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Burning .bin files without the cue file

Q: Burning .bin files without the cue file


I'd like to know if someone can help me with the following problem. I have serveral movie files with the extension *.bin they came with a *.cue file and i use CDRWIN 3.9d to burn them and it workes fine.
Although some files are above 800 mb i can burn them on a 80 min blanc cdr.
I have also some files DL that didn't came with the *.cue file
Now my question is can you make the *.cue file if you have only the *.bin file?
Or is there some other way to get these movie's on a cd just like all the other .bin files that came with the *.cue files?

I realy need some help becouse my 120 GB harddrive s running out of data for me !

I realy like too BURN them all !!!!

tnx for helping
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Preferred Solution: Burning .bin files without the cue file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I recently noticed after a CD-ROM burn that several files were deleted in the process from my hard drive. Also, if I try to move a file rather than copy it, it too gets deleted.

I have the recent XP Home edition updates and my last system scans haven't shown any viruses (Avast and Norton).
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I am new to burning pictures from my computer to a cd. After successfully burning 2 cd's, on the 3rd attempt, the message exceeds set limit came up. I think I should click delete temporary files, but if I do will the pictures in this file be lost or will they go back to their original location so I can start over with the acceptable limit?

A:Are files lost when I choose delete temporary files before burning cd

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
How exactly are you adding these images to cd ?
The usual operation is copy and paste or select all of the images and click on burn and choose your burn type data or dvd,
Another option is to use a third party burning utility,
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This is driving me crazy and I know it is something very simple I used Windows Explorer to burn pictures to a CD I don't have separate CD burning software since I do this so rarely I successfully burned the CD When I insert the CD in another Windows machine it sees the folders and files just fine Same thing on a Mac- sees everything just burning- after burned" CD Reading "Files be to blank Files waiting on fine When I put the CD back in the original machine that was used for the burning all I see is a blank view in Windows Explorer where it says quot Drag files to this folder to add them to the disc quot If I set the folder to display hidden files and folders all I see is the dreaded desktop ini file If I go to a command prompt and type Reading Files on CD after burning- "Files waiting to be burned" blank in the CD's drive letter e in this case I get a message saying there is no file system on the CD I'm rapidly pulling my hair out on this one

A:Reading Files on CD after burning- "Files waiting to be burned" blank

Oh, and additional information... If I do a "properties" on the CD, it shows 221 MB used, and the proper number of files and folders.
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I am using Nero 9 Ultra Edition and I want to burn around 2-3GB of video files to a DVD. First off, what kind of DVD should I be using - DVD-R or DVD+R?
I have tried it with both so far and Nero says it cannot use all 4.17GB on the DVD. It can only use around 700MB (that's the average size of a CD isn't it?).

Any help would be very much appreciated. :)

A:Need help burning files to a DVD


You are perhaps not using the software properly. I faced a similar problem earlier. Just follow the instructions properly, you will able to do it.

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I have a lot of anime on my comp as avi and wmv files. I used to use Nero to burn them to dvd but recently the program stopped letting me burn them. Is there any burner that I can use or file converter that you would all recommend? Thank you in advance for any helpful replies.

A:Burning DVD Files

i am using IMTOO dvd copy express.Have a try:)
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If I install DVD Flick does that mean I don't need to install ING burn ?

Because DVD Flick installtion comes with ING Burn, right when you install it ?


A:Burning jpg files on CD

Hi I always install imgburn as it is good for other jobs, like burning memtest 86+ iso to disc or hdd diagnostics it does not take up much space
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I have some ISO Files and would like to make a cd with each file. I also want then to be bootable. Do I just copy the ISO to the disk, or do I copy the contents of the ISO to a disk. How do I do that? Thanks.

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does anyone know a good program to burn rar files. I have cdrwin but it dosn't seem compatable with my burner?


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When I use NERO to burn a AVI file to DVD it has to make it a DVD file and it takes about 2 hours and uses my system resources so I cant use the PC for that time, unless its something small.

Can you make a DATA DVD and copy the AVI files to your DVD and it will play on your DVD player? Or does it depend on the DVD Player?

A:Burning AVI files to DVD?

To play .avi files you need a divx compatible player. Your best bet is to find a program that will convert .avi to mpeg2, standard dvd format.There's tons of progs out there that will do this, but they will take a while.
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hello i have a bunch of vob, bup and ifo files...i dunno how to do them off i know if i put them int he video folder it should work but i read that in order to have your dvd burner pick it up the video_ifo file has to be first..but alphabeticaly the bup file goes first....does anyone know a way to chagne this order on any program for they wont play on my dvd burner
thanks im new to this

A:burning vob. bup files

In addition to any further replies - you might check out this site :

They have numerous tutorials / faqs / and forums for all related issues.

Perhaps state what software you're using in case it helps someone else deduce what you need to do.
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alright well i recently got a NEC dvd burner and i have a .avi video file that i want to burn onto a DVD. its too big for a of course i thoguht i'd just use my DVD burner and burn it onto a single layer 4.7 GB DVD...when i did that (after having to find a program that would...because i have NERO and it wouldn't let me burn .avi's to a dvd) i put the DVD in my DVD player and it wouldn't play it....any ideas?

Im fairly new to the world of multimedia burning, so please excuse my uhh....illiteracy in this subject lol

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Hello guys. I am confused with something I'm trying to do. I made an ISO file from a windows 7 disc. The file shows as 3.127gb in. Windows explorer. It shows up as 3.08gb when I open the file with power iso (which was used to make the iso). When I try to burn the file it only burns at 3gb and the disc does not work. Does anyone know why this might be?

A:Burning iso files

Hi try redoing the iso and use imgburn The Official ImgBurn Website
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as per my username, i have no idea about computers. i am trying to burn a VOB file onto a DVD using Nero Express 6, but it keeps telling me that it's an "unexpected file" and i can't burn it. i managed to get to something that had video and audio folders, and it said to put the file in the video folder, but it was over 2GB and didn't work.
i have no idea what to do! please help!

A:burning VOB files

If you have a (as in one) VOB only it will have to converted to DVD with something like Nero Vision (from a full version).
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Hi there.
I have just ripped a 4CD game into 4 img and 4 cue files. I am hoping to now put these all onto a DVD. Is it as simple as just putting the 4 separate img/cue files onto a DVD or do they have to be joined/merged in a certain way to install properly?
Thanks for reading.
Any help is gratefully recieved .

