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how to find tracker ??

Q: how to find tracker ??

how can i find a tracker for a torrent ? i really don't understand this,

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Preferred Solution: how to find tracker ??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: how to find tracker ??

We don't help with P2P or torrenting stuff since it's primary use is illegal.
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I have a three month old Dell Dimension GHZ P Gig Ram and a gig SATA Hard Drive When I got the computer I used the files and transfer PC Relocator utility And had in Error system drives did hard Message: disk find Setup not your installed any a bunch of unwanted extras that came with it I m having a Satellite Internet system installed and they wanted a clean install of windows XP So I opened the owner s manual and got out the reinstallation disk and the problems began By the way Dell tech support s only response has been to say gee that s not right and would send a tech sometime after Christmas Anyway heres step by step what I did I boot to the Dell reinstallation disk Error Message: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system The windows setup screen appears and loads files The next screen says welcome to setup and offers three options -to setup XP press enters To repair XP press R to exit without installing XP press F I press enter and the following message comes up Setup did not find any hard disk installed in your computer Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected And any disk related configuration is correct ect Press F to quit It dose this if I try repair also Dell had me check the connections to the HD and Motherboard They re good And debug the hard drive No luck Everything worked fine until I put in the reinstallation disk Any help would be welcome nbsp

A:Error Message: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system

During Setup, it will ask you if you need any extra drivers such as SCSI (or SATA in your case). If so, press F6. Now you are in trouble, because SATA drivers come on a floppy and new(er) Dells don't have a floppy anymore. Borrow a floppy-drive from another PC and install that in your Dell.
Setting up with the Dell disks, I'm not sure if they are RESTORE-disks or full XP-disks.
That may cause another problem.
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I recently went into my AMD Control Center to learn what graphics card I had installed (I have a pre-built PC), and I've encountered a problem.

When I go to the information tab, all it tells me is that my GPU is part of the Radeon R7 200 series. I already knew this, but this doesn't tell me which specific GPU I have in that series (I.e. 250, 250X, 260, 260X, etc). This is what I need to know. I've already tried looking using my Device Manager, and same as the CCC, all it tells me is its in the Radeon R7 200 family.

How can I learn what specific GPU I have (screenshot of CCC below)?

EDIT: I've also looked at it using my DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Same problem.

EDIT 2: I'd also prefer to learn this without downloading any 3rd party software, but I will do that if it comes to it.

A:How can I find out what specific GPU I have?

TechPowerUp GPU-Z

Main Features

Supports NVIDIA, ATI and Intel graphics devices
Displays adapter, GPU and display information
Displays overclock, default clocks and 3D clocks (if available)
Includes a GPU load test to verify PCI-Express lane configuration
Validation of results
GPU-Z can create a backup of your graphics card BIOS
No installation required, optional installer is available
Support for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported)
.. and yes, the author of CPU-Z has granted us permission to use a name similar to his product. Thanks Franck.
Click to expand...

And then match the specifications (memory bandwidth and stream processing units (aka: shaders)) with the details from this link.
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Hi guys, I have set up a RAID 0 array using an XFX Revo64 controller card and the Netcell bios setup that cones with it. According to the Netcell bios the array is working but booting into 8.1 I cannot find the drive in explorer and device manager shows the Revo64 as "Generic Mass Storage Controller ".

I am very new to Raid this is the first array I have tried to setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards,

A:Windows 8.1 cannot find RAID array

Why not use the RAID card as more sata ports and then use windows to make your RAID array? I've never used a controller but im sure that it would work for that purpose.
just go on youtube and find a video on how to setup RAID in windows 8. I know its possible for windows 7 to im pretty sure 8.1 will have it
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Hi there In the last month my current laptop has pretty much died on me I can only Laptop New Find a to Struggling use it for a short period without it switching off due to overheating and the power cable is so loose that if I move much then it loses connection and also goes dead So I m looking to replace it as soon as possible My budget isn t particularly big Struggling to Find a New Laptop around I m from the UK so pounds and I could really do with some help in finding something suitable I only do fairly ordinary sort of things - surfing office stuff watching videos a bit of light gaming some web design and listening to music However due to illness I m currently housebound so my laptop is even more crucial than ever as it keeps me connected to the outside world and provides a huge amount of my entertainment So I really want to get it right One of my main concerns was wanting something that was going to last I hate the thought of having to buy another laptop in a couple of years time so was hoping I could get something that would still be decent and working in well more than years time I d also like it to be quick My current laptop is so slow now so speed is important I m not really concerned about how it looks portability and battery life though As long as it can sit on my lap without being too heavy I m not fussed Oh and not overheat So I ve been doing as much research as I can but for the life of me am unable to find something that fits my criteria and is within my budget Every one I ve looked at either has a load of reviews trashing it or is lacking in some area I m not willing to give way on I ve tried Lenovo s either too expensive or rubbish reviews ASUS same as Lenovo Toshiba s and HP s poor reviews Mac s are out of my league with UK pricing ditto for most Sony s and I ve had an Acer in the past which has put me off them completely Which leaves me with very little Although I fully accept reviews aren t always the best way to judge things Specs I would ideally like Processor i I could be persuaded i would be fine Ram GB Ram Hard Drive GB HD or ideally would prefer SSD but with my budget I know it ll be tough Probably buy one after and install it myself Graphics Integrated graphics is fine I think Screen - inches Resolution x at the least really want x and maybe a touchscreen although not a deal-breaker Also - matte not glossy if possible Not fussed about DVD drive Trying to avoid a fairly flimsy plastic build Battery life isn t that essential as won t be moving it around much Would like it to be cool and not get hot Going back over that I think I may be asking for far too much in regards to my budget but here s hoping The biggest problem is not so much finding models with those specs but doing so within my budget I don t really want to spend over which is I believe but unfortunately the prices in the US don t match up in the UK Everything is far far more expensive and so limits your options massively And as the majority of the websites are offering reviews based on US prices it becomes a bit of a nightmare I ve also started looking at hybrid tablets to see if that would be more suitable for me but I m still as lost with those too The new ASUS TP looked interesting but I can t find it anywhere in the UK I like the idea of a hybrid but not as my main machine and I doubt I could afford a regular laptop AND hybrid I even considered giving up some of my specs and getting a cheaper laptop but combining it with also getting an iPad tablet but can t decide if that would work or is a ridiculous idea Basically I m stumped So I could really do with some help Really any advice or recommendation would be hugely appreciated I m just getting really desperate to find something Thanks a lot - Andy nbsp

A:Struggling to Find a New Laptop

You are not the only one finding such decisions hard. I have a second hand Sony laptop which I repaired and have fitted with an SSD drive. It's really fast compared with a standard laptop but I was horrified by how difficult it was to take the laptop apart even for cleaning. In general, laptop design has been awful and buying something at great expense which then conks out after maybe two years makes buyers wary of purchasing a replacement.

When the next iPad launches around October I will probably be buying one. A computer is useful for plenty of tasks though so owning both seems justifiable. Perhaps you could go for a basic laptop and budget to install an SSD drive. A touch screen laptop will cost silly money but SSD's are not that dear for say 240/250Gb storage. Forget fast processors which are likely to run hot. It would be useful but probably hard to find out how easy it is to disassemble a particular laptop to reach the parts that accumulate dust and dirt. I don't know much about laptops but I have a Dell which seems very sensibly designed.

I repaired my son's Sony laptop over a year ago but in the meantime he bought an iPad. Although the laptop is now working fine he uses the iPad for practically everything.
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Im going to college next month me Help find laptop a and I want to make my tech setup smaller and am switching Help me find a laptop to a laptop My price range is up to about a little flexible if need be BUILD QUALITY IS IMPORTANT TO ME I wont Help me find a laptop be throwing it around but I will be carrying it in a backpack places I AM CAREFUL with my tech Every laptop ive had in a while has had serious cooling problems so one that is capable of keeping itself at operating temperature even under a highish load youd think that would be mandatory xD I will be using this for schoolwork lowish poly d modeling unity d work including C coding and some gaming For a CPU I am looking for an i or a really nice i id prefer for it to be at least preferably faster obviously as fast in a general sense as my desktops core quad Q GB of ram but that seems pretty commonplace in this price range a p screen A GPU capable of running pretty much any game id want not regarding settings I think the most demanding game I will play for a while is bioshock infinite and id be fine with low med I play mostly older games but I would like to be a little future proof even if at low settings I cant do below FPS As much as it kills me I don t think ill be playing star citizen either or quot doesnt matter as long as its at least things that are super nice but not a neccessity USB I hope its standardish by now backlit keyboard Any questions let me know Its worth noting that im merely considering a laptop so if I cant get anything close to what I want I might just upgrade the desktop and throw it in a smaller case or something ive just got so many gadgets now id like to make my setup smaller ive got a desktop monitors keyboard mouse speakers standing mic on my desk with an xbox under it then ive got my convertible laptop ipod touch PSP and flip cell phone I want to downsize xD nbsp

A:Help me find a laptop

The Lenovo Y50 seems to be your best bet. It has some beastly specs for $1050. The Y40 has a 14 inch screen (even though you don't want one below 15.6") but is a lower price. The graphics card is a bit lower spec but will do and is a bargain at $800 (you aren't going to find many computers with dedicated GPUs at this price point). The problem with these laptops is the weight, size, and battery life. But the cooling is phenomenal.

