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Q: Nero encoding

Is it possible to copy .mwv to a DVD using Nero 6?
It was possible to copy unprotected video files on Nero 5, give them menus and backgrounds, but with Nero 6 I can't encode the .wmv extension, I get "no compatible file found". The mpeg-2/dvd patch does not work.

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Preferred Solution: Nero encoding

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Nero encoding

Try check some info out here:
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If i use video that is not encoded to VCD properly, as you probably know, nero encodes it for you. I was just wondering if nero encodes the file but i decide not to burn it to a cd/dvd at that point, does that mean next time i have to encode it all again or is it saved somewhere?
If it is saved, is it in a recognisable file format that can be used elsewhere or just a file that nero understands.

Thanks in advance,

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when encoding a vcd i noticed my hard drive gets alot smaller every vcd i make it gets smaller does anybody know where the encoded files go befor being writen to disk?i think i checked do not delete and never ask again.Mabee thats whats going on im not sure. thanx

A:nero vcd encoding question

I'd check the temp files directory.

If you have Norton Protected Recycle Bin enabled, you will probably find it there. Finally, it may be temporarly saved by the XP System Restore.
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Ok - here we go - just started trying to download video to HD, then transferring to CD-R - using Nero Express ... so far so good ... until blank disc is inserted ... then Encoding Disc appears and takes one hour or more to Encode !!! - Can anyone explain in simple English exactly what this means and etc

Cheers - Oldie

A:Re Nero - Encoding Video ?

This happens when you are transferring .avi files to a CD/DVD. It needs to encode the sound/video to it will be able to play on a DVD. It takes about a good hour. Doesn't happen with mpg though. Not sure why. I guess they are already encoded.
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I have a Winamp media file (video) that i am trying to put onto a VCD disc (don't have a dvd burner as yet). The file plays perfectly (50+ mins) in Winamp. When I try to make a VCD disc from it with Nero Express I get a problem. The programme tells me that the file will require encoding for VCD- it starts to do this but then about 3/4 of the way through it stops and shuts down the programme completely. This is the only file I have had any problems with.
Any ideas?
Many thanks in advance

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Hi sorry if I am abit sketchy with details as I just got a new computer and not sure about everything yet My problem is that when I try forever Nero encoding to make VCD s with Nero it says its encoding video which takes a around minutes then it stops at the time counter keeps going and it does nothing It says its Nero encoding forever idle there does not seem to be any activity in the buffer level and it says that the recorder state is Ready I have a PIONEER DVD RW DVR- and am using memorex cd-r On my old computer I created vcd files to burn in exactly the same way and I dont remember that Nero had to encode or at least if it did it didn t take minutes Another smaller problem I have is a kvcd file which is about mb yet when I try to burn it in Nero encoding forever Nero it shows the file as being about mb The file is longer than minutes but I used to be able to burn hr long files on my old comp with no problems The dvd recorder works well with programs like Alcohol so I know its working and it works with Nero Recode I am not sure which Nero I have installed because it came installed on the computer and I have tried to find out but not sure how any help would be appreciated if someone could tell me if its compatibility problems or whether I just need to change settings Thank you nbsp

A:Nero encoding forever

The encoding to VCD frequently makes images larger than the source video, this is normal. have you tried encoding to an image file, then burning it? I have only done video with Nero, but it worked fine and created the VCD properly.
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Hello friends!

I want to add two movies in one DVD. Both the movies that I want to add are already in DVD format, i.e. in .vob format. The problem is that when I use Nero Recode to add both these movies and a simple menu alongwith, it again encodes the whole movie, which is something I dont want. Is there a way by which no re-encoding is done and the movies are just added up, something what happen in DVD Shrink.

Thank you.
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I stopped the encoding process on some avi files I was burning (52%) and as no further prompts came up for a while I rebooted. Now it won't encode to burn any avi files past the point (52%) I was at when I rebooted.

