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PC burned dvds for any dvd player possible?

Q: PC burned dvds for any dvd player possible?

I downloaded &burned 2 movies on my PC.
They are: Things To Come from it is MPEG2
and The Giant Gila Monster from it is .avi
The dvds play fine on my PC but I'd like to be able to play them on any dvd player is this possible?

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Preferred Solution: PC burned dvds for any dvd player possible?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a video clip that I burned on my laptop and which I wanted to watch on my home DVD player that's hooked to my TV. But the player says it can't be played or something. Do I need to make sure it's in a specific format to be played in my DVD player? It's currently a .WMV file. My DVD player isn't all that new - perhaps four years old.

A:Computer-burned DVDs won't play on home DVD player

DVD Players require a DVD format.
Try using DVD Flick.
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Okay I just purchased a Pioneer DVR- D burner for my computer I m trying to reauthor a DVD that has a series of videos on it not commerical home movies I m using Nero and DVDShrink to author The DVD s burn fine Solved: Problem burned player playing DVDs standalone on but will not play in my standalone player CyberHome DVD- The reason I got that player is that it is cheap and Solved: Problem playing burned DVDs on standalone player I ve read that it will play most types of burned media However when I go to play it the files are backwards The first thing that plays is the last section that I want on there it doesn t play in Solved: Problem playing burned DVDs on standalone player reverse it just plays the last few minutes and then jumps farther back and plays forward again Any idea of what s causing this The original burned DVD plays fine in my player Is it Solved: Problem playing burned DVDs on standalone player possibly the media I m using Memorex x DVD-R Additionally I burned it at x so I doubt that I m burning it too fast Any ideas Also forgot to mention that my PS won t read it either nbsp

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I have set up a video and a dvd recorder to transfer videos to dvd they copy fine and can play them back in any dvd play or xp machine but when i put the burned dvd in my vista laptop it just recognises it as a blank dvd even though its not , can anyone help with ideas , cheers

A:Burned DVDs

Hi telscosasie,
Welcome to the forum.
Go to device manager & check the drivers, make sure they are up to date.
You might also like to try & re-boot:-

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

Please let us know how this goes.
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Hello, My os is wxp sp3 and I am using infrarecorder to burn dvds from videos I downloaded using youtube downloader, but when I burn them to cd they will play on my computer but not on another dvd player like my norcent. Can anyone Help?

A:Burned DVDs won't play

Try burning the DVD's in an .iso format. You have probably selected the wrong format in InfraRecorder . Go over the options carefully. I burn all my DVD's in the .iso format. They play fine on all my DVD players and my computer
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For the last few days every time I try to burn a dvd the writing software is going through the entire burn process and telling me it has succeeded and yet at the end the disk is still completely blank. It does not matter what I am burning or what i am burning it with I always get the same result. Nero, Windows Vista itself and Convert X To dvd are all doing it. I seem to be able to burn cds still, but dvd burning has stopped. The drive will still read disks that i burned previously. I did hear that other programs can interfere with these things but no information on which ones.

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Hey good people I will so appreciate any help with my problem s The problem No Burned on DVDs Sound is basic regarding what s NOT happening NO AUDIO AT ALL ON BURNED DVDS WHEN PLAYED THROUGH MY ACER LAPTOP -ALL PLAYERS BACKGROUND I ve been burning dvds for quite awhile with the same computer my HP desktop and then play them using my laptop and an HMDI cable No Sound on Burned DVDs connected to my television There has never been any issue that I No Sound on Burned DVDs haven t been able to solve But recently the files I burn to DVD have no sound when I play them in my laptop I have checked the audio cable connection and that s not it The DVD works perfectly fine on my desktop -sound and all I do not use my DVD player to play burned DVDs because they either do not work or work well for most of the movie then become pixelated and freeze etc BUT to try and eliminate possibilities I have been testing them on my DVD player recently and the DVDs quot work quot in the manner just described -sound and all I have tried slowing down burn speed to slowest rate I have used various burning programs including Nero Burning ROM SoThinkMedia DVD Maker ConvertXtoDVD most commonly and has always worked best and some others Nothing is currently working I have not nor has anyone else changed any of the audio settings on my laptop at least I don t think so Thank you all in advance for your thoughtful help Looking forward to a solution Another issue My Windows Media Player on my laptop will not play the burned DVDs at all -goes into a silly loop thing right from the beginning Does play video in other players I use including Showtime VLC and about others nbsp

A:No Sound on Burned DVDs

I've seen a lot of views but no help. Here's to hoping...
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Hello all Ok I m trying to burn video files that I captured with my tv tuner to a dvd movie but can t get it to work I m getting my signal over the air antenna and it s in atsc format digital broadcast My problem is that my dvds never have sound once burned I ve tried it on two different computers as well The video files I m burning are captured in mpg format and playback fine in windows media player but play without audio in nero showtime I ve tried burning with nero burning rom in win xp came with dvd burner my preferred program and also with Audio. Have No Burned DVDs windows vista s quot dvd maker quot program in windows vista Both produce discs with no audio If I quot explore quot the disc in my computer it has only VIDEO Burned DVDs Have No Audio. TS files and no AUDIO TS Is there any other program I can Burned DVDs Have No Audio. try free to do what I want If not any good program that will work I ve looked at nero cyberlink and roxio as possible paid solutions but I d prefer not to have another nero product Obviously I d prefer to not have to buy a program but if I have to I will Any help would be very much appreciated nbsp

A:Burned DVDs Have No Audio.

Does anyone have any input? I really want to be able to burn the files to dvd...
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I DVDs Skip Burned have recently bought a new dvd burner and am having couple of problems with it st The first DVD I burned played fine but now the second DVD skips in the later parts of the movie Both of the movies were in avi format and Nero Vision Express Burned DVDs Skip software provided with the burner Burned DVDs Skip automatically converted them to DVD format to be burned I left the computer idle so extra resources won t occupied and the process would go smoothly However when I tried to play the movie it started skipping near the last quarter I thought it might be the dvd player since it was running for a while about two hours before I popped in the burned DVD so I let it cool down but that did not affect the outcome as it kept skipping at almost the same points There were no scratches on the DVD so that could not be the problem The one thing that might have caused it to skip is that I edited out the credits and the beginning producer and distributor logos to fit it into the dvd It was about megs less than the normal dvd size with a track included at the beginning as background music for the Title Menu nd I cannot seem to burn a data DVD using Nero I was trying to burn a huge collection of music and other data documents short clips diffferent kinds of files I tried it three times The first time I tried burning everything and it failed at around Burn Process Completed The second time I excluded some files I thought may cause the error but it failed again at around Then the last time I tried burning only the mp s as an mp disc but it failed again The type of disc I used for all three processes was a DVD R DVD plus R which is writeable only once and cannot be written to again And I got the same error each of the three times I tried Error reading data AM Text File DVDPlusRW cpp Line Start write address at LBA DVD high compatibility mode Yes AM TRANSFER - File Reader cpp Line Error reading data Any help or useful references would be highly appreciated I am completely new to dvd burning I have had problems before burning CD-R RWs but that was only a couple of times about a year ago This is a different drive and a different burner nbsp

A:Burned DVDs Skip

for the first one, what kind of file / movie is it?
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Please help! I am trying to rip some burned dvds onto my computer (a MAC) to put on my Ipod...I have been using handbrake to rip ordinary dvds, but when I try to rip ones that I have burned it says that there is not a valid source. Any ideas?

