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Favorite music player?

Q: Favorite music player?

My favorite music player is "Winamp Media Player"

1. Flash Music Player
2. sidebar music players
3. RealPlayer 10

What is your favorite music player?

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Preferred Solution: Favorite music player?

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A: Favorite music player?

i just use itunes, since most of the time I only want to have the music playing the bacground, i don't really care for the download options that it gives or the visualizer.
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Hey guys I ve been messy around with media players to find the Your Player Media Favorite best one Well the best one that suites me Heres what i found out Windows Media Player - with Your Favorite Media Player the vista codec pack this player works great Only problem is there is not podcasting support i really liked the sync options but it wouldn t convert files to be compatible on my psp Also my Windows XP WMP doesnt see shared music Supports Folder Scanning Itunes - Great Player except with my GB library it didn t run fast at all in fact it was slow Pretty good podcast support but still lacks some options i don t think it supports Folder Scanning Sharing between Itunes clients works period Winamp - Really whoops the Llama i love all the Your Favorite Media Player third party addons and overall simplicity of it Podcast support kinda sucks Supports Folder scanning For Organizing podcast i use juice and podnova com What my questions is What media player do you use Why do you like it What i am trying to get at is a media player that is fast organizes music and album artwork easy sharing and has great support for podcasts Im kinda lost here Any Advice Thanks nbsp

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Hello people:my favorite is Foobar,Aimp and Mediamonkey gold
I have DFX Audio Enhancer installed.
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Im mad that my My Music folder is empty, how do i put my windows media player music in it? whenever i download music i just go to "Add to windows media player", how do i bring that to "My music", thx

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

i do it manually. if you right click the name of the song in your windows media player, and find the file location, go to that location, and manually dragndrop that file into your my music folder
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i tried to drag it but it wouldt let me

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

What version of Windows do you have and which version of WMP?

What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to put music files that are in My Music into the WMP library?
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I am not sure if the title accurately tells what my issue is. I hope I can explain it.

When listening to music on my PC, it does not matter if I use Winamp, Songbird, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or any other software. Every so often, there appears some sort of distortion, like the drive that the music is on slows down. I dont know if it is the driver or what. Its hard to explain. You have to hear it. I dont think its the mp3 file itself, cause I could play a song and it will be perfect, but then the next time I play it, it will distort. It is really driving my nuts cause I can't find the reason for it.

Anybody out here got any ideas? even crazy ones? Thanks.


A:Odd distortion while playing music in any music player on Win 7 PC

Please follow the to provide us with application and system logs that can indicate application conflicts, application errors, system corruption, or system critical errors to help us determine if any of these are causing problems with your music playing.
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Hi: I was trying to record from a radio station a recording of someone I know who has written a music piece and by mistake I saw urge and downloaded the program. When I realized I did not want this program, I deleted it. There was a message not to do it--that it would block other users from logging onto the computer (Which is a violation of the anti-trust laws) however, I did not listen and deleted the entire program from the program files. Now I cannot get any music from the radio site and it has blocked real player. MSN should be sued again.HELP!!!
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I have just bought on-line, will only transfer music files with Windows Media Player 10.   The instructions for the music player, Samsung YP-Z5, says that you can only transfer files to the player when Windows Media Player 10 is installed on the pc, which you have to instal with the installation CD.  I have Windows Media Player 11 and Media Monkey on my pc, that I use for my other music player and Windows Media Player 12 and Media Monkey on my laptop.  Does that mean that the version 11, I have on my pc will be rolled back to 10 then? isn't that going to mess up my music.  I don't understand why it is an older version of Windows Media Player as I can't use it on my laptop. Can anyone help please.
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I'm using windows XP and haved burned music from stored files downloded from Napster and Livewire up until recently.Now I burn to a CD and it will only play in a DVD player not in any CD player it will read " no disc ". I'm using memorex 52x 800mb 80 min RW discs.I now know R format holds the burn longer does the burn speed indicated on the disc have anything to do with it ? The sucessfull burns were on 12x.

A:music burned to cd will only play in DVD player not cd player

Hello wfleenor, and welcome to TSG.

Did you burn the CDs as music CDs or did you burn the song files onto a data CD? Some CD players will only play music CDs while some DVD players will play music files (MP3 , M4A, WMA, etc) burned on a data CD. Some older CD players had problems reading from CD-RW disc.
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What is the best way to get music from an ordinary audio CD onto an MP3 player?

A:Best Way to get music from CD onto MP3 player?

With a CD ripping program. If your MP3 player came with any kind of management software, there is a very good chance it includes the function.
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Which music player do you think is the best?

1. Media Player 9

2. RealOne PLayer

3. Win Amp

4. Other (Specify)

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If I want to listen to music cd's on my computer, is the best free player Real One? Or is there another that I should try?

A:best music player

You've got to be kidding? Real player is not even a good player, let alone the best one

All it will do is add tons of spyware to your computer
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As far as I'm concearned this is what I think:

iTunes - Clunky
Windows Media Player - Even Clunkier (No RSS, even!)
RealPlayer/Jukebox - Unuseable
WinAmp - Easy, Fun, No Problems (save some minor glitches)

Anyway, I was listening to This Week In Tech and I found out that only some 5,000 people were using WinAmp, which surprises me because I think it's one of the most comprehensive players out there.

So what would YOU suggest as the ideal player? Am I overlooking some huge WinAmp problem?

A:Music Player

Windows Media Player ownz all other players
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What is your favorite music player?

1. Winamp media player
2. Windows Media Player
3. VLC media player
4. Adobe Media Player

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A:Music Player?

Jet Media Player
Never tried the Adobe Media Player ( don't even like the Adobe Reader with all it's background updates and processes- I use Sumatra)
For me the Jet Player is the best, there's nothing it won't burn or play, it'll run circles around WinAmp or WMP.
For movies it's better than PowerDVD as you can easily right click and take out subtitles or turn on the BBE effect or choose equalizer settings.
They have a new version out that has some cool graphics and skins.
Happy New Year there AndySharkey.
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Hi all,
please could someone tell me how to move my music back to windows media player, I have problems using interface of Groove Music, and since someone f****d about with my laptop, they seem to have moved music to aforesaid Groove...
please please help

A:music player

Try it: Default Apps - Choose in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Click On the Item under "Music Player". It will let you to choose an app. Select WMP there.
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I hear sound but can not play music list I have

A:music player

Which music player do you use? Maybe the song list is a file meant for a different player?

I wouldn't open song play lists that are downloaded, there has been reports of security problems. But I forgot that music player name.
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I used to use winamp for the follow reasons
1. I could set it up to only play songs which I hadn't played before, with my music collection that was very nice.
2. It would allow me different ways to quickly mix up my music such as with longest songs to shortest songs and so forth.

Now I don't like windows media player for because of the reason that it has a habit I find of playing songs over and over again (i got over 35 gigs of music) I want to hear every song, and never one twice or 20 times before all of them have been heard.

Therefore I was wondering if anyone has any music player suggestions for me... Something that gives you various options on playing music and so forth.

A:Need a music player

I'm running the free version of Winamp on Vista with no problems ( v5.35).

Have you tried it?
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Is there anything out there to do dj'ing with, that was like musicmatch, I just got a new computer and musicmatch will not work with it.

A:music player for dj'ing

Are you sure you have right version of musicmatch, which is compatible with your Operating system. If the version you have doesn't work, try to un-install and install new version. Also, run it as administrator in case you never done that people.
Beside that, are you using any particular anti-virus programs? it might block musicmatch running on your computer
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Lately, I've been running some CPU/RAM intensive software, HOWEVER, I've also been listening to a lot of music as well. I've already taken MANY steps to free up CPU/RAM (including tweaks, closing unnecessary programs, and just better software that uses less CPU/RAM). What is the best music player that has a great interface, easy integration with the computer, simple, looks good, and (most importantly) uses the least CPU/RAM?

Mao Mao
(btw, i only need a music player. I have the classic MP with the K-Lite codec pack, VLC, and MP10)

A:Best Music Player?

What is the best music player that has a great interface, easy integration with the computer, simple, looks good, and (most importantly) uses the least CPU/RAM?Foobar.
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I am trying to load music into my MP3 player. I'm trying to delete a couple of albums and it says Cannot remove folder: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. What should I do?

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I just purchased a live concert USB Wristband. I successfully downloaded
to computer and copied to CD-R and to CD-R Audio discs. The discs will play in a computer but will not play in my home or car CD player ?
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I am looking some software that allows me to play music that I have stored on my OneDrive account. I know there is this new xbox-music program. But this cost me 10 euro's each month for that i can just buy spotify. since i have 1TB space on my onedrive i tought it would be smart to use that to store my music, video's and pictures. But i would like to stream it back to my computer. does anyone have an idea what programma's are there for me to stream my music??

thank you.

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I'm on Win-8 and I would like to upgrade my music player from (winamp pro ).

A good suggestion would be appreciate.

A:Looking for a new Music Player

VLC Media player is a great one for playing EVERY media file out there.

Then there's the Zune Software, pretty basic media file player, but an AWESOME metro styled UI with an AWESOME Now Playing visualizer for music.

And there is of course the future replacement for Zune for Windows 8, Xbox Music. But that's not done yet.
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I'm looking for a music player that works with x64. I prefer musicplayer that i can brows all my music files with. Anyone knows a good stable one?

A:Music player for x64

What you need to do is tell Vista to use the x64 version of Media Player. Instructions on how to do this : Switch, Change or Set 64-Bit Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) in Windows Vista x64 as Default ? My Digital Life

In order to achieve best results though, you'll need to find x64 codecs also.

And before you say MP is not good enough, just bear in mind that I've thrown a music library at MP11V that exceeds 67,000 tracks, and to date it's the only media application that I've seen that can handle a library that size without choking.
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OK, I am mainly interested in a decent sound, vidz etc come a very poor second to me.

I do kinda like WinAmp, but fancied a change.

I downloaded MusicMatch Jukebox a couple of times, but each time it has resulted in several BSoDs........ I run Win2K, btw. It seems a number of bods with Win2K have experienced the same thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to other decent players?

For soundcard I have a Creative Audigy (old original beast) and Creative Inspire 2.1 speakers.

All suggestions would be welcomed!


A:Best music player?

Define "best" for starters.

What do you expect from a "good" music player? Music quality? File formats supported? Plugins? Skins? CD ripping? DRM? Annoying advertisments during use? 200MB+ "user friendly" Pregnant Whale edition behemoth or a 1MB minimalist player? Free?
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Two questions, really....

I tried to burn a music cd using Media Player. I copied some songs from media player onto a cd. The quality was bad...kinda popping noises in the background, and music seemed to lag a bit. What might have caused that?

So I decided to use Nero Express to make another music cd. Which brings me to my second question. How do I find my songs from Media Player using Nero? I have no idea where to look for them to "add" them to my copy list.

Thanks a bunch.

A:Where do I find Med. Player music?

In Media Player click on the Tools bar on the menu and choose 'Search computer for media'.

When it's finished searching you'll see a list of files...use the scroll bar at the bottom to move along to the column headed 'Filename' and you'll see the directory/folder where the files are stored.

You'll then be able to navigate to this/these locations in Nero.
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My player keeps closing when ever I try to find the correct album info.  It only seems to happen when I search for the correct album.
Anyone else having that issue?

A:Groove Music Player

Not quite the same as that...groove appears to be incapable of finding my music on an installed hard drive........whereas MusicBee (player and organizer) simply finds it and plays it !
Definitely a gremlin in the works there somewhere
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Im having problems with Nokia Music Player in the Nokia Music Store website.
I can use it on my IE6 on windows XP, but on my laptop which is IE7 on windows Vista, it doesnt appear on the site, so I just wanted to know why its like that? What should I do?


A:Nokia music Player

try another browser, it may be worth while anyway even if that is not your problem, browsers like firefox or Safari provide faster speeds and security, if you really want to stick to IE check the settings to make sure media is allowed to play ect ect
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hello, I keep reading directions on wmp 12 that say click the rip tab (trying to make a cd copy that will play on stereo/in car) well my wmp 12 does NOT have a rip tab so where did it go? there must be a way to copy a cd to a blank cd so it will play on something besides a computer but roxio 10 willl not do that : - ((((

A:no rip tab in windows music player 12??

When you insert the CD, does autoplay show up giving you an option "Rip CD with Windows Media Player"?

Also, when you open WMP, can you see the DVD drive in the navigation pane on the left?
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Right i have a Pure DMX-25 Hi-Fi which has a SD card slot, USB Slot and a Line-In, i want to play my music through it which is all stored on my computer and currently at 30GB but growing by the day.

I have looked into things such as the freecom-35 mediaplayer but i am unsure, so have you any advice on the best medium to use, best products available
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Actually, I've tried several music players, I used to like AIMP2, but at present I don't know the reason, they put brothersoft's download mirror on its official site, the download become slower than before, and there's so many AdSense on the download page. So I decide to change one. And I found Foobar2000 is better, it's clean and powerful!So what's your opinion about the music players, and the kind of download mirror on the official site?
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Music library and mp player Hi I know that If you rip an original CD track to MP kbps and then for whatever reason decide to compress that MP even further - say to that would result in some loss of quality But Building a music library I am ripping everything on and downloading on too But then with my future mp player having music on format that doesn t allow to store a lot in the player So thought I could compress a bit more and the quality yes the quality will be lower but then you want good quality you don t use a mp player but a normal stereo Am I right or wrong But then the And Music Player Library Mp3 days of cd are counted so we still need to put music on digital format for the future so what quality audio to use Stay with mp Or go with some other format Music Library And Mp3 Player like apple or wma from window media player Or some new recent one but may be not compatible with my new mp player and meaning I have to re-rip all my audio again Then technology will be there and there will be no need of compression And then the web will be access from everywhere and we wont Music Library And Mp3 Player have our own computer but subscribing monthly to some web site to use and listen the music and for every thing else So I am getting so confused and lost my question is what you do today and what do you recommend And about the future how are you going to keep up thanks

A:Music Library And Mp3 Player

Here are my thoughts about this:No#1. Let today be today. If your music is .mp3, then keep it that way. Don't get tricked into the hype of what tomorrow may be like. You may not see tomorrow. Just keep doing as you're doing, and forget about the Jones'No#2. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, and since music isn't important as to being prepared for tomorrow, I wouldn't even think about it. If you need more room to store your files, then invest into another hard drive, and dedicate it to just your music.Your bitrate quality will really get disturbed if you went to a very low bitate, compared to it's original format/bitrate. And again, if your music sounds good to you, and you like it, leave it be. Don't go making projects out of things you really don't want to be wasting your time on. And yes, I know, the higher the bitrate, the larger the file size. It's your move now... so what are you going to do? I say just get more hard drive/storage space, and you'll nip it in the bud..wma formats, I always convert them to .mp3.Windows Media Player? If you're gonna use it (I see no reason why you would), just be aware that by default it is set to protect your music you rip using it. What that means is that your music is protected and it's virtually held hostage on your computer. Burning it from there won't work either. So, if you're going to use WMP, make sure you uncheck the Protect My Files checkbox. Even still, I'll never trust WMP with my music.Also, there is no reason to try to keep up with the ever growing of music softwares, just to listen to your music. If you use a program that plays your music, and it plays very well, then leave well enough alone. Alot of programs are designed to trick you, (like Windows Media Player), and they will DRM protect your music, and block you from transferring your music from your computer to disc, or where ever else you may want to put your music. Soon, you'll be posting here stating, your music all of a sudden doesn't play, you can't burn anything, your burner doesn't work, the programs you've used before all of a sudden don't work, you can play one file type, and not the other..... and the list goes on and on.Take this advice from someone that knows these computers and will inform you of what you should know about them. Trying to keep up with the Jones' and using the wrong softwares at the same time will get your computer slammed with problems.
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I've tried
-Windows media player
-VLC Media Player

Even though they all had certain features that i liked... theres just something about each of them that doesn't fit my needs

i want a music player that has fast response when first opening it.. as well as a really organized interface and a nice looking design

Any ideas?

Thanks loves

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My CD/DVD burner will not play any CD's ! After the computer boots up, I place the disk into the drive, a green light on the tray blinks for approximately 3 minutes and then stops. Ocassionally,I hear a light rumbling sound which also stops. The media progarm program does not open. I have tried opening the media program (Realplayer, etct) first then inserting the disk, however, still no reading. I cleaned the disk using disk cleaner and even opened a brand new music CD and still no reading. There is no problem with Windows Media Player because I can transfer and play previously installeld music onto MP3 players.
I ran the trouble shooter in the Device Manager, which says the drive is working properly.

Please help.

A:I Need Music Now! CD Player Won't Work

Hi infosearcher, and welcome to TSG.

infosearcher said:

I ran the trouble shooter in the Device Manager, which says the drive is working properly.Click to expand...

It may only be reporting that the drivers and connection to the drive are working correctly. There could be an internal mechanical or electronics failure in the the dive itself.

If you put in a known good data CD, can you browse it in Windows Explorer and open any files?
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Hi there!

I'm currently considering getting a Windows Phone 8 (in place of my Galaxy S3) because i heard good things about it like build quality, great battery life (most of them anyway), smooth & very easy to use interface and amazing cameras.

I have been an Android user for more than 4 years now and the good thing about the Android OS is the openness, customization and flexibility of it.

I like listening to my music on my daily commute and when travelling. i'm looking for a music player with features such as:

1. Ability to add Playlist easily on-the-fly

2. Add songs to that Playlist easily on-the-fly

3. Rename a Playlist

4. Delete a song/s, albums on-the-fly

5. Some form of customizable equalizer settings (or good preset EQ's)

6. Ability to download or pick-up an Album art off the internt

7. One that supports Flac and/or hi-fidelity audio

Any suggestions guys?

Please help. Thanks.

A:Looking for a good music player app

I use this on all my Linux distros. It's a nice player/library organizer. They have a windows version as well....

Clementine Music Player

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I'm looking for an mp3 player with sd card expansion capability up to 1gig.

