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Hi there Firstly I would like Media Software Server to say sorry if this is in the wrong area as I am not to sure where it should be Anyway I have a average custom built pc i am using as a server to host games such as Call of Duty Unreal and lots more It also hosts a Web server For file downloading Please bare in mind this is all for local LAN use and not Media Server Software on the internet The Specs are Intel Core Duo E x GB DDR Mhz Memory ATX Tower Case With w PSU Intel G amp ICH Chipset Motherboard GB western digital SATA drive rpm Windows Ultimate Bit Now on to my question I would also like to use this as a media server for my movie and film collection I am thinking of investing in a RAID card and x Tb hard drives So i have a little redundancy I want Media Server Software to stream the media to PC s Laptops and TV s throughout my house I have the network infrastructure already setup for this The question is about software to use In the past I have used Windows Media Player and Center but these are quite limited as to what they can do I recently heard about Windows Home Server and was wondering what peoples thoughts where to this It has a decent list of useful features I would plan to use this is an virtual environment on the current server What are your thoughts on this Or my other option would be to use software like TVersity I have tried it before but didn t have much luck in the past Or can anyone recommend another way of doing this I e different software ect Anything i have missed out please ask Thanks you Spud nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Media Server Software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi everyone,

i have all my music and what not on my PC, but i want to stream it to my PS3. i am currently using "simple centre" the free edition BUT its very awkward as ps3's only play .mp3's whereas all my music is in .aac

i noticed the paid version of simple centre handles the encoding of songs it to whatever format you want, but id rather not buy a media centre program anyone know of any good free ones that will be able to handle the encoding automatically for me?
thanks in advance

A:Solved: Media server software

doesnt matter ive just discovered my PS3 can handle aac and lossless now
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Hi there i've got a strange problem was hoping someone could help me Any media server software i install xmbc serviio nero media slots disabling pci-e server media software home plex on my windows system makes my pcie slots non functional and my graphics card completely undiscoverable even in my bios though there is still power going through it because the fans are running The slot and my card work until my system is rebooted after installing the software and every media server software disabling pci-e slots time i uninstall the software my graphics card works again Im thinking its doing something to the pcie slots ive tried my card in all on my mobo with the same result also tried with an older graphics card i have still with no love Ive installed latest drivers for my mobo and graphics card and that didnt work either My mobo does have onboard graphics which ive found out works so have been switching one of my monitors to that and then trying to figure out whats wrong with my pc Ive also noticed after switching to the onboard graphics if i reboot with the one monitor still connected to the onboard my graphics card is recognised and my other two monitors come on Then i can put the monitor connected to the onboard back onto my graphics card and it will work again untill i power down the system then it wont work agian when i start back up I hope that make sense I have no idea whats going on any help would be awsome my system-windows home premium motherboard- asrock professional z gpu- AMD - the other card i tried was an AMD processor- intell i k psu- enermax revolution watt ram- x GB g skill ripjaws ddr mghz

A:media server software disabling pci-e slots

Ment to mention, the media server software dosnt work after a couple of reboots either.
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Hi there,
i've got a strange problem for you all out there, was hoping someone might be able to help me.
Any media server software i install (xmbc, serviio, nero media home, plex) on my windows 7 system makes my graphics card non functional, its completely undiscoverable, even in my bios, though it is still running? it works until my system is rebooted and every time i uninstall any of the above software my graphics card magicaly works again.
im thinking it doing something to the pcie slot, ive tried my card in all 3 on my mobo with the same result, i dont have another pcie device to test if its my graphics card. its frekin annoying!!!!
i have no idea whats going on, any help would be amazing.

my system-
windows 7 home premium
asrock professional z77 mobo
ati 7970 graphics
intell i5 3570k processor

A:media server software interferes with graphics card

So, you have to use onboard graphics?
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well first I noticed tversity was no longer media to server/stream this tv 3d Can LG media No connect morning since longer to my working and showing up on my DLNA list so i tried to restart it but it can no longer connect to the server at all so i Can No longer connect to media server/stream media to my LG 3d tv since this morning tried using windows Can No longer connect to media server/stream media to my LG 3d tv since this morning media player Serviio Plex which is recommend Can No longer connect to media server/stream media to my LG 3d tv since this morning in the actual TV tells me to download it but until today i have never had any trouble finding anything on my TV that i had on the media server like before today the list would populate with windows media player verizon fios by cisco and tversity media server and i could always view thru there but now it doesnt even show up my PC on the TV it only shows the verizon fios and that i cant figure out how to share movies through so i try to check up on tversity and see that it maybe isnt free anymore but just this morning i was using it fine then i get home this evening reboot pc and nothing works anymore I am using windows and trying to access anything with my TV now and it just isnt working but i know NOTHING Has changed just that tversity has stopped working and i cant seem to find anything on the DLNA of the tv when i press input can someone please help me with this i have searched and searched for all kinds of things to try and fix this but it wont seem to work no matter what setting i try to change nbsp
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I apologize if this help Server. please?? Media not server found DLNA For Any is the wrong forum to post this and if anyone can direct me to the proper forum if any but here goes I found this site in DLNA server not found For Media Server. Any help please?? some searching and I searched the forums So I thought maybe I could use your expertise for some help Heres the problem I am having I am trying to fix some issues with my Media server through my LG smart tv I use verizon fios and my LG tv is able to go and connect to the internet access youtube and netflix etc etc just fine I have had fios for months For the first months it worked fine Under the Input on the LG tv I would go to DLNA network and there it will show all the available choices the first one was always Verizon Fios STB set top box and then it would show up with My PCs name and then My Pc s name and insert name of media server so usually since i use tversity it would show up Verizon Fios STB James C-PC James C-PC tversity media server I could select the tversity one and access my library and stream through my TV just fine But weeks ago It stopped working and it would only show up with Verizon Fios STB Now I have been trying to fix this issue for weeks and days But yesterday after days I went on verizon Fios livechat support and asked them to reset the username and password of my fios router as I was unable to login into it When the representative took control of my screen and he took me to the router login i reset my password and logged into the router I didnt make any changes and if i clicked anything it was just basic reduction of security to try and quot open things up a bit quot and out of nowhere magically it started working again My TV was now showing DLNA network with all the media servers I have running on my PC Since this issue started I tried downloading and installing several since I was thinking the problem was with tversity an not my internet but when it started working again yesterday it showed on the DLNA network input of the TV ALL of them and tversity playon plex all were working as well as it still showed up the James C-Pc and the Verizon Fios STB Well now here I am hours later Its wednesday morning and I used it hours ago and watched a movie through it this morning It worked fine Then i had some errands to run and come back hours later now its not working again Only this time the DLNA network under Input is COMPLETELY Greyed out and its NOT even showing up with the Verizon Fios STB option anymore I have spent days now with this issue I have tried all the suggested things I can find through extensive search with google and any tech support I can try I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon Fios tech support I have spent time on the phone with LG and theyare sending a local technician to come look at my TV this friday I am wondering if you have any insight into this and anything you can recommend too me to try and get this working Of course Verizon says this is NOT there problem and they cant fix it and I need to contact LG And I only spoke to out techs at verizon who even knew what DLNA meant And LG is completely clueless Noone is taking responsibility and I dont know how to fix it I am not tech savvy enough to know much ways of configuring my router and In looking up ways to fix it I have read things about setting up port forwarding or something but I dont understand that at all either Please if you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them as I am at my wits end with this but I am absolutely miserable not being able to use my media server Thanks very much in advance for any advice you may offer me I am using windows with an Lg lx d smart tv feel free to email me at lt removed email - etaf moderator gt or respond here if you can offer me any advice Thanks nbsp

