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Q: Adobe photoshop arabic support

Im using adobe photoshop 7.0,but if i create a text in arabic font,text is movin from left to right (as english) so the whole text is reversed... its unreadable in arabic...Im using XP home edition...Plz suggest a solution...

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Preferred Solution: Adobe photoshop arabic support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " «šŪ… "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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Okay, so my problem is not with Internet Explorer, but I can't find where I would write a post about problem is it will not let me install the stupid thing to my computer. I had it installed on my computer but deleted it because my computer would freeze everytime I would try to go into it. So now I try to download it and it says: msiexec.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close ..... Please help!

A:Adobe Photoshop 4.0 (moved from IE support)

Hello and welcome to TSF

Where are you trying to download it from?
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My computer doesnít support the Arabic language he on the soft ware although I have the Arabic feature on my computer

A:How I can support the Arabic language

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) are packages from Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications that allow for the installation of multiple interface languages on a single system.
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Maybe someone can help me out here
i installed the extra language modules in windows vista so i can type in arabic.
now, everything works fine, except for the numeric part of my keyboard. I
can't get it to type arabic numbers. It always gives me the western numbers.
It's very strange, cos a friend of mine actually did the same, and he actually CAN type arabic numbers.

I'm using English Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 on a laptop (no external keyboard).

Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?

A:Arabic numeric support in Windows Vista

hi go to start control panel and in classic view regional and language and make the changes there
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I am relatively new to graphic design and imaging, but I have a question regarding my use of Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

I have designed a logo in Adobe Illustrator CS3, and saved it as both an ".AI" file and an ".EPS" file.

Now, when I open the ".EPS" file in Adobe Photoshop CS3, it appears that the bright cyan (it's a white logo with one of the characters in bright cyan) is duller than what it seemed to be in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Does anyone know why this would be, and what I can do to stop it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Colour Difference/Dullness Between Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
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The Arabic text works fine but numbers do not in any program or browser. I have Windows 10 and its a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop 5000 series.
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I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remains

A:Arabic Arabic Transparent-Bold missing

namo said:

I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remainsClick to expand...

Here is a solution that I spotted on another forum and hopefully it will help you: Scroll down to Post #7

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I use both Adobe Reader 8 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. Whenever I open a pdf document, it always defaults to the Adobe Photoshop Elements. Is there a way to change the default so it opens with Adobe Reader? Thanks.

A:Adobe Photoshop Elements And Adobe Reader

Navigate to where you store your pdf files.
Right click on one of these files and a dialogue will open inviting you to nominate which prog you wish to open that file.
In that dialogue, scroll down to "choose a program", when that opens,?scroll?to?Adobe?Reader,?click?on?that?and?then?click?on?"always?use?this?program?to?open?this?type?pf?file"
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Any one fimilair with this program. I am wondeing if I can take a photo and change the background in this program? Does anyone know where to get good tutorials for this program or know of any program where I can change or add backgrounds to different photos?

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I have been using adobe photoshop cs2 for quite a while now. Recently over the past 2 days i have been getting messages error ox77ec2b3a refererensed memory 0x00000010 could not be read this has happened a few times then photoshop closes down or tells you to terminate the programme even pictures i have opened before this happens to. I run windows xp 2000 edition. anyone any ideas PLEASE!!!!!!!!.

A:adobe photoshop

why don't u join adobe support team?

this error number tells me nothing
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Hi, I'm new here. I spotted TonyKlein's name here, and since he's my hero, I thought I'd join your forum. Good-job cheers to the young man who started this site. Wish I was that bright when I was his age. (Come to think of it, I'm not nearly that bright at this age.)

I just recently tried Adobe Photoshop (tough program for me to figure out).

Would you know how to delete the recent pictures you've worked on from their entries in "File" then "Open Recent"?

I looked for a recent folder in the program files but couldn't find anything.


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I have a photo of my grandchildren with a blue background. I wish to insert the photo onto another, and incorporate it. I jut need to know how to eliminate the blue background - can't seem to find it (Photoshop 7.0). Lassooing would be tedious and inefficient.

[email protected]

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I have adobe photoshop 6.o installed, i downloaded microsoft office 2007 and every since this will not open. i also reinstalled the disk, but still have no success. Any one ever experienced this before please reply. Thanks in advance.

A:adobe photoshop 6.0

Where did you get these softwares?
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I can't figure out how to create a picture without it being a box. Basically lets say I want to draw a basketball, I create a new image which is a square and draw a circle inside of it. What do I do to crop everything but the circle and have that be the image?

Also, how do I create pictures which have a blue shade to them only? If you look at website online, you see these picture which are kind of like black and white pics but it is done with blue and white? How do I create that effect?
Thank you,

A:adobe photoshop 7

BAsically you cannot have a round picture. The background can be transparent but the image will be bound to a set number pf pixels high and wide. There are many filters and presets that can give you pretty much any effect you want to get. If you want an easy way go to Image > adjustments and click hue and saturation. Click the colorize checkbox and move the top slider to get the color you want and adjust the lower ones for brightness, etc.
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I'm looking to purchase this software. Can someone please tell me the difference between the academic version and professional version. I'd love to save the money; but I don't understand what I sacrifice. thanks

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each time i open photoshop i keep getting these 2 message

how can i sort these problems out?