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Nero 2015 Classic/Nero Platinum 2015/Nero Burning ROM 2015 - released

Nero just now released NEW Versions for 2015:
1.Nero 2015 Classic
2.Nero Platinum 2015
3.Nero Burning ROM 2015
5.Nero Video 2015

Download Nero 2015 from this page:

Download offline:
1.Nero Platinium Retail Setup,
2.Content Pack from Nero 2015,

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I am using a laptop that is a HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC.
The OS being used is the 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium.
I am trying to burn a DVD video file (.vob file) to a DVD disc using Nero Vision Essentials (Nero 9).
After importing the file into the project, I played the video and found that it has no sound.
As a result, when I have successfully burned it to a DVD disc and played this disc on my DVD player, it has also no sound.
Please help me fix this problem!
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Hello Again,

When I install Nero 7 and I run nero 7

It shows error message:
Nero 7 Stopped working Please Close Program.


A:PLEASE HELP: Nero Ultra 7 stops working after installation of Nero

Nero 7 is very old. Its probably not Windows 7 compatible.

Try running it in a compatiblility model for Windows XP.

You may even have to reinstall it in a compatibility mode.
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I am using Nero BackItUp Nero Ultra and have been receiving quot data verification failed quot and quot Sector NNNNNN on disc has different content to verification (Nero 7) errors with data Nero BackItUp2 source quot errors recently On the same PC Win XP Pro SP I got the errors using two different burners an HP data verification errors with Nero BackItUp2 (Nero 7) and a Sony and trying both a DVD RW and a DVD R FYI I use Shadow Copy for the burn the burn process completes without error every time i e - the error only occurs during data verification errors with Nero BackItUp2 (Nero 7) verification and I have burned to the DVD RW many times before without incident More generally I didn data verification errors with Nero BackItUp2 (Nero 7) t get data verification errors before so I am wondering why I might be getting them now Also could someone tell me what exactly quot Sector NNNNNN on disc has different content to source quot means I assume it means that the source and target files are not matching in some cases More importantly is it a big deal I ran the ScanDisc in Nero CD-DVD Speed and both DVDs had good sectors damaged or bad Nero log file attached Thanks Aaron Allen Albuquerque NM nbsp
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I have an external hard drive with some files backed up from an old XP system using Nero Back Up software (files have the .NBA extension)
I am looking for a new computer and will want to install some of these files onto the new computer. Am I able to do this if the Nero software is not installed on the new computer, or will I have to buy Nero software just to add these files to the new computer? If so, is that always the case, that one must restore files using the same software used to backup the files?

A:Restoring file backed up on old system with I need Nero

Yes, you will need to install the Nero Backup software in order to restore the .nba files.

You can try using their free version of NeroBackItUp from here to see if that will work.

If not, they have older versions of the same free program

See if you can find the same version that you used to do the backup.

There are other programs you can use to do backups that don't require the same program to restore files. I use SyncBackFree to backup my files. You can use the same program to restore files, but it's not necessary. You can just copy the files back with Windows Explorer.
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When i click on Nero Burning ROM, it does not open at all. All that happens is i get a windows error report telling me that nero.exe encountered a problem. I have succesfully used this many times before, but one day it just stopped working.

Any idea of what is wrong?

A:Nero 7 Ultra Edition - Cannot start Nero Burning ROM

A simple uninstall and install might help.
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Hello everyone I attempted to burn a video file onto a DVD with Nero Express However the software only allows either bup vob or ifo files After googling such terms on the web I came across several forums communities and whatnot where people kept saying that Nero Vision is required in order to convert the files you want into bup vob Nero Vision. File Express. DVD Nero structures!? or ifo I have absolutely zero clue as Nero Express. Nero Vision. DVD File structures!? to Nero Express. Nero Vision. DVD File structures!? why the company behind Nero didn t include Nero Express. Nero Vision. DVD File structures!? Nero Vision in Nero s software suite Because without it Nero Express is totally useless But I digress I jumped on Nero Vision but was told by the software that my project could only fit into a DVD- Question I have burnable DVDs for min gb Doesn t that mean that even if my project exceeds minutes in length if it still doesn t exceed the size limit it s supposed to work What on earth is a DVD- anyways Question If you can just power on Nero Vision and immediately get your original file and burn it why does Nero Express require all this bup vob ifo nonsense Question What are the major differences between immediately burning your original file onto a DVD and converting that into the required bup vob and ifo formats Question How would I go about doing that with Nero Vision EDIT Realized that the only way to burn past that time limit min My file exceeds hours in length is to decrease its quality which I do not want to do So I should go with the vob bup ifo stuff right How would I go about converting my original movie file mp to those formats So that i can then take those into Nero Express and make a DVD PS Why is all of this so complicated Geez nbsp

