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I can't get my Memory Stick Reader/Writer to install

Q: I can't get my Memory Stick Reader/Writer to install

My other computer died(it's getting fixed) so I'm borrowing my kids computer. I wanted to add my memory stick reader/writer to this computer also but I've installed the driver(s)but I can't seem to get it to work still. On my other computer I just put in my memory stick and then clicked on My Computer and picked the drive that it was found on. I don't see that on this computer.

I am running Win98SE and I'm using IE6. My digi-cam is a Sony Cybershot DCS-P72

Any ideas on how to remedy this situation?

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Preferred Solution: I can't get my Memory Stick Reader/Writer to install

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Like many boards, Gigabyte 7VAXP comes with the Winbond Smart I/O connectors (white). Where can I get a reader/writer that connects to it?

On the right hand bottom corner are the connectors for Secure digital (brown), Memory stick (White) and Smart Card Reader (black)


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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I've been trying to install a Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer MSAC-US1A but every time I do, it says that it cannot find the drivers. I've attempted to download and install some versions of the drivers meant for older versions of Windows, but those didn't work either.

Is there any way to find a driver that will allow me to use a Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer MSAC-US1A on Windows 7?

A:Drivers for Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer MSAC-US1A on Windows 7.

Quote: Originally Posted by Roboticon

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I've been trying to install a Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer MSAC-US1A but every time I do, it says that it cannot find the drivers. I've attempted to download and install some versions of the drivers meant for older versions of Windows, but those didn't work either.

Is there any way to find a driver that will allow me to use a Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer MSAC-US1A on Windows 7?

Welcome to the forum,

All I see is an XP Driver here,

Sony eSupport - MSAC-US1A - Software Updates & Drivers

You can try installing in Compatibility Mode
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I am planning on buying an external memory card reader/writer with hub. Should card readers generally be compliant with all three host controller interfaces--open, universal and enhanced? If not, would a computer compliant with only a universal controller work with a reader having one or other two interfaces--OHCI and EHCI? My computer has the universal controller.
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When I go to use the media manager Memory Stick reader on my desktop I can only put the Memory Stick in once. When I attempt to put the memory stick in a second time or a different card the cpu will not read it, the cpu with do nothing no response. Could anyone help me out there?
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Sony Vaio - Memory Stick Pro Device
Hi Guys,

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop (VGN-NS20E) with a built in Memory Stick Pro reader (Magic gate)

When I insert a memory stick pro adaptor with micro sd card it locks up windows. I have tried the stick in an external reader and it works ok, It also worked on my old sony vaio.
I have also tried a friends memory stick in the magic gate reader and it reads that ok.
Does anyone know if the newer magic gate readers will read memory stick pro duo adaptors for micro sd cards. Do I need to update drivers ???
any help appreciated.
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Hi I m running XP Home on an Alienware Area- PC I use memory sticks in both my PDA and my digital camera On an earlier PC running SE I used with no problem a small green memory stick reader USB connection --which worked fine for anything I needed -- downloading photos writing to the stick formatting When I went to the new PC it didn t work at all after numerous uninstall reinstall tries and I decided the software wouldn t work with XP So I bought a new reader writer a Dazzle also USB Failures, two Memory Stick Reader and it doesn t really work either When I click on the quot photos quot icon in Explorer it accesses the stick but clicking on the folder in which the pictures are either freezes the PC necessitating a reboot or simply closes Explorer So finally my question Is there some memory stick reader that s sure not to fail like this is there some way to tweak Explorer to fix this or Thanks nbsp

A:Memory Stick Reader Failures, two

Have you got SP1 on XP. There were some problems with the USB support on the base install.
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Hi I have been using my Sony Memory Stick Reader MSAC-US for over a year now I had to do a quot format and recovery quot on my PC Win SE and now am trying to get all my programs reloaded and on the machine I plugged the memory stick reader into it s USB port put in the quot Driver Software quot CD for this Memory Stick Reader Writer and it appeared to go through the Wizard downloading I clicked yes to everything it said the PC had to shut down and restart I clicked yes when it restarted a little box said it was building a new driver Well once I was back on I pushed the memory stick into the reader looked in quot My Computer quot and could not find the usual little icon for the quot D quot drive that I had reader stick Memory Sony before the whole format and recovery I opened my quot Microsoft Picture It Express quot clicked on all the right things to open got to the choice of where to look for my pics and found that there was no quot D quot in the choices When I push my memory stick Sony Memory stick reader in a little quot access quot light briefly comes on and then off as it has in the past whenever I insert the memory stick Any ideas Where can I look for this driver quot D quot I really need to get this up and running and am not sharp enough to know where to begin I have tried reloading it repeatedly with no results Please please help me I really can t afford to rebuy this Thanks nbsp

A:Sony Memory stick reader

Hi, solved my own problem!! I tried right clking "My Computer">properties>Device Manager>looked down the list & found "other devices", opened and saw something with MSAC-US1, which is on my memory stick reader, doble clked, it asked if I wanted to find the best driver> yes> and kept saying yes till it was done. It works!! Wooohoooo! Hope this helps someone else.
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Hi, I bought this about a year ago and it worked at first but as time passed sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't when I put in my memory stick to upload pictures, etc. Now I've been trying for a couple of days and whenever I insert it into the usb port the light flashes green (somestimes remains green) and the computer shows that that removable drive is there when I go to 'my computer'. But when I click on it it says "Please insert the removable drive E)" or it freezes my computer. I even tried it on a laptop and it doesn't want to open up.

A:GE Memory Stick Card Reader not working!

Hi and welcome. As with anything else, sometimes they go bad. Check to see if it's still under warranty.
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I just got a Sony Brand USB Memory Stick Reader and installed it on WinXP - hassle free, no drivers required.

However, when I insert a Memory Stick, no drive letter is assigned to the stick. The Drive shows up in Windows XP's Disk Management but without a Letter. If I try to assign a letter, it says I need to reboot the computer.

If I reboot, a letter will be assigned and I can read from the memory stick without a problem - BUT when I reinsert the Stick, the same thing happens! Basically I have to reboot everytime I want to read one of my memory sticks....

I don't think its supposed to work this way....

Any suggestions!??

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Just upgraded my computer, and ever since I got it back, it shuts down everytime I try to use the scanner or memory stick reader. Have no clue what the problem is. Any help?? I don't really know much about computers!!

A:Computer shuts down when I try to use scanner & memory stick reader
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ok memory reader card is duo slot? need it help even pro in i laptop possible? stick SD i was bored and got some homebrew for my ds but i needed some files off my psp memory stick and couldnt be bothered to charge memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help it as its dead and i cant find the charger so i thauhgt quot ill try it in my laptop sd card slot reader quot and after a some moments later bang autorun pops up with the memory stick icon on it all the files are accessable aswell now my question is HOW DID THIS WORK i looked in the slot and the pins are much to big spaces to fit all the pins on the card everyone know theres a size difference between sd and memorystick how did it work i didnt think there were duel sd and memory stick readers all the usb ones if seen have seperate slots this is memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help bugging me as it shouldnt that and i have to get it in just the right place to get it to work it doesnt seem to fit snug in the slot any idea on how the hell this is working thanks nbsp memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help

A:memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help
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I bought a Lexcron 45 in 1 USB 2.0 card reader a while back and I used it for quite a bit. Recently I used it on my laptop with my Memory Stick Pro Duo and it worked fine.
Now I'm trying to do this on my computer but the computer is not recognizing the memory stick. The card reader does - as a green light shows.
Help me out here?

