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Inspiron 1100 no video after HDD replacement

Q: Inspiron 1100 no video after HDD replacement

My inspiron 1100 HD failed. When I replaced the HD the new HD doesn't run, there is no video. At first I had some cap lock and Number lock lights to troubleshoot with, but now that has quit. The cd powers up, the battery charge light lights. I believe the video card may be the problem. If anyone has any advice with this I would be thankful.

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Preferred Solution: Inspiron 1100 no video after HDD replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Inspiron 1100 no video after HDD replacement

You mean No POST? If you startup the laptop with out the hard drive installed, do you get video?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 when i pwr it up on battery or pwr supply either one the lights will flash one time and the laptop will shut down. It never goes far enough to try to boot up. Any ideas please let me know

A:inspiron 1100 pwr problem

what light are flashing on the system panel...let me know that and i can get you a error code for them
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I have a dell inspiron 1100 and it runs great, i put a new hard drive in it and a ram upgrade (256 to 512). It runs GREAT. BUT BUT BUT there is a small problem with it. the battery light always blinks like it is running on reserve... ex: orange-orange-orange-orange-green. It's really annoying, and stressfull on my eyes at times. Is there an upgrade to my bios i can get that will eliminate this? is there a way i can disconnect the battery light? Flat out is there any way i can get rid of this problem cause it's really bugging me. Thanks! (it even does it when it's plugged in)

A:Dell Inspiron 1100

How old is the battery in that laptop???? Sounds like the battery lagging as when it gets charged up and your using the mains it should stay green
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I was recently given a Dell Inspiron 1100. The computer itself works, but the screen is completly blank. I hooked another monitor to it and that works. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the screen isn't working on the laptop?

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Hi all Basically I bought a MB stick of PC RAM for my Inspiron It had a stick of in one of the w/ RAM Inspiron Issues 1100 slots but the second slot was empty I put the into Slot A and the into Slot B It worked for about weeks no problem then the problems began One night I had closed the lid by default the computer goes to standby When I re-opened the lid nothing happened Lights were on but the screen didn t turn on I pressed the Caps Lock key and the light didn t turn on So I simply held the power button till it shut off I restarted the computer and the BIOS gave me a quot System memory configuration has changed press F to continue press F to run utility quot I pressed F and the RAM Issues w/ Inspiron 1100 BIOS told me only MB was installed At this point I turned it off and opened the RAM cover I removed the module and left the in it I turned the computer on and the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights remained lit Then it automatically turned off At that point I gave up and went to bed Next morning I put RAM Issues w/ Inspiron 1100 everything back together with the in Slot A and the in Slot B Powered on and it worked Somehow So I went on my merry way Then today about a week later I left the laptop running on my desk as I went downstairs to get a bite to eat It was on screensaver when I left When I came back it was at the quot System memory configuration has changed quot message again But this time the screen was severely distorted and I had a really hard time reading it I ran the utility again and this time It said it had MB RAM installed Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I know computers pretty well and I KNEW that MB of RAM is not good I simply powered off the computer and got on here to ask what s causing it The RAM is new and is under warranty so I can either replace it or simply return it and get my money back Really it depends on whether the problem is RAM related or if it has to do with the RAM slot on the computer itself Lemme know your thoughts thanks in advance -Adam nbsp

A:RAM Issues w/ Inspiron 1100

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You should never mix ram sizes/speeds/makes etc. Check with your computer manufacturers website for compatible ram.

Run the Memtest86+ programme from Test each stick individually, and then together.

Try running your computer with just the original stick of ram, in it`s original dimm slot.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have one, have had many issues with it, and know of many people who had many issues with it. Luckily, I paid quite a cheap price on this laptop. If I hadn't, I'd feel very robbed of my money. All in all, I've heard many, many stories (bad) about this laptop and Dell in general. I think I'll stick to building my own computer.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100

Dell had some troubles with the Dell 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150, and 5160... all very similar. They were fixed for most users while under warranty. You might want to talk to Dell Tech Support on the phone.
We have several clients with this laptop who are now quite happy with it.
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Ok this is the mother of Dell dead 1100 Inspiron all problems My Dell Inspiron 1100 dead Inspiron has suddenly stopped working By this I mean when it s turned on all the LEDs light up as they should Dell Inspiron 1100 dead but the screen is completely dead I don t think it has something to do with the screen because I have tried connecting it to another monitor but nothing shows because the keyboard doesn t execute what I press the caps lock light doesn t light up when I press the key if that means anything Well that s all about I can tell you that I have done I tried running just with the battery reinstalled the battery tried using an external keyboard but nothing happened Another thing is that I used to keep it on alot maybe even for several days I don t know if that might have killed an internal battery even though it used to sleep and I only had it for a year any Ideas nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 dead

D... Quote

"Another thing is that I used to keep it on alot maybe even for several days I don't know if that might have killed "
Do you hear any Fans ?
Portables are not like Desktops , in that it is not good to leave them on for days at a time .I realize they shut power levels down ,If the APM is set right.
If you are not seeing any screen including boot screens ,just call Dell and make arrangements to send it back for repair (Sounds like your under Warranty)
Don't tell them you leave it on for days , just say it stopped.
BTW Welcome to Techspot!
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Just this week, my laptop starting giving me a BSOD. The error code changed with every restart. Now, after 3 days of online chats with Dell, the blue screen is gone but my laptop takes forever to do anything. I am running Windows xp OS. I finally was able to view my task manager and it is showing my CPU usage at 100%...OMG! I've also noticed that even though I have no Running Programs showing, the Processes is showing 23. There is also 8 different items showing for "svchost.exe".

I am not very computer literate, so any help that may be offered will have to be given in simple terms.

Could I possibly have a virus???

Please help,


P.S. I am not currently using the laptop because it takes forever to boot and even longer to access the internet.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 Possible Virus

Dear Selena,Pls follow this step Our hijack team will take care of you
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Hi, my girlfriend's laptop kept turning off ( Inspiron 1100 ) and I went in and cleaned out the dust, and now the monitor doesn't work. it worked for a second but now it turns on for a moment before dying
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k i have a dell inspiron and the problems is that when i leave my laptop on for the whole night it just shut off by inspiron Problems with 1100 dell it self and yes i did the quot power managment quot stuff they are all set to quot never quot but the weird thing is it only happen sometimes yesterday i was converting a Divx file wich usually take s a day to process and the next morning my laptop was off so i did a diagnostic test when it reached the quot fan testing speed quot my laptop went off so i turned my laptop on and did again the test but only for the fan and it passed now i want to know do i have problems with my fans my high rpm speed was my slow rpm speed was quot can anybody help me out this is a Problems with dell inspiron 1100 very anoying problem since my laptop shut off by itself and i lose all my files nbsp

A:Problems with dell inspiron 1100

Are you getting any notices about battery power? Are you plugged into A/C when this happens? How about the bios.....have you checked in there for power management settings? When you power it back up, does it go into full boot or does it come up as if it's been in hibernation?
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I have a dell Inspiron - Works great - I reloaded the O S Windows Xp Home - and updated the drivers - I believe that I update won't bootup Inspiron 1100 Dell a BAD BIOS file - and the comes up with BLUE SCREEN I have powered it off - Put the O S Disk in the drive - and rebooted the system It takes me thru the steps for Dell Inspiron 1100 won't bootup loading the O S Reads the hard drive - and starts loading all the needed drivers - and then fails I suspect BAD BIOS How can I get the BIOS bad to factory setting I have searched the internet - and most of the blogs suggest the following below Dell Inspiron 1100 won't bootup Any confirmation or suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciatd DELL Inspiron BIOS - A Hard Disk GB Memory GB DVD -RW CDRW O S - Windows XP Home You may find the resetting the bios to the default using the jumper or removing the cmos battery will fix that nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 won't bootup

Well if it was a bad Bios flash then your computer would not boot up at all. What you need to do is Post what the bluescreen says, usually toward the top there is a file or error that will show what the issue is.

But my guess without knowing any more info is that it could be Bad memory stick in your computer. If you have more then 1 stick remove one and try to reload windows again. If you still get the same error then put that stick back in and take out the other ram stick and see if you get the same error.

post back with results.
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I need some helpto configure this laptop for gaming. it has 248 mb of ram, 18 gig hard drive help.


A:Inspiron 1100 Gaming sucks!

No matter how you upgrade it, it will not be able to game well. It has an integrated Intel video chip, and they are utter garbage for gaming.
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Hi Guys,

I am planning to buy a laptop and am struck at these 2 options:

Dell Inspiron 14z: (key features)

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5-3317U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.6 GHz)
8GB3 Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
14" High Definition LED Display (1366 x 768) with Truelife
500GB 5400 RPM SATA HDD and 32GB mSATA SSD
AMD Radeon HD7570M 1GB

HP Envy 14t-1100 (key features)

3rd generation Intel Core i5-3317U(1.7 GHz) + 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M Discrete-Class Graphics
6GB 1600MHz DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
500GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
14.0" diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366 x 768)
32GB mSSD Hard Drive Acceleration Cache

So guys which one will you suggest to me? I need this laptop for programming, running programming softwares, multitasking, and gaming. Can BF4, Call of Duty 4 and other such games be played on these laptops?


A:Dell Inspiron 14z Vs HP Envy 14t-1100

I dont know much about hp computers but as far as dells for gaming and other things theres the xps, ademo, and alienware that will handle what you are looking for but they arent cheap.
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My friends inspiron 1100 crashed while she was working on it, and has now started to refuse to boot up. The power light comes on, and stays lit for a few seconds, then it shuts off. Nothing ever comes onscreen, and its plugged into the outlet. Any ideas as to how to fix it, or what happened?

- Nate

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 not booting up

If you can, try the parts such as memory and cpu in another known-good box.
This way you can rule out certain parts, leading you to the source of the problem eventualy.
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Hi I have a Dell Ispiron It won t turn on I press the power button and on turn Dell won't 1100 Inspiron if there is no AC power attached the lights light up while I press the button but no start up When the AC power is attached I don t get any lights at all It s been happening for a while I used to flip it over and pull out the battery then replace it and try again after a few times it worked Then I realised that just by opening the screen and trying it then closing the screen then opennng and trying again after a few times it would start are there any wires that would be affected by that Once it started so long as I left it plugged in and the screen open it would always restart first go I also think that when it was unplugged closed etc so long as I started it agin fairly soon it worked I ve just been overseas for a week in a colder climate and now I can t seem to get it started at all I ve tried with battery in with battery out AC in AC out Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 won't turn on

Dell Inspiron won't turn on

We have a professor at our university that turned in a Dell laptop with exactly the same symptoms!

Really, with the battery alone installed, the lights flash momentarily when the power button is pressed. If the charger is connected (or the charger alone): no lights
(Just like Christoff)

The machine won't start up and there was some story about how it died last time the lid was closed. We are suspicious of a faulty lid interlock that is keeping the laptop in hibernate (or some deep, permanent sleep).

Another theory - Does anyone know if these have an internal power fuse, such that the external power brick isn't actually getting DC into the main board or charging the installed battery? We can't find any info about the power distribution or a schematic.

christoff said:


I have a Dell Ispiron 1100

It won't turn on

I press the power button and if there is no AC power attached
the lights light up while I press the button, but no start up

When the AC power is attached, I don't get any lights at all

It's been happening for a while

I used to flip it over and pull out the battery, then replace it
and try again, after a few times it worked

Then I realised that just by opening the screen and trying it, then closing
the screen, then opennng and trying again... after a few times it would start

(are there any wires that would be affected by that??)

Once it started, so long as I left it plugged in, and the screen open it would always restart first go

I also think, that when it was unplugged, closed, etc so long as I started it agin fairly soon, it worked

I've just been overseas for a week in a colder climate and now I can't seem to get it started at all

I've tried with battery in, with battery out, AC in AC out

Any help would be much appreciatedClick to expand...
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I have an old Dell Inspiron 1100 that was given to me. Reformatted Windows XP and now I can't get on the internet through the Ethernet adapter from Cablevision. On device manager the following drivers are missing: Multimedia audio controller; PCI Modem; and USB Controller (although I downloaded a Broadcom USB controller). Would this effect internet access? If so, how do I remedy? I have already been to Dell's driver downloads and don't see these drivers. Thanks.

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i really have no knowledge about laptops.
i just got this laptop called Dell inspiron 1100(its old i know) and im not too sure on
what kind of memory i need.(i want to upgrade).

i been thinking this


Only problem is it says my supported Frequencies are 100,133mhz. and my current memory cards are 133mhz. im not sure if 266Mhz memory are gona work on my laptop. any suggestion or help is appreciated. Also i couldnt find a lot of pc2100 memory with 133mhz.
Edit - Dell inspiron 1100 support 200pin memory right ?
Thanks everyone

A:Memory for Dell Inspiron 1100

anyone has a idea ? wanting to purchase the memory asap. but cant until im sure.
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This Dell Inspiron 1100 (os xp pro, a 1gig cpu around 1gig of main memory and a 250gb hard drive) is working but it offen will reboot it self, prog's lockup and shut down and both Firefox and Internet Explorer will crash and shut down. I need to fig out why it crashes and reboots it self. I have a spare 1100 laptop that I can take spare parts off of. The motherboard in the 2nd laptop is dead. I know it is an old laptop but this is what I have to work with in a portable setup to take with me until I can afford to replace it with a newer laptop.


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Hello there. My sister recieved a Dell Inspiron 1100 for her graduation about four years ago and she's having problems with it after never mistreating it noticably. M'kay... the problem is that when the laptop is turned on and she attempts to put in her password to get on her computer the keyboard seems to recieve input from nowhere. No keys are being pressed, yet the text box for her password is automatically filled and it won't recognize any keys when they are actually pressed. Also, the mouse seems to do about the same... It won't be touched and it would creep up the screen or disappear completely. There are other times when her laptop won't even give a visual what-so-ever.

If anyone knows of anything that can be done I'd really appreciate any helpful advice.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 issues...

Hi there. you dont say whether this happens at windows logon or whether it is a system (bios based) logon. but anyway it sounds to me like virus activity and you should run a virus recovery program that boots from from a CD and then when you get the system started run a full system scan with updated antivirus software.
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Hi everybody,

I have an old Dell Inspiron 1100 (Celeron 2.4) with 256MB RAM (two 128MB sticks). A friend of mine gave me a 512MB stick and I happily thought that I finally would be able to upgrade the memory of my old friend. The new memory I got is:

Kingston ValueRAM 512MB 266MHz DDR Non-ECC CL2.5 200 Pin SODIMM

However, when I install the new memory the laptop won't start! The LED blinks for 5-10 seconds and then the computer turns off. When I put back my old memory everything works fine again. I've tried it with the new memory alone in both of the empty slots and also together with one of the two 128MB sticks. I've tried all possible combinations but the laptop simply doesn't start whenever the 512MB module is installed. What's going on? I thought this memory was compatible with the Inspiron. Am I wrong?


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:angel: :evil: i have the chip that needs to be put in but i cannot find it on the mobo please help :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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I have a Dell Inspiron which came with XP Home I installed Windows Server on this laptop It worked Dell Inspiron Powering Not 1100 On fine for around years One fine day the OS would not boot giving the error message something like quot Windows could not start because the following file is missing or Dell Inspiron 1100 Not Powering On corrupt WINDOWS SYSTEM CONFIG SYSTEM quot I m not sure about the exact error but it was something like this I called Dell because the warranty had expired I had to pay them before a human being would speak to me and even then they put me on hold for more than an hour and they asked me to use a Windows XP backup CD to wipe out the hard drive But the system would not recognize the CD in the CD Drive Dell said the CD drive might be bad I replaced the CD drive with a new one but problem did not go away I then bought a new hard drive but it was different from the one inside the laptop I didn t do much research before buying a new one I then plugged the old hard drive back into the system But since then whenever I turn on the laptop it comes on for a second or so then turns off automatically and the screen stays black all the time It doesn t even show the boot options I got really frustrated and bought a new desktop and am in the process of installing Debian GNU Linux OS on it However any help in salvaging my laptop would be highly appreciated The laptop configuration is Dell Inspiron Intel Celeron Processor Came with XP Home but replaced with Windows Server MB RAM GB Hard Drive nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 Not Powering On

