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PC sometimes turns on, sometimes not

Q: PC sometimes turns on, sometimes not

My problem with a pc is that sometimes it powers up sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I have to keep pushing the power button like a hundred times before the pc respond. On some days it only takes a few attempts to power it up. Actually this is my neighbor's pc -- in fact, two of them exactly the same make on the hardwares (power supply, motherboard, casing, cpu, fan, memory, etc.) and both have the same problem. They are clones by the way. Anybody who can help me please?

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Preferred Solution: PC sometimes turns on, sometimes not

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, my name's Ashley.

Basically, when I turn my computer on and press delete to go into my bios settings, this comes up

When I turn the computer on, I press delete and go into my BIOS settings, it starts off at about 40 degrees then shoots up to 60-70, it stays there for a while but slowly goes up to 80, then turns off.

It's also saying that I have only 1 fan active (on this screen) when I actually have 4 other external ones that are working perfectly fine. I don't know whether to replace the thermal paste, CPU, PSU, heat sink or the entire motherboard. I'm stuck. Please help.

Kind regards


A:CPU Temperature idling at 65°, rises to 80° then turns off

I would first replace the thermal paste. If that doesn't help then get a different heatsink. Any dust build-up?
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Hello its my first post!
Well anyways I just build my first ever pc using tutorials like (Austin Evans) well I build it turned it on, and all the fans would work then right after stop! Sometimes I get one bleep from the psu, What should I do as im really annoyed as I spent hours do this!


A:PC turns on then off (newly build)

Since you say the machine tries to boot, I'll assume the front panel connectors are correctly connected.
Make sure all cards, memory, and cables are properly seated. Including the 4pin/8pin motherboard power connector.
Try a different PSU. I had a PSU go out that acted this way, after an instant shutdown. Yours could be a DOA that acts the same way.
Try a single RAM module at a time. Switch modules if the first one doesn't help.
Try with all unnecessary components disconnected. Any damaged component can keep the PSU from receiving power good status.
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I bought my laptop(asus x52j)back in 2010 or 11(I don't remember)but in 2012 a problem occured with the battery so I always have it plugged in since then.I never experienced this problem before:while I was watching a youtube video,my laptop turned off.For a second I thought it was a blackout but my ps4 was still on.I turned the laptop on but it was operating slower than normal,so I restarted it.Everything was running fine for about 10 minutes after the restart but then it turned itself off again.What should I do?Please help me!!!!!!!

A:My laptop turns off itself

HWMonitor is a neat little freeware program that shows temperatures and fan speeds. You can use it to check for overheating issues. If the notebook has never been cleaned out or had the heat paste renewed there's a good chance it's down to that. If not, you could remove the notebook battery and run it on the mains/charger unit to see if it's the battery. (HWMonitor will also give info on the state of the battery you are using.)
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Okay sorry if this Unless Laptop turns won't off turn certain keys or down holding on isn t in the right place wasn t sure how to classify this I have a Toshiba Laptop that will not turn on unless you are holding EITHER the Ctrl Shift or Alt Key while powering it up and the second you let go of the key the screen goes black and it shuts down It took me a while to figure out holding any one of those keys while pressing power would work I placed a weight on the shift button amp managed to reformat it with Laptop turns off or won't turn on Unless holding down certain keys Win Pro thinking it may somehow alleviate this perplexing issue it s reformatted with all the updates done but still has this issue One thing I also notice is whenever the quot machine quot shuts down or restarts even during the reformat it goes to the boot screen where I am forced to select quot F quot for the bios menu or quot F quot for the boot order I select the HD and then Win starts up I just don t understand how these buttons are somehow tied to the power or hibernation maybe of the Laptop If anyone can help me figure out an approach to this it would be greatly appreciated at this point I m baffled and could use any suggestions you may have Laptop turns off or won't turn on Unless holding down certain keys to offer Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Laptop turns off or won't turn on Unless holding down certain keys

My first guess would be a faulty keyboard. Have a look in Device Manager and see if it has any exclamation marks next to it. Follow the route, Control Panel, System and Security, System, Device Manager. Replacing a keyboard can be cheap or dear and easy or hard depending on your make of laptop. Has it ever had a good clean out since new including vacuuming the keys to remove fluff and crumbs? If anyone has spilt some liquid on the keyboard that's another potential cause of the problem.
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I have a HP Probook 4540s laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. Just recently I noticed that at nigh my laptop will for some reason turn itself on and then off with a blank screen, I saw that happen a couple of times when I had a bad sleep during night. Just wondering if there is a way to fix that and if that is something to worry about?

P.S. The laptop is not really off. It's either in sleep or in hibernate mode.

Thank you.

A:Computer turns itself on and then off at night

Your settings for sleep may very well be on. If its working fine after you start using it . This may very well be what its doing.
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Hello! I'm having no luck with previous threads regarding this same question.

For starters, I just bought two new items for my computer so it's not entirely new, but quite the upgrade

Previous Specs:
PSU: 500w
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965
GPU: nVidia GeForce 660
MOBO: Biostar A880GZ

New Specs
PSU: 500w
CPU: Intel Core i7-4820K
GPU: nVidia GeForce 660

I boot it up and hear no beeping sounds all fans are running well. I believe I have everything in place. I can provide pictures if needed.

Thanks in advance!

Bumping with my PSU:

Maybe there are some extra plugs I need in the PSU that my current one isn't offering?

A:PC turns on; Monitor won't Display

Recheck all your connections. Plus make sure your video card and memory are seated. The PSU should be fine.
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Once in a while when using my Vista Home Premium laptop on battery, it'll shut down after a few minutes even thou my settings are set to Turn off Display after 1 hour.
Put computer to sleep after 2 hours.
When I go to start the laptop back up, it gives me the choices of which "Start Windows Normally" is one of them. Confused as heck.

A:Vista laptop sporadically turns off

The laptop may be over-heating or the battery is going bad...
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My media sharing option constantly keeps turning off by itself even after I have reset it to share my media on all networked (4) computers and even while watching movies from another computer on my network, I have also enabled media sharing thru Windows media player and it still cuts itself off! can anyone help with this issue??

A:Networking: Media Sharing option turns off

Which version of Windows do you have? Make sure services for media share are enabled.
You might have to

press start key + r at the same time then type: services.msc

Computer Browser (started/manual)

DHCP Client (started/auto)
DNS Client (started/auto)

Function Discovery Resource Publication (started/auto)

start/auto/enable Homegroup Listener
start/auto/enable Homegroup Provider

Network Connections (started/manual)
Network List Service (started/manual)

Peer Name Resolution Protocol (started/manual)
Peer Networking Grouping (started/manual)
Peer Networking Identity Manager (started/manual)

SSDP Discovery (started/manual)

Also check on your system for software that is disabling sharing just our right like cleaners all-in-one does it because in theory suppose to reduce over head.
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I have a problem that has me baffled...and frustrated. My mouse turns off and on by itself. The cursor stops moving, I hear the WinXP, "Bedunk" and then I'll hear it one more time and the mouse will turn back on. It is very annoying while browsing but absolutely maddening while gaming.

I am using a Logitech USBOptical mouse model G500. I have tried two other optical mice. I have tried switching USB ports, every USB port I have! I removed the mouse drivers and tried the WinXP drivers. I tried removing the drivers and reloading Logitechs latest drivers. I updated the motherboard drivers. I updated every driver on my system! I have a Card reader/USB port that I thought might be conflicting so I disconnected it...No Go.

What can I try next? Can I prove somehow whether this is a software issue or hardware issue?

A:USB mouse turns off and on

Try new batteries
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Well I ve just spent the past hour or so trying to chill out and relaxing by trying to play some Call of Duty on my laptop computer quot Trying quot is my key word here because for whatever reason or reasons the darn thing in game turns My without warning! off, itself laptop is turning itself off without warning I get about - maps into the game which is approx something like - minutes in and the thing shuts itself off I know for a fact this isn t an issue that my laptop s hardware is bellow the requirements for the game Toshiba x- dual SLi Nvidia GeForce M GT s MB s each Intel Core Duo T My laptop turns itself off, without warning! G s GB s of system RAM Realtek High Definition My laptop turns itself off, without warning! Audio Sound Card Windows Vista My laptop turns itself off, without warning! Ultimate -bit I m well over in almost every area the games requirements but even with that the game or the computer shuts itself off I m thinking this could be heat related I ve got the thing resting atop a nice dual fan laptop cooling tray I did notice possibly one of it s exhaust vents might have been blocked a little by a printer I had stationed pretty close to it I moved the laptop away from that printer about another - inches or so and try d the game again same thing about minutes into it the thing shut itself off Upon firing it up again I ran the stock Toshiba diagnostic tool no problems detected I then checked the hard drive no problems found I then ran CCleaner and checked the registry no errors found Lastly I went into the Administration control panel to view the event log and see if Widows was reporting anything in there is wasn t no sudden crashing type errors were reported This baffles me no errors anywhere and it keeps turning itself off whenever playing Call of Duty Maybe it s my setup I do have my laptop via HDMI hooked up to my Samsung inch LCD television with the television set to quot game mode quot maybe there s something screw y with the setup The computer behaves when in normal operations web browsing You Tube watching VLC media playback Windows Media Player playback it all checks out fine Anyone got any recommendations or thoughts nbsp

A:My laptop turns itself off, without warning!

