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I have Call Wave installed. It seems that it is kicking me off line. The yellow trying to logon X appears and I can't get on a web page but my 2 blue computers in the toolbar are blinking as if I'm okay.Help!

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Preferred Solution: Kicked Off Line

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Kicked Off Line

Hiya and welcome

Have a look at this, and see if it helps:


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I just solved my own problem and thought others might benefit since I could not find the solution using internet search My Realtek HD Audio manager seemed to be creating an echo on my quot Line In quot HD Audio Realtek "line from effect) (if in" echo it Removing output sound not a is audio signal I had already set the environment and equalizer sound effects options to lt None gt but the echo persisted I found the problem seems that I was essentially duplicating the Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect) Line In audio stream The first quot source quot I found was the HD Audio manager You can open the manager and view the Line In tab - mine had a non-zero playback volume the slider was NOT all the way to Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect) the left for zero playback If you want Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect) output from the HD Manager that makes sense I also found out a second Line In quot source quot It was in the Line In properties settings where I had checked off the option to quot Listen to this device quot When I disabled that the echo disappeared To view this Line In properties tab right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area then select Recording Devices yes quot Recording quot Then the tab will display in a window with the title Sound You should see the Line In device in the list Right-click on this item and select Properties The Line In properties window pops up Then select the Listen tab UNselect Listen to this device The echo should disappear if you re experiencing my problem I hope this helps someone I m just trying to help the community from which I ve received so much help grinthumb nbsp

A:Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect)

Two same signals

You're doing the right thing... getting rid of the other input signal.
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I am getting White Horizontal line on top of the screen.
I plugged out signal cable, those white horizontal line is gone. but I plug in switch cable, horizontal line appearing on top of the screen, so what's causing this?

A:White Horizontal line on top of the screen

Could u give some specs what monitor and video card, what operating system? what computer?
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I am looking into getting a phone in-line noise filter for my 56K modem line (NOT DSL). But I'm not sure how well these things work.

I contacted the phone company and they recommended to get one to try, if it works. The "noise" is not coming from the house line, it is from the line in the street that can't be fixed (Says the AT&T/Verizon).

So a phone line noise filter is my option right now. How well do these things work?

Thanks for the help.

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When I start up my laptop I have this white line on the side of my screen and the rest of the screen is black
I've tried pressing f12 when the laptop turns on but it doesn't work

A:White line


What laptop do you have? It would be much helpful to anyone here who might be able to help if you could provide more additional information about your laptop and other specifications.
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Operating System Windows Home Premium A few months ago I had purchased an INSTEN Composite AV Cable for Sony PlayStation and INSTEN mm Stereo to RCA Cable M F Inch Cm Black With these I connected the sound from my PlayStation through the Audio In jack on my computer This allowed for an audio transfer from PlayStation into computer and out the Speaker Jack in the back This has worked fine until February rd On February nd I had changed my W power supply for a W power supply Problem "In Audio Line" That day everything worked perfectly however the next day I heard a "In Line" Audio Problem humming and the sound was messed up I found out the cause was the power supply I changed out the new power supply for my old one Now my audio "In Line" Audio Problem is messed up I hear what sounds like an echo in the sound If I have the speaker volume set to I can hear the sound fine but only in the left speaker Any higher I hear interference and it sounds like it is being muffled The other problem is I can t play any music or sound without the Stereo Cable being plugged in Also the port is being labled as In Line in my Realtek HD Audio Manager If there is anything that I need to add let me know nbsp
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I get this DSL line into my house. It goes to the "DSL" connection on a Thomson TG546v-v7 Gateway. Then, a LAN cable goes from the "Ethernet" 1 connection on the Gateway to the "Internet" connection on a Linksys WRT54GH Router. The Internet Connection Type on the Router is set up as Static IP.

I'v read that the Gateway is to communicate between different network layers.
But would it be possible to set the Gateway up as a Router also?

When I connect my PC to the Ethernet connection on the Gateway, I get no IP and stuff, making it impossible to access the Gateway. How can I access a Gateway, without knowing IP?

Hope you can help me eliminate the Linksys Router, and get the Gateway to work as a router also

A:DSL line - Gateway - Router - PC (internet)

Hey SirBlaBla. Your Thompson gateway is a combo DSL modem and wired mode router. Just connect your pc to one of the 4 LAN ports on the Thompson. You might have to call your ISP if specific settings need to be changed because you are using DSL. If your phone service comes in over this DSL line, make sure you use a splitter to split the signal, with one side going to the Thomson, and the other side going to your phone. If used in this way, make sure you use a DSL filter after the splitter on the line that goes to your phone so it removes the DSL signal from reaching your phone. This Thompson unit does not have wireless capability, so all pc's must be connected by Ethernet cable.
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hello guyz.
I transfer my desktop PC into a Toshiba Laptop with windows 7 .
recently I need strongly to record stream internet sounds.
I used "sony sound forge" and "system recorder" and another known programs but I can't reach to my destination.
recorded sounds quality is very low because this files recorded with microphone and I didn't want this.
my laptop soundcard has no "line in" or something related with this .
(in winxp with my pc I record my files with "LINE In" a lot of times".)
Now , how I can record stream files such as songs or other with best quality with a trick or program?

A:Line in recording problem in Toshiba laptop

I know its a long time ago, but I have the same problem - did you get any response to this post and were you able to fix this issue?
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I have a T line at the small school I work at maximum of computers I ran line work T1 very at slow a speed test and received a Mbps I ran the same test at home and received a Mbps on a cable connection When T1 line very slow at work I ran the test at work there were only other people on a computer The school pays for the T line Part of that could be payment for actually running the line I think the connection hub was miles away We are in a remote part of PA so future options could be limited From what I know the overall Mbps is So if we have computers on the network does it work like this Mbps Mbps each Is T that slow I thought T was a good connection Has it just become old and outdated Why is it that years ago schools with hundreds of computers ran seamlessly on T and we can t run a maximum of computers on it now nbsp

A:T1 line very slow at work

You should be asking your ISP these questions.

I'm not absolutely positive, but I will state my two cents. I think all the machines on the network uses what is known as timeshare. If only one machine needs access then all the bandwidth is alloted to this one machine. But if two machines need access, time is shared between the two machines. Timeshare is split between machines making data request. Once a machine is no longer sending data request, there is no need in timeshare being alloted for the machine. In other words there is no specific set speed for each machine on the network. Network traffic is controlled by how many machines are making network request at any given time.

Hallo104 said:

Why is it that 10 years ago schools with hundreds of computers ran seamlessly on T1 and we can't run a maximum of 30 computers on it now?Click to expand...

This phenomenon you mention is the Internet evolving and requiring more bandwidth as it progresses. The Internet 10 years ago wasn't bloated with as many high bandwidth websites. Dial-up was probably still common and fully functional back then. I'd hate to even make a connection with Dial-up now, it would probably take 4 minutes, for a single web-page to render.
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If you see this in the image below you know time to send the monitor back to the maker for repair or replacement if it's still under warranty? If not the then it needs to be replaced. Image re-sized to fit here.


A:Yellow Line In the Monitor

It looks like the monitor is damaged, though to make sure, I would try your PC with a different monitor.
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There is a flashing line or something at the top 1/8 of the screen on my Inspiron E1505. This usually comes out only when I'm watching videos online, like on youtube. However the weird thing is it doesn't happen at all when I watch videos I downloaded and watch with windows media player home edition. Can anyone help?

A:Really weird flashing line laptop screen problem

What version of Windows are you running?
Relevancy 26.23% frnd has a broadband line 360kb=45KB.With this line can easily see the youtube videos in 480p.just gets buffer for 1-3 sec and no buffer next 3-4 minitues.I have 512kb=64KB line where it is almost impossible for me to watch video in 360p.I usually see in 240p.I get this speed constant always.I m amazed to see it.
Do u guys,have any explanation of this problem?

