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Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.)

Q: Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.)

Hey guys i have a win k Domain controller set up as a Print Server but i need abit of information My something lists.) makes server Printer that (just need software, boss wants me to create a list of all things printed such as the size whom printed it to what printer and the name of the Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.) document Well its easy enough to make a spare Event log in event viewer and set it up to only record print events but problem is when i export the list to a TXT to print it i only get the basic stuff i don t get what i need which is the discription Which can be found by dbl clicking on one of the print events Now i m wondering if there is a program out there that would just make my life alot easyer something that would print out nice little reports for my allpowerful boss Also while i m at it i ll post the rest of my wishlist I need a program Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.) that can record all the websites visited on the network and that could make a nice little list very similar to the print server list If anyone could give me a hand i d really appreteate it nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.)

Not sure if Karen's Print Logger works on Network Printers. It says it does but I have never tested it.
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hi guys,

i am having a problem with my Win2k Server.few days before i installed Norten antivirus software on that and from the time users are experiencing Network Congestion.we have also installed Network printer and ECRM software on that server,but the users are some time unable to access ECRM ,some timesw they can't print.
Now we have removed Norten and installed Macafee anti virus,but still the problme persists.We had restart that pc after some time again and it works fine for some time.

so any one could suggest me that what exactly might be the problem.

p.s We do not have any kind of problem at user level or application.
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I recently got an adsl connection in my house (woohoo) and i share the connection with one other computer through a router/modem.
When i am updating or refreshing my server list in counterstrike or day of defeat, it will start the process of collecting the number of servers and start viewing their details, then it will stop on one game server and fail to load anymore, giving me a list of about 300 games (CS) or about 6 day of defeat games and the connection will be dead, i will then have to restart the router and my computer in order to get connected to the net again.

Please help as i am sick of playing on the same servers... its driving me KERRRAZY!


windows 2000
Pentium p1.4
256 ram
geforce 2 gfx
onboard sound

eclipse broadband 512k
netgear DG814 modem router

A:CS and DoD Server Lists

Well you could try the ALL SEEING EYE to get your server lists its a good programe for this type of game and its free. Give it a try i think you will like it
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im having troble seeing players online for NFS Underground 2 i have the latest patches and i have my firewall turned off but i still see no games in the online mode lobby

if's theres a solution to this i'd appreciate it

A:no server lists for NFS Underground 2 for PC

Not familiar with this game. Are there filters that can be set, maybe you are set to find only certain game types.
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Sow yesterday I started up my laptop as usual and tried to play some league of legends When trying to open the game I got a error quot RAD error-cant connect to http server quot after that I tried a dns fix changing to game don?t lists work Server any in google dns it didn't fix sow I went to play some CS GO when I was in the lobby with my friends I didn't get the message to accept a match and I got the error quot failed to accept the match Server lists in any game don?t work quot after that I tried to play unturned and when I went to try find a server list there was no servers tried to Server lists in any game don?t work connect via IP address not lan server still couldn't Can someone help me out I cant figure out what the problem is And how could I fix it thanks to whome tryes to help me out someone moved my other psot to gaming but I think it should go here since its a network issue not game issue
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HP LaserJet and Color LaserJet - Windows 8 support - c03365145 - HP Business Support Center

Microsoft Windows 8 Compatibility with Dell Printers | Dell

A Guy

A:HP And Dell Printer Compatibility Lists

I just looked at the HP page for the LaserJet 4100. I installed the 4100 using Windows 8 but that included a PS driver only. The HP page suggests their Universal Printer Driver (UPD) would supply PCL 6 support. But when I go to the UPD download page, Windows 8 is not offered as a supported operating system version.

So it's either try the Windows 7 UPD or wait until HP updates either the driver, or the documentation, for Windows 8.

Has anyone tried the UPD driver for Windows 7 on Windows 8?
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Hi i am new to seven forums today and must say i rate it good and useful and helpful advice given hope someone can help with me this as i have tried hard myself for a while and read up on it and googled as much as i can find without success I have windows ultimate and a wireless router zxel with single areil that i have now removed and disconnected the wi fi in services msc i am connected via ethernet cable only now for internet connection Reason being is that a while back i noticed in under network sharing centre another PC listed being my neighbours PC LAPTOP with his name next to it i was under public network it was not before i changed it to home network they live in front of me and have no land line phone or internet and are using a wifi grabber box outside their property to hack other peoples wifi signasl my other neighbour detected it also on his pc i changed my router that i had another and obviously a new wep key number and put it into WEP K MODE SECURITY and password protected it and added the MAC address of my PC So this is what happened back in february i finished with my girlfriend not good but before that i had bought her a samsung VIEW name CMD Lists another NET wanted. PROMPT Server and not IN tablet and of course it being wifi enabled i gave her the wep key number to enter so she could use the internet everyone happy In net view i get under server NET VIEW IN CMD PROMPT Lists Server name and another not wanted. name which is my pc name but am also now detecting her NAME she used SEREN in my NET VIEW page in cmd prompt How do i get rid of her name in net view i NET VIEW IN CMD PROMPT Lists Server name and another not wanted. am concerned that my security might be breached as her sister lives opposite and her son is pc NET VIEW IN CMD PROMPT Lists Server name and another not wanted. wizz hacker and i am sure he got my router wep number off the tablet to use just finally under net view there are columns server name and next to it remarks her name is under remarks need some help here guys please Sorry for the long drawn out post CMD CAPTURE ENCLOSED regards seventh moon

A:NET VIEW IN CMD PROMPT Lists Server name and another not wanted.

If you are genuinely concerned about this then simply adopt a new, strong network key. WEP is the weakest of the security protocols so if your router supports WPA then I would also suggest using that instead.

Why use net view? It's what is showing as connected under Network in Windows Explorer that matters. I just tested net view by turning off the two other computers on the LAN here and then running the net view command. Both continued to be listed, along with my NAS - the only remaining connected device, though the other two did disappear after a reboot.
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Ok guys this ones a biggie My network the one im looking after today anyway runs Windows Server and has Windows workstations I cannot share resources on the My user Pcs server Windows from cant win2k lists 98 retrieve Windows Pcs because it asks for me to select users to be able to access then comes up with the dialog quot You cannot view the list of users at this time Please try again later quot This happens both when I try to share the Printer or Drive on the local PC or when i try to access the drives or printer from the network Apparently quot This behavior occurs because the Windows -based server returns incomplete information about the number of user and group accounts quot This knowledgebase article has information about it but seems to want me to spend money getting the information from Microsoft Any ideas would be much appreciated Microsoft Support Page ps surely if Windows returns incomplete information thats a product flaw and i should be able to receive the information under the trading standards laws or something like that nbsp

A:My Windows 98 Pcs cant retrieve user lists from win2k server

This problem is supposedly solved from SP2 onwards;EN-US;268896
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Hi guys,

I was thinking of really starting a computer business. In many cases, I may take home the computer to work on it. To avoid liability issues, and to make the customer feel secure, what program can I use that lists all the computer specs/manufacturer/make/model on one page that I can print out and give to the customer with a contract that I am taking hardware off site? Thanks!

A:Software That Lists Computer Specs

The chances are you are taking the PC home to fix, because its NOT working , so could be difficult however,
there a few configuration programs -

online scan

Standalone program with pdf and email output

SIW - System Information for Windows
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Hi guys and gals.
 I've been sifting through google trying to find a good, trustworthy tool that compiles a list of applications, games and software on customers computers and associate the keys. Mainly for when we do a system renew, so we can get the computer back as close as possible to how the owner had it. Has anyone got any suggestions?

