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How to view drives on 2 different computers on same network?

Q: How to view drives on 2 different computers on same network?

Hi, this question is for a friend of mine at work. She has 2 different computers at her home.One is a Desktop that has Vista and the other is a Laptop that has Win-7. They are both on a router and the Laptop is wireless.

She said originally someone had it setup to where if she was on the desktop, she could see the drives on the laptop and visa-versa but not she unable to do this. She dis say there are 3 different profiles setup on them, one for her, her daughter and her husband.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great...thanks so much...

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Preferred Solution: How to view drives on 2 different computers on same network?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to view drives on 2 different computers on same network?

What changed? Did she reinstall or change workgroups, etc?

To find computers on the network, network discovery must be turned ON. To access files, etc you must select what files and or folders you want to share.
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Dear all - ok I am a forum virgin so go easy on me. We have a 10 pc'c 6 of which run XP Pro two of which run Win7 and two run Win 8.1. I have set us all up as a workgroup with homegroup disabled on the two win8 pc's. I have set profiles on the win7 and win8 all to have shared file on, discover devices on and in the advanced sharing set up all setting are share file on/password off etc. All is fine except one of the win8 pc's simply will not show any of the other pc's within the workgroup other than the other win8 pc. I have trudged and trudged to see if I can find a solution without success. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

A:unable to view xp computers in network view on 8.1 pc

Have you tried setting up a different user profile on the Windows 8 machine with the problem?

Try setting up a standard account on the problem machine then see if can see the other machines. This will tell if you the current user profile is corrupted.
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After starting my Windows laptop if I go to the Control Panel Network and Internet View Network Computers and Devices a device is listed that is not on my network It is listed as either a Ralink wireless client Model RT U or a full ariel Model KFARWI and if I right click on the device and view the properties the Model Name and MAC Address are shown I checked the Device Manager and it was not listed in the Device Manager Also my router did not show it as an attached device I have Win laptop a Win laptop an iphone android phone ipad WD NAS and HP wireless printer connected to a Netgear AC wireless router with MAC address filtering enabled When I log into the router I have never seen either device mentioned above listed on the router list of attached devices nor do any of the devices I have on my network have the MAC address listed for either device After a short period of time the device disappears I have set up my network as a private network My concerns are Are the devices a security issue and can they access my network How come my computer detects them The devices do not list either a work group or a network location so am I correct in assuming the devices are not connecting through my router Is there anything I can do to prevent it from being detected

A:Unknown Network Device in CP\View Network Computers, Dev.

Do you have a Kindle?  This (KFARWI) looks to be an Amazon Android device - of which the Kindle is the most common device (IMO).
Search Google for Amazon KFARWI
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I finally got windows all setup on this computer but I cannot view my other computer through the network I was trying to setup a homegroup but it's not recognized So I decided that sharing files and folders was enough for me but I can't view either computer from the other To make this next part a bit easier to read I will call the computers compA and compB Whats really confusing me is I can view computers on different network I took both computers and connected to another network where I was able to view the computer on that network which is running vista The vista computer was able to view and communicate with both compA and compB compA and compB could obviously view and communicate with the vista computer but could not see each other I started thinking that it was a router issue but I checked other view network Cannot computers on everything I could think of to no avail I have also searched this forum and completed every step in this Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows HomeGroup Connection Issues Still no joy I don't know if this helps but I have an Xbox on the network as well The Xbox can use files videos and music from compA but cannot see compB Maybe this indicates a problem with compB Can anyone think of something that I missing BTW both compA and compB are running Win bit

A:Cannot view other computers on network

I Feel like I'm taking a Microsoft cert with this question LOL .

Make sure that both computer A and Computer B have Client for Microsoft Netwroks & File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.
Click Start orb, type in ncpa.cpl Press Enter.

Navigate to your current connection and Right click and choose properties.

Verify that Client for Microsoft Netwroks & File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks. have checkmarks.
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i have windows 7 on both machines, where i am so far away from my router i have an alfa wirless adapter hooked in to it and i bridged the conections with my lan and hooked up a new router, everything works fine like the internet but when i try and view files on the network i cant see the computers hooked on the new network and they cant see me eather. help

A:cant view other computers on network

So both your machines connect to the same router or you are using one computer as a relay to your router by having 2 networks on it, if so are these both wireless or is one wired.
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Dear All I have stumbled on a strange issue on my home in network view foreign computers pc The short story is I can see other computers in my network view which is not suppose to be there ImageShack - Online Photo and Video Hosting It looks like this on imageshack Only one of these pc's is mine Before you jump to conclusions i want to share what I did so far i'm an IT professional coder and has been so for years System Windows Ultimate bit MS security essentials is running - nothing comes up I cant ping foreign computers in network view these other pc's nslookup cant resolve them Clicking them produces an error The network path was not found Windows Firewall is on I tried Sysinternals tcpview - nothing suspicious going on - no connections to the names Only mac adresses i know is connected to my router I cant see any of these quot pc-ghosts quot in attached devices Wireless security is quot on quot I have as far as I know never been connected to these computers Tried purging arp cahce Tried nbtstat -R Tried changing home network name Any ideas how to find out what is going on Where does explorer get this information from to display a network icon Googling this quot phenomenon quot show many people have had are having this experience but in no forums I have seen a solution All the best Bike Skeeto

A:foreign computers in network view

Could you post a screen shot of the window you are seeing these ghost PCs.
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I cant view network computers via wireless in windows xp.

its my work computer and i need to connect to the printer is anybody can help me asap i would gladly appreciate it...thank you in advanced...

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\bodyshop2>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : bodyshop2
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethe
rnet NIC
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-02-3F-D8-C9-4A

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Wireless-B Notebook Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-0F-66-06-6A-C8
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Disabled
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Monday, June 18, 2007 9:16:37 AM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, June 20, 2007 9:16:37 AM

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Can anyone help me Please I had try everything I can but still Can't view My computers Places others in Network not working - Windows Firewall is disabled - I can ping the other computers IP addresses but I Can't view others computers in My Network Places cannot ping their names - Enable NetBIOS over TCP IP is on now as well - Reset TCP IP stack to installation defaults type netsh int ip reset reset log - Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults type netsh winsock reset catalog Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Administrator gt NBTSTAT -n Local Area Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id No names in cache Wireless Network Connection Node IpAddress Scope Id NetBIOS Local Name Table Name Type Status --------------------------------------------- HP lt gt UNIQUE Registered Can't view others computers in My Network Places HP lt gt UNIQUE Registered WORKGROUP lt gt GROUP Registered WORKGROUP lt E gt GROUP Registered WORKGROUP lt D gt UNIQUE Registered MSBROWSE lt gt GROUP Registered HP lt gt UNIQUE Registered ADMINISTRATOR lt gt UNIQUE Registered C Documents and Settings Administrator gt IPCONFIG ALL Windows IP Configuration Host Name HP Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Unknown IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Description Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Physical Address C- - Can't view others computers in My Network Places D- E-EB- Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description USB Wireless LAN Card Physical Address C - A- -CA-B - Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained Wednesday November AM Lease Expires Thursday December AM nbsp

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Hi all..

Good morning..

here i hav a small problem..

i have a network printer connected to an XP system..
the printer software is installed only in this system and was used by all the users in the network..

it was working fine for last 4 months..

now suddenly its stops working..

when i checked the network.. i cant see this XP computer frm other computers..

now when i searched for other computers from this XP computer in My Network Places, nothing is visible other than current system..

but when i tried to ping other computers, its working..
also when i run \\computername from run also working..
when i typed the command net view in cmd, it shows only the current system.

pls help me to solve this..

thanks in advance..

A:Cannot view computers in My Network Places


Do you know when this problem occured? You could try using System Restore to try restoring to a date before the problem occured..

Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore

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Hi there I recently contacted the company that makes the Network Attached Storage device Cannot the device computers network NAS my view other or on I have synology DS but they were unable to assist me with my issue as quoted quot I would love to provide help with this issue but our support policy we cannot offer such support since we only support our NAS devices only Your issues falls into category of issues with windows quot So the issue with my network is this nbsp I have a barebones PC Cannot view other computers or my NAS device on the network running on windows and Cannot view other computers or my NAS device on the network a Network Attached storage device both of which are Cannot view other computers or my NAS device on the network connected to one another via ehternet and also to my router directly via ethernet I also have an Asus laptop and a Macbook pro which are all connected via wireless nbsp Before we moved house recently the network was working fine and I was able to view all computers from all computers on the network - This includes being able to view the NAS from my windows computer barebones Now that I moved I am not able to view any computers on the network However just this evening I completed a fix by clicking the box quot Enable NetBIOS Over TCP IP nbsp quot and I nbsp can now view the other computers on the network - but I still can't see my NAS device which is troubling The following items have either been checked or tried gt Network discovery is turned on gt I turned off the firewall and restarted the PC barebones - no fix gt Synology mentioned it may have something to do with DNS - not really sure where to start with those settings gt I am successfully connected to my network and have internet access on all computers gt I can access my NAS via wifi online server but this will not do I need to beable to see it as a networked drive Thanks in advance for your support regarding this matter nbsp Tony
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I want to view all computers in my network. If I click "view workgroup computers", I can view only computers in my workgroup. There are more computers with different workgroup name in the network. I would like to view them as well. Is it possible?
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I have done a search already on this topic but none of the suggestions in those threads helped with my issue First off I have a small office network going on at my firm We have workstations all computers network to Unable Solved: view with the same specs running Windows Solved: Unable to view network computers XP Professional Service Pack We are using a D-Link DIR- router Two machines connect via wireless using n usb adapters and the third machine connects via CAT We have a NAS drive and a Dell Multifunction printer connected to the network as well I am able to set up file and printer sharing on the network as long as I map each device using pcname sharename I am able to ping each device from all of the computers I have disabled all firewalls on all of the machines using windows firewall and McAfee My issue is I am unable to view any of the workgroup computers I get an access error stating that my workgroup is not accessible etc I am trying to implement Acronis to do back ups of each of the workstations using my machine as the administrative machine I can use our Anyplace Control software to access all the computers but unable to access the machines via My Network Places Any help you can provide would be tremendous Thanks nbsp

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Hey guys well I'm trying to set up the best network possible.... I use the Linksys WRTG. And I have 2 wired computers, and 2 wireless computers. But everyonce in a while I have problems, and don't know what to do... or how to fix them. Right now I can see the folder for my other wired connection, but I can't access it and I can't see the computer in the "View networked computers", so I guess that folder is there just because windows has seen it before, but not now.

I'm thinking about just restarting my network again, anyone have a good guide or anyhting?

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I have 2 computers (2 desktops, both desktops have a wireless connection to the internet via a Netgear router and USB adapters). Both computers have the same workgroup name and all use Windows XP Home SP2. Both computers connect to the internet fine, however,I can open a file or folder from workgroup computer PC 2 from PC 1, but when I try to access a folder on PC1 from PC 2 I get an error message states that the file is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. The network path was not found. Also, when I try to view workgroup computers from either PC I see only the comptuter I am searching from.

Other information that might be useful: Windows Firewalls are on, AVG Internet Security is installed and running on one and McAfee Security is running on the other one. I can ping each one to the othe fine. All permissions are properly set for sharing.

A:Cannot view workgroup computers via Wireless Network?

Can you ping both ways by computer name? Have you disabled all firewalls to see if this is a firewall issue?
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Hi there, I have 1 laptop and 1 Desktop PC connected to my wireless network, using a adapter for the desktop. I cannot see my desktop for example if i go to "network" on my laptop. the only computer there is my laptop, but not my desktop. I have enabled sharing etc...and tried going to the individual folders and enabling them for sharing. No luck. Would appreciate any help at all.

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Usually I use the arp -a command to view all computers connected to the LAN network, however sometime the arp -a can't miss to discover 1 or 2 computer but the rest of group of computers is discoverable by arp -a.
Is there anyway to view all LAN network computers with built-in tools from windows OS?

A:How to view all computers connected to LAN network without 3rd party software?

Apart from the command that you are using, the only other way that you will be able to see all devices on your LAN is if you are in the same workgroup as the devices and if they have something that can be accessed by you (Share). To view all available shares go to command prompt and type the following command exactly:

net view
This should bring up a list of devices that can be accessed by your machine.

A similar viewing can be seen in networking and sharing center

I am currently using Windows 7 however please be assured that the steps are the same

Hope This Helps,
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Hi I have a problem I was hopeing some could help me out with. A while back I shared all my main pc drives on my newtork by right clicking on the drive in my computer then clicking the share tab. I then later un-shared them by unclicking the tab but all the computers could see the drives that had been previously shared from my main computer. They could even access them even though they had been unshared. I then later reinstalled windows7 on my main computer but the drives are still visible and accessable from computers on my network. Can someone tell me how I can dissable this.

A:main pc drives are seen on network by all computers.

Also as a update on the laptop that can see the drive they show up under a network section called tsclient
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I have a windows XP and a Windows Vista computers, I'm able to go into the internet from both computers. From my windows XP computer I'm able to see and map the extra hard I have on the vista computer, and as well I'm able to ping the Vista computer from my XP; however, from the Vista computer I can't ping the XP computer nor see the extra drives I have in it. who can help me to solve this problem. I've tried many ways to do it but I haven't been successfull.
can somebody help me please
I need to solve this problem ASAP.

A:unable to see windows XP network drives from my vista computers

To share files or a printer from XP computers, follow these procedures:~
1. Download and install the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) responder:~

Read the instructions!

2. Check these out as well...

Windows Technet:~

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Most Valuable Proffesional:~

How to share files or a folder in Vista
3. Don't forget to configure (Input ip addresses in subnetworks) your Firewall to accept sharing from other computers.If you have Kaspersky check this below:~

Kaspersky Blocks My Network
I hope this solves your problem...
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I work in a company with almost 80 Windows 7 computer and another 200 or 250 Windows Xp computers in the domain, sometimes when users try to copy information to the File Server (Windows Server 2008) or to the network, the copy starts but never finish. It just stay there and the only way is to force the shut down to the computer and start over copying files one by one, this only happens in Windows 7 computers and does not always happen but it is very common

Is this a Know issue in Windows 7? What can be happening in our Network??

If I try to do the same copy locally on the computer the copy ends successfully, the problem only hapends when the copy is to the network (Just Windows 7 computers, Xp computers works fine)

Thank you all.

A:Windows 7 Domain Computers Problem with copies to network drives

I would like to suggest you update the network card driver and run Windows Update to install all the important updates first.

If it does not work, I also would like to suggest you disable the automatic adjustment for the TCP window size on the network to check the issue.

1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
2. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.

3. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

4. Exit the Command Prompt window.
5. Restart the computer.

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i am having a fujitsu laptop lifebook e series running win xp pro 2002 sp3
i have cisco vpn client 4.6 which connects to my company network from home using bt wireles and get a valid class a ip address
however i am unable to view any of the network drives
i am unable to map manually and get error message network path not found
i have tried repairing vpn,but to no avail
sometimes my internet connection drops while on vpn
with the same network login id and password,i can view the network drives on a different laptop using the same cisco vpn client
any help would be greatly appreciated
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This is a question for information about why my networking problem finally was resolved I have four PC s on my network one Windows and three Windows XP The Windows PC always sees all three of the other computers However the Windows XP computers sometimes don t see the other XP computers when I press My Network Places Quite by accident I discovered that "View when Network Places" Why "My does Workgroup Computers" doesn't? work if I press View Workgroup Computers then ALL the other PC s in the network DO show up Furthermore if I click through quot View Workgroup Computers quot and access edit a file on one of the other computers then this computer will ALSO show up in My Network Places This behavior seems to be quite consistent and works every time I have tried it Apparently this is a workaround to the long vexing problem of why Why does "View Workgroup Computers" work when "My Network Places" doesn't? my networked PC s sometimes don t show up under My Network Places My question why does View Workgroup Computers apparently always show all the networked PC s when My Network Places does so only intermittently or sometimes not at all Thanks for Why does "View Workgroup Computers" work when "My Network Places" doesn't? any response Why does "View Workgroup Computers" work when "My Network Places" doesn't?
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Many moons ago I made a CD-R of various word documents and saved image files on an HP computer using I think Windows ME. Now that same CD-R cannot be viewed in either that computer or my new computer with Windows XP but CAN be partially viewed on Windows Vista laptop. when put into the CD drive the "MY COMPUTER" reads the that the CD drive is empty which I know it is not. so how to view on the regular computers HELP please. I don't really have access to the laptop or vista.and any help looking at my saved AOL/ "art " files will be helpful, this seems to be a standard problem from what I have read.. thanks

A:can't view CD-R on other computers

Welcome to TSG. Do you happen to remember what program you used to burn the cd ? One possible reason may be that you used "packet writing" software in which case you whould need a udf reader installed in order to read it on a pc wihich does not have the packet writing installed on it. Google for udf reader and you will find a link to download Adeptec UDF READER. Give it a try you got nothing to lose.
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I have a small network which consists of 2 subnets. Both subnets have full firewall access to each other, with workstations on 1 subnet, and servers on the other. All workstations are Windows XP Pro, completely up to date, the servers are Windows 2003 Server based, and I am using Active Directory. I am running the WINS service as well.

