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CD Burning - Some Playlists aren't burning

Q: CD Burning - Some Playlists aren't burning

Have been burning CDs through Windows Media Player forever; no problems. Suddenly, when I choose 'Burn CD', nothing happens. No error messages.

BUT, when I choose a previous playlist to burn, it works. The non-burn problem seems limited to only recently downloaded music playlists. These same playlists do play on my computer, so they're obviously recorded and working.


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Preferred Solution: CD Burning - Some Playlists aren't burning

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop new in Italy in the close burning the and keeps DVDs drive the fails windows burning spinnin When but December from a major computer store The computer came installed with Windows Home Premium Italian and I have installed on it an original version of Microsoft Office When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin XP Professional Edition English The CD-ROM unit is a Matsushita DVD -RW UJ Since I bought the computer I have sometimes had difficulty burning DVDs with the When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin built-in Windows burner function that I access from Explorer Often in the past I have ended up with partially written DVDs Nevertheless by using high-quality DVDs I have been able to burn DVDs successfully most of the time using the Windows utility I last used the utility successfully a couple of months ago when I burned a couple of DVDs to backup some photos Since yesterday I have been trying to backup my most important files onto DVDs The attempt has failed in every case First I copy about GB of files from drive C onto drive D in Explorer These are several hundred files divided into three different directories consisting mostly of PDF Word Excel and JPG files some of them with names in foreign scripts like Cyrillic Japanese or Chinese Then I insert a new DVD either Verbatim or TDK and attempt to master the DVD by selecting the option write to disk from the Explorer menu whether from When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin the menus at the top of the screen or by right-clicking on drive D in the lefthand pane of the screen A window pops up asking me for the name of the disk whether I want it to be flash or one-time only and the recording speed x x x etc Once I click continue to start burning the DVD a window pops up to tell me that Windows is making an image of the disk and then the window tells me that it has begun mastering the disk giving me a countdown of how many minutes are left minutes to minutes depending on the speed I choose But no matter what name I give to the disk and what recording speed I pick after - seconds the popup window and the Explorer window both suddenly close and the DVD unit s writing light goes out but the DVD unit continues to whir at high speed forever Here are the results I got yesterday with separate DVDs On the first DVD I used Windows s burn utility on a Verbatim DVD and I ended up with files burned onto the DVD making it unusable On the second try I used some simple burn software that I had used before Roxio Burn on a TDK DVD and ended up with files burned onto the disk but from different folders than the files burned by Windows On my third attempt after going offline shutting down my antivirus software AVG and using Task Manager to shut down processes from that other burn software Roxio Burn I used Windows s burn utility again on a TDK DVD and ended up with the identical files that had I ended up with the first time though this time I had chosen a lower writing speed In all three of these attempts the DVD unit continued to whir after the windows had closed until such time as I ejected the disk manually When I first encountered this problem yesterday I thought the problem might be caused by my antivirus software AVG Free Edition interfering with the writing process because after one particular automatic update by AVG about two months ago I began having problems with AVG blocking Skype and placing some of my Nokia cell phone software in quarantine But by disabling the HIPS element of AVG I was able to resolve those problems several weeks ago and begin using Skype successfully again But just to be sure today I disinstalled AVG completely and installed Microsoft Security Essentials Because I had read in a forum online that Windows might have conflicts with other burning software that was also installed today I also disinstalled the o... Read more

A:When burning DVDs the windows close and the burning fails but the drive keeps spinnin

My guess would be theres something wrong with the dvd drive.I also have the same computer.Either the laser in it is shot or needs cleaned or the whole drive has failed.
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Nero Burning ROM crashed during burning and now my DVD drive is unusable. I cannot open the drive, I cannot shut down the computer because it says "Waiting for DVD Drive D:" and the drive runs like it is still burning despite the program doing the burning is no longer open. It isn't even in any process. What can I do to make the drive stop?

A:Nero Burning ROM crashing caused perpetual burning from DVD Drive

Go to Task Manager...shut the system down from there.
Turn system off....hard shutdown if necessary...disconnect the optical drive.
Sounds to me like it's a hardware problem moreso than a software problem if you cannot manually open the drive.
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some nero burning user veteran??problem burning cdr ,dvdrs.i cant burn a cdr.with windows media player is posible.also i use clone dvd with sucess. with nero is posible to erase a cdr-w.the problem is i cant record a cdr.when it comes to 3% to 8% the program tell "the burn failed"some advice?thanks for the attention

A:some nero burning user veteran??problem burning...

I am a "Nero Veteran", war veteran, etc.. etc.. The reason your having problems is simple. Some discs cannot be copied, as they may be copy protected or contain errors. If you are unsure if your disc can be copied,
run a trial in the "simulation" mode. Click on "More" at the bottom of the page and select "Simulation".
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I would be gratefull for help, just a week or two my inside and outside (USB) recorders started to work extremly slow.
Using Nero 14 i can see the real recording speed 800 - 1 500 kB/s when using 16x (22 160 kB/S). My usb samsung blu-ray recorder also work very slow - data fo 25 Gb disc takes about 4 hours.
It is a new machine, 16 Gb RAM, 3770K on board so it is a fast one but recording...
I tried deinstaling IDE i decice manager.
I tried Ashampoo, CDburnerXP - all the same.
During recording HDD 0 (c shows 1% usage.
No software in background - just Kaspersky

DVD and Blu-ray have no errors - veryfication ok, surface test also - only very slow.
Tested media: TDK, Sony, Panasonic (all 16x for dvd and 6x for blu-ray)

Please help

A:DVD-R burning more then 1 hour! Super slow Burning DVD-R

Look in Device Manager. Right click on the burners and see if DMA is enabled. Usually when super slow kicks in it's because somehow this setting gets changed to disabled.

Turn Direct Memory Access (DMA) on or off - Microsoft Windows Help

The instructions are for Windows 7 but once you get to Device Manager I'd bet it's the same.

