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Recommend a camcorder

Q: Recommend a camcorder

A friend wants a camcorder for casual use. "Don't break the bank", he said. I'd guess that the $300.00 range would be OK.
He's a professional photographer, but new to video.
He's got a Dell with Vista, I don't have the specs handy, but it's a couple of years old and probably has 2 GB RAM.
Would more RAM be a good idea?
What software do you recommend.
I assume I'll need to add a firewire card?
I can get more info if needed.Thanks.
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Preferred Solution: Recommend a camcorder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm wondering can anyone recommend a decent crossover camcorder, I need something that is very good for general filming of family/ friends and also for taking to use snowboarding, I'd be looking for one that doesn't exaggerate wobble, and is HD, I would be planning on doing some editing on my PC too. My limit would be up to £250, all suggestions would be very welcome!


A:Can you recommend camcorder for about £250?

Here are some reviews of them from my fav gadget tv prog
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I brought my self a Panasonic HC-V750 Camcorder and my computer with now notice the camera with software and connection cable that came with it. I brought a card reader and used that to download the photos to my computer and it goes into the editing software that came with it. But when I played it, it played upside down and I can not find any way to rotate it. I copied it on to my computers Desktop that would not play using anything on my computer or upload to YouTube. My computer is a HP using Windows 7.


If you are talking about your pictures being upside down, you can just right click on the picture that is upside down and select either to rotate the picture clockwise or counter clockwise.
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I am new to the photography forum so go

I am in the market for a camcorder budget £300-£400, could somebody explain the pros and cons of these machines. I had a look around, there was hi8 and others can you recommend the best and what to avoid.



You definately want to consider a straight DV camera---hi8 is kind of a dead format. Look at the Canons, Panasonics and Sonys----If you really want your questioned answered go to and check out the camera forum. I shoot with a 3chip Sony (Pd-150) which is beyond your budget but I do know there are some nice one chip cameras that will do just fine.
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I recently got a camcorder, used from a friend with 1 mini-dv-rw disc that had about 12 seconds of recorded video on it. I have since formatted the disc and now can only get the same 12 seconds (new video) to ever upload in order to modify & create my own videos? I thought that the re-format wiped the disc clean but seems I can only get the 1st 12 seconds uploaded. Any help would be appreciated

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how do i get my camcorder films to my pc (win 98, nero 6) so i can put them on cd/dvd? thanks in advance!

I have just found the proper site with Mulder, thanks all,

A:camcorder to pc to cd?

alliyo said:

how do i get my camcorder films to my pc (win 98, nero 6) so i can put them on cd/dvd? thanks in advance!

I have just found the proper site with Mulder, thanks all,Click to expand...

You need to buy a firewire card and IEEE 1394 cable in order to capture your film from your camcorder to computer. Video editing software is required.
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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this...but it seemed the best to me.

I have a SONY trv 108 camcorder, and it's pretty standard. It has an S-Video out, which I'm sure is the only plug on it that can help me here.

I want to know how to get the videos from it to my pc, probably using an s video cable. What kind of converter/adapter am I going to need ?

A:Camcorder to pc ?

Hi Jimbo just talk to a friend the does video editing and what you need is first a program that you capture with, windows movie maker with work but you would better off get one like pinnacle studio 9 then you will need a fire wire cable to download it to you computer this is know as a IEEE-1934 port if your computer does not have one you can buy a card for it hope this helps
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I have a DV camcorder and I need to put the film on Pc. I need to know program I can use to do such a thing. I have a panasonic camcorder.

Please this will help me big time... I want to make a dvd from my home videos.

kind Regards


A:DV Camcorder To Pc

Windows Moviemaker. will allow you to caputre it---I assume your camcorder has a firewire port of a usb port or both--Use the firewire port if you have one, if not USB will be okay----go from your camera's firewire port to your computers firewire port (you need a cable). Turn the camera on. Open up Windows Moviemaker and find the capture command.

If you want to make a dvd from your captured video, you will need a program that can compress it to mpeg--------there are a ton of them out there.
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just formated reinstalled pinaccle 9 now saying drive c running to slow below 4444 kbytes/second that is required


A:jvc camcorder

First of all, editing video from the same drive that the application sits on is always a problem. The best way to do it is to have the application sit on drive C and have a dedicated drive that just holds your video clips.

How much space do you have left on drive C and have you recently defragmented it? If not, do so and see if you can get it up to speed.
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I have a mini dvd from my camcorder and i would like to know how to transfer this to a normal size dvd.

A:Camcorder Dvd

The easiest way without using software is to buy a standalone DVD recorder which has a firewire (IEEE 1394) input connector to accept the lead from your miniDV camcorder. If you're in the UK, the larger Tesco stores have one made by Liteon costing ?75 which I've just bought. Set your camcorder running on playback, pause it, set up your DVD recorder to the correct speed for the length of footage you wish to record, start recording and press 'play' on the camera.

To do it on a computer you'll need some video-editing software which can also create a DVD-video. Top dog at the moment seems to be 'Cyberlink PowerDirector' about ?50 (UK Pounds). You'll obviously need a DVD-writer in your PC as well, of course.
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dont know much about computers.sorry if it makes no sense. i've got a samsung digital camcorder but when i try to copy it to a cd/r the playback quality is very poor.I used sonic digital media and the quality is set to high quality. I recorded it as a vcd.D'ont know if thats right. playing on dv picture is excellant. please answer in simple terms as im not used to computers. thanks.... PAUL

A:dv camcorder to pc

What kind of cable do you use to transfer your video onto your PC. If you use the standard cable that came with the camcorder then the quality won't be as good. If you use a firewire cable then the quality should be improoved.
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I have a lot of 8mm tapes that i want to burn to a DVD. I use WinDVD Creator 2 which takes it from the camcorder and directly records while the movie is being played. But that is not working properly so i captured with Windows Movie Maker and burned with NeroVision. that took a total of 4, 5 hours where with windvd creator it takes 2 hours. Is there any other programs that have that feature Where u can directly record to a DVD wwhile your camcorder is playing not saving the image and burning. Please help i need to get these 8mm tapes done ASAP and its gonna take forever at this rate.