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Whats better on XP?Nero Expressor Nero 7 EssentialsPlease tell me the differences,what they do and what not?Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Whats Better? Nero Express Or Nero 7 Essentials?

"Better" in what way?

Nero Express doesn't bore users who only want to burn...who do not want the entire Nero suite installed (includes burning, backup, etc.) installed on the system.

CD/DVD drives normally only include Nero Express with the drives.

I'm still using Nero 6.6 so I have no clue about Nero 7 Essentials, but I'm sure there is plenty of info at the Nero website on it.

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My problem is that I simply cannot get Nero to record video and sound from the TV card. The TV plays fine in Windows Media player, so I know that is working. I can sometimes get the picture to show up in Nero, but never the sound. When I try to record the video all I get is a still image. I know it is a setup problem of some kind, but for the life of me I canít get it to work. When I try to play TV through Nero I get a blank screen, and a thousand setting adjustments donít help. During setup it finds all of the channels so it is at least seeing the signal. Do you have any ideas? System information is in my profile.
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I am considering upgrading from Nero 8 to Nero 10.

However, I am not sure that I need any functionality that I don't have with Nero 8 Ultimate...

The one possible exception is Nero Media Home 4... However, in reading it briefly, it doesn't seem like it does a whole lot that isn't available out of the box for Windows 7 Home Premium...

Does anyone use Nero Media Home that can tell me what it does that might be worth buying the upgrade for. Ar ehtere any new features in Nero 10 that should cause me to buy it other than the name change?

A:Nero 10 and Nero Media Home

Didn't know that Nero 10 was being offered until I saw your post.

So, I went there and looked at it ... and I'm definitely NOT going to upgrade from Nero 9. Why? Because it looks like all they've done us bundled in two other products I don't need to justify the $50+ upgrade price.

I don't need the Video Editing SW (already have another product for that), and also already have another product for Backup/Restore that works just fine (Acronis True Image Home 2010).

What they're doing now is increasing the already "bloated" product that was originally, one of the finest CD/DVD burning packages out there.

Also, I saw yesterday that they're offering a Nero 9 "light" for free. Just basic CD/DVD burning SW -- but that's all I really need for now.

Unless you need the other add-ons, suggest you consider the Nero 9 light.
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I could Not uninstall Nero 7 or Upgrade on Nero 8 over 7 ... I wont be able to Uninstall Nero 7.... and If I try to upgrade its ask me to Uninstall Nero 7 first.... What do I do...

Please Help...

A:Can Not Uninstall Nero 7 or Upgrade Nero 8

Hi if you search support on the Nero website you will find a nero clean tool download it to your desktop and run as Admin it will remove it for you.
Hope this helps

Regards Ken
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I uninstalled trial version of Nero 8 because it would spam error message whenever I try to do anything, now it still doing it when I open up Windows Movie Maker and Try to import a video!

I can't burn anything now!

I also tried downloading the missing file, extracted it from the .rar and moved it to the windows directory folder, rebooted comp, still same problem! Please help!

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Hello,My husband upgraded his notebook PC and gave me his existing. When I went to set up my email account I attempted to import contacts from a WAB in a file and all the contacts are encoded.Is there any way to "un" encode them and view them in a normal script?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal


Suggest you try thisprogramm. It helped me
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I would like to know how to fix the Encoding in AOL. I want it to be
user defined. I go into IE and change it but when I go back to AOL
is changes back to this large screen.


