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DVD Burning, Just getting started, Burn software advice please

Q: DVD Burning, Just getting started, Burn software advice please

Just a rookie at this please forgive me. I"m good on processing/ ram/ Hdd. I now have a DVD player and a DVD Burner. I Understand the basic levels of DVD discs, and I thought my DVD Wizard pro that I bought 2 years ago would take off and run, but it didn't. My burner is 8X16. Is the disc that came with it supposed to make it burn or do you have to go aftermarket like 1.5 years ago. I'm just lost. Please send me to the education I so desire.

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Preferred Solution: DVD Burning, Just getting started, Burn software advice please

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I recently bought the newest version of Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning Software. I installed it on my computer and I create a project, but when I go to burn... it says that I need to insert a blank CD. The problem is I've done this already and it keeps ejecting the CD saying there is no blank CD in the drive.

I originally thought that maybe the CD Drive was malfunctioning, but when I click on My Computer and look at the CD Drives' properties, it reads that I have a blank CD in the drive.

I have tried to uninstall, reinstall, and update the driver for the hardware and that has not solved my problems.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have just started making slide shows with Microsoft Photostory 3 from Windows and would like to know what the best software program would be to use to burn these photostories onto a DVD (one not too expensive). I am looking at Sonic MyDVD since the limited edition was bundled with my Dell.
Any advice will be welcomed.
Thank you

A:Advice on DVD burning software

Sonic is fine for your purposes.
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So as we all know everyone on a google search has an opinion A lot of the times it's an opinion that they have no education or background or familiarity on what is being asked but they just need to give thier cents to hear themselves speak Well cents didn't get me to the bottom of software advice DVD please! Burning the first google page before I was done So since we all at least have some interests in PC's however it may be and I trust that everyone on here isn't just blowing thier days by and just commenting on things they know nothing about plus I don't think I have ever had a bad bit of info come my way from this site I love it here I'm going to ask this question in a place that I at DVD Burning software advice please! least have faith in my peers I have been using ConvertXtoDVD for the last century it seems Is it the best probably not even close For what I was doing and teaching myself how to achive the end result of putting movies onto a playable DVD for a home DVD player so my DVD Burning software advice please! year old son could watch them the program worked flawlessly for me mind you Time has went by I have advanced some here and there getting movies games making back ups of my hard copies etc and since I first started using this program there have been new file formats added to this world of media I had a problem burning MP videos to dvd It said it burned it but wouldn't play on home dvd player blah blah blah So after wasting discs and THEN deciding it wasn't going to fix it's self I decided after all these years to hit the update button Pandora's box I got the newest version need my old serial Key to unlock the new updated version in order to do that I have to give my registered email Like I said it's been a century since I first installed it Knowing the email I was using years ago is beyond me So now I'm stuck with new version on a quot trial quot limited features basis Hence it will leave watermarks in everything I burn or use old one which isn't working that's why I'm in this mess Did a google for and please mind what this consists of being it's me and I'm just a basic DVD burning home ec taught dad I want a similar program preferably free without limitations if not no sence in going that route I'll buy but then inexpensive that is a basic user friendly GUI once your preferences are set initially your good put a couple cheap o titles on the menu screen maybe a cheap o background image WILL DE-ENCODE AND RE-ENCODE AND BURN TO DISC WITH THE CLICK OF ONE BUTTON FROM THIS ONE PROGRAM I don't want to mess with this program to de-encode or convert to a certain file from original file before I can burn etc that was the main reason I like ConvertXtoDVD so much no matter the file extention be it MPEG avi WMA etc I could click and drag it into the GUI hit convert and for a short wait it would spit me out a playable dvd for a home dvd player If anyone has some Software they are high on and would like to educate me I would appriciate it Or if they know how to fix my current problem with current burner I already went as far as a keygen for a new product key got past my morals since I originally did do it the quot right quot way years ago but Can get a key for every version of ConvertXtoDVD except the version I was updated to by default which is something something THANK YOU

A:DVD Burning software advice please!


No piracy or discussion of piracy allowed at all. Such as software, music, videos and other intellectual property violations (e.g. downloading youtube videos locally etc).

Instead of asking for them, why don't you give Handbrake a try and see what you think.

Windows 7 Home Premium (and higher) comes with Windows DVD Maker which is simpler to use, but if you need any help with it, here's a tutorial on it.

Of course, if you want to go open source and have more control of what goes on your DVDs, then there's these:

Some new DVD Super-Multi drives and Blu-ray ReWriter drives usually ship with some software, usually Nero is preferred.

And we were debating whether we'd want to keep using ImgBurn as a preferred choice for burning *.ISO files, but as of this point, all signs point to NO. You might have to use the Windows built-in burner.
See the discussion thread covering this.

That's all I have on this matter. Just don't want to see someone booted off of here in a hurry.
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Until recently I've been using Nero StartSmart to burn avi, wma and divx files onto DVD's for watching on a normal DVD player, I've just had a problem with my PC and ended up losing this program and now I can no longer find the installation CD so have lost it. Just wondered what programs you guys would recommend for converting and burning these files onto DVD's? I don't mind spending a bit of money so i'm not necessarily after a free program.

I found the ability to create menu's, chapters etc very useful on Nero so preferably this would be needed on any software I do purchase.
Cheers in advance for any advice.

A:DVD Burning software advice needed

try virtualdub --link
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I am looking for some basic software that will allow me to burn .wmv files made in Windows movie maker to a DVD that can play on a normal DVD player that is connected to a TV. I'm hoping to find something inexpensive, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just looking to send some video of my baby to her great grandparents who don't have a computer.

Anyone have any suggestions?


A:Advice on DVD burning software for .wmv files

What you need is dvd authoring software. Try DVD Flick it's free and will handle .wmv files.
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I don't quite understand. When I burn a compilation on a DVD-R, using CDBurnerXP, it asks me if I want to leave the disc open or finalize it. I click "Leave the disc open" of course. Well, I thought this way you could add more data later on. It seems I was wrong. I can never add anything else because it says the disc is full. Why??? Must we absolutly need a rewritable DVD to perform this task? I'm not trying to delete or overwrite anything. I only want to add data. It doesn't make any sense if we can't add data and have to use another disc all the time. What a waste!

A:Can we burn again on a started DVD-R?

Ok, it was a stupid question. I just remembered. You can't write again on DVD-R once you just finished burning.

