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Bluetooth devices not discovered by Logitech bluetooth receiver

Q: Bluetooth devices not discovered by Logitech bluetooth receiver

Okay so I don t really know if a solution is out there but here is the situation I m in I only have one discovered bluetooth devices Logitech Bluetooth receiver by not available USB port left which I am currently using for the Logitech Bluetooth dongle that came with my Logitech K solar keyboard I would also like to attach my Samsung wep headset for Bluetooth devices not discovered by Logitech bluetooth receiver Skype calls I have tried to discover the headset with and without Logitechs software installed with no luck I then checked device manager which does not show the dongle as a Bluetooth receiver device My assumption from that is that Logitech has it setup Bluetooth devices not discovered by Logitech bluetooth receiver to only receive from their own devices Since I have no room for another dongle and a hub isn t really ideal Is there some way to force the dongle to detect normal Bluetooth devices I ve searched for a custom driver or other work around with no luck so far This is on a computer running Windows bit nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Bluetooth devices not discovered by Logitech bluetooth receiver

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a Windows 7 64-bit operating system and have had trouble getting it to recognize 2 new products I bought: a Logitech M535 bluetooth mouse and Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard.  Each device is supposed to easily be used with all other devices
(smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.)  Is this a proprietary matter for Microsoft?  Are there incompatibilities?  To add this new mouse and keyboard as secondary items on my computer, would I be courting new problems or sacrificing
the functioning of existing mouse and keyboard? I have read enough information to realize the very complex concepts involved, but it is all well over my head at this point and far more than I can comprehend.  I'd appreciate words of wisdom from all who
can relate to my question.
Thank you.
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hi, my laptop had Windows 8.1 Pre installed to i installed Windows 8.1 Pro on it .. before upgrading, naturally all is working well, i backed up my Drivers using an Open Source Software i downloaded from SourceForge

after upgrading, i installed all drivers, all is working well except for my Bluetooth Radio .. though in the Device Manager, it is not showing any error as it says "The device is working properly" .. yet even when my Laptop's Bluetooth is in Discoverable Mode, none of my Phone, Tablet nor other Laptops can detect this Laptop .. Vice Versa, my laptop doesnt discover any devices too, not even my Bluetooth Mouse .. though my Phone was discovering my Mouse ..

i tried updating my drivers, but there was no luck ..
i tried reinstalling my drivers, there was also no luck ..
i tried resetting multiple times, still no luck ..

im running out of luck, please i hope someone knows anything about it

A:Bluetooth Not Showing Any Bluetooth Devices

never mind. fixed it
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I got a Sony SBH-60, Initially it got connected with the laptop using Bluetooth, but later days it wasnt getting connected with laptop hence i removed the device and try to pair again i couldnt discover the device at all.

My laptop runs on Windows 10 and bluetooth chip is from intel.

So tried possible remedies already like
1) Updating drivers
2) Uninstalling/ installing drivers
3) Changing Bluetooth support service (automatic)

Everything was done still the headphone was not discovered.

I tried to run Troubleshoot in Hardware and devices

I got this image
I tried to restart the system but still this troubleshooting was shown.

Kindly help. Thanks in advance.
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I've searched here and Google but haven't found the answer. I bought a bluetooth audio receiver to stream music to my stereo receiver and speakers. The device connected to the computer (Windows 8.1) perfectly. Appears as connected to the computer. But music played on the PC doesn't get to the stereo speakers. I can connect the device to my android phone and play music through the stereo speakers perfectly.

In Windows Volume Control, the BT device appears and is selected. When I try to play music through my receiver, I can hear music coming from my PC speakers (barely) but nothing through the stereo. What am I missing?

A:Streaming music to receiver thru bluetooth

How are you connecting the device to the PC? Via the headphone jack? GREEN speaker jack on the rear? Since it works with a phone I assume its being connected via an analog audio jack?
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The desktop I currently use broken replace Using one...Won't work? OEM Bluetooth Receiver to came with a wireless keyboard and mouse setup along with the Using Bluetooth Receiver to replace broken OEM one...Won't work? little dongle receiver Using Bluetooth Receiver to replace broken OEM one...Won't work? I never used it because I had better already but I gave it to my younger sister and she broke the dongle receiver a while back so I bought a little blue tooth one to compensate but I can't get it to find the keyboard and mouse I tried installing the receiver hardware and doing the quot add quot search but it couldn't find the mouse and keyboard I hit the connect button for five seconds before doing the search to make it open to connect but the wizard couldn't find anything so I went into settings and set everything according to what I found online but it still couldn't find it I searched around online a little more and came across instructions to setup the computer for blue tooth interactions by going into services msc but still the mouse and keyboard are not found by the blue tooth receiver I thought any blue tooth receiver dongle would work to catch the signals and allow the keyboard and mouse to work once more rather then become a complete paper weight Am I doing somthing wrong If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it Keyboard model number is HP URFK Mouse model number is HP URF This is the dongle receiver that I bought eBay - New amp used electronics cars apparel collectibles sporting goods amp more at low prices

A:Using Bluetooth Receiver to replace broken OEM one...Won't work?

My guess is that the keyboard and mouse are wireless but NOT Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a published, industry standard but most wireless keyboards and mice on the market use a different, non-standard technology than Bluetooth. You may be able to buy a replacement wireless receiver directly from HP.

If the keyboard and mouse support Bluetooth they will most likely have the Bluetooth symbol on them to indicate that they are Bluetooth.

I'm using a Bluetooth dongle similar to the one that you purchased on this netbook I'm using right now and it works fine with my Targus Bluetooth mouse.
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I'm having an issue with this thing.

It took me a long time to make it works, cause I was looking for right drivers. Now I have problem, which was from start. So, the device works corectly, but I have some delays when I listen to music. I press start in music player (foobar2000 or youtube) and the sound goes after 15~20 sec. It happens in most cases, not always, but...

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver problem

Thanks guys for a lot of answers!
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I have installed actual Bluetooth-stack v9.10.32(T)
Also added Bluetooth filter package and Bluetooth monitor (cannot see them in the control panel under "programs and features)
But cannot complete pairing with an Denon AVR-X1100

when connecting with the Toshiba all steps look good until the pairing code is displayed.
I confirm it and the Denon displays the Toshiba as paired and connected
but the Bluetooth wizard is displaying for a while:
"setting up audio device"
and ends up with "connection to a remote device failed please try again"
and windows7 displays "Authentication went wrong"

My Iphone and my Dell Latitude connects without any problems so it should be related to the Toshiba Bluetooth-stack (settings)
any Idea how to solve it?