A:Burning 4 img files onto 1 dvd?

Well, it's not going to work anyway, but we don't support illegal copying of media here.
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When i try to burn avi files to dvd using Nero it will say 'no compatible file found', similarly Ulead dvd movie factory says 'file not accesible'. What program should i use? Or is there a file converter to make the avi readily useable for these programs. They play fine using my media players

A:Burning avi files to dvd

You will need to get a converter, try looking at

That site is full of information about video files and such.
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Well, here I am again with a situation that I'm kinda embarrassed to ask about. I thought that when I burned MP3 files onto a CD or DVD, they would be compressed so that I could get a whole lot more songs onto the disk than I could if they were in wav format. But I converted about four CDs worth of songs into MP3 format on my hard drive and when I went to burn them using Windows Media Player, less than half of them would fit onto a CD. What happened? Thanks.

A:Burning MP3 files

I'm guessing that media Player converted them back to .wav when they were burned to the CDR. I don't use Media Player so I don't know for sure but you can open the CD and look and see the file extension. You can get 5 to 6 or 7 full albums on a CD in mp3 form depending on the quality you recorded them at. With Nero you can specify mp3, or burn them as a data disk - if you don't you get .wav files.
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Anyone know of any free software not Power CD+G burner that can put karaoke cd+g files onto a cd that can then be played in a common or garden karaoke machine?

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I have quite a few WMV files on my laptop, which I have been trying to burn to DVD. Up to now, I have had no problems burning files onto DVD.

I am using DVD-RW. I can copy them to the DVD, but when I try to burn the files an error message pops up saying that the CD in the drive isn't readable or is full and to insert another disk. I have tried inserting another disk, but it still won't burn. I have also tried using CD-RW, but the files are then only sound and no picture. I have also downloaded AVS Video Converter, which is supposed to convert the files to a recordable DVD format. This doesn't work either. It still can't read the disk. I am fresh out of idea's as to what could be the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Does anyone know a good program that will burn bin and cue to VCD? I tried nero 7 but it caused lots of problems on my computer and i had to do a system restore. I would also like one that is easy to uninstall if need be and doesn't leave a bunch of junk behind if at all possible.
Thanks in advance!

A:Burning Bin And Cue Files To Vcd

Hi KBT42.ImgBurn will do it.I have never used it myself but it was created by the same guy who created DVDDecrypter, which was discontinued because of legal issues. It was a very good program.Anyway, it's freeware and very light.
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I have some mp3 files I've recorded on my computer. Using Nero 6 can I burn them on a cd? My cd player doesn't support mp3. I've opted to burn using a cd format but I received a burner error message.

If I can't burn a normal cd using the mp3 file format, what formats are best to use for recording cds?

Perhaps there is a good burning guide someone knows about to cover this.


A:Burning MP3 Files on CD?

>>> I have some mp3 files I've recorded on my computer

How did you 'record' these?

>>> Using Nero 6 can I burn them on a cd?

I don't know about 'them', but Nero and all burning apps can burn mp3's as an audio CD.

>>> what formats are best to use for recording cds?

If you mean best sound, copy directly from the original audio CD.
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I am about to receive a file that contains VOB Files. I was wondering how I could burn these files onto a DVD?

Also, I have Dvix to burn DVD's, but are there better, free programs to burn these files to?

If you want to know what I'm getting, it's in this forum:

Thank you!

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Is it possible to burn VOB files so that they are read-able by a DVD player?

I have copied the files from a DVD (home movie) and have the audio and video folders, but I don't know of a way to burn them onto another DVD so that they don't simply end up as data files as opposed to a playable DVD.


A:Burning VOB files?

Hello billyellis!
Yes you can burn those Audio and Video folders to a DVD and have a regular dvd movie, actually that all you got (i mean those two folder contents) when you buy a brand new movie plus a few extra files. All you need is a Software capable of burn those files, I personally use Nero is very simple and very reliable, you only have to select DVD-Video and drag the content to the VIDEO_TS folder to the empty one. Give it a try, you can download a trial version for 30 days. Let me know if there's something more i can do to help. Good Luck
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I have copied many AVI files on a cdr only using windows "copy to" feature.and I can play these files either on my pc or on my dvd player hooked on the TV.
Now I have files that are more than a gig,so I bought a dvdrw "Benq 1655 model".If I use the "copy this file command" command when I click on the files, then click on "I" for the dvdrw drive,I get not accessible incorrect function.
I searched on Google and it seems that AVI files have to be converted before they are copied to a DVD.
Is it possible to copy the AVI files as is to a DVD like data files without having to convert them?
Thank you

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Can I burn/copy RAR files into a DVD without corrupting them? I will copy them back somewhere else and extract the files inside. Will this cause CRC errors and such.

And what software should I be using to do this, anything simple and free would do.

Thank you.

A:Burning RAR files

I don't see why burning rar files would corrupt them or copying them back somewhere would cause CRC errors.

Use your dvd/cd burning software of choice.
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I paid $20 to subscribe to this service that streams live tennis matches from wimbledon and then also lets you download them to your computer at the end of the day. I don't really like watching the matches on my computer and would like to watch them on my tv through my DVD player. I have ulead video studio and dvd movie factory, but its not letting me open it because it says it contains no data or is an invalid file format.

I can open it with any media player, but it probably connects to the internet each time. Is there any way I can burn these files to a DVD or save them in a way that I can watch them on tv?

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i used to be able to play my cds on my pc. i installed a burner and cant play or burn any pre recorded stuff. im doin ok with downloaded mp3s, except they wont play on my stereo cd player, which is what i want to do....burn mp3s to a cd and dub them to a cassette on the stereo system.

what are cda files and what do i have to do to get them to work?

this was started in the hardware section but it seems to be a problem with me understanding the software.....but go here to see the beginning......