Again, what a waste. I'll have to wait until I have enough pictures to fill a DVD before burning. I might risk losing data if my computer crashes though. I think I'll go with DVD-RW instead. Unfortunately, they're more expensive and burn quite slower (2-4X).
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Please help, I was in the burning progress using the recovery manager back up.
I had reached disc 4, put disc 5 in and then the laptop decided to start windows!!
The discs I had burnt 1-4, if I go through the stage of creating a backup i.e backup progress and then burning progress is there anyway of starting from disc 5, if not I have wasted 4 discs, as I will need to start from stratch and the backup is saying requires 9 discs?

Please help, all I want to do is back up and factory reset!


A:Burning backup and started windows half way through!

Can anyone help???????????????????????
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ok, before nero burned my cd's nice and quick and the used read buffer always read at about 98-99% and i think the Recorder Buffer Level / state was always just greyed out,but im not positive on that.
Now my cd's burn real slow and my Used Read Buffer just goes anywhere from 5%-95% and my Recorder Buffer Level/State jumps up and down as well.
The only things I can recall installing/screwing with since i used it last is installing clonyxl and clone cd, and i added wnaspi32.dll to my system 32 folder because clonyxL needed it to run.
ive tried taking wnaspi32.dll out, but it did'nt help. so does anyone know if theres a software conflict between the programs or have any other ideas for me? I've wasted 3 cd's already and need it to stop. thx if you can help

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A very long time ago I either formatted a CD wrote files onto a CD or just deleted them off of the CD and if I formatted it I don t remember if something went wrong or not if I just deleted wrote files onto off of it I think it worked fine Like I said it was a very long time ago A few days ago I tried to burn a video onto a DVD as I m not sure if this drive can burn DVD s or just CD s It didn t work tried another DVD it didn t work Formatted it that didn t work Today I tried a CD it didn t work tried to format it it didn t work Tried another CD and it didn t work either I only tried different versions of the same software for the DVD and different software for the CD I used imgburn for the DVD and Free ISO burner for the CD They both errored The imgburn error said something about a sector write error and the Free ISO burner said quot Initialize Starting to write ISO Image Failed to write ISO image Error Hardware Error quot I tried imgburn with the CD just now CD drive burn CDs burning won't I used DVD flick to make the file so I m not sure if it messed up because it thought it was a DVD or not the imgburn error said something about I O operation and power something being full I couldn t save it and write it here it was a pop up message What is wrong with CD burning drive won't burn CDs it nbsp
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Just starting in the Industry, I have a VERY basic understanding of programming(HTML).
Can anyone suggest a reference site for beginners or white papers that can explain not so much the differences in languages, but a basic overview.
And what would be a good starting point, not to begin programming but just general knowledge for the Industry.
Any advce would be welcomed.

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I have a HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC running Vista Home Premium SP I have used this system to burn family movies to DVD before and have even pulled some of our favorite old VHS movies onto my system as an avi and then burnt the avi to backup DVD playable in our standalone DVD player I use ConvertXtoDVD or Nero to burn We made a movie at a birthday party last week and I finally got around to trying to burn it to DVD yesterday I first tried using ConvertXtoDVD It went through the entire process and reported a successful burn but there was nothing on the DVD R So I tried using Nero and again it went through the entire process and reported a successful burn and again there was nothing actually on the disk I tried several times and used a few different disks but every time it seemed as though everything worked just fine but there was nothing actually on the DVD after the burn Oddly I can put any CD or DVD in my system and it will play them Any ideas as to reports DVD Burning DVD but on after burn. nothing successful, why it would seem like the burn is successful but nothing actually burnt onto the DVD Thanks for any help nbsp

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maybe a dumb question but i want to listen to how any cross fades or edits in my songs have worke d before i burn a cd using the Nero 5 .... is that possible to listen before i burn
Thanks for any help

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ok my boyfriend's car only plays music through radio and cds so I thought it would be great to burn him a music cd and it looks like my laptop can do that (it says "cd-rw" on the disc drive slot) so I put music on a burn list and burned it to the cd and when it was done the cd popped out but I wanted to see if the music was on there so I took the cd out and put it back in and my computer says the cd is blank. I don't understand, the driver software is up to date and I even downloaded a program to help with the burning process and even the program says the cd is blank ???

A:laptop says it's burning a cd but it doesn't actually burn anything?

G'day Roxaboxen, and Welcome to BC
How sure are you that you actually selected the songs to other words there just may be a mistake in the process you followed....
or....the cd you used....has it been around for a while....and possibly been put in a cd player before..?.....or was absolutely brand new...?
Read this.....and see if any of the steps prompt you...

If you want to make a standard music CD that will play in nearly any CD player, choose the Audio CD option.
As you burn an audio CD, Windows Media Player makes temporary copies of the WMA and MP3 files in your burn list, converts the copies to another format (known as PCM), and then saves the converted copies to the disc. Here's how to burn an audio CD:
Click the Start button , click All Programs, and then click Windows Media Player.
If the Player is currently open and you’re in Now Playing mode, click the Switch to Library button in the upper-right corner of the Player.

In the Player Library, click the Burn tab, click the Burn options button , and then click Audio CD (this is the default choice).

Insert a blank CD-R disc into your CD burner.
If the AutoPlay dialog box appears, close it.
If your computer has more than one CD drive, click the drive you want to use in the navigation pane.

If necessary, click the Clear list button to remove all items from the previous burn list.

Find the items in your Player Library that you want to burn to the audio CD.
For example, you can search for a particular album, browse for individual songs, or locate a playlist.

To create a burn list, drag items from the details pane (the pane in the middle of the Player Library) to the list pane (the pane on the right side of the Player Library).

If you want to change the order of the songs in the burn list, drag a song up or down in the list.

If you want to remove a song from the burn list, right-click the song, and then click Remove from list.


Don't worry—removing an item from the burn list doesn't delete it from your Player Library or your computer.

When you're satisfied with the list, click Start burn.
Burning a disc might take several minutes to complete.
If you have more songs in your burn list than will fit on one audio CD, you'll have the option to burn the remaining items to a second blank CD.
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Hi. I am trying to turn my old VHS tapes into DVD's. I have recorded a tape using Windows Movie Maker. The video file is a WMP file. I want to know how I can burn this to a DVD using Nero, so that I can play it on a DVD player. Or if I need to convert the file into something else then how do I do this?

A:Burning WMP files or converting them to burn

See for my new question
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I tried burning this avi movie the other day using WinDVD Creator and when I played the DVD on my DVD Player the movie itself came out kinda squished? Anyone know how I can burn this video to fullscreen?


A:I have a AVI/DVD burning question. How do I burn the AVI video to fullscreen?