I would like to know how to fix the Encoding in AOL. I want it to be User Defined. I go into IE and change it but when I go back to AOL it changes right back to this large screen. How do I fix this this?
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I'm looking for an aac+ encoder? I've recently seen people encoding in aac at around 48kbps and having it sound pretty much 128kbps, this is for a sound broadcast and would be delivered through an intergrated flash player.

I'm pretty new to the encoder so anything related to it which would help me would be most useful.

Thank you!

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Can you please tell me in the simplest language possible what it means to encode a file, this may sound like a dumb question but I do not have a clue as to what a program is talking about when they refer to encoding. Thanks in advance on any enlightenment you may offer on this question.
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Hi Guys

need your help,

I currently have some music demos we created as mp3's and need to convert them to mp4's, please can anyone suggest software that will allow this.


A:MP4 Encoding

Don't know of any but you might try either of these sites : (Audio and Video.)

Both offer a wide range of Free and Share utilities within these fields.
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i just recently got dvd santa and so far i like it cause its very simple to use as you all probably already know i so far only used it once to create a movie using vob files converted from avi file that movie was a success however when i tried another movie i had to add media files instead of the movie encoding dvd was made but i wasent sure how it was gonna turn out dvd encoding cause i didnt think i did it right adding diff sets of vob files didnt seem right so i played the movie and it is indeed messed up it plays but its going like half the speed on the video and its playing the audio from the other file so im getting audio from one file and video from another and its running at half the speed the video the audio sounds fine though how can i fix this can i combine the two video files somehow to successfully create this movie thx bunches nbsp
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I have bought a CD (not p2p) which has anti copy/copy control. The problem is that I have Mp3 player in the car and would like to convert these songs to mp3. Any ideas anyone?

A:Mp3 encoding

I've had a similar problem. When I inserted a CD with "copy control technology", it insisted I updated some softwar on the OS in order to play the CD.

I just loaded up DBPowerAmp & ripped it. The songs play fine (no skipping, etc.).
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Hi -

In my OE6 window I have four panels. One is the list of emails in the selected folder. In that panel, some of the incoming emails were sent from Russian email addresses, and the name of the sender appears as ??????

I've managed to correct this in the other panels, but can't find how to do it for this particular panel. Can anyone please advise?


A:OE6 Encoding

Is the sender someone you are in contact with? Are they listed in your Address Book? Is it changed there?
I'm not clear on what panels you speak of in OE, can you attach a screen shot in your next post?
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hey i dunno if this is off topic or not but I wanted to know if someone could teach me to encode text so I can send encrypted messages to a friend of mine and it would be neat if u could teach me. Thanks.


through what means? email? instant message?
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I don't know how to fix this, but my web pages don't disply properly and I have to manually go to VIEW, ENCODING UNICODE or USER DEFINED on each and every web page I try to view. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have contacted microsoft (who no longer offers support for windos 98 for free) and my DSL provider, neither had any suggestions or help for my unless I want to pay $49.95. I'm a broke college student and I can't afford this. Please help, Thanks!

- please create your threads in the proper forums


Have you tried View->Encoding->Auto-Select?

If you don't have such an option then install it. It is a tick box in IE installer I think.
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hi i hav uploaded an zip attachment,my frinds pc and dictionary software is not displaying the language translation properly, in the screen shot attached the left hand window shows the english and the right side of the same window is showing the unreadable symbols. any ideas
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My laptop had to be wiped to factory defaults because of a windows problem, and I lost some files I need. When I had done a factory default, I ran Recuva to try and locate the files (documents). It found one that I'd lost, but it is encoded; how do I restore it back to normal text? The file is attached.

A:Encoding after recovery

Looks like it has been corrupted. I don't think you will get anywhere with it.
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Every so often my IE just screws up. All I see on the internet is boxes w/ red x's, until I go into view and change the encoding. I never mess w/ the encoding except for this problem, so I don't know how it happens in the first place. I've checked for a windows update and couldn't find anything. This is a huge pain, so if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
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When using Microsoft products such as Word or FrontPage, an issue often occurs of encoding. What exactly is it? Also, what's the difference between ASCII, ISO, and Windows encoding?

