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CD/DVD drives problem to burn

Q: CD/DVD drives problem to burn

Hay Guys. I got an HP laptop with Vista. My cd/dvd drive used to work but now i could not burn CD. After writing half way on the CD it eject it and give me an error message or some times say poor CD quality ( I try with the best CD still same message). Any one with a suggestion. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Preferred Solution: CD/DVD drives problem to burn

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: CD/DVD drives problem to burn

Welcome to the forums yebo.
What software are you using to burn with?
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Using Windows XP with SP3

I have two CD drives.


Neither one of these drives allow me to burn a CD
I have attempted to use Windows XP Roxio method as well as Nero

Under Nero, I receive the following errors:

Session Fixation error
NEC DVD-RW ND 1300A could not preform fixation
Burn process [email protected] (2400KB/s)
Power calibration error
invalid write state
could not perform end track

Is it possible that there could be wrong information in my registry under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning\Drives?

I read the info from Microsoft Support and under Value Data I am not sure whether it should have a 1 pr 2 in that box. Is there any downloads that could assist me.
Really frustrated.

Thanks, hope I gave you enough information.

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Both are suddenly getting error messages. This is occuring only since have been burning audio files.

Some messages are:

-Initial audio write failed

-Second attempt Code 05 2c 03 [Illegal request, program area is not empy]

- Can't send audio cue sheet 1st try Code 05 2c 03 [Illegal request, program area is not empy]

Tried numerous programmes: Copy to DVD - Copy audio files, Media player, I think it uses Roxio.


A:DVD and CD drives unable to burn

Or is this a software type question?
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Hello I just discovered that in the past few weeks I can burn cds dvds successfully but cannot view them without them skipping The burned cds dvds play on other players throughout the house but when played on both cd dvd drives on my computer they skip They play about x faster than normal Same thing with store-bought cds or dvds They skip on my cd dvd drives when viewing I tried to go back to a restore point on my computer but although the dates I choose are bold and should be able to restore back to those can cd/dvd but drives - without play burn cannot skipping dates my computer won't let me restore back to an earlier time I've tried or different dates Dell tells me it's not hardware it's software and they need to charge me to check it When I run an Express Diagnostic test I get IDE Device Failed I'm cd/dvd drives - can burn but cannot play without skipping using the Dell Resource CD that supposedly came installed on my computer Any ideas No one seems to be able to help unless I buy a year's extended service contract I have a Dell Dimension - WIN XP Professional Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

A:cd/dvd drives - can burn but cannot play without skipping


try uninstalling then reinstalling your music software


I get IDE Device Failed

this might be a ribbon cable that needs to be replaced

do a disk check out my computer - c-drive - tools - check off both boxes and reboot

post back
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i don't know where to post this perhaps there is a support forum here somewhere won't drives burn 2 lite on slave i really need help if there is a proper forum and a moderator would like to move my post i would appreciate it i have a vista ultimate system all is working fine when i try to burn on the secondary slave drive the error messages i get are quot searching for scsi aspi devices quot i have used force aspi and installed the proper aspi devices checkaspi exe it might be called aspicheck exe tells me that the aspi layers are installed but that some of the quot helper drivers failed to initialize quot i know the drive is good i disconnected the ide cable from both drives they are on the same channel i hooked up the cable to only the slave drive changed the jumpers to master and rebooted the drive works fine all ide channels have dma set to auto when both drives are connected to the ide channel with the top drive set as master with proper jumpers and the bottom drive as slave with proper jumpers the second slave drive will read but will not burn i updated the firm ware on both drives and i still have the same problem i uninstalled both drives from the device manager rebooted and i still have the same problem whats going on here im going crazy and i would really appreciate any and all help thanks in advance

A:2 lite on drives slave won't burn

Have you tried switching the drives around on the same cable and see if you still have the same problem.
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I can really use some help before I start banging my head on the table So it started like this I had an aging computer that was no longer adequate to my standards however everything worked fine even when I installed the windows pro update from a Vista installation Since then I have retired the PC to my parents home which for them is actually an upgrade The only difference now is that I had them get their own copy of Windows Home The problem they are having IDE won't drives Sony Two burn optical which is now my problem is that the CD burner and the DVD burner both will not burn discs There is no option to burn them and upon inserting a blank cd-r both drives tell me quot Windows can't read disc in drive quot Here are some issue-relevant specs on the fore-mentioned PC Lan-party nf Ultra-D Motherboard Sony CD-RW CRX E IDE optical drive Sony DVD-RW DRU- A IDE optical drive Both drives are on the same IDE cable and the DVD-RW is set Master and the CD-RW is set to Slave Here is how the two drives are listed in the device manager Sony CD-RW CRX E Two Sony optical IDE drives won't burn ATA Device Sony DVD-RW DRU- A ATA Device I've noticed they are listed as ATA Devices though they are IDE This may be part of the issue but I cannot find drivers on Sony's site for their IDE counterparts and I have no idea what else to do short of buying new SATA drives if this is the problem I've uninstalled the drivers for the optical drives and had windows scan and reinstall them didn't work I've tried to update the motherboard drivers but n'vidia doesn't seem to offer nf chipset drivers anymore Instead I've gone to the length of installing modified drivers in hopes that it would help but it hasn't I found the quot Modded Driverpacks for Win Vista quot here Win Vista Optimized nForce Driver Packs amp bull nForcersHQ com I installed the quot Non-AHCI Performance Packs quot so if anyone has insight as to why I maybe shouldn't have done that I could use the knowledge Honestly it was a hasty uninformed attempt to fix the problem quickly but I still have the problem Normally I try and do fix these problems but I really need help on this one Either I'm forgetting something or the problem is out of my league Thanks for taking the time to read my post Help is enormously appreciated

A:Two Sony optical IDE drives won't burn

Hi Have you installed the chipset drivers for your motherboard? Regards
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A few months ago I started using a new batch of Tayo Yuden DVD drives Cannot three different multi-session suddenly on burn DVD blanks and couldn t get any toburn multi-session I could burn Cannot burn multi-session DVD suddenly on three different drives some data but then add nothing to the disc later I couldn t can t even insert older discs that were left open and add data to them What bothers me is that no matter what kind of disc I use I cannot burn a multi-session disc on my machine my wife s machine nor on my laptop I ve used the Tayo Yudens a batch of Sony DVD-Rs I Cannot burn multi-session DVD suddenly on three different drives got at the store and some Tayo cds I bought last winter My wife s PC has an IDE ASUS-DRW- P - my PC has a sata tsstcorp SH-S N - my laptop is a Dell with the built in DVD burner - not sure what model How could it be that suddenly I can t burt multisession DVDs or CDs using either Nero Nero or Ashampoo What in the world Any advice nbsp
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CD amp DVD drives don t have recording tabs Help OK here s what is going XP, CD's drives tabs can't 'Properties' lost anymore! DVD & burn in CD on Several weeks ago don t remember exactly when mid or late January I was fooling around amp installed some programs so I could convert songs from my phone to a format my computer could read Didn t work I uninstalled it Then a bit later I downloaded a program to ID music by playing it over speaker into the microphone to id a song Uninstalled it too I know one of these programs again don t remember told me to change my default record media from the drive to I think a virtual CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! drive Anyway I think this is what has caused my problem which is I can no longer get CD-R s to burn I have a Dell DImension with Windows XP and when I try to use Media Player to burn songs CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! to a CD it looks as if it is going thru the process but doesn t do it XP and media player recognize the drives and I can play CD s or DVD s just can t get the computer to remember that yes these drives are capable of recording Also when I put a blank CD-R into either drive they show under properties to be full and have CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! no space left on them even though they are new When I go to properties on both drives there is no recording tab so I cannot enable recording I have Googled around and here is what I have tried to do to fix it I used the Microsoft site s suggestion to edit the registry and change the drive values from to or No help I made sure the IMAPI value in Admin Services was on automatic and I force started it No help I went back to the registry and deleted the high filters and low filters in the registry file related to the drives No help I uninstalled the drives in device manager logged off and logged on to reinstall but they already had No help I uninstalled the drives and immediately went to new hardware wizard It found them and installed them No help I reinstalled Nero my burning software No help I went back to Microsoft s site and used the automatic Fix It wizard but it said both drives were not capable of recording bogus since I ve burned I don t know how many CD s since I got this computer in mid I probably forgot some stuff since I have been at this all afternoon and evening but I m really frustrated Both drives were working great forever so I guess when I installed those programs I mentioned earlier it jacked up something I don t think I ve tried to burn any CD s since I got rid of both of those programs up until today when I discovered the problem Thing is I CAN T remember which program had me change the record or burn to feature I think it changed it from the E and D drive to something else but don t remember where or how Yeah I know it was stupid to not write it down and yeah I regret screwing with either program But I d really like some help here if anyone can I appreciate it nbsp
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I have gb external drive I don't mind using the external drive to burn the system image on as i barely ever use it and yes it still works However I worry about system image being re written by virus burn messag or to Question to System burn cds? image in external drive should i ever get a virus spyware malware ect on my external drive and then the viruses re enters my system everytime System image burn to external drive or burn to cds? Question in messag i use the system image The whole point of even me using the system image would be in the event i get a virus and i just can't rid of it or I just really wanna be sure its gone So i use the system image to delete everything and restore only what was on the system image So my question is do you think if be the safer bet to just store the system image on none-rewritable cds Perhaps this is not very convenient as i would need more than probably cds but would it be safer and would it let me install it on more than cd I think the system image is about gbs So i may need up to cds to store gbs each going from part to part Is it going to let me do that Oh and i just might make a back up on my external drive as just as emergency back up in the given case one or all my cds don't fully work or should one out of ever fail

A:System image burn to external drive or burn to cds? Question in messag

Hello Trent,

It would be best to create the system image on a HDD instead. A CD/DVD is less reliable to restore from, and more expensive for how many you would need.