A:My external card reader works fine but my PC doesn't recognize the memory stick......
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Hi thereI have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop which runs Windows XP service pack and I use IE Please note im very much a computer novice and I thought this was the most appropraite forum for me to post for help if this is not the case please kindly avise me where I should post The please my inserted? dont when Help CD/DVD drive reader recognise inbuilt memory stick CD card or and best way Help please my inbuilt card reader and CD/DVD drive dont recognise memory stick or CD when inserted? I can describe the problem is I used to be able to for example insert my memory stick from my camera into my inbuilt memory card reader and the photos would automatically just pop up on the screen and I could go from there I have also tried a diffrent card with the same problem Nowdays I put the memory card in the reader and it makes a click noise and goes in ok but nothing happens On the task bar on the bottom right I get a little icon appear that says it safe to remove once card is removed icom disappears Also using the inbuilt CD DVD drive I use to be able to input a CD DVD in the drive and it would autimatically pop Windows Media Player and I was away nowdays I place a CD in the light flashes showing its doing something but nothing happens nor does Windows Media Player pop up I have tried on occasion to bring up Windows Media Player manually and on occasion through trial and error on same occasions I can get the CD DVD to play other times I just give up My question is it used to all work perfectly yet now I have these issues orginally I put it down to an older computer live with it but after using google it looks like it may be fixable This computer novice seek s your help in that area thanks in advance

A:Help please my inbuilt card reader and CD/DVD drive dont recognise memory stick or CD when inserted?

Do a System Restore, choose a date prior to this problem.
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I have a Dell 8100 XPS and when the hard drive went, I restored from an August backup (using Microsoft's Windows 10 backup) afetr replacing the drive. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the Ethernet adapter so eventually, I reinstalled Windows 10 fresh. The only major problem is that the machine recognizes the drive ( Liteon iHOS104) as a reader.

This is possibly because the 8100 does not officially support Windows 10 (according to Dell).

Is there any way to get it recognized as a writer?

A:CD/DVD Writer/BD Reader Not Recognized as Writer By Dell 8100

Try this:
Solved DVD drive missing - Windows 10 Forums

and this:
[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window - AskVG
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I purchased a Toshiba Satellite C50 loaded with windows 8 but want to revert to windows 7.

I have downloaded the necessary drivers and have mounted the .exe files onto a USB pen for installation.

Before I proceed to wipe windows 8 I'd like to know - if I install 7, will my trackpad stop functioning?

If so, how do I install the relevant drivers from the USB pen?

Thanks, John

A:Clean install of windows 7 - how to install drivers from USB memory stick?

99.9% sure that W7 will identify the trackpad and install it. You just run the exe's using file explorer or Start >Run then browse. You may decide to leave the laptop as the W7 install left it but you should check Device Manager to ensure there are no unrecognised devices
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Hi guys If i may pick your collective brains please I have an ancient Patriot laptop running Windows Xp Sp3 From Memory A Install Stick? XP sp and wish to connect to our home wifi network using Install Xp Sp3 From A Memory Stick? a USB dongle However although the laptop has allowed me to install the dongle s drivers and the dongle picks up the wifi signal with ease when i try to log in to our network using thee network key I get the following message- the network password needs to be bits or bits depending on your network configurtion this can be entered as or ascii characters or or hexadecimal characters If what i have managed to discover is true this because xp sp only supports WEP and not WAP WAP I have also read that installing xp sp will resolve the issue So the question is can I download using another laptop xp sp to a USB stick and then install it via the same USB stick to the laptop running xp sp and if so how do I do it Any and all help is gratefully appreciated Best regards Daz nbsp

A:Install Xp Sp3 From A Memory Stick?

Yes you should be able to do that. You just save the file to the USB pen drive, then put it in the old laptop and run it from there.

NB: Another option, if you can easily use that laptop close to the Router, you could just connect it with an Ethernet cable.
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Trying to install scandisk memory stick but computer asks for an installation cd. Computer is trying to install new hardware. Running Windows XP SP2

A:Cannot install scandisk memory stick

Try rebooting with the memory stick plugged in
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I have XP installed and I received a memory stick for Christmas and XP keeps telling me it cant find the drivers. It cant even find the drivers on line! I have used other memory sticks on this pc before without any problems but now none of them seem to work or install.

I checked the memory stick out on my laptop and it works fine. I am running XP Pro Service Pack 2. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.


A:XP wont install USB Memory Stick

Several other people here have had problems with Service Pack 2 corrupting their USB system finles. Try reinstalling the USB drivers or your motherboard chipset drivers.
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I have a new laptop a HP an Envy 17t, product number M9X68av. I want to use a  Win 8.1 USB memory stick to install it on the laptop. I made an ISO file from my Win 8.1 installation disk and then installed the ISO file on my USB stick using Rufus.  My problem is that when I start the installation, I am told a driver is needed and  I assumed that all the drivers needed would have have come over from the disk.   Please help. Brad
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I have a new laptop an stick How 7 a install it to make Win memory my on new... USB to HP an Envy t nbsp Touch Laptop nbsp product number M X av nbsp It came with nbsp Windows nbsp I want to nbsp use a Win nbsp How to make a Win 7 USB memory stick to install it on my new... USB memory stick to install it on nbsp a second How to make a Win 7 USB memory stick to install it on my new... partition nbsp I made nbsp an ISO file from my Win nbsp installation nbsp nbsp disk and then installed the ISO file on my USB stick using nbsp Rufus My problem is that when nbsp I nbsp start nbsp the nbsp installation I am nbsp told a driver is needed and I nbsp assumed nbsp that all the drivers needed would have nbsp come over from the nbsp disk nbsp I also downloaded a nbsp Windows nbsp iso file from Microsoft Windows download site nbsp but still the same problem nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp nbsp Brad nbsp nbsp PS nbsp I had an earler similar problem using a Windows disk but that worked out fine Now nbsp doing nbsp the same nbsp thing now with Win does not nbsp
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Hi all i hope this doesn t get post twice so i apologize in advance if Stick Install Problem!! Solved: Memory it does Anyways my hubby went out and bought a new memory stick of ram he only had on his and my daughter installed in on his computer When they turned the computer on they got the no signal message and as soon as they removed it all was well i am not at the residence where they are right now with the computer but i got my daughter to send me a system info on his computer he got no info with the new memory stick so i m not really sure what is wrong any suggestioOS Name Microsoft Windows XP Solved: Memory Stick Install Problem!! Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation Activation Status Activation Pending days remaining System Name HOME-WJ UM ZE System Manufacturer IBM System Model U System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date IBM NUKT AUS SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWSC System Directory C WINDOWSC System Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale Canada Hardware Abstraction Solved: Memory Stick Install Problem!! Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name HOME-WJ UM ZE Owner Time Zone Pacific Daylight Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory MB Available Virtual Memory MB Page File Space MB Page File C pagefile sys ns would be appreciated thanx here s the system info nbsp