Sounds like it could be overheating. The best thing to do will be to load up something like CPUID's HWMonitor, fire it up and check the temps whilst gaming.
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So I have had a big problem with my computer. It does not happen that often but when it does it is really annoying and scary. My computer just shutsdown and a screwed up noise goes through the speakers and the fans goes sky high! It happened one time when I play crysis 2. I played it for like 5 minutes before it happened. I booted the computer up and then I had a look at my temps which where around 50C. Started up crysis again and played for like 10 minutes and it only went up to 70C. So it is not an overheating issue! What should I do?

Thanks for any help!

A:Computer turns of randomly and fans go sky high!

shameless bump!
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Ok when I'm using skype or playing Max Payne 3 The sound will automatically turn off and the only way ot get it back is by rebooting.

I have:

Intel i5 750
4gb ram
windows 7
intel whitesberg mobo with onboard sound.

Any ideas about wha to do about this would be greatly appreciated!
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i can see the screen being illuminated but i cant see anything, i hear windows starting up and everything... what could it be?

A:Screen turns on but stays completely black

If it's a laptop then the LCD lamp could be working but there's something else wrong with the LCD.

Can you see the bios screens and info right before the Windows starts?
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I ve always been running on A C power but lately my computer loses power for no reason It s not that it shuts down but instead it just turns off like it suddenly lost power I thought maybe my charger was dying so I bought one from HP but that hasn t changed anything My randomly My laptop off turns battery hasn t worked in a really really long time so I never put it in the laptop anymore I tried the computer in the outlets in my bedroom and in the library and I got the same results Sometimes the power shuts off as the computer is booting other times it lets me get to the home screen and I can play on the computer on a while before it loses power I always keep my laptop on top of a chill pad Although I ve noticed my fan doesn t turn on when I turn on my computer Is it suppose to My laptop randomly turns off Also I think I might have heard a noise from my fan How can I be sure it s the fan I have a HP G US I bought it in It s running off Windows Vista Service Pack nbsp

A:My laptop randomly turns off

The laptop is definitely old enough for some service. It is possible that the cooling fan is worn out and/or dirty... if the fan is not running properly, the laptop will sense a over-heating condition and it will turn off. Have the laptop serviced and new batteries are cheap enough on EBay
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When sitting idol for an evening, this 5 year old Gateway PC simply clicks off, just like we had a power outage. It's happened 3 times. Power outage isn't the problem however as a professional UPS is in use. On the reboot, the DOS commands pop up offering alternatives for rebooting since the shutdown was forced. My question is: Can this be an early sign of the mother board going out and if so, is there a test to perform? Other than the problem as stated, nothing else out of the ordinary has happened. Suggestions? I have attached a full description of my PC.

A:Machine turns itself off -- is the motherboard going bad?

Sounds like the PSU is starting to go.
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My sony vaio laptop turns-off automatically when runs on battery. If it is on main power, no issue. Please suggest me whether its happening due to bad battery.

A:Laptop turns-off after 3 min when runs on battery

I suggest it's due to a bad battery.
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Hi and thanks for taking your time to read my post I have a packard bell easynote tk yesterday i was putting songs itself on off turns laptop by My and on to itunes all the songs My laptop turns on and off by itself i got where off an external HDD and they where safe when i put them on to itunes i started to play them they started to skip and sounded all choppy So i went to close itunes and it froze after about mins still nothing happend i went into task mannager ctrl-alt-del and closed it from there then i closed task mannager and then all of my shortcuts on my desktop went away and then my gadgets My laptop then shut down i went back to turn it on when i turn My laptop turns on and off by itself it on the Packard Bell logo appears and then it shuts down by its self and it turns on by its self and it turns off by its self and it keeps repating this until i take the battary out All the Fans seem to be working Some of my laptop specs are OS Windows home premium -bit Processor Intel Core i - m Memory GB DDR Memory and it has a GB HDD if you require aneymore information just ask My Laptop is only a few days old I would appreciate aney information given Thanks Ciaran nbsp

A:My laptop turns on and off by itself

I would return it for a new one. You shouldn't have to deal with the problem if it is only a few days old.
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Hey Guys,

So the Title pretty much sums up what's going on.
It'll read some dvds, much with some it'll just turn into a cdrom drive.
It's not the dvds, i tested them on two other dvd players and they worked. And i'm not sure it's the drive either since it can read most dvds i feed it, so i'm pretty sure it's a software problem.

I tried a lot of stuff, including registry editing (guides on the Windows site) and such, but nothing helped. Also, i dunno if this is related, but it seems autostart has been disabled on my pc, for a long while now. Whenever i feed any cd, dvd or image into virtual drives, it won't autostart.

Thanks for the help

A:DVD drive turns into a CD drive when I insert DVDs

Unlike you, I'd expect this to be a hardware problem. You've ruled out that the disks are faulty by trying them in other drives, and you've established it can read some dvds. I think the drive is faulty.

Good news is you can pick up a fancy new dvd burner for about $15-20
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my laptop dvd drive is getting opened automatically after it starts up. it happens when i m surfing , watching movies, doing any work on my system. once it get opened anutomatically thereafter the eject button doesnt work also. after closing the tray it gets opened automatically again in 10-20 seconds . i m in a big trouble when ever i want to use my system i hav to put d tray opened and use it . please help in trying to fix it out.
advance thanks

A:How to fix CD drive which is getting opened automatically when the laptop turns on

Replace the optical drive. Will only cost 15 from ebay. Just purchase a standard unit and swap the plastic sliders and brackets.
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Hi guys I am having a problem deducing the issue with a friend s laptop It s a Toshiba Equium U not sure the rest of the specs are relevant Basically the screen ONLY works if it is angled all the way back And it works perfectly fine in this position However if you try to angle the screen down in a closing direction the screen will immediately turn white You can then tilt the screen backwards again and press FN F shortcut for Laptop at most screen white turns angles alternate display and it will flash back to life again I assume that it is a cable connection issue And would rule out faulty LCD inverter if it works at one angle I have tried researching this and have only found issues where the screen turns black not white I don t have my screwdrivers with me and cannot open the Laptop screen turns white at most angles screen yet to check connections I am just curious if anyone knows if this behaviour is linked to motherboard etc Thanks in advance for any replies Josh nbsp

A:Laptop screen turns white at most angles

The LCD video cable is being pinched by one of the top hinges. It may be permanently damaged and will have to be replaced
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I think my audio has a problem but I do not know how to fix it.My normal voice turned into male voice.When I am recording or even when I am talking to my family, they said that it's not my normal voice.I am a female but when you heard my voice in a laptop, it is a male voice.Please help me to fix this.Please

A:Laptop mic turns my voice into male's

something mayb wrong with either the microphone itself or with the microphone settings
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Hello, first of all sorry, my english is not too good.

My problem is on the screen of my laptop, it will not turn on, only occasionally.

The model is Hp tx2000.

The monitor will not turn, you hear when it comes to windows and if I connect external monitor everything looks good.

things I've tried:

1) I tried the inverter with other laptop. (the screen of the other laptop turn on)
2) I tried another inverter (the screen turn on).
3) I read some problem about high temperature and gpu, i followed a video from youtube (now the temperaures decrease at least 15 degrees lol).
4) I pull out the Batery and pressed the button of power for 1 minute. (sometimes work but not enough).
5) Press Fn + f4 for change display source (nothing happend).
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I am using Dell Studio laptop and worked fine for 1.5 years but suddenly one day when I connect my portable hard disk / pen drive after the it is turned on, system got powered off abruptly. After that system monitor is not getting switched on but turn on/off button led is glowing.

What would be the problem?
Please someone suggest me the solution.

A:Dell Studio laptop got switched off abruptly and no longer turns on

Does the laptop sound like it is powering up OK? e.g. can you near the CPU fan running, if you listen closely underneath can you hear the hard disk working?

What exactly happens when you press the power button?
Do you see the display light up slightly, but nothing show?
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I've read around and tried the following:


removing the battery with the power cord unplugged and holding the power down for 20-30 secs (reset BIOS?) then put the power cord back in and tried to turn it on.

Just turning it off and on a few times(I guess it could be stuck in sleed mode?)

I tried to light up the screen with a flashlight to see if the LED went out but screen was still black.

It's a toshiba satellite sli1

Thoughts on other things I can try?

(the issue happened...after my cat puked on the laptop(keyboard part)

A:Laptop turns on but screen black. I've tried a few things.

"(the issue happened...after my cat puked on the laptop(keyboard part)"...

If there is dried cat vomit near one of the top hinges, there's a small micro switch that senses that the top cover is closed. If this switch is damaged, it will give you the black LCD screen
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There is a laptop I want to purchase which is described to have an "intermittent graphics fault" where the screen turns green.
I have read that this is definitely a hardware error, some pointing out the video cable as being loose.
I was wondering if you guys are familiar with this problem and what is required to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop screen turns green; intermittent graphics fault

Honestly, I would avoid any laptop that has that issue because you don't know what is causing it and if you have to replace the screen the cost is often more than what you would pay for a new system.

