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Can a motherboard problem cause a new hard drive to fail?

Q: Can a motherboard problem cause a new hard drive to fail?

I am trying to help someone with a Toshiba drive a hard a fail? motherboard cause problem new to Can Satellite L -S laptop computer with Win Recently the hard drive failed and a new hard drive Fujitsu was installed not by me Then just a few weeks ago the hard drive Can a motherboard problem cause a new hard drive to fail? failed again - after only a few hours of operation I verified this by removing the drive and connecting it to a Dock The drive is not recognized I tried connecting the dock to Can a motherboard problem cause a new hard drive to fail? different computers I can hear some clicking noises coming from the drive but I cannot access the drive As a check I connected a known good drive to the dock and everything works The owner of the computer was told again not by me that the problem is that there is a motherboard problem causing the hard drives to fail Does anyone know of any motherboard problem that can cause a NEW hard drive to fail I searched this forum and I tried several different search engine searches but without success nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Can a motherboard problem cause a new hard drive to fail?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi I have a WD usb external gb hard drive and it has stopped working Today I plugged it in to my laptop as usual for file transfering and find that it does not work On boot up it - will problem Solved: USB possible register - not Hard fail? drive makes a nice clicking noise so most likely its dead I have called WD and ordered a RMA but I need to figure out a way to get my Solved: USB Hard drive problem - will not register - possible fail? data I have data recovery software but the problem is that I cant even get the drive to register in windows xp I plug in the usb cable and the drive powers up The blue night in the front comes on and you can hear it powering up A few seconds later you here the windows chime that indicates Solved: USB Hard drive problem - will not register - possible fail? a usb drive has been connected The Safety Remove Hardware icon also shows up in the the task bar and when you dbl click on it there s a USB Mass storage Solved: USB Hard drive problem - will not register - possible fail? device listed However nothing shows up in my computer So I ran a cross-ref to dbl check in computer management in Device manager under Disk Drives it registers as WD External USB Device BUT under Disk Management there is DISK only the DISK which is the internal drive wtf Is there anyway to get the drive to register so i can run a data recovery on it Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Solved: USB Hard drive problem - will not register - possible fail?

I am having the same problem for the second time now with different ext hdds and also tried in different machines but still the same result...............pretty sure the drives had it.

If you or anyone finds out otherwise please let me know, thanks.
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I have a custom built PC installed with Windows XP Lately its been having trouble but it is full blown rebellion as of last night I think its probably a virus but I m not that experienced Windows up Hard Issues Drive fail, fail XP Crash start - with diagnosing Issues My web browser FireFox crashes when trying to view Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail certain things Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail PDF files are the main crash point I have a GB flash drive that I have to reformat it every time I use it which doesn t fix the problem it just lets me transfer again until I have to format it again I have two hard drives that make up c d e f i j and k drives When I opened quot My Computer quot I J and K were missing I couldn t see or access them Its been freezing up a lot forcing me to reboot most recent Now when I try to reboot it will rapidly switch screens from the black scanning log in windows xp with the blue bar filling up and a blue error screen The blue error screen says to reboot if its the first time i ve seen this then it gives steps to follow if i ve seen it before I ve tried to run it in safe mode and it hasn t worked Please if you have any ideas let me know Is it possible to recover my saved files I backed up my files awhile ago but it is saved on a drive that is missing I J or K If you need more info just ask Thanks for your help

A:Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail

Hi there
So what I gather is that you now cannot start your computer up at all, due to this issue. I'm actually unsure of the problem, it sounds to me like a Virus has been at your computer. It can't really be a hardware issue I don't think... I mean it is possible that what could have been happening is that your computer (Desktop or Laptop?) is overheating and its been damaged because of that... But that wouldn't really make sense, and also having Custom Built a computer I'm sure you'd have been smart enough to install a thoroughly capable cooling system.
It sounds to me like your hard drive has been corrupted though, BSOD usually means a pretty big issue. Thats why I was thinking hardware problem to begin with, you don't often get it for Virus's.
A couple of things we need to know:
Do you have any sort of Anti-Virus installed? If so, which one? How frequently did it scan? Did you find any virus's?
Also, how far into the boot process does the computer get before it loops? Are you able to enter BIOS settings before Blue Screen comes up and it loops? What happens when it loops?
And do you have a startup / boot disk for your computer. You certainly should do.
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Hello Just recently one of my hard drive Not the primary drive started to give problems Occassionaly it did not appear in the list of drives nor in computer management storage Disk management either When it was available I tried to copy the essential data from it but it only remained available for - Minutes before quot disappearing quot I found a logfile cannot remember which one which listed some Fail? Beginning Or Motherboard Faulty Disk To Hard drive controller errors I do not know if this refers to controllers on the hard drive or controllers on Faulty Hard Disk Or Motherboard Beginning To Fail? the motherboard In any case I removed the drive and installed Faulty Hard Disk Or Motherboard Beginning To Fail? it in a USB caddy Now the drive seems to work fine - Faulty Hard Disk Or Motherboard Beginning To Fail? no disappearing and no problems copying the data from it I should be happy that I have recovered the data but am left not knowing the following Should I discontinue use of the drive or is it stable now it is in a caddy Was this a sign of impending motherboard failure and should I be preparing to replace the machine I e document all installed software find all the installation disks files backup data etc Are there areas of log files I can check to ascertain what was going on The computer is an ACER Veriton M running Windows professional with an AMD Athlon II X processor Gb Thanks Roy nbsp

A:Faulty Hard Disk Or Motherboard Beginning To Fail?

Have a look over here.
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I purchased a foxconn mother board bundle into which I intended to place my old hard drive cd rom, cd writer and dvd writer in.
I first formated my hard drive while it was in my old machine, then placed it along with my cd rom into the new case and instaled windows X/P.
I then went on to place my cd and dvd writers into the new machine one as master the other as slave, I also slaved the cd rom off to the hard drive. When I rebooted the machine windows would not recognise my hard drive I disconnected both slaves setting the hard drive back to master but only the cd writer is being reconised in post and the bios.

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I just bought an AMD XP1700 board and a new atx case. In my old machine, I had a 40gb hd for primary, and a 20 gb for a slave. Now, my 40 Gig drive is not being read by the new board. Fdisk won't partition it or format it. I can't install anything on it, and the machine wouldn't boot off of it when I still had my OS on it. My old machine reads it fine, and the new board reads by 20 Gig drive fine. I installed Windows 98se on it, installed partition magic 7.0 and tried to partition the bigger drive from there, but its still not working. HELP!!!!

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I Have about a 3+/- year old Compaq
Win XP Home SP1
AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Maxtor 40GB Hard drive (original)
MSI motherboard [(new) reason; apon turning on the system would get "System board failure" message nothing else]
The hard drive is seen in the BIOS and in the first post screen but will not boot. I hooked up one of my old hard drives with 98SE on it and booted right up. Slaved the old hard drive off the 98SE hard drive. Both show in BIOS and post but only the 98SE shows in "My Computer"
Have yet to check old motherboard with 98SE hard drive to see if it is bad or the hard drive caused the problem.
What are the chances that the motherboard took out the hard drive or vise versa?
Everything was original before I changed the motherboard.
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Motherboard/Hard drive problem

It's possible. but more likely that you need to do a repair install so that the old XP system ( I guess? ) can start up on the new board. . . what message do you get when you try to start it?

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I have an ECS N2U400A-Ultra mobo and a BUSlink Seria ATA Controller card controlling a Raptor. What I cant figure out is how to make the Hard Drive activity led work.

A:Motherboard Hard Drive Activity Led problem

As that is a PCI card, it does not have a connection to the control-light that connects to the motherboard's IDE controller.
Unless there is a LED-connector on that BUSlink card, you'll have to live without it.
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Hello all Here is my problem setup Hard problem Drive/Motherboard It s long but I ll give the condensed version My father is household tech Hard Drive/Motherboard setup problem guy He s upgrading my motherboard to fit more ram When installing everything we ve encountered a problem The computer is no longer booting correctly It recognizes the harddrive tries to load it and NOTHING The best we ve done is gotten the computer to boot to DOS From there we were able to find out that what was formerly the C drive is now called D What was formerly the D drive Recovery drive is now the C This is the guess of why it is not booting properly We tried to manually run Windows XP and boot it from DOS but could not figure otu how In the BIOS the Primary drive is listed correctly We re not sure what to do Unfortuantly I do not have the recovery CD s for windows They are at my house and I m at my parents Does anyone have a solution or ideas Here s the best I can give you on teh details of hardware everything except the motherboard and graphics card are original equipment from a HP Pavilion A N It is an ATX motherboard that IS compatible with the hard drive Any help would be appreciated thanks James nbsp

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All alliteration aside I have a serious problem Since possible problem; motherboard drive Horrible hard meltdown September my computer has been having problems After numerous failed repair attempts my friend fixed it for me It worked for about a week and then two days Horrible hard drive problem; possible motherboard meltdown ago I decided to try and get the whole thing working When I got the computer up and running again I switched to another hard drive I had I have three I wanted to switch back to my original larger hard drive I reformatted and for the first time in months it worked Unfortunately I got greedy and I tried to get my other hard drive hooked up too I managed to get that particular hard drive working but they wouldn t work together After trying different things I decided to try and install Windows again However when I try to install it now it says I don t even have a hard drive installed I know that I ve hooked everything up right I even took the entire computer apart and put it back together to make sure but it won t detect my hard drive at all any of them Even Adult Swim couldn t make me feel better and glaring at it with murder in my eyes isn t helping any nbsp

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Hi It s my first time Problem Diagnosing Hardware - Motherboard or Hard Drive? posting here and I m currently confused as to what exact hardware problems have caused my desktop to repeatedly freeze and shutdown My specs are as follows CPU Intel i GPU Nividia Geforce GTX Ti Hard Drives Corsair Force GS GB SSD For OS and Games A Seagate ST AS HDD For Storage and misc data My computer has been suffering constant freezes and forced reboots the past two months and I ve had no idea whats causing it The computer mainly freezes when I startup my computer - often freezing immediately after logging in It should also be noted that the computer freezes and does not display a BSOD A characteristic of the freezing is that the CPU fans get extra loud and just stays at that volume however upon checking the CPU it s not actually overheating at all As such I m lead to believe it might not be a CPU problem Diagnosing Hardware Problem - Motherboard or Hard Drive? but more of a harddrive problem - specifically since I run two hard drives at the same time The problem is that I ve run tests for both CPU and Hard drive and they both report to be working perfectly I used the Seagate Seatools to scan for errors on both my hard drives and they both passed a full test I also stress loaded my CPU with the HotCPU program and my system worked perfectly fine My computer also runs perfectly during safe mode which is perplexing When I do get my computer to work I m able to run high performance games - eg Heroes of the Storm Ultra Starcraft II Ultra FFXIV Ultra without crashing In fact my computer seems to crash when I use applications that don t demand alot of resources e g watching video files surfing the web As such I dont think the hardware problems lie within my SSD nor my GPU but rather in my CPU or HDD As of now I ve currently reapplied thermal paste to my CPU which has not helped I m also looking to clone my current HDD over to a new one and see if any improvements will occur and if that doesn t work maybe switching a new CPU However I wanted some outside opinions on what exact problems my computer is facing before I splurge on these new pieces of hardware Does anyone here have a clue that might help diagnosing what exactly is wrong with my computer Much thanks appreciated PS I m not sure if this is relevant but my sound driver is also a bit wonky With the audio often cutting in and out for the speakers nbsp

A:Diagnosing Hardware Problem - Motherboard or Hard Drive?

What is the make and model of your power supply and your motherboard?
Have you done any Overclocking?
Are all updates done and drivers updated?
Have you tried to run the computer with just the SSD (your OS hard drive) to see if the problem persists?
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I am apologizing before I start because I have limited knowledge and hope not to waste anyone s time The story I am trying to recover a few from recovering laptop Problem drive motherboard hard data after failure data files from Problem recovering data from laptop hard drive after motherboard failure my old hard drive I have removed my hard drive from my laptop in which the motherboard crashed The hard drive is about a year old laptop years old I placed the removed drive into a usb drive enclosure The failed computer had Vista OS my new computer has Windows OS The failed drive has a password on it at the level of logging into windows When I connected old drive to new computer via usb the new computer recognized it and gave it a drive letter If if clicked on the drive I could see the files in it When I tried to go to the files that contained my data I got a message that I did have permission to open them Then the new computer continuously tried to open the file This process wouldn t stop even trying to kill it with the Task Master I had to pull the drive out of the usb and reboot my new computer questions What should I do Is this a problem with conflicting OS systems passwords too many OS I have looked at forums but could not find anything that I could understand and use Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:Problem recovering data from laptop hard drive after motherboard failure

Try to take ownership.
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Hi My laptop is Acer with Windows home premium bit OS It contain with changed drive fail. Accidentally OS hard to dynamic drive.startup only single partition disk that is c drive only Recently i accidentally convert the c drive which contain OS into dynamic disk After i restart the laptop it shows the following BootMgr is missing Please press Alt Ctrl del to restart Now i not Accidentally changed hard drive with OS to dynamic drive.startup fail. able to enter the window I am so worry because my important data is kept inside the hard disk and i still not yet do any back up copy on it I searching on this forum and learnt that i need a window installation disk to repair it but my problem is the computer dealer not give me any windows installation disk when i baught this laptop as their said all the driver and windows program already kept in side the harddisk Any help are much appreciated I tried to remove the laptop hardisk which is a GB toshiba SATA hardisk Then i use the other laptop with Windows XP professional with the intention to copy yhe file inside the toshiba hard disk However after plugged in the hard disk to the other laptop under the disk management it shows that the toshiba disk as dynamic disk unreadable So i having problem to backup the data inside the toshiba hard disk

A:Accidentally changed hard drive with OS to dynamic drive.startup fail.

Hello Yee, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at Option Four in the tutorial at the link below to see if the "Set Partition as Primary" option is available; there's also a link in the same tutorial for the info on creating a Windows recovery disk.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD
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Hi all I have custom built pc and in last month now and then it switches off I believed it to be a faulty psu but now ive notice blue screen couple of times I looked it up and it points to faulty hard drive .also on restart I get few chkdsk .so I thought ok I got spare harddrive ill clone main one on to that and use that but when I plug it in it shows up but making a weird noise, also secured by bit lock,, I put password in and then it dissapears with error something like cannot be specified ...does this mean both hard drives have failed or could it still be psu maybe not giving enough power..thanks in advance.. any more info please ask

A:Hard drive fail

A noise coming from the hard drive you replace is faulty,,, it's indicates mechanical better buy new one...
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I have an Acer Aspire 5534 laptop, Comes on goes to Windows Splash screen, freezes, ran a hard drive diagnoses, failed Linear Verify, SMART Self Test Long, and Read Surface Scan. I know that the hard drive is on its last leg, but as a quick fix, can I chkdsk/r and reinstall OS. Do I have other options besides new drive and about how long before the need for new drive?

A:Hard Drive Fail

1. Reinstallng or attempting to reinstall the OS will serve no useful purpose
It may well result in complete failure due to the apparent unhealthy state of the hard drive

2. Take the drive out, connect to another computer and copy whatever you can from your personal data

3. If you have the means to install whatever OS it is - do so on a new laptop drive and then copy back your personal data

4. HOW LONG - the question is as opened ended as asking when will a light bulb - blow

5. After you have recovered what you can and I advise NOT BEFORE you may then having returned the drive to the laptop run a chkdsk /r on the drive from either windows or if it is 7 a cmd prompt from the disc or from the F8 menu and see if by chance you can then boot from it

6. If you are lucky enough to get a boot into windows and using then the new laptop drive connected usb to the laptop you may then try a clone using this

7. If the clone works you will not lose anything

IF you attempt the chkdsk /r before recovering whatever you can - there is a chance albeit slight that the drive may just fail.
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Did a system check due to a blank blue screen at startup. Got a failed hard drive short dst and a failure id of 9CWC9D-7HT71W-MFPV7A-60UR03

A:Hard Drive fail

Hi,Sadly to say: Most of the time the 24 char failure id indicates the HDD is failing and need to be replaced. Is it still under warranry ? If Yes, please call HP for a replacement.In the US: HP technical support: 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region please click the link below to get the support number for your region.    Regards.
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My father recently bought some more RAM (4 gb for a total of 6gb). Since he put it in his PC has been acting funny. Now he is getting hard drive fail messages during the boot up. His HD then started making clicking noises which in my past experience means the HD is done. Now he can't boot up at all. I didn't think RAM could do that. The RAM is identical to the other RAM, they're both DDR2 and both PC5200. His HP is upgradeable to 8gb of RAM.

Thanks for any help.

A:Can RAM cause a hard drive to fail?

AFAIK, not likely.
It might just be coincidence.
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i was just chatin on steam today and i thing pops up says. WINDOWS DETECTED A HARD DRIVE FAILURE back up files immediately!

SO i go and schedule a disk check.

Restart my computer and some thing comes up with a list of hardware and at the bottom it says HARD DRIVE FAILURE IS IMMANENT! BACK UP FILES AND REPLACE THE DRIVE!

IM like wtf?? no i only had this computer for a year.

So i go and boot then check files for error. a whole bunch of stuff it corrects. But still an immanent failure.

So im hoping i can stop this from happening you think? Is there anyway i can stop it from happening or am i doomed???

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Hi guys. Ex top rated Ubuntu forum guy here. I had my sata HDD in a USB caddy, but then the power supply went out.

Apparently, the PCB is dead now because of the power surge. I need to access my files but I cannot. Urgent help please! Is there a way I can manually fix the PCB and detect its faults myself, or do I need a new one?

A:Hard Drive PCB fail

Hi onkzzz and welcome to Seven Forums

Yes the PCB can be replaced and its not that hard to do for around ?25 delivered to your door, if you google you will find a few places that sell HDD PCBs

eg > hard drive donor circuit board, data recovery
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Here are the SMART stats:

Please tell me how I can create an exact backup of my current failing hard drive and how to copy it all exactly over to a new hard drive and which type it should be.

Thank you

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When i'm using my computer and sometimes on start up my hard drive will make this repeating ticking sound...(tick, tick, tick, tick) and freeze up the computer.

Then when the hard drive stops the sound the computer will return to its normal state.

Is this a hard drive fail? Will i have to buy a new one?

160gb sata, toshiba a215

A:Hard drive fail?

Most of my tick, tick, ticking HD's won't even boot. But when they have just started ticking it is usually a bad sign. Back up NOW !
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hi there, this problam has happened twice with 2 ibm 60gig hard drive, always happens when machine reboots or starts up, as the compute starts up all i get after the startup screen is alow clicking sound coming from hard drive, all the recovery floppys ie for partition magis and drive image do not work they get so far then hang as iget the clicking noise, only way out is to use ranish patition manager on floppy to fill the hard drive wih zeros then format and reinstall, any ideas as to what causes the cliking sound, cheers delmec

A:hard drive fail

I'd say the drives are dying. Go to IBM website and download the drive utility program and run it.
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Aug purchased Western Digital TB My Passport Portable External Drive Drive worked perfectly on two different XP desktop PC s and on XP Laptop and one Windows Desktop PC Nov Leant drive to a friend who used Hard Drive Fail USB with a Windows laptop Worked fine Nov got the drive back plugged into XP Desktop that it had been used with before XP did not recognize the drive Windows chimed when the drive was plugged in but did not open explorer or start scrolling through the files as it usually did before Within a few seconds the PC froze completely requiring full power down Tried in XP Laptop same problem Found that if I left the drive plugged in during reboot USB Hard Drive Fail Windows would see it and I was able to use the drive normally Since the drive was doing the same thing in all of my computers including the Windows PC I decided to take back to Costco for warranty Dec Costco did not have anymore TB portable drives so I purchased a TB Seagate Portable elsewhere To my surprise this drive did exactly the same thing when plugged in Only thing different was that it works properly in the Windows PC Started making changes to the Windows XP Laptop settings to try and make it work Eventually did a System Restore to early November before the problem started with no positive effect Totally lost I don t want to blame the new drive since the problem is exactly the same as before and USB Hard Drive Fail it works perfectly in the Windows PC Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:USB Hard Drive Fail

Hi there,

Make sure the drives out of the pc.

Start (Bottom left)
Right click "My Computer"
Go to "Manage" (This will open a new window)
On the left hand side about halfway down you will see "Device Manager" give it a click.
Now at the top of the window select "View" and make sure "Show Hidden devices" has a tick next to it.

Now expand "Disk Drives" by clicking the + next to it.
Find the name of your usb drives and right click them and go to uninstall.

Reboot your computer, plug the drive in after you login.

The above isnt a gaurenteed solution, so let us know if it works or not.
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Hi,I am suffering from a hard drive issue and my knowledge on computers is very limited. I am not sure this is the correct place to be asking this question but i am in need of advice and have no other options.This morning i switched on our family computer (HP Touchsmart 520 PC)and it failed to start properly. I ran a hard drive diagnotsics and it came back saying that hard drive connection test had failed with the error code: 3FO. The CPU and Memory test both passed. I was hoping someone could offer me advice on how to proceed. Hopefully the information i have given is sufficient.ThanksNathan
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Hard Drive Short DST Check: FAILED Failure ID: Q0D613-7JD88U-MFPWL1-60VK03(everything else PASSED)Is it unreasonable to assume that a computer hard drive would last longer than barely over one year?Any idea why this happened or what fix options I have.  Is everying on the drive -since I last backed up to my portable lost forever?HP ENVY 17-k011nr Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)Thanks
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bio see drive (maxtor falcon)
then meassage (primary hard drive fail)
Is there any thing i can do for this problem

A:hard drive fail

Not a good sign. That's it? That's all you see?

Do you have more than one drive?

Be sure to check all your connections to be sure it is the drive and not something minor that was overlooked.
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Yesterday our AMD-K gave us the dreaded quot Primary Hard Drive fail quot message The hard drive light goes on at start up and we can hear it running took cover off but it makes a ticking sound Using system disk in A drive we get quot Starting Windows quot Message though I had upgraded to Win several months ago and then an A prompt When we enter C it says invalid drive We have used our Norton Basic rescue disk and Emergency start up disk and it says there is an error restoring boot info to hard disk Also have gotten a DISK BOOT FAILURE message Not sure if this is related but several Hard Primary Drive Fail weeks ago I lost ability to access A floppy drive Then a couple of days ago the CD wouldn t open Now the hard drive is inaccessible Someone said it could be the battery so we did Primary Hard Drive Fail get a new one but don t know if we ll lose anything important if we replace it do it while power is off or on or not at all Thank you for any help Dancin This message has been edited by Dancin edited - - nbsp

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Yesterday my sister was on the computer early in the morning about am and she woke me up saying the computer wasn Drive did fail? Hard it problems, t working So i try running Windows XP in regular safe mode and with last known configuration She claimed there was a power surge and now she can Hard Drive problems, did it fail? t get on I know something wasn t working when windows XP took hours for nothing to load It always claimed something prevented the computer from starting properly So I decided to format my hard drive and reinstall it It took forever to write anything to the hard drive I checked to see if there was any problems with my CDRW DVD ROM it s fine and would then not write anything at all on the second phase of a clean install Then Hard Drive problems, did it fail? I decided to change the partition to FAT and install Windows as a bit subsystem so I can upgrade to Windows XP It took a total of Hours and then rebooted upon completion I have installed windows on this PC before and took a total of minutes On reboot a message saying there was an invalid disk so I removed the windows installation CD Then I rebooted again Same message I have reason to suspect that my hard drive has failed She never turned the computer off properly and we have had many power failures brown outs recently We unfortunately do not have a surge protector as of yet Are my suspicions true Has my hard drive failed on me If my Hard Drive indeed fail what is the maximum size the A V-VM motherboard can handle nbsp
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I've exprienced random numerous shutdowns on this laptop over the past two days.

I ran a check disk and it still randomly shuts off on me.

I think my hdd may be failing me now after all these years.

I have no backup solutions such as an external right now, so I really can't backup my hdd and replace it.

What should I do?

These are my system specs

A:Hard drive is starting to fail

no backup solution poses rather a problem :/
I've had three hard drives fail on me (well, the third is going to happen any day soon ;P ). The first two were because bad sectors appeared all over them, the third sounds awfully clicky with grinding noises. The less you use it, the less risk of it dying sooner. Windows kept telling me there were serious problems with it and instant shutdowns occured in quicker and quicker succession. Try to get your data out of there as soon as possible, whether online backup or external hard drive. also, if you can, buy a small capacity hard drive to replace it with to tide you over until you would be in a position to buy a replacement.
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I want to replace my hard drive before it fails but I want to keep software that was installed without having to reinstall it all I expect that I won t be able to get the exact same drive Since at least some of the configuration information for most drive My fail hard to Solved: about is of the applications is kept in the Solved: My hard drive is about to fail registry I d like to just restore a copy of my registry after replacing my hard drive But there is hardware configuration information stored in the registry and I fear that I won t be able to boot after I restore the entire registry I was hoping that either it wouldn t be a problem or I could follow a process like Create an emergency repair disk before replacing the drive Replace the drive and re-install the OS WIN K Boot and restore the backup of the registry that I made when I had my old drive Shutdown and boot from the emergency repair disk Can you tell me what I should do Thank you very much nbsp

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I havnt had to bad of problems with my HD not switching on but sumtimes i turn my computer on and it will turn on slow or the HD wont turn on at all. i have a 350 watt power supply with 2 cd drives, 2 HD's, 3 fans, and a light kit. do i need more power is it a hardware problem?

A:Primary hard drive fail....

You probably do need more power because of the fans and lights, what do you have in your pci slots?
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I've got a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows Vista on that won't boot. The Windows loading screen appears but it never makes it to Windows.

I tried booting from a USB drive with Ubuntu on and it started but I get an error message saying the hard drive is about to fail and I should back up.

Any ideas what the problem might be and how likely is it the drive will fail?


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My mom gave me her PC because she got a laptop and the HD in my PC is acting shady I took the HD out of her PC and put it into mine along with my current HD Both Transplant Fail Hard Drive HDs are already loaded with Windows Service Pack They are both SATA so there was no problem with the hardware install but Hard Drive Transplant Fail when I tried to boot using the new HD the system got to the screen that shows the Microsoft logo but the logo animation froze about halfway through and the system rebooted Upon reboot a screen appears asking if I want to run Startup Repair or start Windows normally I run Startup Repair but it does not work The system reboots again and before the quot Microsoft quot screen is supposed to Hard Drive Transplant Fail come up a blank screen with a blinking cursor appears and stays up After waiting a while I have to shut the computer down manually When I restart and boot using the old HD it comes up with no problem Once booted I can see the other HD as well as all of the files on it and my system tells me that the drivers for the new HD are up to date What am I missing Thank you

A:Hard Drive Transplant Fail

You can't simply boot Windows from a hard drive from another machine. Windows is configured with drivers that match the other system and it is expecting that hardware when you boot off of the new drive.

You can try booting to safe mode with the new drive or doing a startup repair. Another option is to put the drive back in the other machine and use sysprep:

Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer - Windows 7 Forums
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I was experiencing delays and slow response with my computer so I thought maybe a defrag would fix it. When I opened auslogic's disk defrag, it told me that my hard drive is bad and it may fail soon. This is an old computer and I wanted to know if defragging the hard drive at its current state will make it fail. Will defragging the hard drive increase the chances of the hard drive failing?

A:Hard drive about to fail ; Should I defrag it?

Don't do it, it'll make things difficult when you wanna get your data read and written onto ext. drive, backup files ASAP, and buy a new drive.
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I just tried to install two new internal HDDs into my vista desktop, the first (given to me by a friend) went in perfectly but the second seems to have caused my computer to crash. When I attempt to turn on my computer now I get shown a blue error screen. I have tried going into safe mode, with no luck, tried booting directly from a windows 7 disk, with no luck, and removed all the new hardware, still with no luck.

No matter what I do I cannot get the computer to boot. I have handed the computer over to the Tech Department at my university but for some ridiculous reason they are not allowed to do anything I have not already tried.

Does anyone have any advice? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


A:Hard Drive Install Fail

Do you have any idea what the blue screen error is? Have you tried clearing the CMOS? How about boot to a memtest CD?
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We have recently had two hard drives fail, both purchased and installed in the same PC at the same time. They failed about a month apart. Is there anything out there that can be used to monitor the drives to detect upcoming failures? I have been looking at diagnostic software called Active Smart. I downloaded a 30 day trial version but purchase costs approx $30.


A:Hard Drive Diagnostics - can something tell you when a drive is about to fail?

Most bios setups have a setting to enable for S.M.A.R.T. Check to see if you have that option.

However, that many drive failures so close together would lead me to believe that you have other issues, maybe the drives are too close together and getting too hot?
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Upon switching my PC on at work this morning, it failed to boot. Instead it lets out a high pitched intermittent beep for about a second at a time. No picture on the monitor. All power lights are on.
It's an old Pentium 3 (probably 600Mhz), 128Mb RAM, W98SE.

Fortunately I have backups from noon yesterday, so I won't lose an awful lot if it's dead.

I've opened it up, and apart from it being thick of dust, it seems ok - the leads are all in place, nothing's hanging out or damaged. The processor fan spins happily, so the power supplies obviously ok.

Oh hang on, I've fixed it...
The memory strip wasn't quite snug. Bit weird - nothing should have dislodged it.

Ha ha
Strange thread.


A:[SOLVED] PC beeping - Hard drive fail?

maybe it was due to expansion/contraction over time.
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Hi I'm new to the forums so I hope this is the right place to post this nbsp But anyways I basically dropped my HP Notebook -f Fail? DST Check Drive Short Hard dx and now it won't boot Hard Drive Short DST Check Fail? When I turn it on it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds and then goes to a blank black screen and after a long while a blue screen that has an 'Unmountable Boot Volume' error Sometimes it starts and says 'Preparing Automatc Repair' but only for a few seconds again then it goes back to the black screen and the same error I saw some tutorials but it involved me getting a bootable CD or USB drive and I tried that and it still won't work It just makes the loading screen stay on a little longer then goes back to the error So I ran a System Quick Check and it failed the Hard Drive Short DST check I don't know what any of this means do I need a new laptop nbsp

A:Hard Drive Short DST Check Fail?

It appears the impact of dropping your computer damaged the hard drive. The Hard Drive Short  DST Check Fail error is an indication that the hard drive has failed or is about to fail. You will need to replace the hard drive with a like unit and use your HP Recovery Media to return the computer to a factory like state. If you didn't create your HP Recovery Media when you first setup your computer, you will have to purchase this media from HP. Please see USB - Windows 10 64b Recovery Kit to order the media or contact HP Customer Support to purchase the medai, If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation
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Hello Everyone,

I have been given a couple of hard drives and the above msg comes up when I plug them in as a master... but when I add them as a slave... My pc picks them up but.... wait for it... as a CDRom ??????? says CDRom(H)
I run Windows XP pro SP3.
I have tried FDisk that didn't work, unfortunately I cannot remember the msg that came up.
Any help would be wonderful....
Thank you....


A:Primary hard drive fail, on boot up

I would connect the drive as a slave to a working system. Now run the drive maker's diagnostic on the drive. You download this from whomever made the drive; ie WD, Maxtor, Seagate, etc.

In addition you need to make sure the jumpers are set correctly. If these are ide type drives and one of them is a WD, there are two different jumper settings for WD drives. It depends on whether the drive is a single device on the cable or a multi device.
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Ok my first question is has my hard drive crashed When I start up the device info is supposed to say something like quot Maxtor B H quot but instead I get quot Maxtor - more and fail Booting hard problems drive eph hgnk l quot note the odd device name isnt exact but I could write Booting problems - hard drive fail and more it down Booting problems - hard drive fail and more and post it if it helps This all happened when I unplugged the ribbon cable from my m b -dont ask- lol When I plugged it back in I got that message I have confirmed it is the hard drive itself by trying it in a different computer My second problem is that was my primary master hard drive I did not have the operating system on that hard drive but that hard drive contained Booting problems - hard drive fail and more the xp boot record or ntldr something i dont know much so Is there a way to restore that boot program record onto a different hard drive and gain access to my operating system Also if it helps I can get into vista too different hard drive and bootloader so wasnt affected The reason I m so frustrated is because xp was my main os nbsp

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I awoke this morning to a box that appears to be from windows stating that my hard drive is about to fail and that I should back up my data immediately (done).  After further research though it appears that there are also viruses that mimic this alert for different purposes.  Is there a way we can scan/search my system and determine if my hard drive is really about to fail or whether I have a virus?

A:Hard Drive Fail Warning or Virus?

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will assist you with your malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully. First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding. Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one. If you have any problems while following my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem. Do not run any other scans without instruction or add/remove software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me. Post all logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts. If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed. Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean. My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.   Use the Windows Error Checking utility (Check Disk), with the options to fix file system errors and scan the disk surface for errors, attempt recovery of data and repair the disk: Click the "Windows Orb" Start button, then click Computer. Right-click on the drive that you wish to check > Properties > Tools tab In the "Error checking" section, click on Check now. Place a checkmark in both boxes > Start. If the disk you have chosen is the Windows system disk: A message will notify you that a restart is necessary ask "Do you want to check for hard disk errors the next time you start your computer?". Click Schedule disk check > OK and close all windows. Re-start the computer. The disk will be checked when the system boots. This will take some time to run and at times may appear stalled but just let it run. When the disk check is complete, the system will re-start automatically and load Windows.A log of the disk check is recorded only if the scheduled re-start is used, and only for drives on the same HDD as the Operating System.To open Event Viewer and view the log: Click the "Windows Orb" Start button -> type "eventvwr" without the quotes -> press the key. The Event Viewer window will open. In the left pane, expand "Windows Logs" and then click on Application. In the right pane, at the top, click on the column heading Source to sort the list alphabetically. Look in the Source column for "Wininit", with an entry corresponding to the date and time of the disk check. Click on that Wininit entry to select it. On the top main menu, click Action > Copy > Copy Details as Text. Paste the contents into your next reply.
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HP Notebook 15-ac121dx
Windows 10

I know my hard drive is failing. I cannot boot my computer tried every method. It's in the automatic repair loop. I'm going to have to send it in I'm pretty sure of it. However I was able to access the notepad through the command prompt and noticed that I can still see my files in different folders. Is there a way for me to back up my files? Is there a way I can access a program from command prompt and transfer files? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

A:Hard drive short check dst fail

try using ubuntu

UBUNTU Stand Alone DVD

Note the latest version of UBUNTU needs a DVD to use and boot from

if you only have CDs then you can use an older version, version 10 or 11 from this archive list

It may be possible to boot from another Operating System
This will at least test the Hardware and also see if you can see the Harddrive and possibly get any of your data off.

If you have another PC with a DVDwriter and spare DVD
Download the ISO

UBUNTU version 14
For almost all PCs. The following ISO 32Bit image will work on most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors and almost all computers that run Microsoft Windows, as well as newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors.

You can also run from a USB device now - if the Machine supports booting off a USB Stick

A tutorial is here BUT this is for version 9 - so the start up options are slightly different

click on the image "download ubuntu"
Select a location
then begin download
Save the file onto your PC ? remember where you saved it ? so you can find it again to create the image bootable DVD.

You do NOT copy the ISO file onto a DVD - you have to use the ISO to create a bootable DVD
The DVD creator software you have on the PC may have an option to create an image from an ISO

If not - use this free program - Choose the option Write image file to disc
Be very careful when installing , as imgburn now includes and installs a load of unwanted programs, so make sure you read each page during the installation and decline them ALL
you can use this stand alone ISO Burner to burn the ubuntu onto DVD

If you need any help burning these images to disk, see the Image Burning Guide, from the ubuntu website.

When the UBUNTU DVD boots - you will see a screen - with Language on the left panel and two option images labelled

== > Try ubuntu
== > Install ubuntu
​You can try Ubuntu without making any changes to your computer, directly from this DVD

Use "Try ubunto" ONLY. This option will run from the DVD and "will not" install onto your harddrive
Be careful, if you do install onto the PC - you will wipe the data and software OFF your hard drive.., you have been warned, only use the option "try ubuntu"
​Now you should see a UBUNTU desktop
This at least proves the main parts of the PC are working
NOTE: if you only see a black screen - then this is a known issue, and can be resolved by using the following:-
On some hardware configurations, you need to set some kernel parameters for ubuntu to boot or work properly. A common one is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot in to a black screen or corrupted splash, acpi_osi= to fix lcd backlight and other problems.
full details are here

If you press the F6 key, a menu at the bottom will open allowing you to set kernel options with the space bar or enter key. You can close the menu with escape key and resume booting by selecting the option ?try ubuntu without installing? (please note that session does allow you to install ubuntu once you found the kernel options cured your problem).Click to expand...

If everything worked OK and you should be on the ubuntu desktop

Version 14.10
To see the harddrive
on the left hand side menu
look for

the icon = Picture of a harddrive
click once

A window will open an... Read more
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Hey all I'm technologically challenged and this is my first time posting on the forum so lemme know if I miss anything....Like the subject says my notebook was freezing and running slowly I didn't know what was happening but long story short I can't get past the boot up screen anymore with HP logo and I ran diagnostic and got hard drive short and long dst failed. I'm pretty frustrated cause my laptop is less than 2 yrs old and my warranty expired how can I replace the damaged hard drive and what exactly should I buy? Also will my files be lost?

A:Hard drive long and short dst fail

A retail laptop/mobile 2.5" SATA hard drive can be used.Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, etc. Just be sure to get one of at least equal capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Discs. It can be larger, but not smaller capacity.For instance if you have a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB hdd but not a 320GB hdd. Sorry to say files also die with a hard drive. Best practice with any computer is an external USB hard drive to back up files.
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Hi Guys,

Let me start by warning you that I am not a whiz when it comes to computers!

My Dell Dimension 4600 has been getting a little cantankerous of late, to the point where it failed to boot up today (I'm on the laptop!).

I've looked for solutions, and the end result after getting a "blue screen" with an "Unmountable Boot Volume" message is the following:

IDE Hard Drive Diagnostics
Primary SATA
Drive 0: No device
Secondary SATA
Drive 0: No device

Primary IDE
Drive 0: WDC WD600BB-75CAAO - Fail. Return Code: 7
Drive 1: Maxtor 6E040l0 - Pass


Is this the dreaded hard drive crash?

Any advice gratefully received!


A:Dell IDE Hard Drive Diagnostic: Fail!

It is either a dead hard drive or the motherboard has stopped talking to it. My bet would be the drive, given the symptoms.
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So for many weeks, I had the blue screen startup loop problem. I finally managed to log in Somehow and reformatted my computer. Now I am receiving a hard drive failing message, and the internet says I should download crystal disk. I did so, and this is what it says

Would be grateful is someone could tell me how to solve this, or if I have to replace it =/

A:Windows 7 hard drive fail message

You'll have to replace it.
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I have a Fujitsu MPG3102AT 10.24 Mg hard drive that failed. I fdisk,but when it came to formating it goes to like 15% and then the format fails. Could this be a virus? Its a fairly new hard drive and if it can be fixed I would like to save the price of bying a new one. I have been told that I have to do a "Low Level Format" could anyone tell me how to do that or direct me to someplace that can or If you Have any more relevant Info On this subject it would really be appreciated

Waiting Patiently


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I have run diagnostic test for my hard drive and it failed with the below error:

Hard Drive -DST short test
Error code - 0142
Msg:Error code = 2000-0142
Msg:hard drive - self test unsuccessful
Status :99

i have dell studio 1435 laptop.

So can anyone help me in telling the reason for the above error.
why this error came and how to get rid of this error??

A:Solved: Hard drive diagnostics test fail

can't get rid of it, that is a failing hard drive......back up all the data you want to keep, and get a new one.
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It seems every thread I start I hard may do? the I ocurred drive fail. saying should What Event SMART always begin by saying i'm sorry if I put this on the wrong section so let's just skip that part xD Anyway my friends laptop which has different specs from that one a ghz dual core a M series GPU and gb RAM started getting this SMART event ocurred thing like years ago So being a dumba back then I thought formatting reinstalling OS would solve the problem So I did Installed W HP x used Driver Genius to install all drivers and SURPRISE the error was still there So he kept the computer as SMART Event ocurred saying the hard drive may fail. What should I do? it was and surprisingly it survived all these years Nothing happened really he just used his laptop for his usual stuff with SMART Event ocurred saying the hard drive may fail. What should I do? no problems whatsoever weird But just recently he asked me to install W HP x so he could use Sony Vegas Pro for some reason Vegas only exists for x and if there is a x I can't find it So I did and installed it and then the problems started The laptop is now crashing frequently recovering from it in like seconds every time It works I guess and you can copy around and mess with stuff on the computer but after awhile it eventually crashes for - seconds I have no idea why this is happening and only then I thought of his SMART event error so I downloaded WD diagnostic tool clicked the quot view SMART data quot button and everythin was right except for quot re-allocated sector count quot which was at value at worst and at threshold could this last formatting fried his hard drive for good His warranty was gone even before he ever had the SMART event he has the laptop for like years now Is it because of the x windows Is there a logical reason for it not work properly on this laptop Or was the excessive formatting that damaged the hard drive for good Thank you for your time

A:SMART Event ocurred saying the hard drive may fail. What should I do?

I would immediately backup all data to a different hard drive.

A reallocated sector count means that one or more sectors on a hard drive are bad. Every modern hard drive has spare sectors available and the bad sectors are "reallocated" (transferred) to a spare good sector. But once you run out of spare sectors, the hard drive will usually suffer a sudden and catastrophic failure.

I believe the hard drive was already in a near failure status when you formatted and installed the x64 operating system. That is what probably pushed the drive over the edge. But I also believe the drive was going to fail anyway even if you hadn't installed the x64 OS.
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Hi all I had some serious problems CCleaner... Epic FAIL! SATA Hard Drive with my SATA Hard Drives last night I used CCleaner last night to do a quot Disk Epic SATA Hard Drive FAIL! CCleaner... Wipe quot of the free space on my System and Secondary SATA disks I Epic SATA Hard Drive FAIL! CCleaner... also deleted random registry errors backing up my reg to my Secondary Maxtor Gb HDD ironically and basically did some other pointless screwing around trying to quot tidy up quot my OS This was something that you HAD to do with XP occasionally After I was done the Maxtor Gb SATA disappeared from Windows Also my main system disk Seagate Tb SATA went from being - full to full I was able to fix that drive by running quot chkdsk f quot but the Secondary Maxtor Gb HDD was gone Windows couldn't see it Only the BIOS could I normally wouldn't care about a little Gb drive and format remount the thing but my brother who died left me his diaries which were on that drive so I really wanted to get the thing back up Warning Registry and quot System Optimization quot Apps don't help in Win much and they can do some Serious Damage lt warning that no one will listen to gt Keep in mind I've been a tech for a living so I did everything most techs would do including using UBCD to run tests when I couldn't get it up in quot Disk Management quot in Windows The Maxtor HDD passed an integrity check in one app but a Maxtor app that let's you modify Acoustics Speed didn't even find it app probably only works with IDE amp SCSI drives That's when I got SeaTools and finally got the thing to back up by running a quot Long Drive Self Test quot Phew thumbs up I hope this helps someone to either fix damage or realize that apps like CCleaner can really mess things up

A:Epic SATA Hard Drive FAIL! CCleaner...

Quote: Originally Posted by azathoth

Hi all!

I had some serious problems with my SATA Hard Drives last night...

I used CCleaner last night to do a "Disk Wipe"....
Registry and "System Optimization" Apps don't help in Win7 much and they can do some Serious Damage! </warning that no one will listen to>
I hope this helps someone to either fix damage or realize that apps like CCleaner can really mess things up.

Your timely reminder noted....

What you advise is what quite a few of us have been saying.
But yes, deaf ears are everywhere.

If it aint broke don't fix it.

Also remember to BACK UP!
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When the security update from Feb came down and screwed up things like it did many others I shut the pc back down removed all non-essential drives and attempted to trouble shoot Fail 9, after update? Feb windows Hard Drive 2010 Eventually I was able to do a repair install to get the primary hdd back to normal as the suggested methods in the threads on here Hard Drive Fail after Feb 9, 2010 windows update? would not work for me However now that I have that problem remedied I have another An additional hard drive that was working fine now is not recognized anywhere by the system at any level It also makes no vibration on any IDE cable please tell me that it didn t get fried and I can at least get everything off of it I ve looked in disk management and the bios and it s just not there Even used the ubuntu thing that allowed me to back up the primary the other day and it wasn t there either Frustrated with Microsoft completely now heh Thanks in advance even if it s bad news you have XPSP nbsp

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Something keeps popping up telling me my hard drive will fail.
"Microsoft windows" your hard drive will fail please replace hard drive"
I have had my computer for years and its been saying that for a long time and it hasnt happend yet. I blocked it from popping up before, but now that I reformatted my computer its happening again. How do I keep this from popping up?

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System Info Alienware M x Windows bit home GB ram Ndvidia Gforce m Hard Drive is failing on this system Have purchased new one to install Issue is this- reinstall to 7 Drive Solved: Fail- windows how Hard like many modern computers it didn t come with an actual windows disk Like an idiot I never made one I have access to my computer and HDD but it will usually crash after - minutes I have MOST of my important stuff backed up and can easily manage the few files I need What I need though is to be able to install windows on the next disk I have Solved: Hard Drive Fail- how to reinstall windows 7 obtained the windows key using Belarc However this does not match the key on the bottom But I cannot Solved: Hard Drive Fail- how to reinstall windows 7 completely read the key on the bottom Computer is a refurbished- is it possible they switch the windows key on the reformating So is there a way for met to create a backup DVD of Solved: Hard Drive Fail- how to reinstall windows 7 windows in under minutes Would it work if I obtained a cop of windows not difficult here- I can buy copies for a few bucks and used my original key Is the Belarc key correct if not how do I figure out my key I can read about of it on the bottom Any other advice on doing this nbsp

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I've got a Ultra USB Hard Drive Enclosure which worked just fine (and still does) on my XP computer. It is not recognized by Vista x64 on my new computer. Ultra insists it works in x64 and that I should call Microsoft. Before I try contacting MS I figured I'd try here first.

Screenshots @ Flickr: Search Travelin' Librarian's photostream


A:Ultra USB Hard Drive Enclosure driver fail

Ultra pointed me to Microsoft. Microsoft pointed me back to Ultra. Ultra them pointed me to the chipset manufacturer who doesn't supply end-user support. In the end I tried a Firewire cable and the drive now works fine. Whatever.
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I'm running dual hard drives and I started my computer this morning to find the usual hard drive select screen I selected my usual hard drive and Windows fail/crash drive hard 7 recovery continued to the next select screen I was prompt with a recovery or a start windows normally options I selected the usual quot start windows normally quot Then my computer was forced into recovery mode which never loaded Windows 7 hard drive recovery fail/crash It loads a blank windows recovery screen that never loads I left the computer to load for over hours and no luck it never loads I've tried restarting Windows 7 hard drive recovery fail/crash and selecting the recovery option for the second option Windows 7 hard drive recovery fail/crash but the same result I've never had this kind of issue before and I'm wondering if the main hard drive has failed I've tried the usual F CTRL ALT DEL combos but it is completely unresponsive The second hard drive I have doesn't have windows installed so it leads nowhere if I choose it I've attached a few pictures before for each of the screens along with the blank windows recovery screen imgur the simple page
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This problem started with a bad driver file from my printer. I was able to get my desktop to work, but it has crashed my laptop.

I have been trying to reinstall operating system (XP) on my Compaq Presario V2000. I deleted the partition and did the slower version of the formatting the partition. It game back with an error message that there was a partmgr.sys driver error. It suggested to disable the BIOS memory options by starting up in safe mode. I had no idea how to do that, but when I was there ran the hard drive self test and came up with test error #1 - 07 fail. I also reloaded the setup defaults for the PhoenixBIOS.

How do I fix this problem (the self-test and ultimately getting my computer to accept the reinstall)?


A:Hard Drive Self Test Error #1 - 07 Fail & Reinstalling Windows XP

To fix the self test you need to replace the hard drive. That's the whole point of a self test, if it fails it means your drive is bad.
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I have not been able to start up windows xp All I get is a black screen and a blinking cursor in the upper left hand cornor I put in my recovery disk it acts like it is going to re-install windows and then nothing When I open up the bios settings and use a hard drive laptop hard Presario fail drive 2200 Compaq comprehensive test it says that my hard drive had failed the test The hard drive is a seagate GB AT disc Compaq Presario 2200 laptop hard drive fail drive I took it out and put in another laptop hard drive I did have to take off a converter thing from the seagate and put it on the IBM hard drive When I turn on the laptop it boots from the CD and I press enter to set up windows xp home edition The screen says MB Disk at Id on bus atapi MBR C Partition FAT MB MB free I press enter to set up xp The partition you selected does not have enough free space for the installation of windows xp Set up must reformat it I tell it to reformat The partition is either too full damaged not formatted or formatted with an incompatible file system To continue installing windows setup must format this partition C Partition FAT MB MB free on MB Disk at Id n bus on atapi MBR I pick to format the partition using the NTFS file system It tells me to wait Setup was unable to format the partition The disk may be damaged Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer If the disk is a SCSI disk make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated Consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter documention for more information I am totally lost can anyone help me nbsp

A:Compaq Presario 2200 laptop hard drive fail

If there is anything on the drive which you need to recover I would recommend doing that first.

Test the hardware using the seagate 'Sea Tools' for dos utility found at the following link;

If that shows no errors and assuming you have either backed your data up elsewhere or don't need any of the data on the drive (as this would destroy all data) Try using the windows setup routine to delete all partitions and then re-create/format them.
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Hi I tried to upgrade my existing Vista with an upgrade so I could keep my existing programs and files The reinstall was progressing ok and then I got a blank screen for an hour or so assuming the reinstall was complete I turned the computer off but alas this wasn t the case Now everytime I boot up I get the windows install failed message and to restart and reinstall Of course this process just loops but if I load the installation CD from boot I only have the option to reinstall a clean version ie loosing all my programmes and data Is there a of drive! not Vista trying upgrade hard delete to fail contents way I Vista upgrade fail trying to not delete contents of hard drive! can either roll back the reinstall access my HDD so I can move all the data to an external HD before doing a clean install or access the upgrade install option this is ghosted out during the boot from CD stating I need to do this through windows which I obviously can t The reason for the upgrade was that a the computer was getting really slow and b I couldn t install most applications due to a side by side configuration error message and thought this was due to a manual registry deleting effort on my behalf trying to remove traces of a prorgramme I was trying to reinstall that was having problems Help many thanks ps I have a Dell XPS laptop nbsp

A:Vista upgrade fail trying to not delete contents of hard drive!

I've had a problem with the recent Oct 15th Security updates, causing my Dell to hardware reset & reboot after screen goes blank, on 3rd stage of configuring updates. It is the IE8 Cumulative security patch responsible on my machine, tried updating video driver to latest etc.

The (temporary) Solution for me was to boot with the Dell Vista DVD, and use System Restore to rollback to the last checkpoint before the update, found in the System Repair options.
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Please help meI was upgrading my pc to windows 8.1But i shut it down while upgrading. The consequences strike me this morning when it wont boot, and when i tested the hardware it said" Failure! Failure ID Q31G2X-00085A-MFGJXF-60RD03"Anyone knows how to fix this?

A:Hard drive fail Q31G2X-00085A-MFGJXF-60RD03

Oh, and i live GMT +7 (Thailand)Forgot to mention
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Hi everyone,

Was just trying to format my drive to FAT32 using cmd, it got to 2% and then failed for whatever reason.

Now when I plug the drive in nothing happens, not sure how to get it formatted again so it is recognised? I refuse to believe the hard drive is fried!

Your help is greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Hard Drive format fail - now won't recognise device

No matter - Fixed it!
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Hi everyone recently I bought a new laptop MSI GP which came with Windows I tried it for few weeks and than I decided to downgrade it to Windows So I did it everything went well I was using Windows for couple of weeks but now I have a problem Last night I didn't turn it off and in the morning i got drive start cannot up hard - be - boot Windows to installed Can't Fail black screen saying quot Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key quot So here's the problem I have hybrid hard drive GB SSD Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed TB HDD which is divided to C D and E My laptop can recognize hard disk so it's not dead I can't start up because it can't Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed boot it and I can't reinstall repair Windows because it says quot Windows cannot be installed Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed to this disk This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu quot I'll also provide pictures of my BIOS in attachments You can see the settings and all boot devices I did a bit of research and I came across that if you have hard drives it may confuse Windows and Vista so disconnecting one of them will solve the problem that could be my case due to hybrid hard drive I'm not sure And the problem is that I can't open my laptop because I will lose the warranty So does anyone know what should I do to make it work again I have some files on my e drive which I would like to keep I've tried everything and I couldn't sort it out Will deleting all partitions and formatting them all over again do the job I would appreciate every attempt of help Thank you guys I colored everything a bit just to make it easier to read

A:Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed

I don't see where either Legacy BIOS or CSM are enabled, just Legacy Boot - is there a panel not shown? But that may be enough to Bypass UEFI to Install WIn7 if that's what worked for install.

That makes it easier to repair. Confirm the 100mb System Reserved (preferred if you have it) or C is Partition Marked Active then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times to see if it will start.

Different hybrid hard drives require different install procedures. If it's Intel Rapid Storage Technology it normally requires being turned off in BIOS for install, then enabled to activate the 24gb caching drive. But since IRST can also be problematic many leave it disabled. We've even helped users install to the SSD their OS and programs with the data folders linked from HDD, it worked and they wanted to keep it.

Read your Manual on the PC's Support Downloads webpage to see exactly how yours works. It would also help if you could post back a camera snap of Partition Wizard CD
drive map and listings. That tool can also mark Active and add another step which helps start Win7 by running Partition Wizard Rebuild MBR - Video Help.
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The machine that I am trying to repair seemed to have a bad power supply, as it would not turn on. I got a new power supply and plugged it into the board and gave it power. It booted up to the bios ok, but with no peripherals conected, could go no further. I turned it off, connected the hard drive, and now it will not turn on. I repeated this with another power supply and am getting the same results. Any advice on where to go next would be greatly appreciated.

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I have tried everything after "auto recovery" continues to come up...I have been able to run a diagostic and it returnswith failure "hard drive 1"any ideas? someone suggested I take the computer apart and see if something is loose. I have had it for 2 years only use e-mail and xcel....not much use...thanks!
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I am attempting to troubleshoot a laptop for my nephew it is an Sony the hard post Will to drive a test cause fail? occasionally failing Vaio PCG- P L identified as PCG-K UG in the bio amp s With Windows XP home A Gig Hitachi HD MB of memory No surviving optical drive No Bio s USB boot support No floppy and a bad hard drive While I amp m fairly knowledgeable about PC amp s in general I have never had a laptop and so am unsure of my conclusions The difficulty amp s are that the hard Will a failing hard drive cause the post test to occasionally fail? drive has gone bad and the optical drive was broken months ago I have viewed both the optical and HD replacement Knowledge Articles on the Sony site and am confident that I can replace both but should I bother Here is where I need some information The drive will usually post and after choosing a menu option freeze and or reboot during the OS load Simple and dandy replace the hard drive but this is my issue Occasionally the laptop will hang at the post I took this to mean that I had a motherboard video or memory error but no beep amp s and that the first two would not be economical fix However when I removed the HD and attached it to my desktop PC through a USB adapter in an attempt to recover the drive data it locked up the post process during the memory check This only happened once but implies that I have misunderstood the post test process and that a hard drive failure may in fact occasionally cause the post to hang So the question is this Can a failing hard drive cause the post test to fail Or do I have at least problem amp s if you count the lack of an optical drive and one isn amp t worth fixing What I have seems to be just a hard drive failure but I don amp t want to buy a new hard drive if the post test failure means that I have issues with the motherboard Thank you GJWK P S I think that both the HD and Optical drives are industry standard but if they re proprietary could someone warn me nbsp

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Hey guess i drive? motherboard? or hard m new but we ll save that So my laptop compaq presario years old was running very slow and choppy i ended up defrag etc and ended up getting the blue screens of death It was at the point the computer would work for - mins then BSOD SOOO I reformatted totally hard drive? or motherboard? wiped the hard drive etc and did hard drive? or motherboard? a fresh install hard drive? or motherboard? of xp home i was running pro before Anyway that went fine and I thought I was in the clear Next thing I know same thing same BSOD x F x x CDA x CF x C A While this happend for awhile i began to get upset Now the laptop is doing the PXE-E check media cable blah blah Long story short I took it to get serviced they told me nothing was wrong with ram OR the hard drive wow thanks Then out of spite I took it somewhere else the guy there basically just used an HD of his and installed XP and said well it looks like a new HD is what you need Tried that but when I installed it I still couldnt get passed the media cable errors which he didn t even have Yes i ve tried changing boot orders etc Weird thing is sometimes it will load windows othertimes it won t And usually when I try to install windows it says no hard disk found blah blah F to exit Furthermore in bios times it will say NO IDE found for the diagnostic test and only one or two times have I been able to run the test both times giving an error something along the lines of - fail which i m assuming is a problem So with this all said its off warranty what s wrong I need this thing fixed I don t want it to be the hard drive controller nbsp

A:hard drive? or motherboard?

Well, if you replaced the HD and it still doesn't work right..

It could be a bad connection. Does your laptop use some kind of a tray or an adaptor for the hard drive? It may not give good contact. Maybe get another one?

I have also seen a ThinkPad that would lose the HD if you didn't bend the corner of the laptop right. Took it to the repair shop and had them re-solder all the hard drive connectors. Fixed it.

And yes, it could be plain bad HD controller.
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I have a Latitude 600 and when I turn it on, it may take up to 10 minutes or not at all. It will only stay on about 10 minutes or so then has a message saying preparing standby in order to eject.... The battery died just before this started happening. I have been in contact with Dell support 3 said hard drive dying, another said motherboard, another said power which is it? I tried to do the test by pressing Fn and the power button but that does not work. I doubt this old thing is worth putting a new motherboard. I was also advised to never try working on a laptop it really that bad? Thanks

A:motherboard or hard drive?

Try replacing the power adapter first. Does the computer boot normally and are you able to access all of your files and folders. If the hard drive was failing those wouldn't be the symptoms in my opinion. Also go into the control panel and change the power settings to never hibrinate and to go into standby after say 60 minutes of inactivity and turn off hard disks after at least 60 minutes. See if those things help.
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When i went to turn my comp on it wouldnt fully boot up.. all that happend was the fan was running... no beeping or anything.. so i thought it was my power supply so i put a brand new one in and went to turn on the comp and its still doing the same thing.. so now im thinking its either the mobo or hd.. i have no clue how to figure this out so if someone could help me that would be great...

A:Motherboard or hard drive?

I'm having the same reply as you. One thing I hope for me its the motherboard. It suck if it was the HDD. Have so much stuff on the HDD.
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The other day we had a storm, the power went out for a few minutes. When I restarted the computer, my hard drive was bare, it wasn't even formated. This has happened when the power goes out (not all the time). What I'm trying to figure out is if it is the motherboard or the hard drive. I have a Western Digital WD1600-JB hard drive and an Abit KV8-MAX3 (VIA K8T800) motherboard.



A:Motherboard or hard drive?

Replace the hard drive... Then if the problem persists, look at replacing the power supply before going for the motherboard
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this all started last saturday I woke up and i was hearing clicking coming from my computer I moved the mouse to get out of the screen saver and it froze up I restarted and windows xp pro wouldn t boot up maybe drive Hard then motherboard? it would just sit at the loading screen and i would watch the little blue thing go from right to left o o after that i restarted and got into safe mode to try and run chkdsk it stoped at and the system started to freeze up but i would move my mouse and move widows around but thats about it from there i rstarted Hard drive then maybe motherboard? again the drive no longer shows up on the ata onboard controller I took the drive to a shop and they ghosted the drive to a new one the guy mentioned that the drive was giving him some trouble and that it was definatly bad Anyway i got the new drive yesterday I plugged it into the same spot and all worked well until i was watching TV on the TV tuner card it started to freeze up again the tv was still playing but i couldn t do anything so i restarted and then couldn t get into windows then the drive didn t show up SO i moved the drive over to the primary IDE controller where i am now in safe mode cause windows xp still wont load this time is seems to hang after i log in and durring quot loading personal settings quot System specs Gigabyte PE Ultra onboard promise ata raid p ghz gb ddr pc radeon pro gb Western Digital hd system drive that originaly screwed up gb Western Digital hd another hard drive for storage gb Maxtor hd more storage x DVD-rom Pioneer DVD-rw all the harddrives are located on the ata onboard controller not using the RAID function the dvd-rom and dvd-rw are on the normal IDE controller Right now i have the two other drives diconected from the ata and also disabled it and have the system disk on the normal ide controller which seems to be working fine except getting into windows the system drive was on it s own cable while the other two shared one Also when the system drive wouldn t show up the other two did those other two drives don t seem to be harmed though My thoughts are part of the ata controller failed while i was sleeping and caused the original gb system drive to fail also Then with this new drive i caught it sooner My concern is that the rest of the motherboard will fail also and i will lose more then just another harddrive if it is the motherboard So here i am to see what you guys think and how i should go about fixing it i think i gave all the info but in this state of tiredness i dunno if you need more details then say so did i mention already that there were no error messages any yea no errors just that the system hung kinda and the drive didn t show up Pwolf nbsp

A:Hard drive then maybe motherboard?

You could have some kind of virus that destroys your hard drives.
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My Dell Inspirion 6000 Notebook has the dreaded Blue Screen with c000021a (Fatal System Error) and will not boot to Windows. This has happened numerous times and the problem has been resolved by reloading Windows XP and the drivers and software. The system will work temporarily, but eventually shuts down and returns to the blue screen. It seems Windows XP gets erased every time the system crashes. I'm assuming the problem is either my harddrive or the motherboard. How can I tell which one is causing the problem?

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Hey guys, in couple days im getting a new MB, cpu, ram and case. I was wondering, can i put my old hard drive in, than just install drivers and bios for my new MB?

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I had all the parts for my computer selected and then I noticed that the MB and the HD might not go together. Im not goog with campat stuff at all Im thinking of building a computer. Could anyone tell me if this Hard Drive will work with this motherboard?

MSI P4N SLI-FI Socket T (LGA 775) ATX Intel Motherboard

Western Digital Raptor WD740GD 74GB 10,000 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive

A:Need help with Hard Drive to Motherboard

Yes, they should work fine. The motherboard has 4 sata ports, and that drive will take one of those ports. The motherboard also should come with the data cable, so you're covered in that area as well. The thing to consider is whether your power supply has a sata power connector, like this.

There are also molex(4pin) to sata adapters, so even if you don't have one, you can get an adapter. Sata drives can sometimes be troublesome to setup, but I doubt you'll have problems with that board, as it's newer and name brand.
Good luck on the system.
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Here im like an amateur Technician I know a BAD MOTHERBOARD!? Bad drive? Hard lot of things although there's something that really questions in my mind These are like the performance of my PC Normally a hard drive can go like mb or more per second copying some files or something like that Installing Black Ops takes less than or minutes Loading a Counter Strike Source game takes around less than minutes or something like Bad Hard drive? BAD MOTHERBOARD!? that For some reason My friend's PC its like fried Back then he told me that its not that slow Of course i can see that it doesn't really seem to be so slow before After doing a format due to some reason that his PC became so slow kinda realized that something weird is happening to his PC Loading a Counter strike game takes like Minutes Installing Black ops took like an hour Loading a Modern Warfare Mission takes like minutes In the middle of battle takes like minutes Frame Rate was really damn smooth but its like when it reloads the sound file it takes like a minute to load it Mid Battle of some game shooting a shotgun one time sounded like BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT then another shoot was normal We did another format but it doesnt seem to budge One time his BIOS is telling him that his hard drive doesnt exist anymore in the system so No boot Next day i opened it and checked the cables and turned it on it now tells me that it does exist So Bad Hard drive or Bad motherboard

A:Bad Hard drive? BAD MOTHERBOARD!?

Have your friend run a diagnostic test on his drive.
It is best to use a diagnostic program from the drive's manufacturer.

However, I have found that Hitachi Drive Fitness Test works on most any hard drive.
Use the bootable Linux CD.

If the drive comers out clean, then you can start to suspect the motherboard.
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I m having trouble with my new system Drive? Hard or Motherboard The system is as follows Asus P N-D nForce i Intel E Core Duo ghz not overclocked gb of Ram x gb XFX nVidia GTX mb Motherboard or Hard Drive? - Latest Drivers Samsung gb SATA HD LG Optical Drive on ATAPI port Corsair w PSU External gb HDD on USB interface Vista x SP w all Updates I m getting these errors in my system log from disk or nvstor The driver detected a controller error on Device Harddisk DR A parity error was detected on Device RaidPort Reset to device Device RaidPort was issued I don t Motherboard or Hard Drive? use a RAID - I m running the Samsung gb drive that came with the system but this sounds like either a bad motherboard or a bad hard drive I m not willing to go out and buy a motherboard and or a hard drive to see if that s the problem so I m hoping you can help Please let me know how we can work this out ASAP I bought a nice new fast gaming PC so I d like to actually play a few games I ve ripped out and reinstalled the nForce drivers several times including using DriverCleaner in Safe Mode to really get rid of them I ve installed the previous version of the nForce drivers I ve disabled command queing and write caching I ve tried another SATA port on the motherboard I ve opened a topic on the iBuyPower forum where I bought the system recently in case there s more info there that might help http www ibuypower com ibpdri tm aspx m I don t want to run out and buy a hard drive in the hopes that that s the problem and I -really- don t want to swap out a motherboard for the same reason I need to nail down what the problem is or if it s just a software issue I somehow can t seem to trace Thanks in advance for any help you can offer nbsp

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I have a Dell XPS 4100 running Windows XP Pro with 2 hard drives 1)Western Digital(master) 2)Seagate(slave) both are 80 gig 7200 rpm. The problem I am having is this: When trying to access my Seagate drive a box popped up saying the drive needed to be formatted. It was already formatted to NTFS. When I tried to format another message said it could not be formatted. To make a long story short I somehow eventually was able to format the Seagate drive. Now when I boot up I get a message saying this drive needs to run check disk, which it does and then continues booting. I can write files to the drive but when I try to access them the PC will sometimes freeze. I purchased this drive about 6 months ago because a previous drive went bad. Can my motherboard be the cause of my drive issues? Thank you

A:Bad Motherboard or Hard Drive

Welcome to TechSpot

In PCs anything is possible, but I don't think the mobo causes it.
Rather, check the cables and the jumper-settings on the harddisks.
Those HDs would prefer a 80-wire flat-cable, rather than a 40-wire cable.
Check that the colourcoded connectors correspond to the instructions. Check that the red control-band is on the side of the connector where pin 1 is. Check all power-connectors.
Try another IDE-cable if you have it (or borrow one).
The first (WD) should be set to Master (or Master with Slave present), not to Cable-select. The second (Seagate) should be set to Slave, again not Cable-select.
Check in the BIOS that both HDs are recognised, write down their parameters.

In the Storage & Networking forum is a "sticky", get the HD-util for Seagate from there and run it.
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My one-year-old out-of-warranty HP Pavillion dv laptop Windows XP Home has been slow or unable to reboot so I m trying to diagnose it and figure out if I just need a new hard drive where can I find instructions on upgrading a hard drive on this laptop or have Motherboard Hard vs. drive to replace the whole laptop with a new Hard drive vs. Motherboard one One of the problems found was the hard drive was in PIO mode so I had to repeatedly switch it back to DMA mode using the DMA-to-PIO registry hack or remounting the hard drive This occurred weekly until I ran SpinRite then it stayed in DMA mode for a month What I think is relevant from my Event Viewer Log include atapi event s The device Device Ide IdePort did not respond within the timeout period atapi event s The driver detected a controller error on Device Ide IdePort a single atapi event The driver has detected that device Device Ide IdePort has old or out-of-date firmware Reduced performance may result I think this may just be a generic message when it gets too many errors cdrom event The device Device CdRom has a bad block disk event An error was detected on device Device Harddisk D during a paging operation disk event The device Device Harddisk D has a bad block ftdisk event The system failed to flush data to the transaction log Corruption may occur Recently the main hard drive went to PIO even though it crashed while trying to Hard drive vs. Motherboard burn a DVD strange huh was unable to reboot until I ran SpinRite The Event Log has a couple strange events Event Type Error Event Source Service Hard drive vs. Motherboard Control Manager The HP Pci Information service failed to start due to the following error The system cannot find the path specified Event Type Error Event Source Service Control Manager The following boot-start or system-start driver s failed to load PCIIde What is PCIIde and how to I correct this or should I just ignore it My guess is that quot hard drive paging error quot events probably point to a hard drive malfunction but I just want to make sure I m not missing a simple software issue PCIIde or something else easy battery problem Would appreciate opinions on whether you would replace the hard drive or buy a new computer Let me know if posting an entire Event Viewer log would be helpful Thank you so much nbsp

A:Hard drive vs. Motherboard

It could be a bad drive, a bad connection or a bad controller.

Ideally, you would take the drive out of your laptop and test it with the manufacturer diagnostic utility.

In reality, you could just take the drive out, clean the contacts, put it back in and do the diagnostics in this computer.
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Hi I am planning to replace my motherboard and memory new Existing motherboard. on hard drive on my Win Home premium b I've been updating MBs for years and now I Existing hard drive on new motherboard. am getting conflicting Existing hard drive on new motherboard. answers regarding booting existing hard drive on new MB My present Win installation was installed on my present MB Before I have always been able to use an existing hard drive and OS on a new MB Now when I asked Gigabyte if a reinstall would be required they said no but the registry may be full of unneeded drivers etc which would affect performance This seems a solvable issue using registry cleaners and editors But I am also getting opinions that Win will not boot up on a new MB and reinstall OS would be required Existing hard drive on new motherboard. Considering the number of programs some on disks others from downloads activation keys etc this is a major problem Has MS gone bananas Who would benefit with this approach Does anyone have a definitive answer Thanks Bill

A:Existing hard drive on new motherboard.

First, Windows 7 is a lot more flexible with hardware changes, but at the very least, you should run Sysprep before moving to the new board. I would greatly recommend a clean install, especially if you plan ahead to cut down on how long that would take. However, Sysprep can remove some of the drivers to allow the system to be a little cleaner.

As for the copy of Windows 7, that all depends on your license. If you have a retail license, then you are fine. It should activate on the new system without issue, and it will be legit. If you have an OEM license, then that opens the door to a whole lot of gray areas, in terms of what is considered to be a new computer, and how legit your license will be, assuming you can activate it.
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Hello all,

I just got a SATA2 1TB HD but my motherboard (MSI KT3 Ultra I think) only has IDE ports. What's the cheapest solution to link the two but still utilizing SATA2? I could go USB2.0 (solution: external enclosure + USB2.0 PCI card since my MB only supports 1.1) but I would much have the faster connection of SATA2. Also, if I do have to add a SATA2 PCI expansion card, it should recognize the whole TB right? I know in some instances with older MB's, if you plug in a HD it will only register X amount of GB's. Any input is very much appreciated. Thanks!

A:How to add a SATA2 hard drive to IDE-only motherboard.

Buy a quality sata controller card. Yes, the card should "See" the full size of the drive as long as you read the specs on the card and it says it will recognize drives of that size.

I use and recommend either promise or highpoint controller/raid cards. There are cheaper ones however you get what you pay for.
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hey guys unfortunately i can t get the name and model of my mboard but i i have the specs of the current hard drive that s in the machine and that works perfectly i ve never installed a hard drive before could someone tell me how difficult it is thanks Disk Manufacturer Seagate Model ST AS Size GB Firmware Version Serial Number MT P A Interface Serial ATA Standard ATA ATAPI- ATA ATAPI- T D version Transfer Mode Current Max SATA- SATA- Features S M A R T bit LBA NCQ Temperature C F Drive Letter s C E Controller Buffer Size on Drive KB Queue Depth Removable No Cache Enabled Read Write Yes Yes SMART Support Yes Attribute Name Attribute Value Worst Value Threshold Value Raw Data Raw Read Error Rate ED Spin Up Time Start Stop Count Reallocated Sector Count Seek Error Rate E Power On Hours Count C Spin Retry Count A Power Cycle Count C B HDA Temperature C ECC On The Fly Count C drive is my motherboard? with What hard compatible ED Current pending sector count C Off-line uncorrectable sector count C Ultra ATA CRC Error Rate C Multi Zone Error Rate C Data Address Mark Errors CA nbsp

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Good Evening I have a Dell Inspiron r intel core i GB Memory originally with a built in Microsoft Windows Purchased in It has since been updated to Windows and Windows nbsp I upgraded to Windows as soon as I found out Windows was free for people who had Windows Windows was working fine until July and then that s when the Motherboard gave out I tested it and it said the Motherboard is fine it s just the HDD Well the Hard Drive and Motherboard overheated and both died I have replaced a Heat Sink AND Fan to attempt to save it Yes I used a rice size amount of Thermal Paste to reinstall So now I purchased a nbsp New TB GB MB Cache RPM SATA quot mm Notebook Hard Drive and that was fine I also purchased a replacement Motherboard and Hard Replaced Drive Motherboard for my Laptop which came with no Software Replaced Motherboard and Hard Drive leading me to purchase Microsoft Windows Pro I have had trouble downloading Replaced Motherboard and Hard Drive the Windows pro as it would turn off during download and refuse to actually go on and give me the proper download for a while After days of trying I finally realized I had to remove the CD once it was installed and Windows Pro was installed on my computer After a few downloads Skype Google Hangouts and Roblox Online game to be exact the motherboard fried out I recently got a Motherboard on ebay from China and now I am trying a USA seller instead Is Windows Pro frying my Laptop I know I cannot download devices from Dell any longer but I would at least like it to work Can I get the Windows back for free Can I call Microsoft and Verify my Old Motherboard s Information for a new installation I have my old items still and serial Number I just no longer have a Warranty due to the time expiration Should I upgrade the Memory and can my computer s Motherboard handle that A couple of notes with the new Motherboard My computer no longer had a Serial Number tied to Dell but it was called a Inspiron Windows pro seemed to not work with the Motherboard Thanks for answering my questions any help would be appreciated
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I have not been able to resolve a problem which has been affecting my computer for a few weeks now please see below for my system spec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Symptoms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hard drives motherboard, drive, the hard or PSU? the the it a Want challenge? are failing to show in windows plugged in set up computer hangs frequently on the very Want a challenge? it the hard drive, the motherboard, or the PSU? first boot quot push x to enter bios quot screen quot starting windows quot screen while booting can take minutes strange sounds from the hard drives Want a challenge? it the hard drive, the motherboard, or the PSU? when they are trying to load data I had Windows upgraded from vista installed on my GB sata hard drive for about years and everything has worked flawlessly Recently it started to quot choke crawl quot on a pulse every seconds the computer would stop responding for minute and then work normally again I decided to start fresh for the first time in about years and installed Windows bit to my TB drive It has worked flawlessly for about days and now I am beginning to identify the same problems I had when the OS installation on the GB drive started to die slow boot some freezes unable to see hard drives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any of these seem possible Faulty PSU voltages using too many devices without a surge protector I have the computer logitech Z surround sound quot LCD monitor all plugged into the same socket but this has worked flawlessly for years Faulty motherboard sata connections corrupt bios -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solutions I have tried -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using a different PSU on my GB OS installation had the same problems Trying different combinations with the cables from my PSU modular when I couldn t get the GB sata drive to boot at all using different sockets in the back of my PSU yielded different results they are labelled V V etc I m not savvy on what it all means though Error checking tool Defragmenting - no effect Maybe I should try another defragmenter Error checking tool - nothing to report -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remaining solutions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- upgrade motherboard BIOS try another motherboard i would have to RMA the motherboard for this try my quot faulty quot sata drive in another computer results could be interesting buy a more reliable PSU I use a Jeantech W and used a W arctic when trying to isolate the PSU from the equation maybe BOTH of these are faulty not providing enough juice to power my components note when I tried the W I booted ONLY my GB sata drive and an nvidia GS No x pin GTX no DVD drive no sound card - also this W PSU works fine with it s original computer AMD Dual core gb GS two sata HDD s -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Spec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q GHZ GIGABYTE EP -DS R GB PC mhz x gb x gb Nvidia GTX mb Asus Xonar DX soundcard Windows x Jeantech W PSU Operating system is on TB drive two TB data drives one GB drive all sata drives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History ----------------------------------------------------------------... Read more

A:Want a challenge? it the hard drive, the motherboard, or the PSU?

It could be the PSU beginning to break down, as the different results using different connectors of the power supply certainly raises questions as to the state of it.

However, then seeing the problem persists even when using a different PSU then makes you wonder if the issue is entirely unrelated to the PSU, and in fact something entirely different.

If it was me, and the motherboard was under warranty, my first port of call would be to RMA it, and get a replacement. I highly recommend you stick to Gigabyte, they make outstanding motherboards generally.
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Hi everyone. I'm attempting to build a computer on my own. I've done minor things like switching video cards, upgrading processors, etc., but never started from scratch.

I've run into a problem, I think.

I purchased a Fujitsu 15k Ultra SCSI320 80pin hard drive. The connection doesn't match the one on my motherboard, Asus A8N SLI Deluxe.

Am I out of luck, or am I supposed to have an adapter of some sort? Sorry for the clueless questions. I'll try to supply as much information as required for an answer.

For information, I've only gotten to the "connect the parts" steps. Just got the motherboard in the case, and the processor and heat sink in place. Then I saw this problem and decided to come ask before I screwed something up.

Thanks in advance!

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Can't install win 7 stops at starting win insignia. Any Ideas on what the problem. And how to fix.

A:XPS 7100 new motherboard and hard drive

Are you booting to the windows 7 install disk and selecting Custom Install, Drive Options to allow windows to format the new drive? Read this for instructions--
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Hi I recently bought a motherboard memory and processor bundle.

I also bought a hard drive which has 15000 RPM. Only when I received it its not SATA or SCSI but SAS harddrive

Supplied by Misco. Manufacturer is Fugitsu but Toshiba has now taken over that part of their business.

Model MBA3300RC
Can't post a link to the hard drive but google the model and it will come up.

I have then gone to much trouble to source a cable which is a SATA to SAS.
I then connected it to the mother board but the motherboard doesn't recognise it for love or money.

I know the mother board is fine because I tested it with another hard drive.

Do regular PC motherboards capable of supporting SAS hard drives?

Its an ASROCK Motherboard Model H61M-S
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I have just bought a new motherboard/processor and had it put into a new case with a better PSU (given that my older system died recently ).I deliberately didn't get a new hard drive.
I intend to put my old ram and graphics cards on the new motherboard (they are compatible).
My question is - can I simply attach the old hard drive from my older computer with my operating system (XP) and files settings etc and expect there to be no conflicts when it boots up .?

A:Adding old hard drive to new motherboard.

Hi ohisay, and welcome to TSG.

Unless your new motherboard, BIOS and CPU are just about identical drop in replacements for the original parts, you will most likely have problems with hardware driver conflicts and getting Windows XP to run. If your PC came with an OEM version of Windows XP, I believe that the Microsoft license ties it to that that specific motherboard.
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My Dell Dimension turns on but the green light does not light up I can hear the fans running I can open and close the dvd and cd parts I can plug in my mp players and charge it but the monitor does not show anything but a black screen Nothing comes up Is my motherboard fried or did I crash my hard drive I dont know what to try my sister gave me the tower from her old compaq presario s wm but it wont work with my dell monitor I also tried and old mv compaq monitor but that didnt work either I thought I could use the old one drive hard fry crash or did my I my motherboard? until i got mine fixed or bought a new one if I cant get mine fixed then can someone offer some advice on how to get the monitor to work with the compaq tower I am on my nephew s laptop and he is staying until tomorrow so after that i wont be back for help so if I disappear its not because I dont care lol thanks so much for any advice nbsp

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This is what I want to do.Transfer everything from my ide on my computer to a sata drive on my computer and then use it in a new computer that I"m building.I had to slow down the drive to sata1 to get it to work in old computer.Drives are maxtor ide and Western Digital sata 2.I have both softwares.Running win xp pro all updates applied.Any help is going to be appreciated.

A:Changing Hard drive and motherboard

You can transfer files and data but you will need to install Windows clean on new build...fine to have files and data on the drive in a separate partition so you do not format the whole drive by accident and lose everything, or use sata drive for clean install and then jumper the ide drive as slave and use whatever you want from it in new build.
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Quote from my friends problem recently removed my computer drives - master and slave- when i went on holiday I put the system back in order and recently noticed my slave drive has not shown up in quot My Computer quot list I tried swapping the ribbon cables with no changes So i swapped the position of both drives in case it was the power cable Both are SATA so they use the same power cable But still no changes I removed motherboard or it drive this the of Is which or hard bios , is cause the slave drive F Drive and placed it into an external caddie and booted up It started to install driver for it and is running fine from there So after that i re installed it into the PC and still no change It simply does not exist I have run the boot set up on startup and it is not listed there It is simply a ghost to the PC Any ideas what it could be or how i could sort this issue out Also in hardware profiles under show hidden drives it is listed and clicking this states it is not connected Is there any solution that would help my friend Is it motherboard or hard drive or bios , which is the cause of this solve his problem N B please take that internal hard drive instead of slave

A:Is it motherboard or hard drive or bios , which is the cause of this

recently removed my computer drives - master and slave

Both are SATA

There's some confusion from the start. There is no such thing as master and slave with SATA drives! Master and slave drives come from the old technology, EIDE (PATA) drives where you could have two drives attached to one "data" cable and one motherboard connector. With two drives on one data cable, there needed to be a way for the system to keep track of the drives, so one drive was designated as master, the other as slave. And this was determined by a jumper on the back of the drive and where on the cable the drive was connected.

But with SATA drives there is only one drive per data cable. Every drive has it own data cable and motherboard connector. So no master or slave designation is needed.

You can have more than one drive on a power cable with SATA, but that has nothing to do with master and slave - as again, no such thing with SATA drives.

The boot drive is determined by the boot order set in the BIOS.
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I have an intel CELERON MHZ CPU MB PC MHZ with drive hard problems or motherboard? PIN SDRAM which I bought second hand It has always had problems with sound and video programs when problems with hard drive or motherboard? opening other applications it bogs down and freezes has trouble problems with hard drive or motherboard? reading videos from CDs and takes a long time copying etc the hard drive seems noisier than it should be and grinds a bit now and then It also started having problem with freezing during the memory check when bootingI imagined that the root of the problem would be the hard problems with hard drive or motherboard? drive itself judging by the symptoms To check it out I installed a different hard drive and the computer turned on but would not boot no beeps no nothing at all and the screen remained blank or gave me the quot NO SIGNAL INPUT quot message I tried removing the battery and putting it back in to clear the CMOS but this did not work I put the original hard drive back in and took the same steps again and still nothing I also check the screen and hard drive on another computer They were fine Is it reasonable at this point to imagine the problem may be with the motherboard and not the hard drive thanks babalu nbsp

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My desktop computer's motherboard just died (had it confirmed by qualified tech people.) The computer was about four years old. It was a standard machine running XP home.

I am going to put together a new system, but someone mentioned that the new motherboards might not accept my old hard drive as the primary drive, which is a WD 40G drive. I can't believe this is true; won't a new motherboard just recognize it? That would save me the huge hassle of reinstalling everything....(as far as data, etc, I'm well backed-up in any case.)

Can anyone advise me on this?


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Hi guys

basically im building my own pc, like new motherboard, RAM, graphics card case the lot. but i like my 500gb IDE hard drive and the mother board is sata compatible,. i have a cable converter for this but im wondering if my windows 7 OS will just run on the new mother board or not?

Thanks :D

A:Can i just plug my old hard drive into my new motherboard using my win 7 OS?

Your old hard drive will be recognised as a hard drive, but windows 7 wont be able to use it, as the windows drivers were for your last computer, so the motherboard chipset, sound , LAN, and graphics card were all set for your last system.
If you have a spare hard drive back up all your own data first, then connect it to your computer.
It may work with a default display resolution but will then probably complain about the sound hardware, lan, chipset etc. You may be able to load these drivers from your install disks.
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I have won't Motherboard hard recognize drive a EP -UD L motherboard from Gigabyte A few days ago I got some IDE to SATA cables to add some hard drives to my computer I Motherboard won't recognize hard drive already had one internal hard Drive hooked up with my current operating system on it I wanted to hook up two more hard drives that I had from an old computer of mine The first hard drive I tried to hook up was a Maxtor brand hard drive I plugged it in booted up the computer and went to My Motherboard won't recognize hard drive Computer Computer in Vista the hard drive Motherboard won't recognize hard drive was not visible So I tried hooking up the other hard drive I had witch was the main hard drive on my old compter a Sony VAIO When I tried hooking that one up it tried to run Windows XP but could not I did not know it would try to run Windows XP I just wanted to format it and use it as an extra hard drive So I tried plugging my hard drive with Vista back in the motherboard The motherboard won t recognize it at all no matter where I plug it in at Strangely it does recognize the other two hard drives but the system disc won t boot up nbsp