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Before we get started two things are needed A USB memory stick with at least GB capacity A computer laptop capable of booting from USB devices So in this guide I m going to explain how you can utilise a spare USB memory stick as a tool to install and memory Linux to run or a install stick to Guide using USB use in live mode Linux distro s thus completely replacing the need to burn CD s It is also much quicker to run in live mode and installs your chosen linux Guide to using a USB memory stick to install or run Linux much faster as well So let s get started Step First thing we re going to do is download your favourite Linux live distro In this case I m downloading Ubuntu Linux bit edition Save it to the desktop to make life easier shortly Step Insert your USB memory stick Then quick format it to ensure everything is clear and it s ready for changing into a bootable USB stick At this point make note of its assigned drive letter Remove any other memory sticks Step Download Linux live USB creator from here http www linuxliveusb com and save it to your desktop Step Double click the exe file you just downloaded and Click run when the security warning box opens Extract the contents when requested Step Double click on the Linux Live USB Creator folder on your desktop and double click on the LiLi USB Creator exe file The program will now open and you should see it as below Step Select your USB memory stick Here you see mine selected Make sure its the assigned drive letter you took note of before Caution Make certain you have the correct drive letter You don t want one of your hard drives being formatted by accident Step Click on the image above ISO IMG ZIP Navigate to your desktop and then highlight your previously downloaded linux live distro Click Open It will then proceed to check the integrity of the ISO image and you ll see a progress bar like below Once completed it will come up with the following Step Select the size of saved memory you require Because this is recognised as a USB disk you are able to use it not only as a live linux desktop you can also save to it like you can in a real installation I find it very useful for keeping certain software installed that I can use to trouble shoot computers You could use it to store pictures or software pre-downloaded if you like So set how much you want I ve set mine at the maximum I can have If you re not interested in setting it up just leave it at MB and go to the next step Step Set it up as below I advise you turn off Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows Option as it can be a bit temperamental and really is not needed to install or run your Linux Ensure the Format option is selected and hide created files is ticked nbsp

A:Guide to using a USB memory stick to install or run Linux

Step 10: Click the lightning tab to start installation.

It?ll start extracting the ISO to the USB memory stick like below:

It will then build up the space for your persistence (to save items)

It?ll then format the persistence file as below (mines approx 15min due to being 3.3GB in size)

Once complete this will appear, and a page will load in your web browser:

It?s now safe to close the application. You?re done. J

Step 11: To use this, press whichever key your prompted to press during bootup to enable you to select what drive to boot with. Then select your memory stick, and hey presto, it?ll start and run exactly like a CD/DVD would, but MUCH faster!
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I installed SP3 on my WinXP Home Machine, and now, there is no "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the taskbar and my USB key is not being recognized. The drive letter does not show in Windows Explorer, nothing. But, the hardware device name shows up in the Device Manager. I can't see the drive in Explorer however. In Acronis Disk Director, the partition is still there. On another computer, the flash drive is recognized just right, but not on my SP3 machine. Any solutions? Should I rollback to SP2? I also installed the latest series of updates. Should I roll those back, too?

A:WinXP not recognizing USB memory stick after SP3 install

In device manager, double click the device and rollback the drivers (if possible). If not, right click the device, select uninstall. Unplug it, wait a minute, plug it back in, wait for the drivers to install.

Any luck?
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Dear Admin,

This is in reference to my Qosmio G20 Laptop.

Last month my OS (windows XP media edition) got corrupted then I try to reformat it and install the OS again.

But unfortunately my CD/DVD Rom not working/reading,

Then I try to install it through a bootable PEN Drive with XP integrated.....but when I go to BIOS I don?t find the booting option with USB......:-(

Then I remove my primary hard disk and put it to another laptop and install the XP, its work in that laptop but unfortunately when I put the HDD back to the Qosmio its start gives the XP logo but within 5-10 sec its stop and give a blue screen message then restart again automatically....

plezz help me to install XP or Vista or 7 any that works on it......

plezzz plezzz its my favorite laptop

Thanx in advance


A:How to install Win XP on Qosmio G20 using USB flash memory stick

> Then I try to install it through a bootable PEN Drive with XP integrated.....but when I go to BIOS I don?t find the booting option with USB......:-(

Connect the USB flash memory stick to the notebook, now power ON the unit and press F12.
The boot menu should appear where you could see all possible boot devices.

Do you see the USB boot option in boot menu?
If not, then you will not be able to boot from USB flash memory.

> Then I remove my primary hard disk and put it to another laptop and install the XP, its work in that laptop but unfortunately when I put the HDD back to the Qosmio its start gives the XP logo but within 5-10 sec its stop and give a blue screen message then restart again automatically..

I guess this happens because the RAID drivers was not included!!!
The Qosmio G20 supports RAID controller and you have to add the RAID driver (can be found on Toshiba EU driver page) in order to recognize the HDD.
But I don?t know if you could do that using another computer? I guess this is not possible.

Maybe you could try to disable RAID in BIOS?
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I am trying to use this card reader on both 2K and XP. On both machines, the pc recognizes the reader, and assigns a drive. However, I am stuck on the message that says "Insert disk into drive F:" - it's not reading the smart media card. Any ideas? think it's a bad reader?
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I got a message from Action Center or the flag. It says to "Install Your Memory Card Reader Driver". I thought it was already installed.

Can someone help me out here on getting it installed or re-installed?

A:Action Center says "Install Your Memory Card Reader Driver

Also, I believe there is a new version out. I went to Acer Support and Drivers and couldn't find a card reader driver.
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I have a Acer Aspire 6920 that doesn't read nor burn dvd or cd's anymore because the Slimtype DVD A DS8A1P ATA software is missing from my notebook (code 39)
So I was wondering if anybody could help me fix this problem so my notebook can read cd/dvd's again.


A:CD/DVD writer/reader problem!

try this. i found it on browsing: CR.AM: URL Cache Error
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Is it something peculiar to W8 that a CD (700Mb) takes so long to load? Exactly the same CD used to open virtually straight away with XP, but now 'chunders away' first to display folders and then again when I open a folder.

The reader/writer is what came with the newly bought HP desktop.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows 8 and CD/DVD Reader/Writer

You could try one of those lens cleaner discs. Maybe there's a smudge or dust on the lens.
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Ok, so, hopefully I'm in the correct place with my problem.

Every time I insert a cd into the reader/writer, the entire computer basically freezes up. The screen goes black and the computer just keeps trying to read the cd, endlessly. I have to restart it and remove the cd before the OS starts up, or it just keeps trying to read the cd. I've tried using another reader/writer; same problem. Tried changing the ribbon connection, problem persists. It was recently returned to its factory settings, due to this problem and a few others (restarting randomly, freezing a lot, probably spyware etc) and the problem still persists. I'm at a loss. Please, I don't want to take it into a shop; that costs money I don't have at the moment.

For the record, I'm relatively new to computers. I know a few things, but not as many as I probably should.

A:Problem with DVD reader/writer

Try this for a start to clean out any spyware etc download and give it a run not saying it will cure the problem straight off but its a start ...
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Guys I just got a CD Burner installed on my PC Windows OS I am a little confused with the difference between CD-R disks and CD-RW disks From what I understand with a CD-R disk you can not modify a files data once it is saved However with a CD-RW you can edit and erase and modify the data that sits on an RW just like a floppy BTW is there any difference in the amount of data that a CD-R and CD-RW can hold OK my question is Let s say I have Office documents that I want to copy to CD Rom ROM Disks Reader CD Writer CD ROM vs. using a CD-R disk on a Monday I know that using the CD-R disk that I can not do anything to the documents once on the CD Rom using the reader disk Let s say that I have ample storage on the disk left CD ROM Reader vs. CD ROM Writer Disks after the burn is completed Let s assume that everything about the burn is successful Let s say it s Friday and I want to add more documents to the reader disk that I created on Monday Since they are new documents for the reader disk can I go ahead and burn them to that same disk that has the documents on it OR is burning with a CD Rom reader disk a one shot deal and I would have to use another disk for the remaining documents I understand that I can only modify existing backed up data with a CD-RW disk but can I add new data to a CD-reader disk so long that I understand it can t be modified once added i e can I do my example above using CD ROM reader disks Do most of you use CD ROM-R disks or CD ROM-RW disks and which would you recommend for the most part Jack nbsp

A:CD ROM Reader vs. CD ROM Writer Disks

I'll see if I can make this real simple:
Think of CD-R disks as "Writable" disks...
Think of CD-RW disks as "Re-writable" disks...

Now,depending on how you set up the software configurations for your burner,yes...,you can write to a CD-R more than one time...,you can fill it up to capacity in several burning "sessions".You can leave the disk session "open" so that more data can be added to it at a later time.Or,you can close the "session" and it can then be read by most any CD-ROM drive.

Depending on what you are using to "read' the CD-R,it may look like one continuous recording.However,when it comes to recording audio tracks,each "session" is independant and a home stereo CD player cannot detect multiple session disks.So,you may only hear a few songs (the 1st session) and then it will stop.this is not true of the CD burner drive in your computer though,it will see all of the recorded data or music.

A CD-RW is about the same in volume,but you are correct,it can be erased,over-written,modified in multiple manners.CD-RW disks are usually used for automated back-ups for that reason alone,since it can handle being "updated" instead of files just being "added".

I prefer to use CD-RW disks for transferring files from one computer to another,since there seems to be a better compatibility with standard CD-ROM drives and those disks.Most CD-ROMs have a difficult time detecting "open session" CD-R disks (waiting to have more added to them).
Although a bit small,a CD-RW can be used like a virtual hard-drive,but of course the writing process does slow things down a bit.
I use CD-R disks for music and archiving of files that I know will not require being modified.

Does that help?
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So, I got a phone with a micro SD card and I bought a USB reader/writer so I can put stuff on it from my computer. When I plug it into my computer it installs fine and everything is fine until I put in my card, when I do it totally freezes my computer. As soon as I pull it out it starts working again. I have vista. Is this an issue with vista or my card or what? Please help me!!!!
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Hello everyone
In my acer laptop which is about 2 year old, the cd/dvd drive is not responding to any cd/dvd I put in. Although the drive is detected and shows in my computer, the drive simply does not read the disk. if the drive head has to be cleaned please advise how to clean?

Thanks and Regards

J. Shah

A:Laptop cd/dvd reader/writer

You just need a cleaning disc as pictured here:
Basically you can pick one up for any large store

Mind you laptops have always been very poor at reading burnt discs compared to originals. Therefore you may just want to purchase an external USB CD\DVD Burner
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I have been given a brand new card reader/writer. What can I use this for and how do I use it?

A:card reader/writer

depends on what its designed to read
Usually they are memory cards and can include a range of memory cards - the type of cards are often indicated by symbols on the card reader itself

CF cards
SD cards
Sony Cards

Also is it a USB device - does it have a USB slot or cable

you use it for reading or writing to memory cards - commonly used in cameras

a picture of it may help

When plugged in, it may appear as separate drives on the PC and us use just like you would a harddrive - to copy or read data from
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I have the ADS DVD Xpress by ADS Tech and an Ultra DVD Burner that burns in the DVD R format running on Win SE I have used the DVD Xpress to capture any movie from a VHS tape in the analog form to my computer then when reader problems / DVD writer I use any DVD writer / reader problems program WinDVD Creator Ulead Studio Nero Express or Pinnacle Studio to convert to digital and then burn to DVD disc sometimes my computer freezes up and sometimes I DVD writer / reader problems get an quot illegal operation quot message after which my computer shuts down In any case I can t record my movie to DVD disc It worked fine for movies that recorded to DVD Also my WinDVD wont play any DVD s I get the following error message quot Create overlay failed Please lower your screen resolution or color depth and try again quot I had to set my screen resolution to x to make DVD Xpress work originally What is the problem email protected nbsp
Relevancy 60.2%

I have a couple of spare 512 SD cards for my camera.
If I buy a 2.0 USB card reader-writer, would I be able to use these cards as storage for music, movies ect?

A:Card Reader-Writer

Yes, you can potentially save any kind of file to an SD card but a 512Mb card won't hold much in the way of movies.
Relevancy 59.77%

I'm illiterate with respect to CD reader/writer functions. Can you help?

I routinely use Windows Explorer to read and write on my computer, using:
MS Windows XP, and my CD hardware is a Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252s. No problems.

In the laptop I'm working on, I can read CD's made on my machine, but apparently some sort of incompatibility when I write using: MS Windows 2000 (on NT base), and CD hardware is Sony CD-RW CRX700E.

Gives me this message : The CD in your CD-REcorder is a CD-RW CD. You are creating a CD that is readable by multiread CD-ROM drives only. "Do you want to write anyway?" to which I said yes.

It appears to write. But when I try to read it on my machine, it appears to be blank.

A:Solved: CD reader/writer problem

Hi Ed

I moved your CD-R/RW problem to All Other Software.
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my card reader just not working the error message says "the request could not be performed because of an I/O error" i dont kno wat to do.Ive tried opening the cmd prompt,select run from the start menu but this not working either.Could someone please help me, i wanna see my pics and upload them to my pc. Thanks

A:card reader/writer not working

Check Device Manager for any devices listed with a yellow ! or red x

If there are any, those devices are at a minimum, missing drivers.
Relevancy 59.77%

Just bought a SDIMini SDIMMCIRS-MMCIT-Flash Card Reader/Writer. It's supposed to plug into the USB and allow me to transfer photos from my digital camera memory card right into my hard drive. But here's the thing...every time I try to open it (G drive) through My Computer it locks up, gives me a Non-Responding error message, and I have to go into Task Manager and manually end task. Install New Hardware recognizes it, and says it's installed and working properly, but I can't open it without crashing. I have Windows XP. Now, this is a REALLY cheap product, as I was just experimenting with the technology, but it should at least work, right? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
Relevancy 59.77%

can't get my windows xp to respond to card reader/writer when i plug in the usb cable.