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ok what brand is better and less trouble what would you get?
i had a Sony Handycam HC52-----so much problems firewire didnt work i spent 4 days messing with it and called sony they want me to send it in and if its the cam it would be $135 to fix it lol i said no SONY is out of the question, so between the other 3 im thinking canon!!!!!
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I have a Dell laptop port firewire card Ulead Media Now Cd amp Burning blank dvd s I have spent days trying to help Camcorder DVD to make dvd s and I m about to go crazy and trade my laptop in for a new coach purse When Ulead tries to capture my camcorder it Camcorder to DVD help will play for a minute then it keeps getting stuck and stopping even though my camcorder is still playing fine then I will get a your video file is corrupt and will be deleted message I was able to make one dvd the other day and surprisingly it plays on my dvd player but the dvd gets stuck in places just like when its downloading to the laptop Using Media Now I was able to burn directly to dvd but there was nothing on it when I played it back I also have roxio on my laptop and I get an error message from that aswell This project is starting to turn into a nightmare I m wondering if it would just be easier to buy a recordable dvd player and record my dvd s that way I d appreciate any advise you may have to share nbsp

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I have a JVC Digital Camera model GR-DA30U. I am trying to download to my computer (gateway laptop with Windows 7) and I am getting frustrated. I purchased a USB/IEEE cable to connect it. The computer does not recognize the camera. I e-mailed JVC, but the response made no sense to me. Do I need to purchase a fire wire card? I really want to get the movies of my kids on DVD from the tapes before they have grown up. Please help me. Thanks.

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I have a "Goldstar" comcorder.
Bought a "Dazzle DVC90Video device" to hook up comcorder to computer running WinXP.
Have 1 Gig of RAM.
Pinnacle software for capturing video it recognizes the Dazzle unit, but everytime I hit the "capture button" computer freezes.
I've tried several other programs such as AVS, Gearvideo,Photosuite 7 etc. and the same results."Soon as I hit the capture button the puter freezes.
Any ideas how to get my VHS tapes from camcorder to computer?
What could be my problems and how can I overcome whatever they are?

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I want to know how to get video from my Samsung SCL860 Hi8 Camcorder
On to my computer.Heres the camera:

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I know little...well nothing lol, about camcorders. I only ever had one, and I didn't buy it. But it's broken now, and I'm going on holiday next thursday, so I need to get help and find out which one to get before I go! I wouldn't spend more than £350 on a camcorder, as I don't have a money tree.

So, is this camcorder good for the price, and stuff? Thanks for any advice on what to buy, etc!

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We recently backed up our camcorder tapes to the an external HD on our PC using Firewire.

We now need to copy back to the tape via the camcorder from the PC.
The Camcordr says it has DV In/Out but I can't seem to get the PC to output the file.

Reason for all this is that we've bought a DVD Recordr for the TV and it does a good job of making DVD's from the Camcorder quickly. Unfortunately one of the tapes got damaged but we've got the footage on our HD. Trouble is we can't get it to the DVD recorder unless we can get the footage back onto the camcorder.

Any help appreciated.

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Please help me. I can't connect my camcorder (JVC GZ MG155-AG) to my PC. I use windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. When I try to connect my camcorder, it says that it can't recognize my camcorder. JVC's site told me that my camcorder compatible with windows 7. Please tell me how to fix it.

Sorry for my bad english.


Hello Rickza,

See this thread.

and this.

Windows 7 not recognizing my JVC camcorder

Do you use firewire to connect or usb?
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I bought a camcorder Sony, DCR-SR47 and now I am trying to upload the videos into my computer. I installed the PMB software that came with the camera (which by the way, no opens up everytime I upload pictures from my camera and is very annoying).
The point is, that every time I try to connect the camcorder to the PC and choose the option USB CONNECT is showing me the following message
I would like to know if anyone can help me, as I would love to send the videos to my friends.



Instead of using the Sony software, try importing it through Windows Movie Maker.

Plug your camcorder in, and if the Sony software loads, close it. Open Windows Movie Maker (it's in the Start menu, All Programs) and try a File -> Import, and see if Movie Maker can detect the camcorder. If it can, and if you can import the videos that way, then something is wrong with the Sony software (try reinstalling it?). If it cannot detect the camcorder, then maybe you have to enable a setting on the camcorder to get it to communicate with the computer, or maybe something is wrong with the cable (doubtful).
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I use my camcorder to video wildlife. When I use the remote to turn it on, a bell rings which scares away the wildlife. Does anyone know how to turn off or disarm the bell?
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I need to upload something I recorder from my camcorder to my computer. How do I do that? I have a Sony camcorder. I have something called the PC serial cable, but I have no idea what it is. What are some ways that I can upload the files? By the way, the files are on tape, not on the memory stick.


The cable you're speaking of connects to your camera and to a 9 pin COM port on your computer which will transfer data that is on tape. The method you want to use, your pc will have to have a IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port and have Windows XP or 2000 installed, I maybe wrong.
Take a look here scroll down to the 17th box and you'll see what I mean.
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Ive just purchased a sony camcorder which i want to connect to my laptop. The camcorder is has a firewire 4pin plug, however my laptop does not have a firewire port is there anyway i can transfer my footage from my camcorder to my laptop?

My laptop is a compaq c310EA and only has usb ports

Many Thanks


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Panasonic nv-a1 ANALOGUE CAMCORDER [Driver] NEEDED.Ive searched all the obvious places ,ie Panasonic,,and afew others without any luck .Can anyone help me find one please ,much appreciated Martin.
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I have a jvc camcorder but cannot connect it to my pc. I have all the correct usb to dv cables, but my pc says it does not recognise the the usb device "unknown device"
Do you know how I might get my PC to recognise the camcorder.
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Hi. I want to buy a camcorder. my budget is up to $700. I am not specific to any particular brand and ofcourse it should have good image quality but I want camcorder to be master of Zooming and night modes. It should be able to take nice shots in highest zooming modes and also should take good clear shots in night modes. Thanks.
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I am looking at buying a new digital camcorder, but I am a bit frazzled over which type. What is the best type of digital camcorder? It looks like Mini DV is the best. I would like one where I can edit the movies on my PC, and eventually burn them to DVD.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,
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Hi Guys,

Myself and my partner have a child on the way and obviously want to buy a camcorder for the little ones memories. Problem is I dont really know the difference between Digital and Hi-8. Obviously one uses tapes and one doesnt lol I'm more puzzled by the difference in quality. I cant afford a top end digital camcorder so was wondering if Hi-8 would be my best option?

