskutrymme markerat som allokerat i volymbitmappen Korrigeringar har gjorts i filsystemet kB diskutrymme totalt kB i filer kB i index kB i skadade sektorer kB anv nds av operativsystemet kB h rddisksutrymme anv nds av loggfilen kB ledigt utrymme byte i varje allokeringsenhet allokeringsenheter finns totalt p disken allokeringsenheter r tillg ngliga p disken Intern information fc c a e e Kontrollen av disken har slutf rts V nta medan datorn startas om

A:CHKDSK was started on new laptop. Is the harddrive broken?

Hello electricity and welcome to Seven Forums.

Others may disagree because it's a challenge to diagnose and repair problems. But in my opinion a new computer should not be running CHKDSK after installing Windows Updates and rebooting. I would take the computer back to the shop immediately. Otherwise they might try to blame you for damaging the laptop and not honor the warranty.

Google Translate:
Andra kan inte komma ?verens eftersom det ?r en utmaning att diagnostisera och reparera problem. Men enligt min mening en ny dator b?r inte k?ra CHKDSK efter installation Windows-uppdateringar och starta om. Jag skulle ta datorn tillbaka till butiken direkt. Annars butiken kan klandra dig f?r att skada den b?rbara datorn och inte hedra garantin.
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I think I accidently did a factory reset on my dell laptop which is lika a reformat with my external harddrive still plugged in. Now it doesnt show up in my computer but its in my hardware window in the control panel and it also appears in the safe removal thing. It's name has change to "WD".
Is there anyway of getting the files back and how much do you think it would cost to get them back ?

A:Solved: Reformated laptop with external harddrive still plugged in!!!
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Hey guys I m really stuck I bought a brand new Dell Inspiron not even months ago and lately i ve been having these weird problems ever since i started using the computer the HDD used to kick in at some point you could hear it acelerate normally i figured Dell Laptop crashes stops and noisy, in Harddrive it is because it is an GB one that sometimes just needs to spin some more recently however it makes really strange and load cracking noises all of a sudden and my applications run slow when it does that sometimes even pause like the HDD ist lost and doesn t know where it s reading stuff from days ago windows xp just shut down in a situation like this i got a blue screen telling me to switch of caching and shadowing in bios which i didn t find in there and then it said dumping physical memory this has happened Harddrive noisy, stops and crashes in Dell Laptop again twice just today i really don t know what s going on i didn t install any new hardware or software as the blue screen suggests do you have any ideas Thanks for your help Oh i should say could it be that it s simpy due to the fact that my computer has been running a lot lately that it s maybe overheating or something like that before the errors today i kept it running for about days now nbsp

A:Harddrive noisy, stops and crashes in Dell Laptop

if it is only 3 months old why not contact Dell? I have a dell as well and any time I had problems they fixed it free. It will take some effort on your part by contacting dell (use the phone you will get better results) and explaining your problem. They have replaced a dvd rom drive, cables and countless software errors for me, for free.
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Hi My coworker s laptop today decided to randomly start acting up There were messages popping up saying things such as quot harddrive failure quot quot disk error quot etc so I figured maybe her laptops harddrive just decided to go on her but upon further inspection I noticed that other random things were happening that have nothing to pertain to a harddrive failure so I started to get suspicious I was looking through harddrive log included) error(hijackthis Laptop Workers the task in windows task manager and saw a random program running which I don t remember the name of so I ended it and the harddrive error magically disappeared I m assuming there is some sort of virus on her computer because she was downloading drivers from Workers Laptop harddrive error(hijackthis log included) random non-legit websites the last few days for her printer If I could receive help as soon as possible from you guys that would be great Thanks Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files Camera Assistant Software for Gateway traybar exe C Workers Laptop harddrive error(hijackthis log included) Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe C Windows System igfxtray exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Program Files Camera Assistant Software for Gateway CEC MAIN exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update hpwuschd exe C Windows sttray exe C Program Workers Laptop harddrive error(hijackthis log included) Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Program Files Real RealPlayer Update realsched exe C Program Files Sprint Sprint SmartView RDVCHG exe C Program Files Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamgui exe C Windows ehome ehtray exe c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files McAfee Security Scan SSScheduler exe C Windows system igfxsrvc exe C Windows ehome ehmsas exe C Windows system wbem unsecapp exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqSTE exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqbam exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqgpc exe C Program Files Sprint Sprint SmartView SwiApiMuxCdma exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C Windows System mobsync exe C Program Files Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe C Program Files Real RealPlayer RealPlay exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http homepage gateway com rdr aspx b ACGW amp l amp s amp o vp amp d amp m t- u R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http homepage gateway com rdr aspx b ACGW amp l amp s amp o vp amp d amp m t- u R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http homepage gateway com rdr aspx b ACGW amp l amp s amp o vp amp d amp m t- u R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - Hosts localhost O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO HP Print Enhancer - C E- - -BF - C - C Program Files HP Digital Imaging Smart Web Printing hpswp printenhancer dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO RealPlayer Download and Record Plugin for Internet Ex... Read more