A:cda files burning cds

You stereo will never play straight MP3 files unless it is MP3 compatible and to burn MP3's to play in most CD players they need to be converted to a .wav format and cda is basically a wav file format. As to why your pre-recorded CD's won't play is probably because your file associations on your PC got messed up by an application that was installed. Open the Windows CD player and open a pre recorded CD to see if it plays that way first, if it does there is a file association problem that can easily be fixed.
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Hi I bought a Lifeview Flyvideo video capture card and it captures motion video from my television fine But the files are AVI and a second file is mb Since a CD only holds maybe mb we re talking CD s to burn a hour files for need burning with help AVI VCD movie There must be something else working here or I am the only sucker they could find to sell it to It is designed to put VHS onto VCD or DVD from table top player to DVD via burning Maybe Nero converts it to some other format so it gets on a couple CD s need help with AVI files for burning VCD but I had volume problems for a while need help with AVI files for burning VCD and someone suggested sending the second clip to a friend to see if he got volume I had to abort the sending because the file was too large even a second clip is mb What gives on the AVI files and any advice on putting them on VCD or DVD or converting them to some format so they do not take up so much space on my computer One movie would be mb s THANKS nbsp

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I have ISO files and BIN files i have to burn, do i have to mount them with something like PowerISO or Daemon Tools, can I burn them the regular way with Windows burner in explorer and can I burn more files with the ISO or BIN file onto the cd to total 700mb?

A:burning ISO BIN and CUE files

No, you cannot burn multiple iso's onto one cd, you'd have to somehow combine the contents into one iso if you wanted to do that.
I would suggest burning with some isoburning tool such as MagicIso. Windows just copies the file onto the CD, so I'm not sure if that would work.
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On my computer I have some zip files. In the zip files, contain pictures. I have tried to back up these files by burning a cd. I have tried several times. The zip files up open on my computer without a problem, but those same files on a burned cd, either gives me a error saying the file is corrupt or invalid, or the file opens but clicking on a pic does not open the pic up though. what is wrong with these zips? some files work fine on the cd but others do not. I am confused. Thank you.

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I have an app that comes in the form of 2 ISO files and am trying to burn them using Nero burning. I seem to keep fetting an error message saying that "the entered block size does not correspond to the image lenght. The block size may be wrong"

Im not sure how to burn an ISO file, especially two!!!!

Can you help me?


A:Burning ISO files

Nero is the program to use but it sounds like the iso image is bad and nero won't burn it for that reason.
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Could someone please offer guidance on converting an IMG file to a format which can be burned to DVD.

I have tried using Nero and it doesn't like the file format and I have tried using Alcohol 120 but it flashes messages about RAW data, offers to have a try and then returns errors during the the burn.

Straightforward writing from HD or converting from B&C files are no problem. To date it's just the bare IMG files which have me stumped.

Thanks in hope and ignorance.

A:Burning IMG file to DVD

Where did the IMG file come from? Are you sure of the format of the file?
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I have a video clip (30minutes) which is saved as a VOB file (0.99Gb) on my computer. I would like to burn this on to a DVD which will work in a normal DVD player as well as a computer. I have Vista Home Premium and WMP 11. VOB files seem not to work with these, so it won't play.
Can anyone tell me, in simple terms, how to get that video clip burned on to a DVD? I have Roxio Creator Basic V9 on my computer and have tried that but it seems not to handle VOB files. I have tried ImgBurn but it won't handle VOB files either. I have converted a copy of it to a wmv file using Convert VOB to AVI free software. It will play on my computer but I still haven't managed to get a usable DVD.
Can anyone help?

A:Burning a DVD from a VOB file

Try downloading, installing and using a program called DVDFlick ( with the .VOB file after changing the extension to .MPG.
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Recently I burned an iso file from a website.

I was given the option to save, and I saved the file to a CD-R.

The burning was successful.

However, I have Roxio Dell Edition burning software on my pc, but it appears not to support iso files. The burned iso file has the Roxio logo.

My question is 'Can Vista burn files'.



Os is Vista Home Premium, 32 bit

A:Burning iso file


I don't mean to be rude at all, and you may not have done this, but you must copy the contents of the .iso to the disk, not the .iso itself. If you don't know how to burn an .iso, I would recommend using the free 7-Zip: Download

Download, install it, and then open the .iso in it. When it comes up, copy all the files to the DVD, then burn the DVD using windows, or use your Roxio to burn a Data disk, and select the iso and DVD drive. The DVD will most probably be formatted, and so all current data on it will be lost, so back it up.

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I need a good program that can backup my ASF files onto a CDR, I used Handy Backup but the trial period expired, and when I use B's recorder gold, while analyzing the data, it stops and my whole 600/700MB CD is wasted.
Any help is appreciated.


A:ASF file burning, Please help!

Nero 6 Ultra Edition,

There's some free ones that are recommended, so you might want to wait until someone chips in (I don't know the names)
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hi people,i just downloaded the windows 7 package however i cant seem to find the iso file anywhere,can someone help me please? where is the iso file?

A:burning the iso file

Are you sure it finished downloading completely? If you downloaded it it should be in your recent downloads or whatever.
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Hi all. Being new to 3D editing i am starting off with the supplied Sony Picture Motion Browser. I shot some 3D video with the Sony TD10 3D camcorder and imported to the PMB software (5.8) that allows for 3D burning to Blu Ray Disc. After following the simple software instruction to make a disc the files came out in 2D. Am I missing something quite simple here? I checked all the versions, software, burner, disc etc and they all support 3D burning. Thanks for any help. If any further info is needed please let me know.

A:Burning 3D file to Blu Ray with PMB

Hello dbrown4400 and welcome to TSF!

Silly Question, but is the monitor/TV you are using 3D?
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Hi, hope this is the right place for my query, or if not peeps will point me in the right direction instead!

I've got an .avi file on my HD which I want to burn onto a DVD-RW (pal). Do I need to convert it into .vob format. If so- how... and where might I get free conversion software...?

And does anyone have advice on free, reliable software for burning out the disk itself, plus instructions as on how to do it.

I've actually got Nero 6, but don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Burning out a DVD-RW of .avi file

Check out this thread:
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im wondering how to do this so i can watch the files in a dvd player.

A:burning .avi file to a dvd

You could use dvdflick.
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How can I convert and burn a WMV movie file onto a DVD?

Basically, my class had a project in which we used Windows MovieMaker to create documentary videos. Now, my teacher would like to play these movies on her classroom DVD player; however, both herself and I don't know how to make it so that we can convert and burn these WMV files onto a DVD and play it. Any and all help would be appreciated by tommorow morning (before 8:00 AM).

A:Burning A Wmv File Onto A Dvd


The easiest way around your trouble is to download a program like Movie Factory 3 or Nero Vission Express. These programs are used for creating movies with a menu system just like the ones you see and rent from a video store, or purchase off the shop. They are capable of taking all sorts of movie types such as MPG, AVI including WMV and making a movie DVD out of them.