You can do what's in the NOTE box at the top of the tutorial below to keep multiple copies of system images on the same HDD. This way you can create a system image backup that you know is clean, rename the backup folder to keep it so new system images will not replace it. Just repeat this every so often to have a updated system image that you know is clean.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

Hope this helps,
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I m not sure if this is the right section but here s the problem can but files burn pictures burn Solved: can't to disc I I Yesterday I tried to burn a folder containing pictures about MB worth and a few WordPad files onto a brand new blank CD-RW disc with MB of space using the Mastered format When I tried burning the files to disc I got Solved: I can't burn pictures to disc but I can burn files a message saying quot There was an error burning this disc It might no longer be usable quot I tried using another blank disc and got the same error I also tried using an older CD-R disc that still had Solved: I can't burn pictures to disc but I can burn files plenty of room on it and I still got the same error I also tried burning just the pictures and not the files and got the same error I then tried to burn just the files and not the pictures This time it worked I was able to burn the WordPad files to the disc but not the pictures Any ideas why this is happening I was able to burn pictures onto a blank disc just weeks ago without any problems but now it won t work I m using a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Vista Basic nbsp

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heres the deal, i want to make a copy of a dvd cd but not a exact copy, but two of the three tracks. How can I acheive this? Please help, before I fall into total despair.

A:dvd burn problem need help!

i tryed some programs but they dont work plaease help!
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Dell Inspiron XP and NEC A DVD writable hardware Sonic Software All were installed on computer originally I can copy to CD burn music CD play DVD and write files to DVD using quot My Computer quot I am trying to burn DVD problem burn a DVD that I recorded using my cam corder and DVD recorder so there are no copyright issues The sonic software instructs me to insert source DVD It then copies it to computer It then instructs me to insert blank DVD I insert a blank formatted DVD The DVD pops open and it continues to tell me to insert blank DVD I never get any further Still under warranty Did firmware update for NEC-not fixed Dell had me reinstall Sonic software-not fixed They sent me a new DVD different brand-not fixed Now they want to replace motherboard and then the operating system Is this DVD burn problem the route to go or there other less extreme things to try I am thinking media compatibility The Maxell x -R is not listed on the NEC compatibility chart for this unit so I will try this Any other suggestions nbsp

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Dear Sir We were trying to burn WMP Problem With Burn 11 some music CD s however we ran into some problems Perhaps you can offer some suggestions as to correct the problems It is my wife s computer She has a Dell Inspiron with Windows XP PRO The Windows Media Player is Version Our problem is that we cannot burn an Audio CD We are not receiving any error messages Our approach is as Burn Problem With WMP 11 follows Click and drag songs to the burn list Insert blank CD-R for the Audio burn Click on start burn and nothing happens Then I am unable to get the blank CD from the tray when I press the release button I have tried several blank CD s Still no burn I have to shut down the PC and reboot before I can get the tray to give up the CD Some additional information As the PC is shutting down it shows that a Microsoft Windows Update is in progress I should not think this should cause a problem however I mention it for what it is worth Please offer some suggestions to correct this CD burning issue problem Thank you nbsp

A:Burn Problem With WMP 11

WMP has problems burning audio CD's. Get CDBurnerXP, a good freeware burning program.
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While trying to burn a video DVD I got a pop-up window the message "Operating System Error Gdiplus::status = 0x80040217 -13", the program stops and the DVD is ejected. I think this occurs just before the program is ready to write on the DVD. I reinstalled the program and the same thing occurs.

I am running Windows XP Media Center with SP2. The DVD burning program is Sonic's MyDVD Plus 6.2.0 that came with the computer and has been working properly.

A:DVD burn problem

can you post a log of the burn
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i have a few small video files on my HD & when i try to copy them to a cd (i used burn4free & real player) only the largest file seems to get copied! The total size is only 125 MB so plenty space. I am using a cd-rw.

A:cd burn problem?

I am not familiar with Burn4Free, but why are you using it WITH Real Player (which can also burn) - surely ONE burning program is enough. (I actually used Real Player last night to burn some music files to a CD-RW, which worked OK, but it was only for experiment and I later erased the CD-RW).
I think you might be better off with one of the mainsteam burners such as Nero or Roxio, which often come bundled with CD drive hardware.
I only use CD-RWs which have been formatted with Nero's InCD and can then be used like a large floppy disk so files can be dragged & dropped, or copied, moved, deleted at will.
You don't say if you want to copy your movies for backup purposes or as an alternative means of storage. Either way, assuming you want to keep them, burn to a CD (not RW) and if you use Multisession mode (Nero or Roxio), not Finalize mode, you would be able to add more data later.

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i am using windows xp sp3 , when i try to burn new dvd , my disc ejected without burn,my new dvd wasted can any one help

A:Dvd burn problem

Hello kail01, Welcome to TSF! :wave;

I am presuming that you have checked your burning software program, by uninstalling and re-installing it.
You might also like to check that the media (the DVD's) are compatible with your Drive.
If after trying this, and it is still not possible to burn DVD's perhaps you might like to also try these two other alternative methods to get your DVD burner working...

Method One: Remove the registry entry

Warning: Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall your operating system.

Please Note: If you had installed multiple CD-writing software products on your computer, you need to uninstall the software products before you remove the registry keys.

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.

3. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:

4. On the File menu, click Export.

5. In the File name box, type savedkey, and then click Save.

6. Click the REG_MULTI_SZ data type UpperFilters, and then click Delete on the Edit menu. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

Note: If this data type is missing, go to Method 2.

7. Click the REG_MULTI_SZ data type LowerFilters, and then click Delete on the Edit menu. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

8. Quit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.

Method 2: Replace the existing driver

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

2. If Control Panel is in Category view, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.

If Control Panel is in Classic view, double-click System.

3. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

4. Click the drive with the question mark (?) next to it.

5. On the Action menu, click Uninstall. When you are prompted to confirm the removal, click OK.

6. Repeat steps 4 through 5 for any other drives with question marks.

7. On the Action Menu, click Scan for hardware changes.

Close all windows and reboot the computer.

Please give these two methods a try and post back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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I'm trying to burn a DVD movie with I Copy DVD2 that worked with windows XP
but since I upgraded to Vista, when I try to copy it READS OK but when it is
supposed to WRITE, I get an error message from NEO Backup saying to check
the log file. When I contact I Copy DVD2 Support, they said they do not have
an NEO Backup in their software. My computer is AMD Processor 4800.

Can you supply any information as to how to fix this problem?

A:Dvd Burn Problem

No help for making movie copies here, please read the TSG Rules, this thread is closed.
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hi im using vista ultimate and windows media player 11 when i try to burn a audio cd it goes through process and completes however the cd remains blank any help would be great

A:cd burn problem

Have you tried using another program to do this, like itunes?
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Not sure if this is posted in the correct forum so I apologize if not. I have an old Acer Aspire windows 98 system that I recently replaced my hard drive and rebuilt the system. Also at that time I replaced the CD/Burner with a DVD RW drive and now my existing Nero V5 software won't work. Also I didn't get any software with the new DVD drive. I can play CD's and the computer recolonizes the drive I just can't burn a CD. Do I need new soft ware or will windows 98 not support a DVD?

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Hi, not sure if this is software, hardware or whatever but when I try to burn a DVD on my HP Pavilion Slimline system (win 7 home premium 64-bit) after converting to DVD format from a .avi file using ConvertXtoDVD, I get the following error as it starts to burn then spits it out as "operation completed" when clearly it has not even started.....
BURN : Init DVD-R DAO: Can't set write parameters code page Code 05 26 00 [Illegal request, Invalid field in parameter list]
If I take the encoded files (i.e. video TS and audio TS folders) to another machine and select "burn a project already converted" again using ConvertXtoDVD software, it burns the DVD without a problem ?
Any ideas what I am doing wrong - hopefully not a duff DVD drive on a relatively new machine ?

A:DVD burn problem

If you have VIDEO_TS all ready to go, try burning with Imgburn

I never go from conversion directly into a burn no matter what converter I use. I like to get the VIDEO_TS folder first. Even good converters like DVD Flick can have problems if you go directly to a burn. Plus Imgburn is pretty much the standard unless you have some wacho unsupported drive.

Not likely. I've had a bunch of HP PCs and Imgburn only had problems with one burner. And that was fixed when I did a Firmware Update on the burner. Even with the problem burner an old version of Imgburn worked. I just couldn't update to a newer version until I did the firmware update.

It sounds like what you are getting is Power Calibration Error, only it reports it succeeded. Weird!

edit: when I wrote "even good converters like DVD Flick" I wasn't implying ConvertX was bad. I just meant it's a good idea to burn as a separate last step generally. Last time I used ConvertX is was freeware. But I've heard good things about it.
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I am using Nero to burn media movies and have been successful on a few attempts but lately I have been getting an error message and am not sure what it means Any help is greatly appreciated A - - - - - Windows XP IA WinAspi - ahead WinASPI File C Program Files Ahead Nero Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM Nero API version Using interface version Installed in C Program Files Ahead Nero Application ahead Nero - Burning Rom Internal Version e Recorder lt TEAC DVD RW DV-W E gt Version D C - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default - gt ATAPI detected ATAPI Scsi-Device-Map CdRomPeripheral HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR B movies to burn Error Failed Burn when trying atapi Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral TEAC DVD RW DV-W E atapi Port ID DMA On DiskPeripheral WDC WD JD- HKA atapi Port ID DMA On CDRom-Device-Map HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR B D CDRom TEAC DVD RW DV-W E E CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte ShowDrvBufStat BUFE Physical memory MB kB Burn Failed Error when trying to burn movies Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled NeroAPI PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line DVD-Video files reallocation started PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line DVD-Video files reallocation completed no file modified PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line DVD-Video files sorted PM Text File Reader cpp Line Reader running PM Text File AudioCompilationImpl cpp Line DRM StartDrmRecording RealRec ImageRec Copies DRM Beginning burn process PM Text File Writer cpp Line Writer TEAC DVD RW DV-W E running PM ISO GEN - File geniso cpp Line First writeable address x PM ISO GEN - File geniso cpp Line First writeable address x PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to be written MB PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder TEAC DVD RW DV-W E Media type DVD R Disc Manufacturer ID CMC MAG Media Type ID E Product revision number Disc Application Code Extended Information Indicators PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required no patch infos - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks TEAC DVD RW DV-W E -------------------------------------------------------------- PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare recorder TEAC DVD RW DV-W E for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc fixated Tracks to TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line Caching of files started PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line Caching of files completed PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item relocatable disc pos no patch infos orig at write at PM Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line ---- DVD Structure Physical Format Information h ---- Layer Address h AGID Length Book Type DVD R Part Version x Disc Size mm Maximum Rate lt not specified gt F h Number of Layers Track Path Parallel Track Path PTP Layer Type recordable Linear Density um bit Track Density um track Starting Physical Sector Number of Data Area h DVD-ROM DVD-R -RW DVD R RW End Physical Sector Number of Data Area F h End Sector Number in Layer h LBN FFFD h MB Data in Burst Cutting Area BCA does not exist Disc Application Code h Extended Information indicators h Disc Manufacturer ID CMC MAG Media type ID E Product revision number Number of Physical format information bytes in use in ADIP up to byte Media Sp... Read more