Any advice on this would be great!

Thank you

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Hello, All!

I just bought a compact VHS camcorder (GR-AX880). I was wondering how I can actually pull the images off of it and put it on my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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i need to know if i can use my camcorder as a web cam ? and what i need to do!!!!!
i have a Sony DCR-TVR8 NTCS Digital Handy cam, and i have Pentium 4 processor with 64 MB video card & windows XP home edition, thank you all for your help

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I would appreciate any suggestions in regard to purchasing a good quality camcorder. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 yrs.; thus, I cannot hold a large camcorder. Also, it cannot be too heavy. I have a Canon Powershot digital camera. I welcome any suggestions.


Go to your favorite electronics department store (Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Max, etc. in USA) and be amazed (like I am) at the small size of camcorders these days.

Your major selection will be between cameras with tape, DVD, or internal hard drive storage. I think tape will be the smallest. I prefer tape myself. I'm ruling out the smallest cameras that only record on memory cards because they have the least recording time.

If it were my camera, I'd want (1) image stabilization, (2) autofocus, (3) LCD display, (4) optical viewfinder, (5) good low light capabilty (6) small size. Decent camera that meet my needs are only a couple hundred bucks in the US, so it's not a tragedy if I don't buy the best one. It's hard to go wrong with Canon, Sony, JVC....

Don't forget a spare battery, appropriate PC cables, and video edit software for your PC, assuming your PC can handle the software.
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hi, i guess this is a problem that people have spoke about before but i need help. my pc will not pick up my camcorder via my firewire port. whats the problem and how can i fix it?


Hi carter48.

Does this device show up in the Device Manager?

1) Go to the Start Menu > Control Panel
2) Open up Device Manager
3) Take a look for your Camcorder

If it is not installed correctly, you will see a yellow exclamation point, and we will go from there.

Let me know how it goes!

Also, in your next post can you please provide some further information about your setup? I see you have "Vista Home 32bit" is this Home Premium or Home Basic? Also, what is the brand/model of your camcorder. Are you able to successfully connect other firewire devices with that port?

Thank you! Let's work together to fix this.
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i have a jvc digital camcorder and need to find the drivers for it but camt find it and the computer cant eather

A:jvc camcorder

GR-DX77 thats the modle
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Hi, I have a JVC GRD70 digital camcorder and I know I can record the stuff I shoot to a VHS cassette but can I record the VHS stuff to the camcorder and then to the computer. thanks a lot

A:Vhs To Camcorder

If your camcorder has a pass through yes. All you do is hook up your Vhs deck and run your cables into your camcorder---Then you go from your camcorder via firewire to your computer. Then open your NLE or capture utility hit play on your Vhs turn your camcorder VTR section on and record to a hard disk. Now this is all predicated upon your camcorder supporting pass through and I am unfamiliar with your camera.
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Any tips on a semi-professional camcorder buy?

I have around
£1500 to £2000 to get one, within the UK.
that's around $2300 to $4000 (according to

I'm utterly bewildered by the array of choices and options and just wondering if anyone out there has a recommendation, got something already or simple tips what to look for around this price range.

Any help much appreciated.
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I wasn't too sure where I was supposed to put this.
Here Goes:
We might have lost the charger for our SC-DX103. So I was wondering... can I charge it with my Windows XP?
I have Googled this and have found no answer.

A:Solved: Camcorder Help!?

You mean via the USB port?

Well, the easiest way to test that would be to plug it in and see if it's...well, charging!
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I recorded some video on my DVD Camcorder.Before I had a chance to view my mini DVD's, my camcorder was stolen.I bought a new DVD camcorder but when I try to view the DVD's I get a error message saying "disc error unsupported format". Any suggestions on what I need to do to view my already recorded DVD's would be awesome. There are some special moments that cannot be replaced on the discs.Thank you

A:DVD Camcorder problems

Other than borrowing the same model camera as was stolen, I know of no other way.
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You'll have to forgive me, but I've never done this before and need help...

I have a Sony Digital Handycam (DCR-TRV350) that has USB Streaming. I need to transfer the video's I took on the camcorder to DVD. I tried using the Sony ImageMixer software that came with the camcorder. After about 10-15 minutes I received the following message from ImageMixer:

Message # = [IM01017}
Captured Data Size exceeds capacity of HDD. Operation Canceled.

I have 158Gig free space. So I don't know what the problem is... Does anyone know an easy way to copy videos from a camcorder to dvd? Any help would be appreciated.

I forgot to mention that I'm working on a HP Professional a1230n - HP Media Center running Windows XP. Thanks!

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Hello I have the Gigabyte k8-nf9 mobo which has the IEEE1934B setup. I connected my Front connector and it is connected far is i know correctly as nothing has blow up :P. I plug my Song Digital 8 camcorder in (DCR TRV145E) and turn it on, then boot up. Windows loads and does not detect the DV Camcorder and none of my applications do either.

However when I turn of the camcorder windows makes the sound that it does when hardware is unplug. So is it there or not? Please help!

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I'm thinking about the idea of getting a new camcorder. Now, this isn't something that will happen in the immediate time frame. This is just research. I have used camcorders ranging from when they first came out in the 80s, to broadcast cameras (my dad worked in sports for a time), to more modern home camcorders. I now know what I want in a camcorder:
- manual control of the focus/zoom/iris with the option of switching to auto control
- storage in the form of an HDD, SSD, or flash (I added flash because the SSD wiki page differentiates the two)
- does not need to be HD (I'm not neccessarily looking to do high quality recordings, I just like having a camcorder that I have more control over and can go straight to digital)
From what I can find, the starting price will be $1k. Feel free to add any input.

A:Camcorder with more control

I have This Remote on the Tripod handle for my Sony Camcorder ...
Fingertip Start - Stop and Zoom without touching the camera is very handy.
Is something like this what you're asking about ??
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hi, i've got a hi-8 camcorder with audio-video out (no firewire or usb *sigh*) and i was wondering what i would and or will need to use it on my computer. i don't know if it's relevant or not, but i've got a radeon 9800 graphics card. do i need a different graphics card to be able to do this, and if i do need to get a different one, can i use two at a time ( because i really like the one i have and would hate to have to replace it with a cheaper no-count card with av functionality. i'm running winxp. thanks!

