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I was wondering if there is any free software out there that I could use to monitor what applications are being used on my Computer. Like if Solitaire was launched, it would log that unlike Windows would. This is W2K box. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You
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Preferred Solution: Application Launch Tracker

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Box art and pricing for Intel's upcoming Skylake K processors have leaked onto the web ahead of its official launch. Some sellers in Australia are even getting a jumpstart, offering both the Core i5-6600K and the Core i7-6700K as of...

Read more

A:Intel 'Skylake' pricing and box art hit the web ahead of official launch

Got tired of waiting and bought 4690k months ago. Giving todays exchange rate, paid exactly $230+VAT. Probably saved some on DDR3 vs DDR4, maybe s1151 MOBOs will be also more expensive on release, while You can buy s1150 on sales and specials. What I don't get is the sentence: 'If so, what CPU are you upgrading from or are you building an entirely new PC from scratch?'? It's not like You can upgrade just Skylake, have to basically build a new PC: CPU, MOBO, RAM. If You play building your PC, rest is usually left over from previous builds.
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The AMD Radeon R9 Fury is expected to launch shortly, which might explain why we're suddenly seeing a whole bunch of leaks relating to the graphics card. The latest collection of information on the Fury, leaked by VideoCardz, includes both...

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A:AMD Radeon R9 Fury specs allegedly confirmed ahead of launch

"This cooler isn't AMD's reference design, but the short PCB is a product of the memory modules being included right on the GPU's die."

Don't you mean the Interposer?
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I've got a SanDisk memory stick and I've used it for a couple of years and have had no trouble but recently 2 files (autorun and starter) have come up and I've tried to delete them and it wouldn't work, so I tried to open starter application but nothing happened.

Does anyone know how remove them?

A:Starter application and autorun file won't go away

You can always format the SD

another choice is to disable AUTORUN on you system
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Greetings guys, hope you are doing fine.

I'm using ExpatShield to play SCII ( long story ). Anyway, I tried today to download an arcade map from within SC ( 3 MB ) but it was extremly slow. I alt-tab and opened Resource Monitor and here is what I found >>
As you can see ExpatShield is downloading at near 70 KB/sec but is not passing data to the original application ( SC in this case ). It actually downloaded more than 70 MB and the map was still at 2%. Moreover, when I exited SCII, Expat kept downloading.
It usually works fine except for this case.

Thanks in advance.
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Need info on live streaming multi-cam set up for video conferencing Hello computer experts I hope i am posting this in the multi-cam lesson Want cooking a live streaming to interactive launch right forum I am interested in starting an online live interactive cooking lesson series I want to stream the lessons for - people using a video conferencing program goto meeting VeaMea not sure which one yet through our laptop I want to have two or Want to launch a live streaming interactive multi-cam cooking lesson three cameras running Want to launch a live streaming interactive multi-cam cooking lesson through my laptop that i can toggle through One would be a wide shot of me and the kitchen Another would be a close up of the cutting board to demonstrate cutting techniques and or one camera mounted above the stove for when i am cooking I want to be able to change cameras with a click of the mouse during the lesson and then be able to change back Can I hook up or cameras to my laptop Intel core i - m with gig ddr and accomplish what i want to do I am currently looking at high quality HD webcams but not sure if this route will be enough for the main camera It may need to use a lipstick or bullet style camera Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated If this is not the best forum and you know a better one please advise Thanks Willy nbsp

A:Want to launch a live streaming interactive multi-cam cooking lesson

I have some thoughts on this one, but it's a fairly old post. Post back so I know you are still needing help.
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Hi guys I want to ask why any game can t launch on my laptop When I launching game its pop-up No suitable graphics card found Could not find a Direct D device that supports the XNA Framework Reach profile Verify that a suitable graphics device is installed Make sure the desktop is not locked and that no other aplication is running in full screen mode Avoid running under Can't Direct3D game, any error launch Remote Desktop or as a Windows service Check the display properties Can't launch any game, error Direct3D to make sure hardware acceleration is set to Full Click to expand And my dxdiag showing ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp qfe - Language English Regional Setting Lithuanian System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Inspiron BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU T GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINXP DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab The system is using the generic video driver Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer Direct D functionality not available You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Manufacturer Chip type DAC type Device Key Enum Display Memory n a Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name vga dll Driver Version Lithuanian DDI Version unknown Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD vga sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B EE - - CF-B - AAEC C Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not runClick to expand nbsp

A:Can't launch any game, error Direct3D

It seems that the laptop did not detect your graphic card. Check if the drivers are well installed and if you can try reinstalling them. As in the display devices it shows like nothing connected or driver missing.
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I'm connected to the internet via wireless modem. My PC is connected to the modem via Ethernet and the modem connects me witlessly to the nearest Base Station. The modem has no interface or options to modify.
I play WoW and use Ventrillo ( Voice Chat ). Is there a way to give WoW more priority than Ventrillo ? Because sometimes i have over 600ms latency.

Bandwidth is 512Kbps Up and 128Kbps Down.

Thanks in advance.....

A:How to give bandwidth priority to application over another?

I don't think theres an easy way to do that, without using third party software, but what I would suggest is perhaps lowering the quality of ventrillos call? that would lower the bandwidth required. (Thats if there isn't already an option to lower bandwidth within ventrillo options)

Good luck
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my laptop was stuck or hang suddenly during i played the music or open any application....

A:Laptop's hang while running the application and sometimes sticky

English is not your first language? Do you have a friend that speaks English that can explain this a little clearer?
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It says " Application Error" for "Svhost couldn't load properly"

what does this means??
This paralyzes my internet connection in's bit slow!
What are your suggestions?

A:Application Error! This is annoying every 5-10 minutes.

Sorry i forget to add something...

Failed to initialized 00000x4 Sv host
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I've been getting the above mentioned error everytime i power on my compaq presario f700 laptop. i ran sfc/scannow and i was informed that some files were unable to be repaired.

Anybody got any ideas?
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Hi friends
i m using windows server 2003 and i hv intall ad on it now i want that particular user logon through terminal services and i want that user hv a right only for a particular application i.e when he logs on through terminal services particular application gets start and when he quits that application user get automatically logoff
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many folks have been asking about this, i dont know how reliable this is but here you go.

A:AMD ATI Radeon HD 5850 and 5870 launch in September?

then we shall see soon enough huh i cant wait.
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Well I don t know how to explain this and the best way to show you what I mean would be pictures I have programs monitoring my CPU and other important hardware Basically when I m not running any CPU intensive games apps then my Multiplier drops from x to x cutting my CPU speed by making it GHz Some other things I ve noticed my DRAM freq have changes Multiplier /w application CPU dropped by half they are supposed to be set at MHz which is non OC They are currently at I ve also seen my quot Current quot CPU speed drop CPU Multiplier changes /w application to CPU Multiplier changes /w application about depending on what I m doing It does it so rarely and if I try to get one of my programs running to monitor it it goes back to or GHz Now I could be wrong on some of my thoughts but you look at the dump file and my screen shots and tell me what you think Is the changing speed normal nbsp

A:CPU Multiplier changes /w application

king21092 said:

Well, I don't know how to explain this and the best way to show you what I mean would be pictures. I have 2 programs monitoring my CPU and other important hardware.
Basically, when I'm not running any CPU intensive games/apps then my Multiplier drops from x9 to x6, cutting my CPU speed by 1/3, making it 2GHz.

Some other things I've noticed, my DRAM freq have dropped by half, they are supposed to be set at 800MHz, which is non OC. They are currently at 400.

I've also seen my "Current" CPU speed drop to about 1150 depending on what I'm doing. It does it so rarely and if I try to get one of my programs running to monitor it, it goes back to 2.0 or 3.0 GHz.

Now I could be wrong on some of my thoughts, but you look at the dump file and my screen shots and tell me what you think.

Is the changing speed normal?Click to expand...

Everything is normal. Modern day Intel CPUs lower their multiplier when they are not taxed. They also lower the core voltage along with it to save energy. They rev up to their regular speeds when they are loaded. Your DDR2 speed is correct. Your DDR2 runs at 400Mhz, but transfers twice the data per clock as a DDR1 400Mhz chip, this making it the equivalent of a 800Mhz chip.
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Ok I just got a zune and it works great. Now with the zune I got the leather case with gave me 5 free songs, with is around 800 MS points.... problem is when I go to redeem these points I get this....