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Hi, I have recently added PS CS4. But when I open a picture or New layout. They both come up with triangle distortions of the picture and black tiangles ona new layout. You cant draw or paint over them. Can anyone help me please?

A:Adobe Photoshop

I had the same problem and here is the solution. In CS4, click on EDIT, then go all the way down to PREFRENCES, then it will open up a list on the right. Click on PERFORMANCE, Then on the bottom right uncheck the box "ENABLE OPEN GL DRAWING" and that should do it! Good luck.
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I am looking to purchase Adobe Photoshop, but there are so many different kinds it has me confused. Elements 4, Elements 5.0, CS2, CS3, CS3 extended, 7.0 etc. I want to spend around $150. Preferably one that can do action sequences.

A:Adobe PhotoShop

You can probably forget about getting any version of Photoshop for $150 legally. Elements doesn’t come with Image Ready but there are some animation tools in the “save for web” area. Elements is a good program and in your price range. The latest version is 5.

If you are interested in animation I would suggest this: Ulead sells Gif Animator 5 alone for $50 and it is included. Gif Animator 5 is the latest version but has been around a while. PhotoImpact 11 is one back but the latest version 12 isn’t that much improved.

Photoimpact is a good editor. It has two interfaces. One for advanced users and one for those not so advanced. It is reportedly a little less intimidating to get started with. Gif Animator 5 is well liked.
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Hello All I have Adobe CS4 Photoshop a question regarding Adobe Photoshop CS I am fairly new to this whole photo Adobe Photoshop CS4 editing stuff At the moment i m just getting to grips with it but what i m looking to do is edit some pictures Now i can change faces from scenes and put other faces over them and make it look as real as I can The difficulty comes when i want to say use a dfferent picture i e the colours aren t the same for instance the face i want to use is green shrek and the picture i want to put the face on is well normal facial colours i can select the face from the shrek picture and put it on the photo but I don t know where to start to blend it and make it look real If anyone can give me any pointers then that would be great or if you know of any good site with that kind of thing on them Thank you for any help on this subject If this isn t clear then please tell me and i ll try to help nbsp

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I am thinking about buying Adobe Photoshop 7, but I am not sure my system can handle it. I have windows 98se and 192 RAM. I don't want to purchase the software if my system can't handle it. Thanks..

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Can someone link me to a trial that works for Vista pelase?

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o boy o boy av got the full version of adobe photoshop now, i want to make some new rounded bars for my forum, look on my forum and have a look at the rounded bars i currently have on, they are not very good are they, its wonky becouse i carefully cut the curves into that.

now how ot i make some neat rounded gradient bars that are like thos eon my forum?
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Hello I've just downloaded Adobe photoshop off torrent, as i need it to create a collage for a school project, and i've installed it and it works fine, but I format my computer a lot and I want to burn it onto a CD so I can keep it in case i need it later, but when i burn it, i use Nero and Data CD.... It burns successfully I put it into the drive open it up click the setup file and it runs the setup wizard, but during installation it tells me theres an error is corrupt. Ignore, Abort, or Retry. go to ignore it says internal error n rolls back, abort rolls back and retry does nothing. I dont understand why does it work when I install it from t he program files i have on my computer, and not when I burn it onto a disk?

A:Adobe Photoshop

We don't support torrent DL's!
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Hello software experts My PC s OS is Windows Professional and is installed with Adobe Photoshop Adobe 7.0 Photoshop It has been running okay until recently What happened was that my PC also has Norton Antivirus I was connected to Adobe Photoshop 7.0 the Internet and Norton Antivirus needed to run the LiveUpdate on the latest anti-virus definitions and while it was downloading the definitions I was also using Photoshop to fix some images After the update by then I closed Photoshop disconnected from the internet later opened Photoshop again then came the problem Photoshop opened its opening screen as usual i e initializing fonts etc but then it would simply close without even opening the software I ve tried removing uninstalling it then installing it it didn t improve anything In my second try of uninstalling I d even removed the shared files then installing a fresh copy still it didn t work Please look it to the problem for me and send me some advice on how might I be able to solve it I d really appreciate your help Thanks Jenny nbsp

A:Adobe Photoshop 7.0


Have you tried closing down Norton, just to see if Photoshop will run? If still no joy, it may be some other conflicts.

Lets see whats running:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.


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Well since I lost CS6 I thought I would try this. If you are a Graphic Artist and have a PC dedicated to doing graphics then this is the program for you. If not, stay away from it. It is always online and it is not that much better than their older version. So for me it is back to The Gimp, Paint.Net and Paint.

A:Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0

I am a long time Photoshop fan and Photoshop heavy user. I really don't know why Adobe is killing it's own software: Photoshop will now be subscription based + the newer versions will work on tablets only which means they have to be lighter and more watered down than the PC versions which need a lot of hardware oomph that tablets don't have. So far Photoshop has been used by a select few who are interested enough to learn it and who have the right hardware to operate it, it looks like they want to make it assessable to everyone. I read a while back that Adobe has stopped developing Flash for mobile devices, the author of the article said that this spelled the death of Flash because Adobe's next step will be stopping development of flash for PCs which is the actual end of flash
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Hello SevenForums members! I recently just started using Windows 7 Beta 1 and I like the experience with it so far.