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Recently, I have come across several pieces of software that say they require media player 9 to work. 1 was even microsofts news clips on the msn in web site. Another is a learnkey learning disk. I have media player 10, but for some reason, the software on both ends won't work. When I go to install 9, it tells me a greater version is already installed, and it won't let me go to 9, however the software continually tells me that I need 9. Any advice appreciated.
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Hello all First of all I'm new to the forum but have come for many different issues and have been unable to find any actual threads about my particular issue I have been racking my brain for about a week now trying to figure out where I'm going wrong or if there is just no possible way to do this I have an E router and have connected my TB WD HDD to the storage port it used to be connected directly to the computer and thought I would give the router a try so I don't have Server Media to:) Not Network (Media (Play Available) to have my desktop on at all times I have been using the play to function to play videos to my Samsung series which uses DLNA At first the issue started off that the play to function was just (Play to:) Network Media Server (Media Not Available) not appearing To resolve this (Play to:) Network Media Server (Media Not Available) issue I did a little digging around and found this post and by using method Libraries - Include a Network Folder Now the (Play to:) Network Media Server (Media Not Available) play to function is appearing on the videos as normal however when I attempt to play the videos the play to window hangs up with Media Not Available Thanks in advance for any input Jeff

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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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Hi all,

I'm interested in setting up a media server in my house where I can access pictures, music and video from devices throughout my house wirelessly. I have an old pc that I'd like to use. I also might be able to obtain an HP Proliant ML350 for this. That machine has I believe six HD bays so I'm going to try to get that one. Either way, I'm looking for a good overview of what I'm going to need to do to accomplish this. Does anyone know of a good link or perhaps you've done it yourself and can help. I have a Linksys E3000 that has a USB port that you can plug a media storage device into but I'm wondering if a server or PC can be plugged into a USB drive.

Anyway, any help is appreciated.

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Alright, I'm in need of serious help! I don't know what else to do. So, I accidentally deleted the admin. account, well its not deleted I changed it to standard. Which was so STUPID and I didn't know the consequences until now :\ I can't change anything due to the whole RA Media Server thing that continues to pop up. I've searched and know many people have this problem, and some solutions work better for others. For example, when people say they deleted the account? How is that possible, when they still ask me for the pw? :\
PLEASE Someone Help Me! Thanks for reading.
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I am a student looking to make a media server with an old Dell P4 system. Since I am an Information Technology student I am able to get all Windows OS's even Win Server 2k8 free through the school to keep (Great deal isn't it).

Which OS should I choose? I'm open to all suggestions (Win or Linux). I just need it to stream music and movies to my Xbox and laptop. I've already tried them all but I just can't seem to stay with one. What are your thoughts?

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Hi Not sure if this is the right section for this - sorry if its not I am really in need of some help as I cannot get server ps3 media and the this to work I have spent hours so far only to get more frustrated with it all The problem that I am facing is that the PS cannot be seen from my computer wireless or wired I have tried WMP TVersity and PS media server and neither of them will find anything - it must be something simple that I am over looking but I can't figure this out My setup is cable modem gt router gt pc wired and ps wirelessly on a netgear WNR T with the latest firmware available media server and the ps3 The ps will go online as does the pc but that's it Even tried the old fashioned way and connected the ps wired to the router but still having no joy with it Any ideas pc is Windows Vista and nod security installed I've tried it with nod not running too Thanks in advance John
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I have a Playstation 3 that I want to stream 1080p .mkv files to. My computer's GPU isn't strong enough to play 1080p on my computer (Yes I know, I'm outdated)

Since the PS3 doesn't natively support .mkvs, I've read that my only options are to convert the file (Which takes hours and suffers quality loss) or stream it using a media server. I tried the latter. I've tried Tversity Pro and Universal Media Server. Both stream in 1080p but it lags horribly and makes the video unwatchable.

Yes this involved my Playstation 3 but I felt that it belongs here since I'm asking for a software recommendation and not a question about the Playstation itself.

So! I'm asking if anyone has a suggestion for a media server that doesn't have this issue. I just installed a new router recently and my PS3 and PC both are running on 100 Mbps cables so latency shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks in advance.

A:Looking for a Media Server

Plex Media Server.
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Hello all- I recently re-installed Vista and re-partitioned my hard drives to better utilize my space This computer is primarily used to stream media to other computers and my Apple TV on my network It's the only Windows machine in the house Right now I have about Media Suggestions Server gb of media TV Shows Movies and Music with it to be growing as I buy more movies tv shows and download more songs I have hard drives one is gb and the other Media Server Suggestions Windows says is gb Primary drive has partitions- gb Media Server Suggestions for OS and all other programs and the other partition about gb has the media on it The nd physical hard drive currently doesnt have anything on it except a disk image I created using Macrium after I installed Vista got everything updated and installed all my software that way if I ever need to re-install the OS I can do so in about minutes and have it back up and running the way I like it My question is- with my current setup what can I do to keep my files safe I don't currently have a large enough external drive to support all of my media files but I have several smaller ones gb- gb that I could store them on I love Time Machine on my Mac and ideally I'd like something that keeps everything safe but without having to buy expensive software What kind of solutions would any of you suggest for me to keep my mini-server healthy and safe PS- I also keep this machine on all the time- which I don't want to do but otherwise I'll have to come in my office and wake it up every time I want to stream media from it- unless you know of another way TIA Look forward to some hearing some ideas -Matt

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Does anyone know or can point me to a site which describes in detail how to set up a computer to push audio out online? My wife is a DJ at a local community radio station and would like to be able to stream her program live.

I presume I need to setup my computer as a streaming server but don't know how to go about it. Presently it's a Windoze XP Home edition with 80GB HDD and a 3GHz processor with 512 MB RAM.


A:Pointer to a media server?

Shoutcast and Live365 will both let you do this. Shoutcast is a free plugin that runs through winamp while live365 requires a monthly fee which will vary depending on if it's personal or business.

I'd recommend a highspeed 'net connection if you don't already have one.
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Not sure which area of the forum to post this, and thought the networking was probably the most relevant.

I've built a home media server using a little AMD 5350 on a mini ITX board.

I installed Windows 10 on it this week as I couldn't get my head around Linux at all.

I'm now running the box as a headless media server, as it's all updated and configured, however I can't seem to RDP into it at all when it's headless.

As soon as I connect it back to a monitor, and reboot it, RDP is fine.

Is there a setting I'm missing, or can you not run Windows 10 on a headless machine?
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Hi everyone I m new here and this is my first time building a server so please bear with me I know there are a lot of questions but I want to get it right Ok I ve got media Building a server a couple of questions I want to build a server in order to store all my media photos videos and music Simple enough I already have a pretty powerful but storage lacking as it only has GB desktop PC with an Antec P case which itself could house enough drives internal bays for a server lt strong gt First question should I Building a media server just purchase more drives and use the current system which will save money or would it be significantly better more Building a media server reliable to build a completely new system for the server lt strong gt Second being new to the whole server thing do I need to install a server OS FreeNAS Ubuntu WHS etc or can I just use Windows Vista Premium I ask because I don t want to install the OS on the drives as I want to build in some redundancy too I m likely going to buy x TB WD Caviar Greens Can a server just be Building a media server a stack of drives that reads writes data or does it need its own OS Now for the fun part I want to be able to watch my videos on TV and wirelessly stream my music to laptops So should I build an HTPC as well or just buy Popcorn Hour or a media center extender The benefits of an HTPC is that I can include a blu ray drive plus I can use Windows Media Center which I ve heard great reviews about The benefit of popcorn hour or a media center extender is saving money The idea I have is to use Powerline to connect my server desktop to the router router is not in the same room as PC From there I either connect a HTPC or the media extender The router is an g so I will be streaming music fine but video will go over ethernet through powerline If this was incoherent and just a lot of information please let me know I ll try to tone it down but I would love to hear what everyone thinks Thanks in advance Oh and one more thing I already own a copy of WHS and Windows Vista Premium so the prices of the OS s are no longer a factor nbsp

A:Building a media server

just buy the hard drives and put them in the computer u are using, this is the cheapest and u can share the drives over the network if u want.
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I am stuck. My son deleted a main user account which has caused my Dell to revert to requiring an RA media password for any admin duty...I have seen from several posts how to easily fix this by restoring the computer to an earlier point in time and deleting this user and dell remote access, however my computer is so low on disk space that it has no earlier points to restore to~yay me. I believe I can create a restore point but I can not for the life of me figure out how-anyone have any ideas???
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Hi! i recently installed Windows 7 , and thn now PS3 media server to stream files to my PS3 using Router

I ve kept the Default settings for my router as i used to use in Windows XP

my PS3 media server detects my PS3 and it shows all the folders shared bt cant seee any files , any [avi, mkv, mpeg ] wh i have shared through my PS3 media server

When i browse the directories of Media server from my PS3 i get a message at the end as "no images found" can anybody tell me why this is happening

A:Using PS3 media server with Windows 7

I get the same problem for some reason, and some times my ps3 will be disconnected from my media server for some reason.

Also, i am always getting errors on the PS3Media server saying that it cannot detect my ps3, can someone please help me out?

I have configured my windows to enable UPNP and the router as well. Port Forwarded the port for ps3 media server. I have no idea what im doing wrong
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I'm trying to watch videos on my PS3, and it has always worked perfectly when I put videos in my videos folder, then they become available from the windows media server on my ps3. Now, all of a sudden, I guess windows has just decided to no longer update the file listings. I've updated it like 50 times on the ps3 and it just won't show the new videos I've added.

A:Media Server NOT UPDATING!

Hi Jerail,

Hopefully you've found a solution by now, but if not -- have you tried completely disconnecting the server, restarting both the PS3 and your PC, and reconnecting? Also, have you installed or activated any security software on your PC since the last time your PS3 Media Server folders were updating correctly?


Windows Outreach Team
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Firstly sorry if this has been asked a lot but from looking around various forums I cant quite get the answer or guide on how best to do things.

What I want to do (and apologies if i'm dreaming here) is create what i think is maybe a home server.

I have an old sony viao laptop and an external hard drive that i would like to use as a media / file storage server that other devices in the house can download to/access/stream from. In an ideal world i'd also like to access from outside the house using other WiFi areas.

The sony has windows Vista, other laptops in the house are windows 7 and windows 8 and i also have a blackberry playbook. Sharing the files on the sony with my PS3 is the only thing I've managed to do so far!

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


A:home media server?

Read this for sharing media in Windows on local network. Access from WAN can be setup later.
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Getting used to the Domain Environment I setup a media server running Vista Ultimate 32-bit and I'm looking for other solutions or if there is anything I could do better to run this from home.

I have a 2k3 DC setup with about 50 users via active directory who VPN's PPTP (for now) then accesses the media resources, mostly movies, music, etc.

Everything works fine except now I'm really getting a good learning on bandwidth. I have a docsis 3.0 modem with a 22 down and 5 up I believe connection and when they open a movie it takes approximately 2-5 minutes before it actually starts playing and even then it's a bit choppy off and on.

I just bought a new Linksys RVS4000 GB Security Router with VPN for this specific setup.
I'm open to any suggestions/advice and is all appreciated.

A:Media Server Bandwidth + 2k3

Where are these users connecting from? Lan or internet?
"22down and 5up", is this your bandwidth in Mbps? If so, that's the issue. Even if you have only 10 concurrent connections, that's a maximum of 0.5mbps each, a fair proportion of which isn't going to be useful payload, especially over a VPN.
If not, what is it?
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Ok so i just bought a computer with hard drives one is tb main HD the other is tb slave drive I want to make the Slave into a media server yes i know the computer will need to be one or when ever i want to use the server How do i go about this Things i want it to do be able to upload and store music picture dox and more i want to be able to stream video and music from it Only on My Network widows XP and are able to connect i don t care about vista and use all these functions want it to have a password and be secure server-networking? media even from people in my network Thank you in advanced i have googled so much but i media server-networking? cant seem to media server-networking? find anything other then Windows media share thing but i cant upload or download anything just see and view them and i think i can only do that with windows nbsp
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Ok so i just bought a computer with hard drives one is tb main HD the other is tb slave drive I want to make the Slave into a media server yes i know the computer will need to be one or when ever i want to use the server How do i go about this Things i want it to do be able to upload and store music picture dox and more i want to be able to stream video and music from it Only on My Network widows XP and are able to connect i don t care about vista and use all these functions want it to have a password and be secure even from people in my network Thank you in advanced i have googled so much but i server-networking? media cant seem to find anything other then Windows media share thing but i cant upload or download anything just see and view them and i think i can only do that with windows nbsp

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I live in a condo with a lot of media Building a server EM interfearance and networked music server Building a media server products don t seem to work very well in this enviroment Music tends to stop and start abruptly as connections are broken and remade and it s really hard on my treasured Polk SDAs speakers not Building a media server to mention annoying So I have taken to using my laptop as a music server with a USB optical outlet So here s the deal I want a McIntosh MS- but don t want to shell out five large for it It s basically a media case hard drive mother board gig HD and software So I plan to by an nMedia BA case and get started building one my first computer build So here s the questions I want it to run cool because removing heat from the quot stereo cabinet furniture quot it will be installed in will be difficult and I dont want to hear cooling fans over the music So which processors run the coolest I suppose laptop processors but which ones are the most efficient coolest and or what spec is used to evaluate this Remember speed is not real important we re just playing music here Documentation quality is important as I m a novice I would like to conduct the heat out of this stereo cabinet furniture via some sort of heat transport device I am aware of some liquid cooling products but don t really have an appreciation of the range of products available I could see having a large aluminum cooling fin mounted underneathe the cabinet with coolant circulating through it I suspect someone sells a product for this application which work well I have seen fanless CPU s that would be perfect but they are in proprietary cases and require a well vented space The media servers have small LCD panels and knob style controls that substitute for monitors and mouse Obviously there is software available to drive these but the manufacturs are strangly quiet on the subject Where do I find this type of software Any help on any of these topics would be appreciated Dave nbsp

A:Building a media server


The good news is that you wont be spending 5g's on a system. More like $1000 or less due to the fact that you dont need to buy a monitor or monster video card, unless you plan on gaming with the media center on your tv.

About the knobs and such, unless it is a high end media center case $300 or so the fuctuality of these knobs and other devices are is rather limited and basically usless. Most people that have media centers usually use a wireless keyboard and mouse, or one of these fancy remotes that offer a great amout of functuality in a media center.

A compact liquid cooling device is going to be your best bet for this type of application if you plan on sticking the media center into a stereo cabinet with limited ventilation. Or you can look at an option like this that is a liquid cooling system that sits outside your case like this and can easily be hidden behind your cabinets

But I still reccomend having atleast 2 case fans in your system to dispell any additional heat. These can be nearly silent. Then dont need to move much air, just give a bit of circulation.
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I have a 1TB networked hard drive made by Western Digital. I was wondering if it's possible to use it as a media server, as well as for storage and backups (which is what I use it for now).

Here's what I have:

Two XP Home PCs
Sony TV with networking features
So do I need some sort of software? I'm hoping I don't need to buy XP Media Center Edition.

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So the other day we were trying to find some music on the computer through the ps3 which seems to be hit or miss some times, however the ps3 seems to find the two lap tops with no problem. So I went in to the "choose media streaming options for computers and devices" and removed the unknown devices thinking that like any other wireless or blue tooth, that they would be discoverable again and guess what..... they dont show up. This is extremely frustrating. So is there anyway to have this show up all the time on the ps3. Also we have playon and that doesn't always work either. I think that if I can get a more consistent connection between the two that play on will work as well.

Any advice is well received

A:media server cant find ps3

You didn't mention which media server software you're using to stream your media to your PS3.