Image Link

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi I have a quadro fx and i m trying to model a building for my final prject of this year I am using Autocad architecture and its inbuilt D software the porblem I am facing is that when multiple D solids are on screen at once I get clipping and segmented edges in the model space whilst modeling using the shaders once the scene is rendered the objects are fine Open 3D issues 3D application GL graphics Direct but the main issue is that the 3D application graphics issues Open GL Direct 3D incomplete solids make detailed modeling near impossible I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same issue with D applications Could these problems be down to the type of quot graphic processing quot i use i e Open GL or Direct D whats the difference between to two anyway Q Quadcore GB RAM Vista bit nvidia Quadro fx DDR This really has come at a bad time as my final hand in is only a few weeks away and this is a huge problem Cheers nbsp
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Hey question on application STG1 the Zalman GPU All I m about to install a heatsink on a GPU for the first time never actually done it with the CPU either and i have a question I ll be installing a TT DuOrb on my GTS and i ll be using the Zalman STG Zalman STG1 application on the GPU question thermal compund due to ease with which it can be applied I already took the card apart cleaned the GPU itself as well as the RAM chips using Arctic Clean amp installed the RAM and VRM sinks and now want to install the Orb itself Now i d like to know if i need to apply the STG grease to both the GPU and heatsink or only to the GPU From what i ve read on the web only the GPU needs the grease however according to Zalman it needs to be applied to both http www zalman co kr ENG product Product Read asp idx Can someone clear this up for me Anyone here used STG on a GPU nbsp

A:Zalman STG1 application on the GPU question

For a CPU/GPU putting the recommended amount on the centre of the CPU/GPU will ensure that it is spread out evenly and is in the correct place, if you were to apply it to the heat sink first you could end up missing the centre of the CPU/GPU and just end up with thermal paste/grease everywhere. For this I would go for the instructions, just use half of what you would normally use for each GPU and heat sink. It really doesn't matter to much about what you put the grease on, so long as there isn't to much of it and its not leaking over the sides and that it isn't off centre and only spreading the heat from like the corner of the GPU.
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I have a GE Force video card hi speed USB Dazzle DVD recorder a new DVD recorder I m running WinxPSP pentium and Can't complete of Studio Dazzle 10.8 launch lots of memory It loads and then begins to hang around some time and then s other times The couple times I ve been successful of getting a load completed I hook up my camcorder I quot m doing composite video and the red white audio plugs to transmit my mm tape analog data to my computer When recording the video is herky jerky and upon playback it still is Can't complete launch of Dazzle Studio 10.8 but now runs x too fast Not sure about this Pinnacle stuff I can t imagine what I m lacking to get it too work If that s not bad enough I loaded the software up on my Son s laptop with this new centrino stuff high speed etc and it worked right away suggesting both software and hardware were fine It worked fine with the studio and didn t need all the patches and crap Any geniuses out there pete nbsp

A:Can't complete launch of Dazzle Studio 10.8

Use something other than Dazzle, such as Adobe Photshop Elements 5.0, or Picassa, gimp, or the other free one.
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What is the proper way to apply cpu paste? I got some arctic silver 5 for my new 3200+ coming, and my brother told me to put a little spot on the middle of the heat sink, and when it is tightened down on the cpu, it spreads out over the cpu.

A:Proper cpu paste application

Your information is correct. Apply a small amount on the middle of your CPU's heatspreader, around the size of an uncooked grain of rice. When the HSF is securely fastened upon the processor, the pressure of the heatsink will spread the paste evenly across the entire contacting surface.
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Hi peeps i was playing on half life 2 deathmatch and got an application error the error was:

( application error the instruction at 0X01156ed2 referenced memory at 0x0000001 the memory could not be read click ok to terminate the program or CANCEL to debug)

My system specs are:

Gigabyte GZ-X2 black case
EZCool 700watt infinity(ready for my new 2900 Pro)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.66 Ghz 1Mb L2
Asrock 939 duel sata 2 motherboard
Sapphire X1650 XT 256Mb
Creative Xfi soundblaster xtremegamer
Maxtor seagate 160GB sata-2
Asaka cooler (not very good getting a ASUS Silent Knight Cooler)
LOGITECH X-540 5.1 SPEAKERS 140W + 70W
19inch TFT 8MS

Can someone help me out thanks

A:Application error

Reinstall the program\Update the program\Update video card drivers

See Techspot game troubleshooter
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my computer shows application error if i open an application .i can't open any application.what is the reason?urgent please help.

A:application error

u need to tell us what's the application and more info of the error.
screenshot will be much helping.
btw, provide us with your system specs too.
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So I have a game called Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix. Its a single core game, but at current it is running using both cores. I'm asuming making it run off one core will warrant a significant performance increase, but I am clueless as to what to do.

My CPU is a e6300

Any replies appreciated


A:Running a single core application on a dual core cpu?

No it is the same performance, plus it dosnt overstress one core
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My thoughts regarding Barcelona AMD Launch Event TechSpot news: the recent AMD Barcelona launch Feel free to flame me if you wish just as long as you do it nicely As Intel seems to get all of the good press regarding both desktop and server CPUs these days AMD threw an official Barcelona shindig last night in San Francisco Calif The event which took place at two buildings in the San Francisco Presidio District focused on Barcelona AMD s first quad-core server processor Although I was unable to attend the event due to prior personal TechSpot news: AMD Barcelona Launch Event engagements several friends and colleagues who made it to the Letterman Digital Arts Center told me that it was an absolute blast Along with it being a rather interesting event the official unveiling of Barcelona most likely helped give AMD a nice morale boost the company desperately needs Even though early benchmarks indicate the numbers are a bit unimpressive a GHz version is definitely in the works Numerous hardware vendor executives were present to discuss the great things AMD is doing while carefully avoiding any direct pokes at Intel Sun Microsystems showed a U -core AMD Barcelona server - the company last week unveiled a -core Intel Tigerton version Pricing of the products Ars Technica has the scoop During an event at the Westin S F hotel earlier in the day AMD officials were on-hand to discuss some of the company s plans for the future AMD CEO Hector Ruiz unexpectedly stopped by to visit with everyone in the room - much to the delight of the handful of selected bloggers present He took the time to answer a couple of questions from the bloggers journalist present though it appeared everyone in the room was hesitant to ask him the hard questions Speaking about AMD marketing or lack there of Ruiz admitted that AMD has a bit of work to do in that department - especially compared to Intel No one thinking logically expects AMD to suddenly take back major ground on Intel but the unveiling of Barcelona is a step in the right direction Considering I own both AMD and Intel processors I just want the companies to compete fairly with one another Here are some assorted links for your enjoyment Quad-core is here and now Barcelona vs Intel Clovertown and Tigerton AnandTech hardware preview TG Daily linkage The potential of Barcelona Thoughts Cheers Michael Hatamoto nbsp

A:TechSpot news: AMD Barcelona Launch Event

Here are a couple more links:

Making progress
Nothing like something from The Inq!
Not a savior?
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All of you must be knowing that Intel successfully tested its new 80 cores processor in Dec last year or jan. this year. Its clock speed is 1.7 THz and it consumes 65W (Only). And its exactly same in size as that of a simple 65nm processor. So, intel is going to launch it for home as well as corporate users.
Does anyone here know when intel is going to launch that processor for home users?

A:Does anyone know when Intel is going to launch its new processor?

Is this it?

or this:
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Hi There,

When I restart my computer I got the warning:

The instructions at "0x7c918fea" referenced memory at "0x00000010". The memory could not be written.

I went for search in my computer and following files were found:

SVCHOST.EXE - 1E57829D -----------> C:\Windows\Prefetch
svchost -----------------------------> C:\Windows\system32

I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea on how to solve the pop-up warning?

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


A:S V C H O S T . E X E - Application Error

One of these will work -

1.Turn off Automatic Updates,just update manually in future.

2.If you have recently installed a new network service like ip6,uninstall it.

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I'm getting the following error sometimes when attempting to TO CLOSE ANY WEB PAGE

Error Message Looks like :
"Referenced memory at "OX62304390". The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program. Click Cancel to debug the program."