A:card reader/writer problem

Please do not create more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing thread.

Please continue here:
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Hello this is the problem, my father bought a lyra2 mp3 player he did install the music match jukebox software that comes with it but when he connects the flash reader a window asks to install the SCM MICRO USBAT-02 driver using the istallation cd or windows update, he clicks continue to everything and then says that couldnt find such driver, what can we do to get the music rolling...thanks
operating system winxp

A:CompactFlash reader/writer problem
Relevancy 59.77%

Hi !
I have HP Pavilion w1164d Desktop PC , I formatted my system and now whenever I insert my dvd or any cd it shows blank dvd/cd. I tried a video cd it shows the icons but when I play it it does'nt pay and shows some error.

Conclusion - After formatting my system , my Cd/Dvd reader cum writer is showing the Cd blank, I have tried many dvd's but it shows that my DVD is blank
System info -
HP Pavilion w1164d Desktop PC
Ram is upgraded to 1 GB
CD /DVD reader/writer is from LG (company)
Please click and check the system information -
Kind Regards
Relevancy 59.77%

Does anyone know of a way to have Adobe Acrobat 6 writer and the version 9 Reader functioning on the same computer?
Relevancy 59.77%

I have no idea what caused this I have two DVD drives--one X and one X both made by LG-HITACHI--and Neither any DVD reading discs reader/writer I hardly ever use them It is normal for me to go weeks at a time without using them and during one of these periods they both stopped working the time span makes it impossible to find a cause I have searched other forums and haven't returned anything that helped me Here are some things that I've tried observed -No exclamation points in device manager -Rerouted wires in my computer a while ago and may have accidentally reversed SATA cables but tried both ways and found this not to be the case -When a disc is in the green light blinks on and off Neither DVD reader/writer reading any discs for about a minute then has about seconds during which it stops flashing then continues While flashing Explorer locks up if I try to access the drive and the drive cannot be ejected with the button OR with right-click gt eject in Explorer When the light is off it says quot insert a disc quot and the disc can be ejected either way -Will not read any discs I have tried a DVD a computer game and a driver disc -Both drives have the same issue so it's not like the drive is a lemon Possible theories -Since both are made by the same company is it causing interference with the software -No clue Please post some ideas because it's really debilitating not to have any disc drives

A:Neither DVD reader/writer reading any discs

You may have two identical drives and windows could care less.

First if you have not already tried this I would give it a try:

Go back into device manager and delete both drives then shut the system down. Unplug the SATA cable from one of the drives and reboot and see if windows finds it and installs it correctly and if so test that one drive and see if it is working now.

By chance if this corrects that drives problems then, shut down, reconnect the SATA cable to the other drive and reboot and hopefully that will install the second dive and then test it.

If all that fails then download ImgBurn and go into Settings and click on "Filter Driver Load Order" and take a screen capture of that and post it back here so I can see if you might have some bad filters on the system.

Hope this helps
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Ever since I installed Windows this time around, one of my CD drives hasn't been working right...or at all. When I put a CD in, nothing happens. With any CD in, opening explorer causes the machine to hang - UNTIL I remove the CD, then everything springs to life. The thing is, I installed Windows using this drive - so I know it works.

I have swapped the cables out (trying many different 40 and 80 pin ribbins). I have removed the drivers for the device and let Windows install them again. The thing still doesnt want to work. I didn't mind so much a few months ago, but this is my burner (DVD read, CD burner combo) and I need to clear some space now.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:DVD reader / CD (re)writer causing problems

Had a similar problem. I reversed the 2 drives. Made the master, slave and the slave drive my master drive. Be sure to change the jumper settings if you try it. It corrected my problem. Also is the bios seeing the drive??
Relevancy 59.77%

Hello I have been meaning to post this for awhile ok so. I would like to have a fully functional DVD/CD burner but it never seems to work when I want to burn something but that here is proving to be difficult is some information on my Drive

A:CD/DVD Writer/Reader won't burn CDs/DVDs

What error, if any, do you get when you try to burn a disc? Does it read discs OK?

What is the status of the drive in the Device Manager? Does it show as working OK or does it have an error code.

What burning program(s) are you using?
Relevancy 58.91%

i insert a memory card into the 51-in-1 card reader/writer, then i plug the usb cable into my dell/windows xp professional and nothing happens . do i need a driver or something and where can i get one? i am a computer beginner. help!

A:digital concepts card reader /writer

Has the reader ever worked and does the PC work with other USB devices? Cable seated properly on both ends?

Card readers don't need drivers loaded for XP.

Is this a cheapo unit? In my experience, the low cost USB gadgets can be flaky. I bought an SD card reader for $2 and it worked once. What did I expect. Cost me more than that in gasoline to return it.
Relevancy 58.91%

Hi, does anyone know of an external PCMCIA card reader/writer that meets the specifications below:

can read/write
supports 3.3V/5V 16-bit PCMCIA cards
type II PC card slot
can read/write to a wireless LAN card or a modem card or an Ethernet LAN card
works with Windows OSs

My whole objective is to be able to use my Sony Ericsson GC82 EDGE PC card on my desktop computer (Im looking for an external drive solution).

Even if your device does or does not meet all these specifications or you are not sure if it does, still respond to me with the drive that you think may meet my objective.

Much appreciated.

A:External PCMCIA card reader/writer

You can buy PC/PCMCIA card readers that fit into a 3.5in bay or rear expansion slot. I don't know of any "external" ones. Do a google search on "PCI CARDBUS DESKTOP"
Relevancy 58.91%

I haven't changed anything in the system, I just woke up one morning and I couldn't burn videos to DVD! I am running Sony's software for movie editing (picture motion browser) and have been making movies for years and never had a problem. I have tried to get the computer to recognize about 6 different DVD reader/writers and I just bought a brand new ASUS unit and still no recognition. HELP!

A:Computer doesn't recognize ANY DVD writer/reader

I assume you already tried those suspect cd-dvd devices in other computers, correct? Are the devices showing correctly in UEFI or BIOS? If yes, are the devices correctly showing up in Control Panel's Device Manager? And, you have or have not used something similar to Acronis Universal Boot, I can't boot the Acronis dvd right now to make sure of the correct name; however, once I invoked it, both my hard-drive and what was once my cd-dvd device had the same name in BIOS; I had to restore a recent [month-old] OS partition image to fix it. It is the first choice of four or five choices within the Acronis Rescue DVD [or usb] boot.

addendum: I corrected the name above: Acronis Universal Boot is the correct name.
Relevancy 58.91%

I have been working on an issue where acrobat reader and writer (both version 6) are installed, and ONE user is unable to get acrobat to open.
--Windows XP
--Acrobat reader 6.0
--adobe full writer 6.0

What I have tried:

--removing and reinstalling BOTH applications
--updating to reader 7.0
--renaming the users profile
There is no way that acrobat opens. Clicking on either program, it just hangs. Doesn't show up in task manager, but does show up in processes.
tried clicking on a pdf file, still nothing opens.
tried "unassociating" pdf files with adobe, reinstalling, then "reassociating" all pdf's with adobe.....still nothing!