A:No buffer in YouTube 480p video in 360kb broadband line but in 512kb Wimax

Other people on your home network, or your ISP sucks and isn't providing you with adequate speeds as advertised, or something on your PC is sucking down all bandwidth.
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I kicked what? it, gs 7600 now finally got almost half a decade outta my Nvidia gs mb card and finally I boot my system to long short beep post error I m finally willing to give in and get a replacement MSI NEO-F P Intel S Motherboard Intel Pentium GHz HT MB GB 7600 gs finally kicked it, now what? PC - MHz DDR RAM planning on adding - gb W Antec Power supply I live in the US I only game - and earlier Actually I m pretty retro though I d like to maybe play say Oblivion for example on descent settings nvm the ram Also HD video playback is fairly Important as well The highest resolution I would be running is with maybe a second monitor or television running lower Prefer also a quiet card or at least not a super noisy one I ve spent most the day scouring pricewatch and amazon only to achieve a headache From what I ve seen I think I can get a card for - but there are so many holiday specials I can t decide nbsp

A:7600 gs finally kicked it, now what?

If your looking for a decent and cheap video card i prefer you to buy the ATI HD 5450, around 40 bucks but upgrade your PSU. I also game 2008 and lower.
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Hello I ve been searching all over for my with line network Configuring the fiber new help with a problem I m having and stumbled across this forum - really hope someone can help me I ve just had a leased line installed to provide me with a high speed internet connection It s a Mbps fibre pipe and Configuring my network with the new fiber line am trying to integrate it with my existing network of PCs and a printer Previously I had a line bonded ADSL connection using a Comtrend router which also acted as a DHCP server allocating IPs for all the machines The hardware that has been installed with the new line is a Cisco router which is managed remotely I have been provided with IP addresses and Configuring my network with the new fiber line it operates on a subnet of My original network runs on with the router as What I want to do if possible is use my Comtrend router or purchase a new one if I have to the same way it has been used before i e as the main hub which allocates the network addresses but have it connect to the internet via the new router as the ADSL Configuring my network with the new fiber line will soon be disconnected so that all the machines are connected to the fibre line at high speed How do I do this Thanks so much in advance Oliver nbsp

A:Configuring my network with the new fiber line

It sounds like what you will need to do is use the router in a "passive" mode. What i mean is simply keep your internal network as it is, but create a static route towards the new Cisco Router. The static route should probably be with a subnet mask of What this means is that anything destined to a destination the current router is unaware of, it passes it to the Cisco router which will then forward this onto the internet.

Does this make sense?
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Guess this is the right place to put this So I m tasking with trying to replace our -Line phone system for work Right now we have an RCA Executive Series systems basses model RE -A with a cordless tethered to each base and they system phone 4-Line expandable have served us well for the last or years But the cordless are dieing and some of the basses are getting cross talk between lines We found some replacement ones on eBay a few years back for a good deal and kept the phone system running for a few more years But the system is discontinued and finding more replacement handsets is hard and expensive I think they were about new for the cordless handsets and are going for or so So I m looking into a new -Line system for our shop But I don t really have much experience with them I m finding a lot of options but not much for info on which systems are good and which are crap I don t 4-Line expandable phone system want to try to screw with a Voip system would rather 4-Line expandable phone system stick with something I can hook into the existing phone jacks in the building So anyone have any experience with these and can point me towards a good one nbsp
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I am upgrading my sound card. The one I mentioned in the subject line has has a microphone input, a headphone out and four RCA jacks. Where should I plug in my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers?

A:Where is the line out connection on the Creative Labs 70SB127000002 Sound Blaster XFi

If you don't feel like finding the manual, just play an mp3 or video in your favorite media player, and try out the plugs till you hear sound.
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Is this a good line conditioner? Where I live has a lot of small brown outs, would this protect my equipment?

This price is so good I think I might put it in the hotdeals.

A:Is this a good line conditioner?

I have the 800avr version and find it effective for two systems, the modem & a router.
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OK, here is the problem. I'm browsing online with Chrome when all of the sudden it shuts off and refuses to let me browse more until I have disconnected and reconnected to the network. Its a wired network and ive disconnected my router and modem in exchange for another therefore eliminating those as the problem. The funny thing is i am still connected to the internet because I can still chat with my friends on Google talk and skype. Its very strange and i have not gotten any leads yet. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Does realtek have a line-in option ? I'm getting sound from my hi-fi amp through my computer speakers, and its volume is controllable through the keyboard,
but Audacity 1.3.12-beta! shows "error while opening sound device". Volume Mixer (Windows 7), Sound, shows FrontMic and Microphone only as recording devices. What can I do ?

A:Does Realtek have a line-in option?

Yes, downloadable

To answer my own question: get on to Acer (in my case) website, and download the HDMI driver for your computer model, soundcard and and version of windows.
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So I have an Acer (ugh) monitor which is a few years old. About two years ago I had a problem where there was a white (semi transparent) line that ran across the monitor about 1/3 of the way down the screen. It appears even on the Acer boot screen (i.e. before it gets video) so it should be a hardware problem with the screen.

It isn't black so it's not dead pixels, and it doesn't seem like stuck pixels either. It's almost like it's the connector at the side of the screen or something? I don't know too much about how precisely LCD monitors work though.

Does anyone have any ideas other than "buy another monitor" or "put up with it"? I'd greatly appreciate some suggestions.


A:Horizontal line on monitor

If you don't want to buy another monitor or put up with it then your only other option is to open the monitor up and look around. I would say its probably not a loose cable(you would have a much more noticeable issue if it were that). It could simply be a electronics failure or even a damaged cable. I believe most Acer monitors have a 3 year warranty.
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Hey, I've got O2 Home Broadband and it comes through my phone line via a DSL cable which plugs into my router which is downstairs in the kitchen.I also have a phone line in my bedroom where I am now, and I was thinking if I brought the router upstairs in my bedroom and plugged the DSL cable into the phone line and into the router up here would I still have an internet connection? both phone plugs are on the same phone line with the same phone number, I'm hoping to have a wired connection to my PS3 as I've been having some connectivity issues lately.

If I've confused you

-I've got a router downstairs, internet comes through DSL (Phone line to router)
-Bring router upstairs, plug it into phone line up here
-Still get a connection?

A:I get O2 broadband through DSL (phone line)

As long as the phone line in the bedroom is an extension of the phone line downstairs, or the other way around your fine.

Remember you need a DSL filter in each phone line (which should already be fitted). So if your moving the modem/router upstairs, but leaving the phone line plugged in downstairs, you must connect the phone via the DSL filter.


Wall socket > DSL filter > Telephone plug

Wall socket > DSL filter > modem/router (and phone if your connecting one too)
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Hello all I am new to the Forum but after a with out in Mic AC'97 and Line Problem and Audio ports Realtek week Problem with Mic in and Line out ports and Realtek AC'97 Audio of searching for answers I figured mine must be a unique problem I ve had a no sound problem with my PC at work for sometime programs and browsers have always run perfectly but with no sound I suspected a disabled sound card but the PC has a sound card built in on the MB and it has always been enabled My second solution was out of date drivers and after seeing a yellow explanation mark next to my sound device I downloaded the appropriate driver as well as the latest DirectX for my OS WindowsXP I then proceded to download all available codecs for my built-in sound card the Realtek AC Audio model Complete specs will follow So far no good but with these was installed the Multi-Channel Audio Configuration program by Realtek which enabled me to see that upon inserting my speakers into the line-out it was being detected as mic-in Bizarre I tried fiddling about trying line-out in and mic ports on the front and rear of the pc but in every case all that was recognized was a Powered Speaker in Mic-In connector Anyway I downloaded a few media players with visualisation to make sure that the PC was indeed generating sound and it wasn t just failing to comprehend audio files completely admittedly this should have been an earlier move But everything was Ready Ok and installed status wise So then I m fiddling about again and I try running the Realtek Audio Configuration s connection check whilst playing some mp files in wmp my speakers currently in line-in And for seconds whilst the test is commencing I hear the first sound this computer has ever produced but upon this tests completion and the result that the powered speakers are apparently connected to Mic In the sound fails once more This has got me once again royally stumped and I ve filtered through many threads regarding the failure of the Realtek AC codecs drivers etc but I ve reinstalled all the necessary software countless times and feel this could possibly be a hardware malfunction Nevertheless I decided to put it in the audio thread sorry if I ve done the wrong thing Thanks to any helpers in advance Please help Spud Sound device Realtek AC Audio Manufac Realtek Status OK PNP Dev PCI VEN DEV amp SUBSYS A C amp REV amp AAA amp amp A IRQ Driver c alcxwdm sys nbsp

A:Problem with Mic in and Line out ports and Realtek AC'97 Audio

During your-

Spudrifle said:

fiddling aboutClick to expand...

did you try downloading and running OpenAL from here?
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I have a laptop with an MSI board running Realtek HD Audio and WinXP 32-bit, with 3 front panel jacks. When I plug in my desktop speaker cable into the lime port I get a message from the Realtek Sound Manager asking what device I plugged in. I click on the ?line out? option, then OK, and the speakers work fine.