In W8 the quick way to Device Manager is hit Winkey-x then m.
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When I burn cd/dvds with Windows 7 built in burning software and windows media player all my burns are successful. When I try to use Nero, CD Burner XP or imgburn, it fails. My computer is plenty fast enough(2.8ghz, 4gb ddr2, 250gb sata hd) and I tried reinstalling windows 7 without nero or deamon tools and tested with CD Burner XP, it still failed. I am using Sony blank CD's and also tried a few other name brand. I am burning at the lowest speeds. I purchased a brand new dvd burner and the firmware is up to date. The error I am getting is "Could not write to Disc". It fails randomly anywhere from 3%-30%. Any ideas? Again, windows 7 native burning works fine but other software does not. Same pc, same blanks, same burner, same hardware just different software. Any Ideas at all?

A:Windows 7 Native Burning OK, other burning apps NOT OK

Chipset driver?
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My OS is windows xp home SP my system is Gateway Select with GH AMD Athlon processor MB RAM GB hard drive with GB free NEC DV- A DVD CD ROM internal drive and IDE CD R RW x x internal drive When I write on a CD using xp s built in Cd writing utility I CD burning Wxp's cd burning with utility builtin cannot read the newly written data in the RW drive but can read it in the DVD drive and can also read it in the CD RW drive after I reboot the computer Another inexplainable feature is that when I look at the properties of a CD that has been written in the RW drove in Windows explorer used space shown is only the space used by files in the root directory and not by all the files I have two questions Is this inability to read newly written data in the RW drive without rebooting the computer a feature of Windows XP or of the CD writing utility CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility that is built in the OS If it is a feature of the OS is there a fix that would enable the data to be read after being written without a reboot Does Easy Media Creator Basic CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility by Roxio have a feature that enables newly written data to be read without reboot Thanks Preet nbsp

A:CD burning with Wxp's builtin cd burning utility

i use roxio cd creater 5 and yes it reads the disk without reboot - even though i have xp on a few machines with cdrw never used the built in facility
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I have a Compaq Presario SR5710Y with AMD Athalon x2 4450e dual core processors, 3gb memory and 350gb hard drive. My CD-DVD burner is (this is what it says in device manager)
ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L-C SCSI cd rom device.
I have been burning my dvds with convert x to dvd with no problems up until this . Every time I go to burn a DVD it will convert but when it burns it is taking so long (I usually burn at 6x) I did a speed test and it said it was burning at .05%. It would probably take 5 hours to burn a normal movie,Anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance

A:My dvd burner has slowed was burning at 6x now burning at .05%

If you are converting to a format readable by a dvd player they burner will burn very slowly depending on the source file. Now does you cpu max out when burning?
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Bottom left corner of Spectre x360 is BURNING HOT !!! There are many other messages on this forum describing the same problem but HP SUPPORT IS NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION !!! HP SUPPORT, PLEASE DO NOT JUST POST A BOILER-PLATE PRE-WRITTEN ANSWER TO THIS. In other messages on this forum, multiple replacements of Spectre x360 ALL HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. Is HP going to fix the problem and do a recall, or what? How do we know that HP is aware of and working on this problem?


I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Ok, i'm new to this CD Burning. I have Nero Express, and i'm having a little problem with it.

I've copied an Audio CD to a CD-R, and it plays fine, but there are still space on it, and i wanted to put a MP3 (it converts to CDA really nice also) together with the already burned tracks, but i can't. Everytime i put the same CD, i get the folloqing message:

"This midia cannot be recorded
Please Insert another midia."

(Sorry if it's not right, cuz i translated from portuguese)

Can i do what i want?? How??

Sorry if it is hard to understand, it is hard to explain.

Thank you

A:Audio CD Burning with Nero Burning Rom

You cannot append any audio files to an disc that has been completed. Once a disc is completed it cannot access the remaining space. Especially with Nero Express. Once a disc is burned it is "closed (finalized)."

This is just a simple explanation.

I believe Roxio's Easy cd creator lets you add files to your disc as long as you don't "finalize" it. Until you finalize it you will not be able to listen to the music.
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I used my 3rd CD Burner and I put my music files onto the CD-RW. Everytime I finish the disc is ejected and CD Writing Wizard comes on and says I have to finish writing the disc. I put the disc back in and it says it doesn't have enough free space when it does! I see the files inside the CD-RW and I can play it but I have to change them into Windows Media Files. I plays fine too! But when I put it in a BoomBox it keeps saying no disc! I have no idea what's going on!

A:Solved: Burning, Burning, Nothing!

It sounds to me as if you put too many files on the disk and there was not enough room for it to complete the lead out etc remove a couple of files and see if it completes ok ....
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Hi to all,
Here's a strange one, I've just re-formatted my hard drive and re-installed xp ( not the first time, I prefer this to restore ) anyway I've tried to burn three music disc's using new blank cd-r's. I go through all the motions ( using nero 5.5 ) I do my compilation as normal, hit burn and nero " burns " the disc. When I try and play the disk on my walkman I can skip through the track numbers but get no sound. When I check it out on my pc in my computer it says Free space 0 bytes, Total size 0 bytes. I am sure this is not a hardware problem so what else could it be ?

I've been recording sucessfully with the same set up and software in the past, any suggestions welcome and appreciated.


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I am running Windows 98SE.
I download from Kazaa V2.1
About three weeks ago I had to reinstall Windows.
Since then I am not able to burn anything from Kazaa.
In the past I had no problems burning anything from Kazaa.
I can burn from CD to CD.
It goes through the motion of burning, it shows up that there are tracks on the disc, but when I play it back - there is no sound.