I am running win xp. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


A:Application Error Ox62304390

Check your Memory Sticks , one bad stick may be causing this or swap their places with one another and see.
System Restore to an Earlier date to this may help or start with system
Repair console with your CD Disk and perform Repair/Reinstall but back up
your data first.
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I am trying to play this computer game but when I click on play, it brings up this message saying (Could Not Reset Direct 3D Device, this application will now close) I tried downloading DirectX again but it didnt work...I need help.

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:Could Not Reset Direct 3D Device, this application will now close.

One minute before your first begging post amaizing....
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when i opened up my windows media a pop up comes up saying " internal application error" and i really don't know what to do.HELP!!!!

A:windows media:internal application error

Does it always happen or only when you try to run a video clip????
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Sometimes when I go ofline I get this message in a box....

The instruction at "ox62304390" referenced memory at "ox62304390". The memory could not be "read".
Click on the OK to terminate the program.

What gives with this?

A:IEXPLORE.EXE Application error ????????

craigdexter1 said:

Sometimes when I go ofline I get this message in a box....

The instruction at "ox62304390" referenced memory at "ox62304390". The memory could not be "read".
Click on the OK to terminate the program.

What gives with this?Click to expand...


Check this thread here.

Might help

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Weird problem

I can't open up any application, when I log into my PC. Every time I click on any icon on my desktop, the hour glass appears for a couple of seconds, and then disappears, without the program ever opening up (and no, it's not a problem with the shortcut itself).

Sometimes, the only resolution is to restart the PC, and everything seems fine, but then the problem comes back up again.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening would be highly appreciated.

A:Cannot open any application

Have you virus and spware scanned recently? If so, with what software?
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First error When i start up windows my Wireless PCI card sais the adress at some numbers was referenced by some more numbers The applicaton could not be read Click OK to terminate That error doesnt (Cannot Question About Error "Read") Application affect me at all my internet still works and everything but i get it every time i turn on my computer and every time its a different set of numbers in those spots Second errors When i play Silkroad Online sometimes i ll get an error when it loads same application error when i click ok it just lets me continue and doesnt terminate the program Once i exit the program it ll start closing but before i can close it i have to click ok on errors of the same type I m sorry i m not very informative on this if you request i could post some Screenshots of them P S I recently found out i get them on FireFox exiting and i get them on rundll when exiting Silkroad Online I also get them on another program associated with SilkRoad nbsp

A:Question About Application Error (Cannot "Read")

So can anyone help with this issue xD
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Ok first off sorry if this is the wrong board. The problem is that for some reason my windows media player just stopped working so I tried to reinstall it now when I try to do so after everything is done and I go to finish I get an internal application error, no matter what I do I can't fix it, I downloaded drivers and so on, but I just can't get it to work, Could someone please help me.

A:Windows Media player help-"an internal application error has occured"

download real player its better.
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I have a plextor 504A DVD+R/RW drive and I just picked up Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 for my PC. When I tried to put a DVD+R disc in the drive to back up data files, I get the message that is the title of my post. I looked for Drag-To-Disc and was sure that it wasn't running in the background. The firmware for my drive is updated, and I have automatic updates set up for XP SP2 so there shouldn't be a optical drive driver issue. Anyone else have any other ideas? I did just install Acronis True Image, but this is the first time I"ve used Roxio too. I've scoured the web for an answer but can't find any. Suggestions would, as always, be greatly appreciated.

A:the device is reserved by another application?? Can't BURN!!

Turn off the WIndows builtin CD writing thing (disable the service). Have you used or do you have any other CD writing software? Try uninstalling True Image just in case too.
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This seems 9800 Pro (Radeon nForce2 chipset during mobo) with 3D Rebooting application to be a common problem as I have read many other threads addressing the same issue I have tried all the suggestions from other posts but my problem persists I just built my new PC two weeks ago and everything seems to be running smoothly until I loaded the first game Far Cry The game installed without a glitch but soon after I start playing it the screen would black out for fraction of a second then turn blue for about ms and then the system reboots This happens Rebooting during 3D application (Radeon 9800 Pro with nForce2 chipset mobo) everytime I play Far Cry but Rebooting during 3D application (Radeon 9800 Pro with nForce2 chipset mobo) the rebooting occurs at different parts of the game but I never get too far It usually happens about to minutes into the game The rebooting also occurs with my D OpenGL screensaver Helios but never with any other program The browser FireFox never triggers the reboot and neither do Paint Shop Pro or any other D graphics program From what I ve read so far some people who had the problem found a resolution by updating the motherboard driver and the graphics card driver which I have done already Some people suspect it s a power issue but I have plenty of juice from my PSU Here is a complete spec list ASUS nForce A N X-E Deluxe motherboard Athlon XP Barton ATI Radeon Pro MB X AGP Antec PSU with W Kingston PC DDR MB x Seagate SATA HDD GB Windows XP Professional Edition with SP Resolution attempted so far All fans are working properly chassisx PSUx CPU graphics card CPU with thermal paste properly applied and without overclocking Motherboard drivers updated including nVidia nForce chipset driver for GART AGP card ATI Radeon driver updated to the latest I greatly appreciate any suggestions and ideas to try Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Rebooting during 3D application (Radeon 9800 Pro with nForce2 chipset mobo)

Did you plug a molex power connector in the 9800? I think there's a connector on the card.

Is the ATI driver official or overclocked one?

What's the cooling of the 9800?

Did you turn off fast-write and set the aperture to 128mb in BIOS?
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Ok, I have a question about applying the thermal interface material(artic silver 5, etc). I saw this pic of thermal paste, and I thought it looked like too much paste, am I right?

I thought you wanted a very thin layer, just enough to smooth out the irregularities of the cpu's and heatsink's surfaces.

A:Amd 939 thermal interface material application.

I would definately NOT put so much on where it is right up to the top edge of the die. You would risk some rubbing off and falling on your motherboard where it could short out. puke:

Other than that, it is fine.

I would leave a clean edge of about 2 to 3 mm all around the perimeter of the CPU die.
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Recently my computer has started displaying the "svchost.exe Application Error" message. There is also another window that appears frequently that says "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" and then "Generic Host Process for Win32 Service has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Usually after I close these messages, or have been using the computer for a little while (maybe 20-40 minutes, it depends), my computer starts freaking out. Everything starts running slow and freezes (and sometimes un-freezes a few minutes later), the toolbar at the bottom of the screen will freeze (so I cannot access the Start menu), and the taskbars at the top of windows (and usually the toolbar) will revert to a Windows 98 type look.

I don't know what to do to fix these problems, your help and advice will be much appreciated!!

A:Can't launch system applications. Several application errors.

First thing, you should alwasy state your OS and computer type (notebook or desktop) when requesting help. Also if possible the exact "svchost.exe Application Error" error as this it too generic.
That said:
Have you tried a restore point to a time when it was performing correctly?
You can also do a file run: SFC /Scannow to repair missing windows files. This will require you Windows CD unless you have a restore partition.
Since this is happening after the computer is running for a while, are you having overheating issues? Especially essential with notebooks.

Have you run an updated Virus Scan? Malware scan such as malwarebytes or Superantispy?

Run a checkdisk and a defrag?

More info please RebKit
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Posted this in another forum with no replies so I'll try here.

I'm having trouble launching photo software when I attach my camera or camcorder to my laptop with a USB cord. The USB drive works with a flash drive so it's not the disc or the drive itself it appears. Any idea what could be causing this? I've tried jiggling the cord around numerous times with no results. Thanks.

A:Software won't launch

Can you just launch the software manually? Maybe auto-run is disabled.
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A person is using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. When she has a webpage open (with a company web application) if she opens another window and uses that for a few seconds, the window with the web app closes. Is there an error log created somewhere by Internet explorer?

A:Internet Explorer closes/crashes on particular web application

This computer is used by a company. I thought the idea behind online applications is that they're platform independent? Also it's company policy to use I.E. 7 because I.E. 8 hasn't been tested. This is my first job :approve: is it typical for a company to use old programs because I thought it would be more dangerous?
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I am having an issue with a windows xp professional workstation. I believe the issue is related to possibly a corrupt registry setting? When I attempt to open an rdp session, it does nothing. No error message at all or behavior like it is attempting to open. I tried to re-install hoping I can just repair but i got an error indicating that the program was already installed and did not get a repair option. I ran a malware program to see if I can fix any infections. That did not seem to help after the infections were removed.