Every time I reboot, the speakers stop working and the Sound Manager has reverted back to the default ?line in? option for that jack, forcing me to re-install the speakers again.

The Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel is set up properly for Two Desktop Speakers. Drivers are up-to-date.

Any help?

A:Exasperating Realtek line out problem

Do you have loaded the latest sound drivers for the that device?
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Please Help,

I'm running Windows XP using Linsys wirless to access the internet on a HP pavillion 622n. Lately I access the internet and everytime I go to a new web page, does not matter what is is I get the message "Internet explorer cannot display web page". My connection never goes down. Last night for the first time I got error message Stack overflow on line 0. I have never seen this before and I don't even know if this is causing my issue. Does anyone have fix for this?

THANKS, Gytarman.

A:Stack overflow on line 0



With the help of Microsoft i was able to resolve issue. They had me reomve security software, which in my case was AVG 9.0 an this resolved issue.

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Hi I'm new here. I have problem that my computer especially if i playing games , it shows many weird dots, and line. I've try to change my monitor from an old crt to lcd but the weird dots and line still there . can anybody help?

A:Weird line/dots when playing game

It looks like a problem with your graphics card. Either it is failing or overheating.
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First of all thank you for viewing this topic as the data on this hard drive is extremely sentimental Some of my greatest memories such as my wedding are on this hard drive so I appreciate ANY help you can give me I have a TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK yesterday my foot decided to accidentally kick the power supply and a noticed a few minutes later windows was giving me the following error message quot Windows was unable Power Supply kicked HD External was to External HD Power Supply was kicked save all the data for the file F MFT The data has been lost This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection quot At first I didn t think much of it I viewed the drive and all the contents were shown but no videos were playing I thought it was a codec issue at first because I just recently nuked my computer Most files don t open on the drive The thumbnails for the pictures were still showing some pictures I could still open some text files were intact Later on I made a small text file wrote something in it and saved it to the drive to see if I could still write and it saved properly I have never restarted my computer as I ve read it may not allow me to see the drive anymore I tried copying the files but windows gives me the quot Cannot read from source file or disk quot error After a little while I opened up some pictures possibly not the same ones and only of the picture I opened would be showing the rest greyed out After I went to sleep the thumbnails don t work SHORT VERSION and WHAT I VE DONE Running XP Kicked external power supply TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK Error quot Windows was unable to save all the data for the file F mft quot Can still see filenames on hard drive Cannot open most files even text files Some files do open Pictures displaying only Can create and save a txt file Slept Picture thumbnails gone Pictures don t work Actions Taken PC Inspector doesn t detect my F Drive Recuva Detects the Drive but says quot The process cannot open the file because another process has locked a portion of the file quot Panda Recovery DOES detect my drive but has the error message quot failed to open selected disk drive quot Questions I read that enabling disk cache may cause this problem But I believe this is different as I kicked the power supply Do I risk losing any information by turning this off to see if that works Should I restart my CPU Do I risk anything by NOT restarting the computer The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimes and like I said pictures are now no longer viewable Does it make sense that if I don t restart it could harm the drive or no If anybody has ANY idea on what I can do PLEASE post CPU XP Home Service Pack Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz GB of RAM nbsp

A:External HD Power Supply was kicked

jra64 said:

The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimesClick to expand...

Can you elaborate "clicking"
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I am still using dial-up as my main source of Internet access I use a PCI SoftV Modem hooked up to a home phone line This is the only line into my house I have a slitter plugged into the line with two ports one has a line plugged in that is is Activated Phone Disconnects When PC Modem Line connected to the modem on my PC the other PC Modem Disconnects When Phone Line is Activated has a line that connects my telephone The telephone is a dual-system it has a cordless phone and a base phone not cordless My modem worked normal with my phone ever since I had my PC Normally when the modem was connected and one would lift the phone off the hook you would hear the various noises of the Remote computer on the other end If someone called while the Modem connection was active they would hear a busy signal Recently I had to reformat my HD So of course I had to reinstall windows So of course I had to reinstall the drivers for my modem This was about days ago Ever since if someone lifts the phone of the hook the modem will automatically disconnect This is true with both the cordless phone and the base phone If someone calls they still get the busy signal and the modem does not disconnect but if someone lifts the phone of the hook or turns the cordless phone on like one would do to get a dial tone noises can still be heard from the phone but the modem disconnects I have searched through the various settings on Internet Properties modem options connection settings and stuff like that on my PC The phone does not seem to be doing thing out of the ordinary and the only thing that has changed recently is the reinstallation of the OS and drivers I am guessing it is some sort of setting that I haven t been able to detect yet So to be clear Internet worked fine beforehand now when phone is picked up modem disconnects if someone from outside calls they get busy signal and modem does not disconnect any advice would be great thanks nbsp

A:PC Modem Disconnects When Phone Line is Activated

Disconnect all splitters and phone lines except one for your computer. Make sure you disable call waiting and see what happens
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Has anyone ever heard of this happening? My right click doesn't work on line only. It works fine all other times. I'm confused!?!

A:Right Mouse Button not working on line

well, it happens sometimes with me when pc is overloaded or it's just vista bug...
reboot helps me))
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Hi, I have Sahara NB5610-L1 Celeron M Processor Laptop. Just 5days back suddenly one vertical line is come to my LCD screen in the middle & it wont go back. I am using this Laptop for my Home & all the functionality is working properly but this line will not go. I am now fully tensed after this because I have already spent 30,000 for this.
Please clarify me in this regard. How to overcome this problem ?
If any body knows any Sahara Laptop Service center in Bangalore?

A:LCD vertical line

I'm not sure exactly what that is. Do you mean there's a line there when its turned on only, or is it always there, even when shut off?

If its there when it's shut off then it sounds like a pressure crack on the screen to me. Hopefully its not that. I had a nasty on one my Sidekick 2 once. x.x

But even if it is, if its a not interfering with the picture try to disregard it. That's all I can say.
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While not as well known or widely used as Wi-Fi or Ethernet power-line networking -- using your existing home electrical wiring to transmit data turning every outlet in your house into a potential network connection -- can be a lifesaver when Wi-Fi won t reach or when you can t or won t run Ethernet cabling When you need it Whether power-line networking is better than Wi-Fi or Ethernet for a particular application depends on several factors how much your Power-line home networking for speed you need how solid the connection needs to be how much you can afford and how good your house s wiring is Compared Power-line networking for your home with Ethernet Power-line networking for your home power-line networking reaches anywhere in the house without running new wires but is much slower The latest power-line gear is rated at Mbit sec or about Mbit sec in real-world usage That s about the same as n Wi-Fi but only one-tenth the speed of Gigabit Ethernet Pricewise power-line may actually be cheaper than running Ethernet cable between distant rooms Networking remote locations Power-line networking is perfect for providing access in areas of the house where your Wi-Fi signal is weak or nonexistent and where it s too inconvenient or expensive to run Ethernet Video streaming Power-line adapters can provide reliable bandwidth for video streamers and game consoles in your living room Power-line throughput is not as high as with Gigabit Ethernet but it s high enough for HD video which requires up to Mbit sec Extending Wi-Fi access Need Wi-Fi in that attic suite or apartment over the garage where your main base station doesn t reach You can buy hardware that combines a power-line adapter with a wireless access point see below This means that you can create a Wi-Fi net almost anywhere there s a wall plug You could also plug a Wi-Fi access point such as an AirPort Express configured in access point mode in to a power-line adapter see the details yes the article contains the word Mac ignore it as the technology works everywhere nbsp
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Simple question: Is it possible to restart a dsl modem via command line in WinXp? It's a Cellpipe (chipset Viking) modem.