If I log in, everything opens up fine. When the user logs in, Not-So-fine.

any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be GREAT


Relevancy 58.91%

My blue ray /cd writer / reader suddenly disappear from my computer , I when I looked at the driver properties I got "code 19" than I uninstalled and restarted the computer with no success got the "code 19" again .I tried to update the driver and I got an answer from the computer that my driver is up to date .I am stuck in some loop as I do not find a place that I can download the driver and if I am using the window 7 way of solving the issue nothing is happening
"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"
This is the message I get

A:Blue ray reader / writer driver issues


Try the steps here and see if it helps.
Relevancy 58.91%

The SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader/Writer works on my sister's computer, but not mine.

There was a sticker that said to install the button application before plugging it in, but i forgot about that and plugged it in,

It doesn't read my SD card at all! I tried installing repairing, reinstalling that button application, but I don't think thats the problem.

And everytime I put in the SD card in there, it reads it but when I press the little transfer button it tells me that the monitor is already running and that I need to put in a medium.

What gives?

A:SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader/Writer Issues

While you're tying to figure it out, you should be able to open My Computer and use the Sandisk as a portable disk drive to read your card?
Relevancy 58.91%


I have version 6.0 Adobe Acrobat writer and Adobe Reader version 9 on an XP SP3 PC. Everytime i open a web based pdf it tries to open it with Writer and gives an error that the version is to old. I have set the preferences in Reader to open in web browser.

Is there anyway of getting Reader to open all web pdf's?

Any suggestions welcome,


Relevancy 58.91%

I have a dual operating system set-up, using Windows7 and Linux Ubuntu.
I am having problems running a number of cd-rom iso disks. Specifically, I want to load the iso disk, "GPARTED". This disk loads with no problems when I use Ubuntu as the op system. But with Windows7,
when the computer starts up, I hear the cd-reader/writer start up, the after approximately 1/2 minute the regular menu comes up on the screen.
Am I missing some setting or something?
Thank you

A:CD/DCD reader/writer problem loading .iso disks

do you mean you are trying to boot off it or that when you load into windows it hangs at the windows logo and reads the disk before continuing to load into windows?
Relevancy 57.62%

I still use smart media cards for transferring designs from my laptop to an embroidery machine manufactured older reader/writer for card) media equipment (smart in It cost and comparable ones today cost I can t upgrade my equipment my equipment is for imaging but it s not reader/writer for older equipment (smart media card) a camera I hope I m in the right blog So here s my question I bought a brand new reader writer by a company called Microtech which I since learned no longer exists I got it brand new from Amazon just weeks ago and it came with an installation disk but the instructions only apply to Windows ME and earlier I have the disk in my laptop but I don t see any installation setup Can I just go ahead and plug the device into my USB port Is there a patch or something I should install first to enable Windows to read this disk I m not handy with computers I use it mostly for embroidery and shopping nbsp

A:reader/writer for older equipment (smart media card)

Windows 8 will most probably install the correct driver for you so just plug it in.
If for any reason windows does not install the driver there's no harm done the device won't work and we will have to think of something else.
Relevancy 57.19%

Running Windows pro installed reader it and "Install is but your works driver" card memory sp on Acer Aspire one ZG I don t get it All hardware has always worked after I replaced winXP with win pro on this netbook clean full install from bootable flash drive Then one day "Install your memory card reader driver" but it is installed and works recently all the sudden I have quot other devices quot - of them listed as quot base system device quot and action center is telling me quot install your memory card reader driver quot of course windows update doesn t find drivers Here s the thing my memory card reader works fine both of them and I can use them just fine In fact everything works as it always has so I can t figure out what the heck these quot other devices quot are that "Install your memory card reader driver" but it is installed and works suddenly appeared out of nowhere for no reason When I check device ID s each one has device ID s listed Not sure if all instances of quot base system device quot have the same device ID s listed or not but I am showing you what s under one of them Why would windows action center be telling me install memory card reader drivers if the readers already work and so apparently already have drivers Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on All my hardware works so how can there be drivers missing This just doesn t make any sense to me nbsp

A:"Install your memory card reader driver" but it is installed and works
Relevancy 55.9%

Completely new to this so apologies if barking up the wrong tree .... !

Rather than buying a 32 gb memory stick to upload some important jpg pictures into for safety's sake, I'm wondering if it's possible to upload and store them in a spare and unused 32gb memory card that I've got lying around instead ? Equally if it's then possible to download them safely later on ?


A:Possible to save to a memory card rather than a memory stick ?

Short answer is Yes. An SD card is very similar to a flash drive as far as the technology goes and can be used like an SD card for storing files. I would format it Fat32. And you can download (Copy) the files from the card at any time.
Relevancy 55.9%

I am running Windows XP in a Compaq Presario, with CD reader and CD/DVD burner.
My question: How do I get a DVD(with photos and sound) onto a Flash Memory stick or an SD card??

A:Transfer DVD to Memory Stick or Memory card

Simplest method:

Insert the Disc with photos and sound (close any autorun)
Go to My Computer
Right Click on the CD/DVD drive (with your photos and sound in) and select open
Click on Edit (in Toolbar) then Select all
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select copy

Close the folder

Insert your Flash Memory stick and select Open folder to view the files
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select paste

All done Copy and paste (some say I'm good at this !)
Relevancy 53.32%

Hey everyone I am having an absolute rotten day Argh I have a home pc I put it together myself It was a Gigabyte MA T-UD P board with an AMD Phenon II X Black Edition processor keyboard DVD out memory, getting writer Only two or three: of coupled with an OCZ w power supply Other internals are a GeForge GT video Only getting two out of three: memory, keyboard or DVD writer card a Gb drive Tb drive and a DVD Only getting two out of three: memory, keyboard or DVD writer writer It had GB of RAM Kingston ValueRam KVR D N The other day I decided to install an additional Gb of RAM My board has memory slots with the GB RAM in slot Since my board recommends putting similar RAM together I put the two GB sticks PATRIOT Sector PGV G ELK sticks in slots and The PATRIOT sticks are bigger than the norm so I have to put them there since the CPU cooler prohibits me from putting them in slots or Power On the BIOS shows Gb of RAM And it boots and comes to the login screen but the Keyboard isnt working Ok so shut down and restart but nothing this time the system doesnt even POST One light comes on and I can hear a hard drive make a read Only getting two out of three: memory, keyboard or DVD writer write sound but the CPU fan doesnt come on either even when the heatsink becomes pretty hot So I shut it down thinking power is inadequate and disconnect the DVD drive Power On and nothing Same disk sounds but nothing else Remove my old RAM - the Kingston leaving the PATRIOT in there This time system boots So I shut down the system thinking I can just use GB ram and hook up the DVD writer System comes on but now there s no Keyboard Argh Shut down and restart and again the system doesnt POST After trying things on and off again I finally get DVD and Keyboard working and everything is fine and dandy However now System monitor only shows the system showing GB RAM instead of the required GB Is the power supply inadequate I looked up the specs for other power supplies upto W but they all show that they provide the same wattage W to the v cable Any ideas people I tried everything and am clueless nbsp

A:Only getting two out of three: memory, keyboard or DVD writer

The amount of memory you're able to put into your computer isn't effected by the amount of power you have available. Pretty much any PSU will do.