thank you in advance
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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit SP1 with an ASUS Bluetooth adapter that supports bluetooth 2.1 and A2DP. I can get it to pair with my iPhone but not my Pioneer VSX-921k.
The Pioneer uses a BT100 adapter to connect via bluetooth, it works with my iPhone perfectly, but again, cannot be seen by the PC.
I have tried multiple adapters, several drivers, and a few different programs. I still cannot get them to pair, though I see online it is quite possible. Help please!!
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Establishing SPP Bluetooth connection between a laptop with Win and HC- BT Receiver Hello I am trying to implement BT btwn a laptop running Win with Arduino IDE and a Receiver SPP btwn Establishing HC-05 and BT Win7 connection Bluetooth BT device called an HC- The HC- is located at and powered by a remote Arduino UNO board I'm doing Establishing SPP Bluetooth connection btwn Win7 and HC-05 BT Receiver this for the first time and am also new to Arduino I am looking for someone with some experience in setting up Serial Port Profiles for Bluetooth devices Some Details Establishing SPP Bluetooth connection btwn Win7 and HC-05 BT Receiver When the HC- BT receiver is powered on by the Arduino a red led flashes at about Hz If I go to My Bluetooth Devices in Win I select Add Device and choose All as the type The HC- appears and Win reports it was installed successfully although in the list of devices Device Type says unknown If I open services I see Serial Port Profile SPP only If I double click it it says Service action in progress for about s then an error says Device failed to respond At this point the HC- device red led now flashes slower about Hz If I now double click on the SPP again I get the error quot No more com ports can be created for this device quot If I rt click the SPP icon I get one option - to quot Create Port quot but the same error occurs If I investigate with Device Manager under quot Ports quot I see ports listed copies that say Bluetooth SPP Driver with COM shown The third has a exclamation icon on it under properties status it says quot This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device Code quot The first say quot This device is working properly quot If I go to Port Settings under COM port properties and choose advanced I can select a COM port from to COM Port is the only one that lists quot in use quot all the others list nothing I've spent a few days on this and not gotten beyond this point Within Arduino I have uploaded various sketches to the UNO via std USB cable with the HC - powered on I've tried to make the BT connection with the HC- Tx amp Rx connected to the Arduino and with them disconnected and with the Arduino transmitting to the HC- some small amounts of data I have been able to connect maybe other BT devices to the laptop but they were all audio profiles for headphones or audio transmitters Also I have reinstalled the device and the drivers and done some basic troubleshooting I am willing to work with anyone to get the connection working here if you know of anyone that has Arduino bluetooth experience I will take your references I am looking for help in multiple places but in particular the HC- manufacturer Wavesen is Chinese and doesn t seem to provide much support yet Thanks Stephen
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I have a new Acer Aspire V - laptop with Windows x on 7 shutdown & issues Bluetooth Windows receiver causing USB startup Yesterday I bought a GPS receiver Qstarz XT It has a wireless Bluetooth adapter just like a keyboard Bluetooth USB receiver causing startup & shutdown issues on Windows 7 mouse adapter I noticed that my laptop was having issues shutting down I would tell it to shut down and a few hours later the laptop would still be busy shutting down I manually shut it down and when I started it again there was a notification that a crash dump had been created It also had issues starting up I found that these problems stopped as soon as I removed the Bluetooth USB receiver from the USB port I checked the event logs and they show numerous errors related to the bluetooth device Always two identical warnings followed by an error The warning is Event BTHUSB - A command sent to the adapter has timed out The adapter did not respond The error is Event BTHUSB - The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used The driver has been unloaded If I go to devices and printers this is the information that it shows regarding the Bluetooth USB reciever broadcom bluetooth usb uhe dongle Device Type Bluetooth Radios Manufacturer Broadcom Location Location Port Hub Driver Version Date - I have also run the diagnostic tool and attached the zip file

A:Bluetooth USB receiver causing startup & shutdown issues on Windows 7

Also if I check device manager, In Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB UHE Dongle Properties, I will get a message sometimes saying 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). After a minute or so it will change and say 'This device is working properly.' Almost immediately afterwards it will change again and display the error message again.
Also it shows the yellow triangle by the device, and this disappears when it is 'working', only to appear a few minutes later again.
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I m noticing a really weird problem I have a thinkpad t p running winxp pro sp with integrated bluetooth I have two logitech mice both with wireless USB receivers and I like fails doesn't receiver recognize; computer weird, unplug usb and bluetooth to switch them out because weird, unplug usb receiver and computer doesn't recognize; bluetooth fails sometimes I feel like using my right hand and sometimes my left But sometimes when I unplug a receiver the computer fails to make the quot DING ding quot usb device leaving sound When this happens all of the usb ports stop working Reinserting the receiver does not fix the problem Then after awhile the bluetooth icon in the tray turns read and pops up an error message complaining about not being able to start the bluetooth service I have no idea why bluetooth would have anything to do with these logitech usb receivers but that s what happens At first I thought my only way to fix things was to reboot but then I noticed that when I shut Outlook suddenly I get the USB dinging sounds and everything is fixed Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I can fix this problem Thanks nbsp

A:weird, unplug usb receiver and computer doesn't recognize; bluetooth fails

The Bluetooth might be connected internally via USB hubs and when you suddenly unplug the USB stuff, the bluetooth stops working because all the hubs are "disconnected".
As for the USB not working until after Outlook 07 is shut down ... maybe your computer can't handle the process. How long do you wait until you decide to restart?
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Windows Professional bit Gigabyte x PC Windows bluetooth discovery is not finding any devices On my android phone I can turn on discovery and locate the PC and it prompts me to enter the passcode on the PC However no devices show up I have tried three different USB dongles and installed the generic Windows bluetooth driver One of the devices prompted me for a different driver which was downloaded and installed but then the radio was not recognized I've tried three different devices as well a mouse a trackpad and the android phone I've but found, devices bluetooth other find PC. devices the No installed quot Bluetooth Command Line Tools quot and it tells me that the radio is installed and working properly as does the Windows device manager Bluetooth icon shows in the system tray when the dongle is plugged in I've changed the settings in services msc as detailed in other posts changing to local account with my username and password I've turned off firewall and antivirus no change Constructive ideas suggestions and opinions No bluetooth devices found, but other devices find the PC. are welcome I can't just throw it No bluetooth devices found, but other devices find the PC. out the window though as this is a work computer All I want to do is add a Bluetooth trackpad

A:No bluetooth devices found, but other devices find the PC.

I've just installed BlueSoliel (trail version which will expire in 30 days) and now all my devices can pair and connect.

At this point it appears to be a Windows software / driver issue. I'd really like to track this down and fix it myself, I don't mind actually paying for the BlueSoliel software but I'm stubborn about 'stupid computer problems'.
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Please help! I can't believe i can't figure this out, it's embarrassing at this point. I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience.

-Downloaded Loitech's Setpoint 6.32 for windows 7 64 bit from here:

-Not working
-Mouse and keyboard show no response when tested after pressing the bluetooth buttons
-The bluetooth usb hub is detected
-In Device Manager, Windows claims I have the latest driver for bluetooth wireless hub
-According to Logitech, I have the latest version of Setpoint
-Setpoint is supposed to have a bluetooth tab for setup as seen here:

-But my Setpoint does not have the bluetooth tab, and is essentially worthless
-Doesn't have the mouse or keyboard tabs either
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Logitech MX 5000 Set and Toshiba Bluetooth Stack My logitech MX 5000 came with the Logitech Setpoint software which allowed me to pair up the Bluetooth dongle with keyboard and mouse through Microsoft's BT Device Wizard. However it was unable to sync with my headset so I switched to my Toshiba Bluetooth Stack so that I can pair up with the headset as well.

Now that I am using the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, I lost the option of Logitech Setpoint to configure the keysettings (Media buttons) of my keyboard and mouse.

Are there any way to fix this?

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I am having issues using both the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time. Each device works flawlessly when connected separately. When the mouse is connected first the keyboard repeats keys and has a significant latency issue once connected. When
the Keyboard is connected first the mouse will not work once connected.
All bluetooth drivers and device drivers are up to date.
Is there a known issue with running multiple bluetooth devices at the same time? Is there an upgrade I can make to improve bluetooth functionality? Any advice/guidance that you could lend would be greatly appreciated. Please see below for the equipment in
Equipment being utilized:
HP Elitebook 840
Windows 7
Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M557
Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

Much thanks,
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Hey everyone I recently purchased a Logitech V Bluetooth Mouse that uses the integrated bluetooth stack in my Dell m laptop The dell comes with a Toshiba Bluetooth stack installed unfortunately the supplied SetPoint Software does not cooperate with this driver and tells me to get an Driver V270 Logitech Mouse Bluetooth Problem updated driver which I have The Logitech software suggests Broadcom Widcomm Bluetooth BTW or above driver I downloaded and installed the B W drivers This has not helped at all I now have two Bluetooth logos in my sys tray one slightly smaller one with white and a slightly larger one with red Red means off not working and it is telling me there is no Bluetooth device plugged in If anyone can help me thatd be great The bluetooth mouse works so does my bluetooth samsung t cell phone the setpoint software allows some customization thatd Id like THANK YOU VERY MUCH Dell Inspiron m XP Home SP gb RAM gb HD nbsp

A:Logitech V270 Bluetooth Mouse Driver Problem

any ideas???? should i just give up?
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I just bought a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard k It is a single keyboard that lets you type input into several diff devices - one at a time So if you have a Instructions? Bluetooth keyboard got a k480. Solved: Logitech just I No Notebook a Tablet a Smartphone and a Desktop PC and you use more than one of them during the day you can just switch Solved: I just got a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard k480. No Instructions? this keyboard by turning a dial and when you do that you select into which device the KB will be entering the data you type Pretty neat concept But there are no instructions I can t figure out how to connect it and pair it with these devices Presumably you set the dial to one of three available positions and then press a key to select the device type But the package does not contain any instructions Instead it just contains this web address www logitech com k Unfortunately this web site is not at all Solved: I just got a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard k480. No Instructions? intuitive when it comes to explaining how to use this thing It has a dial and enables you to turn the dial to switch between several Solved: I just got a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard k480. No Instructions? diff devices such as a phone or tablet or PC In addition it works with iOS Mac Windows and Android devices So you turn the dial to specify the device I think and then push a button to specify the OS Has anyone here bought one and if so can you explain how I can go to the website and find some instructions on how to use this keyboard Oh wait For anyone interested I think I may have found the instructions here http www logitech com en-ca manuals k -immersion-guide But I don t have a printer Not very convenient I suppose I can try to copy the entire web site to a text file Would anyone have any better ideas nbsp

A:Solved: I just got a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard k480. No Instructions?
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I am attempting to connect a mobile phone to my computer. On the Bluetooth Devices icon in Control Panel I am unable to 'turn discovery on' (in options). The message 'Settings not Saved' appears detailing discoverability and connection. I am operating on a Pentium 4 system with Windows XP and SP2.

A:bluetooth devices

Do you have a bluetooth icon in your system tray?

You should be using this and then utilizing the bluetooth places folder to find and connect the device and then discover available services with that device.

If you don't have that icon, your missing the Widcomm stack, which you need before bluetooth functionality will happen. Search your manufacturer website for these drivers.
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I have bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my PC (running a Windows 7 64bit OS) and while I am able to successfully install and pair the device, I find that each time I either switch off the device (or PC) and switch either back on again I cannot re-establish the connection unless I remove the device and re-install and pair it once more? Surely it isn't necessary to have to follow this procedure every time I wish to use it...or is it? Any helpful ideas would be much appreciated.

A:Bluetooth Devices

make sure the PC is discoverable and that Bluetooth is set to start with the computer.
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Hi all,

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, but I've got a question about bluetooth devices. This is gonna be a really dumb one. I have a newer laptop here that is wireless. In other words, I have a router and a small wireless network set up. I have the little blue button that lights up at the top of the keyboard. Is that bluetooth? I also have a wireless printer with that same icon lit up blue.

I have a new cellphone that is bluetooth and I want to make the phone and computer talk to each other to transfer pictures. I read that I need to go to "Bluetooth Devices" in the Control Panel to get things set up. However, I don't see that selection. So, do I have bluetooth or not?

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I recently purchased a Logitech M557 bluetooth mouse to use with my Qosmio, which is updated to Windows 10. However, I have found the mouse lags constantly. I uninstalled/reinstalled the bluetooth software but it does not fix the problem. I tried the mouse on another laptop (Portege R830) and operation is perfect. The Portege is also updated to Windows 10 so something is not right with the bluetooth on the Qosmio.

Current bluetooth driver installed is 18.1.1525.1445, dated June 2015 and is the version installed when you update the device driver in device manager. I could not find an Intel bluetooth driver on the Toshiba website for my latptop, in fact all I could find were packages for Realtek and Atheros devices.

Any ideas?

A:Qosmio X870-119 Bluetooth issue with Logitech M557 mouse

Try disabling wifi and using ethernet cable, with alot of intel BT controllers they are also controlled by the wifi card. If this solved the issue you may need to update your WLAN Drivers (However none are available for Windows 10 OS yet)
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Hey all I'm here to post a new problem that I am experiencing since my move to windows Ok basically my mouse will disconnect completely when I boot into windows and I can use my keyboard no problem Logitech Wireless too and that is my only option to log on and also use windows itself I will move my mouse but the cursor stays still and nothing happens I will then switch the mouse off leave it for secs switch it back on click the connect button on the Logitech Bluetooth usb stick and then the connect button on the mouse itself Nothing happens so I'm basically stuck with my keyboard Unplugging the usb Logitech receiver and then re plugging it in starts the windows found new hardware procedure What This mouse is on disconnecting cold Logitech start MX1000 Bluetooth mouse installing again and after about - mins it then comes to life Very strange and this is the third time it has happened I even manually restarted and booted into XP slave drive and the mouse was even stuck on that I repeated Logitech MX1000 Bluetooth mouse disconnecting on cold start the steps above and the only way to get the mouse working was to unplug the receiver and then plug it back in thus windows takes over and says it is quot installing quot new drivers and then quot found new hardware quot pops up and hey presto I can use my mouse Why windows needs to keep reinstalling it I have no idea Shouldn't the mouse just fire up like it used to I mean I could use it from the logon screen and it is here that it fails so I know I have a problem right away if it doesn t move or respond I don't know what s changed and device manager reports no problems or conflicts There is no newer drivers either and I hear that installing Logitech Setpoint can be a backwards step as I have read people on here claiming that windows drivers themselves are more reliable and less prone to failure although that is questionable now To be honest I never installed Logitech s own drivers from CD I just left it as it is and I m not sure how the mouse and keyboard got working but because they did so well I assumed it was ok Perhaps I m wrong It is worth mentioning that during normal use as in when I'm in windows itself it works as per normal But switch comp off and then do a cold boot and it sometimes pulls this prank It s getting very annoying Its run brill for years and has never done this Thought at first it was USB hub failing or on way out I currently have a separate way powered USB hub as I was running out of spaces but my external hard drives of infact are picked up immediately and I can even use my wireless Subsonic Pro controller and that is plugged into USB hub too Can't possibly be my mobo failing or onboard USB controller failing as I imagine all USB ports would fail What do you think is causing this Oh before I forget the mouse is not faulty and the battery power is always good as I charge it regularly Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Please help I'm starting to hate my PC by the day

A:Logitech MX1000 Bluetooth mouse disconnecting on cold start

I am a user of Logitech mouses for the last 10 years and I recommend them to everyone for their reliability.

Right now I am using two wireless mouses with small nano receivers. These mouses are excellent and one I am using on Win XP Professional, and the other I am using on Win 7 Ultimate x64.

Logitech has recommended that I use setpoint software on my old wireless mouse on Window XP, and I have installed the latest setpoint software. I always update the setpoint software whenever an update is available. This mouse is in use for the last two years and I never had any problem.

Coming to the Second Logitech wireless mouse (M215) Logitech suggested that no setpoint software is necessary for using this mouse. So I am using this mouse with Windows 7's native mouse drivers for the last three months and never had any problem.

So what I suggest is that if Logitech suggests setpoint software for your particular model of mouse, then you better download and install it. This will improve the performance and also give you some additional customizations to your mouse.

I hear the bluetooth mouses sometimes gives problems, but I do not have any experience with them.

Hopefully once you install the Setpoint drivers your mouse should work properly.

Another aspect is check your power saving features. If your system has wakeup features for the mouse, I suggest you switch off this feature.
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I have a Medialink Bluetooth dongle that I am unable to get to work with all my bluetooth devices. I have the drivers installed and everything seems as if it should be functioning properly. However, I am not able to pair my two Android devices or my Turtle Beach PX5 headset. I was able to connect with my printer so I'm sure the device itself is working properly. I'm just not sure what I am doing wrong with my other devices. Thanks for the help.

A:I can not connect Bluetooth devices.

Also, when I go the Bluetooth menu and click "Open Settings" nothing opens. What's causing that?
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Hey guys I want to connect my JBL bluetooth-speaker with my laptop but it doesn't find any devices.The drivers are up-to-date but in the advanced settings a box isnt crossed: "bluetooth-devices can find this PC".If I want to cross that box I get next message:in english:"there is a mistake with saving the settings. This bluetooth-device is possibly not connected.The next settings are nog saved:Detection-settings" Can someone help me please?  Regards!
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having a problem since i buy my cellphone Nokia 2330 Classic. I cannot connect my phone to my pc. I already downloaded the Windows Mobile Center. Anyone Can help me?

A:bluetooth devices is not detected


Can you help us to be able to help you by filling these in - System Specs
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I have a new Dell xps 8900 desktop. When I get on the Bluetooth it just circles and can never find any devices even though they are close by. Nothing in device manager seems out of place. Bought new with windows 10, hasn't worked yet. Something I'm not doing that should be obvious? Should I search the Bluetooth adapter and look for a driver update?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545, running Vista 64 bit.
Wireless works fine.  I have never tried connecting with Bluetooth before.
I was looking for a portable speaker but they are all Bluetooth operable.
So, decided to see if my laptop connects with Bluetooth.
According to the configuration it does.
It has a Dell Wireless 1510 802.11n Half Mini Card.
I have a Bluetooth Devices file in my Control Panel but no devices that it connects with.
Does anyone have any suggestions or help?

A:PC does not recognize bluetooth devices

According to Dell, these are the specs for your wireless card.  As you can see, there is nothing to show that your wireless card has any Bluetooth capability.  Without more information, I cannot say why you would have a "Bluetooth Devices file" in your Control Panel.  Should you want me to look into this further, please post screenshots of your Control Panel and Device Manager windows.
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I want to turn on the bluetooth for my laptop, but the bluetooth option in devices doesnt exit
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My wireless mouse stopped working - I replaced the batteries, restarted the computer, pressed the bluetooth button and clicked "add new device" in control panel/bluetooth devices but nothing at all shows up in the list. Any ideas? Very frustrating!

I'm using a plug-in USB mouse for now

A:Bluetooth devices don't show up at all

Welcome to the forum

Hopefully one of these suggestions may help.

Troubleshoot problems with Bluetooth enabled devices
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Just to tell that the Widcomm 5.1 provided on a link on this forum, does work fine and install very well through Windows Update for most of the bluetooth drivers...

Version on my Original CD Install is around 4.1 or 4.3 dated 2003, have an issue with tray control (windows pops up every time) and is buggy.

I'm with a PCMCIA Bluetooth TDK PC Card Type II, to transfert files and pictures with OBEX from a 3rd S60 platform mobile phone.

I didn't wanted to install a PC suite, just basic transfert from Phone to PC.

Widcomm 5.1 suit most of the bluetooth devices known by now.

I was looking back yesterday the post for the link and couldn't find it back. Orbital Shark may you have the link?

The purpose of this new thread.


A:Bluetooth Devices (Widcomm)

Have you tried the following:

Broadcom Corporation - Bluetooth Software Download

Using the Broadcom updater I managed to get a very recent version installed:

Bluetooth (WIDCOMM) driver v. (22/04/2009) for Win7

The updater should work with all Broadcom based BT chipsets...

If WIDCOMM v.5.1 worked for you this might too...

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Is there a program that allows me to un-pair Bluetooth devices BESIDES the Bluetooth tab in PC Settings?
I can NOT un-pair devices this way! Note that removing the device via Device Manager does NOT remove it, as it comes right back.

I had to buy a new Bluetooth adapter to re-pair my devices, but I got THE SAME ISSUE as before, and that is this.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I can't do it like this:

And before anything, yes, I'm admin. Also note there is no on/off switch. Please explain this. Thanks.

A:Cannot Un-pair Bluetooth Devices

1 month later, any suggestions?

Cannot un-pair via Device Manager (just simply comes back after uninstall, removal, and re-insertion of BT dongles).
Cannot un-pair via Bluetooth tab in Settings.
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Hi all! I have problems when i try to transfer files between my PC and other devices (mobile phones, PC's) via bluetooth.

I can send files normally but i cannot receive them. When I try to receive, the connection just fails. Do you have any idea what might be the problem and how to solve it? Could it be something to do with serial ports? At the moment I am using different serial ports for sending and receiving (COM23 and COM24). How can I change the serial ports so that they would the same for sending and receiving..?
Or has it anything to do with serial ports?

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and my bluetooth device is Generic Bluetooth Radio manifactured by Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.

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I've got an Acer Aspire S3-951, just installed Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400.

All devices have installed, the bluetooth module shows up in the device manager. I've downloaded and installed the Atheros Bluetooth driver from the Acer website. However when I try to add a bluetooth device it doesn't find anything - it just says "Searching for devices" and eventually says "No devices found". I've placed two mice in pairing mode but neither show up (Logitech M555b and Kliq KL-TSMBT3), it doesn't even detect my iPhone.

Anyone got any ideas or fixes??

A:Bluetooth devices not detecting?!?!

Right now, I'm having the exact same problem. I have that model too. I ran a Windows Troubleshooter, and it came up with lots of bluetooth problems. It told me to reinstall the drivers for it, so I'm trying to do so right now...
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I got this problem once before but it happened again yerterday and today I get a message saying bluetooth stack devices can't start what shall I do?

A:Bluetooth stack devices

Can we have some specific information about your system (make/model), and what blue tooth devices (if any) you may be using right now.
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RE: - I can not connect Bluetooth devices.

I am having a similar problem, I got my headset to play sound and all that, but cant get the mic to work. Subsribing to this thread in search of any fixes.

A:can not connect Bluetooth devices.

Quote: Originally Posted by AversionX

I am having a similar problem, I got my headset to play sound and all that, but cant get the mic to work. Subsribing to this thread in search of any fixes.

Please post your specific issue AversionX. And update your system spec please.
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I currently have a Titan GT80 -009 laptop and cannot for the life of me get any of my devices to connect to this laptop. I turn on Bluetooth and it doesn't find anything while in pairing mode. I uninstalled the driver, re-installed..looked on google and turned off power saving for devices; changes service to auto instead of manual and nothing..

Device manager shows Bluetooth is running fine Qualcom Atheros QCA61x4 4.0 installed.

I really don't want to factory reset, i called MSI for support and that's all they told me to try doing...that's great tech support.

Any help is greatly appreciated..

A:No Bluetooth devices found..

Have you checked in Services to see if the "Bluetooth support service" is running?
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I have read a lot about problems on W7 with Bluetooth, but none of the solutions seem to apply to me. When I doubleclick on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar the Bluetooth Devices window comes up, the green bar loads to 99% and nothing happens, even though I have 2 turned on Bluetooth devices near the dongle. I have also tried using the software (BlueSoleil) that came with the dongle, but that doesnt work either.
All the devices in the device manager are installed correctly (no unknown devices). I am using W7 Premium.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

A:No Bluetooth devices found

Can you tell us what the two devices are that you are trying to connect?
Also can you fill out your system specs in your userCP
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Hello All,

Thank you for your time.

I have just finished installing Logitech MX 5000 Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse. It really screwed up my pc. Disabled all my optical drives (I have over 3) as well as my sound card.

Managed to get everything else to work except for the sound card.

Any ideas?

MB Asus A7V8X
Sound Card Creative SB Live!

Any feedback is much appreciated!

A:Solved: Just installed Logitech MX 5000 Bluetooth Keyboard/ no sound
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My machine running windows 7 will no longer see any bluetooth devices. Prior, it had a Microsoft bluetooth mouse 5000 connected, and had a generic bluetooth driver. I attempted to add a bluetooth device, but it would not see any of the devices I tried to add (headphones, earpiece, phone). Removed the mouse and tried to add again. Nothing. I downloaded the drivers from broadcom and installed. Still will not see any devices. Uninstalled and deleted broadcom drivers. Rebooted. Windows auto-installed bluetooth adapter as BCM2046. Still will not see devices, including originally connected mouse. Uninstalled and rebooted. Windows automatically reinstalled the BCM2046 Drivers. Still will not see devices. Booted to ubuntu. Was able to initialize card and discover and add all 3 devices immediately. Rebooted into windows. Reinstalled broadcom drivers. Rebooted. Still does not find any devices. Even updated my bios.

A:Windows 7 refuses to see bluetooth devices

see if this helps

Connect to Bluetooth and other wireless or network devices
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Hello I ve had a problem with my bluetooth keyboard and mouse for quite some time now The problem Devices But Bluetooth Supposedly Not Connected is that they disconnect and then won t reconnect This Bluetooth Devices Supposedly Connected But Not usually happens after the computer has been inactive for about an hour or so but it varies Occasionally they have disconnected while I ve been using them but this is a rare occurence The problem comes when I try to use the mouse after it has been idle for a while Usually clicking the left mouse button brings it out of sleep mode and the light comes on at the bottom but in the occasions where it does not work nothing happens The computer for some reason still considers it to be connected I have a program called BluetoothView which shows the last time connected and this is Bluetooth Devices Supposedly Connected But Not continuously updated even when I can no longer use the mouse I m running Windows XP SP My bluetooth adapter as well as the keyboard and mouse are all manufactured by Belkin Any help greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Bluetooth Devices Supposedly Connected But Not

Is your PC going into power saving mode? That can cause this type of issue.
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The only piece of hardware that my new Win 10 laptop can "see" is my wireless mouse. I have a FitBit tracker and a pair of Beats wireless headphones. Neither of these can connect via Bluetooth. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I have problems with my HP Notebook with 8 gigabytes of RAM installed. When I connect to a bluetooth device,it lasts 5 minutes and then disconnects. I do have all of my drivers installed but there isn't hope. I can connect the bluetooth device to other computers and phones but not my laptop. I do have my warranty still on.

A:I have problems with my bluetooth devices on my laptop.

What is the laptop model number, please?
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Hey guys.My Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 doesn't search for devices after i click send to ->bluetooth device.When the Bluetooth File Transfer opened,it doesn't search for device and just leave it a blank.Just like this picture.I had reinstall the driver but it doesn't work.Please help me if you know how to do.

A:Bluetooth doesn't search for devices

Check Services and set Bluetooth Support Service to Automatic. Maybe Restart it as well.
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I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire One AOD Netbook to Windows devices after will W7 discover Bluetooth Upgrade not Bit Home Premium with a clean install everything works fine except for Bluetooth Bluetooth will not discover devices after W7 Upgrade I have installed latest drivers from the Acer site but to no avail According to the Acer Hardware detection utility I have a Broadcomm Bluetooth card The Netbook OS was originally Win XP with a Logitech V Bluetooth mouse which worked perfectly I could also discover and user phones and other bluetooth devices I have checked to make sure the Bluetooth services are started and also checked to make sure that Power Saving on the mouse is not enabled this caused loss of device problems with my new Win bit PC - so I disabled it on the Netbook as well It seems that no Bluetooth devices can be discovered I have checked that the Bluetooth is switched on Bluetooth will not discover devices after W7 Upgrade and tried discovering other mice phones and computers but the system resolutely fails to see any Bluetooth devices at all Would be grateful for any advice Jon

A:Bluetooth will not discover devices after W7 Upgrade

due to the age of the component id say that drivers are no longer supported for it. I have an old NEC laptop which i upgraded to windows 7, everything works fine bar the sound card, as they no longer make a driver to support it.

You maybe lucky and another broadcomm driver for a newer bluetooth chip may work, but its not likely.
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Just tried connecting via Bluetooth to an LG sound bar .... windows can find the drivers
as an alternative the I tried to connect to a Roberts Radio .... you guessed it, cant find the drivers.
Can some one explain to me why even a cheap mobile phone can connect to any Bluetooth speaker I come across and windows, even though it identifies it as external speaker, can't without loading drivers.

it's very frustrating.

A:Why do we need bluetooth drivers for basic devices

Bluetooth doesn't automatically come with every computer. Bluetooth on Notebooks usually is part of the Wi-Fi adapter, turn Wi-Fi off and Bluetooth will also be off [3 of my Notebooks have it]. Haven't seen Desktops yet that come with Bluetooth but USB adapters are not expensive, got one in 2 Desktops. Drivers for either scenario are required for the adapter and frequently for specific devices so they can be Paired to the computer. Some versions of Windows will have built-in drivers.

A lot Apple's Macintosh computers use Bluetooth. Some versions of Linux have built-in support for Bluetooth on those machines with the adapter.
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Hi all,

I wasn't sure exactly where to post this so I hope this is ok here.

I recently bought a bluetooth headset, it pairs fine with my iphone. I tried to pair it to my Windows 10 PC and it never shows up. There's no errors, nothing, just no device ever shows up. I have updated the realtek bluetooth driver, I've restarted both devices, I've made sure the PC is discoverable. Nadda. Is there something simple I'm missing? I feel like I'm going a little insane.

Thanks in advance.
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Tried to connect my sister's computer and then my phone. They both paired "successfully" but with the computer it said that I was unable to install drivers and on my phone it said "paired but not connected". Another odd thing is it's showing the computer as a desktop, but it's a laptop the same model as mine but her's is still windows vista.

I updated to Win 7 with a full/clean install so is there a driver that I should re-install or update?

A:Unable to connect to bluetooth devices

Depending on make and model of some mobile phones, phone manufacturer may not have or will not update the driver for those types of phones for windows 7. They want you to buy a new phone...same thing happened when vista rolled out and a lot of printers wouldn't work with the OS. You can call you mobile service provider and ask them about the compatibility issue.
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I had this open yesterday and despite several hours of looking I cannot get it back. Anyone got any ideas?
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Vostro 470, Windows 7 64 bit
I have 2 unrecognized Bluetooth devices in Device Manager under Other devices:
Both devices listed as Bluetooth Peripheral Device
Both devices have this error: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
Hardware ID for device #1 is:BTHENUM\{453994d5-d58b-96f9-6616-b37f586ba2ec}_VID&00010075_PID&0100BTHENUM\{453994d5-d58b-96f9-6616-b37f586ba2ec}_LOCALMFG&0045
Hardware ID for device #2 is:BTHENUM\{936da01f-9abd-4d9d-80c7-02af85c822a8}_VID&00010075_PID&0100BTHENUM\{936da01f-9abd-4d9d-80c7-02af85c822a8}_LOCALMFG&0045
I have installed the latest available driver for my system from Wireless 1703 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth DriverVersion, A00
Windows Update cannot find the drivers either.
What are these devices, and can anyone help me find the correct drivers?
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Today I looked at my Bluetooth settings on my Surface Pro 3 and noticed there were two devices paired to my computer that I don't recognize. One was an LG keyboard phone, another is a computer. I removed both devices. I have never authorized these devices to connect and I am the only user of my computer.
Is this a cause for concern? What access could these devices gain in this way? I leave my Bluetooth on all the time, is that unwise?
Thanks for any advice.

A:Unknown devices paired via Bluetooth

Set up a wi-fi protected access.,2817,2420002,00.asp
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I have a BlueTooth speaker that sometimes I will connect to my PC for listening to music. If I don't disconnect the speaker from Windows, then turning on that speaker will turn on the computer if it's off. The power management tab for the Bluetooth USB "dongle" is disabled; I've checked all the drivers are up-to-date but still can't figure it out. Are their any other settings I might be missing, or any other method to prevent this?
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For some reason I don't have 'Bluetooth Devices' In my control panel meaning I cant bond my phone to the pc

I cant think why because I have an Acer laptop which has a special button especially for bluetooth and I know it is capabale of it because it says so on the box!

Does anyone know where I can get this option? Or how I can get around the issue

Thank you if you can

A:Bluetooth Devices - Why are they not in my Control Panel?!?

baby turn around and let me see that sexy body go bump bump bump..........
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My machine running windows 7 will no longer see any bluetooth devices. Prior, it had a Microsoft bluetooth mouse 5000 connected, and had a generic bluetooth driver. I attempted to add a bluetooth device, but it would not see any of the devices I tried to add (headphones, earpiece, phone). Removed the mouse and tried to add again. Nothing. I downloaded the drivers from broadcom and installed. Still will not see any devices. Uninstalled and deleted broadcom drivers. Rebooted. Windows auto-installed bluetooth adapter as BCM2046. Still will not see devices, including originally connected mouse. Uninstalled and rebooted. Windows automatically reinstalled the BCM2046 Drivers. Still will not see devices. Booted to ubuntu. Was able to initialize card and discover and add all 3 devices immediately. Rebooted into windows. Reinstalled broadcom drivers. Rebooted. Still does not find any devices. Even updated my bios.
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My HP notebook was recently reinstalled with Window 7 Professional 64bit. Now it won't share files with my Samsung galaxy S5 via bluetooth (and vice versa). When pairing the 2, Windows states "device driver software not successfully installed".

Windows support suggests the problem is with my device (phone) and I should download the driver directly from the manufacturer's website. I tried sharing to a friend's phone (S3 mini), with whome I'd successfully bluetoothed files prior to Windows reinstallation = same problem persisted as with my phone, which indicates to me that the problem lies with Windows.

Can someone please help a girl out?

A:Bluetooth devices' driver won't install

Hello and welcome MissAB have you installed any software for the Samsung?? if not this may help

I cannot guarantee this will work because I recently installed Samsung software for my small Galaxy Ace and it was not all I expected it to be.
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Hi there, first time post so be gentle with me..

I have an issue that is making me tear my hair out. I have an XPS M1530 with a dell 355 bluetooth module in it, an dI have recently installed Windows 7 RC1. When I did, the drivers automagically installed for my bluetooth module, and didn't throw any complaints. The problem is that it says it is working fine, but it never finds any device when I search for them, it just can't see anything.

I have tried installing the latest drivers from windows update, the Dell website, a patch from the website and the latest drivers from the broadcomm website, and it still behaves in exactaly the same mannor with all of these. The module worked fine before the win 7 install, and I am at a total loss as to where to go next. Can anyone help?

A:Bluetooth Module can't find devices

Go into Computer Management\Services and start Bluetooth Service. Set it to start automatically, reboot and you should be good to go. I spent hours yesterday with three clean installs before I figured it out. I have a Kensington dongle, the drivers were installed but I couldn't get it to work with my Treo 755p until I started the Service.
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Ok so I'm using a HP Pavilion DV7 running Windows 7 with a Bluetooth device CSR 4.0 I'm trying to pair a Bluetooth keyboard a Logitech K480 but every time that I'm trying to connect the device it will appear that connects but then it disappears. Can any
one help me?
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Hello, im new to using bluetooth devices on my windows 7 64 Bit PC And i have a bluetooth headset i like to use with it for listening to audio my laptop produce and speaking to it. But i dunno whats wrong, its not working the way i was instructed to set it up, what is also wrong is i dont understand this and what i need to do to fix.
Can someone please help me? I dunno what this mean and i currently have no bluetooth connected to the pc at the moment. So i dunno why i see this in the image attachment

A:Extreme help needed with bluetooth devices.

It would help if we knew the brand and exact model of the headset.
I like to read the manual, specifically the section on what to do to pair the device.

My bluetooth keyboard requires me to type numbers in and hit enter before it is usable on my android tablet.
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Hello guys
I have just installed a bluetooth adapter and added three devices using "control panel > bluetooth devices, so is this the same thing as doing it In "network and sharing center" > add connection or network.

And which one should you use in vista
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Hi,just bought a notebook B50-10 with windows 7. wlan works fine.bluetooth seems  to be installed correctly, device manager said it is ok. I can not connect any devices over bluetooth. My other PC (dell) works ok with my phone, i know how to pair devices but with my lenovo b50-10 no chance.Bios checked but nothing wrong. is it broken or i missed something ?thxjp
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I have a windows laptop but it does not have Bluetooth So I bought a Bluetooth adapter dongle from local computer shop it has no markings and it seemed to install OK However expecting to see Bluetooth any can't Bluetooth devices installed, adapter see in notification bar but it does not show My laptop can't see any other device I have done the following to try and rectify Been to device manager and the adapter appears to be working Been to services and Bluetooth is set to automatic Been to Bluetooth settings in Hardware amp Sound and tried to tick quot Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer quot but when you apply get error message- quot An error has occurred while windows was saving your settings The Bluetooth device might be unplugged The following settings were not saved Discoverability settings Connection settings quot I have uninstalled the adapter and reinstalled I have checked latest driver updates Still can't see any devices Got my daughters mobile phone to make sure Bluetooth adapter installed, can't see any devices it could see my phone by Bluetooth and it could so Bluetooth is switched on my phone Just don't know what else there is to do on my computer to be able to see other devices

A:Bluetooth adapter installed, can't see any devices

You mentioned that you have no icon in your notification area.... Is the check box for "show Bluetooth icon in notification area" checked??

If this is the case, I also have this issue and have been working at it for hours. hopefully we can both get it resolved
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I have an adapter plugged in. The adapter seems to be working fine. But when I try to add a new device, it fails to find anything in rage. I have a Bluetooth keyboard, headset, and phone. None show up.

This same problem happens with any adapter I've tried. I'm on my third one now. The first one apparently wasn't compatible with 64-bit Vista (although it did the same thing as the others) the second one was apparently "defective", and now this one is just doing the exact same thing. Simply does not detect any devices when I search for them.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Windows won't detect any Bluetooth devices

Try updated drivers for your adapter
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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad Helix not sure of the exact model number but it's an i would devices connected stay Bluetooth 8.1 not in with GB ram and GB SSD After I upgraded to I was able to pair the laptop to my bluetooth speakers and my phone Motorola Razr Maxx but almost instantaneously after connecting both my speakers and phone would drop and say not connected Nothing I did would resolve the problem and I have gone through more or less every thread on this board relating to bluetooth Bluetooth devices would not stay connected in 8.1 issues I've tried reinstalling the drivers I've set the bluetooth support services to start automatically but the only thing to get bluetooth working again was to roll back to Windows So my question is this I kind of miss some of the features of and I'd like to get those back but not at the cost of bluetooth functionality Is there any way to get Bluetooth devices would not stay connected in 8.1 the bluetooth working in or any way to get the features of in Some extra information I'm running Windows bit Pro as of right now and bluetooth is working fine I have a broadcom bluetooth radio that came preinstalled in my laptop specific model number is BCM A While I was using there were no issues in Device Manager regarding drivers at least not with the exclamation marks nor any unidentified devices

A:Bluetooth devices would not stay connected in 8.1

Okay, the problem seems to have automagically fixed itself. All I did was revert back to windows 8, like I said in the previous post, and after updating to 8.1 again the problem does not exist anymore. I have no explanation for what's different or why it worked but I'm not going to question it.
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Hi, i think the title is enough

here you can see i don't have any bluetooth or even wireless devices but in the action center bluetooth is always turned on! and when i click on it, Its just open Settings.
anyone can help me with this problem.
its not a problem actually but its annoying..

thank you all.

A:I don't have any bluetooth devices but windows turned it on!!

See the following in settings
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I've updated all my Drivers, Restarted "Bluetooth Support Service", and none of this seems to be working. There isn't an Bluetooth setting nor Bluetooth installed in my Device Manager.
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I installed windows 10 64bit in my laptop and now i can't find bluetooth settings in here.  There isn't anything mentioned like bluetooth here. plz give ma a solution..

A:Can't connect to Bluetooth devices on windows 10

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to install the W10 bluetooth driver for the model wireless network adapter your notebook comes with.  Install and restart the PC... This package contains the driver installation package for the Mediatek Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.
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but i know i have bluetooth, because ive seen the chip in my pc...

what do i do to enable it?


A:Bluetooth Devices In Ctrl Panel

Look in your device manager and see if it is listed there.
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I've been able to connect my Windows 8.1 laptop to my phone for some time. But since yesterday I haven't been able to. The phone and laptop detect each other. But they don't connect. I tried to uninstall the bluetooth driver which automatically reinstalls at boot up on the laptop.. But that doesn't work. What should I do?

A:Laptop Can't Connect to Devices through Bluetooth - HELP

You'll need to look into the Bluetooth setting you have that somewhere different computers have different ways of accessing the Bluetooth setting.
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Hey guys,

I have an Acer Aspire V3, running Windows 7 SP1 x64, with internal bluetooth.

I tried with the standard Generic Bluetooth Adapter and also with the Atheros_7.4.0.126 Bluetooth Adapter which comes with the driver-package of my laptop.

I checked that the Bluetooth Service is started and running.

However, my bluetooth is unable to detect any devices, even though I have a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth phone lying next to the laptop, both enabled and detectable.

Clicking on the bluetooth-tray and then 'Add a Device' just brings up a screen saying 'Searching for devices...'.

Any help?


A:Bluetooth doesn't find devices

When I turn on the detectability of my laptop, I can find it on my phone. However, I cannot pair to it, the laptop just doesn't respond. I still cannot find any devices on my laptop.
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I have seen a few printers that have USB and Wifi connections, I have also seen a small point and shoot digital camera that transfered it's pictures via wifi instead of bluetooth. Is bluetooth being phased out? Does this mean bluetooth is dieing? I know that wifi has a higher data transfer rate so it's more convenient but I can't imaging a wifi mouse or a wifi earphone.

A:Some devices are usinf Wifi instead of bluetooth

Bluetooth isn't dying, but is becoming something more integrated. Some speculate that cars will use it instead of internal cabling (bad idea if you ask me).
This article
another article

But wifi is better for some applications, as it allows the device to get inside a network and communicate with any device inside that network (so it's why wifi is pretty prevalent in printers along the Ethernet interface), while bluetooth is usually used for a temporary very-short-range connection between two devices. So you get bluetooth operated smart locks, sensors and other stuff that would make no sense to put on Wifi.

I can't imaging a wifi mouse or a wifi earphone

Why not? They are just different data transfer protocols over radio waves.
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Hello! I was trying to use bluetooth to synch my Blackberry Perl phone with my Dell Desktop running Win XP SP2. After reading info on the Blackberry site about why their software would not allow me to enable a bluetooth connection, I uninstalled the Widcomm bluetooth software from the add/remove programs from the PC. The Blackberry site said that I could only synch wirelessly if the MS bluetooth stack was in control.

Now that I uninstalled the Widcomm software, I don't have bluetooth in the control panel or the devices listing. I tried to
scan for new devices, but no bluetooth.

It's funny though, I am using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and they are working fine. I cannot, however, pair my phone anymore.

Any help would be great! Thanks!!!


A:Bluetooth Missing From Devices/control Panel

Can you download it for free at the site of that program?
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I have a HP Pavilion HPE h8-1124 PC running Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I've used my bluetooth a couple of times and it worked just fine, but recently it just completely stopped pairring with any of my devices that I try to connect.

I have even try to update the bluetooth driver and it still not working. So I'm completely stomped at the moment. And now I have this message that pops up whenever I start up my PC.

Forgot to mention that it is still able to find the devices, but does not pair with any tho.

A:Built in Bluetooth isn't working. Won't pair with my Devices.

Have you tried a System Restore to an earlier time to see if it worked then? You said the BT worked previously. Not sure how far back you might have to go though since it seems like it was awhile ago that it worked.
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I just got a BlueAnt Z9 bluetooth headset that I want to work with on Skype and such, but Vista will not install the proper driver for it. I also got a surround sound system (Samsung HT-Z310) w/ bluetooth that I wanted to use for audio also. However, Vista will not install the drivers for either component.

Both devices "pair" with the computer fine, but it will not go the next step and finish installing the drivers. They both will appear on device manager with an "!" next to them. I have tried running Windows Update, manually updating the driver, and a few other things, but to no avail. Does anyone have an idea of how to get these audio devices working? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
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Ok so I recently bought a new Bluetooth headset I paired it with my computer and got everything working fine The next day when I resume my computer from hibernation I find that it's not immediately working I check the Playback Devices Won't up Show in Bluetooth Headset Devices Playback in Sound and it shows up as quot Disconnected quot I right click and attempt to reconnect Nothing happens I go to my Bluetooth Devices and remove the device I pair it again successfully I go back to Playback Devices and it still won't connect so I restart my computer completely and it still doesn't work I try reinstalling the driver for the headset and it reinstalled fine but now it won't even show up at all in Playback Devices despite it being paired fine and showing up in my Bluetooth Devices Any help would be appreciated as Bluetooth Headset Won't Show up in Playback Devices to fixing this issue Thanks in advance Though I don't think it matters the headset is a Kinivo BTH Bluetooth Stereo Headphone exact specifications can be found here Amazon com Kinivo BTH Bluetooth Headset Won't Show up in Playback Devices Bluetooth Stereo Headphone - Supports Wireless Music Streaming and Hands-Free calling Cell Phones amp Accessories

A:Bluetooth Headset Won't Show up in Playback Devices

Perhaps your BlueTooth system dont have a2dp protocol (stack), you need this for music transfer bluetooth to wireless speaker. Check your brand of BT chip, and download drivers for your chip. PS Ms Win7 64 do not have the a2dp protocol, you must find by other vendor.
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The issue is when I pair a device with my computer unpaired Automatically be Devices Reinstall, Bluetooth and cannot using Bluetooth I am no longer able to unpair or even uninstall the device as if i do somehow windows will just automatically reinstall it even if it's not connected This means that if i connect the device to something other than my computer I can no longer re-pair it with my computer as it thinks that the device is still paired Bluetooth Devices Automatically Reinstall, and cannot be unpaired When I pair the device from the Bluetooth section of control panel the device will disappear from the control panel Bluetooth menu and the only way to see that the Bluetooth Devices Automatically Reinstall, and cannot be unpaired device is connected is by looking in device manager Here is an image I have found of what the Bluetooth section of the control panel should look like with paired devices Now here is what mine looks like even though I have a number of devices connected Here's what I've Tried I have removed and completely uninstalled all Bluetooth devices from the PC using device manager even the hidden devices and also uninstalled all Bluetooth applications from the control panel After doing the previous steps I reconnect the Bluetooth dongle ASUS BT- and install the driver I downloaded from the Asus website As soon as the driver for the device install all of the previously paired since time began devices will install and windows will think they air all paired again I can see this though the device manager I had this issue when I was on windows and I have it again now I did a clean install of windows and the issue still persists even though I have tried two different Bluetooth adapters to make sure one wan't faulty How is Windows storing these devices to re-install even though they're not connected
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Good DayI am having a problem with my notebook, it can't detect any bluetooth devices even visibility option is turned on. The bluetooth driver is working properly and I've tried to update it through device manager and it says that it's up to date but still it won't detect any bluetooth devices. Anyone who know how to fix this?
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The issue is when I pair a device with my computer using Bluetooth I am no longer able to unpair or even uninstall the device Bluetooth Uninstalled Automatically Devices Install as if i Uninstalled Bluetooth Devices Automatically Install do somehow windows will just automatically reinstall it even if it's not connected This means that if i connect the device to something other than my Uninstalled Bluetooth Devices Automatically Install computer I can no longer re-pair it with my computer as it thinks that the device is still paired When I pair the device from the Bluetooth section of control panel the device will disappear from the control panel Bluetooth menu and the only way to see that the device is connected is by looking in device manager Here is an image I have found of what the Bluetooth section of the control panel should look like with paired devices Now here is what mine looks like even though I have a number of devices connected Here's what I've Tried I have removed and completely uninstalled all Bluetooth devices from the PC using device manager even the hidden devices and also uninstalled all Bluetooth applications from the control panel After doing the previous steps I reconnect the Bluetooth dongle ASUS BT- and install the driver I downloaded from the Asus website As soon as the driver for the device install all of the previously paired since time began devices will install and windows will think they air all paired again I can see this though the device manager I had this issue when I was on windows and I have it again now I did a clean install of windows and the issue still persists even though I have tried two different Bluetooth adapters to make sure one wan't faulty How is Windows storing these devices to re-install even though they're not connected
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Would like some help with this one...
See this? I can't remove devices via this method. Likewise via Device Manager AND Registry Editor.
Is there any way to remove them?
Also, I have other devices that are not shown in that list STILL showing up in the "Send/Receive a File" dialogs, like an older tablet, phone, etc.; unable to remove those too.

A:Unable to Remove Paired Bluetooth Devices

Bump... Having this same issue. I can't use my bluetooth speaker or headset anymore since I can't remove it or activate it. Stuck in limbo....
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I have a 20FB running Win 10 with a Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard that I've been using with a corded mouse without any problems. I recently purchased M557 Bluetooth mouse and now, intermittently, but consistently, my keyboard stokes are inaccurate, with multiple repeating letters and extra spaces. If I turn my mouse off, the keyboard again works fine. Disconnecting and reconnecting both devices did not solve this problem. The Lenovo System Update utlility indicates that the device driver is up to date. The Lenovo supplied device driver version is 18.1.1546.2762. Nonetheless, I was able to solve this problem by updating the device driver from Window?s Device Manager to Intel?s latest driver, version 19.0.1621.3340.
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 i have bluetooth headphones called Remax RB-T7 i try connecting it to my laptop, it connects but the problem is that the headphones apears to be as wirlesskeyboard and there is no sound at all coming out of it i try connect it to my phone and it run normally can any one help me or guide for what should i do thanks
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nbsp My Spectre is connected to the internet via WLAN The Operating System Win was updated a few days ago nbsp The Bluetooth System does not detect any Bluetooth X360 the Spectre devices by Bluetooth not HP detected devices any more It keeps searching without any detected devices There are no error messages Bluetooth devices not detected by the HP Spectre X360 In the devices list in the system the bluetooth speakers are not displayed The problem is permanentMy Bluetooth speakers functioned with this Spectre a few days ago These Speakers work with my Smartphone and Bluetooth connection without any problems nbsp My Samsung smartphone is near the Spectre with bluetooth enabled It was coupled with the spectre a few weeks ago and functioned but suddenly this does not function any more either The smartpjone connects to other bluetooth devices and the bluetooth speakers without any problems I tried to connect to the speakers with the Spectre after disabling the speakers in the smartphone bluetooth connection- no success I have tried deinstalling and reinsatlling the bluetooth drivers in the Spectre- but the result is the same The system says that the bluetooth is functioning and that the drivers are up to date Your help would be much appreciated With best regardsIvor Novello nbsp

A:Bluetooth devices not detected by the HP Spectre X360

Hi @INOV, I came across your post about Bluetooth connection stopped working on your laptop. I want to help. Please review the document below: HP PCs - Using Bluetooth Devices (Windows 10, 8)Make sure  the Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable. Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".  To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!    If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. Thanks. Regards,
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Hi together I bought a bluetooth dongle from Speedlink quot VIAS Bluetooth USB Adapter quot It implements Bluetooth V EDR but that should be backwards compatible It is working on Windows and on Linux but on Vista devices detect Bluetooth Dongle doesn't (SP2) i have SP Bluetooth Dongle doesn't detect devices (SP2) the pc is unable to detect any devices First of all the cover of the dongle says that it is quot certified for Vista quot Windows actually recognizes it and installes the standard bluetooth drivers The manual confirms that only Microsoft drivers are needed So the drivers are installing with no problems but i can't detect any devices I tried my phone the wiimote all these things work on the other platforms I tried reinstalling the drivers and rebooting a lot of times but it didn't helped I tried writing an e-mail to the manufacturer but there was no response since the th July Under quot services quot the service quot bluetooth support service quot is running I found out that the dongle does not search for devices I observed this on the Windows pc When the dongle searches for devices the LED stays red which is happening on Windows but on Vista the LED is only flashing Has somebody an idea Thank you

A:Bluetooth Dongle doesn't detect devices (SP2)

Hi. I would like to assist you. Please post the device status from device manager as a photo, and the Hardware ID so i can try to find a fix.

If you need to know how to do that, let me know
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After several years of running windows Bluetooth devices external to connect to unable updates on my HP Pavilion computer and going from Windows original to Windows upgrade Bluetooth unable to connect to external devices the computer became unacceptably slow nbsp Staples center recommended the only fix was to go back to original Windows Bluetooth unable to connect to external devices configuration nbsp They restored the original system configuration to Windows nbsp The current problem is that I can no longer connect Bluetooth devices IPhone and external speaker nbsp I read the tech report that this problem could be Bluetooth unable to connect to external devices resolved with a MS hotfix intl x nbsp The Staples center technician helped to download and install the prescribed HOTFIX but when he attempted to RUN the file a message of incompatible came up nbsp So I need to know what to do next nbsp Contacted Microsft today and they said they could do nothing if the Hotfix didn t work and suggested i contact HP nbsp I believe I have all of the latest drivers and there are not alerts in the device manager and the comuter recognizes my IPHONe but will not connect

A:Bluetooth unable to connect to external devices

I just upgraded to windows 10 and went to add a bluetooth device found out that it is no longer there or anywhere on my computer. I have checked Intel site, HP, and Windows and somehow noone know what the hell they are doing..  Any suggestions on where to go to get the right software for the job?
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I have recently had to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium. Originally I had an LG Bluetooth Wireless Soundbar working ok but since the reinstall I cannot get it to work. The PC recognises the soundbar but when it looks for a Driver it says none can be found. I do recall originally that I had a bit of software which was on the bottom right of the task bar and when I opened it, I took the option to connect. I cannot remember the softare.

Any ideas please?
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Hi, I have a tablet with Windows 10x64. I use it with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Problem is that both are picked up only when the desktop shows up, but they are inactive during boot (only a wireless keyboard will work, I tested it). So my question is, how can I make Windows load the necessary bluetooth drivers during boot (before the desktop shows up)? I need this because at startup I'm prompted for a password (drive is encrypted) and the only way to type it is either with a wired or wireless keyboard, but not a bluetooth one. Thanks.
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I have recently upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 in my Laptop - Dell Inspiron N5010, but the Bluetooth is not working.  I have tried my level best, but the Bluetooth is still not working.  Can somebody assist me which Bluetooth driver will be suitable for Windows 10 and I must install.
Incidentally, Broadcom device /software is being used in Dell inspinron N5010.
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I've been using two bluetooth audio devices for some time on Windows 10, but after the recent Windows 10 update from Microsoft, I cannot connect any bluetooth devices.  Anyone else with this issue? **bleep**
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Just got a pair of artic bluetooth headphones and was able to pair it to my laptop running win 7.  It shows up in devices under devices and printers but is not showing up in devices in WMP12.  All that shows up there is my dvd drive, my display,
and speakers.  When I click on the speaker icon and select the audio device in the drop down menu all that is available is the realtec audio or default audio device. The headphones are not listed. Clicking on the default audio device still doesn't
get the headphones to work.  The headphones work fine with my tablet though.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.