If you know of a way to say turn a AVI or MPG to a DVD format but you can't cause its the wrong file type and you don't want to download another piece of software. Then I sugest you find yourself a converter that will convert the file type to a WMV file type and then burn it to a DVD.

Other problems could be you are using the wrong DVD type for the burner or the DVD player your using is not compatible with the DVD media you are using.

Have fun

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I have a .mdf file that i would like to burn, either to DVD(S) OR CD(S), i am using IsoBuster, can I burn it from that? If so how? Otherwise I have alcohol 120% how do I use that to burn it? Thanks!

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I want to use nero 7 to burn a movie i made on my computer. The movie is 1GB and i want to use CD's to burn the movie. Do you know how i can burn the movie using more than 1 cd? What do i do? the movie is Mpeg4 format

A:Burning a file using 2 cd's

u can use the edit movie function in vision xpress 2 cut the movie in half & burn em that way; but why not just put it all on 1 disc like a dvd?
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Dear all,
I had downloaded a movie which was in two parts and was in .avi format which i used to play on VLC.
Now as i wanted to watch it on a standard DVD player on my TV i had to burn it to DVD.
So,firstly i joined the two .avi files and than converted the combined .avi file to .vob file using Super DVD Creator.
Now when i tried burning it with Nero 8 it didnt accept the .vob format and said "unexpected file format".
Can anyone guide me how to burn .vob file to DVD using Nero or any other application?
I have really tried hard to get the help online but no luck
Pl someone help me...

thanks in advance...

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I have a .iso file everyone is saying works fine. I have Nero to burn with and I burned the file to a blank dvd but my comp won't boot to it. I have changed the boot sequence to boot from usb-dvd rom and other discs will boot fine but not this one. When I open the discs that work fine without running the autoplay option they have "application" or .exe file instead of a .iso file. I'm not sure what the problem is?

A:Burning a .iso file

Are you burning it as an image file? Sounds like you;re burning it as though it were a data file (which is why you see an ISO file on the DVD. If burned correctly as an image file, you won't see it on the DVD) The ISO is actually the image of a DVD disc surface to be burned. It's not a data file

Check your Nero Help directions for ISO or IMAGE
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If I do this I can't play it on a dvd player. I tried downloading trial software to convert it to divx but only 30% gets converted for free so how do I know if it will work before I buy it? Is there another solution please? thanks

A:Burning bin file on to dvd

So in the bin file there is video? Download CD Burner XP Pro (google it) and go to the File menu and convert iso image, that will open your bin file and then you can convert it to iso, then you can burn that by selecting write disk from iso file.
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Hi! I downloaded a file from the internet and its a .bin file. I'm not sure if it matters, but there was no corresponding .cue file although I know they usually go together. How do I burn this file to a CD? I have Nero 6. Can I use this, and if so, how? Do I need some other program? Thanks for any help!

A:Burning a .bin file to CD?

NObody gonna answer that question.. sounds illegal..
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I downloaded a huge greeting card program (3.8 gbs) and made them all ISO files. I have burned ISO to CD in the past but that was with only 1 file. However the one I have now is on 6 disks and I am not familiar with how to do it. I imagine I have to burn each one on it's own separate disk since the files are so huge.

Also what is the easiest program to use to burn the image files to disk? I am kind of a newbie at this and would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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i just got hirens boot cd iso when i burn it using nero ultra when i put the disc in a webpage comes up telling me whats on the disc when i went back and looked it up a splash screen suppose to come up what am i doing wrong thnxxxxxxxxxx

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I've a TDK Veloced and while I can transfer data and photo files to CD RW discs I cant to CD-R's. What have I missed.

A:Burning data files to a CD-R

Can you be more specific? Why can't you? Are you getting errors?

Please offer up some more details,

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I'm trying to burn a DVD but i keep getting errors, i hope you can help
heres the story:

I had an DVD in ISO format and used ISO-BUSTER to extract to user data. Then, after i watched the dvd i wanted to burn it to DVD.

So i used Nero and dragged all the files from the video_ts folder into the Nero default video_ts folder. like i usually do (and which usually works too)

but for some reason i keep getting this error:

"DVD-video files compliance test failed. The resulting DVD-video might be unplayable."
and if i choose to continue to burn anyway, the resulting DVD doesn't work.

Does anybody know what i can do to make this work? on my HD the movie plays perfectly.

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I work for a small city Blu-Ray Burning to files/folders government and we do backups of our files on a daily basis Whenever we get a few weeks worth we burn the files to disk for storage Each week's worth of data is stored in a parent folder based on the date Each day has two files for two separate programs Each daily file is zipped The parent folder is not Using a GB disk with about GB free space I can usually get two weeks worth of data on each disk That's just over GB total If I add another week it puts Burning files/folders to Blu-Ray it over the total free space Sometimes though if we have a short week the weekly folder will be Burning files/folders to Blu-Ray smaller So Burning files/folders to Blu-Ray sometimes it's possible to fit three weeks on a disk There lies the problem It seems that for some reason if I burn three parent folders at the same time it always creates a burn error and it doesn't work If I remove one of the folders and go back to two weeks it works fine I first thought it was the Blu-Ray burner that I was using It was an external Samsung burner I was able to purchase an internal LG burner It does the same thing When I burn them I don't use a program I open Windows Explorer highlight the files I want and send them to the disk drive When they copy over I click burn disk Is this a Windows issue I've updated firmware and any other updates I can think of If anybody could give me some advice that'd be great Thanks

A:Burning files/folders to Blu-Ray

The space used by any file on a disk, be it HD, or optical disc, is often larger than the file size. The file system uses clusters. A cluster is a group of sectors. So say as example you have 512 byte sectors and 4 sectors to a cluster, the average "wasted" space on disk per file is theoretically 1/2 a cluster. In this case that would 1 KB. With larger cluster sizes you waste more space. A cluster is the smallest unit that a file system can allocate to a file.

Depending on the file system used on the optical disc you need to have more free space available than just the total of all the file sizes. I would try burning with a program that would figure that stuff out and tell if you the image will fit on the disc.

Imgburn is very reliable and I believe it supports BluRay.
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is there a way to play iso files without first wasting DVDs burning them?

A:how to play .iso files without burning them to DVD?