A:Workers Laptop harddrive error(hijackthis log included)

Hello and welcome to the forums!My secret agent name on the forums is SweetTech (you can call me ST for short), it's a pleasure to meet you. I am very sorry for the delay in responding, but as you can see we are at the moment being flooded with logs which, when paired with the never-ending shortage of helpers, resulted in the delayed responding to your thread.I would be glad to take a look at your log and help you with solving any malware problems.If you have since resolved the issues you were originally experiencing, or have received help elsewhere, please inform me so that this topic can be closed. If you have not, please adhere to the guidelines below and then follow instructions as outlined further below:Logs from malware removal programs (OTL is one of them) can take some time to analyze. I need you to be patient while I analyze any logs you post. Please remember, I am a volunteer, and I do have a life outside of these forums.
Please make sure to carefully read any instruction that I give you. Attention to detail is important! Since I cannot see or directly interact with your computer I am dependent on you to "be my eyes" and provide as much information as you can regarding the current state of your computer.
If you're not sure, or if something unexpected happens, do NOT continue! Stop and ask!
In Windows Vista and Windows 7, all tools need to be started by right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator!
If I instruct you to download a specific tool in which you already have, please delete the copy that you have and re-download the tool. The reason I ask you to do this is because these tools are updated fairly regularly.
Do not do things I do not ask for, such as running a spyware scan on your computer. The one thing that you should always do, is to make sure sure that your anti-virus definitions are up-to-date!
Please do not use the Attachment feature for any log file. Do a Copy/Paste of the entire contents of the log file and submit it inside your post.
I am going to stick with you until ALL malware is gone from your system. I would appreciate it if you would do the same. From this point, we're in this together ;)
Because of this, you must reply within three days failure to reply will result in the topic being closed!
Lastly, I am no magician. I will try very hard to fix your issues, but no promises can be made. Also be aware that some infections are so severe that you might need to resort to reformatting and reinstalling your operating system.
Don't worry, this only happens in severe cases, but it sadly does happen. Be prepared to back up your data. Have means of backing up your data available.____________________________________________________Rootkit UnHooker (RkU)Please download Rootkit Unhooker from one of the following links and save it to your desktop.Link 1 (.exe file)Link 2 (zipped file)Link 3 (.rar file)In order to use this tool if you downloaded from either of the second two links, you will need to extract the RKUnhookerLE.exe file using a program capable of extracing ZIP and RAR compressed files. If you don't have an extraction program, you can downlaod, install and use the free 7-zip utility.Double-click on RKUnhookerLE.exe to start the program.
Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.Click the Report tab, then click Scan.Check Drivers, Stealth Code, and uncheck the rest.Click OK.Wait until it's finished and then go to File > Save Report.Save the report to your Desktop.Copy and paste the contents of the report into your next reply.-- Note: You may get this warning...just ignore it, click OK and continue: "Rootkit Unhooker has detected a parasite inside itself! It is recommended to remove parasite, okay?".NEXT:Running OTLWe need to create a FULL OTL ReportPlease download OTL from here:
Main MirrorMirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the i... Read more
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my seagate momentus xt 2.5 won't work in my gateway dx4822 desktop. The fan just spins for a second & the desktop computer won't turn on.
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My windows xp would not boot and as suggested by some people here, I took the harddrive out, put it in a usb enclosure and attached it to another computer. The drive appears and everything is ok except one problem.

I can get into all the documents and settings folders for usernames that didnt have login passwords, but i cant get into my main username documents which has all the documents i need. When i click on it, it says access is denied. Is there anyway i can get back in or somewhere i can enter the password or change it? thanks


A:connected laptop harddrive to pc-access denied to some files

To take ownership of that folder again:

1. Log on with an account that has administrator rights
2. Right click on the folder
3. Select Properties
4. Click on the Security tab
5. Click on the Advanced button
6. Click on the Owner tab
7. In the list of Names, click on your name
8. To take ownership, click on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
9. Click OK and Yes
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I have an Asus k52j laptop and when I boot I can't get past BIOS logo but if I remove the harddrive I can access the BIOS and access any utilites on DVD. My laptop was really slow to boot and to access desktop and suddently I could not access anymore login screen and I had a black screen. Now I can't get past BIOS logo... so does it mean that I must change the HD? or it could be something else?

A:Can't get past BIOS logo when laptop harddrive is plugged

Quote: Originally Posted by MaxS5


I have an Asus k52j laptop and when I boot I can't get past BIOS logo but if I remove the harddrive I can access the BIOS and access any utilites on DVD. My laptop was really slow to boot and to access desktop and suddently I could not access anymore login screen and I had a black screen. Now I can't get past BIOS logo... so does it mean that I must change the HD? or it could be something else?

It sounds like you hard drive is failing. Do you have an adapter where you can connect that hard drive to another laptop via USB?

If you have this adapter, you can run tests on the now "external hard-drive". If you have another hard drive lying around and you know it is good, reinstall windows on it and see if it runs.
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Hi any help on this matter greatly appreciated though not looking for any answers telling a harddrive do laptop win7 you a from broken desktop, load How me to take it to a specialist or buy a certain How do you load a broken laptop harddrive from a desktop, win7 part at all I know about all that So my desktop runs smooth win as well Got a toshiba brand laptop harddrive that I'm sure is broken connects perfectly to the motherboard and is detected in the BIOS aswell How do you load a broken laptop harddrive from a desktop, win7 When I run the PC with both harddrives connected it goes to the motherboard splash screen then proceeds to Starting Windows doesn't freeze but doesn't make it passed that How do you load a broken laptop harddrive from a desktop, win7 point I have it set in the BIOS to run my main harddrive If I unplug the laptop hardddrive it boots perfectly to windows desktop I've tried safe mode same thing happens as above The main thing is I'm only trying to retreive data off of the broken laptop harddrive and don't actually want it to boot but it appears to be loading it's drivers and attempting to boot both I'm not a total proffesional understand computers to a good degree but not on this matter So a tech savy response is welcome I realise I may be looking at things completely wrong and this might be completely impossible but hey it's worth a shot Thank you in advance bleeping computer community If you don't have an account to login to to comment here my email is removed to protect from spambots without the spaces both harddrives are win if that is of convenience