Well I'm assuming it has to do with the aspect ratio. It is probably supposed to be 16:9 (widescreen) and you burned it setup as 4:3. You just need to look in your settings in WinDVD and change that.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Good morning all got a problem with my laptop i recently tried to burn a cd and in no matter what program i use says something wrong with disc etc etc and burns a small amount and out pops the tray.
However I can still burn DVDs so I'm confused any help much appreciated.

Its Equium A100- 306 model running xp

A:Equium A100 - CD no longer burning but DVD still burn

In my opinion optical disc drive is defective and there is problem with lens calibration.

Anyway, have you cleaned up the lens?
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I can't get DHCP to run on my server. When I go into control panel/ service to start the dhcp server it gives me an error message. "Error 0003 the system cannot find the path specified." I've already install the DHCP service and reboot the server, but it's still not working. I try looking in the microsoft support, but couldn't find any help.

Thank You

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Basically as the title says but i want to make advd which is able for me to burn a full length movie but for it to be read on DVD players and only take 5 minutes. NEED ERGENT HELP.

I think its called some data somethin or other. I chose that option but i just wouldnt be compatible on a DVD player. Btw Roxio 10 is the version.

A:Burning The Quick Way, I want to burn movies on CD but don't want to wait 30 mins
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My girlfriend recently came to me with an issue She usually comes to me for anything having to do with her computer I m stumped She tells me that she is using iTunes to make playlists and burn them to cd s ok so she makes a playlists clicks burn cd or whatever it says puts Inspiron drive it thinks cds.... Dell not burning B130- is CD-RW cd's...but will burn in a blank cd and the cd starts burning awesome Dell Inspiron B130- CD-RW drive will not burn cd's...but thinks it is burning cds.... She gets the little status bar at the top of iTunes telling her that the cd is in progress it shows each song being burned with a countdown and everything and you can even hear the drive spinning and moving around like it is burning Then it tells her burning complete Great until you try to play the cd Usually up to this point most people think they know where this is going oh she s trying to burn a cd-rw and play it in a device that doesn t play cd-rw s Well here s the twist The cd is still completely blank she has quot burned quot cds and given them to me and i go to play them in my computer and it says they are blank then i have used my burner to burn them So any ideas apart from replacing the rw drive We ve tried different software and no luck nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron B130- CD-RW drive will not burn cd's...but thinks it is burning cds....

It's not the drive or the disks, it's the way you are using the software. This is probably best in the Software forum, or if you have a friend who does a lot of burning, ask them to help you check the checks.
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I'm using Vista Business 64bit. I've created a task to play my winamp playlist file (.m3u) as my alarm for the morning. I've tested it and it works fine: it will wake my pc from sleep and log into my password protected account, then plays my songs from the list i've created. My problem is that I don't see winamp being run at all; just the music going on in the background. So here's my question: how do i interact with winamp when it's started by the Task Scheduler?


correction: my pc is awaken by the Task Scheduler but it stays at the login page and the music will just keep playing in the background.
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Greetings all. I have a Freecom DVB TV tuner. I would like to be able to burn a recording to DVD that will play on my DVD player for personal use. So far I have failed with Pinnacle Studio 9, Ulead Vide Studio SE, Roxio and Windows 7 Live Moviemaker. I have succeeded in burning CDs that will play on my PC. I have made an AVI file and I think another is an MPEG of some kind. The AVI file has twice caused software to hang after an hour or so of processing. If it's not totally illegal to do this, can somebody help me please?

Best regards,


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I was using x Memorex DVD-R s for my NEC ND- AG firmware rev and ran out of those Bought Maxell x DVD-R s and get following error Did look on the net burn advice Solved: discs sought won't - DVD burner for a listing of NEC error codes to no avail My burner is supposed to Solved: DVD burner won't burn discs - advice sought be x but the burner software CDBurnerXP Pro always selects x for me Writing Error Error occurred writing data to disc Unknown error - use extended data Solved: DVD burner won't burn discs - advice sought for more information Error Sense Data SENSE KEY ASC ASCQ Other boards suggested firmware upgrade but looking at those I don t see that Solved: DVD burner won't burn discs - advice sought they will specifically allow the Maxell discs to work Do you suggest I go through the trouble of upgrading the firmware or just go out and buy a new drive They only cost now This drive is about years old Can you also tell me if I am supposed to be buying x discs since that is what it writes at Would it generally frowned on to try to run x discs on my x recorder I m not expecting to run them at x I just assumed any disc would work I always buy name brand discs Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: DVD burner won't burn discs - advice sought

Seeing no replies, I went ahead and bought a new DVD burner, about $40 with shipping. I can now burn 16x DVD's. Progress!
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I have a film on my computer that I would like to burn to a dvd,its in avi format, what software would I need to be able to do that apart from a burning program I mean (I have Roxio) The operating system is Windows XP home .....

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On my computer I have the following programs for use when splitting and burning video files Solveig Multimedia Trimmer Ace Mega Codecs Pack Nero Nero Express and Nero Express SE Windows Media Player Real Player FREE Version Media Player Classic I have several AVI video files which I wish to compile and burn on DVD disk and have them play on a regular commercial DVD player I would like them to play one after the other Advice Seeking DVD Burning without each having to be started when the proceeding one has Seeking DVD Burning Advice ended I had no trouble whatsoever splitting the files and putting them all into a single folder Using Nero Express SE I had nothing but trouble burning them as the transcoding process would repeatedly fail just before completing after about hours of transcoding UGH In frustration I then attempted to burn the AVI files onto a CD as data This was accomplished without problem but the end result was a very poor image quality and the sound was out of sync I tried playing the burned cd files using the Solveig splitter and they were out of syn and froze So I know the end result of the burn attempt was a bad cd A final DVD is my real objective The files amount to approx MB so there is no problem with disk space I attempted the DVD burn on Memorex DVD-RW disk x GB min Video I also have the same in DVD -R disks but Seeking DVD Burning Advice did not use them as I wanted to make sure the result would be good I used the default Nero settings and do not attempt to overburn so these factors are not involved I use Gspot to insure what type of Seeking DVD Burning Advice file I am working with Gspot indicates that these are AVI files and that compatible codecs are installed so codecs are not the problem The first curious problem aside from the transcoding is the fact that when I use the Solveig Trimmer to split them or play them back afterward the video plays back quot PERFECTLY quot In sync and clear as it can be This program lists the files as XVID with Codec XVID and MP sound No problem whatsoever with Solveig in fact I highly recommend this program However when I attempt to play these files on any other of the above mentioned players the players either freeze up the computer don t start the video at all or play them back out of sync with jumps or freezes So my questions are these Why does Solveig work perfectly and the others not Nero is a real pain and incredibly slow does anyone recommend something better which is freeware Is there a better way and or better programs that you video would recommend for burning AVI files to DVD Are other video file formats better than AVI Incidently I thought it was a good idea to download a video file converter Freeware to have available should I have to convert a video as opposed to letting Nero transcode it and could not find one program that allows conversion to all of the possible alternative formats Any suggestions there I imagine that if I am going to get serious about working with video I will need to purchase software but given the cost I would really like to find out what is recommended by those in the know To me THATS YOU FOLKS I am a video novice at present I thank anyone in advance for any suggestions or recommendations that might be useful in solving my problem MANY THANKS nbsp

A:Seeking DVD Burning Advice

And note the size of the AVI is irrelevant, only the running time matters.
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Hi, thank you for reading my post.