A:Ripping Burned DVDs

You could give WinX Free DVD Ripper a try.It supports all types of DVDs ........ rip all types of DVDs into AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPEG1/2, MP4, etc. video formats.
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I don t know if this is the right forum or not but here goes I m on Need DVDs burned advice having trouble with my wedding DVDs The guy who filmed my wedding and reception did all of the editing on his Mac computer Then he burned one DVD for the wedding and another for the reception both on his mac and sent them to me The first time he mailed the DVDs to me they were on the DVD-R discs They wouldn t work on my -year-old Philips DVD player and they wouldn t work on my parents brand new Pioneer DVD player that they got for Christmas They d start to play fine then they d start pixellating and finally they d freeze So the guy burned the DVDs again this time using DVD R discs because the box that my parents player came in said that it could read DVD R We thought that might have been the problem However we tried the new DVD R discs over the weekend on both DVD players and again they don t work Same exact problem as before -- at first they work fine then they start pixellating and finally they freeze up entirely The guy says that he doesn t know what s causing the problem because the DVDs work fine on his DVD player He also tried it on a couple of other players and the DVDs were fine there too He doesn t know what else to do at this point and he s suggested that we purchase different DVD players He sent me a list of players that are Need advice on burned DVDs supposedly compatible with DVD-R discs However I really don t want to buy new players when I and my parents both have DVD players that play all other DVDs with no problems Anyone have any idea what s Need advice on burned DVDs going on I m open to any ideas At this point he s offering VHS tapes but I really want DVDs because the quality is better and they last longer Any advice is much appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Need advice on burned DVDs

bump! Please help if you can. I'm not technologically-savvy, so I have no idea how to fix this DVD problem.

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I have been copying my home-burned DVDs as a test of their readability and I have discovered that factory DVDs are read at four- to ten times the speed of home-burned.

Example: I did a direct diskcopy of the Sony software DVD that came with my burner. I then copied that disk to my hard disk to test its readability and it took easily over 30 minutes.

I then copied the original factory DVD (containing exact duplicate data) and the same process took about 8 minutes.

This copy process varies from disk to disk; but, the time comparisons are always exceedingly in favor of the factory DVD by a factor of four or more.

Is this normal?

Where can I find more data on this?
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I have recorded tv shows using media center and a usb tv tuner from Pinnacle. I use DVD maker to burn it on a DVD to watch on my DVD player attached to my TV. Only the first 20 minutes of the recording on the DVD has any sound! This has been true for several different shows. The sound is ok when I play the recorded show on my computor using Media Center.

I am using a Lenovo T61 laptop, Vista Home Premium with SP1 installed.
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I regularly record TV programmes and then save them on to blank disks via my DVD recorder, to play on my PC. Recently when I have tried to play them back, they are not recognized and so will not play. To my knowledge I have not made any relevant alterations to my system, so am at a loss as to why I cannot play them. I always make sure they are finalized, so ithat is not the problem. I have also tried to play DVDs that I have owned for some time which up to now have always played perfectly on my PC but now do not. Has anyone any thoughts as to how I can deal with this, please?

A:Solved: Burned DVDs do not play on PV

Re my earlier post, I should add that bought pre-recorded DVDs (movies, etc) play perfectly via my PC.
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I use Acronis True Image 11 for backing up, all from the bootable CD, I don't have Acronis installed. After creating an image I verify it with Acronis. I also like to burn the image to DVDs and verify them on DVD also. When I burn them to DVDs with Vista, Acronis wont recognize them to verify or restore. If I burn them with Nero Acronis will verify them and can restore them.

Any images burned to DVDs would already have been verified while on the HD before burning to DVDs.

Any body know what the difference is between burning them with Nero verses Vista in relation to Acronis not recognizing the images burned to DVDs by Vista?

A:Acronis backups burned to DVDs

Originally Posted by glatzfront

I use Acronis True Image 11 for backing up, all from the bootable CD, I don't have Acronis installed. After creating an image I verify it with Acronis. I also like to burn the image to DVDs and verify them on DVD also. When I burn them to DVDs with Vista, Acronis wont recognize them to verify or restore. If I burn them with Nero Acronis will verify them and can restore them.

Any images burned to DVDs would already have been verified while on the HD before burning to DVDs.

Any body know what the difference is between burning them with Nero verses Vista in relation to Acronis not recognizing the images burned to DVDs by Vista?

Since I've never used the built-in disk burning capabilities of either XP or Vista, I cannot be sure, but it would seem though that the disk being burned with Vista is not following standard protocols, which is why Acronis is having a hard time reading those disks.

If you really must use Vista to burn the disks, then do slowly, and mark the options to ensure compatibility across a wide range of platforms. Or, just continue using Nero to burm the CDs.

One question though - When creating backups, doesn't Acronis have an option to burn directly to DVD?
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Used Nero and new DVD-RW drive to burn lots of data to DVD-RW discs as data discs. New DVDs will read perfectly in other PC. My PC will not recognise / read them. Explorer simply sees no files.
I'm using Windows XP on PC, and all my updates are installed, so far as I can tell. Other DVDs will read perfectly in this drive.

Any ideas? It's really irritating to know that the data is on there but not be able to access it!

Thanks for any ideas!

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Last year after one of my external hard drives failed I spent a good week backing up everything on my two computers to DVD files ranging from Word Documents to video files I tested each one after it was finished and they all worked fine Recently I ve needed some of those backed corrupt? Burned DVDs... data up files and videos so I ve put the DVDs in my computer and tried to drag files off However Windows often interrupts me and says that the file is Burned data DVDs... corrupt? corrupt or it won t copy or quot cyclic redundancy check quot When I try to drag it to my new external hard drive it tells me that quot COM surrogate stopped working quot I ve tried at least different DVDs on a number of computers including a mac and nothing helps I ve tried DVDs that I burned a few years back and they too have issues now It s the same problem on both computers They will play open files straight from the DVD without problems but it s the dragging off they don t like Computer Desktop Cicero years old Windows XP Burner player Burned data DVDs... corrupt? is a bit on the fritz in that sometimes it won t physically open Computer Laptop Toshiba years old Vista I used both computers for burning with different software The DVDs themselves almost entirely Memorex DVD-R Any advice on how to fix this would be super appreciated or even an explanation that way I can know what to do in the future Thanks nbsp

A:Burned data DVDs... corrupt?

What happens if you simply copy and paste them?
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I have been trying to solve this problem over a month. I've been copying over 5 years without problem but now I am having this problem, that dvds are showing pixels on my standalone dvd player. To make sure that the standalone works fine, I tried copies with another computer and they play fine on it.

I always used Maxell media without problem. Now I tried Verbatim and TDK media to make sure if the media is not the problem and they showed pixels as well.

After deleting unwanted and old software from the computer I scanned computer for viruses, I replaced the dvd burner with a new one, I replaced the memory with a new one of 1gB, I replaced the SATA cable and the cable that is connected with the burner and the mother board as well. But I still have the problem!

Any help or idea what can be the problem?

Here is my system information:

A:Burned DVDs Show Pixels

Pixellation usually occurs when the quality setting is too low in your dvd creation software.
Choosing a lower quality increases the amount of compression and this in turn means more detail and sharpness is lost. The resulting video can then appear pixellated.
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Hello, My os is wxp sp3 and I am using infrarecorder to burn dvds from videos I downloaded using youtube downloader, but when I burn them to cd they will play on my computer but not on another dvd player like my norcent. Can anyone Help?

A:burned dvds wont play

Are you converting them to DVD video format (MPEG2) or just burning them as data in their native format (WMV, AVI, etc)?

Does your DVD player support formats other than MPEG2?
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DVDs I burned on my old computer played fine but now when I try to play them on a computer I got in 2011 there is picture but no sound. They work OK with picture and sound in my DVD player attached to my TV.

I have Windows 7. Is there some codec or filter I need to install?

I'm not very technically savvy.
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Gwarsh Hope this isn't too long to be boring Yes what a has burned won't DVDs drive DVD it read NEW weird problem it is the dvd drive reads all the previous DVDs it has burned but not the new ones I tested the new DVDs on my other laptop eMachines Windows Pro which reads them perfectly The problematic DVD DVD drive won't read NEW DVDs it has burned drive also reads the new and old discs burned by that other laptop I use Windows s own burner app I've tested also CDburnerXP which gave the same results This could be a problem caused by burning data from an external drive I do this sometimes usually by accident And this is because Windows always copies the external data to a temporary burn folder on C-drive and I tend to take time designing the temporary to-be-burned data with the wizard making new folders deleting files inserting new files quot resinserting quot deleted files completely deleting files and yet starting over with same files I've checked and the temporary burn folders are empty I have three drives C D and E Is it weird that I have three temporary burn folders when there's only drive E that uses the burner There's one folder with today's date and the other are - years older Should I delete the older ones I remember I've had this problem once before a year or two back I think but I remember even then the thing got fixed accidentally meaning something that didn't make sense to me at the time

A:DVD drive won't read NEW DVDs it has burned

Hi there

DVD's should be FINALIZED before they will read in different DVD drives / standard DVD players etc. You might still have a session open on Multi-session.

Check also HOW you are burning DVD's - there's quite a few different things -- for example data (as a DVD-ROM), as an .ISO as a VIDEO DVD as a DVD rip etc etc. DVD authoring also requires a different setup such as "cloning" or copying DVD's. Also are the DVD's Double layer or what. All sorts of possible things here.

Subject is a bit too complex without more info.

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I have been having trouble burning DVDs that will play on a regular DVD player. They play perfectly for about 15 minutes then start skipping and freezing and finally stop completely. These same DVDs will play perfectly the whole way through on a computer or XBox 360. I have used numerous software programs and 2 different DVD burners because I thought something was wrong with my hardware. Now I don't think the problem ever was the hardware because I replaced my drive with a Sony Optiarc and then bought another Sony Optiarc just in case I had a bad one. I am out of ideas so any help would be appreciated.

A:trouble with burned DVDs on dvd players

Try burning at a slower rate,,,,,,,what burning software do you use....I use Convert X 3 and have no problems
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I just got a new Gateway laptop. I have DVDshrink & CopyDVD. Anytime I insert a pre-record DVD it plays just fine. Anytime I insert a DVD I burned on the laptop it constantly restarts until I take out the disc. The discs I burn play in my home DVD player with no problem. What might be the issue?
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I have made about 5 DVDs (all of them NTSC format) and they all seem to freeze, usually about 5 minutes in, when I try to watch them.

I burned the NTSC .iso files using a PAL DVD-RW Drive. Could that be the problem?

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I am looking through old CD's/DVD's to see what is on them and when I pop them in all I see is this: DESKTOP.INI

but as you can see here there is files on the disc:

When I pop the CD's into my laptop they show up. What is going on here? It is doing it on certain DVD's so far it seems to be doing it on Memorex DVD+R discs.

I am just guessing because it was only 3-5 discs that have done this so far. Is there a setting or something I am missing?

I just put a CD-R in and it also refuses to show the files. My friend told me it's because my Drive is -R and the disc is +R. However the CD-R not showing up kind of shoots that theory.

A:Files on burned CD/DVDs not showing

Did you finalise the DVDs when you burned them?
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hi i am having a problem with the dvds that i burned they all have delayed audio is it software broblem or is my pc infected again please help this is my latest hjt log and i use nero to burn the dvds Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes D WINDOWS System smss exe D WINDOWS system winlogon exe D WINDOWS system services exe D WINDOWS system lsass exe D WINDOWS system svchost exe D Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe D WINDOWS System svchost exe D WINDOWS system spoolsv exe D Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVMVFM LVPrcSrv exe D Program with 7 nero audio burned delayed dvds on Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe D PROGRA Grisoft delayed audio on dvds burned with nero 7 AVG avgamsvr exe D WINDOWS Explorer EXE D PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe D WINDOWS system bgsvcgen exe D WINDOWS system cisvc exe D Program Files Google Common Google Updater GoogleUpdaterService exe D WINDOWS System svchost exe D Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe D Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVCOMSER LVComSer exe D Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe D WINDOWS system svchost exe D WINDOWS system VTTimer exe D WINDOWS system VTtrayp exe D Program Files VIA RAID raid tool exe D WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE D Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe D Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe D Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe D Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe D Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LComMgr Communications Helper exe D Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe D PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgcc exe D Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVCOMSER LVComSer exe D WINDOWS system ctfmon exe D Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe D Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMBgMonitor exe D Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe D Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMIndexingService exe D Program Files Common Files LightScribe LightScribeControlPanel exe D Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMIndexStoreSvr exe D Program Files Google Google Updater GoogleUpdater exe D Program Files MagicDisc MagicDisc exe D Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe D Program Files Common Files Logishrd LQCVFX COCIManager exe D WINDOWS system cidaemon exe D Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www torrentz com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - D Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - D PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - D Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dll O - Toolbar SnagIt - FF E -ABDE- EB-B E-D AAB CABE - D Program Files TechSmith SnagIt SnagItIEAddin dll O - Toolbar no name - BF - F - - - FE E AA - no file O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - d program files google googletoolbar dll O - HKLM Run VTTimer VTTimer exe O - HKLM Run VTTrayp VTtrayp exe O - HKLM Run RaidTool D Program Files VIA RAID raid tool exe O - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXE O - HKLM Run REGSHAVE D Program Files REGSHAVE REGSHAVE EXE AUTORUN O - HKLM Run RegistryMechanic D Program Files Registry Mechanic RegMech exe S O - HKLM Run Windows Defender quot D Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe quot -hide... Read more
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my cd drive is a cd dvd drive and it will not read burned cds whenever i put any burned cd in there whether it has music or just data on it it doesn t autorun so i go to my can't dvds, cds or burned cds... or Cd Drive read older computer and try to open it there but it tells me to Cd Drive can't read burned cds or dvds, or older cds... quot please insert a disk into the drive quot so it doesn t see it at all i can t open them through other programs like windows media either The drive also won t read commercial cds that are older than XP games like Deus Ex can t install because of one error or another but games that came out after XP work fine I ve posted this question on other forums and been told to maybe update my drivers but that doesn t work because i have the latest drivers Also someone said that they accidentally deleted a file once when they had this problem and they got that file again and it worked fine i just don t get this though it used to work fine before we had to reformat now it just doesn t So does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is and how i can fix it thanks nbsp

A:Cd Drive can't read burned cds or dvds, or older cds...

Maybe this will be of some help:;en-us;Q321641

Of course you've checked and re-seated all cables.
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Have attempted several times to burn cd or dvd on HP ENVY laptop to find the tv dvr says it is unreadable or unplayable.  Have tried several brand dvds.  He HP laptop reads the burned disc.  Why can it not be played or is unreadable by other player? I also tried to burn music and it too would not play on other device. Thanks for any help.

A:cds or dvds burned on HP Laptop in Windows 10 are not readab...

Hi I believe it would be a format / codec issue. You would need to read the types of disc the TVR can play and then create a disk to match.  This may involve downloading additional software etc. So if you could give some more details then perhaps someone here could offer more help.

Happy 2 [email protected]
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Minor issue here. I have a lite on dvd recorder that came with a nero 6. Recently I upgraded to nero 7 ultra and now I notice that when I playback a burned dvd in my dvd player that it cannot fast forward over 2x the speed. It simply freezes up then return to the original menu. Before I could fast forward a scene up to 8x the speed(the maximum of my dvd player).
I tried changing the settings just before I burn my dvd. First making sure that it was a the maximum setting. Then i tried to change the write speed setting to 8x. No change. Like I said this is minor but I was wondering if this is a glitch with nero 7 ultra or did upgrading somehow change a setting or what? Thnks!
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Any way to fix the coding on it or something? When i want to burn a dvd it brings me to use the nero vision 4 program, it works on certain dvd players but not all, is there any way of fixing this?

A:Burned dvds using nero wont work on certain dvd players

Make sure you are not creating a multi-session disk and ensure that you finalize the disc. Also dvd players have an easier time reading DVD+R than DVD-R.
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hey this is a realy weird problum the dvds i burn on my comp worked just fine and i stored them the way i stored all my cds back in the day b burned dvds burnside to burnside so they dont scratch so their not damaged dont in burned dvds vista back up load now they dont load anymore they just show how burned dvds in vista dont load back up much space is used and no files or title on disk I used some new format that is on vista it said it allowed me to add files to the disk anytime and delet them latter too even on plan dvd -R media and they did just that but now all but one of the disks dont load and i cant figure out why outher then this new format having some kind of issue to it I cant even find were it gave me the option on the first disk i encerted to pick the format and i would like to change the format to the older one burn only format and to recover the data from the disks i have that still have data on them but i cant accses please help me figure this out i have found lots of people online having this same problum and no fix yet much aprication for your help and effort

A:burned dvds in vista dont load back up

Hi and welcome to TSF try cleaning the discs,the laser,try another drive, have a look here
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This is a minor issue but I have a external lite on that came with a nero 6. Recently I upgraded to nero 7 ultra. Now when I playback my burned dvd to my dvd player I notice that when I fast forward at anything more 2x the speed the dvd freezes then returns to the original menu. I never had this issue when I used my nero 6. I use to be able to fast forwarda burned dvd at 8x the speed, the maximum of my dvd player.
Except for this everything else seems to work fine. I tried changing the speed in the nero vision 4 just before burning. First I made sure that the write settings were on max. When that didn't work I tried setting the write speed to 8x. Still no change. Is this some glitch with nero 7 ultra or has my setting been some how changed when I upgraded?

A:Problems fast forwarding burned nero 7 ulta dvds

Are you still using the same media? Try changing to a different make of blank media and don't always assume that setting the write speed to max is a good idea!
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I'm using windows XP and haved burned music from stored files downloded from Napster and Livewire up until recently.Now I burn to a CD and it will only play in a DVD player not in any CD player it will read " no disc ". I'm using memorex 52x 800mb 80 min RW discs.I now know R format holds the burn longer does the burn speed indicated on the disc have anything to do with it ? The sucessfull burns were on 12x.

A:music burned to cd will only play in DVD player not cd player

Hello wfleenor, and welcome to TSG.

Did you burn the CDs as music CDs or did you burn the song files onto a data CD? Some CD players will only play music CDs while some DVD players will play music files (MP3 , M4A, WMA, etc) burned on a data CD. Some older CD players had problems reading from CD-RW disc.
Relevancy 57.19%

Hi I burned my first CD about months ago it played perfect on a cheap CD player portable Today I tried to play it in my DVD Rom on my computer and it would not play Then I tried the same portable player as before and it seemed to skip alot I started over and it skipped again Then I tried it in my stereo system CD player About seconds in it would player? go CD's can burned bad or bad? not continue Next can burned CD's go bad? or bad player? I tried to play it on my DVD player table top model It played fine so I decided to try it one more time this time it had trouble then the rd time played fine I have spent over hours downloading files to burn CD s for a friend in Asia I hate to get over there and they are all corrupt or something I was told that burned CD s mp would play on ANY and ALL CD players of any and all kind They were burned on Office Depot CD-R s but if they were not good quality they could not sell them I assume I guess my question is can a file music on a CD go corrupt or bad or is it the CD player that causes the skip I assumed the CD would play first time every time if it had been burned properly now I am worried I give my friend a bunch of CD s that are junk I use Nero it works great and get my music from WINMX Anybody got opinions on the CD that plays one time but not the next MUST they be played ONLY on MP compatible players The cheap one I have does not say MP but it does say CD re-writable compatible is a Phillips model with second anti skip What is anti-skip The CD played perfect just after burning but months later will not play on the same player without skipping Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 56.76%

I have an IMAC and i tried burning a photo cd using kodak easy share i have used both + and - dvd's and my bose 321 series II player keeps saying wrong format is there anything eles i need to figure out, or change

A:burned dvd won't play in player

Hi Ummagumma, and welcome to TSG?

Is there anything in the 3-2-1 Series II user manual that says it will display pictures stored on a Kodak format Photo CD (or Photo DVD in your case)? If not, that could be the reason for the "Wrong Format" error message.
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I made a WMV file with Windows Movie Maker, burned it to DVD, played in BD player and sound is awful. When played in PC, no problem at all. Should I convert it to MP4? Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!

A:burned DVD - sound is not right in BD player

Did you create an actual Video DVD or just burn the file to dvd as data? There is a huge difference in how it will be played. As you suggest converting it to mp4, it sounds like you simply burned as data, in which case, most likely the BD player is having trouble playing the file format used (wmv?).

If you are going use the BD player for file playback, you need to ensure the player supports the file types that you are trying to use. Support requires more than just the container (ie: avi, mp4, mkv, etc.) to be supported, you also have to watch the codecs used (ie: the actual video codec and the audio codec) and the specs (ie: video resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate, etc.). If ANY of the above are not supported, you will have playback issues.
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I burned a DVD on my computer. It plays on the computer, but when I tried to play it on my Blu-Ray player, it would not play and there was an error message saying the disk was "invalid."
The video file has a VIDEO_TS folder with .bup, .ifo, and .vob files.
Used ImgBurn version 2.5.8 to burn the DVD.
The DVD is a Verbatim DVD+R.
My computer runs Windows 7.
My Blu-ray player is a Sony.
Any ideas?

A:Blu-ray player says burned DVD is invalid

A stand alone blu-ray player, or DVD/CD player for that matter, requires that the disc is processed in a certain way called 'closing'. This process means that the disc is closed and no more data can be added to it. The player in a computer does not require this additional stage to be done for it to be able to play the disc. It sounds like this is your problem.
Your only solution may be to re-burn the disc after looking at the options before you start the process. Look for an option that says 'closed' or 'finished' and make sure it is selected.
Chris Cosgrove
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I have 2 CD reader/writers in a Dell Dimension 4100 w/ Windows XP Home and neither one will read burned CD's (used both Roxio and Nero to burn several attempts). It merely says "BlanK CD", but both CD players will read store bought CD's (data, music, games, whatever) no problem. Upon removing both CD players and installing in another computer, the other computer reads the same burned CD's just fine. The other computer is an even older Dell with Windows ME and is in poor shape. The problem appears to be with the newer machine, not the CD players. Anyone seen this before?

A:CD player won't read burned CD's

Run this wizard with the drives installed in the 4100, see if it finds any issues.

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Using a Plextor DVD drive "PX-712UF" to burn DVD's. Play on computer but do not play on my Samsung DVD Player to watch on TV.
Since downloading the movies, cannot know what region code I am using.
It is my understand I need to "match" region codes to the one where my DVD player is set to.
Do I need to decode? or am I just SOL?

thank you very much-

A:How to get burned DVD's to play on DVD Player-Please HELP !!!

Hiya and welcome

Where have you downloaded these movies from? If its p2p, we can't help you.


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hello all I am new to the group and i have a problem, I bought a 18x super multi dvd rewriter , and i have it hooked up right cause I can burn disc but the problem i am haveing is that it does not play on my dvd player only on my computer. someone help if you can ([email protected]) thank you

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:Dvd`s burned on my dvd-rw, won`t play in my dvd player.

Hi and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

It would be of help if you told us what program you are using to burn the disks, it is also possible that the type of disks you are using are not compatible with the DVD player, you will need to consult the manufacturers website to see what it can and cant read.

Lastly never put your email address in a forum such as this , it is an invite for spam and the like, if you must then replace the "@" with the word "at".

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OK! I finally transferred all my vhs tapes to discs via a recorder THEN I had to rip them to the hard drive, then import them into Movie Maker, and from there I made a movie of my son. THEN the *()@*()$* thing would not burn onto a disc until I decrypted it to mpeg (from mmv) and even then only drag to disc (Roxio) would burn it. Now I have discs burned that work great with Media Player, or any computer video program, but WON'T play on my DVD Player. I have used three different brands of DVDs and have used DVD-R and DVD-RW and DVD+RW. Thanks for your help. You solve this problem and will be SOOOOOOO happy.


Here's a link that might be helpful. Lots of info on video editing.
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I recently switched from a laptop running Windows XP to one running Windows 7. On my XP laptop, I was able to burn DVDs (avi files) using Roxio and play them on a Marantz DVD player. When I burn the DVDs on my new laptop (also using Roxio), they will play on the laptop but not on the DVD player. I tried to burn the DVDs with and without "verify" but neither will play on the DVD player. I'm using the same type of DVDs, burning the same type of files, and using the same DVD player. The only thing that is different is my laptop. What do I need to do to make it work? Thanks for your help!

A:Burned DVD does not play on DVD player

You closing the session once complete? Sometimes I find some burning utilities set themselves as default to keep sessions open, so you can add more data later. It needs to be closed session before you can use it away from the computer.

Assuming everything is identical (as you've commented above) its the only thing I can think of.
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I burned 6 movie-length avi files onto a dvd-r disc, and only the first file plays in my dvd player, even though the dvd player has read the disc correctly, as it displays the 6 titles correctly on the menu page. I burned many shorter avi files and another movie length avi file onto another disc and the same dvd player plays all the files with no problems. I used Nero both times, and the same type of discs, in fact all the variables are the same as far as I can see. I tried burning just one of the movie length avi files onto a disc, and varying the burn speed, but nothing worked. Can anyone help? Thanks!!
Relevancy 55.9%

I have had a cd burner in the past, but only used it to copy. I have never burned music cd's and just burned my first. When I took the cd to the car to try to play it, it says it is a cd-rom. What am I doing wrong? Can I not make cd's that will play in the cd player? Thanks for the help.

A:Just burned my first music cd and it won't play in my cd player

It sounds like you may be choosing to burn an MP3 CD as opposed to just a Music CD. A music CD will play in almost anything, but an MP3 CD won't (unless the device says MP3 on it).

Also, there's a chance that you could be just burning the songs as files, not a music format.

Here's some questions:

1) What burning program are you using?
2) How many songs were you able to fit on the CD?
3) Will it play on your computer?
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I burned 6 movie-length avi files onto a dvd-r disc, and only the first file plays in my dvd player, even though the dvd player has read the disc correctly, as it displays the 6 titles correctly on the menu page. I burned many shorter avi files and another movie length avi file onto another disc and the same dvd player plays all the files with no problems. I used Nero both times, and the same type of discs, in fact all the variables are the same as far as I can see. I tried burning just one of the movie length avi files onto a disc, and varying the burn speed, but nothing worked. Can anyone help? Thanks!!

A:DVD player only playing some of my burned avi files - please help!
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Hi I burned a dvd with Imgburn the burned disk plays in my pc but not in my standalone dvd player I have burned video s before with Imgburn and played them in my dvd player I burned the same video file with nerovision and it plays fine in my dvd player Burned dvd my play player won't dvd in Solved: when I looked at the burned disk only a quarter of the disk is burned and it only took a few minutes to burn this is Solved: Burned dvd won't play in my dvd player my Imgburn log I don t know how the smiley got on the log I didn t put it there ImgBurn Version - Log Saturday May I Solved: Burned dvd won't play in my dvd player ImgBurn Version started I Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack I Total Physical Memory KB - Available KB I Initialising SPTI I Searching for SCSI ATAPI devices I Found DVD-ROM and DVD RW I Operation Started I Building Image Solved: Burned dvd won't play in my dvd player Tree I Checking Directory Depth I Calculating Totals I Preparing Image I Checking Path Length I Contents Files Folders I Size bytes I Sectors I Image Size bytes I Image Sectors I Operation Successfully Completed - Duration I Operation Started I Building Image Tree I Checking Directory Depth I Calculating Totals I Preparing Image I Checking Path Length I Contents Files Folders I Size bytes I Sectors I Image Size bytes I Image Sectors I Operation Successfully Completed - Duration I Operation Started I Source File - BUILD IMAGE - I Source File Sectors MODE I Source File Size bytes I Source File Volume Identifier I Source File Application Identifier IMGBURN V - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER I Source File Implementation Identifier ImgBurn I Source File File System s ISO UDF I Destination Device NEC DVD RW ND- A E ATA I Destination Media Type DVD-R Disc ID MCC RG Speeds x x x x x x I Destination Media Sectors I Write Mode DVD I Write Type DAO I Write Speed x I Link Size Auto I Test Mode No I OPC No I BURN-Proof Enabled I Filling Buffer MB I Writing LeadIn I Writing Session of Track LBA - I Writing Track of MODE LBA - I Synchronising Cache I Exporting Graph Data I Graph Data File C Documents and Settings Dan Application Data ImgBurn IBG Files NEC DVD RW ND- A SATURDAY-MAY- - - PM MCC RG x ibg I Export Successfully Completed I Operation Successfully Completed - Duration I Average Write Rate KB s x - Maximum Write Rate KB s x I Cycling Tray before Verify I Device Ready I Operation Started I Source Device NEC DVD RW ND- A E ATA I Source Media Type DVD-R Book Type DVD-R Disc ID MCC RG Speeds x x x x x x I Image File - BUILD IMAGE - I Image File Sectors MODE I Image File Size bytes I Image File Volume Identifier I Image File Application Identifier IMGBURN V - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER I Image File Implementation Identifier ImgBurn I Image File File System s ISO UDF I Read Speed Data Audio MAX MAX I Verifying Session of Track LBA - I Verifying Track of MODE LBA - I Exporting Graph Data I Graph Data File C Documents and Settings Dan Sanderson Application Data ImgBurn IBG Files NEC DVD RW ND- A SATURDAY-MAY- - - PM MCC RG x ibg I Export Successfully Completed I Operation Successfully Completed - Duration I Average Verify Rate KB s x - Maximum Verify Rate KB s x I Close Request Acknowledged I Closing Down I Shutting down SPTI I ImgBurn closed nbsp

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I tried on the weekend to make a Music CD using a DVD-RW for my friend who is in awe of Paul Robeson and his voice. Alas when I tried to play the CD on my CD Player it tells me there is nothing on the CD.

Help please.

Phil T
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I created a movie of a phot montage and music using windows movie maker. I saved it as a wmv file. I used the software which was on my computer (sonyrx860), called Veritas, to burn the dvd. It went fine. I can play it on my computer. But I can't play it on my dvd player, sony or Mintek. Someone told me you have to switch from wmv file to mpg file for the dvd player to read the burned dvd. Is this true? If so, how do I change the file.

A:newly burned dvd not playing on dvd player

yip,thats right ,coz your dvd player wony be able to read wmv files......
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I burned a movie to a dvd. The movie will play in Media Player, but my home dvd player will only play about half of the movie and it stops and goes back to the main menu. The move is 3.5 gig in size. My home dvd player plays all other prerecorded movies perfectly, BlockBuster, etc. I hope some one can help.

PC specs:
Windows XP SP2
1.6 gig Processor
28 gig Hard drive
319 MB Ram

A:Burned movie will not play on home dvd player.

Was this a copy of another DVD?... If so it's now in DVD-5 and not 9 like the original..
Aside from illegal and we can't help..
A retail DVD is 9+ Gigs in size... when it's copied to a 4.7 gig disc it is compressed...
Maybe your player can't read this compressed form.

Not an illegal copy, then....
I have found that if the disc is burned to fast, the last half turns out to be junk..
try a slower burn speed.
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I have a Sony DRU 800-a dual layer burner...using RCA dvd-R...8x...4.76 mb discs...the disc wont play in my home dvd says can't recognize cd..n e suggestions would really help.. thank you...

A:BURNED DVD wont play in my home player

This could be a possibility -

Quote from -

"Your drive can not handle this media. Confirmed by the fact that a
different burn application causes the same drive error. In general, Sony
DRU xxx are quiet bad for media compatibility.The problem is with the
drive,as you can't fix that,try different media."
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i burned an avi movie file onto a cd-r. i put it in my dvd player(the 1 hooked up to my tv) and it wouldnt play. what do i need to do to play my cd-r movie on my dvd player? thanx for ur help in advance.

A:cd-r burned movie wont play on dvd player

From what you have posted you need to burn the movie om a DVD disc not a CD-R
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I have saved a few pictures in the form of png format.
They played fine in my computer.
I burned them to a DVD and tried to play in a portable DVD/CD player.
It would not play. I had a 2 word message : Unknown DVD

Any solution ?
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Hey guys,
I just burned a school project onto a DVD and when i try to watch it on my computer ((itunes/quicktime) Windows XP professional) or my brother's computer ((itunes/quicktime) Mac) it skips a lot and is almost painful to watch. I also tried watching it on my xbox and dvd player but they both say that the disc cannot be read. I burned it through iTunes so that could be the problem but I want to make it as skip free as possible and/or dvd player compatible. I need to turn this in before noon tomorrow and im kind of freaking out, any help is greatly appreciated.

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I am fairly new to audio cd burning, and wondered if anyone can advise me on this particular problem? I have a fair sized music collection on iTunes, and have for some time been unable to burn tracks to audio CDs via iTunes. So Instead, I used a program called "Tiny Burner1", very successfully. That is, the CDs play perfectly on my PC, but will not play on either my hifi system or my car unit. The tracks are all mp3, and, as I say, they play on my PC without any problem. I have made sure they are burned as "Audio", but do not know what else I can try. Thanks for any help.

Relevancy 55.04%

Using Windows Vista I Burned One of my Audiobooks that I had converted to MP3. I selected the option so it would be playable in data (MP3) capable CD players. When the burned disk loads in my sony cd/mp3 player stereo both the the tracks are out of order. They almost seem to skip every other ie... 2,6,3,7,4,8 and the folders lined up cd12, cd01, cd02, (the rest being fine, but cd12 at the beginning. Quite frustrating.

The files appear (titles) to be all lined up.

I just tried windows media player 11 and when I load a folder the last track starts then the rest follow in sync. It almost seems random. What am I overlooking?

Relevancy 55.04%

I'm in the process of calibrating my subwoofer and want to make a CD audio disc of bass frequencies from this site ( The download contains many MP3 files. I burned the files to a CD and the CD plays on my computer but doesn't play on my Panasonic BD-85. I really doin't understand what's happening as I have burned music on a CD and that plays on the BD-85. I'm sure that I am doing something wrong, but don't know what it is.

A:Trouble getting burned files to play on bluray player?

If they are MP3 files, does the Blu-Ray player play MP3 files? That may be the problem and if it is, you will have to convert them to wav files and then burn a standard "audio" CD.

However, the MP3 files concern me as they are not full fidelity and if you are trying to calibrate something you need the full fidelity audio signal. Converting an MP3 to wav will not restore full fidelity, it can only be as good as the MP3 file is. If the site you are downloading from has wav files, download and use them, bypass the MP3 files (which are "something less" than full fidelity).

I have a recording studio so I'm well attuned to fidelity of audio/music files.
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Ive downloaded a few avi movie files. i want to know how i can burn them onto a cd-r and have them play on my home dvd player. what steps and free programs do i need to take and download for my home dvd player to play cd-r burned movies? i have a program to split them in half, thats as far as i am right now. I do NOT have a dvd burner. any help. Please. ive been trying to figure it out all day.

A:how do i get an avi movie file burned on a regular 700mb cd-r, play on my home dvd player?

look up your dvd player at and that will show what you can play in it. if it is divx you can usually burn the divx onto cdr and it plays fine. if your player is old you may need to convert to divx v.3 but there are a lot of tools for this. I use fourcc but there is one from too.
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I own a dell xps L501x. My dvd player is not reading any dvd movies, disc with data.. and etc. It reads cd though. I insert a blank dvd, it reads the blank dvd and ask me what i want to do. But if i insert a dvd with things on it, it would not read it. If i click on the dvd drive, after awhile my dvd tray will eject and pops up a message asking me to insert a dvd.

I check the driver, and it says everything is working properly. I went on dell website and did a dell hardware diagnosed and everyhting passed.

Any advice?


A:My dvd player is not reading dvds

Hello pandatera Welcome to the Seven Forums!

It's unfortunate but a reality that the optical drives in portables like laptops tend to wear faster then drives in desktops. The construction of the drives used is partially the blame for this.

One of the first best ideas however is to use a lens cleaner in cd form to see if that will help any. Plus with any portable unit the drives are exposed to more dust and dirt then what you would expect to see build up on a desktop system.

A good lens cleaner and more frequent use of usb flash drives for data transfers will save on the wear and tear the optical will see. That can help keep the drive in working shape quite a bit longer then being in constant use. The other thing to consider if the problems are still being seen after a cleaning would be to check the cable going to the drive in case that loosen up any from vibration of being moved around. A loose data cable won't help you any.
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my dvd player in my laptop has stopped playing dvds recently, on windows media player it is blank but with sound and on real media player it doesnt play it at all.

the dvd player is a matshita uj-840d

i hav tried to get updated firmware as i heard this could help but have had no success in finding any

any help would be appreciated


A:dvd player not playing dvds

what operating system do you have?
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Hi, for the past while now I've been wanting to wipe my computer, and I was finally ready a few days ago when I realized my cd drive can't read cds. The odd thing is that it can read dvds fine. Another odd thing is that when there's a cd in my computer on restart, it takes an incredibly long time for my computer to boot up and I hear a lot of clicking from the cd drive. Not being very handy I really don't want to have to replace my cd drive. Does anyone know what's wrong or if there's a way to fix it without replacing the drive?

Relevancy 52.03%

on my Sony VAIO ( model # PCG-FRV35 ) i can insert CD's into the DVD drive and they are able to be read. however, when i put a DVD in, it acts like there is no disc in the drive at all. any troubleshooting points or suggestions would be appreciated.

note: i have tried uninstalling drivers via device manager, and reinstalling them from the manufacturers website. no change.

Relevancy 52.03%

have put my video camera stuff onto dvd's, cd's in every format i can find, I know my dvd player will play copies so where am I going wrong! I am at the end of the line and cannot think of anything else to try! Please help me! I so want to watch my little boy on the t.v!

A:can't play cds/dvds on dvd player


What burning programs are you using and what format disks. DVD-r etc.
Have you tried the disks on other players??
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I have an HP Pavilion and can't figure this out.

A:cd/dvd player will only play cd not dvds

The most common cause for this symptom is failure of the DVD section of the dual laser. The most straightforward way to see if this is so is to try to boot the computer from a bootable DVD, such as a Windows installation DVD or a Linux Live DVD (they're usually pretty easy to find). This leaves out other factors like Windows, and if the drive cannot read the DVD to boot from, this confirms the drive needs replacement.
There is a small possibility that the laser lens could have a spot of something that blocks only the DVD laser beam, so cleaning the laser lens is another thing to check. However it's not very likely that a dirty lens would stop the DVD side and not affect the CD at all.
If the system boots happily from the DVD, then we can proceed to do diagnosis of a software cause.
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plz help!!!!!!!!!!!! my dvd wont pick up cds anymore
im using vista home edition can that e a problem or is there a kind of virus that can also cause it to happen.
plzzz if anyone knows anything on how to fix this problem plz reply.

A:My dvd player reads dvds but not cds all of a sudden=[

There are separate pickup heads in the drive for CDs and DVDs. There is a possibility that the CD pickup is dirty or broken.

Have you installed any new software or done any kind of software updates at the time that this first happened?

Is the drive correctly identified in Windows hardware device manager and does it show any warnings or errors for the drive?
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When I burn a dvd I can get it to play on a computer, but it won't play on any of my dvd players. In one case I had an mpeg file and the others I had a folder with a variety of files. they both played on the computer, but not elsewhere.


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when i used to play dvd on my cpu ihad the best experience ever but since last week each time i play movies , especially with windows media player 11 i get horizontal lines in the image like digital noise, other player have less problems but it's still not perfect, is this my video card, dvd reader or what, it happens mostly when there is a lot of movement in the image , still frames or slow moving cameras will not produce this effect as much!!! please help im loosing patience, my cpu is my home theater and its turning into crap

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I get an error message saying I need a DVD decoder when trying to play DVDs in Windows Media Player 10.

I'm running Win XP Pro with an ATI Mobility Radeon X1399 (display adapter)

HP model nc-6400 laptop

Any suggestions? I'm looking for a free decoder, and I'm not sure and really leery about all of the codec and decoder sites out there.

Thank you!
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Now I know this is a touchy subject but I've done a bit of searching around and found THIS. Now loadsa people have not have a problem but I am! Media player and the decoder thingy are thowing errors. I've taken a screenshot here you go

Thanks in advance guys!

A:[SOLVED] Media Player and DVDs

Ok ahha Sorted one problem the codecs are wrong got them from HERE. But now I'm getting this error

Again thanks in advance
And just to mention this is on a Dell Latitude D610
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I have a dell inspiron 8200 with windows XP

My friend borrowed my computer..................... -first mistake!

Now my DVD player will not play dvds or allow me to install new programs from cd. However it will play normal audio cd's. I no longer have any of my startup/install disks that i recieved when i bought my computer. How can I get my dvd player to allow me to play dvds, and install new programs?
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Hi everyone!

Everytime I go to play a DVD in media player 11 the it just closes all by itself! It won't play any DVDs.

Any help from the forum would be most welcome! :)

A:Media Player Won't Play DVDs

Hi mrlopez2681 and welcome to TSF !

Go to start => run and type sfc /scannow. It'll check your system files to see if any are corrupts. If it asks for the XP CD you'll need a CD with the same service pack as what's installed on the computer, google for sliptream SP2 or SP3 to learn how to create one if needed. It may ask for the XP Pro CD if you have XP Home or MCE, just keep hitting retry.

Not really a solution but you could also use vlc or media player classic as a workaround.
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I used Ashampoo to create dvd home movies which play on my pc. They are great on the pc.
Can I change these dvds, which do not play on the dvd player to view on TV, to be able to do so?

Thank you

A:Video dvds to play on dvd player for tv

Look at Ashampoo Burning Studio, you can burn to any platform.BluRay, TV, Player whatever.
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When I try to play a DVD in any player on my computer the program stops responding. As soon as I take out the disk the program starts responding. Some times the disk does start playing and shortly after the video starts freezing and program stops responding. Anyone got any ideas. I have reloaded drivers and players and no help there.

A:Player freezes when playing DVDs

1. Make sure the DVDs are scrupulously clean - a single fingermark can cause malfunction.

2. Defragment your hard drive regularly if you often install/uninstall apps or delete files.

3. Run the error-checker on the C: drive (right-click > properties > tools > "check now"

4. Lastly, the laser-lens in the DVD drive may need cleaning. For this you'll need to buy a purpose-made cleaning disc for DVD drives.
make sure it's for computer DVD drives, as some of those made for standalone DVD Players are not suitable for computer DVD drives.
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MS-Windows XP professional, SP1 Installed
HP Pavilion N5290 Laptop

HP 3500C Scanner installed.

HP 300 DVD Burner installed.

Recently I had to reinstall all my software, when my hard drive was replaced. The Media Player 9 has always played DVDs satisfactorly.

[1] Media Player does not play DVDs.

[2] Two other Brand X players installed do play DVDs.

[3] Media Player will play CDs and accesses CD-ROMs.

What I have tried:

[1] Uninstalling and reinstalling Media Player 9; Media Player does not play DVDs.

[2] Hardware Manger is not displaying any problems.

A:Media Player 9 does not play DVDs

Go to Start | Run
Type in regedit

In the Left pane, find the following key:


Click on it to expand the folder

Click Edit | New | String Value
Call it EnableDVDUI
Double click on it to modify
type in Yes

Close regedit
Restart your computer
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Installed: HP Laptop Pavilion N5290
Windows XP - Professional
Windows Media Player Ver 8 and now 9
Windows SP1

Tried Already: Check Registry. Reinstalled WMP several times. Retored licenses several times.
WMP 8 or 9 will not play DVDs. Other 3rd party players will play DVD.

WMP has played DVDs in the past.

WMP 9 gives this error message:

Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because a problem occured with Digital Copyright Protection

Error Code: 0xC00D1163
I am ready to trash the WMP; HELP

A:Media Player 9 does not play DVDs - Still

Does this apply:;en-us;283620&Product=wmp
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i love to watch dvds and cannot play them with wmplayer they play but the picture is scrambled into little squares what is causing this its sooooo frustrating please keep answers simple as i have limited pc knowledge thankyou

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hi , could someone help please , i have burned( hope this is the right term)some music to put onto a cd when i put the cd onto play it is only like playing only a half of the song which then it ejects the cd on my pc , also how do i know which cd/dvd is the right ones for my pc sometimes it will not burn to certain disks or play on other devices ??
thanks for reading , Pearl

A:windows media player cd/dvds

How are you burning the CD's? What program are you using? Are these regular Audio CD's or MP3 CD's?

You should be using CD-R discs.
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Hey, hoping someone can help. I cant burn CD's or DVD's, at all. It comes back with an error 380136-24-0000000. I looked for this on various search engines and came across a microsoft fix but when i run the fix, the fix itself gets an error haha. So i done it the old fashioned 'do it yourself' way, removing the upper and lower thing in the registry but that has not helped.

I have tried a few burning programmes but none of them work. But as i say, the DVD player plays DVDs. Its really confusing me so any help would be really appreciated.

I have a Toshiba L300-20D and windows Vista 32 bit.

Thanks in advance folks

A:DVD player works, but cant burn CDs or DVDs

Hi and welcome to TSF I do not see any hits on the error code,have you tried going to device manager and deleting the driver then rebooting windows will reinstall it,or try unistalling the device and rebooting
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I got an a HP Pavillion -b a PC with win running with IE and downloaded you tube videos with Wondershare version paid software dvd on player play burnt Can't dvds in MP and also converted them into MPEG I can only watch them in MP on my PC with MPEG I Can't play burnt dvds on dvd player get no video only audio I burnt them with Any Burn onto DVD -R or R GB finalized them but they will not play on my Sony DVD recorder just the message quot There is no title quot Also I can burn only about hrs to a disc About years ago I downloaded you tube videos with Keepvid com and got about hrs on a GB disc and they played on the DVD player Keepvid has been changed since then and won t let you do it anymore and I also believe the free version got a virus and I had to reinstall Windows lately Can't play burnt dvds on dvd player Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU G GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard AED Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security Updated and Enabled nbsp
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Hi, I have had this problem for quite a while maybe for a few months but I never bothered because i had another dvd player to my desktop but recently, i had switched it to region 2 and i would like to keep that one so, so is there a way for my writer to be able to read the dvds again?
when i try to read dvds, it reads but when i start it, it says that it is inaccessible. is there a way to fix it?
my operating system is xp home. and the driver is a 1/7/2001 year name is LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4836K
(if there isnt a solution to it, is there anyway of making my other dvd reader an all region? (because it says that you can only change the region 4 times)
thanks so much
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I've converted my analog camcorder home movies to the mpeg2 DVD format using the DVDexpressDX2 encoder. After burning the Authoring folder and the Video_TS folder to the DVD, and putting it in the DVD player to be played on my TV, it gives me an error message. Am I supposed to add an autorun.inf file to the DVD? (The DVDs do play on my notebook's software DVD players.)

A:Homemade DVDs won't play in DVD Player

I've had the same problem. I find it depends on the brand of DVD. I've always stayed away from Sony. Eh, there are some cheap DVD players out there also.
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After reinstalling Windows XP on my Toshiba laptop with my recovery DVD I wasn't able to install my Internet Security from a CD-ROM. I was able to play a DVD (movie) which might stop every once in a while but it would play but can't play audio CDs or CD-ROMs.

I reinstalled the recovery DVD three times in a row and the same thing. The DVDs will play and the CDs won't.

Is my multi player going bad or could it be something else? I hardly ever use it but it sits below my hard drive.

My laptop is an '03 Toshiba Satellite P15-S479, Media Center Edition.

A:CDs or CD/ROMs don't play on multi player but DVDs will

Since you've re-installed the OS several times with no change to the problem it does indicate a hardware problem. A CD/DVD drive has two lasers (one for each type of media) so the cd-laser may have failed. A new CD/DVD drive is required when that happens.
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Get the sound but no picture on any video file, and its the same for PowerDVD, Wind DVD and Divx.

Downloaded all the codecs I could find and followed the advice from the MS site, downloading the reccomended codecs.

Any advice welcome

A:[SOLVED] Media Player 11 not playing DVDs

have you installed these
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Hey all,
I've got full sound in everything else and the latest sound blaster drivers. I insert a DVD and play it in Windows Media Player or Center and I get no Audio (*shakes head).

I play the DVD in VLC and it plays and sounds fine, but the Quality of the DVD video in VLC blows.

What's the fix (and why does there need to be a fix) for Windows Media Player? You'd think Windows Media CENTER could at least play a DVD...

A:No Sound when Playing DVDs in Media Player

Try removing WMC and reinstalling it. Open "Turn Windows features on or off" and remove it, reboot, and check the box again.
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I Windows won't DVDs play Media 11 Player ve been having a problem with Windows Media Player for a few months now and I m at a loss for figuring it out A few months ago Windows Media Windows Media Player 11 won't play DVDs Player decided to stop playing my DVDs Before this it had worked perfectly in both it Windows Media Player 11 won't play DVDs and Windows Media Center The DVD drive works just fine as I m able to read and write DVDs without a problem I had pretty much stopped watching DVDs for a few months so I can t link it to specifically one change that I ve made to my computer but suffice it to say none of the new program instillation should have bothered anything video related nor have I changed the hardware configuration This is what it looks like when I try to watch a movie http img photobucket com albums v NicholasJohn DVDPlayback jpg I downloaded and installed VLC Media Player and I am able to watch movies perfectly fine with it This leads me to believe that something has gone wrong with the embedded DVD codec in Vista but I can t figure out how to find the problem or fix it This is annoying me because I usually sit back and watch movies with Windows Media Center and my remote but I can t do that easily with VLC Player Any suggestions Thank you for any assistance nbsp

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I had to replace the hard drive on the laptop. Ordered recovery DVDs from HP. The internal DVD hasn't been working, so I got an external LG DVD player, model GP50NB40. I set the boot order in BIOS to USB CD/DVD. However, laptop is not recognizing the DVD in the player. I get a message that is something to the extent of "No bootable disk found". I also hit F9, and selected the external drive to boot from without success. And for whatever reason, I also hit F11. Same message.I tested the DVD player on another computer, and it's working fine. I switched the USB cable on the laptop to another port. No change. Does anyone have any idea of how to proceed to load the software onto the new drive? Thanks in advace for your time.
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Okay, I hope that someone can help with this. Recently, I cannot play DVDs or DVD files in WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10. It worked fine before, now...nothing. When I go to try and play a DVD or file, I get the following message:

Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. Open Display in Control Panel, and then lower your screen resolution and color quality settings. To view the DVD Troubleshooter, click More Information.

I tried to do everything that it said to do, I even redownloaded WMP10. I have another program that use to play my DVD media called NERO SHOWTIME. When I try using my media in that, I get this message:

Internal error. Cannot build graph. The application may be installed incorrectly.

What happened??? Anyone have a clue to how I can fix this without installing a different program? My OS is Windows XP Pro.

Thank you

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I keep getting this error message C00D10D1: Cannot play the file
when ever i put in a dvd and try to play it. I have downloaded several things and nothing works.

A:error with playing dvds on Media player

Do you have DVD playing software installed? Windows media player does not have native DVD playing capability and only uses the codec from third party DVD playing utilities to play DVD's.
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Ok heres all the info I was able to my DVDs DVD in can Why I player? play standalone burn that not burn quite a few episodes of certain shows onto a DVD with menus and everything and I was able to view them on my DVD player They were all avi files and were encoded and burned with no Why can I not burn DVDs that play in my standalone DVD player? problem Then I bought some new discs different brands and am not able to burn anything Well actually the Nero Vision program will say the burn completed successfully and you can see where it burned on the physical disc but the computer Why can I not burn DVDs that play in my standalone DVD player? does not recognize it or the DVD player either I have tried a few different burning programs and also converted the avi files to DVD files Also tried building an iso file and burned it that way Still my DVD player will not recognize it I am using Verbatim x DVD R discs which were highly recommended for DVD burning Also my DVD player has the DIVX logo on it so maybe I need to burn them with DIVX Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am wasting too many discs Thank You nbsp

A:Why can I not burn DVDs that play in my standalone DVD player?

Is this the first time using 16x discs? If so, is your burner rated for 16x discs? If not you may need to update the firmware of the drive.

Also if the player is a recent Divx compatible player, any .avi encoded with either the divx or xvid codec should play. So your avi files might already be compatible without conversion to DVD-compatibility, but that doesn't solve your underlying problem I don't think, just makes the process of going from file to DVD playback quicker and easier.
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Hi Tech Support,

My laptop read DVDs just fine before I burned a cd on it this weekend, now it will only read cd-r's and no longer DVDs. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the driver as well as the secondary IDE channel, I have rebooted after each uninstall. I'm hoping that it isn't fried now because my son really like watching his movies on the laptop!
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Recently I have started having problems playing DVDs in Windows Media Player 11.

Discs that previously played without any problem now do not play smoothly at all and seem to "stutter".

CDs appear to play OK - although, having said that, I am not sure they are playing as smoothly as they used to. It could be my imagination but I am sure there is a discernible change on live CD recordings where one track runs into another.

I have completely uninstalled and re-installed WMP 11 and the problem remains the same.

Anything played via Media Center is problem free.

I only purchased my laptop in November 2006 and am a bit of a novice so this might be something really simple but I would be extremely grateful for any advice.

Thank you.

A:Problem Playing DVDs In Media Player 11

Do you have windows defender installed on your computer?
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I have three out of region dvds that wont play in my dvd player. A friend of mine told me a sony dvd player would play out of region dvds, but I want out side opinion. Please help me!
Parental Control Software

A:What kind of dvd player would play out of region dvds?

i had a nasty cheap 5.00 dvd player from walmart for the kids and it will play a dustbin lid, loads issues with the more expensive players