A:How do you load a broken laptop harddrive from a desktop, win7

IME...when a failing hard drive is attached to a Windows times, Windows cannot boot properly because the system mechanism for detecting working components (hard drive, RAM, etc.) cannot detect the failing drive.
Thus the system can boot normally if the questionable drive is removed...cannot complete boot cycle if failing drive is attached.
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Hi Should I be able to get Ultra-DMA Mode on my laptop I m trying to speed up my Inspiron laptop which worked fine for years but which has slowed down markedly in the past few months It can hang while opening folders It has Mb of RAM memory and I just ordered an upgrade so that should help But my question here is whether my hard drive is working slower than it should be The C drive inside the computer runs my operating system It s a GB capacity drive model number IC N ATMR - listed as an Hitachi I a get harddrive? Solved: (UDMA-5) rate my faster Shouldn't laptop on or IBM piece From Solved: Shouldn't I get a faster rate (UDMA-5) on my laptop harddrive? what I can tell it should be able to run at Ultra-DMA Mode This comes from the fact that Solved: Shouldn't I get a faster rate (UDMA-5) on my laptop harddrive? the part is listed as being ATA another person reports having Ultra-DMA mode with and finally I downloaded a trial version of HD Tune Pro which says Supported UDMA mode Ultra ATA Active UDMA mode Ultra ATA However mode is NOT active according to my Primary IDE Channel Properties which says I m only at UDMA Mode HD Tune clocks my drive s reading and writing speeds to be around MB second Could have something to do with my laptop s original configuration Specifically I don t know whether laptops normally have that -pin cable people talk about which is necessary to go above UDMA Mode even if the hard drive allows it If I should be able to get Mode but it s just for some reason been quot stepped down quot any suggestions for how I can do that I ve tried as one website suggests setting the transfer mode to PIO Only restarting setting it to DMA if available and then restarting However it s still in UDMA Mode There is the option of actually uninstalling the Primary IDE but I m leery of doing that since C is the drive my OS is on There are rumors that this is ok to do but it scares me and I haven t read any direct reports from people trying it As for looking at the BIOS well--- I went there and could NOT find any options for dealing with DMA at all I don t know if flashing in a new BIOS would help I don t want to do that unless I really need to Below are a couple of screen shots from HD Tune Thanks for any advice you can offer Dak nbsp

A:Solved: Shouldn't I get a faster rate (UDMA-5) on my laptop harddrive?
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Hi Everyone Today was a bad day for me as i lost every single file in my Hp laptop I HardDrive lost Important Full data Laptop Cleaned Hp - think it is all my mistake let me explain what happend My laptop have GB HD Laptop came up with GB of quot C quot Drive partition Other paritions were HP Tools Recovery and System quot C quot drive was half full when i decided to divide it into more drives to save important data from quot C quot to another drive After searching on Full HardDrive Cleaned Important data lost - Hp Laptop internet i came to know that windows has a limit of parititons then i started searching for a quick solution to avoid Full HardDrive Cleaned Important data lost - Hp Laptop full new windows installation I installed a Mini Tool Parition manager and Set the quot C quot drive as Logical and shrinked more drives Full HardDrive Cleaned Important data lost - Hp Laptop from C Computer restarted Partition manager takes minutes to do everything and then WIndows started and all was ok But I wanted to have one more gb partition from quot C quot I did it again using Parition manager and computer started all stuff was going well Parition manager finshed everything and when computer restart nothing works Every time computer restart from windows Logo I was sure that something goes wrong i tried to repair it but repair takes minutes and solved nothing for me i canceled repair and try to install fresh windows when i was selecting the quot C quot disk to install windows in it An error appeas saying quot windows could not format a partition on disk The error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation Error code quot nothing was helpful I then run these commands quot Boot into the install repair disc and wait for it to load Choose Repair my computer Select Command Prompt Type diskpart and press enter Enter list disk and note the number of the disk you want to install on Enter select disk n n is the number of the disk Enter list partition and note the number of the partition you want to install on Enter select partition n n is the number of the partition Enter active You can now close the command prompt and re-attempt installation quot and again it was some kind of error At last i select parition and clean all and closed the command When i restart the computer it says quot no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key quot it was again very frustating then i plugged in the USB of bootable windows it was started smoothly and when i reached the partition selection window it was all cleaned Only single harddrive of gb was showing everything is cleaned There was too important files in the hard drive I have made a big mistake I need expert help Please help me recovering the data Thank you in advance

A:Full HardDrive Cleaned Important data lost - Hp Laptop

If you ran clean ALL, you are SOL.

Perhaps you can ask the NSA for their backup copy.

Too late this time, but in future, good idea to make an image backup every so often.