I burned an entire music CD and replayed it with no problems. Is it Kazaa or something else. Are there properties I should be checking... HELP!!!!!
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I am running Windows XP Professional.
I have just started getting problems burning DVD's. I have the same problem with Clone DVD2 and also DVD Shrink 3.2.
While copying it can freeze anywhere between 9% and 50%.
I have actually burnt two or three discs but then the fault returns.
Up until now it has been fine.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

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I am having a problem burning a cd. My cd burning program (Roxio) is not working. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

A:Burning a cd

What happens when you try to burn a cd (are you getting an error message) ?
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I have a 3 hour Video on my hard drive. I'm trying to copy that file onto a DVD. i have a DVD burner, as well as a external DVD burner. The external dvd burner has s-video, and dv inputs, as well as the basic 3 plugs (audiovideo). I have the Sony DVD DIRECT External burner model VRD-VC20 ( ). I have the USB input for it I have the wire. Do I need any programs? Any specific software. My main goal is getting that amount of minutes onto the DVD. I'm thinking burning it in "LP" mode. Can someone help me?

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Burning DVD's

INeedGmail!! said:

My main goal is getting that amount of minutes onto the DVD. I'm thinking burning it in "LP" mode. Can someone help me?
.Click to expand...

What do you want to do with it once you get on DVD, play on a TV like a regular DVD or just on your computer?

What format is the video in now and how big is it in filesize?
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Hello, I have a HP CD-Writer Series 82000e plus and I have having trouble burning a cd.
I have had "Buffer underruns" which I understand somewhat. I don't know if it is caused by the writer or the disc is to fast.

The writer burns at 4x600 kbs, or 2x300 or 1x150 kbs. I am assuming that the 4x600 is the slower speed. I have noticed that when the cd starts to burn it gives a burn time of approx. 16 minutes, however when time gets within 4minutes left it fails.

I might mention that I am using nero smart start-with cdRomburn..

It was suggested that maybe the discs I am using are high speed discs. I don't know enough about that to figure this out. I am using memorex CD-R52x700mb's 80 mins.

I wonder if someone could give me some advice.


A:Burning CD's

The slowest speed is the 1 x 150.

What are the specifications of the PC that you are using to do the burning with?

The buffer under-run is where the PC cannot keep up with the data required.

Also you should never use the PC for any other task when burning.

Is this an external or internal CD drive? What WIndows version?
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I am trying to burn a DVD of 9 video clips each at around 400Mb, all of them are AVI. I have put together a Menu, but its telling me that I can only fit 2 of these clips on. Whats the best format for burning to DVD? And does it change the format automatically to be a bigger file?

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I just got a new Sony DVD burner to burn the video files off of my computer. The videos are a .avi, and I was told to burn a dvd, i should convert it to a .VOB, which I did but the files I burned wern't veiwable on a DVD player. I put the video files into the video_ts folder.

How do I burn .vob files? Should I convert my video into another format?

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I tried to burn a dvd with seven or eight different videos on it. I copied the original dvd to desktop in a new folder. After that I saw a button that said burn so I clicked that with a blank dvd in the drive. After a while the burn was completed, I placed that dvd in the dvd player and it showed a "Root" on the tv screen and would not let me do anything. i was wondering if this could be fixed. The dvd is -R only.

A:burning a dvd with win 7

They DVD you created is Data DVD. You need 3rd part software to create convert your movies to DVD. What is the type of movie file? AVI, WMV, MPEG1? You can use Windows Movie Maker or try DVD Flick
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I have nero 6 and when I copy some of my pics or programs to a cd or dvd+r and the disc is not full.When I take the same disc another day and try to add more pics or programs to it the message says to put in a blank disc.Why cant I add more to the same disc since it is only half full or less?

A:cd/dvd burning

Chances are , that when you burn your cds, you click on "Burn Disk", when you should set it up to "Burn Session". I've never tried this with a dvd, so I'm not sure if you can burn sessions on a dvd. I know you can burn a +R dvd, and not finalize it until later. Maybe that's how you do it on a dvd? I think this only works with +R media..............
Good luck!
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Hi I need help with burning cds. For some reason I can't get any of the software on my sytem to burn cds. I have Roxio, Windows Media Player and neither one will work. Can someone here help me??? I am running XP. Thanks in advance Ms. Wrenie

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I am having a problem burning cds with my computer. IT JUST WON'"T WORK!! Sorry dind't mean to shout, but I have trying to get these cds made for days and it just isn't working. When I go to my Real Player where my music is at and I put a cd in my burner all I get is insert an empty cd and retry. I have retired until I am blue in the face. I am just about ready to hook up my old computer and chuck this one out the window. Oh, I am running XP Thanks for any help you can give me.... Wrenie

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ok i got some .avi, and some .mp4 and i wanted to know if its possible if i can burn them on a dvd so i can watch it on my dvd player.

P.S. i use nero 6

A:burning a dvd

I have actually been going through this problem the past month. I got a new DVD burner and everything, but I can burn .avi's. I found an OK program. It's a 2 program thing: Cucusoft converter, then Cucusoft burner. I use this, but it loses quality and the file size inlarges. I had a 700mb file that went into a 4gb file once converted. You can find Cucusoft over It's a demo, but if you go to their site you can buy it.
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Can AVI movies file be burn to DVD Cd an play in normal DVD Players

A:DVD Burning

Yes, they first have to be converted from avi to mpeg----
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Hi, I own a Dell (P4 processor, Windows XP, 1GB RAM) and I want to put a DVD burner in it. Can I just buy any burner and install it, or are there compatibility issues?

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I have all the hardware set up for this (stereo attached to PC), and was able to hear the LP sound thru my computer speakers (as required) a few months ago. Then I got sidetracked with another project, and am just now returning to get this task done.

Now I can't get the LP sound to come thru my PC speakers. I have Windows XP, Creative Labs SB Live! Wave Device Sound Card, and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5Platinum (with Spin Doctor).

I think I just need to "flip a switch" to get the LP sound to come thru the speakers again. When I look at my sound control, the Line-In box in UN-checked.

Can anyone provide the answer for this? Thanks in advance for your help
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hi, i recently bought a sony dvd-r drive for my dell dimension 4500S

I wanted to burn a DVD but im not quite sure how the sony dvd-r came with software nero 6 but they have so many different ways of burning a dvd like
Super Video CD

I have Mpeg and Avi files that are 500MB to 700MB ranging from 1 hour to 1 hour and 45 minutes

im not sure which one is right for thoughs types of files? VCD SVCD or Super Video CD

A:HELP with DVD burning?

