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Not sure whether this should be here or int he WIndows section Gaming Headset G330 Logitech as it seems to be linked to my OS Anyway I just got the Logitech Gaming Headset G330 Logitech Gaming Headset G for Christmas ps Merry Christmas all It has two speakers and a boom mic The mic and speakers connect on separate Logitech Gaming Headset G330 stereo jacks which can plug into a regular audio port but also come with a USB dongle to integrate them into just one connection mic headphones USB Using the single headphone cable works great from my back panel audio as well as my iPod Didn t try the mic one However when using the USB dongle on MY pc the mic and headphones SUCK But on the Compaq netbook my little brother just got and my mom s Dell it works just fine A half hour on the phone with Logitech has determined that the hardware for the headset is indeed NOT faulty It is a problem with my OS note - by sucks I mean the audio is low garbled staticy has feedback etc Not what you would expect from a dollar headset I tested the mic with Ventrilo and my Realtek AvRack program to record played back in Ventrilo and AvRack also played iTunes music through it and Windows system sounds sound just as bad The headset does NOT come with its own drivers it uses generic USB Audio drivers After some searching I found a usbaudio sys on the internet for XP and replaced mine with that Still no improvement Does anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be My mom said that maybe my Xbox wired headset I use with my pc through the controller has the same problem now but it doesn t I suspect it is because the headset has its own drivers through the controller I think it is a driver issue or possibly a codec issue of some sorts So if anybody has some quick ideas on what to try before oh I don t know around am Eastern Time let me know I will check back here many times before then If not Imma just reinstall Windows lol nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Logitech Gaming Headset G330

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Logitech Gaming Headset G330

Nevermind, I am just gonna reinstall now lol.

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Hello This has been an extremely frustrating week headset g330 gaming Logitech for me all because of logitech headsets week ago I purchased a logitech clear chat pro usb it just stopped working my OS Windows professional bit just stopped recognizing it After reading many articles on google it would have appeared that this is a wide spread issue that occured with usb headsets made by logitech So I returned it payed some extra cash and purchased a Logitech g gaming Logitech g330 gaming headset head set this one had the pink and green adapters and a usb adapter aswell When I got it home the mic just didn t work I have gone through all the sound settings made sure it was un muted boosted set to default etc I also have tried to use it on other computers with no success yet another mic works on this computer so i doubt it is my hardware Does any body know how to perhaps update the generic windows sound reset it to default I have already updated the realtek sound drives to zero success Thank You Peter nbsp

A:Logitech g330 gaming headset

If it don't work on your pc and other pc then I think the problem is with the mic. Updating Realtek driver may go bad if you chosen the bad driver but as you tested it on another pc then the problem may be with the mic itself. I would recommend you to return it and make the seller test it there.
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I just got a logitech extreme pc gaming headset. I used to have a USB headset, but now I have a headset with a pink plug and a black plug. I am not sure where to put them in, some help would be good.

A:Logitech Extreme PC Gaming Headset

***Sorry I forgot to add this but I am running Windows Vista, and have a Creative Labs X-FI XtremeGamer 24-BIT PCI Sound Card.
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Hello! (First post.)
I have the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset, and recently it started dropping off sounds from games. When i switch to the speakers, everythings okay. I played with the Windows 7 sound configuration and figured out that it only drops off 1-channel sounds. And to make it weirder, when i take it off my head, it works.

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Hi there! I've recently been given a Logitech F710 gaming controller for my computer (a Samsung 305E on Windows 7 - I'm not 100% computer literate so let me know if you need any other specs). Most games work fine - I played Batman: Arkham Origins without any problems. However, many older games, such as Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect, I learned, require me to create a profile using the Logitech Gaming Software.

I downloaded this software from the official site. However, the Logitech Gaming Software does not recognize the controller, even when the Connection Utility also provided on the Logitech website does.

I am not really sure what to do. I have removed and re-downloaded Logitech Gaming Software, but I still cannot do anything with it. I would really appreciate any help, thank you very much.
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Hi...I've just bought a Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB headset. I had no problem connecting it up but when I go to try and record music & voice together it doesn't happen. So far I've been able to record voice only & can't get it to record any music at all. Playing music/mp3s is fine & it does have great sound but I need to get voice & music to record together. Is there a way to do this or is it just not possible with this type of headset ??...or is it perhaps a compatibility issue with my sound card (realtek)/computer (vista) ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated...thankyou.
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I get the system sound indicating that a USB device has been plugged in,
but the main room speakers remain on - they used to switch off automatically..
I want it set up so that the headphones automatically mute the main speakers when plugged in..
it always used to do this, but after playing around with the settings, this no longer happens..
anybody know how to restore the normal settings?

A:Logitech G35 headset.., OK this is becoming a nuisance..

I've got three UI's for sound on this PC/Mobo

1. the Realtek onboard soundcard
2. Windows7's audio interface
3. Creative X-Fi (which appears to use the Realtek card) and the system doesn't recognise (!)

I want it set up so that the Realtek Hi-Def Audio (speakers) is the default
and the G35 (USB input) switches it out when plugged in, via a USB port
- it really ought to be straightforward..

At the moment the Room Speakers have the Default, which is OK
but I have to manually switch over to the Headphones when they're plugged in
and the sound via the Headphones is garbled when the 5.1 switch is enabled via the phones
although it's fine when the 2.1 stereo switch on the phones is in the "up" position

- what settings do I need to input so that
a. the headphones automatically switch out the speakers
b. get clear 5.1 sound from the G35 Headset

and which UI should I be using for all this, the Win7, or the Realtek interface..

PS: all drivers are up to date, BTW
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http www logitech com index cfm products details US EN CRID CONTENTID Just got that off ebay It s in perfect condition and everything but I can t get it to work I plug it in Need help 350 Logitech some Headset with and I get this message So it tells me to check the device manager Under USB in the device manager is my headset listed as Unknown Device When I go to properties for it it tells me there are no drivers installed for it Yet at the top of the screen there s a tab labeled Drivers where some driver is listed I tried updating it but it said there is no better version of this driver then the one I have now Here s Need some help with Logitech 350 Headset a pic of the device manager thing if it helps and what the driver tab says I m on Windows XP Home using SP if it matters I ve gone through the trouble shooter times now each Need some help with Logitech 350 Headset time I get to the end and it tells me that it doesn t know what the problem is I don t know what to do if anyone can help me I d really appreciate it nbsp

A:Need some help with Logitech 350 Headset

I've read up a little bit on the usb headsets. It looks like it should be automatically detected by windows and doesn't need any other drivers installed. I would say chances are you a got a dud headset. I try to stay away from e-bay for this reason. You have to trust the seller is selling you something that is working.

I'd say your only option at this point is to verify my theory that they are just broken by trying them on another system. I realize most people don't have 2 computers at their house. However in today's day and age most housholds have a computer. Try it at a friends house on their system. IF you get the same error then you got yourself some crappers. Sorry. Hope you didn't spend too much on them. I would contact the seller about this and if they say tough luck then give he/she a negative feedback.
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Ok, I just got a headset for my PC, which was probably a bad move since the headphone quality is crap on my headset but the microphone is excellent. Now.. I was just wondering how I can plug in the USB headset in without it stealing the outgoing audio? I'll include screens of my properties of my audio since everyones is different.

Note: I have the built in audio setup from the ASUS P4C800

Thanks in advance.

A:Logitech USB headset issues

Nevermind, I was just toggling around with it and I figured out how to change it.

lol, didn't take me too long to fiddle around with it to get it to work, I'll just leave it like this and not touch it now.
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The only sound I can hear with my Logitech Premium USB Headset 300 is the sound of myself blowing or rubbing on the mic. What am I doing wrong that I can't hear the music that is playing on my hard drive. I can hear the music through my speakers but not through my headset.

A:Logitech Premium USB Headset 300

Did you install the software that came with the set? If so did you follow the instructions to the letter? If so did you enable the USB sound input?
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Hello I wanted to get a headset to use for online gaming and possibly using programs such as Skype So I ordered a Logitech ClearChat Premium PC headset from Best Buy The headset arrived and I proceeded to read the instructions Headset Logitech Problems to make sure that I did everything right they were pretty straight forward plug each cord into Logitech Headset Problems its respective slot mic into mic and earphones into ear phones and it should have been ready to go But when I tested them out the mic didn t work and the earphones didn t produce any sound instead the sound came out of the built-in speakers on my monitor I found out that the earphones only work when I plug them into the slot on the underside of the monitor where there is no mic slot and neither the mic or earphones work when plugged into the slots on the front of the computer Also I checked the devices and apparently the computer doesn t even register that the headset is plugged in I tested out a friends headset which uses the same two plug style cord and I got the same results I really don t know what to do now can anyone help Also I just tried the headset with a laptop which had a built-in mic and it works fine on there but unfortunately the laptop can t do what I need the mic for Clearly the problem is with my computer if you would like to see the specs you can see them on my profile nbsp
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I've had this headset for about 2 months now and it's worked fine up till now. Whenever I talk into the microphone, no sound gets transfered to the computer or the headset speakers. Even when I blow into it or rub on the microphone it doesn't make a sound. Could someone help me?

Here's the one I'm talking about:,en

A:Logitech Headset Malfunctioning

Are you sure it's the microphone and not the computer? Have you tried another mic to see if it works with the same settings?
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My Logitech headset with headphones and mic is ureently not working for no reason at all, its a smiple plug in one (not usb) you plug the jacks in to the mic and sound slots, which has been done correctly.

No drivers or anything just plug in and go, but recently it has stopped working its only a cheap pair so its not major just wondered why?

Thanks for any help,
Tom welols-day

A:Logitech Headset No Working!

Are you sure it's the headset? Have you tried real speakers to confirm it's not the soundcard? If speakers still work, there's probably a broken wire. (Logitech quality, you know!)
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Hi First time here but I hope someone can help I have a logitech head mic set plugged into a USB port but now wish to use my desktop speakers only The problem is when I remove the headset from the usb port and plug the speakers in I get no Logitech headset problems sound at all There is an exlamantion mark over multi media controller in the device panel of system I have uninstalled this tried re-installing it kicked the computer but still no sound and the new hardware wizard says it can t find the drivers Where are these It s like the Logitech headset has taken over Board K T - I have Optronix come up on the opening screen on reboot so I presume this is the maker Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD PG I don t know if I have on board sound or a card or even if I need to download drivers to correct this problem Any help to gey my sound back would be great and can I thank you in advance for your help Logitech headset problems nbsp
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Hi there guys
So here's the problem. I've been using this headset for ages with Vista x64 Ultimate without any problems whatsoever. The other day I took my tower apart to install some new hardware I bought on boxing day (Radeon 5770, new PSU, new cpu heatsink) which should have nothing to do with the headset. Now, after it has all been put together again, Vista no longer recognizes what the device (headset) is, and it no longer shows up on my list of playback devices in audio preferences. Logitech has no software for this device on their site.
I had to move my Audigy 2ZS sound card to a different PCI slot to accommodate the new larger gfx card, but I don't think that had anything to do with it as the headset doesn't route through the sound card.
I'm a little lost here


A:Logitech Clearchat Pro USB Headset

You might check the cables inside your desktop to see if any got dislocated/disloged from their connector.
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It seems it is Mic Logitech Precision Headset fairly known that the boom on the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset has an issue with picking up sound Most places have stated that by using Microphone Boost that the issue is easily solved However in my case it isn t My webcam s mic works perfectly but the headset picks up hardly anything While fiddling with some options had it to where I could yell with the mic almost down my throat and be able to hear decently but that defeats the purpose of having it My options are all cranked up as high as I can get them but the volume sliders on the sound control panel where you enable mic boosting are grayed out Would they be able to make my mic audible All audio devices are set to my AC drivers and they re up-to-date I m certain I ve covered every base Is there an extra software program I could use to boost it even further I asked about this in Logitech s forums but they only served to give no response at all So much for manufacturers supporting their customers I d appreciate a timely response as I only have till Friday to determine if I need to return them Thanks nbsp

A:Logitech Precision Headset Mic

Bump from 3rd page.
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Okay, hey everybody. Yesterday I bought a logitech headset/ microphone. It didnt come with any drivers, its a simple plug and play item. I plug it in (mind you, I have a different sound card, the one that came with my pc broke somehow), and I can hear perfectly, but I cant talk to anybody. I made sure the mic isnt muted, and I made sure the mic was turned on. No luck. I tryed it on my mom's laptop, and it works perfectly. Any tips? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Well it was working fine 24 hours ago now the USB port isn't " seeing " it.
I know this due to the volume control button light is not on and no sound.

1. Device manger is all aces all the way through audio is there.
2. I tested the port with my mouse its fine.
3. My driver tool actually sees the windows default driver
4. My system tool sees the soundcard as well.
5. Tested the headset on a another comp its all aces.
6. and most importantly..I'm not that techy but I can't think of anything else
or where to even start to isolate the problem

Thank you in advance.. this is grossly annoying
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I bought a PC headset with rotating microphone Logitech "ClearChat Stereo" to use with Skype. I plugged it in the front (pink plug in pink and green in green), but it is not working. When I open Sound/Recording, it tells me "not plugged in". If I plug the headset it in the back of the computer (again plug pink in pink and green in green), then the microphone works, but the sound not comes out of the headset, only on the speakers of the monitor. I tested the headset on the laptop and there it works fine. Anything I can do to make it work, plugging it in the front of my computer?

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Guys i just bought a brand new headset here it is if you want to take a look at it...,CRID=103,CONTENTID=10011

The problem is that the mic (microphone) isn't working for me but the rest of the headset is working can someone please tell me the proper settings that are needed so i can function this microphone. It would be very appreciated.

A:Logitech headset problem

Hope this helps, go to start,programs,accessories,entertainment,volume controll, then click file>>properties>> select input properties>> and then check microphone and click ok. Now go back to regular audio properties, make sure mic is not mute and then raise all the volume. Try to check if its working by trying to record something in the widows sound recorder.(same steps except instead of pressing volume controll u press sound recorder).

Now if this doesnt work, go to control panel, switch to classic mode if using xp ,click on an audio icon ( not the SOUND AND DEVICES ICON!), although that might be the only one u see. But if there is a different icon click it, (in my case its called Realtek HD soud....) now if its like mine, go to: MIXER tab>>> click the two little dots (maybe the options icon on the mic area) and select MICROPHONE BOOSTER. TRY TO FIND THE MIC BOOSTER.

Well hope this wasnt too confusing and that it does help.
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I have a very annoying problem with a Logitech 350 headset. Recently I noticed that when the headset is connected, my operating system (Vista Home edition, SP1) volume control slider drops itself to the bottom of it's range. If I left click on the slider, I can lift it and hear my volume through the headphones, but as soon as I let go of the mouse button the slider immediately drops back down and I get no more volume through the headset. If I disconnect the headphones then the slider operates normally. I thought this would be a driver issue, but neither the manufacturer nor Microsoft offer any type of update that I can find. I've tried uninstalling the current driver and then reconnecting the headset, but it did not help. There have been no changes (newly installed software or new updates that I'm aware of) that could have caused the problem.

Thanks all for any help!
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For some reason, when i'm playing games like Counter-Strike, I can hear people moving, but i can't hear where they are coming from. I have the Logitech stereo headset 200. It's a USB headset. It cost me $80, so it should be atleast half decent. Any advice?

NOTE: This headset did not come with any drivers and none are available on the website

Thanks in advance,

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I have a headset that works on my other computer, but isn't working on this one. I've tried switching soundcards, and I don't know if that's part of the problem. The sound works fine, but it won't pick up the microphone. It didn't work with the built-in soundboard either.

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp.080413-2111) [32 Bit]

My only option for both Sound & Recording device is "Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio"

If anyone could help me with this, that would be great. Thanks.
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Hi guys, i'm having this weird problem with this headset. I can't record sound with the headset on my computer, but it's fine when i tested on my friend's computer. Occasionally, i do hear "wind blowing" noise when i adjust the mic on different position, and still can vaguely hear the sound i recorded with my com. However, when i tried recording with my friend's com, the mic just sound fine like the way it is before regardless of position. Since the problem only occur with my com, anyone has any idea what's went wrong here? Please help, thanks.

A:Problem with Logitech USB headset 250..any idea why?

Assuming that you are in fact using Windows, have you checked under Control Panel - Sounds and Audio - Audio tab - Sound recording

See if its set for the USB headset in there?
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I'm having a problem with my headset. Whenever i play a game or listen to music, after about 5-10 minutes the sound turns into gargled crap. Like a choppy, sputtering static noise. I'm using 'Digital Precision Headset' by Logitech. It has worked fine for me on XP, so i don't see what the problem could be. The driver sofware comes with windows, so logitech doesnt offer driver support for it. I did however un-plug/plug-in to see if windows(7) would reinstall the drivers. It did, but i still cant get them to work right. Which sucks for online gamming, because i dont have another mic to use.

little help?

thanks in advance

A:Logitech Usb Headset - Sounds like garbage works fine for 5-10 minutes? If that's the case it really makes one wonder about heat. I have never heard of a sound card overheating. Have you already tried the latest driver? I would really look for a driver. There is probably one out there. I would do that first and see if there is a change.
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well i just bought this thing about 3 days ago so i absolutely know its not shot

for the first couple of hours that i had it it worked and then every time thereafter it kept giving me a *found new hardware* message every time i plugged it back in after it quit working

ive checked system 32 and made sure that all plug and play things such as USBAUDIO and what have u are there since this particular headset has no drivers and is listed there and nothings missing also im pretty sure its unmuted and i just cant seem to get this thing to work

i hear nothing from the headphones and no one hears anything from my mic

i use a creative blaster Audigy SE soundcard
can anyone help with this?
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For some reason i can hear my music playing from i tunes i can speak into my mic and people type in that they can hear me. But for some reason i can't hear them I dont know what seems to be the problem i don't think it's the headset but i dont know what else the problem can be besides the sound card which i changed like 3-4 times.

A:Logitech USB Headset giving problems

If your headset as a single jack plug it is probably incompatible with the socket on the sound card which needs a connection for the mike and another connection for the speaker/earpiece.
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Hello I tried a lot of different things before registering here and asking for help I have already dealt with Logitech Logitech Stopped Headset Working USB s customer support and finally after trying a few things that they sent to me they said to contact either Microsoft or my computer s manufacturer for further assistance I Logitech USB Headset Stopped Working don t want to have to pay to fix this problem so hopefully someone on here will know what to do I have a Logitech USB Headset and it worked fine for about six months or so It all of a sudden one day just stopped working and I didn t change any system settings or install or uninstall anything new The only thing I did before I realized it stopped working was allow Windows XP to do it s updates I even tried to uninstall the updates to fix the problem and that did not work While it is connected to the computer it shows up under the Device Manager but a yellow exclamation mark is next to it When trying to update the driver it goes through all the motions and finally it says after trying quot There was a problem installing this hardware Logitech USB Headset An error occured during the installation of this device A service installation section in this INF is invalid quot I have tried connecting the headset to other USB ports and it still does not work I tried connecting it to another computer and it works just fine So it cannot be the actual product but something within my computer If anyone has any ideas please let me know because I m fresh out of them Thanks so much nbsp
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So as the title says i am having problems with my Headset/mic. Got told to check out the Control Panel for how to set it up properly and when you go to change to Audio on the USB it comes up with " SndVol32.exe" error and says to goto ADD/Remove to install. But the headset didn't come with a disc, and i've tried Logitech online to see if i had to get some update or download but to no evale. Main reason i got it was at the time i was and still am a bit of a BF2 nut. So can anyone shed some lite on this problem or even better let me know on what i have missed or forgotten...
Cheers Adam

A:Logitech Premium Headset 350 (BF2 Probs)

See if the link helps
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Hey guys. I've been having an issue with Mumble on Windows 8 RP. If I set the audio to come out of my Logitech USB Headset speakers it prevents audio from the mic and speakers. However, if I have it coming out of my onboard audio speakers I can use the headset's mic and everything is just fine. Is anyone aware of this issue or have any suggestions? If you need more info I can certainly provide it. Thanks for your help!

Sound card: Realtek HD Audio
Headset: Logitech USB Headset

A:Mumble not coming through Logitech USB Headset

Welcome to EightForums argrubbs

Sound like this thread refers to your troubleshoot, Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8 and remove the previous one restart the pc and install the lastest driver.
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On my office laptop I have a Logitech headset from the office (the H390 as far as I can tell) which I've been happily using with Skype, Office Communicator for about a year now.

But after upgrading Skype (which hung several times during upgrade) I can't seem to play audio through the headset anymore, not just in Skype but anywhere in Windows (running Windows 7 SP1).
I'm seeing an audio playback entry called "Communications Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC)" .

If I go to my sound settings in Windows, trying to play any sound will fail ("Failed to play test tone"). The headset is my default playback device, selected, but it still doesn't produce any sound. AFAIK the mic still works.

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this problem? Windows' own troubleshooter gives up immediately ("Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem").

A:Logitech headset not giving playback

Take a screenshot of your 'Playback' tab under 'Sounds' (right click on the Volume in your Taskbar, and press Sounds). I've had a lot of Audio problems recently as well, so maybe I can find some pattern here.
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In my recording devices section I can see that the mic is connected and enabled but when I try to speak into it, the bars don't rise and Windows speech recognition can not hear me either. What can I do? I have tried reinstalling the headset, looking for driver updates and all sorts of tutorial videos on the internet that have been of no use. So how can I solve this issue. I have a Logitech h151 headset
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I have a Logitech Clearchat USB headset, works great, I love it.

As soon as I plug in my Xplorer Guitar for the Guitar hero 3 PC Version, My sound is messed up, hearing or talking through the mic. The only way to restore the sound back to perfect is to take out the Xplorer guitar and reboot the PC. Which is rather annoying.

Does anyone have any ideas, or fixes, maybe someone else has come across the same problem. I've put this in vista as I have Vista x86.

Theres nothing wrong with actually playing the game, its just the headset. The sound out of my speakers work fine.

I would appreciate any help/insight.


A:PC Xplorer Guitar and Logitech USB Headset

Anyone able to help? :<
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Hey, my mate just gave me his Logitech Headset 250 Usb M/N: A-0356A and it worked on his computer but I plugged it in on my computer the Sound works but the Voice doesn't. I've checked the Settings and the sound is turned up and not muted. I've tried restarting and changing USB ports but still no sound will get recognised through the headset.

A:USB Logitech Headset 250 Mic Wont Work

I still can't figure it out
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So I have external speakers hooked up to an onboard soundcard through 2 headphone jacks and a mic jack. The USB headset is plugged in through a USB slot...

Currently, the issue is that I would like to utilize 2 separate sound outputs on my computer. The speakers for music and movies and other stuff (IE this remaining the default device) and having all ventrilo sounds come out of the earpiece on my headset, and having the mic work properly.

I have set the output device within ventrilo's setup setting to my headset earpiece, and the input device to my headset's microphone. Yet, the only way for ventrilo to utilize these settings correctly is to switch my default audio device to the USB headset. When I would like the default device to remain as the speakers.

Thanks for your time,
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My Logitech headset worked on XP but // Logitech headset vista fix for Worked! not on Vista Found a fix on this forum Below is waht worked for me copied from original post How to fix the logitech driver problem Copy the USBAUDIO sys file from a COLOR A important COLOR A important Windows COLOR A important XP COLOR COLOR COLOR machine on the Vista machine click start type quot cmd quot in the search box and press Ctrl Shift amp Enter so you get a quot root quot CMD-vindow type quot cd drivers quot press enter type quot takeown f USBAUDIO sys quot press enter type quot cacls USBAUDIO sys G quot Your Username quot f quot press enter and Y when asked Logitech headset fix for vista // Worked! Note the quot around username type quot del USBAUDIO sys quot press enter copy the USBAUDIO sys file to your Windows System drivers Steps were not needed but posted here for completion type quot cd C Windows System DriverStore FileRepository wdma usb inf ce de quot press enter type quot takeown f USBAUDIO sys quot press enter Logitech headset fix for vista // Worked! type quot cacls USBAUDIO sys G quot Your Username quot f quot press enter and Y when asked Note the quot around username type quot del USBAUDIO sys quot press enter Now also copy the XP version of USBAUDIO sys to the C Windows System DriverStore FileRepository wdma usb inf ce de folder quot Connect the headset it quot should quot work EggHeadCafe com - NET Developer Portal of Choice http www eggheadcafe com
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Just bought a head set earlier on today, ive plugged it in and i cant get it to work. Ive got it sorted so i can hear all the sound clearly, as in i can listen to music on the computer, but when i speak into the microphone, nothing happens.

I started an audion conversation on msn to see if it would work and all my mate could hear is the beeping noises on the desktop and the music i was playing, but he couldnt hear me speak.

I took it along to his house and soon as he plugged it in it worked,

Does anybody have any idea as to what i can do to see if i can get it to work?


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i just got this head set. there is an insane amount of static/sound distortions when i move a windows around or scroll while a video or audio stream is going at gets worse by about 10 fold. i have exhausted all my googling and research capabilities on this issue it would be a great help to me if you would give your suggestions! thanks in advance! btw one of my siblings who lives in the same house has one installed on another computer and as far as i know it works without problems.
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Hello, I just bought this logitech headset 3 days ago and it worked fine on a video game called counter strike source when for 2 days but today i tried using it on counter strike source but now it wont work anymore. I went to control panel and i enabled my headset on playback and recording but no response on counter strike. It only works on microsoft speech recognition but not on sound recorder or steam. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!

I even went to Control Panel > Sounds > Recording > Logitech USB Headset > Properties > Levels > Enable Sound

SO, AFTER I DO THAT, I CLICK OK AND THEN OK AGAIN. So I go back on steam and test out the microphone and it doesn't work so i go back to "LEVELS" and then the sound is disabled AGAIN!


A:Logitech Headset wont work anymore

This is universal advice for all gamers, but they never listen:



What do you mean by "steam?"
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I have the Casque Usb premium and i have gone to the quot sounds and audio devices properties quot and gone I can Headset, hear USB Logitech can talk not sound but I to the voice tab and turned them both to quot logitech Usb headset quot and pressed apply and nothing happens i have gone to test hardware and everything is perfectly fine when i test it and i can hear myself back and everything so i know its not a defective mic I have tested the USB Logitech Headset, I can hear sound but I can not talk mic in ventrilo team speak and team fortress in game speach nothing comes out succes full Anyone know a fix for this problem like a driver i need to install for it or something Test the Windows Sound Recorder on your PC Click Start - gt Programs - USB Logitech Headset, I can hear sound but I can not talk gt Accessories - gt Entertainment and choose Sound recorder Click record button and speak to see whether the green line moves to indicate the application picks USB Logitech Headset, I can hear sound but I can not talk the sound Click on Stop button and Play to check the sound Make sure the device is selected Click Edit Then Audio Properties and make sure Logitech Device is listed as preferred device for Sound Recording And i have done this and it works perfectly here but alas it does not work in when im in game vent or team speak nbsp

A:USB Logitech Headset, I can hear sound but I can not talk

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I have a Logitech g230 Gaming Headset and it only plays sound from one side. It works fine and plays it from both sides when I plug it in to the back panel but I don't want to do that because it means that I would have to switch two cables if I ever wanted to use some speakers that I have. In the front panel it doesn't play sound from the left side. I have checked balance and still doesn't work.

Please Help.

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I just bought one of these as I needed a USB headset. Everything i read online was good about it, but i cant use it because everyone i talk to in Ventrillo says I sound 'distorted' with a buzzing sound or something. Some said it was like a fan noise. I have nothing on my desk that makes noise and i tried to look for help online, but logitech's web site was no help and the only things i see on the net are reviews.

Does anyone know what my problem might be? Does this happen often?

P.S. I use Vista home prem 64 bit

A:Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset Problems

can anyone help me on this? I'm not sure what to do.
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I recently bought a Logitech G230 headset for my PC. I plugged it into multiple audio jacks and I still couldn't hear anything coming through the speakers of the headset. It turns out the problem is that Windows isn't recognizing the headphones. I'm currently not at my home, so I don't remember exactly what it said. But it was something along the lines of the headset not being plugged in. What can I do to fix this? I tried plugging it into the front panel 3.5 mm headphone jacks as well as the ones on the back, also, there's no drivers that come with the headset.

Please help ASAP. I really want to use my new headset!

A:Windows 7 Not recognizing Logitech G230 Headset

Try the headset in a different PC, if it acts the same there it suggests the headset is defective.

The only two audio jacks you should be plugging it into is the Headphone jack on the front panel and the GREEN speaker jack on the rear. On the front panel jacks, as this is a custom build do you have the HD Audio connection from the front panel plugged into the motherboard? Has the front panel jacks ever worked?

"Windows" doesn't recognize headphones as a device. The sound chip may recognize it but that's all.
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Ok i got a new headset and Logitech USB headset. It is supposed to be a plug and play but for some reason when i tell it to search online for drivers/updates it starts saying "Installing Driver" Then i get the message:

"Windows Found Driver software for your device but encountered and error while trying to install it.

<speaker Picture> USB Audio Device

The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request."

It tells me to contact the manufacturer, i did check the website and found the model, i read about it and it told me that no software needed it was just plug and play. I have a Dell Inspirion E1505 with vista basic.

Can someone please help me? Emailing me would be nice.
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I recently purchased A USB logitech Headset to use with ventrilo while playing WoW The first time i plugged it in it worked perfectly since there were no drivers to install i plugged it in and in the system tray it said quot usb device installed quot So the next day i unplug "USB Logitech Not Headset Recognized Device the headset to plug in my iPod Well later that day when i Logitech Headset "USB Device Not Recognized try to plug Logitech Headset "USB Device Not Recognized my headset back in i get a message down at the bottom of my screen saying quot USB Device not recognized one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it for assistance solving this problem click this message quot Well i tried clicking the message and you know god ol windows didnt get me anywhere at all So i went into device manager Logitech Headset "USB Device Not Recognized and unistalled the device then plugged it back in then it would say quot New Device Installed quot but then immediately afterwards the same old usb device not recognized error message would pop up I even tried it on a different computer and got the same message Is it actually possible that by simply unplugging my headset that it could malfunction to the extent of not working at all And when i try to go through install new hardware i see the quot Unknown device quot in the list of installed hardware and when i click on it it says quot This Device is Working Properly quot nbsp
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I am just writin 2 u with a problem l have with my logitech clearchat stereo headset and microphone its not workin and its not detected on the computer when l first brought it worked but now it doesnt do l need to install any drivers for it to work my laptop is with windows vista home premium plz can u help l dunno wat to do without it
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Hi guys I'm wondering if any of you know of a workaround to USB Logitech Level Quiet - Headset Too H800 Max Mic Wireless increase this mic's loudness other than just getting a different headset of course or know of some software that will integrate into Windows allowing me to boost the mic The headset doesn't use nor directly interact with my onboard audio hardware software just the basic Windows sound settings in the control panel It's a pretty basic and flimsy headset that Logitech H800 Wireless USB Headset - Max Mic Level Too Quiet doesn't come with any kind of audio software beyond just drivers but it's very comfortable and has decent enough clarity for my needs so I would prefer if I can get the mic working loudly enough I would like to use it for game chatting recording VOIP and making some tutorials but as it is I have to turn down all the other audio levels on my system game volume etc and crank up the volume output to hear the audio at balanced levels Fine tuning the volume levels ahead of time for each specific scenario is above my production budget even though I can lower the volume levels to compensate in post as it where Bit tongue in check there as my setup and aspirations don't involve a professional studio obviously using this headset The only thing I can think of off hand now that I haven't tried is passing the mic audio out and running it back in again to raise the levels with my onboard audio software but that seems pretty sloppy to me and would likely add even more noise than boosting it digitally I'm not sure how plausible that is if I can even get it working with my setup Let me know if you guys have any other ideas I'd appreciate it Thanks
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So, I plugged in my headset, and it will not work...i cant hear anything, say anything, its just completely non-responsive, I know the headset is not the problem cause we tried it in my brothers computer, and it worked, someone please help!!!

-Mr. Phoenix

A:LOGITECH PREMIUM USB 250 HEADSET: Not Working With Vista Ultimate x64

Check Device Manager for any flagged devices and uninstall them and reboot. It will reinstall the devices (if any flagged) and may fix itself.
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Hi first post EDIT TL DR headset works fine for seconds then turns itself off over and over I have a year old Logitech G USB wireless headset that just stopped working today At around noon I went to an appointment and left the headset unplugged I came home about an hour later headset USB Logitech wireless stopped working G930 to find the headset turned Logitech G930 USB wireless headset stopped working off No surprise there probably ran out of batteries as Logitech G930 USB wireless headset stopped working it was unplugged I turn it on just to check and to my surprise it worked Seven seconds later it beeped to notify me that it had turned off No problem I plugged it in and waited a few minutes turned it on and the same thing happened Seven seconds then off Something to note the seven seconds and working perfectly fine there s no humming or buzzing or screeching noise Logitech G930 USB wireless headset stopped working When it was working normally I could have it turned on while plugged in so I tried it this way and it still powered off after seven seconds This has never happened before I tried all of the normal things rebooted my computer switched to a different USB and tried to use it on a different computer all to no avail The only things I am yet to try is updating reinstalling my drivers which I doubt is the problem seeing as it doesn t work on more than one computer and installing the Logitech headset software which I also doubt is the problem as I ve had this headset for roughly a year and I haven t needed this I ll keep you posted if I find a fix I m downloading the software as I type this - in the meantime does anyone else know of a way I can fix this problem EDIT TL DR headset works fine for seconds then turns itself off over and over nbsp

A:Logitech G930 USB wireless headset stopped working

I finished installing both the drivers and the software, and it still powers off after seven seconds.
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Yesterday I bought the above-named headset to use when playing Team Fortress It connects to my mobo with two separate quot plugs -- one for the headphones and one for the mic I m positive I ve got them in the right jacks Right off Logitech work. Headset, Premium Stereo doesn't mic the bat I noticed that I had Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work. to turn the volume down substantially from where I had it with my regular Sony headphones -- I was getting tons of high-pitched interference that disappeared when I turned down the volume even though playback still seems to be good and loud The mic however is crap at Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work. this point When I went to test it in the audio section of the control panel I found that it barely registers on the level meter even when I m speaking at louder than normal volume In properties I brought the mic volume all the way up and made sure that the mute box is not checked The headset comes with its own mic mute switch on the cord and it s open When I went to the voice recorder and did a test what I recorded was a faint high pitched mix of static and electronic squealing -- sort of like the sound a fax machine makes and yes -- it s not unlike the initial interference I was getting on the headphones There was nothing in there that sounded like my voice or words When I went to test my mic in-game before actually playing I found that speaking at the same louder-than-normal volume pushed the level up into the red but I couldn t hear myself over the headphones -- not sure if I was supposed be able to I didn t want to bother starting a game until I can be sure that I m not just going to broadcast hums and squeals I ve been on a bunch of different websites for the past hours and so far nothing I ve found has solved my problem In addition to any suggestions or questions you might have I m wondering Would switching to a USB headset fix this Would installing a rd party soundcard fix this Does this sound like an issue with interference due to cheap cords and connectors on the headset or elsewhere Thanks I m open to taking the headset back to the store this afternoon but I m still holding out hope that they work and there s another way to fix the problem Edit Whoops I should add that I m using XP sp with an ASUS P motherboard and onboard sound Soundmax HD Intel Core processor x nbsp

A:Logitech Premium Stereo Headset, mic doesn't work.

I usually go through the windows live messenger audio setup to get a microphone working correctly. 9 times out of 10 that alone will sort it.
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Hey guys After successfully setting up a headset on my own pc I felt confident enough to do the of Mic on system headset Logitech work audio nForce won't with NVIDIA same on someone else s That was very naive of me The system I am working on is called a Shuttle X it has Mic of Logitech headset won't work on system with NVIDIA nForce audio a Philips DVD drive and speakers and is running Windows XP It has two handy plugs for mic and headphone which I used to plug in the mic and headphone of a new Logitech headset Problem the mic of the headset doesnt work headphone does work I cant record sound neither in my Skype test call nor in Windows Sound Recorder Im finding recommendations to access Control Panel gt Sound and Audio devices and in the Audio tab of that dialog hit the Volume button under Sound Recording to see volume controls the familiar set of horizontal sliders There I am told to select Mute on the Microphone Volume control Problem is that Microphone Vol control does not have a Mute checkbox but a Select checkbox which I cant uncheck It also has an Advanced button which opens up a range of options including an Alternate microphone check box which does not solve the problem and a Microphone boost checkbox which also does not solve the problem There are constant reference to NVIDIA nForce Audio everywhere and it seems that I should somehow tell this nForce that I have an external mic but I dont know where or how If the system has a built-in mic it also doesnt seem to work Also note that plugging in the headset means the speakers no longer work Any thoughts on how to solve this Many thanks cronopio nbsp
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I don t have any clue what would cause this or what did cause it I have the Logitech ClearChat Wireless headset It has an on off switch a mute button for the built-in mic and up down volume controls Well something s happened with Logitech buttons on headset wireless control Volume malfunctioning the volume controls now when I click them and a program window is open it closes it Eithe up or down it appears to be acting as an ALT F macro button Volume control buttons malfunctioning on Logitech wireless headset I would have posted this on the logitech forums but I can t sign in even though I m using the right email and password it won t let me This is really frustrating because sometimes I listen to music in the broswer and I use the volume controls on the headset Volume control buttons malfunctioning on Logitech wireless headset and now using them closes the browser window or windows media player whatever window is open and focused gets closed when the buttons get pressed Someone PLEASE help me figure out this problem Thanks in advance EDIT it turns out all the control buttons on my keyboard are malfunctioning also I mean the volume control buttons play pause next previous media item favorite buttons music broswer zoom etc keyboard shortcuts they all try to shut down the computer nbsp
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Hey there all! I was wondering what (if any) headset you use for gaming (or listening to music)... I was planning on buying a new one and I was not sure what the best one for the job would be... I was looking for one with a microphone and everything. The one I had I got when when I preordered Battlefield 2 (how ever long ago that was). It was a Logitech and lasted a long time but I think it is time for an upgrade. Anyone got any suggestions?
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Hi Guys I am going to purchase a pair of headsets which are mainly going to be used for gaming I have narrowed my choices down to these two More info on Astro A Audio System Plus Toss link cable - Features Include Amazing sound quality - Astro A Audio System combines crystal-clear voice communication with pinpoint-accurate Dolby and Dolby Surround Headphone to hear your enemies from every direction Fully best headset? The gaming configurable comfort and style - Adjustable headset quick-disconnect cable in-line mute switch user-configurable microphone boom and Astro s patent-pending removable speaker tags allow you to game in comfort and in style You can even design your own tag using ASTRO s Speaker Tag Customizer sold separately Play on variety of systems - Whether it s your Xbox PS The best gaming headset? or PC the new and improved MixAmp easily plugs directly into any system Voice and stereo at your fingertips - The MixAmp s discrete game voice balance control allows you to adjust the settings to fit your needs Dedicated voice channel - Link multiple MixAmps together for a private hands-free full-duplex voice communication channel experience - much higher-quality than VoIP systems with zero network and system lag Inject your own soundtrack - Connect your mp player through the mixer itself with a mm-to- mm cable sold separately Free up valuable system resources and put your music within arm s reach Fully Loaded - The A Audio System comes with a quick-disconnect cable and multiple ends a MixAmp cable also compatible with portable audio players a standard dual-jack PC connector with in-line volume and mute control More info on Tritton Ax Po - Features Include True Digital Audio Headset Detachable microphone compatible with Xbox Live Playstation Network and PC Mac Digital audio connection for DVD PC PS PS XBOX XBOX and all other devices with Optical digital audio or analog mm output Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic Certified speakers in each ear cup Illuminated In-line volume adjustment for Front Center Rear and Subwoofer controls Separate volume control for voice chat Inline microphone and volume mute switches Adjustable time delay for centre and rear speakers Dynamic Range Control Includes external audio controller with analog mm output Lightweight headset with deep circumauraul around the ears design allows for comfort even during periods of extended gaming The only problem I have is Which one should I buy There is only one main difference between these two headsets The Tritton Ax Pro has eight independent speakers to deliver true surround sound audio Whereas the Astro A has The Mix amp which is designed to be used with stereo headphones Astro A headphones or regular headphones and it uses Dolby Headphone processing for the surround sound effect Also think you can find a better system Why not recommend one my budget is If you are going to recommend one Make sure its Compatible with The Sony Play Station Thanks to all who Contribute nbsp

A:The best gaming headset?

Damn must be nice to have money.
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Gday fellas I am wondering if anyone has tried the new Corsair Vengeance Headset I currently have the Corsair HS A headset but sadly it is also my second set within a space of around months I started losing sound in the left ear piece Sent it back as an RMA and am still waiting for skycomp to refund my money they have none in stock don't know when new stock will be arriving The product was returned to them months ago I thought okay I got a lemon and purchased a second set from mwave these too are now having intermittent drop outs with the sound The problem is the HS A's are Headset Mic Gaming with an extremely comfortable headset to wear and they keep your ears warm to I like the extra-wide extra deep ear cups with the microfiber I do not like headsets that sit on your Gaming Headset with Mic ears So other than the Corsair headsets with mic do any of you know of a comparable headset I am now wary of the Corsair Headset two consecutive failures within around the same time frame The only bonus with Corsair is they have a two year warranty However Gaming Headset with Mic before I go once again putting my hand in my pocket I was wanting either an alternative or someones own personal experience

A:Gaming Headset with Mic


I am sorry or pleased to say no, I own a Logitech G930 & think they are great!
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Hi All,

Just was wondering what people use and why when it comes to gaming headsets.
I have never personally owned a pair (I've always used good sound systems, current one is a Bose Companion 5) But now I've got enough friends playing on PC that have headsets and I recently put my Ultimate Ears Monitors in to play Half-Life and BF3 and the sound was absolutely epic!

I am prepared to spend "up-to" £120, however I would rather more £80.
I was looking into the below:

Does anyone else have a particular brand/Headset they would swear by?

All suggestions welcome as I plan on buying a pair in the next month or two.

A:Which gaming headset to get?

I've also found:

Vengeance 1300
Vengeance 1500

PC 333D
PC 330



There is too much choice! All these seem to have good reviews, All of them are in my price range! Help!
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I have around USD 100 to spend on a gaming headset. The characteristics I am looking for in the headset are as follows:

--closed ear
--detachable microphone
--at least 5.1 surround sound (can be virtual)
--USB powered, no need to plug into a wall, unless a [possible] amplifier requires it (better if not needed however)

Any ideas? It would be helpful if you have had any personal experience with the suggestion or know someone who has! Thanks.

A:PC gaming headset

Did you try using Google for this?
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Hi Guys,

I need to stop whoring you guys out for information, but it's so much better to run ideas past you all than burn my own money pointlessly...

Basically, I'm after a gaming headset for PC games and (potentially) 360 games, although I understand that technically it can be difficult to have it work with both.

Looking to spend about £50-£60 if possible, but if shelling out a little bit more helps, then well, yeah

Thanks Guys,


A:Gaming Headset
something like that ??
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Hello I have purchase Creative Sound Blaster Arena headset about a month ago and out of no where the sound and mic all together have stop When Headset Gaming USB I plug the headset in and out of my usb ports the computer notifies me quot New hard drive found quot And when it attempts to download the driver from the cd again it fails I have uninstalled USB Gaming Headset and reinstalled it plenty of times I have already install all recent drivers as well and nothing Now it doesnt notify me but when i go look at my device and printers quot Creative headset firmware updater quot is below the unspecified section I have tried both on my desktop and laptop and the problem is USB Gaming Headset the same Please help This headset is not worth bucks I feel sharp pains on my head and ears after playing awhile idk if its me but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone Thank You for reading this hope you can help lt nbsp

A:USB Gaming Headset

please do not duplicate threads here -
I will close this thread
continue here
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AudioFX Pro 5+1 by BenHeck

eDimensional 3D Glasses and Innovative PC Gaming Accessories

SteelSeries 5H v2 USB

Information - SteelSeries

Cyber Snipa SONAR Gaming Headphones

Sonar 5.1 Gaming Headset | Cyber Snipa

The Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphone - This one takes a bit to load.

Razer Barracuda‚ĄĘ HP-1 5.1 Channel Gaming Headphones

All these headsets are a good price for me, but I cant choose which one I want, can anyone help me split hairs about these and talk about which one would be the best sounding out of all? I currently have the H2, but its the first ones.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey youl know good headsets for gaming? What do you think about Biostar headset"iDEQN10"? I have heard its new but I dont know if it is good? Does anybody have some experience with it? I wanna know your personal insights or experience about it though google could give info. but it is still different if its a word from someone whos familiar with it. this is really unknown for me..hope I can hear your knowledge with this, will be glad to know introductions from it.
currently im just using beats which is meant for music. feel free to suggest any? Thanks a lot!

A:Headset for gaming?

i think the only choice is sennheiser or logitech. I am not sure about many other options that are reasonably better than those manufacturers
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Hello lads!

I am thinking of buying a new Gaming Headset soon. Which one should I take? Which is the best? Price doesn't really matter.

Sennheiser PC151 or Creative Fatal1ty Gaming HS-1000

Which one is better? Which one do you have?

Regards, mystic!

A:The Best Gaming Headset?

Also consider the Razer Barracuda, a rather expensive but stylish alternative. I havent tried it myself, but I own and love some Razer products and i would image that they are high quality.
Here is the link to the Razer audio page. Check it out.
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I didn't see anywhere more appropriate.

Great positional audio
USB (dont want to need to blow more money on a sound card, and the onboard sound on the MSI P55-GD65 is apperently a bit poor)
I am not concerned with poor audio for music, although it would be nice if it worked well for movies.

I was looking at the Creative Sound Blaster Arena and the Saitek Cyborg 5.1. I was concerned about Creatives notorious driver unreliability, and one review said that quality was atrocious on about 60% of games on Windows 7. Meanwhile the Cyborg 5.1 has got mainly good reviews, but some complain of a buzzing sound and a didgy microphone.

Have I overlooked any good options? Do you have any experience with either of these headsets, or near competitors?

Thank you very much for any help.

A:Best £50 (~$80) PC headset for gaming

this looks like a good headset for gaming
Plantronics GameCom 777 USB 5.1 £46.99 inc VAT £39.99 ex VAT
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Hello there,

Yesterday I broke my LifeChat LX-3000 I was wondering what you guys think is a good gaming headset.
Price around: ?30-40


A:Gaming Headset

Razor is a good brand....I use this one.

Razer | For Gamers. By Gamers.
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Hello I have purchase Creative Sound Blaster Arena headset about a month ago and out of no where the sound and mic all USB Headset Gaming together have stop When I plug the headset in and out of my usb ports the computer notifies me quot New hard drive found quot And when it attempts to download the driver from the cd again it fails I have uninstalled and reinstalled it plenty of times I have already install all recent drivers as USB Gaming Headset well and nothing Now it doesnt USB Gaming Headset notify me but when i go look at my device and printers quot Creative headset firmware updater quot is below the USB Gaming Headset unspecified section I have tried both on my desktop and laptop and the problem is the same Please help This headset is not worth bucks I feel sharp pains on my head and ears after playing awhile idk if its me but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone Thank You for reading this hope you can help lt nbsp
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Today i got a pair of Roccat Kave Gaming Headset. they are the greatest headsets i have every used. Even with my on-board Realtek ALC889A HD sound card it sounds great with games and music. Of-course i did had to tweak the Realtek EQ so i can get the more higher sounds to sound natural.

A:What gaming headset do you use?

for the most part my GameCom777 suits me just fine... i don't think anyone carries Roccat in the US.
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I recently invested in a new pair of the Logitech G15 V2($50CAD) and the Logitech MX518($25CAD) Does anyone have any opinions on these devices and ideas on whether is was a good investment considering the price. With taxes the both of them amounted to around $82 Canadian collars

A:Logitech gaming perpherals

I bought myself the Logitech MX518 last week. So far it feels really good. The build quality is exceptional. The positioning of the buttons is very intuitive. Changing dpi on the fly is a good bonus for FPS gaming.

I have relatively small hands but find the MX518 very comfortable.
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I am sorry if this is not allow, I was so excited when I saw this that I had to post it here... you can scold me later

The price is $49.95 with a $30.00 Mail in Rebate + FREE shipping. Heck, even if you are to lazy to fill out the paperwork and send it in, you are still paying a good price for it.

I had to pull the pin because my G7 is acting up big time on almost all the games as of late.

LTG9LASER | G9 Laser Mouse |

I gotta ask the biggest and dumbest question of all times... Would I be able to plug in both my Mices and use them separately? I mean, use the G7 for my Wife and the Vista OS and the new G9 for Windows 7 and my games? of course they would both be plug to the same PC.

A:Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse... $20.00 w/MiR

I dont know the answer to your question, but I have a G9 and absolutley LOVE it! You will not be sorry that you bought it.

I paid $65.99 CDN, which was $100 off. Same kind of smoking deal you found!
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Well I have recently bought a turtle beach z11 gaming headset. I will plug in the device and the microphone works perfectly on it.
But for some reason when i go to manage audio devices and go to playback tab it will only show the speakers option. When i plug it in it will give me a pop up saying an audio device has been plugged in but it will not show up in the tab. any help would be much appreciated thanks!

A:My gaming headset problem

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy forum.

Please provide your computer's brand, model and model #.

Please run this forum's system info utility & post the results.

Would you describe yourself as a beginning, intermediate or advanced computer user?

Please go to the device manager,
set "view" to display hidden devices"
expand "sound video & game controllers"
create a screen shot
attach it to your reply.

End Edit

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The topic says it all. I want a very GOOD gaming headset with a microphone. I have the Sennheiser HD555's and they're the best headphones ever. But, there isn't a microphone attached to the headset. I don't feel like buying a mic stand because it's annoying to lean forward to talk. I play a lot of first person shooters. Remember, a good headset that can remind me of how much I spent on my SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatality card.

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Hello I am currently using Windows XP home edition OS I just bought an Altec Lansing headset because I pay mmorpg s and we are using get Trying to to work headset in gaming Ventrillo to Trying to get headset to work in gaming speak to eachother in our teams There are three color coded Trying to get headset to work in gaming spots on the back of my comp with the sound-shaped plug One is green i had speakers plugged in here the other is a grayish-blue kind of similar to green Lastly there is an orange one Both the green and grayigh-blue one have a music note on Trying to get headset to work in gaming them The orange one however has a microphone picture on it So my speakers were plugged i the green one so i took the green plug i had and the orange plug ihad from my new headset and plugged them in the grayish and orange slot I couldnt hear anything So i plugged the green one in the actual green spot and took out the one for my original speakers This worked I heard my gameplay and them speaking However my MICROPHONE was not working I had it in the orange slot just as the plug is colored and the other green plug it has is the only one that let me hear sound when i plugged it in not the orange one so i figured if I plugged in the orange one in the right orange spot my mic would be working It didn t They told me I should be able to hear myself through my mic i cant It s like it s not even on I checked my headset and see no button to turn a mic on in any kind of way just volume and a high low and mute setting for the mic- i had it on all of them and it still didnt work it s like the mic is dead or something Weird thing here is when i click the button in ventrillo for people to hear what i have to say they hear my GAMEPLAY They could here my character that was it SO they hear what is going on in my computer but not my mic Even though the mic plug is orange and in the right orange spot HELP nbsp

A:Trying to get headset to work in gaming

The Microphone jack is the pink/orange one, depends on your color perception I guess.

The standard connections should match up with the color of the plugs: green to green and pink/orange to pink/orange

You may need to use a splitter to plug both the headset sound plug and your speakers into the same jack. This will result in some level loss, but if you've got a good speaker set it won't amount to much. There are alternative ways of plugging both in, but they depend on your Sound card options. A line-out jack might also feed your speakers. Some cards (I have a Turtle-beach) may also have a "multi-jack" which can be configured to do different things -- but if you have that, you have to "read the manual".

I have an Altec mic headset too. There is only a volume control for the headset, and a 3 position switch for the mic as you note. But make sure you do not have the mic on mute in the MIXER controls for your sound card.

Go to the Control Panel and select the speech applet. There is a configuration option there that should tell you whether the mic in signal is being received and how good the signal is.

There also may be an option to test and configure hardware in the Sounds and Multimedia applet for "voice". I have had trouble after using this and had to system restore to get things back the way I wanted it. But you can give it a try with that caveat.
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Hi, I'm looking to get a gaming headset since my Dad doesnt want a 5.1 surround sound system. I've looked at the Altec Lansing AHS602i which seemed pretty good to me from the reviews and price, but since it isnt actually true 3d sound, I looked at other, "True 5.1 surround sound" like Turtle Beach Ear Force AK-R8 which seem to sound superior based on reviews (cnet and such), but is twice the cost and need their own sound cards which slows down the computer (Crysis my main game now). My question is, anyone had experience with the simulated 3d sound like from the Altec or is the "True 5.1" headphones the only way to go if i want great sounding games despite the high cost and performance hit? Thanks.

A:Good gaming headset to buy?

Well I think all of those surround sound headsets would be really expensive...I personally just go for a good headset that has good sound and mic output....thats cheap
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I am having problems setting up my microphone to work while gaming. I can hear people talking to me but they can not hear me. I can hear myself talking in the microphone. I have windows vista. I am not computer savvy so please forgive. Thank you for help in advance.

A:headset/mic setup for gaming

enter sound recorder in windows vista and try to record something, when you play the file again, can you hear yourself ? Cause usually the microphone works, but is disabled/not configured in-game. If you couldnt hear ureself after playing the file, try to check you have the microphone plugged in the correct spot. Then enter Control Panel, and write down in the serach box " Microphone" and click on " Set up microphone " and follow the steps provided, if that doesnt work , reply back we'll work something out.
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I was playing COD4 and i went to get food and i forgot that i had my headphones on.. they got caught in my chair and were pulled to the ground.. It wasnt the first time they'd dropped like that but i always checked to see if they were alright.. they werent this time.. the right side has stopped working and im guessing its a wire.. ive looked at other forums but i cant find a way to open them..

My headphones: Creative Fatal1ty MKII Gaming Headset

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Hello, I have the Turtle Beach Z11 PC gaming headset. and i have it plugged in the the mic jack in the front, but my PC says its not connected. Could you help please? (I am using Windows 7)

A:Gaming Headset not recognized by PC

Sorry, You cannot use the headset as such , You probably need a TRRS to TRS adapter or cable for using it on PC
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I don't know where else to turn so I thought I would make a post here.

Today I bought these headphones.
Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset | Creative Labs Online Store

And they don't work.
When I go into Playback/Recording devices they are not being listed as options, only my regular speakers and mic are being listed. When I plug the Headset in no sound comes through my laptop speakers but it does not come out my headset speakers either.

Some things to know, my computer is Windows 7 64bit And I know the Headphones are not broken. Also, as a reminder, this particular headset plugs into the two Headphone and Mic jacks, not a USB. I have made sure they are plugged into the correct slot. I am on a laptop so I only have the two available jacks. One for Microphone and one for headset.

A:New Gaming Headset not working.

Have you looked in the Creative support pages for anything unique about these headphones and if anything specific you need to do to get them to work - I agree that these should work "out the box" but it seems strange they are not even recognized when you plug them in - do they appear in Device Manager ?

Creative link for these headphones........

Creative Worldwide Support > Fatal1ty Gaming Headset
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Hey, I am in need of a new headset since my last one broke (loose wires). I want a good gaming headset with a good microphone attached, I need the mic for competitive gaming and videos on the Youtubes. Thank you!

A:What is a good gaming headset?

I bought this and have been using it to co-op with one partner for a couple games.
The sound is good to me, and he says I sound good.
Have about a hundred hours on it. Cost is $14.96. Find another 10 bucks to spend to get free shipping. Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset - Yapster TM-YB100A ? Black: Computers & Accessories
There a vid customer review in the review section where you can hear the mic quality.
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I'm a gamer that posts videos to youtube.
I don't do commentary because I don't have a microphone yet.
I want to buy a cheap headset, but I don't have experience with them.
I need your help, I did some research and these are some of the headsets I found.
Can you tell me which one has the best microphone?
Don't post your best headsets, just tell me which one is the best from these:
LOGITECH PC Headset 960
Canyon headset CNR-HS09N
Canyon headset CNR-HS03N
Genius headset HS-05A
Genius HS-400A
Genius headset HS-G500V
A4TECH headset HS-60
A4TECH headset HS-800 Gaming
INTEX Braza IT-878

A:What is the best cheap PC gaming headset?

I like my Turtle Beach one...
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I've been searching for headsets lately because once the night time rolls around I have to shut my surround sound off because my family is sleeping. I've been looking at the astro a30's but after reading reviews I hear that the bass in them is not too good. I preferably like good bass. And the thing I like about them is that the mic is detachable and the headphones can be used with mp3 player.

Anyone have a headset they particularly like or heard good thing about? Let me know!

I will primarily be playing BF3, but would like to use with mp3 player as well (will still look into headsets that arent meant for this)

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Hi all. So I was wondering if you guys had any opinions on gaming headsets for pc. My headphone jack for my computer isn't working so I don't think I can use any wired headsets (if I'm wrong on this please let me know). So I was looking into wireless ones, preferably $100 and under. The three I narrowed it down to were the corsair 2100, turtle beach px4 or 5 (from amazon or ebay) and the PDP afterglow kral. Anybody have any opinions on any of these ones or any other ones you would recommend? Thanks for any help on this!
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http www overclockers com tips I bought this mouse a few months ago when I came upon this guide I was quick to open up my mouse and I noticed that there was Logitech Mx510 gaming mouse no weight in it Is this normal I have the blue later version and maybe one of the changes was Logitech Mx510 gaming mouse taking out the weight although I don t think they would do that Is it possible I got a mouse that was already opened and repackaged Also when I opened it up a tiny little spring came out I figured it was no big deal and when I put it back together I noticed that when I move the scroll wheel it doesn t make any sound and it glides along which is awesome highly reccomended Just saying I don t have any complaints about that Last but not least I m running on basic MS drivers not mouseware I have enhanced mouse precision on on highest speed and sometimes when I try and move the mouse it will studder backwards in the opposite direction that I m moving it Is this reverse acceleration How can it be fixed It can be very annoying when I m gaming or doing anything else nbsp
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I am running Windows 10 in 4K resolution and I have made adjustments within windows *compensate for the high-resolution yet the LGS software still remains so small that it is extremely difficult to read the text within the UI.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Logitech has finally updated the LGS with a Windows 10 driver instead of the renamed 8.1 driver,

Logitech Support: Gaming

New features:

Added support for G633 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming HeadsetAdded Color Sync feature for G303, G633 and G910Game Mode support added for G910Improved Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound DriverLGS now prompts for system restart on completion of install (needed to enable Dolby update)Added ability to disable device startup effect for the G303, G633 and G910 in Settings
Bug fixes:
G502 buttons visually misaligned in LGSG930 power-off after 15 minutes.LgCoreTemp driver remaining after LGS uninstall
Firmware upgrades:
Added RGB effect synchronization capabilityFixed a tracking issue that could occasionally cause erratic cursor behavior
Enhanced color effect animationsExpanded game mode feature
Fixed a tracking issue that could occasionally cause erratic cursor behavior
New Game Profiles:
Heroes of the StormDragon Age: Inquisition

Still doesn't fix the screen flashing with a G510 keyboard when using the volume scroll wheel.

A:Latest Logitech Gaming Software

Yep, and my G303 arrived today and guess what? It's not detected by LGS!
Found this rather interesting answer:
G303 won't show up in LGS or firmware updater - Logitech Forums

So, they release a driver for Windows 10, but somehow Windows 10 doesn't yet support one the devices for which there are updates in that driver?..
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Hi there,

I installed Win7 RC 7100 on my gaming rig a couple of months ago. All was well until I got to the Logitech Gaming drivers for my Rumblepad 2 and Force Feedback Racing Wheel. Using Vista x64 drivers my system crashed repeatedly (cant recall exact error message)

The logitech website says that most Vista drivers will not have any issues with Win7, however I am a little apprehensive about reformatting if the problem occurs again.

My questions are:

1. Is anybody else having the same probs?
2. Is there a solution to this?(apart from not installing Win7)

I really liked the the look and feel of Win7 however not being able to use game controllers on my gaming rig sort of defeats the purpose.

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 & Logitech Gaming Drivers

did you install the vista driver in compatibility mode?

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Hiya You ve all been so helpful in the past so thought I would try posting again with a query Just bought a Creative FATAL TY Gaming Headset which is supposed to be plug and play but I cant seem to get the mic to work I had problems getting the sound to come through but managed to do some twiddling around under control panel sounds speech and audio settings and realised the default setting was for my VOIP phone that I have installed - switched this setting to the Nividia soundcard as default and the sound seemed to come through ok the defualt setting for sound recording is the sound card but still cant get not Gaming working Solved: headset mic the microphone to work I ve trying using the headset against my skype account to test the mic Solved: Gaming headset mic not working and it just wont pick up anything not sure if the mic is faulty or it s something I am doing Any advice Many Thanks M nbsp
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I'm trying to play Left 4 Dead with my friends, but whenever i press the push to talk button, they hear only the sound of my game (very loud they say) and my voice is very very silent in the background.

I'm using a headset plugged into the front of my computer.

If anyone has a idea what i can do to fix this it would be much appreciated.

(I'm not that good with a computer )

A:Headset transmits gaming sound

I'm on Windows XP and a Realtek Audio soundcard

I've checked that only microphone is checked for recording the the control panel
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Hey guys, basically I ordered one of these a couple days ago and it just won't work for me I don't hear any sound nor am I able to speak to people. However the red light does appear, meaning it does have power. A CD does come with it yet everytime I 'install' the driver nothing actually happens and I am prompted to install it even though I've tried a dozen times. I'm using Windows Vista, 32bit at the moment and I was hoping if you could help me out.

Anything you need to know, I'll be happy to answer.
Any help is appreciated, thanks


A:Creative Fatal1ty USB Gaming Headset

Any ideas, anyone?
This is really beginning to annoy me, the headset cost over $50 and hasn't been of ANY use to me.
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Today I went out and bought this headset and a new graphics card. The gfx card is fine but I'm having a little problem with the headset.

It has both a microphone wire and an audio wire (pink and green ones). I have these two sockets on the front of the PC and both sockets along with others on the back of the PC. When I plug it into the front the microphone works but the headphones don't and when I plug it into the back, the headphones work but the microphone doesn't.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

Bump. Any help at all please?
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Hiya You Gaming Solved: mic headset working not ve all been so helpful in the past so thought I would try posting again with a query Just bought a Creative FATAL TY Gaming Headset which is supposed to be plug and play but I cant seem to get the mic to work I had problems getting the sound to come through Solved: Gaming headset mic not working but managed to do some twiddling around under control panel sounds speech and audio settings and realised the default setting was for my VOIP phone that I have installed - switched this setting to the Nividia soundcard as default and the sound seemed to come through ok the defualt setting for sound recording is the sound card but still cant get the microphone to work I ve trying using the headset against my skype account to test the mic and it just wont pick up anything not sure if the mic is faulty or it s something I am doing Any advice Many Thanks M nbsp

A:Solved: Gaming headset mic not working

Check in Control Panel => Sounds and Audio Devices => Volume tab => Advanced button that the Microphone isn't muted and has the slider somewhere up the scale.
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I'm new and I just bought a Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset with mic, and the mic doesn't work! I heard you are supposed to let the computer know you want it analog, and not digital or something, but I don't know how to change all this.
I know very little about computers but the problem with this mic is not that I did not switch it from Mic-off to Mic-on, or that I have the volume of. I'm not a fool.
I just don't know about computers so I need your help cuz you guys know.

Pretty please with sugar on top, help me

A:Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, you guys know this

Bump, also got probs with this. The mic works, but the sound is very unclear, and I can hardly hear my voice(when I record myself). It's alot of buzzing, extremely irritating.

Here you go, a clip, you can hardly hear my voice there. This is so frustrating, have been toying with a lot of settings but it is no go.

Yey, I solved it. Just had to fix the mic-boost settings. See pic.
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Hi Can anyone solve this headset gaming in bluetooth Problem with puzzle that i've tried few days without Problem with bluetooth headset in gaming any results OS WIN headset NOKIA BH- here is link for further information of headset if it helps http europe nokia com find-products ac set-bh- software for communication Skype I can use my Nokia BH- bluetooth headset normally for listening music or playing etc but when I start VoIP call with my friend and try to play I hear only the call I tried also to play my MP s during calling my friend but all I heard was Problem with bluetooth headset in gaming the call I solved the problem - at least somehow Now I can hear all the sounds from headset speakers and mic is working too Problem with bluetooth headset in gaming but the quality of game audio is terrible Normally the sound quality is really good with my headset when im just listening music or playing without any communication software All sounds works with bad quality when I choose quot Bluetooth Hands-free audio quot headset icon mono for a main device from sound devices list But I can communicate with my friend and listen the game sounds There is other device quot Bluetooth audio renderer quot it's stereo - with headphone icon not headset icon If I choose this for main device sound quality is perfect But then I can't use Skype with my friend And I don't really want to use my speakers for sounds mic gets ALL sounds from speakers while playing and it's not nice for my friends ears while playing I hope you guys can understand what I mean English is not my native language - maybe you've noticed it