I Run Nero 6 with vision express for burning my movies, but what i have noticed when trying to copy an .AVI to Nero it does all the converting and burning ok except on play back there is a very slight pause every second or so throughout the film.

This periodic stutter although not too noticable is watchable but i would rather try and get a exact copy. The split second pause doesnt affect the sound or sync yet on the original avi played on the pc there is no stuttering so its something being caused by the recoding.....but i dont know how to rectify it.

I have tried copying at the slowest and fasted speeds but nothing helps..

Any ideas anyone.



A:Burning DVD's...advice needed.

Maybe try some different media.
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I have some videos I want to burn to a DVD capable of being played in my DVD player the problem is I have tried this in burning programs advice DVD on Need (video) the past and the result was always either less Need advice on DVD burning programs (video) than what I Need advice on DVD burning programs (video) had aimed for or completely unplayable Keep in mind im talking about literal DVDs with DVD quality - not VCDs or SVCDs So basically im looking for guides programs that can help me burn some video DVD s with the following criteria Ability to create DVD backgrounds and background music Add multiple videos episodes which are seperate and selectable at the main menu I d also like to know how to create them so there Need advice on DVD burning programs (video) is a small video window showing random parts of that video on the menu instead of just a still blank picture I think I worded that really bad but eh Works well with avi files Preferably I would want to buy install use as few programs as possible to achieve all of this having to do a ton of things for one DVD is kinda annoying Ive tried a program before called Avi DVD and it worked kinda ok but it wont allow me to put multiple videos on one DVD and the menu creation bit was pretty sloppy So what could I get to do all of these things Ive heard of Nero being a great program for stuff like this but I wanted to make sure before I went out and bought it and I dont know what version ect to get anyway Thanks ahead of time for any help and if theres any other info you need to help me find something go ahead and ask nbsp

A:Need advice on DVD burning programs (video)

What you'll need is proper video editing software. Nero is ok but it's essentially a burning package that's evolved to cope with DVD video. It doesn't have the options of a dedicated video creating programme. The main home user ones are Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas and the one I use, Ulead Video Studio. I've tried all three but Ulead is by far in my opinion the most user friendly so I stuck with it. I also know therefore that it does all that you ask in your post. I never hear bad things about Sony's programme, Pinnacle has a reputation for being buggy and resource hogging by comparison.
You can get a fully working months trial of Ulead's Video Studio and try it for yourself.
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I m a huge fan of the TV show Mystery Science Theater and have collected about of the episodes Burning Video To Advice On DVD A Need Files on DVD However I still have about thirty Need Advice On Burning Video Files To A DVD VHS tapes of episodes and I want to transfer them to DVD so that they ll take up less space be easier to play and last longer I bought the Pinnacle Instant DVD recorder device that carries the signal from my VCR to my PC and used it to burn a quick half hour video to DVD without any trouble The problem is that when I try and copy an episode of Mistie about minutes each the video feed dissapears after about to minutes The sound is there but it s just showing a black screen I burned one tape to DVD thinking that maybe the display just stopped showing the video but it would be burned just fine No dice Sound but a blank screen at the minute mark Since I was trying to transfer a copy of Shorts a collection of five short ten minutes or so videos I scanned the tape writing down the stop times for each segment and then set the conversion program to stop at each interval and burn the video to a HDD folder I now have eight functioning VOB files that play just fine on my PC using Power DVD but will not register in DVD shrink
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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is, I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

A:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD
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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is, I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

A:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD
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Hmm was thinking of going back to Zone Alarm as I used it for years and loved it HOWEVER after reading the post on quot Recomendation against Zone Alarm Firewall http www techspot com vb topic html quot I am up in the air of which one to use Any advice on firewalls would much appreciated Anti-Virus software What antivirus software is recommended I have used AVG for years then went to avast couple years ago I actually use full versions not the free ones lol I need Firewall advice - Software Anti-Virus & Software am wondering should I stick with avast or go to a new one as I got days left on my license I searched the internet and according to quot Top Reviews http anti-virus-software-review toptenreviews com v quot BitDefender Antivirus Pro is the best anti-virus software OR would it Anti-Virus Software & Firewall Software - need advice be good to go with something like Norten Security I am not a real Norton fan but I want what is Anti-Virus Software & Firewall Software - need advice best for my computer Again any advice would much appreciated David Lambie Skype YES unsure if can put it here nbsp

A:Anti-Virus Software & Firewall Software - need advice

I had Norton pre-installed on my computer when I got it and I honestly dont like it. .. it seemed to cause more problems than it solved for me.

I use Avast! Antivirus and reccomend it to friends/family. It has a free eddition you can download and trial if you're unsure. You can get a free yearly subscription which is easy to renew when needed. I have never had a problem with Avast and think it might be a good starting point.
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I have been using a program called "Thumber" to create photo web pages. It creates three files-a thumbnail page in HTML, a directory page and a resized page of photos. It was working fine and then it would not show the resized photos. I get an error in IExplorer that reads-- The instruction at "0x77f585c0 referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "Written". I absolutely need this program, as all my 300 posted web pages of photos on my site are in this format. Why would IE stop working in this program?

A:software glitch just started in XP

I also am receiving the error "memory referenced at 0x77f585c0" could not be written. It most often happens when I am using Mozilla to view web pages. I has happened with IE 6 also though. I found a site that said the problem was related to PhotoShop, but I don't have PhotoShop on my PC. It always happens when loading a web page. If I close Mozill and return to the page, it works fine, so I am unable to recreate the problem.

Any ideas?
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Is there software available that i can get and leave running on my computer for a day or so to burn in the system and test all its paramaters?