Any ideas?

A:Can't launch Remote Desktop Connection

With Windows XP Professional, you can boot to the WXPP install or recovery disk, and then look for the choice or R for Repair (not R for Repair Console) and reinstall Windows XP without damaging the rest of the install.
However it is always very wise to attempt to make a backup first.
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I created this post to help people searching for solutions to Windows Error Messages:

Visual C++ Redistributable Library Missing
Application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect
Application Failed to Start
Dependent Assembly Missing
Activation context generation failed
so as to help find this post when using a search engine

Some background: Many Windows apps are built using Visual C++ libraries. The tricky part is that there are many different "versions" of "assemblies" of the C++ libraries in both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture "flavors". So the trick is tracking down the right flavor of the right assembly and version of the C++ library you need.

For further help, see this thread (in general) and this post and this post (in particular) for solutions

For how to look through your Application Event Log for application event messages click here
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I've used for years but with in the last few days I have noticed that a feature of theirs Stock Tracked is missing! Anyone happen to know if this is permanent?
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hi, so lately i've been uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers and software and all of the sudden i get this error when i try to load up certain programs

this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect
i've already tried reinstalling microsoft c++ end user runtime or whatever it is, anyone know what else it could be

A:This application has failed to start because the application configuration is...

Check your drivers at the manufacturer's website, or the motherboard manufacturer's website...
You might want to update or restore your BIOS as a start, but the problem is not uncommon.
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Hello I am new to the forums MSVCP100.dll following correctly: start Application & to unable Error 0xc000007b and truly only really joined to ask this Application unable to start correctly: Error 0xc000007b & MSVCP100.dll following question because after being all over the internet and troubleshooting in my own capacity I am still left at a loss and quite perturbed FOR SUMMARY SCROLL DOWN TO NEXT BOLD TEXT I just got a new PC specs visible on my profile and have restored most of my Steam games as well as a few other cracked and free-to-play games After installing them all I started trying to play a few games I received an error on most games I tried to start except Dota and Far Cry cracked This application was unable to start correctly xc b Click OK to close the application I checked the internet and it suggested I reinstalled Windows Professional Build -bit which I had previously installed This seems to resolved the problem somewhat as the majority of the games that hadn t worked previously began to work However some games still refuse to work and produce the same error After changing ownership of the SysWOW and System folders in C gt Windows since I had trouble copying the dlls in several other forums namely mfc dll mfc u dll msvcp dll msvcr dll msvcr clr dll Mostly it was the msvcr clr dll that refused to copy across even after booting into safe mode This copying was Application unable to start correctly: Error 0xc000007b & MSVCP100.dll following solved by a permission change and ownership change I then deleted the msvcp dll file and the xc b error then gave way to the error The program can t start because MSVCP dll is missing from your computer Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem If I had the internet connection to reinstall I would do so but I don t believe it will yiled any results due to the problem stemming from the redistributeable being the issue After updating the redistributable from version to using the redist folder in my Steam games folders I still have the problem PLOT SYNOPSIS SUMMARY OF EVENTS BELOW After trying to start my fully updated Smite I get the error This application was unable to start correctly xc b Click OK to close the application If I deleted the msvcp dll file from C Windows SysWOW not C Windows System I get the error The program can t start because MSVCP dll is missing from your computer Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem Downloading dlls from http dll-files com proved to be useless as replacing the msvcp dll files restores the xc b error Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this and post Raptim nbsp

A:Application unable to start correctly: Error 0xc000007b & MSVCP100.dll following

In addition the deletion of the file was suggested and it said that the game would create a MSVCP100.dll by itself which it did not.
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I have a large video library including tons of tv and other things but its taking up lots of space. What application can I use to reduce the size of but still keep high quality for hundreds of videos and not take too long? Doesn't have to be free it just has to work fast and well.

Thank you.

A:Application to resize many videos at once

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What are the best productivity applications I could download for Windows 8? I?m a college student, so nothing too professional.

A:Looking for qualityful application of my windows?

Hi, If you mean free software that works well, I would say;
and; (for a really useful photo editor, called 'Faststone Image viewer'.)
In fact it's MUCH more than an editor, I have used this since about 2006.
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Hello, we are using a scientific application (ETABS) for structure analysis at work. Most of scientific applications code base dates back to single core CPUs era, when higher CPU clock meant faster execution.

Here is the problem, we have Core2 Quad boxes (Q9550) with each core clocked at 2.83GHz, but mentioned program only uses one of the CPU cores at full blast, so it is limited by CPU clock rate.

Is it possible to force applications to distribute the work load over all CPU cores, or if not possible make it somehow run faster without over clocking the CPUs? Is upgrading them to Core2/CoreiX extreme editions with higher clocks only option?

A:Making scientific application run faster

I'm not sure if what you ask is possible. I do know the [email protected] project I was part of, used a single client per core. The client needed an update to take advantage of multiple cores/threads.
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Hi all, I want some app , but they are not in site for download
Their name:

1- Delcam FeatureCam 2013 R2 SP2 Build

2- Vista Codec Package 6.5.1

3- Aero Glass Tweaker 1.2

4- FastStone Image Viewer 4.8 Final

5 - Pokki

6- AVG Internet Security 2013 13.0 Build 3272a6212

Techspot is really best site for download software. so should have all apps Thanks

A:I want Some application software , they are not in site for download

For anything you can't find here, google for it and choose the developer's site.

Avoid places like CNET ( that pack spyware with it.
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hi... can someone help me. i have been trying to scan documents using my scanner/ printer and i havent had any problems until yesterday. it scans the document but does not save the items on pdf properly; then it says: "Artcopy 55 mfc application has encountered a problem and needs to close. sorry for any inconvence". i am using lexmark x85 printer/scanner which uses MG photo suit 8.1 pls help.


A:Mfc application has encountered a problem- scanning

A few questions:

1. Have you updated any software?

2. Are their updates for this software and if so have you updated?

3. Are you running as administrator or as limited account?
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Need help! I have a advantage database program called Manheim tracker 3.097..been working fine until restart on 1/27. Program wouldn"t start up . A ( COMPANY ADT) file error.What is this?Where did it go? Any one fimiliar with this program.?

A:Manheim tracker data problem

Does this link help?
Recovery Toolbox
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Sorry to ask this question again. But I have no where to ask now.
Whenever I try to execute my vb application, its gives me a BSOD and memory gets dumped. I am sharing my dmp files, will you please please look at it and tell me whats the error???

A:Page fault in Non paged Area when executing one application

Rmfinr.sys is noted, but I can't find anything on this driver. Have you checked your memory and hard drive for errors?
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Hello, I keep receiving this message: "Catalyst Control Center: Host application has stopped working" everytime my computer is turned on and I have to click cancel and then click to close the program. I have ran Malwarebyes Anti-Malware, AVG scan and it came back with several infected files which I have removed. However the issue still remains... can someone please help me!!

A:Catalyst Control Center: Host application has stopped working

Have you tried uninstalling the video software and reinstalling it? It may very well be corrupt. Due to the virus or spyware you stated you had.
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I recently placed a post in the Video Cards section as I at first believed my problem to be related to my but now I know differently I ve looked for a delete button on my thread and can t seem to find it Apologies if this has caused a problem I wasn t sure whether to amend the last one or start this one I ll mark the application error Dwm.exe other one as needing deletion I ve been suffering random crashes which manifest themselves as a frozen screen in-game or on Youtube and sometimes just cursor loss Tabbing back to my desktop shows a black screen with various menus and opening and closing and my toolbar is placed on the top of my screen I cannot do anything at this point including trying to ctrl alt del Dwm.exe application error so I have to press the refresh button Knowing the series to be buggy I blamed it on my card but today I suffered another crash but was fortunate enough to make out an error message dwm exe application error I ve had a search and as far as I can see dwm is responsible for the Vista graphics I ve not been able to get any further than that as it seems to be a fairly rare problem except I did come across a dodgy offer of a downloadable program that can fix my registry I m confused at this point This is a new PC and I know it s come with a restore disk but I don t know whether that can just repair a faulty registry I ve tried contacting the makers of my PC and their online messaging system appears to be down Is there a registry repair tool out there that s trustworthy and would it work To be honest I m scared I ve been stuck with a rather expensive lemon and really not sure what to do Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Dwm.exe application error

Registry is a very critical area in editing, yes you can have System Restore points made, but it won't help if you can't run System Restore even from Safe Mode if required.