A:Burn Failed Error when trying to burn movies

What kind of movies are you burning? Are you using DVD Shrink first?
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hello guy's...!!!this forum is great...keep it is very good...!!!
now i have a question for you!!!can i burn a cd/dvd while i am defragmenting the partition from where i want to burn the data?i didn't tried this thing yet...but i don't want to have some problems so I am asking you if you know something about this...!!!best regards...!!!!greetings!!!

A:can i burn a cd/dvd while i'm defrgmenting a partition from where a want to burn data

I can't say that I've tried that myself. I guess it could be possible that the data could be corrupted if the files that you're burning are being moved at the time, but that chance is pretty low I suppose. Give it a try if you want to, but don't be surprised if everything runs extremely slow, or if the CD ends up having corrupted data. I'd advise either pausing the defrag or just waiting until it finishes.
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I have a wma file and I need to burn it onto a cd i.e. make a vcd. I tried doing it but it wouldn't work. I think it wants me to have a mpg file. So I downloaded a converting software called SUPER but when I converted it, the video had all these green lines over it. Then I converted it to avi, which looked fine, but again, it doesn't burn onto the cd.
What should I do?
Any other good software for wma to mpg?
or does someone know how to burn wma onto a cd?

Please Help!!!

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I got Error Message Windows XP IA WinAspi File Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM ahead WinASPI File C Program Files Ahead nero Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM NT-SPTI used Nero Version Internal Version d Recorder lt HL-DT-ST DVDRAM with Burn DVD. Nero Problem GMA- B gt Version A - HA TA - Adapter driver lt IDE gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default - gt ATAPI detected CD-ROM lt SI KOR DVD-ROM CRD- B gt Version - HA TA - Adapter driver lt SCSI gt HA Scsi-Device-Map DiskPeripheral WDC WD BB- CAA atapi Port ID DMA On DiskPeripheral IOMEGA ZIP atapi Port ID DMA Off CdRomPeripheral HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA- B atapi Port ID Nero Problem with Burn DVD. DMA On CdRomPeripheral Generic DVD-ROM d prt Port ID DMA Off CdRomPeripheral SI KOR DVD-ROM CRD- B cdspacex Port ID DMA Off CDRom-Device-Map HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA- B E CDRom SI KOR DVD-ROM CRD- B F CDRom Generic DVD-ROM G CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte ShowDrvBufStat BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Nero Problem with Burn DVD. Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled ISO compilation PM Text File Isodoc cpp Line Iso document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed FALSE Simulate Nero Problem with Burn DVD. FALSE Write TRUE Finalize CD FALSE Multisession TRUE Multisession type Start multisession Burning mode DAO Mode ISO Level Max of char Character set Multibyte Joliet TRUE Allow pathdepth more than directories TRUE Allow more than characters in path TRUE Write ISO file extensions TRUE PM ISODOC - File Isodoc cpp Line Error while creating ISO or Joliet file names Existing drivers File Drivers PXHELP SYS Ver a size bytes created PM Prassi Veritas driver for win K File Drivers scsiport sys Ver xpsp sp rtm - size bytes created PM Adapter driver for src Registry Keys HKLM Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion WinLogon AllocateCDROMs Security Option Anyone know how to fix it This happened when I finished burn DVD I don t know why this happened to me nbsp
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I've seen this problem posted a couple of times - but no response on how to fix it. After I create a burn list on WMP 11 and hit burn I get a message to install the burner and restart the player. Somehow it is not recognizing the burner. I have tried burning on another software but it is telling me the songs (which I legally purchased from Napster) are not valid music files, even though they play on the computer and have been able to sync to the mp3 player but I can't burn a cd with them due to this "not a valid music file" message. Need help with both of these problems.
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I have updated my DVD Flick program and now after I burn a movie and play the movie there is a green line that goes from the top to bottom in the middle of the screen and have no idea why. Tried burning a different movie and same problem. Can you help?

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Can no longer burn CD s Upgraded to sp for XP and did all other Critical amp other Windows updates recently Seems problem started then Have a Plextor A CD-DVD burner Used Real Player G in past successfully Then it forced upgrade to Vers Starts to burn OK but gets to & IMAPI problem CD burn rd or th song of the usual or so songs then get Error msg that Real Player has encountered an Error and needs to CD burn problem & IMAPI Close Won t give CD back out of the drive Have to Reboot computer to get CD out Then tried Windows Media Player Goes through the whole burn cycle OK Shows Inspecting Converting then Converted for each song All music from Library list or Playlists seem to finish and it shows Closing Disc but then immediately get Error CD burn problem & IMAPI message that WMP cannot burn files that maybe CD is dirty or to try slower speed CD returns out of drive OK Have tried all sorts of CD s and lowered speeds too - nothing works Went to Roxio Easy CD Creator and was able to successfully burn a DUPLICATE copy of a previously burned CD Just can t seem to burn from any of my Library or Playlists Gb hard drive is down to Gigs and I seriously need to get this music off of it onto CD s What gives Anyone had this problem before Could it be a wrong setting somewhere Any ideas suggestions Appreciate any help nbsp

A:CD burn problem & IMAPI

Posted yest. for issues with 'can copy CD, but CANNOT burn'. Found a Post on another Forum that said IMAPI causes problems with 3rd party software and so to Disable it. I did. Can now Burn with Real Player again!!

New problem.......Real Player v.10, is all messed-up, corrupted or whatever. Songs say this Title/Author when they're really a totally different one. Have gone thru the 'Search for Media on computer' thing over & over but it doesn't get them right. I'd say maybe 50% are all wrong.

So... added all my music files to Windows Media Player 10. Presto! They are all there CORRECTLY! However, now that I've disabled IMAPI, Windows Media Player will not burn CD's. Keep in mind though that I was having problem burning with WMP10 anyway.

It would go thru like it was burning just fine.....'Inspecting', 'Converting', ' Converted' then 'Closing Disc' upon which immediately got Error message that 'disc might be dirty or try slower speed'. All of which I tried to fix w/ numerous discs, types, speeds, etc. None worked?

**** Does this additional info. help ayone to figure out what could be going wrong with CD burning? Real Player 10 works now, but I really want the correctly named songs and only WMP10 seems to have them. What can I do??? Thanks!!
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All of a sudden no matter what cd burn program i use , the Finalizing CD part at the end won't work (has probs) and the cd burn fails. Everything is ok up until the finalize cd part. As mentioned this happens on whatever program i use. Also i have tried various disk types.

I understand that this may be a possible cd drive error but if not , maybe someone out there might know where to look (on my system maybe for possible file errors that could cause this.

My cd rom is absolutely fine for everthing else so i'm not sure why i have this problem.

I will get the brand name soon if needed.


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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create a backup copy of my iTunes library and have hit a snag. I am using a DVD+RW disk and there is already my previous collection on it. i Tunes will not write onto a disk with stuff on it and windows says it cant delete the stuff on the disk because it is read only, ironicly it says just write over the disk and delete the stuff that way.

I have tried:
Setting the iTunes>Edit>Preferances>Advanced>Burning setting to data CD/DVD
Changing the files on the disk by unchecking the read only box but errors appear and it won't do it.

Can anyone recomend a way to override the disk's protection?

A:ITunes Burn Problem

Open up your CD/DVD burning software and go through the help file to find out how to "erase" the disc.
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I have burned CD's and DVDs before no problem. Now I get a window 'Error - there was a problem burning this disc' after maybe 2 minutes of building the image file. Using the built in burn appl in 7 Pro. (I'll try another appl if I can't solve this.)

DVD +R disc is fine, doesn't begin to even burn. Can't be hardware because it's worked fine before. Can't be intermittent as I haven't removed/touched any internals.

Tried making the pagefile larger, to match ram of 2GB ( min 2048, max 4000). Same. Lots of room on the hard drive. Can't believe it would be because data is 3.64 GB because 7 should just use the hard drive if it runs out of ram.

Thank you in advance.

A:DVD burn error 'there was a problem'

Definitely try a different burner. ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP (ignore the XP part, it works on Win 7) are both good, free programs.
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Hi everyone

I have 700mb mp3 files when i try to burn into disc
it gives me error and not enough memory

i tried with Windows Media Player and Nero

In Nero i saw the capacity of the files were more than 24000mb

In real it is 700mb

what is the real problem?

Can anyone help me in this

Thanks in Advance

A:Problem with Burn files into Discs


Make sure you are creating an MP3 disk in Nero.

Also activate "over burn", this will enable a further 3MB or so of disk space on the CD disks which you would not normally have access to.