Any recommendations from the TS Massiv? :knock:

A:Music Player Advice

I personally love my Sony Mini-Disk player. It hold about 1 gig of music on one removable disk, and the disks are only about $5 for 3 (or around there). The sounds quality is great, and if you can find a powered microphone then you can record to the disks.
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I can download music but I cant get it onto my mp4 player as this is what it is displayed as the error message:
'Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvnience.'
My computer is Windows XP

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I have lots of music on my pc from cd's I have that I converted to mp3.

Now WMP I think it may eat to many resources so is there a good music player that takes very little resources to use?

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Hi there

I have just got an MP3 Player. I have ripped music CD's with Windows Media Player, however, I cannot figure out how to get them transferred onto my MP3 Player. How can I do this?

What is the best *free* (not free trial) ripping software that I can download? It has to be easy for beginners to use and a function to send it to my mobile device (MP3 Player).

It's NOT an iPod that I have got, but a LOGIK MP3 Player. I'm really new to this, so looking for something really easy to work with and follow.

Only drivers came with the player, no software bundle was included.

I tried downloading a couple of ripping softwares, but there was no option to send the ripped files to the MP3.

Any help would be excellent as going on holiday soon, Many Thanks

Meg, Scotland UK

A:How do I Transfer Music To My MP3 Player?

Well, we need to know a bit more about the MP3 player. When you plug it in, does it appear as a disk drive in My Computer? If so, just drag-n-drop the MP3's into the MP3 player's "disk".
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i have 2 users on my computer and i want to know how to copy music from one user to other
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i noticed a few days ago that it wouldn t allow me to hear or see my music player or other music players on myspace anymore so i tried to download flash player again but on the site it dosent even work for me i ve clicked download and it takes me to http www adobe com shockwave download flash trigger en this page and nothing happens i dont get a box saying download save cancel or anything else so i ve been reading on sites on what to do and iv unistalled it and tried to download it again and still no help also iv tried firefox but that didnt work either so i unistalled that and tried to music please! player flash help download that again and now THAT wont work either also now youtube videos wont work AT ALL which i can understand becuase i unistalled flash player but i cant download it iv been on so many sites and read so many ways people have tried to fix it but non of the ways seem to work for me and its driving me nuts i am only years and can flash music player help please! usually work through computers quite well but this has just got me baffled my parents dont know anything about computers so i dont know who to ask for help please reply asap its really annoying me noww nbsp

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I have purchased a Matsunichi MF 326-512 MP3 player. My system is windows 98 second edition. I have loaded the cd for the driver, but nothing seems to happen except a message when the pc opens up "searching for w98eject.exe".(and then can not find file, or maybe it said shortcut, can't remember!) I have checked on line and this is a file that is needed for downloading files to my mp 3 player, but i can not find how to download the file. When i plug in the mp3 player, it can not find a driver for it. i have been trying to uninstall, and reload many times, but the same thing just keeps happening. Any one have any suggestions please? and by the way, i am very basic on my knowledge. Cheers.

A:transfering music to my mp3 player

I'm sure that W98 requires drivers for that device. Did you read the exact installation instructions for the player? They specify a sequence of events to follow, and if you do them out of order, sometimes things go badly.
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It's a SanDisk model c140 that came with some songs on it.

They don't show up anywhere, and I want them gone. Google is no help obviously.

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Clementine for me, mainly cause it always works when WMP tends to freeze. WMP would be a close second though.

A:Most Popular Music Player

Winamp all the way
But that's only because I resent ITunes and my music tracking program ( won't run on anything else.

Oh, I also use Spotify and Youtube to stream music that I don't have.
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When I had my old PC I transfered my music to my mp3 player.  I've got a different PC and I'd love to be able to transfer the music from my mp3 player to WMP.
I searched and I saw some information which said to open the files on the mp3 player and drag them to WMP but it didn't work.
Is there another way to do it?
I'm using Windows 7.

A:Transfering music from an mp3 player

The easiest way to do it is to reverse sync the songs from your mp3 player to your Window Media Player library. When you go into the Sync tab of WMP, it should give you this option to sync from your device. If not, then you can open up your mp3 player in My Computer, go into the internal storage, find your songs, and copy them. Then paste them into the folder where you normally store your music on your hard drive, generally the My Music folder by default. To add them to your library, in WMP, go into the Library tab, click the little arrow beneath the Library tab and select Add to Library from the menu. This will scan the folders you choose from music on your drive and add it to your WMP library. Hope that helps.
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I just recently upgraded my 1.2 motherboard to a 2.0 motherboard. I had a technician do the install since I was busy with other things. I have been putting the 2.0 motherboard through it's paces finding and solving little conflicts along the way. I suppose that is to be expected. But, one conflict I had not been able to solve is one where I can play music CDs in my CD player/burner. The read and write works fine. Any ideas?

Oh, I do hope I've placed this problem in the right area


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Hey guys a few years ago i bought some cds and ripped them using windows media player. What i didn't realize was that the copyright protection was enabled. After ripping them i copied them over to my mp3 player. I eventually reformatted my comp and now i'm trying to copy the songs back onto my computer but it says that because they are protected i cannot copy them. Now i'm not trying to do anything illegal i just want to be able to listen to my songs on my computer instead of off my mp3 player everytime. I know there is DRM removal software but i don't know if it would work in my situation seeing as though the files are already on my mp3 player. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Well thanks in advance
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I want to learn how to put music on an MP3 player without having to buy CD's

A:How to put music from I Tunes onto MP3 player?

where do you plan buying the music from

Apple - itunes
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Hi, when I use to open a e mail with a music attachment on
windows xp I would automatically get a player on the top
of my e mail to play the song.
I do not get this player on Vista...why?
And is there anyway to turn this option on on Vista?
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I have music on my laptop that is propely cataloged by Windows Media Player, but doesn't show up at all in the Metro player, anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