I really need Adobe Photoshop CS 4 but unfortunately an error comes up in the Setup file that I downloaded from Adobe's server. This is because it's not compatible with Windows 7.

Edit: Nevermind it's working now! I just had to choose Windows Vista in compatibility mode for the setup to continue.

A:Adobe Photoshop CS 4

CS4 Master Collection installed perfectly fine for me in Windows7 without using compatibility mode.
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I tried searching your forum but most people seem to be running CS4 or CS3. Unfortunately, I am running an older version of Photoshop. I just purchased Win 7 Pro 64 Bits this weekend and I seem to be failing at getting certain programs to even install. Adobe Photoshop 5 is one of these programs.

Does anyone know how to get this program to install under this platform? Thank you in advance.

A:Adobe Photoshop 5

Hi there,

You could try installing it using Compatibility Mode, as explained here: Compatibility Mode

Let me know if that helps at all.


Windows Outreach Team
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Does anyone try running Adobe Photoshop 7.0 on Vista x64?
Can it run without problem?

A:Adobe Photoshop 7.0

I'm about to install it on my new machine. I know folks who use it under 32 no problem and one who says it works under 64 (as a 32bit pgm).

I hope Adobe comes around to efventually supporting 64 natively.
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I bought a premade template, made with photoshop.

I have edited it with image ready cs and saved it. All is well with the with the psd. When I reopen the psd file in photoshop all of my changes are there. However, when I open the index.html in this same template, no changes have been made.

In image ready, I go to file>update HTML. It goes about halfway, then a pop-up appears that says "No tables were updated"

The folder structure for this template is as follows:


In the html folder: images,index.html

My question is this, how do I get image ready to update the new images in the index.html file?

Question #2: How do I make photoshop write new html file (aboutus.html) from a psd file I made for this site?

Thank you very much

A:Adobe photoshop cs

This may work for question #1
Go to Edit\Preferences\File Handling and may sure that Maximize PSD File Compatibility is in Always.
Now for question #2
Photoshop does not write html, only Image Ready. Now, open your template in Image ready and change what you need to change, then save as or save optimized as, choose in the next window, image and html and it should work.
Hope this help Millergroup.
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how do i add fonts to this software?

A:Adobe PhotoShop CS2


Originally Posted by ilie

how do i add fonts to this software?

Greetings ilie,

First suggestion:if you are using WIN 98
Drop the .ttf files into C:/program_files/common_files/adobe/fonts

Second suggestion:if you are using WIN XP
Open start>control_panel>fonts and drag the .ttf file into the window.

Best of luck,
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well im having a lil problem with my adobe photoshop cs2



A:adobe photoshop help.

Go to Edit > Prefs and click on Cursors.

If that doesn't work, press and hold Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (Mac OS) as you start Photoshop.
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Hi, I have recently added PS CS4. But when I open a picture or New layout. They both come up with triangle distortions of the picture and black tiangles ona new layout. You cant draw or paint over them. Can anyone help me please?
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Hi Guys

I have installed the CS4 Master Collection on my PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

But it is all messed up .. nothing is working as it should The rulers don't show, the type tool doesn't work ! I type stuff, but it doesn't appear

I change the font size to a larger font, but it reverts back automatically to 0 pts !!

It is a mad house inside Photoshop !

What can I do to fix this


PS. On Vista it worked fine !

A:Adobe Photoshop CS4

What did you find at Adobe tech support?
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I also have been trying to install Adobe Photoshop 4.0 from a disk. The install wizard tells me I don't have enough Virtual memory. This is untrue as my new machine has far more memory than the previous one, which accepted Photoshop 4. I cannot install the Photoshop 6 upgrade without 4. Any advice most welcome. I use Windows XP Pro on the old machine and the new one. Caroline Hayes
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i am having trouble editing a flyer. I have the flyer. I just need to edit the text: need to change the date and time, and description.

i'm not litterate in photoshop and have basically being going crazy.

please help.

the flyer is below:


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anyone have any idea how to save to a .jpeg all the time?

when i haven't messed with the size of a picture i can save as a jpg, but if i've altered size or pasted or a few other wierd things i can't save to anything but the stupid adobe format

i'm going crazy here

also is there any way to cut all the layers at once, instead of having to choose a layer and cut

i'm hating this program more and more as the minutes pass

A:adobe photoshop 5.5

sweet, i just figured it out after i posted it

man i feel dumb now

if anyone knows any tips or tricks for this program please throw em at me, it's all new to me and i'd like to get as good with it as i can

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to all adobe photoshop users: have you noticed that photoshop uses more resources lately than usual? i've noticed mine do so. even if it is just opened with no files open, here is my task manager snip. coreldraw and photoshop is just running with no files opened while firefox has 3 tabs. notice the resource usage of photoshop. and also, when i close it, it gives me an error.

snips are attached.

A:adobe photoshop

Hi jaypels,

The error may have been from a faulty installation or if you closed it by ending the task. Adobe Photoshop is always going to use a lot of resources because of the sheer velocity it packs; there's nothing you can ethically do about it. If you're experiencing prolonged problems such as slowness or lag, then there's system optimization, but I don't think that's necessary.