I am trying to figure out why some of the servers only list some of the workstations and/or other servers on the entire network. They are all on the same domain, I can share files, ping, etc. without any issues.

I'm thinking it might be related to some master browser issues, but I have read conflicting information regarding disabling this. I have 2 AD servers, the other servers are just members. If it is master browser related, which machines should be running this service?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

A:Only able to see some of the computers using net view

Did I really stump everyone, or did I post in the wrong section?
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I was wondering how I could view the computers on my LAN without actually having to type and log into my router configuration. Is there a way to do this through command prompt?

A:How to view connected computers

SuperScan will show you all of the connected devices that respond to the pings.
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XP Pro SP1

Click on "View Workgroup Computers" and Internet Explorer crashes. System will only show network folders if each one is individually added using "Add a Network Place". When computer is started in "Safe Mode with Networking", all the network becomes visible.

Any ideas please.

A:Can't view workgroup computers

Assumption: All computers are XPSP1 and using the same workgroup...

Are you using simple file sharing?
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not able to view the workgroup computers
When I click on the work group computers, the following message displays. " ____ is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this net work resources.Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The server service is not started.

Please help

A:not able to view the workgroup computers

Go to Start -> Run
Type services.msc
A list will present itself of all your currently installed services
Look for a service called Server
It's status should be started and automatic

If not right click on the service and click Properties
Set the startup type to Automatic and click the start button then click ok
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My brother asked me to use my bank card to buy some tickets for something (he doesn't have one).

But I think he may have print screened the bank number then sent it to himself. Something like that anyway. You don't know him, so don't assume he wouldn't do something like that.

There is a recent picture which is "d.jpg" which can't be found now. I think something is fishy, he also decided to delete his email password, which I would never check but he never does, and it leaves me to believe he did do something.

So please, does anyone know how I can check if he saved a pic using paint then deleted it?


A:How do I view computers history/log? (Please help)

try the search facility start search
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can view other computers but i cannot access them. i have 2 vista machines one xp and one windows 7. ive tried different hubs, switches and routers. wired and wireless.

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When I click on the work group computers, the following message displays. " ____ is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this net work resources.Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The server service is not started.

Please help
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my network has both vista & XP Computers . I cannot view the XP pcs from my vista .. all those are on the same work group..

Pls Help


A:cannot view Xp Computers from vista

"view"? Meaning you can't ping by IP address?
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I've got 2 laptops connected to a wireless network. Both can connect to the internet. I've gone through the networking wizard, disabled ALL firewalls on both computers. I can ping my own IP's on each. My Dell can ping my Toshiba, but my Toshiba can't ping the Dell (yes, I am pinging the proper IP's). Neither one can see the other one through network connections. Both computers have the TCP/IP box checked under the wireless network connection properties. When attempting to view the workgroup, I get the "home" network is not available. I've also enabled file sharing on both computers from the root drives. Anybody have any ideas?

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Recently i purchased a D-Link 8 Port Switch to link my two (2) laptops on the network at home. One laptop is running Vista Home and the other is on XP Pro.

I assiged static IP address on both laptops and left Workgroup name as default (WORKGROUP). I'm able to ping it's laptop local IP address but not able to ping the other laptop IP address nor i cannot view the laptops in My Network Places & vice versa.

When i changed the IP address and used the same IP address which is already used on the other laptop, I'm prompting with IP Conflict or IP already used on the network.

Need your instruction what to do next.

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I have been trying to computers' get to work to 'view workgroup How solve this problem for a long time A little background I have been fooling around with windows computers my whole life and I know that getting windows How to get 'view workgroup computers' to work networking on xp to work is like solving world hunger its close to impossible I have made sure all of the settings are correct in windows file and printer sharing is enabled no firewalls etc the computers are configured correctly on the the network they can all ping each other and access the internet yet whenever I try to 'view network computers' I either get nothing or an error saying that I might not have access BTW I am not running any kind of AD its just a standard WORKGROUP I have been reading online lately about the Computer Browser service and its registry keys IsDomainMaster and MaintainServerList although I can't find a solid explaination about this service Does anyone here know how to configure the service or its registry keys so that I will be able to 'view network computers' and have it actually work And further more how do I designate which computer MaintainsServerList or IsDomainMaster Any additional comments on the topic of the browser service would be greatly appreciated Thank you all in advance
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Can you helpful folks tell me if it is possible to view my photos through picasa on 2 computers on our network?
How do I set it up?

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OS is XP Home.
A.) I can ping computerX within the LAN and part of the workgroup. I cannot see computerX in network neighborhood/workgroup, all I can see is "workgroup" with no computers listed.
If I type in \\computerX in explorer, it doesnt find anything either.

B.) Same computer: When I open windows explorer and scroll down up comes DEP (data execution prevention) and then explorer crashes and restarts.
I added explorer to the DEP exeptions and although DEP doesnt come up via the open of explorer, explorer does still crash.

All of this happends eaven when in safe mode w/networking.

Any ideas?

A:Can ping but cannot map drive or view computers?(XP)

make sure all computers have netbios enable and that the computer browser service is enable on computer Management services and applications and that all computers are part of the same workgroup
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In XP, I was able to get memory information from remote computers by right-clicking Computer, Manage Computer, Action, Connect to Another Computer, type in the computer name, then right click on the computer and and click on properties to get the memory information. Can you get information on memory from remote systems in Windows 7? I sometimes need to do this to determine if I need to order more RAM for systems that are being upgraded in an enterprise environment.

A:Need To View Memory On Remote Computers

Did you go though the steps you just listed?
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We have 4 computers at home.
2= old gateways
1= 8 month old e-machine
1= HP slimline
All desktops
We are on a linksys wireless router.

On my emachine computer it only
shows 2 of the computers when I
hit "View Workgroup Computers"

Where are the other 2 computers? And how can i get them to show?

Thank You,

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Hi guys!
I have a comp and a laptop connected in LAN trough a router
I'm having problem with my "workgroup computers" on my computer.
It seems it doesn't show computer names so I cant access shared files.
They are pinging each other in cmd they are in the same workgroup,I have netbios enabled, and weird enough my brother played counter strike with his friend on LAN
My node type is unknown on computer and I dont have enableproxy in registry
Thank you for every help available

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I have a PC and a Laptop connected with each other with a crossover cable i assigned them an IP address i can ping from each of them computers workgroup view Can't Solved: i can view network computers from the Laptop the PC and access its shared folders but i can t do it from the PC From the PC i doubleclick on quot My Network Places quot icon-nothing on the screen here then i click on quot View network computers quot Solved: Can't view workgroup computers and nothing happens no computers appear on the screen no error message and in the quot Address quot field above it continues to show it is written quot My Network Places quot it doesn t change the Workstation service is enabled automatic not started and i can t start it error shows up the dependency service or group failed to start this service depends on the MS OrganizationUnit Exstension service when i try to start it the error shows up the executable program that this service is configured to run in does Solved: Can't view workgroup computers not implement the service Computer Browser service is not started because it depends on Workstation service and so error shows up the same for Net Logon service and Remote Procedure Call RPC Locator service I hope that you can help me Please Thank you nbsp

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I am having an issue and cannot seem to figure out what happened and what is wrong.

I have five computers all running windows xp professional. For some reason I cannot seem to view the "workgroup" computers...

I have checked to make sure they all are using the same "name". I even set-up the network again.

I restarted the routers and computers.