A:app and software tool that lists and finds keys

Hi guys and gals.
 I've been sifting through google trying to find a good, trustworthy tool that compiles a list of applications, games and software on customers computers and associate the keys. Mainly for when we do a system renew, so we can get the computer back as close as possible to how the owner had it. Has anyone got any suggestions?
Belarc and License Crawler
are the best ones I tried.
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there is no option to download amp install a new BIOS via HP Support Assistant it does not even mention it I'm a bit unsure if to proceed now - heard that wrong BIOS updates can be fatal On the mentioned website see link below center) HP (Software Driver new a download Support & lists W... there is no new BIOS mentioned for Win either only for Win nbsp My current BIOS version is HP Support (Software & Driver download center) lists a new W... F nbsp Recommended on HP website see link below is F nbsp My product version according to seller is HP Envy -K ng CZ IP nbsp http support hp com us-en drivers selfservice hp-envy- -k -notebook-pc HP Support (Software & Driver download center) lists a new W... model Z nbsp nbsp Windows Home -bitIntel Core i - U GhzBIOS F D NVIDIA Geforce GTX M nbsp nbsp Why does neither Windows Updates nor HP Support Assistant nor Intel Updater mention this new BIOS Should I just stick to the old version Everything runs fine on Win except for a few shutdown issues On I had no issues whatsoever with the F version nbsp Thanks for the advice
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Hi these are the results I've been using these programs for a while now does that mean I am infected with all these delfix exe https www virustotal com de file a c ebd acbfd ba a d a c eb fe cbab d d ad d c analysis Tencent Win Trojan Agent Ts VBA Trojan SelfDel ViRobot Trojan Win A PSW-Tepfer h AdwCleaner v exe https www virustotal com de file fd c c aaeae eeacd d fc d f ab ee b a fada b analysis AegisLab Troj Generic mC r Cyren W GenBl BB D Olympus Rising PE Malware Generic software by recommended malware Virus in lists Total BC! QRS E D F rkill exe https www virustotal com de file f bfc e a d f c b f a b fd e fddcba c a af analysis AegisLab DangerousObject Multi Gen mmaR McAfee Artemis DD EC F McAfee-GW-Edition Artemis Trojan Rising PE Malware Generic QRS E D F Farbar Service Scanner https www virustotal com de file b fb a ffbc d ca cab fbf c ea c cef analysis Bkav W HfsAtITSTIL D McAfee-GW-Edition BehavesLike Win Downloader ch Zillya Worm AutoitGen Win SecurityCheck exe https www virustotal com de file d c e b a a b c d f cbd cb c ed f a d analysis Jiangmin Trojan Generic awxtj McAfee Artemis B B E McAfee-GW-Edition BehavesLike Win Dropper cc Panda Trj Genetic gen Rising PE Malware Generic QRS E D Virus Total lists malware in software recommended by BC! F I couldn't find much about these threats online and sometimes I'm supposed to use these programs like adwarecleaner or rkill What are these results Virus Total lists malware in software recommended by BC! Why are they on stuff recommended by BC How can I find out if I am infected with any of these and how can I remove them My virusscanner always warned me about delfix when I used it but I allowed it anyway was my scanner right the entire time I couldn't find securitycheck under the old link Was it removed because of these findings

A:Virus Total lists malware in software recommended by BC!

This are false positives by the anti-virus. Bleeping Computer's hosted programs for download are trustworthy, safe and malware-free.Certain embedded files that are part of legitimate programs and specialized fix tools may at times be detected by some anti-virus and anti-malware scanners as suspicious, a Risk Tool, Hacking Tool, Potentially Unwanted Program, a possible threat or even Malware (virus/trojan) when that is not the case. This occurs for a variety of reasons to include the tool's compiler, the files it uses, whether files are compressed or packed, what behavior (routines, scripts, etc) it performs, any registry strings it may contain and the type of security engine that was used during the scan. Other legitimate files which may be obfuscated, encrypted or password protected in order to conceal itself so they do not allow access for scanning but often trigger alerts by anti-virus software.When flagged by an anti-virus or security scanner, it's because the program includes features, behavior or files that appear suspicious or which can potentially be used for malicious purposes. Compressed and packed files in particular are often flagged as suspicious by security software because they have difficulty reading what is inside them. These detections do not necessarily mean the file is malicious or a bad program. It means it has the potential for being misused by others or that it was simply detected as suspicious or a threat due to the security program's heuristic analysis engine which provides the ability to detect possible new variants of malware. Anti-virus scanners cannot distinguish between "good" and "malicious" use of such programs, therefore they may alert you or even automatically remove them. In these cases the detection is a "false positive" and can be ignored.Most of the well known specialized tools we use against malware are written by experts/Security Colleagues at various security forums like Bleeping Computer, TechSupport, GeeksToGo, Emsisoft and other similar sites so they can be trusted...this includes any program hosted by BC for download. Unfortunately, many of these tools are falsely detected by various anti-virus programs from time to time for the reasons noted above. This in turn sometimes results in an inaccurate site rating/warning of potentially dangerous software when that is not the case.The problem is really with the anti-virus vendors who keep targeting these embedded files and NOT with the tools themselves. We can inform the developers but they have encountered this issue many times before and in most cases there isn't much they can do about it. Once the detection is reported to the anti-virus vendor, they are usually quick to fix it by releasing an updated definition database.
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We have an MSI all-in-one PC with touchscreen I'm hoping to find a software package to centralize the happenings in our home I've done some searching but I don't really know where to start We're hoping to find a software package that - Checks multiple accounts for new mail - Present a memo board so we can leave each other short messages - Track a calendar so we can all add and update appointments - Warn of upcoming birthdays chores that are due garbage day etc - When idle show photos a clock alerts etc - software; for lists, calendar.. centralized Home chore Memo's, Looking Shopping list - Works with the touch screen for most functions - Eventually will control the X or ZWave power controllers for lights etc basically replacing the whiteboard on our fridge the calander on the wall the constant nagging the kids to do their chores and the lack of communication Looking for centralized Home software; Memo's, chore lists, calendar.. between us when we set up appointments etc Does anyone know of software that does this How about some Google search terms that might find some results Thanks

A:Looking for centralized Home software; Memo's, chore lists, calendar..

I doubt you will find a single software package that can do everything you are asking for.

A few questions you should answer:
You have a single "Home PC", not a "Home Server" with multiple client PC's, correct?
Do more than one person need to use this single PC at the same time?
Does everybody log in and use the same Windows user account?
Are there any restrictions for some users such as children, or does everybody have Administrator authority?
Are you looking for a free solution, or are you willing to pay $$$?
Are you willing and capable to put in whatever time and effort is needed to accomplish all this.
MS Office Outlook email client can do a lot of what you want, but it is not free.
Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird are free, but have fewer features and capability.
Some of this might be done with Windows security and permissions, depending on how you are using User accounts and storing data.

You may be able to find a Business or Individual in your area that specializes in Home Automation that can help you, but it will not be free.

I hope I'm wrong and someone knows of a package like you want, but I believe if such a software package exists, it would be well known and used by a LOT of people, including me.

Hope this helps,
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This is probably opening a great big can o'worms!
Anyone any opinion what makes a good server? Is it huge quick RAM, or huge fast drives or a fast processor?
Any comments much appreciated!

A:What makes a good server?

It completely depends on what your server needs to do. Is it a file server, database server, application server, web server, ... the list goes on and on and the requirements differ between them.
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Every time i go to connect to Counterstrike Source or Day of Defeat Source to get the server list my entire network lags out like crazy and i don't even get a complete list of hosts, whats with this? The server ping is around 1000-2000ms but when i connect im completely fine. I have ventrilo running when i open CSS or DoDS and im operating behind a router if either of those might be problems.

A:Getting Steam server list makes me LAG LIKE NO OTHER!

anyone?? *bump*
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Help, first of all I hope I am in the right place for this.

I have a Lexmark X3350 printer and it has started doing something that no troubleshooting seems to know about.

It will print half way down the page and only to the left side.
I have uninstalled printer and deleted file then reinstalled 3 times now and I can not figure this thing out can some one help me please.

XP Home
Service Pack 2
HP Pavilion
AMD 2100
480 Ram

A:Lexmark printer makes good anchor

It's either the cable, the port (move the cable) or the printer...and I vote for the printer.
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Not sure if this is the right forum for this....

I'm conducting research on the genesis of the software industry in the United States, with special focus on the first successful software products (ie. Windows 3.0, WordPerfect, DBase, etc) and what led to their development. I'm looking for some good articles that either address a particular product or the industry as a whole---can anybody make some suggestions? If you can include the URL, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks and Aloha

A:What makes a successful software product?

Aloha 'a'ole pilikia to kokua!
Here are some links that should help with Windows History at least.
Windows 1.0 history and pics. Allot of popups though!
Windows 3.0 history and above
More History,4149,64359,00.asp

Aloha Kaneohe
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Software makes stolen PCs useless
Two companies team to offer a computer-protection technology based in a machine's BIOS software--designed to disable a stolen computer once its hooked up to the Net.