A:Reboot modem via command line

Im not too sure about that type of modem. Is there a Telnet control option? Most times, people that want to reset a modem via command prompt are stealing internet (NOT PUTTING ANY BLAME), but the best bet you have is to connect to the modem via IP Address. Usually anywhere from the range. Try going to and download the IP Scanner utility. Enter in the IP info and then start the scan. See what you get. BEST RESULTS: Unplug the modem and plug it back in....unless you ARE stealing internet.....YOU BETTER NOT BE!
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Tech support says model WPN can t supply stats like line SNR margin attenuation CRCs etc Can this be true I wasn t aware of any newer routers that can t give such info from Stats WPN824 Ntgr Getting router? Line Maybe prob is that info usu comes from the modem I m using Wire HG-B in bridge mode w the Netgear behind it Had to get a separate router because never could get PAP -T voip ATA to work correctly w the Wire router after wks talking to every tech I could find - even Lev II If those type stats only come from a modem not router I d have to put Wire back in full mode amp reset ALLLLL PW s again With Wire Getting Line Stats from Ntgr WPN824 router? in bridge mode its mgmt console can t be accessed so it says What is typical acceptable or expected overhead loss diff of what AT amp T tech measured at my DSL wall jack vs after you ve gone through a Getting Line Stats from Ntgr WPN824 router? modem and or router I ve got AT amp T dry loop DSL Kbps At the wall jack the tech measured Kbps d l amp SNR dB Best I usu get is d l even for very close test servers Is the loss really that much thru modem amp router or just from the round trip even to nearby servers He couldn t access my router to test spd thru it now realize probably just needed to turn off router FW Netgear said my network adapter should be able to provide such info I highly doubt that nbsp
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Hey everyone,

I just bought and installed a Visiontek Radeon X1050 AGP 8x video card. At first it appeared to work great. I have been having issues with it after a day or two.

It has these wierd looking dots/lines all over the screen. They appear to be only on my desktop background and on some parts of webpages. They are all different colors, but usually blue or yellow. Sometimes they are in a grid pattern.

I'm running:
AMD Athlon 3000+ Porcessor, 2.17 GHz
1.5 MB RAM

I tried reinstalling the driver, it helped right after installation, but went back to having issues after awhile.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be the issue?

A:Visiontek Radeon X1050 Line Problem

Try installing the latest driver from here:

Be sure to uninstall the old graphics driver (through "Add and Remove Programs") before installing the new one. To keep things simple try downloading and installing the driver only instead of the full Catalyst Control Center version.

If that doesn't help, I would say your card is defective. If so, I would return it for exchange under warranty. If you bought it online, be sure to get an RMA number first (return merchandise authorization).
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I have my xbox connected to my HD monitor and the audio comes through my computer s line in port I have it output to my sound system but I d like to have the option to have it come out of my USB headset if I wanted Sometimes my girlfriend s watching TV and I want to play xbox and my only options are don t play or play with no sound which is really hard to do Is in Hear, to line headset usb What U there a way to use Vista s What U Hear to throughput that sound to the headset I ve tried setting the input to Line-in and the output to the headset but it still comes through the speaker port and I can t figure out why The computer s sounds come through the headset but the xbox comes through the line out If I unplug the headset the sound for both the computer and the xbox come through the line out port at the same time nbsp
Relevancy 27.95%

Alright, I have a Toshiba notebook and the other day a vertical, thin, purple line appeared on the the right hand side of my display. I didn't drop my notebook or damage it in any way, no over clocking of any sort ether. It doesn't show on screen shot and when hooked up to an external monitor it works like a charm. I would like to know if the problem is fixable because my warranty is void. I am surprised this has happened because the laptop is only about a year and a half old. Thank you for your assistance.

A:Vertical Purple Line

That Purple Line is a dead or stuck pixel it could have been your Graphics Card but since it worked alright in a External Monitor it indicates the LCD Screen is faulty, this means you need to replace the LCD Screen. I'm not quite sure how to take them off or fix them back on but someone on here maybe able to help a bit better with that.

You could try looking on Ebay for your Toshiba Laptop Model, they sell laptops that may have 1 part not working (they will indicate what is not working) but will be a cheap option for your LCD Screen as well as other spare parts for your laptop compared to buying the Screen on its own here is an example -
Relevancy 27.52%

hey guys,
ive been having random internet connection issues for the past year or so...they were bad, but now theyre not so bad. I unchecked the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option in my network device properties, and since then the drop-outs have become less frequent.

i was talking to a mate about this and he said i might be over-loading my phone line. I have one line at my house, and it is feeding 2 phones, 1 foxtel/pay tv, and my ADSL modem. so thats 4 devices on 1 line. At all the outlets there are ADSL/phone line splitters.

Do you think that this could be the cause of my problem? how many devices and you use on 1 line?

any help is much appreciated.


ps: i didnt know which board to post this thread on, so i hope i made the right choice.

A:How many phones/modems can I have on one phone line?

Probably the "1 foxtel/pay tv", but it may be by any message bank service (on your phone)

The absolute best test would be to disconnect all other devices (ie 3) one evening, and then go on the Internet to see if it cuts out (depending upon how intermittant this is)

Regarding how many devices on one line.
According to most telecommunication networks it's one ! Unless they say that you can have more. (note this may be due to money, isn't it always?)
Anyway, a city office block has hundreds (through an internal digital exchange) to one line. So not sure on the max. again it's up to your provider to inform you
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Hi I have looked for ages to try and find an answer so I hope someone here can help I have windows xp and basically want to do some line in recording I want to record from a mini disc player to my computer It took ages to actually get any sound to be heard on the computer from the mini disc I have a single cable going from the mini disc headphone jack to the microphone jack pink on the front panel of my computer tower But trying to record is useless nothing is detected I also have red and white aux in jacks on the front panel but no sound is heard from the computer when I try to plug the mini disc into that In the realtek hd sound effects manager under audio I O all the jacks front and back show up but not the red and white ones and also under the mixer tab there is no multistream button which after reading about recording in, problems microphone Line I think I should have Incidently I have also been Line in, microphone recording problems trying to record homevideo using Line in, microphone recording problems nerovision and the red white and yellow jacks at the front and while I receive video no audio is recording There are no exclaimation marks anywhere in device manager I have two possibilities for sound recording in sound and audio devices in the control panel Realtek HD audio input and Medion bda analogue audio capture Line in, microphone recording problems and I m not sure what to be using I used to be able to record in this way before not home video but then my computer broke and I cant remember the settings I was using before I am pretty sure I used to use the red and white aux in but not sure any help would be gratefully appreciated even if it seems obvious because more than likely I am overlooking something simple nbsp

A:Line in, microphone recording problems

Buy yourself a good quality PCI or PCI-e sound card and start from there
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I have a feeling what you're going to say but I thought I would just see what everyone has to say.
Here is a picture of my mom's laptop, with a line on the screen.
What do you think?

Should I replace the inverter? Is the screen toast?

A:Gateway M320 line on Screen

It's not the inverter... Was the laptop dropped or sat on?
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Hi guys,

I have an acer LCD monitor, and recently I noticed a horizontal white line appearing approx 1/4 of the way down the screen. It changes colours somewhat when it has a different coloured background.

It is still there when the logo appears from acer BEFORE it starts displaying from my computer. It's 1.5 years old, but I only have a 1 year warranty.

Is there any way I can fix it? Thanks!!