Can you link us to this laptop or give us more details about this unit?
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Howdy I perused your forums in regards to my issue I decided on, powers off turns 900HD PC Eee then to post because It seems my situation has some slight differences I had to replace a screen on an eee PC HD that was my daughters This laptop has been down and quot lost quot for two years I just found it got a new screen from Ebay and was going to give it as a gift to my niece I replaced the screen and everything looked great I d forgotten Eee PC 900HD powers on, then turns off that I d done a clean install of Factory Windows so I went through the motions with that then proceeded to do Windows Update The first time I tried to do an update it told me quot Error Forbidden quot on the website I clicked around a little tried again failed got frustrated then rebooted Upon rebooting the windows update started to work It did the ActiveX thingy and started downloading the file it needed to use for updating purposes It got to and hung out there for about seconds then BLINK the laptop turns off I was like WTH And tried to turn it back on from the power button It turned on booted up got just past the BIOS and BLINK off it went again When I tried to turn it on again it wouldn t do anything I unplugged it took off the battery plugged it back in and turned it back on It booted to the point where it said windows shut down wrong do you want to safe mode or regular load yadda yadda I picked regular then BLINK off again I took off the keyboard to feel the plate underneath which is over three areas where thermal tape was and it was warm to the touch but not HOT I left the keyboard propped up In the event it was overheating if that mattered and turned on the laptop again This time I went into the BIOS to see what the temperature overheating setting was and could not find that anywhere in the BIOS Yay me I booted back to windows again and it loaded windows I tabbed through a few things all was good - for about minutes BLINK Then I got pissed I opened the laptop again checked the thermal tape Added some artic silver to the warmer squares there were three with thermal tape Don t know what was what cause I didn t check Was too mad closed er back up and tried again She worked for all of minutes this time friggin BLINK again After reading your forums I tried putting the battery back on letting it charge then I was going to try again with just the battery HOWEVER the battery light keeps slowly blinking red and now that I look at it durn near hours later there is NO light on at all After all of this here s the clincher I just installed a backlight inverter and new screen hinges on a Compaq C laptop Just finished it Saturday That dang laptop was doing the same exact thing this past weekend It would shut off then they would have to unplug it then plug it back in to get it to power back on It s resolved itself since then but man What tha cuss is going on Am I touching something on these screens that s shorting them out or something Sorry for the lengthy post but I figure all information is better than part information Thanks folks nbsp

A:Eee PC 900HD powers on, then turns off

Sounds like you've covered bases pretty well. Running the netbook without a battery definitely rules that out. Display issues wouldn't cause that the happen during boot, and essentially it all points towards either overheating of the CPU, or a motherboard issue.

Assuming your fan is working on the CPU heatsink, you can rule that out. So unfortunately it sounds to me like its motherboard related.

Are you confident its not a software issue, and a BSOD during boot up that your experiencing? It sounds hardware related, but worth bearing in mind.
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Hello everyone.A few months ago i bought a bundle of parts in a special package from TigerDirect. I put the computer together and it boots fine. All lights turn on and fans are spinning, but no display comes up. I can't even get to a boot menu. All the parts are new so i doubt this is a problemof faulty equipment. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

A:Custom build turns on but has no display

Whats the PC's Specs?
Check to see if the video card is getting power
Make sure your GPU is compatible with MOBO
Make sure everything is properly fitted.
Have you tried with a different monitor? or diffirent connections? like DVI if your using HDMI or vice versa
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Hello, the problem I am having is really getting on my nerves. When the power button is pressed, the comp turns on for about 4 seconds than turns off (no beeps coming from mobo). After it shuts off it turns on indefinitely with no display. Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

A:Newly built comp turns on for about 3 seconds then restarts

What motherboard are you running and what is the rest of your setup?
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After having contacted Microsoft support for help with Zune software installation I noticed that my computer was running slow during start-up and while on I powered it off and didn t turn it on for about an hour When the laptop is turned on I get the HP splash screen and then goes black The keyboard lights and fan are running correctly Once the computer loads the Windows login the screen turns on again for about seconds and turns off I decided to shine a flashlight against the screen and I noticed that I could see my desktop laptop has a laptop powers on but screen HP turns off fingerprint scanner which allows me to login I connected the laptop via HDMI to my HDTV and was able to view my desktop and the screen came on for about seconds again When I switch between HP laptop screen powers on but turns off the display settings projector duplicate projector only etc the laptop screen turns on for about seconds before turning off This is the first HP laptop screen powers on but turns off time HP laptop screen powers on but turns off the display does this Never had any screen flicker issues or incorrect hibernation shutdowns I really don t believe its a faulty screen and more a computer setting Any help would be great because this is my work and school computer that I can t do without HP HDX running Windows SP -bit Display is an LCD HD p screen nbsp

A:HP laptop screen powers on but turns off

It sounded like your backlight is malfunctioning... or you set the screen resolution that laptop doesn't like at all.

1. Boot safe mode and see if screen stays on. ( It should be, since safe mode runs on 640X480, which it's standard requirement for every computers to start with as generic video driver.)

2. Boot os normally, using flashlight to shine the screen, change the screen resolution to lower, or higher. ( MAKE SURE YOUR DISPLAY REFRESH RATE IS AT 60HZ FOR LCD/LED )

3. Boot the linux live cd, such as ubuntu's live cd, and see if the screen stays on.

4. Keyboard shortcut of changing projector mode, good chance that it's malfunctioning on one output, and you need to switch on two outputs instead of one.
Last question, does your laptop carries the warranty with them?
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Recently I have put together a new computer ordered parts from newegg woot but after putting everything together and but on display monitor fine on turns no Computer turning it on for the first time it gave out a loud long continuous beep with no display to the monitor While troubleshooting I found out that my forgot to plug in the PCI-E power to my graphics card So round two I turned on my computer again and finally no long beep at all but still no display to the monitor I ve researched online for similar problems and did a number things such as replugging and reseating everything in the mobo along with taking the CMOS battery out to reset the bios Still nothing All the fans light up and work hard drive feels like its working due to the minor vibrations I felt and even the CD drive works PSU fan is running Computer turns on fine but no display on monitor fine and even the video Computer turns on fine but no display on monitor card is running I tried reseating the video card and STILL nothing I m completely lost I only have one extra video card that s in my roommates computer that I built for her so could test it if needed I keep reading that it might be a different problem so I havn t tried yet The only part that I didn t buy from newegg WAS the videocard because the card I have is the one from the old build It ran WoW and starcraft but then one day my computer just shut down for no reason during gameplay and during normal activities SO I bought a whole new system since I figured it was time for an upgrade anyways and my mobo was getting old either way Is it my video card thats ing up this system too or what Also the power button won t let me turn it off- it turn on my computer but no matter how long I hold it it won t shut down I know this is a long thread so I m sorry but I just figured I d give all the details for best results Can someone please help me out with this gt lt nbsp

A:Computer turns on fine but no display on monitor

Sounds like the only thing not considered is that the monitor is bad. Try it with another machine, sometimes we overlook things like that, I had a very similar problem recently

As for the power button, I have no idea what in the world could be causing that to happen. That sounds like a really weird problem.
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i have a new asus p7p55d motherboard with a I5 760 CPU and well the motherboard light for cpu is on indicating there is something wrong with the cpu and i have no display from my Sapphire 5830 are the two linked or should my motherboard post my H50 was connected properly cuz my paste from my h50 pump is on the cpu now and i can hear the water running through but my mobo light is on should i RMA the cpu or take it to a store any ideas from you guys....

BTW my 2 hard drives vibrate like aeroplanes and my dvd drive opens my red hard drive led on the case stays on doesnt blink and my gpu fan spins my psu spins and my motherboard lights up so is it the cpu i reseated it like three times have no idea what to do

A:PC boots, motherboard CPU led goes red, everything else turns on

Do you have the AUX 12Volt CPU connector from the power supply connected to the motherboard?
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Hello, lately I have been building a computer, this is my first time in doing so and i am very close to finishing. However, when I turn it on all my internal lights turn on and all of my fans start spinning but for some reason the BIOS wont show up on my monitor, (and I have made sure the monitor is plugged in correctly, etc.)

Does anybody know what might be the problem?

A:Newly built PC turns on but doesn't boot

Something not connected or seated correctly would be my guess. Can you list the hardware you have?
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Just recently I've started having this issue with my laptop where I turn it on and it lights up and everything like it is going to turn on, but then it just keeps rebooting. The screen never turns on either. It just stays black. I'm not sure what the problem is, if I try again later it works fine. Is it overheating or am I missing something?

I'm using an HP Pavilion if that helps any.

A:Laptop turns on, but not really...