A:Software makes stolen PCs useless

So its bound to the bios?
I guess a bios flash would rid the theft guard?

I think IBM got the closest back in the late 90's to locking computers from wouldbe theives. (they may still impliment this.)

They created an additional onboard chip the stored the passwords for the bios. When the user enabled all the bios password protection features (most notably the boot password required to start the bios sequence) would lock the computer from booting.

Anyone who didn't know the password couldn't boot the machine and a bios flash would not reset the passwords because it was on an independent chip. The only way to reset the password was to replace the chip... much harder than a bios flash.

I always thought it was a great protection feature... although completely not suitable for anysort of corporate enviroment where each user would need to now the password. The biggest problem though was the average user forgetting the password and effectively locking themselves out of the machine. So anyone who wanted to unlock the computer had to be handy with a soldering iron, or take the PC to the repair shop. Obviously not user friendly.
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My HP photosmart printer 7150 is out of warranty and I cant afford to pay the tech fee to fix it.

The printer gives me an error message of mechanism problem, check paper jam or an obstruction. I have checked many times and I see nothing interfering with it. I did a cold reboot and unplugged it and re-plugged it. I dont know what else to do.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing it ? And how to fix it.


A:HP 7150 cradle on printer makes noise and stops

Lightly oil the bar that carries the print head back and forth. If the mechanism becomes stiff, it causes all sorts of errors.
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I have a really odd problem and I was wondering if someone has had similar issues.

I can start Black Ops (the new call of duty game) fine, connect to a server etc, but after playing for some time, I can't see the server list and I can't visit any web sites unless I restart my router (which is a gateway to my modem) and then everything is fine until I play some games, then I can't refresh the server list or open up any websites again. The game and ventrilo runs fine even after the server browser/websites stop working.

I have a Linksys WRT54GL router, and I have little experience with networking apart from the basics.

Thank you.

A:Black Ops makes me unable to visit web sites or see server list

Make sure you have the latest firmware for the router. Then reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it.
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Hello everyone
This time I have the problem above is noteworthy that the printer has the four months that the purchase.
If not in this case you could do something or if the last option to take the printer to the manufacturer for warranty purposes

A:Epson L210: my printer makes prints but is blank sheet

It's usually because of the cartridge. Inside the cartridge there is a sponge that dries.
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I am having a problem with my broadband connection.i have a pc and a laptop. my pc plugs into the modem using a usb conection, while the laptop is plugged into the ethernet connection.

my pc works fine, no connectivity problems.

my laptop however is giving some connectivity problems...if i use a P2P application such as emule or shareaza, after a few minutes i find i can no longer browse web pages in internet explorer or firefox, also all other applications that use the internet (such as msn, yahoo messenger etc) fail to connect too....the P2P applications will continue to work fine though.

has anybody any idea what is happening here?

A:using P2P software makes all my other applications disconnect from the internet
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Ok, so recently i've been reformating my computer and somehow... these reformat are different then the 1 before. It used to have more start up software then now today, i don't know what might have caused or why it happen. I try reformating it again and same result. For some reason the Radeon 9250 series don't seem to work on my computer. Everytime when it reach to the desktop, the screen go idle-like. It's just blank black like the computer is not even turn on. But somehow the mouse function and the keyboard works. I can turn off my computer with the buttons and mouse click works. Just my screen goes blank black. Might there be some software i'm missing that cause this problem?

A:What software makes the graphics card work?

Umm yes the drivers

Anyway, presently the Monitor refresh rate is set too high in Windows (not in the Monitor itself) and therefore it won't display (being above the Monitors max level)

So you will need to go to Safe mode
By repeatively pressing the F8 key on Windows initial startup
Then select Safe Mode
And log on to an Administrator account

Then go to Device Manager
Start-Run-> Devmgmt.msc
Then remove the Display adaptor device (right click uninstall or remove)
Then restart to Normal mode again

Then download the drivers from Radeon support driver page

That is all
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After installing zune software, ususally my computer freezes/takes forever to boot at the "ACER" screen. This only happens after I installed zune software. I tried it on my Windows xp and that never happens.

If I suspect it will a happen again, I just quickly go into my bios and exit so my pc could boot.

systems specs: Windows 7 x64

Q8400 2.66 ghz


750 GB HDD

HD 5770 1 GB

A:Zunes software makes my computer don't boot.

Perhaps this will help you:

Zune software causes RAM to max out on startup! - Microsoft Answers

A Guy
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Hello Guys,

Is there a way via scipting to force a pc to refresh their local printer
settings from the print server ? We have enabled Duplexing as the default for
printing ( conserve that paper ! ) for our HP Laserjet printers on the
Print Server, but if a user goes on their local printer settings and unchecks
duplexing, it will not re-pull that device setting from the print server
unless you delete and then re-add the printer on the local machine. Is there
a way to have the printer settings pulled from the server without have to
delete and then readd the locally installed network printer ?
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Hi everyone,
I really need your recommendation about a software making us able to download such a document file whose format is flash to download this thing:
Statistik Indonesia 2013

I'm looking forward to receiving your reply
Thank you

A:[ASK] Is there any software that makes us able to download flash document file

here's 4 ways, 1 should work for you.
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Hi everyone,

I really need your recommendation about a software making us able to download such a document file whose format is flash to download this thing:

Statistik Indonesia 2013

I'm looking forward to receiving your reply

Thank you

A:[ASK] Is there any software that makes us able to download flash document file

No there is no software that you can use
the reason they have put it in flash is to stop people downloading it & they only allow use on their website.

Any attempts to get round this would be covered by our rules
Circumventing Company/School/Parental or Other Restrictions - Because we are unable to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided to those trying to circumvent Internet filters or similar restrictions and any such threads will be closed. Furthermore, we will not assist with violating the "Terms of Service" of any product, service or web site. Unfortunately, it is against Google's Terms of Service to download videos from YouTube. They have contacted us directly to request that we do not support with downloading videos from YouTube. Any posts with instructions or information about how to violate Terms of Service will be closed or removed.Click to expand...

In view of this, I will now close this topic
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This is interesting reading: Who makes the best Windows security software? Surprise ... | ZDNet

A:Who makes the best Windows security software? Surprise - by Ed Bott

That looks like nice thread. I'll read it tonight. Thanks.
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Hi The problem I am about to explain deals with only one piece of software that has me and the company that owns or publishes this software asking whats going here The software is called Natural Soft go black software on ICON Clicking makes screen NaturalReader It is a piece of Clicking on software ICON makes screen go black software that you can type a text message into it or have it read a text message and inturn the Text To Clicking on software ICON makes screen go black Voice voices read the Clicking on software ICON makes screen go black text In my AMD machine I have no problem with this software or the voices working In this Via or Intel machine P X - as soon as I click on the Icon the monitor turns black and then the software comes up but all the pixels look bad on software and the desktop of this computer until I hit the esc key and then it will switch back to the desktop closing the program automatically Sometimes I have to go all the way out to rebooting the computer before the desktop pixels looks normal In all the years that I have been around computers I have never seen anything like this nor has the software company I have tried many installs and re-installs as per the software comany requests The event that I just descripted happens each and every time I try to use this software in this machine I have changed out the video cards to other video cards and nothing seams to change the out come once I have clicked on the NaturalReader Icon Oh yes I am using a Dell WPF monitor on this machine and a Flat Screen Dell on the AMD machine If you have any questions regarding what I running other than the OS I will be glad to explain The OS is XP Pro SP The need for this software Natural Reader is to build in voice text into a slide program thanks
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I have trouble installing a HP Color LaserJet N printer has JetDirect Printer Server N with IP address of to my XPpro PC I was stuck when Add Printer Wizard ask me to specific a Printer I selected Browse for a printer and came up with nothing no printer I tried selecting Connect to this printer but I do not know what name to type in Example is server printer I tried selecting Connect Printer Can to printer Windows card) a XPpro C8550N Server HP install LJ not (with to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network but I do not what URL to type in Example is http server printer myprinter printer Therefore I cancelled the installation I had then installed its Printer Utility The utility is capable of finding the printer and showing me it s Properties However I still ended up with no printer listed to use in Printers and Faxes So XPpro is a step backward in this case I could install this printer with printer server on W ME because their Add Printer Wizards allow me to use either the IP address or the hardware address to locate the printer server I hope I have described my problem well Please help Randy nbsp