A:White line on monitor

You can have a failing video graphics adapter, or a failing monitor/screen. Best thing to do is trade out monitors first. Then replace the drivers.
Be sure you have a clean system.
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I am trying to record audio files from my turntable to my computer. I bought a pre-amp to connect between my turntable and Line In of my Creative Audigy SE sound card. I am using Steinberg's Pinnacle Clean recording software. The waveform is totally flattened on both Negative and Positive peaks and the sound is distorted with the Line In control to the bear minimum. Even at the bear minimum the waveform is flatten on both ends. My pre-amp,PP400,has no attenuation control. Would I need to attenuate the signal prior to it going in to my sound card? Without the pre-amp, my signal looks normal with the Line In control set to maximum, but is low in volume. Manual said I needed a pre-amp. Any advice would be appreciated. 1st attempt in recording to my computer, BTW.

A:Line In for recording

I love my Creative Audigy SE, but I don't record from or to it. I'm afraid you will need to buy a much better sound card, one like M-Audio produces. You'll need to spend a good deal of money. There are stand alone devices that can do this. Do a Google search. I see you are using an old Soyo Dragon motherboard. Nice board in it's day. Good luck
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I installed a new pc based on Intel DG33FB Mobo / Realtek ALC888. I connected 2.1 Speakers to the Rear Panel on the Mobo and it was working fine.

Suddenly from the past 5 days, the Speakers do not work. The Speakers are fine as I tested them with the Front Panel Output as well as the Line In and Microphone Jacks in 6 Ch Setup.

Another Problem is that the Front Panel Audio is not disabled even if I select to disable the Front Panel Support from the Realtek Manager.

I have the latest drivers - re-installed twice. I tried System Restore - No Help. I tested the other jacks Line Out / Microphone In with the same speakers - they work properly. The Front Panel Jack is also working properly. But the Rear Line OUt Jack just does not seem to work.

Anybody can help ???

A:Realtek ALC888/Intel DG33FB Line Out Jack - No Sound

The Sensing is also not an issue

The Intel / Realtek Port Sensing works on the Line out jack. So, it does not seem that the jack is not working.
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Hello! I just bought a Belkin Wireless Router G plus MIMO and I still get kicked out of online games (remember before I got an old Linksys), I don't understand why? I have no idea, I have moved the router to higher locations, I moved it to a diferrent room and still the same problem, I don't know much of the settings of the router but is there anything I can modify to get rid of this problem? is 40-45ft really that much for wireless gaming? however I have to get across two walls, is that the problem? the signal indicates 82% please help me I don't know what else to try and I want to play games online with my Nintendo Wii.

A:Still getting kicked out of online gaming

I thought it could be Internet speed but on my wired PC I never have this problem when gaming online, I thought could be poor reception from the Wii, but the PS3 does the same thing, anybody? help will be highly appreciated!
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hey all the geniuses here.....guys I have an ADSL internet connection and it gets disconnected occasionally.....but MSN messenger works just fine.....only thing is the Internet gets it shows page cannot be I have to power off and on the modem....

so what u guys think?? any advices???
Thnx a bunch.....

A:ADSL line gets pls...

Call up your ISP provided and have them check your line for ADSL. They'll do it at their end also communcate with your modem. If they can't solve the problem they'll come out to your place and check your connections. Do you have any old DSL filters that maybe defective? This can cause problems also..
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hi i have identical hp w flat help on faded monitor-need ! hpw2007 line 4"horizontal screen monitors they are both installed on identical gateway yr old PC s with xp one monitor is upstairs and mine is downstairs mine works perfectly they one upstairs lets call it monitor has developed a bright or washed out bright horizontal line about quot tall-going across the entire screen along with this problem it doesn t have true black more of a black brown faded 4"horizontal line on hpw2007 monitor-need help ! faded on all black screens Mine monitor is perfect monitor started having issues with not holding a preferred setting it wouldn t hold resolution size or brightness contrast and other settings i have uninstalled the new monitor and software and reinstalled it i faded 4"horizontal line on hpw2007 monitor-need help ! have tried all the monitor adjustments i have tried to match resolutions and setting to my perfect monitor nothing works from day one it only had one oddity there was a white shadow around the arrow pointer cursor my monitor never had that i couldn t even make my pointer cursor do that does anyone think it has a burned out band quot across the monitor what are these new crystal clear view flat screens like inside Anyone think there is anything i can do could it be a bad video card or just a blown new monitor thanks for all the help i can sure use it jagzz nbsp

A:faded 4"horizontal line on hpw2007 monitor-need help !

Either take it in to have it looked at or buy another monitor. If it is under warranty you may be able to have it replaced
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i upgraded to vista business the other day and today i tryed recording something through the line input and when i run recording program such as audacity it cant seem to view the line in input

also it doesnt show it on the mixer supplied with windows audio

anyone have any answers?

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Hello, i have a tv tuner, but the sound needs to go from the tuner to the line in. I have a cable which connects those 2, but i am unable to figure out how to listen to the audio coming into the line in... I have vista OS. Any ideas?

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I record some talking of a local talk bassed radio station then when they take calls straight to air I like to play funny bits back to them, but I listen to it back and its all crispy, tin sounding, muffled, and quite hard to hear. I dont think I can get any better quality other than doing it over SKYPE. All I am doing is putting the phone next to the speaker.

Are there any other ways that I can get really good quality? Thanks

A:Telephone Line

Hi TheCase and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

Their are products you can buy that plug into the phone socket such as this one, however if you want to use your computer to record them then there is also software based programs that require a modem in the computer see here, you must remember though that in certain states you have to let people know that they are being recorded or you are breaking the law.

As a newbie to the site would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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my mic in and line out have been switched. ive heard of this problem many times but i forgot how to fix it. my mobo is Asus P5ND2-SlI Deluxe with the Realtek 97 on board audio. i have checked the bios to make sure the audio card was enabled, and it is.

mo info for my mobo: P5ND2 SlI
says its a Realtek ALC850 7.1-channel
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Hello there peoples.

Well I have recently just got my self my own personal computer in my room. And i have a wireless setup out by the other computer that well i get a really poor signal from in my room. Its not a wireless network as such. Just a wireless broadband modem sending out my broadband signal so i have internet in my room

Well yeah I have a not very good signal in my room.

So I was thinking.... Is it possible to have to modems connecting to the same broadband line and account? like will they both work? Cos I have 2 modems. My orignal one and the new wireless one. Can I have wired set ups with individual modems on both computers? They would be running on the same phone line and connecting to the same broadband account and stuff. But If I had the line filters and splitters and stuff would it work?

A:Multiple modems on same line?

Your going to make work for yourself, if you have a bad signal in one room, either surf elsewhere, move the wireless sender closer to you, or lastly and this is the easiest buy an external antenna, one that sits on top of the PC instead of the itty bitty thing stuck out of the back of the network card.

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Hey I have always had a problem with my DSL. I have Sbc yahoo dsl. My problem is that it's always on blinking red. Unless I'm using the phone. Everytime I call SBC (or the new ATT) they always say it seems its working great. But my house is old. So is that the problem? Or just how things are connected. Can someone please help me on this problem? I really want to have my internet always to be working.

A:My Dsl line

How old is your house?

Older wiring can sometimes affect the reliability of DSL service. Do you have DSL filters connected to EVERY device (telephone, answering machine, dialup modem, etc) connected to the phone line EXCEPT the DSL modem?
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I have this thin white line that starts at my AGP slot and goes all the way to the edge of the board. It on the bottom too, and it larger on the bottom. It also spreads out in spider lines. What is it and what do I have to do to fix any problems it might cause???

A:White trace line under AGP slot? What is it?

Someone put too much pressure on the video card and made a crack in the motherboard?

There's nothing you can do to fix it. If it works, then it works, if it doesn't then it's broken.
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Okay so I just got my laptop screen on Purple my line chinese-made laptop back from being fixed for the fourth time in a row i live in north america they are in australia damn long time and now i discover there is a -pixel wide vertical purple line on my quot TFT Widescreen monitor is this a stuck pixel a dead pixel or another problem completely another thing is that the Purple line on my laptop screen line doesnt stay purple on black screens and desktop it is purple but on IE it is yellow along with many other programs for Purple line on my laptop screen some reason i really need help on this guys ive tried the method on wikihow and ive been trying the JScreenCleaner stuck pixel sweeping program but no luck so far thanks edit forgot to say that i know that this isnt a video card issue cuz i plugged it in another monitor and it didnt have that problem i just really need to know if this isnt something that needs factory repairs cuz my Purple line on my laptop screen warranty is worn out nbsp

A:Purple line on my laptop screen

Attach an external monitor to your PC. If the problem continues there, it's your graphics card.
If the problem disappears, you have stuck/dead pixels.
You could try a very gentle rubbing of the pixel(s) concerned, but it looks like you might need a new LCD-panel.

My laptops are made in China as well, but they are extremely sturdy (IBM, now Lenovo).
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I have a Dell Dimension 3000. The modem in it is not working properly. Dell finally decided to send me a replacement although they don't think it is a hardware problem.

This is the problem. As soon as I plug the modem into the back of the computer, it opens the line (takes the phone of the hook)

Does anyone know what the cause of this might be if it isn't a defective modem????


A:Cause of Modem Open Line

"as soon as I plug the modem into the back of the computer..."
Is this an external phone modem?

Have you tried using another phone wall plug?
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i got a HP Pavilion zd8060US Notebook PC back in JAN-2005 and have been using it pretty heavly for long periods of time ever since, and just today i closed my laptop lid to go take a break for 10min and when i came back and opened the lid again there is now a GREEN line 1 Pixel wide straight down the center of my LCD screen.. WTF is this..??? is my monitor going dead or is there a way to fix this..??

A:HP Pavilion zd8060US Notebook PC - Green Line on LCD

I'd guess a bad monitor...unfortunately

Relevancy 27.95%

This happened before and when I changed the wallpaper it went away. This red line on the righthand side won't go away! is this bad news? Time to use the guarantee? again... the shop changed my pc already once 2 weeks after I bought it... please can someone tell me if I can fix it myself? thanks anyone

A:vertical line on screen

kimsou said:

This happened before and when I changed the wallpaper it went away. This red line on the righthand side won't go away! is this bad news? Time to use the guarantee? again... the shop changed my pc already once 2 weeks after I bought it... please can someone tell me if I can fix it myself? thanks anyoneClick to expand...

If there is a warranty or Guarantee in place for the item then dont try to fix it, you can void any warranty, take it back again and again until you get a working system or until you get your money back.

Relevancy 27.95%

ive had this vertical line on my monitor for a few days now and cant seem to get rid of it (philips 150c4) have rolled back drivers upadted drivers just cant get rid of it.can anyone help please its rather annoying.thanks

A:vertical line on pc monitor

Video cards can do that when they go bad.
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my mother in law wants the internet in her house and i live about 150feet away, can i connect her computer up to my computer so we can share the same broadband wirelessly??? i have a adsl modem and we both have windows xp. if i can, how do i do this ??? can anyone help me please.

A:connecting two commputers to one line

thats on the edge
get wireless router and a wireless card for her machine
follow the manual carefully read your isp's setup for networking
this is for dsl or cable only

need reminded jobeard
ya wireless G mimo
set one up last week good to 350ft
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HELLO,I have problem with line in jack of MOBO. ( 8I945P PRO ) , the audio cheapset is ALC882, I have no sound when i connected an audio device to line in jack ( in jetaudio or other music program ) pls help me

A:Realtek ALC882 Line IN problem

what device was it? what is your sound setup? usually the reason people get no volume is because it is turned down or muted. check all of your volume settings.
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Like the title says - I have a "PPPoE: PPPoE line Disconnect Receive error: ... TAG" PADT D-Link DI-604 D-Link DI- router - Have been using it for over a year with only periodic disconnects still pain in the a S but tolerable - As of months ago it started with a daily connection drop - Reason for disconnect as D-Link DI-604 error: "PPPoE: Receive PADT TAG" ... Disconnect PPPoE line per Log quot PPPoE Receive PADT TAG quot quot Disconnect PPPoE line quot - Situation became gradually more and more frequent to the point where it would not even establish connection - The Log would read as above quot PPPoE Receive PADT TAG quot quot Disconnect PPPoE line quot followed by quot PPPoE try to re-connect automatically quot followed by quot PPPoE Receive PADT TAG quot etc in a vicious never ending loop - D-Link just replaced the unit with a later version of the model revision E original was revision A - New unit performs the same no change still will not connect - ISP is SYMPATICO and I have no issues with the SpeedStream DSL modem on its own Can someone suggest what I should do Has anyone encountered the same problem and or found a fix nbsp

A:D-Link DI-604 error: "PPPoE: Receive PADT TAG" ... Disconnect PPPoE line

Have you tried contactin your ISP to see if they are experiencing problems? They might be able to shed some more light on your siutation and work you through it. I'm sure they get these sorts of issues daily. Not that we can't help, but it might be easier from them
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I use my Media Center Edition box as a DVR. Problem is, I cannot see the big screen TV from the computer. I've been thinking about a wireless desktop to solve the problem. What I need to know is the range of a wireless setup? Also, do they operate "line of sight"?

A:Wireless Keyboard/ Mouse- Range? Line of Sight?

generally no more than 200-300 feet. The more obstacles you have in the way, the weaker the signal. It is best to have line of sight. Metallic objects in your walls and in your building will also interfere.
Relevancy 27.95%

just curious if I can connect 2 dsl router from separate location to the same verizon dsl line. anybody know????

A:Connecting 2 Dsl Router To The Same Dsl Line

Well, since they are in separate locations, then obviously they can't connect to the same line

If you are asking whether you can use one Verzon account from two locations, then that depends on Verizon, their policies and how their network is built. Both locations have to be DSL-connected for sure (you have to have ordered a Verizon DSL connection to both of them).
Relevancy 27.09%

Hello I m new here Not an expert on computers but can t figure out how to fix it When I start playing a game ethier instanly or a games. when other Line playing 3D Vertical Colored programs) (Or few seconds after starting it these colored vertical line show up some times it s like a blue grid to after Vertical Colored Line when playing games. (Or other 3D programs) i somehow exit the game it still shows uintil I resatart my computer I have tried updateing my Video card drivers but still nothing This started after I got my computer reformated This sucks since I just bought Vertical Colored Line when playing games. (Or other 3D programs) Start Wars Emiper at War Also if my computer has been turned off for a long while it doesn t want to turn on All that haapens is that the fans turn on I have to keep turning it on and off till it works Any Ideas It s probly ethier my motherboard or my graphics card My system specs CPU Intel Pentuim Ghz Video ATI All-in-Wonder PRO OS Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition RAM Mb Audio SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Mother Board Intel Desktop Board D EBT Please help bump come on can nobody give me a suggestion answer or a single reply nbsp

A:Vertical Colored Line when playing games. (Or other 3D programs)


lease can somebody help me. I've tried everything!
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I am using windowsXP and Realtek HD Audio Manager , When I go for yahoo conference chatting,I got the error "The Computers audio mixer could not be intialized". When I checked in google, it gives some thing to be doing Line In properties in Volume Control. But When I Click Volume Control (Speaker Icon) and select options and select properties, I didn't find Line In option or check box. WHat should I need to do to bring the Line In property. Do I need to reinstall the driver ? Or need to change to some setting.Pls help me on that..

Reply ASAP

Thanx in advance


A:Line In properties not available in Volume contol , using xp Realtek HD Audio Manager

You have to choose the Recording radio button to see input channels.
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Well Im really happy with my new machine in its AOpen case but I am annoyed that I am only able to get sound out via the headphone socket on the front of the case.

I have Creative spealers, 2 small ones and a bass that connect to a separate volume control then to the pc.

I just cannot get the sound to come from any of the rear 6 sockets.

Also having a battle getting a sata hd to be seen.

But otherwise im happy :bounce:

A:Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe line out query

You get NO sound when you connect your speakers to the lime colored sound socket at the back, but you do on the front panel?