It is most likely a bad hard drive... This is very common in laptops
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I generally keep my computer on all day so I only have this in the morning but thats the only time I turn it on basiclly its like starting an old car press on goes on for around - seconds then goes off press on goes off press 0.5-1 Computer after around seconds turns off on goes off and so on however if I do this enough times literally sometimes minutes of pressing and hoping it turns on and works perfectly for the rest of the day Its only started doing this within the past week and I have no idea why Computer turns off after around 0.5-1 seconds it is I ve tried Taking out and putting back in the Mobo battery after waiting seconds resetting BIOS to factory settings checked the physical power connections outside and inside the computer can t see anything abnormal checked that the power switch isnt sticking in I m not very experienced with computer hardware and simply trying another PSU isnt an option really S so are there any obvious things I m missing Thanks for any help Ps my next idea I ll try tomorrow I ve set in my BIOS Computer turns off after around 0.5-1 seconds to be able to boot from PS mouse or keyboard so I ll try that and see if it can boot ok from them if so it means its the powerswitch itself edit Power on by PS keyboard or mouse didnt work they just didnt power it on nbsp

A:Computer turns off after around 0.5-1 seconds

Try using one RAM module at a time in the appropriate slot, of course, and see it that makes any difference. If you don't have access to other parts like another PSU to test with, you may only get so far in your ability to diagnose this.
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When I turn on the computer, it turns on for 3 seconds then it shuts down automatically. I don't have a chance to see anything on the screen
amd 64 x2 6000
m2n68 am se 2
kingston 2 gb ram

A:Computer turns off in 3 seconds

If your computer has two sticks of ram try testing them one at a time and in different slots. And make sure the cpu heatsink isn't lose. Also make sure all expansion cards are in the slots by taking them out and putting them back it. Do one thing to see if you can get it working.
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Hello everyone. I have an HP compaq computer with a Samsung SyncMaster 740N monitor. I noticed yesterday the screen was doing something weird. It almost looked like the colors were moving. I turned my computer off and this morning I turn on my computer and the screen pops up for a second and then turns off. I turned my monitor off and on again. The screen comes up, but then turns black. What is the cause? Do I need to get a new monitor?

A:Monitor turns on for a second and turns off

maybe electric power cable is loose connettion. Pls check and change power cable
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Ok I ve been going through some of my old stuff and found some old computers and i ve been trying to build a system from different parts These are the following Videocard gt but nothing Computer on turns on screen Motherboard P Titan GA- SR RAM gb PC DDR HYNIX CPU Pentium im sure but the written stuff has been rubbed off PSU Codegen W I ve built this system took it apart dusted it all off did EVERYTHING i can to try and fix it When i try and turn it on it turns on i can tell by the fans spinning and lights turning on the MB but nothing comes up on the screen I know its not the monitor because Computer turns on but nothing on screen when i plugged the monitor out of the videocard it says no signal on the screen When i turn the computer on im pretty sure its not the videocard because the screen s power is blinking Computer turns on but nothing on screen with green thats what i read from the internet So i tried my best to fix up this old computer and the last option i need is anything involving MONEY Im veryyy short on money atm Thankss nbsp

A:Computer turns on but nothing on screen

Have you installed the drivers for the 7600GT ?
That is probably not the problem, but the card may be defective... How do you know the video card is good? If not working, it may not show anything on the screen.
Can you test it in a friend's machine?
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Hi I have a LG W2243S flatron and a new medion MD8855 computer running windows 7 which both have been working fine...and yet the monitor for no aparant reason and with no warning turns off!! the red on/off light goes out completely the LG symbol comes up and the monitor turns off, you just saait and wait and it comes on again, Ihave plugged unplugged I have checked for latest drivers, all up to date because as I say it is new.

While writng this it has turned off 8 times!!
Please suggestions?

Thankyou regards


A:Monitor turns off randomly

First you need to try the monitor on another computer. If it works on another computer then your problem is most likely the video card.
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Hi I have seen and read the posts about computers that just cycle however mine does not do this It turns off then powers normally Computer on on, powers on for about s then turns off for about s then turns back on Computer powers on, off then turns on normally completely normally This is not an issue in itself I was more wondering if it was a sign that something is wrong E GHz stock GHz GB MHz stock MHz x pro MB Gigabyte GA-P -S Huntkey W PSU GB HD This problem only occurs when it hasn t been on for a while e g if I were to turn it off then on in the period of a couple of mins as long as still connected to the mains in that time then it would turn on completely normally This issue also doe not occur if I completely remove the overclock Please not the overclock is Computer powers on, off then turns on normally h Orthos stable cpu temps do not rise above and I don t receive in Computer powers on, off then turns on normally game crashes As I said it is not a major problem in itself I just don t want to be damaging something Thanks in advance nbsp
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Hi Techspot, im hoping you can give me a little assistance with my problem. I have an hp pavillion dv2500 that was running great until today. I had it working this morning as usual and then it crashed with no warning. I pushed the power button to boot it back up and see what the problem was, and the power lights come on, the cd drive boots up, but thats it. It doesn't matter if its connected to the adapter or battery power, and it doesn't respond when i put my windows recovery disk in to try and format it and start over. I hope someone has some knowledge on this because I am stuck. thanks.

A:Turns On But Then Nothing

i am having same problem with my computer. I got my computer from a friend knowing what the problem was and i tried several monitors and same thing turn it on and same thing tower runs but nothing on the screen someone told me it was the video card. I dont know though. Thats why im here because i know i can get a better answer here. Please help us guys. I start school august 1st need my computer for classes. I cant do school work on my phone.
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I have an Ispiron 530s desktop (XP Home). When I try to turn on the computer, the CPU fan is very loud and constant. I get no desktop. Both the monitor and the computer on/off button are amber color, no green. What could be the problem? What should I check first?

A:Computer turns on to blank screen

Usually the amber color indicates a power problem... as if your power adapter or cable to the power adapter is broken, or the power socket is damaged.
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Hello I have an HP DV nr and when I turn it on it turns right of some times it stays on for second or or even but it never goes to bios unless it turns on right so there s nothing i can do software wise until it works The fan always turns on off turns immediately Laptop and the lights and the light to the hard drive It does the same thing without the hard drive and it never goes into bios It will eventually turn on right and when it does it runs fine and never turns off unexpectedly The only error I get is when I run the resource and performance Laptop turns off immediately monitor The devise adfs is Laptop turns off immediately reporting quot tv ConfigMgrErr quot This device will not be available until the issue is resolved The Plug and Play Id for the devise is ROOT LEGACY ADFS The last thing i remember doing when it was working correctly was deleting my XP partition from my Win XP dual boot nbsp

A:Laptop turns off immediately

Install a new drive using your HP System restore disk set.
You may be able to rescue some of the date by placing the drive in an external USB enclosure then dragging and dropping the critical data that was not in the partition you damaged.
If you don't need the data on the defective drive, and do not have a restore disk set, you can buy the restore disks from HP for $27 - $35, depending on number of disks, including FedEx shipping... or using a Windows XP Professional disk in R for Repair mode...
You might also be able to run Windows 7 disk in repair mode, although I have not tried that.
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So I have a acer aspire 7520 laptop running Windows 7 2 gigs RAM 160 gig hard drive any way I boot it up all the lights come on fan comes on but screen stays black about 4 or 5 seconds in it shuts off and does it again and just keeps repeating this untill I turn it off.
I have researched this and tried everything I have read and nothing works.

A:Acer laptop starts booting then stops and turns off

Have you tried clearing CMOS?
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A new build, but just recently started having this problem. At first, it just took a few on and offs until it turned on completely, now it just turns on and off all the time. The psu apparently works fine, because when I remove the CPU 1 pin (GND I think) the computer turns on again, but nothing happens on the screen.
Tried reseating the CPU, nothin'.

oh, and specs:

OCZ Stealthxstream psu (this ones about 4 years old)
Intel i570
Asus P7P55D
geforce 8800gts 512
Corsair ram

A:PC turns itself on and off repeatedly

Your PSU is getting on a bit, sounds like it has degraded/failing capacitors and cannot power your CPU and graphics card.

With the P4 connector unplugged from the motherboard, you are not powering the CPU, hence the machine doesn't POST and the system will stay on.
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Hello I just finished my first computer build and just tried to fire it up for the first time The screen pops up asking for a bootable CD as I expected and then about seconds later turns off As I said it s my first build but I thought that sounds like a power later Computer on 10 turns off then seconds supply issue or at least I hope it is if anything but I could be wrong Can anyone help me PSU COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS- -PCAR-A W ATX V V Power Supply MBoard EVGA P SLI -LF-E -KR LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard CPU Intel Core i - Lynnfield GHz LGA W Quad-Core Processor Model BX I RAM Computer turns on then off 10 seconds later G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBRL Harddrive Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Video Card EVGA -P - -LR GeForce GT Superclocked MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Video Card If more info is required to diagnose this problem I ll give all I can if someone could help me Thanks a lot nbsp