A:Metro music player

Originally Posted by nik

I have music on my laptop that is propely cataloged by Windows Media Player, but doesn't show up at all in the Metro player, anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Yeah, it seems to do nothing. You can only use it if you go to the music file you want to play and 'Open with' Music.
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Okay so I m not great with Javascript my knowledge is very basic I m using a Vista laptop with Internet Explorer I m creating a website and I want music to play on load I want the quot Music Javascript Player player quot to be hidden but to have three custom images as play pause and stop This is what I have so far Head Code lt script language quot JavaScript quot src quot musicplay js quot gt lt script gt lt script language quot JavaScript quot gt function playerinit player url Javascript Music Player quot scotlandthebrave mp quot music path lt script gt Body Code lt body onload quot playerinit quot gt lt div align quot right quot gt lt object id quot player quot classid quot CLSID BF A - A- d -B - C F FAA quot type quot application x-oleobject quot width quot quot height quot quot gt lt param name quot autoStart quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot balance quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot currentPosition quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot currentMarker quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot enableContextMenu quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot enableErrorDialogs quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot enabled quot value quot - quot gt lt param name quot fullScreen quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot invokeURLs quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot playCount quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot rate quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot uiMode quot value quot invisible quot gt lt param name quot volume quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot URL quot value gt lt param name quot defaultFrame quot value gt lt param name quot baseURL quot value gt lt param name quot stretchToFit quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot windowlessVideo quot value quot quot gt lt param name quot SAMIStyle quot value gt lt param name quot SAMILang quot value gt lt param name quot SAMIFilename quot value gt lt param name quot captioningID quot value gt lt embed id quot player quot type quot application x-mplayer quot src quot quot height quot quot width quot quot gt lt object gt lt noscript gt lt input type quot image quot src quot images play gif quot value quot Play quot name quot Play quot title quot Play quot onClick quot play quot gt lt input type quot image quot src quot images pouse gif quot value quot Pause quot name quot Pause quot title quot Pause quot onClick quot pause quot gt lt input type quot image quot src quot images stop gif quot value quot Stop quot name quot Stop quot title quot Stop quot onClick quot stop quot gt lt div gt lt body gt musicplayer js Code var state function play if player controls isavailable 'play' player controls play state setInterval quot updatetime quot function pause if player controls isavailable 'pause' player controls pause clearInterval state function stop if player controls isavailable 'stop' player controls stop clearInterval state It works it plays pauses stops and blah blah only thing is there s an error in the script somewhere I know it s not important considering it s working and all but it looks unprofessional you can look here if ya like www lauralane co uk sdpbhd Any help is greatly appreciated xxx nbsp

A:Javascript Music Player

Keep in mind that the scripting you're trying to use is for the WMP 7+ API. That's available for IE, but only available for FF, Opera and Safari Win32 if you install the new FF WMP plugin. If you don't, you'll be working with the old 6.4 API in FF, Opera and Safari and you might need Java installed, turned on and load a special applet to turn on all the 6.4 api features.

Also, keep in mind that the scripting is only going to work on windows unless you can find unix and mac browser plugins that can play mp3s and implement the WMP API.

Also note that you can't have two elements with the same id attribute and note that in your markup, FF, Opera and Safari will be getting the embed element while IE will be getting the object element.

Here's an example you can look at to see the kind of things involved.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
object#player, p#object_holder {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
width: 0;
height: 0;
window.onload = function() {
var player = document.getElementById("player");
var url = "";
var playButton = document.createElement("button");
var stopButton = document.createElement("button");
var pauseButton = document.createElement("button");
// For IE, and browsers using np-mswmp.dll from
if (player && player.settings) {
player.settings.autoStart = false;
player.URL = url;
playButton.onclick = function() {;
stopButton.onclick = function() {
pauseButton.onclick = function() {
// For browsers besides IE that are using the Netscape 6.4 WMP plugin from
else if (player && player.SetAutoStart) {
setTimeout(function() {
playButton.onclick = function() {
stopButton.onclick = function() {
pauseButton.onclick = function() {
}, 1000);
if (player && (player.SetAutoStart || player.settings)) {
document.body.appendChild(p... Read more
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i have an zen vision 30 Gb music player and it has this problem of getting stuck ocassionally i usually wait until the battery power goes ther any other way that i can get back..i donot lose any of the data when it also does not respond even when i connect it to my there anything i should do...pls advice...

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MY "D" drive is a DVD drive and "E" Drive is a CD drive. I can copy a CD from "D" to "E", usinf Roxio CD Creator 5, but I can't play that CD in the DVD drive. Is this normal or have some settings changed? I'm not sure, since I haven't done any burning for a while and have kind of forgotten, but it seems to me that originally I could play a CD in the DVD drive as well as in the CD drive.

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We currently use a DMX player for music in a retail store. They are forcing us to upgrade at $500 per player and pay $40 per month for thier services. Is there anything that might replace this that could play internet music or something similar? It would need an amp to power our existing speakers.

thanks in advance!


A:Music Player for retail stores

You might want to look into a service like XM Radio for Business. I am not sure if they are more expensive than DMX. You would need to contact them for a quote.

You need to be concerned about the payment of licensing fees for playing most music in a public place like a store. You could find yourself in legal hot water with ASCAP and/or BMI if their inspectors stop by your store and find that you are playing music licensed by them and not paying the fees.
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Hi there I have a load of bit high quality FLAC music files which I want to 16 FLAC CD Bit Bit HQ to for ?? 24 player type music copy for some people who can only play on standard audio type equipment which means a Max of bit CD quality audio Any decent software around that can do this -- I know it can easily be done with studio grade software but I want something free and easy ITunes can do it but I loathe iTunes and wouldn't go near them for love nor money BTW if you 24 Bit FLAC HQ music to 16 Bit for CD type player ?? use things like PLEX amazon fire stick etc bit music won't play - or won't be transcodable either in the server application As for Blu tooth speakers -- well to any decent audiophile blu tooth is essentially a letter word when talking about quality --wifi beats blu tooth hands down --not even oin the same UNIVERSE Blu tooth OK for phones etc but tht's it BTW if you hve access to HQ speakers and I mean really High quality ones the bit sound makes a HUGE difference - even with standard bit CD sound which isn't too bad either However I do need to transcode some of my files to bit so anybody whose got 24 Bit FLAC HQ music to 16 Bit for CD type player ?? some decent software suggestions on this -- would be grateful Cheers jimbo
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Anyone know of a free hosting site with a music player? I used to use snap drive but their site has been down now for weeks. I thought it was a problem they had to work out but I doubt that now. Their is no way to contact support and when you ask in the forum there is no replies. It almost seems abandoned.

I would appreciate any help.

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So whenever I open up the Amazon Music desktop player it starts up fine then it immediately has a hissy fit and shows a error message: "Ah Fiddlesticks! Amazon has stopped working" or something of the sort. Then all of a sudden it starts working again after a few re-installs and restarts.

I see some dump files in regards to it but I am not sure if I should upload this. If anyone can provide any support I would greatly appreciate it.

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Good Day Gentlemen

I am Interested In Stellio

But i am looking for a good player PLUS i can download music with it also

I have been searching on how to download music with stellio but no Results

thanks guys
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ok so i bought a nice new gateway computer and transferred all of my music into the music folder in my documents. however windows media player has only found a small portion of the songs. what's up with that? is there any way i can get wmp to find them all without manually adding every single last folder?

as i said its a gateway computer, running vista (until my windows 7 disk arrives at least), quad core, 8 gigs of ram.

thank you for any help you may give me.

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I am using Windows 98 and have been trying to download music from media player to my new sansa mp3 player. I have been able to transfer music files into the library but when trying to sync I get the message that my computer no longer detects a connected portable player. Please help me.

A:music from windows meida player

On the Mp3 player switch the USB mode to MSC Mode. When you plug the player into the PC it will show up as the next available drive letter.

Then use Windows Explorer to copy files to the player. That way you don't need to use Windows Media Player at all.
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Hey guys is their any software that can download the lyrics of the playing ttpod or zimly music player in Android...?

A:A music player that can download lyrics...?

Hello Vinny

Have a look at these links see if that's what you require - Windows Media Player - Enable Song Lyrics
OR MiniLyrics - Show lyrics in iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.

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Hi everyone I know that myspace was causing a big problem for many to myspace Cannot get player music play folks a few years back when they reworked it I don't know if this is related to that or not as I haven't used myspace for a long time However I'm trying to listen to a friend's music and that's the only place it's available When I go to myspace and try to play a song I get the following message on the top of the screen There seems to be a problem with your Flash Player If you see a message indicating that your browser is blocking the Adobe Flash plugin by default or for an upgrade please click to allow the Flash Player to be enabled or upgraded for Myspace com I'm using XP SP and Firefox Cannot get myspace music player to play as browser I've updated my flash player restarted my browswer and it still won't work I tried using IE but myspace Cannot get myspace music player to play told me the browser wasn't supported It gave a download link to get the latest version of IE I clicked on that Cannot get myspace music player to play link and IE told me I have the latest version So I don't know what to do at this point Anyone have a clue Thanks much
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Somehow I do not like the Xbox Music App It is quite slow sometimes and I have to click around a lot to navigate my huge music collection Might work well with smaller archives For my tablet I need a Music? Which player do for use? Xbox you Alternatives app touch friendly player so only Store Apps are an option First I tried the quot VLC quot Beta But while it can play music I did not find it very convenient It is clearly focused on movie playback http apps microsoft com windows ap - fb ef Right now I am using quot Music Mode quot It works quite well for me Playlist building etc is quite easy and the UI is nice The screenshots look kind of boring Alternatives for Xbox Music? Which player app do you use? but they do not do the app justice - it has some very nice animations that make using it quite fun The good thing is that it displays artists tags albums selected album and optionally the current playlist on one page So I do not constantly have to switch back and forward between pages like in Xbox Music I might even use it on my desktop to replace Winamp switching between Winamp and Windows Explorer is also quite annoying Ah FLAC is also supported which is a nice addition http apps microsoft com windows ap c- e f Do you have any other recommendations I could not find many music players in the store Most of them are either crappy or they only play cloud music I want to play my own collection instead
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I've downloaded 5 audio tracks (MP3). I can turn on the loop for each track but how do I get it to play each track one after the other and then loop back to track one?

A:media player 'groove music'

Originally Posted by DRC

I've downloaded 5 audio tracks (MP3). I can turn on the loop for each track but how do I get it to play each track one after the other and then loop back to track one?

Use Windows Media Player. It's under the Windows Accessories folder on the Start All Apps menu.
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I've downloaded 5 audio tracks (MP3). I can turn on the loop for each track but how do I get it to play each track one after the other and then loop back to track one?

A:media player 'groove music'

Originally Posted by DRC

I've downloaded 5 audio tracks (MP3). I can turn on the loop for each track but how do I get it to play each track one after the other and then loop back to track one?

Use Windows Media Player. It's under the Windows Accessories folder on the Start All Apps menu.
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I have a web site that contains a lot of music coded in MP3. It works fine in Firefox and Explorer but not in Safari.
I am using Vista -- but I really want everybody to be able to see my web site
The site is

The offending line is:

<EMBED SRC="music/Ska.mp3" AUTOSTART=False LOOP=FALSE height=20 width=144></EMBED>

The error message is plugin not found.

I have found a solution that works in Safari and in Firefox but it doesn't work in Explorer. The message is something about my security settings.
The solution involves using a player on Yahoo.
The html:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Although this works on Safari for most music some, but not all, music plays at half speed.

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I have a number of .wav Music files I'd like to convert so they'd be playable on a home or computer cd player's.
How would I do this, what kind of program would be needed, & are there any good freeware prog.'s which do this

A:Converting music .wav's to being readable on a cd player?

Ive never done it, but your burner software should accept wave files and record them as audio CD just fine. I take it you must have tried that and failed what burner software do you use?
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I'm wondering if anyone could help me on this problem. The company that sold the digital transcription software cannot answer my questions.

Our office just installed digital transcription. Love it! The problem that I have is that I listen to online radio or my media player most of the time through my external speakers. With the digital transcription earpiece plugged into my computer it overrides my external speakers. The sales man says I cannot listen to both at the same time. I have realtek as my audio manager, my speakers plugged into the back of my system and the digital earpiece plugged into the front. Is there any way to separate the two?

Thanks for your help!

A:Digital transcription and music player

whats the hardware ?

I suspect not, in the oldern days, when i was an electronic engineer, the main speakers would be disabled via a physical switch which was part of the earphone socket- so as you physically plugged a jack into the socket is disabled the main speakers, I suspect this may still be in use,

recently I wanted a TV that would allow a headphone to be connected and still leave the speakers on and noone made one anymore ....

my son has an external USB sound card, which he can setup for different channels and use a headphone on when while outputting different sounds on the speakers
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I'm not sure if this is a virus or what. Some of my songs in media player work fine, and then the song turns orange and it can't be located. basically my computer is like eating away at my music. does neone know nething about this?? i doesn't come up on my virus scan or adaware or nething, thanx
Relevancy 47.3%

I just bought an HP Envy All in 1 w Windows 8. I want to put my music from Zune player onto the computer. I downloaded Zune software, but I cant get music from Zune player to PC. I don't want to use Xbox music if possible. Anyone know how I can continue using Zune on PC and more importantly put my music on PC in Zune file?

A:Transferring music from Zune player to pc

If the Zune conects to the PC OK, you should be able to access the songs via the Windows Explorer.

I have an iPhone5 and I can access pictures on the phone that way.
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ive downloaded and installed a new music player to be used to sync the music to my new celphone. it worked for several days, until yesterday. i tried to open it but after the splash screen shows it stops loading the application, first i thought it just loads slow, but i left it for hours to no avail. i reinstalled the software and same result occur. please advise me as to how to resolve this problem. thanks
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I wanted to put some music on my phone as it s an mp player so I installed the cd and then player problem Phone/MP3 to Music tried to add music from windows media player windows media player always said quot No device found quot so ok we bought an mp player and installed the cd and wanted to put music on it same thing windows media player still said quot no device quot I Music to Phone/MP3 player problem went through the troubleshooting problems and couldn t find anything I know at one point while installing media player it said something about our system restore being turned off we didn t turn it off I m thinking Music to Phone/MP3 player problem that maybe our tech did at some point as a couple years back they put in a new motherboard video card and stuff so I figured that they wanted it off for some reason but since this wouldn t work I went amp turned it on amp tried it but it still wouldn t work so I turned it back off again So I guess I have two questions should that system restore be on or off since I have a new motherboard And why won t my computer recognize the mp players It recognizes our cameras just fine Please help pretty please Thank you so much nbsp

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my computers cd, dvd player wont play my music discx, why

A:cd dvd player wont play music

Hi there @Guntner?,Welcome to the HP Support Forums!  It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel.  I understand that you are unable to play music on on you computer's CD/DVD. I am happy to help with this. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Have you tested the same disks in another device to be sure they work?Does your CD/DVD drive spin up properly when the disks are loaded?Have you tried cleaning the disks and the CD?DVD drive? Please let me know.
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I was on my computer and lost all my music. Browse button says my MP3 is empty. I cannot find the music on a file on my computer, or on my MP3 player. We have Windows XP. Can you help me?

One other question I have, is can a song from Real Player, be converted to Windows Media player format?

Thank-you for your time.
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Can someone tell me of a good program where I can save photo slideshows WITH MUSIC and burn the file to disk to play on DVD/VCD player?


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Please suggest me name of some music players which consumes lowe resource(RAM and CPU) and can also play online radio station.Thank yo for your help.

A:Suggestion Needed For Music Player

Any Forum mod please move this topic to Audio and video section.sorry for posting in wrong section and inconvenience.
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I have been having this problem for weeks. I can't get my computer to burn music. I can burn data, not music. I usually burn with media player, but now when I try, it acts like it will, and then quits about 2 seconds later and goes back to how it would be if I never hit "start burn". I have already tried uninstalling the driver, and re-installing it, this didn't help. I have service pack 2, but what should I do? I couldn't look up anything on the microsoft website either....


A:Media Player won't burn music! HELP!!!!!

Have you tried reinstalling Windows Media Player?
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Hi. I bought an MP3 USB watch which connects and charges to the computer no problem (via USB port). I can also transfer microsoft word files onto the watch and retrieve them, no problem. However, although I can transfer music (these are audio CDs which I've ripped onto the computer from my own CD collection) onto the MP3 -and I can play them from the MP3 through my computer speakers -when I have disconnected the MP3 from the computer and connected the earphones -It refuses to recognise my tracks and play them!

However, it came with a few sample tracks, which play fine via the headphones -so clearly the buttons on the watch and the headphones work ok. Why won't it play the tracks downloaded from the PC?

Any ideas?

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I m not really sure where else i could ask this question but because BC has usually been able to help me in the past here i go So i have owned this old surround sound system and have decided to set it up in my bathroom The subwoofer i ve got in there makes this bathroom bounce haha Okay so i ve got music running into the receiver from my laptop which is located in my bedroom used a long piece of RCA cable I like to create music playlists on my computer but there s no way for me to press the forward or backward button in the media player from my Control of Wireless Music Player? bathroom Is there a wireless device that would help me control my music player from my bathroom I own a wireless mouse and while it would do the job under certain circumstances the mouse pointer must always be sitting on either the forward button or the backwards button i can t exactly see or choose between either or This whole thing might sound ridiculous to an outsider but i think its AWESOME Any help would be appreciated

A:Wireless Control of Music Player?

Water and electrical circuits don't mix very well. Touching any electrical component which isn't properly earthed while standing in a pool of water can be life threatening. If you're not a qualified electrical engineer, then either hire one, or forget the whole idea (if you value your life that is...).
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Because I'm having a problem with both Yahoo's Music Engine & MTV's Overdrive audio player I suspect the issue might be a setting on my system.
Yahoo's Music Engine works great for music videos but it won't play any music samples. I press the button, it clicks but nothing happens.
MTV's Overdrive player doesn't do anything for me. I get neither video or audio from it just a large blinking play icon (triangle in a circle) which does nothing if I try clicking on it.

Any ideas on what the problem might be? Their respective websites have been no help at all. Thanks,

VIAO | 3Ghz P4 | 1G RAM | 256M PCIe | DVD RW | DVD ROM | 200G SATA | DSL @1.5M

A:yahoo & mtv music player problems

I'm trying to get Overdrive to work as well. It used to work but now it wont play any videos and it's really ticking me off!
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here is what happen .i do have the burning list on the right end side .now my cd is in .but when i clik [start burn] my cd is poping out .why .

A:burning music using media player

It's not detecting that the proper disk is in the CD drive. Does the drive play CDs properly?
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When I click on the Media Guide (upper right menu-bar button) it works perfectly and connects to the online radio pages but if I click on the service it says can't connect to the server...
From IE8 I can obviously access MSN Music: Home
Why I just can't connect to the Music Store ?

I don't have 3rd party firewalls and tried also to uninstall Avast 5... Every other program I have can access the Net without problems so it's not a firewall config problem (I use std Vista firewall) or something like that. As I said WMP11 itself can connect to the Media Guide service but not to the Music Store...

A:Win Media Player 11 can't connect to

Nobody else noticed this?
It seems WMP11/Vista SP2 can't connect to MSN Music...
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I am trying to play my music in media player 11 and it will not play. The message comes up that windows can not find file cause it has been moved, renamed or deleted. When i download a new song and just put it in my comp it will not play saying that the file attempting to play has an extenstion(.mp3) that does not match file format. I can play music videos on you tube just fine and i can play music that has a file of .wma or .m4a but not mp3's. Can someone tell me how to fix my comp so it will play mp3s that are stored in my comp or music player.

Relevancy 47.3%

hi, not sure if this the right forum. my mp3 palyer has 512mb but will only play the first 99 songs on it, even if there is 120. i heard you can copy a file to it to create a new directory but do not know how. i read my instruction manual but nothing is mentioned. i have a MPMAN MPFUB26. thanks

A:Solved: moving music to mp3 player.

Can't you just create a folder on the device with Windows Explorer? I believe it should appear as a disk device in My Computer.

Depending on the specific FAT format used, the root directory could be limited to 112 entries, perhaps a few less.
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I have a a secondary computer (HP Touchsmart) I was wondering is there a fully music touch screen program I can use that's actually perfect for touch screen computers?

A:windows 7 music player touch?

According to this article, there's one on it already. Otherwise, have a look at this one:
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Hope you can help me once again

a year a go tried to delete a bunch of musci and stuff, might have messed something up ,any ways

To get to point,
Everytime I try to play a sond on play list or from library on media player I get this message:

"Windows Media Player could not find file.If you are trying to play,burn,or sync an item from your library the item mght point to file that has been moved, renamed or deleted."

Can you help me fix this so I can have some music again thanks!

I have a Dell Demension DIMC521
Windows Vista
32 bit Operating
Service Pack 2
AMD Sempron Processor 3400+ 1.80GHz

A:Need Help with Music Files (Media Player

Are the songs listed in your playlist the ones that you tried to delete? Is the playlist an older one, created before you deleted the music?

You said you tried to delete a bunch of music. Did it actually delete?

If the songs were deleted WMP cannot find it in the location it was in when you created the playlist.

Example: If the music was originally in Folder A and you created a playlist/imported music to WMP from Folder A, they would play.

If you delete the music from Folder A (or move it to another folder) WMP is still pointing to Folder A but cannot play what is not there.

If your music is still in the folder I don't know what to tell you.
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I can't sample music clips OR purchase any songs from MSN Music. When I click on the sample or purchase links, the page just sits there. Nothing. I've tried accessing via WMP10, IE, and MSN Premium. None of them work. Running Windows XP Home Edition, latest version of Media Player. I've tried turning off ALL security: Windows Firewall, Norton Internet Security, Spywareblaster. Still nothing. I can play music clips from other multimedia sites: CDNOW, iTunes, Songtouch, even Wal-Mart Music Downloads! I can also play streaming video clips from anywhere, including MSN Video. Sound and all. Go figure.

I've tried getting help from MSN Tech Support, but they can't determine what's wrong. So, thought I'd go to the experts!

Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

A:Window Media Player 10 and MSN Music

Hello, anyone can help?

I further discovered that the reason WMP10 doesn't play clips is because the install never downloaded and installed the Microsoft Music Assistant "helper" program!!! I tried going directly to the support site where I could d/l this file but when I click to install from the web page, nothing happens.

Does anyone know of an alternate place I can find this little program to d/l and install???
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I got 22 free music downloads from Real Player last summer. They're protected as if I'd purchased them. They are .rax files.
I already burned them to cda format - so they're saved okay, and they play okay on the computer.
But I also want to burn a data format CD of them and save their licenses on the CD with them. In My Music I see a folder called License Backup which contains one small file called drmv2lic.bak. It's 54kb. Is that it? It doesn't say anything about Real Player.
(I searched the computer for "license" but don't see anything that sticks out as being song licenses.)
Do they store licenses lumped together in one master file, is that bak file what I want to copy?
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i have divx player, windows media player 11, real one player, however I still cannot play(rarely) some video files, is there a player that can play everything?

A:What Is The Best Player For Video And Music? Any Ideas?

Yes there is. Media Player Classic which looks very much like the old WMP 6.4, and will play all formats, including Real & Quicktime.It comes bundled with the K-lite Megacodec pack, which is well worth installing.
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I have a Samsung laptop with Windows 7, and every time I try and burn a music CD, I put it in my player in my car and it just makes this feedback noise - no music. It'll play on my laptop, though. It used to work fine with my Dell laptop (which had Windows XP), so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it's a system issue. Some songs are mp3 and some are m4a, but the car CD player won't play the disk at all.


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Just recently, having successfully transferred music files to mp3 player,I get a dialogue box with following message;
"Do You Want To Scan and Fix Removable Disk (F
(1) Scan and Fix
(2) Continue without Scanning

The first time I saw this message I clicked on scan and fix and now, I just ignore it but it is just bugging me. It may be just
coincidence, but I never received this message prior to me installing disk fragmenter program Diskeeper 2010 Home.

Has anybody any help and advice for me, I sure would appreciate it!

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2; MSE; Windows Firewall+Router Firewall and Malwarebytes (Realtime Protection disabled). Latest updates installed and all scans free from infections.


A:Solved: WMP Music Files To MP3 Player

I saw that message allot in Vista, I always said to fix it, then it returns a message that there is nothing to fix...a Vista bug, Windows 7 does not do it.