Try using this great and free alternative instead, it works great for me on all my computers:-

PS3 Media Server
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I have a Acer 5315 windows vista, I enjoy going on my chatrooms but, latley when I connect the screen is saying, " The connection to flash media server is not connecting." I upgraded my adobe player, I turned off firewalls and a lot more and it still isn't working. On top of that my laptop won't download anything at all. I can't even download the new version of yahoo messager. I need Help!! I'm only a sophmore in college!

The Samari
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So I downloaded and installed the trial version of mezzmo media server only to find out that my sony bluray player won t read a mkv file you have to quot Pre-Transcode quot the file with mezzmo and It takes server media mezzmo forever unless you have GB of RAM and intel i processor I m in the process of quot transcoding quot a GB mkv file and its been about mins and its Well this is some type of dnla server review here is my problem Since I have mezzmo open and the server is running I had warning msgs from malwarebytes blocking ips connecting to the mezzmo port I would guess the re SPAM bots or servers computers infected with viruses scanning random ips but the last ip is scanning different ports Should I worry I m stopping mezzmo asap doing a tracert on DOS to the bugging IP gives me a quot general failure quot I have never seen a general failure message when doing mezzmo media server the tracert command to an ip Kudos to Malwarebyte mezzmo media server for blocking this I thought it was protecting me againts malware and viruses I usually turn off Malwarebytes when using a torrent client but I m not using any torrent client or any other downloader soft - PCNAME USERNAME IP-BLOCK Type outgoing Port - PCNAME USERNAME IP-BLOCK Type outgoing Port Process mezzmo exe - PCNAME USERNAME IP-BLOCK Type outgoing Port Process firefox exe Now firefox is playing too my third eye is telling me that and are some type of local ips in my network I get general failure when pinging them too wtf any suggestions nobody likes to get hacked
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okay i got this job today where I work One of the .wmv media a donwloading a from server teachers at school went to Ball State Univerity and talked to a class there about a few things and this was all recorded and put up on the interenet via a quot media server quot at quot ihets org quot Sounds great and all but here is the thing The teacher wants it for what ever reason i didn t really ask and for some reason the teacher of the class and technology director there can not seem to figure out how to pull the file off the server or atleast that is what the teacher was told My question comes up becuase it is just a link straight to the file it then opens into windows media player But i need it as a file itself so i can put onto a cd or dvd to give to this teacher I have tried a few things such as screen capturing it using a few different programs in which i was uncomfortable about using and it just shows up as a black screen with the shell of windows media player around it Does anyone know how i can download it straight to my computer here is the link by the way http mediaserver ihets org donwloading a .wmv from a media server vod bsu bsumgt wmv nbsp
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Hello. Is Plex Media Server fairly secure? Would you recommend I keep it on my PC to access my media to play on Roku?
Thank you.

A:PLEX Media Server

I've been using it for the past three years and no problems as of yet. So either it is fairly secure or I'm just lucky.
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I m trying to setup media server portion of my PS I ve got it to where the PS sees the computer I have the media player icon on my PS PS3 to Server Vista Media desktop and I try to select it and get the error quot Access to the Media server is not allowed quot quot It is possible that the system name has not been registered quot quot Check the settings for the media server quot I read somewhere that this is the first step and then I should be able to go to the computer and see an icon flashing in the system tray asking whether I would like to allow the unknown device but I get no such flashing icon I open media player and go to media sharing but it does not see anything in PS3 Media Server to Vista the white box but the option to allow or deny quot other users of this PC quot My firewall isn t on and all of my other devices can see each other on my network I know there is a thread for this already but I couldn t find anything that solved my problem within it If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it nbsp
Relevancy 42.57%

I m looking to build a new Game and Media Server I already have a case though it is pretty cramped Likewise I already have an extra copy of Windows The currently proposed specs can be found in this NewEgg link Suggestions are highly welcome Use -Will Media Server? Game and host a person Minecraft and TeamSpeak server -Will host over TB of media files to stream to Boxee Box Game and Media Server? set top via ethernet Goal -The general idea is to house the OS and a handful of required programs on the small SSD -The two TB drives will store all media to be streamed to the Boxee Box -Try to make everything as energy efficient as possible without sacrificing performance -Try to keep it around Concerns -Is the SDD really worth the money Will I see Game and Media Server? the difference in both performance and energy use -Is the power supply capable enough Remember energy use is an important concern -What do you think of the CPU Remember energy use is an important concern Thanks in advance for your responses nbsp

A:Game and Media Server?

Here's the requirements for MineCraft server:
And this:
So you should be fine.

The SSD will be a waste. You don't need the performance it offers especially for the high cost and you'll save more power by simply running the OS off the 2TB Green drive.

I'm not a fan of Rosewill products, you can sometimes get good stuff but sometimes its junk. Maybe get an Antec Green/Eco power supply.
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New laptop and trying to get with the upgrade from win 7 to win 8.1
Previously I had a Kworld media sever that logged into Win7 and played media files from a shared external drive.
Trying the same setup on win8.1 I can see the player from windows and vice versa, but when trying to login from the player login fails. Everything is on the same network and workgroup. I have tried the share settings, disabled the firewall but still fail.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Movies don't look quite the same on the laptop.

A:External media server

If I had to make a guess. I would be pointing fingers at the Kworld server.
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Hello everyone I ve just recently got my hands on an old laptop and I m thinking of using it as a PC to PC media server The specs are Pentium to Server? PC PC Media - Laptop Old - GHz Processor MB RAM MOBILITY RADEON With those specs would it be able to serve as a half decent Old Laptop - PC to PC Media Server? PC to PC media server I was hoping I could use this laptop and obtain the same Old Laptop - PC to PC Media Server? setup as my PS Media Server My PS Media Server setup works like so My main PC stores all the video and has TVersity running on it Then through my PS I can acess the TVsersity media server and quot stream quot It may not actually stream the video but it s fast and has load time the video from my main PC directly to my TV Is there some way I can Old Laptop - PC to PC Media Server? obtain similar results using this old laptop instead of another PS Any tips suggestions advice are always welcome Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Old Laptop - PC to PC Media Server?

Bump, still looking for some advice!
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Can anyone walk me through how to set up a streaming media server on my Microsoft 2000 Server OS? Please e-mail me. [email protected]
Relevancy 42.57%

I'm an IT professional but have only a media can recognise Nothing my server pretty basic understanding of networking and am completely new to media servers I used to use Allcast with Plexmedia server but after upgrading my Nothing can recognise my media server PC to windows I found that Allcast couldn't find my PC or Plex Media Server So I started looking at other options and discovered that my Panasonic Vierra should be able to access a media server on my PC using DLNA I tried setting up a basic media server just by using the Media Streaming options on my PC which is also pretty simple to set up - you can't really go wrong there Yet nothing seems to recognise it - not the vierra nor allcast You can tell that the devices are working the Vierra and Allcast as they find my Fritzbox server my router and also find my son's Windows Media Player Windows Allcast also recognises the TV so they're all on the network and connected But nothing finds my PC I turned the firewall completely off and nothing works I could get a chromecast but if nothing else recognises my PC I'm sure it won't either I'm at wits end here Any help appreciated Thanks
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I am using win7 home premium. I have all my media on this hp laptop. I have an ipad, iphone, blue ray player ant smart tv. And I want my laptop to feed media to all these devices. all these devices connected to the same network wirelessly. Can I get some help for doing this ?
kind regards

A:help need for creating a media server

I just posted this right below there is an App for the I stuff. Not so sure about the BR player but streaming to a smart TV shouldn't be a problem. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone knows how to use the search feature anymore, this was the very first one.

Sharing with iPAD?
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hi i want to ask that i have recently got my new sky broadband.i have found that my media server is no longer functioning or responding when i go to download media apps for music downloads like ; i mesh and do you fix these problems.

A:media server problems

Sounds like a router configuration issue. The type of connection doesn't matter. But items like bearshare (which is a p2p app and not supported here) require port forwarding...which is done in the router.
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Well Basically My wireless internet is working fine but for some reason when i checked in Ip config it sais that my Media state is disconnected, and there are certain websites that i cant access but can do through a proxy server i have checked and they are not blocked websites, could this have something to do with the media state?