A:is there a way to use my av camcorder on my computer?

What kind of Camera is it, and what kind of outputs does it have? Are they just typical RCA cables? If your video card was the Radeon 9800 all in wonder, that would have inputs you could use. If not, then you may need a separate video capture card.
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Hi Everyone,
Please forgive me if Im posting this in the wrong category, new to the site, and have been searching the answer to my questions to no avail!
Im looking to buy either a Cannon Legeria G25 or Panasonic X920 Full HD Camcorder. My confusion is this. How do they connect to a computer. Do they come with a wire as do older fashioned camcorders and if so do they solely connect to Mac, or do they connect directly to PC too? I've had years of problems with the older minidv camcorders and actually being able to connect them to download.
As you can tell Im not a techie person, but a photographer who gets a bit lost when moving over to video..
Thanks in advance Emma

A:Camcorder computer help

I connect my Sony Camcorder to my PC via USB (cable was supplied) .... or my PC can also read the memory card.
What is your operating system ???
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I have a Samsung VP-D55 camcorder. I havn't used it in about a year. I played a tape on it today and at first it played in colour, now it will only play in BW, even when connected to the TV. When I'm in record mode it's only showing in BW on the little screen. I'm not a bit technical but in a panic as I want to capture my kids doing a Sky Dive tomorrow, can anyone help me please?

A:Camcorder will only playback in BW

If you are in the UK, make sure the camera is set to record in PAL and not NTSC.
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Ok I've got a camcorder that does'nt have firewire, so basically I hook it up to my dvd player, press play and record what I want onto a dvd.

Then I've got the dvd, but when I transfer the files to my computer they are like audio_ts and video_ts how do I convert them so I can watch my home movies?!?

Many Thanks! Max!

A:Camcorder to computer

These are the dvd files. Why are you transfering them to your PC??
You can play them on your pc from your DVD drive. If the disc is not finalized, double click on the Video_ts.ifo & your player software should open.

If you want to play the dvd just created on your TV be sure that the DVD has been FINALIZED after you do the copy to your recorder. Otherwise the disc will not play.
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I'm trying to find a video camera that can save video directly onto an SD Card.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


A:Camcorder to SD Card

I like my Sony DCR-SX63.
16gig is built in (about 2 hours) and I can add a mem stick pro.
Transfer to the computer is via USB ..

What's your operating system ??
Does it have to be a SD card ??
What's the price range ??
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I have a Canon Elura as camcorder webcam Using and am trying to use it with my laptop as a webcam A while back can t remember exactly when but it was within the last year I was able to use the camera on AOL Instant Messenger to allow others to view live video content through my camcorder Now I am trying to do this again and nothing is happening I am also trying to use it on Skype and I am receiving an error message the tells me to close all other programs that could be using the camera no other programs are running though I tried the firewire connection this is the one I use for uploading video to my computer I have also tried a USB connection and nothing seems to be able to get Using camcorder as webcam the webcam option functioning Everything else still works I am able to Using camcorder as webcam upload images and video from the camcorder to the computer and do all of Using camcorder as webcam that I am just enable to use it as a webcam The live video feed is there because when I click on the camcorder in quot My Computer quot the video image appears on the screen Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts Thanks nbsp
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Ok everyone I want to purchase a camcorder I know I want one but I m not sure which one I want I can t really spend over dollars so a camcorder in that range Something that I take with me wherever and record anything with it well Kinda like something you can pick up and use while in traffic and a random wild act occurs and you re the only one with a camcorder to capture it in perfect quality lol But mostly I ll be using it for my dance competitions bboy soccer games taping my family and I and swimming among other things So with that said what is the absolute best camcorder I can get within my allocated budget that is available now or being released very soon At the same time I would range $200 in best camcorder like to ask if best camcorder in $200 range it would be better if I should simply be patient and save up my money to get a very nice - camcorder after many months Even if I get a camcorder within my budget right now my eventual goal is to obtain a top-of-the-line model that I can take with me anywhere in any condition and record with it I m just not sure if there are models available now that are very good for my price range that will suffice until I can eventually afford the future top quality camcorder I ll purchase after many months or a year nbsp

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I m trying to download my film to my pc but camcorder windows my not seeing windows is not seeing the device camcorder my system is windows professional using videowave IIIse which came with the firewire video camera is samsung VP-D firewire pci-fw-plus ports Ive emailed mgi and awaiting responce I found windows support acomplete waste of time I will try samsung next If you have anyother suggestions they i would be most grateful If i find a solution to my problem i will forward it on many thanxs and merry xmas below is what mgi they suggested Article MGIH Issue How can I check to see if Windows recognizes my DV Camera Cause General usage question Resolution Windows must see the camera before a capture can be done with VideoWave or other software such as Windows Moviemaker in Windows ME Connect the camera to the computer Turn on the camera and set it to VCR or VTR mode On the Windows Start menu select Settings then click Control Panel Double click the System icon Select the Device manager tab then click the Refresh button at the bottom of the dialog The system will take a few moments to refresh and you should then see a new category Device Class Click the sign in front of Device Class The dialog should display a driver Class Bus Device and a new category AVC Device Class Click the sign in front of AVC Device Class The dialog should display a driver AVC Device The camera may appear under the heading of quot Imaging device quot along with Device Class in Windows windows not seeing my camcorder ME and below Imaging Device in Windows In Windows ME if the camera is plugged in and turned on it can be viewed in the quot My Computer quot section as well nbsp

A:windows not seeing my camcorder

Does windoze recognize your firewire card and is it set up correctly? Set it up per the directions that came with the card and the camera should pop up as being added as soon as you connect it.
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Hi all

Does anyone know of a video card that will accept rca plug video input from my sony camcorder? And what software would I need to run it as a webcam? The webcams on the market all seem to be very poor quality. Thanks
(P.S.) My camcorder is not digital.

A:Use camcorder as webcam

check into getting a Video Capture Card. I am not sure about using as a webcam but I think if you use NetMeeting and things of that nature it will let you use the video capture card driver as the video input, therefore allowing your camera to be used as a webcam.