Is there anything you'd like to ask about this problem?

Harvey Meale
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Received a Nikon 4300 digital camera for Christmas. It came with Adobe Photoshop elements 2. The quick fix feature was great while I learned the basics of using the camera.
Am impressed by some picures a friend e-mails me. I discovered he uses Adobe Photoshop 7 to achieve the results. I bought a copy but find it is very difficult to use (Ihave no knowledge of digital photography editing)

I am looking for a good tutorial suitable for a Dummy.
Any suggestions anyone?

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I bought Adobe Photoshop 5.5. Academic Edition. Of course, as soon as I unwrapped it, they came out with Adobe Photoshop 6.0.

Can I update my 5.5 AE with the "regular " (non-AE) 6.0 update program???

A:Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Actually, check with Photoshop especially in the Photoshop website. They have updates I think for free but to a new version they try to get more out of people.

Some programs have free upgrades but who knows?
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Hi everyone,

I'll try to be as direct as I can, is it possible to 'morph' 2 images together to create one. What i'm trying to do is use a human face over an animals, but obviously I want the end result to match the fur colour of the animal. So that it doesn't look as though I've just stuck a face over it.

I'll try and answer any questions I can and give you any more specific info. Thanks for any help.

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I need support or Adobe Photoshop CS2.
These are what i do not know what to do and wish to learn:

How to select a perfect circle?
How to copy and Paste items into Photoshop?
How to run Adobe Photoshop in 'Safe Mode'?

Those are just the very few i wish to learn. I may wish more, but i am just a beginner graphics designer.

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We are using windows Xp pro and are making a huge Murial,,,The file size is causing the program to drag. Is there a way to split this file into smaller parts and continue the work then reassmble the split parts later. I will need step by step as I have never worked with this program before.

A:Adobe photoshop 7.0

First set Photoshop to take a higher percentage of your RAM. Keep in mind that it isnít a percentage of the total RAM but just of what isnít being used when you open Photoshop. Edit>Preferences>Memory and image cache.

Set it to about 85%. Close Photoshop and then close everything running on the computer you donít really need while working with the mural. Open Photoshop and you will have a lot more RAM available.

Use the crop tool to crop the first third of the image plus a little. ďSave asĒ Crop #1. Go back in the history and revive the full image and crop out the center third plus a very little overlap on each side. Save as Crop 2. Do the last third the same way.

When you are finished File>New and make it big enough in pixels to hold the entire mural. Pull the pieces using the move tool into the new file and align everything. Layer>Flatten Image.
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Hi I am using Windows XP Home and for the past two years have used Adobe Photoshop 7 for my digital imaging and manipulation with success My problem is that all of a sudden I cannot access the "Help" so that if I have a problem I have no way of sorting it This seems to have happened since downloading patches from Microsoft Any ideas or assistance would be gratefully received

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help i am trying to uninstall adobe photoshop cs4 we installed it as a trial cant open it any more as licence has expired but cant uninstall it as it says that bridge is open close it before continuing but it is not open can anyone help please

A:adobe photoshop cs4

Welcome to TSG, jodiefullagar.

Adobe's site suggests the following.
Solution 1: Exit Bridge manually.
In Windows, right-click on the Bridge CS4 icon in the Notication Area of the Start Bar in Windows, and choose Exit Bridge.
Solution 2: If Solution 1 does not work, force Bridge to Quit.
In Windows, right-click the Start Bar and choose Task Manager. Select the Processes tab, and choose to end the Bridge.exe process.
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How does one set up to print a single image file on 8-1/2 x 11 paper in selected multiple sizes, such as, 2 at 3x5, 2 at 2x3 and the rest at a size that will fill the remaining unused paper? Jerry

A:Adobe Photoshop 6


I have PS7 but it's probably much the same..

The basics...Open a new file 8.5x11 then open the image you want to print...

resize the image to 3x5 then select all and paste into the new this twice or however many you want or will fit...then resize the image to 2x3 and you paste you can position them where you want with the mover tool....when you have them where you want on the layer menu flatten the image and print

If that seems like a pain have a look at this free little program for
printing multiples...It works great

PhotoPrinter LE

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I am making a website and mainly using the psd files to do it because of the template i have... would edit it in frontpage but that would screw up the alignment of the borders.... So i'm stuck doing it all in photoshop on the psd file... The only thing I can not figure out how to do is insert pictures into the psd doc so i can save that to html then go from there... I've searched google but didn't find anything immediate.

A:Adobe Photoshop 8

Hi Matt.
Have you tried from the menu 'File>Place' ? That's how it's done in Photoshop Elements 4.
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When I was playing around with Adobe Photoshop, at one point it said I needed to update my graphics card. Should I update it or leave it alone?

A:Adobe Photoshop

I certainly wouldn't upgrade it because of some popup message from Adobe.

I don't even have a graphics card and I've never seen that message when I use Photoshop.
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Hi guys!:wave:

Anyone know where I can download Adobe Photoshop Cs4 for free?

I searched but I need free download

Thank you very much!

A:Adobe Photoshop CS4

You can download free 30 day trials for free, but that's it. After the 30 days you will need an activation key. Which you need to buy.
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Someone once told me I shouldn't get/install Photoshop 7 because I have WINDOWS 98 SE (which I am happy with) and 7 is made more for the newer WINDOWS OS. It might not work right with mine.