A:Media server disconnected

I think you mean Media State: Disconnected, which means your computer does not see the physical (or wireless) connection.

Are you connecting to a work or school network? Which proxy server are you going to?
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I was told that Windows Media Player 11 could act as a media server on my wireless network. I have allowed all the access I know how to allow on my network and the media player, (I live out in the country so local security is not a problem) but my PS3 will not recognize it as a multimedia server. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated or a point to the right direction to a 'how to' thread somewhere. I dont know if the problem is with the media player configuration, the router or the ps3. Thanks in advance for your help guys!!
Oh, I am running XP pro, linksys wrt150n router and of course a PS3 with current software updates. Thanks again.
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I am trying to access my media server from outside my network. How the heck do I do this?

I can do FTP or SMB for my server. It also has a media server for xbox and ps3.

Thanks for the help all!


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Can anyone tell me a good easy program for a secure ftp server? and how to set up a ftp server properly?

biggest question is do you need to buy a domain if you are going to use a ftp server only?

thank in advance

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I need something that can host a VPN server on Windows 7. Not LogMeIn Hamachi or the one hidden in Windows' network connections, neither of those work. I'm looking for a free program.

A:VPN server software?


You are better of hosting VPN Connections via your router. Its simpler to manage.

What are you trying to achive?
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I need to install web server software on my computer so I can preview web pages before uploading them. It saves all of that unnecessary upload time. I used to run XAMPP with XP Pro SP3. But in looking to download it again, it doesn't mention 7 as being compatible. The last OS listed is Vista. I would imagine XAMPP is probably compatible with 7, but I was wondering if anyone had any info on this, or maybe another suggestion for free open source server software I could use with 7?

A:Web Server Software

It is not exactly what you are asking about, but have you considered using Opera Unite? It has a web server function to serve pages directly from your computer, so I imagine that it has some way to preview them also. I don't know if it would allow you to upload them just anywhere though, but I imagine that could be done separately, if needed.

Web Server - Opera Unite applications
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I am having a dedicated server and need to know what firewall should I use for securing the server. I mean to say that shall i use a software firewall or a hardware firewall? Which is more effective?

A:What software is better for a web server?

You should use a hardware server; I would say, either get a router that has firewall enabled service or think about IPCOPS distro for linux; If you have an old computer around with two network cards, you can easily setup a firewall with no problem.

Hardware is always the way to go if your going to get a firewall; Cisco ASA or Pix if have alot of computer to protect;
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If I was going to build me a home server, what MS server software would I want to use?

A:Server Software

Since MS has killed off Windows Home Server, you should read through the linked article to see what to buy now: Windows Server 2012 Essentials: The Home Server Replacement | Windows Server content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
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I am a newcomer to Tech Support Guy with a unique problem My job is tech support for a bunch nearly of Windows NT Servers for one of our clients Most software for Server needs NT Software 4 these days is not written for NT Now our company installed these servers back in the s and they work fine to this day Dell has been good in supporting their product Our new installations are Servers But this client has been with us for over years and doesn t think that they need to upgrade But that is not my Software needs for NT 4 Server problem I am looking for software that will run on NT Server NT SP a and SQL Server that will consolidate directories and defragment the disks not Diskeeper Lite I am also looking for software that will allow me to assess any difficulties i e registry problems and take care of them The difficulty is this software must be current I cannot go to Ebay to pick up software I have to buy from a known vendor and the product must be the most recent Freeware is a possiblity if it can be sufficiently documented that it is a product that is undergoing continuing development nbsp

A:Software needs for NT 4 Server

I suspect you're going to have serious problems finding new software that is fully supported for Windows NT 4.0.

I don't know of any application that can scan any operating system to determine any type of problem and fix it regardless of corrupt files or registries. It sounds like you're looking for some type of Holy Grail software that fixes all problems. No such thing. Even harder to find utilities that work with an operating system even the maker of which doesn't support it.
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I use Uwamp if I want my Windows computer to act as a LAN server in my apartment. (freeware)
Does anyone know of others also suitable? (server that is not limited to localhost only with MySQL and PHP included)
Would appreciate info on any non-Windows ones also - am trying to get a list together.
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I have a pc that i have setup right now as my media server with tversity that is connected to my lan and uses my cable modem. the problem with that is that when im downloading torrents it eats up all the bandwith and the media server lags. i also have a separate dsl modem in my office that i used to need for work but is no longer being used. how would i go about connecting my media server pc to the dsl modem to use that connection just for it, and still have the pc hooked to my lan so i can access it with my xbox. hope this makes since.

A:Solved: Media Server on two networks

All i had to do was delete the gateway address from the lan adapter on the media server machine and everything works fine now.
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I have a lot of mp3s and divx/.vob films that I want to be able to stream "real-time" from a storage location on my home network. I want to be able to access these files from a laptop connecting wirelessly to my router, although the "server" will connect to it through ethernet.

After wasting time/money with cr** NAS options I have been considering getting an old PC for next-to-nothing and connecting it via ethernet to my router, to use as a media server. What will I need in terms of software to allow the streaming (if this is the right word) of these files over the home network? Will I need special software on my laptop to facilitate this, or only on the server. Does it depend on my router's capability?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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Hello guys I've been looking for help however I cannot access my media server at all, even though I was connecting to to it last night. However in the middle of the night it disconnected and I couldn't access it anymore. The server was on and my computer is DMZed and I haven't installed anything really different other than windows update and the Media server Emby update either? however I had installed the server update before the disconnectivty issue. Could someone please shed some light on this topic please?
Relevancy 42.14%

Trying desparetely to connect WMP 11 to my ps3. I've been trying since yesterday with no luck. At times the ps3 can "see" my pc, at other times it can't.

The most recent message I received was that the access to the media server is not allowed and that it is possible that the name for the ps3 system has not been registered

I'm not sure where to go from here. There are suggestions from numerous people- all of which I think fumbled around enough to make this feature work. It seems to me that there is no clear cut answer. I don't even understand how to name my ps3 or where it needs to be registered.

Please help! Thanks!
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I have attached a WD "My Passport" hard drive to use as a home server onto my home router. When I try to access the drive contents remotely their are no thumbnail previews. For example a folder full of JPEG pictures and all you see are the generic tiles with no preview.

Things I have tried.

I have tried changing the tile size.
I have tried on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers.
I have done the whole view settings to show icons not thumbnails etc

Nothing seems to work. Is it even possible ?

Thanks in advance

A:WD FTP Media Server No Thumbnail Preview

Hello Modesty!

Do you mean that the view of the files is only in tile-mode and you cannot change it? Can you post a screenshot? Do you have any other problems: with performance, or access, can you open or transfer your files successfully?

Are the files/shortcuts broken? Are absolutely all files like that?

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We are taking edited .avi files created in ShowBiz - then using the Windows Media Encoder to create the .asx file to run on our Windows Media Server.

Problem: The .avi files are quite clear when run directly in the Media Player; however, after running them through the Windows Media Encoder, the .asx files appear very dark and choppy on the Windows Media Server.

Have checked the Media Server - the test files that come with Windows run just fine.
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A mysterious Universal Meadia Server folder in File Explorer. This folder has endless sub-folders called root. Any ideas what this is all about?

A:Mysterious Universal Media Server

Check "add remove programs" and see if its listed. Sounds like you got hit by a drive by install.
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Background I have two raspberry pi s one connected to the tv in the living room downstairs and one upstairs these run kodi which I use to stream videos Before my son was born in February I spent weeks ripping my DVDs so I could keep them in storage to clear lots of room for when he was born I ve filled a tb external and a tb internal and still have more DVDs to rip I rip the whole ISO as I enjoy extras and commentaries so I want a full back up of each dvd A few days home solution? / best Nas media / server ago my windows hdd luckily the one without the dvd rips reported issues and suggested I back it up Question i never use my PC anymore it s just on so I can access the files for either pi Nas / server / best home media solution? What would be the best solution for me to continue being able to stream these DVDs Nas / server / best home media solution? around my home I ve looked at nas but I can t really find one which doesn t have a set file size I currently have tb which isn t backed up so I would want tb But because I have more to rip and want to future proof it for a while I m really looking for at least tb Can anybody suggest what would be my best solution a nas A server I don t want to spent thousands of pounds I just want something that I can hopefully add or replace with bigger hdds over the years and as enough space to have a backup hdd for each one I add Just in case anyone doesn t beleive I have tb of Isos backed up I have a lot of tv series they are usually DVDs and dual layed so that s around gb a season things like Star Trek and x files soon add up the complete Colombo collection is over gb Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Nas / server / best home media solution?

Something like this would work;
From the specs, it supports up to 16TB volumes.
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I decided to install the Plex media server on my NAS. I downloaded the correct software (Arm7) for my model but found this to be a .spk file. I have no idea what to do with this, expecting a normal installation file. I did unzip the file but still have no idea what to do with it. Suggestions please.

A:Installing Plex media server on NAS

Wow! Surely someone knows how to install Plex Media Server on a NAS. I'm disappointed
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Hi all,

I've been trying to connect to my belkin wireless router with no luck, the wired connection works fine but the wireless connection will not work. The wireless connection does connect to the network yet the internet will still not work. This is my first post so not sure what info is needed.

Im using Widows Vista Home Edition on a HP G50 Notebook PC trying to connect to a Belkin G Wireless Router.

Thanks in advance to the help and Ill try and post any info needed.

Relevancy 42.14%

I have been using an O2 Wireless Box II for some time with no problems at all, i had internet connectivity and was able to use the Windows Media Server on my PC (Windows Vista) to stream media to my PS3 and TV (ethernet on TV). I have recently acquired an O" Wireless Box III and have lost functionality of the media server, I have tried searching around the net but have found no viable solution. I have tried restarting the router and setting it back to factory settings but to no avail. I also have internet connectivity on both my PS3 and the TV (Samsung's [email protected]) so I know they are both connected to the router correctly and can see both devices from my PC. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Media server problem with O2 wireless box III

bump, still have the same problem, any help would be greatly appreciated
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Hello I'm running a home theater server on a Windows not yet laptop General specs are Intel Core i quad core processor gb RAM tb HDD I have it connected by wired ethernet to my router to lower chances of screwing up The primary programs running are Plex Media Server server media how on? laptop Win ensure to always 8 as - PlayOn amp PlayLater and I hope to add a calibre server at some point For the most part things are quite stable with shut downs and restarts at a minimum I recently replaced the battery so that short power Win 8 laptop as media server - how to ensure always on? outages would affect it the cable modem amp router are auto on when they receive power My concern is this It looks like I may have to travel in the nearish future for a few weeks at a time and I'd very much like to ensure that I can use my server while I'm away I plan to have remote desktop software for troubleshooting issues that could arise amp require restarting a server etc but I can't get around what to do if a power outage lasted longer than the battery and the laptop turned off completely I know Windows has some built-in power management for turning on a computer at a specific time and I wondered it this could be used to make sure that at a certain time each day or night the computer was turned on It would have to work like a true power on function rather than toggle as some remote controls can now do where if you press power on while the TV is off it comes on if you do the same while it's on the TV stays on Is it possible set something like this up if not with Windows then another program If that's not possible could something be setup to cause the laptop to go into sleep or hibernation mode when it lost power That way it world stay in a more responsive state than hard power off Could it either be setup to resume regular quot on quot function once it receives power coming to it again or could I setup an app or other software to run from either another Windows laptop or an Android device to send a wake on Lan command to bring it out of hibernation Is this something remote desktop access software can do I've never tried to rely on the machine for that long being away and I'm trying to setup for sorting out as many issues as possible from afar II know I can't be the only person who has tried this and I'd appreciate any help or advice so much Thanks

A:Win 8 laptop as media server - how to ensure always on?

You really need to be using a Desktop instead of a Laptop as a server. One reason is that Laptops tend to get too hot if they are running high CPU intense tasks. The only way you can guarantee it shutting down before the battery running out, is to use a UPS. If you can set it to turn back on after loss of power that is a plus. As for remote management, use Teamviewer.
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I will try to explain this as good as i can, when i'm accessing my media library on the computer with my phone it does show all movies/songs in the same folder. I have chosen to share different folders like, E:\movies E:\kids E:\adults C:\user\*\videos. all those folders are shown as only one folder on the device i'm accessing my library with. Sub-folders within the paths does show.

In Windows 7 the folders did not batch up as only one folder, each path was shown separately.

I hope you understand what i mean.

A:Media server not showing folders.

Is it only me who have this problem? Or is there any fix?
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I want to get iTunes broadcasting a media server for my ps3. Yeah I know don't use iTunes blah blah blah but I have multiple iPod's so I pretty much have to. I know I can use windows media player but then all my iTunes purchases show up as random letters and in random folders?

A:Anyway to get iTunes to broadcast a media server?

Hi Lanthus20,

Your best bet is going to be PS3 Media Server: ps3mediaserver - Project Hosting on Google Code

Let me know if that's what you had in mind.


Windows Outreach Team
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I am using a HP pc with Win SP I am running a video streaming 7 Media Not Permit Server Will Thru PS3 Win Firewall program called PS Media Server streaming video from my pc to a Samsung Smart tv on a home wireless network using a Actiontec Model GT WN modem router This combination has worked good for several months I recently started having some minor problems with the pc not shutting down correctly I ran the internal check disk It ran all five checks ok and did not indicate it found anything wrong but since then the shut down is ok The first time I tried to run the streaming video after the disk check it failed to make a connection with my tv After messing with it for a couple of days I shut the Windows firewall off The streaming began to Win 7 Firewall Will Not Permit PS3 Media Server Thru work immediately I checked the firewall and the PS Media Server was listed as a program that was allowed I turned the firewall Win 7 Firewall Will Not Permit PS3 Media Server Thru on and off several times and listed and delisted the software but it still does the same thing I'm thinking my running the disk check must have done something but I don't know enough to check what Help will be appreciated I am not super efficient at pc's so be kind Thanks I found the problem I had upgraded to the pro version of Avast Antivirus by mistake The pro version has a firewall which activated Can't run two firewalls at the same time without problems happening I went back to the free version and everything is ok I must say I am really suprised that almost people have Win 7 Firewall Will Not Permit PS3 Media Server Thru read this entry and no one has offered any suggestions good or bad Don't get me wrong I think these forums and the people who donate their time to helping others is great Just suprised

A:Win 7 Firewall Will Not Permit PS3 Media Server Thru

Hello & welcome to the forum GeneralGeorge,

Sorry you didn't get a reply, but glad you got it sorted.

Good luck!
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Afternoon Ladies & Gents!

I've spent a few hours on researching this topic. I can't seem to find what I'd need.

Currently I'm looking for a solution. I have about 50 franchised offices. We've played a TV in each of them. Is it possible to put a device in each office and have a "Server" type device to push content over a VPN to them? Also naturally display this on the TVs.

Any comments or points in a direction would be much, much, appreciated.

Thank you!

A:Client-Server Media Streaming

Perhaps a Slingbox would work for this?
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Trying to set up Win XP Media Center computer as a vpn server and connect to it via a Win XP Pro and or Mac OS X machines and am experiencing some problems First of all I am doing this because we often connect to the Media Center machine via remote desktop and I was thinking it may be more secure to use a vpn However now that I think about it if I have to forward port to the media center station I m not sure how this could be Media Center problem VPN XP Server Win any more Win XP Media Center VPN Server problem secure than just forwarding port for RDP Maybe someone can enlighten me on this On to the problem I have set up the MC station to accept incoming vpn connections I have a DLINK four port hub and have forwarded port to the vpn server and enabled vpn passthrough for PPTP and IPSec The mac and xp pro stations I am trying to use to connect are on the same LAN as the vpn station however I am using the external ip address of the bridged dsl modem so the connection requests should be coming through the dsl modem gt DLINK gt vpn server The connection requests hang at quot verifying user name and password quot for both the mac and xp pro attempts I scanned port and it s open I really don t know what to do next Any suggestions EDIT I decided to try to connect using the local ip of the vpn server and it worked just fine So now I need to try it from a different location So when I do connect what IP address do I use for remote desktop nbsp
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Good afternoon. I recently started encountering a problem and can't figure out the root cause. I have a desktop PC (home built) running Win7. I use it to stream media files via a powerline network (Telnet) and Netgear 6100 to my media streamer (Patriot Box Office). A couple of weeks ago the video froze. The network speed went from 2.3MB to 300k. I went in the office and the PC was frozen and would not respond (black screen). I was forced to hard power off the system and hard restart. I believe the problem is on the PC. I don't know if this is HDD, MotherBd, or graphics card issue. If you need a list of the hardware, let me know. I was thinking of running a perfmon while streaming to see if I could capture the problem, but, don't know what items to monitor. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I have quite a few HDD s SATA a NAS/eSATA Server? Building Media amp IDE laying about on my desk that have loads of media files on them I would like to build some sort of NAS eSATA media server box to house them Building a NAS/eSATA Media Server? all in and have the possibility to connect this box to my home Network PC PS Multimedia Playing Device HDTV What would be the best way to go about doing this I Have a LINKSYS WRT N - Wireless-N Gigabit Router on my home network http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I also got a few Gigabit CAT cables laying around i have at least or more HDD s lying around with countless media files on them What else would you guys recommend getting doing to make a big ol Building a NAS/eSATA Media Server? server box to house all these HDD s in and have them connect through either a Gigabit CAT cable though my network router or an eSATA cable or HiSpeed USB Cable What would be the best thing to do or route to take for this kinda setup nbsp

A:Building a NAS/eSATA Media Server?

I really doubt if you are going to use all 15 drives. You will need a server quality case to fit the most of your drives, a server quality motherboard, CPU, memory and power supply or power supplies (more than one supply)... and lots of $$$
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Hi I have a media receiver Philips Streamium that only works with UPnP servers I have created a network attached storage device using a USB hard drive and a USB LAN NAS UPNP issue server media adapter This is now working effectively as a NAS and will UPNP media server issue stream to windows media player perfectly well However it is not UPnP therefore it is not working properly with the Streamium or with Twonky on a laptop attached to the same network The Streamium device can see the NAS as can Twonky which identifies as a basic server and it can see the media server shared SMB folders It cannot however stream the media The error that the Streamium throws is this is an empty list when trying to access any shared folder Twonky states cannot retrieve information UPNP media server issue from server Does anyone know if how there is a soft way I can convert the USB NAS to meet UPnP requirement My router does support UPNP therefore this UPNP media server issue is not the issue and I have tested this by attaching the NAS USB LAN directly to the Streamium via ethernet which gives the same problem If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful Thanks Andy nbsp
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I came from a NT server network enviroment to a Windows 2000 server network. There are some differences. The only training classes I find are for Windows 2003. Is there enough similarities in the two to get anything out of Windows 2003 courses. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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Kinda a silly question but i recently bought a Tripplite UPS I dont like there software quot Poweralert quot at all I came across the software from APC UPS maker called quot powerchute quot And im wondering if i could use that software instead of the software that came with my tripplite or any other recommended UPS software that has good features From what i can tell windows is not using any of the tripplite drivers for monitoring the UPS so the device manager says so i think i 2000 Software for server UPS would be able to without having windows lose the monitoring connection I was UPS Software for 2000 server originally going to use the built in power management feature but ive had bad luck with the stock windows power managment feature and would rather use a rd party software So any ideas on weather or not i could use software from a different manufacture for my tripplite UPS Any and all help suggestions personal experinaces is greatly appreciated Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR nbsp

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I want to install Office XP on my server for use by my users (Corporate Environment). I only want to install XP one time with all the drivers, and settings the other words I want to create an image of the completed install on my server so that each user can install the software at their station without needing the CD or the product this possible and can anyone help me?


A:installing software on my server for LAN use

It is not hard as long as you have the Corporate version of Office XP.;en-us;Q308383

Just follow these steps, and you should be fine.
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I am thinking about upgrading our server at work and I am trying to put together some rough numbers for hardware and software to see if the project will get any support One I Do Server really Windows software? need big ticket item is the operating system In my environment I can t see the benefit of something like Server rather than Do I really need Windows Server software? XP Our current network is composed of about XP based pc s and one NT server It was originally setup as a client server but evolved to a peer to peer with the server being just a place to store data on drives in a RAID configuration We have two primary applications that use shared data One is Microsoft Access which will work just fine on peer to peer The other is Peachtree Complete Accounting This is the one that depends on the structure of the network the most Previous versions where compatible with NT but the latest version of the software required Windows Server or for client server operation But since it will also function in a peer to peer environment we just changed the location of the data to one of the XP boxes All the pc s can access the internet through a SMC router that is connected to a satellite so currently we are in no way depending on the server for that What are the downsides for me if I just build a pc with raid drives and such but go with XP rather than Server Should I consider Vista Budget is a definite concern So I don t want to have to spend a lot on software if I don t have to And I don t have a lot of time to manage it either so simpler is better too Any thoughts on a recommended processor and or board I am thinking about a Dual AMD Opteron Thanks nbsp

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I am looking for some sort of FTP Server Software that is free. Basically, I just need something that I can set up on my Win XP Pro machine where I can have people transfer files to me without having to email them. Especially since some files are too large to email and get bounced. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.

Another thing to note, preferably I'd like some way where people sending me files do not have to install any type of software for themselves. Where they could just go to maybe some sort of GUI and can just log in and dump files.

A:Free FTP Server Software?


Originally Posted by Eclipse2003

I am looking for some sort of FTP Server Software that is free. Basically, I just need something that I can set up on my Win XP Pro machine where I can have people transfer files to me without having to email them. Especially since some files are too large to email and get bounced. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.

Another thing to note, preferably I'd like some way where people sending me files do not have to install any type of software for themselves. Where they could just go to maybe some sort of GUI and can just log in and dump files.

I don't know of any GOOD free FTP clients. When I used to do a lot of FTP transfers I found Cute FTP to be a very user friendly program.

A friend of mine tried Smart FTP and said he liked it but he wasn't a power user. It was just a one time use.

Try googling CuteFTP and/or Smart FTP and/or 'free FTP client'. Tons of crap will come up.

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At work, I have to make sure everyone is able to access and use this piece of software, it is called Alpha Law Vantage, but it doesnt really matter what it is. For this example lets say it is Microsoft Word. Could anyone tell me how I would go about installing Microsoft Word onto a server so that eveyone that is connected to the network can use it ? I really need some help guys, please help me out. P.S I am a computer engineer, so I know alot about computers, just not much about servers, so I should be able to understand you, so any expert help would be greatly appriatiated.


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I have a desktop and laptop connected to my LAN WAN both running windows I have an old computer Dell Optiplex with a intel Pentium IV Ghz processor a GB HDD MB DDR question software server LAN RAM that I am working on setting up as a file server I have a TB external HD that I plan to attach for my LAN server software question home network file storage I have downloaded and installed Ubuntu Server on the computer and am working on allowing communication sharing with windows via Samba a process on a Ubuntu forum is guiding me I plan to connect the externa HD to the quot file server quot but not sure if this will work properly given that my external hard drive is formatted in FAT as it stores essentially all of my files which are windows-based Will this cause file transfer streaming windows backup problems if I want to connect it to my LAN via the Ubuntu system Also while installing the Ubuntu Server System I essentially installed everything except the mail server and I believe that this included a GUI function but if I stick with the Ubuntu Server I was thinking about installing Ubuntu Desktop on the machine as well so that I have a useable for lack of better words OS on the system Is this necessary or can it be avoided Lastly I have access to several windows OS s with valid license keys but not WHS Is there an alternative to Ubuntu Server that I could install on the computer preferably windows-based that would be more easily configured to work with windows computers to act as a file server nbsp
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What is the best/easiest to use open source vpn server program? thanks!

A:VPN Server software...Please recommend

Why not use the Windows 7 VPN client.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Enable Incoming VPN Connections
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What security software can i get for a home server?

Could someone please tell me what the best one would be?

And a possible list of company's that do security software for home servers.


A:Security Software For A Server

Well, for Encryption you should use TrueCrypt.

For Anti-Virus - Use Symantec corperate editon, Nod-32, or Bitdefender total security.

For a firewall, you should use ZoneAlarm.
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Hello, I have been searching for a good application which enables me to stream content to my Philips 7000 series 3D LED television.
I previously have been using my PS3 for this with PS3 Media Server, and I'm looking for a similar application for my PC to stream directly to my TV.

If anyone can name one or a few, whether it's free or payed, I would be much obliged.

Thank you

A:Home server software

This is one I've heard is pretty good.

Mezzmo - The Ultimate DLNA Home Entertainment Software
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My firm has a number of PC s running Winfax software to print faxes direct from any application under Win se After various tribulations involving putting a correct line in Win ini believe me this works Fax software server recommendations just fine and is an excellent solution It s expensive on individual phome lines however so we wanted a networked fax solution with just one PC acting as a fax server The network is Novell IP only We were advised to use RelayFax and installed it on a brand-new Win XP pro server PC There are problems well basically it doesn t work First we found we have to add Microsoft client for networking as well as the Novell client on each PC before we could even see the fax server Having sorted that the faxing works but Fax server software recommendations extremely erratically Sometimes fax pages are not sent sometimes a cover page several times and no furthe pages oh you name it Are we douing anything wrong or do we just junk it and get something else Any recommendations welcome but please only if you know it works in our specific environment - Win clients IP protocol Novell server nbsp

A:Fax server software recommendations

I think you may find Tobit FaxWare a good contender:
FaxWare 7, Complete Fax Server incl. 5 users, 1 Port (ELD) 475,00 / 551,00
incl. 25 users 975,00 / 1.131,00
incl. 50 users 1.975,00 / 2.291,00
(Prices in Euro, Nett / Gross)

Lots of UK reps all over the place:

Lots more to wade through, if you feel so inclined:
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Don't know if this is right place for this?
I have a W2K pro SP3 OS running Apache 1.3.27.
trying to add coldfusion MX
it says that my server is a stand alone
and will not allow me to put the files in the htdocs directory
so I gave up and let it install in seperate dir.
loaded the java server and installed the connector to apache
now CFMX has latched on to my IP address and I can't get admin to move the CFIDE files
Dreamweaver does not allow a remote connection to apache anymore.
Please Help
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Why are there so many different requirements for a single piece of software for a server? Or for a server operating system? One I recently had to research for work had... 12 different server models with 12 different hardware configurations listed.

What makes servers so radically different from normal computers that a single piece of software changes from physical machine to physical machine?
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Im having an entirely different problem. Sleep works just fine, but Im running a media server, and windows goes to sleep while the media server is streaming. How can I prevent this from happening? Im using this server:

multimedia settings \ when sharing media is set to "prevent idling to sleep"

A:windows goes to sleep while the media server is streaming

Hmm I actually heard of a little piece of software that tells the computer your mouse is always moving (without actually moving your mouse) so that it won't go to sleep. I'll try to find where it was real quick...

Also, couldn't you just disable your computer from going to sleep at all? Right-click on your desktop, go to Personalize, (on windows 7 it might just have a Screen Saver option when you right click instead; I can't remember) and there should be an option to set it to never sleep. If that doesn't work let me know and I think there's an option in Power Settings...

Or did you just want it to not sleep when you're streaming? That would be a bit more tricky...

I can't find that mouse moving program, but this one will work just as well: Give your computer insomnia [Free tool and source code to temporarily prevent a machine from going to sleep!] - Delay's Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs just scroll down a bit for the download.
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Just did a clean install of Windows on a laptop When finished I noticed a new folder in the quot This Server Question Arris Media Verizon PC quot section of the Windows Explorer sidebar The folder is titled quot Master quot and it Arris Verizon Media Server Question contains a lot of subfolders each one titled Channels x - y where x and y indicate a different channel range for each subfolder None of the Channel Arris Verizon Media Server Question subfolders have any content If I check the Properties of the Master folder it shows ARRIS and Verizon Media Server I have Verizon FiOS triple play and clearly this must be related although I didn't install any Verizon software following the clean install of windows I did choose my SSID and entered the passphrase in order to connect to the internet None of the other Windows computers have this folder and all are running fully updated Windows What's going on What's the purpose of this new folder Do I need the folder and subfolders or should can I delete them Thanks for any help or advice
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I'm attempting to connect my HTC Inspire to my laptop, using the laptop as a media server. Funny thing, it'll connect to the administrator side, but not the actual user account (that has admin access).

It appears to be a permissions issue of some sort, but I'll be darned if I have any idea.

Any ideas?

A:Laptop Configuration as Mobile Media Server

You might be able to only achieve that from an actual server based OS. Like Windows Server. Perhaps Apache will fill your needs.
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I have a media server running off my Win7 PC and it has been working perfectly for years until today. The PC/server no longer shows up on any of my devices (Xbox, Roku, smart phone). The PC and devices are all on the same network and can access the internet with no problem.

I have attempted the following but it hasn't resolved the issue:
Made sure the related services (WMP network sharing service, uPnP Device Host, and SSDP) are running as well as restarted them. Media sharing is set to On.
Rebooted the PC, devices, and the router.
Disabled firewall and antivirus (windows firewall & avast)
Installed a non-windows media server (tried plex and serviio)
Created a new profile and turned on media sharing
Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!
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I just built a media server and after I installed Plex Media Server, the system will either freeze or goto BSOD sometimes within minutes and other times after a few hours (idle or in use) if Plex Media Server is running. I exited out of Plex Media Server, ran Prime95 for 12 hours and no problems. Ran Memtest86+ for 12 hours and no problems. No BSOD when Plex Media Server is not running.

I ran Driver Verifier and it went to BSOD immediately. I ran the Windows 7 repair and it found no problems.

Before I figured out it was Plex Media Server, I started uninstalling Window updates and installing some older drivers for the mobo. So some of the current drivers are older at the moment, but it was going to BSOD with the latest mobo drivers as well.


A:BSOD While Running Plex Media Server

Hello DJConan.

Update the Intel HD Graphics Driver, either from our forum link, Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7, or You may get it from Intel Download Center.
Moreover, you may run the Intel (R) Driver Update Utility to auto detect the appropriate driver for your computer.

Update Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver, Get it from Realtek , the Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Auto Installation Program, dated 2013/8/1.

Also uninstall Networx, as there is network malfunction present.

Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type ?msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the ?Startup? tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
BTW, I am missing and antivirus there .... which one do you use?

Let us know the results.
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To anyone who can assist:

I have a HP media center with MS XP SP2. Each time I login, I get the following message that will always come back after clicking "OK":

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: ...elDH\Intel Media Server\Media Server\bin\mediaserver.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the applications's support team for more information.
I have done the following:

- Delete any and all new programs recently installed
- Purchased and ran RegCure
- Ran Norton
- Research for help
- Searched the Web for hours

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Runtime Error With Intel Media Server

I have also been getting this message not when I sign in but when I run a scan with Superantispyware instead. I posted about it in the Antivirus, Firewall Forum this morning prior to seeing this post. I am using Comodo Forewall Pro v3 latest update and although not sure for certain I believe it is something to do with Comodo.

Out of interest what Firewall are you using?.