When the first window opens, in Nero 6, there are two tabs in the upper right corner. One is for DVDs and the other is for CDs. I didn't see the video cd or the super video cd options there, under the DVD tab. The options there are for making a dvd from a home movie, kind of burning.
If you're gonna backup dvds, it will take different software. Two of the best, are free downloads..............
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For some reason when I put a cd in the computer it doesn't read it at all. Previously I used it to burn cd's and such and now.... nothing. Can anyone help with this problem?

A:CD Burning

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for it?
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I don't know exactly where this goes, so I will post based on other threads.

I am having a small problem with burning music cds. It is actually a weird issue but I know I can get some help on it. When I burn songs onto a CD, and once it is done burning, and I listen to the songs there is usually one song that is cut off. Before burning I check all the songs work fine by playing them. And I don't go over the max capacity of the CD which is 700MB or 80 Minutes. So what do you think the problem could be?

The program I use is Sonic Record Now version 6. Also tried burning with Windows Media Player same issue.

Any help on this would be very nice.

A:Burning CDs

Is there anyone who knows anything about this?
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Hi I have lots of songs downloaded from the program quot quot and whenever I want to bring a song from into Real Player to burn a CD it doesn t seem to be working anymore A few weeks ago it was working and I THINK I know what the problem is Before this happened all of the songs I had in my quot quot folder had a little Real Player icon next to it and I all I had to do was right click on a song and click on quot open with Real Player to burn quot But NOW there is a little blue CD's Burning open box with blue music notes coming out of it next to each song not the Real Player icon anymore So now when I right click a song I can t burn it with Real Player For some reason my Sony Vaio Windows XP computer replaced the real player icon for this blue icon that I have Burning CD's never seen before I Burning CD's don t understand it Is there any way for me to let the Real Player icon show up again so that I can burn my CD s I didn t know which category to put this question in but I hope someone can help me out Thanks Ca nbsp

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What good software can i use to burn copy protected CDs or DVDs so that nobody can copy it form another computer?

A:CD/DVD Burning


clarification - are you wanting to create copy protected cds/dvds?
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A:Cd Burning

A strange question........if they're blank then there's nothing on them to read....

Maybe you should describe your problem in more detail.
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how much RAM will I need to stop my m/c going extremly slow when burning more than 550mb files? At the moment I have 512mb, is this enough?

A:dvd burning

512mb is enough. What type of files are you burning though? If it's just a straight burn of a file then it's pretty straight forward. If you're burning video and the burning process also involves encoding/converting the video to your desired format, then this has a greater affect on resources. One of the biggest drains actually. What burning software are you using and what type of disc are you making out of what type of file format?
Also, what's a "m/c" or am I having a moment?
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im not sure if need to dl a dvd program but i was able to burn video clips on to a CD-R and now i cant seem to burn video clips on to a CD-R or a DVD+R

here are one of the properties of a video clip

i tried using dvd shrink but it doesnt seem to work well, i used windows media player for burning before and now it doesnt work

on my CD drive (F: ) it says
DVD RW compatc disc rewriteable
R/W rewriteable
just wanted to make sure that i have enough info

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I have a quick question about DVD burning. I have a 4X external TDK DVD Burner that I really love but per TDK that stopped making the 4X +R blank DVD's that I used and I can't find them anywhere on the internet.
I bought a pack of 10 Office Depot 4X +R blank DVD's to try and would like to know how much of a movie do you have to watch to find out if the burn was ok or not. I never had a problem at all with the TDK's. I burned a movie using the Office Depot blank DVD and watched afew minutes of it and it seemed fine.

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I recently reformatted my hard drive, windows 98SE ,IE6,512 MbRAM and am having problems burning CDs with adaptec CD creator 5.On the last occasion (photos) it completed the whole thing but then it couldn't read the CD, the message was something about the headers.Does anyone understand what is going on here? I have already ruined several blank CDs. I also tried copying an audio CD it got as far as processing all 4 tracks and then wouldn't copy.
All advuce gratefully received.

A:CD burning

Have you tried un-installing CD Creator, and re-installing?
Reformatting your HD erased everything? If so, it erased your CD-RW's drivers too.
Try un-installing your drive, through the Hardware Manager, then rebooting, and let the computer detect the drive, and re-install drivers for it. But first................ Win 98 SE will do this, right? I know XP will, but not positive about 98 SE. Better make sure first!
Maybe some others will have some ideas............
Good luck!
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Actually I know how to burn audio I ve already burned some CDs for my annoying cousin Today I ve ventured into the realm of video burning I had mixed results I put some video files onto a CD-R making sure that they re under the minute MB requirement Although the DVD player would play the files a couple of them were jerky and stuff It was a half-planned process and I was just testing Results were indeed mixed but I liked the prospect here of cleaning my hard drive by making quot reserves quot There are a new CD I am to here. actually burning good number of files on my drive that can go if they re safe I am actually new to CD burning here. on CD somewhere I just want to know how to encode these files so that they re not jerky on CD and could play in a DVD player possibly even a Playstation Any free burning programs you can recommend I used Windows Explorer to put the files on disc the first time Also although it s a bit off topic are there any free programs for splitting audio files I want to split a comedy act into sections for a CD nbsp

A:I am actually new to CD burning here.

PS2 won't play a CD with movies... The "jerking" is most likely your DVD player..
Or, it could be your burning the files to fast.. I would say 24X is is just fine..

I went through 5 DVD players until I found just the right one..
Some can play VCD or SVCD, few can play both well..
Right now PS2 can only play DVD, and even that is most likely going to be DVD-R.

Just google audio splitter and many results come up..
I used one called "cool MP3 splitter".. don't know if it's still around.
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hey a couple of days ago my cd burner worked perfectly and then all of a sudden the next it would go thru the process of burning but it didnt actually burn anything onto the cd. i tried to burn a data cd with files and i also tried a music cd thru window media player but neither of them worked. i tried it both ways numerous times. pleas help!!!!!!!