I looked uninstalled and reinstalled microsoft tcp/ip version 6 protocol

I have done everything I can think of.

The strange thing is that synergy still allows me to use the mouse and keyboard on all networked computers. I just can't view their contents.

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Windows XP can't view workgroup computers

Each computer should have a unique name, not the same Computer name, or they will conflict. They should be under the same Workgroup name, not the blank Workgroup. Make sure each computer has a User Name and Password to login to the computer. Make sure Simple File Sharing is turned on and that there is something shared on each computer. Go to each of the computers Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. In the Command Prompt type ipconfg /all and press enter. Write down the IP address of each computer. Make sure all computers have the same Default Gateway (your routers IP Address). now Ping the the IP address of a remote computer (eg) type ping and press enter. You should get an answer from each computer.
Now go to Start/Run and type the computer name of a remote computer (eg) \\computer this should open the remote computer and show you the shared files and printers on the computer.
If this fails, turn Simple File sharing off.
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I have an office server set up to about 10 computers. We hired 4 new people and had to set up their computers on our network. Set up was easy and quick as usual. But when I was done, the other computer users, and even the new ones were complaining about not being able to access the DEFCON5 (name of our server) folder to get what they needed.

Basically the only workstations that show up when I click Network are the computers I added the other day, and the computer that is used more than any other computer (the CEO's). We can still access the files by typing the location as \\DEFCON5\***\*** and find what we need. But not everyone at my office is computer savy (no body is) and I would like to not have to keep running around and showing everyone this.

Anyone got some help?

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I am using windows 7 ultimate system.

I could open 'network and sharing center' using the run command
'control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter'.

In that window, on the left, under 'Tasks' I have to click 'View computers and devices'

Is there any way to open the 'view computers and devices' from 'run' command.

Thanks in advance

A:run command for 'view computers and devices'

See if what you are looking for is in this list - Canonical Names of Control Panel Items (Windows)

Regards. . .


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As the topic says, I'm having an issue where a computer on a network cannot see the other computer on the network.  It is able to connect to the internet, and I double-checked based on earlier threads and the network discovery IS ON.  This computer
is able to create a Homegroup and the other computer on the network is able to see the shared folders when it joins the homegroup, but I cannot create a homegroup on the
other computer and have this computer see it to join it.  The other computer sees this computer in Windows Explorer under Network, but as far as the problem computer is concerned, it is the only computer on the network.
Despite this, when I open up the Network Map, it shows both computers, the router, and the modem.
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Any ideas guys? Our workgroup network keeps going funny. Any pre-existing shortcuts work fine, and any of the 'My Network Places' links are fine, but to find a place that isn't showing in 'My Network Places' I have to view workgroup computers, and that tells me " MSHOME is not accessable"

Any idea how I can fix it? Restarting the router doesn't seem to help.

A:Cant 'view Workgroup computers' but shortcuts work.

I'm not sure but try naming all of the workgroups on the computers to the same thing.
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I have the exact same problem between 2 identical PCs working on XP Professional SP2. When I click on "view workgroup computers", I can only see my own.


A:View Workgroup Computers only shows mine

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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A few days ago I had a brand new router completely crash. Today I noticed in my new routers firewall log of other computers on my isp being blocked from accessing services. Today I tried to connect to a computer on my local network and discovered I can see the other computers connected to my ISP in the windows networking viewer. Is this something I should call my router company about?
Is this something I should contact my ISP about? Or is this something meaning I should beef up security to paranoid levels?

A:Able to view other computers attached to ISP in apartment complex

Might want to put a password on that router of yours

if you give the make/model of the Router, I'm sure we can walk you through securing it.
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I have recently formatted my computer. I have installed Windows XP on the machine and now I cannot access my workgroup.

I am connected to my network via ethernet, I have made sure I am on the right workgroup and I am.. but I still get the message..

"Workgroup is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
The list of servers for this workgroup is currently not available."



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Hey so my brother gave me a new motherboard last weekend and I had to reformat consequently since then however I have been unable to view or access my netbook or network drive Before reformatting I was running on Windows ultimate x and I am now running on the same however in x instead I know that my network is working as I can access my network drive through to other view computer unable now computers and reformatted Just my netbook but I am unable to see my computer or netbook through both devices but seen as my netbook was able to see my pc prior to reformatting I am pretty sure it is an issue with my computer I have done all the usual checks through the network and sharing center to ensure that everything is shared correctly and that network discovery is Just reformatted computer and now unable to view other computers turned on I have reformatted before and sometimes suffered with the same problem but after tinkering around I have been able to fix it so I am guessing it is something to do with the change over to x Any help would be appreciated as it will be annoying not being able to access my files especially those within my network drive without having to use my netbook instead just to be able to use it Cheers Ellie

A:Just reformatted computer and now unable to view other computers

Is the workgroup name correct? Does it match the other computer(s)?

Click on My Computer, select Properties. Click on Advanced System Settings then Computer Name. Click the Change button to change it.
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I have a network of XP and Win computers and from time to time the quot veiw network computers quot stops working and hangs the computer for several minutes This is true on XP machines and also true on Win machines in quot Network neighbourhood quot Running computername in Start Run can still access some computers and shortcuts to some computers previously placed on the desktop still work Ping still works and each machine can still access the internet Finally after View hangs solved - workgroup computers computer years of debugging I have worked out the answer The problem is when a computer invariably gets so bogged down with viruses it needs a complete reinstall Part of the reinstall process involves creating a firewall And firewalls usually have a quot trusted View workgroup computers hangs computer - solved zone quot of IP addresses eg to The problem is if you forget to add the quot trusted zone quot especially as this setting may be hidden in a sub menu eg on Zonealarm Clicking quot view network computers quot sends out a message to all machines on the network and they all then are supposed to respond But if View workgroup computers hangs computer - solved there is just one machine on the network with a firewall that is blocking the request the requesting machine will hang waiting for the other machine to respond So one machine on the network that is incorrectly set up can disable the View workgroup computers hangs computer - solved entire network It is even more confusing if that incorrectly setup machine is only on sometimes - the quot view network computers quot hang now becomes an intermittent problem I m posting this here to hopefully save others wasting time going and changing their perfectly good hardware setup and perfectly fine TCP IP settings etc I hope this helps someone nbsp
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I can "Shift" click Windows Explorer icon three times and view three separate Explorer windows and navigate to a specific folder on each networked PC. I would like to know if I can make a batch file or shortcut to do this with one click. Possible or not? I only discovered the shift click combo today after a lot of messing about. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Even if there is some decent freeware that can do this.

A:View three networked computers simultaneously in Windows Explorer

Welcome .

If I understood you correctly you are opening three different windows of explorer and navigate each
to a different network shared folder, correct?

You can also navigate to a specific IP / comuter name on the network like so:

Using the Run command.

\\\Some Folder or \\Comuter Name\Some Folder
So you can create a simple batch file which will serve as a type of shortcut.

Using Notepad to create the batch.

All I have to do is add start before the path I want to get to.

start \\\Some Folder or start \\Comuter Name\Some Folder

There is a space after the start command.

Than saving that short command as a .bat instead if the default .txt .

If you're having difficulties just post the paths you want to get to an I can write it up for you .
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I have a LAN with three computers attached: one running Windows 95a, one with Win98, and one with Windows 2000 Professional. The two 9x computers can "see" each other in Network Neighborhood, and the Windows 2000 computer can "see" the others, but neither 9x computer can connect into the Win2k computer.

On the Windows 98 computer, I get a dialog box requesting a password to resource \\COMPUTERNAME\IPC$. However, I do not recall setting any IPC password, and the Administrator password does not work there.

The Windows 95 computer, however, simply tells me: "\\COMPUTERNAME is not accessible. Your password has expired."

How can I make the two Win9x computers view my shares on the Win2000 computer?

Thanks in advance.

A:{Solved} - Windows 9x computers can't view Win2k Pro share


1) Make sure that your Win9x machines and Win2K machine have the same workgroup name

2) Make sure the Win9x machines are logging in with the Client for Microsoft networks, and that they are using a username and password.