A:Computer turns on then off 10 seconds later

Please make sure the heatsink is fitted correctly, it shouldn't wiggle around.
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I will try to explain everything in detail I bought a new case for my computer Cooler Master HAF I have moved everything from my old case to the new one After I had done that verified that all the wires and cables were connected on for powers turns off then two seconds Computer to their proper places I attempted to turn on the computer The fans drives etc start to spin up but then turn off after seconds Nothing happens afterwards Is it my power supply I didn t switch out any hardware except the fans Computer powers on for two seconds then turns off from my old case to the new one Originally I had Generic case with two mm fans Intel stock fan Corsair TX W Computer powers on for two seconds then turns off power supply sticks of corsair XMS DDR MHz ram totalling gb Two dvd burners A floppy drive ATI Radeon x BFG aegia physx card Hitachi tb hard drive don t remember the exact model Intel Core Quad Q One Vantec Thermoflow Fan One standard Thermaltake fan TT- A Motherboard - EVGA nForce i SLI FTW Now I have A Cooler Master HAF Corsair TX W power supply CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper N sticks of corsair XMS DDR MHz ram totalling gb Two dvd burners A floppy drive ATI Radeon x BFG aegia physx card Hitachi tb hard drive don t remember the exact model Intel Core Quad Q Motherboard - EVGA nForce i SLI FTW The three fans that come with the case two mm fans and one mm --------------------------- As you can see the specs are almost exactly the same Faulty power button I have pushed the power button that is directly on the motherboard but to no avail I have disconnected all the case system chassis fans except the processor fan but it still doesn t work I have disconnected the processor fan ONCE to see what would happen computer turns on for a max of two seconds then turns off processor shouldn t burn out that fast I have disconnected all the optical drives the floppy the hard drive the physx card one at a time doing multiple tests but the problem still exists Now I am thinking that it could be the power supply even though it worked fine before or the cmos battery the motherboard is about a year old If it is a processor problem the computer should still turn on but have a blank screen with a flashing cursor on it if it was totally dead Any suggestions on what could be wrong Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Computer powers on for two seconds then turns off

When you power on the PC does the CPU fan spin? It's possible the BIOS is shutting the PC down because it thinks the CPU fan isn't running.
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I have a new board biostar ta785g3 hd and i have everything connected but whenever i turn on the computer led d2 led1 ph3 d2 ph1 d1 light up first 4 then 3 then 2 and the board shuts down. Everything is brand new i just bought it.
my specs are:
My PSU is raidmax atx 630W
4gb 2 dimm Adata 1600g ram
biostar ta785g3 hd mobo
AMD Athlon II X4 620 Propus 2.6GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Processor
Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB
LG 10X Blu-ray Burner

A:Biostar ta785g3 hd mobo starts for 3-5 secs lights led's flash and turns off

Did you use motherboard standoffs? Your system must be overclocked to use that RAM effectively. Is its voltage set too low? Perhaps the PSU is defective.
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My Dell D800 laptop stop working.

When I plug the ac-adapter the power light goes off on the adapter. It is obvious short on the motherboard. I did took it apart and look for some problem around DC-jack, but I don't think the problem is there. All the accessories are off . It is only mobo now by it self and does same thing. Anybody knows where I should look for the short. Which chip or diode it could be? I heard it is very common problem with D800 and D600 models. Since I am pretty good with soldering I think, and it is my hobby as well I would like to repair the mobo my self instead replace. Definitely would be much cheaper as well.

Thanks in advance for any input on this matter.

A:Dell D800 AC adapter turns off when plug in

Some laptops have a separate internal DC converter, and some DC converters are part of the motherboard. If you haven't tried another AC adapter, I would do that first. After replacing the AC adapter, check the DC jack for a high resistance using a good multimeter... A normal resistance would be around a half Meg ohm. If the internals are shorted, the resistance would be much lower. Unless you have the skill and tools to do surface mount soldering, I wouldn't attempt a repair
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Hey guys I m new to the forums but hoping you lot can help I recently upgraded my gfx to a gtx frequently off turns without PC randomly warning zotac synergy edition from a gt all was PC randomly turns off frequently without warning going well until roughly last Sunday I was playing dawn of war and the pc turned itself off I figured must PC randomly turns off frequently without warning be a one off turned it on everything worked fine the last few days though whenever I try to run a game of decent quality e g gta mirrors edge mass effect even l d the pc turns off after a few minutes playing When I run normal programs such as the Internet and streaming videos the whole system is stable and runs fine just when gaming it goes off I m stumped to be honest it may be a psu failing or the motherboard I m not sure Atm I m running sata hdds gbs ddr ram a q and the gtx psu is a xpower w sli ready if anyone can help it would be gratefully appreciated nbsp

A:PC randomly turns off frequently without warning

Well, this generally happens for 2 reasons:

1.) High temperatures. Check your GPU and CPU temperatures and ensure that they are within their rated / acceptable limits.

2.) Power surge and lack of power protection device. Recently I removed my UPS and connected the PC to a cheap surge suppressor. I had exactly the same issue as you are having now.
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I got an Acer Aspire One off of woot com about - months ago Often I leave it turned on next to my bed playing video or music when I idea? any off after My turns Acer One while, Aspire randomly a go to sleep My Acer Aspire One randomly turns off after a while, any idea? Then I might forget to turn it off the next morning due to being in a rush That night I ll go back to the netbook and it will be off I have it set to hibernate and have come upon it in hibernation now and then but usually it s just plain off Does anyone have any clue My Acer Aspire One randomly turns off after a while, any idea? what could be up I don t see any power My Acer Aspire One randomly turns off after a while, any idea? setting on here that turns it off and even if there was one that wouldn t make sense considering the times when it actually is hibernating later Also it isn t due to the battery dying as it does this when the netbook is still plugged in Thanks for any help suggestions it just gets a little annoying when I leave something open for later and come back later to find it gone nbsp
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My off when Toshiba turns satellite moved laptop Toshiba Satellite A about three years old has two problems First when running it randomly the screen clicks off Seemingly the computer is off but the power light never goes out indicating the computer sis not turn off This is especially true when you move around That problem on its own I would think its a loose connection However the other more aggervating problem Toshiba satellite turns off when moved is that the Toshiba satellite turns off when moved laptop will not turn on boot up With full battery power plugged into the wall or not the power led lights come on but the screen never does not even a flash or backlight and windows never boots because I never hear the start up sounds When this happends there is power to external ports i e USB ports I hear the fan running and the CD drive being checked but nothing ever happends I have to manually hold down the power button until the device powers down and retry startup I can try for - minutes and then sddenly it boots up like nothing is wrong I have checked my power save modes run PC Diagnostics and run SpyBot checked for malicious viruses I have all avaliable updates for Windows XP Nothing I do seems to show any sign of a problem and then suddenly randomly the screen cuts off again I am ready to open the laptop up and pull out everything but I wouldn t know what to look at I have worked on desktops with my father growing up but I have no experience with looking inside a laptop Any help would be appreciated nbsp
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I formatted my hard disk to install new copy of OS. When the OS loads installation files my computer shuts down.. what is the problem? Is it a hardware issue?

Please help me tnx!

A:My Computer turns off when I install OS

Power supply?
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hi there new to this site basically been havin the same problems with my comp over a couple of weeks,

list of problems
computer randoms turns itself off
make beeps at start up
random bluescreens
all games crash tio destop fter random amounts of times

things i have tried
new graphics drivers
2 different gfx cards
these are the normal temp reading i have speedfan
+12v 2.22v

in game
system 33c
cpubetween 55-61c
aux 55-61c
hd0 34c

specs atholon 6000 x2
geforce 250gts 512
2gb ddr 2 800 ram
250gb segate
asrock n61 p-s motherboard

any help would be much appreciated,cheers

A:Computer randomly turns off ,games crashing to desktop

consult the bios beep guide.

you have a hardware issue.
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Last night my computer froze, so I turned it off and on. When I turned it back on a screen popped up saying "yadayadayada mainboard" pentium inside, and in the corner it says bios-delete. There was nothing different, thats whats always been there since I got the computer. After that, it goes to a black screen and nothing happens. I can hear the computer running and I know everythings on. Any ideas whats going on? It just did this out of the blue

A:My computer turns on, shows one screen, then blackness. Sudden problem

What type of computer?
What is the OS?
What model, brand an etc?
Did this ever happen prior to this issue?
What where you doing prior when this first happen?
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laptop powers on then turns off repeatedly monitor never comes on its a compac presario f700 . periodically monitor will power on and when i manually shut computer down and try to reboot the computer starts acting up trying to power on and off and monitor will not come on

A:Laptop powers on then turns off repeatedly monitor never comes on

power converter issue? check power pack with a known good one.
overheating issue? clean the insides.
also this belongs in the laptop forum.
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hi there everyone marry xmas to everyone i have a big problum as soon as i start to do anything to do with power it turns take today get message low disk space so go to clean starts to clean then with out worning it turns off its like i have turned it off by the plug but it turns on strat away go to do something eles off it goes i cant even scan for spyware

A:Need help computer just turns off

Does it restart or just turn off? If it stays off then maybe your PSU is faltering.
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Ok So I built this computer nearly years ago and it s generally been very good Yesterday when i was putting the system under a lot of stress it decided to turn off and when turned back on it said that the cpu had overheated So I thought I d tread carefully and only use it for a little while and then put some more thermal paste on the chip and clean any dust out of the heatsink I did this and re-seated the heatsink and now when I turn on the computer th e monitor says Overheating, signal off? monitor No Q6600+P5B self turns no signal and sometimes now after about seconds the computer turns itself off Q6600+P5B Overheating, No monitor signal turns self off? The monitor saying no signal Q6600+P5B Overheating, No monitor signal turns self off? is Q6600+P5B Overheating, No monitor signal turns self off? always happening I have Q Asus P B-VM SE ati HD XT Enermax noisetaker I Win xp gb corsair ram Maxtor gb HD Literally all I did was take the heatsink off clean it add new paste and put it back on nothing else in the computer was interfered with Has the graphics card mysteriously decided to pack up even though it said the cpu was overheating I m at a loss - I ve made sure everything is in properly and taken steps to stop cpu overheating Thanks in advance guys nbsp

A:Q6600+P5B Overheating, No monitor signal turns self off?