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I have a Samsung DVD player (zone 2) and have a number of files (mostly xVid, Divx and wma) that I wish to burn as VCD or SVCD to watch on my Television.

Attempts to burn the vcd using NERO result in the message "mpeg 4 burning is not supported..."

Burning the vcd continues after a period of encoding, but my player is unable to read the disks.

Are there any free VCD encoding suites that are available on the net.
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How can I take a 4.7 gb disc with 120 min into a disc that will hold 4 hours of play. I tried to burn a disc that had 6.5 gb and I couldn't do it. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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I've seen software that says it can burn a video dvd to a cd. No, I'm not asking about anything illegal, so don't even bring it up! I'm asking because all the dvd burners seem to require a minimum of 800 mHz processor speed and my computer is on the older side with only 500 mHz processor speed. I've been told that I shouldn't even attempt to install a dvd burner with my current speed because the processor couldn't handle it. However, I do have a cd burner and I would like to get opinions regarding the before mentioned software. Is it worth it to get it? or just stay away and buy a new computer at some point? If it's something worth checking out, which software package should I be looking at? Thanks.


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hey im new to this. i want a simple answer to how i can take a video downloaded from you tube or any other vid site, i think its avi format. i have roxio easy cd/ and dvd software. how can i make those videos burn to a dvd+rw so that when i put it in a dvd player i can watch the vid on tv. ty very much i have pawnderd this for years now.

A:dvd burning help

Ok, so you have the files that you want and you want to put them on a dvd to watch on your tv.

Simple question, simple answer

VSO Convertxtodvd

It's about ?20, so not free but not expensive and it does the job great. I've been using it for a couple of years, it's as basic or as advanced as you wanna make it.
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How do i burn Video files onto a dvd cd so that it will boot Fromm a DVD player Thx I got Record Now 6

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Q: burning

how do i convert AVI files to MPG or another format so i can burn items onto dvds


go here
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Can anyone help me with some cd/dvd burning software that is easy to use for beginners, and will it copy copy-protected stuff.

A:cd/dvd burning

Welcome to Bleepingcomputer.I can supply you with several programs which are free and easy to use.Here are the links to programs which are free of spyware, just don't install the tool bar that is offered during the programs setup.CDburnerXP regards.Bruce.
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when i try to burn a cd i insert a blank disk open wmp and a mesage pops up that says please insert a blank disk and the burn process will start automatically. it takes like three tries for it to pick up the disk. it plays cd's just fine. the disks are tdk 700 mb.

any ideas?

thanks guys

A:burning cd's

It could be your CD drive is going bad, how old is it?
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i'm having problems burning files 2 a disc i can download but can't burn 2 disc i have a emachine computer windows xp

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Hi there!!!
I'm trying to find out how to burn a movie with the subs , and I mean an AVI/DIVX file with the SRT subs together (synchronized of course).
I play the movie with hebrew subs without problems with the MV2 player.
But when taking about burning a CD with both files,and I'm not getting any good answer on the net! Maybe here ,the solution ?

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Hi, My dad is having trouble with his computer while trying to burn a cd, using bero, once the progress is about 70% finnished, it says 'burning process abborted, power calibration error' can anyone shed some light of what this problem is?

A:Burning cd's

Before we go too far into this, are you sure you mean "bero" and not "Nero"?

EDIT: If he is using Nero, FAQ question #9 here has an explanation for Nero 6 that may also apply to other versions as well:

I get a 'Power calibration error' or 'Calibration area (almost) full' error message. Why?
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Can someone tell me what the differance is between 1.1 and 2.0 when it come to burning DVD's?

Thanks so much

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When I burn a CD, the CD stalls out when playing. I have been burning or copying in Nero, but have used Roxio and Audiograbber in the past.

Thanks for any help.

A:cd burning

What brand CD media are you using? What type of files are you buring (.mp3, .wav, etc.)
Have you tried reducing the burn speed?

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I'm having problems burning cd's. It seems lately that when I burn an audio cd (in mp3 format or wav) it does not play on any of my car stereos or home boom box. I have tried different types of cd (cd-r cd-rw)manufactures but still no luck. Help!

A:CD Burning

What burning software are you using Windows default or other??
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A few months back I was able to Burning Cd's quot burn quot my photos to CD with no problems at all everything turned out Burning Cd's ok The other day I played the same Cd only to find that all photos were now Burning Cd's coasters and were stills I ve since tried to copy and burn my latest photos and the XP programme will now only copy to disc ending up with all being coasters and no slideshow On searching for info I found this microsoft web site Fix a balky Burner and it goes on to say you shouldn t need to do anything special to get it working under Windows XP home edition or professional etc etcIt then goes on make sure that the feature is properly configured which I have done and it ok It then says if the drive is configured correctly but you end up with coasters instead of readable CD s check to make sure Windows XP Service Pack was installed Problems in the original release of Windows XP resulted in problems with certain CD-R drives these issues were fixed in SP I don t appear to have SP update on my puter strange becasue I have it set on automatic downloads however I went to the update site and it tells me that I can t now download SP and SP a isnot available unless you have SP I have SP update and it says all problems have been fixed with this update obviously the CD burning problem has not Anyone able to advise or help please Thx

A:Burning Cd's

What kind of disks are you using? CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, etcWhat did you use to burn the disks? Was it the built in Windows burner or another program?Try this free tool to burn a disk. It doesn't require installation, so it'll avoid many of the problems that other programs have: Let us know if it works or not.
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If i Rip a Movie to my computer using ahcohol 120 can i watch it through the files that i ripped on to the hardrive. I wanted to try doing this with my lap top. i tried making a a virtual cd drive to watch it without having to carry around cds but ran into to many problems. After ripping the files is it possible or better yet, legal to burn them to a dvd to make a copy of the movie for a friend to watch.

A:DVD burning

Is it possible? yes. Is it legal? Absolutely nothing you described in your post is legal.
Nobody here can help you with it for that reason.
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If I have a drive like a DVD/CD+R does that mean that its not a dvd burner? can some 1 explain to me? and also.... When I go to put home videos on a disk from the Drive F in my computer, the windows "Write these files to disk" disappears when I put the cdr or dvdr in the drive and doesnt allow me to put these files on disk. could it be wrong file extension? or what?

A:CD/DVD Burning

I've never seen or heard of a "DVD/CD+R" drive. There are DVD/CD-RW drives, DVD+/-RW drives and DVD-ROM, and CD-ROM drives. There is no CD+R format. What are the exact symbols on the front of the drive?

Windows XP supports CD writing but not DVD writing. If you have a CD burner and you put a blank CD-R or CD-RW disk in, you should be able to write to it without any other utilities (assuming the system has a CD burner). If you want to burn to a DVD, you need a separate utility.
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My new CD's Burning computer has a single Dual layer DVD CD burner Burning CD's in it As best I can tell the machine came with no CD burning software so I m using windows media player to burn CD s This is the first machine I ve owned that didn t have dual drives for direct burning so I have a couple of questions It is a budget machine which explains most of this Is the recording quality inferior because I have to rip the cd s first and then burn them I imagine I also need to be careful about the settings for the CD ripping in windows media player to ensure best quality I guess I could buy CD burning software for the machine but at that rate I m thinking I could get another optical drive and just be done with it It seems most of the new units provide at least CD burning if not DVD burning as well included for a very reasonable price That extra recording ability while not required certainly wouldn t hurt anything Anyway I m torn because if the way I m currently burning CD s doesn t effect quality I guess I could get over having one drive I haven t had the time to play back the couple of disks I ve burned and I m less than thrilled with using one drive Any input on this would be great nbsp

A:Burning CD's

There is the built-in burner for XP and many free burning apps that are very good.

Yes, the settings do matter, but ripping does not automatically affect quality since the result is a digital file.

This is an older list, so all may not be available, but some free burning apps (you'll find more in a search):

DeepBurner and DeepBurner Portable for removable drives
SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO Burner (standalone-no installation necessary)
Small CD-Writer (standalone)
Dirk Paehl's EasyBurning
CDBurnerXP Pro
Terabyte ISO Burner (standalone)
ISO Recorder for XP
Burrrn audio CD creator
MP3 CD Doctor Lite audio CD burner
BurnOn CD/DVD (no spyware but free version is adware supported)
Burn4Free CD/DVD Copy
Turtle MP3 Burner
MS-DOS Burning Tools (direct download)
Zilla CD/DVD Rip N' Burn
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hey tech support guy forums
i'm hoping i can get some help with this... it probably has been posted somewhere before the answer to my question, but i really can't find the thread.


i have the following files, and a trial version of nero 7 (which allows me to use all functions for a limited time). i need to figure out how to burn them onto a DVD+R disc (or maybe a VCD, i don't know!)

these are the files that i have


all of those files are in a "VIDEO_TS" folder
outside of the folder is a 1kb ".MD5" file

help, please

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I have had my computer for about 2 yrs. and have never used the cd burner, But in 2 wks we are taking a long car trip so I thought I would try it out. I tried to burn with Real one player and it said it was succesful and ejected the CD, but when I tried to play it was Blank... So I tried windows media player. Everything was going well but when it got to the end of the process, closing the CD, the last song turned red. I right clicked, and selected read error details and I got this message.......Quality messages could not be sent because no quality sink has been defined...... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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I've been trying to burn few music clips to DVD, but it won’t work.
Nero converts the files for me, but then wont burn them to the DVD disc. Windows media player plays the clips but when I want to burn, it doesn’t recognise them..

Is there anything i can do with these current programs?
Any suggestion for other software that i can use? :blue:


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Hello everyone.

I just have a question to see if this is possible or even legal.

I have one of those DVR cable box's on TV, I know there is a USB port on the front of it for a camera and such, and I haven't looked on the back yet.

Is it possible or even legal to hook to computer and burd DVD's of shows and movies??

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I am trying to burn a XP OS so I can install on my sons computer I put together for him. I cannon't get the CD to boot when I fire up the machine.

I burned as an ISO image. Is there something I am not doing, or any reason the disc is not booting.

If anyone can think of something I might be missing or if you can be any help at all. Please reply.

Thank you in advance.

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My first to all I have a Dell Latitude L it is supposed to have a DVD burner player installed at my request My order says I have a -- M Module Digital Video Disk Drive Read Write x Sony Abacus ?? Burning DVD Latched Address what ever in the puter Is this It I can play DVD s play amp burn CD s but puter will not recognize a DVD in tray or says disc already has something on it or it ll say insert a blank disc I d like to tx some of my videos stored in puter DVD Burning ?? to a dvd if I can select a group DVD Burning ?? of them to put on disc and clear up some room on my puter DEll tells me I have a DVD player burner installed but won t help me activate it Real Player Quicktime WinDVD or Windows Media Player are of no help in DVD mode but OK in CD If I DVD Burning ?? had any hair left I d be pulling it out Being a beginner is of no solace to me nbsp

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this question. I have pictures on my computer and when I burn the pictures to a DVD and play it back on my computer it's fine. When I try to play it on my DVD player to view it on my TV, it's says that the disc is bad. It burned several disc and the out come it still the same. What's wrong?

A:burning DVD


Originally Posted by mlum

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this question. I have pictures on my computer and when I burn the pictures to a DVD and play it back on my computer it's fine. When I try to play it on my DVD player to view it on my TV, it's says that the disc is bad. It burned several disc and the out come it still the same. What's wrong?

Get a new DVD player that supports the DVD.

Try it on a friends DVD player.
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I have just purchased an LG DVD-RAM GSA-4167B USB writer. I can get it to burn MP3's as data discs but cannot burn audio cds. I am using Nero and the process just stops at 2%. Any suggestions

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I would like to know what type of disk is needed to burn multiple songs on but not all at the same time and is there a good better or best brand? Thanks

A:cd burning

I'm not too sure what you mean by that. Do you mean a CD Audio disc?
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i have tried burning several cd's through the windows media and roxio but after they are done and placed on a home cd player or even in the computer i have alot of static or they are just not burned onto the cd, however on the computer they are perfect...this computer is brand new and it is a dell what am i doing wrong? please help

A:burning cd's

1st of all got to ask the silly questions, are you creating a music CD dont forget that alot of cd players won't play mp3's?

2nd what sort of disks are you using?
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I have nero burner Version

I can burn cds at 24x
but only dvds at 4x.

I want to burn data on a DVD+R disk but i only have 8x blank dvd disk.
How can i burn at 8x?


A:DVD Burning

Not familiar enough with that version of Nero, to tell you EXACTLY where it is, but somewhere in there, before you click the "Burn" button, there should be a place to set your burn speed. If you can set it to 8X or Maximum, it will burn at 8X, IF your burner is capable of burning at 8X.

If your burner is a couple years old, it MAY not be capable of it. Look around in Nero's preferences. In my version of Nero,, under the boxes that shows the Source Drive and Destination Drive, is a drop down list of speeds to choose from. Your's may be similar.
Good luck!
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Is there a way i can rip a dvd to my hard-drive? It is a homemade movie done by a friend and sent to me. Im not trying to copy protected discs but i just want to make copies of this one.
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Is there an other program other than nero (hopefully better than) that can burn dvd's and cd.????

A:Burning Dvd's

depends on what type of burning you are doing.

There are free ones that do decent. CDBURNERXP ( is a good one
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I had this problem a while ago. And i dont know why. I put in a blank CD-R and put my songs in windows media, and click burn. Just like I allways do, and it burns in like 30 seconds and then when i try to play the cd, it doesnt play anything. I turned down the burn speed to slow and it still doesnt work. Someone plz help.
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Everytime I try to backup a dvd to iso when I am using dvd shrink, after about five minutes of backing up the file, it gives me an error message saying that there is an I/O device error and backing up cannot continue. i have tried on two different dvd files so I know it wasn't the rip that got messed up. And when I try to burn these files without backing up to iso, using Ulead dvd, after about 5 minutes of burning it gives me an error message saying it can't continue. What is going on?

A:Help with dvd burning

What kind of DVD are you trying to backup?
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I burn cd's and DVD's often but I have been having the issue lately of not being able to see whats on the cd/dvd unless I reboot my whole system. Can anyone tell me how to rectify this problem??
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hello everyone,my problem is.yesterday 18/10/06 i copied a legal dvd with 1click dvd 4.1
and it copied it perfect, plays on my pc but will not play on my home nec.ndv-23 model player.i no nothing about burning dvds but i do no basic pc the files on the origanal dvd
are video ts-ifo, tsvob, can i make it play on home dvd player.i am in australia
if that makes a differance with player.tia. col.. sorry i forgot to mention when i put the copied dvd in the home dvd player the screen says disc error as i said before it plays perfect on pc.

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I have made a slideshow using Photoshop on my computer and now want to burn it to a DVD to watch on our TV. I used the LITE ON burner to burn the DVD and seemed to be okay. When I put the DVD in my DVD player it gives me a disk error. I have tried DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+R. What do I need to do?

A:DVD burning

Will the DVD play OK on your computer? If it does, then your DVD play probably doesn't support the "non-commercial" DVD's
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I managed to convert my AVI files to MPEG, i cannot burn my MPEG files with nero because nero wants the IFO & VOB files etc, do i have to convert my mpeg to dvd-video files or is there programs tht you can burn the mpegs and it converts it for you?

A:Burning a DVD

Strange what version of Nero do you have....and how are you doing it...choosing what in Nero?
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hi all, have just purchased a box of cdrw blanck discs,my question why wont the discs except iso or music files,im geting write errors,also i dont seem to have a problem with cdr blanks,
is it down to manufacturers.

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I thought that to put my cd+g discs onto neo+g disc would be very simple, but when I upload my cd+g discs to my pc it only recognises the .mp3 files and not the .cd+g files.
Does anyone know of a programme or software that will help me to burn this as a single file?
Many thanks, Allan.

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I am trying to burn a DVD. I have a Samsung CD/DVD Burner. I have organized a DVD with CyberLink Power Editor. When trying to burn the DVD with a DVD-R or DVD-RW in the drive I get a message saying "Either drive or disc is not ready."

What do I need to do to be able to burn this DVD?

A:Burning a DVD

Stealthz said:

I am trying to burn a DVD. I have a Samsung CD/DVD Burner. I have organized a DVD with CyberLink Power Editor. When trying to burn the DVD with a DVD-R or DVD-RW in the drive I get a message saying "Either drive or disc is not ready."

What do I need to do to be able to burn this DVD?Click to expand...

1. The dvd file structure (IFO's, BUP's, VOB's) has to conform to the dvd video standard. (Check this by playing the dvd folder in your software dvd player eg. Power DVD or whatever you have)
2. What burning software are you using? Most will have some kind of some kind of template for DVD Video.
3. If it doesn't you should be sure to use the UDF file system (as opposed to ISO9660 or CDFS) and all the IFO's, BUP's and VOB's must be in a folder called VIDEO_TS. All the filenames must be upper case.
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Hi, I have a hp computer. I'm using windows 98. I'm using the windows media player. "it has the Roxio cd burner." I can copy music from my computer with this Roxio burner, but only at 2x speed. If I want to copy at a faster speed, the software/computer is telling me to upgrade to the Roxio new version software, which is like $70,00 I think. I have a adaptec direct cd wizard 2.5. I also have adeptec easy cd create. I would like to use the software that I have with the window media player for copying music from the computer.
Can anyone help me.

A:CD burning help

Depending on the version of Win Media Player that you have it should be able to do the burning for you under the Copy to CD or device tab, also have you tried to mess with the options of any if the CD burning programs? Sometimes you can set the burn speed yourself. Hope this helps you a little.
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I just want to know what this means, SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe. Can I burn HD and/or Blu-ray movies with this?