A:What is Page Encoding?


Originally Posted by redtriwing

When using Microsoft products such as Word or FrontPage, an issue often occurs of encoding. What exactly is it? Also, what's the difference between ASCII, ISO, and Windows encoding?

Could you be more specific about what "issue" occurs with microsoft products.

This encoding refers to data text that is converted to numerical characters that the computer can understand. Its a very technical issue but if you need to know more about it, there is a great amount of literature on the subject. Go to a search engine such as Google or Ask and type in your query.
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so what I want to do is encode my .mkv video files into .avi format for my mp4 playerthe mkv files are anime shows (in japanese with english subtitles) many of which are soft subbedthe problem is with the subtitles ;(I tried using SUPER to encode the videos into avi, the video/audio was fine, but the subtitles turned out horriblethe fonts/ size/ color/ positioning was all incorrectare there any programs or procedures that can handle this conversion correctly (with minimal loss of video/audio/subtitle quality)?here is an example of the original .mkv playing (positioning, size, and font of subtitles are very important in this situation):MS paint is bugging out on me, but I'll try to post an example of what the SUPER encoded version looked likethx in advance guys ^.^

A:Encoding H.264, MKV to AVI questions

Try MediaCoder:
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I just recently got a new computer and I am having problems with it not reading certain korean fonts. It reads most of the korean, but sometimes it is broken up in itunes and on certain koreanwebpages.

for example, it would show: ĹŇ»
I have installed east asian languages and I have tried to change the encoding on webpages. It still doesn't work for some sites. Please let me know what I can do, because my old computer was successful in recognizing more korean.

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I used MSXML2 DOM object to load and save a XML file in ASP code. Because I want to disply Chinese char in browser, I set <?xml version='1.0' encoding='big5' ?> in first line of XML file. The xmlDOC.Save method of DOM component generated a error " Cannot save character in big5 format" .

I don't think XML DOM component really doesn't support "big5" code page, otherwise, how the Chinese people write data into XML file with MS product?! But I cannot find any info from MSDN.

Any one can tell me what did I miss or even better give me a sample code.

p.s. I tried to save on UTF-16, the Chinese char saved but cannot display correctly. So any utf encoding is out of question!!

Thank you for any help!!

A:encoding=big5 in XML

why are you using msxml2...msxml4 is the latest version

go to to get it
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I encrypted a couple of files. Some time later, the operating system on my computer crashed (Windows XP) , after reinstallation I cannot decipher these files, has anyone ever faced such a problem? Is there a way out of this situation or should I forget about reading them?
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I have been using Auto GK to encode VOB dvd files to avi.

On select output size, i choose Quality and select 100%
Does this really keep a 100% quality from the original file?


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......does anyone of you guys know how to set the default encoding settings in IE 7 to an encodng other than (UTF-8) that will work always until it been changed again manually and won't change all the time by itself..???..

A:Default IE 7 Encoding ???

Tools --> Options --> General tab --> Languages button --> Add your language --> move it to the top so IE always selects it.
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Just wondering,

Ive currently been using convertxtodvd to make my pal images into NTSC

Instead of letting convertxtodvd do the transcodeing, would using handbrake on all maxed settings (avi xvid codec double encode) with a set resolution of 720x480 (NTSC) yeild better quality results? rather than the vob files from the image?

I would imagine so, since the encoding process takes much longer with hanbrake than convertxtodvd.... but handbreak is, on the other hand making an avi rather than a Video_ts folder....

In short, will using handbrake as the cropping factor yield better quality results then convertxtodvd encoding process

A:Solved: Encoding...

I doubt it. Converting to AVI entails a quality loss. Converting again to a DVD means another loss.
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Hello Bree This I owe you Two weeks ago downloaded quot The sound of music quot movie found an Hebrew subtitle it was in a Encoding movie exact sync with the movie Added the subtitle using quot Handbrake quot Once I tried Encoding a movie to add subtitles with quot DVDstyler quot but did not like the fonts shape in quot Handbrake quot they remain nicer - in my opinion Playing the dvd on our tv the picture was a little dark and sound was low So here I Encoding a movie asked for Encoding a movie help on this forum Thanks to your guidance I learned a little about this ffmpeg filter So after many trial amp errors also typing in the command prompt box I got short movie samples still could not decide which one made from each a screenshot of the same scene put them side by side in an image viewer - that made me easy to select So here attached in a zip file are the screenshots and the original On each one I wrote the settings made in ffmpeg In one of them the contrast was untouched only brightness Finally made one dvd checked if the settings were in as you can see in one of the screenshots The one I selected was Gladly I would like to have your opinion Many many thanks again Motim
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is there a program which allows me to encode my mp3's easier? (i like to put my cd's on to computer, less chance of damaging cd im not one of thoes download people)
becasue when i rip my songs with windows media player it automatically fills it in, but when i convert them they dont have encoded artist and album and stuff, and it takes agers to fill it all in!! any sugestions?

A:music encoding

Windows media player converts tracks to .wma format, not mp3, unless you've paid for the extra plug in.
CDEX is a free programme that will save your cd's to mp3, and whilst ripping them, you can access an online database to tag the music correctly.
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What do I have to do to be able to view korean websites? I was able to do so before I got hit by a virus. I don't know if that is the cause but I can't encode korean webpages to view them in korean font anymore. I can change the text to any other language except for korean. Do I have to install something?

Also, my sound control is gone. I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help me?
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Hi everyone~

I have Western European (Windows) checked in Encoding, but it keeps changing. In one window, it might be Western European (ISO) or it might be Unicode~~never know what it is going to be. I keep changing it back to Western European (Windows), but it never stays there. Shouldn't it be Western European (Windows) in all windows since that is what I have checked?? What can I do to keep it from constantly changing?? Thanks in advance!!

Dizzy Blonde

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Have downloaded a musical movie, length 2:54 hours. The picture is a little dark and audio volume low.
I am trying to re-encode the movie (with video and audio filters), once in "AVIDEMUX", had to stop it after six hours when only 35 % were done. Now I'm trying to do the same with "VideoPad Video editor", there are still 7.5 hours to go and only 21% were done. The program and encoder use almost 88% cpu.
I was thinking to do altogather with "DVD styler" to make a dvd and at the same time make the enhancement, but there is only an option to amplify the volume, no video filters.
Is there some way to do this job faster, or some other program which works quicker ?
Answers will be much appreciated
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I'm going crazy trying to find a solution to the following problem:

I'm using Windows Live Mail on my new laptop Windows7.

My default encoding is set to Western European (ISO), but the recipients get my emails in UTF-8 . Why? Their encoding is also Western european (ISO)
Do you have an idea how to solve this problem?
Thank you!
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I video taped my Christmas I then connected it via Firewire to my PC Encoding problems and captured the whole Christmas to my computer It captured it Encoding problems as AVI I created parts - hence AVI files named - and saved to My Documents I can play these files back in WMP and they look awesome Very nice quality - or at least nice enough for me These are HUGE files however and I would like to make them downloadable on my site for family members I tried encoding one of the AVI files with TMPenc several times with many different setting changes but the video isn t too good on any of them no matter the setting It looks OK until the camera or a person moves somewhat quickly Then the video gets quot lines quot all through it until the motion has slowed WAY down or stopped Anyone know what might be causing this Obviously it is something in the encoding as the AVI looks quot perfect quot I don t have a clue what the settings really mean in TMPenc but I tried many different options with the Frame Rate Aspect Ratio and size Anyone know what I could do to fix the quot line quot problem I m having in the encoded video files Remember this doesn t happen with my AVI files ONLY with my MPG files that TMPenc creates Any help would be VERY appreciated I don t know if this matters or not but I would also like to encode them as MPG for DVD burning but at this point I m more interested in getting a nice looking MPG file for downloading off my site Thanks nbsp