And I should use version 6 instead.

Is there any truth in this?

Also, any opinions on if 7 is that much better than 6?

Sometimes, just because a newer version of something comes out, it doesn't really make it that much better.



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I had a friend install Adobe Photoshop 6 for me on my computer. I DO NOT have the physical CD for this software but it is registered to me. And No, I can't contact this friend anymore. I am going to be upgrading my computer to win2000. Am I going to loose my Adobe Photoshop 6 software when i do this? If so, how do I or can I burn it to a cd? I do have a cd writer, etc. Or can I get it again from a free software download website?

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My Adobe Photoshop CS5 will not open up in windows 07. I chatted with a tech and he wanted to charge me $300. The problem I am having is an error message comes up saying "unexpected/unretrievable problem". Since chatting with the tech, he told me I have a corrupted/faulty application path with Adobe Photoshop. Beforehand, I had a virus in my laptop, and a relative who has knowledge in computers cleaned it up with Malware. The tech told me that Malware is not good. Should I unstall it? Can my problem be fixed in Adobe Photoshop? I'm a student at a local community college and this really sucks cause I need this fixed so I can continue doing my work for my photoshop class. Please help!!

A:Adobe Photoshop CS5

Welcome to the TSG forum.

Just a quick guess ... Try this
1. First, hold down all three Ctrl+Alt+Shift buttons
2. Now "while keeping those button held," simply open Photoshop or a file that opens with Photoshop
3. As Photoshop loads, you should get a prompt asking if you would like to "delete the Photoshop settings file", Click yes

You should now have a fresh slate with all of the settings returned to their default.

Are you capable of reinstalling Windows ..
That's the only way I know to be sure a virus has been completely removed and the damages repaired.
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something's wrong with photoshop. it keeps freezing everytime i go to open it, and then my computer won't restart and it becomes a big disaster. i'd think it was some kind of adware or something making my computer run slower, but it's only photoshop that won't respond. since it's never done this before, i'm kind of worried. i rely a lot on adobe. does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Hey i heard that CS3 was only for the mac but now another few guys have told me that there is a disc for the pc and not just the mac.

Little clarification?


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Hey everyone I installed Adobe Photoshop 7 on my XP Pro Machine and I have never seen so many Blue screens.
sysdns.sys I believe was the error.
I was wondering if anybody else has the issue with adobe and XP
It says it works with it? Hmmmm. I have heard of alot of problems but now I know the pain the people were feeling.
I uninstalled it and put it on my 2000 Pro machine and it works fine, XP machine returned to normal good working machine when it was gone. ANY Ideas???

A:Adobe photoshop 7 and XP Pro

It works fine on my machine and that of a friend. I did run it in Compatability Mode, however, to disable visual themes to prevent the distortion of PS windows that occurred.
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ok i'm going to start with my prob: I want to uninstall both Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 and 7.0 but i'm having a prob doing that, evertime i uninstall the programs they mess up my Start/All Program Menu's adding stuff that doesn't belong like the Windows and desktop folders and removing stuff, even after i uninstall the programs and try to fix the menus delete the stuff that was added it wont let me the explorer will frezz and i'll have to end process on it and re-open it, so i just did a system restore and now everything is back the way it was but also both 5.5 and 7.0 are back. all i want to know is that is there a way to fix the uninstall so it wont mess with anything and change things around.

I have Windows XP Home Service Pack 2

A:PLEASE!!!!! I need help with Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and 7.0

If you are using the uninstall in Start>Programs or Add/Remove programs it is the same uninstall loaded by the program. If they arenít causing problems other than taking space I would just leave them.

If you could get a demo version of Cleansweep it might be able to uninstall them for you. Or use a trial of one of these:
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I have a class in digital media and I am learning how to use "User Support Forums". Can someone please answer the following question for me? Thank you

Photoshop CS2:

What does the burn tool do? What is the best way to make it work?

I need the steps. Thanks again
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whats so better about adobe photoshop cs2?

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The color palette is making everything black and white, so i can't choose colors on the tools pallete; everything is gray scaled when i pick a color like green. please help me out! how do i change it back to colors?!

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Does anyone have a product key for adobe photoshop 6.0

A:Adobe Photoshop 6.0


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I am using Windows 2000 and I have installed Adobe Photoshop 5.5 on a workstation. The workstation has an administrative user and a power user. When using Photoshop as an Administrator, everything works fine. When using Photoshop as the power user, I am having a problem with printing. When I create a new document and go to print, I get an error message, "Could not complete the print command because of a disk error". I have tried installing it on other computers and I am having the same problem.

A:Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Check this out. I searched Google for the error. Sometimes, it's the easiest way to find the solution.
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Hi, I have Elements 6 and have little knowledge in using it. I am trying to take a photo of a pair of earrings (example). My photo is a good one. Now I want it to look like it has no background - like it's suspended. I want to submit my work to a few companies but I want it to look like - (if u would) go to then go to featured brands on the side bar and click on Anna Beck. Do u see how she has her photos? ... or like Calico Juno on the same site. My question is: Can I do that with my Photoshop Elements 6?

Thank you for any help.

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Hi. When I try to run the setup it wont open and an error comes up saying the Adobelinguistic.dll is missing. So i downloaded the dll and put it in Local Disk C:/windows
But know when I click on it it says

The procedure entry point
[email protected]@[email protected]@@@[email protected]@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library

What can I do to fix this?


A:Trying to install Adobe Photoshop cs3

Is the program installed on your hard disk and just does not run.

This is on the Internet.

How to Fix Missing Adobelinguistic.dll

1.Download adobelinguistic.dll.
2.Save a copy to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3\
3.Go to Start and then to Run.
4.Enter cmd.
5.Enter regsvr32 adobelinguistic.dll
6.Click OK.
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When I try and start Adobe Photoshop it keeps giving me loads of different error messages.

"Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry but this error is unrecoverable."

Sometimes it freezes when it get's to a certain point of loading

Sometimes I get a error message saying "Photoshop has caused and error in <unknown>. Photoshop will now close. If you continue experienceing problems try restarting your computer."

Or something about "causing an error in kernel32" (I think)

If I keep closing photoshop and keep trying to start it EVENTUALLY it opens and works fine but if I close it and restart it I get the error messages again... I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it an it still does the same thing...

... I'm going back to pen and paper!

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I've been using Adobe PHotoshop quite frequently. Last week, I tried to open Adobe Photoshop and got the following Messages.

C:\Program Files\PhotoDeluxe HE 3.0\PD3.exe
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

The SHELL32.DLL file is linked to missing export

What should I do and how do I fix this?

I have windows 98.


A:shlwapi.dll and Adobe photoshop

Click on this site for information on that problem
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Ok, I use Adobe Photshop quite a bit. Now all of a sudden this morning when I go to open the program, it rubs through its opening splash screen and then JUST as it should be opening the program ... it disappears. I uninstalled, restarted my PC, and then reinstalled.
No luck.
Then I used system restore and went back a few days. No luck.
The only things that I have changed on my PC over the last week or so since I last used Adobe was -
*Installed Poser 6
*Installed updated video driver.

I am running Windows XP.

Any ideas please?


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I started logging suspicious processes on my computer. When Adobe Photoshop Elements is loading, just before it starts up, it copies the contents of the Windows XP clipboard. Would there be a legitimate reason for the software to do this?

Is there a utility that periodically wipes the clipboard clean, or do I need to overwrite anything that is not Adobe's business?

Just seems odd and unnecessary to me.

Thank you,
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I'm basically trying to uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS from my PC (XP), but I can't find anything in the Programs Menu, nor the Add/Remove programs list to do so.

So how do I remove it? in fact, I want to remove all the Adobe suite, not just photoshop.
Your help is much appreciated.
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I am trying to burn a dvd from adobe photoshop elements 5.0. I purchased Roxio easy CV & DVD burning program, but can't seem to be able to drap the slide show into the Roxio program.

A:adobe photoshop elements 5.0

i will move to the photography section.
What windows version do you have ?
what have you created in PSE,

it sounds like you want a slideshow onto the DVD -
how have you created the slideshow - what software

if you just copy all the photos onto a DVD and play on a TV they will run as a slideshow
if you put into another computer - then you can usually view as a slideshow using windows organiser etc - depending on windows version

Do you want to control a slideshow and add music etc,
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I have a question to ask you.

A:Anyone Here Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0?

I've tinkered with it just to see what the diff is ... Why ?

Normally use CS2
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Hello, I searched everywhere and I can't find a solution. Photoshop doesn't open at all! I opened windows task manager and clicked on processes and it looks like Photoshop starts up and shuts down in 1.5 seconds! I really need help. I would be happy to supply info about my system.

A:Adobe Photoshop CS5 Won't Start

Have you tried to remove and re-install it yet ???
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Hi again!

Ok this time my problem is about adobe photoshop. I have been installing this software before on windows 7 but now i reinstalled the OS and photoshop everything worked fine untill i started it. the loading screen comes up and then a window come up saying that adobe photoshop has stopped working. Here is a picture of it.

Thanks in advance!

A:Adobe photoshop problem

is this a legit copy of the software?
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Can no longer access or see the Channels in Photoshop5.5. Will no longer show even in old files. Layers, History, Navigator, etc., all other menus are there as usual. Clicking the "show channels" on or off in the "window" menu makes no difference. What happened??? Isabel.

A:Adobe Photoshop Channels

Welcome to TSG.

Could the tabs be hidden under another palette? Try minimizing all of your pallets and see if it doesnít show up.
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hey all,
i have photoshop 6 and have been running it perfectly up until a week ago when i reformatted, now, it installs fine but when i run it, it tells me my serial is out of date, its all the same as before i reformatted. please help


A:[SOLVED] Adobe photoshop 6

never mind.. fixed it
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I installed Photoshop 3.0 but have run into a critical error when trying to work in it. For example, I've created a slideshow but when I attempt to burn it to a cd, I get the following error.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 has encountered a problem and needs to close.
Error Code c06d007e
Address: 7c81eb33

When I access the technical information about the error, it states the following.

AppName: photoshopelementorganizer.exe
ModName: kernel32.dll
Mod Ver. 5.1.2600.2180
Offset: 0001eb33

Currently I cannot use this software at all due to the fact that I can't burn photo images to an outside source. I would greatly appreciate any and all help to resolve this problem. I'm completely lost. Thanks so much.

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I have Window XP and, facing a problem of not working of Adobe Photoshop.. After Installation of Adobe Photoshop, then its not working in the sense its not open on the screen after reading the fonts.. but in the same case adobe imageready is working on the board..

Request to please try to tackle my problem.. what should be i do .....

Thanks and Regards

A:adobe photoshop not working

Moved from Other Operating Systems.
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Please help Photoshop problem: I tried to paint a layout using Adobe Photoshop cs5 then Adobe Photoshop tells me this ( could not use the gradient tool because the scratch disks are full) please can someone help me out here?

A:Please help Adobe Photoshop is not responding

This is not the place for asking this kind of issue. Most probably you will not get replies if you post this here. Click on the "report" button and ask an mod to move this thread to the correct location.
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In the print dialog box the page size is set to 14.167 x 18.333 which is crazy. All attempts to change the page size has failed. Thoughts?

A:Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Mac Problem

Some people just like to define Custom pages at weird sizes.

Also these weird sizes may be the result of cropping's.
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Hello Yesterday my sister and I were scanning our computers after Photoshop Virus? Adobe finding a exe on her laptop After scanning hers we decided to take a quick check on our desktop computer We followed the same instructions found in the a exe topic on this forum Download and scan with MalwareBytes clean with TFC Adobe Photoshop Virus? and scan with Dr Web CureIt in Safe Mode MalwareBytes found quarantined and deleted around files all having to do with quot MyWebSearch quot on a Quick Scan After using TFC to clean up we attempted an Express scan with Dr WebCureIt Although it showed no infections I was suspicious due to the fact an older version of the program did a complete scan on my sister s laptop and found files but never completed the scan This morning I tried a complete scan which resulted in quot The BlueScreen of Death quot and I had to reboot our computer I then re-attempted the scan Dr Web CureIt found infection a trojan horse called Trojan DownLoad in the Adobe Photoshop program files folder called Template Droplet exe Dr Web CureIt labeled the file incurable and moved it This worries me immensely Also I do not know if this or MyWebSearch is related but my IE uses - of CPU on startup and idling It freezes every time I try and open it I have had to use Safari as my default browser Both browsers have closed at random a few times and DEP has popped up to tell me a recent attack was blocked My computer also runs slower than it ought to but perhaps this is because of the processor I am a Windows Vista Service Pack user I would like to know if my computer is safe to use now or if necessary how to remove the trojan horse I can also provide logs if needed

A:Adobe Photoshop Virus?


It seems that aince the last time I posted, things have not gotten better. I posted my concerns in a topic previously, but recieved no replies.

Today I was on my PC and using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 when multiple IE Photoshop help windows popped up. My default browser is now Safari, so it shouldn't have been IE windows, even if I had opened them myself. I was able to close two of them, but one's title changed to a program files location (Photoshop folder, I think). I had to use Windows Task manager to close it. Afterwards, the CPU usage skyrocketed, even when I closed all programs.

I then decided to try and run a virus scan. I booted into safe mode and attempted to run Dr. Web CureIt, but an error message came up saying the shortcut path was no longer available. I was unable to run the program. So, I re-downloaded it in Safe-mode with networking, and then went back to regular safe mode to start a scan. (It is currently scanning as I type)

I went into my user folder properties to try and find the location the Shortcut path specified (Appdata, which was hidden) when I noticed the number of folders and files was going up.

When I started my Dr. WebCureIt scan, the number of files to scan was also larger--by a few thousand. I don't know if those extras are system files or not, but I've only created a few files recently, mostly on my USB drive.

If this is a virus, it has been a particularly nasty one as of yet. Please help!
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running windows xp this is the first time it happens.loading photoshop 7 flashes on the Screen the splash suddenly it disappears by itself i load it up 3 or more times nothing.....
Any Ideas? Solution?

A:Adobe Photoshop 7 Carshes? HELP!

Will it load in safe mode?
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Hello All I need your valueable help ive got an Adobe Master Suite Collection CS Extended AMSC CS Ext installed on my computer I have windows vista ultimate -bit OS Now i very new to this blog so bare with me If this problem has a solution kindly someone direct me the right way THANKS Anyways all of the programs within AMSC CS Ext run fine on my computer except cue dramatic music Photoshop CS Now i dont CS3....Vista Photoshop 64-bit Adobe get an error or any kind of error when i installed the program but when i start the program it does like its going to start up and its loading the tools and stuff but when it gets to quot Building TWAIN menu items quot it turns a transparent white and says there is Adobe Photoshop CS3....Vista 64-bit a problem and Photoshop cs has stopped working and then sadly asks to close the program Adobe Photoshop CS3....Vista 64-bit See images attached So someone please help what do i do Is there any shred of hope left

A:Adobe Photoshop CS3....Vista 64-bit

Hi, VistaUltimate, and welcome to the forums. And, also, howdy, neighbor (I live in GA)

First off, a note - this is not a blog, this is a forum, and we'll definitely *bear* with you.

Now that that is out of the way, have you tried running Photoshop with administrative privileges to see if it works / needs to run for the first time with admin level privileges to perform a final setup before it can run?
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Can anyone help me? I ordered Photoshop Elements 7 via download from Adobe. I paid nearly GB?80 for this software. Unfortunately, the software does not run, refusing to download images into the Edit interface. The technical support from Adobe is incomprehensible, so I asked for my money back. I sent a Leter of Destruction via e-mail and fax. They say they haven't received this letter and have to send the letter from their customer web portal. When I click browse , the file's location appears in the small box but the file does not appear to download into the portal. I therefore have not sent the letter via this method because I fear I may be sending sensitive data unwittingly. Can anyone advise me? Asking Adobe is a waste of time. They seem to be doing everything they can not to give me my money back. Many thanks. Juande
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ok, so i had adobe photoshop 5.0 on my computer. i just recently installed 6.0, hoping to keep both of them on my system! i am very attached to 5, but wanted to see what 6 had to offer. i somehow like the format of 5 better.

but this doesn't work.....photoshop 6 works perfectly fine, but whenever i open photoshop 5 i get the following error message:

"Photoshop has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL. Photoshop will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer."
why is it doing this, and how can i fix it so that i can run both versions? or is that possible...?

i'm using windows me, btw.

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Everytime I close Adobe Photoshop CS3 crashes, its not running compatibilty mode, however I have tried that and still no joy.

Any ideas?

A:Adobe Photoshop CS3 Crashes

Quote: Originally Posted by JAM

Everytime I close Adobe Photoshop CS3 crashes, its not running compatibilty mode, however I have tried that and still no joy.

Any ideas?

Hi jam and welcome

We are going to need a lot more info that that. Please fill in your system specs in the lower left corner of your posts.

Next type eventvwr in search>goto windows log>application tab. Look for errors (they have red in the left hand column) that have app hang, app crash, or CS3 in them.

When you find them (there is alot of data) use the built in snipping tool to make a screen shot, and the attachment icon (shaped like a paperclip) in the reply form

See pics

Let us know if you need help

Ken J+
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I just installed Photoshop to my computer, but when I open up the program the following error message pops up.

Same thing happened when I tried to install version 8. I also have version 7 and it works just fine, so I have no idea what's wrong.

A:Adobe Photoshop CS2 Installation Help

Have a look at these...

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I have Adobe Photoshop Upgrade version I own the full Photoshop, Adobe help!? with Error version of now amp then I get this incredibly irritating error message that says something like quot The application failed to run properly This is an internal error that cannot be fixed quot Something along those lines then it says quot click ok quot amp after that the program shuts off I tried installing re-installing restarting my pc amp nothing works I'm very frustrated for such a pricey program it should not be acting like this Or if someone could give me the email address or direct link to where I can contact Adobe Photoshop for help support Don't know if this information is important or not if it ain't just ignor Error with Adobe Photoshop, help!? this I have it in a Dell Inspiron Windows XP I don't have the internet on it so I'm using my old pc right now I Error with Adobe Photoshop, help!? use Adobe Photoshop version because the CS types make my pc run like a slug

A:Error with Adobe Photoshop, help!?

Have you uninstalled the program before trying a reinstall? Never reinstall a program on top of a malfunctioning copy because in most cases, it will not solve any issues. And the adobe support is right on the home page under "support".
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I have this repetitive task to do many time in Photoshop, and here I am looking for your help in getting a macro in same.

To make simple in understanding,

First I explain steps which I take for this task,
Open 1st jpg file from a location in adobe photoshop 7.0
Trim it
check for Image size
Check width (It should not be more then 600)
If it is greater then 600 (PIX)
First Check mark constrain Proportions and resample Image =Bicubic
Resolution = 96 (always)
Change width less then 600 or make it 600
Press OK
save it YES

Look for next Image in folder....
and continue till last image found.

Kindly suggest a macro which could help me out in getting through this....

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Hi ,

I?m a matte painter and I?m facing a problem concerning photoshop . I was working on a psd. file and after finishing my work I press ctrl+s to save it but unfortunately in the middle of the saving process the c.p.u. has been turned off because of the u.p.s fault

After restarting the system, I try to open my same psd file but I got an error msg. (could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop). I?m using photoshop cs4. plz let me know if there is any possibility to get my data back. Even as jpeg file.. I worked so hard on that project. Thanks.

A:Adobe Photoshop/recovery psd

The power down most likely clobbered the file and is now unusable.
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I have a problem with Photoshop (obviously).

I am new to photoshop, and would like to explore it a bit more, however I am posting here because I need a quick solution (hopefully!) and someone on these forums may have come across this before - so here goes:

I have edited a few screenshots and images in photoshop since I got it, and it has been fine. Recently, however, I loaded up photoshop, and what it considered as white, actually had an RGB of 255, 254, 220 (I pasted an screenshot into, and used the eyedropper tool).

After doing a bit of googling, I realised it is probably something to do with the colour settings - but what!!


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Interesting Study.

Windows 64-bit vs. Mac OS X 32-bit benchmarks
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I was trying to import some photos but Adobe keeps freezing about halfway through. I need help!


A:Adobe Photoshop 3 keeps freezing!

What, exactly, are you doing?
Photoshop is not really designed to import from a camera.