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I m running XP using Nero I am burning minute audio CD Burn Nero 6 Problem Audio sessions on one Cd I have been doing this for about years which will explain my level of experience I had two sessions that totaled about minutes each so I had to change the playback rate just a little bit to get them to fit on an min CD-R After burning my master I just happened to notice that not all of the disc was used-- why not when I had to compress to get all on disc Also on one of the masters it had two Nero 6 Audio CD Burn Problem seperate rings that had been burnt--a quot gap in the middle and about quot gap on outer perimeter I played one of them in my car player Nero 6 Audio CD Burn Problem and it seemed to play alright but I m about to print copies of my masters to many CD-Rs for dispersement So I said all of this because I just can t figure out why all of the CD-R surface wasn t used when I know I have minutes of audio This is wierd Please help-- I want good copies Thanks nbsp

A:Nero 6 Audio CD Burn Problem

I think the primary question here is: How do they sound? If they sound OK, I don't think it will be a problem. Did you check to make sure the entire thing was there or did you only listen to part of it? Maybe you compressed them to much? Did you try a different CD burning program and see if the same thing happens?
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My name is Angelo and I can't seem to fit a 2 part avi file on to a regular blank dvd I don't know what to do. Can I make it smaller or something? Please help me.

A:I have a problem with nero. Can't burn a big avi file to a dvd

There are plenty of utilities you can use to recompress the avi's. They must be massivly long (or use nil compression) to be so large +4.5GB.

Search for Yasasoft or Cucusoft avi converters. There will be loads of others too. Someone might want to suggest some better ones.
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A few days ago was everything ok..I could burn cd-s and dvd-s with nero 7. Now this happens when I insert empty cd-r

and when I wish to burn a dvd+r, nero says that it can not burn dvd+r ...and I use the same empty media like always before.
Burner can read every dvd+r that I put in, but no cd-r..I dont know why?
I was thinking if maybe I did something with settings. I remember I set the settings in nero 7 to default. Is there any way to test my burner (the one in nero is not working for me), so that I will be sure it is damaged and that I didnt change some setting? Will go investigate on internet now..thank you for your help and time


A:Solved: nec dvd-rw nd-3540a burn problem :(

..after many many hours, I installed and uninstalled nero, again and again...stupid me about what could I do wrong, I did change some settings at nero...I followed some instructions on how to burn KVCD; so I thought it must have been my mistake...I finally put in my pc another burner cd-rw..and after seing it works I finally went to repair service...and so the result is...I had a broken nec nd 3540a and now I have a new optiarc dvd rw ad-7173a I can say just thank you to the repair service...huge only five minutes they gave me new time, I will go imidiatelly if I have something under guaranty...yep
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Ripping or burning CDs causes my computer to defrag really bad. The problem got so bad that I had to get Power Defrag to do the job. I can only burn about two CDs before my computer begins to slow down and act weird and I know it's time to defrag again.

The problem might be when I open the Extractor from my desktop. I click on the icon and it takes some time for it to load. So that might when the defraging happens or the burning itself - I'm not sure.

I use Easy CD-DA Extractor on a Windows ME system - soon to be XP.

Any suggestion would be very appreciated.

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I have been burning cd's for a week now, and have had several songs sound as if they were not recorded correctly.

When I play the cd in my 2000 honda most songs sound great, but a few are horrible.

I took the cd and put it back in my cd/rm and the same song sounds fine.

I have not used the cd im my car until now, and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?

My burner indicates a successful burn after every cd, and after playing the cd in the burner appears OK, I wonder if car cds could be faulty, or not sensing all the tracks I recorded?

Also some songs seem to not be fully recorded.

If nobody has any input, I probably will try the dealer.

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Hi Recently I acquired an mp player for my car and I thought I would go about burning some mp discs for my motoring and listening pleasure I am having some frustrating problems with this and I hope some kind discs... when problem mp3 to trying burn Frustrating person s here can explain why and how to fix it I use a media player called Media Frustrating problem when trying to burn mp3 discs... Monkey and I have also given it a try on WMP What I am trying to do is burn an mp disc of Beatles albums and I want to burn them to disc in my preferred order chronological date of release I would like the albums or playlists to use media player jargon to be in consecutively numbered files- that is to say I would like the Beatles first album to be in folder their second album in folder etc I have gone through about eight discs trying to get this right With Media Monkey after following advice on how best to configure disc burning format the most frustrating aspect was that it continued to put the tracks on the first album playlist in alphabetical order not the correct running order as I desired I numbered the mp s in the original file as advised and also numbered the tracks on the playlist as advised- all to no avail- MM continued to burn the first playlist alphabetically I had about six tries Also it burned the first playlist into folder no folder appears on disc After that folders appeared in correct Frustrating problem when trying to burn mp3 discs... order with tracks in correct sequence So I thought I would try WMP and initially I thought this would work I loaded up all the playlists albums in desired order and they seemed to be burning in correct order including that pesky first playlist What I ended up with was a disc that did not have the albums in chronological sequence as desired but some kind of random order The tracks on the albums were Frustrating problem when trying to burn mp3 discs... in correct sequence but started at folder So I am just wondering can someone possibly explain why I am having such a hard time burning a disc with the desired sequence of playlists and one that has consecutively numbered folders i e folder folder folder etc Thanks in advance to anyone who can preserve my sanity nbsp

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, I have been unable to burn iso files to disk, sometimes I get an error message, saying this could be due to disk utility burn speed. Most of the time just a message, an error occurred.
With this same computer, I never had a problem with Windows 8, I also have Linux Mint, dual-booted on this laptop, and it will burn images to disk.
Is there some way to tweak the disk burn utility? Has anyone else experienced this?

A:Problem with Disk Burn Utility

You will have a lot of people offering you their favourite iso image burning programs.
It's up to you to chose which one suits you best.

I personally use Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.

I use it since the early days of Win 7, and I have been using it to burn Win 10 iso to bootable DVDs.
I chose it because of its simplicity. Practically ANYONE can use it without problem.
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Since upgrading to Windows 10, I have been unable to burn iso files to disk, sometimes I get an error message, saying this could be due to disk utility burn speed. Most of the time just a message, an error occurred.
With this same computer, I never had a problem with Windows 8, I also have Linux Mint, dual-booted on this laptop, and it will burn images to disk.
Is there some way to tweak the disk burn utility? Has anyone else experienced this?

A:Problem with Disk Burn Utility

You will have a lot of people offering you their favourite iso image burning programs.
It's up to you to chose which one suits you best.

I personally use Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.

I use it since the early days of Win 7, and I have been using it to burn Win 10 iso to bootable DVDs.
I chose it because of its simplicity. Practically ANYONE can use it without problem.
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Hi everyone,
My problem is the DVD after the burn process by nero 7 is not showing the files.Whenever I m burning the video files the DVD property shows the contents but when I open the DVD the popup window shows blank page.Could not figure out the problem.Does nero 7 reads only a specific format of vodeo files or is there any other problem?
Anyone plz reply...
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My problem started because I couldnít get windows media player to see a disk loaded to burn a CD. I thought it was because of my recent upgrade to 11. So I decided to uninstall 11, by going to the add/ remove in control panel, but it instead it said it would go back to 10. When that was complete, I didnít recognize anything. I tried system restore which didnít work. I also couldnít get online. The computer said I needed to register with Microsoft, which I did, but I still could not get online. There are also some things that I simply canít get to. There are things I canít access in the control panel. My display screen doesnít look the same. If anyone is familiar with how this problem occurred and/or how it can be reversed and how I can get back online, please let me know.
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I run Windows XP Home
I have a problem whereby if I put in a CD, media player will not play it until I reboot the PC as it doesn't recognise the file. Same problem with the Burner and the floppy drive. If I plug in either one of my flashdrives, even though they are recognised I cannot access the data until I reboot. I decided to take the PC back to the local computer shop where it was born. He couldn't fix it and recommended that the hard drive is reformatted and Windows XP is reinstalled. I'll try this but want to save Express 6, Outlook all my favourites on Explorer. Does anybody think that this is the best way to go and if so, the best way to backup files? I previously had problems importing into Express 6 from my old hard drive and could not retrieve the address book, but managed to import Outlook.


A:DVD,Burn,Flashdrive,floppy drive problem

advice the same as that exactly is why i decided to fix my own
sfc /scannow
if that does'nt fix
uninstall the troublesome ones from the device manager,then right click and scan for h/ware changes and let windows reinstall
then come back to us and let us know where we are at
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Hello all and thanks for reading my post I have to burn about dvd s worth of pictures I know it sounds crazy but that s how the lady wants it backed up Anywho I changed the default burn location to my D drive via the properties menu of my disc burner in Computer It didn t change the location so burn location--problem Windows temp 7 I found some Cmd Prompt lines that supposedly would help Rename the burn directory c users myname appdata local microsoft windows burn i just added a space to the burn folder eg b urn make a hardlink using command prompt C gt md D temp burn or where ever you want the location to be C gt cd users myname appdata local Windows 7 temp burn location--problem microsoft windows C users myname appdata local microsoft windows gt mklink J burn D temp burnClick to expand I followed the directions and it said that the junction was successful Now the REASON i want to do this is because D is my data drive and I ve copied all her Windows 7 temp burn location--problem pictures onto a folder on my D drive which is on my desktop I changed my desktop location as well When I quot cut quot the pictures out of the folder and quot paste quot them into the DvD burning window windows explorer it takes forever as if it were copying or putting it onto my C drive When I click view details I can see it is copying to my C drive When I go to my temp folder on D however I can see the temp files Does anyone know what is going on and how I can fix this I have around gigs of pictures to copy and this would save me a lot of time since it takes about minutes to copy a disk-worth of pictures to the temp folder Thank you all Thomas aka bushpilot nbsp

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I am trying to copy one of my ps2 games. I used dvd decryptor and I made an image of the ps2 game onto my computer. I then use dvd decryptor again to put the image to disk. At the start of the burn process an error message comes up:

I/O Error
Device [1:0:0] LITE ON DVD RW
ScsiStatus 0x02
Interpretation:Check Condition

CDB (a whole lot of numbers)
Interpretation: Write (10) Sectors 67136- 67151

Sense Area (heaps opf numbers)
Interpretation: Cannot Write Medium Incompatible Format

What am I doing wrong and also is there any other ways to copy a playstation2 game?

and also i am aware that it is illegal to copy ps2 games but I own the original of the game i am copying so it is not illegal im just making a backup.

