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Kodak 7250 won't print from wireless, says printer disconnected,

Q: Kodak 7250 won't print from wireless, says printer disconnected,

We recently moved to another location in the same city, but when I went to try to print from my Gateway Laptop on the Kodak 7250 printer, it says that the printer is disconnected. I have restarted the computer, turned the printer off waited and then turned it back on and have turned off the router and then turned it back on. In the printer tools section of the printer info, it lists the printer but then says disconnected beside it. I don't know what to do to fix this and I have tried a few things that were listed on the internet such as downloading new firmware for the printer but I don't know how to do that for the Cox Cable Router which was a suggestion.

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Preferred Solution: Kodak 7250 won't print from wireless, says printer disconnected,

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Kodak 7250 won't print from wireless, says printer disconnected,

have you reset the kodak up on the new network - how is the kodak setup - fixed IP or to use DHCP
have a look at the network settings for the printer

and then on a PC post back here an ipconfig /all

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the notepad should now appear in the forum reply.
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My new Kodak ESP 5250 wireless printer will not work with my D-link DIR 615 router. According to Kodak customer support, my wireless router needs configuring. They told me that the "always broadcast DHCP" should be disabled. If that makes any sense! Is this something I can do myself? I was on the chat line with Kodak for 2 hours, then I was on the phone with them for about one hour before they finally told me that.

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Dad needs help in wireless Kodak 5500 printer. Setting the scene: First, he operates both computers on Vista. Secondly, he has Linksys print server upstairs with Kodak printer and a desktop next to it. Thirdly, he has laptop downstairs and wants to print wirelessly to the printer located upstairs. He is operating with 802.11 on all devices. He needs a step by step procedure to get the printer to print from computer upstairs and downstairs. Can anyone provide me a printed version of each exact step to this problem? I would appreciate this very much.

A:Solved: Wireless Kodak Printer

I looked at the Kodak 5500 specs and found that it is a all-in-one, but does not seem to have wireless capability. So, that's why there is also a print server in the mix?

What is the problem? Is that print server supposed to work with the Kodak 5500?

If you want a printed version of each step suggest you first look at whatever manuals you have for the print server and print them if necessary.
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My computer sees it in the add printer wizard.
It's a Kodak ESP 7.
The Printer: is blank I am supposed to type something there but what I don't know.
I click on both the listing for the printer in the shared printers section:
KODAKAiO and then I click on the KODAKESP7_0696
I have clicked next both times and I get this error
You need to specify a valid network printer name. (I don't know what to type in that box when I first set it up.)

I gave up added added it via USB , but this is not how we want to use it.
We have three computers that need to work with it.

I am using a AMD XP Processor
with 512mb+ DDR SDRAM memory

Our router recognizes the printer and the printer recognizes the router.

I have posted my dilemma to Kodak but have not heard back yet.

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I have an HP C5280 printer running wirelessly via a TP Link wireless print server and D Link Di 624 wireless router. I can print successfully from either my desktop (which is connected direct to the D Link router) or either of my laptops (wireless). However, when I select the double-sided print option I get a print error message after re-inserting the odd number pages to print the other side of the paper and then click 'continue'.

Could I resolve this by connecting the printer both direct to the desktop using USB AND leaving it connected via the wireless TP Link print server? This would enable me to print double-sided from my desktop (as I did before when the printer was only connected via the USB desktop port).

A:Print error message when trying to print double sided output on wireless printer

Could I resolve this by connecting the printer both direct to the desktop using USB AND leaving it connected via the wireless TP Link print server? Click to expand...

Probably, unless the USB connection is already used with the print server.
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Hey guys so I'm having an issue with one of my laptops not being able to print on my wireless network The printer in question is a CANON MX We have computers on the network and six of them print flawlessly We have varying operating systems Windows Xp windows Printer won't Wireless print. and Windows Vista Two of the laptops running windows work flawlessly one does not It is reading the printer on the network but when I try to print a test page or any picture documents it goes to the queue and says quot Printing quot but the printer never prints anything If it's in the queue on this laptop the other laptops don't see the item in the queue but they also cannot print anything because quot Another device is using the printer quot -- removing the item from the queue allows the other devices to print again I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer several times turned off all security software and disabled all firewalls and there has been no change I have run windows update completely The hardware device manager indicates that the quot device is working properly quot This is extremely frustrating and I cannot seem to figure it out out of devices work with the printer but my main laptop does not Help please

A:Wireless Printer won't print.

Go to the printer and print out a config page. Take note of the wireless IP address of the printer.
Go to Start/Devices and Printers click Add Printer. Choose Network Printer. Let it scan for your printers IP address. If it can't find it, then add it via the printers IP address. If this doesn't work, then try the following.
Go to Start/Devices and Printers. If the Canon printer is there, right click and Delete it.
Go to Start/Search and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. Uninstall any Canon software. Restart the computer. When the computer comes back up, download the latest driver from Canon: Choose to install with USB. Setup will tell you when to plug in the USB cable, During the install, once the USB cable is plugged in, do the install again this time for Wireless. That should find the printers IP address. Once that is found, then you can remove the USB cable and try to print Wirelessly.
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When I try to print to my HP6940(?) wireless printer from my laptop I get the following message:
"The print spooler was unable to connnect to your printer. This can be caused by your printer being turned off, a cable being unplugged, or being connected to a VPN."

I recently tried TrendMicro PC Cillin. Just before the printing ceased I had a popup referencing the print spooler I think... I tried to see if I inadvertantly blocked my printer. When I open the HOSTS file in notepad from windows\system32\drivers\etc the file is completely commented out as a sample file???

How can I restore printing?


A:Cannot Print From Wireless Printer

First do you have any other wireless devices AND can they prin to the printer ?
What OS do you have ?
The hosts file should have every line commented out except for your loopback address of
Can you hit the internet with this notebook ?
do you have a firewall ?
youcould try recapturing the printer, by going to printers and faxes in control panel, then add a new printer.
Is the little wireless icon lit up on the printer ?
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Friends, this is my first post.
My HP Photosmart 6510 B211a printer is set up correctly -- it prints a 'congratulations' sheet telling me so -- but so far I have failed to persuade it to print for me. It is wireless (no USB cable), so gets its jobs via the router (which is a British Telecom Home Hub 3, for broadband).
How do I tell Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) how to talk to it?! Does the pc need a driver -- I have no message asking me to install one? And if a driver is needed, which one?
I wish to use a software 'printer' (to wit: the admirable FinePrint or PDF Factory) which sends pages to print, informs me that that is what it has done -- but nothing actually prints. Playing around with 'defaults' has so far achieved nothing.
Ideas? Suggestions? Similar experience? I'm all eyes/ears.
EGWG (I'm an over-80, not into any 'social networking' .... )

A:wireless HP printer won't print

You must have istalled a disk, that would contain the drivers. Your firewall is probably stopping your pc talking to the printer. I had this on a HP wireless all in one, a few years back, and i think thats down to hp not your firewall.
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I cannot print wireless to my HP printer from my HP laptop. My printer is connected to a desktop HP PC with a USB cable

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Hey guys, been banging my head on the wall about this issue.

I recently purchased an Epson XP-205 Wi-Fi printer, and I set it up on my network and installed the drivers to my laptop, initially I could print over the network, but since a restart I can't. I have tried an uninstall and reinstall of the printer, but to no avail and if it matters, I'm running W7 64-bit.

I've ensured the printing programs are part of my firewall exclusion rules, and I can access the printers set up page via, also as expected, the printer is "pingable". On top of this my Android tablet is able to send things to the printer, so I'm sure it is an issue with my laptop.

I'm tech minded, so feel free to rabble on, I'll understand.

A:Laptop can't print to wireless printer

I assume that there is now a printer icon in your Notification Area showing the print queue of files you've tried to print. Examine the settings in that to make sure the printer is not in a "use offline" mode.

In Devices and Printers right click on the printer - Printer properties (that's not the Properties choice at the bottom) - General tab - Print Test Page. What happens?
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I have long printed from my laptop to my printer - wirelessly. Some time ago, my wireless router went down and I had to reconfigure to print via USB for awhile. Since the wireless has been back up, I can't print from my laptop. My daughter prints wirelessly from her laptop. My husband prints via USB. I've done my best to make sure my settings are right, but nothing works! One thing - when I got the new router, it couldn't handle my network name the way it had been before, so I changed it. Perhaps that messed something up - but I sure don't know how to know, nor how to fix it. Any ideas out there?!

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I am trying to get my HP Photosmart Premium Print-Scan-Copy all in one Printer C A to print from my Compac Presario CQ - WM Notebook PC nbsp Now my problem was to begin with was that the regular download of a driver will not work on this from Laptop printer to print wireless my get my Can't combination due to the computer having the AMD Dual Core C- Processor without a patch which was also downloaded nbsp This worked fine for about days but now it has stopped printing from computer nbsp I am running the Windows bit system nbsp The printer prints just fine from a memory card or from the scanner but if I try to print from anything on the computer such as texts or pictures it will not do anything nbsp It is my default printer and everything I try to print goes to the printer que but it will not print and when I check the printer in my control panel it is checked that it needs troubleshooting nbsp I am at the end of my knowledge and ability to correct this problem nbsp HELP Solved View Solution

A:Can't get my wireless printer to print from my Laptop

Turn everything offunplug the printerturn the pc onuninstall the printer (drivers)re-start the pcreinstall the drivers (printer) May sure you downloaded the right drivers FROM the HP official a test. I hope it helps-- I have a driver from HP if you want to try it, leave your email
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I just installed a new wireless router and my printer will not print. I assume my printer cable should be routed thru the wireless router and not the modem? It was thru modem before as I had no router installed. Printer is hard wired, not wireless.

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Have a Canon MG6120 wireless multifunction printer. I rarely print anything from my laptop, but wanted to do that today. What I get is an error message that the printer is offline -- which it isn't; it's on. I tried going thru the setup on the printer, re-entering the SSID, and it said it was connected. Still same error that it's offline.

About a month ago, I did change the name of my router, but it never cause a problem with printing from my desktop, which I can still do. It's just the laptop that gets the "offline" error.

What do I need to do to make the laptop recognize that the printer is on?

A:Solved: Can't print to wireless printer

Never mind. I went thru the "Easy-Setup" on the printer a second time, and it was the charm. I have no idea why it worked the 2nd time and not the first, because after the 1st time, it said "Printer connected", or words to that effect, but when I tried to print, it still said the printer was offline. Oh, the vagaries of modern technology!
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This is a 3-computer network using windows xp home
everything was fine until today when I wanted to print from the Toshiba laptop to the network printer, which is wireless through a router, & has been going great for a over a year. All of a sudden, today, it does not hook up to print and this error message is displayed:

Print Server
Error initializing output device

I have never seen that and have no clue what it is talking about, (thank you Bill Gates).
If you look in the printers, the correct printer says ready and there are no documents in the queue.

The printer works fine and the other computers can print to it.

Rebooting the computer and rebooting the router don't help.

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer. Estatelawyer

A:Help: can't print to network printer from wireless laptop

My guess would be corrupt printer driver. I would download the printer drivers, remove the printer and when you re-install it, point to the new downloaded drivers.
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Hi All

I am having problems printing from a wireless laptop.

I have a desktop PC which is connected to an HP Photosmart 1000 printer and is running Window XP SP2

My desktop has a USB Wireless dongle to enable connection to my wifes wireless laptop also running Windows XP SP2.

I have set up the file and printer sharing and can access the folders I have permitted access to.

I have enabled the printer sharing.

On the laptop I can add the printer via the network printer option and the laptop can see the desktop printer.

The only problem is when I try to print the printer fails to print anything.

I am able to print from the desktop but that is all.

Has anyone else had this problem?? or can anyone help sole this issue

Many Thanks

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I have a Canon Pixima MP560 that works fine on our laptop that runs Windows 7, but I cannot get the new laptop with Windows 8 to print.

When I access the Control Panel in Windows 8, it shows the printer with a green check that everything is OK, but when I tried to print, it said the printer was offline.

I went to the Canon website, and reinstalled the drivers. It looked like it was connecting, but then the error message indicated, ""printer is in an error state."

I went to the MS website, and ran their printer troubleshooter link. It said the problem was fixed. Now, the error message just says, "Printer is not responding." During this entire process, the printer is still connecting and responding just fine to another laptop that is running Windows 7.

Can you help me fix this?


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I want to know if the ability to print from anywhere in the world to a printer. My initial setup i was thinking of was this:

The laptop pulls up the IP address of a wireless print server which is connected to a wireless router (where it gets its internet from). The person using the wireless laptop gets the IP address of the print server, some how configures the computer to print to THAT IP address, and the paper should come out of the printer. Correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

P.S. it would be nice if i could be told how much this will cost.

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Hello guys its been a while I Wireless not scan) printer not (can print but connecting am having a issues with my wireless printer HP photosmart I have it connected to my wireless network however when I try to use HP software to scan something it Wireless printer not connecting (can print but not scan) says it cant find any connected scanner Wireless printer not connecting (can print but not scan) I've uninstalled and reinstalled the HP software downloaded directly from HP website When trying to scan directly from the scanner and send it to my computer or email Wireless printer not connecting (can print but not scan) it it says it cant connect to the internet and to make sure there is one despite having redoing the wireless setup and successfully connecting to the network seconds before Not sure why this is happening It was working before I have a D Link router DIR L and using windows I called D Link they said there is no specific setting for allowing or not allowing printers to fxn When logged into the my routers setting page I can see the printer being connected Feel like using a wired option is giving up lol Any thoughts on how to fix this Please advise thanks
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Recently got an HP Officejet Pro printer which is wireless enabled From my ThinkPad E Firefox will not print to it It appears to send the page off to the printer The print queue appears but there are no documents It makes no difference what I'm printing - Firefo... - from to Can't print wireless E545 printer an email a page from a newspaper newsclip or a product description from a retailer No error messages are produced nbsp I can print just fine from other browsers - Microsoft IE or Microsoft Edge I can print fine from locally installed apps like MS Office nbsp Am running a Thinkpad E with Windows installed Windows is current on all updates I've run a full Lenovo hardware scan diagnostic and the laptop came up clean I've checked Lenovo support and no similar problems have been reported either by users or support team nbsp Have installed all HP drivers for new printer Am running current version of Firefox nbsp I can print to the wireless printer from Firefox running on a Surface Pro with Windows So it's possible that the problem may be specific to ThinkPads I would really appreciate some help E545 - Can't print to wireless printer from Firefo... here Thanks
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Can I still print to the wireless printer if I disconnect the Homegroup?

I do not wish to share files and see no point in joining a Homegroup.

Would removing the Homegroup cause internet connection problems?

Please advise. Thanks.

A:Can I Still Print to Wireless Printer if I Disconnect The Homegroup?

Sure, you could still share it.

To print to it from a computer you would simply open up the "Devices and Printers" page in explorer, click "Add a Printer" then the network/Bluetooth printer option. It may take a few seconds for your computer to discover your printer on the network but it should be there.

Alternatively, you could add the printer by clicking the "my printer isn't listed" button and entering the DNS name or IP address of the printer if it has a static IP. Or you could open up the "Network" page of explorer and install it from there. As you can see, you have options outside of Homegroup, albeit they may involve a few more steps.

Best of luck, be sure to post back your success or if you need additional help

And no, the homegroup has nothing to do with internet access
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Hey there I've once again encountered this print can in Wireless Windows not but printer 8.1 scan problem with my Canon PIXMA MP printer scanner when using it wirelessly it can't print According to 'Devices And Printers' it's offline and therefore most programs I use in Windows claim it can't print However using Canon's program 'MP Navigator' it can scan from the printer without any problems I can scan from the computer to the printer and the other way around Therefore I'm suspecting that the problems lies with Windows and not the printer The connection is obviously there but Windows doesn't seem to think so Last time I reinstalled everything but there must be an easier way to fix this problem I can't find the exact same problem anywhere else online I can't find a solution in the printer's manual Windows doesn't give me anything when I try to troubleshoot the printer in question and Canon's own 'Network IJ Tool' can find the printer but says it's doesn't work without clarifying why

A:Wireless printer can scan but not print in Windows 8.1

Hey mate, have you checked online to see if the manufacturer has a newer driver version on their website? Specifically a Win8.1 driver. Also, right click the printer and click troubleshoot problems to see if that helps any.
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How do I get old bespoke dos industrial control progammes currently printing to LPT parallel port on XP3 computer/printer to print to a new wireless printer.

A:How di I get DOS bespoke programmes to print to wireless printer

There are methods to create a special printer port for older dos programs.

give this a shot as it's from Microsoft on printing

How to print to a network printer from an MS-DOS-based program in Windows XP


PS: Google is your friend
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to help a friend with one of those infamous printer problems. She has an HP C4385 all-in-one photosmart wireless printer and a Dell Inspiron with Win XP. Couple weeks ago she had a paper jam, removed the paper, cleared the error and since then, it won't print. It copies fine, just no printing. I have rebooted the system, deleted and added the printer and nothing happens. She doesn't have the original driver disk. Can anyone offer me any suggestions?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU U4100 @ 1.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3998 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1807 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 292854 MB, Free - 205060 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Base Board Product Name
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated and Enabled

I had a new wireless DSL router installed on the network. The router recognizes both the laptop and printer and I can print documents from the laptop fine. I cannot print an accessed webpage from any browser (Firefox, Chrome or IE). Anybody have a fix?

A:Can’t print web pages on wireless printer.

I cannot print an accessed webpage from any browser (Firefox, Chrome or IE).Click to expand...

How about telling us why not? Because the printer is not available in each browser's list of printers? Because you get an error message? Because the job just sits in the printer queue? ...?
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Hi all Please pardon if this has printer server print w/ wireless help installing already been addressed I tried to find threads that answered my question but was not too successful I am trying to set up my husband s office so his laptop can print wirelessly to his printer via a print server Right now each time he wants to print he attaches the printer help installing printer w/ wireless print server via the usb cable This works ok but is kind of a pain since the cable has to run across the room Also each time he unplugs and plugs his laptop reinstalls the printer giving him countless copies of the same printer in the printer folder Another issue I ve never bothered to fix So I ve got the print server which also happens to be a router hooked up to the printer and the laptop with built-in wireless detected the router server and connected to it like a network without any problems I thought all I d have to do was go to add printer detect it through the server and install it But though the computer is connected wirelessely to the server it doesn t see the printer Was I totally crazy when I thought the print server would allow printing without the printer being connected to a PC Can you actually just plug a printer into a wireless server and then print from your computer Or perhaps because this is also a router it must be attached to a computer Any help with this would be greatly appreciated If you can explain how to do it I m sure I d be able to do it the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite running Windows XP the router server is a US Robotics MAXG model USR Thanks nbsp

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Suddenly a configuration that was working stopped functioning I cannot print to my wireless printer I only have one Windows laptop this is a home setup and it has been working fine for years A few things happened at the same time one of which must have messed me up I had a bad virus My then virus checker did not catch it so working with Norton we removed the problems and I now subscribe to their Internet Security service I have spent days and days on this with the following results With the original printer the cannot until now Suddenly to worked printer - wireless print fine job would make it to the queue but just never print I recycled the router and modem hopeing it Suddenly cannot print to wireless printer - worked fine until now was a network issue no change Thinking it was the printer since it was old I got a new printer but it cannot be added I cannot add a new printer either from my home or from someone else's home so it's not my network The printer has a valid IP address and seems to see the network I have no Internet problems on the PC I can slave up and print fine via USB If I disable Norton Firewall and Internet Security I still cannot print remotely so it's not Norton I added a new port as described in another article on this forum and I still cannot print The jobs get into the queues since I can go through the Control Panel and see them all lined up but they have no status It seems as though something went bad on my PC Any ideas Suddenly cannot print to wireless printer - worked fine until now on how I might be able to diagnose and fix this so I don't need to completely wipe the laptop out and reset to factory defaults Any help is REALLY appreciated as I've spent way too many frustrating hours on this Thanks

A:Suddenly cannot print to wireless printer - worked fine until now

Quote: Originally Posted by lbucc

Suddenly, a configuration that was working stopped functioning. I cannot print to my wireless printer. I only have one Windows 7 laptop (this is a home setup) and it has been working fine for years. A few things happened at the same time, one of which must have messed me up. I had a bad virus. My then virus checker did not catch it, so working with Norton, we removed the problems and I now subscribe to their Internet Security service. I have spent days and days on this with the following results:

With the original printer, the job would make it to the queue but just never print
I recycled the router and modem, hopeing it was a network issue; no change
Thinking it was the printer, since it was old, I got a new printer but it cannot be added
I cannot add a new printer either from my home or from someone else's home, so it's not my network
The printer has a valid IP address and seems to see the network
I have no Internet problems on the PC
I can slave up and print fine via USB
If I disable Norton Firewall and Internet Security I still cannot print remotely, so it's not Norton
I added a new port as described in another article on this forum, and I still cannot print
The jobs get into the queues, since I can go through the Control Panel and see them all lined up, but they have no status

It seems as though something went bad on my PC. Any ideas on how I might be able to diagnose and fix this so I don't need to completely wipe the laptop out and reset to factory defaults? Any help is REALLY appreciated as I've spent way too many frustrating hours on this. Thanks!

Hi lbucc,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Have you tried removing the the complete printer driver and install again. Kindly try to configure the printer using software/driver provided by the manufacturer.

You can also try disabling the security on the router as printers are not compatible with WEP or WPA security.

Also, check spooler service is running on the system properly. Please try the same and let us know if it helps.
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My printer keeps saying it's offline, I've went through everything I should & I can't find out why.My computer is a all in one Acer.

A:How do I get my wireless cannon printer back on line & print
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I have an Office Jet Pro 8500 wireless Printer with a color cartridge
that is low or almost empty. I what to print in black and white (not Color).

Is there a way to print in black/white on my Office Jet Pro 8500 wireless Printer
without refilling that cartridge?

I set the driver to grayscale but that did not work. The printer tells me that
the color cartridge is empty and does not print. Is a way to override
and allow the printer to print in black and white?

Thank you,
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I am one of 3 laptops connected to a wireless printer (Brother MFC-9120CN all-in-one). The printer was working fine and now all of a sudden it wont print. The printer icon shows print error. My Laptop is an Asus N10J series with OS - Windows XP home.

My email & internet connection works fine, only printer has stopped printing.

Have checked Windows firewall and it's switched to Off, have set printer to 'share' mode in printer preferences & tried adding new printer on the add tab and still unable to print.

Prior to print problem occurring, I had several auto windows updates auto installing & had a problem with laptop keyboard keys printing numbers instead of letters, which I managed to fix.

Any suggestions on how to fix the printer would be greatly appreciated.
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I got a new NetGear N300 router. Every since I got it my HP Photosmart 3310 All-in-One Printer won't print files from my laptop or anything on the internet. The HP support line couldn't help me. I keep getting a print spooler error and says either printer is off (not true), cable unplugged (is wireless) or being connected to VPN. The items I try to print are stuck in the print que.
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I am on a Macbook Pro running OS X 10.5.8. I have a Time Capsule which I use as a backup device and router. I also have a Samsung wireless printer model 3175FW. I used to have it working but one day it just stopped. I have tried recycling, changing the order of input but all to no avail. I had to reinstall my network to the cable modem and have reinstalled my printer software as well but now the printer reports it is not available yet when setting up the wireless it see the SSID and I have programmed the network name into the printer. Now I don't know what to do so any expertise would be more than welcome.
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I set up the printer (HL-2270DW) following all instructions. It is listed under Devices and Printers with my other printers, but not under Printers. I cannot set it as default printer in Devices and Printers.

When I go to printers -> add new printer -> wireless printer it is found, but it says installation failed when I try to install it. I got no errors following brother's instructions, can connect to the printer settings wirelessly but cannot print.

Any ideas?

A:Brother Wireless Laser Printer - Installed, connected but cannot print

Interestingly, I just found that my windows 8 tablet can see and print from it fine. I configured it from my windows 7 desktop though, and this is where the problems are happening.
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Apologies if I am can scan Wireless not 305w print Dell wirelessly but printer in the wrong forum for this question and if I am could somebody direct me to the right one This question is Dell 305w Wireless printer can print but not scan wirelessly two-fold and I'm hoping that somebody has experienced this problem before and knows exactly how to rectify it If anyone can solve this for me or tell me where I am going wrong I will bow before them and owe a great deal of gratitude for their knowledge I have tried everything to get this to work My operating system is Windows Professional -bit I recently bought a new laptop not a Dell and so wanted to link this up and synchronize it with my Dell w all in one Wireless printer so it prints and scans wirelessly I put in the CD that came with the printer and I downloaded the most recent driver or so I thought Anyway after all that was done it prints wirelessly no problem The trouble came when I wanted to scan a document from the Dell Imaging Toolbox On my old laptop that is a Dell and my daughter's laptop that is a Samsung this works wirelessly no problem at all from the Dell Imaging Toolbox On this new laptop it doesn't scan wirelessly although it does print wirelessly Every time I tried first a message came up giving me a choice of two printers to use yet only one is showing in Devices and Printers in the control panel So I chose one This message never came up before on my other laptop and I never had a choice After choosing one I then chose 'scan' and then 'start' from the Dell Imaging Toolbox This then brought up another message that was titled 'Network Scan ' 'For best results when scanning over the network - Save all your work - Close Dell Imaging Toolbox - Press the Scan button on your printer's operator panel I need to have it working wirelessly from a remote spot as it did with my previous laptop because I am disabled Can anybody tell me how to rectify this scenario What am I doing that is stopping this from scanning wirelessly On top of that also related to the printer every time I boot up the laptop a message appears saying 'Microsoft NET Framework Version is required to continue This software is available for free at - Microsoft website address ' I've gone to the website and downloaded this twice but the error message still keeps coming up every time I boot It would be wonderful if anyone could solve this puzzle for me because I have been trying to solve it myself for ages now Firstly how can I get this computer to scan wirelessly Are there some settings I need to adjust Secondly how do I stop that message coming up every time I boot the computer Thank you HB

A:Dell 305w Wireless printer can print but not scan wirelessly

It may be best to post on the Dell forum (printer section) as there are people there that are familiar with Dell printers and applications.

Printers Forum - Printers Forum - Peripherals - Dell Community
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Hello, I am happy to supply whatever tech info to resolve this issue which has defeated me for 6 months. I cannot connect my HP G60 laptop Vista to HP printer or Kodak. Having looked at old threads I am not the only person to run up against this very hard problem. I would prefer not to bin my Laptop and buy an apple mac for compatability issues with 3rd party software. My solution at present is using a stick and transferring to XP sony lap top which is a nightmare as both have different versions of microsoft office. I am new to this forum and apologise in advance if my thread post does not meet the standards required of this collective. many best wishes to all.

A:HP laptop ( Vista ) wont connect to HP Printer or Kodak all in one printer

What models are the prints?
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Hello all

I am having trouble connecting my verizon fios, dell 964 printer and my linksys wireless printer server. When I had comcast service it worked with moderate setup help from a computer technician. Now that I have changed to verizon, I can't seem to get it to work. Linksys will set me up with a third party for over $100 who specializes in multi systems... dell, verizion and linksys... and Verizon will do the same for the same amount of money. I have already paid a second compter technician to come in and set it up and he tells me that it can't be done and that verizon knows that there is a problem. I paid him over $170...Needless to say I'm looking to not spend another dime on this issue or I'll switch back to comcast.


A:Having trouble connecting fios with dell printer and wireless print server

You probably need to remove the previous wireless settings from the printer and run the set up program again.
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I've just installed a wireless Belkin Print Server and having several problems. There are 3 computers, 2 on Windows 2000 and a lap top on XP. At first 2 of the printers could print fine. Then I downloaded the printdrivers for the HP 6110 on to the 3rd machine. Since then the drivers have been deleted from the other 2 computers - and the download version doesn't work. So now none of the computers can print.

I can reinstall the drivers - but what is to stop this happpening all over again?

The network is wireless (netgear) using BT Broadband. Can any one suggest what I can do to retsore the printer - incidentally after the pc drivers disappeared I checked the lap top and it was fine until it was switched on - it worked once then went teh same way as the others...Can anyone help?

A:Wireless Belkin print server appears to be disabling all the printer drivers



I was wondering if you have managed to sort your problem out, as I am suffering from excatly the same issue. The help desk of Belkin was not use, as t hey suggested that I go and buy another printer!!

Relevancy 61.49%

I keep getting error messages that printer wont connect and also this message in picture.
I dont know alot about computer and been trying to print for over 3 hrs now
I have windows 7 PC and a laptop

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you

A:New Wireless printer Cannon Pixma MG3220 wont print / connect

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Follow the Instructions in the Link below ....
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hello dear sir I have the problem with my printers in my office the printers are HP laser jet and my problems is nbsp After I print a document printer does not stop and printing white papers until I stop print service or power down the printer whenI push ctrl p nbsp to printer I does white down not , print print or service I and printer the power until After a stop papers stop printing document print After I print a document , printer does not stop and printing white papers until I stop print service or power down the printer some files like shockwave shd appears in this address quot c windows system spooler printers quot and these files never vanished unless i stop the print spooler I know that nbsp nbsp The following briefly describes the purpose of SPL SHD and TMP files SPL files are the actual spool print job files TMP files are usually associated with LPR print jobs SHD files provide information about which printer the print job was sent to and from whom the print job came An SHD file is a quot shadow quot file that keeps track After I print a document , printer does not stop and printing white papers until I stop print service or power down the printer of what logical printer a same number xxxxx spl file goes to It also contains the file's order in the queue the user who sent the file to the printer and other information These files are usually deleted unless the logical printer settings state otherwise but these files nbsp never vanished and untils these file were removed manually printer cant print at all please help me
Relevancy 60.2%

  I upgraded my computer to windows 10, when I did this my printer stopped working . I set my computer my to windows 7
and it still will not print I have tried everything any suggestions.
e-mail - [email protected]
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My Kodak ESP C inkjet printer started producing poor printouts a few weeks ago Print C310 Won't Kodak Up until then from new I have always used genuine Kodak replacement cartridges as needed However I succumbed to temptation and installed quot compatible quot cartridges ie both black and colour These were branded as KD- BK and KD- C respectively The printouts continued to be unacceptable I blamed the cartridges replaced them with genuine Kodak ones and got reasonable but not as good as I expect results Fairly quickly the quality went down until today when an attempt to print text only from Open Office gave unreadable Kodak C310 Won't Print output I replaced again just now this time replacing genuine with genuine First I only replaced the black as it Kodak C310 Won't Print was just text being printed No better Then I used the Properties setting to change from NORMAL to BEST That got me one pretty good printout but a subsequent printout was again virtually invisible almost just a blank sheet coming out Next I remembered that I had tried to use up laser printer paper in this inkjet machine so I removed that and inserted plain quot copier quot paper that has always been fine perfect even before Nope blank printout Finally I replaced the colour cartridge too using genuine Kodak kept the same copier Kodak C310 Won't Print paper in the tray and set the Properties to BEST Nope not a single drop of ink on the paper Help nbsp

A:Kodak C310 Won't Print

Might need a new Printhead. (Not cartridge)
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I can't get my new laptop to recognize my old Kodak 500 Photo Printer as a printer. It shows up as a "device" instead, and so I can't print to it. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix?

A:Kodak Photo Printer not recognized as printer

What driver did you install? There is no Win 7 driver on the Kodak site for your printer but the Vista driver should work. There's also a firmware update that you may need to install but you won't be able to do that until you get the computer to recognize the printer. Kodak Photo Printer 500
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We are trying to print off pictures from Kodak Easyshare onto an HP printer. No luck.

A:Kodak Easyshare print problem

You could say what actually happens, like for example does the printer start up but then does nothing, a model number would be good, have you used it before with no problems? have you installed drivers? how is the printer connected?

What computer or laptop have you got that printer plugged into? we need a few clues to work from, for us to think of what might be the problem.
Relevancy 59.34%

I have a Kodak All-in-one printer scanner copier that appears to not want to print black ink To rule out the possibility of this being a printer driver issue Kodak black 5100 All-in-one ink print with not does I just tried to copy something using the easy copy button on Kodak All-in-one 5100 does not print with black ink top telling it to make a black and white copy of this cross-word puzzle from a new paper This feature doesn t as far as I know rely on the computer at all and should not be dependant on software or drivers What it printed out practically looks like a faint negative Where black is supposed to be it s white Where white is supposed to be it s Kodak All-in-one 5100 does not print with black ink a faint grey VERY strange If you tried to print a test page with it you would get nothing but the colored Windows logo the four boxes and everything else would be blank This is a brand spanking new black ink cartridge as well the third one purchased since the printer was first purchased months ago And I know it s not used anywhere near the ink needed to merit purchasing any new ink But when this started acting up it was thought replacing with a fresh batch would solve the problem I ve also uninstalled and re-installed the Kodak easy share software and print drivers twice but nothing has helped I m thinking the next thing I try is to wrap a chain around it and throw it off a boat drag it along the floor and then detach it near the entrence side of a the spillway of a dam nbsp

A:Kodak All-in-one 5100 does not print with black ink

I cannot count how many issues I've had with all-in-ones, to the point I buy them like disposable dishes. Buy one cheap with ink, it runs out, chuck it (or sell it on ebay) and buy another one. I've even saved money (due to ink costs...) overall.

Also, stick to laser printers. Even though the cost of cartridges are higher compared to ink jet, they last 100x's longer. For example my old HP 6L is still using the same cartridge for nearly 3 years. Try that with an inkjet, I don't think you'd make 6 months even if you never used it. Btw the 6L is the only printer I've kept, and it's nearly 10 years old, even though I have a newer samsung color laser, I still use this reliable guy a lot.
Relevancy 58.91%

Does anyone know how to change Kodak Imaging default print settings so that it shows "Fit to page" in the Print format drop down under the Image Options tab on the Print dialogue window?? I would guess it's a registry setting because there's no way for me to apply this as a default in the application itself.
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At startup, I got
Could not reconnect all network drives
There is a red X next to MEMQRYCARD (\\EPSOM5F09AO fZ

A:I can't print because network drives disconnected.

I re-installed the drivers and can print now. I would still like to rid the X in my Computer and also notice that drive K won't appear for my memory card. I remember working on this before and I forgot exactly what to do. I went to Computer > Tools > Map Network Drive, at the Drive dropdown menu I select drive Z for my printer. Now what do I do?
Relevancy 58.05%

HELP PLEASE -- I am trying to transfer some pix I just took (31 in total) via dock to my computer.

After the 2nd pix has transferred over, I get a SCREEN BOX that says

"Transfer interrupted ===
REASON: The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid."

I do not know what this means.

I also use Picasa by the way, don't know if that is affecting my problem?

I've never seen this message box ever before. Kodak is about 6 years old.

Please know that I am a computer moron so I am hoping that anything you say I can understand. Sorry.

Thank you in advance.
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Whenever I print to the shared printer on my Windows 7 desktop, the print job will just sit in the print queue. If I stop and then start the print spooler, the job will print. It happens from an XP laptop. Print jobs sent from the local Windows 7 computer print just fine.
How can i solve this one ? :(

This issue with some particular laptop running windows Xp and windows 7 Home

A:Whenever I print to the shared printer he print job will just sit in the print queue

So, the Windows 7 Desktop has the printer physically attached to it and it's shared?
And the XP laptop is sharing the printer through the network? If I understand you correctly?
If so, on the XP Laptop, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow flags? Or Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? Or any listings for the printer? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall any drivers or software for the printer. Now,go to Printers and Faxes, and if the printer icons is there, Right click the shared printer icon and Delete it. And Restart the computer. Now when the computer comes back up, go to the printer manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in the model# for the printer and download the driver for the printer for XP and install it. Now, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the Windows 7 machine (ex) \\ComputerName and press enter. A window should open up with the shared drives on the 7 computer, with the shared printer. Right click the shared printer and choose Connect. This will add the printer to Printers and Faxes again. Right click this printer/Properties and print a Test Page.
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We had a glitch in May with our Easyshare softare after some Windows updates and tried the repair print - Problem software Cannot Easyshare uninstall/reinstall KODAK of with feature then the uninstall with no results Not sure Problem with uninstall/reinstall of KODAK Easyshare software - Cannot print if they are related I cannot get Kodak Easyshare Problem with uninstall/reinstall of KODAK Easyshare software - Cannot print software ver to uninstall completely on Problem with uninstall/reinstall of KODAK Easyshare software - Cannot print my Dell PC even with their kodak clear exe cleaner utility file It leaves folders and registry entries We have a problem with the One Touch feature not loading properly so the computer does not recognise the Kodak printer dock to send pictures to it wants to reset back to my default Dell printer everytime I select to send to the Kodak printer stating that the software does not support the current driver Well duh it s the driver that got installed from the disc This don t make sense I have tried to set the Kodak as default no difference Upon upgrading to ver the error message changes to quot There is a printer error quot nothing else We have been on the phone for days with Kodak and they finally said it had to sent to their research department and they will call us when if they have a solution Until then we have an expensive camera charger but no photo printer I ve tried shareware registry cleaners none seem to correct the problem shy of paying the that most want for their full versions just to see if they work Any ideas nbsp
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I have a laptop running Windows bit and I cannot get my Kodak AiO printer to work I have downloaded the latest software from the kodak website and downloaded the latest firmware but programs such as notepad paint or word will not print The only thing I can get to print is a calibration Printer AiO Help w/Kodak page from the quot maintenance quot button under quot Printer Preferences quot I'm on hold with a kodak tech as I type this message So far he's had me remove device amp install the printer with no results still can't print Next thing we just tried Help w/Kodak AiO Printer was stopping amp re-starting the printer spooler still can't print He put me hold again We went to quot device manager quot I had usb composites so he had me uninstall one I then removed printer again amp re-installed the printer still can't print Back on hold so he can talk to his supervisor Now I've been asked to uninstall the printer and download the software and firmware again This will take awhile If anyone else has had this issue resolved please let me know how

A:Help w/Kodak AiO Printer

Hello Meandher!

When you try to print in word, does it go to the queue? What driver do you currently have?

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Most reviews I've been reading are negative. But their reasons are generally negative due to receiving the printer without a usb cable or that it's not bluetooth capable (whatever that is). Some say it prints like crap unless you use only Kodak paper, while others say the print quality is okay on other brands of paper. The ink is supposed to go much farther than others as well. So I'm wondering if that part is true, does the ink last much longer than what would be typical? Also, has anyone used non-Kodak paper in it and it works out acceptably? I don't print my photos at home, so that's not an issue. I just want the kids to be able to use it for classwork and for printing documents, so quality doesn't have to be out of this world. Input?
Relevancy 56.76%

Hi newbie here and to Windows I recently upgraded to Windows upgraded in the loosest sense first it was no sound which after hours of messing about I managed to fix but now I have no printer at all Windows does not recognise my printer it is a Kodak wifi printer on my home network it was perfectly fine in Windows but even after trying to add device Kodak 3.2 printer it finds nothing I updated the driver to Kodak's latest and still it won't recognise the printer I would not be too bothered but I need the printer working for work related stuff no idea how I can get this os to find the printer anyone have any ideas please I am starting to regret this upgrade I also have files that won't Kodak 3.2 printer delete due to invalid ms-dos errors oh and I can't figure out how to make my background picture into a slide show as my picture files won't show up on the slideshow tab for some reason Maybe this Windows needed more beta testing before release too much is going wrong

A:Kodak 3.2 printer

Is anyone able to help?

Have tried installing the printer through a wired connection but Windows 10 will not install any drivers for it, keep getting errors, I have checked network sharing and un-installed all drivers and re-installed the latest kodak drivers.

If I try to install drivers I keep getting 'could not find file, error 0x00000002' and it stops, all print spooler services are started as well as all dependencies, can't figure out why it won't install 1 driver.

Hope someone can help.
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while talking with a kodak person he told me to put net spool in but computer would not do what he wanted it to do. what exactly does a net spool do? and why should that fix my conection between printer and computer..thanks karen

A:new kodak all in one printer

You state your OS is Vista, yet you posted in the Windows 2000 Forum. Is this also your post: would be good. Did you install the software and then connect the aio when prompted? How about some more information?"So won?t you give this man his wingsWhat a shameTo have to beg you to seeWe?re not all the sameWhat a shame" - Shinedown
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hi all

sony vaio pc desktop pcvrs620 g, dell A940 all in one printer (wired to sony desktop) and a toshiba satellite laptop connnected through a wireless linksys router to the network...
all xp sp2

here's the trouble. we want to be able to share this printer, but right now cannot make the laptop print on the wired printer. of course it will print if i connect the usb cable, but i want to be ablet to print wirelessly.

have done "share this printer" on the wired pc
when i try to add the drivers /install the printer on the laptop it wants me to connect the laptop to the printer...i am not sure that i want to establish this connection since my ultimate goal is wireless printing...

ok? thanks!!

sorry, edited, i am posting this question in the more appropriate "networking" forum...
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I have a problem with my home wireless network. My network operatates at 2.4 GHz and so does my home wireless phone. Everytime my phone rings I get disconnected from my wireless network. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

A:Everytime my wireless home phone rings I get disconnected from my wireless network.

Welcome to Tech Spot

Do you have 802 B or 802 G wireless?

When I was in Best Buy, one of the sale people mentioned how 2.4 GHZ phone interferes with 802 B Wireless networks (uses same frequencies).

He mentioned that 802 G wireless network were not affected with the phones.
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Ok using the kodak printer ESP 3250 with vista HP 32 and i can t edit scranned documents so i think i need some free OCR (?) software to work its magic; so any ideas how to get that and where and is it easy to use - thanks hugs . .
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Hello, have a Kodak ESPC315 Printer.Problem, not Printing because it is saying the printer driver is Unavailable. In Device and printers it gives two Kodak printers, it gives the Kodak esp C315 AIO XPS as the Default Printer, and the Kodak esp C315 + 3444 Which should be the DEFAULT Printer is not recognised. This happens all the time I come to use my printer Please Help, thanksWindows 10message edited by gep

A:Kodak Printer problem need help

Assuming you've loaded the proper software/drivers for your printer, just go to Devices & Printers, right click on it, & then select "set as default". Kodak lists driver up Windows 8. edited by riider
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I am running windows 7 in 64-bit mode. When I plug in the usb cable to the G610 nothing happens. I have tried 2 different cables. I cannot transfer pictures or do anything from my computer, but it works by itself with the C913 camera. Not sure this is the right forum, but I have gotten good help from here before, so I thought I'd try. Any help appreciated. Cheryl

A:Kodak G610 printer

Try another usb port. Do you have a usb flash drive or any other usb device you can use to test to verify the port(s) are working?

Some firmware updates and the vista driver (should work for windows 7 if it comes up as unknown device)
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My KODAK ESP 3250 SCANNER/PRINTER suddenly will not print black text. Prints all other colors just fine. Replaced black cartridge but still will not print black text. Ran inkjet cleaner sheet thru the printer, but that did not help. It even printed black text on the cleaner sheet, but would not print it on a sheet of printer paper afterward. Tried reinstalling the driver, but was directed to a driver update which would not download and install. Here is my system information:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4450e, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2942 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM), 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 226949 MB, Free - 119023 MB; D: Total - 11523 MB, Free - 1644 MB; G: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 212422 MB;
Motherboard: ECS, Iris8
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi can anyone help?
I have aKodak ESPC315 - setup is as its always been,ink is full,when press print its going through the motions but the paper is coming out plain!

A:Solved: Kodak Printer

try cleaning the print head

user guide here
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I have already contacted Kodak and they told me my printer is broke and I need to buy a new one I really think it should be fixable it was a stupid mistake that quot broke quot it And all they did was have me unplug and plug it back it to see if it would is a printer Kodak This issue unfreeze it Very technical of them Anyhow I was hoping that maybe someone else might be able to help me out This is what happened I opened my AiO home center and while messing around in there a firmware update popped up I clicked to update but then saw that I was supposed to have my printer on Well little did I know that you are This is a Kodak printer issue not supposed to stop the process of This is a Kodak printer issue a firmware update This is a Kodak printer issue but that s exactly what I did I hit ctrl alt delete and ended it Since then my printer has become non responsive and the pc no longer detects that it is even there I just can t believe that that one stupid mistake could have completely broke my printer There must be a way to fix this I m running Windows XP on an HP athalon X with gb of ram The printer is a Kodak EasyShare all in one printer I have tried to install the new firmware in the printers current state but I get a message that no printer is detected If more info is needed please let me know I would greatly appreciate any help if it can be provided Much thanks nbsp
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I am at my wits end I build and work on computers as a sideline so am reasonably competent with them However this one has me completely stumped I am trying to get a brand new Kodak Printer hooked up to a friend s Dell laptop and the two machines absolutely will not talk to each other We even took the first printer back and got another one Dell Studio laptop Vista Home Premium bit Kodak ESP All-in-One A copy and paste from one of numerous e-mails sent to Kodak support The printer will make copies just fine It appears as the default printer in my printer settings When I try to print it is listed as an available printer Under the listed printers it is selected to use on-line I have tried setting the on-line option from the administrator option in the right click options The only devices I have connected to the computer are this printer and a USB wireless mouse I have tried different USB cables and each of the available USB ports on the laptop I have uninstalled the software from the CD and downloaded the drivers from the website with the same result There is a printer icon in the startup items in the taskbar When the USB cable is plugged in a red X flashes and the error message is will install Kodak not Printer quot Printer Communication Error quot and asks me to be sure the USB cable is OK and to turn the AIO on and off However when I unplug the USB Kodak Printer will not install cable the error changes to quot Printer not responding quot and asks me to be sure printer is on USB cable is connected and the print queue is on-line I Kodak Printer will not install have uninstalled everything and simply booted up with the printer USB cable plugged in Vista recognizes the correct printer and installs the drivers that make it happy Nope same result with the same error messages Just for grins I let it recognize and install drivers for my older hp printer My printer Kodak Printer will not install shows up just fine but again the laptop will not send a print command to the printer I originally suspected this is related to Vista is her daughter bought the same printer and installed it on her XP system with no problems at all Now I m beginning to wonder if there isn t something going on with the laptop itself Sorry if this is too long-winded Any assistance will be greatly appreciated Installing a printer is not supposed to be this hard nbsp

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I am at my wits end I build and work on computers as a sideline so am reasonably competent with Kodak printer. a Vista and them However this one has me completely stumped I am trying to get a brand new Kodak Printer hooked up to Vista and a Kodak printer. a friend's Dell laptop and the two machines absolutely will not talk to each other We even took the first printer back and got another one Dell Studio laptop Vista Home Premium bit Kodak ESP All-in-One A copy and paste from one of numerous e-mails sent to Kodak support The printer will make copies just fine It appears as the default printer in my printer settings When I try to print it is listed as an available printer Under the listed printers it is selected to use on-line I have tried setting the on-line option from the administrator option in the right click options The only devices I have connected to the computer are this printer and a USB wireless mouse I have tried different USB cables and each of the available USB ports on the laptop I have Vista and a Kodak printer. uninstalled the software from the CD and downloaded the drivers from the website with the same result There is a printer icon in the startup items in the taskbar When the USB cable is plugged in a red X flashes and the error message is quot Printer Communication Error quot and asks me to be sure the USB cable is OK and to turn the AIO on and off However when I unplug the USB cable the error changes to quot Printer not responding quot and asks me to be sure printer is on USB cable is connected and the print queue is on-line The reason I suspect this is related to Vista is her daughter bought the same printer and installed it on her XP system with no problems at all Sorry if this is too long-winded Any assistance will be greatly appreciated

A:Vista and a Kodak printer.

I am having the same problem. I have VISTA Ultimate SP1. I checked the logs and it tells me that Kodaksvs.exe crashed, then the print spooling system crashed. Kodak sent me a new USB cable, but no joy.Tried their cleaning program and reinstalling from the web but no joy. Requested that they post the entire download of the AIO installer so it could downloaded and installed instead of the web and they reacted as if they had no idea of what I was talking about. Since the problem couldn't be resolved by their standard procedure, which means they couldn't find it the manual, I asked for the next level tech help. The person who I was talking to put me on hold and then said his Supervisor wouldn't come out of the office. Then they blamed it on my motherboard and said I had to go to the MB manufacturer and download the proper drivers. My USB HP 1320 works fine, the USB mem sticks work fine, my WD MyBook works fine. Every thing works but the Kodak 5500 AIO wont work with USB. I was able to hook it up to my network with a print server from Cables to go and I can print to it, but cannot scan to the computer. Its definitely a Kodak software issue.
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I'm trying to find some Linux drivers for this device, but before everyone looks away, this is an easy one!

What I need to know is what printer is this based on? I know it's a Lexmark of some sort, with this info I'll (hopefully) be able to source some drivers.

Thanks folks.

A:Kodak PPM200 Printer

hehe not really that easy.
Only thing I can find are the basic specs,1231,NzAyfDE=,00.html

Not very helpful. I'll look some more but not finding much.
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I have a kodak esp5 all in one printer i am trying to use as a network printer. I can see the printer on the network but when i try to print from my wireless laptop it says printer is not online but the printer is on. I am using a linksys wrt610n router. is the kodak esp 5 network compatible or do i need additional hardware.

A:Network kodak printer

all depends upon the wiring.

if the router is connected ---> ESP5, then it will appear on the Network

if the ESP5 is connected to another system, then it is a shared device on that system and needs to be shared.
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I'm running my Kodakprinter with my HP computer with Windows Vista. Can anyone tell me where I can go to update my Kodak drivers?

A:Solved: Kodak Printer

Try the Kodak site below
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Hi i have a kodak esp.c310 and i get this problem when ever 1 ink cartridge is out i cant print anything even if the black and white one is full and i want to print in just black and white it wont let me is there anyway to get past this?

A:Kodak printer always needs both ink cartridge

replace the color one and keep the black one,( there is no white )
i have a kodak printer and the color usually runs out before the black ink,
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Hi I just purchased an used computer with Windows Home Premium x this is an HP Slimline s f The problem that I have is with a Brother HL series printer It gave me a really hard time to install the drivers that I downloaded from Printer grayed problems print - page print fails test out button the Brother website I kept getting a quot x quot error and quot Printer problems print button grayed out - test print page fails could not find suitable driver for this printer quot error Finally I decided to take the driver folders for this printer from my wife's computer and copied them to my computer and put them in the drivers repository under System and was able to install the printer after that with no problems The problem that I have right now is that the printer won't print even though it told me Printer problems print button grayed out - test print page fails that the driver installation was successful -the print button is grayed out -If I click quot printer properties quot it tells me that the drivers have not been installed and asks if I want to install them -If I install the drivers at this prompt it tells me that the drivers have been successfully installed -Now it lets me access the printer properties but when I click quot print test page quot either nothing happens or it tells me that it failed to print and access is denied -If i close printer properties and try to access it again it tells me that the printer drivers have not been installed I get the same results with the printer connected locally trough USB or on another computer through the network All the other computers in the house print to this printer without a problem through the network The printer server is running Ubuntu It seems like a permission problem Thanks I appreciate any help that I can receive on this Manuel Rivas

A:Printer problems print button grayed out - test print page fails

Hello and welcome Manuel. Now probably too obvious mate but is the printer showing up ticked as the default device in Printers and Devices? while 7 is up and running?.
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I have a Kodak all-in-one printer ESP Originally its quot Home Center quot to UAC printer requires be Kodak disabled software always required confirmation from UAC that it was OK to continue which was annoying but I learned Kodak printer requires UAC to be disabled to live with it Today I allowed the Kodak software to update to the latest version and the software then stopped working The printer would still print from Word Excel and so on and the Home Center still requested permission to start from UAC but even once it was running it was still unusable because whatever I Kodak printer requires UAC to be disabled selected I just got an error message from it and I always got an APPCRASH message when I tried to close it The Home Center software is neded if you want to use the printer as a scanner or change any of the printer defaults Kodak say the only way to cure it is to turn UAC off permanently because their software is not compatible with UAC Sure enough this cures it - but I wanted to leave UAC on Have other people had the same problem and does anybody know if there is a better workaround How can Kodak advertise their software as being compatible with Windows Vista and if it is not compatible with UAC

A:Kodak printer requires UAC to be disabled

Hello Telford.

Did the printer do everything you needed it to before you allowed the update?
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Hi all! I have a Kodak ESP3 all in one printer. I purchased it about 5 years ago and after printing one test sheet it stopped working and I kept putting off it's repair. Now, 5 years later, I'm starting Uni and I really need it! I managed to removed the paper that was jammed and tried to print but with each printing attempt, an error message pops up saying there's a software communication error. I don't really know where to begin or what to do. The USB cable is plugged into the tower, so it's not that. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks
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Need some help on this.

I have a Kodak Easyshare printer and it doesn't print anything I send to it.

As far as I know everything is correct. I'm figuring it's some kind of driver problem, but I don't even know where to start.

it's connected to a Computer running Win98SE

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Really dont know where to start with my problem
Have been using my desk PC & Kodak esp 1.2 aio printer together quite happily for a couple of years.
Have now decided to use my printer instead with my Lenora T430 Thinkpad.
My printer recognises my router signal but when I try to add the printer to laptop devices/printer etc it shows a correct picture of my printer as if it is an installed device, but nothing will print.
When I right click on picture to give instruction to make sure it is default setting for printer, that default setting option isnt there, it starts the options with start scan, start profiles, start properties etc.
Its almost as if the laptop only recognises the printer as a scanner.
Also printer only seems to be installed as a short cut?
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Has Kodak updated the drivers yet for Win7?

A:Kodak 5300 all in one printer update

There are no W7 drivers listed on the Kodak website for your printer, sorry.
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Anyone know where i can get a driver for this printer?

A:Kodak Pro 1400 Printer 64 bit Driver

Kodak Tech support tells me there isn't one. He suggested installing the printer on a 32-bit machine (which apparently does work) and sharing it.
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I have a Kodak Hero connected to my Motorola Surfboard SBG modem wireless router It connects fine and I can find the printer and even print hen my computer is connected to Ethernet but not when wifi! connect over kodak not will printer I switch over to wifi This is on a computer running windows rp but I know the os is not to blame because it is not found by my roommates mac on wifi or my other roommates windows xp machine i figure it must be a router setting that i am missing When i run arp -a in cmd this is what i get Code C Users kodak printer will not connect over wifi! William gt arp -a Interface --- xc Internet Address Physical Address Type -e - -e - b-bb dynamic f - d- - -d - e dynamic e - - - -e - a dynamic ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff static - - e- - - static - - e- - - static - - e- - -fb static - - e- - -fc static - - e- f-ff-fa static ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff static Interface --- xd Internet Address Physical Address Type -e - -e - b-bb dynamic e -ca- - d-ce-f dynamic f - d- - -d - e dynamic ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff static - - e- - - static - - e- - - static - - e- - -fb static - - e- - -fc static - - e- f-ff-fa static ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff static C Users William gt is my ethernet is my wireless card and is the printer i noticed that i cannot find all of the devices on my network when connected to wireless including the router Please Help

A:kodak printer will not connect over wifi!

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Did you setup the network security with the correct pass-phrase on the printer?

Try running AdvancedIPScanner, you'll be able to see all your network devices.
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I purchased the Kodak Easyshare 5300 Printer and when the printer is connected to the harddrive the external wireless card gives an error message of unknown devise and the internet no longer works. If you disconnect the printer USB cable and restart the computer the external wireless card is recognized. Any suggestions on what is causing this and how to fix it?
Kodak has been absoluetly no help

A:Kodak EasyShare 5300 Printer

Have you tried changing the USB ports that the printer and the Wireless card are connected too? The computer should have several USB ports available.

Also post the specs on your computer and the operating system you are using.
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Join Date Feb Vista x posts I have a new Kodak COLOR A important COLOR A important printer color color and a new laptop but I cannot connect to the printer When I search for it it appears in connect printer cannot network kodak to my network but when I try to add it it says that it will not COLOR A important COLOR A important print cannot connect to network kodak printer color color cannot connect to network kodak printer to printer I reloaded the software and it just sits there and searches for the printer My wife has the same new laptop as I and hers will print so I know it is not the printer Can anyone suggest anything I tried to change the printer sharing under discovery and it is grayed in so I cannot change it This is what the error says as I mentioned earlier my wifes laptop works fine Operation could not be completed error x make sure that you have typed the name correctly and the printer is connected to the network Any help will be appreciated
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I am not sure if this is where I need to be or not but here goes I have a Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock I have had it for about years I tried to 3 EasyShare Kodak Dock Printer print pictures from my camera by docking it on top of the dock as usual It printed two pictures ok Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock 3 and then when I started the third one it ran it through the first time and then stopped Said there was a paper jam The paper had come out the back as usual but then did not go back through I turned the printer off and cleaned the rollers When I turned it back on it said that I needed to change the color cartridge Even though I had not used all of the one that was in the printer I changed it The color cartridge usually have color film showing This one did not it was clear It still tells me I need to change the color cartridge Thinking that the cartridge was defective I changed it again It is still giving me the message to change the color cartridge Now the cartridge is locked in and I can t get it out Can somebody help me Thanks nbsp
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I have been unable to print using Bluetooth connection. When I use the Kodak Printer Dock Configuration Utility (must be hard wired with USB cable), and I select Bluetooth as the preferred commo device, the Dock reverts automatically back to WiFi. Has anyone ever connected with Bluetooth and successfully printed any pics? Would appreciate any assistance possible ... Kodak not very helpful.
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I run windows vista home premium I have a kodak 5300 all in one.
Every thing works fine except when I try to scan a document in to the computer I get an error
Error code 1-2008 kodak says it's a microsoft error.

A:kodak 5300 printer error

Hi robertmcp and welcome to Vista Forums

Not sure what you mean by this error code, but here is a link to the Kodak support page for your printer/scanner: KODAK EASYSHARE 5300 All-in-One Printer Support. It is possible that you may solve the error by updating the driver and/or the firmware via this link, but take note of the warning (firmware upgrade) and download time (driver): KODAK EASYSHARE 5300 All-in-One Printer Downloads and Upgrades. If you choose the firmware upgrade, then please note that you carry this out AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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Windows XP, 384MB RAM, AMD Athlon Processor 805 MHz.

Have operated this system for 8 months after purchasing Kodak ESP AiO-3
until it would not scan.
Receiving Error 1-2036.
Kodak "Help" after lengthy discussion, requires I increase RAM to 512MB.
The carton information at the point of purchase indicated 128MB RAM required. Not 512MB.
Kodak sent a new installation disk Version 4.2. No improvement and Windows dialog box says the software is not recognized by Windows.
Most of the time, installation is OK until installing Printer Drivers.
Thanks in advance for any info available.
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When I switch on the printer I get an error mesage 3533 saying there is a paper jam. I have checked the paper path and there is no jammed paper. If I press the OK button the printer loads a sheet of paper and passes it through the printer. I have checked the Kodak Support web site for this error and carried out their suggested solutions without any success. I have unistalled the printer software and reinstalled it - still without success. I am at a loss what to do next- throw it away perhaps!

A:Kodak ESP C110 Printer Problem

there maybe a tiny bit of paper stuck - but i have to say , i have had a few kodak printers that have paper issues - and had them replaced under warranty - had a couple of clients who just wanted them changed to a different make
I have one and it works really well

is it under warranty
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I'm having problems with my Kodak ESP after a clean install of Vista -bit My first install had no problems with the printer drivers ESP 3250 Printer for Kodak I simply turned it on and vista automatically detected it and installed everything perfectly Unfortunately I recently ran into problems and had to do a clean install I have re-installed in exactly the same way but no matter what I try this time it won't install Going the automatic route fails to find any drivers When I go to the Kodak website and download them they cannot find the printer When I point Windows in the direction of the drivers I have downloaded when installing it does not accept them Similarly when I go to control panel- gt add printer and select my exact model from the list I get the error message Printer driver was not installed Operation could not be completed error x I would really appreciate any help I've wasted hours trying to solve this Carl
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A client is interested in having external networking ports available for printing to internal, XP-attached shared workstation printers.

Basically, they want to print to external IP address and have IIS push that data to a shared printer at someone's workstation. Ideally we would set up six or eight of these, each with a different port on the public IP.

Any suggestions?
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I'm working at an office where when you hit the Print Screen button, it causes a printout in addition to the normal copy to clipboard. I just want to copy to clipboard without wasting toner and paper. It can't be a program on the computer as it's clean with just Windows 8.1

It actually happens on all the machines (whether Windows 7, 8, or 8.1). Is it a program installed on the server? Is it a setting in Windows? How do I stop this behavior?

A:Print Screen button will print to the printer! how to stop

By definition the print screen function only sends the image to the clipboard so if the printer is also involved then something else -- some other software installed on your machine -- is the culprit here.

One way to find out what it is is by unhooking the printer and then watching the screen to see what error messages pop up when trying to use the print screen function.
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Hi there OK here we go I previously owned a Lexmark Z printer and up to a certain point it was printing ok Then it abruptly stopped printing any pages It sounded as if it was getting the signal from the computer but nothing would print Rather than buy new cartridges which would have cost more than a new printer I bought a Dell Now the color prints fine but I cannot get the black to print The cartridges are just about full with only a small amount out of the black cartridge I read somewhere this week that it has something to do with the software I believe there was a work-around but for the life of me I can t remember where I saw it and I didn t bookmark the Ink print/No previous would Black pages print will printer not in page My other computer is WinXP but I didn t like XP and the fact that I got hosed on the deal with only RAM - never could track down the guy who sold it to me Figures Anyway I now have a computer Black Ink will not print/No pages in previous printer would print with WIN K I don t have the software for the Dell printer but I downloaded the drivers from the Dell site I do have the software for the Lexmark Lately it seems I ve seen Dell and Lexmark being spoken of in the same sentence - are they connected A LEXPPS exe which is Lexmark corporation is quot listening quot according to my Comodo leading me to believe that Dell and Lexmark have a lot to do with each other I m sure this sounds quite like rambling on my part but this little problem is driving me crazy right now and while not really a newbie I m pretty close - sort of a newbnov Can someone help me with this Thanks a bunch u btrfly nbsp

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Hi Installation Kodak Package?? Missing Printer I have been trying to figure out Missing Installation Package?? Kodak Printer and find any help on forums with Kodak and Microsoft Windows I am trying to Missing Installation Package?? Kodak Printer scan pictures with my Kodak AiO printer to a file on my computer Dell Dimension Windows XP Home Edition When I try to do this I get this pop-up quot Please wait while Windows configures center quot and it progresses to load and then stops at seconds remaining Then I get a pop-up that states lt lt THE FEATURE YOU ARE TRYING TO USE IS ON A NETWORK RESOURCE THAT IS UNAVAILABLE CLICK OK TO TRY AGAIN OR ENTER AN ALTERNATIVE PATH TO A FOLDER CONTAINING THE INSTALLATION PACKAGE CENTER MSI IN THE BOX BELOW gt gt I did a search in files and folders and came up with lt lt C DocumentsandSettings AllUsers ApplicationData Kodak EasyShareSetup printer center Missing Installation Package?? Kodak Printer refers to a location that is unavailable It could be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted or that you are connected to the Internet on your network and then try again If it still cannot be located the information might have been moved to a different location gt gt After all this I decided to do a search on my whole computer for this center msi installation package I came up with nothing There is nothing on my computer with this program or whatever the heck it is I have contacted Kodak tech suppport and Microsoft Windows tech support They are both saying it is the other s problem My question is has ANYONE had this problem with the AiO Kodak printer when trying to scan Where the heck to I get the center msi installation package I would think I would get it from Kodak but seems as though they don t have a clue either HELP My days are being taken up with this stupid problem I don t think I am too thrilled with the K or its tech support nbsp