A:Can not install a HP LJ C8550N printer (with Printer Server card) to Windows XPpro
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I have a new Lenovo Windows PC I have a Brother MFC- CN printer directly attached to it via USB Per instructions printer Windows 7 printer Incorrect driver: server I did NOT install any Brother software on the new PC I just connected it via USB and the PC automatically installed the drivers etc Printing Incorrect printer driver: Windows 7 printer server from that PC to the locally attached printer works like a champ I have set up this printer via a network share called BrotherMFC so I can use this printer from other PCs I have a Dell desktop Windows XP PC that used to be the computer that had this printer locally attached and a Dell laptop with Windows Vista that I want to access this printer via the network On each of these PCs I have gone through the quot Add a Printer quot wizard and I selected network vs local printer and find the printer share However when I select the printer share and click OK it appears to try and install software or something and says the printer driver on the printer server is incorrect How can this driver be quot incorrect quot when it is the driver the new PC used to install Is there a quot special quot driver the system needs to act as a printer server properly Or is there any known compatibility issues of printing via a network share form Windows XP and Vista PCs to Windows I know the most optimum solution is to get a wireless print server but this solution of using a network printer share over the network has worked great and saves me having to spend on a wireless print server Thanks for any help you can offer nbsp

A:Incorrect printer driver: Windows 7 printer server

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP
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I came here after finding the Piriform forums locked and with no answer to this issue.

After I run CCleaner and reboot, I get a dialog window that starts to install files for HP Photo and Imaging 2 for my HP officejet 4110v all in one printer. When it can't find the files because the CD isn't loaded, it gives an error. When I close it out it does this repeatedly then stops. If I load the CD, it solves the issue until I run CCleaner again.

I would like to hear from someone familiar with CCleaner who can tell me what settings to change in it before running it so I don't have to go through this over and over again.

A:CCleaner makes HP Photo and Imaging 2 software want to reinstall some files from disk
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RPC server and Printer Spooler problems Hi i m running windows xp professional edition i had to wipe my system after a nightmare virus infected my machine my friend then reloaded xp pro from scratch its all been working fine but i can t reload my printer onto the machine first i got error messages saying printer spooler service not running please restart computer to start service so i had a look in the services area and restarted the spooler service manually i then tried to install again and got the same message so i looked up solutions on the net that included clearing all the printer drivers from the computer and then restarting the computer with the services i Server/RPC server Printer problems Windows XP needed RPC server Windows XP Printer Server/RPC server problems and Printer Spooler set to automatic i started the installation again and got the same message this time i went down the corrupted files route and replaced the spoolss dll spoolsv exe winspool drv and winspool exe files in the win system with fresh new ones off the installation disk I can t access winspool drv as its part of winlogin ran the pirinter installation again and this time i got an RPC server unavailable error i again checked the RPC server and it was running in the services window also all of its dependents are working fine so it must therefore be running I tried again this time it said Remote Procedure Call unavailable By the way the DCOM server is already working Windows XP Printer Server/RPC server problems Every now and then i get a script error when restarting the spooler from services as well An error has occured in the script on this page Line Char error unexpected error Code URL res C windows system mmcndmgr dll views htm I ve ran virus checks malware checks registry cleaners Windows XP Printer Server/RPC server problems ad-aware AVG RegCure MalwareBytes Registry Booster Spybot S amp D everything you can think of to locate any kind of problem I did find something called win backdoor bedienks after an adaware scan and it took a couple of attempts to get rid of it But its gone now So far nothing is working i cannot install any type of printer and therefore i can t reinstall my scanner either as its part of the same installation if i get past the printer spooler problem i just end up with an RPC server problem I ve checked out all the threads on here and i ve already done everything that is suggested it seems mad to have to reinstall the whole of XP just for one tiny Win system Sorry its a bit long but i ve been working on this problem for months now and it just ain t working so any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Windows XP Printer Server/RPC server problems

When your friend reinstalled Windows did they install all the hardware drivers?
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I have some sensitive material on my computer which I would not like others to see. So, I'd like to know how to exclude some folders and files from lists like recent items, jump lists, etc. Is it possible?

A:How to exclude files and folders from "Recent" lists and jump lists

Welcome to Seven Forums Stawan. It's possible to turn off the recent items in the jumplists of specific programs. But it's a laborious process. I will describe it, but you'll have to do the legwork.

The Jump lists for each program are stored in

C:\Users\(User name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations

as automaticDestination-ms files with random names.

To figure out which file belongs to which program , you'll have to do some detective work.

For instance, you could open a video with your media player program.

Change the AutomaticDestinations folder into Detail view and Sort by Date Modified.

Only one or two of the files should be showing as modified in the past minute. One may be a list of recently viewed folders, the other should be your program.

Delete one of the files then try to open your program's jump list. If it is gone, you have the right file.

Once you have identified the right file, restore it from recycle bin and set the file properties to Read-only. This will disable the jump list for that file. You'll need to do this for all the programs you want to exclude from jump lists.

As you can see, this would be a long and lengthy process, you'd be better off creating a password protected user. Good luck. A Guy
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I produce documents for use in another office where they have an OKI6200dn printer but I can't load the software/drivers for that printer onto my Win 7 64x as I can't get passed the 'search' for the printer (which clearly is not here). I have down loaded the latest drivers for this OS.

A:Installing printer software withour printer

Hi potshot. Welcome to SevenForums.

Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers.

Click on "add printer"

Then click on "add a network,wireless or bluetooth printer"

Click on "The printer I want isn't listed"

You will then be given the option to find a printer by name or TCP/IP address.

By browsing you should be able to add the printer in your other office

Hope this helps.
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Have an older HP C parallel port printer and a new Toshiba laptop with Windows and no parallel ports Bought a parallel to USB cable but it doesn't work prints gibberish Was wondering if there is a way to hook up a wireless print server Using printer to access server printer?? old with parallel port and use the printer that way Unfortunately live in a rural area and still using a slow phone Internet connection But couldn't this setup be just a simple LAN with no Internet just signal from computer through wireless print server to old printer Would this work Apparently info from HP forums Windows does have drivers available for this old HP printer Would appreciate any thoughts on this Thanks P S I know I know why not buy a new printer But I don't print much and have been refilling cartridges for years and they work great Could buy a wireless parallel print server for instead of buying a new printer with expensive cartridges that can't be refilled and dry up when not being used

A:Using printer server to access old printer??

Yes it can be setup as just a LAN, no internet.
you don't need a internet connection to have a home LAN. But what you will need, or maybe not need but it would be useful, is a router. But you can get by without one of those.

Problem is if that printer does not have any internal memory, and from my recollection that series HP printer did not have any internal memory, printing will be very slow if it works at all connected to a print server.

Most Print servers do not have any internal memory either so everything has to be done, processed, on the PC. Which isn't a problem when the printer is connected directly to a computer.

What you might try is using your old computer as a host for that printer. That way it will use the memory in that PC to handle the print jobs. Then network the 2 PC together in a home LAN. Using just a basic Ethernet switch will help.

Post back with comments on my suggestions and I'll try to give you instruction on how to set it up.
It would be easier and cheaper, in the long run, to just go and buy a newer printer that will work with your new notebook and operating system. Basic printers are cheap these days.
God I just looked at basic HP printers and they start at 29.99 and with WiFi 59.99.
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Hi there Believe it or not if you can quot Legally quot get hold of a copy of Windows server current release candidate freely downloadable and valid Windows Windows or R8 ? Makes OS laptop 2012 a great ! server till Jan you could be a LOT better off using this on a Desktop rather than the W itself Before people point out complexities of using a Server as a desktop OS it's actually EASIER with Windows server than with previous servers such as Windows or Windows servers to quot convert quot to a desktop OS You basically have to do the following to make a server as user friendly as say W or W as a desktop OS dismantle all the domain security stuff remove prompts like event log for server re-boots remove the CTRL-ALT-DEL key for logon remove the security restriction nag you get every time you want to access a non Microsoft web page with IE remove the quot Complex password quot requirement That's got rid of Windows R8 or Windows 2012 server ? Makes a great laptop OS ! the main nags and inconveniences of using it as a Desktop or laptop OS Now add Desktop Laptop experience Multi-media quot thematic quot backgrounds customisation enable SOUND -- yes W server unlike W server has Windows R8 or Windows 2012 server ? Makes a great laptop OS ! fully blown SOUND capabilities strange in a server --maybe now I can use Hyper-V with vM's and pass SOUND to them enable DESKTOP EXPERIENCE -- this allows W themes to be installed and greatly quot De-Uglifies quot the bog standard bland grey desktop enable incoming RDP connections if you want to access your quot Server quot from a network or the Internet You've now got an exceptionally FAST STABLE servers are always generally more stable than desktop OS'es DESKTOP Just be slightly aware that some programs might not run on a server different licence - such as Acronis backup --for this simply use the Acronis stand alone recovery disk anyway BTW the W server's built in backup seems fine Things like Sky Go and BBC Iplayer all install fine I'm MORE happy with the server on the laptop than with W itself Bonkers you might say but a great learning exercise in servers too All my stuff runs fine on it Started with a VM --that was fine - now it's on a REAL machine Bog standard default install was GB disk space Another thing about servers is that they install with the MINIMUM of features --you add what you want via the configure server It's trickier than the other way around -- Windows itself starts with loads of stuff and you have to find out what you CAN remove but you get a nice streamlined OS -- and with an SSD gt mega fast I'll be testing now using HYPER-V with W server --seems a better way to go than W desktop with HYPER-V If people are interested - I'll post screenshots and the steps to get everything working including the Hyper-V Another HUGE advantage of HYPER-V on a server is that people can access VM's running on the server WITHOUT NEEDING AN ACCOUNT ON THE SERVER AT ALL In fact you wouldn't even know yuou are logging on to a VM in the first place if you didn't know W and VMware has a limited capability in that regard but you are still essentially stuck with quot a single user quot OS W is a true server Cheers jimbo

A:Windows R8 or Windows 2012 server ? Makes a great laptop OS !

My apologies about my previous post. Not related.
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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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I bought Hawkins printserver with one paralle port and 2 usb. I am confused. do I have to buy a router in order to use this? How can I connect if I don't need a router? I tried but I must be too dumb for this.


A:printer server

No, if it has an ethernet port just plug it into your network switch or hub. Follow the directions for setting up your workstations to access the printer and off you go.
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I am looking for a good but cheap print server that can connect up to 3 parallel port printers and 1 usb printer. Also connects to the network with the ethernet connector.

A:Looking for a printer server

You can get an old PC for free and an extra IO card for the third parallel port shouldn't be a problem either.

As for dedicated print servers.. The ones with lots of parallel ports and USB are far from cheap.
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I would like to know whether the DPR-1260 would work on a network that has XP, Vista and windows7 computers.
The Printers are HP 7300 All in One, Canon iP4600 and a Canon Scanner Canoscan 9950F.
Thank you.

A:Printer Server

Just read a couple of reviews and looked at its description on Amazon. It sounds like it should work fine with all Windows OSs and all the pre-mentioned printers.

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I am looking for a wireless printer server that will only connect my printers & computers, but can not access the internet. Is there such a product? If can someone tell me the name of it and where to find it.


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I have a HP Photosmart All in One Printer I am thinking about going wireless with the printer and get a wireless printer server Right now i have it connected to my router and on my wireless network through its wired networking ALL COMPUTERS ARE ABLE TO ACCESS THE PRINTER AND ALL ITS FUNCTIONS this wired networking allows me to use the Printer Server Wireless printer Wireless Printer Server from all my computers with all the functions available to everyone print scan copy Being the son and the quot computer genius quot of the household the printer is in my room along with my router Wireless Printer Server I hate it when people need to print something and go in my room to get it So i was wondering why not put it in the hallway or another room where everyone has access to without disturbing anyone So i was thinking why not get a wireless print server But the real question is that is there a Wireless Print Server that allows me to use all the functions of the printer on Wireless Printer Server each computer PLEASE RESPOND ASAP help on how to setup will be nice thnx Please don t double post Thanks nbsp

A:Wireless Printer Server

A much easier and cheaper solution would be to get a longer CAT5-cable to make a wired connection to the printer in the hall. The limit for these cables is about 350 ft./100 meters.
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I have a Kodak AIO printer I purchased also a Belkin wireless print server to allow me to send documents from my laptop to print out upstairs on the Kodak However having tried to set the server Printer & Print server up with no luck I can now find no information to say that the kodak supports a server I know it will definately take a bluetooth adaptor however my laptop does not have bluetooth installed Belkin website says to press quot white quot reset test button on back of server once all wires connected and this will print out Printer & Print server IP address to allow me to set up tcp ip port There is no white button but a black button on the server but pressing this does nothing Wondering if there is any workaround for this or whether I should just return server Also if anyone has the Kodak does yours power down itself after not used for mins or so anyway of stopping this happening Thanks Gill nbsp

A:Printer & Print server

The current line of Kodak printers are based on an Epson design, with the print heads mounted separately inside the machine, and use a cold-ink delivery system - this means it uses an acrylic based in its inks as a drying agent. What this all means is to preserve the print heads so they don't dry out prematurely, the unit will power down automatically so that the heat the system creates does not dry it out. So the answer is no.

As for the print servers, is the Kodak associated with another computer, or is the laptop the only thing working with it? If it is with another computer, you can always use it as the print server with less fuss than adding a wireless one.

But, if the Belkin is the way to go, they do work well, having used one, though not all models want to work with AIOs, since the scanning option usually messes things up. Have you tried Belkin's 800 number? They've been pretty good in the past at working out kinks in their machines. You should have gotten a form with it in your package.

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I recently bought a DLINK 714-P+ router/print server. I followed DLink's instructions for setting up the printer, and for a while it worked fine. Now, the printer (HP 970cse) goes nuts anytime I try to print to it. It spits out pages, prints a line of gibberish, or just doesn't do anything.

What could the problem be?
Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Printer Server Issues

Sounds like a corrupted driver on the machine that's trying to print.. Remove the driver and reinstall.
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Hi folks small network served by W R The machine Printer server unaccessible go on and install is new Printer on server go unaccessible upgrade from older machine W R Workstations Printer on server go unaccessible all run XP max SP and are not new installs - they just access the new server The server has a printer shared that can be added to the XP machs Problem is Every day the XPs lose access to the printer Its still quot there quot but printing to it says its unavailable Right clicking on the printer's properties results in a essentially quot unavailable quot message All other access to the server is fine from XPs The server shows no manifestation of problem logs are clear test page ok etc The server is restarted each morning That may be the trigger for the loss of access It hasn't been confirmed It does seem conincidental Most XPs are also shutdown at night and restarted in the AM Also a possibility the question is why it happens at all In five years of running XP - gt W have never encountered this Any thoughts or answers thanks much B

A:Printer on server go unaccessible

You could try restarting the Print Spooler service when the problem appears and see if it solves anything. Try it on a client as well for kicks.
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We have a bunch of client PC s that connect to a server running Win k server OS On this server we also have Citrix running to help us establish a fast terminal services session We have multiple systems that automatically map the clients hard drives and printers but this one client system has some serious difficulties The client system is running Win XP Pro and the printer is an HP Laserjet D I went to HP s web site and TS told me that my question no supported For some reason we can automatically map to the printer but we can working not Printer HP server on install the printer on the server and on HP Printer not working on server the client Now when we dial into the server that s when the server and PC start to malfunction While logged in as administrator I can see that the k Server OS actually sees that the printer is there but won t allow you to install it I have the latest and greatest drivers from HP but it mentions it is designed for k but it doesn t list k Server That could be the problem but HP didn t want to even touch my question If you guys girls can help this would be great nbsp
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Hi all I have a problem with this server printer Our server is Windows XP and connect through wifi The printer is USB connection with the server PC ddd IP The printer name is HP LaserJet M Every PC are connect well to this printer but only laptop can not connect to this printer server This laptop can connect to where we put the server printer but can not connect to ddd And when we Problem printer server with add the printer in control panels there is a notice about quot The printer name is not correct or lost connection with the server quot but the other PC can print easily For example in Run when typing ddd can not connect Problem with server printer to this server But when typing IP of ddd server PC can connect and can see the printer but can not set this printer to use Other PC does not meet this situation Please help me to solve this problem Sorry for my bad English Thanks a lot

A:Problem with server printer

Can anybody here help me a solution for this ? We need this printer very much and I am like sitting on a fire...Help !!! Please.
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Hi folks.
I have an HP PSC 1350 All-in-one. I'm looking to connect to it using a wirelessly printer server.
Can anyone tell my if my printer will work this way or is there a better solution.

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wired network, main tower, with laptops, want to use main tower as print server, when using lap top and other desktop in remote room, HP printer is not compatible with commercially available print servers. Where can I find configuration instructions to allow laptop and other desk top to link to HP printer hooked to main tower, have tried everything I know, printer is still not available.

A:Printer Server Configuration

I'm going to move this to networking......


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I would like to set up a Windows XP Pro box as a printer server (mainly just install all my network printers on this box and have everyone print to this instead of my main fileserver. Is there any problems with doing this?

A:Windows XP Pro as a Printer Server

Just the 10 connection limit. Otherwise it should work fine as long as the printers can be networked. Not always the case.

"Install all my network printers on this box" - You will need that many connections available. For example, if you have 5 printers, you will need something like 5 usb ports.
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Hi I got a weird problem on one of your servers We are running windows server on a network of computers now we use our server like a printer server on the printer we have jet direct cards which are plugged in via cat The printers route back to the server as we use it to act as a spooler The printers are connected via ip addresses The problems we are having are every so often the printer seem to disappear from the printers folder we find that there is a printer spooler service in services msc and we find that has stopped the only way for the printers to work again is to restart that service again and then the printers reappear Printer w2k in server. disappearing in the printers folder I have been Printer disappearing in w2k server. told that this is a microsoft issue but am unable to find anything on the web If anyone could point me Printer disappearing in w2k server. in the right direction that would be great and as always the help is appreciated nbsp

A:Printer disappearing in w2k server.

What printer driver are you using? A quick search on newsgroups shows a few people with similar problems. Solutions range from changing to a PCL rather than postscript driver or updating to latest versions.
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Anybody know where I can get a wireless or wired printer server ? I already have a good wireless router but it doesn't have a USB port or printer server built in. I have a HP Deskjet F4280 printer of which I want to share but can't through the XP system it is currently connected to.

I've been looking for the past hour for a good printer server but cannot find a good one.

I want it set up either like this: Printer --> Print Server --> Wireless Router --> Desktop PC + Wireless Laptop


Printer --> Print Server --> Desktop PC + Wireless Laptop. Note that I need a wired ethernet connection for the wired desktop PC also.

Thanks in advance.

A:Wireless Printer Server

Most people happy with this device. Looks like it would work for you?
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I need help with these. I am connected to the home group but I cant access the print server.

A:Cant access Printer Network Server

I don't understand why people are using home groups.. Just use a password and it will work..
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I replace my old SMC Router with a ZyXEL that was recommended here and have added a D-Link DP-300U Print Server. I was having difficult getting it configured to run my two printers. I am running XP Pro and went in and deleted all my printers and started fresh. I am new to this type of thing, it was a hassle but the two printers are running fine now.

My problem is that I am unable to print any PDF documents. When I try to print I receive a dialogue box - "Before you can perform print related-tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer". I have Googled without luck and am new to this type situation. I am lost at this point.

I would appreciate it if someone can provide me steps and instructions on what to download; then how and where to install. Thanks


A:No Adobe Printer On New Print Server

Try uninstalling and re-installing Adobe reader. I've had several issues with it printing, and that seemed to be the only cure.
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I am attempting connect a NetGear WGPS606 wireless printer server to my Verizon wireless DSL router. The instructions are not very clear. When I hardwire the server to my laptop and go through the motions, it doesn't recognize my router. Has anyone set this up successfully, and if so, can they provide me with step by step instrucitons? thanks. btw: I am running Vista on the laptop.
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Hi everyone I am new to the forum and have enjoyed reading all the info I do have one issue I would like to bounce off of everyone here I have a win server running Active Directory and a HP All-in-one printer What I am trying to do is set it up on the server and share it out so the few XP pro clients can connect to it and print I went and installed the software and even sharing Win with Printer server 2003 though it was not developed for server it installed just fine and allows me to print locally without any problems Now here is the problem I went ahead and shared out Printer sharing with Win 2003 server the printer with the default permissions From one of my XP pro clients I was able to connect to the printer and map it without any problems When I try Printer sharing with Win 2003 server to print a test page I get an error in the print queue that says quot error - printing quot This happens with all of the user logins except the Admin account for the domain This account will allow me to login and print remotely without any issues While I am logged in with other user accounts who are only members of the Domain Users group I do not get any access is denied messages or Unable to connect when looking at the print queue Any thoughts Thanks alot Greg nbsp

A:Printer sharing with Win 2003 server

Have you installed R2 for Windows 2003?

If not it may fix the problem.
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I ve been using a Hewlett Packard PSC v All in One Printer on a home computer network for some time now The printer is being shared with other computers by my desktop which is a dual boot system One of these is a laptop on a wireless network I just bought a print server so that the other computers could access the printer without going through the desktop Installing the print server seemed to go fine until I reached the point where I installed the printer through it Then it tells me there is no printer driver When I tried to install the driver off the CD that came printer server? Why print with a won't work my with the printer it says it still can t find it I downloaded updated software with drivers from the HP website and got the same results The HP website said this software wouldn t work through an ethernet or wireless connection My question is Does the software from the cd also not support ethernet or wireless Or is there another reason why I can t get this to work Has anyone else run across this Here are Why won't my printer work with a print server? my system specs just in case it might help Athlon Ghz MSI K TNeo FSR w VIA Raid Gigabit LAN AC sound and USB MSI RX T Video card Gb DDR SDRam cas latency Dual Boot Windows XP Home on Western Digital Gb PATA h d Windows XP Pro X on Seagate Gb SATA Raid Antec case w w Power supply nbsp

A:Why won't my printer work with a print server?

Most print servers won't function with a Windows GDI interfaced printer. This is a pretty common issue. If you want to run a printer from a print server, you normally need a printer that has PDL, PostScript support, or some other page description language. I've been down this road several times.
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Will a canon pixima iP4000 work wireless or wired with the USB print server on the router? If so how do i configure?
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Hi I m trying to figure out how to print a poster off of a school printer an Epson that is on a server msserver I m not sure how to access the printer through the computer There are two drives on the computer help is that need a printer a using server Epson I on 7880 where photos are placed prior to printing I need help using a Epson 7880 printer that is on a server an s drive and an n drive I know I need to put my document into one of these drives but after that I m lost because when I click Print the epson doesn t come up I m not sure how I need help using a Epson 7880 printer that is on a server to go about sending it to the printer Before you say quot ask your school for help quot here s why I can t I I need help using a Epson 7880 printer that is on a server don t want to bore you with details but the long and short of it is many students who know how to use the equipment print things all the time but it s impossible if you don t know how--the IT guys don t deal with this particular printer it s one girl from the Art Department She s like this machine s gatekeeper and only allows Art majors to use it or those with a teacher s permission The poster s for my own use and I m not an Art major I can t lie she asks for detailed info lol so I m trying to figure out how to do it on my own Can anyone help Any suggestions for me to try would be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:I need help using a Epson 7880 printer that is on a server

TSG will not help you circumvent the administrators of your school equipment.

Find a local shop to print your personal art project.

Closing thread.
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Greetings! This may be really dumb and I feel foolish asking for help with this problem. I'm installing a printer on a Windows 2003 enterprise server. Using ADD PRINTER I get to the HAVE DISK point. I have a disk with the driver on it and the root directory contains the file AUTORUN.INF. When I use it windows ignores it. I can't figure out a workaround for this and have no idea why windows can't see the new driver. Any help is much appreciated.

A:can't install new printer on Server 2003

autorun.inf files do not contain any driver information. You either have to look for the proper .inf file somewhere deeper or run the setup program from the driver disk.

Also, it is always a good idea to download the latest driver from the internet instead of using the hopelessly dated drivers provided on CDs.
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Could sombody please instruct me on how to set up 4 printers on an nt network without a print server.

Relevancy 42.57%

I ca not connect Vista clients to our IPP print server running IIS on Server 2003 R2.

I can get to the connect button of the printer but the installation fails with error code = 2EE2

Is this permissions?
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Hi i m running windows xp professional edition i had to wipe my system after a nightmare virus infected my machine my friend then reloaded xp pro from scratch its all been working fine but i can t reload my printer onto the machine first i got error messages saying printer spooker service not running please restart computer to start service so i had a look in the services area and restarted the spooler service manually i then tried to install again and got the same message so i looked up solutions on the net that included clearing all the printer drivers from the computer and then restarting the computer with the services i needed RPC server and Printer Spooler were set to automatic i started the installation again problems Spooler Printer server RPC and and got the same message this time i went down the corrupted files route and replaced the spoolss dll spoolsv exe winspool drv and winspool exe files in the win system with fresh new ones off the installation disk ran the pirinter installation again and this time i got an RPC server unavailable error i again checked the RPC server and it was running in the services window also all of its dependents are working fine so it must therefore be running I tried again this time it said Remote Procedure Call unavailable I ve ran virus checks RPC server and Printer Spooler problems malware checks registry cleaners everything you can think of to locate any kind RPC server and Printer Spooler problems of problem I did find something called win backdoor bedienks after an adawre scan and it took a couple of attempts to get rid of it So far nothing is working i cannot install any type of printer and therefore i can t reinstall my scanner either as its part of the same installation if i get past the printer spooler problem i just end up with an RPC server problem I ve checked out all the threads on here and i ve already done everything RPC server and Printer Spooler problems that is suggested it seems mad to have toreinstall the whole of XP just for one tiny Win system Sorry its a bit long but i ve been working on this problem for months now and it just ain t working so any help would be greatly appreciated PS the DCOM server is already working nbsp
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Hey guys,
I'm trying to figure out how to scan stuff to a computer on an HP LaserJet 3330 scanner/copier/printer/fax. The thing is hooked up to a print server on a 100Mb/s network w/about 7 or 8 computers, and I'm trying to get it to scan to another computer on the network. Any ideas?

A:HP multifunction printer on print server

I'm not sure if you can make it scan through a genereic print server..
You most certainly need the bloated, huge and slow HP software to do it.
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Hello, the rest of my story asking for help and advice is that I am using a Sierra wireless USB "aircard" for internet. I also have a wireless card inside my HP laptop (dv9005us). So here are my questions:

Must I use my Linksys router along with the Linksys print server or will the print server send to my wireless card or my wireless aircard?

I really don't have a beginning point to figure out all this!

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+, x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38193 MB, Free - 10667 MB; F: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 122229 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., nForce, x.x,
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

The samsung Ml-1430 printer which I have been using on this same system for years, disappeared and will not re install. The error I get is RPC server is unavailable. It's connected via usb and the usb ports are working.

I am not very knowledgeable about computers, so please, if you think you can help me, talk to me like II'm an idiot, otherwise, it is truly all greek to me.

A:Printer won't install, RPC server is unavaliable

The RPC Server is Unavailable When You Attempt to Add a Printer -
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First thanks for all the help you guys have given me in the past. I just bought a new printer (HP psc-1510) and I would like to hook it up to the network via a print server or some other means so that I do not need to have a computer on 24/7. The printer, typical of HP, only has a USB port, not a parallel one and as such, it seems like most of the cheap options go out the window. What would be the cheapest way to do this and does anyone know of any rebates or sales which would help to do so? I have a wireless G network via a linksys compact router with a computer hardwired and a laptop wirelessly connected. Thanks all

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I'm faced with a technical problem and I hope I can get a definitive answer here

I have a D-Link three-port print server and it has 2x LPT and 1x USB for ports.
My major LPT printer just said "Sayonara" and is "in the bin" now so I'm facing the problem of connecting up its replacement which is USB-only

I see there are several powered adapters out there that would allow me to map an LPT port to USB, e.g. male connector towards the port, USB A towards the printer for a standard connection.
Will this work on a print server or are these adapters only for the PC parallel port?

Thanks for any help.

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I want to hook my printer up to my server so that I can print to it from any computer on my network. The problem is my printer does not have drivers for Server 2003 and the XP drivers, or any other OS version of the drivers, won't install for 2003. My printer is a HP Photosmart 7600. I don't care if the server can print to it or not, but I do want my laptops to be able to print to it. Anyone know of a way I can do this? I've thought about putting a wireless adapter onto the printer, but that would cost money, and I don't like to spend money


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I have Windows Vista, verizon wireless router, netgear printer server and a canon 190 all-in-one printer. When I install the printer sever it connects to the router no problem. It also connects to the printer but the name under LPT1 port says the printer is unknown. I have re-installed and rebooted many times. It will not print, it says the printer is offline. The wireless laptop we have sometimes prints but not always.
(This server was previously connected to my old computer and it worked).
I just triied to reinstall again and now it doesn't complete connecting to the wireless server.
I have spend many hours on this and I could really use some help. Thanks
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I m in the process of setting up a small film studio who just moved I just started with the studio after the move so I don t know how everything was set up and my Server? Router a a Printer Using Wireless as boss isn t very tech savvy Here s the issue She told me that she used a wireless router as a Using a Router as a Wireless Printer Server? print server to connect a wired networkable laser printer to a main router which is upstairs If the main router was on the same floor as the printer I would obviously just move the printer over the the router but since it s actually in my boss office upstairs and we need the printer downstairs I can t do that The printer has been broken so I haven t been able to play around with it recently but before it broke I plugged it in and couldn t figure it out Any ideas Using a Router as a Wireless Printer Server? Thanks ----------------- Dell laptops and docking stations downstairs upstairs Wired laser printer Netgear b router downstairs Comcast-provided router upstairs nbsp

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So I'm havng problems with printers on a Terminal Server, I tried googling for results but most only cover setting the default printer. So the default printer set-up is fine and users can access the printers set the default log off, and it remembers it. But any preferences set are forgotten.

So we use a user box setting where each user has there own box to print to. But as soon as we close preferences the printer reverts to it's default settings. We can create favourite settings and it will hold the settings but not default to it.

Is there away we can make it so that we can set each users preferences save
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I have a Canon ip6600d printer. I just purchased and set up my
dell 8500 desktop computer that has Windows 8 loaded on it, which
has caused me much distress when installing all my other hardware
and software.

I've downloaded the updated Canon printer drivers, and somehow when I launch
my Canon Easy Photo Print Software, it prompts me with:
"Operation cannot be continued because a printer supporting Photo Print
is not installed".

My printer IS installed and running no problem.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks so much!


A:Printer Software not seeing Printer

The "the updated Canon printer drivers" are different than the ones that this Canon Easy Photo Print Software is expecting to see. I would give Canon support a call on this one.
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I am a newcomer to Tech Support Guy with a unique problem My job is tech support for a bunch nearly of Windows NT Servers for one of our clients Most software for Server needs NT Software 4 these days is not written for NT Now our company installed these servers back in the s and they work fine to this day Dell has been good in supporting their product Our new installations are Servers But this client has been with us for over years and doesn t think that they need to upgrade But that is not my Software needs for NT 4 Server problem I am looking for software that will run on NT Server NT SP a and SQL Server that will consolidate directories and defragment the disks not Diskeeper Lite I am also looking for software that will allow me to assess any difficulties i e registry problems and take care of them The difficulty is this software must be current I cannot go to Ebay to pick up software I have to buy from a known vendor and the product must be the most recent Freeware is a possiblity if it can be sufficiently documented that it is a product that is undergoing continuing development nbsp

A:Software needs for NT 4 Server

I suspect you're going to have serious problems finding new software that is fully supported for Windows NT 4.0.

I don't know of any application that can scan any operating system to determine any type of problem and fix it regardless of corrupt files or registries. It sounds like you're looking for some type of Holy Grail software that fixes all problems. No such thing. Even harder to find utilities that work with an operating system even the maker of which doesn't support it.
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I am having a dedicated server and need to know what firewall should I use for securing the server. I mean to say that shall i use a software firewall or a hardware firewall? Which is more effective?

A:What software is better for a web server?

You should use a hardware server; I would say, either get a router that has firewall enabled service or think about IPCOPS distro for linux; If you have an old computer around with two network cards, you can easily setup a firewall with no problem.

Hardware is always the way to go if your going to get a firewall; Cisco ASA or Pix if have alot of computer to protect;
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I use Uwamp if I want my Windows computer to act as a LAN server in my apartment. (freeware)
Does anyone know of others also suitable? (server that is not limited to localhost only with MySQL and PHP included)
Would appreciate info on any non-Windows ones also - am trying to get a list together.
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I need to install web server software on my computer so I can preview web pages before uploading them. It saves all of that unnecessary upload time. I used to run XAMPP with XP Pro SP3. But in looking to download it again, it doesn't mention 7 as being compatible. The last OS listed is Vista. I would imagine XAMPP is probably compatible with 7, but I was wondering if anyone had any info on this, or maybe another suggestion for free open source server software I could use with 7?

A:Web Server Software

It is not exactly what you are asking about, but have you considered using Opera Unite? It has a web server function to serve pages directly from your computer, so I imagine that it has some way to preview them also. I don't know if it would allow you to upload them just anywhere though, but I imagine that could be done separately, if needed.

Web Server - Opera Unite applications
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I need something that can host a VPN server on Windows 7. Not LogMeIn Hamachi or the one hidden in Windows' network connections, neither of those work. I'm looking for a free program.

A:VPN server software?


You are better of hosting VPN Connections via your router. Its simpler to manage.

What are you trying to achive?
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Can anyone tell me a good easy program for a secure ftp server? and how to set up a ftp server properly?

biggest question is do you need to buy a domain if you are going to use a ftp server only?

thank in advance

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If I was going to build me a home server, what MS server software would I want to use?

A:Server Software

Since MS has killed off Windows Home Server, you should read through the linked article to see what to buy now: Windows Server 2012 Essentials: The Home Server Replacement | Windows Server content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
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Hello all,

I have a DP-301U print server connected to my network and a Samsung ML-2510. Our most recent print server (also a DP-301U) died about a week ago. I got the new one and installed it, and everything ran fine for about a day and a half.

When I went to the web management console of the DP-301U, it showed the printer status as "off line". I then had to physically power-cycle the printer/disconnect the USB cable. After that, it started working again.

After about three hours though it stopped printing again. I went to the web management console of the DP-301U, and again it showed the printer status as "off line". This time however, no amount of power-cycling would help the printer to be seen as online.

I contacted D-Link tech support, but that call was worthless. Any ideas would be welcome.

A:Print Server only sees printer as offline

Any thoughts at all? Should I exchange it out for a new one? Am I missing some simple option? I'm guessing this may be because of the power save mode the printer can go into? If I disable power save on every PC in the office do you think it will stop (provided I can get it back up)?
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Here is the situation;

A friend of mine has a Windows Server 2003 Workstation at his office. He often connects to this Server using Remote Desktop Connection on his laptop from his house to access work files.

He bought a printer that he wants to install on the Server in order to print files in the office and at home using the Server.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Do I just connect to the Server using RDC and log-in as the ADMIN and install the printer and assign an IP based on the router (set the printer to

Will this work?
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I have a Belkin F5D7231-4P wireless router with built in print server, I have the printer setup & it prints, but I have no printer status such as ink levels, progress, etc.

I have a desktop which is connected to the router via a cable & a laptop via wireless & they both have the same problem. It's been the same with two different printers, the first being an Epson R300 & now a Canon iP5200.

I had to setup the printer through usb first then add a printing port to the router & when it was connected directly I had printer status. Does anyone know how to get the printer status showing again?

Thanks for any help

A:No 'Printer Status' on router/print server

I don't know the answer to your question; but have a question of my own. Do Epson and Canon say that the printer status is supposed to be available over a network for those two printers? I have an HP "network ready" printer and about the only status is 'connected' or 'not connected.'
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I am trying to set up a printer port to access a Linksys PSU4 print server. The print server works fine as it is being used from other computers on my home network. I have been trying to set up a spare eee netbook pc with win 7 print server but cannot set up the HP 5600 print server port. Every time I try to add a print server port to the printer it requires a INF file. I cannot find this file on any of the HP 5600 install disks.
Any suggestions on how to add a print server port. I have searched the web and it appears other people are having the same problem but not very helpful suggestions.

Thanks Bob

A:Need INF driver for server port HP 5600 printer Win 7

Hi there ... Read the Link below hope it is of some help ...
win 7 unable to find driver on laptop for HP Deskjet 5600 co... - HP Support Forum - 1783387
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Hello, I am trying to install printers and drivers in a new dell poweredge 2950 server running server2003 r2 and I've tried a couple times, but I'm sure I,m missing something. I am trying to install them and share them on a network. Thanks for the help.
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When i try to install a print driver for the panasonic KX-
P7100 i get the message
"The printer driver is not compatible with a policy
enabled on your computer that blocks Windows NT 4.0 or
Windows 2000 kernel-mode drivers."
I am using the drivers that the manufacturer says is meant
for win2003.
Any help is appreciated


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hello I have a question on my all in one printer and print server Dell says it s linkysis s fault and linkysis says it s dell s fault Wonderfully helpful I have a dell all-in-one printer Just a cheapo Better than what I had I can print scan fax and copy with the printer The dell printer also has software that lets my computer know about ink levels status and allows me to scan When I hook up the print server my computer will recognize the server but not the printer My set up is a linkysis router hooked up to my cable modem One computer is wired and the other is wireless I had the print server wired for set up and then had it wireless Anyhow Can I set up a printer like my interactive printer on a server and have it work with the computer like it does when it is hooked up with a Print Server Dell Printer and Linkysis usb cable Can I scan Dell Printer and Linkysis Print Server documents into my computer when it s hooked upto my print server Or am I wasting my time and I should just offload the print server on ebay and cut my looses Thanks Any of this make sense ha nbsp

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Hi guys,

A simple question if you don't mind:
Is that possible to reset a single object queue into a print server on Win2008R2 ?

I have around 1400 printer objects into my server and I was wondering if I can do something else than stopping spooler service (which stops ALL my printers...).

With all the other programs attached to my spooler, it takes around 3 minutes to start and stop the all process!
That's too long for my 6000 users and I usually receive at least 20 phone calls in this gap each time!

Any help would be welcome.

With kind regards

A:How to reset a single queue into printer server ?

Is that possible to have other response than the Google-ad ones here?

Maybe the best answer would have been to say: "No, that's not possible with Microsoft, If you want to do that, choose Novell".

The only way to remove a job in error into a queue is to kill several times the process: "PrintIsolationHost.exe" (if you set your driver into isolation mode)
This will release the handle on the queue which prevent the spooler to delete it after the two attempts.

Thanks for your help!

With kind regards
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Hello all, We recently upgraded our print server from server 2000 to server 2003, after the upgrade we have been experiencing a lot of problems with Dell 5200 printers. We are constantly rebooting the print server, we are getting event ID 6161 and 6162 and those have to do with the spooler with an unusual large number of open GDI objects. I am not sure if this is a driver issue or what, does anyone have any suggestions for us?? Thanks
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Hi all Please pardon if this has printer server print w/ wireless help installing already been addressed I tried to find threads that answered my question but was not too successful I am trying to set up my husband s office so his laptop can print wirelessly to his printer via a print server Right now each time he wants to print he attaches the printer help installing printer w/ wireless print server via the usb cable This works ok but is kind of a pain since the cable has to run across the room Also each time he unplugs and plugs his laptop reinstalls the printer giving him countless copies of the same printer in the printer folder Another issue I ve never bothered to fix So I ve got the print server which also happens to be a router hooked up to the printer and the laptop with built-in wireless detected the router server and connected to it like a network without any problems I thought all I d have to do was go to add printer detect it through the server and install it But though the computer is connected wirelessely to the server it doesn t see the printer Was I totally crazy when I thought the print server would allow printing without the printer being connected to a PC Can you actually just plug a printer into a wireless server and then print from your computer Or perhaps because this is also a router it must be attached to a computer Any help with this would be greatly appreciated If you can explain how to do it I m sure I d be able to do it the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite running Windows XP the router server is a US Robotics MAXG model USR Thanks nbsp