Maybe someone else can give you some ideas on what to try, but it sounds to me like a faulty mobo.
Relevancy 28.38%

Please help....I have 2win98SE machines using a BT voyager 2000 wireless modem/router with the USB wireless adapters but the DSL line keeps dropping after a random period of time. Sometimes its fine for hours but then will drop every few minutes for a hour then be ok again.

I have tried calling BT & they say my line is fine & can't see a fault etc etc

Are they any tweaks I should make to the out of the box config of the modem/router? Anyone else had same type of problems??

Thanks in advance

A:DSL line drops

Are you sure it's the DSL connection dropping? The DSL light on the DSL light on the modem will go out if DSL connection is lost.
The problem might be the wireless link to the modem instead.

What exactly are the symptoms?
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My friend bought an lcd screen on ebay, silly boy, and now its got a bright green line permanently down the left hand side one pixel wide about an inch from the edge. Is there anything he can do or is it as I suspected and a new screen is required?

A:Green line on LCD screen

w00tboy said:

My friend bought an lcd screen on ebay, silly boy, and now its got a bright green line permanently down the left hand side one pixel wide about an inch from the edge. Is there anything he can do or is it as I suspected and a new screen is required?Click to expand...

If he didn't do anything software wise, it's probably harware related, and therefore he is hosed. A thought: Mount it on a wall in his room and turn it into a DVD screen. I did that with an old LCD with a missing row. You don't notice it because you're watching the movie.
Relevancy 27.09%

I recently replaced my mainboard and processor.

I installed my DFI Lanparty UT nf3 250gb and my new sempron 3100+ and everything went very smoothly. I have a brand new 120gb Samsung drive with a fresh install of Windows Xp. Here is my problem.

The Line Out port on the back of the mainboard (onboard sound) does not function. I have resorted to plugging my speakers into the Rear R/L port and using it this way although I don't see this as ideal.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:nVidia nForce Audio Line Out port does not function

does your board support fp audio ports? if so, then refer to your manual and find out where this jumper blobk is located. to complete the circuits to the back panel ports, there needs to be one or more jumpers installed on said block as your manual indicates. check that first, as it is most likely the cause. but you have gone over your windows and bios settings twice, right?
Relevancy 27.95%

Ok so i go to best buy wondering if i can use 2 computers on 1 phone line with AOL and the guy said i can so i bought a power surge witch comes with 3 phone line slots ( in ) ( modem ) ( phone ) and i also got a splitter he told me to put it in the modem so i have 2 phone wires going to 2 computers so im signed on on one computer but when i try to sign on the other computer it just sits there saying connecting so i tried connect to LAN and i get an error saying theres nothing there anyone have any ideas


any help will be appreciated :rolleyes:

A:2 computers 1 line 56k problem


The guy at Best Buy was BS'ing you, kinda. You can use two computers on the same phone line, but not at the same time.

If you want both to work at the same time, you will need to research Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing.
Relevancy 27.09%

My uncle gave me a 19" LCD screen that is awesome except for one small problem... There is a green line, one pixel wide, all the way down the center of the screen from top to bottom.

Has anyone had this problem??
Can it be fixed yourself without to much hastle?
If it can't be fixed yourself, could bestbuy or a computer store fix this problem for a reasonable price?

PLEASE suggest any info you might have!


A:Light Green Line Down Monitor Screen??

Howdy! Welcome to TechSpot

Need to know what kind it is and what kind of system you are using it on.
Lcd's can be pricey to fix if no warranty. Nearest qualified repair to me
is 900+mi away.
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I have an HP Pavilion N laptop quot LCD TFT Toshiba that works fine but complaint About way across the screen from left to with thin 14" Laptop blue LCD line? right there is a thin blue line running from top to bottom It started very faintly but grew continually worse and is now a quot permanent quot feature The screen and laptop are fine otherwise and I ve been able to check all internal connections and and component seating But the this hasn t corrected the problem I can replace 14" Laptop LCD with thin blue line? any 14" Laptop LCD with thin blue line? peice but what part is it Screen Cable Video Card When I change resolutions the line stays in the exact same place on the screen When I unplug the cable from back of the screen leaving the invertor connected the screen remains on and show a plain white field with no blue line Using the video-out from the laptop the line does not appear when hooked to a TVs video-in I do not have a proper monitor to try this with Gently moving the cable seems to have no effect But there is a good length of it held still under the power-button pcb when the laptop is re-assembled enough to turn it on Anyone have any experience like this and have an idea as to which part to replace Any more suggestions to try Thanks nbsp

A:14" Laptop LCD with thin blue line?

take it to a laptop repair shop or get a good technician on the job because it'll take tools and training to fix the problem (laptops are very tricky to mess with).
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I have a 17 inch Likom CRT monitor. It's about 4-5 years old. When I turn it on sometimes it will come on with no problems then after about 10 minutes the whole screen becomes black and there's a bright wide line in the middle part of the screen. The "Power" light is still on. I've tried it on multiple CPUs and it still happens.

Can someone give an explanation for the problem? The warranty has expired and I'm not sure if the part damaged will be worth the repair - should I just get a new one?

A:Monitor blackout(except for a bright line in the middle part) after ~10mins

Something is broken in the vertical scan system. Depending on the flaw it can be fixed for cheap or you may have to scrap the monitor.

Take it to a repair shop and see what they say.
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Hey im running a ASUS A7N8X-DELUXE w/ nForce 2. And im trying to run my XBOX's sound through my PC's speakers via Line-in. But its not working, any ideas?

- I have the [Composite red and white] hooked up to a [2 Female RCA] -> [1 Male 1/8] Y-Adapter.
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tell me what you think about this comp build i wna do, tell me if there is anything i should change

A:help with top of line comp build

I would ditch the WD Raptor and get another 160GB Barracuda

Also, the web-references in that list do not match the described components.
You trying to fool us with some wannabe-PC?

You ask all these questions about the most expensive PC accessories, yet I saw you complain about the price of some cheap memory ($20.-) that your father got, and you want to spend nearly $3'000 on a PC?
Get off your high horse!
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My regular computer is a kicked internet on sign others of when Dell Dimension It s running XP with Service Pack I have McAffe kicked of internet when others sign on anti-virus that I kicked of internet when others sign on downloaded from AOL I also just acquired a Dell Inspirion M laptop It also has Xp and SP and I also have McAffe on the laptop I have my regular computer hooked to Comcast broadband internet through a Motorola surfboard modem I hook the laptop to the regular computer using a cat cable The problem is that when I am on the laptop and someone else gets on the reg computer and connects to the internet I get kicked off the internet and cannot connect again until the other person gets off I feel like I am doing something wrong on the most basic level duh If there is anyone that can lend some advice that would be cool Ps I just found that it is when someone signs onto AOL that I get kicked off It is fine if they just open IE but sign onto AOL and poof nbsp

A:kicked of internet when others sign on

OMG. I am losing my mind. I've contacted AOL twice and they cannot get it through their minds that connecting to AOL kicks me totally offline on the laptop. They have it stuck in their mind that I am trying to sign into aol on both computers and that is the problem.
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I'm using Soundmax audio, i've put my turntables on the line-in jack
I'm getting sound, but i want it to play in winamp so i can broadcast it
Can sombody help me?

A:Soundmax line-in - Winamp

You need the line-in input plugin for Winamp.
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Hi guyz,

I have a soundmax integrated card on a Toshiba Dynabook Ex bought in Japan. I'm trying to connect my amplifier's monitor out to my PC Line in in order to digitalize music from LPs. However, there is no sound coming in. I checked all the settings in the sound controller, checked the drivers, looked for the control file... still nothing. I'm sure it's a small bogus I misunderstood.

Please help me quick, it's for my work.



Most soundcards allow only one input channel active at one time. Are you sure you have selected the line-in and nothing else? You can see it in the recording volume control. (Are you sure it's line-in and not microphone?)
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been trying to play my guitar thru the line-in input on my M-audio revolution and I get really bad latency, like loads. enough to make it impossible to play accurately.