Mount them to a virtual drive, there are lots of pieces of software which do this...
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I need to burn bin and cue files and i have roxio cd dvd creater 6.0. I was wondering if this was possible and if so how do you do it. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:burning bin and cue files with roxio

Use Disk Creator Classic. It should be the third choice from with your Roxio Easy CD & DVD creator 6.0. You will need to create a DATA disk and just drag and drop the files to the target CD/DVD

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I've seen my dad do it many times before (He can't help me atm). Basically i've got 26 or so files that are about 170MB each. How would I go about converting them to one DVD so I can watch them on my DVD player?

Like I said i've seen my dad do it a long time ago so don't say it's impossible. They need to all fit on one DVD and have a chapter for each file.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

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hey guys i need help
can anyone tell me how to burn nero .tmp files which are
located in the TEMP folder
thanx alot
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Hi everyone, I have some questions about burning .iso files:
- after I extract and burn a .iso file to cd, is the size going to be larger than the original file?
- can i burn 2 or more .iso files to the same cd?
- can i burn .iso files and some other types to the same cd?
Any answer appreciated, thanks!!!

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i'm using Roxio MyDVD to burn video files to watch on a DVD player..

however, when i tried to add this video file into the menu, an error popped out saying 'Could not make a thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed.'

does anyone know what decode ris required and where i can download this decoder?

also, is it possible to add this video without the thumbnail image on the menu since i don't have the decoder?

any help is appreciated, thanks..

A:Burning video files to DVD

I'm not familiar with Roxio, but I believe you are going to have to have the decoder to get it to go on the DVD and be viewable on a dvd player. What seems odd here is without that decoder on your system you wouldn't be able to watch the video at all (and I assume you can since you want to burn it).

There is a program called gspot that is free that will tell you what codec is needed for the video file, so that might be a place to start until someone that knows Roxio better comes along.
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Hey I am trying to burn some for Burning Drag Files Cannot files onto a DVD R disc When I open the disc with Windows Explorer it displays small words at the top quot Drag files to this folder to add them to the disc quot I can drag files to it but they don't Cannot Drag Files for Burning appear there The message is still there and if I press the built-in burn button it says that there aren't any files to burn Also if I select the files and Cannot Drag Files for Burning press Burn nothing happens This is not the first time this has happened In fact it's been this way since I've bought this computer It is a HP Pavilion Notebook PC running on Windows Vista Home Premium with less than GB of RAM I might add thanks for ripping me off HP I have successfully burned data on this computer before but that was using MagicISO or some other third-party program I don't really remember But I would like to get this fixed because I'm really beginning to miss the XP days--drag drop burn done--opposed to Cannot Drag Files for Burning Vista's drag drop drag drop drag drop nothing I found another forum with a similar thread but nothing works for me I haven't tried making a new profile yet but I mean what the hell isn't technology supposed to be getting easier not less and less friendly http forums microsoft com MSDN Sho amp SiteID Apparently there are a lot more people out there with the same annoying problem I also can't get an external CD burner to work with Vista strangely it works with XP Any help would be greatly appreciated Greg Btw the only reason I'm not on my XP computer right now is because the hard drive is corrupted so I'm stuck with Vista
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I have quite a few files in my HD that I have capture directly from a satelite receiver using the ATI All-in-wonder RADEON 7500 card. The format is MPG and I have no problem playing these MPG files directly from my pc HD. I would like to burn them into DVD (using NERO 6.6 perferbably). Do I have to convert these MPG into MPEG2 first.? What is the diference between MPG and MPEG? I have read (including Mulder's guide- which is fantastic to newbies like mysef) and searched the subject but no luck so far.

A:Burning MPG files in DVD using NERO 6.6

antrod said:

I have quite a few files in my HD that I have capture directly from a satelite receiver using the ATI All-in-wonder RADEON 7500 card. The format is MPG and I have no problem playing these MPG files directly from my pc HD. I would like to burn them into DVD (using NERO 6.6 perferbably). Do I have to convert these MPG into MPEG2 first.? What is the diference between MPG and MPEG? I have read (including Mulder's guide- which is fantastic to newbies like mysef) and searched the subject but no luck so far.Click to expand...

Not only does it have to be in MPEG2 format, but it has to be specific parameters for DVD compatibility. But you don't worry about that because whatever DVD authoring program you use (in this case, NERO), it will give you a choice to burn with DVD compatability and it will take care of it for you.
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I basically know the proceedure for buring a Bin file to a cd using Nero but i don't want to burn it to a cd just yet. What i want to do is use nero to take the Bin file and uncompress all the files in it, to a folder on my hard drive so i can look at some of the files and see if i want to burn it to cd or not. Does anybody know how to do that? If Nero doesn't have that capabily then what program does and how would it do it? By the way, my present folder does have both the Bin and Que files in it.

A:Burning Bin/Que files in Nero?

isobuster... a very good program i use all the time
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I do not know if this is the best forum, but here goes. I installed two new drives. One is a CD writer/DVD player, the second a DVD/CD player/burner. Since installing the drives and new software (nero6.1/Easy CD 7) everytime I attempt to make a cd longer than 70 minutes the last tracks start a "clicking" noise and eventually stall. I have tried different write speeds, different media, and two change.
Anyone have any suggestions?


A:Burning Music CD from .mp3/.wma files

I had that problem a few years ago and it turned out to the be the software I was using to rip cd's. Could it be that your audio files contain this clicking sound? If not I would try to burn a cd using Windows Media Player and see if that works out for you. Also make sure that you have aspi installed for your drives.
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is there any free software out there to burn mpeg videos on my dvd burner.
thanks franco