First try plugging your monitor to the motherboard and see if there's any display. If it works then probably your graphics card is damaged. Else, you may have put too much of thermal interface material which may start acting as an insulator. However, in that case I don't think you'd get a "no signal" error.
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I just built PC Randomly off Turns a new PC Its turning off randomly It has never done this until recently Its a fairly new computer I put it together about a week ago Everything on it is brand new I have a video of it crashing so that it can explain itself better Any help would appreciated Move to h t t p www youtube com watch v l KnBQ WgE had to seperate to post Video may still be finalizing Should be done quickly ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name HAZERADE-PC Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build win rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer PC Randomly Turns off System manufacturer System Model System Product Name BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor AMD Phenom tm PC Randomly Turns off II X Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode Motherboard ASUS M A nbsp

A:PC Randomly Turns off

hmmm, does this problem happen when you've been using the computer for a long time? if so, it may be the proc overheating and shutting itself down. Try reseating the heatsink / reapplying thermal paste on the processor, hopefully that will help.
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Hey guys I recently bought a new computer all separate components which my brother assembled for me and everything works fine But as soon as I launch any game like Crysis Painkiller Bioshock the screen turns black and it doesn t respond to anything anymore Old online games like quake live run like a charm though Beyond good and evil runs smoothly but somehow the eyes don t always follow the rest of the model making the characters look like retards all the time System case Antec Sonata III Zwart a launching new game when PC's screen turns My black Watt motherboard Asus P Q SE PLUS processor Intel Core Quad Q C GHz MHz MB Boxed videocard Asus EN GT HTDP GD MB memory Kingston HyperX Dual Channel My new PC's screen turns black when launching a game GB PC MHz Kit Of HDD Seagate Barracuda TB Rpm MB S-ATA II monitor LG LCD Monitor W V-PF Inch Cm Ms Zwart mouse Logitech Mouse Optical Wheel S PS Keyboard Logitech Ultra-X Premium Keyboard USB Zwart Qwerty My new PC's screen turns black when launching a game Sound system don t remember the name It says sweex and is Obviously I have already updated all the drivers and tried tweaking some settings in the videocard driver but nothing helped Does anybody have any ideas how to fix this Do you think it s a hardware problem or software It s really grinding my gears because it s just new and I want it to work perfectly I don t really play a lot of games but I just want it to work oh and d software like d Studio Max and Z-brush all run like a charm Thanks in advance Ilja nbsp

A:My new PC's screen turns black when launching a game

Sounds like your video card is not installed and setup properly. I'd recommend going through the whole installation & setup from the start. If the problem continues then you need to test the vide card.

-- Andy
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I have a lenovo laptop its about a year old and it when I turn it on all the boot lights come on then after about 10 secons it turns off nothing boots to the screen. ive tried to boot with just the battery and the same thing happens. The charge lights on the battery show it has a full charge. I would really like some help with this before I have to take it in if its just something simple to fix.

A:Laptop boots all boot lights come on for 10 seconds then turns off

Which model of Lenovo? What is the configuration? Hard drive brand and size, memory, connection?
Has it had any impact while the computer was powered up?
Lenovo laptops are usually among the most reliable, but there are a couple of models that need work.
Try booting to safe mode to see if there is a difference. As soon as you press the <ON> button, press the <F8> key repeatedly once per second. If it works, you will boot to a low resolution screen that is a bit difficult to read. That will tell us a few useful things about what do to next.
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Hi people, hope everyone is well...

I just noticed a strange buzzing noise coming from my computer a few days ago in the middle of the night so I pulled the power cable out and that fixed it, or so I thought.
Now when i start it up, it powers up, goes through post etc, but doesn't even start booting windows, then a sort of like dull click is heard and it turns off. Then when I turn it on again, it asks if I want to boot using last know safe config etc, and using the last known config is the only way I can get it to boot. Works absolutely fine other than that.

This leads me to believe its probably not a hardware problem but I have no idea what it could possible be...

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


A:Computer starts up but then turns off, but boots up as last safe configuration

buzzing noise? Was it a bios beep? Was it an overheating alarm? Is your PSU failing? have you done any hardware diagnostics?
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I have a packard bell easynote laptop with vista and a couple of weeks ago it blue screened saying something about a page fault in non paged area, i turned it off and on again and it comes on and goes to the windows loading screen and loads for a while then turns off. It does the same if i try starting with windows repair or start to last good configuration. I can access my bios. It also wont load in safe mode either!

I have lots of important data on there which i dont want to lose and i dont have a recovery disc either.

Any help would be great


A:Laptop boots up and then after loading screen turns off, desperate for help

How old is the hard drive. If over two years old, you might want to buy a new drive just to preserve the data on an old one, which you can then rescue in a hard drive enclosure on a USB cable.
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Hello! I recently dropped my desktop (I'm soo clumsy) on the floor. It's a dell vostro 400 with 4gb ram, intel 2 duo core, and nvidia 8600GT. I know it's not a power issue. The first time i turned it on after the accident, it beeped continously. Everytime i turned it on, all of the fans start up, my monitor recieves a signal from my graphic card but goes to power save mode, and it doesn't load the bios or the start up screen... what ever it's called. Any way of fixxing this or is it dead? I think it's the motherboard that's as far as i can tell.

EDIT: the graphics card works properly. It fell while it was on; I had to hold the power button to turn it off since it froze.

A:Dropped computer turns on, but black screen occurs

You moved and dropped the computer while it was on??? Not good. Open the case WITH THE COMPUTER UNPLUGGED and reseat the memory, and the graphics card. Check the CPU heatsink/ fan to make sure it is still tight and positioned properly. Also, check for any loose cables
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Recently my laptop has problems starting i will explain in detail what happens:

I press the power button as normal and as normal the power button lights up only for about 2 seconds, however rarely it lights up and stays on for about 20 seconds and then goes off. The screen never even comes on.

Please help....


A:My laptop turns off then on


could be several things,,,faulty Power supply, faulty mainboard, failing memory, overheating, it would need taking into a repair shop to determine the exact cause, unlike a PC which can be troubleshooted down to a set thing, laptops cant and require an expert eye.
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This is a problem I have never seen before This My by off turns computer itself is the computer I have from my only other thread within hardware and moding picture of computer is in thread along with all the information Ok I was planning to just get the tech people to fix it when they install the new My computer turns off by itself pieces into the computer but If someone can help me fix this problem sooner than later then I can use my computer for the weeks until i get it updated and not have to pay for it to be fixed The problem I have is when the computer is on it somehow just turns off on its own I could be running a program or just sitting reading something My computer turns off by itself in word document and then all of a sudden the screen goes black shows yellow standby light key board and mouse turns off quot lights go out on them and they do not respond quot My computer turns off by itself and any program I have closes immediately right before the screen goes black and the light on the screen goes yellow Then the quot analog power saving mode quot box shows up on the screen quot The same as if i turned the screen on when the computer is off quot I look at the tower and nothing changes The blue quot on quot light indicator stays on and the computer is technically on the red flashing light beside the blue one on the tower doesnt even go on like it does when the computer is thinking hard or starting up but everything attached to the tower goes off I try clicking ctrl alt Del but nothing at all happens Its as if the computer is off This has been happening for the last weeks now and I have tried everything Im sure its not a problem with my screen or it going into hibranate because why would the mouse keyboard and running programs on the computer shut down all at the same time and all at once The only thing on is the tower itself The tower doesnt even make any noise changes or anything when this problem happens The tower looks and acts the same as if I was on it rocking out on some games or working on word documents The other thing that happens is everything I told you occurs but right after all of that happens the computer will restart almost right after the analog power saving mode sign shows on screen I have even seen it restart after everything shuts down and while its restarting it restarts again or does the same weird shutdown before windows even uploads Very crazy weird and I have had computers my hole life and I have never seen anything like this I cant think of much else as information to give I was thinking It might be over heating and turning off automaticaly so not to cause hardware damage quot built in computer percotion quot is my assumption The thing is this can happen almost seconds after I turn the computer on or I could use it for hours some days and it will do the auto shut down at a random time and other days I can turn the computer on and before it even starts up it does the auto shut down It never shuts down tat the same time the same way twice The tower light and the sound the computer makes never changes during this problem It will always show the blue light and look like its a happy computer unless it restarts which is every other time Please help if possible -Gord nbsp

A:My computer turns off by itself

Is this computer a laptop or a desktop computer? if it is a desktop computer, the power supply may be going bad
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I have a Acer AL1716, recently the monitor has been turning off or refreshing when i'm on it, but now i go to turn the computer on, everything is fine but the screen doesn't switch on. but as soon as i turn the computer off, the screen will switch on and vice versa.
I've unplugged all thw wires from the monitro and back in but still nothing.

Help me please
Thanks in advance

A:My Computer Turns On But The Monitor Doesn't ?

This sounds like a computer problem and not a monitor problem. Try another monitor first, to rule that out
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i have a compaq presario 5310us with a tr100 motherboard in it......the computer was working fine and then all the sudden i turned the computer on and there is no video.......the fans and cpu fan all turn on , but, there is no beeps or anything. like it aint even posting. this computer has onboard video on it. so i tried a pci video card in the slot and the monitor screen still does not come on. also, on the keyboard the numlock light flashes at a steady beat. ive tried clearing the cmos and new battery, new sticks of memory,other power supplies,other monitors as well and all to no avail. if anybody has some tips for me to what could be causing this i would greatly appreciate your advice. thank you for all of your help.