This is great free program which you can use to prevent getting in trouble in future:
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Hi All yes i m sure you know the horrible feeling I ve always worried about this happening to me and its finally happened The hard drive on my laptop appears to have slowly corrupted and now i m in the unfortunate position of not being unable to boot Firstly i ll just explain the background I noticed one day that after waking my laptop up from hibernation that it problems screen laptop HEAD* *SLAPS booting/HARDDRIVE/blue was running a bit stranger than *SLAPS HEAD* laptop booting/HARDDRIVE/blue screen problems before a bit slower and laggier - this was very noticeable because I just upgraded from to ram and was loving the increased performance after this change and it seemed like it was running similarly to under the old More alarmingly random mp s I tried playing which were stored all over the HD played very poorly would cut out and fizzle and make slight random static noises as if the files had become were corrupt So I became quite worried updated the virus scanners pattern file virus scanned and rebooted On reboot I was worried again when it appeared that it was taking a considerable bit more time to boot especially the colorful loading screen were windows loads before u click the logon account But it booted so I was relieved checked a heap of files and mp s that had been playing acting funnily before but were now playing and opening fine At this point I *SLAPS HEAD* laptop booting/HARDDRIVE/blue screen problems stopped worrying stupidly lol and left it The next day I came back to the laptop which was now in hibernation and woke it out of hibernation and it was behaving slowly again but files opened fine and mp s were playing fine still After a bit of web browsing something crashed i think firefox and the computer locked up for ages and couldn t seem to get control without restarting So I restarted it returned to the colorful loading screen and loaded for like minutes with nothign happening before I decided to restart again At this point I was given those options to how you want to boot Select the one quot use last good configuration quot or however it goes this went to colorful loading screen again took a considerable more time than usual but got in and windows loaded Once windows loaded up I got some diagnostic web site pop up about a possible harddisk error but said if this was the first time i got the message there was probably nothing wrong This is the point where i really starting panicking and started trying to back up really important things i have backed up weeks before this so luckily I haven t lost too much but i know there is about a CD s worth of things I would really like to try to get back but in doing so again something crashed and I couldn t regain control by trying to kill processes and had no vision of what was happening so restarted again Now i m in the nasty position of being unable to boot into any of the options given e g Safe mode Safe mode w networking s m w commnd prompt start xp normally last good config the safemode s all stop when loading something in i m pretty sure Drivers Mup sys and hang there start xp normally -- gt gets to that colorful xp loading screen loads for or so minutes cuts to blue screen for about half a second haven t been able to read it properly yet it comes up so quickly then reboots itself and continues cycle to chose how u want to load windows last good config -- gt does the same but a little quicker to get to blue screen and reboot ------------------- So yeah i m in a bit of a nasty spot and not really sure how I can go forward with this All i ve done so far is go into BIOS and do that disk self check thing you can select which fails in - seconds each time i ran it or times Is there any conceivable chance I have of getting my files back or any files at all If I could only get small sized files that would still be helpful as there are a number of uni word documents that wouldn t be big that d be really nice to get back Just bought one of those external hd thingies is there ... Read more

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quick recap I got my brand new gateway fx u laptop thursday last week After after reformat laptop gateway even continues 64bit harddrive brandnew to bluescreen a few bluescreens on friday I reformatted my harddrive aug brandnew gateway laptop continues to bluescreen even after harddrive reformat 64bit after reformat all was well for another day but this morning i bluescreened again A pandasecurity scan Panda global protection turned up corrupt files containing quot generic brandnew gateway laptop continues to bluescreen even after harddrive reformat 64bit trojans quot path C ACER Preload Autorun APP PowerDVD data cab Mind you the first thing i did after reformat was to delete trash programs including PowerDVD FIRST STEPS i have no fileshare programs or illegal software dds received quot this program is not compatable with your operating system gamr scanned and found nothing saved file contains nothing brandnew gateway laptop continues to bluescreen even after harddrive reformat 64bit idk if i did the first steps wrong but i followed all of them the scans turned up nothing and being that it is a new computer i havent had time to install anything too crazy limewire utorrent thanks PS saved gamr file and tried to attach but failed opened ark txt nothing in it assuming from no scan results

A:brandnew gateway laptop continues to bluescreen even after harddrive reformat 64bit

Hello -

This seems to be the machine you're talking about

You would seem to be running a 64bit Operating System, which DDS is not compatible with. That said, I don't think your issues are malware related. Those finds by Panda would seem to me to be false positives, as they are part of the Acer/Gateway install.

If it's brand new, and you're getting BSOD, you may want to contact the seller. Or, have the folks in the Windows Vista section help you troubleshoot the cause of the crashes.