I am not sure on the prices of Video Capture Cards but I have a Dazzle external and I woulnd't recommend it because it is slow. The quality lacks.
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I use a Sony DCR-TRV510 Camcorder. I loaded picture gear software. My PC will not recognize the camera to load up the still shots in flash memory. It used to work until a tech fixed my PC. It works on a friends PC but not mine. Any suggestion??
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Over Christmas I received a new digital Sony Camcorder - DCR HC40. It came with software, Picture Package 1.0, and I was wondering what people are using, recommending. Please Help.

A:New Camcorder, which software to use

Thats a mini---dv camera---At a very basic level you can use Windows Moviemaker---if you want to go up a step look at Sony Screenblast---or Adobe Premiere Elements---If you want to go pro the look at Vegas Video, Avid Express, Premiere Pro-etc.
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Hii id have this camcorder its a sony ive had it for like to years. im just not sure how you record over something. can you help me?
thanks kels
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im new to computing but is there any hard ware that i can get to convert a camcorder tape to dvd

A:camcorder to dvd hardware

What format is it---DV, VHS, 8mm?
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Hi everyone I m new to the forum and I am desperate for answers for this problem A couple of years ago I bought a JVC GZ-MG Everio Hybrid Camcorder and it has always worked fine up until a little while ago When I first bought the camera I had Windows XP and it worked fine and when I got Windows Vista it worked fine as well with no problems and my computer would recognize it after plugging it in A little while back though when I tried to plug Problem! Camcorder USB it in I got the error message quot One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it quot I tried connecting the camcorder to my XP computer but I get the same message I don t know what is going on but it is about to drive me crazy I looked online to see if there were any Camcorder USB Problem! drivers for the camera that I needed but I can t find anything Device manager lists it as quot Unknown Device quot The only other problemI ve had with the camera before was this error first it would flash quot Recording Failure quot and then it would give me the message quot The video management file is broken Would you like to repair it quot naturally I picked yes but it continued to do it After a while oddly this error stopped but it would come back every now and then Now I have this problem with Windows recognizing my camcorder ANY help would be appreciated Please help me end the madness Thank you for taking time to read this My computers specs are on my profile and the camcorder is a JVC Everio GZ-MG Hybrid Camcorder Please help Thanks the eraser nbsp

A:Camcorder USB Problem!

Have you tried another USB cable?

The failure warning could also be very related to this issue. Is there an option in the camera to format the media that it records too?
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Hi, In front of me I have a SonyHandyCam Hi-8. I'm wanting to transfer all my video files onto my PC but it's not digital. My camcorder does have a s-video,a/v,and rfu dc output. Can anyone help me?

A:Camcorder Question?

You need a video capture device. Try looking at some of these: capture&bop=And&Order=BESTMATCH
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Hello guys I hope someone can help me because I am not making any progress with this I ve recorded on my analogue camcorder some of my mates playing a football match recently I used the cables with it to burn it onto a DVD via my DVD Recorder The first time I tried it my computer seemed to play the DVD but did not show any files I ve tried to copy again from the camcorder to copying to help DVD Camcorder then the DVD Recorder and now files do appear on the disc when Camcorder to DVD then copying help put on the computer but there are several files and none of them seem to play individually Basically I want to do some copies of Camcorder to DVD then copying help this game for my friends but I don t know whether I have to convert them into one file The DVD does play on the computer though I m not sure if I need some specialised software to do this although I ve burned CDs before with no problem Could someone please tell me what the best easiest cheapest method of getting this DVD I already have done copied I don t really want to go through the whole process with the camcorder again if I can help it and likewise I don t know if the disc I have already done would actually play on someone else s DVD player Hope someone can help me Here is a list of some of the files that were listed on the DVD nbsp

A:Camcorder to DVD then copying help

I've been successful copying dvd's with Nero in the past. However you can also use DVD Shrink to do this. It's really meant to do a straight copy but it will do it. DVD Shrink is meant to take a full size dvd (eg. store purchased - burned at dual layer being 8GB) and shrink it to fit on a generic DVD/R with a size of 4.7GB. You should be able to use this process to make those copies I would imagine tho. It's a free program, just search it in google and you should be able to find it.
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I have a Sony Handycam (DCR-DVD608E) but no webcam. I was wondering if theres anyway I can use it as a webcam? It can be connected to my laptop with a USB cable so I just assumed I would be able to, but its proving difficult...

Thanks for any help

A:Using my camcorder as a webcam?

You could probably connect through a firewire and use it if you have a program that allows it. Jazz
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I need to purchase a digital camcorder for a specific purpose.

What is the best value in the marketplace today?

I am looking at a Canon HF-M301 @ Costco

I need to record current customer testimonials at venues (home shows, fairs etc) to edit into a promo reel

Will be recording both indoors and out

Needs to be quick & easy, must have great sound capabilities as we need to record comments

It will not be posted on youtube etc but I need to be able to have users (other vendors) be able to access on a subscription service.

Thanks for your help

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I have a Sony Camcorder Handycam Vision SteadyShot videoHi and i also got a new desktop that had a S-Video port on the back So i decided to buy a s-video cable and hook it up to my desktop so i can my with Problems camcorder... import my camcorder stuff on the computer Unfortunately i keep getting this error that says quot device is not detected quot when trying to capture videos i am using Ulead Video Studio i also get the same errror on Windows Movie Maker I have also had the camcorder set to LCD S-Video in the menu but still i get this error Im really not sure if i need a new device drivers for this or whatever all i kno is my desktop has some Legacy Capturing devices already installed But still i cant get this to work and i would really like to import my camcorder stuff to my desktop Ive also had the camcorder on Camera or whatever its called that lets you watch what you record on ur camcorder when trying to capture clips onto my videostudio I Problems with my camcorder... really need some help on this ASAP and it would be greatly appreciated Thanks in Advance Shanker Gowda Desktop specs if you need it OS Windows XP Desktop Dell Dimension Memory Mb Ram DirectX b Display Driver Nvidia Geforce FX nbsp

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I am having a problem with my Camcorder. I have a Sony DCR-HC46. I plug in my camcorder, and it recognizes the camcorder, but it will not accept any video. I have gone to the Sony site, and have downloaded the software, but it still, will not work. It says that I have to download, the Picture Motion Browser. I have operated this camcorder on this computer, before, but it will not take the video. What more can I do? I no longer have the disc, because the ex destroyed it.
I have tried to download the several times, and yet it still tells me the same thing everytime.
My laptop, has Windows Vista on it. I am also having the same problem. What more can I do?
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Dear sir
I have JVC HD Everio Camcorder Model No. GZ-HM330SAS
I am not able to connect that camcorder with my PC due to I/O Device Error
I checked devmgmt.msc there is no any signal
Pls help me out how can I connect my camcorder with my PC
your quick response is highly appreciated
Amiruddin Kagzi

A:JVC HD Everio Camcorder

Hi and welcome to TSF did you have a disc to install drivers for this camera,does it work on another computer,what exactly is the error you are getting
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I'm having annoying troubles with the firewire on my PC. I used to be able to hook my camcorder onto my PC to load video onto the hardrive no problem for a long time. All of a sudden the PC just wouldn't detect the camcorder anymore! So I turned the PC off, walked away, turned it back on again a few hours later and then it worked. Now, a few days later, it's doing it again except this time turning the PC off doesn't help anymore! Does anyone know what I can do?

PS and yes I checked to see if the wires are all plugged in properly.


A:Camcorder to PC problems

Firewire connection issues are hard to to troubleshoot as it can be a few things. First thing I would suggest is trying it on a different computer to determine if it's the cam or the cord.
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Hello, simply put, my Canon Camcorder wont be reconised as far as I know.

It is a Canon Model GL1.
I have a firewire cord, and NO disk.
I don't know if the disk ever came with it, but I do know that on my school mac, it worked without disk.

Anyone who can help, please do asap.

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Hi all capture to ? How from AVI camcorder Im hoping that you can give me some advice that may help me Ive just purchased a Desktop with Windows How to capture AVI from camcorder ? I have noticed that Windows Movie Maker is not on there but has been replaced by Windows Live Movie Maker On my old pc I used to follow the following steps to go from my Mini DV camera to DVD Use Windows Movie Maker WMM to capture in AVI format via my firewire port Use Windows Movie Maker to then edit the file add some titles etc Use TEMPEngc to improve picture reduce file create mpeg file Burn DVD using Nero My first thought was to just re-install WMM and TMPGEnc and continue as before but Ive realised that the compatible WMM version you cant capture footage from cameras Also it seems TMPGEnc doesnt work with Windows So I want to know what my best options are Work out how to use the new Live Movie Maker better including how to capture in AVI if possible Does TMPGEnc even work in Windows Or am I going to be bettr off purchasing some all in one software to do it all Thanks for any advice
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Ok... I have a camcorder that uses VHS-C Tapes. Is there ANY way to edit them using the computer? I have XP

A:Camcorder Problems

Yes. You must first convert them from analog to digital-----You can use a decoder box or a video card that supports analog to digital conversion. If you let us know what your budget is I can make a more specific recommendation. There is one other option. If you borrow a DV camera that supports passthrough---then you go from your VHS-C player to the DV camera and the DV camera into your Pc via firewire.
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hi . i hope some one can help as im kinda lost . i have a cannon uc8000 camcorder and i want to connect it straight to my laptop sony vaio vgn fe41m . it has a 3.5mm out which goes into a red and white pin then into a scart adaptor . i have a firewire port /usb port / svideo out and another one net to svideo out . please help .

A:camcorder to laptop

I could be wrong but it sounds like you have a channel missing. This suggest that if you play it back on a laptop the sound will be unavailable. I'm not entirely clear on the details yet.

You currently have:

One 3.5mm jack plug in the cam itself with a lead that then splits (red and white/2 channels)

Any other ports on the camera itself?

Various options at the laptop end.

I'll have a poke around on the net later and see what I can come up with if no-one else has solved it by then. I had some nightmares getting my DV cam ported initially, it's a fairly standard problem tbh.
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I'm looking for a camcorder, and I am seeking advice as to which is a good choice. I plan on spending between 600-900 CAD. Roughly 479-720 USA. I want something that with auto shake dampening, and is easy to transfer to my computer. I would also like it to have sharp, crisp video, and optical zoom. Any advice would be appreciated.

A:MiniDV camcorder

Optical zoom is bogus---terrible---having said that, this is a 3CCD camera that I highly recommend---Panasonic PV-GS250---------You can get it for between 620-740--It meets all your requirements and is considered by most to be best in class.
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dunno if this is the correct forum or not, but here goes:

I have tried to capture video using Windows MovieMaker2, ImageMaker, and WinDV through the FireWire port. All show the same issues. Cam is recognized and controllable by the progams but video capture fails -- no video is shown on preview screen and it remains blank despite showing on the LCD on the cam (JVC GR-D72u). The error message I get is along the lines of "Recording time too short. Capture canceled." I've googled this, and have seen answers ranging from returning the device for a different model (not an option, unfortunately, as I've had this over a year) to random software to capture the video.....

has anyone else had anything similar, and has anyone found one bulletproof solution?

running xp home with sp2 installed.

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Hi I am a new member. Just been reading old problems way back in January 2004 and guess what I have the same one. I have just purchased a Sony Camcorder FDR 265e and a Firewire card but cannot get my Windows XP (with SP2) to recognise it. Sony do not appear to have the drivers.

Faiz raised the same question on 12 Jan 2004 but I could not find a reply to his query. My problem results in a similar response from XP as Faiz found. The camcorder is seen as 'AV/C Subunit' under Imaging devices and carries a yellow question mark. The firewire card is correctly recognised.

Anyone help.


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Hi Help to work with with camcorder pc All Recently bought camcorder Panasonic PV-DV a mini dv camera A digital video camcorder Works good getting really nice Help with camcorder to work with pc pictures with the camera I would like to get camera to work with computer that I have Dell Dimension Pentium III with windows as the os being used The system is a few years old but still proforms well The computer does not have firewire technology and that is what the camera uses to work with computer I bought a firewire kit that included everything pci card with ports firewire cable and software Installed the firewire card and have it working and using the correct drivers on computer Have software installed and running on pc that came with kit Here s where I run into a problem Following the instructions in the manual that came with camcorder to install on the computer says to have computer off and hook camcorder up and have camcorder turned on before you turn the computer on The computer does recognize a new device but does not assign no driver to the new device which is camcorder After installation is complete the new device is listed in Device Manager as Unknown Device which the camcorder should be listed as Imaging Device in Device Manager In the Unknown Device when checking the properties it states no driver was installed for this device I have checked Panasonics website for a driver to download for the camcorder None available for this model This is brand new camcorder don t know why it won t work Spent bucks for firewire kit to get the camcorder to work with computer It seems all I need is a driver for the camcorder to work Firewire card is up and running Computer won t communicate with camcorder I have tried using different driver for the firewire card Using a different driver for the firewire card other then what the computer selects the camcorder is not even recognized at all Using the driver the computer selected for the firewire at least it recognizes the camcorder as a new device but no driver is assigned to it I m hoping maybe someone can help me out here Maybe someone has come accross this and know a solution Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance Mickeyy nbsp

A:Help with camcorder to work with pc

Closing duplicate, please post only once.
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I have just decited to take up ameture movie making and just got my hands on a Canon XR Digital Camcorder Shot some scenes and I wanted to put them on my PC by Firewire I have Firewire on my PC and my PC picked it up and I saw output on my PC in Pinnacle Studio so the Camcorder DV Blues setup DID WORK The next day I was going to transfer all my footage from the DV Camcorder to my DV Camcorder Blues PC and Pinnacle could not pick it up Windows XP Pro didn t notice it either the second time So I tried a DV Camcorder Blues system restore to yesterday when it worked had shown a friend how to use System Restore with a self-made checkpoint after my Pinnacle Studio experence with the DV Camcorder This did not help and now my PC isn t picking up anything from the Camcorder I have tried changing setting on the camcorder and restarting Windows turning the camcorder on off and reinserting the Firewire cable The FAQ on the Canon site did not help any and all it says to do in the manual is to quot plug it in quot I was thinking it was either the actual cable or the onboard firewire have an Abit NF -S V with MCP-T firewire This problem is really making a major problem in my life this movie is for a school project nbsp
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Hi! I have a Canon V60 Hi 8mm video camcorder and I want to capture the video on my computer. What program should I use and what settings should I make?


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Hi - I know others have had a similar problem but I've not seen a solution that applies to me.

I'm in the UK and have recently bought a Canon MV800 camcorder. I've also installed a Firewire card; windows recognised it and it is listed in device manager with no exclamation marks. I've installed the Ulead software that came with the firewire card. However, when I connect, with the camera on, in playback mode it just isn't recognised by Windows Movie Maker or Ulead. Apparently XP should have the drivers. I know it's not the camera or cable at fault as I've tried on work's Powerbook and it worked first time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Camcorder not detected

I've tried someone else's camcorder and get the same thing. I've even tried a different pci slot and get the same problem.

The FW card's instructions says that XP has all the drivers. I've sent the card back for a replacement, but I'm sure it's more likely to be a driver problem. I know others have had this problem, but has anyone found a solution?

btw - it's 1394a not b.
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Any links with tips on buying a DV camcorder?

A:Buying a camcorder

Beware buying off ebay! I have no problems with ebay, but many of the camcorders on ebay are missing things that are standard with the same model in a store (i.e. battery, warranty, cords, etc...). I tried to buy 2 off of e-bay and had to send them both back. Other than that, I have no tips other than the normal stuff such as don't pay attention to digital zoom, it is practically worthless.

I spent quite a bit of time shopping for one a few months ago and ended up purchasing a Sony TRV22 and I am extremely happy with it.
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I'm having annoying troubles with the firewire on my PC. I used to be able to hook my camcorder onto my PC to load video onto the hardrive no problem for a long time. All of a sudden the PC just wouldn't detect the camcorder anymore! So I turned the PC off, walked away, turned it back on again a few hours later and then it worked. Now, a few days later, it's doing it again except this time turning the PC off doesn't help anymore! Does anyone know what I can do?

PS and yes I checked to see if the wires are all plugged in properly.


A:Camcorder to PC problems

First thing I would do (cheapest) is try a different Cable.
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We have recently bought a samsung camcorder, it uses small tapes to record, my question is how to get them onto VHS tape. I have conected the camcorder to the tv via the audio and video jack plugs, and we can watch the palyback on tv no probs at all, but when I tried to tune in the playback to the video, my vcr would not find the incoming picture from the camcorder.

What am I missing?

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I have a Samsung VP-W75D Hi8 camcorder. About 5 years old.
I transfer to a dvd, then to a pc and use Nero to edit and burn.

After a change to a 40inch LCD tv, getting a bit concerned at the quality.

Would there be any quality improvement if I moved on to a HDD camcorder such as a
Sony DCR-SR32?

appreciate any views

A:camcorder quality

Lots depends on the quality of your camera---the number of sensors (three is good) the quality of the lens etc. The camera you are thinking of buying is a one chip camera. You will see some improvement, but if you really want to step up, look at a 3 chip camera.

Check this one out;
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My hp f310 car camcorder produces an alert when I am nearing my home address. Every corner I turn the alarm pops up showing the distance I am from my house! I do not recall setting that up and your Manual says nothing about it, In fact your manual says very little about the extended functions of the camera! Where can I find a COMPLETE manual that gives me a detailed explanation of ALL the functions of this camera?Also the camera runs very hot! is that normal?

A:hp f310 Car camcorder

Hello,  Here are some documents I found on this product.  Does this help? Setting up the HP f310 Car Camcorder - Adjusting Settings for the HP f310 Car Camcorder -  

Please click the thumbs up button to say "Thanks!"Clicking "Accept as Solution" on a reply that solves your problem makes it easier for other people to find solutions.I am an HP employee.
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i bought a Samsung SCL770 camcorder recently and i am having real difficulty getting it to work with the computer.
I insert the cd and it runs. When i click to install it, it instructs me to remove the usb cable even though none is connected. Installation then stops. When i try to install everything manually (ie driver -> software etc.) the camera is simply not recognized in any of my programs. I have uninstalled my digital camera, scanner, minidisc usb application and nothing has worked!

please help!

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Since installing Win 7, I have not been able to import DV from my tape-based camcorder (Canon MV630i). I use an iLink cable. The PC makes a sound acknowledging a connection, but it does not show up anywhere, and none of my programs recognise the camera. I tried using an analogue/DV device (again firewire linked) - sometimes it recognises the camera via the device, but always says there is no tape in my camera!
I am so frustrated. If anyone can help, I would be so grateful! Alan

A:Why isn't my camcorder recognised by my PC

Quote: Originally Posted by Capt Alan

Since installing Win 7, I have not been able to import DV from my tape-based camcorder (Canon MV630i). I use an iLink cable. The PC makes a sound acknowledging a connection, but it does not show up anywhere, and none of my programs recognise the camera. I tried using an analogue/DV device (again firewire linked) - sometimes it recognises the camera via the device, but always says there is no tape in my camera!
I am so frustrated. If anyone can help, I would be so grateful! Alan

Welcome to the forum Alan,

Have you tried getting the Windows 7 drivers from here,

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OK here s the prob I have a FireWire card which is and FireWire Camcorder working fine it is detected by Win XP Camcorder and FireWire and is listed in the device manager I have a Sony DCR TRV E I have selected A-V DV OUT - ON Put it to VCR mode plugged it into the firewire but the comp does not detect it I have no trouble transferring pics from the memory stick to the comp thru the USB cable There is no prob with the cable or the card or the cam i have checked it with two cables and two cards so it cant be the cable or card and since the USB style transfer of pics works it cant be a prob in the cam either So what can be going on I read somewhere something abt compatibility with the sony cam and the firewire I have no idea though I have a Sony DCR TRV E - Any FireWire card reccomendations for this cam nbsp
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I brought a camcorder recently but wen I attempt to record, the image appears blurred, sound is picked up but the image is black and sometimes says the lens cap is on. its a digi camcorder, gr dx 28. sometimes it comes back for a while, works fine but then goes again. im goin holiday in summer so if anyone can help it would be fab.

thanks in advance,


A:jvc camcorder issue

If you bought it recently then take it back because it appears as if you have a beat camera.
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I have made a digital movie, edited it and saved it on pc using pinnacle version 7.

my camera is a dv in camara and i want to send the new version back to it so i can play on my tv!!!

any help or tips would be great of how i can make the most of my masterpiece!!!!!!

thanks a lot

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hello, my analogue camcorder has finally given, and i've decided to upgrade to digital, however my budget is quiet small, and i have very little knowlegde of digital camcorders. Any advice on what sort of specs i should be looking for would be great.

I will be using the camcorder, for just general family stuff, the kids birthdays, christmas, school concerts, etc.

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I have an older sony analog camcorder so I know nothing about the new stuff out I was wondering if this one was any good It s the JVC GRD US MiniDV Digital I think will know for sure tomorrow If not this model one close to it I think JVC mini DV The gaming place up the street has been giving away the latest electronic gadgets and my friend won this She is a senior citizen that doesn t even have a computer and has no use for this Her TV is old and on the fritz and she could use a new TV more Sunday I won a JVC inch flat Mini camcorder DV screen TV in the drawing We have a inch in the living room a in our bedroom and my son has a all fairly new TV s so I am thinking of swapping prizes with my friend We have to go to the electronics store tomorrow to pick these up and I Mini DV camcorder think this is the TV they are going to give me Mini DV camcorder Flat screen TV This is stupid but do you put DVD s in this camcorder to record the footage or how does this thing work to record the video and get it into the computer and how many minutes of footage can you take Have read the specs over and over and I am so confused My computer is an HP W so will I be able to use it with what I have nbsp

A:Mini DV camcorder

Thats a single chip DV camera that takes mini-DV tapes (about 4.95 for 60 minutes). I am not a big JVC fan, they aren't very reliable and you dont get alot of bang for the buck. I would look at theOptura series or Elura series. Sony also makes some nice cameras in that price range. You might also take a quick surf over to very good resource for novice video people.

As far as your specifics go--the standard DV camera gives you an hour worth of recording time. What you do is make your movie, then download it to your computer via a firewire cable. Once you have it in your computer, you can edit it with one of the many NLE (non-linear editing) out there. After editing it, you can either print it to tape---or print it to DVD. Before printing it to DVD, you will have to convert it to mpeg. There are hundreds of software titles that will accomplish this. Last but not least, your computer should be able to handle basic editing--but if it has a Celeron chip, dont expect responsive editing. Its always nice to put your captured video on a seperate drive---and video eats up loads of drive space.
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I have a dell inspiron.530 it came with movie maker. I want to download vids from my jvs camcorder to my pc. the instructions says i need a dv or fire wire to do this. I dont think I have a place on the back of the pc for a firewire. Will I need to purchase hardware to do this.? Does my pc already have what I need? I would think If it came with movie make it would. thanks for help...
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The movies from my new Camcorder will not import to WMM2.1 ... I get the "Too many events to fire from" error msg.
The chatter on Google says that I need to convert it first.

I can convert it to an AVI using Super .. But the file size drops significantly .. and Iím worried about loosing the Resolution of the movie.
Thereís too many confusing video format choices in Super

Any suggestions .. What format to convert it to .. And what (Batch) freeware to use ???
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I saw this SVP DV-6688 camcorder and I really liked it, it takes 6.6 MP pics and mpeg4 movies, it's slim, elegant... and quite cheap. I was looking forward to buy a normal digital camera like the casio exilim z50, 5 MP slim and elegant as well, but with just a few bucks more I can get this camcorder.
it looks like a great deal, but I don't know... does anyone heard of this brand?
What do you guys think?

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We have a digital camcorder that uses firewire to hook to a brand new Sony PC with XP Pro SP1.
PC has firewire built in.
PC never did see camera, then one day it did. After reboot, no good again, ever.
Camera has "DV In" on screen, so it sees firewire port.
Have tried 2 new cables.
Any ideas on what to reinstall / download?
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Hello all I have a panasonic PV-L It is a non-digital camcorder it records on the smaller tapes that you then put inside a regular sized tape to watch on your VCR I have a few questions Do you know how i can get the footage that i have took onto my computer to edit I have heard i need some kind of wire A firewire is it called If a firewire I hav noticed that there are a bunch of different kinds and sizes of firewires would anyone know which size i would need or would a employee at a camera store know In the footage that I have took the date and time are on the bottom corner of the screen I have figured out how to take my footage without having that appear on the screen now But does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of the time and date that appears on the screen from footage that has already been shot If I put the tape with the footage back in the camcorder can I somehow get rid of the time and date that way Thank you very much I few questions camcorder hope you get what I am talking about -Roger nbsp