I suspect that you don't have a 64 bit operating system and you have more than 3GB of memory available for Windows and your video card has even more memory on it. A 32 bit version of Windows can only access 3GB of system and video memory combined.

Do you have a 32 or 64 bit operating system?

I would download and burn an ISO of Memtest86 and make sure your new memory is working and test one stick at a time in the dimm slot you'd have the memory in if both dimms were present.
Relevancy 52.46%

I have used my memory stick before to look at my pictures and copy to DVD. Now, all of sudden, it is telling me when I put the stick in, and try to open to insert the memory stick, the memory stick is blinking, like it is being read. I checked the profile, the auto play said music, I tried to change to photo would not change,the auto play thing keeps appearing like it is playing something. I am so frustrated. Get this where I bought this computer, their tech support is off until 1/5. Can you imagine what their phones will be like then, with all of Xmas stuff they probably sold. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried to change the "J" drive to photo, mixed etc, it just goes back to music. I don't know if that is the problem. But I am not all that computer illiterate.
Relevancy 52.46%

my memory stick is stuck in a laptop's card reader
i cannot take it out
please help

A:memory stick help

i own a pc with windows xp

my memory stick is stuck in a laptop's card reader
i cannot take it out
please help
Relevancy 52.46%

Hi all at TSG! Can you help? I'm purchasing a sony digital camera which uses a "Memory Stick" for storage. Does anyone know if a compact flash card or a SD memory card would be compatible, or will I only be able to use a memory stick? Thanx

Relevancy 52.46%

What is the difference between a USB flash drive and a USB pen drive? There is a difference in price but that is all i can work out at the moment. Please can you help.

A:Memory stick

Hi helenb102,

Welcome to TSG!

According to when I searched for usb flash drive, a USB flash drive and USB pen drive are one and the same:
Known By Many Names

Also known as a "flash drive," "pen drive," "keychain drive," "key drive," "USB key," "USB stick" and "memory key," ...

I already knew that, but wondered if indeed there actually was some difference - so, none!

They are sold with or without bootable software (Windows) depending on mfg. I have bought 512kb, 2GB and 4GB USB flash drives. SanDisk cruzer (512KB, 2GB, 4GB) comes with Windows compatible FAT16 (I think) bootable software. On a PNY Technologies (2GB) USB flash drive which does not come with any bootable software, I partitioned and laid in a compatible file system for Linux Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon which has the property (now) of persistent storage, so that any changes I install to it are not lost after I boot it up and install the changes - i.e. between reboots from it onto my desktop from it.

-- Tom
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Hey all

I have do a project for school on the sony memory stick duo new release of the

4GB and 8GB cards and i cant find anything on the price

can someone plz help?

A:Memory stick duo

i'm not sure the 8's are available yet but, here are some prices on the 4's
Relevancy 52.46%

I'm trying to download Winzip Program to a memory stick,so that i can install on another computer that needs Winzip,but is not connected to I/Net.
Everytime i try an install,there seems to be missing files.
Any ideas ??
Many Thanks

A:Memory Stick

No ideas. I've often transferred WinZip via USB drive-never had any problem. Are you sure you're saving the downloaded file to the USB drive-if you try copying your installed version of WinZip you probably won't get it all. Other than that the only idea I have is that you have a problem with your download-have you tried re-downloading it? Maybe from a different PC?
Relevancy 52.46%

I have a USB1.1 memory stick that is a few years old. It has worked faithfully up until now. Yesterday when I insert it into a USB port, the computer (XP) does not detect it. There is no error message, there is no yellow question mark in the Device Manager. It does not appear on in My Computer, it doesn't work on another computer (Vista) and I have another USB Memory stick that does work with the computer so I am guessing that there is problem with the older stick.

Is there anything I can do to access the data on the stick and back it up before I replace it?



Relevancy 52.46%

Just a casual question. I have three memory sticks, equal in capacity, which are used for transmitting files across to other computer and daily backups. The computer has a hard disk with no partitions and the usual CD/DVD-ROM drive.

Why, when I insert two of the memory sticks are they each recognised as the E drive, whilst the third memory stick is always recognised as the F drive. The memory sticks are used one at a time.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 235131 MB, Free - 188679 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0WG864, , ..CN481116AB03B3.
Antivirus: Sunbelt VIPRE, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Memory on a Stick

Is each stick always recognized as the same drive, like the "f" is always "f" even if it is the only stick plugged in?

Might want to look at this:

You can name your sticks for ease of use.
Relevancy 52.46%


I have plugged my memory stick into my pc and I cannot read from it. There is no data available on it. I plugged it into another pc and still nothing. Help. How do I retrieve the data?


Relevancy 52.46%

Hey guys,

I have a question,

is there any way to recover a corrupted drive.

A while back i was formating my 2gb memory stick when the power went out.
The format did not complete and now the drive wont work at all.

is there any way to get it working again?

Thanks in advance.

A:USB memory stick help

Ok, did some googling.
Found this utility Low-Level Format Tool-HDDguru

It is currently working its magic.

More after the break.
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I have a USB flash drive
It worked fine as was seen when plugged in my old pc
But now on my new one it says its installed and lights up when I plug it into USB But does not appear in My Computer window to click on it to open it Any ideas please?
My card reader is the same.

A:USB Memory stick not seen

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard and/or mouse, you'll have to modify the instructions and leave enough parts for those to function. I don't have one yet, so I haven't had time to modify the instructions.
Relevancy 52.46%

Hello all I ve been running Memtest version on my memory sticks lately I mainly started because I read a lot about it in the forums and wanted to try it out I m kind of new to the whole PC scene so I don t know exactly why or when to run memory tests or what all the numbers are supposed to tell me I ll start by Stick? Bad Memory listing my system specs Processor Intel P C GHz w MHz FSB Motherboard MSI G Neo -PLS Memory Kingston ValueRam GB x MB PC Hard Disk Western Digital GB RPM IDE I realize that my current memory is not optimum for my system but at the time I built my system it was what I had I plan on upgrading to PC in the future My motherboard has RAM slots each for Channel quot A quot and Channel quot B quot I ve run each stick in each slot individually for a minimum of hours per run The first stick has consistantly run without any errors the second stick has consistantly run with many errors My questions are these Bad Memory Stick? Have I run the tests properly Can I assume that ultimately there should be no errors My memory has a quot Lifetime Warranty quot how would I go about having Kingston replace the bad stick If I ve left out any pertinent information I apologize and please feel free to request it Any responses are greatly appreciated Thank you ahnadahodo nbsp

A:Bad Memory Stick?

There is really no way to run MemTest wrong and yes, there should be no errors whatsoever.

You can either take the memory back to where you bought it or RMA it directly to Kingston. You can find the RMA form on under support.
Relevancy 52.46%

I am having problems clearing my memory stick of unwanted data.

Does anyone know a way to delete all info. in one hit ? Thanks in advance

A:memory stick

If it shows up under 'My Computer' when you insert it into your card reader, you should be able to right-click on it, and select 'Format' to completely wipe the card clean.

If 'Format' it doesn't appear in the right-click menu, click on 'Properties' and see if it's in there.
Relevancy 52.46%

This probably sounds daft, but when you buy a PSP did a memory stick come with it, or did you have to buy one separately?

A:PSP memory stick

My PSP "fat" came with a 32MB memory stick.

I believe there are packages that come with up to 1 GB memory stick.
I bought my own 2GB memory stick and I use that exclusively.
Relevancy 52.46%

am experiening problems copying files from an Acer laptop with 08 vista to memory stick both media and word docs. Older docs transferred from work pc go to and from the Acer via memory stick without problem Others created or copied direct to (eg music) cannot be tranferred to memory stick, with message reading : error 0x800700052.

I would gretaly appreciate any advice.


A:dse memory stick 1gb

You may be trying to put too many files into the root directory of the memory stick, try creating a folder on the memory stick and then copying the files to that folder instead.
Relevancy 52.46%

How do i download photo's to memory stick. do i need a programme of some kind.? or is there something in xp that will do it for me .didnt think the cheap cd writer that came with it would do it .

A:memory stick

Barjay, welcome to TSF.

Insert your memory stick into an empty USB port.

Find the pictures you wish to transfer. Select the file you want and right click on it > Choose Send To > Removeable Drive.
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Hi there, i have two 256mb memory on my pc which has two more empty slots and capacity for 4gb. I bought a 2gb memory stick compatible with my system, my question is, do i have to take the 256mb memory sticks out, or just add the 2gb one, cause I'll have then 2 1/2gb of memory, is that all right??

A:Memory stick

Don't mix memory types. Remove the old memory sticks and use only the new memory
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Hi all.I got a 128mbPC133 memory stick for x-mas.But the problem is, I have a PC2100 model.I was wondering if it will still work.I put it in but nothing is changed except that AIDA recognizes it as an extra memory.Can i manke it work or should i try and see if the manufacturer will exchange it??..Thank you

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Long story short: My new computer that had Vista on it originally crashed two weeks ago. I downgraded to XP. Now the internet doesn't work. My Network Drivers are missing.

So I hooked up my old computer (Windows ME) I upgraded it to XP. I got onto the HP website and the tech sent me 3 drivers: chipset, sound, and modem.

The CD burner on the old computer won't work. So I couldn't burn the drivers onto a cd and transfer.

I bought a USB Memory Stick. The computer recognized it, installed it. But it's not under 'My Computer'.

I went into Admin Tools and tried adding a new drive. It wouldn't work/I may not have done it right.


A:USB Memory Stick

Try reinstalling the USB drivers or your motherboard chipset drivers.
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Is there any notable difference in performance between a 1600MHz rated memory stick compared to a 1333MHz rated stick?
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I was using an Windows XP computer that didn't have a floppy drive so I used a USB memory stick to save things onto. XP has that auto read and it knew were it was so it was no problem to access the files on it. Now that computer and I'm stuck using a Windows 98 that doesn't have the auto find. How do I get the computer to read the USB so I can access the files?

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I wish to know how to use a memory stick to save files/back up files/transfer files.

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I have a 4gb memory stick that I have used many times to install Linux etc on old laptops etc. Now that I want to use that stick to copy off some files from Win 7, I notice that Win 7 suggests its capacity is only 1gb.

I think I have seen this kind of thing happen before but cant remember how I resolved it.

Anyone got ideas on how to kick-start W7 into recognising its full capacity ?


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Hi,hopefully u can answer my question.I have 2 memory sticks installed in my pc,one 512mb Ram stick and one 256mb Ram, but on a recent visit to pc pitstop it said that i only had 512mb running.
Where can see how much is actually running?Is it possible that the 256 stick is broke?How can i find this out?

physical memory
Total 515568
in use 220624 so could anyone tell me from these figures how much Ram i have?


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I?m using one of those memory sticks, I download a few episodes of something to it and then plug it into my DVD player. It plays fine but the episodes are not in order. No matter how I rename them they?re always out of order. Does anyone have a solution for this?

A:Using a memory stick - help please

What file format do you use please?
Do your file names start with numbers or words?
What make is your DVD player?
If you give me those details I will look into it for you.
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Hi, I am running Windows XP SP3 and I have high speed satilite service provider. I live in a remote area and the only other provider is dialup. My nieghbor who also lives here has Windows Vista and she only has dialup. I am wondering if I can download Windows Defender onto my USB memory stick and then go install it onto her computer. It is a 12 hour download for her since she is only getting 17Kbps speed and also can't seem to download it. Hope someone can help since it is two different platforms and I don't know if it is the right thing to do. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:USB memory stick

Not sure about Windows defender , but most downloads give you a choice to save or run. Many times, I have saved to a cd and burned it for friends who have a slow connection.
I think your idea should work.
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I plug in my memory stick into my computer but it does'nt work, do I need to download some type of software to my computer? please help.

A:Memory stick

Memory modules, if the correct size, and type, should work out of the box.
Be sure you have the right stuff by going to and entering your computer brand and model, or the motherboard brand and model... for a list of what should work.
Then if you install it correctly so that it is firmly seated, the motherboard BIOS and Windows should detect it and accept it automatically.
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are all memory sticks compatible with all pcs?Or do i have to know stuff before i purchase one?This is my pc...what kind of card should i get?,if they are not all

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I have an Packard Bell laptop, running XP. At the moment i am not able to accssess the internet. I have downloaded a program, MP3 Tools onto my memory stick from another computer, but for some reason when i try to put it onto my laptop i keep getting an error message. Can anyone help please. thank you.

A:Memory stick

What's contained in the error message may help.
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i have downloaded a few movies and put them all on my memory stick then deleted them off my computer. Now if i try and pay them in windows media player it says it cannot play it because of a missing codec that was used to suppress the file??

Can anyone help ive already tries using other media players but they don't work either!!

2 of the movies work but the other 5 dont . Dont understand why they are all normal mpeg files??
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Please help, I accidentally formatted my wifes memory stick, it contained about 4GB of work she had not backed up. Is there any way I can retrieve any of her work.
Any help would be much appreciated.