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A broken memory stick slot on the HP Pavilion 753n

Q: A broken memory stick slot on the HP Pavilion 753n

THE ISSUE Hardware issue A broken memory stick slot on the HP Pavilion n DETAILED EXPLANATION I don t know how this happened anyway but the catch on the second slot tray is broken causing one side of the installed memory stick to hang loose and not snap in or fit securely resulting in Windows not registering or recognizing that there is in fact a RAM memory stick actually in the second slot CONSEQUENCE I now have only one good RAM memory slot ACTIONS TAKEN SO FAR Purchased and installed nd RAM memory stick in the problem slot PRODUCT SPECS Memory Type DDR PC slot Pavilion broken A stick the on 753n HP memory DDR PC DDR non-ECC RESULTS Problem still exists Crucial s online scanner and the System Specs under My Computer still reads like below Memory DDR PC DDR PC Memory Type DDR PC DDR PC DDR non-ECC Maximum Memory GB Currently Installed Memory MB Total Memory Slots Available Memory Slots MB EMPTY SUGGESTED ACIONS FROM TECH SITES A Replace the mother board OR B Replace the MB stick that s in the good slot with A broken memory stick slot on the HP Pavilion 753n a GB stick THE PROBLEM A broken memory stick slot on the HP Pavilion 753n WITH B According to Crucial s com s Expert Online Tech where I bought the extra RAM this pc HP Pavilion n is too old and cannot handle a GB stick because it s basically an obsolete pc the OS operating system will be severely affected causing crashes and other instabiity if you put a GB stick of RAM in a slot therefore it is not recommended to put a GB stick in a slot MY QUESTIONS Is he right I ve received both yes and no responses so far but no definitive answer What other solutions are there What s involved in remanufacturing or replacing the board Should I contact HP to get a price quote to fix the issue THANK YOU All suggestions reviewed nbsp

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Preferred Solution: A broken memory stick slot on the HP Pavilion 753n

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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it seems that the memory stick slot doesnt work anymore. in the device manager there is a yellow question mark and it says that it it not working. i would try installing the drivers but i kinda lost the recovery cd or what not. well before when i bought this, VAIO PCV-RX580, it was using Windows XP Home and now i use Professional. not sure if that makes a difference. im just wondering is there anyway i can get the memory stick slot to work again?

A:MEMORY Stick SLot???

Try updating the drivers from here, search for your memory device.
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I just purchased my computer yesterday. I removed my Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo from my digital camera and was going to download them to my computer. The slot came with a Dell piece. My memory stick is too small. It did not come with an adapter and I have no idea how to get it installed. Any ideas???

A:need help with memory stick slot

It is likely that the two aren't compatible.

What model Dell do you have? The type of adapter that you need depends on what slots your Dell has.

Also - most cameras come with a USB cable. Could you use that instead?
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Hi guys,

I'm working on a windows vista computer that would restart randomly and get a window exception bsod. I took out a memory module and ran memtest86 with memory in slot 1. Failed. Swapped it out with another memory stick but on the SAME slot on the motherboard. Failed.

Took that stick, put it in another slot on mobo. Passed. Took the other stick put in in that next slot, got the restarts again. Could it be that the memory slot that went bad on the mobo also caused the memory stick to go down with it?

A:Solved: bad memory stick AND slot?

Yes, that could be possible.
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I m sorry this is so long but please take the time to read it all because I have already taken a LOT of steps to solve this myself I am an IT Professional and have been Memory locks Stick up unless in is Vaio slot since the s The computer I m having the problem with is mine it has always had up-to-date AV and has Automatic Updates on I check it every so often with SpyBotS amp d or MalwareBytes and it has NEVER had anything besides tracking cookies It has been on a secured wireless network out in the middle of nowhere doubt anyone would hack it with both a hardware firewall at the DSL entry point and Windows Firewall on It has never had a Memory Stick in its slot before now The only removable media I ve ever used with it is a big USB disk for backups which unfortunately has not been done Vaio locks up unless Memory Stick is in slot in about months Vaio locks up unless Memory Stick is in slot I ve never had Limewire or any other risky stuff installed on this computer I don t use FaceBook or any of the social networking I don t surf any type of risky sites Vaio locks up unless Memory Stick is in slot and I don t download anything onto this computer Its the safest computer on the planet The computer is a Sony Vaio K-series laptop probably - years old running XP Home SP and IE Here s the sequence of events as best I recall them - everything is fine I m looking up something boring like outboard motor parts Its supposed to storm tomorrow so I am going to unplug it Automatic Updates are downloaded and ready to install so I choose quot Install Updates and Shutdown quot It does its thing in a normal amount of time no indication of problems and shuts down I unplug the charger and put it away - I get the computer out plug it up push the power button It gets to the WinXP logo with the progress bar underneath The bar rotates around a couple times then sticks I wait probably minutes and nothing ever happens I notice the orange light is on beside the quot Memory Stick quot slot I boot it up in Safe Mode That works I check the logs for the Windows Updates everything appears to have went fine Check Event Viewer for some clue as to what happened nothing Check Device Manager no splats Everything looks fine Hmmm maybe a fluke try a normal reboot again Exact same result hangs at same place with orange light on beside quot Memory Stick quot slot So I boot into Safe Mode and uninstall all of the Windows Updates that have the date on them I made sure I did them in the correct order so all dependencies were resolved Tried another normal boot Nope hangs at same place with orange light on beside quot Memory Stick quot slot OK now I m scared So I go to my other PC the desktop and do some Googling of the symptoms I find one in particular a malware-infested Sony VAIO locking up with Memory Stick light on So its probably malware Since I already have the latest version of Norton AV I run a full scan on the Vaio with that Comes up clean Then MalwareBytes latest version comes up clean Then I reboot into Safe mode with Networking Then run Housecall online with Trend Micro comes up clean Just for S s amp G s I even try their New Beta scan clean Then Kaspersky s online scanner also comes up clean Then BitDefender again clean Then as a last resort I disable NOrton s real-time protection and run Combofix Combofix did not find anything I looked through its logs but have to admit I m not that good at fixing something manually I don t know how to interpret Hijack This logs I always give up before then and reformat But I have a bunch of old software that I don t know the registration keys for so I do not want to reformat At this point I kinda panicked and tried Restoring Windows to a Restore Point on That hosed my IE Windows was unable to restore back to the Restore Point that Combofix had just created - So I dinked around with it reinstalling IE and Java Finally got that working again I had read in the post about the malware-laden Vaio that his booted normally if he pu... Read more

A:Vaio locks up unless Memory Stick is in slot

Hello SunBoss

I am happy to report that I have solved the identical problem you describe involving system hang on the Windows XP splash screen and the yellow memory stick light turning on at that point. Similar to your experience I could boot in safe mode but no way to get into a normal boot. As this was a client machine on a limited budget I could not waste a lot of time and contacted the client and got authorization to do a full system restore figuring it would eliminate any software issues (conclusion based on ability to boot in safe mode it seemed reasonable?). Much to my surprise after a full factory restore from the OEM restore DVD the symptom was still there, in fact the restore could not complete because it required a full normal boot to finish the restore. So now I was really perplexed, no way it was software (given that the drive had been fully erased and reformatted), so that only leaves hardware and the memory stick module seemed the likely culprit and on a hunch I tore the bloody thing apart (keyboard, rear hinge cover, and all screws from bottom of the case) which allowed be just enough clearance to get inside and remove the ribbon cable from the memory stick module and presto the problem is resolved and unit now boots normally and I am in the process of bringing the system back up to current standards with all the updates, etc, and have already done multiple reboots with no problems. So I suspect you will find similar results once you go through the difficult task of tearing it apart as our symptoms were identical.

Trust me it has nothing to do with virus or malware activity, it is an actual hardware failure!!

Good Luck
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ok memory reader card is duo slot? need it help even pro in i laptop possible? stick SD i was bored and got some homebrew for my ds but i needed some files off my psp memory stick and couldnt be bothered to charge memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help it as its dead and i cant find the charger so i thauhgt quot ill try it in my laptop sd card slot reader quot and after a some moments later bang autorun pops up with the memory stick icon on it all the files are accessable aswell now my question is HOW DID THIS WORK i looked in the slot and the pins are much to big spaces to fit all the pins on the card everyone know theres a size difference between sd and memorystick how did it work i didnt think there were duel sd and memory stick readers all the usb ones if seen have seperate slots this is memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help bugging me as it shouldnt that and i have to get it in just the right place to get it to work it doesnt seem to fit snug in the slot any idea on how the hell this is working thanks nbsp memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help

A:memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help
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So recently my colleague tried to upgrade the RAM in his laptop, but he ended up messing up really bad he actually broke the only memory slot on the motherboard (yikes!). He asked me to take a look at it for him, and I was pretty surprised how badly he had messed it up (as in there's no way it could be fixed). I told him he might have to replace the entire motherboard, but he really can't afford that right now. I let him know that might be his only option, but I decided to ask here before giving up. The rest of the motherboard is fine; only the memory slot is broken. So is it possible to replace just the memory slot without replacing the entire motherboard? And if so, can anyone help me out with doing this? He does really need his laptop, so any help would be awesome.

A:Broken memory slot

How long can he go without a laptop?
That is a big project. You will need to be a master with a solder gun. Just getting the old part off without melting the motherboard will be an adventure. There are a LOT of pins.

First you will need to find the Brand and model # of the motherboard. You can use CPU-Z for that - it will list the info on the third tab.

Then, armed with that info you will search for the RAM SOCKET replacement. This is where it will get interesting, as the available sources will be in Asia. Shipping will kill you (for a $3 part). And you will probably need some translation skills too.

Your colleague really couldn't afford to mess his RAM Socket up. Now his best bet is to buy a new laptop.
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A friend of mine has this system, and is finding it hard to play most new games. He was wondering what would be his best options for upgrading, and if it might just be better to get a new system instead. It's a HP Pavilion 753N, with Pentium4, 2.53Ghz, 512mb RAM, with a GeForce5900 video card.

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Any ideas for finding HP 753n pavilion video/ sound drivers?

As usual, HP is less than helpful.....



A:HP 753n pavilion video/ sound drivers?

Have you tried windows update

graphic's driver
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So I have three ram sticks. One, I had replaced because it had been scanned as being faulty. After a while I began to have the same problems as when I still had the ram stick, so I I took out one to see how it worked, and it was fine, so I assumed the one I had taken out was faulty as well, but later I found it to be a little suspicious, so I tested the second bad one in the slot that my good one had been in and it worked. Then I tried the good one in the slot that the bad ones had been in and that's when I had a problem, so it appears my ram stick slot is the problem. Is there a way to find real proof and if it really is messed up, how do I go about fixing it?

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I am using an ASUS P7H55-M motherboard. One of my RAM slots got burn,because i insert the RAM module in the wrong side by mistake. I can still use the other three and using it currently. My question is, will it reduce the mobo's performance or perhaps render it useless if i continue using like this. Are RAM slots replaceable, if yes how much could it cost.My mobo's stil under warranty but i doubt it'll cover it. Is it better off buying a new board.

A:Burned RAM slot inserting stick backwards

It will reduce performance since you can't use the full amount of your RAM but you might not notice it unless you game or use applications that use intensive graphics and how much RAM you have left. You would be better off buying a new board since I agree that the warranty probably won't cover your mistake. However, you could contact the motherboard manufacturer and ask them anyway since you have nothing to lose.
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I mounted a folder to a USB Stick in a USB Slot ... to unmount is it needed to enter the stick(any stick?) ? After I must delete folder ? How I unmount in vista 32bit home premium ?

A:I mounted a folder to a USB Stick in a USB Slot ... to unmount

If you had a dual boot of XP or 7 along with Vista there you would simply boot into the other version to right click and select delete. While in Vista you have to right click on the folder itself in order to uncheck the read only box found on the properties screen. You may need additional permissions for your user account in order to see that done however.
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Hi One day my pc works fine next day there s no more video output Monitor doesn t receive any signal I put my video card in another pc hdd broken? slot AGP RAM all loose hardware in the pci slots capture AGP slot broken? card sound card extra network card They all work fine in my other box In my working box the fan on the video card starts but in the other box it doesn t If I turn on the pc without videocard in the AGP slot it looks like the pc just boots HDD starts spinning and I think windows just boots normally Just without video signal My guess the AGP slot if that s what I put the videocard in doesn t work anymore I think that if this is the case it can be solved by getting a pci videocard if they exist or getting a new motherboard Or might there be an easier solution How do I know for sure that the AGP slot causes problems Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for my English Thanks in advance nbsp

A:AGP slot broken?

Might be the power supply, coz if the fan isn't starting, then the card is not receiving enough power. Have u recently added any components? Also, could u post ur complete specs?
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On my sister's computer which is a Dell Inspiron 560 it has an SD Card Slot. The SD Card Slot stopped working a while ago and I was trying to help her fix it. The drive letter for it is S: and it says please insert a card. The reader itself is lighting up saying that there is a card in there. If i go into disk management it says the drive is formatted as RAW but it was formatted at fat32. I tried reformatting but that didn't work. The card works in her camcorder and other SD card slots. I also tried multiple cards. Any ideas for a fix or why it could be doing this? Any help would be appreciated.

A:How Do I fix a broken SD Card Slot

I would have a check in device manager to see if the device is operating correctly and no caution marks are showing
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ECS Alhena Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled Hi I m having a strange problem with this motherboard http h www hp com bizsupport TechSupport Document jsp lang en amp cc us amp objectID c I currently have gb of RAM but decided that to be able to run more memory intensive programs I would buy another gb of RAM The spec says the motherboard can hold gb of RAM I put the new gb of RAM RAM Broken Solved: slot? that Solved: Broken RAM slot? is the same speed DDR and all that But when I started the computer Solved: Broken RAM slot? there was a short beep followed by a long beep I thought the new RAM might have been faulty so I tried it on its own and it worked perfect I then put the RAM into the second slot which I think is faulty and the same beep sequence happened and the computer wouldn t start Could this be because of a faulty slot Thanks nbsp

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The back RAM slot in my computer is broken, this is annoying because I thought that this was a gaming PC. As a result Windows 10 doesn't run smoothly and the task manager is reporting only 1 slot ("Slots used: 1 of 1", should say "Slots used: 2 of 2")

A:RAM slot broken. Halving available RAM from 8GB to 4GB

Hardly a gaming PC it has onboard integrated video. How did the RAM slot come to be in a broken state?
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I found my Verbatim store n go USB stick has peeled back its contacts inside the usb connector. No, I didn't abuse it in any way. does anyone know if it can be repaired temporarily so that I can rescue the contents? thank you.

A:Broken USB stick

If you can get the contacts pushed back into place well enough to make contact when you plug it in, you're good to go. If not, then so sorry.
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A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to install a new DIMM into my computer. During this attempt, the clip on one of the sides broke off. The slot still works but since it ends up being vertical when I put my computer back together, the DIMM keeps working its way loose. I suddenly drop 512MB when I turn my computer back on.

Is there any way, short of replacing the computer or motherboard, to firmly hold the DIMM in place?

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Alright so I got an Aspire M since One day it suddenly card Graphics or slot? the is broken it wouldn t start up Beeping noises are heard from the CPU long short After a bit of research it seems Graphics card broken or is it the slot? that the computer could not detect the graphic card which results in it not starting up So I reinserted the graphic card Failed Did it again Failed Repeated for hour Still hearing long short beeps Then after a few maybe hours I tried again reinserting the graphics driver connecting the monitor cable and turned it on It worked Graphics card broken or is it the slot? I didn t know what happened but it worked After Graphics card broken or is it the slot? I was done using the computer I turned it off The next day today the problem came back Reinserted plugged monitor cable turned on and it works Now I don t know whether its the graphic card or the slot Wonder if replacing it will work I m afraid that if I turn off the PC the problem will return Any help would be appreciated I never opened the CPU since for cleaning nbsp

A:Graphics card broken or is it the slot?

Hey Falconet. I think I would be far more likely that the graphic card is flaky since in your research the beeps point to the graphics card. If the slot were damaged, chances are you wouldn't get it to work at all, and since it worked one day and not the next, and since the slot itself won't break on it's own, I would suspect the card first. It wouldn't hurt to check both connection points of the cable the next time, although the beeps indicate the card's operation itself as not being right.
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Hi guys,

My DVD drive is broken beyond repair, and I've forgotten my USB at home.

I have the installation saved on my desktop, but it won't let me downgrade unless its a reboot. Does anyone have a good multiboot program that will let me install XP on my computer?

A:Windows Upgrade/Downgrade with a broken CD slot

Can I ask why you're posting in a Vista forum even though the problem is germain to any operating system?

You can multiboot in Vista and Win 7 as long as you install XP on a separate partition. Have you considered installing XP in Virtual XP which is available for Win 7 ultimate. Then you wouldn't need your drive.
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I have a HDMI cable for my monitor, with a nvidia graphic card...

but now I have a big doubt, I dont know if my motherboard's graphic card's imput is not working anymore or if its my graphic's card after a FLASHY BLACKOUT today...

my nvidia control panel is not working anymore... whenever I try using VGA or HDMI with my graphic card it doesnt show any sign in the screen... so im currently using my normal VGA motherboard's imput...

I tried using an old graphic card and its not working, I tested the VGA cable and HDMI cable and they are working perfectly...

yet, after I set the graphic card in the slot, the fan it start working, if I unplug the graphic card but leave the curent cable, it doesnt start the fan so I guess the motherboard's imput is working

so idk what's the problem here, I have all the drivers and everythign was working perfectly before the blackout

A:Broken motherboard slot or graphic card

Well... its too late and soon for expect an answer but...

I tested my graphic card in an old motherboard and it was working... it didnt load windows cuz of the diferent motherboard but connecting my VGA in my gpu worked, and the HMDI didnt work I guess because it need to be configured after windows loading etc
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I just placed a 7900gtx on a fairly old computer. I connected the card with the extra power cable and everything but as soon as i start the computer i get no picture, there's nothing on screen. The fan on the card is spinning and i can feel it getting warm, also i hear the loading sound through speakers so window loads up fine. I have an integrated graphic card so my computer is still usable, but i can't game or anything with it. I was just wondering if its the card or the pci-ex16 slot thats broken.

my specs, its an mdg computer

intel motherboard, d101ggc

2gb of ram ddr400
500watt power supply with 28a on the 12v rail
250gb hardrive
18X DVD-RW drive

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I have searched the forums for a similar problem and the most I can discern is that Sony Vaios are slot with reinstall possible? OS it broken - PC card Sony is Vaio on a pain in the rear Here OS reinstall on Sony Vaio with broken PC card slot - is it possible? is the situation I have a Sony Vaio PCG-SR K that recently had a hard disk failure which apparently wiped out the OS on the disk or at least fried the boot sector One day I was working and abruptly got the blue screen of death after which attempts to start the computer resulted only in a message of quot OS not found quot I have the quot recovery quot disks for the machine but not the actual quot install quot disks for the OS as apparently Sony does not trust it s customers with a copy of the actual software However this is not the main problem The problem is that the PC card slot stopped working a while back and OS reinstall on Sony Vaio with broken PC card slot - is it possible? this is the method by which the CD-ROM drive that came with the machine attaches After I could no longer use this drive I simply started using another USB linked CD-ROM drive to read CDs with However the machine WILL NOT BOOT from any device other than the hard drive which is messed up or a disk drive connected via the PC card slot which is broken Theoretically the machine could still work if I could only get an OS back on it I have read that Vaios are a complete pain in the rear to work around problems with The only reason I have the thing is that I got it for free that tells you something and I use it mainly for email and internet browsing I also have a desktop - NOT a Sony but it is nicer not being tethered to a desk I actually would rather move to a linux system but I understand that Vaios are even MORE of a pain in that regard The main question however is this is there a way to reinstall the OS without the PC card drive slot functioning I can t just clone the HDD because obviously there is something wrong on it I have removed the HDD and tried looking at the contents with my other computer using an external quot case There were problems looking at one of the partitions the one the boot sector is on of course and I had to run checkdisk with the fix option to quot fix quot it and be able to read it Afterward I could view the files but some were corrupted and some were missing I could try to install the OS to the disk using my other computer but suspect that won t work because of the differences in BIOS etc Any help or hope is appreciated nbsp

A:OS reinstall on Sony Vaio with broken PC card slot - is it possible?


I don't know if this gets to you since the post you made is over 9 months old but I too have the same problem with my SR5K and wish to know how to install the OS without the PC card slot. I've tried installing the HD to another PC and install the OS this way, but when I reinstall the HD to the SR5K, the screen comes up with the "No OS Found" warning. Apparently the recovery disks must embed some information that the BIOS is looking for to say the OS installed on the HD is legit. I think Sony in many ways has cheated it's customers by preventing us to load the OS in any way we desire. It is a crime. If anyone reads this post and knows how to circumvent this problem, Please send some advice. I am sure there are many out there that have broken PCMCIA PC slots that prevents themfrom loading a recovery disk and find themselves in the same predictament.....My only solution to this problem has been to use my sister's working SR5K notebook (yes I am lucky to know someone with the same notebook) and install my HD in her notebook, load the recovery disk and then install this HD back into my SR5K....other than that I am lost to find a solution.
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I am planning to buy  "HP Pavilion - 15-au111tx" . I want to know if this laptop comes with HDD + SSD (Hybrid storage). If not then tell me if it is upgradable to SSD if I want upgrade it in future. If none of the above options is applicable then please suggest me a laptop with all remaining specifications almost same and in addition which has SSD upgrade option. 

A:About SSD slot in "HP Pavilion - 15-au111tx"

Hi, Your machine only has Single HDD configurations        500GB (5400) 7.2mm        1TB (5400) 9.5mm        2TB (5400) 9.5mm You can upgrade slow HDD to a faster SSD later. SDD's a getting cheaper and cheaper. Regards.
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Is there a ssd m.2 slot in the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak112nl? Thanks 

View Solution.

A:Is there a ssd m.2 slot in the HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak112nl...

The Manual shows one: Manual See p. 45. But we have had reports that if you open the laptop there is in fact no M.2 slot and also in some cases that the M.2 port, if there is one, is disabled. Right now I cannot in good conscience advise anyone to attempt the upgrade. If you are an experienced technician and just happen to have an M.2 mSSD 2280 drive sitting around it might be an interesting exercise but I would not tell someone to go invest in such a drive for this model laptop right now. Your best bet is a 2.5 inch SATA SSD.
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Hi I recently decided to upgrade my Paviliion g - el's RAM by adding a second GB RAM not slot el RAM working Pavilion g6-2333 I Pavilion g6-2333 el RAM slot not working inserted the new RAM in the secondary Pavilion g6-2333 el RAM slot not working RAM slot but the PC seemed unable to find it Fearing that I could've bought a RAM that was not compatible with my laptop I tried removing the original RAM and putting the new one in its place the new RAM was Pavilion g6-2333 el RAM slot not working correctly identified Seeing that the new RAM was indeed compatible I tried inserting the old one in the secondary slot and the result was the same the RAM was not seen by the PC nbsp I noticed the following about that secondary RAM slot The RAM seems to be inserting less deeply than in the other slot The RAM is very easily brought out of position when it's in that slot as in simply slightly touching it will make it fall out of the connector Unlike with the other slot when the metallic arms that keep the RAM in place are released the RAM doesn't pop out on its own nbsp Does anybody have any idea what the problem might be Is the connector broken or is it just that for some reason the RAM can't stay in place
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yes or no ?? will this have a bad effect on the computer ?/ any info is appreciated

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Running Windows 7 64 bit, full retail. System purchased 07/05/09, came with Vista SP1. Initial upgrade from HP disk (flawed) 12/19/09. Experienced several problems with audio driver, prompting full system restore 05/26/10 back to Vista SP1, successfully reinstalled OS7 05/27/10. Problem with SD card not tested when on Vista SP1, no data. Problem tested on 7, crash or freeze 100% of trials. Observed with both SD and SDHC; no other type of card tested.

A:SD Card slot crashes my HP Pavilion dv3-1075us

It looks like a 3rd party driver to me (STOP 0x3B error).

please remove or update these older drivers that were loaded at the time of the crash. Don't use Windows Update or the Update drivers function of Device Manager.
Please use the following instructions to locate the most currently available drivers to replace the one's that you uninstall OR remove:

How To Find Drivers:
- I have listed links to most of the drivers in the code box below. Please use the links there to see what info I've found about those drivers.
- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page:
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page:

Here's the older drivers (You can look them up here: http://<a href="http://www.carrona.o...vrref.html</a> ).
Please pay particular attention to any dated 2008 or earlier:

000.fcl Fri Sep 26 09:11:22 2008 - CyberLink FCL Driver -
ATSwpDrv.sys Tue May 27 13:46:29 2008 - Slide Fingerprint USB Driver - AuthenTec, Inc. -
enecir.sys Wed Nov 19 04:33:35 2008 - ENE Consumer IR Driver for eHome -
HpqKbFiltr.sys Mon Jun 18 18:13:11 2007 - HP Quick Launch Buttons HpqKbFiltr Keyboard Filter driver -
RTSTOR64.SYS Fri Sep 19 05:43:57 2008 - Realtek Card reader -
SSPORT.sys Thu Aug 11 19:07:32 2005 - Samsung printer driver -
Since you're having troubles with SD/SDHC cards, I'd first suspect the Realtek Card reader drivers. Uninstall them immediately and replace with the latest Win7 drivers. DO NOT use Vista drivers - post back if you can't locate Win7 drivers. I believe that this is the correct driver from the HP site:
Then test to see if the crashes have stopped.

If the crashes continue, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions:

Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. Most times it'll crash and it'll tell you what the driver is. But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. If you can't get to Safe Mode, then you'll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.

So, I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

Then, here's the procedure:
- Go to Start and type in "verifier" (without the quotes) and press Enter
- Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)" and click "Next"
- Select "Select individual settings from a full list" and click "Next"
- Select everything EXCEPT FOR "Low Resource Simulation" and click "Next"
NOTE: You can use Low Resource Simulation if you'd like. From my limited experimentation it makes the BSOD's come faster.
- Select "Select driver names from a list" and click "Next"
Then select all drivers NOT provided by Microsoft and click "Next"
- Select "Finish" on the next page.

Reboot the syst... Read more
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I'm going to buy HP Pavilion 14-ab042tx. But it has only 4 gb of ram preinstalled. I want to know if this notebook has an empty ram slot which i can use to upgrade it to 8 gb later. No such information is available at product specification page.Please help. 

A:Does HP Pavilion Notebook 14-ab042tx has an empty ram slot f...

Yes. Here is the Service Manual: Manual It can take up to 16 gigs (2 x 8 gigs) of memory. Access to the memory slots is not easy and technically is only supposed to be done by an authorized technician but is doable if you are careful. You will jeopardize the warranty by opening the back however.  See p. 33-37 for "how to". Post back if you need help finding compatible memory.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
Relevancy 55.9%

I am running Windows XP in a Compaq Presario, with CD reader and CD/DVD burner.
My question: How do I get a DVD(with photos and sound) onto a Flash Memory stick or an SD card??

A:Transfer DVD to Memory Stick or Memory card

Simplest method:

Insert the Disc with photos and sound (close any autorun)
Go to My Computer
Right Click on the CD/DVD drive (with your photos and sound in) and select open
Click on Edit (in Toolbar) then Select all
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select copy

Close the folder

Insert your Flash Memory stick and select Open folder to view the files
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select paste

All done Copy and paste (some say I'm good at this !)
Relevancy 55.9%

Completely new to this so apologies if barking up the wrong tree .... !

Rather than buying a 32 gb memory stick to upload some important jpg pictures into for safety's sake, I'm wondering if it's possible to upload and store them in a spare and unused 32gb memory card that I've got lying around instead ? Equally if it's then possible to download them safely later on ?


A:Possible to save to a memory card rather than a memory stick ?

Short answer is Yes. An SD card is very similar to a flash drive as far as the technology goes and can be used like an SD card for storing files. I would format it Fat32. And you can download (Copy) the files from the card at any time.
Relevancy 55.04%

I have a Pavilion 15-AK007TX laptop. Is it possible to replace the existing DDR3L RAM with a DDR4 ram?

A:Is it possible to install a DDR4 Stick in pavilion 15-AK007T...

Hi, No, it won't fit physicacally and if fitted won't work. Regards.
Relevancy 55.04%

Hello my old laptop Acer aspire 7551g had 4gb DDR3 1333.

The new one is Lenovo G500s with DDR3 1single 1666 so i have one slot left.

So DDR3 1333 + DDR3 1666 will work or not?

The goal is to have 8gb ram so i can cheak if Watch Dogs still lag when driving (i know one stupid game not worth it?)

What i want to know is is it safe to try?

So thank you for answears.

A:Will DDR3 1666 slot work with older DDR3 1333 mem stick? (laptop)

Relevancy 55.04%

Lately, My laptop is very slow in recognizing my usb stick, or my Hard drive (usb 3.0) or my sxs cards through my express card slot. It 's also slow in recognizing my sd-cards through my card reader. I have a very fast laptop. A lenovo W530.

I just started a while ago, and I can't get it to recognize faster . Everything else works just fine and fast.... but it takes up to 4 minutes to recognize these things.

Can somebody help?


A:Laptop slowly recognizes usb stick/sd card/xpress card slot

Hey tidri. 2 things come to mind if it previously worked. One is a reinstall of all the drivers for the mobo, and the other is a full AV/Malware/Rootkit scan. If everything checks out, a full format and an OS reinstall would be my third move.
Relevancy 54.61%

I recently got a quot flatscreen monitor for my computer used to have an old quot anyways i play world for hp video card 753n need new of warcraft and after i got this new monitor i had need new video card for hp 753n to put the resolution up from x to need new video card for hp 753n x I used to get about - fps on average with on x but now at higher resolution i can only get like - fps and gameplay is VERY choppy Currently the video card i have is PNY need new video card for hp 753n Verto GeForce FX MB DDR AGP Graphics Card And my computer specs are Hp Pavilion n pentium ghz mb ram power supply w I am having difficulty in finding something better that will work with my current power supply What would be the best thing to get to improve game performance Also where does video memory and clock speed play into the picture I ve noticed that the higher the clock speed is the higher the power supply requirements are any help would be great thanks nbsp

Relevancy 54.61%

I would like to get a firewire (IEEE 1394) card for my Pavilion Slimline 400PC Series, to convert my mini DV from my Sony DCR-TRV950. First of all, it seems that the desktop has no firewire slot, isn't it?If this is the case, what kind of plugin card should I buy?
Relevancy 53.75%

When inserting memory module on the memory slot it was not aligned properly. When i turn on the power i noticed smoke and i immediatly turned off the power. Removed memory module and half of it was burnt, now my question is the memory slot damaged? Because its slightly burned in the inside slot, could i install a new memory module in that particular slot? or do i have to change the memory slot thats on the mother board?

A:Memory Slot

You are probably lucky if you didn't kill the whole board. The slot is most likely toast. If you were brave enough to try another stick in the same slot, it may not work, or it may burn-up something else. I don't think changing the slot is really an option. Motherboards are not exactly repairable items.
Relevancy 53.75%

other day my computer made loud long Beeps at Post Google listings said dram problem I normally run gb of ram in a - configuration I removed the card from B and then my system started fine with just one card in A wondered if it was just the card its-self so I placed the removed card into slot A still started up fine with just one card original B card installed in A then I placed other card which was originally in slot A into slot B to be memory bad slot B1??? back to - again back to long Beep at Post again as long as i leave B empty then my system starts fine motherboard manual says i have to have a card in A and B for duel channel to work--- right now i only got gb showing on start up page looked at System Device Manager and found a funny thing no yellow markers shown but -----all my Nvidia nForce bad memory slot B1??? Ware slots bad memory slot B1??? show quot no driver installed for this device quot but under the quot driver tab quot each shows the driver name and version listed driver update wizard for each said quot the correct driver software program was installed quot ran quot scan for hardware changes quot --- found nothing here is list ---Direct Memory Access Controller bad memory slot B1??? High Precision Event Timer nForce Memory Controller listed twice Numeric data Processor Nvidia nForce PCI System Management PCI Standard RAM Controller listed times Programmable Interrupt Controller System Timer all with no driver installed but driver name and version listed under driver tab did go to Nvidia and run their motherboard driver tool downloaded recommend program and after install and reboot no changes is my B ram slot problem a side effect of hinky windows os over time or is it just my motherboard dying of old age power supply old age should i do a complete clean reinstall of Vista ran Repair from my OEM disk which says no repairs needed build data---- P N-D ASUS motherboard GB Western Digital blue SATA HD No-Raid Intel socket Core Duo CPU Nvidia DDR GT GPU OCZ DDR mhz RAM running at GB at present time OCZ watt Power Supply Vista OS i built system in with no major problems until now replaced DVD drive and Viewsonic monitor---both quit working over last few years sorry about the edit have new DVD drive and monitor for awhile nbsp

Relevancy 52.89%

Hello,The hinges on the screen side of my HP pavilion 15-p has come off. It happened a day ago and was running without any issues except for a slightly stiff feeling when I opened and closed the laptop a week ago. Yesterday it cracked open completely. The screen and touch screen functions still work. I have read through the forums and seems like folks are getting help on this issue. I am also out of warranty and it would be greatly appreciated if this known issue could be fixed.Thank you.
Relevancy 52.89%

My daughter has a Pavilion -p sa notebook and the right hand hinge has snapped inside the display assembly The broken hinge has now inturn damaged the display housing it has cracked the plastic nbsp I am quite annoyed because the laptop is only months old yes month out of warranty nbsp Being an IT engineer I opened the laptop thinking it was the screws had come loose the base seemed ok - I then checked inside the display and the metal support on the hinge which runs up the side of screen to add strength had snapped This surely can only be a manufacturing defect - and reading the many other posts it seems common nbsp I have downloaded the service guide to identify the parts and looked on Hinge HP Pavilion Broken them up on Partsurfer but it says that I can only order from an authorised dealer all of the dealers listed either dont recognise the part numbers or do not sell to private buyers nbsp Please help my daughter is devastated she saved up her birthday money to buy the laptop and now it is broken -

A:Broken Hinge on HP Pavilion

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). 
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Hi all I'm sure none of this is new, my warranty expired last year and a couple of weeks ago there was a crinkle sound from my hinges, at the time I was unaware of the massive issue with this model, right now the top part of the laptop is torn from the base part and the screws completely broke the plastic they were attached to (metal screwed to plastic? give that man a raise) The disaster waiting to happen happened and my question is basically what now? I've owned another Hp that lasted me 6 years and died from overexertion, I've had this one for a  couple of years. I take care of my things, but when it's designed to break how can it be the consumers fault? oh well Thank you for reading through my plight Rui

A:Broken hinges on my pavilion g6


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I've had my Pavilion g6 for at least two and a half years, and I've been satisfied with it, except for a pretty big issue that has been messing with the functionality. The left hinge completely broke a year or two ago and I've been dealing with it for over a year by pinching both sides of the base of the laptop where the hinge is located, and it was an annoyance, but a minor one. I figured it was just my computer and so I didn't think I could do anything about it, but today my other hinge broke, so I did some research and apparently this is a big problem for some HP computers. Is HP doing anything to fix this problem? 

A:HP Pavilion g6 both hinges broken!


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I was told by Lenovo that one slot will accomodate 1 gig of memory, instead of using 2 half gig sticks. I was also told about something called "memory boost" as an external memory source to increase memory. has anyone heard of this? I want to run PhotoshopCS and need 1 GIG of memory and don't want to get new motherboard(the machine is long out of warantee). can anyone help on this issue?
thanks, JeffB

A:Bad Memory Slot in IBM T30 Laptop

"readyboost" is a feature only available for Vista, where it can use a USB memory stick as an alternative to paging back to the hard drive, it's not really in place of RAM.
Relevancy 52.89%

My Hp Pavilion g tx did not pose any problems for years But a week ago I upgraded my RAM from to gb The shopkeeper inserted hynix gb nbsp ddr ram So Can Other... one I ram 8gb 4g in to my slot. upgrade memory ram that makes two rams in my loptop nbsp - Samsung Came when I purchased laptop years ago - gb ddr Hynix b ddr nbsp After a week my laptop stoped working Showing it two service center they said one of my nbsp memory slot is damaged and can't be used nbsp So now I had only one memory slot active with gb ram inside it My Question nbsp is - CAN I INSERT GB RAM IN ONE MEMORY SLOT SINCE OTHER ONE IS DAMAGED nbsp OF MY PAVILION G TX MOTHERBOARD nbsp If yes then please tell me - Of what type of ram should I be looking for Sepecification From where should I buy Crucial got gb ram which I can't usePlease reply ASAP nbsp Thanks amp RegardsPrince Soni
Relevancy 52.89%

I have a Tecra Laptop running Windows XP Professional The latptop has two slots A amp B in which you can add MB of memory each When starting Problem Slot Memory up the PC with both modules installed I get the error message quot Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt system drivers pci sys You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-ROM Select R at the first screen to repair quot I have done as indicated and done a full repair on Windows XP but still get same message I then went to Microsoft Memory Slot Problem com to search the knowledge base According to Microsoft the above message indicates quot This issue may occur if your computer contains a hardware component that is either damaged or is incompatible with Windows XP quot I followed their instructions and it turns out that if I put just MB in memory Slot A the Memory Slot Problem computer starts up fine If I add it in MB in slot B I get the above problem At first I Memory Slot Problem thought it was a bad memory module but if I switch them they will both start up the computer in Slot A when used by themselves So it appears to me that Slot B is the problem somehow Any thoughts or assistance greatly appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 52.89%

This is a hardware question for anyone that can help me out. I have tried to upgrade the ram in a dell dimension 5150, after seating the additional ram one of the existing slots containing ram started smoking with an obvious plastic burning smell. I have removed all ram and the burning is still occurring when powering on accompanied by a loud beeping noise. It's clear that one of the slots is melting. Need to know what my options are now. New board, or can this be rectified. Obviously the slot is now damaged and can't be used but there are three remaining. Never experienced this and unsure what has caused it to happen ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Memory slot smoking

Please place your system specs, that way we could help you easier.:
System Info - See Your System Specs

The beeping noise, is it a one long beep? Or is it accompanied by another long or short beep?
Relevancy 52.89%

I have an IBM T30 laptop which has 2 slots for memory. Which is the primary? I am adding a 512 mb memory module and I want to know which slot should contain the 512 and which
one the remaining 256. BTW, even though I have a 256 in each slot most of the time it only
recognizes a single 256 module. Thanks for your info.

Relevancy 52.89%

actually, i was used to a pc with 160mb-ram - which is 32 + 128. now i own a faster one with one single 512mb-slot. but unfortunately, some problems occur: gta3 is collapsing all the time, i cannot copy a normal 1024x768 .tga-image to clipboard via corel (»low memory«) and after watching some freshly downloaded quake3-bots i got the message »low memory«, too. sometimes, even some multitasking surfing can bring me up to fully busy memory - is this a technical problem or am i asking for too much power!? i heard something like this memory-damage would lead to the problems i have.
speaking against it is a rather stable quake3 while in game and a fascinating stable 1nsane played also in 1280x1024 - without any stinky problem.

thanks and regards,

A:¿maybe my memory-slot damaged?

The memory module might be faulty or motherboard might not support 512M modules
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My motherboard just went out on my pc and I was wondering if there is something that I can hook up to my laptop that will let me read whats on my pc memory, kind of a external memory slot or something. I've been searching google for a few hours and I can't find anything and I know you guys always know what your talking about and answer very quickly. Any help would be appreciated.

A:External Pc Memory Slot

Your actual data is not stored in the memory, its stored on the hard drive. And it's very easy to connect a hard drive to any other PC, there are many adapters for this.

Here's a version that simply connects a drive, either SATA or PATA(IDE) to a USB port without any enclosure:

Here's a version that basically converts the drive into an external drive that you can safely use that way:
This one only supports SATA hard drive with a connector like this:,r:0,s:28,i:160&tx=102&ty=76

More enclosures to choose from:
Relevancy 52.89%

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop and run Windows XP. my memory card slot recently stopped working. I used to be able to insert my memory card from my digital camera and download my pictures and now it no longer works. It doesn't even show up under My Computer under removable storage. Please help!

A:memory card slot

Put a card in it and:

Look in Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device manager

Expand the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and see if a USB mass storage device is listed.

Also look to see no yellow ? or ! are shown, indicating missing drivers.
Relevancy 52.89%

Where is the memory card slot on the Pavilion 550-126?  The slot on the front does not look like the right size.  Is there a way to get a diagram of the front and rear functions?

A:550-126 where is memory card slot

Hi, Very interesting. The following link shows its specs: It has 7-in-1 multimedia card readerFigure : View of memory card readerSupports the following cards:Secure Digital? (SD)Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)SDXCMemory StickMemory Stick SelectMemory Stick PROMemory Stick MagicGateWith Front I/O portsUSB 3.0: 2Headphone: 1Microphone: 1and Back I/O portsFigure : Odense back I/O panelUSB 2.0: 2LAN (Ethernet)HDMI: 2USB 3.0: 2Audio: Line inAudio: Line outAudio: MicrophoneI believe it is at the front but where. What is your card ? Is it on the list above ? Regards.
Relevancy 52.89%

HEY GUYS GREETINGS i just joined earlier today im seriously in need of help my friend ask me to fix his pc i tried to replace the memory with mb ddr with his original memory mb and a mb of ram just then when replacing it and turning it on i heard a huge quot beep quot then i immediately shut the pc down then when i check it up i saw i slot, help Fried memory quot black spot quot on one Fried memory slot, help of the memory slot i figured it out its fried up luckily the mobo has two memory slot only one of the slot had been fried i replaced the two mb with the original ones the problems now is that the pc is kinda slow in starting up showing the bios and showing a quot blue error screen quot after and sometimes restarting over and over again i really need your help guys really really need it im counting on this site for any help you can give thanks raj philippines nbsp

A:Fried memory slot, help

You not only fried the memory slot, you have damaged the motherboard
Relevancy 52.89%

Hi,my name is fajar from indonesiai want to add new memory to my laptop HP 1000-1b09auin CPU-Z, my laptop have 2 memory slot,but, i can't find other memory slot where is the other slot ?  Thanks for help  Best Regards,

A:I Can't Find Other Memory Slot

Hi: If you look at the illustration in chapter 4, page 52 of the service manual, it appears that the memory slots are stacked on top of each other.
Relevancy 52.89%

Can anyone tell me where the RAM expansion slot is on a MITAC 7521 laptop, I can't find it. DOH!


A:Can't find my memory slot !!!

look at the manual or call the manufacturer.
Relevancy 52.89%


I have a dell dimension 9200 and the motherboard can handle a maximum of 4gb of ram, but is there a limit per slot?

In other words does it have to be 4 x 1gb sticks of ram or can I use 2 x 2gb sticks?

The reason I ask is that I've had lots of bsod and crashes recently and after performing lots of tests using memtest it seems that 2 of the ram slots on my motherboard are bad meaning I only have 2 good ones to use.


A:Maximum memory per slot?

RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, flash cards, SSD at will provide that answer for you.

According to crucial

Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 PC2-6400 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.
Relevancy 52.89%

I have been building computers for years and never found a reason for the placement of the memory slots on a motherboard. If you look at a board that uses an Intel CPU, the slots used are1-3 and/or 2-4. If you look at a board that uses an AMD CPU however, the slots used are 1-2 and/or 3-4. Does anybody know why this is? No, I'm not trying to make a better motherboard, I'm just curious enough to finally ask.

Thanks for any info anyone can give.

A:Memory slot placement

'If you look at a board that uses an AMD CPU however, the slots used are 1-2 and/or 3-4.'

refer to the MSI K9N - which see;

Dual channel with slots 1/3 or 2/4.

Assuming that you installed 2 Gb in 4 modules of dual channel ram and it is used from byte 0 to 2047 linearly, then assuming that the average 2 Gb ram install running XP uses about 50% of the Ram running avg8 (as example), you would get heating in ram modules 1 and 3 and none to speak of in 2 and 4.

Thus, heat separated components and better cooling.

My opinion.
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My case is broken on my pavilion and id like to replace it, it is broken on the outer screen and 3 different places on the keyboard side. can anyone provide me with a link to buy a new casing or if i can send it off to a HP repair site asnd if so how much would it cost to do so?  Thankyou

A:Broken case. HP Pavilion. Need to replace

The "outer casing" is in multiple parts. The manuals page is down right now but we can find you the parts exploded diagram and pick out just the ones you need. Where do you live (country)?
Relevancy 52.46%

Extremely frustrated! I have had the pavilion laptop for a couple of years now, so warranty has expired but soon after I started having issues with the left hand hinge. it has gotten to the point where the entire laptop case has cracked open. I cannot find a proper technician to fix the hinge.....each one just makes a bigger mess of things.The laptop (otherwise) is still in great working condition, thus it will not be viable for me to replace.Could you please advise on a proper technician who will use genuine hp parts to fix the hinge and case?

A:HP pavilion broken hinge and case

@ lnarch

  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Is it possible to dismantle the lid of HP Pavilion dm4 and use external monitor instead. Cannot clse lid properly and with it open it puls .right away from the screen, causing the screen to go completely blank with black patches
Relevancy 52.46%

I have a HP Pavilion dv7t that has a broken hinge. It has slowly become a problem. First the screw fell out and we tried to replace it but it did not hold it tight enough. I have been very carefull with my laptop and I very rarely move it from its location in our house. Now I realize that my free support ended last week September 25th.  I wish I had looked into the problem sooner because I have been dealing with it for months. I have seen the other posts and seen where some have tried to get this fixed and others have been sent a new laptop. What are my options at this point? Will it cost me to call support and ask what they recommend I do? I am very disappointed in HP because I have up to now had great trust in this company and it's products.  

A:HP Pavilion dv7t broken hinge

Just got my Pavilion m6 back from HP, fixed hinges and screen at no cost to me. Laptop was out of warranty, but after a long phone conversation, HP finally decided to make it right. There are numerous people with this same issue. Let them know that. Good luck
Relevancy 52.46%

We are on our second HP Pavilion laptop with broken hinges.  This is a KNOWN issue by HP but they continue to refuse to acknowledge that there is a design flaw here.  Neither of these laptops have ever been dropped or otherwise abused.  One has to wonder if HP is purposefully trying to drive business the their competition?  HP - if you are listening, I would appreciate an answer...  Signed - Not holding my breath.
Relevancy 52.46%

Hello !I use bios update from F13 to F1B (On hp Website).When i open exe file for flash my laptop get in stuck ;C  I wanna to repair bios without go to the service. Plz tell me, how i can recovery my bios
Relevancy 52.46%

We bought this laptop in december 2012, The left hing started making some noise in 2013 and few months ago it just broke and we called HP regrading the problem and they sad it cant be fixed as its out of warranty.HP has the worst customer service and we would never buy HP products in futureWe had DELL Laptop that lasted for 9 years withou any problem.  Hope HP looks into this it seems its a manufacturing defect.  

A:broken left hing of pavilion g6


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Like many others have experienced/posted, the left hinge on my pavilion has bulged and cracked the casing. I take care of my laptops and have not dropped it at any time. I first noticed the hinge problem last night, and I can now no longer open the laptop with hearing a grinding sound. This laptop is 2-3 years old and no longer under any warranties. I'm a student and cannot afford the $250+ repairs. Is hp doing anything about this common problem?

A:Pavilion g6 with broken left hinge



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I also have a broken left hinge on my HP Pavilion 17.3 which I purchased a little over 3 year ago. I had it fixed 2013 and it seemed ok, but now it cracks again on the xact same place.Now the screen went white again :-( Based on all the other similar problems, this should be fixed by HP in my opinion. 

View Solution.

A:Also broken Pavilion G7 left hinge

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Hi nbsp I've tried to do research before I posted this and know there is a lot of topics that talk about this nbsp nbsp Okay so my laptop from about died and i had previously got the Product Key using Magic Jelly Bean ages ago Well before my laptop died for the exact reason why I'm asking now nbsp - to not ever lose broken Key Blocked dow... HP for OEM pavilion. from Product ISO my software licence for OEM Product Key from broken HP pavilion. Blocked for ISO dow... windows that is nbsp So the back sticker is still there and has faded off all the numbers letters which is a shame Why do they do this nbsp nbsp So i believe you can't transfer an OEM when a manufacturer automatically installs windows without activation nbsp So my real question is is there a chance that you HP are able to unblock my OEM product key so my laptop doesnt die in vain - I have bought a new HP only days ago shows some loyalty right there nbsp I would like to at least let the soul of my laptop live on through a VM and so I dont feel as Jibbed robbed nbsp nbsp I can prove that i purchased it with bank statements receipts you name Ill get the proof you need nbsp Pleaseeee can we do something about this nbsp nbsp Your Pal nbsp Scott

A:OEM Product Key from broken HP pavilion. Blocked for ISO dow...

Hi Scott, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting and thanks for choosing HP. Just a quick notice - this is the official HP forum but you do not speak directly in an official manner to HP here. The forum is public, full of HP users, HP customers and volunteers like me. The forum is also monitored by HP staff. The OEM licence is indeed cheaper than all other Microsoft types of lics just for the same reasons that is cannot be transffered to other computers. Therefore, it is/was made for the PC that "died" and you cannot use it for any other reason on any other PC.Source >>  Please, let me know if you need further assistance and do not hesitate to post again.
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I just found this thread but I have had the exact same problem. Not sure how i can get it fixed but I cannot take it with me anymore as I am afraid if I open the screen too much it will entirely fall apart. Did anything resolve about this problem or where one could get it fixed? oz
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I have been informed that this is a known issue to HP and have had my notebook repaired twice previously once under warranty and the other time outside of warranty HP were really good about fixing Pavilion Hinge Broken Notebook DV6 the issue for me Pavilion DV6 Notebook Broken Hinge for free even had a local HP service company do all the work The hinge has now broken again third time in years I have found a forum that is looking at a class action against HP regarding this default apparently the issue isn't restricted just to the DV I am not looking at anything so extreme nbsp I was wondering if HP would just continue to fix the problem with my notebook or make any other offer Not sure I would want another HP notebook though nbsp the overheating short battery life and drain and broken hinge have all really made this notebook anything but portable or reliable - and that it isn't confined to the DV makes me very weary of buying any other HP notebook in the future Would they possibly look at giving me a refund part for the notebook I just don't want to have to take it in to get fixed every months or so most others are reporting similar time periods for the broken hinges Opinions nbsp Will give them a call tomorrow too Just sick of these issues I bought HP expecting high quality and competency they have the name and the premium price their product the DV has really disappointed me

A:Pavilion DV6 Notebook Broken Hinge

I am having the same issue and mine wasn't under warranty so I called hp parts store and they charged me $109 for a new bottom bezel since the hinge tore the bezel apart. I have been using hp for years but if this is a known issue I am very upset at having to pay this much to replace it.  The computer was never dropped and it busted through the bottom case suring normal usage.   I think hp should stand by this problem since it is a known issue and refund me for the cost of the part.  Also I see the left side still doesn't sit as flush as the right side and I think I'm going to be in the same boat as the previous poster and it's just a matter of time before it happens again. Very disappointed in hp on this.
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I have the same problem documented in the thread: There isn't an option to post a reply to that thread. The left hinge of my Pavillion G6 broke like quite a number of other G6s.  When opening the laptop, the display works in some positions.  In other positions, the display is completely white.  The laptop top and bottom separate a bit while opening the laptop. Was there a recall for this problem as there are quite a number of incidences of the left hinge breaking under normal usage? 

A:Pavilion g6 Broken Left Hinge



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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How can I upgrade my laptop memory? There isn't a memory slot at the bottom of the laptop.

A:I can't find the memory slot to Satellite S70-B-10V

Memory slots on this notebook model are placed under the bottom cover so when RAM modules must be exchanged or upgraded bottom cover must be removed.
Please note: on some notebook models RAM upgrade is supported by notebook owners and RAM upgrade steps are described in user?s manuals document.

I your case such upgrade is not supported and RAM upgrade should be done by authorized service provider.
Generally speaking bottom cover removal is not complicated but you should not do it alone. This will cancel valid warranty.

In my opinion, before you do anything contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help. Simply pick up some info about price and compatible RAM modules.
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Alrighty I m running an MSI K N Neo I ve had it for a while help. coded memory slot Color so far I ve just been running a stick in Color coded memory slot help. the first green slot Someone got me two sticks of to fill out my system I installed them but only recognized g of ram I checked the manufacturer s site to find http www msicomputer com product p spec asp model k n neo platinum a nice diagram about dual and single channel memory that makes no sense to me I believe all the sticks are dual channel they have memory modules on both sides of the ram if that is how you tell I m not sure All three sticks are kingston value ram they are pc all three work as I discovered after some musical chairs with memory I m currently running the two new sticks recognizing g of memory while I have my original stick in a box Can anyone help me out with the diagram or point me in the direction of something more helpful The manufacturer s website has an online tech support page that is under construction I just downloaded the manual but I was hoping for some easy insight Anything would be greatly appreciated at this point Thanks nbsp

A:Color coded memory slot help.

Did you scroll down to the "DIMM Module Combination" and "MSI Reminds You..." and read what is posted there?
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i have a N1996 motherboard with two slots for 184pin memory. i have purchased a new module to slot into the second slot but i just get a long beep then the beep stops, then a long beep again etc.
i have just tried the original one in the second slot(on its own) twice, but still the beep. i have put the memory back into the first slot and it works fine.

any help would be grateful

would i need to change the bios setting, or do you think that the second memory bank is down.

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Can i upgrade my 4gb ram to 8gb? How many slot does hp 15 g005ax have?

A:hp 15-g005ax maximum memory and slot

Hi, It has: 1 customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slotSupports single-channel memoryDDR3L-1600-MHz Single Channel SupportDDR3L-1333-MHz Single Channel Support (DDR3-1600 downgrade to DDR3-1333)Supports up to 8 GB of system RAM in the following configurations:? 8192-MB total system memory (8192×1) or (4096×2)? 6144-MB total system memory (4096×1) + (2048×1)? 4096-MB total system memory (4096×1) or (2048×2)? 2048-MB total system memory (2048×1) Source: 3rd manual on the following link, page 2 and the answers: (a) Yes (b) only one. Page 65 of the manual shows you part number and how to install RAM Regards.
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I removed my memory card before ejecting it. Now my memory card slot doesn't work at all. I have done it before and got help on fixing but I can't remember how I did it. It is a readable card and I have tried several different ones so it's not a issue with card itself. The computer doesn't even see I am putting it in. Please help I do a lot of photo's and it's annoying to have find the computer plug everytime I need to get the pictures off.
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1. Expansion SlotWhat is the expansion slot specification for this model as we would like to add a dedicated graphics card with DisplayPort ? 2. MemoryHow many memory slots does it have on the motherboard ?What type of memory is required ?What is the maximum memory supported on the motherboard ? 


Go to Solution.

A:XC-704 Expansion Slot & Memory Upgrade

Ok, Sorry looking up the model at Kingston and a couple other sites didn't show your computer and seeing I hadn't seen any I was confused. Based on what I have found maybe a Model from other country.  With that said it looks like it comes with 2gig DDR3L Ram and is Upgradable to 8Gig Also looks like yours comes With 1 PCI Express x16 Slot. I am not sure with the PSU and with that slot if you would be able to upgrade to a different Graphics Card. GPU and size of case would put a huge limit on what could be able to fit...  James
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My Compaq nx7400 has a pop-out tray on the left side, with 4 slots for memory cards - I think ?! I've tried loading an SD card into the tray & pushing the tray in - but without success..... Anyone know the correct way to use this weird plastic tray thingy ?? Thanks

A:How do I use the memory card slot on my laptop ??

Hi, I have a new G72-25OUS laptop, I'm wondering how to use the slot on the left side, that says SD-MS/Pro-MMC-XD? I assume its to put a SD card in from my camera to upload photos, do I just stick it in and if so, how do I get it out? I don't have a manual, didn't come with one and can't find info in the help section. Hope someone knows how to do this. Thanks.
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It says that this memory stick is perfect for the PSP, but right now for me it isnt being perfect. It will not let me transfer any data onto it?? Im using the latest version of sonicstage, and none of the support sites for the card are helpful at all. Can anyone help me out please??

thnx, david

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Hey all

I have do a project for school on the sony memory stick duo new release of the

4GB and 8GB cards and i cant find anything on the price

can someone plz help?

A:Memory stick duo

i'm not sure the 8's are available yet but, here are some prices on the 4's
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are all memory sticks compatible with all pcs?Or do i have to know stuff before i purchase one?This is my pc...what kind of card should i get?,if they are not all

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I have an Packard Bell laptop, running XP. At the moment i am not able to accssess the internet. I have downloaded a program, MP3 Tools onto my memory stick from another computer, but for some reason when i try to put it onto my laptop i keep getting an error message. Can anyone help please. thank you.

A:Memory stick

What's contained in the error message may help.
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Hey guys,

I have a question,

is there any way to recover a corrupted drive.

A while back i was formating my 2gb memory stick when the power went out.
The format did not complete and now the drive wont work at all.

is there any way to get it working again?

Thanks in advance.

A:USB memory stick help

Ok, did some googling.
Found this utility Low-Level Format Tool-HDDguru

It is currently working its magic.

More after the break.
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am experiening problems copying files from an Acer laptop with 08 vista to memory stick both media and word docs. Older docs transferred from work pc go to and from the Acer via memory stick without problem Others created or copied direct to (eg music) cannot be tranferred to memory stick, with message reading : error 0x800700052.

I would gretaly appreciate any advice.


A:dse memory stick 1gb

You may be trying to put too many files into the root directory of the memory stick, try creating a folder on the memory stick and then copying the files to that folder instead.
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Just a casual question. I have three memory sticks, equal in capacity, which are used for transmitting files across to other computer and daily backups. The computer has a hard disk with no partitions and the usual CD/DVD-ROM drive.

Why, when I insert two of the memory sticks are they each recognised as the E drive, whilst the third memory stick is always recognised as the F drive. The memory sticks are used one at a time.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 235131 MB, Free - 188679 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0WG864, , ..CN481116AB03B3.
Antivirus: Sunbelt VIPRE, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Memory on a Stick

Is each stick always recognized as the same drive, like the "f" is always "f" even if it is the only stick plugged in?

Might want to look at this:

You can name your sticks for ease of use.
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Is there any notable difference in performance between a 1600MHz rated memory stick compared to a 1333MHz rated stick?
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I have plugged my memory stick into my pc and I cannot read from it. There is no data available on it. I plugged it into another pc and still nothing. Help. How do I retrieve the data?


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Please help, I accidentally formatted my wife’s memory stick, it contained about 4GB of work she had not backed up. Is there any way I can retrieve any of her work.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have used my memory stick before to look at my pictures and copy to DVD. Now, all of sudden, it is telling me when I put the stick in, and try to open to insert the memory stick, the memory stick is blinking, like it is being read. I checked the profile, the auto play said music, I tried to change to photo would not change,the auto play thing keeps appearing like it is playing something. I am so frustrated. Get this where I bought this computer, their tech support is off until 1/5. Can you imagine what their phones will be like then, with all of Xmas stuff they probably sold. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried to change the "J" drive to photo, mixed etc, it just goes back to music. I don't know if that is the problem. But I am not all that computer illiterate.
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I am having problems clearing my memory stick of unwanted data.

Does anyone know a way to delete all info. in one hit ? Thanks in advance

A:memory stick

If it shows up under 'My Computer' when you insert it into your card reader, you should be able to right-click on it, and select 'Format' to completely wipe the card clean.

If 'Format' it doesn't appear in the right-click menu, click on 'Properties' and see if it's in there.
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I was wondering if someone can help me, i am having huge problems with memory sticks, im on my second one because stuff that i save into the stick disappears or when i open i file like a word document its opens with no text, just rows and rows of tiny boxes i would be so grateful if someone could help me. Im not a computer wizz, only know what i know which unfortunaly isnt why my memory stick is playing up. Perhaps someone know a great helpful website

Thank you Danni

A:8GB memory stick
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I have purchased a 4GB Memory Stick.
Every time I try to save a file I get the message "Please insert a disc in Drive I" and can go no further with the save.
I am using Windows XP

A:Memory Stick

Doesn't sound like it's getting installed correctly - XP isn't liking the media. Do other flash drives work ok. Can you try it in another machine?