Before doing any of this type of editing, its best to back up all your important data to external media

Note: Running a full restore of your computer does not require manufacture support
Just select the Fn Key (?) or whichever key you need to press and run a full restore on your computer. Not hard to do. ie User friendly.

By doing a Full restore of Windows, you will at least confirm its not software related, and may stop another Topic on the same issue

You may also be able to contact your Manufacturer by email or chat or phone, more help here on that:
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Hello TechSpot

In Europe there is a new law requiring to make a special document for proffesional transactions called a DCA/DAE through the internet, instead of the paper document that has always been used.

So our government issues a USB Key with an application on it.
The problem is when i double click this application the computer loads (seemingly, goes slow, makes noise and mouse cursor change to thinking cursor) but nothing actually happens, no window, no error nothing in task manager, like i never clicked the app.

At our office we have 5 computers where 4 of them run windows 7. On one of these computers with windows 7, the USB key works perfectly fine, program runs and can issue the documents.

But take any other computer in the office and we get the above mentioned problem ! XP and Windows 7, no difference. either computer, or laptop, no difference.

Anyone has a good idea of what may cause this ?

A:USB application loading but not running

I have tried running it in Windows XP Compability mode as well as win 95, with and without admistrator rights. still no effect. is there anything i could do to get a better idea where the problem is coming from ?
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Hey all. Straight to the point: I'd like iTunes to open when I switch on my external eSATA drive containing my music library. I'm tired of that little window popping up asking me what I want to do every time I switch on the drive. I'd prefer not to have to install any third party utilities, but if need be I just may. Any ideas?

A:Launch program when external drive is switched on?

I don't think there is a way to start itunes when the external drive is connected but this will stop that irritating pop up.
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I'm a tech at the local PC repair shop, and we have a checklist as to which programs we install after cleaning the infection out of the customer's computer. I have cleaned more computers to count, and installing each app gets very time consuming. Silent installs can only do so much, and I would like something more.

What I need to install is CCleaner, Firefox (with Flash and Java), and Spybot S&D. There are other things we do, such as MS updates and installing an anti-virus program, but those three programs are what I need installed simultaneously.

Possible? Impossible?

Thanks for your time,

A:Custom multi-application installer?

Your easiest bet would probably be just some sort of batch file to do silent installs (which you've stated you don't want to do) or make an AutoIT script/exe to do the installs for you. You could also package up the installations into a single installer using something like Wise or EMCO, but I'd recommend against the latter.

To be honest, I do installs of many apps, including some of the ones you've mentioned, via silent install scripts. It's pretty simple to do and you can find almost any information about making silents installs from
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When I start up my computer (Dell Vostros 200 - running windows XP) I get a logonui.exe - Application error, and the box underneath reads: The instruction at 0x00610249 referenced memory at 0x00610249. The memory could not be written. This is as far as I can go, I am unable to do anything. Has anyone else ever had this problem, and how do I fix it?

A:Logonui.exe - Application Error

Coupla things
1) Search your entire C drive (including all system directories and hidden files) for filename logonui.exe
>> You should only find one copy as C:\Windows\systems\logonui.exe
>> If you find additional copies in any other directory, it's malware

2) See How to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP
Look in your Windows Event Logs for entries timestamped about the same time as the logonui.exe error you see. Check both the System and Application Logs. You can copy/paste the Error Summary pluse Error Detail you find into your next post

fyi: C:\Windows\systems\logonui.exe is a Windows file. If it or other Windows files are corrupt you may need to do a "repair installation". Do you have the XP install CDs for your computer? And/or do you know if there's a recovery partition on your Dell?
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First off thanks for the assistance with this matter My computer works fine for awhile but then it begins to white out portions of internet explorer pages If I close explorer and try to open it back up it fails to do so and then I begin to get application errors on things such as task manager and the whole computer just grinds to errors crashing, Computer application a halt forcing me to reset manually Any help would be appreciated thank you Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www malwarebytes org Database version Windows Service Pack Internet Explorer AM mbam-log- - - - - txt Scan type Full scan A C Objects scanned Time elapsed hour s minute s second s Memory Processes Infected Memory Modules Infected Registry Keys Infected Registry Values Infected Registry Data Items Infected Folders Infected Files Infected Computer crashing, application errors Memory Processes Infected No malicious items detected Memory Modules Infected No malicious items detected Registry Keys Infected No malicious items detected Registry Values Infected No malicious items detected Registry Data Items Infected No malicious items detected Folders Infected No malicious items detected Files Infected No malicious items detected GMER - http www gmer net Rootkit quick scan - - Windows Service Pack Harddisk DR - gt Computer crashing, application errors Device Ide IdeDeviceP T L - WDC WD JB- CRA rev V Running pzv guoe exe Driver C DOCUME Owner LOCALS Temp ufnyrkog sys ---- Devices - GMER ---- Device Ntfs sys NT File System Driver Microsoft Corporation Device Fastfat SYS Fast FAT File Computer crashing, application errors System Driver Microsoft Corporation AttachedDevice fltmgr sys Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager Microsoft Corporation AttachedDevice Driver Tcpip Device Ip pctgntdi sys PC Tools Generic TDI Driver PC Tools AttachedDevice Driver Tcpip Device Tcp pctgntdi sys PC Tools Generic TDI Driver PC Tools AttachedDevice Driver Tcpip Device Udp pctgntdi sys PC Tools Generic TDI Driver PC Tools AttachedDevice Driver Tcpip Device RawIp pctgntdi sys PC Tools Generic TDI Driver PC Tools ---- EOF - GMER ---- DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Owner at on Mon Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV AntiVir Desktop On-access scanning disabled Updated AD - F - A-A -FDD C Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop sched exe svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Spyware Doctor BDT BDTUpdateService exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k HTTPFilter C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k HPZ C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k HPZ C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k imgsvc C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Program Files Winamp winampa exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C program files steam steam exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files Windows Live Contacts wlcomm exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static ccc exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avguard exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avshadow exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Documents and Settings Owner Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uSearch Bar hxxp www google com ie uStart Page hxxp www google com mStart Page about blank BHO Adobe PDF Link Helper df c-e ad- -a -fa c ebdc - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelperShim dll BHO PC Tools Browser Guard BHO a f d b- - ff -b - cce e - c program files spyware doctor bdt PCTBrowserDefender dll BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - f - d - - d f - c progra spybot SDHelper dll BHO... Read more

A:Computer crashing, application errors

I'm having your thread moved to a more appropriate forum,. They can help you deal with the app errors.

Please run the following and paste the log into a reply on the thread after it has been moved.

Please download VEW and save it to your Desktop:

Setting up the program

Double-click VEW.exe to run.

Select log to query, select

Under Select type to list, select:
Critical (Vista only)

Click the radio button for Number of events
Type 20 in the 1 to 20 box
Then click the Run button.
Notepad will open with the output log.

Load the log
In Notepad, click Edit> Select all
Then press Edit > Copy
Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the log to your next reply.

(Courtesy rev-Olie)

After it gets stabilized, if they think you have problems related to malware, you can return to this forum.

I would like to bring your attention to this: I think this would be a load on any system:
2010-10-28 13:19:30 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\ATI Technologies(2)
2010-10-28 13:00:08 -------- d-----w- c:\program files\ATI(2)
2010-10-28 12:56:29 -------- d-----w- C:\ATI(2)

You should also know that PCTools is running ThreatFire as an antivirus program. This can conflict with Avira as you should have one 1 AV.
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How: Open Two Application

Is there a way to open two application of the same application? example... I want to open two Utorrent... another example.... I want to open two CCleaner.

Is there a way to open two application of the same application? If so.... how?

A:How: Open Two Application

I don`t know why you`d want to do that, but it can be done. You`d need to install two copies of each programme to different directories.

I.E one to programme files and one to My documents for example.