3) In win2K, create user accounts for the username and passwords used to log onto the Win9x machines (or, you could just log onto the Win9x machines with the same username and password you use to log onto the Win2K machine)


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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I have 3 laptops on the same router under the same workgroup name. Over the wifi they can not view or even successfully ping each other. However, if I plug anyone of the 3 laptops directly into the router via ethernet I can view/ping the wireless computers and the wireless computers can view/ping the wired computer, over the network.

I'm pretty sure I have all the firewall restrictions set correctly and have the right services running. What am I doing wrong here? I've viewed multiple forums and have tried multiple things but still no dice.

Any ideas would be more than welcome. I've been going through forums on this topic, for hours now; trying different things but nothing has worked... obviously.

I will post the ipconfig for 2 of the laptops... the third is being used for work right now.

A:Solved: Cannot view or access computers wirelessly under the same workgroup.
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Hi I apologize in advance that is this is not a technical question but rather an informational one But I like this community and trust the answers provided here so this is where I thought best to turn to We have a small office and we are all connected via Wi-Fi I was helping my boss wife adjust her Windows update settings and I saw something on her computer that referenced my computer This was awhile ago but I saw quot Christopher-pc quot I think it was listed as one of the devices on our little network here in the office I m not actively purposefully sharing any drives folders on our network but could there be something I am overlooking This is my work personal computer and I don t want anyone to be able to view contents of my computer We re not actively small on office my computers LAN Solved: other computer? our Can access/view running any type of admin software here so that s not a worry This is a small office in a corner of Africa with minimal technology This is basically identical to using a Wi-Fi router in your home and the family sharing the internet connection Are there specific settings I should check in my computer to make sure that my machine can t be accessed Firewall settings are managed by my McAfee subscription and Solved: Can other computers on our small office LAN access/view my computer? I m conservative when allowing exceptions I m just not sure why my computer Christopher-pc was visible on her machine Thanks guys and if there is Solved: Can other computers on our small office LAN access/view my computer? a more appropriate place to ask questions of this nature non-technical issue please feel free to point me in that direction Best Chris nbsp

A:Solved: Can other computers on our small office LAN access/view my computer?
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As you see in the screenshot Explorer just sits there trying to load the folder I've requested This happens seemingly randomly at with Explorer load network folders/drives drives. mounted can't least I haven't been able to find a pattern If I unmount all network drives the problem disappears Sometimes it loads within a few seconds while some other time it can keep loading for several minutes preventing me from doing anything useful As you can imagine this is very frustrating One solution to temporarily bypass this is to cut the network connection and open the folder I need and then reconnect the network System -Windows Home Pro -ZyXEL NAS with latest firmware I've gone through several firmware updates since purchase -Other devices mounted as network drives for easy access e g Android phone Shield Android TV etc -Router Netgear WNR Lv with Tomato firmware by Shibby Same as NAS gone through several firmware upgrades -downgrades problem persists The router is Master Browser and WINS Server and these features are turned off on Explorer can't load folders/drives with mounted network drives. the NAS ipconfig all shows WINS Server as router
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Antivirus companies are researching reports that computer viruses have attacked the onboard computers of cars Kaspersky Labs was contacted last weekend by a user asking how to disinfect the onboard computers of Lexus cars - the LX LS and Landcruiser The user said that the Virus car computers drives into infection occurred via a mobile phone Some mobile phone viruses already exist such as Cabir and Skulls which spread Virus drives into car computers by Bluetooth and infect handsets based on the Symbian operating system Many Lexus cars include a navigation system that can connect to a mobile phone over Bluetooth to allow hands-free calls and Kaspersky believes that Bluetooth could be used to transmit a virus to a car s GPS navigation system However it is unclear which operating system Lexus uses for its navigation system The company had not responded for requests for comment at the time of writing Read more here What s next Hackers breaking into your computerized kitchen place a quot back door quot into your toaster or crash your refrigerator and spoil all the food
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I know this is kind of a vague question, but ppl that build gaming computers always buy dual hard drives. Some have 200 GB a piece! Why do you need all that space? I don't see the reason for 2 hard drives, why not just one big one, if you need all that space.

This leads me to another question, but I'll ask that one when this one is answered, thanx guys.

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The title says it all. I followed the suggestions found in the forum. I appreciate the efforts and good work. Donation to follow.

I tried to locate the NOIDE entry by going down the following folder branch:

There isn't a noide entry. I'm using xp. I've been using AVG for a while with no problem. I recently put in Norton AV 2004. I updated quickly as possible. All hell broke loose. Two other computers, one win95 and one 98se, were only briefly networked to my peer "server." A virus/worm must be the problem if 3 computers took a hit.

Egad, I'm outraged, exasperated. I've been using the web for 8 years. What is this onslaught?

A:virus(?) took-out 4 cd drives in 3 computers

I should add that I am waiting for the service pack 2 cd.
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Not sure what info I need to share in order to figure this out but I'll popst some stuff and hopefully wait for questions.

just got my new mobo and 2 200 gb SATA seagate HD's and I can't view them. I have a 40 GB WD HD with windoiws set up on it but i would really like to have access to that extra 400 GB if i could. I loaded the SATA drivers from the floppy, messed around with the VIA raid tool and have come to the realization i don't know what i am doing

any help would be greatly appreciated...


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Hi All I have hard drives that already have Windows installed on each My rig is a custom build so as for Motherboard I have Motherboard Gigabyte G Assassin has two GB s SATA ports and four GB s SATA ports if recognized in Desktop, network drives, Multiple all drives One not mistaken I would put eligible drives on the GB s Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network ports and the others on the GB s ports I know my MB is ancient now The quot new quot drives are already connected via SATA ports and both are functional but one is extremely slow and I believe it is because I didn't install them correctly Missing drivers or something not sure Here are my issues broken down I have two choices to make first is to use the quot fastest HDD quot as my primary and the other HDD's will be used as storage Second choice is to induce RAID or whichever is recommended If I go with RAID please point me to a site where I can use as a guide on how to do that correctly as I have never done that before Unless of course it is a simple process and can be explained here I just didn't want to have to go back and forth on this board while becoming a nuisance Going with the best recommendation based on above I need to resolve network recognition issues I use the WD Mycloud TB as my backup I like it because I travel a lot and I can easily use the app to pull up any document picture video etc while knowing that I don't need to pay a monthly fee to someone else However of the time when I boot up I see Could not reconnect network drives etc appear in service tray I need all drives and WD MyCloud to talk to one another on the network as apparently they are not half the time From research it seems that Microsoft acknowledges this as their own design flaw There are some with different variations of bypassing MSFT's design flaw by using scripts changing the registry or Group policies etc This is where I get lost and need help Reminder Currently all drives have Windows installed I will be conducting a clean install on all drives this weekend just to ensure My computer is getting a fresh start If not needed or I need to format them first please advise My memory is out playing somewhere else right now as I cannot recall quot what quot I need to install BEFORE I actually install the first hard drive s For starters I realize that I need to ensure the BIOS is up to date But aren't there quot Drivers quot that I need to install for SATA purposes before the HDD talks to it Or drivers other than this Otherwise the needed functionality will be lost if you don't install that first I am just reiterating what a MSFT support site mentioned but now can't remember all Sorry One last concern is that my drive letters change when I boot into my second new drive shown in attachment When I am on the primary the drive letter is C When I boot into the slave as I have configured in BIOS to be as such the drive letter for the slave is now C Also the Reserve partitions change their letters as well This has to be confusing just about every piece of software I have installed Do I need to partition these differently in order to make their drive letters stay consistent I guess if I went with a RAID configuration this wouldn't be happening Disk Management Screen Shot and Network are attached My task this weekend is to backup all data from all drives and afterwards was intending to do a clean install of Windows Professional on all drives just so I know things are starting off new and clean But the above issues or concerns need to be addressed if there is someone out there that knows what I need Thanks

A:Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network

I'll bite:

Why 4 Windows installations?
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My DVD drives have disappeared My rig Thermaltake spedo advanced vista home premium -bit cyberpower watercooling kit g ram ati hd radeon mb creativelabs sb audigy intel p t MB intel i processor w coolermaster power supply I m not too clever with all this but I tried installing a HDD from my old PC into my new PC and formatting it something I d only ever done for the first time so easy that I thought I d add the dvd rom drive from it It seemed to fit together nicely and it looks finished Since the thermaltake case is easy for me to understand the HDD worked out fine My only problem is that after also installing my HDD I checked MY COMPUTER and found that I only had a Drive C and a Drive vanished. I'm too drives computers. not with have good DVD D both of which are my HDDs So what happened to the DVD drive that came with the PC and the one I d just installed I followed all the guidelines from websites as to how to install a DVD rom etc DVD drives have vanished. I'm not too good with computers. and nothing looks wrong I unplug and re-insert everything but nothing changes I look it up on google and all I see are things that complicate me I DVD drives have vanished. I'm not too good with computers. ve got no idea what bios is or registries and I ve even tried a lot of other people s solutions None of them have worked Can anyone give me a suggestion nbsp

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Hey TSG community,

So I have 2 PC's, both different parts and specs, windows 7 homeprem, and windows 7 pro.

What I am going to do is switch the hard drives from the two computers.

I think it should work like nothing changed shouldn't it? What are the things I should do in order for it run like it was before they we're switched? I should need the drivers right? I probably don't have the drivers CD's anymore so I guess I could just download them?

Thanks for the reply!


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I have two exact model laptops from Dell. One is newer and faster than the other. I want to swap HD's between the two. Are there any issues with doing that? One drive is larger then the other and different manufacturer but both run XP Media Ed OS. Will both boot up normally with the other drive?
Any feedback would be great.
Mr. Magoo

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I had temporarily installed an SSD with the OS on it on my newer computer. Now i moved it back to the original computer with the right Key Code . The SSD does not boot the PC. if used as a secondary boot, it recognizes its contents.
What do i need to do to have it to boot Windows 7 Home 64bit once again? (without losing my SSD contents)

Thank you

A:Moving Hard Drives -with OS on them- between computers.

You can't install Windows in a hard drive and then move it to a different computer and expect it to work.

You need to install Windows in the hard drive in the computer that it's going to run in.

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I opened my case today and it appeared my 640GB WD hard drive has a different connector cable then I had on my other HD on an older computer.

I want to hook up a few older hard drives, but the multi-pin connector cables don't look like they are there.

Are there adapters or something?

A:Old Hard Drives With Newer Computers

Not sure what you're looking for, but...Ultra SATA to IDE Adapter ULT40322 at
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I have two exact model laptops from Dell. One is newer and faster than the other. I want to swap HD's between the two. Are there any issues with doing that? One drive is larger then the other and different manufacturer but both run XP Media Ed OS. Will both boot up normally with the other drive?
Any feedback would be great.
Mr. Magoo

A:Swaping Hard Drives between Computers

If they are exactly the same then it should work. But if one is "newer and faster" then how are they exactly the same?
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Immunize Computers against infected USB drives and Vice versa USB Immunize Computers infected drives! against My laptop Dell-Windows XP has just been declared clean thanks to one of the BP consultants Immunize Computers against infected USB drives! here Part of avoiding re-infection in the future I would like to ask one vital question It was mentioned to me about Panda USB Vaccine Immunize Computers against infected USB drives! and BitDefender s USB Immunizer Now that my dear computer is clean can I now install one of these two and immunize my Immunize Computers against infected USB drives! laptop in case one of my USB drives is will be infected Once I do that and plug my USB drive I would like to check that this drive is as clean as my laptop Besides Trendmicro malwarebytes superantispyware that I have already installed on the computer are there any other software I should run on the external drives As I have never used Panda USB Vaccine or BitDefender s USB Immunizer do these two also allow immunizing USB drives to avoid them being infected by any viruses that could hit the computer in the future Any body has experience with these two protection tools If so do they change files in the PC or they don t Thank you so much for your help

A:Immunize Computers against infected USB drives!

USB Scanning Tools:ClamWin Portable AntivirusMalwarebytes' Anti-Malware. For usb flash drives and/or other removable drives, perform a Full scan. The option for a Flash Scan will analyze memory and autorun objects but that option is only available to licensed users in the paid version.Norman Malware Cleaner. For usb flash drives and/or other removable drives to scan, use the Add button to browse to the drives location, click on the drive to highlight and choose Ok.Dr.Web CureIt. Choose Custom Scan after the Express Scan has finished to add your usb or external drive to the scan.McAfee Avert Stinger Tool.Tip: As an extra precaution, hold down the Shift key when inserting the drive until Windows detects it to keep autorun.inf from executing if it is present. Then perform your scans.USB Protection Tools:USBVirusScanAutorun EaterAutorun ProtectorAutorun USB Virus FinderAriad (AutoRun.Inf Access Denied)USB ProtectorAntirunAutorun DeleterUSB Flash Drives ControlUSB Defender, USB Format, USB Pen, USB Disk, USB KeyFlash_Disinfector for XPPanda USB Vaccine.Computer Vaccination will prevent any AutoRun file from running, regardless of whether the removable device is infected or not.USB Vaccination disables the autorun file so it cannot be read, modified or replaced and creates an Autonrun.inf as protection against malicious code. The Panda Resarch Blog advises that once USB drives have been vaccinated, they cannot be reversed except with a format. If you do this, be sure to back up your data files first or they will be lost during the formatting process.
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Okay I have my Main Laptop which has windows 7, and I have another Laptop which has no Hard Drive Currently, If I take out the Hard Drive and put it in the one with no Hard Drive will it boot uo normally like like on my Main Laptop?

Thanks in Advance!

A:Can I switch Hard Drives between Computers?

Probably not win7 is more forgiving then XP as far as drivers but you'll still need to address different chipset, video, network drivers and if it's a OEM install it will want to reactivate and then flunk WGA.
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My external HD is getting full, so in the near future I'll be looking at adding another one to the mix. Only thing is, I'd like for all my films to appear seamlessly in one folder, so I don't have to search accross 2 hard drives.

I don't know whether this is even remotely possible or not.

Is there a way to make Win7's Libraries show the contents of a folder but not the folder?
Ie. now it shows up as like this:
Is there any way not to have those 3 locations segregated, as if it were just the one folder?

Alternatively, is there an alternative way to "trick" Windows into thinking that 2 hard drives are one single drive? Perhaps a special USB hub?

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Two hard drives show in Explorer View windows 10 i use sfc/ scan but Was not true show

A:please help Two hard drives in Explorer View

Hello majid55, and welcome to Ten Forums.

By default, Windows 10 will show your drives listed under "This PC" and as their own separate group in the navigation pane.

The tutorial below can help show you how to remove these separate drives.

Drives in Navigation Pane - Add or Remove in Windows 10
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Hello, quick question, is it possible to view mapped drives from a remote machine? For example...

I know that on my pc I can do "Net use > drives.txt" and this will export all the mapped network drives I've got to a text files, is this possible to do on a remote pc on the same domain?

Hopefully so!


A:How to view mapped drives on a remote pc

Look at Pstools. Specifically Psexec.
Not sure if it will work or not but it is worth a try.
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A very knowledgeable techie on another website said : "I avoid Seagate like the plague and few other people I know in the business do too. From personal experience over the years, Seagate drive failure rates have far outweighed all other manufacturers combined."

I'm looking to have a computer built for me by allpczone, who has an exceedingly stellar rating on eBay. I want to get two 1 TB hard drives in my new computer. I'm also looking for a 2 TB hard drive to serve as a backup hard drive in some kind of external enclosure or dock. I could save a lot of money on the computer by going with Seagate. But…

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Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network screen I have a home network with laptops and desktop The desktop I use as a quot file server quot in that all work done on the laptops is stored to the to Explorer Unable network computers Windows in see scree home Network desktop The desktop computer name is HAL One laptop is fine and sees the network The other just stopped seeing it rebooted the laptop rebooted HAL did a number of refreshes without any luck I opened EXCEL and found a worksheet that was listed that I knew was saved Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree on HAL Was able to open the file and when I tried the SAVE AS I could navigate through all of HAL just as normal Went to Windows Explorer and still no HAL listed as a COMPUTER on the NETWORK I have a internet connection so I know I am making it to the router at least And when I check NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER it shows an active home network Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree The laptop is running Windows Home Premium Service Pack Build Thanks in advance for any help George

A:Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree

Still working on the problem. Tried to do a system restore back to the point where everything was working. Still no HAL showing as a network computer; Excel now does not recognize the path that worked yesterday. But now I am able to create a shortcut that will take me to HAL on the network. Guess this is a good enough fix for right now. When I go to Windows Explorer, Network it still only shows the 2 laptops and not HAL......WHY????
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Should either computer (laptops) boot fine when you swap drives, assuming they're both bootable C drives and SATA or EIDE and both computers are the same or "similar"? If you get "unmountable boot volume" error what is happening and what can be done to make it boot on a different computer?

A:Basic questions re: swapping drives between computers

If the computers use exactly the same hardware it should work fine, but if the motherboard or chipset are different you'll get a BSOD. Sometimes a repair installation can help (it'll rescan the hardware and will reinstall basic drivers), other times the differences are too big and only a clean install works.

unmountable boot volume :
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I have two external hard drives. One stopped being recognized a year ago, while just today the other will no longer show up. I've tried plugging it in with different cables and on different computers, my mac laptop, my parents Windows XP laptops, and our home computer (PC). The hard drive does not show up on any of these. I have no idea what to do, I'm a photographer and have more photos than I can count on that hard drive that haven't made it to discs yet.
Any ideas?

A:Computers Wont Recognize Xternal Drives

Can you here the drive spin up....try using a pencil and put it on the drive and your thumb over the end of it and put your ear to your thumb
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Hello I have an old computer Windows that currently has a floppy disk drive and a CR Rom I haven t really touched the computer for many years but would like to drives external computers old drivers, and hard get rid of it now but not necessarily the documents on it My problem is is that with the only thing to write to is a floppy disk I can t really transfer it anywhere else because our new computer doesn t have an option to accept a floppy disk The only option I could see was to use our drivers, old computers and external hard drives external hard drive for this purpose but when I plug it into the old computer the old computer looks for drivers for it I thought I had the CD for it but apparently it is just the software for drivers, old computers and external hard drives the back up process So I went to the website on the good computer - btw old computer is not set up for internet and looked up drivers for this hard drive used the model number and found what I thought to be the driver and downloaded it then wrote it to CD - took the CD to the old computer and tried to run this When it started the process it comes up with something that says Disk Removal Utility At this point I am concerned about running this I can t say that drivers are my area of expertise so with reading something about removal I get worried that I have something very wrong What I am trying to set up is a WD external Hard Drive model WD B -RNN Anyone who can help nbsp

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I recently did a complete reinstall of Windows -bit on my desktop computer and now drives since computers' home other W7 Can't reinstall. access I can't access shared drives on my wife's W computer home ethernet network I was able to install and use the shared printer attached to her computer I am able to add her shared drives to my Windows Explorer as mapped network drives but if I click on one an error box pops up quot J is not accessible Access is denied quot Her computer and all of her drives show up in the Network section of Windows Explorer but if I click on one I get a Network Error popup saying quot Windows cannot access Wife-pc c You do not have permission to access Wife-pc c Contact your network administrator to request access quot I am able to control her desktop and transfer files using UltraVNC that's actually the only way I can transfer files at the moment If from her computer I right-click her C drive select Properties - gt Sharing it shows the drive is shared If I click the Advanced Sharing button and then click the Permissions button under quot Group or user names quot it shows quot Everyone quot and shows the permissions as Full Control Change and Read What else do Can't access other home computers' drives since W7 reinstall. I need to do so that I can access her drives as Mapped Network Drives I was able to do so prior to reinstalling W on my computer and nothing has changed on her computer

A:Can't access other home computers' drives since W7 reinstall.

Do you have a homegroup or a workgroup? Do you have the same username/password that you did before you reinstalled Windows?
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Hi there Is there a way to share a Network drive with another computer via File sharing - not via standard networking access For example I have say computer A that has shared on Networked with drives computers applicaions other Sharing other networked drives from computer C server shared drive Now say I want to run PLEX or another media server on Computer B but use as the libraries the shared networked drives accessible on Computer A Computer B Sharing Networked drives with other applicaions on other computers has no direct neaccess to Computer C Doesn't seem possible in Windows to quot Share quot the network drives even though user has full read write access Where I've noticed this is that for example my smart TV can access say PLEX running on my Windows computer it doesn't see the Libraries from the actual server but only Locally attached drives Same with VLC - only shows the local drives No probs if you can access the actual NAS of course Can quot Sharing quot be done like this or does it all have to be set up via Networking Samba etc etc Cheers Jimbo
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I want to share my C drive on my wireless notebook running XP and Desktop running Windows 7. that way i can pretty much move, transfer, change and edit files fom both pc's i managed to share each computer on my network. but, for the most part i dont have permission to access most folders from the opposite computer. its like the computer is not sharing all subfolers under the folder i am currently trying to share. being it is the entire HD. im running into problems. i want to do this so i can map a drive for each shared drive. again so i can transfer all files like each computer has a common external hard drive linked between them. thanks

A:Sharing entire hard drives between my 2 computers

You should be able to simply right click on C: / select "Sharing and Security..." / then choose "Share this folder". The only problem that I can see is that Windows likely won't share system files/folders. And sharing the C: drive won't make external drives accessible.
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we have got a simply peer to peer network 4 computers on XP PRO 1 on vista Pro with mapped drives to a windows 7pro 64 bit all goes good for about 12 to 24 to 36 hours then we lose the connection random BUT the vista computer is able connect or see the map drive on the windows 7 PRO any time, to fix the problem we just restart windows 7 pro 64 and all can see there mapped drive for 12 to 24 to 36 random then drops off, then all the xp computers drop off again together vista can still connect

A:XP computers maps drives drops off connnecting to win 7 64 bit

What do you mean connection? You are not able to see that computer at all anymore not even in My Network? Are you able to ping the Windows 7 machine when this happens from all computers?
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Hey guys, I am going to replace or add an additional hard drive to my existing one and I am wondering if I should be looking for a certain type of hard drive or if any of them will do the job.

A:Do all additional hard drives work on all computers?

what is the make and model of your computer?
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I am about to return this brand new computer running Vista since it won t connect to my exiting computers on my wireless network It will however connect to the wireless netork to get out to the internet Here is what I have Brand new computer runnig Vista home premium Wireless netwrok external netgear ma network tomy connecting on but computers other not vista wireless network connection that can vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network see the internet I am using it now It can see a windows computer as well as my laptop running Windows Xp but when I try to connect to those computers it gives me an error message I googled this problem and disabled my vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network firewalls I created same user accounts on all with same passords I also tried same user accounts with no password neither works Any suggestion before I return this i relaly want to make Vista work since it at last looks different I like new interface - makes my life more interesting - I know VERY SAD Any suggestions nbsp

A:vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network
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1st of all, i apologize, that i dunnoe where to place this thread in...

but i encounter this.....

how to solve?


A:unable to view drives in navigation pane

First up my friend what is the path to this screen as I cannot make out what it is?
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Weird issue I have drives of on a Win Pro computer mapped on a Win XP SP computer on Mapped Drives Network Solved: Drives on & my home network IT Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network connects to ALL YET that same Win XP computer will NOT access those same drives on the Win computer through the network unmapped giving the message quot hostname X is not accessible quot but WILL connect to the other drives All drives have the same sharing and security settings Baffled any ideas Log Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB L Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- T-USB Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network nbsp

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How do I install 2 hard drives from seperate computers into 1 computer? I have tried the plug and play routine without success. Both hard drives have the XP OS on them and they work in their respective chassis. I know that one will have to be the master and the other the slave but I am not sure how to set everything up. Additionally, their are many programs and drivers on the prospective slave that need to be accessible. Help?

A:How do I install 2 hard drives from seperate computers into 1 computer?

One master and one slave but if you think the master will boot up, it won't happen because another OS on the hard drive will not boot right up on new hardware. You will need to clean install XP onto one drive or the other.
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I have two Dell Optiplex computers:
GX260 1.8 Ghz, 512 MB ram, XP Pro, 2nd large HD, video and TV card and Wifi.
GX280 2.8 Ghx, 1024 MB ram, XP Pro and pretty stock.....

I want to take the two hard drives (one boot one 2nd), video, TV and WiFi cards from the GX260 and swap it into the faster GX280 machine. Both these machines have XP product codes on the case from Dell and both are up and running.

CAN I DO THIS, with out grief. I know I can strip the GX260 and remove the hardware (except the boot drive), re-install them all in the other machine, then load programs and drivers..... Yuck!