Do you care about battery life or lightness?
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Hi there
and really thanks
this is usefull tut
I want to find live ip s on my isp provider ?
how can I find all live ip s from my isp ?
I run the tracert .com and find my isp s ip but now how can find out all live ip on my isp ?
please help me ?!!!
thanks again

Moderator note: This post moved from another thread.

A:How can I find all live ips from my isp?

Any ISP worth $0.02 would block your attempt to scan for these ... Virus' use this too and thus this is always suspect.
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My TB Western Digital External hard disc is not working My laptop switched off suddenly while copying files After restarted my laptop when I try to open my External hard disc drive G I m getting the message as quot Location is not available G is not accessible The drive cannot find the sector requested quot The Properties of the drive shows as Type Local Disk File system Used space bytes Free space bytes when clicking My computer- gt Manage- gt Disk Management under Storage in left find External cannot not drive - "The requested" the is hard working disc sector side I can able to see my External hard disc drive G The "The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working File System shows as quot RAW quot before it was NTFS Free as but I got around TB data Also I checked in different laptops but it shows the same error And finally I checked with quot Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows quot it passed the test I m so afraid about my datas stored in the hard disc All my projects photos and many important files stored in that hard disc I dont know what the problem is I cant find any solutions in Internet Please help me to solve this problem Thanks in advance nbsp

A:"The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working

Hey Allen. I would call Western Digital support and see what they say.Since you have data on it you need, I wouldn't play around with it, get some answers from the drive makers, and as is always said, have important data backed up in at least 2 different places, with at least one being to CD/DVD.
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One of my Western Digital TB hard drives went south curiously I ve only ever had such problems with WD hard drives - at least of them failed prematurely There were read errors and then soon the MBR partition table effectively vanished so the drive showed without any partitions at all There were about partitions or NTFS and non-standard ones They were all quot basic quot MBR partitions not GPT or whatever So I made a sector-by-sector in to than How other find partitions MBR? copy to a new Seagate TB drive then ran the windows-based app quot Active Partition Recovery quot on the new drive I used the quot SuperScan quot feature and it quot found quot approximately potentially recoverable partitions gah - I should have used the quot QuickScan quot mode instead However it didn t couldn t identify the two non-standard partitions which is understandable But I m hoping I might be able to find those two with a manual search using a hex editor But how I ve read several discussions of the contents of the MBR Partition Table that strongly suggest that the ONLY place the partitions are defined is in the Partition Table of the MBR rather than say at the front of any given partition itself But that CAN T be How to find partitions other than in MBR? correct can it After all the Active Partition Recovery tool found possible partitions -- How to find partitions other than in MBR? without any MBR Partition Table whatsoever -- by examining the data through the full length of the drive Therefore it seems to me that there must be some signature or whatever at the start of the partition itself or else the tool couldn t have found anything at all Am I wrong I have the exact sizes of the two non-standard partitions and I have old cloned copies of those partitions that I can use to obtain the data from the first sector or whatever to provide a hex pattern I can search for on the new hard drive Please check my thinking here I think that if I can perform a hex search to find the first sector of each non-standard partition I can then insert that sector number and the known partition size into the MBR to quot re-create quot them Is that possible How hard would it actually be considering that I d have to try to deal with the whole quot extended logical partition quot business since there were more than total partitions But a critical question remains What do the quot partition signatures quot in the first sector actually look like assuming they exist Thanks enormously to anyone who can help nbsp

A:How to find partitions other than in MBR?

The MBR is not in the partition table(s) but in sector 0 of the HD.

Only RARELY does anyone (or software) play with the partition type numbers as getting it wrong and the P.T. gets creamed.

If you *must* know, see this.
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I have an ADSL Sagem ST2504 wireless router and it seems that my neighbour maybe using it.

I currently have it password protected with a TKIP password and i think someone has hacked it and is using it.

Can somebody please help me in how to tell if someone is using it and how i can stop them.


A:Can I find out whether or not some other IP address is using my wireless Internet?

You should be able to see which computers are connected to your network from your routers home page... usually
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OK so I have Sager np9150 Gaming laptop with nvidia 670m 1.5gb ram graphic card and integrated intel hd 4000.

the monitor I'm trying to connect to is a Lg Flattron wide. I bought a hdmi to dvi adapter cable so that I can hook the hdmi side to my laptop and the dvi side to my monitor since it doesn't have a hdmi slot.

before plugging the hdmi side into the laptop my monitor say check signal cable. when I plug the hdmi side into my laptop the check signal cable disappear and it say digital power saving and then it stay in that mode.

A:My laptop cannot find external monitor

Right-click on your desktop, click Screen resolution, set to Extend these displays.
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I have a Zotac GT 610 2GB Synergy Edition graphics card. I have been trying to install my graphics card for quite some time now :/ When I open the installation driver, it says "nvidia graphics driver could not find compatible hardware". I cannot find my graphics card in the device manager. The only graphics card I can find is the inbuilt Intel graphics. Can someone help me install my driver? Thanks!

A:Nvidia graphics driver could not find compatible hardware

Should I uninstall my Intel driver?
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RAM Memory- CORSAIR Vengeance LP GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model CML GX M A C - on Newegg ca Video Graphics Card- EVGA SuperClocked G-P - -KR GeForce parts these anyone find me? for cheaper Can GTX GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - on Newegg ca CPU Processor- Intel Core i - K Ivy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Can anyone find these parts cheaper for me? Intel HD Graphics BX I K - on Newegg ca Hard Drive- WD Black WD FAEX TB Desktop Hard Drive - quot SATA Gbps RPM MB Cache - on Tigerdirect ca SSD- SanDisk SDSSDP- G-G quot GB SATA Internal Solid State Drive SSD - on Newegg ca DVD Drive Burner- x ASUS X DVD Burner - Bulk X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM Black SATA Model DRW- B ST BLK B AS - OEM each - on Newegg ca Motherboard- ASUS P Z -V LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard - on Newegg ca Case- COOLER MASTER Storm Enforcer SGC- -KWN Black SECC ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX PS EPS V optional Power Supply - on Newegg ca Power Supply- CORSAIR HX Series HX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply - on Newegg ca Monitor- ASUS VH H Glossy Black quot ms Widescreen Full HD p LCD Monitor cd m ASCR w Speakers amp HDMI - on Newegg ca OS- Windows - on Tigerdirect ca nbsp
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I m looking for a laptop before I go to Germany It needs to be points are ordered in importance but none should be skimped on A third generation i processor A screen resolution of at least x GB SSD or a hybrid of HDD and SSD Somewhere around quot - quot not quot that s too small Thin and light enough to carry around with me everywhere Have at least a MP webcam and good reviews I know of some MP webcams that everyone says are terrible Long battery a laptop to find Trying life Trying to find a laptop Some other points that would be preferred but aren t absolutely necessary are Internal Optical Disk Drive Ethernet plug in available Touch Screen Windows I Trying to find a laptop should also note that while the retina MBP does satisfy pretty much everything It s just not my thing I d prefer a Windows laptop Also there is no price restriction here Right now I m leaning towards getting the Series quot Premium Ultrabook NP X C On Samsung s website it is listed at The only thing is that it doesn t satisfy any of the Trying to find a laptop three quot wants quot that I have listed and I m not sure if I could find a better webcam elsewhere Here s a link to the Series quot Premium Ultrabook NP X C http www samsung com us computer laptops NP X C-A US-specs Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Trying to find a laptop

No price restriction? Get the MBP then and dual-boot with Win8.
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I am having issues with network adaptor on my Sony Vaio (Windows Vista). When I try to connect to a network it is not showing any networks in range however I am sitting right next to my wireless router. If use USB Wireless Adaptor dongle it is correctly finding all available networks and I can connect to my network.

I checked in device manager and I can see

Without USB Wireless Adaptor
Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN
Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

With USB Wireless Adaptor
Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN
Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Realtek RTL8191SU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adapter

Not sure if this is due to some loose connection or my network card is not working.

Appreciate if you can help me identify and fix this problem.


A:Network adaptor not able to find any networks

Are there any yellow exclamation points in the device manager?
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Hi I rebbot my PC recently and my audio is not working Im don't find audio SOS controller looking for the right driver for several days and nothing I tried several times and I don t know what to do more I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE with Windows XP sp I pass Everest in my PC I copy the most important parameters down If I look the problems in my PC I can see that - Controladora de sonido multimedia AUDIO PCI VEN amp DEV C amp SUBSYS amp REV amp AAA amp amp FD Los controladores de este dispositivo no est n instalados - Controladora de v deo PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp AAA amp amp Los controladores de SOS don't find audio controller este dispositivo no est n instalados - Controladora de v deo compatible VGA PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp AAA amp amp Los SOS don't find audio controller controladores de este dispositivo no est n instalados - M dem PCI PCI VEN amp DEV C amp SUBSYS amp REV amp AAA amp amp FE Los controladores de este dispositivo no est n instalados No disponible ACPI TOS amp DABA FF amp Los controladores de este dispositivo no est n instalados Please can anyone help me thanks a lot Irene PS everest report Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Service Pack Service Pack DirectX DirectX c Computer Name IRENE-PORTATIL User Name Irene Motherboard CPU Type Mobile Intel Celeron M MHz x Motherboard Name TOSHIBA Portable PC Motherboard Chipset Intel Montara-GM i GME System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Toshiba Display Video Adapter Intel Extreme Graphics D Accelerator Intel Extreme Graphics Multimedia Audio Adapter Intel DBM ICH -M - AC Audio Controller B- Storage IDE Controller Intel R DBM UltraATA Storage Controller - CA Disk Drive SAMSUNG HM HC GB IDE Disk Drive Kingston DataTraveler USB Device MB USB Disk Drive Ut USB FlashStorage USB Device MB USB Optical Drive MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ- S DVD RW x x DVD-RW x x DVD-RAM x DVD-ROM x CD x x x DVD RW DVD-RW DVD-RAM SMART Hard Disks Status OK nbsp

A:SOS don't find audio controller

I tried also to check with this tool of Intel and it doesn't found the drivers...

Audio Driver for Intel Desktop Board
Product Detected Controladora de sonido multimedia
Current Driver Installed
This device is unknown or unsupported. Please contact the manufacturer for possible updates. More information>>
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Hi all!

I have one problem need help.
My computer before have 2 drives (80 GB) drive C is 40 GB, my pc is got virus so I decide to reinstall win xp sp2 after I setup I cannot find my drive D: even on Disk Management,
I also take my Hard Disk to connect with other computer still cannot find it,
Please help me,

A:Cannot find drive D after reinstall Windows XP SP2

Is drive D an optical drive?
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Hi all got this ram Memory:
DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500
​Memory Type: DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500, DDR2 (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 4GB
Currently Installed Memory: 2GB
Total Memory Slots: 2
Available Memory Slots: 0​1GB
DDR PC2-6400​​

thats from I can hold maximum of 4gb so looking to get that . on ebay can get for £35 roughly but seems dear anyone know anywhere cheaper. thanks in advance

A:Help to find cheapest place for RAM upgrade in UK

Since you're in the UK, take a look at
Make sure before you buy anything, to check the compatibility of the RAM with you current mobo.
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Hello as you can tell I am pretty Need computer PSU HP my a fit to to suitable find new to this I am attempting to upgrade my current gpu to an EVGA GeForce GTX http www evga com products moreinfo asp pn G-P - -KR As recommended I need at least a w power supply Now I wish for something around the ballpark of w or so Something not to pricey I m having trouble understanding some things I need it to be able to fit my case which im unsure of the dimensions I know the case size I just don t know the size of where the PSU would fit into My current computer with specs included from manufactuer website http h www hp com ewfrf wc document cc us amp lc en Need to find a suitable PSU to fit my HP computer amp dlc en amp docname c Need to find a suitable PSU to fit my HP computer N Also its recommended I need pci-e pin connectors I m Need to find a suitable PSU to fit my HP computer just confused around all this I can t seem to find something suitable that would work for my setup and fit inside at the same time I need perhaps a good recommendation of a PSU if anyone can help I don t want to order something that wont fit into my rig Thank you for your time P S sorry messed up title probably confused alot nbsp

A:Need to find a suitable PSU to fit my HP computer

It looks like any ATX power supply will fit in there; how much are you looking to spend on one? I can provide specific recommendations based on that.

Also, are you located in the US?

Lastly, any specific reason you're going for an older card rather than one from the current-gen series?
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When I got a new printer, I went to my laptop and try the find printer thing when I clicked on it the window pop up and then another one that said "The Active Directory Domain Service is currently unavailable." Please someone tell me what and how to fix this

A:Can't use the find printer program thing

Follow the directions that came with your new printer. Usually you have to first install the driver from the included disc or their website, then at some point you're instructed to plug the printer in with USB cable and power it up. It should then be recognized in Device Manager and show up in Control Panel/Printers, where you can set it to your default printer.
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Hi there I own an Alesis Multimix Firewire which I use to record music on my PC I connect this to my Computer via can (Code 12) use that free This enough it cannot device resources find VIA PCI IEEE Adapter Firewire Everything s been fine up until now it seems my computer won t recognize when the firewire cable is connected to the computer So I flipped open the motherboard and made sure the adapter was connected into the slot properly as sometimes it can slide out a bit since it is at a weird angle when the PC sits upright I rebooted again and it said that the Firewire adapter had been detected Tried connecting the Alesis and still nothing Went into System and Device Manager and under the IEEE Bus host controller tab it shows OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller with a highlighted exclamation mark over it I click into the properties of this and it says under This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12) the General Tab This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use Code If you want to use this device you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system More specifically under the This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12) Details Tab it says this PCI VEN amp DEV This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12) amp SUBSYS amp REV amp DC A amp amp Not sure entirely what this means I googled it and a lot of ppl saying to try and update the drivers etc but I don t think that this will do any good as the last driver was back in and I don t think any new drivers have been made since Looking for a logical answer to this one Any help would be greatly appreciated Attached a DXdiag file below too Thanks nbsp

A:This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use (Code 12)

Looks like the motherboard's USB channels or chipset needs to be updated or re-installed
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I have monitored some past posts and haven't found a solution yet. I am rebuilding an older desktop to get it back running. I have formatted and partitioned the had drive (thru another computer), installed it into my desktop. During the windows XP install it indicates that the hard drive can't be found. I installed the drivers disk and made the Raid driver required and installed it and got the same result. I can't seem to get the hard drive located to install windows on it.
P4 computer
windows XP SP1
and all system disks from Dell that came with the system. Any ideas????
looking for a solution to get windows installed and up and running. Don't want to spend a large amount of time and money as this is an older desktop. Thanks

A:Windows XP can't find hard drive

Bad hard drive, or bad install.
You are using Service Pack 1. Windows XP only works on the first 133 GB of a hard drive. You may need a Windows Disk with Service pack 2 or 3 to propertly detect and format the hard drive if larger than 132 GB... Or use a non-Dell version of Windows XP.
The product ID on the Windows sticker will still enable the enstall if you have a borrowed OEM disk of Windows XP.
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Hello All I have a samsung N a while ago the connection dropped wireless Netbook networks won't find suddenly and couldn t find any wi-fi connections I m using a D-link Usb dongle and I can find all the networks After trying everything I was convinced that the Atheros chip is Netbook won't find wireless networks faulty so I bought a new one but it didn t work so I tried my Atheros on an Netbook won't find wireless networks another netbook and it worked fine It can t be an OS problem since at the beginning of the problem i did a factory settings restore and tried Ubuntu all of them had the same problem Sometimes it is able to find near wi-fi networks for a minute but it won t connect So if anyone knows what s the problem i would really be thankful I ve disassembled my computer to see if there s something wrong with the Antenna everything seems fine it s very confusing and i can t find any solutions Thank you nbsp

A:Netbook won't find wireless networks

We need to know your computer brand and model, and operating system. Or the motherboard that is installed.
any "flags" in your device manager?
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Good morning everyone...

My old 600m for some reason last night decided NOT to find any webpages. The wireless network indicates that it is connected to the router, functioning properly. My daughter's notebook easily connects to the network, so I know it's not the router. I'm using XP Pro, SP2, Linxsys wireless, Intel 2200BG card.

I'm not that computer literate, but am usually able to fix most things.

HELP, please!!



A:Dell Inspiron 600m cannot find web pages

Do you have the latest driver?®+PRO/Wireless+2200BG+Network+Connection

You should have SP3 installed, support for SP2 has been discontinued.
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No I am not doing anything crafty I wouldn't know how to anyways. Yes it is for school, I am reviewing questions for my final but I can't figure this one out. Are they talking about their website cause thats easy. Or do I have to find out like what their mega computers ip address is spamming me my sweet bandwidth? If so how?

p.s. hu ray i get to write in bad grammer for a change who learned you how to spoke?

A:How do I find out my ISP's IP address?

Your ISP will have multiple IP addresses.

If what your asking is how do you find out YOUR IP address:

If you want to know the IP address of a particular site, fire up cmd.exe in Windows (start run/search box, type cmd and hit enter.

Then type: ping (or whatever website you need to know).


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=244
Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=244
Reply from bytes=32 time=14ms TTL=244
Reply from bytes=32 time=35ms TTL=244

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 14ms, Maximum = 35ms, Average = 20ms

That will reveal their IP address for you.
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I just upgraded to Win7. In this PC I have 2 HDD, one C drive which works fin, and one additional HDD which I'm able to see in BIOS and Device Manager, but it do not show up in Explorer.
How to get it visible?

A:Can't find local installed HDD

Right click my computer > manage, click disk management take a screenshot, post here.
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Hi all, I would like to know if there is any way I can tell if my motherboard is broken. I have a Fujitsu Amilo Pro V3515. When I press the power switch, the lights power light and wifi light come on, the fan starts, but that is it, just a black screen. I have tried removing and reinserting ram etc. I was just wondering if there was any way to find out what's wrong with it so I could just replace parts myself rather than the added expense of having to take it for repair. Any advice gladly received, regards.

A:Is there any way I can find out if my motherboard is broken?

theres no easy & quick way to check,
have you tried connecting you laptop to an external monitor?
incase it might be the screen
also tried disconnecting hdd, ram, keyboard, dvd drive.
tried doing a hard reset? remove battery & psu lead
hold the power button for 60 second.
or powering up off either battery alone or
taking battery out and powering up off psu alone?
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So the Chaintech VNF3-250 on my secondary computer finally died after 7 or 8 years. But the other parts still work, so I'm hoping I can replace the mobo without having to replace everything attached to it.

All the places I've looked seem to have no name brands, or no name sellers, or are refurbished, or just plain out of stock forever.

A:Any place to find a decent Socket 754 AGP mobo these days?

TheBladeRoden said:

So the Chaintech VNF3-250 on my secondary computer finally died after 7 or 8 years. But the other parts still work, so I'm hoping I can replace the mobo without having to replace everything attached to it.

All the places I've looked seem to have no name brands, or no name sellers, or are refurbished, or just plain out of stock forever.Click to expand...

Should be able to find them at Geeks or Ebay. You will most likely find refurbished or used ones though!
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Hi everyone New to this forum My tower which was running XP but is probably years old got pretty heavily infected with viruses malware After several attempts at clearing it out with software I decided i should just reformat because its been awhile and I never really have I think the first thing I did was boot from CD using a copy of windows Probably not the original used for my computer but I don t think that matters Each time I attempt to install windows however it gets to a screen that says quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer quot and claims setup cannot continue I ve searched a bit for answers but none seem to fit or have solutions that will work for me since it should not be a hardware issue I also went into the RAID utility and had that reformat something thinking that might help or be necessary Part of the problem is I can t find any of my original installation disks aside from the motherboard and graphics card On boot up and in BIOS it claims there is no IDE channel Master or Slave What can I do or is there anything you can recommend I thought I saw trying HDD Problem to when find can't reformat, somewhere that my HD or motherboard might not be compatible with this XP disc and I would need to make Problem when trying to reformat, can't find HDD one of my own that would allow detection of my HD is that possible nbsp

A:Problem when trying to reformat, can't find HDD

What kind of hard drive are you using? IDE or SATA?
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I got an old laptop (Gateway with window XP Pro, and I cannot get it to connect to my home network, other laptop works fine. showing the following connections
Local area connection
network cable unplugged with a RED x
Realtek RTL8139/810x

1394 Connection
1394 net adapter

wireless network connection
Not connected Red X
intel(R) Pro/wireless 22008G
Please help, Thanx

A:Can't find any network,

first, use the Device Mgr to disable the 1394 device:: that's a Firewire connection, not ethernet.

then WIRE a connection to your router and get that running.

we'll address WiFi once WIRED is working
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I would like to find out how much watts my PC uses. I do not have any measuring devices for wattage, so is there still a way?


A:How can I find out how many watts my PC pulls from the wall?

To get anything other than a guess you'll need a device like the Kill-a-Watt. I'm not sure the availability in your country but with a company name of p3international it at least sounds like you could get it.

You could also do it with an amp probe. The difficulty here is that you'd have to separate the hot wire and the neutral one, so that may be difficult or impossible (not to mention unsafe if you cut the insulation into the wire).
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Heres my problem , so my computer dvd and cd drives failed i kept getting mssg select boot device and reboot. then i used a cd drive fromanother computer connected it with xp windows cd and now im getting error in setup"setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer" please help this computer used to work fine before and was xp before..thankyou in advance!

A:Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

Check you bios settings if it is detecting your HDD.


Check also the jumper settings of the CD drive
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and before anybody asks, I did look it up on google. I didn't find any clear way that said how to find it out. Is there a way to find it out?


A:RAM - How do I find out my RAM Module P/N?

Its on the memory stick.

First result on
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Hi guys I ve been reading this forum for some help but cannot seem to find anything as my problem or multiple problems seems to be quite specific The problem During the creation of a GB FAT partition on my brand new IOMEGA tb desktop external harddrive the power cable was unwittingly disconnected and the partition failed Since that time I have been unable to find the harddrive on my system What I harddrive Cannot external find ve tried so far I ve tried searching My Computer Disk Management and Device Manager none of them are showing up anything they were showing the device perfectly before the incident I have also attempted to use the harddrive on a laptop of mine but to no avail I ve attempted to find out if UPnP is enabled on my Bios menu but for some reason this menu keeps softlocking hardlocking and I must manually restarted the computer I have also shut down all power to the computer for about an hour and the problem persists Any help would be most appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Cannot find external harddrive

problem fixed

i had to buy another hard drive
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I have an old HP Pavilion 513W Desktop - System # P9857A, Serial # MX234A4770, with a 845GL Chipset and a 478 Socket I think ?Where can I get a replacement Motherboard NEW or Used?

A:Where can I find a new or used HP Pavilion 513W motherboard?
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I tried to change my network settings from WPA to to network find was certificate log you unable on to Windows to the a WEP last night and like an I screwed it up I only wanted to change it over temporarily so I could access the wireless network with another device that isn t compatible with WPA I ended up having to restore the Linksys router to Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network its default settings I then tried to recreate the settings it had before with WPA before I messed it up It was on WPA -Personal AES and I changed the network SSID and passwords back from default Very basic I didn t set the Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network router up myself originally though so there must be something I m missing I am able to connect via Ethernet cable but when I try going wireless on both Windows laptops one XP and one Vista I get a message saying quot Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network my SSID quot Most of the searches I ran on Google had people suggesting that I uncheck quot Enable IEEE x authentication quot in the laptop s wireless Authentication settings but that is already unchecked Besides shouldn t the fix have to do with something in the router settings since the wireless was working before I mucked around with the router The laptop settings remain unchanged from the when wireless used to work so they should be okay right I also tried setting the router up using Wi-Fi Protected Setup but after the bar loads to the end it says it was unable to connect Anyone have any suggestions Or need more info that might help solve my wireless problems nbsp
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I have a device on my network that I'm trying to ID. I can get the MAC address off the switch, and I need to get either the IP address or the name of the device. How do I do this using the MAC address?

Thanks in advance.


A:How to find a computer name or IP with the MAC address?

download a copy of Network Magic to one system and let it discover the devices on your LAN. even after the trial period lapses, it will still keep the mapping current.

For every device discovered, there are details for the device
Mac addr, IP addr, and device/system info
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Lookout and wheres my droid need you to have text through your carrier. I do not. What app can I use in case I lose my phone that doesn't need text?

if no one here knows does anyone know the a techspot of cellphones type site ?

A:What app can I use on my Droid to find my phone if I don't have text?

Your carrier should be able to help you with this...
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I have a sound problem. And I can't find my sound card's name. It just disappeared. It says "No sound card was found. If one is expected, you should install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer."
How may I know what download and install.? I run win7 professional. Intel(R) pentium(R) D. 2GHz 512MB of RAM.
please. thank you

A:How to find sound card's name

You can download DriverIdentifier from
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Ok so i ve finally gotten to a point where I can t stand not owning a tablet I m not yet prepared to drop more than though I tablet Can't this find was looking at a Can't find this tablet rooted Nook Color but found the Archos which runs Windows i d love to Can't find this tablet have a win tablet but i m willing to consider the which runs android but then came across the Notion Ink Adam The problem I can t find it ANYWHERE Was this item pulled Should I even be wanting a tablet that I can t even find I know it had a rough start but after having seen a few videos it may be in my top list literally as it is on the upper end of the money range lol I ve found the other tablets on ebay but the Notion Ink is overpriced on there A seller is selling the bottom line version for over Finally found someone starting off below but with days left to go I have a feeling it ll end up going over my budget Anyway just wondering if anyone knows how to go about finding this Adam tablet My mind still isn t made up but i ve got days off from work so plenty of time to think about it lol Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Can't find this tablet

Might not be out yet, but the Motorola Xoom will drop to $399 at Staples soon. I too would like Windows tablet but Windows 7 isn't really good on tablet and Windows 8 won't be out until next year for Tablets. They say end of the year but then how much would the tablet be? That's issue. Overcharging for Tablet's that cost anywhere from $60 and up.

If you live in the USA you can go to any CVS Drug Store or CVS 24HR Pharmacy and pickup a $99 buck tablet running 700MHz, Android OS 2.1 with 4GB IS (internal storage) plus 32GB ES (external storage) 256MB RAM, 7" HD with 720p HDMI port, 2x USB one Full and one mini port. With that you can connect a USB wireless mouse or combo. There is even 3GB support. This tablet is made by the old Craig Electronics well it made for them. The good thing about this tablet you can root it and get Google Market on it. Once you do that you can access any app for it.

Now the deal breaker if you have anyone you know who works for CVS you can get the tablet for $60 bucks. If not with the floating around 20 to 25% off coupon you can also get it for about $77 to $79. Still not a bad deal. You also have 90 day's to change your mind and get your money back but wait CVS gives you back more if you use their coupons and thus you can walk away with $22 bucks in a CVS Gift Card.

Tablet looks like this:

Well other than the above is the Coby KYROS MID7015-4G both have the same features except the Coby has 800MHz, 1080p output. Can play 3D Games. $139 to $249

Next to that would be eLocity A7 1GHz Dual core, 512MB RAM with Android OS 2.2 same storage as the above, but you get CTS panel cost $299 to $349.
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So I broke a pin on my CPU prolly not the most unheard of thing, as a result I can't figure out what kind of processor I have. The twist to my situation that google can't help with is that my motherboard is an ABIT AN932X (non fatality) all the support for the non fatality board appears to be gone or so buried I cant find the boards supported CPU's. So either I need help finding out what kind of CPU i have or what kind of CPU i can get any and all help is appreciated.

A:How do I find out what CPU I have if the computer doesn't run?

did you look directly on the CPU?
there should some helpful information like a serial number, stepping, etc
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i have an 802.11 n/g/b Wireless Lan USB adapter and just recently its been disconncting itself from the home network and then when i try reconnct it cant find any wireless networks at all. i have found a fix but it gets annoying after every 15 mins to half an hour of disabling the wireless network adapter and then re-enabling. not sure whats going on please help!

A:Wireless Network adapter disconnects then cant find networks help!

How is your signal strength? If you haven't already, you could try using a 3 foot USB extension so you can move the dongle to a more favorable reception position. If that doesn't help, just get a new one. I use one of these for one of my PCs and they seem to tend to fail after awhile.

I'm using a Rosewill USB adapter now and that one has been the most reliable so far.
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I'm having a hard time finding an external enclosure for my IDE hard drive (the larger desktop size of drive) that I can hook up through a USB port. If you can link me to a page of them, or one or two that aren't designed for the smaller sized drives, that would help me out a bunch.

A:Please help me find an external hard drive enclosure

Something like this that's assuming it's 3.5 inch drive OR if you don't mind to look at the internal drive a Docking station might well suit your needs ??
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In the BIOS it says find says installed can't it! PEG but BIOS card that there s a PEG card installed and I need the CD that came with it to get it to work But I don t have the CD and I need to know what card actually is so I can attempt to get the software to turn it on I m not even sure if turning it on is a good idea But otherwise all I have is a graphics chipset with about MB of memory on it BIOS says PEG card installed but can't find it! I can t afford a new card plus this is a Dell small form factor computer It BIOS says PEG card installed but can't find it! s hard to get hardware for it because of the lack of space in the case plus I m not sure if s standard card would even work with a Dell computer I got my quot X-Plane quot flight simulator to run reasonably well with only that chipset after installing gigs of system memory but I think I m very close to overloading thing As far as I can tell there s no option in the BIOS to tell me anything else about this card or how to find out what card it is I can t find an quot advanced quot menu in the BIOS either Any help will be very much appreciated The computer is a Dell Dimension c running XP Home Blame my wife for the chipset and the small case I can t ask Dell about this because they want a zillion bucks just to ask a question My warranty has expired nbsp

A:BIOS says PEG card installed but can't find it!

Sounds to me like the integrated graphics chip uses PCI Express bus.
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A couple of months ago when I was buying components for my latest build, I found this great site that had a huge index of cpu heatsinks and indexed them with decibel ratings and thermal ratings. Now my friend is looking for a new CPU cooler, and I was going to point him towards this site, but now I can't find it anywhere!

Do you know of the site I'm talking about, or can you point me towards something similar?

I thought maybe it was frostytech, but I can't find the table I referred to earlier where you can sort the coolers by noise and heat stats...

Any idea?

A:Help me find heatsink review site

se if this one can halp you...
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So I have a little problem...the mobo can't find the sata doesn't even recognize
that it's connected...
I have also tried to install the RAID controller but that one "can't srat" and the "raid
utility" (before boot) can't either find anything...

So what to do and how..?

hdd: 2.5", 5400rpm, 160Gb
mobo: QDI K7V600, 2x SATA, 2x IDE, AGP, Socket A and so on...

A:Can't find SATA HDD

check the cables of the hard drive (the power cable and the sata cable) ...try swapping the sata cable, cuz i have a suspicion that the sata cable is the culprit here...
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My current gaming laptop might be toast. Its posting then rebooting endlessly. All of the research I have done shows the motherboard is toast. So I'll be calling the manufacturer tomorrow but it is three years old.

So I am looking for a good gaming laptop. Something with a good graphics card, dual core or better, good amount of ram, nice hard drive space, and preferably 17 inches or more but I'll take a 15 for something really nice.

So help me out. My current one could run pretty much anything like the star craft beta, command and conquer 4, Sims 3, and many other recent games.

I'm trying to get something nice.

A:Help me find a gaming laptop under $1100

Something comparable to the current Alienware mx17 would be great.
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Sims 2 help?
I played Sims 2 yesterday and it was working. I have no expansions for The Sims 2. I do have downloaded content. I just don't know why whenever I startup the Sims 2 this message comes up "Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system!Please make sure you have a direct X9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate."I did run dxdiag and I have X9.0c on my computer. Sims 2 is the only game I have on this computer so I made sure I had enough space. ​Help please!
I have tried cleaning the disk and taking off all of the downloadable content
Thank you!

A:Sims 2 failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter in this system

What graphics card do you have? Also, did you try to install the latest graphics driver available for you card?
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I was experimenting with my brothers desktop It seemed need find corrupted motherboard? new chip or do replace to BIOS a I like it was running well Still one of his drives an SATA Samsung wasn t displaying it s icon on the my computer screen that shows you which devices are attached Either he accidently shorted the drive cause he refused to use a surge suppressor Still the main drive worked o k Sadly his desktop was purchased used So the seller had no recovery disks or an original Vista Pro operating system disk in the event the files became corrupt I recall his system started having problems after I installed HandBrake to convert video to mp I also installed DVD to decrypt movie discs I m not sure if those warez were compatible with Vista My brother had installed an EVGA gtx PCI-e graphics which BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard? I updated the drivers for it He mainly wanted it for gaming and editing video I BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard? had read that updating the bios chipset drivers could increase performance and eliminate hardware incompatibilities I think his OS was an OEM version which sucks Finally using my neighbors Wi-Fi I went to the chipset maker to update his motherboard chipset drivers and or bios update or firmware i m confused The site had an BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard? online updater to assist with the install The motherboard developer was MSI so I went directly to their site I knew there was risk updating the firmware but I decided to take the risk It started updating it automatically backed up the current bios firmware Then cautioned to proceed with the install It then went into a very awkward GUI screen the program initiated After that happened all functionality was lost no way to exit Some status bar was filling up So I let it run it s course for several hours I noticed on-screen some cheap colored bars some program text and the status bar seemed like it froze up I wasn t sure if it was still connected to the wifi network If my neighbor turned off his router or the adapter was still communicating Reason why I tried this method of updating Was because my brothers PC lacked a fully functional floppy drive There was no floppy drive installed I somehow felt that if I shutdown the PC it would be bricked I was right in bricked no video or post messages or DOS like screens I could turn it on but not shut it down I had to switch the power supply main switch to off So then I thought would replacing the mother board with the exact same model and connecting the hard drive and other components allow the PC to boot into Windows Vista or can the bios chip be reprogrammed The board no longer is sold by MSI it s a P Neo MS v Is it any easy task replacing the seated bios chip And if I managed to replaced or have installed by a skilled technician would the OS recognize the motherboard and bootup Since it s an OEM it could detect the chip and unauthorize access unless someone hacked the system That I could never do myself nbsp

A:BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard?

Sounds pretty bad...You would need to swap out the bios chip with a working one temporarily.

Read this and this.....
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Hey all I had a similar post up looking for a good gaming laptop under and I came across some good machines I ve decided to just drop the money and get the best that I can without being stupid I think the amount I was trying to budget might not work Now I found this one that I did like http www 2 gaming Help price cap a find laptop with Part me no newegg com Product Produ amp AID amp PID amp SID skim X It was recommended by a few people and it is decent It has a Help me find a gaming laptop with no price cap Part 2 inch screen that I would love So now what I am seeking is a inch or more hopefully a solid state drive for the OS not a must and one of the following video cards Geforce Gtx m SLI Mobility Radeon HD Crossfire Geforce GTX Help me find a gaming laptop with no price cap Part 2 M SLI Geforce GTX M SLI Mobility Radeon HD x Geforce GTX M Geforce GTX M SLI Geforce M GTX SLI Mobility Radeon HD I m not looking for anything used or rd party So any ideas nbsp
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I have been trying to format and make bootable a 4GB flash drive to use to flash my bios but everytime I try to format the drive it tells me that I have a bad volume name. Can anyone please explain what is a volume name and how to apply the correct volume name to a device being formatted?

A:What is volume label and how to find the correct volume label?

Are you trying to Format the drive to FAT32?
What Brand of drive Lenovo or was it a pass out type?
While you're planning uses for the pen drive try Ubuntu 9.01 flash drive Bootable O/S
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I am looking to buy an inverter for my Dell. The ones listed on ebay just say that they work on my model. They don't list an exact number. If they do, it doesn't match mine. Some are listed as 15" whereas mine is 14.1" My inverter says V12144T. Some of theirs are off a few numbers. The question is are they close enough. If the ad says it will work on a 2200, do you think it will?

A:Dell Inspiron 2200 inverter - can't find exact number anywhere

what kind of inverter are you talking about. there is a LCD Inverter. is that what your talking about
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I am having a lot of trouble trying to get the PC to find Sata drive while tring to install Windows xp!.I have checked out different sources but they all seem complicated. It is a custom built pc with an intel motherboard. I do not have a floppy drive in it. Could someone help me PLEASE!!! I dont know what to do.

A:Cannot find any hard disk drives during windows xp install. do not have floppy drive!

You can provide those drivers from CD.
When the setup asks you to press F6 to load drivers, press F6, remove XP CD, insert driver CD.
When done, installation will ask you to re-insert XP CD.
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Hello I have a GT5432 gate way, pc. The old mother board broke and now I had to install a new one. I got it all together but now I cant figure out where the 2 cords go. The light for the power button and the power button its self. it?s a red/Wight cord and a blue/Wight cord if any can find me a diagram on it id be thankful it. The mother board is a HT2000, Serial ATA ATA133. I would start plugging it in randomly but I don?t want it to fry. And if you must know iv been looking for a long time.

A:Cant find a motherboard diagram

This should be your board
Close up here:
It sounds like you need the front panel header- it is marked item 9 on the diagram- the black header pin out on the lower right hand edge of the board. For the exact location you'll need the manual I think.
This should be it:

The HT2000 is actually an ECS MCP61PM-AM REV:1.0A
Note: AM is the suffix for motherboard produced for Gateway
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my computer is put together from like a couple other computers but it runs internet and everything fine.
i just put a new graphics card in it but dont have the disk to install it.
when i have the card in the computer prior to turning on the computer the computer will turn on but nothing gets sent to the monitor unless the graphics card is out of the computer when i turn it on and put it in afterwards. the card gets power to it and everything but dont seem to be working.

if anyone can help me that would be super! i miss playing wow THANKS

A:WoW says "failed to find suitable display device exiting program" when I try to play


you answered your own question, you need the drivers for the card.
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When trying to run The Sims 2 the following message appears:

Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system!Please make sure you have a direct X9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate.

I am running a AMD Athlon XP3200+ with 512KB L2 cache and 400MHz FSB,1GB of DDR
256MB nvidia geforce FX5700LE graphics card

I would appreciate any help

A:The Sims 2: failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters!

Have you installed the latest detonators?
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So I have an "Infinity USB" (s/n:020019804) and an
"Infinity USB Phoenix compatible" (s/n:021042244).

I don't know if the serial number will help...but I included
it any way...

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we bought an advent laptop for £320 from curries in august (its now for sale for £280- typical curries- you have to wathc those guys) where can i find out if its elligable for a windows 7 upgrade? its a bit of a pain when you spend money on something and then one month later a new windows comes out. thankyou

A:Where can I find out whether my laptop can have an upgrade to 7?

Look at the system requirments for windows 7

then look at what your laptop has in it, and if what you have matches or is better than what the requirments are, you are all set. Typically if you bought a laptop within the past few years it will definatly be capable of windows 7, especially if it could/is running vista.

Also, since you are getting it for a laptop look into getting the 32 bit, since the requirments are much lower in comparison to 64 bit.
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I have just reinstalled Vista Home Basic on my laptop, and now it won't let me connect to the internet. When I click "connect to a network" it tells me that it can't find any networks. When I click "set up a connection or network" the option to manually connect to a wireless network isn't listed.

My home network is working, my netbook connected straight away. I've restarted both the modem and the router, doesn't make any difference. The wireless radio's on, the wireless adapter's working fine, and the driver's up to date.

I've got no idea why it's not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :~)
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So I just installed windows 7 yesterday...I was browsing through my system properties just now and noticed that my computer thinks I don't have a graphics card. I know I do, it's an Nvidia something or other, and it worked fine when I was on vista. I used a search to see if it would find it, but nothing came up. I'm thinking and hoping that maby i just bumped it wrong and a pin came undone or something...any ideas or suggestions since I'm not a comp genius?

also had a seperate question....I noticed my laptop says its capable to run 64 bit on it, whats the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit?

you can disregaurd this.................I think I just found the problem. still would like to know the diff between 32-64 bit though.

A:Can't find my graphics card

Big differences between 32 and 64 bit. Since you don't know how to find or setup your video graphics, you are probably not ready for 64 bit. You can find huge amounts of information on 64 bit computers... way to much to post here.
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My scanner used to work, but all I get is that error message:
"Cannot find default data source in the current directory"
Don't know what that means
Disk whereabouts is unknown

If it's a driver problem, all I see are references not going past Win2000. I have XP Home.

A:Artec ViewStation AM12E Scanner - "Cannot find default data source"

It may be time to invest in an all-in-one printer (Printer, Scanner, Fax) They are not that expensive any longer
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I have a gx280 system, It won't boot up about 1 out of 3 times. The reason is not to find a hard disk. The messege shows me " No SATA hard drive". Whenever the computer failed to be booted up, I opened the case and replug the HDD cable in. It clears the problem so far. Also I replaced the HDD cable either but it still has the problem. The dell assistance in online say that the problem could be the cable or mothboard. I don't know what I should do now. Should I buy a new board or throw this Dell away? Or anyone has a solution for this?


A:Dell GX280: Won't find the primary hard disk?

That motherboard has a lot of trouble with bad capacitors which render the system to be now workable. If your capacitors (little barrel-like components about 1 to 1 2/4 inches high) are puffy, have rounded tops, or are leaking brown, black, or rust colored powered, the board is dead unless you have a tech nearby who knows how to replace them cheaply... about $60.

Otherwise, replace the cables with the SATA cables with the locking plugs and sockets... very cheap...

So again Dell is right, but not helpful.
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My wireless internet worked fine never really had any problems except the odd few were I could find it connect but the internet didn t work after a while it seemed to resolve its-self I purchased a new base the other day I put the disc in to install Laptops my One Wireless Internet my Can't Find of on the wireless router via an Ethernet cable internet worked fine Then I tried to connect on my Windows XP home edition laptop which I only really use for downloading films and music I couldn t find my wireless connection I could find the rest of the streets just not mine I restarted the laptop and while I was waiting tried my windows vista laptop after refreshing the search or times I found it the internet works fine Next I tried my Xbox wireless adapter found both the wireless A G connections connected first time worked fine Went back to my home edition laptop still nothing and has been this way for a good few days The problem being I can find wireless internet just not mine even if the laptop is next to the router My knowledge of how these things work are basic but I always seem to find the problem just this one has me stumped So I am hopping you intelligent people can help me out The laptop is an Acer Travel-mate and connects using an Intel R PRO Wireless BG Network connection the driver version is if that s any help The IP Address and DNS Address are both set to automatic My Router is a Linksys Wireless A G Router that Xbox recommended to me The model number is WRT AG I have a Webstar Scientific-Atlanta Modem I don t know much about firmwire or what ever it is called to tell you what version I have I connect using Internet Explorer if that s any help That s everything I Can't Find my Wireless Internet on One of my Laptops can think of except I am eating a penguin and still not dressed and I have a th to get to in minutes Other than that if you need any more information then just ask I Can't Find my Wireless Internet on One of my Laptops will reply as quickly as I can Also you can give me a clue on where to find the information you need then please include it as my knowledge is not great Thanks for the Help nbsp

A:Can't Find my Wireless Internet on One of my Laptops


are you familiar with the term, "hide SSID"

if other devices have been setup to connect to it then they will see it as they have the rights to access it...

New installs wont see a router with the SSID of the router set to be hidden as this is a security measure

Go into the routers setup and see if its set to show the SSID...

Just a thought
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i just bought a new wireless card ( to put in my medion akoya 3300 which previous to this always had a wired connection.

i installed the vista driver just fine, under device manager it says all is fine but when i try to connect to a network it just says windows cannot find any networks.

i have a psp and ps3 in the same room both of which get between 80 and 100 per cent signal.

i have tried everything i can think of, set up a manual connection, put the card in a different pci slot, re installed the driver. nothing worked.

i am going out of my fukcing mind with this thing, can someone please help.

A:"windows cannot find any networks"

Pretty difficult to help you troubleshoot this on TechSpot. You have missed something. We have all done it. But figgering out what you have done or not done will take a lot of guesswork. Do you have any local friend who is familiar with wireless?
Then, of course, there are all the problems with an eBay device that doesn't have the manual.
One effort that works, but not rapidly, is to remove everything... all the software, all the installs, and start over... reading each step
Be sure your firmware and software are exactly correct, and keep notes as you go over each line in the instructions from the online website of the manufacturer.
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my computer is an msi k9n neo v3. when i got on it one day it said reboot and select proper boot device. so i put in the windows xp pro disk and then it said

"setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer and any disk related configuration is correct.

how can i fix this problem without a floppy disk or using anything long and confusing?

A:Windows XP cannot find hard disk drives

If this happened suddenly after your PC had been working fine all this time, I would suspect a bad hard drive.
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Hi I have a sony vaio laptop model number PCG 662N that has no audio since I upgraded to windows xp. Could anyone please assist me with this. I could not get any help on the sony web site either.

A:Cannot find audio drivers for sony pcg 662n

anela said:

Hi I have a sony vaio laptop model number PCG 662N that has no audio since I upgraded to windows xp. Could anyone please assist me with this. I could not get any help on the sony web site either.Click to expand...

from windows xp: click "start">>click "all programs">>click" windows update"...
windows update services will then try to update all devices in your laptop and will also update windows OS...

or from Control Panel>>Performance and Maintenance>>Administrative Tools>>Computer Management>>device manager, right click your device, then click update services will try locate any update driver for your device...

or copy and paste: %SystemRoot%\system32\compmgmt.msc /s, then right click device manager, right click your device, then click update...
all methods require an internet connection...
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I am thinking about upgrading my old video card and some of the new cards require a certain amount of a power supply. I need to know what my Dell Optiplex Gx240's power supply is. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

A:I need to find out what my computers power supply is

You know you could of just posted in YOUR original thread instead of a new one. Have you tried google your computer to find PSU? Look in the case like the other post suggested from your old topic and how old is your PSU/Computer?
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I have a Toshiba Tecra S1 that on startu-up does not POST. all it does is beep: two short beeps, one long beep, a pause, then three short beeps. I can't find any guides for Toshiba BIOS beep codes, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Can't find "beep" codes

If that's an Award bios:
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Hello I my find not recording an Laptop on audio Can do the multi media at our church and we just started recording our service on computer I recorded this last Sunday service And all went well and then the program went down and now I can not find the file The program I used is Music Editing Free also known as MEF with a Griffin iMac USB microphone sound card device on a Compaq Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop Presario V Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop US Running win XP home SP I recorded the Praise team with the record panel clicked keep Recorded a guest singer clicked keep By the way it moved both recordings to the main window Then I recorded the Pastors sermon which was very good by the way stoped the recording hit keep went to main page to edit the recordings was called away Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop and I came back Closed the record panel then clicked on save so I could save the whole file as a wave file and the program closed Now I can not fined the file that was sent from the record panel to the edit panel when you click keep says it s saving at a data file but I did a search and did not find it Also when you close the program it asks do you want to replace the untitled file Can some one Help me find this file I need it so I can save it to CD and also FTP to podbean com where we host our podcast for our church I hope this is enough info to get HELP with this For now on I will use WildVoice Studio to do my recordings Thank you so much for your help Frank nbsp

A:Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop

Try searching for ".wav" files in your search box. without the " "


There may be quite a few of them .. so listen through till (hopefully ) you find your missing files.
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I've searched the entire world and cannot find this case anywhere! (Internet = world)

Xclio 1000 or 2000

I've found it on maybe 2 sites and all sold out on them. (including Newegg) Tigredirect doesn't even sell Xclio cases. Ebay and Craigslist don't have them either.

Anybody out there with the magic finger?
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I recently purchased the logitech Z-640 speakers and they require a a 5.1 or 6.1 sound card to operate with movies and CD-ROM games and music. I am not sure what sound card version I have. Is there a way to find it out by looking on my computer or something like that?

A:Can I find out what sound card I have?

Welcome to TechSpot.

Go to My Computer\Sounds and Audio Devices\Audio, it should be listed at the top. There are several ways to find it, but this is the easiest.
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I am planning a new build-a build mind But I have hit a bit of a wall at first I was planning only a simple water me case please a Find cooling system but now I am going for a duel loop now while my current case GS could deal with a single loop system a duel it can not My main problem is where to stick the rads So I m look for help in find a case that can support my needs ok so it would need to support to large rad s i m looking at pa but am prepared to go for pa or a differant brand altogether I Find me a case please will Find me a case please need to support hard drives and at least quot drives but would be much better am do not have the skills to mod the case so this is out of the option however i am prepared to pay for it to be done for example http www chilledpc co uk shop prod roducts id on the subject of the TJ if some can see a way to fit a large rad at the bottom while leaving the drive cages in the would be great nbsp

A:Find me a case please

i have a triple rad at the bottom in my tjo7, but had to get front mounting brackers in the 5 1/2 bays to put the hard drives.
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Does anybody know how to find exactly which harddrive needs to be replaced in a raid5?

A:How to find a failed hard drive in a raid?

It depends on your RAID controller. Your RAID configuration window should tell you which drives have failed - and your ports should be identifiable based on that information. Be careful because it's easy to get them backwards if the ports are not actually labeled and you're only given a diagram.
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I just reinstall a new windows xp on a friend's laptop after her last OS was damaged when an anti-spyware/virus deleted a system file in a scan. The problem is that the product-key under her laptop wasn't working when it tried to verify it. I used a makeshift one that was old so I can later on change the product key and do a genuine verification online.

Here is the problem. Her wireless adapter was not visible on device manager or control panel. Is there a starting point where I can find the solution to this problem?

A:Cannot find Wireless Adapter after Windows XP reinstallation

I assume that the said drivers would be on a set up CD or a driver CD that comes with the laptop? If so, the person said that she didn't get a CD since her parents gave her the laptop. I will ask if there was once. Hopefully that may help. Anything else you can suggest to me?
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Hi I have been trying to work out how to play my sims game Everytime i go to open the game the sims screen comes up then an message appears stating Failed to find any DirectX c compatible adapters in this system please make sure you have a direct x c compatible graphics adapter abd have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer This application will now terminate I have downloaded the latest drivers for direct x c from the microsoft website and the game still will Sims 9.0c direct Failed find to x any 2 graphics not Sims 2 Failed to find any direct x 9.0c graphics work can any body please help me Cheers Ash Hi After follwing a link and following the instructions posted i have found that in the direct x diagnostic tool under the display tab all areas under device are marked n a and all areas under drivers is marked n a and all direct x features are marked not available can some please assist me in fixing this so i can play my games Thankyou nbsp

A:Sims 2 Failed to find any direct x 9.0c graphics

Try updating your video card's driver to the latest version from the video card manufacturer. DirectX will only be as good as the video card driver you installed. You didn't list what computer model or video card you are using, so I can't help you more.
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Hi Folks I am trying to install a printer over a vpn We use a vpn to remote connect to a server win k server at our main office on IP This server runs a database that we need to be able to print from to a local printer on IP I had trouble find over VPN printer Cannot getting the local machines xp pro to Cannot find printer over VPN find the printer HP n and had to install the HP network printer wizard onto each machine to get them to find it I can ping the printer from the local network x and i can remote onto the server and ping the computers on x however when i try to ping the printer on it times out I have tried running the Hp network wizard on the server but it does not find anything on Will the subnet mask on the printer affect this or will it see the trafic from x as local because it comes over the vpn We currently print to an old printer that is shared via a local machine on drect connect cable however this requires the user to be logged in to share I have looked at writing an lmhosts file but there does not appear to be one at present and im a little dubious to create one as the vpn appears to be working fine apart from this single issue If anyone has any ideas that would help resolve this your help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Cannot find printer over VPN

I always set up the subnet mask as well on the network printer.
But try this: Press Start Detection button in this post:
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I just got this mobo out of a different comp and i can't seem to figure out where to hook up a few thing's like the power switch the power led hdd led and so own the modle number on my mobo is d865perl intel desktop board im not to sure the modle number of my case though thanks

A:New mobo need to find out where to hook stuff up lick power button

Look up the new motherboards model number on Google and see if you can find a manual for the board
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I bought an alienware area 51m and i wanted to upgrade the graphics card but i cant find any. So please tell me where i can find them, thanks.

A:Where can I find a mobile graphics card?

You can't upgrade mobile graphics cards, they're motherboard embedded.
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Hello I have a connection problem that really has me lost Here s what I find server release IP dhcp or after I IP Cannot renew CAN do I can ping a local machine after start up before I release Cannot renew IP or find dhcp server after I release IP my ip address My Local Area Connection says I am connected and firewalled I can ping after start up before I release my ip address I can ping after start Cannot renew IP or find dhcp server after I release IP up before I release my ip address BUT I cannot access the internet or ping a website I then successfully release my ip address via cmd but cannot renew my ip address and still cannot access the internet And after I release I can no longer ping any ip address I am trying to fix a friends Sony Viao desktop model PCV-C L that is running xp home sp I have dsl and I am using a d-link wireless router My dsl and router work fine as I am running other computers off of them sucessfully wired and wireless I am assuming it is not the ISP modem or router because my friends Viao would not renew at his house or my house It does not appear to be the NIC card either because I bought him a new NIC installed it and had the same problem Any help is greatly appreciated I will paste what cmd is telling me CMD INFO AFTER START UP AND BEFORE I RELEASE IP ADDRESS AND TRY TO RENEW Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings my friend gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name DEE EC B Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List ZoomTown com Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix ZoomTown com Description Intel R PRO VE Network Connecti on Physical Address - - F- -F -BF Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained Friday March AM Lease Expires Friday March AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CMD INFO AFTER I RELEASE AND UNSUCCESSFULLY ATTEMPT TO RENEW Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings my friend gt ipconfig release Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings my friend gt ipconfig renew Windows IP Configuration An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection unable to con tact your DHCP server Request has timed out C Documents and Settings my friend gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name DEE EC B Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Intel R PRO VE Network Connecti on Physical Address - - F- -F -BF Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway FYI - Have tried all the winsock and netsh fixes on the internet but maybe someone can recommend one to my specific problem settings Thanks in advance Peter nbsp

A:Cannot renew IP or find dhcp server after I release IP

The before sample looks normal; you can't ping internet sites?

try thisPing by address eg;
(which is google)
then Ping by domainName
ping​BOTH should work (before release/renew)

As to failing to renew; that's typical of a router which needs a firmware update.

btw; how are you connected to the Internet (Adsl vs Cable)?

Go to your router config page (put the router address into your browser)
login, then find the WAN settings page.

TRY a release/renew on that page; it MUST succeed,
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I can no more install win XP because it does not find the HDD 0. I made all kind of tests belong this the samsung HDD should be okay. in the bios SATA is enabled.
then by RAID he can see both HDD. That's happened after a necessary low level formatting, the only possibility to clean the HDD. All tests say the HDD is okay. Can't set HDD 0 - primary master - not active. the secondary master, same HDD is active, there are all important data saved. It may be there is somethings wrong with the MBR. but no program can find something.
can anybody help, how I can reinstall Win XP home SP2 again to HDD 0?

A:Win xp can't find HDD SATA RAID Samsung SP2504C

Strangely, I just answered a similar question here:

Basically go to your Manufacture driver page (this may help:
Locate your Motherboard raid driver

Download and create a disk (some you just extract and copy to a disk (disk meaning floppy or CD)

Then start Windows setup, and when you see the "press F6" at the bottom of the Windows setup screen. Press F6, then put your downloaded Raid driver in the drive

Also here's your ES Tool (The Drive Diagnostic Utility) to test that specific drive:
But this is totally unrelated ie you're not going to Samsung to get the driver
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Hello everyone i came back here because you guys were so helpful when i had a problem with a virus but now i have another problem i was hoping you might be able to help me with two days ago my computer stopped recognizing my hard drives everything was working fine the night before i shut off the computer didn t see any error messages or anything then the next day when i go to turn it on it gives me this error quot Hardware initiate failed please check device The hard find drives can't PC Bios be not installed press lt g gt to continue quot I ve never seen this before i have two hard drives installed on my PC and it PC can't find hard drives won t find either one when i press quot G quot it jumps to another screen telling me i have no hard drives and that i need to reboot i checked the BIOS by pressing quot delete quot at start up and i can t see the hard drives in there at all and i tried booting with the Win XP cd so i could try a repair but it also says i have no hard drive and won t let me do a repair or anything i m not super computer savvy so i m not sure what else to try i checked all the cables and they all seem fine they are SATA connections i believe anyway i was wondering you guys had any help or suggestions i could try Thanks you very much -jeff nbsp

A:PC can't find hard drives

Try booting into Safe Mode and then use System Restore to go back to a previous save point.
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My girlfriends HP Pavilion dv8000 is having a slight problem connecting to her dial-up internet connection. Whenever she goes to connect, it proceeds to error: Cannot find modem

We have tried shutting off the computer, unplugging the phone line, and waiting 30 seconds, before restarting the computer. We tried system restore, to reset it to when the internet was working fine.

The last time we used the internet on it was last night ~ 12:00 EST, and since that she turned her computer on today, and it won't connect. Any ideas?

A:Cannot find modem

Confirm all drivers are up to date:
Confirm Telephony Service is Started and in Automatic settings: Start->Run-> Services.msc
You may need to create a New Connection too
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i put a new system on my dell computer and i lost the program to my multimedia controller so if you can help me with it please.

A:How can I find free software for multimedia audio controller

If what you mean by 'new system' is a re-install of the original operating system, then you take the service tag number from your case, surf to the Dell site and enter it and they give you a list of the drivers you originally had.
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i have this old server i got on ebay.compaq proliant has a long cable inside withno drives on it,and the cabels looks too have a angle on it .not like reg cables that are boxed in looking..,,,i know im not a pc were do i hook up a hard drive.
PROLIANT 800 Motherboard Settings and Configuration at-

thats the page i found for the info.

and this is what the cables kinda look like.


A:Server will not find hard drive

What type of hard drives are you using? SCSI?
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ok so i got this hp pavilion ze5800, pretty good machine and i dont know what the bios password is, bios manufactured by phoenix i do know that much, can anyone tell me a way to retrieve the password or bypass it?

A:phoenix bios password hack or bypass or software to find it HELP!!

There is probably no easy way.

The passwords on laptops are designed to not be easily bypassed or reset.

I would take it back to the place you bought it and get your money back.

Wearing some oven gloves probably wouldn't hurt either.
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Hi all, I had to replace my mobo. I used an Asus P4S800D-X. I used the opportunity to upgrade My video card. I used an old AGP, ATI All In Wonder 800X.
When I try to install the Catylist software I get an "inf error" "video driver not found"
"Try to install standard video driver befor running setup". Apparently this is easier said than done.

I have tried windows update. And ATI tech support. Both gave me a few ideas but neither took me all the way. I am sure that some of you have had this problem or could point me in the right direction.

Any help Please. I want to play Fallout 3

A:ATI Error Message "Can't Find Standard VGA Driver

is this it Radeon.htm
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i get the message "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer" when i try to install windows xp on a dell dimension 5150c with a 160G WD SATA drive. the bios detects it fine and the diagnostics indicate that it's okay and norton ghost is able to access it. this post:

indicates that i should try setting my sata operation to "combination". i have no such setting in my bios. i have only ahci and ata for this setting. i've tried both with identical results. do i need scsi drivers to install windows? thanks for any help.

A:Get "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

This is one of the most common problems we see here on TechSpot!
What you need to do is press F6 for third-party scsi or raid controller just as the Windows install is starting. You then need to insert your SATA driver disk.
If you do not have one then you will need to go to the Dell website and download the correct one for your PC and put it on to a floppy disk.
This should get all working.
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Hey all I Fixed bad can't drive hard now sectors, find have a Toshiba Satellite A with Fixed bad sectors, now can't find hard drive Windows Vista A couple days ago it started acting up freezing up and taking forever to do anything I ran the error check feature which located a lot of bad sectors The computer ran while I was at work locating the bad sectors When I got home I noticed that the computer was unsuccessfully attempting to boot from the network I went into BIOS and learned that Fixed bad sectors, now can't find hard drive I have no hard drive listed in the main screen The boot screen also does not have a hard drive listed I read in some other threads on this forum that the hard drive might be loose or have a bad connection I located my hard drive but I cannot figure out how to take it out and re seat it and don t want to break it Any suggestions To further complicate things I lost my system restore disk that Toshiba provided with the new computer If I were to purchase a new hard drive or somehow formatted this one and a new system restore disk would I be able to reload all the original software and drivers from the system restore disk Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Fixed bad sectors, now can't find hard drive

spoon059 said:

To further complicate things, I lost my system restore disk that Toshiba provided with the new computer. If I were to purchase a new hard drive (or somehow formatted this one) and a new system restore disk, would I be able to reload all the original software and drivers from the system restore disk?Click to expand...

The Toshiba OEM Restore CD would do this. Any generic 'restore disk' would not have the proper drivers and none of the Toshiba Utilities
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Hello everyone,
I installed a new 1TB Hard drive(Samsung Spinpoint F1 SATA2 7200RPM 32MB cache), but it doesn't seem to appear in 'My computer', where has this new drive gone?, could anyone help me out?


A:Can not find new installed Hard drive

You probably forgot to partition the drive so you can actually use it. What OS are you running?
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Please help me find free sounddriver for my cousin's pc..the name of the soundcard is crystal sound fusion cs4281..and she is using windows xp..
Relevancy 22.79%

I just bought my husband the Oblivion game and found that I need to upgrade our Video Card but I'm unsure if I need AGP or PCI where do I go to find out what works with my computer? My husband built our computer and he is the wiz but he is out of town on business and can not be reached. So any help would be appreciated.


A:How do I find out if I need AGP or PCI

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Glad to have you here.
Everest Computer info Freeware
This utility will give you all the info about your system.
Just cut and paste into your reply here.
That way we can better assist you.
What we need most would be the motherboard make and model.