I know it works, cause I`ve just tried it with Ccleaner.

Regards Howard
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I ve 7) locks Explorer werfault.exe (Windows then application frequently error Windows get posted on the Malware removal forum before This is the first time I ve posted here SPECS all stock that came with Windows Explorer frequently locks then get werfault.exe application error (Windows 7) the system CPU Intel Pentium E GHz MB ASUS CM RAM GB Total - sticks DDR Apacer MBytes PC - H MHz GPU Intel G G Express Chipset MBytes PSU -Watt V A V A Hz OS Windows Home Premium SP Details A few weeks back my dad had somebody look at his computer and quot fix quot some problems However I don t know what was wrong with Windows Explorer frequently locks then get werfault.exe application error (Windows 7) it Whenever I used it I saw no problems Now after whoever looked at the computer messed with it Windows Explorer frequently locks up for a moment and then it displays a WerFault exe - Application Error that states quot The instruction at some address referenced memory at same address The memory could not be Windows Explorer frequently locks then get werfault.exe application error (Windows 7) written Click on OK to terminate the program quot The lock ups appear to happen at ramdom because it locks up when sitting idle as well The computer itself doesn t crash and there are no BSOD I looked at the Event Logs in the Event Viewer and found errors occuring quot Windows Logs Application quot portion When looking at the error details they all had a common link All had quot Faulting module name fslsp x dll unloaded quot and quot Faulting module path fslsp x dll quot I have attached a notepad file with of the most recent errors from the event logs I looked into fslsp x dll and it has something to do with F-Secure Security My dad s computer no longer has F-Secure Security He has Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed now I had him try uninstalling Malewarebytes and reinstalling F-Secure to see if that would fix the problem but he couldn t reinstall F-Secure He would get an error that there is a conflicting program that needed to be terminated manually System Restore Points do not go back far enough Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Windows Explorer frequently locks then get werfault.exe application error (Windows 7)
This should solve your issue
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Hey all,
I am having trouble finding information online about the following error in Event Viewer:
Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Event ID: 1000
Level: ErrorGeneral Description
Faulting application name: svchost.exe_DiagTrack, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bc3c1
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18839, time stamp: 0x553e8bfa
Exception code: 0xc000000d
Fault offset: 0x000000000006ec12
Faulting process id: 0x8a4
Faulting application start time: 0x01d08a5f336e38da
Faulting application path: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
Report Id: 8684482e-f65a-11e4-b0e4-7824afc062a2
I am not suffering any noticeable PC performance issues as a result of this error, but nonetheless, it exists in event viewer and has got me concerned.
Could anybody with troubleshooting experience please offer me some insight into this error? (particularly the meaning of svchost.exe_DiagTrack & ntdll.dll)
Thanks in advance,

A:Event ID 1000, Application Error - svchost.exe_DiagTrack, ntdll.dll

How often does this appear in Event Viewer?
My view on these errors is "no harm = no foul"
In other words, if it's not causing you a problem - then it's not worth looking into.
BUT, this is an error with 2 Windows files - so that (to me) is a concern.
The Exception Code of 0xc000000d is "An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function."
I wonder if it's ntdll.dll passing an invalid parameter to svchost.exe - or is there a 3rd party program involved in this somewhere further down the chain?
svchost.exe is a program that hosts other programs running in the OS.
ntdll.dll is NT Layer DLL - the exact definition of this eludes me, but what it is is a core Windows file
As such, it's protected by several different functions in the operating system and is likely not the problem.
This means (to me) that a 3rd party program is most likely involved here.
Now, let's just confuse things with a caveat here....
I'm a kernel specialist.  That means that I work with system level stuff, and tend to avoid the application level stuff (which this is a part of).
As such I'm not all that familiar with it - but I do know enough to cause a bit of trouble.
Finally, how I troubleshoot these sort of errors is by looking a Windows reports and trying to find patterns - or things that just don't fit quite right (such as older drivers, or unfamiliar programs).  Then I experiment with them (mostly by uninstalling and reinstalling them) to see what impact that has on the errors.
But, as I said in the beginning, if it's not causing you problems then I wouldn't worry about it now.
Good luck!
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I use Nero 6 a lot and always keep it updated. I always use the cleaning tools before updating. I use Windows Me.

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, one or more of the applications will not start--either from the SmartStart window or from Start-programs. The worst offender is wave editor, but others do it as well. In the past I have solved the problem by reloading the entire suite--sometimes with an older version. But now I am dead in the water. Reloading doesn't help. Wave Editor just won't open. Other apps in the suite will, but not all.

Help please.

Stuart Culp

A:Nero 6 Won't Launch

First of all you shouldnt be completely removing Nero to update it. the update is configured to update whatever files need to be updated there is no need to remove nero. using WinME an OS that does not protect it's system files from being deleted or damaged is probably one part of the problem.

it has been awhile since I used WinME but if I recall correctly you can find System File Checker in system information under "tools" on the toolbar. run system files checker. (you will need your WinME disk for this.
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Hello Everyone, I am new here, and need an application mover.. something that will move my applications from one hard drive to another. I tried the one program called "Application Mover" and was satisfied with it, however, it only allows you 10 moves before you have to buy it. As I am a 16-year old kid who has no access to a credit card, and no other funds, I was wondering if any of you might know of any other free programs that will do this same feature, and allow you to transfer more programs?
Thanks for any help

A:Application Mover

It would not be that much more effort, so why not uninstall the app, and reinstall it on the other drive?
Costs nothing.
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Iam facing problem of Application Error. Iam using VB to access messages from MQ Client series. It is a small applic :wave: :wave: ation of sending contents of MQ through mail and fax. Iam frequently getting the Application Error like
'The Instruction at "0x4e831283" referenced memory at "0x0c581000". The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate and Cancel to debug the program. Please let me know what is the cause of this error. Is there any solution, please let me know.
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I have a desktop running Windows XP Pro W/SP3 that will not boot. It give an error of LSASS.exe Application Error when it starts up and when you click on OK it just reboots. I am unable to boot into any Safe Mode option. Restart with last known configuration does nothing as well. I am able to boot with a bootable CD to see if it will even load. I have tried to use a Windows XP disc to repair the install but it gives me a BSOD after loading all the files and before it starts up. Looking for any help possible. I know there was a lsass.exe virus at one time and not sure if this is it or not. Thanks in advance.

A:LSASS.exe application error

What antivirus program are you using?
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OK, so I have just recently cloned my hard drive, and so that was successfully done. Until I tried to open up my Photoshop CS3 Extended. it pops up with and error saying "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application." I tried to google it and I came up with the conclusion that it's a registry error. Does any one know what it is and how I can fix it? Thanks.

A:Photoshop CS3 Application Error

Adobe has very special security settings that usually prevent a cloned install. They also require an uninstall before the new install. You would probably benefit from a talk with Adobe if you are the legal owner. They will be happy to help, but you cannot have it on two machines at once, without trickery.
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Has anyone experienced the subject error before? "nwlscrpt.exe - Application Error"?

Using Windows XP. After signing into Novell version 4.91 service pack 2, that error is received, but only on a couple of PCs. All others are fine. Further info provided is:

The instruction at "0x7c911e58" referenced memory at "0x00720065". The memory could not be "read". Click OK to terminate the program.

Any help and/or assistance will greatly appreciated.

Thank you all,


A:Nwlscrpt.exe - Application Error

I haven't read all these replies, maybe you should:
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I have been using a particular DOS application for years across various versions of REAL DOS and most versions of Windows through XP I currently run it interchangibly on computers primary on a Gateway laptop running XP Home Edition a application DOS Closing and also on a Gateway tower running Closing a DOS application Windows Media Center a variant of XP Pro The application is usually started using a shortcut that invokes a BAT file although I can and have also started its EXE file from w i a DOS command window or otherwise Normally the application is closed using its own method usually pressing Alt-X and following a prompt On the tower computer if I attempt to close the app by clicking on the X in the upper right corner or by shutting down Windows while the app is running I will get a prompt that it is running and have to shut the app before proceeding This used to occur on the laptop but hasn t perhaps for a year now I would rather always get the prompt so as to not shut the app accidentally Does anyone know what I can tweak to get this to work again on the laptop Thanks Bernie nbsp

A:Closing a DOS application

Oh that's that close idle tasks, or exit unresponsive programs automatically issue (although most actually want this to happen)
Seeming it's the opposite of what users normally want to do, I'm unsure (actually I could work out the registry key)
Just do a search on the above (idle tasks, close unresponsive programs) and work backwards from what's done
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Hello everyone,

I was using Internet Explorer 8 beta version for some days. Recently I uninstalled it and installed IE 7. Now the problem is, when I click on the IE icon it doesn't show up. Neither does it run in the process. I checked the task manager. i tried uninstalling IE from windows optional component and installing again. But still the same problem. When I click on the icon the cursor shows the wait sign for approximately less than one second, then nothing happens. Could anyone please help with this.

thank you in advance.