Also when I try to record using a Mic in front of an amp, or from the line out socket on a guitar amp into the line-in socket on the card, i have to turn the input level on the card right right down to avoid clipping, and then it sounds rubbish.

Any help would be appreciated as i desperately need to record some guitar tracks for a project im doing.
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A:Half height/slim line duel head graphics card

How about the best? Matrox G550 is what I use. See here for specs.
Less than half the price you quote in your post, $135.- arounf 75.-

Okay, it is "only" AGPx4 and has "only" 32MB SGRAM, but the quality is unbeatable. But then, I don't play any stronger games than perhaps Solitaire.
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I have a minidisc player, and I want to play it through my XP computer. I know that I can record the sound from the line-in, but I can't seem to play it.

Is it possible?

A:playing a device through line-in on soundcard

Yes you can, as long as the software you are using to play it has the option to use the Line-in as a source.
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"ATi goes PCI Express. At Computex ATi announced their new PCI Express models Radeon X600 for mainstream and X300 for entry level segment. The Enthusiast segment is covered by the PCI Express model of the Radeon X800." -

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I have a soundblaster live card It has two outputs line-out and rear-out I have these connected to my logitech z- speakers I downloaded the latest windows xp drivers from the speakers 2 only line-in when sound from using soundblaster website In the audio control panel i have it set up to output to speakers i ve tested them everything is good Now the problem is when I use those speakers to listen to sound from only 2 speakers when using line-in my tv I have sound from only 2 speakers when using line-in my tv audio outs right and left connected to the line-in of my sound card using a quot stereo connector For some reason I only get sound from the front two speakers Then when I select quot digital audio only quot from the sound blaster control panel I get really good sound but only from the rear two speakers This is only with the line-in audio signal If I have quot digital audio only quot selected then my wave outputs are nulled for some reason I don t get any sound at all from the PC mp s and stuff Anyone who knows a bit more about audio might be able to help with this Is it possible to get digital audio from the PC i e with wave as a source And more importantly why am I getting the weird speaker outputs when I use the line-in i e outputting from my TV Thanks nbsp

A:sound from only 2 speakers when using line-in

For one I don't think that digital output works (well) on analog speakers.

I don't know much about outputting from the TV or anything, I don't try to record shows or audio.
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after wondering why the audio on my tv card wouldnt work when connected to the line in on my shuttle, i found out that for some reason the line in and mic in on the back of the shuttle doesnt work, but the line in and mic in on the front does, whats goin off and how can i fix it??? i installed the nforce drivers again but dont do anything.

i got a shuttle SN45G

cheers all

A:line in + mic in dont work

can anyone help me out???
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I have an Enermax PSU 350w ( EG365AX-VE (W) FCA ) & the 5v line seems to be a bit low. It's constantly at 4.8/4.9.

I don't have any stability problems but I'm just curious why it would run so low & if that could be a problem in the long run. The PSU is about 4 months old.

I have 3 HHDs ( 2 at the moment ), a burner, DVD Drive, Radeon 8500 & a AthlonXP 2000+.

PS. The VCore is really at 1.75 ( says the BIOS ) but all the programs running on Windows see it at 1.85.

A:PSU : 5v line running a bit low

Most of the stuff usually have voltage tolerance of 10%, so if things are running stable, don't worry.
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Just booted up and I have this thin line going down my screen, about half the screen length. Did my monitor just go bust? :rolleyes: I do have warranty though.

A:Line on monitor

Don't know if its dying or not, but thats probably not a good sign. Maybe try running different resolutions and refresh rates. Then possibly trying different drivers for your video card and check and see if there is a specific driver for your monitor.
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During the month of October, I would like to buy and setup a home phone line network consisting of 2 hpn pci cards, 1 router, 2 computers. I would like to network 2 computers and share files and a network dsl connection.

Would anyone happen to know is it possible to use a standard hardware router to route my internet connection. I know phoneline routers exists, but they are very expensive.

Do you think this would work?

normal nic ~> rj45 lan to standard router ~> rj45 lan converter adapter to rj11 phoneline ~> phoneline jack

jack ~> rj11 phoneline ~> homephoneline card

Would these converters work with the router?

Thank You!

A:Home Phone Line Networking

Heh. You could even network through your home A/C power system. Lol. It's called Phonex Broadband. Hasn't really caught on, however...wonder why...:rolleyes:

Yes you can, it's called HomePNA. Don't know if it's still around, likely it is.

Going wireless is probably a better idea. More bandwidth, definitely more choice in product manufacturers.
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The Creative support site seems to have some problems, so I'm going to ask here.

After installing the new drivers for XP, Windows sometimes boots up with line-in volume _very_ loud. The sound is also very distorted, as the sound card is obviously being pushed to its limits. This is occasional, and goes away when toggling digital output on and off (this is how I know it's the sound card's fault).

I can't put back the old drivers, because the original CD that came with the card doesn't have XP drivers and the new drivers do give a good performance boost.

The problem is very annoying, because when the radio tuner kicks in during startup, everybody in two-apartment radius will jump up in the air, look towards my room and think something very rude. I'd like to solve this problem before they go from thinking to saying or doing.
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wondering what to get to hook up two pcs on the same line

well i got a idea from a friend , he said to hook up my 56k modem with my sisters one as well , but i was wondering what sort of stuff i need to do this , it may sound simple to u guys but i just need the help , look foward to at least one reply plz..

A:Hook up two pc's on the same line.

:wave: Newcomer Welcome & Hello :wave:

Yes it is possible to network via a modem, but your better off getting two (2) NIC cards & a Crossover Cable for Peer -to- Peer networking.
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Anyone know of a piece of software that will convert videos that will utilize all 16 cores that we have to offer?!

We are using software now (RiverPast) that is only using 1 random core at a time..

A:Multi-core command line driven media converter

I would play with Handbrake and see the command output by this application (it exposes all its commands if you wish).
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I seem to have goofed things up and I can't figure out where to begin to fix it.

Previously in Word or Adobe I could highlight words or complete line. I could even begin at the start of a statement and highlight it midway through a succeeding line.

Now when I attempt to highlight a box appears and then I highlight the text inside that box. If the material I want to highlight continues on the subsequent line I double-click that line, create a new box and then highlight text within that box.

This is both cumbersome and time-consuming. If you have any idea where I should be looking to reverse this trend I would appreciate your share this information.

Thank you

A:Highlight by box rather than line

Try running the Error Check and see if that clears it up. If it doesn't do a System Restore to date right before problem started. It's also possible you just need to root the computer!

For either of the below functions, close all active Windows and running programs and email.

Error Check: My Computer> right click on Local Drive-usually C-Properties> Tools> Error Check> check both boxes in screen that comes up> Apply> Close and Reboot. Let if run. system will reboot itself when through

System Restore: All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> system Restore> check 'restore my computer to an earlier time> choose date in BOLD on left> Next> Let restore finish. System will reboot itself.
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Hi there I had a virus as you can can see in this thread http Flash install line pink / Can't latest the www techspot com community topics startpins-opening-on-chrome-nsis-error page- which resulted in me uninstalling Adobe Flash as you will read Can't install the latest Flash / pink line above I now can t reinstall it I currently have a version of Flash as I was able to install it but it is not the latest version I try and download it from here http get adobe com flashplayer I get to stage but then nothing happens When I try again it says Only a single instance of this application can run I can t see it open anyway even when I go to Task Manager Any help on this would be great I don t know if this is relvant to this problem but since getting rid of the virus my computer is now clean I now get a pinkish vertical line that comes down the centre right of the screen It kind of flashes and come and goes I tried to do a print screen but it doesn t seem to show up on it Should I start another thread for that issue nbsp

A:Can't install the latest Flash / pink line

Down load revo uninstaller. Try using it to uninstall Adobe Flash. See if this helps.
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Hi everyone! I have wmp 9. I need to get a lin-in plug-in so I can use a visulation live. Is that possible?


--Daniel L

A:WMP line in

I`m not sure if you can do that with WMP, but it`s possible in Winamp. See this thread HERE.

Regards Howard