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I formatted my desktop and now my dvd rom does not burn with software. The rom is ATAPI DVD W DH16W1P ATA Device. I am able to right click pictures then send to the drive and all is good. i am trying to burn some avi files and I have tried about 5 or 6 different programs. Every program I try gives me the same problem. When the file is converted it will shut down the program at the beginning of the write process. I have gone through about 10-15 dvd's trying.

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This may belong in "Softwear" depending on the actual cause of my problem. Moderator, please move this question if need be.

When I attempt to burn a DVD using DVD Flick/Image Burn, Image Burn tells me that the media (blank DVD) in the e drive cannot be detected while there is indeed a blank DVD in the e drive. Do any of you fine people have a solution for me?

Thank you
The DVD that I am copying was obtained legally and I have the permission from the creator of the film to make copies (Zeitgeist: Addendum documentary)

A:DVD Burning

Will other software or the operating system detect the disc, and detect it as blank?
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Hi everyone I hope I'm posting in the best category for my issue I have Windows DVD's Burning Vista and I'm trying to burn DVD video that is rather lengthy The videos are Burning DVD's each Burning DVD's about to hours long Generally there are - files avi files for every movie The first couple I did just fine using Easy DVD Creator Starting with the third however I began having problems because the content was longer than was supported by a gb DVD So to try to resolve this issue I bought a pack of TDK gb hour DVD's In Easy DVD Creator I'm still getting the same error I've also tried other programs and they generally state I don't have enough space I've even tried Windows DVD Creator I had to download K-Lite Codec Pack to get it to quot work quot and it goes to of the encoding process then gives me an quot unspecified error quot Is there something I need to do to burn these DVD's I want them to play in a DVD-player not trying to burn data discs I could likely split the files using Windows Movie Maker maybe but I don't see why I can't fit an hours onto a hour DVD Is there some sort of editing I need to do Do I need to convert them to something other than AVI files Windows DVD Maker even states before burning I have minutes free on the DVD and my project doesn't come very close to that so I'm a little confused

A:Burning DVD's

Hi see this it may do it for you How to Use DVD Flick to Burn a DVD |
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Drive working fine until yesterday Have burned dvd s and cd s Problems started when I tried to install a second drive cd-r had ide set to master and slave Noticed that when I put dvd-r into correct drive Not CD/DVD-R Burning it changed the drive from dvd-r to cd-rom None of my burning software pinnacle nero etc will recognize drive as dvd-r Took out second drive cd-r and switch dvd-r back to cs Everything is as it was however still have same problem of dvd-r switching to cd-rom and not being able to burn Have tried to use help from http support microsoft com kb but there are no upper or lower filters to remove I have uninstalled from device manager and reboot but still have problem Compaq Presario SR SR NX windows XP media center This might or might not help saw where it was asked for in another thread Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v Upper Device Filter redbook Upper Class Filter None Found Device CD DVD-ROM Device Lower Class Filter None Found Lower Device Filter imapi Filter Name redbook File Name C WINDOWS system DRIVERS redbook sys File Version xpsp - File Description Redbook Audio Filter Driver Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Product Version Company Name Microsoft Corporation Copyright Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Filter Name imapi File Name C WINDOWS system DRIVERS imapi sys File Version xpsp - File Description IMAPI Kernel Driver Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Product Version Company Name Microsoft Corporation Copyright Microsoft Corporation All CD/DVD-R Not Burning rights reserved nbsp
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Hi guys,

I'm trying to burn files to an 8.5gb DL DVD and not sure whether my rewriter supports these discs.

My PC is a Dell Dimension 9150 & specs are as follows:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3582 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON X600 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM) , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 843340 MB; F: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 760862 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0YC523, , ..CN708215B4F116.
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

The DVD rewriter is the one that came installed in the PC by Dell.

Hopefully one of you guys with more knowledge than me can give me some guidance on this.



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trying to burn an iso file

A:not burning

Are you using a DVD/CD-RW disc or an -+R disc? RW's are harder to work with. What is the manufacturer of the blank you are burning? Only use name brand blanks and not generics. (eg) Sony, Verbatim, TDK etc.
Only burn at the slowest possible speed for the medium.
If you are having problems with the built in Windows burner, download and use IMGBurn in my signature. And choose to burn Image to Disc.
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I used Wondershare DVD creator to create a DVD. The problem i had was that once i finished all the editing and i tried to burn to my DVD, it said that i needed to select a folder with sufficient space for the temporary files.

I don't actually have enough space on my hard drive, so i was wondering if it were possible to use an external hard drive as the place for the DVD to put its temporary files.

A:DVD Burning HELP

Best way to find out is to try it and see what happens.
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I'VE tried to record cd's but I am having
a problem. My drive for my cd rom is not
being recognized. I've read that perhaps my
d drive is not hooked up as my primary drive.
What can I do to find out?


A:CD Burning

Did you recently install the burner or a cd rom drive? It is probably because the jumper on the drives are not set properly. One should be set to be the master, and one to be the slave.
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hi...I have heard that when burning selected songs from one CD to a new one that you should transfer them as files first instead of directly going CD to CD. How do I do this? Everytime I save them to desktop and try to ADD them to burn, it won't take.
What am I doin wrong?

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I am having the strangest problem with Roxio ECDC 5(i think is the ver) I was able to burn video cd from mpeg based files for a long time then I got one of those error report errors. No I can not burn a cd using roxio for anything. I have tried re-installing and nothing seems to work. I can use other burning utilies (nero is the one i use mainly) with out any problems. I seems though when I receive the send error report message for any program I can no longer use that program for anything. Any suggestions on how to resolve my dead programs.

A:XP and cd burning

My suggestion would be to dump Roxio and stick with Nero.

When I started using XP I had all kinds of issues with Roxio so needless to say I'm now using Nero on all of my machines.....:D

It's probably one of my own quisks but I really don't like installing two different burning programs on one machine.