If you think it's a bad idea tell me if you have a game plan for doing the swap in an orderly way.

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I have created an ad hoc wireless network by the name quot Trial quot and created a network key as quot letstry quot Now I am trying to login to this network from other computer which is in the same room at ft distance This ad hoc network appears files in to network copying ad ad network computers connecting from hoc hoc and in the list of available networks When I connecting to ad hoc network and copying files from computers in ad hoc network try to connecting to ad hoc network and copying files from computers in ad hoc network login it asks for the network key I provided network key and then confirmed it now when I click connect instead of getting connected to first computer I am getting pop up window mwssage In the title bar of the pop window it says quot Wireless configuration quot In the message it reads quot The network password needs to be bits or bits depending on your network configuration This can be entered as or ascii characters or or hexadecimal characters quot Then I changed network key to quot letstry quot i e exactly ascii characters and now I am able to connect to the ad hboc wireless network of first computer Does it mean that network key has to bne exactly or ascii characters and nothing else than that If not then quot letstry quot network key has ascii characters between and ascii characters then why am I getting this kind of message But now I can not browse files of fisrt computer from second computer or vice versa When I am connnected to ad hoic network and open network and sharing center I see only one link quot My computer - gt internet quot which is broken Usually the link diagram is shown as quot My computer - gt Network - gt internet quot When I am connected to ad hoc network quot network quot part from the diagram is missing If there is quot network quot part in the diagram may be I can browse computers in the network and see other computer But since I can not see other computer this way how can I connect to other computer Whats the way to browse other connected computers in the ad hoc network How do I copy files from one computer to other When I click on computer I can not see the files or folders of other computer Please guide me how to copy files
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Hello I bootmgr hard unable drives missing - view to is have a brand new Sony SVT FXS - hard drive is bootmgr is missing - unable to view hard drives a hybrid of GB HDD and GB SDD I was bootmgr is missing - unable to view hard drives attempting to reformat it to get all of the anti-virus stuff off except when I bootmgr is missing - unable to view hard drives tried to reformat no disks were shown in the reformat tool It asked for drivers so I assumed I d need to install the SATA chipset drivers I downloaded them from the Sony website but it wouldn t allow me to install them from a flash drive Specifically the error is quot No drives were found Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation quot In my troubleshooting I stupidly marked the wrong partition as active and got the dreaded quot bootmgr is missing quot upon restart I attempted to repair using the windows disk as a recovery tool and selected quot startup repair quot times but it still does not work I am able to get into command prompt and I am assuming I can inactivate the wrong active partition there However when I go into DISKPART and type quot list disk quot all that shows up is my flash drive that I am attempting to install windows from - the computers hard drive does NOT show up here I will also happily completely reformat instead of repairing but I cannot do that since I can t get the disks to show up in the reformat tool Any ideas are greatly appreciated Thank you -Lauren Edit My next idea was to try Gparted - any thoughts nbsp

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Help! I'm looking for a network tool to monitor network users, sort of an MRTG, that will graph bandwidth use (packets in, packets out) for each client machine. However, I also want to see where the packets are coming and going. The tool I'm looking for should allow me to retrieve the logs or graphs remotely.

Thanks for anyone who can help.

A:Network Monitoring Tool to view how clients use the network

try Ethereal
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For some reason about of the time when I have an external hard drive plugged in to either my laptop or desktop computer both running Windows XP Professional SP it won t let me safely remove the drive when I m done with it the error message I get on both computers when trying to remove the drive using Safely Remove Hardware is The device Generic volume cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it Except no programs are of computers remove? my ?safely hard either external to Unable on drives accessing it not even Explorer I ll then have to shut the entire computer off in order to remove the drive since nothing else seems to work I did try the steps listed at this site but I still got the same Generic volume error message after closing the two threads that were accessing the external drive and Process Explorer didn t show anything at all as accessing it once I had closed the threads that were there If it helps the two threads were apparently the same thing at the same location F System Volume Information EfaData SYMEFA DBI googled that file file path but didn t really find anything that related to my problem So could anyone here help me out Like Unable to ?safely remove? external hard drives on either of my computers I said this happens on both my laptop and my desktop computers which aren t connected to each other in any way so in addition to wondering why I m getting this message to begin with I m wondering why I m getting it on both machines Any info or advice would be Unable to ?safely remove? external hard drives on either of my computers much appreciated

A:Unable to “safely remove” external hard drives on either of my computers

Hi -Microsoft has published an article on this - It may help you, or at least worth a try -1. Download a free utility from a third-party Web site at the following address: 2. Click Find, Find Handle or DLL in the tool menu. ? Type the drive letter of the USB device in the Handle or DLL substring textbox, and press Search Button.? Find the process and its PID in the following box.? In system process tree view, find the process according to the Find Handle or DLL dialog box.? Press Ctrl + H to show Handles in Lower Pane View. ? Find the File according with the drive letter , and right click it, choose Close Handle.Thank You -
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Thanks very E: - (flash) unable to C: Drives and view Trojan.Packed.NsAnti much in advance for any assistance I've been trying to scrub this trojan with partial success After running symantec Trojan.Packed.NsAnti - unable to view C: and E: (flash) Drives spybot aaw and malwarebytes in safemode the trojan or it's effects still seems to be on the Dell Latitude Machine Windows doesnt seem to recognize flash drives and the C drive Here is the is the latest Hjack this log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin WLKeeper exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT DefWatch exe C Program Files Dell QuickSet NICCONFIGSVC exe C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT Rtvscan exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C WINDOWS system dllhost exe C WINDOWS system dllhost exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Program Files Apoint Apoint exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Intel Wireless bin ZCfgSvc exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exe C WINDOWS stsystra exe C Program Files Wave Systems Corp Services Manager DocMgr bin docmgr exe C Program Files Apoint HidFind exe C Program Files Wave Systems Corp SecureUpgrade exe C Program Files Dell QuickSet quickset exe C Program Files Apoint Apntex exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DX PDVDDXSrv exe C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT vptray exe C WINDOWS system conime exe C Program Files NetWaiting netWaiting exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files DNA btdna exe C Program Files Skype Phone Skype exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C Program Files Orbitdownloader orbitdm exe C Program Files Orbitdownloader orbitnet exe C Program Files Java jre bin jucheck exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe O - BHO btorbit com - B - B - -B F -F B EFC - C Program Files Orbitdownloader orbitcth dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Skype add-on mastermind - BF B-C D - d - A -A F BA C - C Program Files Skype Toolbars Internet Explorer SkypeIEPlugin dll O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Toolbar Veoh Web Player Video Finder - FBB -D D - f a-A E - B BFC - C Program Files Veoh Networks VeohWebPlayer VeohIEToolbar dll O - Toolbar Grab Pro - C BBCD - AD- AD- - C EACC - C Program Files Orbitdownloader GrabPro dll O - HKLM Run Apoint C Program Files Apoint Apoint exe O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe installquiet O - HKLM Run NVHotkey rundll exe nvHotkey dll Start O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe O - HKLM Run IntelZeroConfig quot C Program Files Intel Wireless bin ZCfgSvc exe quot O - HKLM Run IntelWireless quot C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exe quot tf Intel PROSet Wireless O - HKLM Run SigmatelSysTrayApp stsystra exe O - HKLM Run Document Manager C Program Files Wave Systems Corp Services Manager DocMgr bin docmgr exe O - HKLM Run SecureUpgrade C Program Files Wave Systems Corp SecureUpgrade exe O - HKLM Run Dell QuickSet C Program Files Dell QuickSet quickset exe O - HKLM Run PDVDDXSrv quot C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DX PDVDDXS... Read more

A:Trojan.Packed.NsAnti - unable to view C: and E: (flash) Drives

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

We no longer use HijackThis as our initial analysis tool.

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A new drive icon recently appeared under the "Other" category when viewing drives in Computer. I don't know how long it's been there but it's fairly recent.
Can anyone identify what it is?
See the attached or linked image.

A:Unknown drive icon appeared under Computer drives view

This looks like a mixture of two things.  First, the first half of the numbers is a CLSID for your C: drive.  Second, the second half is a registry reference for Norton Backup Drive used by Comcast.  So, if you happen to be using Comcast's Norton, this may be your anti-tamper function to protect your C: drive.  try looking here: