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Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!!

Q: Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!!

Alright guys my problem is simple I can t record any audio coming from my laptop whether it be a song playing in iTunes or streaming from a website I ve tried using Cool Edit Audacity Kristal and some MP WMA Recording program and whenever I press the Record button in these programs I just hear a fuzzing noise and nothing records I ve got a Dell Inspiron laptop and it uses SigmaTel audio device The device is slightly out of date my current one is like and the new one is or what!!! - record no from audio laptop matter Cannot something I can t remember exactly but anyway when I downloaded the new driver to try and update it I got an error message saying quot Device Object Not Present quot then it said to restart system and try setup again or something I googled this error but nothing really helped So I figured I d try rolling back the driver to see if anything happened but Windows said there were no previous drivers or models to Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!! roll back to - screwed there as well I ve read help guides for Audacity that say to record audio from the computer you just have to select quot Wave Out quot or quot Stereo Mix quot from the Mixer Toolbar but my only options in the Toolbar are quot Line In quot and quot Microphone quot The funny thing is my sound works perfectly well I can hear everything that I play and I even ran a Diagnostics check F from boot to check the audio and I heard everything that it tested Interestingly however in my audio programs such as Cool Edit and Audacity there is an alternative device There of course is SigmaTel Audio as that is the one my laptop uses but there is a device called quot MME Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output quot in Audacity and quot Wave Mapper quot in the Wave Out section tab in Cool Edit Device Properties I m unsure as to whether I m supposed to have these alternatives I m mainly just confused as to why the hell I can t record audio from my laptop that s all I want to do And the fuzzing noise that starts whenever I press the Record button in any of my programs is really unnerving Any help you guys could give me would be much appreciated - I don t want to have to reinstall my O S Anyway if you need any additional System Information I will post from dxdiag or something Cheers sorry that I rambled on Andy nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!!

Sigmatel audio cards have weird problems getting recorders to work on them. The reliable solution I have found is a piece of freeware called Freecorder. It installs a browser toolbar which has record and stop buttons. Just play whatever you want and press record, then when you are done, press stop. Freecorder will record all sounds coming out of the speaker of your computer and will split it up into multiple pieces based on pauses in the sound (so if you are streaming multiple songs from a site, you will get the songs individually broken up instead of one massive MP3).
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What audio software can I use to simply record *what I hear* from the computer? Record what comes through the speakers.

A:What audio software can I use to simply record *what I hear* from the computer? Record what comes through the speakers.

Audacity should do what you want.
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I'm at my wits end - it didn't take long!

Fixing up an old Intel 845EPT2 for a neighbor. I did a Reinstall of XP, installed all Drivers straight off the Intel Website, and no matter what, there's no Audio.

"No Device Installed" even though the Soundmax appears in System / Devices.

I have double checked Audio is enabled in the BIOS.

I even threw in an old Soundblaster Live!, turned off Audio in the BIOS, installed Drivers and it did the same thing.

I'm running an SFC / SCANNOW .

The weird thing is that it had Audio before {along with a million viruses, which is why I re-installed}

Any ideas, except a litre of Petrol and a Lighter?

A:Can't get Audio no matter what

uninstall all your drivers in device manager, go to your C drive and program files, make sure all files related to the drivers, software is deleted, also, do a add remove any software that may use those same sound drivers that you previously uninstalled. turn off machine, take your card out, if you're using onboard, disable in bios, start up, let windows load, if its a sound card installed in a pci slot a "new hardware" window should pop up, install drivers through that dialog box. If its an onboard sound device just simple restart after windows has started up and recognized no sound devices or drivers installed, go back to bios, enable sound, start up, reinstall drivers and software....I hope this helps as I just had this problem last night and had to figure out how to fix it, GL
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Hi Bought a new Behringer mixer with a USB output Plugged it in and as always happens I get this message This happened before with a Logitech headset Logitech s tech support was of zero help as per usual No matter how many times what do. USB Audio matter I no CODEC No I search for this driver no matter how many times CNET and Microsoft and Behringer point me to things to download and I run them whatever the hell this thing is will not install Now I m not asking it to run some alien software or something some guy made in his basement in Omaha This is all stuff from reputable sources and whatever the hell this thing is will not install no matter what I do No matter how many times I run setup No matter how many times I search for this one seemingly small thing it s not happening Sound goes into and presumably out of the mixer but not into the computer which was the whole point of buying a mixer with a USB output I am beyond frustrated I No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do. simply cannot understand how manufacturers can make something that will not work I m running Windows -bit on an Acer that I bought months ago If there s anybody who has any idea how to put a solution in No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do. fairly plain English I d be greatly appreciative

A:No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do.

Tried plugging it into different USB ports, no dice. Tried running the supposed driver program that is on the CD that came with the mixer.Now, you'd expect something that said it was the Behringer audio driver to actually be the correct driver, yes? Yet I've run it now three times, rebooted every time, and every time I get With these details:So it's all ready to use! Except for the freaking driver. Which is no small detail.
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Do Audio Video Cables Quality matter much?

for example with Coax i know the gold connectors worked better then silver connectors. So my question is do the cables red yellow and white connectors have high and low quality cables or they all the same. If they have high quality cables what are the names of them and where can i find them.

A:Do Audio Video Cables quality matter much?

Red,White audio RCA are much the same.
It's haveing and useing a SVHS video cable instead of Yellow RCA.
If your TV has it for VCR's etc.that have it out.
But it also depends where you are.This is a N American reply,not GB.
Add your location to your Profile.
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I am a musician and use my computer for recording often and never have a problem However I want to record audio that my computer is streaming and that is a WON'T Help PC Please! RECORD AUDIO... problem although I have been able to do it on older computers so I m not sure why I can t do it on this one I use programs to record PC WON'T RECORD AUDIO... Help Please! audio in my computer Mixcraft and Audacity and neither one is giving me the option to do so These are the recording options I get - CD Volume FrontMic Mic Volume Line Volume I have tried everything I can think of and no luck I can t install the drivers because this computer was given to me and I don t have the motherboard cd or whatever it is that I would need The computer has been reformatted various times and I have never been able to do this I have also searched for months online and have found MANY problems like mine but no solution that works I would really really appreciate any help If there isn t enough info here just ask what you need to know and I will gladly tell you This is the Realtek HD manager if it helps nbsp

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I have an emu 1820m soundcard installed in my computer. It seems to be functioning perfectly. I can play dvd'd, cd's, iTunes, etc and the sound plays through my speakers without a problem. I want to record some sounds from a dvd but i cant get anything to record. Recording device is set to Wave EMU DSP as the default device. Im using Audacity to record and have set the recording preference device to be Wave (E-MU _-DSP). When I hit record I get an error

'Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the projhect template'

And I cant record anything.

In the built in Windows sound recorder, when I hit record, I get this error

'An audio recording device cannot be found'

Everything seems to be functioning perfectly, yet i just cant record anything. Can anyone help ?

A:cant record audio

Do you have a "System Mixer" or "What You Hear" option for recording in the Sound Panel, in the Control Panel? That is normally what is used to record audio, either streaming audio from the internet or sound that you are hearing on your PC"s speakers.
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can u record audio on speakers bec my friend sad u can but i have no cule and i dont got the money right now to bye a mic so can aney one help me?:hotbounce

A:record audio

speakers were not meant to record they were meant to produce.
a mic uses a diaphragm to record sound and store it somewhere. a speaker uses electricity to create sound. there would be no way for the speaker to record the information and the speaker is most likely not sensitive enough to pick up sounds.
there is no way i know of to record through a speaker.
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I can't get any sound recording program to record the audio from my computer (specifically a midi keyboard program that I use to record melodies). My old desktop worked fine in this department, but this newer laptop refuses to 'hear' any sounds without a microphone.

I read post #2 in this thread:
and looked at my audio recording properties. As you can see from the attached image, I only have microphone and line in options.

How do I get other audio to be recordable? Even getting the default Windows Sound Recorder to work would be good enough for my purposes.


A:Record Audio

This page talks about how the wave option is hidden in Vista and how to restore it, but I have XP, so (a) it should be there and (b) there is no recording tab to go to like the instructions for Vista describe. So why is there no wave option on my XP recording options?

Apparently this a problem with the crappy sound cards (SigmaTel) that Dell installs on their laptops, which do not include the wave mix/stereo mix option.

Has anyone with the same hardware found a good solution? I have tried several regularly suggested sound recording programs, but not have worked to capture the computer sound.
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Hi, i need help. I can't record any audio from my mircophone
when i try to chat on skype or record audio on Mircosoft Sound Recorder
it only records sounds from my computer not my microphone :/
can anyone help?

A:I can't record audio

Hi helgib, you're back so soon.

Go to Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio -> Sound Recording
Confirm your Mic is selected

Click on Volume
And confirm Mic Volume is ticked and volume up

If you click on Advanced, there is also a Mic boost option under Advaced settings again.

Continue to use Mircosoft Sound Recorder as the base test
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want to record audio from computer
can't get wave function to work
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Hi, I used to record audio from the speakers all the time on my old computer with Audacity. When it crashed I got a new computer. HP Pavilion a6200n PC. Now I use audacity on it (or any recording program), it cant record from speakers. It says it doesnt dectect the device. It wont record line in or microphone unless something is plugged into it. Any suggestions?

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I want to record audio from one of my workout videos to take with me on a trip. In the past, I had done this with audacity. However, when I open audacity now on Win 8, it says there is no sound device. Does anyone know of a way to just record the sound output from my machine? I.e. I would play the entire video, and just record the sound and take that with me.

A:Record Audio?

You need to have the "System Mixer" (may be called "Stereo Mix") selected as the default Recording Device.

"What U Hear" Recording - Enable - Windows 7 Forums

I'm not using my Win 8 system right now so I can't tell you exactly how to access the Sound Panel, but in the Recording Tab section if the System Mixer/Stereo Mix is show, enable it and set it as the default recording device. Audacity should be able to use this.

If its not shown, RIGHT click in an blank area in the panel and then click to show both Disconnected and Disabled Devices. If the System Mixer/Stereo Mix is now shown, you can set it as the default recording device.

This assumes you have the correct sound driver installed from either the PC vendor or motherboard vendor, as applicable. If you only have the generic basic function Windows installed HD Audio Codec that will not get you what you want. (Also please fill in the My System Specs - it helps us to try and help you).
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I used the MMC that came with my tuner card with no problems in the past I was able to record music from a stereo source into my tuner card and MMC & - TV Wonder Record Audio? ATI by simply selecting the audio only option of the digital vcr I was able to save wav files of the recorded music Now that I have quot upgraded quot to MMC I don t have that option anymore I can only save files even audio ATI TV Wonder & MMC - Record Audio? only files as either avi or mpeg files and not as wav files Do I have to revert back to MMC or is there another way to accomplish this For the record I am transferring recorded music to my HD so that I can burn CD s This is original music recorded by me I had no problem doing this with MMC I just moved and did not bring the original install CD with me that has MMC on it and I only have the MMC version that I downloaded nbsp

A:ATI TV Wonder & MMC - Record Audio?


Well, this is proving fun. I have read a few things and one bit says

What audio formats are supported during capture?
Supported audio formats range from 11.025KHz, 8-bit mono to 44.1KHz 16-bit stereo (The TV WONDER™ VE and TV WONDER™ USB Edition can only capture TV in mono). The audio capture can vary depending on the video captured.

So far, it looks like it will not support .wav's. You say that you got MMC 7.0 with your Tuner card. What is the name of the card?

Can't find much on it, sorry.


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I need an open-source component/dll for recording audio. I need to be able to specify the device it records from. I've spent a very long time on Google, SourceForge, PSC, CodeProject and more. Does anybody know of any that are half-decent?

Thanks alot,

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Is it possible to record phone conversation or to set up a PC as an answering maching using a DSL modem? My PC no longer has a standard modem, just the DSL modem connected to Ethernet port. Is this possible, and if so, what programs would do this?
Thank you VERY much!!

A:Record audio through DSL?

Nope, you need the standard modem if you want it to interact with POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).
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The Laptop is Tshiba satellite A S I wanted to do a fresh installation of windows and started the process of booting from CD and installed halfway would from My boot what! laptop not no Toshiba CD matter through the process then after the restart of the system it notified me that it does not support bit windows My mistake was selecting bit instead of or something I know my laptop is older and thought is too much and selected not knowing the basically is bit Then I bought Win XP cd and tried to go through the process again It went fine until restart and after restart nothing happens I installed Windows Several times My Toshiba laptop would not boot from CD no matter what! mine and others and I know after the first portion of DOS installation it restarts and continues Now Nothing is going on - just a slightly dim screen I changed the boot sequence and make it to boot from CD but no matter what the system ignores the setting and starts My Toshiba laptop would not boot from CD no matter what! from hard disk Now even the previous WIn and Win xp partial installations went on only after I try to boot from CD some times It seems the CD drive is faulty but whn I remove the hard disk and try to boot from CD it successfully boots from CD immediately What can be wrong with my system I tried several things even connecting hard drive externally with an adaptor enclosure the system tells me that I can not use that drive bla bla Ok I also tried Flop boot manager It goes some distance and after detecting the flash drive freezes Then I said why not clone the operating system on the hard drive and fix this thing I culd nt find an appication that copies only the OS Operating System Now it seems that I am out of options Any suggestion is appreciated

A:My Toshiba laptop would not boot from CD no matter what!

I couldn't clone the whole of hard drive (another laptop's) due to space limitation. I can if I format it but it has a number of files important.
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I kept getting a quot Internet Explorer Not Responding quot amp Foxfire Not responding quot errors I was able to load a few web sites and then it would freeze I What I Not Try Freezing Keeps Matter Up Laptop My Solved: could not do a thing to fix it other than turn the power off on my lapton amp turning it back on I used my restore disc and things worked of for a while Now it is starting to happen again I ran Mylicousbytes Slimcleaner amp AVG and it shows no problems I went to theMicrosoft site and there suggestion was to runtheir troubleshooter that came with Windows I got these eroos codes Are these errors causing my laptop to freeze up all the time Since I did a restore can one of the quot Window Updates quot Solved: My Laptop Keeps Freezing Up Not Matter What I Try that are automatically downloading be causing my problem I am running Vista Premium edition Solved: My Laptop Keeps Freezing Up Not Matter What I Try gt Scan ERROR resource process pid code x - gt Scan ERROR resource process pid code Solved: My Laptop Keeps Freezing Up Not Matter What I Try x - gt Scan ERROR resource process pid code x - gt Scan ERROR resource process pid code x nbsp

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I'm using a DELL Inspiron 1525 with Win Vista.  When I turn it on it goes to the black and white screen where it tells me there was an error and gives me options to restart on safe mode, restart windows, normally, etc.  No matter which option I choose ultimately it just ends back at that screening again after attempting to go through the process.  It's as though I'm constantly turning my computer on and off and on and off. 
I tried putting in the windows disc that came with the laptop but nothing happened that was any different.  I tried a different Windows disc and still nothing.  Starting in any kind of mode, advanced or otherwise, does nothing.  I'm not concerned about losing information on this computer.  Formatting/reinstalling is fine with me but it won't let me get that far.  Thank you ahead of time for your help!

A:No matter what, laptop won't stop restarting!

You may need to enter the BIOS and change the boot order so that the CD/DVD-ROM is the first device and the hdd the second.  Try this and let us know how it goes.
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Hi new here I am in a desperate situation right now with my laptop This is what is happening -Windows Vista will boot but crash shortly afterwards or in most cases it won't boot at all -I can't restore because I have nowhere to restore from -I tried system repair what... no laptop won't matter on Vista boot my -I've scanned for virus with different softwares at least times -I've installed clean Vista won't boot on my laptop no matter what... copy of Vista almost times now and after installing few programs and drivers it will crash again -I can only operate the system on safe mode From what I've gathered over the past week I'm almost sure that it has something to do with the drivers But then again I'm not an expert so I don't know for sure These are the lines from my bootlog Did not load driver hal inf acpiapic devicedesc ACPI x -based PC Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver cpu inf intelppm devicedesc Intel Processor Did not load driver battery Vista won't boot on my laptop no matter what... inf acpi acpi devicedesc Microsoft AC Adapter Did not load driver battery inf acpi pnp c a devicedesc Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery Let me also note that I use a program called LG Smart Update which came with my laptop that installs programs and drivers Thanks in advanced for any help
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Hi folks,
I want to record an Internet radio show, but don't know how to go about it.
I have downloaded a couple of programs (ScrewLab and RipCast), but they both require you to enter the Web address of the stream.
I can't do this, because the radio stream from the station ( opens in a separate pop-up window which doesn't specify its address.
I'm sure this must be a simple thing to do, but since I've not done it before, I don't know where to start!

A:How do I record streaming audio??

I believe I have a freeware sound capture program at home that does this.. The web link to the program is broken and it can't be found anymore, If you leave me a private message with your e-mail, I'll try to send the freeware one to you tonight when I'm at my house.. Otherwise, you'll need either "total recorder" or
"advanced mp3/wma recorder" from

Seems all the freeware ones are off the net due to fear of the DMCA.
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I can't record audio from my computer with Audacity, it won't give me the option

Also, Windows Movie Maker won't give me the option either.

And Windows Sound Recorder doesn't work either.


I'm using Realtek High Definition Audio

I'm using Windows 7 so i need a windows 7/vista guide.

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I can record sounds from the mic. input ok. But can't record sound bits from a CD using Sound Recorder. I am using Win XP Home with Windows Media Player 10. How do I extract parts of a CD to wav. format?

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I know this question has been pondered to death, but I haven't been able to find a solution, and it's really irritating me.

So, as the title states, I would like to be able to record the audio coming through my computer. The problem is I only have one audio jack, which is only line out (I use a USB microphone). I bought a headphone splitter and a 1/8" male to male audio cord to attempt to magically change it from line out to line in. Is there any possible way to do this? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit on (don't kill me) a Macbook Pro. I didn't want to go to the mac forums because it's a windows problem. Thanks all for your help!

A:Record System Audio

Can you run a cable from the line out to microphone in? I think I have heard that can work in some situations.
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I am not sure what's going on but after a few reinstalls of fraps I am not able to fix the problem. For whatever reason Fraps will no longer record a video clip with audio. I recall seeing "What U hear" in the Volume Control Options" but it doesn't show up any more. Can anyone confirm where "what u hear" is located if Fraps is working properly for you? Also, how does one solve this problem?

The Sound Device from Frap's Movie tab reads: Vista Direct Stream. Is this what it's suppose to read for windows 7?

A:Fraps does not record audio

Ok, so far it's BF2 v1.50 that is doing this. I tried other games and no problems with audio/video reproduction.
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I'll be honest, I want to back up all my vinyl LPs to CD-R which I hope the panel wil agree amounts to 'fair use'. How can I do it.
Is there a simple way of doing this with the kit I already have. Or do I need more soft/hardware?

(PC spec. given below)


Intel Pentium IV 2.53GHz (533MHz fsb) 512K Processor

512MB PC2700 DDR Branded Memory (2 x 512MB)

Official Intel Heavy Duty Heatsink & Cooling Fan

Soltek SL-85ERV2 ATX 400/533 fsb Motherboard

80GB EIDE (7200RPM) ATA133 HDD

52x 24x 52x 'Burn-Proof' CD Re-Writer with Software

16x EIDE DVD-ROM Drive with PowerDVD Software

GeForce IV MX440 128MB 4x AGP SVGA Card with TV Out

On-Board 3D AC97 Stereo Sound

Internal 56K PCI V92 Ambient Hardware Modem

1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive

ATX Nokia 8850 Midi Tower Case with 350W Power Supply

PS2 Keyboard & 3D Scroll Mouse

A:How can I record stereo audio on my PC?,24330,3333231,00.html
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I do no have a a mic and I am trying to record audio on my computer by using a screen and audio recorder and I am playing sounds but when i record I only here a fuzzy sounds I have tried putting computer on stereo mix but still will not work what can I do I really need help.

A:Computer cannot record audio.

What program are you using? Is this program supposed to capture audio from a web page or what? And have you tried this programs support page?
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anyone know of a package that can simply record whatever the audio device puts out, regardless of the audio/sound source? I thought I could strip the audio track off a music dvd but so far has proven otherwise.

A:Freeware that can record any/all/every audio?

I have stripped the audio track off video files with Audacity, a free program.

Not sure exactly what video formats can be imported into Audacity.
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With Creative Sound card? X-Fi Xtreme Audio. TIA!!

A:Anyone here able to record streaming audio...

use total recorder
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HP HDX T laptopWindows NCH Wavepad sound editor nbsp nbsp Hi I desperately need help with this issue nbsp Is there anyway I can turn OFF the can record I streaming audio??? How speakers so sound does not come from them but STILL have audio levels active internally so I record streaming audio with my NCH software Wavepad program nbsp I've been trying everything in the Control Panel setup I am trying to capture streaming How can I record streaming audio??? audio with my Wavepad program but I can only attenuate the mic levels that the actual laptop picks up for example if there's background noise in the room it picks that up - I DON'T WANT THAT - I only want the streaming audio from a recording - not the How can I record streaming audio??? background sounds in the room nbsp Folks at NCH Software keep telling me to check with laptop of Windows advice nbsp Wavepad used to do this easily and cleanly before well on other computers and other Windows versions nbsp If I go into Windows Mixer and turn down Speakers it also forces to turn down How can I record streaming audio??? System Sounds - I do not want system sounds down only speakers nbsp Summary nbsp I want to record streaming audio into my audio capture software nbsp I want to independantly cancel laptop speaker output while maintaining audio levels for streaming capture nbsp I DO NOT want extraneous sounds in the room's background picked up by the laptop's mic which then interferes with the recording nbsp or is there a Windows program that will do this for me I spent on the deluxe Wavepad software but it's not doing what it used to do nbsp nbsp Any help or advice will be GREEEEEEatly appreciated nbsp Thanks Michael nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:How can I record streaming audio???

Fixed (I think ....?) Turns out there's no "Stereo Mix" option in my Control Panel sound boxes .. apparantly no one else has it either in Windows 7??? depending on sound card ... Well, a work-around is to connect a male mini-plug "Y" into [one of] the laptop's headphone outs; then run a mini-plug cord (male-to-male) from it to the laptop mic "in" ... that leaves one unused female mini-plug on the "Y" .. which you can then run your headphones (or speakers ) off of. Found that solution online .. got the parts; it works now. Still baffled why there's no "Stereo Mix" in Windows 7 ....?
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See the title. For a while now, I've been trying to record audio that output from my speakers, but have been unsuccessful. I have already activated Stereo Mix and am trying to record from it, but nothing comes out. Interestingly, the green bar in Sound Options next to Stereo Mix DOES fluctuate, I am just unable to record what comes out.

If more information is needed, ask and I'll give it.

Help would be immensely appreciated as I have tried many solutions past that and none of them have worked!

A:Can't record audio from Stereo Mix

What are you trying to record with? I would suggest aduacity to do this job, but i dont really know what is the purpose.
Do you have realtek audio?
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I cannot record/capture the audio sound playing from a media player on my laptop desktop. However, the recording software's i've tried using (Audacity) (Total Recorder) picks-up/records the sound from the TV or any other sound in the room.

For some reason unknown i only have microphone showing under the Recording Tab.

(1) I have gone into recordings and there is no sign of (Stereo Mix)
(2) I have Right Clicked - That shows - Show Disabled Devices & Show Disconnected Devices
(3) Nothing appears
(4) I have downloaded and installed - High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)
(5) I have gone back into recordings and there is no sign of (Stereo Mix)
(6) I have Right Clicked again - That shows - Show Disabled Devices & Show Disconnected Devices
(7) Still nothing

Grateful for any advice.


A:Cannot Record Audio Sound

You need Stereo Mix.

Please post your system specs. Can't really help you without knowing what you have.
Also did this ever work? Is this a PC that was upgraded from some other OS or did it come with Windows 10?

If it never worked, there are some PC's that the PC Vendor has disabled Stereo Mix and you can't enable it. I have that problem on a 1 year old Toshiba Laptop. The only way I can get Stereo Mix would be to use a USB connected sound "card" that has that option. If it were a desktop I could install a sound card with that option.
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I once figured out with much help how to make an audio file mp in the computer record videotape? a from Can (on pc) I audio from a cassette tape That I could then burn onto Can I record audio (on pc) from a videotape? a cd What I d like to do now is play a videotape in the VCR run a cord from the audio out jack- into the back of the computer the mic jack and save it as a file When I did this with the cassette player I used CDex and quot record from analog input quot I m not sure if a VCR is the same actually I don t know what an analog is I would to it by running the cord from the VCR through the tape player and into the computer which I think would work but I don t have a tape player recorder with a line in jack I know I can try this myself and maybe will at some point while waiting for possible answers suggestions but I have to find a long wire and plugs to splice on because the VCR is in one room and the computer in another I know- spliced plugs wires isn t good I m not interested in the sound quality as long as it can be heard in a clear way I want to make a cd of audio from a hour show on PBS I taped Probably a data cd to play on the computer and not audio which would take a lot of blank cds I also want to stop it and start it in order to cut out the pledge breaks that were also going on during the show But if I can get it to work and save with CDex I can do this in the process I m mainly wondering about the settings on CDex if they can be used for this need to be changed or another program required Thanks Carrie nbsp

A:Can I record audio (on pc) from a videotape?

Go to Radio Shack ,purchase a 2 rca male plug to a stereo male pin..come off the vcr left and right outputs.not video. plug this into your soundcard.You said you did this with cassette--well you should be able to do it the same way.Anglog is form of wave length.If you want download a free progam from call Total Recorder.It will record in stereo cd quality
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I'm using the lastest version of Camtasia and suddenly I cannot record audio anymore. I can talk in skype normally but no reaction in camtasia. I can only record using the webcam mic.

Any ideas what happened and what can I do?
I did not download any Vista updates or other softwares.

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dI'm trying to record sound from my computer for a project, yet nothing is working. I'm on a 3 year old windows 7 computer. I have tried recording from in-line, my headset won't record, Microphone array, nothing is working for me, I've tried enabling and disabling devices, but nothings working. The headset is brand new. And I can record internal audio perfectly fine. How can I fix this?

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Windows 7 Home Premium

The settings options in ControlPanel > Sound are:

Playback: 1. AMD HDMI Output 2. Speakers 3. Realtek Digital Output

Recording: 1. Microphone (Logitech Fusion) 2. Microphone Realtek High Def Audio 3. Line In 4. Stereo Mix

Each of these can be enabled or disabled.

The only recording software I have is the Windows Sound Recorder.
What are the correct settings to direct the DVD output to the Sound Recorder ?
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Windows XP Professional, using iTunes radio. What's the best way to record off the internet stations onto my hard drive, with optimal sound quality?

A:Best Way To Record Audio off The Internet?

I don't use Itunes radio, but I do record a lot off the internet.

The easiest option, if you can access the stream directly (sometimes called "Wave out" or "Stereo mix"). This requires no additional hardware. There are plenty of recording packages out there, like Audacity, that will record this way if your drivers permit. If you're using sound support on your motherboard you can expect to get some noise and interference -- disk accesses, etc., will put some buzz into your audio. I use this method to record spoken-word audio to listen later on my MP3 player and the interference is minimal and acceptable.

If you need to eliminate as much interference as possible, a good quality sound card will isolate you from motherboard "noises" and provide a much quieter recording. But you have to figure the expense and inconvenience.

If you can't access the stereo output directly you'll have to use a patch cable to connect your "line out" port to your "line in" port. If your sound card is susceptible to interference this will increase it, but it is an option.
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there are some great internet radio stations -
how do you record streaming audio? I want to record like maybe an hour at a time then burn it to cd to listen to at home or car. -Row1

A:how to record streaming audio?

Get a recording program Personally I like Microsoft Plus! analouge recorder because it is part of a software aplication that also has an audio converter, CD lablemaker,etc and is easy to set up and use. Set the progran to record from your sound card's wavetable (usually by setting input to wave).Start the recording and play the desired internet radio station.

Here is a link to Plus! superpack which includes the analouge recorder along with several other apps.
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Hello. I was wondering how I can transfer the audio from the TV/VCR to my computer. I want the audio to be crisp and clear, so using a standard computer microphone would not work.

There must be some kind of wire to connect from the TV to the computer in order to get the audio to have the same quality as it does on the VHS.

Someone told me to use a Y Cable. So I bought one on ebay and connected the black piece to the Line In part in the back of my computer and I connected the red and white to the TV. Nothing ever recorded even when I switched the recording to Line In.

Does anyone know how to do this?

A:Record Audio from TV/VCR to Computer

Try connecting to the VCR instead of the TV.
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hi folks ,can anybody explain how i can record what i am listening to on the pc directly to the pc,i like to listen to bbc radio, The way i do it now is i hook up the pc to a recording device,i then transfer it back to media player,from the recording divice, i am sure there has to be some way of doing it. any advise would be appreciated thanks.

A:How to record audio directly from pc

Free Software List for Vista
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Hi all,

I am, wanting to make a few videos by using the webcam connected to my pc and record the audio from the mic. i have had a browse around using google but thought i should see if people have found any that they would reccomend.

Thank you

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You d think it would be easy to find a program that allows you to record something like an interview that you re listening to on your record want audio from the Just to internet computer Well you d be REALLY wrong I went to download com and everything is so complicated - I don t want to edit anything I don t want to be able to convert it into a different format I don t want anything to do with videos I just want to be able to record something that I m listening to through the computer I have a Toshiba Satellite C laptop with Windows For a while RealPlayer worked maybe of the time but now won t work at all I ve tried a couple of others Free Sound Recorder comes Just want to record audio from the internet to Just want to record audio from the internet mind but they re way too complicated and above my pay grade Admission I m very technologically blonde and when I see terms like quot live streaming quot for example I have absolutely no idea what that means I m even willing to pay for something if I have to but can t find anything that s simple enough for me to figure out how to use Is there anything out there that has a few REALLY SIMPLE steps and is fairly intuitive and has directions that someone who is not at all technically-minded can understand Is that really asking for so much I so sincerely appreciate any help and suggestions anyone might have Thank you MissSBB

A:Just want to record audio from the internet

I don't have Windows 7 so I can't be specific. For whatever reason, Windows has never made an effort to improve basic tools. It's really difficult to find the audio settings directly and it provides no indication of the sound levels. Windows comes with a simple recorder Start menu/All programs/Accessories/Sound recorder. You can copy the shortcut to wherever is convenient. Most people seem to favour freeware Audacity but if you don't like Real Player, Audacity may seem more daunting.In addition you will need to navigate to the audio mixer. On the recording mixer you need to enable "stereo mix" or "what u hear" depending on the audio system. This link tells you how to do that if you have not already. Once set, the recording setting should(?) stay the same for subsequent sessions.I've made my own macro to start up the recording mixer plus a VU meter but unfortunately that would be no use to you.
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Samsung HM320II Spinpoint M7 459 note 2.5" 320 GB 8 MB 5400 rpm 4 2 SATA 3GB/s.
Is this hard disk for a laptop or Notebook or does it not matter?
I have done some searching a review on Amazon say it's great for a laptop or tower and I have seen playstation mentioned as well. It is second hand and it takes a while to start up took 5 minutes today to load my desktop, a black screen for 5 mins, it has been formatted and I don't know if it needs drivers! As I thought hard drives came with drivers installed.

A:Is this hard disk for a laptop or Notebook or does it not matter?

Generally speaking a 2.5" hard drive (form factor) is laptop while 3.5" is desktop. Depending on how the enclosure or bay is designed, it's possible to put a 2.5" drive in a 3.5" enclosure or bay. As far as the slow boot times, you might want to run the usual maintenance/troubleshooting steps. Things like disk cleanup, check disk, defrag, system file checker scan, etc. Of course it might also be an indication that the drive is failing. These troublshooting tutorials could help diagnose the issue(s).

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
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Good afternoon I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro with Windows XP My daughter fell on it and there was a beep However it worked after that Then I stepped away to do some things and it went to the screensaver hibernated and never came back I can t get past the black screen that has the options of restarting in Safe Mode or other modes I have selected each option and they all send me back to the black screen and questions I Mode, for anything Laptop Safe recognizing or that not matter... know nothing about how to fix a computer and have been looking up things on the internet amp none work ie F F F I even got to the BIOS screen which I don t know how I did F OR F I think but I have no idea what to do once there Should I change anything on either of those BIOS screens Please give me some advice and help to fix my laptop I cannot afford to take it anywhere to get it checked out I have no start up or reboot disks the computer was given to me about mons ago If it is a virus how can I get into the computer to do anything Thank you sooo much in advance for your time and cooperation Hope You Can Help P lt lt lt P S I also added a program Belkin Laptop not recognizing Safe Mode, or anything for that matter... wireless usb adapter but that was about a week prior to this incident I also tried to add an iphone but a prompt came up and said it might not work properly if I do so I didn t add that

A:Laptop not recognizing Safe Mode, or anything for that matter...

Try running hard drive Diagnostics

Hard Drive Installation and Diagnostic Tools Links to Manufacturers Utilities

You can ID the drive maker in the Bios (F1) then download the proper bootable diagnostics for your brand of drive.
Pressing F12 when the Toshiba logo appears should take you to the Boot Device menu, then choose the CD/DVD drive.

If you have no luck try the Seagate Diags, SeaTools for DOS

And report back

Damage to the drive is one possibility and damage to the electronics is another that is harder to test for.

What model of Satellite Pro is it? For example S300-EZ1511 is different than S300-EZ1512 therefore it helps to know.

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Can my dell dj 20gb record audio directly and if yes what software might I need?
Or direct me to links to find out.
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I was hoping that some one could help me with recording audio from both the stereo mixer and the mic at the same time. Currently, I have a simple integrated sound card and can only select either the stereo mixer or the mic as a source for recording audio but I would like to be able to record from both at the same time. Would I be able to do this if I bought a PCI sound card (I wouldn't know how to instruct them both to work from separate resources) or is there a simple way I can do this now? I am running win2000 pro.

To be clear, i don't want to use a program to simply merge and align audio, I want to be able to record from two sources at the same time.


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I've been attempting to screen capture with Ice Cream Screen Recorder and each time it doesn't record the audio from computer playing from Can't Audio Record the computer I thought maybe the software settings were off but it was enabled to record the audio I looked at my recording devices and noticed that I had my Playback devices The sound Can't Record Audio playing from computer bar obviously works on my Asus monitor playback devices but I get no results for anything in the recording Some pertinent information Motherboard asus motherboard z -ar Graphics card evga gtx ti ftw I play my audio through my monitor which is connected to my computer via HDMI The HDMI is connected to the HDMI output on my graphics card I have a Blues Yeti microphone that occasionally gets plugged in Not sure if this helps but here is the Realtek HD Audio Manager screen I know that I have to make Stereo Mix as default which I did but the sound bars don't light up I've done some reading but I'm completely lost Any help would be appreciated Thanks so much

A:Can't Record Audio playing from computer

Is the recorder program set to record audio from the Stereo Mix?

For testing, try to record audio (you can record audio from YouTube for example) from the Internet to a program such as the free Audacity recording program. If this works, the problem would appear to be in the recorder program you are using.

Audacity |
I've seen reports that Audacity contains crapware so be observant when installing and uncheck the garbage.
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I want to record a radio show from live streaming. It is a 2 hour show.
Their podcasts they post on the radio?s site is usually dead. I get this message (We're sorry, there was something wrong with your HTTP request or the page you requested does not exist. Please try back later.) It takes a while for them to fix it.
So I want to start recording them thru Live streaming
Anyone have an idea on a streaming recording program I can use for this ( Free would be nice)
I am running windows 7 But I have an xp computer if the program is not 7 compatable.
I now have to work during this show so if it has the ability to schedule recording would be great.
I would buy a good program If I need to

A:I want to record Live audio streaming

The free "Audacity" recording program will record for you. It also has a timer option to record at a specific time like you want.

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I want to record live streaming audio.

The only recording device my laptop has is "Microphone"
Audacity v2.0.3 will only record via the mic which includes my-background noise and feedback from the inbuilt speakers.

Audacity v2.0.5 is the same.
I just downloaded "Free Sound Recorder" but it comes with adware "" which cannot be optioned out.

I would appreciate any guidance

Toshiba Satellite C665
OS:= Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit), sp1 (Build 7601) OEM
UI:=Classic Shell Start + Classic Explorer

A:Record live stream audio

I haven't been keeping up with sound recording on Windows 7, but if you want to record what you are hearing, you generally need a recording device called "stereo mix".

Some sound cards provide stereo mix. Some don't. On earlier operating systems, most sound cards had that functionality. Not so for Windows 7.

My motherboard uses a Realtek audio chip, which works fine for stereo mix with Audacity.

If your sound card doesn't provide stereo mix, you can instead use an external USB sound card.

I used to use a Behringer UFO 202 for that purpose and it worked OK. Cost about $35.

You can also investigate other drivers for your sound card---such as those for Vista. That may or may not help.

As a last resort, you may be able to record what you hear by running a standard cable from your laptop speaker output to the microphone input.
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I am using Camtasia to record a video. I do not have the option for stereo mix. Is there any way I can record my microphone and my computer audio out (I am making a tutorial for FL Studio) so the video gets my microphone and the FL Studio audio, and i can still hear the audio?

A:Record Microphone and Computer Audio Out?

The free, open-source Audacity is a very popular sound recording and editing program. It can record your speakers and mic input.

You can use it to record the sound and your voice, and put it together with the video. If it cannot record both simultaneously, record only the speakers, put it with the video and add some narration in your own voice.
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I have just started using Media Encoder and I am trying to convert a VOB file to WAV. I can play the VOB file and the picture and sound are fine. When I convert to WAV I can view the video but no sound is played back. The audio panel shows a small green bar at the bottom but it does not move and is barely visible. I have tried different settings but no luck. Any ideas?


John M.

A:Win Media Encoder- cannot record audio from VOB

OOPS I meant WMV file!

John M.
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I have an external audio device a satellite radio I want to hook up to the line in port on my sound card I want to be able to record the audio I have already hooked it up And with no audio program running I can hear the audio and it sounds great it sounds perfect remember there is no program running I open volume control talking about Windows volume control the line in slider controls this audio I am hearing So I want to record the audio right I downloaded numerous programs designed to do just that But they all seem to have the same problem You have to mess with input volume in the programs I downloaded not in windows volume control As a result the recordings are all distorted scratchy I tried lowering Windows line in volume but it never sounds as good as it dose when the audio is just going straight from my audio card to the speakers What can I co to record the perfect audio I hear without the programs running nbsp

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Howdy, ive been using cubase 5 on this computer for a few years. recently i reinstalled windows 7. I had pulled all of my files onto an external hard drive. Now i can open and use cubase no problem. all my vst instruments work fine. i cannot record. under devie manager, it says no recording device. how do i remedy this??? thanks

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Ok so this No audio Record - Stereo two sources? Mix from might get a little confusing to explain but I ve No Stereo Mix - Record from two audio sources? been dealing with this for a while and I can t figure it out I want to do a live broadcast stream on something like Ustream or Justin tv wherein I record myself both audio and video and the audio and video from Skype Now I know that I can use WebcamMax to achieve the video requirements but the audio is throwing me for a loop I have a Windows Dell Inspiron Zino HD computer with a quot Conexant High Definition SmartAudio quot sound card and the main problem I m having is that I have no Stereo Mix or quot what you hear quot function And yes I ve gone to the sound settings and clicked quot show disabled devices quot and quot show disconnected devices quot Nothing pops up I have checked to see if I need to update the driver and it s updated Thus I don t have the ability to record what I hear straight from my computer unless you count the bleepty method of putting a microphone up to my speakers which is just ridiculous So I really want to just be able to use the webcam and the built-in microphone to record myself via video and my voice the video from Skype the audio from Skype in a way that I can stream it live Oh and naturally I need to be able to hear what the other people are saying so I can t have some adapter setup where I can t hear the computer s sounds because then obviously I wouldn t be able to hear what other people are saying and respond Is there any way of being able to do this that doesn t require A Buying a new computer Buying a sound mixer C Buying a sound card and taking my computer apart and so forth I m working on a VERY limited budget here

A:No Stereo Mix - Record from two audio sources?

Yes, the "Stereo mix" option is being removed from new drivers. Nobody has announced it, as far as I know, but the recording industry never liked it (calling it the "Analog Loophole").

You might try getting a patch cable to run directly from the line-out output of your sound card to the line-in input of the same card.

Other than that, I have no ideas.
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i have installed windows 7 ultimate.once i intalled xp and it records audio.but now in 7 not
recording audio.i have correctly installed realtek for windows displays recording divices are - microphone,cd audio,line in,stereo mix(default divice).help me please! thanks in advance.

A:cannot record audio in windows 7 ultimate

Fix & Repair Windows Media Player with Fix WMP Utility | The Windows Club

Fix Windows Media Player video, and other media or library issues
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Is there a way I can use my PC to record audio like a tape recorder would? Perhaps there is a freeware program I can dl? I am running Windows XP.

Thank you

A:Using PC to Record Audio (like a tape recorder)

I think you've been here long enough to know not to post duplicate theads on the same issue. Please don't do it again.
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Hello, i have a lenovo B575e MAU28GE 268525G laptop.I want to record videos from my screen and talk in a microfon but it does not work. The sound is not good at all.You hear that it records from the microphone and not from the soundcard.But even if i talk in my microphone there is a background noise. I read somewhere that this depends on driver issues and i installed original drivers for Realtek High Definition Audio VC97 and RC2.6 from lenovos ressources but nothing changed.I read  that it there should be something like "stereomix" after i clicked with the right button on my mouse on the audio icon but this does not appear. Nothing helped so perhaps you can give me advice how i can make it happen? thanks
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Hi guys

Does anybody knows any software to record the broadcasts (picture and audio) ?

thanks in advance
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OK basically I Re-installed Windows 7 on my Laptop and It removed basically everything and now I cannot Record with either "Stereo Mix", or "Record Playback" which is basicly the same thing I tryed doing the sound properties thing.
Please help and I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64

A:Cannot record my in game Audio anymore

Try updating drivers?
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How do I record the audio track from a DVD that I own that is playing on my laptop. I am using Windows 10 and have a laptop that can play DVD's. How do I use the laptop as a recording device while playing the DVD; I eventually want to transfer the file to my ITunes and then transfer it to my Ipod to play in my car. I gather that I will need some software for this but I am sure that there is more to this than just downloading an application. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank You,

A:How do I do this? Record audio track from a DVD that is playing on my

Originally Posted by blackiederke

How do I record the audio track from a DVD that I own that is playing on my laptop. I am using Windows 10 and have a laptop that can play DVD's. How do I use the laptop as a recording device while playing the DVD; I eventually want to transfer the file to my ITunes and then transfer it to my Ipod to play in my car. I gather that I will need some software for this but I am sure that there is more to this than just downloading an application. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank You,

Several years ago I purchased Total Recorder, can be set to record and save to the HDD any audio being heard in the speakers or headset. It supports saving as formats such as .mp3 and .wma, etc. It allows editing such as recording the complete audio from a DVD movie [I got it to get the songs from Paint Your Wagon] then cut out clips or songs as desired and save by name. It's not as automatic as some would desire but a very useful way to get music not otherwise available. There's probably some free versions of similar programs but having one that works ended my search for others.
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I I Vision How Audio my Sonar record can X1? from AND have Sonar X Studio X c build X and an Edirol UA- How can I record Audio AND Vision from my Sonar X1? FX interface no longer made which rest within my Acer Aspire All in one PC Z with a Realtek HD Audio sound card OS is Windows Home Premium -bit Edition The interface acts as an Audio Midi input and output When I playback my work from Sonar it goes through the interface and I listen through headphone connected to the interface I have never been able to get Sonar to recognise the PC s sound card and playback through my PC s speakers I am an amateur hobbyist messing around with Sonar for nearly years Sometimes it drives me mad but I have got to the stage where I can produce simple compositions and use software synthesisers Users of Sonar like Fireberd will realise that using the staff view on Sonar will display the musical notation of the track viewed It will also allow me to put lyrics and chords onto the manuscript When the track is played the time line will follow the notation lyrics and chords much like the bouncing ball concept making it easy to play along with on a guitar or any other instrument What I have been trying to do is record the staff view to produce a video of the music notation and lyrics of various songs for demonstration purposes I have tried two Screen Capture programs being Microsoft Windows Expression Encoder Capture and BB Express FlahBack Recorder Both of these captured the video in vision but with no sound I suspect the reason for this is related to me using an ASIO driver with the interface Perhaps the Realtek sound card does not respond to ASIO To be truthful I don t fully understand the concept but I m sure there must be someone out there who can help Perhaps someone who uses Sonar X has tried to do what I am doing and has been successful Can anyone help please

A:How can I record Audio AND Vision from my Sonar X1?

This question would be best posted on the Sonar Forum. Although I'm a Sonar (X3 Producer) user, I haven't done anything with that function.

Cakewalk Forums
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I have been fretting with this issue for months have consulted with the techies at Total Recorder HighCriteria and at Ashampoo regarding their software Ashampoo Music Studio I have also consulted with my soundcard manufacturer s technicians Creative The two software companies gave me numerous suggestions as to how to get their software to record streaming audio all to no avail It seems that with Vista the sound card does not give the options Streaming Vista Audio Cannot in Record Line In and Soundboard as recording options Does anyone have any definitive wisdom on this I have been told that Vista deliberately blocked streaming audio recording for copyright reasons Is this so Is there a workaround There are numerous instances when I would like to record legitimately legal audio streams Total Recorder has been a wonderful instrument in XP but every time I install it in Vista it highjacks my system sounds and mutes everything until I uninstall the recorder I am truly desperate to fix this problem Does anyone know a workaround or a registry fix to Cannot Record Streaming Audio in Vista allow the recording of streaming audio Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Dear friends,

I want to record online streaming audios (e.g. music) from the websites. Since there is no option to record in most of the website, therefore I searched various websites through google. Tried every software available on net but it is of no use. I halted at one point i.e. STEREO MIX which is not available in windows 7.

As per website it should be in control panel>hardware and sound>sound>recording tab. But windows 7 is missing this. I have checked on "Show disabled devices" and "Show disconnected devices" but then also it not available.

Please help to get STEREO MIX or suggest some other option.

A:How can I record online streaming audio?

Hi shail360,
First, install Realtek High Definition Audio. Current version R2.71. Then install Audacity.
Now do this:- Stereo Mix.pdf
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Hi, my elderly parents want me to pick out a "desktop replacement" type laptop for them. They are barely computer literate and pretty much only use Word, a basic Peachtree Accounting program and AOL. They probably won't ever need much more than those, or want to learn anything graphics-intensive, etc.

They'd like to spend as little as possible, and I'm thinking maybe it won't be necessary to pick a machine that will be powerful enough to upgrade to Vista someday. Is that a safe bet? And will it be many years, say at least seven, before everyone starts getting "forced" to switch from XP to Vista? Thanks for any opinions!

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Hello we have a dell laptop that no matter what we tried we were unable to install the Windows done 3510 could an USB. Laptop what Dell a we was DVD We or install no not from and matter O/S have Precision bit enterprise edition I worked with Dell on this and even they could not get it to work We switched the BIOS from UEFI We have a Dell Precision 3510 Laptop and no matter what was done we could not install an O/S from DVD or USB. to Legacy and switched the RAIDon to AHCP and there was the third thing which I have a hard time recalling I think it was boot off of CD and the setting was set correctly We spent hours trying to do this to no avail I tried the DVD and USB at one point it looked as if it was going to install the O S but we got a box that came up asking us to search for Drivers I was able to see the C quot drive and the quot X quot It asked to Load driver but no matter what we tried it did not work Below is as far as I was able to get I even ran the F Driver Utility and still it was a no-go I had another PC to try it with but when I switched from UEFI to Legacy it was as if there was no OS at all and I had to switch it back

A:We have a Dell Precision 3510 Laptop and no matter what was done we could not install an O/S from DVD or USB.