A:DVD burner problem (what am I doing Wrong) How do I burn ps2 game?
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I have a fairly Dell XPS Home Premium Windows bit PC It comes with Roxio Burn but I cannot get it to copy DVD-R s I can burn audio files to a DVD-R and play them The DVD-R was created on our DVD recorder and Finalized Roxio reads the DVD-R and pops out the disk and asks for a blank readable DVD R recommended Roxio with XPS on 1.0 Dell DVD Problem copying Burn I put in a DVD-R or DVD R and it reads the disk and pops it out with the same warning These are new Memorex disks I did a chat session with Dell Support and they could find nothing wrong The Dell rep asked me what type of disks they were Memorex and later said that Memorex has known problems Problem copying DVD with Roxio Burn 1.0 on Dell XPS and that I should try Sony I happened to have one Sony DVD R so I copied the Memorex DVD-R then put Problem copying DVD with Roxio Burn 1.0 on Dell XPS in the Sony DVD R It started to burn but then reported a different error I had some blank Sony DVR-RW s so I put some video on one and tried to copy to the other It failed with Device Error and Roxio disappeared I tried InfraRecorder clicked on Video Disk tried copy to Disk Image and got Cannot read TOC header Any suggestions ideas on what is wrong here Roxio my DVD recorder Memorex disks or what to try next would be very much appreciated Thanks

A:Problem copying DVD with Roxio Burn 1.0 on Dell XPS

In the past I also had problems with Roxio. My first laptop (Clevo) came with a Roxio Suite installation disc. I had a lot of different problems wheh installed the program - bad recorded discs , unreadable on other machines discs , capricious on various types of discs etc. So I gone to different programs - JetBee is the best for everyday use.
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When I go to burn a cd in Nero 5.5, I can't set my burn speed any lower than 8x. I am using Memorex Music cd-r's, and they apparently aren't pleased with being burned at 8x, as they crackle badly on every cd player I try. However, they sound fine at 12x, it's just that most cd players don't want to read them at that speed. My burner is an Artec WRR-4848; I don't know what sets the burn speeds within Nero, if it is related to autodetecting something about the burner, but I checked for firmware updates and I have the newest version. This is all very frustrating, as I wanted to burn cd's as Christmas presents, and it is now February. It has been a struggle all the way, to say the least. I thank you in advance for any help you might offer.

A:(Solved) Burn speed problem in Nero

The burning speeds in Nero are based on the capabilities of your CD-R drive, Nero 5.5.10 allows me to burn at 4x, 8x. 12x, and 16x. My CD-RW drive is a 16x drive, so that makes perfect sense.

FWIW, I think you may have better luck changing the media brand, rather than trying to change the burning speed. I burn my music CD's at 8x and 12x, and they sound fine on any of my CD players.
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Hi I'm Floyd and I burned one of my playlist using the Highmat setting in windows media player. I was unhappy with the results, so I tried to burn my playlist using the CD-R and I can no longer download the playlist. My question is did the player save my list in the highmat form of burning and can I reverse this so that I can just burn CD-R. I can't find an "undo format" anywhere in the mediaplayer. Any suggestions/help regarding this would be greatly unappreciated.
P.S. I removed the highmat program from my control panel and the player still will not allow me to record in the CD-R. Thanks ahead
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I've been trying to burn avi files to dvd-r disc from my laptop, so that I can play them for my son on his portable dvd player.

However, I keep getting unsuccessful burning and basically a lot of coasters. I've tried Windows Media Player, Windows DVD Maker even something called the AVS Video Converter that someone recommened, but no luck.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135- T2250, Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS
and the DVD RW Drive TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632 ATA Device which seems to be 'working properly' according to the device properties in device manager. I'm not sure if its the driver problem as it seems like they are updated.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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here's the actual error message...any help would be amazing..thanks!

#25 TRANSFER -25 File Reader.cpp, Line 382
Error reading data

6:56:11 PM #26 Text 0 File Reader.cpp, Line 385
Exception value: -1

6:56:11 PM #27 Text 0 File ThreadedTransfer.cpp, Line 228
all writers idle, stopping conversion

A:burn problem...actual error message

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You already have a thread running for this problem.

Please don`t start multiple threads for the same problem.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

Thread Closed.
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Hi guys when attempting to burn discs specifically DVDs it seems to take a ridiculously long time and CPU is suddenly My whole computer has been acting slow recently for that matter After doing some research I'm almost certain the issue is that DMA mode has become disabled and needs to be re-enabled That's all fine but when I come to my decide manager and press properties under the 'IDE ATA ATAPI controllers' section there is no 'advanced settings' tab like there should be and hence no way to enable DMA mode again red arrow on screenshot belows shows where it appears for others It seems everyone (Driver / No Issue?) - to Channels enale problem Trying DMA ATA Burn else whose had this issue has fixed it by uninstalling an Intel Accelerator programme or something similar but I don't see to have anything like that My knowledge of all this isn't great but I'm fairly certain that if No ATA Channels / Burn problem (Driver Issue?) - Trying to enale DMA I can get the advanced settings tab to appear I'd be able to sort my issue and get my dvd drive and computer working properly again If there's any other information you need from me please let me know I really appreciate your time Thanks

A:No ATA Channels / Burn problem (Driver Issue?) - Trying to enale DMA

What you're seeing is normal. DMA is a legacy mode for older IDE/PATA hardware. If your hard drives and optical drive are SATA you would not see that option.
Here's an example from an older system:
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First please excuse me if this D Please CDís insert Canít ĖRom Problem- Send Disk C burn to- is the wrong forum and direct to proper one Some background I hadn amp t used this computer for several years so my memory of how things got here are vague at least I hadn amp t had a C D ĖRom Send to- Please insert Disk Problem- Canít burn CDís occasion to burn anything in some time So when I did I find I have problems I have pictures on this computer that I can amp t remember how they got there I can only guess they were on a disk that I can amp t find I want to copy them to a disk so I can save them access them from another computer I did a search for all pictures- when they came up I did a select all Then send to Drive D At that point I got amp please insert disk amp I had already done C D ĖRom Send to- Please insert Disk Problem- Canít burn CDís so I then C D ĖRom Send to- Please insert Disk Problem- Canít burn CDís tried to send to Drive E- Same result Unable to save single picture also I amp ve tried so many things I amp ve forgotten the sequence or even what I amp ve done I clicked on An NTI icon no idea where it came from either Got a blue screen and had to unplug computer to reboot - When I tried again-Same result- No drives shown in Send To I checked properties of NTI and found it to be a HP program My drives are mitsumi and lite on so I figured the Hp could be causing a conflict so removed it using amp Add and Remove amp Bottom line- Now there are no CD drives shown in Send To and the amp Please insert disk problem still exists Device manager says both drives are working properly System restore doesn amp t fix either I can access material on previously recorded disks OK I m hoping the fix is something simple like re-setting defaults but that is something I don t know how to do Please help I amp ve been using computers for about years so I know A LITTLE BIT but PROBABLY NOT MUCH I might add I amp m years old so I need all the help I can get Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card SiS FX GX Mirage Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer E GXM Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp
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GSA4081 burner problem reads dics but wont burn to disc - we have tried all the normal things etc... does anyone out there have some clues that i might try....

A:GSA4081 burner problem reads dics but wont burn to disc

What OS are you running ? ?
Which program are you trying to burn with ? ?

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thanks in advance for helping me - i searched for a simelar problem in the archives but couldn t quite find the same thing here s my dilemma it s pretty detailed i build my system about a year ago it s a P - GHz with half a gig of memory It had an gig rpm seagate hdd sitting in primary master lite-on x dvd drive in primary slave and my ltr- W x x cd-burner on secondary master at first everything went well - the burner would burn at max speed or thereabouts and i d finish LTR-48125W problem madly lite-on spins cd-burner properly doesn't burn but a cd in - minutes I use Nero gradually i had to go down to x when burning cds that s to be expected i think as the hard drive gets used amp filled up more and more the maximum possible burn speed goes down a bit but x still wasn t so bad i defragmented my drive regularly then i forgot when exactly maybe for about the last half year or so i could never burn above x and even then it d only work out of times The progress indicator cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly would go up to loading the files into ram buffer cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly then almost always the drive would start to spin and stop spin and stop and so on for minutes on end without the cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly red recording lamp going on if i set write speed to above x it would just go on spinning for ever and i d have to restart my machine to unlock the tray if i set writing speed to x it would maybe start writing after a couple of maddening spinup-spindown minutes with only about sucess rate if i set writing speed to x it would eventually start writing after a couple of minutes with about sucess rate in any case the resulting written cd was of poor quality and readability i verified the data everytime to make sure at least there were no data errors the spinup-spindown used to last longer sometimes more than minutes but that at least slightly improved after i learned to turn of norton antivirus autoprotect during burning so i thought that this was all due to the fact that my hard drive was clogged the system hasn t been formatted for about a year now so i went out and bought another harddrive needed one anyway same one practically seagate gb rpm mb cache the ide config is now seagate hdd with boot partition on primary master second seagate hdd on primary slave cd-rw on secondary master dvd on secondary slave i made a primary partition of the new drive size gb called BURN that s the partition that i d use only to burn from - i d copy the to-be-burned files over there and then burn them from there thus ensuring maximum read speed regardless of defragmentation of the other partitions i put some of my media that was originally on my boot-up partition mp s movies etc about gig onto the new fresh drive freeing up the old hard drive then i wanted to burn a -mb divx movie file from the BURN partition onto a x certified cd-r disc i tested read speed first and as expected it was more than x from the hard disk throughout the whole file but when i tried burning or even simulating same result at x starting conservatively nothing changed maximum write speed was still x what s wrong with my burner please help me thanks nbsp

A:cd-burner problem lite-on LTR-48125W spins madly but doesn't burn properly

Try updating the firmware:

And go to the motherboard maker and update the chipset driver. That isnít the same as a BIOS flash Ė Iíve never heard of that helping and it is chancy.

There is a possibility the laser is dirty. You could try one of the cleaner CDs or blow some canned air judiciously on the laser/reader.

Clean out your msconfig/startup: and the services if you have XP: And use task manager to shut down all programs before you burn.
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Nero burn is not burning my CD-R I get an error message just seconds after I start the burn process that reads -Buffer Underrun -Could not perform end track -invalid write state -could not perform end track -simulation failed Nero won't burn CD-R Burn: x MB S I was able to burn AVI s movies to CD but once I tried to watch these movies I got an error message on my screen quot cyclic redundancy error quot which I came to understand means that the data on my CD was damaged I am using a CD-R x- x speed MB Min no name brand Pretty much your basic CD-R I am burning with Nero Burn c - I had no trouble burning cd about week ago IMPORTANT - The only thing new that I installed on my computer was AC -ACM decompressor I installed this to allow my Nero Burn: won't burn CD-R Premiere program to identify AC compressed audio files which in turn allow Premiere to import these files without giving me errors like quot unsupported compression quot Please help I can t burn AVI s movies or MP s music nbsp

A:Nero Burn: won't burn CD-R

under runs used to be a big problem with slow pcs.
when you burn CD's do you continue to use the PC and do you have lots of programs running
with nero v5 can you do a verification run after the burn which will check crc's etc - i know version6 has this option as i fixed my neighbours problem yesterday
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I was in the middle of burning a DVD from AVI file...when I seen that it was going to take 59mins I clicked the stop burn...then nero locked I had to ctrl, alt & close it then I restarted nero & restarted the burn as a data after putting the blank disk in the rom it will not see the if its not I can no longer burn cd/dvd's @ all...its if the drivers for the burner no longer work..IDK its making me nuts...

I did uninstall and reinstall nero 7 and checked the device manager for any errors..

2.8P4, Win XP, 2gig DDR3, 120gig SATA 7200, TDK burner, 6800GTX G4...its old with a pull start

thanxs for any help...

A:Solved: Burn then NO Burn

Burner info

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I own a Window'sXP computer. I'm still trying to learn how to use my burner that came with the computer. I have corrected the speed to the proper timing . I hit the "burn" tab to start the process ,I'm informed to install a new disc. I have placed a new disc in the tray,but still get the same request! The data is already to go.The songs are installed in the computer . My burn list is ready.What am I missing from this problem that occurs?

Relevancy 36.55%

After installing XP SP3 in my desktop and in my laptop, I attempted a DVD+RW burn moving files using Windows Explorer and immediately ruined the disk. The disk shows full with only one file of zero bytes labeled Non-Allocatable Space. This file cannot be deleted. I have ruined several disks in ineffective troubleshooting. Both computers exhibit similar characteristics and I cannot erase nor format this disk in either computer. This problem is not evident in writing to a CD-R, it is limited to DVD burning.
Microsoft finally took control of my desktop and worked diligently with the computer for over an hour. Their troubleshooting process included the deletion of Nero and Roxio programs to no avail. The assigned tech finally had to turn it over to Research for further troubleshooting which has not yet happened.
To briefly summarize, I can burn a CD but cannot burn a DVD in either computer. Inputs anyone?

A:Can burn CDs but cannot burn DVDs

Hi Harvey,

Here is a link to help un-install SP3. There have been some issures with SP3 and AMD processors, though you didn't say what you had.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
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Is there a software package, preferably free, that will allow me to burn my digital photographs onto CD/R; CD/RW, add music either from my hard drive or via audio CD, and then allow me to view the finished product on a stand alone DVD player as well as my PC.

I am running XP with a fairly run of the mill PC (ie not terribly powerful)



A:Burn baby burn!

Try this:
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I can burn mp3 cd's but when i choose audio cd on itunes it cancels the burn about a minute later. help please.

Relevancy 36.55%

i wanna try overclocking my p2mmx what's the best multiplier speed to use without making a really neat looking board/cpu sculpture heh!

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I am currently DVD drive on IDE
I am also currently running on a SATA hard drive.

Now I'm trying to add an old IDE Hard drive for secondary storage space.
it is running on the same cable as the DVD drive.

the end on the IDE cable is connected to the DVD and the middle is to the hard drive.

well, it's not detecting both of them.

Now on to the jumpers.

I have tried setting both to masters and slaves. with no success. I have tried setting the DVD as master or HD as master with the same resutls.

but if I jsut connect one of them to the end cable, it works.

what could be the problem? I have only one ISe Controller slot. and i'm using a 80pin cable

thakns for your time to answer

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I have a system it is having a problem with local hard drives i have two drives in my system C: and D: the problem is when i am trying to open the drives i am getting the display as open with so i am opening the hard drives by going through the explore option. So how can i get my problem resolved?

A:drives problem

You didn't explain what your problem is. Just that you have a issue opening the drives. Not how you were opening and then what the resulting problem was.

try explaining again.
Relevancy 36.55%

ive had my computer for 7 months and yesterday i tried to put a cd in and nothing popped up so i went to my computer and no drives (besides my HDD) were listed. i went to device management and viewed the properties of my dvd drives and for both of then it said the drives were not loaded because they were missing or corrupt. any suggestions.

A:problem with dvd drives

Restart in Safe mode and go into device manager. Uninstall all drives and reboot as normal. If no good I guess the drive is bad.
Things to try if you can - try the drive in another PC
Try another drive in your PC
Try another ribbon cable
As it is < 12 months old, get it replaced under warranty.
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I have 2 DVD drives in my computer. Since installing Windows XP
service pack 2, though not necessarily related to it, both drives fail
to recognise the contents of disk. When a disk is inserted the icon in
Windows explorer changes to show there is a disk there but does not
indicate any contents. The run command under the start men cannot find
any files, nor can media player. However, other programmes such as
Nero and Power DVD will acces any disk in the drive. I can burn to a
disk or play a movie.
If the disk is in the drive when I boot up there is no problem and I
can swap disks OK but if there is not disk in the drive at boot up the
only way I can access files under windows explorer is to reboot.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

A:Problem with DVD drives


Originally Posted by bjlee50

I have 2 DVD drives in my computer. Since installing Windows XP
service pack 2, though not necessarily related to it, both drives fail
to recognise the contents of disk. When a disk is inserted the icon in
Windows explorer changes to show there is a disk there but does not
indicate any contents. The run command under the start men cannot find
any files, nor can media player. However, other programmes such as
Nero and Power DVD will acces any disk in the drive. I can burn to a
disk or play a movie.
If the disk is in the drive when I boot up there is no problem and I
can swap disks OK but if there is not disk in the drive at boot up the
only way I can access files under windows explorer is to reboot.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

When you instaled the drives, did you go and get the drivers for them from the MFG or did you just expect that Windows already had the drivers for them?
If it was the latter, I'm surprised that you can use those drives at all.
If it was the former, have you checked to see if there's a firmware update available?
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Hi Guys,
I got a problem with my DVD drives I've one Sony internal(SONY DVD+-RW DW-Q58A) and one LG external SuperMulti(HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-2164D USB Device) ealier they use to worlk properly with DVD+R & DVD-R as well now that I don't know whats wrong with them they are not accepting DVD+R accepting only DVD-R.
Can Anyone know the troubleshoot for this if so pleasssss let me know,
Thanks in advance

A:Problem With DVD Drives


What burning software have you been using and installed on the PC?
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hope this is the correct place to post this so read before u decide Its over a month that im having this CD Drives problem problem and no one seems to CD Drives problem know how to help me and today I saw this forum anyway when I start my computer in regular mode the CD drives just dont work they cant read or write any files i have a BenQ DVD-ROM YAMAHA CD-RW and CD Drives problem a Virtual CD so thats why i didnt CD Drives problem put this under hardware issues So thats my problems and here are the solutions that i tried none of them helped When I start my computer in safe mode all of the drives are working fine when i marking my startup files in the quot msconfig quot so that only windows applications will load up the drives not work thats why its in this category Someone told me to remove my virtual drive but the other drives still didnt work Can anyone please help me i have no idea what to do nbsp

A:CD Drives problem

Welcome to TSG.

Check device manager in safe mode and uninstall all instances of your drives. Reboot and Windows will reload them.

I have no idea why Windows would have problems with the drives but they would work in safe mode unless you have installed real mode DOS drivers for them Ė most people donít do that.
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I just installed the new Windows 7. Until I deconnected my second HDD, a 120 GB IDE does not wanted to install. Now when is installed, I reconnected the second HDD. When turn on the windows, it?s not seen and my second DVD-RW, which is IDE also is not seen.
Also none of those 2 is not seen is the BIOS.At startup it hangs 30-40 seconds, freezing, before displaying BIOS Post message notes.
Before Windows 7 I had Vista and all was working fine.
Please excuse my english, i?m not american.
What can I do? Please, a hint to sove that.

A:IDE drives problem

Check the jumpers on the back of the hard drive / DVD drive, make sure one is set to master and one set to slave.

I hope this helps because i really don't know what you said forgive me!!
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Since I installed my cd writer whenever I have a cd in the drive the green light doesnt go off. This happens by both drives. My second problem is that every time i insert a cd it takes like 5- 10 seconds till my computer moves there a way of getting rid of these problems????

A:Problem with my cd drives

Which CD-Writer have you installed? Normally, whenever there is a CD in the drive, the lights will remain on.

Secondly, for that gap of 5-10 seconds, I feel even that is normal, but may be there is some registry tweak to reduce or disable this delay. Instead of fiddling with the registry directly, download X-teq X-Setup from here and see if there is a tweak that can help you.
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My dvd/cd-rom drives (16X DVD-ROM & 48X/32X/48X CD-RW DRIVES) are showing with an exclamation mark on a yellow background in Device Manager. When I try to update their drivers, the hardware update wizard notifies that it could not find ďa better match for the hardware than the software currently installed.Ē
The drives that are not working are:: HL-DT-ST DVD-Rom GDR8162B and SONY CD-RW CRX216E.
I've tried Dell online support without any luck. I could not find any downloads for these drives that do not work.
The cause for this is most likely that the related application programs were accidentally deleted. I have some software that was shipped with the PC:

Any help would be most greatfully appreciated.
Thanks again

A:problem with dvd/cd-rom drives

This was resolved by deletion of the UpperFilters and LowerFilters of the folder DVD/CD-ROM Drive Class Description in the registry.

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Hi Guys,
I wish someone could help me with this.
I currently have a Mat****a 8587 DVD-ROM drive as well as a brand new NEC ND4550 DVD-RW drive. Every time I try to copy DVD's from DVD+R's, my DVD-ROM just won't read +R's (not even -R's actually) so that I always have to copy first to my HD and then to my DVD.

My question is: could I just replace my DVD-ROM drive with the former Liteon DVD-RW 851S I had before? Would it cause compatibility problems or whathever if I connect 2 DVD-RW drives onto my pc? And, If I can, which one should I put in slave or master?

Thanks for your help.

A:2 DVD-RW drives on same PC? Problem?

I haven't had any problems with two DVD+/-RW drives, master and slave.

It shouldn't make any difference which one is master.
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I m an American student in France and my Windows XP system crashed while I was here I took my computer to a French IT store and they reinstalled Windows XP only a French version of it When I got my computer back my hard drive was divided into C and D which it was not previously I don t recall C contains all my original files music pics etc and D contains and Problem C D with drives the Problem with C and D drives new French Windows operating system The problem Problem with C and D drives I m having is that I have to re-download all the programs I had on my computer before iTunes Adobe Acrobat reader etc and my D drive is full The D drive is GB and the C drive has GB of free space Even though I m saving my downloads to the C drive because the D drive is full it won t let me download anything And because D is the operating system I don t want to delete anything Is there any way to expand the D drive or to combine the drives I need to be able to download these programs or I can t do anything with this computer Help please Thanks so much nbsp

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Have had two CD-ROM drives hooked into a desktop computer for a while but only one seems to be detected.
Physically, they are both on the same ribbon connector running to a single slot on the m/b. Unlike two Hard Drives, one of which is selected as Slave in a similar hook-up, I don't think this can be done with two CD-ROMs.

What would happen if I hooked the second CD-ROM up to the Hard Drive's ribbon? Is this an option?

mjbyyz (John B) - 100428-00:42EDT

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I am having troubles getting my Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000 OS's to correctly utilize a second hard drive or second cd-rom drive. Whenever I connect the slave hard drive, windows refuses to boot. Whenever I read from the slave cd-rom, my computer hangs. Odd, I've never had this problem before, but I've set up computers before using the exact same setup that I am trying to use here. Is there a setting in my BIOS that I am missing or something? Argh...

First hard drive is 12 gig, second is 30 case it matters...


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Ok hopefully I ll be able to make some sense here since all the differences between the various types of drives and formats and such don t make any sense to me at all Or with any luck someone out there can explain to me all the differences and how to handle them all I recently CD-RW's & & with between DVD+/-RW DVD+RW drives Problem CD-RW bought the machine that shows up in my signature My dad just last week bought one as well very similar Though his came with a X DVD -RW instead of Problem with CD-RW's between DVD+/-RW & DVD+RW & CD-RW drives just the X DVD RW that mine came with The issue we re having right now is with using CD-RW disks between our various machines specifically his old Dell WinME machine with a CD-RW drive Last Problem with CD-RW's between DVD+/-RW & DVD+RW & CD-RW drives night he tried to copy some data from his new XP Pro system to a CD-RW Problem with CD-RW's between DVD+/-RW & DVD+RW & CD-RW drives disk which already had data on it from his WinME machine It gave him errors that he couldn t write to the disk I don t remember the exact error but think might have mentioned something about write-protect I took that same CD-RW disk down to my computer and put it in my writable drive I got a window that popped up telling me quot Your version of DLA allows you to read but not write to the media quot This isn t the exact wording but it s the same general idea I tried reading some help files on DLA and I saw something that mentioned right-clicking on the drive in My Computer and selecting the Make Compatible option but that wasn t a choice in the menu when I did that What can we do and or what software can we use to be able to use these CD-RW disks between all of the machines and have it work in all the machines for both read and write capability nbsp

A:Problem with CD-RW's between DVD+/-RW & DVD+RW & CD-RW drives

DLA is drive letter access for packet writing. Different CD burning utilities use different software for packet writing and can have incompatabilities. To make the CDRW disc compatable with all the PC's you mentioned, your best bet is to install the same identical burning software in all the PC's.
The "Make compat" option in XP and 2000 is used to run older software built for earlier versions of windows. It's not going to help your problem.
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click the image above to see enlarge

When I right-click any of my disk drives..the first 2 options are weird letters. And I cannot open my disk drives..

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot

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I am having a problem with my pc and laptop. If I go to my computer and i try to access any drives, it asks me what program i want to use to open it. But if i go through windows explorer, then it works fine.
It also does the same thing for USB sticks. I formatted the stick and now it works fine.
I updated my antivirus AVG and ran a scan and it didnt detect any virus.
Can somebody help me?

Relevancy 36.55%

I currently have a system in that the woman wanted upgrading to xp so I found a copy of pro installed it and now when i try to run an application from a cd rom in either drives it comes up with?

THIS IS NOT A VALID WIN32 APPLICATION! (When the program i am installing is)

Any ideas on how i can sort it?

Cheers NIck (ElitePC)

A:Problem with XP PRO? CD rom Drives?

How did you install XP? was it a clean install? what hardware are you using? if it is an oder machine did you run the XP compaitability utility first?
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I am trying to copy a DVD and have run into something very strange The DVD is not copy protected something Drives Problem CD/DVD with I did and it just won t copy I have a NEC DVD-RW drive and a Samsung CD rom drive In My Computer it shows CD Drive E and CD Drive F It s showing I have cd rom drives instead of one cd and one dvd Drive I ran Belarc and it says the same thing NEC DVD RW ND- AW CD-ROM drive SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC- G quot format removeable media Floppy drive Here is the error log I copied from Nero RRR Windows XP IA WinAspi - ahead WinASPI File C Program Files Ahead nero Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM Nero Version Internal Version d Nero Express Recorder lt NEC DVD RW ND- AW gt Version - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default - gt ATAPI detected ATAPI CD-ROM lt NEC DVD RW ND- AW gt Version - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Scsi-Device-Map DiskPeripheral ST A atapi Port ID DMA On DiskPeripheral ST A atapi Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC- G atapi Port ID DMA Off CdRomPeripheral NEC DVD RW ND- AW atapi Port Problem with CD/DVD Drives ID DMA On CDRom-Device-Map SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC- G F CDRom NEC DVD RW ND- AW E CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte ShowDrvBufStat BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported Problem with CD/DVD Drives media Disabled Disc-Copy over image - st step Copy to image PM Text File Reader cpp Line Reader running PM Text File DVDCopy cpp Line DVD Track-Information from source disc No tracks detected PM Text File DVDCopy cpp Line Block size of track is not of data mode - PM CDCOPY - File DVDCopy cpp Line Cannot copy this disc to a DVD Disc-Copy over image - nd step Burn the image PM Text File Reader cpp Line Reader running PM Text File DVDCopy cpp Line DVD Track-Information from source disc No tracks detected PM Text File DVDCopy cpp Line Block size of track is not of data mode - PM CDCOPY - File DVDCopy cpp Line Cannot copy this disc to a DVD Existing drivers File Drivers CDRALW K SYS Ver size bytes created PM File Drivers PXHELP SYS Ver a size bytes created PM Prassi Veritas driver for win K File Drivers atapi sys Ver xpsp sp rtm - size bytes created AM Adapter driver for rec Registry Keys HKLM Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion WinLogon AllocateCDROMs Security Option My computer has done some strange things in its time but this has to be the strangest Why on earth would my dvd drive all of a sudden think it s a cd drive Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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i have a sony dvd rom drive ddu1622 and an LG dvd rewriter GSA-h42n
i use windows xp.

they were fine all these days until now when the icons for them have been missing from the "my computer" zone.
all i can see are the partitions of my hard drive.

but both of the drives are working.when i press the button on the drives they come out and go in. when i place any dvd's in them they are not working.
so what should i do?

i tried searching for the drivers for both of these drives but i could not find them even after searching for a very long time.
can i get some help on this please


A:problem with 2 dvd drives

Erm... check for them in device manager and then in the BIOS. If they do not show up then try this :

1) Check all connections on them inside the case
2) Reset defaults in the BIOS, it should say at the bottom which 'F' key performs this function.

Report your findings back here If you have any problems just ask...
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hey hi!!!
my drives arnt responding.... a doubleclick leads me to an OPEN WITH window... think its a virus but anti viruses arnt detectin anythin untoward... the antiviruses are avg n avast... heLp me OuT..

A:problem with drives

Hey anoopistons,

I could write you a long tutorial on how to fix this, but thanks to the guys at theyve made an easy fix for this.

Download that to your desktop. Open it and and extract the reg file to your desktop. Once it's there double click it and say "yes" when it asks you if you are sure you want to add it to your registry.

I hope i have helped you.


PS , let me know how it goes.
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When i double click on my C and D drives they do not open up some times i get an 'Open With' window Pls check my attachments for screen shots My norton had expired around a week back and was using internet without protection But i got it renewed today and scaned the entire system I did scan my computer with norton internet security today It does not show me anything This is my hijackthis log Could someone please analyse the problemCheersKKFICOLogfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass C Drives Problem D And exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AppCore AppSvc exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Adobe Photoshop Elements PhotoshopElementsFileAgent exeC Program Files Symantec LiveUpdate ALUSchedulerSvc exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exeC Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL VAIO VEDB Binn sqlservr exeC Program Files Adobe Photoshop Elements PhotoshopElementsDeviceConnect exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exeC C And D Drives Problem Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exeC Program Files Sony VAIO Event Service VESMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Sony Shared VAIO Entertainment Platform VCSW VCSW exeC Program Files Common Files Sony Shared VAIO Entertainment Platform VzCdb VzCdbSvc exeC Program Files Common Files Sony Shared VAIO Entertainment Platform VzCdb VzFw exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Apoint Apoint exeC WINDOWS RTHDCPL EXEC WINDOWS system ICO EXEC WINDOWS system hkcmd exeC WINDOWS system igfxpers exeC Program Files Sony VAIO Power Management SPMgr exeC Program Files Sony ISB Utility ISBMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Sony Shared VAIO Entertainment VzRs VzRs exeC Program Files Utimaco SafeGuard PrivateDisk pdservice exeC Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr Acrotray exeC Program Files Apoint Apntex exeC Program Files Huawei MT dslagent exeC PROGRA Sony SONICS SsAAD exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files Sony VAIO Update VAIOUpdt exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeC Program Files Common Files Sony Shared AVLib SSScsiSV exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files InterWise Student pull exeC Program Files Yahoo Messenger ymsgr tray exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC WINDOWS system notepad exeD Softwares Softwares hijackthis HijackThis exeD Softwares Softwares hijackthis HijackThis exeR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO no name - E A - - D F-BEAE-D A C - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared coShared Browser NppBho dllO - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dllO - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dllO - Toolbar Show Norton Toolbar - -F - -B -FBEE C B DF - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared coShared Browser UIBHO dllO - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartupO - HKLM Run Apoint C Program Files Apoint Apoint exeO - HKLM Run RTHDCPL RTHDCPL EXEO - HKLM Run Alcmtr ALCMTR EXEO - HKLM Run AzMixerSel C Program ... Read more

A:C And D Drives Problem

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis forum KKfico There appears to be nothing malicious in your log,please do the following:Run 'BitDefender Online Scanner' using Internet Explorer: the 'END USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT' then click 'I agree'.You'll be prompted to install the activex control,please do so.Once installed click the 'Click here to scan' button.The virus signatures will then load.Once loaded the scan will start.The scan will take quite some time so please be patient.Once the scan has finished select the 'Detected Problems' tab.Click on 'Click here to export scan'.Save the file as an HTML file to your desktop.Then click on the saved file and allow it to open with your browser.Go to 'Edit'/'Select All' then copy and paste that log into your next reply.********************Please download Combofix and save to the desktop: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop Close any open browsers. Double click on combofix.exe and follow the prompts. When it's finished it will produce a log. Post the C:\ComboFix.txt into your next reply.Also post the BitDefender Online Scanner log please. Note: Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause the program to freeze/hang.
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I have trouble with my drives (including the external one). After the McAfee antivirus that I use detected that there was autorun.vbs virus and deleted it, I can't open my drives by clicking it directly, and the external drive can't autoplay itself again. It'll always give this "Windows cannot find .exe" message and I need to right-click the drive and choose the in-undefined-characters-written action in order to open the drives. I've even tried by reformatting the windows but it still doesn't solve the problem.

Btw, my system is Windows XP SP1 and I'm currently using is McAfee ver. 8.5 and Ad-Aware SE professional.

Please help me and thank you in advance


A:Help! Problem with the drives

To assist in your problem, we need you to download HijackThis ( Extract it to a folder like C:\Program Files\HijackThis. Run it, and select 'Scan'. Do not fix anything yet, just select 'Save log', and copy the contents of the log to your next post.

An expert will be along shortly to review your log.
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Hi i am using winxp sp3 .........................

Before my system drives were like this...
hard drives=c:,d:,e: and cd drive was f:

Now it has been changed to

"hard drives are c:,d:,f: and cd drive is e:"

so after my new installation my drives have been changed to these

So now my os is in f: and d: has my private files and now there are some folders and files of my old windows which i am not able to delete ........
so can anyone tell me how to format or delete all files in my c:

Thanx in advance

A:Problem Regarding Drives

You can go into disk management and format the drive, that will delete everything on the drive. You also can change the drive letters that the drives are using if you want to reorganize them.
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This is my first time here, so I am hoping to get the help that I need.

I just installed a second hard drive in my HP Pavilion 520N computer. I have a 40gb as the master and an 80gb as the slave, and run XP. I want to use the 40 for all my programs and the 80 for files I want to keep. Now, here is my problem.

For some reason, Windows keeps placing files on my 80gb hard drive when I do not want them there. When I installed Windows XP on the 40, it also placed duplicate files on my 80, such as documents and settings, I386, program files, sysprep, and more. I deleted them since they were duplicates. Now this morning, there is a wutemp folder on my 80.

How can I keep Windows from placing files on my slave hard drive, and why does it do that???

Thanks so much.


A:Problem with 2 hard drives and XP

I forgot to mention this while writing my original message...

After I installed XP on my master hard drive, I rebooted my computer. Before XP would load, I received an error message that the system was shut down. The only way around this was to unhook my slave hard drive, install XP, reboot, and then install the slave hard drive again.

I just cannot figure out why I keep getting unwanted files on my slave hard drive.

Hope someone can help.

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Now how hard can this be? for some reason I can not map one of my drives. I'm running w/xp pro on both computers one server an one client. First the client computer I went to windows explorer =>Tools=>Map network drive=>I pick the first drive letter z: then I typed in \\computernameofserverhere\c =>click finsh and it maps the drive no problems.
On the server I do the same thing same steps and all I get is ATTEMTING TO CONNECT TO

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Hi I have a Win Pro -bit pc with VMWARE player installed on a second partition on the main HD U I recently starting getting errors when using the VM saying that the operation on the file U xxxxxxx windows x vmdk failed available problem drives for chkdsk not raw I tried to run chkdsk f r on the U drive and got the error above saying the type of file system is RAW I went into computer managment disk management and U still says NTFS I use the U drive for all my data files with the C drive containing OS and programme files I am not getting any errors when accessing other files on the U drive just the VM chkdsk not available for raw drives problem i managed to copy the offending file vmdk to another chkdsk not available for raw drives problem drive Just not sure what to do next as reluctant ot use some random tool without knowing what exactly I am shooting at You guys are always so helpful I thought it best to get it from the horses mouth I have a system image of my C drive but not the U drive I keep daily backups of the U drive using Windows backup Thanks for any advice Mike

A:chkdsk not available for raw drives problem

Good on you for keeping it backed up. You'll likely need it since RAW normally means a failed/failing HD.

Test your HD with maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan.

To try to pull the partition back use Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

If disk has failed or PW won't restore it I wouldn't bother with data recovery if you have it backed up. Just replace the HD and copy data onto a new Partition or Volume - Create New

Enter BIOS setup to make sure SMART monitoring is enabled so you get advance notice in the future, or use from the desktop CrystalDiskInfo - Software
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Hi experts,

Im facing a problem while opening drives in my computer. Whenever im trying to open a drive in my computer its opening it in a new window instead opening it in the same window...

can anyone of you give me a solution for this. also, i would like to tell me the reason for that to happen..

Thank You.


A:Problem while opening drives in my PC

Go into the folder (any folder really) and click Tools > Folder Options > General Tab
There's an option that says whether to open a folder in the same window or a new window.
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I am experiencing a problem with accessing my floppy drive (A), DVD drive (D) & CDRW drive (E). When I try to access them I get a message "drive is not accessable". I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling the drives through control panel which temporarily solves the problem, however the problem keeps re-accuring. I am running windows XP Home.

A:Drives A. D & E Access problem

Does everything look okay in device manager? You may want to try swapping out the cables. Do you have any extra cd-rom drives lying aorund, if so try swapping that out too. Basically you want to try the smaller things first and work your way up. If none of those work, you may possibly want to reload windows. In your case, it could be many different things. The trial and error method is the best way to narrow down the problem, although it may take awhile.
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I have 2 SATA drives. A 500GB (WD on SATA channel 0) and a 100GB (Maxtor on SATA channel 1). The 500GB is my main drive (C:). For some reason, whenever I plug in the 100GB drive and start up my computer it ALWAYS tries to boot from that one (100GB) first and I get a message "The BIOS does not be installed".

My BIOS does not have the option of selecting an SATA drive in the boot order. My boot order is currently 1. SCSI 2. CD-ROM 3. C:. I tried putting C: first in the boot order, but when I did that the computer would give me the same error "The BIOS does not be installed".

I have the Aopen AK86-L motherboard if that helps. What would ya'll recommend?

A:Problem with 2 SATA drives...


That sounds impossible... your BIOS should give you the option to boot your SATA drive(s) first. Unless you have it hooked up through a PCI adapter. If that is the case, it should give you an alternate device. i.e. a PCI device. Otherwise, it should give you an option to boot up HDD0 or HDD1. That's how my BIOS reads.

Alternately, check your jumper pins, the actual name of them escapes me at the moment, and see if the 100GB is at master and your 500GB is at slave. If so, reverse them. See what that does for you.


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we have a user who has some mapped drives that are having problems. when you try to do something that connects to the network drives it times out. this doesn't happen when you first turn on the PC. after a little bit if you, for instance, go to attach an email on a network drive it takes at least 5 minutes to "reconnect" to the mapped drive. if you try to open the mapped drive from my computer or windows explorer you'll time out. i'm certain it's not the network because a user with the same type of computer is not having this problem. that's why i think it's an xp issue. any ideas???

A:problem with mapped drives...

What server OS are you attatching to? If you're running file and print services for Netware, then try going here for the reason and a fix (update your XP to service pack 1)
Even if you're NOT running fpnw, it's probably a good idea to install the service pack...
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I have recently loaded Alcohol 120% version 1.9.2 (build 1705) on my computer and selected creation of three virtual drives. While everything is working normal the virtual drive icons assigned to the virtual drives appear in the explorer view as a square with dots. Additionally now when I install a Kingston USB drive the system assigns a similar icon to it. I am running Win XP Pro with SP 2 and I have tried reloading the software but it didnt help. I also looked for all settings in the software but there are no settings for icons in the explorer view. The system is also configured with a DVD and a CDRW but their icons in the explorer view are ok. Can anybody help me restore the virtual drive icons.

A:Drives Icon Problem

See if this site solves your problem.