A:Computer turns on but no video

The 5310us does not have a good history. Motherboards fail. Perhaps it is time to upgrade to something that is not a Compaq.
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Well, it was all working fine, up until 20 minutes ago, i decided to install a graphics driver update from nvidia, the.. august 21th one, think its something like 190.x.x, anyway..

After i installed it, i restarted my computer, when it gets to the welcome screen, were i usually enter my password, the monitor turns off, or goes on standby, the power button on the monitor goes from green to orange? ._.

My graphics card is a 9600 GT Geforce.

oh, and im running on my XP partition, my monitor works fine on my vista partition.

A:Monitor turns off?

How old is the monitor/screen... and the brand.
That is typical of monitor failure on some brands of monitors...
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Hi, i have a compaq presarrio c300 and i bought spore for it. i started playing and it worked fine for a couple of days then when i hit the space stage it would sometimes the screen whould just turn blue with white wrighting on it for a split second and then restart.
i have the basic compaq presarrio c300 system it is a laptop (it is xp)

A:My computer turns off while playing a computer game on it

You need full memory installed... as your computer shares memory with video... Then you still may not have enough, depending on the requirements of the video graphics.
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My computer turns on and off with no reason, I have already replaced the psu, it worked for a while then and the problem started again ! I have checked the plug and everything a hundred times and it's still not working.
I was wondering if something was wrong with the electricity in the house? Also would the UPS help ?

A:My PC turns on and off on by itself

I'd start by turning off power management options and confirm the auto on/off problems don't occur

1) In Device Manager, rt click Properties for EACH of your network adapters. Click the power management tab. UNCHECK "Allow computer to turn this device off to save power" - which btw will also prevent it from waking up from standby mode

2) In Control Panel->Power Options, disable and settings allowing for sleep/standby or hibernation modes
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I ve had this problem occur once before but it fixed itself after I removed the power cable and reinserted My computer will start up I hear the hard drive start to spin all internal fans start up then the computer turns itself off after anywhere between - seconds then turns itself back on after seconds again and repeats the cycle I don t think it s a faulty PSU as I have a TV tuner card with a LED which stays on at all times I think it may be a problem with the graphics card as before this problem began occurring the computer crashed twice while on a resource-heavy game then repeats turns off, seconds, 3-10 Computer starts, between waits BSOD d with a memory error I ve tried starting with the hard drive unplugged and nothing happened differently minus the lack of the drive indicator light I can t remove the graphics card at the moment but I ll try ASAP I ve also tried removing Computer starts, waits between 3-10 seconds, turns off, repeats my TV tuner card but that also made no difference The only modification I ve made to my motherboard is to flash it with a more updated BIOS however that was several months ago and no problems occurred then Specs MB Gigabyte P -DS P rev CPU Intel Core Q RAM x DDR MB generic Graphics card nVidia GeForce GT HDD Western Digital G SATAII Optical drive LG DVD Burner Edit Forgot to mention it never gets to POST it appears to restart just beforehand Edit Occasionally it will stay on to emit a series of beeps I can t tell if they are long or short though I assume they are short meaning there s something wrong with my power supply I ll check it out with a friend of mine nbsp

A:Computer starts, waits between 3-10 seconds, turns off, repeats

What type of PSU you got? That 8600 is pretty low powered and should only take about bout 350/400w min. Also, is your grfx card the 512mb version or the 1gb version? Also, the crashing during resource heavy games may be due to the 2gb of RAM. Most resource heavy games these days require at the very least 4gb of RAM, as they are >resource heavy< games.
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Is this a sign of bad PSU or bad motherboard?

When my PC is shut down, after a few seconds later, the CPU fan starts twiching, then the chassis fan does the same. A little later, both fans start turning slowly.

When I turn the PC on, everything is normal. After shut off, the same thing.

I heard that sometimes a temperature sensor forces the fans to turn even when powered down. Is this it? But the fans keep turning indefinitely once they stop twitching and start turning.

The twitching noise is very annoying. I have to cut the power off from the switch at the back of the PSU. Of course that will drain my clock battery sooner and I now have to use two switches (one from PSU and one at the front as usual.)

A:Powered off PC fan twitches and turns

We have seen a lot of things, but that is one story that I guess we will have to believe your telling...
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Hello I got myself a video card lt ASUS turns new and 5 Card Installed seconds PC off Video after GeForce MB AGP gt I pluged it in When I turn the PC on the monitor is in standby orange led all fans start I can t hear any beeps and after seconds it suddenly turns off My system is ASUS P V X-X motherboard Intel pentium GHZ x DDR DVD-RW GB HDD ASUS GeForce Floppy fans one on the CPU and a smaller one My first guess was that my W no name PSU couldn t handle it But then I tried the videocard on another PC with a W PSU and it worked like a charm When I put the card and the PSU the W one on my system it turns off again What I tried so far - update bios - reset bios load defaults - unpluged everything except videocard and HDD My system works perfectly without the videocard When I put the videocard in it turns off Could anyone help me nbsp

A:Installed new Video Card and PC turns off after 5 seconds

Does the 6600 need a power cable connected to it from the power supply? If so, have you connected it?
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The computer stays on, but the monitor turns off right after I put it on. I've removed the onboard graphic card and disabled it and uninstalled it in device manager. But this keeps installing automatically everytime I restart:

Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Controller 0 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
I also see it in device manager again.

At the moment I do not have a graphic card in the computer. Do I have to install drivers for my new card before I install it physically?

I went in BIOS and changed primary video adapter to pci-e. I also went in display settings and uninstalled the drivers of my old card there.
I do not know what else to do. I do not understand why the monitor turns off.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

A:Placed new 9400GT graphic card and monitor turns off?

No. You do not need to install drivers before you put in the new graphics card.

When you plug your monitor into the default output are you getting any display?

If you are, then there may be a problem with the output socket of your card. If the card has two sockets try switching.


When installing a new graphics card, all old drivers must be first removed. Then the computer is turned off and the new card is slotted into place. Start up the computer with the monitor plugged to the new card. Then install the new drivers from the installation CD provided by the vendor or from a downloaded .exe from the manufacturer's website.

** Forgot to mention, try booting into safe mode once and see if the display is working.
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Hello I am on, then turns etc.. off, Computer on then having a problem with my computer and while I m pretty sure the motherboard is to blame I thought I d check for input before I buy a new one My computer has been working wonderfully since I built it sometime in May until yesterday when I went to turn it on Here is what happens when I hit the power switch the computer starts to power up power LED lights up fans start spinning hard drive starts spinning About Computer turns on, then off, then on etc.. seconds after I hit the power button the computer shuts off and stays off for about - seconds then it will turn itself back on but of course only for seconds This cycle of on off on off will continue forever until I either hit the switch on the back of the power supply OR if I hold down the power button for about seconds OK so my first reaction was it had to be a problem with either the motherboard or power supply The first thing I did was unplug everything from the motherboard leaving only the CPU attached the power LED wire and of course the MB power connector and V CPU power connector I then turned the computer on by shorting the power jumpers Same result the CPU fan would twitch the power LED would come on and then shut off turn back on rinse and repeat The next thing I tried was swapping the power supply with a known working one Same result So I m guessing there is something wrong with the motherboard I ve never heard of a problem like this it seems quite weird to me Of course I m not too great with computers so I feel I might be missing something obvious Any ideas on something I might have missed would be appreciated Otherwise its time for a new motherboard Oh I don t have another computer that I can test the CPU on not sure if the CPU could possibly be the problem System Gigabyte GA- P-DS Motherboard rev Intel Core Duo E Mushkin XP - x Gig Antec NeoHE W HE Power Supply XFX GeForce GTS MB WD Caviar SE GB SATA Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:Computer turns on, then off, then on etc..

I think it may be the power supply unit (PSU). This may be overheating and the thermal cut-out is doing what it should. Check the fan(s) in the PSU work OK - if not, try cleaning them with a small clean paintbrush.
Best bet is to try another PSU - maraginally cheaper and a lot easier to replace than the motherboard.
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I currently have a dell inspiron B130. I was on the web when suddenly the entire computer shut down, dead in an instant. Now there are no fans, no lights on the front, and no reaction when I try to power on the computer. The power cord is still lit green, and I tried different outlets, but nothing works. (The battery hasn't held a charge in over a year, so I am always plugged in). What is my problem?

I had a computer at work that had the motherboard go out, but its fan comes on when you try to power up. Is this different then?

Should I pay to have it diagnosed or is it just DOA?

A:Inspiron B130 shuts down, no longer turns on?

First, check your power adapter by exchanging with another, because a failed power adapter (regardless of the green light) is the most common failure on the B130.
Beyond that, unless you are good with small tools and the innards, it will be expensive. Look for a tech with a good reputation... for it could be very simple, or very complex... a screen backlight, internal power fan, or a damaged system board... all of which need testing to diagnose.
The B130 has been a good laptop... few problems. Easy to fix.
You can get a used and guaranteed working system board for $65 to $75, or a brand new board and internal assembly for $130 to $150 with shipping... a good deal if the tech labor is not high... We know guys who replace them for $35...
There are a lot of problems in that case that can be fixed for $35 and bring the computer back to life. It is the cost of the tech that makes it prohibitive.
But it is what? Three years old already. and a good used computer is $199 or so?
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I am pretty dumb when it comes to computers, so I really hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I don't even know how to search what's wrong with my computer because quite frankly, I have no idea what IS wrong.