It looks like it is definitely a hardware issue... I would bet it is the motherboard. Does the laptop stay powered on but the screen is blank, or does the whole thing turn off?
Does it beep at you?
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I have been wondering for a while that my Inspiron has been running a little hot - the fan is always on and running hard even when the system is idle I downloaded a temperature monitor which gives me a HD temperature of degrees C which seems quite high Overheating? 1100 Dell Inspiron - especially as the default setting was for an alarm to sound Dell Inspiron 1100 Overheating? at degrees C My system doesn t shut down due to overheating and I have checked the fan and heat sync air holes on the bottom and side and they don t look blocked with dust I have heard a few suggestions about dealing with the problem but Dell Inspiron 1100 Overheating? to be honest I have never had any experience with this before so unsure how to proceed Suggestions have included everything from buying compressed air and blasting the heat sync and fan and using cotton swabs to clean it right through to taking it apart and adding more thermal grease between the CPU housing and the heat sync i have never taken my laptop apart before I would appreciate any and all help on this issue Steve nbsp

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I just got in a cousin s computer today to look at It s a Dell Inspiron that wasn t powering up Here s what I ve observed The AC to DC converter light comes on meaning that I m getting power as far as the transformer Dell power gets 1100 Inspiron no Removing the battery doesn t help Absolutely no LEDs on the laptop come on and no fans etc start Here s what I ve tried We had a similar problem at work the other day a lady brought in her Dell Inspiron that wasn t getting power from the DC port the battery was powered however and we had a few mintues of battery left to confirm that the laptop was working We opened up the case to find that a copper connector that connects the port to the mobo was detached we soldered it back on and it worked fine Thinking this could be similar I opened up the case and with almost screws that took Dell Inspiron 1100 gets no power a while and saw that everything looked fine I ve tried checking to make sure all the buttons work and they do There was nothing blocking the buttons when I opened up the case to look Does anyone know what s wrong and how to fix it Or should I just tell him to buy a new laptop Thanks nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 gets no power

So you have reated all the things, like Ram; keyboard so forth (it sounds as though you know generally about all this)

You could also try reseating the CPU, but once this is done, you will then need to apply new thermal paste to fix the HeatSink again.

If you're really deetermined, you could remove the motherboard from the case fully, and benchtest it.
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i reinstalled windows on my dell inspiron 1100 laptop, i have all the drivers except for the driver for my TI PCI 1510 CardBus controller.

if you can find me a link for the download it would be greatly appreciated, or even if you have a solution.

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This is hopefully a very easy question, I would like to reinstall my operating system to factory condition, on my Dell Inspiron 1100. Like how to format my harddrive, and than what order to re'install my utilites. If somebody would point me towards some documentation I would appreciate it. thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 reinstall

What you should do if your going to do a fresh install is integrate your xp cd with service pack 2, it is the most stable way to install WindowsXP (sometime installing SP2 later causes crashes, but integrated SP's on disk does not)

read about that here:

If you dont want to try this, you will need to remember to install all service packs to protect your computer (it helps to copy them to a cdrom and install them offline to protect trojans from entering your system)
You will need you DELL backup disk
You will need to change your BIOS to boot from CDROM (as first boot device) then Harddisk. *you can enter your BIOS by pressing the F2 or Del key as it starts.
Once you've set the boot order, follow this:

1. Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive and boot computer. You will see aprompt to "press any key to boot from cd" (press anykey now) WIndows will load drivers etc, just wait a minute for a blue screen
2. At the Welcome to Setup page, press ENTER to continue.
3. Press F8 to accept the Windows XP Licensing Agreement.
4. If an existing Windows XP installation is detected, you will be prompted to press R to repair it. (do not choose repair) continue with install.
5. The screen will now list all existing partitions and un-partitioned space for each hard disk. Use the cursor/arrow keys to choose where to create the new partition. Press D to delete the existing partition. If you press D to delete an existing partition, you must then press L (or press ENTER, and then press L if it is the System partition) to confirm that you want to delete that partition. Repeat this process for each of the existing partitions that you want to move (or remove) in order to create your new partition. When all necessary partitions are deleted, you can then select the remaining un-partitioned space and then press C to create new partitions.

Note: If you want to create a partition where at least one partition already exists, you must first delete the existing partition or partitions and then create the new one. Type the size in megabytes (MB) that you want the new partition to be. Then press ENTER. Alternatively, you can just press ENTER to create the partition using all the available space (i.e. create the biggest possible partition).

Now to install Windows XP, use the arrow keys to select the new partition where you want to install Windows XP and then press ENTER.

Note: If you are afraid now, and do not want to format the partition and install Windows XP, press F3 twice to quit Setup, and ignore the following section. If you do this, you must find another way to format the partition.


To format the partition, use the arrow keys to select the partition where you want to install Windows XP.

* Select the NTFS formatting option and press ENTER
* Choose Quick Format or Full Format:

Differences Between a Quick Format and Format During Windows XP Setup

* Continue installing Windows. Installation part is covered in detail by the site below (especially 1st two links). Must visit.

XP Clean Install guides:

Good luck...
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I have an inspiron 1100 notebook with a dying harddrive, dell says. but they don't sell the replacement. where can I buy a 40gb 4.2k rpm replacement internal hard drive. Dell doesn't have them any more. Thanks

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I had read a thread on here about how to fix a problem with one of the Dell errors; it had said that I needed to disable cache, run the scan disk, and then enable cache again and that should fix the problem. However, I have looked through my BIOS and have the information where it tells ABOUT the cache but have been unable to find out how to disable it. I am not REAL computer savvy, but I know enough to get myself into trouble, or so I've been told; so I'd like a little info on this if anybody happens to know.


A:How do you disable cache on an Inspiron 1100?

You do not disable cache, you disable system restore under System, Advanced
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I found Dell inspiron a question a about dell 1100 Inspiron laptop s in a yard sale they are identical I got a good deal on them did work The nd one worked but only on the battery The nd one has a problem with the charging circuit the nd laptop won t charge the battery and won t run off the ac power pack The st laptop the video has stopped working There is nothing on the lcd screen or an external monitor But the cpu fan turns the dvd drive does it s thing on start up I can hear the hard drive working and the lights are normal I tried swapping out a question about a dell inspiron 1100 both the video card and the cpu from the nd Dell laptop That a question about a dell inspiron 1100 didn t fix the problem I ordered a mother board from Ebay old stock never opened never used That mother board arrived Sept rd Still the same problem Nothing on ether screen But the rest of the laptop works The Ebay seller sent an other mother board out That mother board arrived today Sept- th I still have the same problem I am beating my head on a brick wall on this one I need some help nbsp

A:a question about a dell inspiron 1100

Considering the fact they are both 10 years old it would of been a much better deal if they were both in working order.due to the ages i really dont think either one is worth fixing and putting more money and parts into them might be a lesson in futility.i think all you can do is either save or sell the ram, hard drives, and cd drives and any other parts if they still work to maybe use in another dell laptop in the future.
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Have just done a full restore on an Inspiron 1100 laptop. Running XP Home and have taken it up to SP3. All drivers loaded from Dell. No red Xs or ? in device manager. Trying to connect to router via ethernet cable.....shows trying to acquire address and then shows as unconnected. My PC connects via same cable without any fuss.

Have tried to ping my router - no luck. Ipconfig /all sheds no light.

Have spent over 4 hours on this and have probably overlooked 1 small point - can anyone suggest what to do next (can't stamp on it - as it isn't mine!)

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i have a dell inspirion 1100 and the battery broke and wouldnt retain charge for longer than 20 mins and then the charger broke so, i dieced to buy a new charger and battery from ebay. The charger works because the old battery worked on a/c power. however when i put in the new battery the computer says that it doesnt recongise the battery and will not charge at all.
please can someone help me i am stuck
thanks very much

P.S the battery is an espow battery if that helps

A:My inspiron 1100 doesnt accept its new battery

Did you make sure that the new battery was designed to be used with your model laptop?
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hi, my name is Jon, and I'm currently using a Dell Insipiron 1100, and i was wondering how you switch to Span mode when using a vga viewsonic monitor?
Thanks for the quick help,
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This Dell Inspiron 1100 was bought off Ebay. When its turned on, the Dell logo appears, says Inspiron 1100 Series, BIOS Revision A32, the bar goes across, then it says:

This computer system, #G54Y541-A95B is protected by a password authentication system.

I get 3 tries, then it shuts off.

I see those kits sold for 60 bucks but I was wondering if there was anyway in the world to get around this otherwise. I read the giant Dell BIOS password thread, but wasn't successful with anything mentioned there.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 System Password

Having Same Problem With Dell Inspiron 1100

Several months ago my mom loaned a 'friend' a couple hundred bucks, he gave her his laptop to hold as collateral. Now nearly 6-7 months later, I am stuck with her problem. He skipped town, no clue how to reach him, even if that would help and she has a non-functioning laptop! I have been searching high and low. I am not comfortable enough with laptops to do the soldering thing and don't know where else to start. My service tag is about same as yours, at least last 4. If you figure it out, please share info? Sure wish she would have told me before completing this transaction.. I would of said "GET PASSWORD FIRST!" :knock:

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I have a DELL Inspiron 1100. When I turn it on it will boot to Windows XP and then after a while the screen goes blank (black). If I shut the cover and open it again the display will come back on for a while and then go blank again.

Also the windows screen is only about 1/3 of the screen.

Anyone have an idea?? Could it possibly be the inverter?


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Hi everybody,

I have an old Dell Inspiron 1100 (Celeron 2.4) with 256MB RAM (two 128MB sticks). A friend of mine gave me a 512MB stick and I happily thought that I finally would be able to upgrade the memory of my old friend. The new memory I got is:

Kingston ValueRAM 512MB 266MHz DDR Non-ECC CL2.5 200 Pin SODIMM

However, when I install the new memory the laptop won't start! The LED blinks for 5-10 seconds and then the computer turns off. When I put back my old memory everything works fine again. I've tried it with the new memory alone in both of the empty slots and also together with one of the two 128MB sticks. I've tried all possible combinations but the laptop simply doesn't start whenever the 512MB module is installed. What's going on? I thought this memory was compatible with the Inspiron. Am I wrong?


A:Dell Inspiron 1100 memory problem

The Dell Inspiron 1100 is infamous for this problem, and sometimes motherboards have to be replaced. The Kingston memory, even though ValueRam, is usually pretty good in that model. It does not like to have mixed memory sizes or speeds.
However, try removing all the old memory, then inserting the new module in slot one, then if that does not work, try slot two. If it doesn't work by itself, it is doomed in your machine. If it does work, then you can try adding
The Inspiron 1100 really works best with memory that is not "value" or lower tier memory, and is PC3200 (400 MHz). See if you can borrow other memory to try. Two modules of PC3200 Sodimms that are exactly the same should give you 1 GB of working memory. There many vendors sell good DDR Sodimm
memory for $15.80 (256 mb) to $25.00 (512 mb) so for $50 you could have one GB, assuming your Inspiron 1100 is working properly.
But we are now seeing so many failed 1100 motherboards for unknown causes, that it might not be worth attempting the changes.
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My dell screen has turned white. I can hear windows booting in the background but unable to view on screen. Have tried an external monitor but get no visual display. Do anyone know what could be my problem?

A:Help with Dell Inspiron 1100 screen problems


First off when you connect the external monitor do you press the relevant key combination to enable the monitor, on most laptops its the FN key (bottom row on the left) and then one of the "F" keys, on my acer its F5, on my other dell its F8.

As for the white screen this maybe caused by the screen invertor failing or the screen itself failing, most invertors (inverters) can be bought for about fifteen pounds from ebay, screens however can cost upwards of £60.

It could also be a loose connection and would require the stripping down of the laptop to get to the ribbon connector that joins the screen to the base unit.
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This forum has given me alot of advise on upgrade Dell 1100 memory Inspiron speeding up my laptop I have upgraded my chipset driver and tried to configured my Internet security Kaspersky so that it would not scan Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade on startup and stopped my mail and spam watch since I don t have Outlook This helped some Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade but I still have issues when I m on the internet and downloading files or multi-tasking with other windows open I also have received what you call the BSOD times in the last month when I have had multiple windows open and the internet running for a long time I do not know what the screen said and after seeing the forums on the BSOD I know to see what the problem is when or if it happens again I was thinking of upgrading my memory Right now I have slots with mb in each I was going to upgrade to G After looking at my system configuration I found that I only have of memory left Do you think this will help my laptop run faster It was also reccommended to upgrade the BIOS - I did this from A to A I would eventually like to upgrade my Windows XP Pro from SP to SP Should I do this now or get the memory upgrade and then do it Any advise would be appreciated and please I m not that computer savy so be specific One more thing I was trying to spell check this but found that I needed to download iespell I tried to do this and it would still not work - so I uninstalled it I then decided to go to the iespell website and try again When I tried to do this again it told me that a file from SP was missing and I needed to insert the disk the file was A i Why and what should I do Thanks again for the advise and sorry I was long winded nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade

I figured since I started here I would keep going...I've decided that since I'm upgrading the ram and might as well go the HD too...I have a Toshiba 30g ATA and I'm thinking about going for a Western Digital Scorpio 120G ATA. I read reviews and think this is a good product, but a trust you guys here so I would like your opinion.

I'm also going to clean the Cooling Assembly while I'm inside the computer...This will be the first time I'll do this all myself so if there is any tips or advise that anyone has it would also be appreciated. Thanks again
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Hi Folks,

Just looking for some advice on upgrading the spec on my laptop. I got it 3 years ago and is very poor when it comes to processing and playing games.

Pentium 2
1GB Ram
20Gb Hard drive (I can fill in the rest later)

Would I be better getting a new processor or graphics card?

Is it difficult to install these if I get the part(s)?
Is it even possible to upgrade the processor on these laptops?

Any advise welcome.

A:Solved: Upgrading Dell Inspiron 1100

You are pretty much out of luck. You cannot change the graphics; it is onboard.

Next even if you could change the cpu, you would need to deal with the extra heat the faster cpu generates. Laptops are designed to work with the hardware they have.

You CAN upgrade ram [if you have available slots] and install a larger hd. That is about it.
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Yeah, I have a problem with this laptop and whenever I try to connect it to the internet, I get a "Network Cable unplugged" for 2 seconds than a connection for 2 seconds and then it repeats this same thing over and over and over. It is driving me MAD and I can't get on the internet with the laptop.

First of all I asked my computer tech friend and he doesn't know what to do. I asked his computer tech teacher and he doesn't know. I tried calling Dell and they gave me bull**** about, "You need to replace the mobo and it's going to cost 100s of dollars."

So, if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

Also I did install the correct drivers so that eliminates that question.

A:Problem with connection on Dell Inspiron 1100...

Might want to look into any possible firmware updates for that card, probably not real likely to find any.

Another solution would be to buy a PCMCIA network card.
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Hi i have a Dell Inspiron 1100 that i use as a secondary computer. Just recently i formatted the hard drive and re-installed windows. It was fine for a while, and it still is, but recently the battery light flashes as if it is ultra low... Green, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green. It only is supposed to do this if it is really low battery. i can't even tell if it is charging cause that light sequence never stops. your help is appreciated!

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 battery lights...

oh by the way the battery is fine... i have a cheap 4000 mAh battery that will last about an hour.
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I was reading another thread that described the same problem that i have, it seems to be closed though.

I have a dell inspiron 1100. It wasn't registering that the AC was connected and then the battery ran dead. Now it wont start at all. When i hit the power button the lights on the front of the lap top blink green and then orange. If i take the battery out the lights on the computer are very faint, the battery light is orange and the power light is green. When i put the battery back in the lights shut off.

Is this a simple replace the battery or ac cord problem? Any advice would be greatly welcome.


A:dell inspiron 1100 wont start

Notebooks do not need a battery to run off the mains, so take the battery out, plug the notebook in and if it doesn't power up then you need to check out the power supply and/or other possibilities.


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I had to partition my HD in Dell Inspiron 1100 while at school a few years ago into Windows XP and Linux (20 GB in each). However, now I need additional space for my windows work and can pretty much remove the Linux partition and get an extra 20 GB. I had used Partition Magic for the partition. Can anyone advise what would be the most convenient way to remove the partition? I can lose my Linux data but not the Windows data.
1. Do I need to use Partition Magic for removing the partition? Is there any forced way to just add the 20 GB from the Linux partition onto my Windows XP partition?
2.Should I use a backup and restore sw (say from Norton for restoring the Windows files and system back)?

Would appreciate any help.

A:Remove partition on Dell Inspiron 1100

You can use anything to delete the partition. WinXP does not have anyway to extend the windows partition into the available space though, so you'll have to use Partition Magic, or something similar, to expand the Windows partition.

If you don't have Partition Magic anymore, there are free programs that do the same but I don't have any links nor have used any so you'll just have to search, or someone else may have a recommendation

You should be able to do this without losing any of your Windows data but it's always a good idea to have a backup just in case.
If you need to save any of the Linux data (and don't have room on the Windows partition, or a way to back it up), Partition Magic (and probably other programs) will let you shrink the Linux partition and expand the Windows partition a bit at a time, then you can transfer the data from the Linux partition to the Windows partition before you delete it.


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I have a HP Pavilion a1520n media center desktop PC bought new in Sep. 06 & a Dell Inspiron 1100 I bought about 6 years ago. I am trying to install the Linksys wireless on the Dell. I have ran the CD on the Dell first, & it failed to work, then the HP & it also failed to work. I need help installing it on the Dell so I can have wireless for my home network. All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, papadee

A:Linksys Wireless G for Dell Inspiron 1100

I am guessing that the "CD" is the installation disk that came with the "Linksys wireless"? What is the "Linksys wireless"...a plug in card, a USB plug in...what?

It "failed to work" on both systems. In what way? What error msgs?

Have you checked the Linksys website to see if you can down load the necessary drivers?

Are you running XP?

Did you try to let XP install the device on its own?

Please try to be less vague about the makes it hard to know what is really going on!
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i've heard just a little about over clocking, but i have heard that dell 'locks' their bios, keeping one from overclocking the hard drive.

as it is, i have a 2.4gig processor, and certainly wouldn't mind bumping that up a little.

is this possible?

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How to you connect a typical mouse to Dell inspiron 1100? I don't see any ports
for it. I have a USB mouse connected to it but it seems like my thumb drives will
not work on the second USB port. Any suggestions?

I can get both to work by connecting the thumb drive & USB mouse to a USB
HUB but I don't know why I can't connect my mouse & USB drive directly in
the computer?

Thank you

A:Mouse connection to a Dell inspiron 1100?

How to you connect a typical mouse to Dell inspiron 1100? I don't see any ports
for it. I have a USB mouse connect to itClick to expand...

can you explain further , dont understand - dont see anyports verses its connected

A USB mouse goes into a USB Socket on the PC
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I looking for an drive for an dell inspiron 1100 notebook. What type of drive does it
take? It appears that it has a black connector in the compter that will accept
some type of parallel connection? Do they make a standard type of drive
for notebooks that could be used in that computer?
I am thinking about searching for one on e-bay but I need to know
what to look for and good keywords in order to choose a proper drive.

Thank you

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Hello Forum,

I have a DELL Inspiron Laptop and the on board PCI Ehternet in Hardware device shows in yellow exclamation mark it also says unknown device. I went to system information and it shows a Broadcom 440
x100/10 ETC. On the listing it showed it was installed= YES but it did not show a driver. I went to my friend who had an ACER laptop and it was using the same PCI Ethernet ( Broadcom 440) so I copied
his drivers and put them in when ask by my Add Hardware for install of driver. It then showed up on Device list BUT it says unable to START- Code 10, I had put the driver in same place as on my friends laptop WIN32/driver and a Win LAN folder.
I am now totally lost as what to do next . I have the CD from DELL BUT it does not have the drivers on it!
Thanks for any help

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 Ethernet PCI problem

Broadcom is junk. I hate it. I run into this all the time.

The hardware will not work with just the basic driver, like other "general" hardware will.

No, Broadcom is SPECIAL. It has to have it's clunky software installed before it will give you the correct driver. Uninstall the software, it takes it's drivers with it as it goes, leaving the hardware non-functional.

And aiming Device Manager at the device will not work. I don't know how Broadcom does it, or why. I can only assume it is because they want their software on your computer.

So my guess is that either the software was uninstalled, or it got corrupt in some way.

So, first thing is to get a copy of the Network software from Dell's support site. Then uninstall the software from "Add/Remove Programs" and reboot. Then install the Network software and that should fix the problem, unless the hardware is bad.
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Hey all new to the forum and hope you can help My laptop is about - years old and has been working fine I pulled a bone headed move a while back and left the car window down and the computer got rained on I dryed it as best I could and had my brother in law take it apart to check for moisture He found none inside and powered it up It worked fine for a couple of 1100 Inspiron problem Dell screen days When I picked it up from him I took it to work and powered it up The power lights come on and you can hear it booting up However the screen is black If you look very close you can see the windows logo as it all boots up but it is very very dim almost can t see it at all Aside from the possible moisture problem has any one experienced these symptoms Any ideas are welcome as I really don t have the money to just buy a new one My brother in law is a tv repair guy and could most likely make the repair if we just knew where to start I thank you in advance and hope to here from you soon Larry nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 screen problem

It's the Inverter board (which happens to be high voltage, and easily damaged hardware) behind the bezel of the screen. You will need to replace it.
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Hi guys. My brother has a Dell Inspiron 1100. He asked me to look into fixing it, but he is out of warranty, and I told him I would research his problem and see what you guys reccomended. I have the computer too in front of me for the time being, until it's repaired.

He said he turned it off and unplugged it one night. He often times I believe always left it plugged in. Not a good idea to Constantly do I know. He went to turn it on the next morning, and it wouldn't turn on. Plugged in to the wall, or not plugged in.

When you press the power button, the power light quickly blinks green, then the battery light blinks orange quite a few times but that is all that happens. Nothing comes on at all. Does that mean he just needs to buy a new battery? Or is it more severe?

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Hello I recently spilled some beer on my laptop on Problem turning Dell 1100 Inspiron computer Seconds afterward I took the computer apart and had it shutdown and all I cleaned up the mess After a little bit to let dry out I put the computer together again to see if it would work again Well the computer turned on and all seemed okay besides it saying my CMOS Settings had been cleared That doesn t affect a computer After hitting F to continue A screen came up and said External Auxilary Failure which I figure to be my CD ROM drive I pulled it out and tried turning on the computer again All that Problem turning on Dell Inspiron 1100 happened is my power light green AND battery light amber is solidly on If I just try it on battery power to get these lights on I have to hit the power button If I try AC power then as soon as I plug it in it has this problem I am pretty sure there isn t anything wrong with the motherboard I am also pretty sure the computer should work by now I have cleaned my computer like this many times before and never had a problem By cleaning I mean taking the entire thing apart and washing the parts and setting them to dry in a dry clean dust free room with a fan to hasten the drying process This is why I say the the mobo should be okay That and it turned on before also If anyone has anything that may help me with this problem I could really use it Thank You PS I paid dollars for this and had the computer for only a year and months nbsp

A:Problem turning on Dell Inspiron 1100

I have cleaned my computer like this many times before and never had a problem. By cleaning, I mean taking the entire thing apart and washing the parts and setting them to dry in a dry clean dust free room, with a fan to hasten the drying process.Click to expand...

this type of cleaning is not nessesary, and taking apart a laptop is just asking for trouble. if you actually periodically washed (with water or something) one or more electronic parts, the laptop wouldn't have lasted long anyways. if you spilled the beer on the keyboard, you should know that laptop makers had this scenario in mind when they put a rubber backing to the keyboard designed to keep liquids/dust from the keyboard off the internal components. regular computer keyboards have this rubber too. i actually spilled some of my home-made moonshine on a keyboard once, and the approx. 180 proof stuff didn't cause any problems, excepting the fire hazard. your best bet is to take it into a shop so a technician can get his hands on it.
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When left on, the computer sometimes shuts itself off. Didn't used to do that. It is not in "sleep" mode. Thanks for whatever help you can give.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop with XP Professional

Check for overheating, it's not unknown for that model to have real problems if there is any dust buildup on the fan inside.

Use a can of compressed air in the fan exhaust port.
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Want to replace CD drive with a DVD drive.. Any suggestions!? Also anyone know where to buy one!?


A:Dell Inspiron 1100 FAIL CD DRIVE

A place full of Dell parts!

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My laptop fan comes on briefly the power light also comes on green briefly then shuts down The power light continues to slowly blink until I press it for a second then it too shuts off If I hold it down for a few seconds I can hear a faint click and it resumes slowly flashing But it won t start Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem I did have the same problem a few weeks ago and took it into a computer repair shop for repair They gave it back to me saying there was nothing wrong with it And indeed it worked fine again until this morning won't laptop going stay Inspiron 1100 Dell Would this have anything to do with the fact that I recently started shutting down the power to the transformer when it was turned off My idea was to save on the electricity being used by the transformer when the Dell laptop Inspiron 1100 won't stay going computer was not being used But now I m thinking that wasn t such a good idea especially given that the transformer really doesn t use a great deal Dell laptop Inspiron 1100 won't stay going of power in the great scheme of things If anyone could help me get machine going again I would appreciate it This machine is now about three or four years old and has given sterling service until now I m hoping I don t have to retire it yet All my best to the tech support guys on a very snowy March morning here in Sault Ste Marie Ontario it s pretty snowy anyway Robert nbsp

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Hi I recently upgraded my Dell Inspiron Laptop computer with gyg of memory I was replacing two megabyte chips The gyg works like a charm and I decided to use it as my cache as well No problems It all runs well on Home XP Sp with the most recent BIOS upgrade to the motherboard as well as whatever was available from the Intel website I ve got to tell you it certainly does pay off to install all those chip and rom firmware upgrades Here s my quiery Having the empty slot and is... Capacity 1100 Dell Inspiron Memory the two mg chips zzzzz leftover it was irresistable to see what would happen if I dropped in one of the leftover mg chips This was in spite of the original information which I had been aware of which had suggested that my laptop was limited Dell Inspiron 1100 Memory Capacity is... to gyg total ram Ah temptation Long story short Both chips were recognised in bias as well as Windows Home XP Computer runs fine with both Nothing strange seemed to be happening Of course this has been intriguing to say the least I did remove the mg chip for now back to gyg but am now wondering if the computer s new bios has perhaps taken away the original limitation of gyg of memory Of course I would now like to add another gyg chip to the first gyg chip I m also wondering if unbeknownst to me that while my laptop seems to purr like a top with extra memory installed over the gyg limitation whether some insidious and hidden mayhem might be taking place I tried to run this by the guys that sell memory but I would suppose that no one likes to step out on a ledge to contradict the information which they have been going by that being the original limitation data from Dell themselves Thanks for your attention Dinky One nbsp

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Hi - Let me quickly start by noting that I have familiarized and comprehensively searched every forum for assistance on this issue and have attempted multiple fixes for the following problem That said if anyone absolutely knows what my problem is and if is addressed elsewhere please direct me If not thank you VERY MUCH in advance for your help History GB HD filled up on Fiance s Inspiron I purchased a compatible GB HD enclosure and then I cloned the original HD to the larger one Then after restarting the computer with the original drive still in the Inspiron after stuck Install XP HD 1100 on older loading case the computer failed to boot So after attempting to fix the original boot issue I physically installed the new GB HD with the cloned drive on it The computer fired right up I was elated Then I ran defrag Not a good Idea Defrag crashed at about complete I attempted to reboot the computer to XP stuck loading after HD Install on older Inspiron 1100 no avail The computer seems to boot fine but then gets stuck permanently at the Windows XP loading screen The loading bar moves the mouse moves yada yada Nothing else I CAN boot in safe mode and access all my files which i DID backup first However I want the damn thing to work considering I just bought the new HD and the computer otherwise worked just fine I ran CHKDSK from the recovery console which found errors but did no good Then I ran CHKDSK r which took about hours to complete Errors found some quot unrecoverable quot to no avail I CANNOT access my system startup BIOS w F or any other key during startup no matter how early i start to tap the key That is strange to me Thus I cannot boot from the XP CD What do you all think my options are The HD is physically OK I think The fact that safemode seems to function pretty flawlessly is a good sign right I have read to use bartPE to correct the registry I have read to reinstall the BIOS I am ready to re-format the HD and re-install XP but I m not sure how to do this or if I can do this via DOS or the recovery console as again I cannot access the system startup settings to change the boot sequence Again at this point is there a way to fix this If not can I sweep off the HD and re-install XP How might I do that You people are great - I look forward to hearing from you all nbsp

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I am trying to buy some RAM for a Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop. On the crucial website it says that each slot shouldn't exceed 512 MB of RAM. It says there is only a maximum of 1 GB of RAM for this system. I wanted to get 1 GB of Crucial RAM for $32. The only issue is that the RAM comes in a 1GB Module. If I was to buy two 512 MB Modules the price wold be around $15-20 more expensive. Does it really matter if I put in a larger RAM module than what Crucial says the system should use. Any Thoughts would be appreciated.

A:RAM Maximum per slot for a Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop.

If you bought that 1gb stick, your laptop would only recognize 512mb.
You'll have to do what crucial says.
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I have a dell inspiron 1100 that beeps at me continously on boot up. I presss F2 on my keyboard and
the system will go ahead an boot up. I think it might be a little slower that usual when I am in windows
XP but I am a little unsure of that fact.

Any suggestions to repair this problem. Does the computer need a new cmos battery? How do I
change that if needed. Does this computer take a regular desk top cmos battery?

Any suggestions.
Thank you,

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I have to date had no problems with this laptop but this problem is trying my patience I normally have the laptop plugged into full power via socket so its rare I use it by battery alone However last week battery did run out and i recharged it and it has been operating absolutley fine However the battery light will not stop flashing amber times then a green flash which holds for a couple seconds It will continue flashing like this all the time I have it on and plugged into the mains or whether I use it via battery power only It will still be flashing for a few minutes once I have shut the laptop down completely also I can not find anything helpful on the web so I really really need your help before I end up throwing it out a window Software and security is all up-to-date and there are no other issues with it - please help Thank you SG nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 Battery light problems

The light should stay solid green until the battery starts to run out then it flashes amber, from what you say it sounds as though one of the cells is faulty and as such isnt charging fully.

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Something or another was wrong with my mom's old laptop and she decided to reinstall Windows to fix it. Now I don't know whats wrong, I don't know a ton about computers and neither does she really. Basically the resolution is stuck on 640x480 and the color 4bit. Its hard to do anything like that, it doesn't recognize the internet either if you plug it in or the video card or the sound card or anything much. I have no clue what to do at this point and we can't afford to get it repaired professionally. Is there anything I can do? Please help if you can, this is all the information I know but tell me if you need more. Thanks.

A:Reinstall WinXp SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 1100 - Now Nothing Really Works

After you reinstalled windows did you then use the "Drivers and Utilities" disks to reload all the hardware drivers?
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Hello all and thanks for reading this I have a client who was having the ntldr either missing or corrupt error on boot I intended to copy in new versions inspiron case not drive unusual on of 1100 detecting dvd/cd from my laptop and also use the utilty from MS that apparently resolves this issue due to excessive indexing on root but to no avail Don t get wrapped up in this as it is only background info for the current issue We performed a repair installation of XP Home and the machine unusual case of not detecting dvd/cd drive on inspiron 1100 became functional again I showed her how to copy the contents of her old quot my docs quot to her new one I installed Office XP unusual case of not detecting dvd/cd drive on inspiron 1100 obviously from CD and recovered her pst and instructed her that before she was to do anything else online she was to go through the several hours of windows updates as she was only as sp Unfortunately she decided to ignore that and install her linksys wireless adapter instead of waiting until she is in NY with a wired connection and do the updates After she installed the software from linksys her dvd cd drive no longer shows up under my comp device mgr and when we go into bios her optical drive is not detected The tray opens and closes spins whirls etc but is not accessable I had her restore to the point before she installed the linksys drivers but that changed nothing Opened the reg looking for the upperfilter lowerfilter fix and neither of those keys existed which makes sense since i idid not install any burning software Cannot uninstall the drive because it is not in the dev mgr so i can t force windows to reinstall the native drivers Finally my question is this without bios recognizing anything am i wrong to assume that the brown out that she claims caused the ntldr issue at the root of her optical drive now being defunct during the brownout here in chicago she wasn t connected to a surge protector and the machine was on why would the dvd cd drive work long enough for me to install offxp and her the drivers for the linksys adapter and then poop out Any ideas would be most appreciated and I hope that all of you are well Thanks I Monticus nbsp

A:unusual case of not detecting dvd/cd drive on inspiron 1100

I had the exact same problem. I could not find out what is causing it.

Laptop repair services
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My copy of Windows became corrupt due in part with my fiddling within the registry and duplicate files - I know Everything was backed up so I reinstalled Windows and started reinstalling device drivers I no longer have the original Drivers Disc so have downloaded the needed drivers The recommended driver from Dell and Controller Solved: for Inspiron 1100 no Dell has Driver USB other locations online for my chipset does not install the USB Controller required for my system The Device Manager claims - Solved: Dell Inspiron 1100 has no Driver for USB Controller quot The drivers for this device are not installed quot I have a Dell Inspiron with an Intel I GL chipset This problem has occurred previously and I found a different driver which solved the problem but I did not save it to the replacement Driver disc I created ------------ Dell website - only available download for my model Intel Mobile Chipset Release Date Version A Link to driver http ftp us dell com chipset R EXE ------------ It installs without issue but the USB controller is not installed Any advice would be greatly appreciated Tech Support Guy has been fantastic for me in the past Steve nbsp

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 1100 has no Driver for USB Controller

Please, anybody?

Very few problems stump the Tech Support Guy Community!
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I need to connect the hard drive for the dell inspiron 1100, to a usb port in order to save somethings for my friend. I don't know what kind of an enclosure I need for it. I have a ide one, but it dowsn't work. Any suggestions would be helpful. I have tried connecting it to another monitor with no luck there either.

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I have a Dell Inspiron which for the last days will not start using the power adapter It adapter Inspiron but with battery, not Dell starts 1100 with will start and works fine with a charged battery However my battery is now out of charge If I take the battery out and try Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter and start the machine all three lights go on at the front but Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter then immediately everything goes off I think with machine switched off and power supply plugged in it is charging the battery but the ac power adapter makes a wierd clicking ticking noise so I m not keen to leave it on charging too long My Dell Inspiron s warranty ran out in Dell were very pleased to tell me this and tried to sell me an adapter for However I m not sure that replacing the adapter will fix it The green led is on and as above it appears to be charging the battery AND all lights light up for a split second at least so some power is getting through I have read other posts with similar issues but can t find exactly the same issue Any help ideas would be greatly Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter appreciated nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter

It is possible that the motherboard has developed problems, but you must try another AC adapter first. An AC Adapter is much cheaper than a motherboard
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Let me start out by saying I am no way computer savvy!
I've read that Inspirons are notorious for having overheating issues. Mine is no acception. It normally would overheat and shut down on me. After cooling off it would boot back up when I turned it on.
Well, yesterday it booted up without any display. The screen was black. I turned it off and tried again. Same thing. I connected an external monitor. No change. I took out the fan and heat sink (read up on how to do that). Blew out 2 massive dust bunnies (should have done that months ago). Turned it change on internal or external monitors. I did hit F8 when I connected the external.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to what my next step should be?
I re-posted my issue in this forum. I posted it earlier under the wrong forum. I hope this is the right one.

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 No display - overheating issues

The motherboard is probably fried and will have to be replaced
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As the title questions, will a GeForce FX 5600 fit inside my Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop?

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Are you sure you did it correctly? This fix has been reported on almost every site I've come by:

[Fix] Windows 7 Boot Screen Changed to Vista Style - Tweaking with Vishal

- Fred

A:7 boot animation reverts to Vista on Dell Inspiron 1100

Yeah I've tried both commands given but will try, try again.

Notice the comments from those who couldn't get fixes to work.
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Intel ich4 /sigmatel audio controller-

No audio from my laptop. any solution. please help.

A:Inspiron 1100 Windows XP - No sound- Audio Playback error- Help

Did you buy this computer directly from Dell?
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OK guys put on your thinking cap I have a customers Dell Inspiron notebook that had a hard drive failure After replacing with a new hard drive and then installing Win XP Home SP the machine powers itself Install 1100 finalizing when down Home powers Inspiron Dell XP off with about minutes remaining in the Finalizing process It will do this consistently as I have been Dell Inspiron 1100 powers down when finalizing XP Home Install through the process about or times now As a test I wanted to see if the same thing would happen with a different OS so I installed W K Pro and that installation completed perfectly I then started thinking of what the finalizing process is actually doing and thought that it must be a driver causing the problem but why a power down instead of a reboot My next steps are using the customers original re-install CD provided by Dell and if that doesn t work then using a CD that includes SP If neither work then I am at a loss I have seen this very thing happen before on a Dell Lattitude C when installing XP Pro but can t for the life of me remember the actual fix Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated nbsp
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I have a couple of questions about adding memory to my Dell laptop. Will a standard
"256 MB DDR SDRAM, PC2100 / 266 MHz" card work (bought locally at Walmart or RadioShack) along with the factory installed 256MB?

Secondly, where can I get step by step instructions (with pictures) on how to add the memory?

And where can I get a teeny-tiny phillips screwdriver to open the memory compartment?

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I have Dell 1100 laptop that is running Windows Xp Home.

I use a D-Link G650 card to connect to the Internet. Everything was fine until yesterday.

It appears that my card is not responding--the lights on it don't come on when the PC boots up and even when the boot process is done.

My system tray shows the remark "D-link card not found" and I have no connectivity. I rebotted the machine with the same problem. I haven't reset the D-Link 624 router that I use to connect.

I tried another card in the laptop and I got the same results--no lights on the PC card and no connectivity.

Please advise. I hope it's not the actual PC slot on the laptop sice I don't have a clue about how to repair/replace it??? Is it part of the mobo on the Dell 1100??

Anybody have an idea or clue..
Please advise.
Thanks. Tony

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop and PC Card Slot Problem?

d-link isn't exactly bad, but thier products aren;t that good either. my first suspect would be the card itself. can you swap it with a known good model or return it?
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Not quite sure where to ask this but I was wondering if working 1100 keyboard on enter and not Spacebar, inspiron backspace, someone might be able to help me with my problem Last night the spacebar backspace and enter buttons stoped responding Also I can no longer scroll up and down on a page with the arrow Spacebar, backspace, and enter not working on inspiron 1100 keyboard buttons Before this problem happend I think I some how clicked on the Ctrl button and some screen came up about something but I don t quite remember what it was about Also the shaded box thing that appears behind Spacebar, backspace, and enter not working on inspiron 1100 keyboard something Spacebar, backspace, and enter not working on inspiron 1100 keyboard when you click on it kept moving up and down before I shut it down This no longer happens but it may be linked to my current problem I called the Dell Support but they told me there is a problem with my hardware and I can t understand how that could be since it was working fine just a short while ago and I didn t do anything to it Nothing has been spilt on it and it hasn t been hit or anything By the way I am typing this with an on-screen keyboard which explains the spaces Quite annoying I hope someone can help me Thanks nbsp

A:Spacebar, backspace, and enter not working on inspiron 1100 keyboard


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I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 that I traded for today. I washed the keyboard clean of all the dried, gummy CocaCola that was in it and it works fine now. It has a 2.0-GHz Celeron processor. I don't think much of Celerons and I have an unused 3.0-GHz Pentium 4, socket 478 gathering dust here.

I haven't found anything at Dell's site or in a Google search that tells me for absolutely certain whether this is a socket-478 system and whether it is replacable. So far, it seems replacable; but, I need to know the socket type. I don't want to disassemble this thing just to find out the processor I have will not fit.

TIA for any help.

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 1100 Processor Updrade - Can't find specs
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hello...I dont really know much about video cards to start out just recently got a Nvidia GeForce 6200 OC PCI video card to play the sims 3 and WoW. The sims 3 would give me the blue screen of death saying I was caught in an infinite loop or something...I could always play WoW with my onboard card but ever since upgrading/downgrading WoW crashes randomly...mostly in the city of dalaran..but anyways I was wondering what a good upgrade would be for my video card to end these problems.
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My Dell Inspiron 1100 is over 6 years old at this point, quite the dinosaur. However, I still have a bit of old data I would love to remove before it really bites the dust.

When I boot up the machine, usually the display is clear and bright. However, after no more than a minute the screen goes black and only a faint outline of the desktop remains. What is the problem and what do I need to do to solve it?


A:Dell Inspiron 1100 screen goes black 30 secs after booting up, faint screen outline


backlights or invertor board is failing (failed).

If there is an external monitor socket on it use a monitor to see the screen and then you can backup your data.
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I own a Dell Inspiron N5030 for the past four years and it had served me well. Few keys are damaged in my keyboard and I have ordered new keyboard through Amazon so that I can replace the damaged one with this, all by myself. While looking at "How To" videos, I also noticed that it is also easy to upgrade RAM. I currently have 2GB RAM in my system. But I don't know if it is in single slot or 1GB+1GB double slot. Also I am clueless on how to buy a compatible RAM. What should I be buying that is compatible with N5030? Is there a specific type or name that I use to search for the RAM? Like DDR3, DDR2, etc.. I have no clue what they mean. Please help me with this.
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Hi there!

I've installed 4x Corsair DDR3 2GB memory modules. However, the computer will not start up now (it gives two beeps). 
Does anybody know what the problem could be?
Thanks in advance :) 
- Jane

A:Memory replacement for Inspiron 560 does not work

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
2 beeps indicate that the system is not able to detect the RAM's.
Please try one memory module at a time on different slots and check if the system responds.
Please try to run the on-board diagnostics, <F12> and check if you receive any error. 
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id, along with the result from the above step.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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3521 service tag 65cngx1 has a broken ltn156at30 op13xk d01. does anyone know if this is the only screen that will work in this or are there others that are a direct replacement? thanks in advance

A:Inspiron 3521 screen replacement

There are no doubt others but be sure your vendor guarantees compatibility - if you change the resolution for instance, you'll need a new wiring harness - and with some system models, specific mainboards are required to work with specific screens (in other words, don't assume that all screens for the 3521 will work with your specific model).
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I have an nbsp Inspiron R nbsp Intel i - Ghz Threads turdo boost GHz M cache ATI Radeon TM HD - GB gb Dimm DDR MHz we don t use for gaming rarely used like new DAUM BMB DO nbsp printed on board nbsp QTFMZE nbsp UM MB printed on sticker on ram not sure which numbers are part number for the mother board I have video problems that Dell tech say is in the ATI card they said it is not available now as it is end of life they can not help They didn t give me any advise on what to ATI Radeon Inspiron card replacement? 17R do now So i thought I would try this forum I would appreciate any advise thank you nbsp I have been searching the net for a new card I am getting differing contradictory opinions on how I can fix this laptop it is rare It apparently has Intel HD graphics on CPU so i think this means it has Dedicated and Discrete graphics nbsp ark intel com Intel-Core-i - M-Processor- M-Cache- -GHz a Can the computer run on Intel graphics if the ATI card is removed if has screws and large heat sink i have not tried to remove it yet presuming it can be removed Can I remove problem solved nbsp b get new ATI nbsp card nbsp www laptopinventory com nbsp has the card and they say it can be replaced However other Inspiron 17R ATI Radeon card replacement? ebay Aliexpress sellers say it cannot be replaced they are trying to sell me new boards but numbers arnt the same Who is right c replace the whole mother board including video card Expert technical advise would greatly be appreciated Thank you in advance P s this is the second time an ATI card has let down a perfectly good laptop never again I seams many people have trouble with this brand shame on you Dell for using inferior hardware nbsp
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I ve looked 5547 Screen Replacement Inspiron around for instructions and the Youtube videos put up by a vendor show complete disassembly of the notebook to separate the LCD and LCD Assembly from the notebook base but then stops Those videos appear to be a bit generic and I don t think are for this exact model and the hinge area looks different not to mention they do not even go into opening the LCD over to access the LCD itself In any case can the Screen Replacement Inspiron 5547 LCD bezel just be separated in order to Screen Replacement Inspiron 5547 access the panel mounting screws then the cable on the rear of the LCD Can anyone comment on the steps for doing this repair I ve replaced a number of notebook screens but I have NEVER taken a notebook apart to the level that was shown in those videos I found At most I ve had to remove part of the keyboard cover in order to gain better access to the bezel never a full tear down though In my case my son broke the digitizer the LCD itself is fine however I don t see just a digitizer replacement for this LCD appears to be a single part
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I tried to replace the keyboard on my sons Dell Inspiron and the black flip tab/clamp that holds the ribbon wire to the motherboard broke. Any ideas on where to find a replacement or how to connect it securely another way? I really don't want to buy a new motherboard and Dell doesn't offer the part by itself. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Dell Inspiron keyboard replacement

Common trouble... I have purchased a non-working laptop just for these clips. Now I have spare motherboards that I can salvage these parts from. There's really no other way to fix this
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i am replacing hard drive, found a pata 160gb drive and formatted it. i powered it on and wanted to set the boot to cd. it is just freezing on the first page of the setup and will not permit entries or move to other pages. it is not recognizing the existence of the drive either. i can think maybe does not like pata drive (enhanced ATA 100) or maybe drive size is too big. any ideas to figure out problem(s)?

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I've been dealing with a problem with my Inspiron 15 where the screen has negative distorted coloration, black and white lines that wash out the colors, and so on. These problems are usually alleviated by applying pressure to the bottom left corner of the screen, and it had usually been manageable - until today. Now the screen only displays distortion.
I know the laptop is not dead (I could still hear audio even when the screen died), so my question is, how easy of a fix is this? Should I just replace the screen, or is there some other component I should replace/fix? Or is this not a fixable problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to explain things like I'm an idiot, as computer hardware is not my speciality. I removed the screen cover to provide a picture of the bottom left pressure area - in case that is any help ()

A:Inspiron 15 Screen Problem/Replacement

What is the exact system model? When did the issue start? Is there any physical damage / liquid spillage on the system? Is the distortion seen from the time the system is powered on? 
Connect an external monitor and check if the display works fine.
Run the LCD bist - Turn off the system and press and hold the "D" key + power button to turn on the system and it should run the LCD built in self test - see this link for more info -
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, restart the system and press f2 on startup and check if the distortion is seen while in BIOS as well.
This will help isolate if the issue is with LCD or the motherboard / video card.
If the distortion is seen on external monitor as well and if the LCD self test passes, then the video card is at fault.
However, based on your description, I suppose the LCD cable might be loose and causing this issue. - enter the service tag and download the service manual and reseat the LCD / LVDS cable and check if it works.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Does anyone have experience replacing the battery in an Inspiron 1521 laptop?
Is it better to buy a Dell battery or does it matter?  As for chargers, it seems best to buy name brand from the same company.


I have had good luck with batteries from eBay and Amazon for $20-25. Don't go for a"genuine" Dell if the price is much lower than Dell's. These are usually reconditioned used counterfeits.
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A bunch of the screws have fallen out of the bottom of my Inspiron 1525.  I want to buy more to replace them, but I can't find anywhere that tells me what kind I need to get.  I am missing a bunch from around the edges of the bottom and two or three from the piece in the middle of the bottom.  Can anyone help me?

A:replacement screws for inspiron 1525?

Just about any true computer repair shop (NOT a parts swapper like Geek Squad) will have them.
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You can replace the hard drive with a 2.5" SSD, yes.  There is no restriction on capacity.
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The left touchpad button no longer works. I am trying to find the part number and where to order it from Dell.

I have found M214V (touchpad and palm rest) and this 460.00H0N.0002 for the touchpad by itself. But apparently only ebay, amazon, and every other repair store on the internet sell them. Where can I find the correct parts from Dell?  

A:Inspiron 15 3542 Touchpad replacement

You'll need to call Dell Spare Parts.
In the USA:  800-357-3355
Outside the US, call your local Dell office and ask for Spare Parts.
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I have a Inspiron 15-3558 laptop with i3-5005U CPU and a 15.6inch 1366*768 screen and am thinking about upgrading the screen to a FHD 1080p screen. Before getting a new LCD panel I have two following questions now.
1, Does the motherboard support FHD (actually I mean does it support 2 lane EDP output)?
2, I checked my laptop inside and found out the original EDP cable is labeled as "IRIS 15 NON-TOUCH EDP CABLE 450.03001.1001". So does this EDP cable support 2 lane? If the answer is no, is there any replacement supporting FHD for my laptop?

Thank you very much.
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ive had my Dell inspiron 1000 for almost 2 years now and i has given me no problems until now as the letter K broke off my keyboard and it cannot be clicked back in again.
Does anyone know where i can get a letter K complete with the inspiron 1000 specific retainer or a complete inspiron 1000 keyboard

Any help will be very much appreciated

Many thanks

A:Dell inspiron 1000 replacement keyboard

you can get them on ebay, click here
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I recently bought inspiron 15 7559 i7 and found that the keyboard is bilingual.
It's little bit hard for me to type as the enter key is really small. 
Would it be possible to get another keyboard (with different layout) and replace it? 

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Well while running Dell's maintenance software it showed that my battery was failing hmm. I have never used the laptop w/o it being plugged into the Ac charger and when used probably under a hour a day. It was new in 2013.

Does anyone know how Dell determines how the status of a battery is? Perhaps its just how old the battery is? I doubt that Dell's software actually has a Volt/Amp load tested built into the laptop??

With that all said if I do have to buy a battery who would handle the best bang for the buck? I see that the prices are all over the place ;-)
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Anyone know where to source replacement hinges, I've removed the old broken pair but can't find any sellers for the replacements? Part numbers 34.48L24.XXX & 34.48L25.XXX

A:Replacement hinges for Dell Inspiron 7737?