A:Burn in software

It's not a myth, its kinda like screensavers, it is no longer needed. Long ago we used to "Burn in" systems to check everything out(usually 72 hrs)

A "Burn in" of today consists of booting up and checking everything out(maybe a couple of hrs at the most)

Some manufacturers still claim to do a burn in.
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Hey i was just wonderin'

Nero just doesn't work 4 me
So does any1 have any other suggestions concerning burning (ur own) movie files onto a dvd to watch on dvd-player (tv)


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Is anyone using or can recommend a Hardware Diag\Stress Test software? Something along the lines of "Burn In" software. Preferably one that boots from a CD or ThumbDrive and can run once for diags or repeatedly for burn in. Free is always good...

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hi, can nyone tell me why I lose lots of disk space every time i burn a dvd with 7 . and where to look for all of the temp files. and why it takes two hours or more to encode???

A:7 dvd burn software

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I wanted to burn a neo+g and i got this program rmc.. I followed the instructions from RSQ now i am stuck on the part to burn. I have nero 7. what should i burn it as. data, dvd audio, dvd movie. the instruction say burn dvd in nero or other burning apps. plus do i burn the whole folder that i have. do i have to put it in order. it took me 2 days to organize my discs using this program and i don't want it to screw up. please help me

Thanks a bunch

A:Neo+G Burn!! What Software?..HELP

based on what I read at the neo website, burn with nero as DATA. When setting up the burning session in Nero, do NOT drag the main parent folder over to right-hand pane for burning. Instead, first open that main parent folder in the right hand explorer pane, then drag ALL it's contents (except the main parent folder itself) across to the left hand pane for burning. Nero will burn the files in the same order you have organised them, which is usually alpabetical or numerical order anyway (that's dictated by the way Windows works, not you).
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I cannot seem to get any of my DVD burning software to launch. Might this be a virus or trouble with system seeing my DVD hardware.

Thanks, Tony

A:DVD burn software will not run

Have you tried reinstalling the said software?
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I have some old DVD's that i want to RIP on my computer and burn on to a blank DVD. I tried NERO but had no luck. Does anyone have any software suggestions i could try?

A:DVD Burn Software Question

Are they commercially made DVDs or something that you authored and burned yourself?
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Hi all and thank you to anyone taking the time to read burn DVD freezes software this whether you can help or not I have searched high and low over the internet I like to imagine it isn't a level plane for an answer to this and no windows forums nor forums for the relevant softwares seem to contain a solution Using both vista DVD burn software freezes and both convertXtoDVD VSO and DVDFab were my best friends for converting DVD Bluray one way or the other yet since upgrading to no DVD software can burn I can read convert but any attempts to burn cause a hang or freeze at the caching before burn actually begins Unfortunately no errors are being given I come to the conclusion they are software based issues or perhaps permissions based issues purely because using windows to write files to DVD not a problem Would definitely appreciate any heads up in this DVD burn software freezes direction even if it is a slightly demeaning point in the right direction because I have overlooked something incredibly obvious Have even tried updating versions trying other free software to see if they work nothing Only windows can burn
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I need a software that can burn a .img file onto a disc, anyone recommend which one I should buy? thanks.

A:What DVD software I need to buy to burn .img files

Well if you wanna buy one you can but you won't buy anything better than ImgBurn!

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what software can i use to burn dvds, becuase i tried Nero and it failed when it got to the end. It also says xvidcore.dll can not be found.Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:What Software Can I Use To Burn Dvds

dude never use nero. if you are tryin to burn one that you downloaded, use converxtodvd, if your trying to copy a dvd disc use dvd fab. this is the best advice i can give u. if u need more help PM me.
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I cannot burn to CDR using the XP inbuilt feature, i'm not sure why. I have Nero installed and have to run everything through that program but i'd like to be able to burn mp3's with a simple drag and drop to the Drive E: icon (my CD writer).

I read the MS site and it says i should get a screen like this:

But i only get these screens on my setup:

i.e there's no "recording" tab and therefore no option to "enable CD writing" ?. What can i do to get the inbuilt XP recording feature working again ?


A:Cannot burn to CDR with inbuilt Win XP software ?

You can't make an audio CD with the XP built in burner you have to use Windows Media Player or better yet Nero. If you want to make a Data CD of your MP3's then you right click the file with the MP3's in them, and choose Send To... your CD Burner. another file pops up saying " You have files waiting to be sent to the CD". Click on "Write these files to CD" and it will burn them.
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May I have idea to burn RMVB files to CDR and play in DVD player? Thanks.
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I am working on someone's PC and I am wondering if XP supports DVD burning or if software is required. I tried nero but it is crap. Causes all knids of trouble with the PC

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I have Nero and Sonic and neither of them recognises VTV files. Is anyone able to advice me what software I need to download to burn my VTV files. Thanks.Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:What Software Do I Need To Burn Vtv Files

go to
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me to buy this player two years ago but never Went, when serious dvd, vcd, whatever format I play them, and when he does "jumps" or is labeled .. may be happening? will be the converter? which video converter recomend to me for convert to dvd format any video ?
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I have created a Powerpoint presentation. I have been told by Dell that I need additional software in order to burn the file to a DVD using a writeable DVD burner. Can you guide me in what software I need. They suggested Pinnocole Digital Imaged Suite. Your help would be greatly appreciated. THX!!!!!

A:Software to burn Powerpoint to DVD

do you mean a standard .ppt file?
I wouldn't think you would need anything 'fancy' to burn that to a disc.

Are you doing anything special with that powerpoint? and have you tried it already?
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Hello again,
Ok, I'm been trying unsuccessfully to burn a Movie, I already try the following softwares...

DVD Decrypter

DVD Shrink 3.2



Does anybody here knows any other good burn DVD software that will do the work??

Thank you guys!!!

A:A Good Burn Dvd Software

No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.this is a very touchy subject almost anywhere in the world, it's better to not ask
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i was just wondering if there is any way i can download a program where i can burn dvd pictures?

i dont have a dvd installed in my computer right now.

A:can i downloada a software to burn dvd??

When you buy a DVD burner, they usually come with software. If not there are a few free alternatives.
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How do you transfer photo files to a cd/dvd disk?
Is there a software program needed?

I don't want a backup as much as I want a slide show or presentation.

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Cannot install DVD burn software...Tried Nero and Roxio.
Seems to install but nothing is installed.
Checked many forums.. without help

A:Cannot install DVD burn software

Not sure how to answer this. Not enough information - more than "it doesn't work" is really needed to try and help you.

Have you went to the Program Files or Program Files (X86) folders to see if the programs are actually there?

I use Nero. But, I also have the free (and popular) Imgburn installed. Try that and see what happens.
The Official ImgBurn Website

About all I can offer with the limited problem description.
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Has anyone got any W 8.1 video editing software suggestions? I used Live Movie Maker to edit, but it won`t burn to dvd. I need a good, easy editing programme (including music addition) & a burn to DVD programme that will work with together. Why ever did Microsoft take away DVD Maker?

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I am in need of the drivers for my TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S162L

I have a 'roxio' CD from Dell, this might be it, but no mention of the DVD on it. Can I just use a 'free' third party software for this, it does play DVD,s just doesnt have anything to write to them.

Actually, its not the 'drivers' I need the writing/burning software.

A:Solved: Need software to burn for Dell DVD/CD RW

You can use the built in windows software....right click on file{s} send to dvd writer
If it will write to a DVD is may only be able to read DVDs
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Just a quick question for all the CD burning experts out there.

What CD burning software options are there that will burn MPEG1(VCD) file(s) to CD-r? (Assuming the MPEG1 files have been converted from a previous format, i.e. avi, etc.)

Is there a freeware option that works OK, too? Will BurnAtOnce do the job? (Even if the file(s) must be converted again)



A:Software/Freeware to burn mpeg1(VCD) to CD-R

This site has a lot of info and various downloads:
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I am looking for a free software so I can burn bin files to a disk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Which software is everybody using to burn the iso files to dvd. I have nero 6.0 but it want
burn a bootable dvd over 2 giz. I burned a dvd in data mode but it want boot Any help would be appriated.

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Hey all,

Windows 7 had a built in DVD maker that was very helpful in burning video (.avi?) files to DVD*, but the program is not supported in Windows 10.

Burning the files straight to disk even from the media player app doesn't seem to allow the video to be played on normal DVD players.

*So either I am using the wrong format (.avi) and need to convert it, or I need software that can properly burn video files to disk as I need it to.

Any recommendations are most helpful. Thanks!

A:Best software to burn video files to DVD

Maybe buy mom a low cost Blu-ray player

A blu-ray player will play the dvd if it is burnt as a data disc and will play a lot of formats (depending on the make)

A Data DVD will not play on a regular DVD Player unless it is compatible with the format of the files.

if you have a DVD Player that is JPEG compatible... it will recognize a Data DVD that contains JPEG Photos and play a slide show.

As a general rule when planning to play the DVD on a regular DVD would create a Video DVD which requires DVD Authoring software.
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Hi Bleepers.

The burning section of my ConvertXtoDVD doesn't work any more. I re-installed a fresh download of ConvertXto DVD, but it still won't burn, although to converts okay.

At present I'm using ConvertXtoDVD to convert - and then I open up DVDShrink to burn the converted files from ConvertXtoDVD's folder. Works perfectly.

I've been Googling for a convert-and-burn package, but so far without without success.

Tried 'DVD Rip and Burn' - but couldn't get to first base with it. I couldn't find the files in the ConvertXtoDVD folder. What it showed were files that I've deleted weeks - even months ago. Very odd.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

A:Know any free convert-and-burn software?

Give ImgBurn a tryout, It's free as well...
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My windows operation system is win 8.1. DDS suggested by bleeping computer does not work, giving a message of "DDS is not meant to run in 'Compatibility Mode'". The main issue of the computer is
(1) windows defender cannot be started.
(2) some unknown software update message keeps popping out.
Thanks for further help!

A:windows defender cannot be started, unknown software keep popping out for update

Global Moderator recommended me to use RSIT 64-bit version to do a scan, the results are generated in two files, info and log, please let me know which one to attach and which one to append. Thanks,
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I have a conference on my computer that I have been burning for others, however, I ripped it in mp3 format, and am having to reburn it as wav. As of now, I only have windows media, and I have to one disc, burn it, and then close the program and reopen it to burn another session/disc. Any better, more smoother programs?


A:The Best Free Software To Burn Mp3s As Wavs?

You can use DeepBurner, and create an Audio disk, which would convert the mp3, to wav.You can also use Audacity to convert the mp3, to wav, then after you convert them, burn them to a disk.
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Recently software cannot 10.4 - CD Recording burn Itune missing I installed a new Norton Internet Suite software and then my CD ROM drive went missing I then used Micrsoft Fix it software to fix the problem and got my computer Window Media player to work with my CD Rom drive again I have Window Vista Home Premium OS Unfortunately my Itunes still cannot burn CD - error was missing recording software I have repeatly removed and reinstalled my Apple software and this included both the previous version Itunes and the latest version Itunes and Apple related software The itunes can import CD but not burn CD I know I have the latest driver for the Itune 10.4 cannot burn CD - Recording software missing CD and also tried removing the GEAR driver on my computer Nothing helps Ran twice the Microsoft Fix it Center software and it did Itune 10.4 cannot burn CD - Recording software missing not do anything good Norton technical Support remotely Itune 10.4 cannot burn CD - Recording software missing worked on my computer and cannot fixed my problem They tried to restore my operating system to before I installed the Norton but it did not worked as I got the error message that not all components softwares have been reinstalled Theny insisted that it was not their software that caused my problem I have researched information on the web that discussed possible cause is the registy has been moved and Itune cannot find the registry to locate the recording software - This is above my head Not sure if this is the cause and I hope someone can provide me details on how to fix this problem Thank you very much nbsp
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I bought the Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-043 and could not find the Toshiba supplied software to burn DVDs.

My previous Toshiba laptops comes with a Toshiba DVD burning software.

Is there a Toshiba DVD burning software that comes pre-installed with Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-043?

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Apart from Nero 7, which software would you lads recommend that could burn data on CD's, DVD's and re-writables and create DVD movies?

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FF 3 is installed on my computer. How do I save the entire program onto a disk so it will work on another comp? (this computer is vista, the other is XP)

A:[SOLVED] IE won't work. How do I burn the software: firefox to a CD-R?

In order for it to work you'll have to install it on the XP computer with the FF installer.
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Hi friends,

I have premium vista windows on my Laptop. I burned a CD last night but for some reason I tried to burn one this morning and now it says burning software not found. I tried turning the computer off and on to see if that would work because some times it does but it did not work.

How can I fund this software my Laptop says it lost?


A:Solved: My CD/ DVD burner lost software to burn

Hi and welcome to TSG try system restore to date when it was working
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Hello I download and can't I to burn install free dvd software any am new on here so I hope you will forgive me if I don't do this quite right I am using windows Packard bell desktop that is relatively new to me and want to copy some of my old dvds I can't download and install any free software to burn dvd I cannot find any software that will download and install to allow me to do that When I find a program I download it but nothing happens most of the time I can't download and install any free software to burn dvd Sometimes I get the bar along the bottom that asks me if I want to run or save but whichever I click on nothing happens most of the time Sometime I get the box that asks me for permission but then nothing else I don't need to put the dvds onto my pc just copy them to another disc that can be played on my dvd player On my old vista I used NTI cd amp dvd powerproducer that was already installed I also used burn free sometimes and that is the kind of program that I would like to use now or something similar but none of these will download install on my windows If anyone could help me I would be very grateful as I am pulling my hair out here with frustration Thank you frankiesgirl

A:I can't download and install any free software to burn dvd

Hi, This seems to me like an issue within the browser. Please run adwcleaner and Malwarebytes (uncheck the trial option at the end of the installation) and post their logs
AdwCleaner Download
I recommend using CDBurnerXP. I have been using it for years without any issues:
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So, my Nero 6 has finally given up the ghost with Win7. Decided to ask here since I've found you lot to be one of the most knowledgable techs on the net.

What's a good, free, optical drive burning software package? I don't need it to do all sorts of stuff like mount extra drives, or handle my media for me (HATE NERO SCOUT). Just want a simple interface that lets me drop files on it, and then it burns them to CD/DVD for me. Kinda like Nero Express.

With that in mind, is the built in burning features of Windows 7 all I would need? I found Vista burning, while easy, to be too simplistic.

Thanks for the help.

A:CD/DVD Burning software

Have a look here and you should find something useful.
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Hi there again, I have Convertx2DVD and DVDFab installed on my Win 7 Pro 64 bit and both hang at the point after conversion and beginning burn.

Can anyone tell me what I need to disable in regards to Win 7 to be able to get them to work?

Other people seem able to get them to work but I don't know what they did to enable the programs to work.

A:Getting burning software to run

Have you tried to set the program default associations?

Default Programs - Set a Program's Default Associations
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If I want to burn CD's by making exact copies of them (i.e. audio CD's) and I want to use the software for disk copy purposes, what is the best FREE Windows 7 compatible CD burning software out there?

Relevancy 47.73%

Do you have any recommendations for general burning use, (back-ups, removable storage etc.) I'm not really looking for movie editing stuff.
A basic version of Nero came with my burner but I have never been happy with the supplied software with any burner I ever bought and I don't particularly like Nero anyway.

A:DVD burning software?

the basic version of nero (which i also got) hasnt got anything on the full version. the main opponent for Nero is Roxio's Easy CD Creator - which i used a basic version of with my first cd-rw. there are others, but generally these two will do a reasonable job. what about nero dont u like? from my use of nero it has a reasonable backup tool and does all the other jobs of making backups manually and such.
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Hello all i want to burn a VCD Not DVD and been looking to so many programs software via google but still there are a lot of it out there saying they are VCD on Burning Help Software the best bla bla bla I dont really trust what they say because when I checked Help on VCD Burning Software the review its not that good so finally i plan to ask from this forum instead hoping to get answers What are the best VCD burning program you guys ever used I want the one that can accept all types of video and convert it on its own and burn it Easy to use is a must I have tried the latest Nero but its not good at converting Mp files because when i burned them the video moves so fast as if they are fast forwarded but the voice lagg behind there goes my CD wasted And i have tried Ashampoo as well but they did not recognize mp files only mpeg i have video converter but what i want is one program to do it all drag the video to the program and all i have to do is wait til its done hoping to get your replies soon any software will do i prefer Help on VCD Burning Software the simplest and easy to use it can be free or paid but Help on VCD Burning Software if paid make sure its worth it im wasting my money for nero i still love the older version and ver its never failed to impress me and now its a crap

A:Help on VCD Burning Software

hi okay thank you will give it a try ... yea i know vcd is not very popular these days lol but the video that im burning is not that long so its kinda waste to use a dvd if the file is so small... thus vcd is my 2nd choice.. will give ur recommended software a try tho
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I just bought a new 16x CD burner to replace my old 4x. Everything went fine, but it only works with the burning software that comes with it and Fireburner. It doesn't work with EZ-CD creator or Sony CD Extreme (software from old burner). This would be fine, but I'd like to use packet writing, which isn't on Fireburner or the custom one that came with the new burner. Both programs that don't work say they can't find a CD burner on the system, although they see the drive. The other two burning programs recognize it fine. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


A:CD burning software

sounds like the older software needs to be upgraded to recognize the newer burner I'm afraid
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does anybody know where i can download free cd burning software? every place i've found only gives you a free trial. i've been told there out there ,but i cant find them

Relevancy 47.73%

What do you recommend as the best CD burning software (free if possible). I used to use Feurio but my hard drive crashed and I have been unsuccessful at trying to reload/install Feurio. What does everyone think is a good burner? Thanks in advance.

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I was wandering does anybody know of any good CD burning software. I have some CD's that say " CD-R 700 MB. i tried burnind some mp3's with the software i have. Everytime i burn a window pops up saying theres not enough space on the CD. Even though the CD is totally blank. I dont know if this is the problem or what,the software and all. i would appreciate any help in this matter

A:MP3 CD burning software

What software are you using?

If you are using CD-R's, once you burn something to it and end the session, you can no longer write anything more to it. It is usual to create a number of "coasters" when first learning how to run these things.

But if you'd like an excellent Nero-clone for burning that is free, try CDBurnerXP Pro:
Relevancy 47.73%

Hi all I am looking to burn a few dvd s and am currently looking for some good programs to use I watch all dvd s on a small analogue tv and for software me. dvd Best burning my pc no big plasma or hd tv s No wide screens either Quality means alot to me but my tv and pc are small so quality shouldn t really be too different no matter how I burn Im looking for easy programs to use that give good quality dvd s I only keep sound English English subtitles I delete all Best dvd burning software for me. extras and everything else so obviously the program I need has to have that ability The program does not Best dvd burning software for me. have to be click and I can use a combination of many programs aslong as they are easy to use I use verbatim dvd-r media and my dvd burner is a liteon My pc Best dvd burning software for me. is an amd athlon dual core and I have xp installed Also another question does surfing the net or watching youtube videos while burning ripping have any adverse affects on the dvd quality Can you recomend me a program to use Which one do you use Free programs would be prefered but if their are no good ones I will have to buy software Which programs do you use to give you best quality Thankyou

A:Best dvd burning software for me.

I really enjoy using WinX DVD, and it's free, and surprisingly fast. ( I had another free program (can't remember which one) and for some reason the finished product had severe quality issues. As the movie played the audio and video became seriously out of sync. As to the question of surfing the net, or worse watching videos, that should be strictly verboten, IMHO. Your computer need every ounce of CPU processing power and every byte of RAM that you have for the task at hand. Maybe you could wipe the dust off of your Playstation and settle in for a couple of hours of gaming. Good Luck!EDIT: There is no need to quote the entire OP verbatim...TYMG
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I want to know if anyone has used this to Rip actual DVD's Because I don't download anymore from FTP sites anymore and wish to make more quality movies without Messing up one of my drives from sites that Offer the latest

Anyway I used to use DVD X-copy by 123 Studios would this be in fact the same under a new name ?

Anyway if this one isn't any good can you recommend a good Real DVD copier Software

Also this one is a cheaper version

A:Has anyone ever used this DVD burning software ?

Well no reply means im on my own thanks anyways
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I run a networked work laptop using Windows 2000.
I originally asked for the laptop to have rewriting software installed but it came without.
i recently installed Picasa from google and this allows me to make gift CD roms of my pictures. Does this then mean that I have rewriting software somewhere in the bones of my computer or does Picasa have it's own inbuilt software to be able to do this.

If it is the latter, is there any free download software that i can access to burn CDs. It has to be spyware, adaware etc free.
I cannot compromise my work computer due to sensitive information.


Relevancy 47.73%

... I always hate that you buy something and then you find out you have to buy some software to make the damn thing work good

Does anyone know of a good FREE burning software?


A:CD Burning software...

Here's a couple, there are more...


Relevancy 47.73%

Does anyone know where I can get some burning software that will burn across a peer to peer network. Since I have bought my burner I have upgraded to win 2k and the software that come with the burner no longer works and the new software they have to replace it does not burn across the network. My burner is a hp 8200 internal.

A:burning software

Most burners will warn (if capable) of burning across a network as the data stream may not be steady enough for the burner. If the data does not come fast enough, the CD will be worthless. It is advisable to copy the data to a local drive for burning.

Hope this helps!
Relevancy 47.73%

Does anyone know of some burning software that can burn +r DVD's? The kind I have only burns -r, and I have some +r DVD's I want to use. My drive can do both types.


Relevancy 47.73%

I've got a slideshow with music that I created with Windows Movie maker that I would like to burn to DVD to play thru my DVD player on TV.

I am new to this and have learned that Movie make does not have this capability and can only save out to CD. I also have learned that the project needs to be saved out in DV-AVI format before it can be burned to DVD.

Any recommendations on software to purchase this that won't break the bank. I here "Sonic MYDVD" is a good choice for this as it is very compatible to Movie maker.

Any thoughts?

A:DVD burning software?

Use the newest version of Nero.
You can download a trial on there website.
Easy to use software.
Relevancy 47.73%

Yesterday i bought myself a DVD Burner, and am wanting to create a DVD with a whole bunch of Video clips i have downloaded to be played on my DVD Player. I looked through Nero 6's facilities to make one, but i am disappointed that they dont offer Menu's for the DVD Videos. Whilst the VCD's were able to have a Menu created with screenshots, names for the links, etc. Is there any DVD burning programs out there that offer the whole interactive/menu style DVD setup?

A:DVD Burning Software

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

Relevancy 47.73%

Hello all, I'm looking to burn some old dvd's into new blank dvd+r discs and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions about which is the best software for burning/ripping? It does not matter if I have to purchase it or get it free, however I do want something that's effective and that will not give me a lot of problems. A friend suggested DVDFAB. Any how drop me a line and please let me know. Thanks!

Relevancy 47.73%

I have a DVD player and a CD burner in my Dell Dimensions 2400, windows XP. But is there anyway I can get a DVD burner installed without paying for an upgrade?

A:DVD burning software?

You have to buy a DVD RW. But you have to have the hardware piece; it isn't just a software upgrade. Once you have the burner, it will come with the appropriate burning software.

Relevancy 47.73%

I am looking to burn Mpegs onto DVD to work in a DVD player, does anyone know the cheapest (or free) and best software to do this?

Relevancy 47.73%

Im looking for a really good dvd burning software. Right now i use nero but nero seems to take a really long time too burn movies (between 45min to over an hour). And if i burn with DivX, a lot of the quality is lost.

so pretty much im looking for a really good dvd burning software that is fast and keeps the quality of the movie.

A:Looking for dvd burning software.

Since CD's contain digital information, it really matters little what software you use. If the copy is validated and contains the data, then it has the same quality as the original and can have no lower quality.

Free burning software:

AmoK CD/DVD Burner
CDRTools Frontend
DeepBurner and DeepBurner Portable for removable drives
Infra Recorder
Burning Mill (Express or Advanced)
CDBurnerXP Pro (Works perfectly in Vista.)
DP CD/DVD Burner
Dirk Paehl's EasyBurning
UsefulUtils CD/DVD Burner
SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner
Small CD-Writer (standalone)
Terabyte ISO Burner (standalone)
ISO Recorder for XP
Burrrn audio CD creator
MP3 CD Doctor Lite audio CD burner
BurnOn CD/DVD (no spyware but free version is adware supported)
Burn4Free CD/DVD Copy
Turtle MP3 Burner
MS-DOS Burning Tools (direct download)
Zilla CD/DVD Rip N' Burn

More free burners:
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I have used nero from version 3 on through the latest in version 6 however that is not compatible with vista. I tried nero 7 and really dislike it.
So I am wondering what you guys are using for burning software and if you like it / works without issues.

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I was using an old version of Nero and updated to Nero 8 Essentials. Found out it is a trial version.
I was upgrading because the old version, the audio did not sync with the video.

Anybody know how to get the audio to sync in Vision Express 2.0?

If not I hear bad things about Nero 9 and wonder what other programs are available.

I capture video off vhs tapes to mpg2 files and burn them on to DVD's

Also would like to have program to be able to watch TV from the tv tuner on my capture card.

Thanks for any information.


A:Burning Software

Anybody know how to get the audio to sync in Vision Express 2.0?Click to expand...

That was a common complaint/problem.

Your best bet would be to get DVD Flick (Free) and see if that suits you.
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Just wondering if there is any good free burning software I can download on-line.I see quite a few but don't know if I should be concerned about spyware/adware issues.Do all free downloads come with certain issues such as pop-ups etc.Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.I'm currently using WMP11 and am un-happy with it.