A:Unable to launch Internet Explorer

Delete the Desktop Icon and go to c:\Windows\ie7 and make a new shortcut.
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I am having problems with Acronis True Image 2009 Home. I had the free trial version & used it while I waited for the full CD version to arrive. Somehow i filled up the external HD with backups - I think I should have used incremental backup after the first complete backup.
I uninstalled acronis using windows XP home sv3 add/remove from the conrtol panel. I formatted the external HD from the DOS prompt since Acronis seemed unable to delete content. when I installed from the CD all went well until I tried to use Acronis the next day. Since then it just hangs - shows as "processing" in its start up box but task manager shows as not responding. Do I really have to follow three pages of manual registry entry removals or is ther a simpler way to cleanly uninstall this malfunctioning application?
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hello , i suddenly get the following message ( and iam not working on internet explorer) :

"the instruction at "0x001708f1" referenced memory at "0x00000000" . the memory could not be "written".

click on ok to terminate the program
click on cancel to debug the program

what should i do ? iam using mozilla firefox during browsing.

A:Iexplore.exe - application error

First, verify the spelling:
iexplore.exe is the process for Internet Explorer

Second, verify the error message:

I cannot identify the above number.

Third, find the Error in the Event Viewer that corresponds to the time you get this message:

B]Start> Run> type in eventvwr[/B]

Do this on each the System and the Applications logs:
1. Click to open the log>
2. Look for the Error>
3 .Right click on the Error> Properties>
4. Click on Copy button, top right, below the down arrow
5. Paste here (Ctrl V)

You can ignore tWarningd and Information events. If you have a recurring Error with same ID#, same Source and same Description, only one copy is needed. You don't need to include the lines of code in the box below the Description, if any.

Please do not copy the entire Event log.Click to expand...

Please include some information about your system: operating system, installed RAM
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i have a sandisk cruzer micro 8gb flashdrive and it won't launch the firefox browser i installed on it. i click on the u3 icon>other programs>mozilla firefox for u3 and nothing happens. i checked the task manager and it doesn't show firefox.exe is even running. i've deleted it and reinstalled it but get the same results. i also have opera loaded and it works just fine - please help.

A:Sandisk cruzer won't launch firefox

Please remove Firefox from your USB drive
Then download and install again:

You may also need to default any firewall or live protecting apps like Spybots S&D
Or just uninstall them
Test the Firefox portable again
Then re-install your Firewall etc
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Ok, I've got an extremely old version of DOS that needs to launch a batch file that requires cmd.exe .

For this reason there are two things I can't do. I cannot simply launch the batch file by entering in the path\filename and i can't use "start Path\filename" because start is a relatively new addition to the DOS.

So what I'm looking for is something I can type into an OLD version of dos that will call up the CURRENT CMD command prompt, execute the batch file, and then close.

So far... I'm lost.

A:Alternative ways to launch a batch file from the command prompt?

How about double clicking or drag and drop?
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Hi, I have been using Nero Ultra Suite for about a year now without any problems. I just rebuilt my computer with upgraded hard drives and applied Service Pack 2 for XP. I also went to Nero's website and downloaded the latest updates. However, whenever I start Nero Burning ROM (or any other app in the suite), my computer immediately reboots. My computer details are in my profile if that helps. I would greatly appreciate any and all help.

A:Nero Burning ROM Reboots my computer when attempting to launch

Hi, I just found the answer to my own problem on a different forum, ABXZone. The issue is the Nero isn't fond of RAID setups. The link below led me to the fix:
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Hey guys I d be over the moon if anyone could possibly help me with this since it s driving me crazy Basically for some reason recently my applications keep crashing basically not responding and then after a while closing or even if I leave it and wait for it to respond it will never respond it requires a shutdown Even my Problem 7 Recent Application Response and with Windows BSOD's Windows Explorer is started to take a while to respond and occasionally crashes Also whenever I try and reopen one of these applications such as Steam it will not reopen I see the task in the task menu but it Recent Problem with Windows 7 BSOD's and Application Response will Recent Problem with Windows 7 BSOD's and Application Response just stay there for a while and then close itself without giving me any notification and repeats when I try to reopen it it actually requires a restart to work But then here s another problem I can t shut down my computer without a BSOD coming up My games keep coming up with critical errors and then there will be problems with launching the game since my Steam keeps crashing This is the most frequent program that crashes but it s also my internet and content such as images or video s will crash as well I also can t play media from my desktop when this happens such as music and videos once again This happens about minutes after my computer is running when I first launch it it s not exactly quick a lot lot slower than it used to be but I guess that comes with loading it up with games etc but at least things load As well as critical errors I sometimes get a BSOD while playing a game or even just on my application and these have varied from memory management to driver IRQL s or something along those lines My system specifications are as follows Windows bit Professional ASUS M A T Deluxe Mobo AMD Phenom II x BE at stock clocks GHz GB MHz G skill Ripjaw RAM ATI at stock clocks and voltages Personally my initial reaction was that this was a problem with the RAM which would explain most of my problems but I ve run memtest for around or so hours someone tell me if I need to run it longer and there have been no errors so now I m not quite sure what to point at Any help would be massively appreciated since I really can t put my finger on it Attatched are a series of blue screen minidump files I ve been having nbsp

A:Recent Problem with Windows 7 BSOD's and Application Response

As a first step I would run 'chkdsk /f' . It can't cause any more problems, and might do some good. Secondly. I would scan the registry with something like 'Glarysoft Utilities'.
It can backup the registry in case of unexpected results, and then does a 2 stage clean up of the registry. That's what I would do, I know many will not agree with doing anything to the registry.
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Not a valid Win32 application?

I have downloaded NineMSN Messenger and when I run it it gives me a message stating it is not a valid Win32 application. My operating system is Windows ME. Help!!

A:MSN not a valid Win32 application?

You sure you got a good download? Tried re-downloading it? Sounds like the file is corrupt to me.

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Could anyone tell me why I am getting this error message.

The instruction at "0x7e2a5951" referenced memory at 0x012de6fc". The memory could not be "read".

Everything seems to work ok but when I go to shut the system down I get this message. What can be done to fix this.


A:Application Error

edit: scrap that idea - I tried the 'free download' and it is a 'scam' , ie, removes one item then says BUY ME!

MS$ info re that message - says 2000 but mentions XP etc - have a read;
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not a valid win 32 application--- thats the message I keep on getting whenever I try to download any program from the internet. I was trying to download bearshare and I got this message , then i tried to download Explorer 7 and I got the same message. How can I fix this ?????

A:"Not a valid win32 application"

That error usually occurs if the downloaded file is damaged.

The usual solution is to download again from somewhere else.Bearshare --IE 7

Make sure you delete the damaged one before downloading another.

The fact they your getting the error for two different programs might
indicate your connection is dropping out.Possibly spyware.

If necessary go HERE follow the instructions then post an HJT log in the Security forum.
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Hello I am getting an application error message when trying to launch PowerDVD v The instruction could be The not memory Error "read" message: Application at quot x c efe quot referenced memory at quot x bb quot The memory could not be quot read quot Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL Application Error message: The memory could not be "read" to debug the program Now here is what Application Error message: The memory could not be "read" I have tried already -Reinstall PowerDVD -Update graphics drivers GS -Ran memtest The error log states this Event Type Error Event Source Application Error Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer MAINPC- Description Faulting application pdr exe version faulting module vp dec ax version fault address x b For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data c Applicat f e c ion Fail ure pdr e e exe e e e in vp de e e c ax e e at f offset d b a I have tried the link provided but you have guested it no help from Microsoft I would attach minidumps but I do not have any as this is freshly reinstalled system Any help is appreciated Thanks Pioneer nbsp

A:Application Error message: The memory could not be "read"

According to your personal specs, this could be an XP-64 system.

The problem is XP systems are already not well-supported by hardware manufacture drivers, such as Pioneer, and 64-bit versions were never well-supported at all. As I see it, you can

(a) patiently wait until Pioneer get round to it
(b) forget Pioneer, use other DVD access software
(c) revert to XP-pro 32 bit
(d) upgrade to Vista-64 (I can't believe I said that, I would never do it myself !!)
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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know of a good utility to circumvent an application from timing out? Small footprint is key.



A:Application Timeout Circumvention Utility?

No one is going to help you do illegal things. And gaining unauthorised access to programs is exactly that.
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So the computer starts ok but if I go to the start menu and open microsoft word for instance, the computer just gets frozen. That waiting "i am frozen" sign just stays there nothing opens and nothing happens.

I have tried logging in to other users and same thing

I have tried to run the computer in safe mode (without networking) and i can run everything okay but obviously i am limited to what i can do.
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Sometimes I experienced a message error pop up on my monitor....

CwndSession Monitor:iexplore.exe-Application error.

The instruction at "0x62304390" referenced memory at "0x62304390". The memory could no read.

Click on OK to terminate the program

What is this? and what is the cause of this error? THANKS......


A:CwndSession application error

the precise same symptom was found via google and the fix was to
disable add-ons in IE
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I have 3 computers connected at home from 1 modem. I noticed a lot lately that when my sister connects to the internet, MY side gets a hit and disconnects often for a few seconds. I looked in my event viewer and am getting this (hope this is the actual problem): "The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer (sisters comp) that believes it is the master browser for the domain. The master browser is stopping or an election is being held.

Any help? thanks.

A:Windows Application Error MrxSmb

go to start then run type cmd and when the black box opens type ipconfig /all on both computers and post back the details here
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For at least - months now or more of the time whatever program I m running will minimize to the task bar without me doing it Whether I m playing guild wars virtual pool reading in IE or word It usually happens when launch mystery/quick Minimizing I m idle for like seconds it s happened several times while gaming My XP environment runs stable other than this I scandisk defrag antivirus scan NOD several times it happens maybe - times a day everyday and now it s bugging Minimizing mystery/quick launch me I thought it was conflicting files but in my experience that messes with a lot more As far as quick launch when I click on an icon it will goto the desktop and never start the program Is that maybe one of many M qwerks If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts short of reformatting or even if you ve heard of this please let me know Thank you in advance StuCazz XP MC Core Duo GB RAM GB HD nbsp

A:Minimizing mystery/quick launch

Check the Power Option settings in the Control Panel.

As for the QL shortcuts not working, they may have gotten corrupt. Try deleting, then resetting one of them and see if it works. If it does, do the same for the other shortcuts.
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Okay I'm running XP on Dell Dimension E520, I can login into the computer with no problem, but then when i go to launch a program, the egg-timer mouse just stays up, my program doesn't launch, computer freezes up completely, but funnily enough I can still move the mouse. Now when I'm in safe mode, I've done virus scans using avast, malwarebytes, no threats found! I've also run CC Cleaner and cleaned my registry with it but it doesn't help. What more can I do to try and fix this please? I'm willing to use safe mode but no iTunes services work in it, and that's a pretty big problem for me!

So please any help you can give me is valued! Thanks

A:Computer boots okay, but then can't launch programs and icons display like a program

You may have a failing hard drive or memory module...
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Don't know what the following error is on about... I get it everytime I close this Warez P2P application that uses Ares network.

"The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x7c81eb33."

After I press enter it then gives, " Runtime Error 217 at 04341C81"

A:Get this strange error when closing Warez P2P application, can anyone translate:)?

It's a bug in the program. Serves you right using crap software.
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Back when application small menu tray or Desk tweak ui for Win first came out it had a program included in it called something like tray menu It was just an icon on your task bar that allowed you to put your most used apps in it so they would be easy to get to Now apparently it does not come with it I dont really like icons on my desktop and would just like a way to pull up a small menu to use the things I use the most I have found a bunch of stuff on the web but most of it is not really what I am looking for I would love to have just Desk tray or small application menu that plain old tray menu that came with tweak Desk tray or small application menu ui Anbody know a program like that Soething you could even hot key to etc Thanks S gt Desk tray or small application menu Never mind guys and girls I found what I was looking for finally It is called next start I may have to go back to college to learn to run it however S gt nbsp

A:Desk tray or small application menu

Hi Sicarius...

You may also want a look at Object Bar and True Launch Bar.

In my opinion i prefer Object Bar...

Too lazy to post links, just look for them in any search engine.
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Hi guys i m new to this website

I m getting annoyed by BSOD and frequent application crashes. I have installed Windows 7 professional

PC specs:
Intel Dual core 2 GHz
Mother Board Intel DG31PR
Ram 2GB DDR2 1GB each
HD 250GB

I ran Windows memory Diagnostics tool and it says "Hardware problems were detected"

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000000a (0x000000a8, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x82a830e9). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 071710-13478-01

Can anyone help me with this


A:BSOD and frequent application crashes!

I already have the updated drivers but my BIOS is the original one and i haven't updated it. I purchased this PC around 2 and a half years earlier and i haven't made any hardware changes to it after that.

Do I still need to update my BIOS? or just run Memory diagnostic tool on each RAM one by one?
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I don't know if any of you are aware of the website called, It's an interactive flash site that you can order on cd-rom if you like it that much. The problem is, I ordered the cd, but when I run the program, my mouse pointer sticks to the center of the screen, when I try to move it, the pointer moves so far, then quickly goes back to the center, which means i'm unable to get to the menu's or anything, making the whole thing useless. I've tried emailing the distributors, but my emails get returned undelivered. I'd also like to add that my mouse works perfectly with it on the website, but not with the cd. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks

A:mouse pointer problem with flash application

congrats. Sounds like you got some adware.

now remove it.
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I've been having some rather weird errors - they appear whenever I boot or turn off my computer and also quite often when using certain 3d programs (such as ShiVa). The error can be one of two things - the one thats most annoying is


The instruction at "0x7c9100e8" referenced memory at "0x00900010". The memory could not be "read"

the other is about the same but with rundll32.exe

I've scanned my computer and clean my registry but nothing changes.

A:Odd application errors

Are you getting any Blue Screens?
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Hi, when i try to play a game(warcraft3) that required full screen to run, it crashed after a few minute., no picture at all but sound. i have been tried to click some window command like alt+f4 and alt+tab, nothing happen. at the moment, all i can do is force to shutdown. and then i played the other game(NFS Shift) in window mode, it runs perfectly.
my computer's specs:
Intel Core i7 860
8GB ram
Ati Radeon HD 5770
Window 7 home premium
anyone could help me?

A:Computer crashes while running full screen application

Do you have the latest video drivers installed?
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The last few weeks I ve been getting this error upon logging into Windows XP Pro SP The only option the system gives me is terminate the process Naturally if I do that then nothing will run If I just move the error message to the side my machine works without problems If I send or don t 5.1.2600.2180, ver Faulting faulting module application version svchost.exe, unknown, send error report the system Faulting application svchost.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180, faulting module unknown, ver hangs and becomes unrecoverable without hard rebooting the system I have found that if I disable Automatic Updates and BITS services I will not receive the error but I cannot get Windows updates It won t Faulting application svchost.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180, faulting module unknown, ver even let me search for them to see if new ones have been released I ve seen reference on different forums of the solution always being in another thread that I can never seem to locate The exact error is this Faulting application svchost exe version faulting module unknown version fault address x Event Type Error Event Source Application Error Event Category Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer SCORPIUS Description Faulting application svchost exe version faulting module ntdll dll version fault address x f For more information see Help and Support Center at link removed to facilitate posting Data c Applicat f e c ion Fail ure svc f e host exe e e e i e e c c e n ntdll c c e e dll e f at off set f Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Faulting application svchost.exe, version 5.1.2600.2180, faulting module unknown, ver

Try performing an XP repair: