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questions about FTP server software and which do you recommend

Q: questions about FTP server software and which do you recommend

ok i was messing around with ftp programs and i got bulletftp program to work and my friend using cuteftp was able to connect and we shared files. im on dsl and he is on cable. bad thing is that the fastest we could get steady was about 30k a second. is this normal? is there better software for speed and one that allows both of us to edit eachother's hard drives? im new to this ftp thing any feedback would be cool thanks

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Preferred Solution: questions about FTP server software and which do you recommend

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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What is the best/easiest to use open source vpn server program? thanks!

A:VPN Server software...Please recommend

Why not use the Windows 7 VPN client.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Enable Incoming VPN Connections
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I am trying to run a DNS Server at home to make my own home website !
I am going to use Names as color for my pc make it easy for everyone

I have a web server installed and i am able to built my site but my site is available locally in same pc ( Blue ) when i try to view my site in my same network 192.168.x.x
the site wont show up in ( RED ) so i have change the host file in blue to point to example .. site will be show up in ( red ) but the domin wise wont ... so is in the web browser of Red ip will work but domain wont ...

Now if i edit the host file in red the site is fine which mean blue as web+database server needs a dns server for home dns need

Does anyone know any good dns server for win 64bit ?

Thank you

A:Recommend me a DNS Server for Win Pro 64Bit ?

You dont need DNS if its on your own network.

Are you running a static or a dynamic IP with your ISP? Have you registered your domain name with a registrar and had it linked to your IP address?
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Hello I need some recommendations and advice for running a user-friendly win software for a small business.

Basically, I've got a bunch of suppliers, bunch of customers, bunch of products and a bunch of orders. The latter takes data from the 3 'bunches' before it. New products are added on everyday. I need a computer program that can organise all this data (including photos for the Products list) on a computer network AND be viewable on a smartphone. I'm open to any software and any smartphone.

Thank you.

A:Recommend me some software

You should click "Report" and ask that your Thread be transfered to the "Business Applications" Forum, if help doesn't quickly come along here.

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I very occasionally need to send a fax from home. It would be handy to have a (preferably free) bit of software for that purpose. What would you recommend? I have Xp sp2, 2mb connection and Microsoft Office if that is useful information...

A:Can you recommend fax software?

I use the free version of eFax but I think to send faxes they charge a small fee depending on how many pages you send.
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I'm wanting to create a movie from clips of my sons rally driving experience, and need some help with software. Can anyone recommend what's best. I have basic movie editors that come with Windows, but I want to add effects and wipes, and be able to edit the sound, and add sound.

A:Recommend Software

Independent reviews of multimedia progs at TechSupportAlert, not sure if these are what you're after but I hope it's of interest?

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I would like to ask some advice

I have recently purchased a Dell T105 Workstation/Server.

I aim to use it as a multi-media hub of sorts to store Videos, music, photos etc that can be accessed
by all the other computers on my network (and from the net). I want use it as a server (with no keyboard, mouse or screen attached).

It came with no O/S installed (I parted with only one ?20 note ).
So my question is, as its a workstation/server, which O/S would suit my needs best.....I was just going to install Microsoft Windows Home server on it? (anyone used this and if so would it suit my needs?).

Maybe one of you guys has a better, more practical option or suggestion?

Any advice is much appreciated



A:What O/S do you recommend for my Dell T105 Workstation/server?

Hi there Dave,

Windows Home Server would be fine if you was just going to use it as a multi-media hub or even what I prefer to use is Windows Server 2008 just incase I want to do other things and run other applications etc...

You could of saved a bit of money by buying a NAS and using that to store photo's and videos etc.. But hey ho .
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Please can any recommend a free and safe conversion software to change files (music) from MP4 to MP3, I have got a MP3 / MP4 Player and burned the songs via a Sony software that I usually use for my other Sony Walkman MP3 / MP4 Player. Even though, this MP3 Player plays MP4, it is has messed the songs up and made them to MP4 - so I would have to re-burn all the discs again . A quick look on the web and it shows plenty of conversion software options, and looks like it may be a minefield if you get a dodgy one. Recommendations for a free, safe and reliable software would be great. Wish I still had access to Nero though, it would be great for this

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Hi folks,

I ned to rip some MP3's to .wav files or some other format.

Anybody suggest any good software for this?



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Hey all!

Can I get a recommendation on a scanner software please? I need a good scanner software for scanning pictures. My scanner is a Canon CanoScan LiDE 60 and it uses a TWAiN driver. So the scanner software would need to support TWAiN drivers.

I would primarily use it for scanning pictures. If it can scan and do character recognition of documents as well, that would be a good plus. But I don't mind using a different software for this.


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I need to do some research for a client who wants to purchase a new software package to streamline their current processes. What sort of questions should I ask the client about their requirements? So far I have:-


What system do you use now? (paper-based or electronic)
What do you want this software to be able to do?
What budget have you set to purchase this new software including licensing?
What operating system does it have to run on?
What are your PC hardware specifications?

What else should I ask to make sure all bases are covered before I recommend anything?

A:Need to recommend new software to a client

I need to do some research for a client who wants to purchase a new software package to streamline their current processes.

It would help to to know what processes they're wanting to streamline...


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I have sheets of labels in A4 format and need to print on them...anybody know of any good templates to do this?

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I somehow deleted the partition and Windows assumed I wanted to load in there and proceeded to even though I had selected another drive - I selected drive zero and Windows loaded to drive Is there any software you can recommend that can possibly get my files back I have over files that are lost Just an FYI Windows kept blowing up blue screening me whilst installing Windows The problem was that even though I have XM memory Windows installer couldn't handle it Another thing if you get an x error just delete the partition and reduce the size about meg Now this isn't exact because sometimes Windows like Meg and some times it is different But varying the allocation leaving some free area will give Windows what it needs and the error goes away and you an run the installer If you have an experience with file recovery and would share which software you recommend T H A N K S

A:Please recommend HD restoration software

This thread should probably have been located in the backup and recovery section.

Maybe a mod will move it there.

You need to hope Jumanji sees this thread.

As I understand it, you've installed Windows in the same partition in which your 110,000 data files were located. If that's true, lower your expectations.

There are several applications that might come into play, but I wouldn't just run off and start using them. You need guidance.

Those tools would include Partition Wizard, Photorec, and Testdisk. You might at least download them.

You might also think about a professional recovery service, at $500 on up, depending on what value you place on these files.
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My fiance subscribed to a Norton Antivirus service a couple of years ago, paid up front for a year and the service was withdrawn after two months, with no refund. I'm not sure of the exact details, but my point is that she hasn't got any antivirus protection on either of her computers!!

Now, I've been directed to both the Trend Micro and Pandasoftware sites by the security experts here, and I'd imagine there are many other similar places that offer both a free online scan, as well as full, paid-for, antirus protection. And I'm sure opinions differ on which is the best lol.

Having just been helped by people here to clean up both computers, I'm now going to spend some money on antivirus software in order to help keep them clean. Any recommendations

A:Which Antivirus software would you recommend?

I am a believer in Norton. I recommend Norton Internet Security 2005. It offers add block, awesome virus protection for both incoming and outgoing email, excel files, etc., SPAM filtering, and even has some Parental controls. Others that I spoke to have had minimal if any issues since they have installed one of Symatec's packages. Auto update of virus definitions makes updates easy.

Paste the link to your browser and check it out.

There are other good ones as well.

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I was wondering if you could Recommend Back Up Software. That can do incremental backups. Something that's good and fast.

A:Recommend Back Up Software?

Acronis makes some excellent products - check them out.
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I need a fax software with some features that are not in XP:

- control over the speed at which the touch-tone dialing is sent, including tone length and spaces between tones. I need it slower and with pauses; XP goes too fast for the long-distance carrier I use and attempts frequently fail.

- good recognition of a busy signal. XP sits on a busy way too long before time-out.

- fax forwarding based on the caller ID, so certain faxes can get automatically sent to a different machine. Feature not in XP.

Any suggestions?

A:Solved: recommend fax software please

Have a look at snappy fax and winfax for the points 1 and 2, but fax forwarding based on the caller ID, I not come across that yet.

I am sure symantec has stopped selling and support for winfax, but you can still get it in place like staples/ office world and online, but you will need 10.2 and upwards to work on xp, and don't think there be any vista support, I am not to keen on symantec software but i have used winfax for years, best fax software I have come across.

To make sure you get right one
You may some better advice here
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Hello Friends! I need a software that can bind a picture file (may that be JPG, BMP, GIF etc) with an exe file, the resulting file when opened should only show the picture and run the executable file in the background without any notice. Moreover, the resulting file shouldn't be detucted by any anti virus siftware.

Please be sure that I am not going to use this for any illegal use or as a virus. Incase if you have any such binding software, you are requested to kindly send me one or attch the file in this forum.

Thank you.

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Currently trying to use the Retrospect Express HD thatt ships with Maxtor external hard drives. It is failing miserably, hanging on the "Updating Status" message when program is first started. The EMC website (new owners of the Dantz software) is filled with page after page of the same problem and every suggested fix also fails.
Looking for a fairly cheap (under $100.00) that will allow specific folder/file backup and restore. ANy one using anything that REALLY works?


A:Recommend HD backup Software?

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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I have a MIDI capable keyboard. I would need to know what connections are necessary to interface from the keyboard to the computer. I also need software. I don't need anything very high-end or geared towards digital audio -- I'm just looking to sequence, edit and notate general MIDI (GM and/or XM).

A:Anyone recommend MIDI sequencing software?


I've moved this to the Multimedia forum, as you may get more response here


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I was using--or shall I say, trying to use--Audacity. It's free, but you get what you pay for. Like others have posted here, it's clunky and difficult.

What other Audio Recording and Editing programs, paid or unpaid, do folks suggest?

Thank you in advance.

A:Recommend Audio Editing Software

Audacity is generally the freebie version used. It's a solid application. Aside from that, there is ProTools, but it's pretty expensive.
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I currently have a trial for bitdefender internet security 2012. Should I buy that?

Are there better anti-virus software?

What about kaspersky, ESET, VIPRE, panda?


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Hi All,

I a looking for an anti virus software that will suite a client/server architecture for a small to medium sized business. I am trialing
Trend Micro Worry-free Business Security Advanced, McAfee Total Protection for Small Business, Symantec Multi-tier Protection Small Business Edition, avast! Small Business Server Suite, F-Secure Internet Security 2009 and Sophos Anti-Virus SBE 2.0.

I need a central management and automated update solution, so I was wondering what do companies use for their solutions? Anyone here can recommend one (even if its not on the list) and tell me about your experiences with the software it would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can someone recommend me an antivirus software suite?

Hey and welcome, oki i dont know anything about business software but i know that ESET has some excellent Antivirus software, ill just leave a link they have a 30 trial.
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Can you please recommend me some free CD/DVD burning software because I am tired of errors which the default burner gives me.(no it's not from my hardware)
I searched in google but I come across is free trials and really bad free programs.

A:Recommend free CD/DVD burning software

Try ImgBurn
The Official ImgBurn Website
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hi everyone,
can anybody recommend a FREE digital photo editing program that works pretty well and is minimally invasive on my computer. i just removed adobe photo album starter addition (not photoshop) it is the free one that comes with acrobat reader when you download that. i just didn't like it.

i was thinking about picasa, or the one from kodak that you get when you get your digital pics back... but i've heard that that one is kind of like spyware because they developed it to use online to "share" your photos. when you use it, does it automatically "phone home" to the mother-ship and store a copy.

any suggestions that you could give me... what you like about the program , what you don't like about the program, any tips...

thank you.

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Hi, I'm Running a Macbook Pro Retina 13' with 8gb RAM and 712gb SSD with i7. I have Windows 7 sp1 running under bootcamp and OSX 10.8.5. I also have a desktop pc running windows 7 sp1 with BR Writer installed but the software that came with it doesn't seem to work.

I've just bought:

And notice there is no burning software so I'm looking for ideally something that will be able to burn all types of video file to BR, DVD etc so it's watchable on br player,dvd player etc with maybe some video editing.

Is there a software solution that runs on mac and windows or will I have to buy two seperate programmes or is there any freeware out there?

I appreciate your help guys, thanks.

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Hi everyone please recommend me the Best Virtual Drive Software that mounts Image/ISO/mdf etc. for Windows 7 and dont have any kind of problems/issues like system hang, restarting windows or BSOD's....

A:Recommend the Best Virtual Drive Software.

Quote: Originally Posted by boogieboy

Hi everyone please recommend me the Best Virtual Drive Software that mounts Image/ISO/mdf etc. for Windows 7 and dont have any kind of problems/issues like system hang, restarting windows or BSOD's....

Dont use programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. They use a driver, sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs.

You can use MagicDisc as an alternative.

Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview
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I have a friend that owns a small business lending loaner type computers to people. Is there a program that will help track down the computer if it get lost or stolen. he doesnt mind paying for software if it protects his business. Thanks
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I'm looking for a free ZIP program. Aren't there programs that let you 'view' the contents of a ZIP file before you actually unpack the file?

Recently I needed to find a particular file to restore and it was a real pain to locate the needed file because of the naming convention used by my backup program. There were over 50 ZIP files with names like "Backup" etc. Ugh.

(I'm also starting with a new backup program, but I don't know if the file naming will be any better yet...)

Thanks for any suggestions

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hello people,
please recommend me some software i could use to create a screensaver. i want to create one (or several) for christmas for my parents, friends, etc. the free ones i find online are only capable of making a slideshow of pictures and i want to make something more interesting. so, basically, i need a recommendation for software which would allow me to create animated screensaver. i would prefer free one i got some programing skills and i'm familiar (just a little) with tools for animation like macromedia director so i think i could figure out how to make a screensaver if i had a tool.
thank you in advance for your help

A:Please recommend a software to create screensaver

aahh.. well ok, i'll make some flying pictures pps instead of screensaver.. :/ but, i still got some time left till christmas, so if anyone knows a software for screensaver making, please please please tell me its name. i'll be eternally grateful!
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i just traveled back from europe,where i took many i want to make a photo slideshow,anyone can reccoment one to me?many thanks!
romance in europe

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Hey, im looking for some software that will let me lock the my workstation and will ask me for a USB Key to unlock it. So i pop in my USB pen and it will unlock.

Any Suggestions? Preferably Free if possible

Thanks in advance
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I'm going to contradict myself right away here Odd way to start a thread I know let me explain I just started a new job this past August It's not many hours per week do software enhancing you recommend? performance What and not the greatest pay Something I need to do something about This is where I run into a 'which to do first the chicken or the egg ' Here's my goal My laptop came pre-loaded with Office pro I have an average typing speed of wpm If I were to get MS Office certified I could hypothetically work freelance from home while not at my quot day job quot The issue s are this I'm currently using Windows defender as firewall and virus protection Norton came preloaded but I've NEVER liked it in the some odd years of having What performance enhancing software do you recommend? computers at home Uses too many resources for what it does I feel What I need is some fairly good programs that will optimize my system protect me better then Windows defender ever could malware spyware virus root kits ect The problem is I don't have the to invest in quot the best quot software I know the What performance enhancing software do you recommend? old saying you get what you pay for And I would happily pay for the best if I had the cash to do so The problem with getting freeware or shareware from Cnet or Tucows is either it works like I think Malware bytes did this tells you a long list of issues but won't fix them until you pay for it Again I would be happy to do so but can't right now In the meantime you end up with a whole heck of a lot of What performance enhancing software do you recommend? crap on your system that sometimes is worse then getting a virus Once I start making a few bucks freelancing then I'll come back and ask for a list of quot the best of quot the various programs I seek As a sidebar does anyone know of any good online schools that teach Office
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I have a 2 desktop's and a laptop, all connected to eachother via LAN. I want a simple software using which I can sync certain specified files in all my computers, so that if I change one in any one, the others also gets updated along with.

Thank you.

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Hi All,

Could someone recommend free scan to pdf software? I would not to buy it because I don't need it regularly and will be happy with very simple set of functionality.
To clarify what I need: I have Canon scanner and would like to scan batch of documents into multipage PDF file with just several clicks without complex configuration etc. No need in advanced functionality.

Thank you,

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Hi I have win ultimate on my pc someone program recovery software please a recommend Can and recently purchased a new a-data gb hard drive and put about gb of data on it So probably due to my own fault it crashed and i kept Can someone recommend a software recovery program please getting the 'you must format this drive to use it' error I might have caused it by accidentally unplugging out the drive without safely stopping it Anyway I ran a checkdisk or similar command Can someone recommend a software recovery program please from command prompt as Can someone recommend a software recovery program please found on another forum that repaired it so it is now visible as a drive in my computer Luckily it still knows how much data is on it because in my computer it says gb used blah blah blah But the problem is that when I go into the drive there are no files on it bar one which has no extention program to open it with and has no properties Please can somebody help me out I need to recover the files I have tried numerous data recovery programs but they didint come up with the proper files just portions etc

A:Can someone recommend a software recovery program please

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
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Can anyone recommend good burning software besides Nero?

I currently use Nero and find that movies burned on a 99 minutes disk are displayed in upside down mirror image, only after burning though.

please let me know your thoughts.

cheers maddie

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I have an HDD that appears to have died. Windows no longer recognises it when I open my computer. I have googled for help and theres just too many different 'solutions' none of which seem to work. I've tried CHKDSK and my Windows7 cant even run that.

Can anybody recommend a program I can download or any process to run

A:please recommend software to query dead HDD

If Windows won't see the drive then the next option is to try linux and see if it sees the drive.
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Could you recommend a System Repair Software that I
could use for my computer. I am running Win. 7 64x.


A:Recommend System Repair Software


You dont need any extra software,your Windows ultimate have everything

If you had\have problems with your system then,

In this order,
You can try first to "fix" the problems using the SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
If SFC didnt help then try System Restore
If system restore didnt help then you go to the next step,the Repair Install
If none of the above help then you have to make a Clean Install Windows 7

For full system system back and restore read these,

Full system backup Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

Full system restore System Image Recovery
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Hi I Have a quot tiny quot problem I don t know what anti-virus software I should use I have tried meny but ever program that I have used there have been some you What software would recommend? anti-virus issue with I need a program that works is really lightweight dsn t uppdate or What anti-virus software would you recommend? dsn t say quot updates are read for download quot and then quot download later quot and then mins later again quot updates are read for download quot and sh t like that AVG - Blocks files and stuff without asking Panda Cloud - Laggs and makes the cpu go VIPRE - current Good but it reminds to update every min so when I play games everything just freezes and CTD There is no way to stop VIPRES winding Microsoft Essentials - Updates and when it dsnt update it says quot Your computer What anti-virus software would you recommend? is unprotected quot and then it s Microsofts software Norton - no way it s not quot lightweight quot it s the opposit F-Secure - What anti-virus software would you recommend? same as Norton Avast - same as Panda Avira - lets trough Nod - Good but not free nbsp

A:What anti-virus software would you recommend?

Avira is the best anti virus software from the given list. It is user-friendly and advanced options help. It is very fast but sometime I have to face some problems at update time. Overall, its the perfect anti virus software.
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this age-ole question is for any moderator:

what internet security and antivirus software(s) do you feel are the best to have? which would you recommend? which do you have for your computer(s)?

**currently, i have norton internet security & norton antivirus (about to expire) & i don't have much faith in them. i'd like to know 'what the pros use.' i'd like to get software(s) that do at least what norton does & more. from what i understand, i need to protect my computer from attacks from anything possible from the internet & i also need to protect incoming & outgoing emails.

your help would be most appreciated! thanks in advance.

A:Recommend Internet Security & Antivirus Software

i'm sorry, i don't mean to burden anyone with such a trivial question. I did do a search for this topic & did not find any recent information on this forum that answered my question. hopefully, i'm in the right place for this topic. if not, please tell me where i should post. thanks.
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I searched for this but couldn t find anything sorry if check for health anyone Can recommend software Win7 this question is repetitious I have an HP Pavilion Slimline desktop running Win Pro As a rule I don t use Can anyone recommend health check software for Win7 the HP Support Assistant but I did let it run its monthly hardware check and it s already identified a failing hard drive once so the check is useful However recently HP updated the thing and Can anyone recommend health check software for Win7 the new version simply Will Not Run Shortly after I bought the PC a failed upgrade process for HP Support Assistant kept me from using the printer scanner for several Can anyone recommend health check software for Win7 months while I sorted out a peculiar error in HP s install sequence and I just wasn t about to do their debugging for them again So after it went into an quot I ve hit an error and need to close quot loop I uninstalled it and I m now looking for another tool that will do that quot all-in-one quot health check on disk memory etc Any suggestions preferably but not necessarily free

A:Can anyone recommend health check software for Win7

The OEM software utility was designed to be a hardware/software monitoring checker intended for the particular model. There is not one that can replace their complete setup. What you need are tools usually found on the hardware manufacturing site for hard drives, memtest+ for RAMS, stresstest softwares for CPU/GPU, etc. which are individually downloadable and created either by CD/USB or can be run within Windows environment.
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Help.The default windows software sucks....

A:Can someone please recommend good software for scanning textbooks in XP Pro?

My Physics teacher uses ABBBY FineReader and he seems to be quite pleased with it. U can get it here. Its trialware so u'll have to buy it though.
As u can see, its pretty well rated on as well, so it has to be a good product.
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Hi, i'm making a video using Windows movie maker. I would like to add some extra audio sound effects to it, but It doesn't give me that option. It only allows me to add music or a narration, but i specifically want to add some sound effects. Anyway, can someone recommend a video editing software for me that will allow me to add sound effects seperately?

I've also used Zwie Stein 4 but my computer doesn't meet the requirements in order to use it. My system is a Pentium 3 with 730 mhz.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you.

A:Can u recommend a good video editing software for me?

Not sure what software is available in CANADA but you could try ULEAD MOVIE MAKER. You should be able to down load a trial from the web
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I have until recently used Sony's Picture Motion Browser software to edit my photos. By edit, all I want to do really is reduce the photos in size from high res to low res so I can email them. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit individual photos but I just want simple software to select all photos in a folder and resize them automatically to a size I want. Can anyone recommend a free software? Sony have tricked me into uninstalling my old software and I don't want to do a System Restore.

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Looking to quick test motherboards

A:Recommend Bootable Hardware Diagnostic Software

Here are two I know of:
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I good packet Recommend writing software? was recently given a TDK CDRW drive for Xmas What a screamer It came with Nero I installed InCD as well as Nero Express because of my writes are Recommend good packet writing software? with InCD formatted disks use them for zipped backups However InCD has a very odd and aggravating habit It seems to check for the presence of a disk in the drive every - minutes and when it does the system is momentarily locked as when the hourglass is on Only lasts for - seconds but drives you nuts Recommend good packet writing software? when you re writing a report and typing fast Only way around it is to unload InCD from the Task Manager Brought this to the attention of Ahead Software tech support and got nowhere So I m considering dumping Nero and going with something else I used to use Adaptec version with an old Plextor and it was OK but I don t like Roxio s update policies which is mostly NOT to update anything for free So can anyone recommend some really good software for mastering and especially packet writing nbsp

A:Recommend good packet writing software?

If you were happy with DirectCD go back to it. The problem is that you canít get it without the package and it is expensive. Most people consider DirectCD to be the best packet writing software and Nero to be the best all around mastering software.

RecordNow has a packet writing component (DLA) and has a free trial. The damage is only $40 if you like DLA. It has a Prassi engine for the mastering software which I personally like. Iím still using the Prassi software on my old Plextor but will probably try RecordNow when I upgrade.
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Can anyone recommend a monitoring software program for a mobile smart phone. My niece who I care for maybe using her phone inappropriately,its a blackberry. I have the home pc covered but need to monitor and secure the phone too. If I have to pay I will but if possible would prefer freeware. But a good recommendation rather than risking a virus. Thanks

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hello People,
i have a reallly big issue here and i hope someone would be kind enough to help me with this. I'm pretty good with computers and all but my Mum wants to learn how to use computers and all like word, excel and browse the internet. I don't have the patience to do it and i'm not very good teaching stuff to people as a result. I have decided to buy her a laptop first of all then install an interactive tutorial software that takes her step by step through the journey of learning computers.

Can anyone please recommend a program or a bunch of programs for her to learn with. Keep in mind that she doesn't have internet at her location. She's pretty much educated and teaches chemistry . Just for a brief background so it should be pretty easy with any program.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

A:Interactive Software to learn how to use Computers..Please Recommend!!
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i have a DVD-R drive. the DVD software that came with my Dell won't re-install properly. i figure there must be free software out there. i don't need bells and whistles, i just want to be able to play DVDs.

thank you

A:Solved: pls recommend free DVD playing software

ime no genius about computers but i think divx is a good one for playing dvds
can be downloaded on net
hope this helps
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I am interested in free software that will allow me to view Wifi networks in a more interesting way. Any idea?

A:Can you recommend free Wifi network software?

Boingo Wireless | Wireless Internet. Wi-Fi Access. One Click Log On
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Seriously what is it with backup software I m tired of looking through my backed up files and finding things missing Here s what I ve tried Argentum backup Nice minus the fact that they make you activate which I htink sucks Doesn t have any quot backup when file is changed quot feature Nero back it up Would be nice if it wasn t so slow and cumbersome Can t automatically back up after file is changed Syncback Way to hard doesn t seem to work backup software suck. doesn't that Recommend me right Iomega Automatic Backup My favorite in the bunch - minus the fact that sometimes it just quot skips quot my outlook Recommend me backup software that doesn't suck. file and actually DELETES the backup file What the hell is up with that Also doesn t always work when the computer restarts What I need in a backup program - Reliable will tell me if there were problems not just be like quot HAY I HOPE YOU ENJOY FINDING OUT THE LAST BACKUP DIDN T WORK WHEN YOUR COMPUTER CRASHES - Can backup AS SOON as a file is changed This is essential right now - Is fairly easy Doesn t have to be super easy but I don t want to spend hours learning it either - Can handle multiple directories with different settings For example not all directories need to be updated right away some can be done like every hour - Doesn t suck nbsp

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Hi, there! I am looking for great and not expensive internet monitoring software for my staff. I need to check their time tracking, internet activities, keylogger, block certain sites and programs, get real-time screenshots and check emails. I 've looked around and found WorkExaminer software. Let me know what you think about it or suggest some alternatives or software! Thanks!
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I thought about posting in the software or windows forum but as my issue is really hardware related having a dying hard drive I brought it here I have a Maxtor DiamondMAx plus series SATA gb drive that will no longer load windows and will cause windows to crash when connected as a secondary or external drive in a stable system I downloaded the utility Maxtor offers at their sight and ran some diagnostics on the drive outside of windows which tell me software drive? that recommend hard of my someone Can a restore will piece that the drive is dying and I need to copy my data from the drive soon to avoid losing it I am looking for a good piece of software that will enable me to do just this A new hard drive is on the way in the mail and my hope is that when it comes I will be able to plug both drives in and image Can someone recommend a piece of software that will restore my hard drive? the old drive onto the new but I know to pull this off I am going to need a pretty robust Can someone recommend a piece of software that will restore my hard drive? piece of software A friend of mine owns an older copy of Norton Ghost but as the drive is failing and I may only get one shot at this I want to make sure that the image process works I am willing to spend upwards of -maybe on the right piece of software that will do what I am hoping If I cannot do what I am hoping for that then I will resolve to letting the data go as I do not think that it is worth much more than that A few details This drive spins but generates a definate though fairly quiet clicking noise every - seconds while spinning Can someone recommend a piece of software that will restore my hard drive? It is recognized in the bios and with the maxtor utility but it is too unstable to come up in windows As I do not know much about what software is out there and am pretty much flying blind researching with google I am appealing to someone else s experience around here Can anyone suggest a product that can accomplish what I need to accomplish Beyond the suggestion a few words about how to use it would also be very helpful though I can probably figure that out on my own Thanks so much in advance Joel nbsp

A:Can someone recommend a piece of software that will restore my hard drive?
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Hi Anyone recommend backup software that has ease of use but not too expensive I have computers and I am mainly worried about hard drive crashes and lost digital pictures A little background first I have networked computers ethernet upstairs and wireless laptop downstairs - All networked together My son uses one of the upstairs computers--- E-machine Hardware recommend network?? Someone backup software? --Home and with XP Home the other my daughter uses upstairs which is Windows Both have various digital pics that I would hate to lose also would hate the hassle of trying to get up and running again after a disaster such as a drive crash or failure I have a Dell inspirion laptop with XP home and various other digital pics networked wirelessly I have read about Acronis True Image ver and Genie Backup Manager Both seem very good Also what hardware would anyone recommend for backup USB external drive DVD writable drive on one computer --------backing up all computers Someone recommend backup software? and Hardware --Home network?? using Network shares I am leaning toward Acronis because it appears I could restore a drive image easily without haveing to mess with installing Windows Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Someone recommend backup software? and Hardware --Home network??
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Hey folks, I've been trying to get at some .dds images - you'd think with how widely used they are now there would be native support or at least an optional download, eh.

I heard MysticThumbs was good, but it's trialware. Then I came across SageThumbs, which sounds like it fits the bill perfectly.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on the .dds files I have:
As you can see the standalone program DXTBmp can open the .dds file just fine - but unlike an Explorer extension like SageThumbs you'd need to open every single image one by one to find what you're looking for. Yeahhh, nope. SageThumbs doesn't seem to have trouble with my other images though (just did a cursory check, didn't really look hard). It just fails on those files I need it to work on

Does anyone know of any other explorer extension for Win7 x64 that can display .dds image files?

A:Recommend software to display more image formats in Explorer

This is from Nvidia but I think it works on some ati cards too.

How can I view .DDS files in Windows?

The major problem is that Windows doesn't know what .DDS files are. This means that none of the standard Microsoft graphics programs can open them, and they won't show as thumbnails in your folders.

However, two freeware programs are available to deal with this problem.
First, you should definitely download IrfanView. - - This is a simple program that enables you to view and resize graphics files, including .DDS files. Using this program you can look at the files without having to start up Celestia - which is handy. Warning: although DDS files load very swiftly in Celestia, they take a long time to load into a graphics viewer - it will take several minutes for a 16k DDS file to load into IrfanView. Don't look at them unless you really want to.

Second, you might want to go to this NVidia website - ... tools.html - and download the DDS Thumbnail Viewer. This is a program that will enable .DDS textures to show up as thumbnails when you're looking at folders in Windows Explorer. Another warning: it takes the computer ages to produce these thumbnails, so long that you may well get annoyed and switch the folder back to normal icon view. It's frustratingly slow, but I guess this may still be a useful utility at times; you decide.


DDS Thumbnail Viewer
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Which free antivirus software do you recommend?

A:Which free antivirus software do you recommend? (March 2016)

360 TS or Avast free...
360 TS free but with more features than avast
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Does anyone have any recommendations for (simple) webcam software, that can record video? Something like Yawcam would be great. It's small and simple, but sadly does not allow recording video. I am not interested in using the webcam for security purposes, like motion activated recording + ftp uploading or whatever. I just want something with a "play" button that will start recording when I click it and to and save the video to my HDD.


A:Recommend simple webcam software for recording video?

Debut Video Capture. Works great. I have the 'trial'. It never expires, no recording time limit, not really sure what makes it a 'trial' but.. Record, Pause, Stop buttons, and some very basic effects.
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I've switched to Vista this week and I used to run ZoneAlarm Security Suite, they don't have a Vista version yet, so I need a spam filtering, protection program for Outlook.

What would you recommend? Free/paid


A:Outlook spam protection for Vista: Which software do you recommend?
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Hey all,

Just wondered if anyone could recommend some good software for reading linux partitions from within Windows 7?

A:Anyone recommend good software for reading Linux Partitions?

Linux Reader Works good.
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All I'm looking to do is create some flyers for a home-based business. I need spell check and a few fonts to choose from, but that's about it. I just don't want to spend $100 on something really basic... Any recommendations?

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Please recommend the best free light-weight anti virus software for 2011 for my 2003 Dell Laptop, ANYONE. Thanks in advance!

Here is some basic information about the laptop: Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Mobile CPU 1000MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 255 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON MOBILITY (Microsoft Corporation) , 16 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 19077 MB, Free - 9627 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation, Latitude C610 , ,
Antivirus: Avast5, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Please recommend the best free light-weight anti virus software for 2011 for my 2003 Dell Laptop, ANYONE. Thanks in advance!

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I'm looking for some hard drive backup/restore software with some specific requirements: I need to be able to backup a partition into a single file (ideally compressed) then this must be able to be restored from a USB drive/stick. Ideally if there was an option to make the USB memory stick bootable so all the user needed to do was insert the stick, boot the PC and follow the restore instructions - that would do the job.

I've used Ghost (ages ago) which I believe could do something similar but I'm not sure that the latest version will from what I've read.


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hey guys need your help. i need a burning software that is able to burn both cd/dvds . i have dvd writter with me . i need a software that can burn dvds that are playable on
other pcs which have windows seven and windows xp installed.
please help me.
here are my system settings for reference.
i tried nero but it does not suits me well or recommend me which version will work best on my laptop by seeing above settings.i will be using it to make music and dvd backups of my tv series, movies and music videos.
please tell me a software that burns really good on this laptop.
i already tried preinstalled burner of windows but it is not good also.

A:Recommend me a burning software that works on my vista home basic edition

I like imgbrn and use it for ISO's too
The Official ImgBurn Website

We just had a similar thread
any software for dvd copy
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Can I please get help from someone who understands servers and IP addresses?
I wonder if I use more than one server when sending mail or is it just one?
and does my IP address always "follow me" when I use an internet email site? (i.e. when I send mail via Outlook Express and via Yahoo shouldn't my IP stay the same?)

I have been accused of sending some hurtful mail (not spam) and I need to prove I didn't do it. My IP/Server address shows up on some of the mail, but also another IP shows on some of it.

It might be easier if I can actually (physically) speak to someone (phone or IM) because I have many many questions but I need someone who REALLY understands servers.
if you are able to help you can email be at [email protected]
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If you have Win questions... server '00/'03 seen my other topics you would know I get bored in my spare time and like to mess around with things But I ve been wanting to mess around with the one of the Windows server o s s I ve got friends that recommend using over basically saying all is is a fancy that takes up some Win '00/'03 server questions... more resources I guess it depends on what you really need to be done I occasionaly mess around and host amount of users on a slavanap server or run a shoutcast when I feel like dealing with it But nothing to serious I was just wondering what you guys recommend for an actual real dedicated server and then what you recommend me mess around with on this temporary computer Will be settings when I finish the WC on my upgraded computer Dell Dimension bought around february of Pentium ghz fsb GeForce MX Suppose to be a GeForce Ti but that s in my computer maybe I will have enough money soon to buy a new vid card sigh x of RIMM Why Dell Why To expensive to buy more gb IDE WD-XL It s pretty loud I cant remember if it use to do that or if it s actually dying It will probably be on another partition dual-boot with WinXP Pro Corp Any comments suggestions appreciated nbsp
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So I have a requirement for a computer to be on full time. But I barely ever sit down in front of this pc, I always remote into it. My question is , would it be possible for me to get a server and run windows server on it or something and then in turn run my necessary applications , scheduled tasks etc..?

So I could leave this server on full time and not have to have a pc taking up space etc..

A:Server Questions

I guess that depends on exactly what you intend to have it do.

For file/print sharing, I'd far rather use a NAS unit with a print server like the D-Link DNS-323, which is what I use. The print server works great for a community printer, and I have a terabyte of disk in the unit for file storage.

It just runs, and it only consumes about 8 watts in standby, and less than 20 watts when it's running. Think about the typical PC consuming several hundred watts, then multiply that by the number of hours in a year and by your utility rate. It won't take long to pay for the NAS.
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as mine has just expired.

Any advice gratefully received.

A:Solved: Can you recommend a "free" anti-virus software please?

"AVG" is regularly recommended here at "TSG."
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I wan't a dedicated server to serve my website and for gaming and I was curious which places have the best prices?

Also, I have a spare computer and I want to know if it is possible to send it to a hosting sevice to use as a server but only paying for the there places that do that?

A:Server costs questions?

I wan't a dedicated server to serve my website and for gaming Click to expand...

Wow for gaming thats gonna cost a pretty penny. you pay for the bandwidth mostly and if your gaming to the server this is also assuming you have a bunch of friends ALSO gaming to it. You gonna pay X times the rate PLUS gaming is a bandiwdth hog in the first place.

Just wanted to throw out that htought. Good luck on your search though as I host all my stuff internally.
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Hi all Sorry but I could Server Questions Windows t decide if there was a better section of the forums in which to post my question so I ended up here Please re-locate this post if you need to I am interested in setting-up an internet radio station and wonder if anyone reading this post has any experience in this area What with the cost of licensing through PRS and PPL the initial outlay for this kind of thing is quite high and that s before I even start looking at stream hosting I have made some initial enquiries with various companies as to the cost of hosting my station and the costs seem to be related to the level Windows Server Questions of sound quality or bit-rate that I want for my station plus the amount of streams that are made available at any one time Obviously the higher the sound quality or bit-rate and the more streams the higher the cost per month year So basically I have been looking at ways of achieving hosting for less financial outlay At this point I have a question I already have a hosting account for web pages with a U K company who have Windows servers My account allows me unlimited storage and bandwidth Couldn t I use this account to stream my audio After all it does offer unlimited bandwidth Basically can anyone tell me what the difference is between Windows servers and shoutcast icecast servers Could a Windows server that is normally used to store display web pages also be used to stream music in real-time If nobody here knows the answers could you please point me to where I should ask these questions Incidentally I have looked at free stream hosting offered by P P Streamer and Ubroadcast but neither are currently able to offer downloadable monthly logs of listeners music hours both of which are required under U K licencing regulations Any helpful advice very gratefully received nbsp

A:Windows Server Questions

Have you looked at these options/articles:
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I m building a server that I intend to use for hosting dedicated game servers and for storage I ve settled on questions Server Build AMD for Server Build questions the processor mainly because it s the general cheaper way to go open to suggestions Server Build questions though if you can provide a good argument to back up your suggestion Naturally since it s not going to be actually running the graphics of whatever game I play I m sticking with on-board graphics Where I come to an issue is picking out the power supply I remember a while back there used to be a recommended list of power supplies on Server Build questions this forum but they were more towards a computer with or gaming graphics cards in them Seeing as I m sticking with on-board graphics I don t think that I should need a super duper power supply that can support all that Also I m debating quad-core or dual-core for whatever processor I end up getting I m not thinking I ll need the quad core but wanted a little bit of input on this As far as ram goes I ll just match it to whatever motherboard I end up getting Any help tips comments ect that anyone can offer on this matter would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Hey all,

Quick question...

I have a W7 running VPN server that has been set up and works perfect for PPTP incoming connections.

the router I am using has been set up to allow PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2. Although it has been enabled and Allowed on my W7(VPN server) everytime I try to connect via SSTP, or IKEv2, I get an error saying that there has been a connection issue with the remote server.

I read another forum where it said I had to install a certificate to allow it through my Firewall, just wondering if I need to make exceptions on the server Firewall, or if I am experiencing another issue.
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I know the parts are overkill for what I will be using it for to serve media to TV phones and pc s it will also back up my pc s weekly file server and questions Home server ftp sync to an offsite location I will be testing things like active directory and VMware because I use these are work but I cant really mess around with them to much there The server is will be running Windows Server R or R I haven t made up my mind yet I want to be able to leave the server on but have it go into a sleep mode until something is requesting data from the server over my lan or internet I know how to do this but I don t know if its good to do with RAID these are the parts I m using If you have any questions please ask me anything Fractal Design Define Mini http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Western Digital Red NAS Hard Drive WD EFRX TB x in RAID http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Rosewill TACHYON- W http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Mushkin Enhanced Blackline GB x GB http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E ASUS GRYPHON Z LGA http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Intel Core i - Haswell GHz http www Home server questions newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Adaptec RAID T http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E SAMSUNG EVO GB http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

A:Home server questions

Have you got a UPS? What's your question.

Also can you please tell me how you do the sleep mode? WOL when something requests access?
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We are starting a new business, and need to have common storage where our office computers as well as telecommuters can access and change various documents and folders. The office will be small (5or fewer users). We would like to be able to back up these folders nightly using external storage of some kind. We are not interested in cloud storage. We found information on other sites that recommended Network Storage Servers- WD Sentinel DX4000. Is this the right avenue to go down? We are trying to keep IT costs down, so we are looking for something user friendly where our few computers can access shared documents. We do have a couple of telecommuters so the storage server will need this capability. thabk you for your help.

A:New office server questions

Hello there is a comprehensive review of the unit you mentioned here:
the one problem I see is that there is no mention of remote access from outside of the network, so depending on how your telecommuters access the local network (if at all) this may not work for that purpose,
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Hi Everyone I m trying to build a server box for my house I installed windows server R I ve got everything up and running but I m having an issue with the NLB I ve never used NLB before and thus far I can t seem to get both onboard NICs to work properly I currently can configure one cluster by telling the NLB manager to look 2008 Questions Win Server NLB R2: at localhost then choosing one of the NICs I set the cluster ip to and the NIC ip to At this point I can access Win Server 2008 R2: NLB Questions my server via that new cluster ip I can ping it fine as well Now I try to add another host I type in the ip address of the second NIC It connect and I can select that NIC to add I then set the address of this NIC to The NLB manager refreshes shows my my cluster and the two NICs The first NIC works fine but the second NIC always is misconfigured I just can t figure out how to get Win Server 2008 R2: NLB Questions both NICs to become configured and balanced I can see the server and move files with one configure NIC and one misconfigured NIC Also the server cannot access the internet Is NLB designed to do this Everything I read setups up the NLB for NIC public access and Win Server 2008 R2: NLB Questions NIC private access I want both NICs to be able to share over my private network and be able to download Can anyone help nbsp

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We have a wireless linksys wrt54g router and we're wondering how to set up a network printer and server.

We think we need static IP's for this to work. We already tried to configure our router to do static IP's, but then the internet wouldn't work after restart on all the computers.

Where did we go wrong? If static IP's aren't necessary, what should we do instead?

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I operate a server that runs Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The server runs terminal services and has about 10 users logged into it at one time. I want to update the speed of the server. An obvious answer would be to install more Ram. It has 2 Gb right now. But I've run many diagnostic programs on the server to moniter the CPU and Ram to see how much is being used and how much is free. And it seems that only about 50% to 60% of the Ram is ever being used. Will adding more Ram really help my situation that much? Also I've been told that there is a way to run two servers and have them split the work load. If anyone knows much about this then let me know? Thanks a lot.
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Hi all, I have Win Vista and am looking for a good free (if any) fax software to use..thanks in advance....

A:Can anyone recommend a good "Free" fax software to use with Vista?
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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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I have a couple servers that we use for DNS I am trying to get them setup quot the right way quot We have almost com domains I want these two servers to run for us We also have server questions 2003 DNS Windows a straight fiber connection for us to use for internet Question For a dual cpu ghz Dell w gigs of ram how many domains would you put on a single dns server All When you setup a secondary DNS server to accept zone transfers from the primary does that mean that you can enter new zones into the primary and it will auto create them onto the Windows 2003 DNS server questions secondary for you Or do I have to go onto the primary and create the new zone and then go onto the secondary and create the new zone manually myself Thanks guys I really need to find someone who is an expert in MS DNS Servers that I can just sit down and chat with cause this is a whole new book for me nbsp

A:Windows 2003 DNS server questions

The answers require way too long a response for this forum. We recommend you obtain copies of

Windows Server 2003: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guide) by Martin S Matthews (Paperback - April 11, 2003)


Microsoft Windows Server(TM) 2003 Inside Out by William R. Stanek (Paperback - Jul 7, 2004)

Or similar books, or Windows Service 2003 knowledgebase articles at www.micrpspft/com.

Otherwise, you need an expensive Network consultant. They start in most locals at $85 an hour and sometimes $135 an hour. They have spent a great deal of time hands on getting to a point where they can advise you.
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I have Comcast Commercial grade service mb down mb up an I run a few servers from my house My main web server is a Dell Dimension XPS III running Web redundancy . . questions . Server ahhhh Win Server It has two SATA drives that I configured into a Raid I was more concerned about space than redundancy but spanning two drives gives me twice the gamble I can t wipe this beast and start over so what would be my best choice I have parallel IDE available so can I mirror with that or can t that be done Or I have another Serial channel so I guess I can add another pair of Serial drives but that will start costing more I was thinking of using Ghost v I could create an image and do updates whenever alot of changes happen Then worst case I could just throw the image on any HD to get back up But I just noticed that Ghost is really for PC s and it doesn t look like it will install on a server OS I really don t want to get into server backup software cause I want an image like Ghost creates Can I install it Web Server redundancy questions . . . ahhhh on my Admin PC and do the backups via mappings I just wanna protect my webserver and have an easy way to restore from any major crash Thanks - Jerry mcse-mcp -cna-network a nbsp

A:Web Server redundancy questions . . . ahhhh

You could add another hard drive bigger than your RAID0 set and then use Win2003s software RAID facility to mirror your RAID0 to the other drive.. This would mean a couple of reboots and a very awkward setup though.

Do you really need to image your entire hard drive? Backing up the IIS configuration and the web content should be enough really. In case of a disaster, installing a new copy of Windows will take 2 hours max and restoring the data should be easy too.
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I'm using the free version of Yosemite Server Backup that came with my tape drive but it's having two problems:

1. It always fails to backup system files, does this mean the backup won't be usable for a disaster recovery

2. It will only run scheduled backups if you leave the main program window open 24/7, I find this absurd and it's the only backup program I ever used that requires leaving its main window open for scheduled backups to be run

Issue 1 may or may not be a problem, I don't know if these system files would be required for disaster recovery. Issue 2 is mostly an annoyance but that's not really an acceptable problem for a backup program as if I ever accidentally close the window all backups will fail without warning.

Anyone know if issue 1 is really a problem and if issue 2 can be fixed?


A:Yosemite Server Backup questions

If you are booted into Windows when you do your backup to tape, you cannot backup Windows System Files in use.
If there is disaster, you would need to reinstall Windows, and then restore your backup.
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If I restart my computer by pressing reset button or maybe your game freezes on multiplayer, will it affect the game servers like other players lag, or server crashes, or high ping?

A:Solved: Questions about Game Server

theoretically no. The other players will see you as not moving.
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Can someone give me some information on Windows Server 2003?

I know very little about running a server and was wondering if there was any tips out there for running a personal one ...

Couple Questions that need answering:
- if I'm using WS2003 can I still run my normal programs like say Adobe Photoshop or a game like Operation Flashpoint?
- will running a server and leaving the computer on all the time 'hurt' it?
- are there any 'quirks' i should know about WS2003

A:Windows Server 2003 - some questions

moved to win2k/xp forum
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Hi, I had the idea of opening a business that offered multiplayer gaming/internet cafe kind of stuff (patent pending ) Still in brainstorming process... Games in consideration HL2/CounterStrike, UT2004, or any others that jump out and seem popular. I found a cable internet provider with downloads of 3 Mbps and uploads of 256 Kbps, as for simulcasting tournaments, that is letting say 25 workstations on location be connected to the server and also outside internet users participating in the gamefest. Would 256 Kbps be a suitable upload speed to host an online gaming server? and if so what would be about the limit of users connected? If 256 wont cut it is it possible to subscribe to 2 internet accounts and then have a download of 6 Mbps and upload of 512 Kbps? or is that not how it works? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks -JC

A:Questions on gaming server speeds?

Right off, if you don't have, say, 2megs or more up and down, forget about hosting. Well, at least multiple games. With your current bw, you can host maybe an 8 player hl game. Your upload speed is the more important of the two. Your servers will always upload more data to clients than clients will be sending you.

If you wanted to game on a lan, go for it. You'll run out of clients before you run out of bw on a typical 10/100 switched environment. Notice I said switched. If you run a hub you'll end up with collisions and whatnot a switch is immune to. You could get away with 8 online players additional to your lan party at your current upload.
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Ok guys, im using the HLDS update tool for counter strike 1.6
im trying to get some bots going for a single player server ( so i have someone to game with )

i have a recent AMX mod and Meta mod, i need to know where to put each file, what command lines to change ( and examples so i can just copy/paste )

and then im trying to setup podbots
( maybe look online for me? make sense of their instructions? )
please help me, i need thi9s server going asap!

A:Counter-Strike Server questions

what instructions are you reading. ill try to make sense of them.. i've done it before... looong ago.
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I was wondering if you can run software that says win 98, ME on the xp platform?


A:Software questions.


Right click on the program
Select Properties
Select Compatibilty tab
Tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for: "
Click on the arrow - and select Windows 98 / Windows ME
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How can I get Myst to work on my WinXP Pro Pre-installed w/SP1 computer? When I double-click on the shortcut, It changes the screen to a small screen resolution (my estimate is 300x400) and to 256 color, as it should, but stays there...

Also, when I put in an MS Office 97 Pro CD, it autoruns and shows a menu, and when I click on the first one (the one to install) it shows a little window and freezes there... (I'll update with the message later)

For both I've tried the Compatibility Wizard, but it doesn't seem to help... I've been able to get both to work on a WinXP Home computer rather easily, and w/o Compatibility Wizard (at least i think so)

Finally, where can i find the Indeo XP 5.2 codec? If possible, for free...

Thanks in advance!


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Hi everyone A few months ago I downloaded and installed two pieces of software one called ErrorSmart and the other called Rollback RX When performing a spyware virus scan a day or so ago Spybot identified ErrorSmart as a threat and asked to remove it Can anyone here tell me whether ErrorSmart questions Software is regarded as a sound piece of software Moving on Software questions to Rollback RX A while back I had some problems after suffering a virus attack on my PC I used Rollback RX to recover to an earlier time that day and before the virus attack After successfully restoring to the selected earlier time the PC continued to run just fine for a few hours before developing the same type of problems that were experienced after the original attack It was as if after Rollback and restore the clock just ticked away the minutes between beginning and end of the rollback period and then re-launched the same problems all over again a bit like like taking the arm off of a vinyl record just before it reaches a bad scratch and then placing the arm back on the record near the beginning - I mean eventually it s just going to arrive back at the bad part of the record again or in this case of my PC the same point in time where the original problem kicked-in So my question here must be does anyone have any experience of either of these two softwares and whether they are generally regarded as useful or not I mean they both came with glowing reports Oh one other thing Before installation of Rollback I had to decompress my hard drive Now it could just be a co-incidence but since that time I seem to have had nothing but problems with speed and performance So is it advantageous to have a compressed drive or not Any thoughts on either both issues would be gratefully received nbsp

A:Software questions

As far as your problems with ErrorSmart, I am not very familiar with the software. However, I would like to offer some words of advice concerning some things that I have seen online concerning the software. Although the software claims to improve performance, I generally consider it a policy of my own to pay these types of software no attention. Adding utilities such as ErrorSmart to your computer many times means adding additional processes to your computer. These processes can be intrusive to software on your computer as well. This could be the reason that it is considered to be adware. The label of adware is given to software sometimes even if it is not an immediate threat. The software could merely be deemed as unnecessary. This could mean that the software would be "dead-weight" to your system resources. As far as maximizing performance, I usually try to keep it as simple as possible. Keep your hard drive defragged and try to have as little startup software as possible. This is software that automatically loads when your computer is booted. While some software may benefit from running at startup, this is not necessary a lot of the time. One last thing, try to keep as few cookies on your computer as possible. Cookies stored by your internet browsers can be tracking cookies which are considered to be threats to your system and perhaps its performance. As far as rollback, I am not familiar at all with that type of utility. I apologize. Hope some of this helps. Good luck!
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You know how you think of something you dont know the answer to and it bugs you all the time but you keep forgetting to ask Yeah well I have quite a few strangely I remembered a lot of them recently maybe because I started taking my ADD medicine since my knee is healed enough I have to go back to software questions... A lot of school today I ve looked around Google and forums and such but nothing is A lot of software questions... like myself asking the question and reading suggestions I ve had a DVD burner Sony s DVD -RW DRU- A for a few months now got it for my b-day But I havent gotten around to actually learning how to convert videos burn DVD s make custom menus and all I was wondering what programs you guys recommend I want to be able to take mpg s avi s ogm s a lot have codecs like divx xvid on them and so on and be able to put them on the DVD and make my own menus and stuff I ve got years worth of digital pictures And they take up a nice amount I think like gb So I was thinking of ways to decrease the size of all of them without rar ing them or something And if I recall I believe some of them are set to resolutions like xwhatever So I ve always been wondering if there was a program that could take a whole bunch of selected pictures and downsize them all to a certain resolution Hmm I kinda forgot a lot of questions now For those of you who use mIRC do you prefer a certain script I ve used nnScript for the longest time but I think I might want a change I was looking at Invision too Lately I ve been interested into looking about reverse-compiling decompiling Not for illegal purposes but just something to mess around with when I m bored and just something to learn and know So does anyone recommend tutorials or books to check out Oh hmm What else Stupid horrible memory Instead of actually going through mp s one by one cleaning up ID tags and adding content is there some good software to actually automate the process Kinda like how WMP or Winamp query s databases to add the record info to the tag s while ripping the CD I ve been messing around with Photoshop for like years now off and on getting the hang of it because I m not as fast at doing it like some other people I ve looked around at tutorials and such but they re either complicated or rely WAY to much on filters not that their a bad thing Any of you recommend some good sites with PS tut s I m one of those people that use Remote Access programs all the time I have the servers and viewers on all the computers in the house Just makes things a lot easier I ve tried a lot of different ones I used RAdmin for the longest time then they upgraded to and ran out of trial time But I absolutely loved it had all the features you could wish for But I ve tried others as well GoToMyPc x x Im In Touch and a few others I m currently using RealVNC Enterprise Edition but it just doesnt have all the features that RAdmin does like setting retrieving the clipboard file-transfers and all of that Any of you recommend one Or should I just buy a license for RAdmin Hmm cant think of the others I wanted to ask But I suppose this can be the last for now Say a firehouse asks you to make a site for them they want it to be simple but pretty nice They want to be able to add news and pictures to it after a fire-call a drill or something to the sort What would you make it out of HTML PHP ASP And would you rather use Dreamweaver or Frontpage and you can have either a nix or Windows server so compatibility isnt a problem I ve got other questions but they pertain to a different section of the forum Well maybe I ll remember the other questions some other time I sure hope my list of questions isnt to long or seem annoying I appreciate anyones comments suggestions nbsp

A:A lot of software questions...

HMMMMMMMMM......thats a truckload of questions. well, here's what i have to say:

1) I've had a DVD burner (Sony's DVD+-RW1 (DRU-540A)) for a few months now, got it for my b-day... But I havent gotten around to actually learning how to convert videos, burn DVD's make custom menus and all... I was wondering what programs you guys recommend... I want to be able to take mpg's, avi's, ogm's ( a lot have codecs like divx/xvid on them) and so on, and be able to put them on the DVD and make my own menus and stuff.Click to expand...

I assume u have all the codecs for converting and watching dvds. To convert dvds to divx, I use this program: Gordian Knot. go to this site: This site is just perfect for beginners and experts equally. Its got guides that tell u very clearly how to work with the program. Just follow those and u can make perfect rips of ur own. For creating DVD menus, and backing up DVDs, use Ulead Movie Factory and DVD Shrink respectively. Both u can download, but they might be trial versions. Also try Nero. It can burn DVDs, as well as make menus. Most writers come with Nero as bundled software.

2) I've got years worth of digital pictures.. And they take up a nice amount, I think like 1.3gb... So I was thinking of ways to decrease the size of all of them without rar'ing them or something... And if I recall, I believe some of them are set to resolutions like 1600xwhatever... So, I've always been wondering if there was a program that could take a whole bunch of selected pictures and downsize them all to a certain resolution...Click to expand...

As far as I know, there is no program that will downsize images or compress them. If those pics are in jpg format, then its already a compressed format. so u cant compress it further. And why do u want to downsize it anyway?? If u do then u can wave goodbye to the image clarity or resolution. for downsizing images, u can use plain old MSPaint in Windows XP.

3) For those of you who use mIRC, do you prefer a certain script? I've used nnScript for the longest time, but I think I might want a change, I was looking at Invision too.Click to expand...

No comments........

4) Lately I've been interested into looking about reverse-compiling/decompiling... Not for illegal purposes, but just something to mess around with when I'm bored, and just something to learn and know So does anyone recommend tutorials or books to check out?Click to expand...

ok u r looking for Disassembly. try this link:

5) Instead of actually going through mp3's one by one cleaning up ID3 tags, and adding content, is there some good software to actually automate the process? Kinda like how WMP, or Winamp query's databases to add the record info to the tag's while ripping the CD?Click to expand...

If u have used WMP to rip CDs, then download WMP10. Its got inbuilt MP3 ripping together with WMA ripping. I use Musicmatch Jukebox 7.1 for ripping, playing, library management, CD writing (occasionally, not recommended), ID3 tagging and playlist making. The Afterdawn site i mentioned earlier, has a program called EAC which is used by all professional rippers, for making the ultimate mp3s. I highly recommend it. Of course, it has ID3 tagging capability, and u wont have to do it mp3 by mp3. Read the mp3 making guide too, before u start.

6) I've been messing around with Photoshop for like 2 years now off and on, getting the hang of it because I'm not as fast at doing it like some other people... I've looked around at tutorials and such, but they're either complicated, or rely WAY to much on filters (not that their a bad thing). Any of you recommend some good sites with PS tut's?Click to expand...

try these links:
......... Read more
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I would like to know if they make any of these two programs for XP.

#1 I am looking for a program that I can password protect my system before windows starts. Something that you just cant hit cancel and go on the pc. I would like one that actally works as a gaurd.

#2 A program that can record exactly what is on your pc screen. Thanks fellas

A:Two Software Questions...

1- Try enabling a BIOS password. Depending on the type of PC you have (Dell, IBM, etc...) there is a different key to press to get into the BIOS. It should appear on the screen as you boot up.

2- Are you looking for an actual recording, or just various screen shots? If you're just looking for screenshots, you can hit ALT-PRTSCRN which will save the screen to the clipboard, and then you can go into any picture editor (MSPAINT comes with Windows), and go to EDIT, then PASTE and you will have your screenshot. Be sure to save the file! As far as video recording, not sure on that one. Sorry...
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I bought a home built computer from a friend that is pretty good with computers. It worked great and I had no problems with it but decided to build an upgraded one myself. I used the hard drive from the old one and have started getting a message that the Windows home build system software isn't registered properly or some nonsense like that. The system still works fine but I get this message after the computer is on a while. Upgrades from Windows seem to work fine. Since this started, I read where OEM software only works with the original motherboard. Could this be the source of the notifications? If so, can I buy another OEM software and re-install it over the old one without loosing everything? Does it have to be ultimate version or can I use home premium?

A:Software Questions

If you changed the mobo then OEM version dies with the old mobo. Sometimes with a good reason MS phone activation will activate it for you anyway.

Activate Windows 7 by Phone

If not you can buy online at a major retailer like NewEgg or Amazon and insert a new OEM product Key at Computer>Properties Activation link to activate it. If for some reason that link doesn't appear then use the slmgr command below to insert key and activate.

SLMgr Commands and Options with Windows Vista Product Key Activation ? My Digital Life