You need to prepare Windows 7 media with the USB 3.0 drivers for the Skylake platform slipped into it:
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Hi - I have a ton of online training modules I have to do for my new job that require a fair amount of memorization The training involves me signing in to the training site picking a Audio Record Java/Flash From Only Desperate to course and clicking through the pages while a recorded voice reads through Desperate to Record Only Audio From Java/Flash the text on the page It's somewhat interactive and is broken up into chapters with quizzes Each course is about - hours It's fairly complex stuff for me and I want to record only the audio portions once I've finished a course so I can replay in my car I'm a territory manager and I cover a multi state area so I have tons of time to listen I've tried using the recorder on my cell phone placed next to my laptop speaker as I click through the screens but the recordings are awful and have a ton of background noises including my dog barking every minutes I'm looking for an easy way that I can use something like the sound recorder on my laptop to record the sound signals going to the speakers rather that the input from the microphone My hope is that I can start a program hit record click through the pages of the course and ultimately burn them to disc to play via the cd player in my car I'm not a super genius and I don't have hours to figure this out myself The website appears to play the courses via Java and Flash and it may also use Shockwave Can anyone give me a hand with this - I'm fairly desperate to get this done today before I leave on the road for the week tomorrow Thanks in advance -Beans

A:Desperate to Record Only Audio From Java/Flash

try looking at some of these:
If you were looking for a full video download I would recommend the Torch browser (although some are against it as it is also a torrenting system if you choose to use it that way).
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I've tried recording to Roxio, the sound recorder, and Audacity. I've input youtube, a Zoom portable recorder and my Galaxy. It happens every single time. The recording starts very clear and between 2:00 an 2:37 the output audio starts to sound garbled. I've tried everything. Can someone help me? I cannot even record my southern rock band reheasal on any program.

A:My audio is garbled when I record any music from any source, need help

I have a recording studio (using Sonar software).

The first suggestion, as I assume you are using the Connexant integrated audio and not some external audio recording interface, is to get the latest Connexant driver from Toshiba and install that. If the version you have is the same as the latest on the Toshiba site, reinstall it.

Also, since this is a laptop, are you using the AC power adapter?
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Hello, the sound in my laptop Gateway MX6956 running Win XP Pro SP3 is good, but I can't seem to record any audio/music through Sound Recorder sndrec32.exe or through programs like Audacity or Mp3 My Mp3 Recorder. I'm not trying to record through a microphone but just audio/music from my media players or online sites. I believe this problem was present when I bought the laptop some 2 and 1/2 years ago, but I just ignored it.

I went to
and installed the latest appropriate audio driver, SigmaTel Audio Driver version 5.10.5082.0, but still no luck recording.

Would appreciate help. Thanks.

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Salutation Guru's of TS!

I'm having audio problem with Frap, when I review a video I just finish recording, but I couldn't hear any audio.

Maybe its because I'm using an On-board sound card that came with my motherboard instead of an alternative sound card?

I tried using different audio output features that Frap give, it still won't capture in-game audio.
Heres the present set up for Frap I had tried.


A:No audio when I record video with Frap, help wanted

Yes, you may have to install a PCI based sound card
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BBC R2's Listen Again facility is disabled for the best broadcasts which are in the wee small hours. Is there a way in which, other than staying up all night, I can record the programmes either on line or on FM, rather like what people do with programmable video recorders (I am not into videos)? I am experimenting with a program called Freecorder 4 but I don't think this will work other than in real time. Same applies to Audacity as far as I can tell. Would a video recorder do this? Any other ideas?

A:Software / hardware to record (streaming) audio

Telegraph Sam said:

BBC R2's Listen Again facility is disabled for the best broadcasts which are in the wee small hours. Is there a way in which, other than staying up all night, I can record the programmes either on line or on FM, rather like what people do with programmable video recorders (I am not into videos)? I am experimenting with a program called Freecorder 4 but I don't think this will work other than in real time. Same applies to Audacity as far as I can tell. Would a video recorder do this? Any other ideas?Click to expand...

I can't help with your problem but I will tell you this. I installed that Freecorder 4 just yesterday and it caused a lot of problems. The mouse was freezing,no right click and
I was getting the "Windows has encountered an error" every few minutes. Tried every thing I could think of to find the problem and finally I said to myself--self just uninstall the program and I did- not more problems.
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I'm looking for a simple audio software that records audio from a microphone (just like the Windows Sound Recorder for instance) and allows to listen to the recorded sound as it's being recorded, in real time, without the need to record, save and then listen. Could you help me out please?

Thanks a lot for any and all suggestions.

A:Software to record audio from a mic and to listen to it while it's being recorded

The free Audacity may fit the bill:
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Hi, anybody know how to record sound with realtek hd audio?? I tried sound recorder in windows but no success?

A:Record sound in windows 7 with realtek hd audio??

What exactly are you trying to do, for instance:

record via microphone, record via line input, record a streaming radio station....
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Hi Guys,

I am facing a problem when i was trying to record the audio from 64 bit system using our product(it was developed on 32 bit application) i am unable to record the audio. it was working fine in a 32 bit system. and when we change the target to 64 bit system and installed on a 64 bit system the entire application was working fine except the audio recording. as it is very important for our application i am unable to move further to release to client. Please do the needful ASAP. thanks in Advance ...

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I'm looking for a simple audio software that records audio from a microphone (just like the Windows Sound Recorder for instance) and allows to listen to the recorded sound as it's being recorded, in real time, without the need to record, save and then listen. Could you help me out please?

Thanks a lot for any and all suggestions.

A:Software to record audio from a mic and to listen to it while it's being recorded

Unless you are using Head Phones, when you are recording, the mic will pic up the sounds from the speakers and record that too.
Audacity is a great program for recording audio
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i cant record anything with Soundforge 9 because off echo.
before i could record for exemple music i made with fruityloops directly to soundforge 9 now it is impossible with the new mainboard and a realtek audio onboard device.
i choose "stereo mix" as source since it is the only possibility to record directly what goes through the soundcard but the sound is echoing and repeats itself.
on my old motherboard i managed to record my music that way now it is impossible.
i still can record youtube for exemples using the windows default recording thingy but since it is limited to 60sec that doesnt quite help me recording myself mixing.
anyone has an idea on how i could fix this so it works normaly again plz ?
plz dont direct me to sony froums, i went there allready and there is nearly no support.

A:Realtek HD audio input problem when trying to record with Sf9

i finaly got it working on quite a weird way :S. i use the asio4all drivers wich results in being now able to record the sound but not being able to hear it afterwards (only in SF9) without switching back the settings evrytime im done with recording.
in audacity i dont have this problem , it records without echo and without switching anything curiosly, only problem is the GUI wich i dont like.
at least i dont have this friggin echo anymore when i record myself.

still looking for a solution without all the switching though
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Toshiba A135-S4447 laptop running Vista Home Premium....I can't record sound. I plugged in an external mic and made sure volumes (incl. wheel) were OK, but no sound! My slide-show narration had a KB size and length, but no playback sound. (OK, there was slight soft static when I turned up the volume high.) I tried to record in other programs, but failed. What's up?
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My OS is win 8.1, Lenovo desktop H535.I want to capture or record music from a tape recorder into the "line in" jack at back of desktop comuter.  I have the music playing through the computer's speaker system so  I know the jack circuit is 'live' but need to know how to capture or store the music as a file within the hard drive. Thanks for any suggestions,  jim
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Is there a way to record converted text from Narrator to an audio disc. For example if I have a file on Word can I convert it to speech and then record the converted speech to an audio disc?

A:Can I record converted text to audio disc

windows 7- text to speech software???

Look at post #3 and #4 (2 different links to go to)
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Does anyone know of any free software for recording audio streaming I can download? I've only found a few trial verisons which limit you to two or three minutes of recording. All help greatly appreciated!

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I have a vocal microphone which i currently just use through a Line 6 amplifier, but would now like to use for recording vocals, not at a pro level, more as a hobby. i understand i cant just plug it into my PC and have it work, but if i bought something like an Asus Xonar DX sound card would that convert the input to a recognisable format to record with?

also are there any programs like Garageband for Windows?

thanks for any help!

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Basically when i had my old soundcard installed i could easily record any sound or audio playing on my computer by using some software called Audio Record Wizard When i opened up the software i could then select which recording device to use Since i have removed my old soundcard and installed my new EMU m soundcard i can no longer record anything onto my computer audio Cannot sound EMU 1212m soundcard with or record When i try and use the Audio Record Wizard sofware i can t select any recording device because the drop down box is blank I have tried recording using my real player When i press record then it looks Cannot record audio or sound with EMU 1212m soundcard like it records it but when i go to play the recorded file Cannot record audio or sound with EMU 1212m soundcard it plays it with no sound When i go to Start button and go to Control Panel and then select Sounds and Audio Devices click on the Audio tab when i press the volume button in the Cannot record audio or sound with EMU 1212m soundcard Sound recording section i get a message saying quot There is a problem with your sound hardware To install mixer devices go to Control Panel click Printers and Other Hardware and then click Add Hardware quot I have installed all the soundcard drivers and software so why is this happening Please note that i can play audio and can hear sounds on my computer it is just recording which i can t do nbsp

A:Cannot record audio or sound with EMU 1212m soundcard

Was there software that came with the interface? The software apps you listed I believe aren't compatible with the EMU's Asio driver. Try using a different program. Cubase, Ableton Live, Fruityloops to name a few. Also a free app I use that is ASIO compatible called Reaper might work well. Also, when you say you can hear sounds from your computer are you listening to it through the EMU hardware? If you can't hear any audio through the interface then something isn't configured properly in your audio settings.
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I'm trying to record some cassettes using the integrated line-in port of my Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 motherboard and even setting the input level to the lowest possible setting results in record levels WAY too high. (I'm using Audacity 1.2 to do the recording.) Any ideas? I'm quite a novice at this. Thanks in advance.

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Hey I have an Asus P N-E motherboard with an onboard Realtek HD Audio soundcard I run Windows XP Professional SP My problem is that even though the audio card seems to recognize the microphone When I plug it in it asks me what I plugged in etc but it does not record any sound from it I got the boost on and everything that people have said in threads with similar problems I have CD Volume Line In and Stereo Mix muted in the record part of the mixer and Mic Volume unmuted When I try to record it just hears noise Like when there s no from microphone won't sound Realtek Audio record HD channel on a TV I ve tried latest drivers from Asus website and drivers on the motherboard s driver CD The ones from Asus website was version Another thing worth mentioning is that when I got it the microphone was working fine and the day after it suddenly was not anymore All the same settings nothing changed I know the mic works Sennheiser PC mic cause I tried it Realtek HD Audio won't record sound from microphone on another PC and it worked perfectly That PC has a Realtek AC onboard card nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio won't record sound from microphone

Ummmm try un-muting line in.. Haven't used my mic in a while but i think you don't want that muted....

and go to Control Panel > sound and Audio and make sure ALL THE MICROPHONE configs in there are correct

ALSO if none of the above work check how it's plugged into your computer, make sure the plugs are in the right spots and re-arrange them and try them.

I have a glitched microphone it has 2 seperate inputs to go into my computer. Only one of them really matters but for some reason my mic won't work unless i have them both in and the main cord in the wrong sockets according to the directions and colors on the plugs....... It took me months to realize this..

I also have AC97 Realtek audio so maybe it's a glitch with them............

Anyways i would say more than likely it is because of your plugs in your computer, if your getting fuzzy sound from your spekaers when speaking into the mic i would definitely look at the plugins.

and if that doesn't work check all microphone and audio configs from your control panel

If your sound works but doesn't read your microphone means your sound card is working fine, your just doing something wrong
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Is there any program that I can use to record online radio audio to mp3? Like this web site . Any suggestionsthanks

A:How To Record Online Radio Audio Sound To Mp3

Hello Lil Rizy,I think you'll find the recorder you want HERE .
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Ive searched for literaly 5 hours and havent found anything. So here it is.
I am currently running Windows XP using bootcamp from my 2010 iMac. Fraps 3.2.2 and the newer 3.4.5's sound wont record. There is no stereo mix. No line out. Our nothing of that nature and i cant even get freecorder to record my sound. My audio driver is the cirrus logic HD CS4206A macbook drivers. I downloaded the macbook driver in hopes it would work but it doesnt. It didnt work before that and it doesnt seem to have changed anything. So if you can help me, Please do. thanks.
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I have the CeQuadrat Just Burn and am trying to make an audio CD. The program says it takes wavs but all that I have on my hard drive that were taken from the 'net' have a red icon in front..meaning they won't work. Only a couple of the small wavs.. like one lines of songs have the green icon in front and will work.
What can be done??
Also if I get that figured out do you have to have the 'audio CDs' to be able to play them in a cd player? or will any CD-R disk work?

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Hi there

I am running Wavepad (and have tried Audacity and other software) on Windows 7, with a Creative Soundblaster Live 24-bit external soundcard, with Cambridge Soundworks speakers plugged into it

The problem is that I can record audio fine (though at a lower quality) without the soundcard plugged in, but once it is plugged in, whichever input option I choose.

Can anyone please help?
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I originally set my power button to "shut down" in the right click taskbar>properties>start menu>power button action

drop down menu. but now whether i choose switch user, sleep, hibernate, log off, it always shuts down. anyone know how to fix this? the button on my laptop is super sensitive and i just don't want it to power off anymore, i've accidentally hit it one too many times. thanks!

A:Power button on laptop always shuts down no matter what option selecte

The first step is for you to fill in you system specs so we know what kind of laptop you have and which version of Win 7 your using.

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My OS is win 8.1, Lenovo desktop H535.
I want to capture or record music from a tape recorder into the "line in" jack at back of desktop comuter.  I have the music playing through the computer's speaker system so  I know the jack circuit is 'live' but need to know how to capture or store the music as a file within the hard drive. Thanks for any suggestions,  jim
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:H535 - Capture/record audio through line in jack

Although I've never done it, from what you described, the easiest way would be to use some audio capture software.  I did a little searching and came across this article you may find of interest....
Here is a link to the free software the article mentions.....
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Hello..i have a problem with my soundcard and have tried i seek advice from others..heres my problem..

When i play for instance a game or play a movie..people who wich i am talking to on Teamspeak2 can here it through my microphone.....for example,they can here the music i play on my headset when i talk to them (no i dont have my speakers turned on hehe)

i hope some people here can help me or give me a push in the right direction..



A:play/record problem realtek hd audio manager

If you have a combined mike/speaker headset this may have a problem.
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I am using Nero Vison Express 3.1 and wish to record from audio track 2 from avi file.

I have an avi file which has Spanish in audio track 1 and English in audio track 2.
When I preview in menu and click the icon to play it plays in Spanish.
So if I burn it as is, it will playback in Spanish on DVD that I will burn.

So how can I set it to it will record on audio track 2 in English ?

I know DVD Flick you can change which audio track you like to record, but Nero Vison Express 3.1, there doesn't seem to be an option to choose the audio track ?

I like making menus on the DVD therefore I like using Nero Vision Express to do it.


A:Nero Vison Express 3.1 wish to record audio track 2

NeroVision only uses the First Audio track on a file.
You could just remove the unwanted track using one of the VirtualDub Mods VirtualDubMod - Browse Files at

Basically you would "Dub"/copy out a new .avi with only the audio stream you want. Or you could try just moving the audio stream you want up to be the first one, then you may still be able to switch streams when the Dubbed .avi file is played. NeroVision would still only use the first one, but it would be the one you want. So, change the order or remove the unwanted audio stream in the .avi file before feeding it to Nero.