A:burning mpeg files on a dvd

Deep Burner is a freeware burner program. The file size is only 2.6 MB.
Get it from here:
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I Keep running into problems when I try to burn wav files Difficulty burning wav files I hate Windows Media Player Can I get rid of it I am not sure what info I should send to you Here is my log file from hijackthis Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Difficulty burning wav files Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system CTsvcCDA exe c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsrte exe C WINDOWS System tcpsvcs exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS SYSTEM ZoneLabs vsmon exe C WINDOWS system MsPMSPSv exe c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcshield exe C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C Program Files Netscape Netscape Difficulty burning wav files Netscp exe C WINDOWS system taskmgr exe c PROGRA MICROS Office OUTLOOK EXE c Program Files Microsoft Office Office WINWORD EXE C Program Files Microsoft Works MSWorks exe C Program Files AT amp T Worldnet Accelerator PropelAC exe C Program Files HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http amy home att net R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyServer http localhost N - Netscape user pref quot browser startup homepage quot quot http amy home att net quot C Documents and Settings Amy Wozniak Application Data Mozilla Profiles default w dct j slt prefs js N - Netscape user pref quot browser search defaultengine quot quot http www google com quot C Documents and Settings Amy Wozniak Application Data Mozilla Profiles default w dct j slt prefs js O - BHO Flash Enhancer - CD E - F - da- - EA DF - c Program Files XML XML dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run VSOCheckTask quot c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcmnhdlr exe quot checktask O - HKLM Run VirusScan Online quot c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsshld exe quot O - HKLM Run Propel Accelerator quot C Program Files AT amp T Worldnet Accelerator trayctl exe quot STARTUPLAUNCH O - HKLM Run MCUpdateExe C PROGRA mcafee com agent McUpdate exe O - HKLM Run MCAgentExe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe files mcafee com agent mcagent exe O - HKLM Run HPHUPD quot C Program Files HP Photosmart hphinstall UniPatch hphupd exe quot O - HKLM Run HPHmon C WINDOWS System hphmon exe O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run Zone Labs Client quot C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe quot O - HKLM Run Xcpy quot C Program Files Common Files Java Xcpy exe quot O - HKLM Run UpdReg C WINDOWS UpdReg EXE O - HKLM RunOnce WMC C WINDOWS system regsvr exe s quot C WINDOWS system wmp dll quot O - HKLM RunOnce WMC C WINDOWS system regsvr exe s quot C WINDOWS system wmpdxm dll quot O - HKLM RunOnce WMC C WINDOWS system regsvr exe s quot C WINDOWS system wmpasf dll quot O - HKLM RunOnce WMC C WINDOWS system regsvr exe s quot C PROGRA WINDOW wmpband dll quot O - HKCU Run AIM C Program Files AIM aim exe -cnetwait odl O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Extra context menu item Refresh Pa amp ge with Full Quality - C Program Files AT amp T Worldnet Accelerator pac-page html O - Extra context menu item Refresh Pi amp cture with Full Quality - C Program Files AT amp T Worldnet Accelerator pac-image html O - Extra button AIM - AC E - - d -BC D- B D A DE - C Program Files AIM aim exe O - Plugin for spop C Program Files Internet Explorer Plugins NPDocBox dll O - Trusted Zone http my att net O - HKLM System CCS Services Tcpip B F - D- D-AB -EDF E NameServer Thank you Amy

A:Difficulty burning wav files

Happy holidays and welcome to TSF.

We don't need the log file unless you have spyware in your computer. What problems are you having? What program are you using to burn the wav files?

Open up HijackThis and run a scan. Check and fix these:

O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [WMC_0] C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe /s "C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmp.dll"
O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [WMC_1] C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe /s "C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmpdxm.dll"
O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [WMC_2] C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe /s "C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmpasf.dll"
O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [WMC_3] C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe /s "C:\PROGRA~1\WINDOW~2\wmpband.dll"
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I downloaded a cue file from the internet. As suggested by the website i used nero to burn the image onto a cd. the 2 ways i tried both was not successful.
1. Directly burning the image using Nero.
2. Extract the bin file using WinISO and then burning using nero and recordnow max.

In both circumstances the cd was created successfully but there were problems during the instalation process. So i expected that there shld be problems with the bin/cue file. How ever there is no such problem when i use daemon tools to virtually load the image and this way the installation is completed successfully.

Now the problem is i need to burn the image file succesfully into a cd. anyone can give a gd suggestion/help????? i would greatly appreciate that?

A:Problem burning *.bin and *.cue files

I don't have the url but daemon tools has an add on that allows you to burn 1=1 copys from daemon virtual CD...haven't used daemon in a year or so but it use to work well.. Maybe try a Google search
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I have two videos both say they are "Winamp Media Files" and it won't let me add them when I try to burn (I've tried a few different software titles), it just does nothing. It allows me to add other files, bigger files, but not this file type for whatever reason. Which brings me here.

I am assuming I will need some sort of file converter or something to help make this work. Or maybe it's just the programs I'm using (I don't have Nero on this PC), so I'm not too sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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ok heres the problem. i have a dvd camera recording files in an mpeg format, and i need to burn them onto a dvd top play as a dvd in a dvd player. i have nero but that wont burn mpeg files it needs vop or something like that. what can i do?

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Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D files *.mov HD standard Burning to DVD Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc DN X Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled I have a Canon SLR camera that also takes High Definition video in mov format Burning HD *.mov files to standard DVD I copy the mov files to my computer and they play perfectly with a crystal clear video and good sound My problem is in trying to burn the mov videos onto a standard DVD so I can forward them to family and friends I ve tried several things as listed below but each has a problem I used Windows DVD Maker to burn a DVD but the resulting video was so terrible I couldn t recognize faces I tried Roxio Starter but Burning HD *.mov files to standard DVD it wouldn t recognize the mov files I tried converting the mov files into a few different formats i e avi mpg mp before burning them to DVD but the resulting video of each was also terrible I purchased Roxio Creator This recognized the mov files and burns them but now the audio plays about times as fast as the video so they re way out of sync which obviously is unacceptable I burned a DVD using the High Def AVCHD format This worked fine but only plays in my Blue Ray player All I want to do is burn some good quality videos to a standard DVD Got any ideas Should I try a different software etc I ve been in touch with Roxio several times over the past few days to see what s causing the audio video sync issue but they keep sending me cooky cutter responses for older versions of operating systems that don t work for Windows Pro Thanks Gare nbsp

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I was wondering what is/are some good programs for burning .dv files to dvd in Windows 7?

Thanks for any help!

A:Best Software for Burning .DV files to DVD?

My best advice would be to convert the .DV to MPEG if you want to watch the movie(s) via a dvd player. Othewise you should be able to use any cd burning program such as CDBurnerXP.

Convert .DV to .MPEG
Category: DV To MPEG-2 (SVCD, DVD) Conversion | Software - Digital Digest

Trial Version of a DV to DVD Program:


When burning movies to dvd it's best to use a speed below your highest burn speed, as errors will ruin the disk.
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I am using wmp10 to convert music cd's to mp3 files. I have not a problem with this. My problem is wmp will not put all 42 files on one cd, even though it's only 135mb (7.2 hrs.) of music. It asks for three different disks. The setting under options is marked for conversion 128 rate allowing 11 hours of music.