Basically, what happens is, when I turn on my computer it goes to a screen that says:

We apologize for the inconvenience.... and then a bunch of words and then options:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Last known Good Configuration....
Start Windows Normally

I do everything it says, but it goes back to that same screen no matter what I do. What should I do regarding this problem? I hope that this makes some sense...

Thank you for the help.

A:My laptop turns on.... but goes to error screen, how do I fix this?

Hello Tiramisu... :wave: Welcome to Techspot
Lotsa good people here who donate their time and expertise to help.
I am sure we can help you with the diagnosis and repair of your issues.
And we try to be Noob friendly too.

1) What make and model are your computer? (Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Acer? There would also be some numbers someplace indicating which laptop ... what the number looks like will vary from maker to maker. We do not need your serial number, just the model.)

2) What was the last thing you did before you started having problems?

3) When you got to that screen, what did you do?

Did you select "start normally"?
If you did, and the problem that caused your computer to crash initially has not been resolved, it will crash again, bringing you to that screen again.

You could try selecting "Last Known Good..." This might allow you to then start normally.
We want to find out what caused the crash though.
If this works, repost, and let us know, so we can take you to the next step.

If it does not work, then we will have you try booting to safe mode, and looking for some files.
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Hi, I am new to this website so I am not sure whether this is the correct forum to post this thread; but here goes.

I recently tried to install some new RAM into my computer and noticed a problem; basically it wouldn't work at all. So after doing a bit of research I found out that it wasn't the right type for my computer. So I removed it. ]

Everything seemed fine until about 2 days later when my computer turned off randomly, without me shutting it down. I thought it could be the computer overheating so I lifted of the shell and cooled it for a bit. Not the problem, even without the shell on it still turns off. I have changed my PSU cable and still not working.

I have a Fujitsu Scaleo P. Any suggestions?

A:Computer randomly turns itself off

Have you done antivirus and antispyware scans recently, they can cause your pc to turn off.
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MOTHERBOARD M N-HD HDMI CPU AMD duo core RAM gigs Video Geforce I was playing a game when the system just turned off Prevously I had a few times it reboot The system will turn on fans and leds and HD loads and CD loads but I get no video on monitor nor do I hear any system beeps or seems like it is getting past the but no Computer turns screen on BIOS load I took the machine to a shop and they said my PSU was bad So I purchased a new one online since nobody locally carries anything above a w same one as I had before W I installed new PSU but I get the Computer turns on but no screen same simptoms I took out the motherboard out of the case and put only stick of ram in it reseated the cpu with heatsink and fan with new heat paste Plugged in the VGA adaptor for onboard video Plugged power into the motherboard at the main adaptor and the cPU v I short the power swt to turn it on and I get the same thing Fans turn on LED on No beeps or video I tried a nd speaker and tried again no change Any suggestions nbsp

A:Computer turns on but no screen

It's possible you let your computer get too hot and it burnt up the motherboard... that or possibly the graphics card... if it's getting power but not posting, then it's not your power supply, although it may have been bad too. It's either going to be your motherboard, graphics card, or processor... a failure in either three could cause it to not show up... You saying it doesn't have any bios beeps leads me to believe it's either the motherboard or the processor, not just the graphics card.
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I'm having this problem where the computer would be off, but the keyboard lights are still on. When I press any key, the computer turns back on. What is causing this?

A:Keyboard turns computer on

Reset your motherboards bios to their default settings. Somone has enabled "booting with keyboard" in the bios
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Whenever I turn the notebook on, it comes on but the screen stays black. What could the problem be? I have also tried using an external monitor but nothing helps.

A:Acer notebook turns on but screen is blank

the model of laptop?
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Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am having a bit of a problem. Just put together a new box and I can get it to turn on but there is nothing on screen. The screen actually goes into power save mode like it doesnt even know the computer is on. This is only my second build. Everything in the box turns on but the keyboard and mouse dont light up. specs are-phenom 2 940, gigabyte ma790gp, corsair tx650w, 4gb g-skill 1066, 9800gt, wd caviar 640gb, antec 900. Any help at all would be great.

A:New build turns on, no bios

This is one of those baffling questions that makes you pull your hair out. My approach is to always start with the least expensive and easiest options. Check all the connections first. It could be something as crazy as the cable or wire from the monitor to the computer being faulty. Do you have an extra monitor you can try? Work your way down to the motherboard being the very last suspect.
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Model: Emachines T5088

I pushed open the cd-drive and then my monitor turned rainbow. So, with this I powered off the computer. When I tried to turn it back on it would turn on, beep 3 times and the fan would run loudly.

I tried to call emachines tech support, but they are all a load of bull. They said they know exactly what is wrong and can help me fix it but they would charge me.... I just hung up after that....

A:Computer turns on but will not boot

Try this helpful post: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
Sounds like it may be something quite simple
Good luck, and ideally reply with the results of any found and fixed issues
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Okay i know this may not be in the right category but really that doesnt matter to me.
Alright so my Compaq F557US is having problems, every time you press the power button it is starts to turn on the fan and it makes noise but then it just sits there and it turns off after about 30 seconds and it repeats the process
-No startup screen
-possibly control board mother board or power source (the least likely of the three) and nothing i try seems to work.

A:Turns off after about 30 seconds

Likely hardware failure... either hard drive or memory or cpu fan
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PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am having a problem that i thought was my HD but is not i guess. I turn on my computer then it shuts off, i took out the battery and used my adapter still then same thing, i took out the HD as well and still the same. Nothing shows on my screeen either, something wrong with my heat thing??? or fan?? then fan is ok, no heavy noises.

I have a Dell 5100 only 2 years old. PLease help, from what i have read, something to do with power, or heat sink but i dont know where it is , and am not paying some one millions to do it.

A:My laptop turns on then shuts off? I dont know

Sudden shut downs can be caused by a couple of different things, but the first thing you should check is your system temperatures. Are you able to boot up at all right now? If you can, then download and install the program to check your system temps:

If you can't get into windows, are you able to get into your bios? You can also check your temperatures in there.

Can you hear your case fans spinning?
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Basically what the title says. I have my power options for my monitor timeout set to never turn off. It's a desktop, and I think I can trace the problem to a certain program. I have Arcsoft Totalmedia Theatre installed for playing BluRay movies and when I run it, it changes the display options back to Windows Vista Basic. It would seem that the power option changes itself back after I close this program and Vista goes back to Aero mode.

Any ideas what I could do to fix this? I use the program a lot and I absolutely hate turning my monitors back on.

A:Vista turns off monitor even though power options are set to never

I would remove Arcsoft Total media Theatre, then reset Vista, defragment, and reboot, then reinstall ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre, and see if it will behave next time.
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Just recently, my Inspiron 5150 laptop has decided that when I turn the power off, it wants to run the fan! Sometimes it runs on an almost idle-speed, but most often it is running full blast.

The moment I power up the laptop, the fan returns to normal operating speeds. If i plug in the power cord and charge it all the way, the fan turns off...but the moment i unplug it, the fan goes back on!

I have absolutely no clue what is causing this. It's extremely annoying, as the battery dies quite quickly when I take my laptop with me and the loud fan is extremely, extremely annoying. Any ideas?

A:Dell laptop turns fan ON when not powered up

That's strange

Can you contact Dell on that one:
And let us know what they say
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i have a computer i built myself, has a gigabyte MB, dual core prosseror, 256 graphics and the rest of the stuff has been working fine but when i started it the other day i got into windows the shut down, i restarted it and the it only lasted about 10secs. i left it alone for a while and then the same thing. i have changed the graphics card and the psu to no avail still the same problem although the annoying little buzzer doesnt make a noise anymore

A:Computer turns on then off

Check that the cpu heatsink is still properly attached. If that is a 775 cpu the stock heatsinks are VERY HARD to attach properly.
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I've had my computer for a couple of months, and it's been great so far. However, the other day I removed the DVD drive because it was getting jammed. It might not be because of that, but now the PC keeps turning off after a few seconds of the loaded desktop. It boots fine, loads fine, the desktop comes up perfectly, but after a few seconds the mouse lags and then the computer reboots with no errors or anything. What could it be? It runs fine in safe mode.

A:Computer turns on and off

Check the power supply connections first

There are are four connections I'd look at first. There's a square connector with four wires and a clip, usually near the processor; and there's a big rectangular connector with 24 pins that I'd check. These are the power connectors.

After that, I would check the two connectors to the hard drive.

Still having problems after that? Then I would suspect something in the operating system is telling it to shut off.
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I am trying to hook up my Pavilion 700 to a Dell CRT monitor. When I plug it in to the VGA and turn it on, the orange light on the monitor goes green (like its supposed to) but nothing displays on the screen. I even removed the add-in video card and just tried using the integrated but with the same results.

I know the monitor is not bad because I just tested it with two other computers and an xbox360.

Any ideas? All help is appreciated.