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Solved: No sound on left channel/asus motherboard

Q: Solved: No sound on left channel/asus motherboard

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Solved: No motherboard channel/asus left on sound Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC P Z -V Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled I built this computer recently and I just hooked up a speaker system to it and I am getting no sound out of the left side I hooked up different sound systems and got the same results on both sets of speakers I have ran the Windows audio test and the onboard Realtek HD Audio Manager audio test and no sound is coming out of the left channel All drivers are updated and I guess you could say I m stuck Any suggestions would be a big help Music Solved: No sound on left channel/asus motherboard sounds pretty bad coming out of only side Thanks for taking the time to help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Solved: No sound on left channel/asus motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: No sound on left channel/asus motherboard

Front panel, back panel, or both? If both, I'd suspect a hardware fault. If the motherboard is new, contact the seller or manufacturer and get an RMA to have it replaced.
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Hi all this is my first post Sorry that it's a request for assistance I have a problem with my self build HTPC In Volume Asus & STX Essence only control on left Xonar channel win7 - a nutshell since Volume control on left channel only - Asus Xonar Essence STX & win7 yesterday when I adjust the volume in a media player winamp or Jriver only the left channel changes in volume the right channel remains at Both channels were working OK volume worked on L and R however last night all of a sudden the right channel stopped altering I have changed nothing all cables and connections are sound I've check everything I Volume control on left channel only - Asus Xonar Essence STX & win7 can think of within the software and searched on the web for similar problems and can't find a solution This is a screen capture of my windows audio controls When I adjust the Jriver volume control both speakers change volume together yet when I change them in the program only the left channel alters When I change the quot Speaker quot control only the left channel changes Any ideas what I need to so to sort this It's a critical function as it's a HTPC primarily used for music and video playback Thank you very much Edit to add Using a different sound card solves the problem so it's definitely Xonar STX related

A:Volume control on left channel only - Asus Xonar Essence STX & win7

Reseat the Xonar sound card (with the PC powered off, unplug the card then plug back in). This may fix it. If not, reinstall the drivers for the sound card as a next step.

If it still does not work properly, I would suspect a hardware problem in the card.
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Hello everybody

I have a P4-based PC, 1.5 GHz, intel 850 chipset, 768 rimm, sound onboard (AC97). I capture video with a Canopus DV-Storm card. I had Windows 2000 and all was working fine. I had recently to upgrade to WinXP. I am far from being a beginner in hardware. All devices are properly installed, the PC is working fine, but the same video capture (with the same Canopus capture software) gives me the the video with sound only on the left channel, its amplitude quiet reduced. Of course I checked the R-L balance everywhere. Everything I capture (from a VHS) has only left diminished sound. I suspect the AC97 drivers (generic Microsoft). Do you have an idea what could be wrong with my PC?

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Has anybody else encounterd the problem where the left-channel of their sound just goes dead and doesn't come back I have Windows XP SP ABit motherboard Soundstorm I recently installed a USB-UIRT infra red - channel lost/mute!? Sound left reciever but apart from that I haven't touched anything for at least a month All of a sudden the left-channel just went dead - only sound comes from you guessed it the right channel I tried uninstalling reinstalling both the unified nvidia nforce drivers as well as the audio drivers - no luck If anybody's encountered this before and can shed some light on what I can do to fix it PLEASE let me know By the way I've already switched speakers - they do work My thoughts are Drivers are screwd - reinstall been there done that XP is messed up somehow - reinstall urgh Physical audio-jack at the back of the M B is damaged i e I'm screwed ANY help would be greately appreciated Thanks a million Phasmax
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I have AM957G motherboard from PC Chips which has an onboard audio card running AC'97 Audio Codecs. I have it set for 5.1 surrond and untill tonight it ran smooth. It now has no sound out of the front left channel and acts as if it lost amp power to that side. The rest of the speakers function fine. I replaced both the LF speaker and then the whole set with a set that is known to be good. I tried to remove the driver and reinstall with no sucess, channel still gone. Lost and confused. Any ideas???

A:Lost sound in my left channel tonight

Might just be a hardware failure. Unless you need fancy sound there are many cheap decent sound cards that should be as good or better than what you have. Read the customer comments.
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Dear all I have been reading s of posts on the net for Channel speakers giving outputs only through the front left and right Sound Speakers Audio Front Channel and Left 5.1 - only from Right speakers Well I am no exception - Connected all the cables correctly to the respective jacks but still - Tried atleast different of HD Audio Drivers including the latest by the onboard device maker VIA - v a as well as the Microsoft generic HD Audio driver Installed Completely wiped Reinstalled all possible combinations but still - Tried adding the Sound Blaster Channel PCI Card SB VX but still - Tweaked all possible 'Playback Devices' options but still - Tried different Channel testing audio files but still But still still my speakers brand new iBall MJ - iBall's latest model doesn't play Channel 5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers Audio Following is my system specifications CPU - Intel Core Duo E GHz Package platform ID - Socket LGA Mainboard Model - P KPL-CM Northbridge - Intel P G G rev A Southbridge - 5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers Intel GB ICH R rev A Onboard Audio - VIA VT B -CH High Definition Audio Memory Type - DDR Memory Size - MBytes OS - Windows Ultimate Bit Though this board supports Channel audio even Channel is not being played when an audio file or video file is played all speakers flare up playing the audio is all speakers this is NOT channel audio this is just 'Speaker Fill' playing the same sound in all the speakers tried disabling 'Speaker Fill' option in the VIA Audio Panel NOTHING WORKS After reading through s of posts on the net about this issue I think I have no other option but to change upgrade my mother board so please advice me Which motherboard that is compatible with my processor will play genuine channel audio when run on Windows Intel lists the following Compatible Chipsets Intel G Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel X Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel X Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Which among the above will really play GENUINE Channel audio If anyone has other suggestions than changing the motherboard please let me know Awaiting some 'REAL' help Pramod

A:5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers

I assume you are using something like this,

or similar cables to connect from the 6 RCA input jacks on the system to the 3 mini jacks on the computer (one each for the front left/right, sub/center and rear left/right).

Also is the audio you are trying to play stereo or 5.1? If it is only stereo then it requires using speaker fill to get sound from all speakers.
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I have a PC clone with a ASUS P4S800 motherboard with integrated sound. I have tried to load drivers from the motherboard CD to download SoundMax. In system's hardware devices under Sound, Video and game controllers there is: Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture devices, Media Control devices, SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio with a yellow exclamation mark and Standard game port and Video Codecs.

I have uninstalled the Soundmax three time and everytime I re-installed, I would get the yellow ! in a triangle and a warning saying it is corrupt.

What can I do to fix this?

Thanks, Sparkknock

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This is my new motherboard, which I'm installing on the the moment I have a crappy SoundBlaster 128 (stereo) sound card.

Should I stick with that, or should I use the onboard sound [is it dolby 5.1? ]? If so, what speakers should I get? (under Ģ70 please)

Is it worth using the onboard sound or should I save for an Audigy 2?

BTW - will one reduce system performance more than the other?


A:On Board 6 channel sound - Asus A7V333

Well, I just got the A7V8X, and are using the onboard sound...

I found that I can't really tell much of a difference between it, and my old SB Live!...

And all my old problems with Creative cards and Via chipsets are gone
No longer cracking in sound when copying files, no more slow file copying, no more system crashes...

So in short, use it instead of your 128... I'm not quite sure when it comes to Audigy... The Q is, how good are your speakers? If they are of a premium quality, you might get a bit better sound with the Audigy, but if you're just using a set of OK speakers...

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Does Asus P6T or Asus P6T SE support Triple Channel in Memory (RAM) ?
What's difference between Asus P6T and Asus P6T SE ? Which one you guys suggest ?

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Hello I have a really weird thing going on I have a asus PG D motherboard I m not sure if it s the pro or the normal version but when I compare the pictures of the two motherboards on the Asus website with what mine looks like it looks like a P GD Pro motherboard So when I click on the downloads part of the page dedicated to that motherboard I look for the sound drivers for the onboard sound and the latest ones are very old like But the name of the drivers is Realtek ALC Audio Driver V beta for Windows have do, upgrade motherboard, if don't Can't sound I onboard sound I with Asus a bit XP So to find the latest Can't upgrade onboard sound with a Asus motherboard, if I do, I don't have sound I go on the Realtek website and find the latest drivers for the ALC I uninstall the old ones version and install the new ones version Reboot And then I have no sound When I try to read a audio file it makes the program crash etc So it s really weird since Realtek just says that not getting the drivers from the manufacturer will only cause me to loose the special tools and gadgets from the manufacturer Asus here but that s not a problem I just want to upgrade the drivers Either it s Asus that messed up or I m not getting the correct ones from the website Another weird thing is that inside Everest a program to get infos on my PC and what s in it it says my sound card is a quot Intel FB ICH - High Definition Audio Controller B- quot Also if I look the audio drivers on the asus website for the P GD motherboard the normal not the quot Pro quot version it givres the same name for the audio chipset quot ALC quot so it wouldn t really matter I guess Also i m french so please excuse my english Also being french I tried a website that is quite reliable but in french that scans your PC to see what you have and tells you what drivers you need and where to get them I tried that for the onboard sound and I get the same result no sound If anyone can help that would be great nbsp

A:Can't upgrade onboard sound with a Asus motherboard, if I do, I don't have sound

So it's really weird, since Realtek just says that not getting the drivers from the manufacturer will only cause me to loose the special tools and gadgets from the manufacturer (Asus here), but that's not a problem, I just want to upgrade the drivers.Click to expand...

Just use the ASUS ones, its very unlikely that there have been any updates for years.
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Would it just clock the ram down and if so would there be a huge performance hit?



A:Dual-Channel Memory in Single-Channel Motherboard

They would work in a single channel motherboard, and it wouldn't effect the speed of the actual RAM however it would effect the overall speed because the memory wouldn't be able to send data back and forth as fast as it could in Dual-channel motherboards.
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i bought a asus A8v-VM SE motherboard and from the internet specs its supposed to have a realtek card onboard it however the computer isn't finding it does anyone know why and where i can find a driver for said sound device

A:asus motherboard but where the sound

Have you tried the Asus website?
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I have a PC clone with a ASUS P4S800 motherboard with integrated sound. I have tried to load drivers from the motherboard CD to download SoundMax. In system's hardware devices under Sound, Video and game controllers there is: Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture devices, Media Control devices, SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio with a yellow exclamation mark and Standard game port and Video Codecs.

I have uninstalled the Soundmax three time and everytime I re-install I get the yellow ! in a triangle and a warning saying it is corupt.

What can I do to fix this?

Thanks, Sparkknock

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I've been having a rather irritating problem with my NVIDIA graphics card. Ever since I installed the card, it has been outputting sound through the card instead of through my onboard audio. Since I do not want to purchase an HDMI to DVI cable to play sound through my monitor, I was wondering how to redirect the audio to play through my motherboard so I can hear sound again. I have tried resetting BIOS settings, reinstalling all drivers for sound card, motherboard, and gpu, and I have poked around 100's of forums, and tried everything. I'm even considering buying a different brand of card because this stupid thing has created so many problems.

A:How do I output sound through my ASUS Motherboard?

Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Select playback devices and see if you have an option other than HDMI. I have 4 HDMI ports in addition to Speakers and "Speakers" is the default device on my machine.
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HI OS Version Microsoft R Windows R XP Professional x Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Phenom tm Quad-Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM off a while Sound Trouble motherboard after switches Asus Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB E Total - MB F Total - MB G Total - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A -EM Rev X x MS C CBJAU My pc has audio output panels one in the front and other in the back recently the back one stopped functioning but the front audio panel after i play anything after soem secs the audio Asus motherboard Sound switches off after a while Trouble goes off then its static for a while before it goes completely off i have to restart but then again the audio is the same secs of whatever im playing then it goes off i had reinstalled windows i had windows xp oses running on diff harddisks the second one i reformatted so that now its only one I downloaded the correct realtek drivers re-installed it on system the HD audio shows all proper but the sound same again Sumone help me pls is a prob with my hardware with my cabinet or my motherboard or with my os but then another insteresting thing th efirst few days the audio lasted some - mins when ever a blast or loud noise comes the audio goes off HELP nbsp
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Hello to everyone i just buy this motherboard, that i can not install the sound card right beacuse is not working under Windows XP Pro. with service pack 1 and the original drives from Hp.

I think this model is great how can I make or conected to my computer case i dont have the Manual,
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Recently bought and installed a ASUS P5kpl-am EPU motherboard and it's all working dandy apart from the sound. I installed the drivers from the official asus website for the board which is the VIA Audio codecs and software and it detects both my microphone and headphones but neither will work. What should I do?


A:ASUS Motherboard - Detects headphones but no sound

Quote: Originally Posted by Jordyi

Recently bought and installed a ASUS P5kpl-am EPU motherboard and it's all working dandy apart from the sound. I installed the drivers from the official asus website for the board which is the VIA Audio codecs and software and it detects both my microphone and headphones but neither will work. What should I do?


Have you tried downloading directly from Realtek?
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Edit pm Post Win7 64bit Sound: Asus Motherboard Realtek No is snap shots of all I have tinkered with or looked at You might be able to read this and skip to post Now back to the original message I have no sound My cpu is months old I have had extremely limited No Sound: Realtek Asus Motherboard Win7 64bit issues with the cpu since date of purchase I was watching a movie on Windows media player I never watched it before Windows Media Center crashed I rebooted and tried again WMC refused to play any videos or movies now My sound stopped working at this point Below is relevant information too much possibly It is almost as if the sound produced by 'software' has been muted blocked or turned off This No Sound: Realtek Asus Motherboard Win7 64bit cpu is the only media device in the home Windows media center crashed on about pm and we have been without sound since Please feel my pain The first categories might be the most relevant I am a No Sound: Realtek Asus Motherboard Win7 64bit computer noob Although I am a competent human What I have done Update drivers using the link for my ASUS motherboard I uninstalled drivers first Turned off and on Audio services - they are running Tried EVERY STINKING PORT why are there so many damn ports Verified speakers are turned on Checked in obvious locations for errors Checked devices Verified ALL wires are SNUG Restored to previous restore point Verified speakers are functional using MP player Cleaned cpu amp speakers Did my best to verify wires and stuff inside were working SPOKE with ASUS who said it was not the MoBo - said might be software CRIED SCREAMED KICKED Tried Realtek drivers Prayed Fiddled with the realtek HD audio manager settings - I do not understand many of them Changed play back quality filled sound turned effects off What is odd If I plug in a mic I can sing a tune through the speakers Windows Media Player will not run ANY DVDS or MP s However it will play streaming videos I captured from youtube If I use another player such as VLC or DIVx the movie plays perfect with NO SOUND When I attempt to play a test tone I receive the error quot Failed to play Test tone quot with the yellow exclamation point When I mute the speakers on off by pressing mute quickly I can hear that tiny click muffle you would expect to hear when you mute speakers The above must somehow be relevant no My computer is working WELL CEPT FOR DARN SOUND Realtek HD Manager Tower Speakers Checked Volume cranked Tried - all settings SOUND Speakers Realtek Hi Def Audio -Green Check Realtek nd Audio Headphones - Not Plugged in Nvidia HDMI - Not Plugged In Realtek Digitial OutPut Realtek Digital Audio - Ready MotherBoard Asus M n -d ASUSTeK Computer Inc System Information OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium Version Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name DADDY-PC System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name System Type x -based PC Processor AMD Phenom tm II X Processor Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Phoenix Technologies LTD ASUS M N -D ACPI BIOS Revision SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot User Name Daddy-PC Administrator Time Zone US Eastern Standard Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Component Services Windows Audio Started Automatic Local Service Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Started Automatic Local System Information I do not Understand but might be relevant Audio Codecs CODEC Manufacturer Description Status File Version Size Creation Date c windows system msg acm Microsoft Corporation OK C Windows system MSG ACM KB bytes PM c windows system imaadp acm Microsoft Corporation OK C Windows system IMAADP ACM KB bytes PM c windows system msgsm acm Microsoft Corporation OK C Wi... Read more

A:No Sound: Realtek Asus Motherboard Win7 64bit

I was just told to try a repair install. Looking at the repair install info here I was told by the poster NOT to do this if a recovery did not work.
As I said I am so confident that something somewhere was deleted, removed, blocked, broke or corrupted with my internal software. This is not a hardware issue.

What are the important audio files that I should make sure still exist on my computer? In order for computers to play any audio files what .dll, .exe, .com files must exist in windows or on my computer? I want to verify they are there.

While I have been trouble shooting my issue I found this post:

My Avast! program recognized Audiodg.exe as a malicious file and removed it. Since then, I have not been able to get sound on my system.
I have looked for a place to download and restore the Audiodg.exe file, but am unable to find it anywhere.
In my sound playback devices, when I try to 'test' my sound, I get an error "failed to play test tone". My audio drivers are all up to date."

This problem seems similar to mine as I had that Avast program and also recently found spyware. Is this something I should investigate - my computer deleting important audio files, these files becoming corrupt or accidental deletion of such files by me? If so which ones should I look for?

Even if I checked your solution I will check it again if you think I should. Even if you think it is not worth a mention - mention it!

I have cookies and sugar! All you need to do is stop by! I am in Indianapolis
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Here's the problem, I'm building my new PC as we speak and I bought this mammoth cpu cooler (which while I knew it would be big I didn't read any reviews stating it covers a memory slot) which fully covers up my first ram slot and the heat spreader is too tall on the memory to try and weasel it in there. The Gigabyte's instructions tell me that there are two "dual channels" one using 1 and 3 and the other using 2 and 4. I installed the RAM into 2 and 4 because there is no other way for it to work. Is there any reason I wouldn't get the same performance out of slots 2 and 4 as opposed to 1 and 3?

A:Solved: Can dual channel memory be installed in channel 1 rather than channel 0?
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Hi Tech Guys (and Gals)

I'm hoping my problem is a simple one. The left channel on my speakers isn't working properly. It's very low. When I slide the balance to the left speaker, I can hear it, but it's very muffled. This happens if I use either Winamp or Media Player. I recently got some windows updates, but I can't say for sure that's when the problem started. I tried unplugging and reinserting the wiring to no avail. I have a simple setup: two desktop speakers and a sub woofer. It has always worked fine, but in the last couple days, it hasn't. Any ideas?
Relevancy 61.92% there some sort of adjustment for this?

I'm using on-board Realtek AC'97 and had the same problems that everyone else does until I did a format, reinstall, and bought new speakers.

Now I get sound, but it only plays out of the left-hand speaker. Is this common and is there a way to fix this?

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I am developing an application which requires me to mute left/right individually while listening to continuous audio output via headphone/earphone. I have tried the following options in windows 7, 8,8.1,10 laptops,

- Adjusting the balance levels in playback device settings - My playback device is speaker, i tried adjusting the levels by keeping Left channel to zero and listening to right, i can still hear some sound in my left earphone. (try this with some continuous music)

- Disabling all enhancements, updating audio driver, used a TRS earphone instead of TRRS - Still hearing some sound.

- Tried with apps like VLC Player, Volumouse (Nirsoft), Volume2 etc. - None of them work.

-Downgraded my audio driver to older vista version - Reverts back to new one

Is there any means to actually do this or is it a windows restriction which does not allow you to do this.

Any help guys.!
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where is the balance nob in windows? How do I control the left/ right channel?

A:how to control left right channel

Depends on what sound you have, whether there is an option to adjust the Left/Right balance. Some have it and some do not.

I have RealTek on my PC and there is a RealTek HD Audio Manager that has that option. My RealTek HD Audio Manager is accessed by Start/Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.
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When I wake up my computer after it goes into suspend mode or what ever it's called I have no left audio. I tried reinstalling my audio drivers but it still happens. It only affects the left channel on both front jack and rear jacks (back of computer). Left rear (left surround speaker) works as do all the other channels. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate RC with a Asus M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard with VIA VT1708S HD Audio. Works fine after a restart but not after a wake up.

A:No left channel on wake up.


Try updating your sound card drivers? Look in Device Manager, right click on your card and hit update.

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Hi guys I'm new here and I need some help with Windows I have a HP Pavilion dv - ca I'm using IDT High Definition Audio CODEC But if I go Properties gt Levels gt Speakers gt Balance when I want to listen Left/Right Audio Channel to only the left channel even if I turn down R channel the audio i get from Audio Left/Right Channel the left channel is a mix of left and right audio Sorry if it's really confusing here's a scenario When one turns down right channel you should be hearing left audio on the left speaker but when I turn down right channel I hear left and right audio on the left speaker I hope you guys get what i mean I want it to work because for example I want to listen to karaoke videos this is a chinese karaoke video YouTube - - ktv that has a left channel of music only and a right channel of music Audio Left/Right Channel vocal right now it isn't working for me because no matter which channel i choose it plays a mixed audio of both Audio Left/Right Channel channels please help me thanks

A:Audio Left/Right Channel

It sounds like your driver/software isn't able to differentiate from left and right channel sound. Are you sure that you have your speakers set up for this? You may want to check for the newest drivers via the HP website.

This driver is from September of 2009, it's version 6.10.6225.0
IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver HP Pavilion dv5-1234ca Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
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Hi Everyone,

I just noticed that i hardly get any sound out of the left side of both my speakers and the headphone/line out. I checked the volume control panel and it is faded to the middle. Is there anything else I can try, otherwise i guess its hardware.

A:Low Left Channel Audio

Try turning the speaker wire, assuming it is a 3.5 jack. Also, try pushing the cable in a bit, not were the metal bit goes in, but where the wire goes to the plastic bit, which then goes to the metal bit. You may just have to adjust the balance.
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hi. my left channel plays both left channel and right channel while nothing comes out of the right speaker. it is not my speakers fault because i used headphones and same thing happened but when i used the headphones on another computer sound came from both channels. when i go to the 5.1 surround sound speaker test when the picture of the front left speaker lights up the voice says front left and it comes from that speaker, but when the front right speaker picture lights up the words front right come out of the front left speaker. this happened a few days ago and i didnt change anything. i tried system restore and updating the sound drivers but no luck. i would really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.

A:left and right channel audio

anyone? i just want to know why my right channel sound comes from the left speaker instead of coming from the right speaker.
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I m hoping someone can help with this About a year ago I hooked up my only into LEFT channel comes Recording computer through a receiver and phono player so that I could convert my vinyl albums into electronic music files I tested it through Audacity and all seemed well I recorded a few songs and that was it Now a year later I m trying to do the same thing for the rest of my albums and the sound only comes in through the LEFT channel I Recording comes into LEFT channel only ve checked the connections and tried it through several Recording comes into LEFT channel only software programs and the same thing happens I have the proper stereo RCA to mm adaptor and it worked fine before and I m using the onboard sound card in my system Sigmatel Audio I went through the sound card audio software to try to find some setting I might be missing but can t find anything that would indicate mono vs stereo Whether I choose line-in or stereo mix on the recording software makes no difference Anyone experienced this before or know how to solve it Thanks nbsp

A:Recording comes into LEFT channel only

I think you already checked your recording balances from the computers mixer (double click the speaker icon down left).
So you hear everything in mono, when you play records? Try to switch left and right, do you hear it right channel this time. Easy way to know if problem is the cable.
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Apolgies if this is the wrong place for this thread, but i'm having trouble with my component channel. I've got a new tv and the component channel is diplaying the picture but no sound. I have plugged the red and white connectors into the back of the tv and no joy. I have tried playing with the sound settings and still nothing!

It's for an xbox 360, and the tv is a toshiba pdp 507xd

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I want to delay the only left channel by a few milliseconds.

My speaker setup requires me to put the right speaker about 1.5m further than the left speaker is. This way, the sound coming from the left speaker reaches the ear faster than sound from right one. This causes me great woes and headache.

If I delay the left signal, then the sound coming from the left speaker will arrive exactly when the sound from the right speaker reaches my ear.

How do I approach this?

A:Can I delay the left or right channel by a few milliseconds?

Your estimation of milliseconds is correct. The speed of sound is 343 m/s, so 1.5 m would be 4 milliseconds of delay. I'm surprised your ear/brain can detect 4ms. Sometimes, when a movie I am watching has out of sync sound I alter the sync (on VLC player) in 50 ms quanta. I find I can't see any lipsync difference below 100ms, whilst > 250ms 'out' is unwatchable, for me anyway. That said, I've read that a skilled cinema lipsync expert can make adjustments of fractions one frame (about 40ms). I know this is a different scenario to what you are describing, but I find your perception of 4ms interesting.

What about wall reflections - are you listening to your hifi in an anechoic chamber ?

The subject of imperceptible audio differences usually triggers jokes about Russ Andrews, and their $1000 phono leads, mains cables etc.

audio interconnects, hdmi and Kimber speaker cable from Russ Andrews for your hifi and home cinema

Sorry for being of no help - just my $0.02
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Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?


A:Right Channel Audio To Left Speaker: How Please ?

Quote: Originally Posted by Robert11


Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?


I know exactly what you mean. On my media PC the on board audio was backwards so I reversed the connections so it sounded correct. I then put in a Audigity 2 and that was wired correctly.
The only suggestion I have is to check out an electronics store or Amazon for a couple of cables so you can reverse the wiring.
and then one of these if your speaker system has a socket on it, if not search for a cable with a socket on it.
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HelloI am trying to record a CD of me playing my digital piano for my Grandparents for Christmas I m using Audacity I need to get this working ASAP I m experiencing two problems I m using Windows bit OSI m sure I ve used Line-In in the past but I Recording left - channel buzzing, only am only getting the left channel to work I know it s NOT audacity that s the problem I have it set to record stereo It doesn t matter what program I use I still get mono When I hit a key on my piano only sound comes from the left speaker on my computer If I plug into the microphone jack I get sound out of both speakers What Recording - buzzing, left channel only s going on So I would use the mic jack BUT When I plug it in the mic jack everything sounds fine Piano sound coming from both speakers I go to record in Audacity and it records nothing Only way it will record is if I turn on analog recording gain in my soundcard settings There Recording - buzzing, left channel only s a catch - when I turn on rec gain I get a loud buzzing sound So I CAN T record with either one Both of them get the buzz when I turn on gain but Audacity won t record without gain Line-in will only record left speaker PLEASE HELP ME I ve tried using both the line-out and mic jacks on my piano Makes no difference Thanks in advance for any help Awaiting replies

A:Recording - buzzing, left channel only

Without any details of what connectors and cable type you're using, my first guesses would be either the cable has a mono 3.5mm plug at the computer end instead of a stereo one;or if it definitely is stereo like above, the right channel cable has a break or the computer line in socket has a faulty right channel contact. For the buzzing on the mic input (which will always give poorer quality anyway), is the cable a fully shielded audio cable? For example, if you've adapted a headphone cable, it might just be unshielded wires, which will pick up mains hum.
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Hi there, just upgraded to Windows 7.
My front sound jack works, but when I connect my speakers to the on-board sound card I only get the left channel. So I figure it's the drivers.
Well, Windows says my audio drivers are up to date, so I manually downloaded the W7 32-bit drivers from Realtek. When I try to update the drivers, telling windows to use this folder, it still says the latest drivers are installed. I resorted to running setup.exe in the driver folder and that seemed to be going alright until:
Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software
<press Install this driver software anyway>
installation hangs at about 90% and the security message continually pops up.

what do?

A:W7 refuses to install AC'97 - only left channel audio

Right click on the setup exe and select "run as administrator"

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I m am in a band and have tried to Recording Buzz Channel Level Left When On Low ONLY record songs onto Low Level Buzz On Left Channel ONLY When Recording the PC using the line-in I don t have problems when I actually listen to what is being played into the line-in but when I go to record everytime I get a low level buzz only present on the left channel The sound is fine on the right channel but no sound comes out of the left channel only the buzz I am baffled by this because it doesn t seem to make sense that I can hear Low Level Buzz On Left Channel ONLY When Recording in stereo the sound perfectly but I can t record this Does anyone have any ideas how I could sort this out I have inputted the sound straight from the amplifiers using phono cables to jack The current from the amps couldn t have damaged the sound card could they Because I had never had a problem before this and I have been using my keyboard through the line-in and it recorded fine Or is this just a coincidence Thanks very much Tim nbsp

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Hey guys I seem to be having an issue with my onboard sound card It's a VIA Audio Analog Channel with Quiet Left Very card built into the Asus M A TD-M EVO motherboard It seems to be that my left channel is roughly of the volume of the right even at The channel works because I can hear Left Channel Very Quiet with Analog Audio it but it's not nearly as loud as the right I have checked the levels in the VIA control panel and everything is fine and dandy I have this issue with my speakers hooked up to the back of the PC via mm as well as my headphones hooked up to the front of my case via mm I had this issue once before but I was using my USB headset mostly at that time which by the way works just fine and one day I discovered it worked I don't know what I did or if I did anything The drivers are currently Left Channel Very Quiet with Analog Audio up to date Any ideas Specs are current

A:Left Channel Very Quiet with Analog Audio

You've essentially limited down the potential causes to a chip problem, and a software issue. Try disabling or uninstalling the VIA control program, and then uninstalling your sound drivers in Device Manager. Reboot, and Windows should automatically install some drivers of its own.

If that doesn't work, I'd suspect the chip itself is bad. Before spending money on a new card, though, it may be worth it to test another OS. Make a live Ubuntu CD, and see if the problem is there.

Download | Ubuntu

If the problem exists there, purchase a new sound card.
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I have an ASUS P5B mobo and Im using the onboard audio jack to connect me GX Gaming audio system. It was working well until I unplugged it for a party. When I returned I noticed a constant light clicking in the Left channel both in my speaker system and when I plugged in my own headphones.

The sound continues throughout the booting process and in bios and only turns off briefly during the end of a reboot sequence. It does not override any audio but does maintain the clicking in the background.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

A:Left Channel in Audio Give Constant Clicking

Welcome to the Windows 7 forum. We'll try to help.

Is the clicking ONLY with the GX Gaming audio system, whatever that is, connected?

Have you reseated all audio cables? (unplug then plug back in making sure they are fully inserted).
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I am using a Xonar ST on Win bit All of a sudden I noticed I was only getting sound on the right side I reseated the card reseated all of the connections and changed the power connection from the PSU and made sure on board audio was disabled I went into the control panel and balanced the audio Left was set all the way system left controls channel volume only Windows down for some unknown reason The volume on both sides will work at the proper level provided Windows system volume only controls left channel there is a separate control The main system volume on the keyboard still only affects the left side If I open winamp the volume slider will control both left and right equally provided the system volume is maxed out turning down the system volume will leave the right channel at whatever level the winamp volume slider is set at I tried the latest driver also tried the Uni driver I also deleted the hsmgr file in windows syswow that I saw people complaining about I reinstalled the driver and hsmgr and hsmgr came back and are running at the same time I unchecked them from msconfig so they do not start but nothing has changed Is this a driver problem or is there some other windows conflict Since the programs seem to be able to individually control the volume I am thinking this is windows related If I open youtube the youtube volume slider controls both left and right Does this have something to do with the soundcard exclusivity settings Is this a registry problem It's like the volume is only monaural Thanks

A:Windows system volume only controls left channel

Try the Windows uninstall/reinstall. Go to the Device Manger, in the Sound section RIGHT click on the entry for the Xonar to highlight it and then LEFT click on "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This will correct any Windows corruptions with the sound card.
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Here's my problem, I can't get on the internet. Simple fix I thought, WRONG.
For some reason my IP is coming up at 192.254.157._ (w/ a subnet of

Yet my router is set for scheme: 192.168.1._ (subnet:

What would be causing this. My Motherboard is an ASUS a8n-sli deluxe, I may have flashed to bios w/ a beta they were doing, is there any way to roll it back??
As well as programs are constantly hanging and I am forced to do a hard reboot to get my system back up.

Thanks in advance.

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I am trying to find a manual covering this Mobo.
Can anyone help please.

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I will try my best not to confuse you.

On my laptop (hp-dv7) the audio on my headphones only work on the right channel. However, this surprisingly corrects its self when playing Starcraft 2, full stereo on both ears. This problem returns when I play DeusEx or use computer regularly, right channel only.

I did re-install my driver for audio, if those would ask. I also tried another pair of headphones, same thing.

The audio from the laptop, the main speakers work as they should.

I cant seem to find this particular problem online.

Anyone know what is going on?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Guys
Just ordered the above mobo and was reading some reviews about it, every comment said what a great board it was apart from the noisey chipset fan.
One comment even recommend ordering a new fan as a spare because it will fail.
My question is does anyone know if Asus has corrected this problem or will I just have to order a spare?
As it has not been deliverd yet I was thinking of changing it for the SLI version, which I did not really need as I am not into gaming.
Any views or comments appreciated.

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when i turn the pc on rather than it booting up i get nothing but little blue lights on the motherboard coming on.....almost like its in a standby mode or somthing .....the lights havent come on before so im not sure...... anyone eles here had this? or know what there about? as the user book isnt much help on this...

pc spec's
CrossHair Motherboard
amd 3g dual proccessor
G skill 2X2gig ram
Hiper 730w psu
Zalmans XT liquid cooling system

A:Solved: Asus CrossHair Motherboard

ok just to add wot this was all about.....theres an lcd display on the back of the pc where all ya usb ports are right next to it is this little green light thing that turns out to be a switch once pressed it was all back to normal...

after the inlet water pipe coming of the processor i thourght it nothing but bad news happy i was wrong !! after a good clean ( dry up!) and finding out about the switch i never knew was there that i must of pushed when cleaning up the mess ...its all back as good as new! ^_^
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I'm looking at the M2N32-SLI Premium Vista Edition

It says that it supports SLI. Does that mean I HAVE to use an Nvidia graphics card or can I use an ATI HD2900 instead? The description makes it a little confusing, making it sound like I MUST go w/ Nvidia to use this motherboard.

Thanks for the help!

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Posting on behalf of a friend who's having some problems.

He has this on startup:

asus express gate installation is incomplete

Then it goes to a screen that says press any button to reboot or from software. Press any key but nothing happens.

His motherboard is Asus M4N75TD, NF 750a SLI, AM3, PCI-E 2.0 (x16), DDR3 1066/1333/2200(OC), SATA 3Gb/s RAID, ATX.

It was fine one minute, he was gaming away, and then he wandered off for a coffee, came back and it was shut down. Upon starting, he got the error.

Any ideas?



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Hi I need a new mobo I have narrowed my choice to My choices are between an Asus M N-X an Asus M N-X Plus amp a Jetway Motherboard Jetway One? or Solved: Asus - Which New M GT -SG nForce The only differences delaying my decision are that the m n-x plus has an nvidia nforce chipset amp Solved: New Motherboard - Which One? Asus or Jetway for a new mobo this chipset seems quite old The m n-x has an nforce chipset but this mobo has been in production for nearly years now The Solved: New Motherboard - Which One? Asus or Jetway Jetway has an nforce chipset and has more advantages than the other but how reliable are they Asus boards seem to support s standby better than most other makes all fans etc shut down most other pcs leave the fans running I dont know about the jetway All these boards are a similar price It seems strange that the m n-x plus seems to have gone backward with its chipset from the m n-x Any input on these mobos would be greatly appreciated Rob nbsp

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Hi I have a Asus motherboard P8Z77-V LX, which according to the spec the LAN supports speeds up to 1000 mps
I live in the UK and virgin media have upgraded my 100 meg internet to 152, I can't get speeds beyond 65 meg. I contacted there tech support, and they remotely checked my PC and told me my LAN only goes up to 100 MPs and I would need a new lan adapter.
There screens of my control panel what the virgin media tech was checking.
I have a virgin media super hub version one directly wired to the desktop, it also has a ps3 wired and virgin TiVo box.
Any advise or help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Asus motherboard P8Z77-V LX LAN only 100 mps

From what you have said and what you haven't said one possibility is a defective ethernet cable. Remember that 100 Mbps uses four wires while gigabit requires all eight.
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Hi all, Well I got a problem that is something of a mystery for me. I bought this motherboard at a going out of business sale. It was boxed and sealed. I mounted it and the green power light lit; but no fans turned. No video, nothing! The processor or ram could have been the problem so I changed them... same thing! I changed the power supply... same thing. So call Asus tech support and they were about as computer useful as a bag full of roofing hammers. Oh and my warranty expired 30 days ago.. hurray for me! SO I bought a new Bios chip for it, Asus's Idea not mine, and installed the thing... same result! So I could use some help on getting this MOBO running. Please and Thank you! joan

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I can hear a sound from the fan on my motherboard. I thought it was the CPU HS fan, but now Iam not so sure. There is a fan located right below, plugged in to the PWR_FAN connector. It's just this small fan with a faceplate. It is hard to tell, but I am quite sure it is this fan. It has been going on for about 4 days. First for a few minutes on startup, now almost constant. My motherboard is an Asus A8V-E Deluxe. Should I be worried? If it needs replacing, will it be difficult , I see it has a tiny little heatsink, does it need thermal paste? Excuse my terminology, but I am trying to describe things as best as I know how.

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Im getting a sabertooth z77 motherboard & want to know is my corsair 620 watt psu compatible ?

A:Solved: Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard

I am not sure there is a "comparability chart" for motherboards and PSUs. When getting PSU you should consider total power consumption of your projected devices, maybe leave few watts for future add-ons and make sure it will fit in your case.
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Hi Firstly thanks for the forums and support I ve used this forum before searching problems finding solutions But alas this is the first time I ve not been able sound Sound Asus onboard MoBo - Solved: No to rectify my issue after searching on the forums My Spec AMD Phenom Quad core Asus m a deluxe GB ddr Corsair Dominator RAM nVidia GFX card Windows There is no sound coming from my computer There once was sound but the computer was dormant for months and I replaced the Power Supply and now there is no sound I Solved: No Sound - Asus MoBo onboard sound ve tried uninstalling reinstalling updating all Solved: No Sound - Asus MoBo onboard sound drivers I ve tried configuring my audio devices Currently there are listed Speakers RealTex HD Audio nd Output Digital Output RCA Optical and RealTek Digital Output When I play sound levels are shown going up and down indicating that the audio devices are aware of the sound but no matter what speakers I plug in I still don t get sound I ve tried different outputs of which were headphones all of which didn t work I have also tried accessing my PC remotely from my iPad through SplashTop which plays the sounds from the PC weirdly I don t know what to try now and would appreciate any help or input Thanks seikooc nbsp

A:Solved: No Sound - Asus MoBo onboard sound

I'd suspect a faulty audio chipset. The hardware being recognized and the drivers installing aren't an indication that the hardware is actually functional.

With that being said, try a different version of the RealTek drivers. Try using the latest version available from Asus. If those don't work, try the latest version directly from RealTek.
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Hey Everyone I am brand spankin new here and I have a question for someone out there I currently have a SOYO motherboard which I have been having issues with and I am going to be switching to a ECS Elite Group board in a few weeks My question is when I bought RAM for my SOYO I bought Patriot Dual Channel DDR gb pair but the ECS board I am switching to does not support Dual Channel so can I still use the the sticks normally on the new board or I do I have to get new memory or a different board I would think it would just run Motherboard, on DDR will it work? Channel NON-Dual Channel Dual them as sticks of but Dual Channel DDR on NON-Dual Channel Motherboard, will it work? I am not sure and I wanted to know if anyone else knew this or not Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if I missed this being posted somewhere else I did try and search for the answer but didnt see anything Riika nbsp

A:Dual Channel DDR on NON-Dual Channel Motherboard, will it work?

rmsilver7 said:

when I bought RAM for my SOYO I bought Patriot Dual Channel DDR 3200 1gb pair, but the ECS board I am switching to does not support Dual Channel, so can I still use the the 2 512 sticks normally on the new board or I do I have to get new memory or a different board?Click to expand...

1. Yes.
2. No.
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Hello All,

I have a Asus A7V8X Motherboard. What s the highest AMD chip I can place on this board?

A:Solved: Asus A7V8X Motherboard AMD CPU Info

there are 3 models of that
Socket A for AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron up to 2.25GHz+
Thoroughbred/Barton Core Support
Socket A for AMD Athlon XP/ Thoroughbred/Barton up to 2.25GHz+
Socket A for AMD Athlon XP/ Thoroughbred/Barton up to 2.25GHz+

this page will show you all they support
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Hi everyone I am replacing a MB in a system that would not recognize the hard drive any longer I tested both the drive and the drive cable in a different machine and they worked fine The board I am installing is an Asus P S D-X I thought that I had everything connected correctly but was not totally sure about the front panel connections When I turn it on the cpu fan runs and it sounds like the HDD is spinning but no video at all The power light on the monitor is a steady green blink on and off Whether the power on the computer connectors panel Solved: Asus motherboard is turned on or off is not affecting what the green light is doing on the monitor I m not positive that I have all these front panel connections correct It s a generic midtower case Here is the pdf manual that shows the panel connections on page - for the new board http dlsvr asus com pub ASUS mb sock p s d-x e p s d-x pdf The following is what the writing says on each of the actual connectors in the case that I m trying to match up with correct connection on the board Orange and cream wires with a single connector with holes says quot HDD LED - quot Solved: Asus motherboard panel connectors should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot Hard disk activity LED quot Green and black wires with a single connector with holes says quot M B SW quot should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot ATX Power Switch quot Cream amp black wires with single connector with holes says quot Reset SW quot should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot Reset Switch Lead quot Green and white wires two single connectors each with only hole One says quot Power LED quot and the other is a - inside a circle should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot System Power LED Lead quot REd and black wires two single connectors each with only hole They don t have anything written on them but they are coming directly out of the speaker should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot System Warning Speaker Lead quot The last one is a matched pair of connectors two of each There are two connectors that have wires each one red white and blue The connector has three holes and says V -D D The other two are single connectors with hole each and it says quot Ground quot should this one be connected to the one in the manual on page - that says quot USB header quot So I m pretty sure that this is the way they should be matched up Please let me know if I m way off base nbsp

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Motherboard: Asus A8V-MX
Chipset Via K8M800
Video: S3g Unichrone (Integrated
Athlon64 CPU
Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Monitor: Older "Digital" 15 inch

Issue: Can't find any Video drivers to actually install and Standard VGA Adapter driver causes serious flicker.

I've tried adjusting refresh rates but Windows 7 default drivers will not allow anything but the adapter default.

Are there any compatible drivers for the S3G Unichrome IGP adapter available for Windows 7 (64 Bit) out there anywhere? Asus doesn't have anything for it and the VIA software won't install.

Is there a way to over-ride the default settings to manually force a different refresh rate?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks In Advance!


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Greetings all I have searched up and down the forums for an answer to this and my issue is slightly more specific than most This is a rundown of my setup OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor RAM MB Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GX MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M N PRO XX MS C B CD DVD Sony DVD-RW - Failure Not Functioning at the Moment I think that s USB ASUS Solved: Motherboard BIOS - Boot all that is currently relevant to the issue I purchased Windows Ultimate from NewEgg Solved: ASUS Motherboard BIOS - USB Boot Received my discs awesome - used the Windows USB DVD Tool to install Solved: ASUS Motherboard BIOS - USB Boot windows onto an external drive of mine which is plugged in via USB Reason for this is my DVD drive as listed above is not currently functioning so I wanted to install via USB Well of course I run SETUP upon powering on my pc and there are no options under boot priority related to USB at all My options are still Hard Disk Solved: ASUS Motherboard BIOS - USB Boot CD Drive Removable Devices I know the computer is recognizing the drive because when I move to the hard-disk portion of the BIOS it shows the drive listed Granted I am not a computer wiz I do know a lot and am well rounded in almost all aspects but this I am not Am I missing something When the computer recognizes the drive that I have plugged into via USB that to me says the port and USB are functioning correctly The drive fully works when in Windows I guess my question is ASUS Updater is telling me my BIOS are up to date I have been told that this motherboard has the capability to boot from USB local computer store tech guy looked it up for me What am I missing Was he incorrect in saying that my motherboard can support booting from USB I apologize for the novel just wanted to make sure I had all the details in there to make it easier nbsp

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I cant get any sound from my left speaker. I tried another set of speakers and the same thing occurs. If I use the front audio, I get sound from both though. I reinstalled the drivers, and it does not resolve.

This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the back connection or something.

I use the onboard realtek audio on my MAX3 mobo.


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This is probly a very simple question, but i'm after converting my ACER Aspire 5600 laptop from using Dual Channel RAM to Single Channel. I've been told you can do this in the BIOS, but i'm not exacly sure how. I've had a breif look on google but can't seem to find anything of any help.

Thanks a lot,
- Lee

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Hi guys,
I want to purchase more ram sticks for my desktop. It already has 3GB in it. 2x1GB sticks and 2x512MB sticks. I would like to take it all the way to 4GB. If I replace the two 512mb sticks am I better off getting a matched pair of sticks for dual channel. A matched pair in most stores seems to be more expensive than just buying two sticks of the same type. What is the difference? My motherboard does support dual by the way.
I think when I bought the two 1GB sticks I just bought 2 of the same make in pc world, but not a matching pair.
I would like to know, does it really matter?

Posted via Mobile Device

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I m facing an unusual predicament Channel Question Channel/Single Solved: Dual RAM at the moment I currently have Solved: Dual Channel/Single Channel RAM Question Windows Ultimate installed on my custom tower The Solved: Dual Channel/Single Channel RAM Question tower runs an Solved: Dual Channel/Single Channel RAM Question Intel Pentium ghz the OS is bits and initially was installed with one gig of RAM MB sticks dual channel DDR Windows wasn t sluggish surprisingly and I used the upgrade advisor to determine if my system was ready and I found it was I was hoping to add a little quot juice quot so I tore into an old system and found a GB stick of DDR RAM Now I can change the dual channel configuration to single channel operation and run Gigs of RAM or I can keep the dual channel at Gig I ve read on Tom s Hardware that the difference wasn t noticeable in dual vs single but I also know that my processor was built for dual channel Are there any recommendations Make the single channel upgrade or keep the dual channel configuration At some point I will likely purchase another chip but for the time being I m curious about anyone who has been in my position or knows memory well enough Thanks for any input nbsp

A:Solved: Dual Channel/Single Channel RAM Question

depends on you applications. When math is very important, dual channel might out weigh more RAM. If the system is generally sluggish, then more RAM is more important than dual channel.

Honestly, With Vista/ 7... I'd bump to 2GB period.
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I have an Asus A N X-E Deluxe motherboard with an AMD XP Barton CPU The mobo uses the nVidia nForce SPP chip set The mobo has three memory slots I have a pair of Corsair Value Select Dual Channel sticks in the blue slots and the system works fine I purchased a single stick of Corsair VS k to put in the third slot When I do the system becomes unstable I ran a series of tests using MemTest to isolate the problem All the sticks test fine when installed A7N8X-E Channel Dual plus one Asus solo The Asus A7N8X-E Dual Channel plus one Dual Channel sticks are fine when they are the only ones installed But when I add the third stick errors and lots of them I tried all sort of variations in slot placement and combinations of sticks No luck I researched the problem and came across a couple threads that indicates the nVidia chipset prefers the third stick to be the sum of the dual channel sticks In other words I could install a GB stick in the third DDR slot and my system might be happy Before I purchase a GB stick I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this situation Another issue Corsair only list a C GB stick on their web site The Dual Channel memory I currently use does not have the C on the part numbers I can t find a Asus A7N8X-E Dual Channel plus one non C GB Asus A7N8X-E Dual Channel plus one stick anywhere online Will the C stick work with my current memory My memory settings are - - - Voltage is Mobo BIOS is the latest nVidia chipset and graphics drivers are all the latest I create motion graphics and I need all the memory I can muster for previews and rendering So anyway to squeeze more memory from this mobo would be a boon Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Asus A7N8X-E Dual Channel plus one

Single Channel

When you put both of your memories in the blue slots, you effectively turned the system into single channel mode. To enable dual channel, you must place one stick on the blue slot and one in the black one.

Try this solution: Pull out one of the existing 512 MB stick from the blue slot and put it in the black slot. And put the new stick in the blue slot. I have the exact same processor and mobo as you, but I only have two 512 MB sticks so far. And one of them is in the blue slot, the other one is in the black. My BIOS reports dual channel memory!

Let me know how it goes.
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i'm trying to build my pc, but i'm having problem with the asus p4s8x motherboard. it does not detect the 80 gigabyte western digital hard drive with 8 mb cache. i've messed with the jumpers and bios but still nothing.
can someone help me?

A:[SOLVED] asus p4s8x motherboard / wd hard drive

Hi and welcome...when you say it doesn't recognize it, where isn't it being recognized? In the bios setup?

For now, in the bios setup, try to use USER settings, and put the cylinders 1023, heads 16, and sectors 63. Make sure LBA is selected as well.
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I have purchased a Asus P4S533 mother board with the Pentium 4 2.4 gig retail processor. I am installing it into a enlight case with a 300 watt powersupply also enlight. Using crucial PC2700 DDR memory and a 64 meg gainward video card.

Upon starting (it doesn't even come close to posting) I get a verbal message that states "SYSTEM FAILURE, CPU SPEED" I have reset the bios, changed from jumper free mode to jumper mode using the JEN1 jumpers and switched the dips from all off to 1=off, 2&3=on, 4&5=off. none of this has worked, I also removed the motherboard from the case to ensure it wasn't grounding or shortin out. NO LUCK!!! I have already purchased a replacement motherboard and processor but was wondering if I have left any stones unturned?????

any and all responses are welcome and appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] Asus P4S533 motherboard and Pentium 4 2.4 gig processor

thanks to all of you that have looked at this thread! I have figured out the problem to be the motherboard!! there was a part that appeared to have exploded on the backside of the motherboard causing it not to work properly.
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I've been waiting for the ASUS Striker Extreme motherboards to be available in my local store and e-tailers online and alas, there're still not available. I'm actually reaching the point where I'm starting to go off the Striker Extreme motherboard. Recently I saw an Abit IN9 32x-MAX mobo, and personally from what I read, I believe it's virtually the same as the Striker Extreme mobo, besides from the fancy LCD poster screen at the back, etc. So I am now wondering, which one should I get? Should I continue waiting for the ASUS Striker Extreme mobo? Or should I just get the Abit IN9 32x-MAX? Any thoughts anyone? Also does anyone know if there are any other differences between these 2 motherboards at all?

Thank you.
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sound on left side stopped working...tried headphones speakers, installed sound drivers......i have onboard sound...

sound plays out of both speakers i noticed but when i try to fade it left the sound stops on left side

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Hi guys,

For some reason when I get thru my post when its counting my memory it says i have it set at 200 Mhz Single Channel, yet I have 2 x 512 pc3200 DDR400 Coursair Matched Pair in the slots. Anyone know how or why its telling me i have it in single channel mode and how i can get it in dual ?

The way the board is set up i have the

CPU Mem1, Mem2, Mem3

And have the sticks in Mem1 and Mem2

If you want a bigger picture click and follow the link and then click on the picture to enlarge it
A7N8X Deluxe
Any ideas id be very excited to hear

Thanks in advance

A:Dual Channel on an Asus A7N8X-Deluxe

mem1 and mem3

leave the middle one empty
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Did anybody reading this find where to change AHCI to RAID in the BIOS of a Asus p8z77 v pro motherboard?

A:Solved: AHCI to RAID in the BIOS of an Asus p8z77 v pro motherboard.

Assuming that board supports RAID, it should be in the SATA controller options.
EDIT: User Manual, page 4-23
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Hi all Long time I just went behind my wife s back and bought a few upgrades for the computer Now I have to show their worth or else lol I bought a new hard disc The WD caviar Black TB I bought a left sound speaker, X-fi rear Titanium. Solved: No from second used GTX so I could finally visit SLI land And I bought a sound card My first ever I always have cheaped out in the past on sound going with onboard Solved: No sound from rear left speaker, X-fi Titanium. sound So I bought a nice new Soundblaster X-FI Titanium I installed everything at once Did a new install of windows and the day and a half of updating of the software Jeez that sucked I finally have everything working except this rear speaker thing Setting up the Mic was a bugger too but I think I have that done Here is the issue When I do a channel test you can hear the test signal from all the channles fine but when you get to the rear left it comes out of the subwoofer very faintly I have read tons of posts from angry folks who are having similar probs with this Some say its the cables even though they worked fine on onboard sound Some say I have to disable the onboard sound in the mixer etc I have come here to see if any of you fine folks have a solution that works Sorry for the long post Thanks for taking the time Ps I am running Vista service pack speakers are the Z using the channel direct stereo jacks I was thinking of going to toslink to see if that helps Cheers Corey nbsp

A:Solved: No sound from rear left speaker, X-fi Titanium.

Okay. First let me apologize to the 62 people who read my post. Sorry, I am an idiot.
I thought I had checked and rechecked everything before posting, but I missed a loose wire where my rear speaker wires connect to the wall plate where they go in wall up to the location on my back wall.....I reconnected the wire, and bam. It works great.
I was also able to figure out how to get my pc to output digital audio through the card to my z5500 speakers...
You have to start the Creative audio service. To get to it, I had to type something into the search bar just above the start button. Of course stupid me, I did not write down what it was....
But if you read this post, its a good place to look....if you are having probs with your digital output.

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OS Left Stereo No Speaker Problems: Sound Solved: Windows XP Pro SP Solved: Stereo Sound Problems: No Left Speaker Speakers Atlantec Lansing -piece Audio Playback Intel Integrated Audio The right speaker plays fine as does the subwoofer The left speaker does not play I checked it with an audio meter to see if output was being sent It was but at about db lower than the right Also if I cranked the volume and set the Winamp output to left speaker I could faintly hear the subwoofer and right speaker Under normal circumstances though I don t hear anything if I set output to only the left speaker not even the subwoofer plays The problem appeared seemingly randomly a few days ago I don Solved: Stereo Sound Problems: No Left Speaker t think I noticed it Solved: Stereo Sound Problems: No Left Speaker for maybe a day or so I m on Fedora Linux as of now and it all works fine Anything I normally could do I can do I tried cold booting Windows before this and that didn t work I tried both my regular -piece set and a pair of headphones Both left speakers failed to play on Windows but both do fine on Fedora playing with XMMS Certainly neither WMP Winamp or Quicktime on Windows produced any sound in the left speaker I did nothing out of normal other than investigate some Winamp options Also I ve never seen the Windows-provided ability to mute one speaker and not the other Any ideas nbsp

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I have an issue with the SATA BIOS settings which have options for configure as IDE or set it to as AHCI So now I can only boot Vista when it is set to AHCI and only boot the XP when the BIOS SATA is set to configure as IDE and if not it gives a stop code error B And I did search for a ASUS P QL Pro motherboard BIOS update and I have the lattest version apparently AHCI BIOS Vista motherboard only can settings ASUS Solved: boot Also I did look in each one s Device Manager to check for driver updates such as for the serial ATA controllers So how can I boot both without changing the BIOS setting each time I dual boot with the Vista boot Solved: ASUS motherboard BIOS AHCI settings can only boot Vista manager and in my motherboard manual it does say quot Due to Intel chipset driver support regulation the AHCI mode is not supported in Windows XP environment and is only supported by Vista with OS built Solved: ASUS motherboard BIOS AHCI settings can only boot Vista in driver If I try to boot either XP or Vista without changing the SATA BIOS settings it gives stop code B nbsp

A:Solved: ASUS motherboard BIOS AHCI settings can only boot Vista

Fixed by changing the BIOS SATA configuration settings from that AHCI to IDE, enhanced. And then reinstalled Vista so that both XP and Vista use that same BIOS setting.
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I am trying to reinstall xp sp Home edition on my older desk top computer as I wanted to upgrade the capacity of hard disk to GB and to eliminate various PC problems My old disk was only GB capacity Here are the specifications for my desk top Desktop is Mesh for which there is no support in the UK it ceased existing a long time ago in UK Mother Board Asus P R -VM Processor unit Intel Pentium chip IXP My old HD which I am replacing is PM - Maxtor Y PO GB capacity My new HD is Quickview Maxtor L PO GB capacity The installation reaches to the stage when it has to write the system files on to the hard disk and it fails The system BIOS recognises P4R800-VM Controller for Driver XP Re-installation Storage motherboard Mass Asus for motherboard the new disk as it is showing it as L PO in the BIOS I have gone through lots of forums and realise that mass storage device driver is not compatible with the new drive or is missing I have even tried to reinstall the system on to the old hard disk to see what happens but it still fails at the same place I do not have manufacturers disk of drivers for my desk top as it came only with recovery disk and no drivers disk I have found all the drivers chip set vga etc from Asus site but do Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation not know which driver is for mass storage Device there Or should it be from Intel site If so what the name would be Please help to get correct mass storage device driver on a floppy disk as I can only insert the driver in the installation process at RAID drivers insertion point I cannot clon old HD either as the drive is already formatted I was trying to reinstall the system first onto the old drive to correct the errors When that did not work I bought Quickview maxtor drive with higher capacity But still I cannot reinstall on the new drive I have an original XP SP Cd from another PC and I downloaded the installation programme on floppy disks from Microsoft site But even this combination does not install the system In this way the system tells me in the middle of the installation that the system cannot copy the file plugin ocx obviously this particular file is not available on the xp sp CD I have I don t know how to obtain it and from where In the end the system cann not copy the files on the hard drive and fails Sorry for the long post as I wanted to explain where I am at the moment in ths process Would be grateful for any advice in this matter nbsp

A:Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation

Almost a word for word copy & paste from THIS forum post made in 2014
@muckshifter the bus inspector should be along soon
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My questions are:

1. If I get a new motherboard and would like to keep my data on my hard drive without having to make back-ups and reformatting/reinstalling the OS, how would I do that?
2. For Dual Channel memory, you have to put the memory on the same color memory slot, correct? And once you do that, is it listed as dual channel memory, or is there something in the BIOS or windows that I have to configure to enable dual-channel?


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I'm not sure if my motherboard supports dual channel ram. Can anyone help me. My motherboard is Asus P5LD2 Deluxe.
Any help is appreciated. thanks

A:I don't know if my motherboard supports Dual Channel

Yep, it does
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Someone know how i can use Tri sticks of ram in a dual channel motherboard? II II

A:Someone know how i can use Tri sticks of ram in a dual channel motherboard? II II

You cannot use 3 rams sticks and still get the advantages of dual channel. However you can use 4 sticks, with most motherboards and they will operate in dual channel.
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Hi all i have a question regarding installing 3rd RAM on a dual channel motherboard. I have already installed and running a dual channel kit by Kingston HyperX 1866 4GB x2. If I install another module of same speed will it unstable the performance? Or crash apps as it wont be running on dual channel mode.

A:Installing 3rd RAM on Dual Channel Motherboard

If you look at the motherboard manual, there may still be a way to run in dual channel with only 3 sticks, if it`s possible the MB manual will show you which slots to populate.

Only you will know for sure if performance is slower.

But, why not just wait and fill all 4 slots ?

Best desktop and notebook memory | Kingston Technology
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I have recently got some dj software but cannot get separate sounds through my headphones and speakers. any ideas? N.B i am no computer wizz!

A:How do i get 2 channel sound to have different sound thru headphones & speakers?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

There isn't an easy way of doing this and I'm not sure it's even possible; getting the speakers and the headphones to work at the same time is a big enough of a challenge!

How exactly are your speakers and headphones plugged in? One in front audio out and one in back audio out...?

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I have a ASUS P5A MB with built in sound. The built in sound is ES1938 PCI Audio Driver. I have no sound and have exhausted all other possibilities. I am thinking about getting a new driver but I'm not sure these built in things have drivers.
Also can I put in a separate sound card and bypass the built in thing?

A:[SOLVED] ASUS P5A with a sound problem

Hi BMJak, welcome to TSG.

You can find drivers here:

And, yes, you should be able to disable the onboard sound and insert a different sound card.
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Where can I fit an Asus Xonar DSX or DG sound card to an Asus P8 Z68-V Pro motherboard?

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I have an Asus TV Tuner FM 7135 PCI card installed, when I tried to view TV, I could not recieve sound. After looking around, I was able to fix it by connecting the TV Tuner to my motherboard sound ( Asus A8V-E Deluxe). Now I can hear sound fine, but when I record any show, there is no sound. I think I need to connect the TV Tuner to the Line In from the back of the tower in order to do this, this is where I need help please, if someone wouldn't mind. I am in all new territory with this new PC, and have soooo much to learn! Can someone please tell me how I would do this? I do not know the specific cables I need to do this, as there is no audio ports coming from the TV Tuner card itself. Thank you very much.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x Solved: onboard problem sound asus Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer Solved: asus onboard sound problem INC M N-E XX Antivirus AntiVir Desktop Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled I have a problem with the sound not working The case motherboard still makes the expected beeps but the audio for windows and videos have stopped I have probably made many mistakes trying to fix this At present the sound device does not exist The last few attempts to reload the soundmax driver have failed because the chip is no longer properly named as I have managed to Solved: asus onboard sound problem turn it into an AMD labeled component I am not able to tell you what it was but I know it wasn t AMD I can probably answer specific questions about the situation but can t give you a play by play of every twist and turn because I got lost and am slightly burnt on the deal I am looking for a fresh perspective from a pro thanks for any consideration nbsp

A:Solved: asus onboard sound problem

How did it get renamed?

Try going into device manager and reinstalling the audio drivers.
Right-click My Computer.
Click Properties.
Click the Hardware tab.
Click Device Manager.

Is there a yellow "!" shown?

If so, try downloading drivers from here:
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I am currently using Windows Home Premium bit with a GIGABYTE GA-G MT-S PT motherboard I recently purchased an ASUS Xonar D seen here http www newegg com Product Produ re ASUS XONAR D - - - - - and card amp New ASUS Fiio sound Solved: - -Product Here s a clear photo of the ASUS from the back http www head-fi org image id I also bought FiiO E amp seen here http www amazon com gp product B UFMOW ref oh aui detailpage o s ie UTF amp psc Right now I have my headphones plugged into FiiO E amp then the E into the USB in the back of my computer thus using the onboard realtek audio However I would like to use my headphones with the ASUS sound card and the FiiO E amp Is this possible So one way I was thinking it might work is to hook up the ASUS sound card then disabled the onboard audio then plug my headphones into the FiiO amp then run Solved: New ASUS sound card and Fiio amp the amp into the USB Headphones- gt amp usb cord- gt USB port with ASUS sound card hooked up Now excuse my ignorance and stupidity but is Solved: New ASUS sound card and Fiio amp it possible to hear the ASUS sound card chip through the usb rather than using the ports on the back of the ASUS sound card Or the more practical option is to plug in the the FiiO amp into the ASUS sound card but I m not sure how this will be achieved Headphones- gt amp AUX Cord- gt ASUS Sound card I have a standard AUX cord cable that came with the FiiO am But I tried plugging in the AUX cord to the amp then into the standard Solved: New ASUS sound card and Fiio amp AUX ports on the mobo and I couldn t hear anything no matter how much I tweaked the settings I also noticed the FiiO E did not show up under devices when it normally did when I plugged int the AUX cable So if I did want to plug in the FiiO amp to the ASUS sound card what cord would I use and what port would it go into But perhaps the amp is not compatible with the ASUS sound card Maybe I need a new cord all together Thank you for any help because I am completely lost But I would like to use my amp to benefit the most from my audio especially with the new ASUS sound card I bought Thank you for everything Please ask questions if it s not clear nbsp

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I have an Asus X56TA laptop. It worked like a charm until yesterday, when suddenly, without any warnings, my left hinge just broke off when I was closing the screen.

It seems that the hinge just got _completely_ stuck. Really, like it was made of solid concrete. So when the screen worked as a lever, it easily broke off.

To illustrate my problem, here are some pictures:

Anyone has any tips what to do with this? Is there any chance of making the hinge work again? If yes, I thought of using some very powerful glue to "repair" the hinge. The plastic cover is 100% OK, so I only need some usability

I also found a brand new hinge for my notebook model on eBay. Is it possible to remove the broken hinge and install the new one?

Thanks in advance for all the tips.
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I have an Asus X56TA laptop. It worked like a charm until yesterday, when suddenly, without any warnings, my left hinge just broke off when I was closing the screen.

It seems that the hinge just got _completely_ stuck. Really, like it was made of solid concrete. So when the screen worked as a lever, it easily broke off.

To illustrate my problem, here are some pictures:

Anyone has any tips what to do with this? Is there any chance of making the hinge work again? If yes, I thought of using some very powerful glue to "repair" the hinge. The plastic cover is 100% OK, so I only need some usability

I also found a brand new hinge for my notebook model on eBay. Is it possible to remove the broken hinge and install the new one?

Thanks in advance for all the tips.
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I searched for a similar thread and didn't find anything, so please don't hate me if this has already been answered. I just got 5.1 speakers as a present, and since my motherboard has 5.1 support, but only 3 sockets at the back, I was wondering how to set it up to give me 5.1 sound? I'm planning on buying a sound card eventually, but for now I'd like to be able to get it to work on just this. I'm guessing it has something to do with the front sound sockets, but before i start mucking about with things, I'd appreciate any input you guys might have to offer.

A:Solved: 5.1 sound on the motherboard

Each jack covers two channels. One jack is Front Left and Right, another is Center/Sub and the third is Surround Left and Right.
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Hey Solved: Drivers Needed! ASUS (Desperate) P5LP-LE Sound guys I just reinstalled my computer with Windows XP was vista before and so I Solved: ASUS P5LP-LE Sound Drivers Needed! (Desperate) ofcourse have to reinstall all Solved: ASUS P5LP-LE Sound Drivers Needed! (Desperate) my drivers I put in my new graphics card and got the drivers for that installed and everything is working apart from sound I hear nothing except for the occasional beeps I have been redircected to download some Realtek Drivers but they have done nothing - although windows says I have Solved: ASUS P5LP-LE Sound Drivers Needed! (Desperate) the drivers installed I still cant hear anything so Im assuming those are the wrong ones I have been searching for hours and hours and cant seem to fix it here are my computers details Motherboard ASUS P LP-LE http h www hp com ewfrf wc d roduct Computer Model Pavillon a uk Link to a uk official page http h www hp com ewfrf wc p amp lang en amp cc uk The official site provided me with some drivers but they are all for Vista and they dont support XP Please any help will be much appreciated nbsp

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I have bought Intel 630 Pentium 4 HT 2Mb L2 800MHz LGA775 prescott Processor, Kingstone 512 MB 400Mhz Ram, 40 Gb Seagate baracoda 7200RPM HDD, MSI 6600Gt NX6600Gt TD128E SLI pci-e. I have selected ASUS Motherboard P5RD1-V

I want to ask that does this mobo support EM64bit tecnology? Does this mobo support all my purchased items?

I have one more option
Buy ASUS P5RD1-V or Intel D915GAV ?
Intel Motherboard D915GAV

Does D915GAV support both EM64T and Enhanced Intel speedstep technology?

A:Does ASUS P5RD1-V support EM64T? Buy ASUS P5RD1-V OR Intel D915GAV Motherboard?


I'm not too sure about mixing up the nVidia cards in sli with
I would research this board further.

The IntelŪ Desktop Board D915GAV on the other hand
seems to have what you've asked for:
EM64bit and sli and the Enhanced Intel speedstep...
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I have a Dell Inspiron Last night a power Does Solved: like death? sound this motherboard surged MESSED up my computer I didn t even realize this until I had sat down to a screen that was displaying quot windows is loading files quot and a full bar underneath just hanging Solved: Does this sound like motherboard death? there I knew that this meant it had automatically done a startup repair but I wasn t sure why it was hanging So I rebooted and changed the BIOS to run from the CD rom first I put in a windows cd to try and run startup repair from there and rebooted Again it just loaded the quot windows is loading files quot bar and hanged At this point I decided to run an Unbuntu CD to try and salvage what was on my hardrives before I did a clean wipe and reinstall of windows It displayed the Unbuntu splash page and then went blank After this I noticed that there were sounds coming from inside my computer Here s that uploaded in mp form to help give you an idea after skip to http soundcloud com user what-is-this It makes these same sounds each time I tried to boot so I figured it was my hard drive causing this To test that theory I removed my hardrives and used another one from a different computer that was made around the same time as my other HDDs Still no proper boot and it made the exact same sounds All I can think of it being is a mother board issue What do you all think nbsp

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Hi guys. I am stuck yet again! I am trying to use my motherboard's sound device. I have had to remove my sound card as I needed the PCI slot for something else. I am unable to use my motherboard instead even though I know that it has a sound device. I have tried everything (I have even read the motherboard instructions!) but I am stuck. Can anyone help?


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i am getting a weird sound from the processor....
it sounds like the sound from the movie "THE GRUDGE 2" which is due to breaking of the neck of the woman in it, the only thing is that the tempo is a little high so the sound goes faster....apologies abt this but this was the best example i could give

what could be the problem and what could be the future problems that could be faced.

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what is a sound channel and how can i find it. i loaded a program and it told me my sound channel was being used by another program. help please?

A:sound channel??????

What was the program that you installed and what type of sound card do you have installed?

Normally, if a program requires a "sound channel", it means that the program was not able to access the sound card's resources to either play a sound or reserve itself to play sounds.

Hope this is a start.


"Oh, I see. You resort to brute force when you can't get something by arguing for it..." Xellos
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My speakers and headphones are crackling a lot while playing all audio. It's happening on the following devices:

Speakers, USB Headphones, 3.5mm headphones in to motherboard. I figured that this HAS to be a sound card issue ( onboard ) so I have found an exteral USB sound card and even through this device, it's still happening.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I'm assuming a motherboard fault at the moment because I honestly don't know where else to look, but I don't understand how it could be.

My specs are:
Asrock 890GX
External Soundcard: Creative USB Sound Blaster
Headphones (USB): Corsair HS1
Headphones (3.5mm): ATH-ES7

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Sound crackling and popping - Motherboard?

Resolved by a BIOS update.