I'm sure this is something simple and I have just forgotten about it. I did this once before but a long time ago. I suffer from CRS!!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Friends,
I have an application that I am trying to burn into a cd,so that it should auto-run automatically. The problem is that in my application, i input data from end-user and write it into a properties file,and the installer reads those properties and completes installation.

But since I cannot write that into the cd,the installation fails.So,do I have to write this in some temporary file????But that won't working files are on the cd and paths would cause can someone tell me how to accomplish this??

Your help would be appreciated.
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Any good program suggestions? Just need it for a one time thing so any good free trial would be a plus

A:Burning Video Files to DVD

Look for the free program "dvdflick".
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I have a folder which contains two video files. A .cue and a .bin.

Can anyone tell me how to burn these files onto a DVD? Is there a step-by-step guide?

Anyways, help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm trying to burn a folder onto a CD-RW disk. There are some files that won't burn because they say that there is an error, but my files are fine on the computer. What kind of error is the comp. detecting and how can I fix it so that I can burn these files?

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I have a standard VIDEO_TS folder(NOT copied from a commercial DVD) on my computer and while Windows DVD Maker recognizes the VOB files as video files and is willing to burn them onto a DVD, I want to watch the DVD as it was intended. I have tried making a DATA DVD with the video_ts file, but that won't play on a regular DVD player.

How do I make a VIDEO DVD using the full VIDEO_TS file instead of just a DATA dvd?

A:Burning functional DVD from VOB files

You can use Nero Burning Rom, choose Burn DVD-Video and drag the entire Video_TS folder over and burn.

Welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by Dynna

I have a standard VIDEO_TS folder(NOT copied from a commercial DVD) on my computer and while Windows DVD Maker recognizes the VOB files as video files and is willing to burn them onto a DVD, I want to watch the DVD as it was intended. I have tried making a DATA DVD with the video_ts file, but that won't play on a regular DVD player.

How do I make a VIDEO DVD using the full VIDEO_TS file instead of just a DATA dvd?
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I recently burned a CD using ROXIO Easy CD Creator I burned the files from when Files Temporary Burning CDs a thumbdrive I had onto the CD My question is as I was burning these files from one source to another does Roxio or XP store these files ANYWHERE on the hard drive that can be recovered at a later date Does XP make temp files when you burn CDs Or does it simply transfer the files from one drive designator to another drive designator in this case from the F Drive to the D drive without storing them anywhere else on the hard drive Temporary Files when Burning CDs My roxio settings where set not to quot save quot any file to the hard drive I also did a search on Temporary Files when Burning CDs the computer s C drive using the file names that were on my thumbdrive to see if they were not stored somewhere on the hard drive my search came up with no results So can I take that as those files are not on the computer Is there any other way I can look for these files to see if they are on the computer I am showing my computer ignorance here when I ask does XP automatically delete any temporary files that were created And if XP or Roxio did create any temp files of the files I was trying to copy are those files readable or recoverable or just like ghost files on the computer if they are still there The reason I ask is not all of the files got burned to the CD after I selected them from the thumbdrive and they are also no longer on the thumbdrive I just don t want them floating around on the computer taking up unnecessary space if they did get transfered to the hard drive without my knowledge Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Temporary Files when Burning CDs

Although I am not an expert on this, From myown experience you have to download to your hard drive then burn them if there are to be any files on your HD. if you have your settings to not send to HD then I dont think there will be any on it. There may be others that have more knowledge than me but I think this is to be the case;
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I can't seem to get the AVI files on the CD to play in the order I want. What I have been doing is sending them (only 2 or 3 at most) to my drive E, then burning them to a CD but they don't come out in the order I sent them or arranged them before burning. I have also tried "dragging and dropping" but it does the same thing. I have Vista and would appriciate any suggestions.
I just installed Imageburn but my AVI files don't show up when I browse for them.
Also just tried dragging and dropping into Windows Media Player same thing.

A:Burning Avi Files In Order On A Cd

try renaming them, most programs like imgburn or nero take data cd's/dvd's and sort alphabetically

and so on

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This is my first time working with wma's and mp3 files I would like to know how to burn the files to a CD-R as well as the text information Thanks in advance

A:burning wma files to CD-R with text

Well, there are 2 ways that you can do this:

1) Burn the CD as a data CD. This will just place the wma and mp3 files on a CD that can be read by most computers and some DVD players.


2) Burn the CD as a music CD. Most CD writers (like Nero) will convert mp3 and wma files into music CD files that can be played on most CD players. The downside to this is that the files are burned as annonymous(sp?), so the text information will be discarded.
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Is there a recommended product to burn data to cd/DVD? I'm looking for something that once setup, I can have a shortcut on my desktop that when I double click, it burn all the files in a folder to a new cd/DVD without any prompts? I have files in a folder that I need to routinely burn to cd and I want this routine task to be as simple as possible. It needs to burn the files to the disc and not a backup archive. The files need to be read from the disc.


A:One click cd burning files

If there are hundreds of small files in the folder, like in a source code tree, burning while creating the image on the fly can cause buffer under run even with burn proof enabled. In that case what I do is create an .iso image first. Then burn the image with Imgburn. You can use Imgburn to create the image or some other ISO utility such as Folder2Iso, ISO Buster etc..

If there are only a few files then just use Imgburn "build mode" (or the icon at top right that says "burn files/folders to disc".)

The nice thing about Imgburn is it will usually select the correct file system type and ask you if you want to use it.
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Hi there
iam using nero 8 ultra
i have films i want to burn as a dvd that most stand alone dvd players would play
but i am not sure at all how to do this .

i managed to do one but it only picks it upon the dvd player on the PC and not the other ones . the other ones usually pick back-up / copies dvds
please help

A:help burning to dvd from avi and other video files

Does the process of using Nero Vision seem to go right through without any problems or errors or warnings? You could try transcoding the files ahead of time to DVD-compatible MPEG-2 files and try burning at a slower speed on Verbatim DVD discs and see if that helps.
You could also download DVDFlick ( and see if that program suceeds at the task as a troubleshooter for Nero. Or you might like DVDFlick so much better you use that all the time instead if it does work.
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I am trying to figure out why this happens. When and only when I am burning 700 meg size movie files...(mpgs and avi....usually 4 or 5 files to a Dvd+ 16 speed blank Sony dvd from my 16 speed NEC Dvd burner drive) ..some of them seem to disappear after the burn. When I do data files, the burner works fine. The discs are good and they work fine, but after using 4 different burning programs, this still occurs. Any ideas what I can do?


A:Files disappear after burning to DVD

*bump* next day
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Hey there

I recently have been trying to create a Customized DVD (customized background for menu etc..)

I had to make all my files to MPG which made them huge (like 1.4 gigs each).. and I have over 50+ files I wanna put on this CD (A full season of a cartoon).

I can only put like 2 on at a time and that would be painful giving my son 100 cds... Is here anyway I can keep it to AVI format, get my customized menu screen? AVI is only like 200mb of each movie.



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There are so many beautiful midi files out there that I would like to burn to CD and play on regular cd player audio equipment. Is that possible??

A:Burning Midi files

See here :

Also for further utilities should you need them see here :
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Hey all --

I'm wondering. I have a bunch of ripped CDs on my computer for a class I'm taking (Rock and Roll History..WOO!)

Anyway, these CDs are taking up a LOT of room on my laptop, and I'd like to just burn them all and be done with it. What I'm wondering is, can MP3 files be burned to a blank DVD, or do I have to use a blank CD?

Dumb question, probably -- but I am really curious. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

A:Burning Mp3 Files To A Dvd -- Possible Or Impossible?

You can burn MP3s to a DVD as a DVD data disk, sure. The question is what are you going to be playing it back on? It won't work on a regular CD audio player, it probably wouldn't work on a CD player with MP3 playback unless it states specifically that it will read DVD media. Most set-top DVD players will play MP3, I believe they'll do it from a DVD disk. And computers will also play them back fine provided they have a DVD-ROM drive.
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I have just ordered some Stop Smoking downloads for my daughter. There are three separate files. I burned one file to a cd. I went through the process for burning a second file to the same cd, and it looked like everything was working just as with the first file, but when I then opened the cd, only the first file was on it.

So, I am wondering if there is a way to burn one file to a cd and then to burn another file to the same cd?

In passing, when I used iTunes to burn some songs to a cd, but left plenty of room on the cd, and I try to use iTunes to burn additional songs to the same cd, I get a error message that I need to insert a blank cd, which makes me wonder if there just isn't a way to do what I want to do.

Thanks, grandpaw7

A:Burning Multiple Files To A Cd

When you want to burn to a CD at seperate times, and not all at the same time, you need to use the multi-session option, otherwise after the burnig session is completed, the software will "close" the CD, making it impossible to add to it.

What software do you use, to burn with?
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hey all,

Does anyone know of any CD burning programs for the PC that can read SDII files?




A:Burning SDII files

Do you mean Safedisk II copy protection?
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Hi everybody,

I have some home movies that I want to burn on a CD. I have edited them using Adobe Premiere Elements 2 and exported them as mpeg files, NTSC VCD
Then I used Nero Express OEM to burn the CD (this is the first time I am burning movies)
It all seemed to happen normally, that is it wrote and verified, no errors.
Then, when I tried to view the movies, nothing happened. I browsed the CD and saw a variety of folders with all kind of files. These are the folders:

In short I can't play the movies on any CD or DVD player, on any computer. Am I doing something wrong?

All I want is to be able to view movies on a computer and/or a CD or DVD player. Can somebody give me some clues as to how I can proceed

Thanking you in advance

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A lot of people would know about this but some probably don`t. So to help those who don`t the following is the easy way to add files for burning in Nero Vision 4.

Click on the first file hold down the shift key and click on the last file you want and add them. Then one doesn`t have to highlight each file. Easy eh! Live and learn
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hey guys i hope this is the right section to post.

how and ever. .

i just purchased a beand new packardbell pc
which is running windows 7 64 bit..
i am now having problems burning cue files..

nero wont work.

nor will burrrn i get different errors for both programs.

can anyone point me in the direction of a program which could help me?

or atleast have any advice on the matter?

thanks in advance!

A:Problems burning cue bin files.

look at this.

Cue Files Burning Tutorial
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Is there any good free software that burns CD's with Isofiles.
I tryed Iso magic but is has 300mb limit. I there any free software
that does not have this limitation?
Thank you,

A:Burning CD's with Iso Files Software

There's lots, and pretty much any CD\DVD burning software also includes it as a standard feature.

For standalone programs, ISO Recorder is one the simplest and best in my opinion:

Or ISO Burner:
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When I log on to the computer (Win XP Home) files randomly are added to the CD Burning utility, that is, Windows shows the pop-up button near the clock that says I have files waiting to be burned to CD. Is this an internal error or something that I may have clicked in error?
The first time, I ignored it and clicked out of the window, the second time it happened I physically moved the file somewhere else. Is there a change available for use?

A:Files randomly sent to CD Burning

Read the following knowledge base excerpt and see if applies to the problem you are having.
After you copy music files to a recordable compact disc (CD-R) or to a rewritable compact disc (CD-RW) in Microsoft Windows XP, you find that these files still appear in the CD recorder drive folder in My Computer. The files are not cleared from the temporary storage area.

This problem occurs because Windows Media Player does not clear the temporary storage area. Windows XP uses Windows Media Player to record music files.
To work around this problem, follow these steps to manually delete the files from the temporary storage area:1. Double-click My Computer, and then double-click the CD recorder drive.

Windows displays a temporary storage area where files are held before they are copied to the CD. Files or folders located in the temporary storage area are listed under Files Ready to Be Written to the CD.
2. Under CD Writing Tasks, click Delete temporary files.
Note When you delete the contents of the temporary storage area, you make this area available for another set of files and folders that you want to copy to the CD. The files are not deleted from their original location on your computer or from the CD.
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I searched for this topic and there was none this specific.

I am burning video, audio, and picture files into CD-R, but all i am getting is errors stating: "This CD may no longer be usable..." I don't agree with that statement at all considering all other, similar, files were somehow burned onto a CD-R but this one is not working. I don't understand why.

I thought it might be one cd, so i switched to a different one, and same problem. I have tried at least 10+ cd trying to burn files but it's not working and i am getting same error message. I even tried burning different files from different folder (vids, photos, and audio files) and it worked, but not this one.

Can someone please help me? I am just so frustrated right now and i don't know what to do.

Thank you!

A:CD burner not burning files.....

This sounds like a hardware issue. Have you tried going to the CD drive manufacturers website to see if there's a firmware update? If there is one, install it. If not, you might need to replace the drive. I had one doing similar stuff a while back and ended up replacing it. CD/DVD burners are cheap these days. Being this close to Christmas, you can probably get a steal of a deal.