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I am using Windows Home file encoding Premium I went to following link for file encoding Choose text encoding when you open and save files - support - Office com I got following details from this link Quote Choose an encoding standard when you open a file If when you open a file text appears garbled or as question marks or boxes Microsoft Office Word file encoding may not have accurately detected the encoding standard of text in the file You can specify the encoding standard to use to display decode the text Click the Microsoft Office Button Button image and then click Word Options Click Advanced Scroll to the General section and then select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box Note When this check box is selected Word displays the Convert File dialog box every time you open a file in a format other than a Word format Word formats include doc dot docx docm dotx or dotm files If you frequently work with such files but you rarely want to choose an encoding standard remember to switch this option off to prevent having this dialog box open unnecessarily Close and then reopen the file file encoding In file encoding the Convert File dialog box select Encoded Text In the File Conversion dialog box select Other encoding and then select the encoding standard that you want from the list You can preview the text in the Preview area to check whether all the text is readable in the encoding standard that you selected I can go upto Click Advanced Scroll to the General section and then select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box After this what am I supposed to do Here it says quot Close and then reopen the file quot Shall I close file without saving it I even tried this I dont see quot Convert File dialog box quot when I am saving file Please let me know how to get this done on windows

A:file encoding

What file extension are you trying to open / or save?

Instead of going through encoding, why not do a Save As, then select the extension you want.
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Is there anything I can do to make web pages easier to read? I'm on Vista Home Premium.

A:Character Encoding

What do you mean by easier to read? Do you have eyesight problems? Is your computer's display fuzzy? You will have to provide more information before we can attempt to assist you.

You can zoom in on webpages or change your computer's display resolution, but until I know exactly what your problem is, I cannot give relevant advice.
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I'm about to buy a TV tuner (Probably Haugpauge WinTV, unless anyone has a reason I shouldn't.) Anyway, before I buy it, I'd like to get a grasp on this encoding business. DixV seems to be the most efficient encoder space-wise, but will I be able to select this encoder when I'm encoding? What about encoding from my VCR? If I already have the DivX codec to play files, does that mean I already have the one to encode them? Is there a tutorial somewhere to teach me how to do this? Sorry for all the questions. I'd really appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks so much, and have a great day!

A:Encoding with DivX

well if u have divx codec installed in the system you can encode other file to divx format. I use virtualdub to do this which is a wondeful free tool
download it from
if that does not work go to

in virtualdub open the file>go to video>select full processing mode>then go to compression. you will see a list of video codecs installed in your computer.Choose divx.
similarly go to audio and select a compression (Eg.mp3)
Then come to file>save as avi.

As for tv tuner card , i dont have one but i read a article in a computer mag and it contains every information. but sadly i did not have a copy of it in the computer so i cant send it to you. But i am sure there is plenty of tutorials in net and one just have to find the right one.

the article name Cyberlink PowerVCR II as the editing software. probably you will get some software in your driver cd when u will buy the card but this one is the best.

Using it you can directly save the movie to mpeg which saves a lot of space.

1.Enable DMA from right click my computer>property>device manager>hard drive>setting. repeat the same for ccd drive.

2.Get the latest driver for all the device

3. You need at least 1gb place for the working directory and additional space for saving video footage
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A friend's pc was infected by a Encrypting Virus.
He formated the system disc and made a new Win7 install as he noticed it.
Then he saw that all the JPG, DOC, XLS, PDF, AVI, ZIP, MP4,... files had a new change date and they won't open any more!
The extern hard disc was plugged in and so the copies are encoded too!
With the Anti-CryptorBit Tool some JPG's are restored a bit but no one complete.
I have found some originals which are not encoded (jpg and mp4) for compareing but I can't load them up cause the files are larger then 512kb.
Can anyone help me?

A:Encoding Virus

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We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
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How do I change a movie recorded on a DVD-R from PAL to region 1 coding

A:region 1 dvd encoding

You don't change it from PAL, unless you wish to spend hours re-encoding. DVDshrink (available on the net) can change it's region code when copying.
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Hey all I have a few problems encoding this mkv file First off it s a RAW of Eureka Seven an anime video - around MB It s Encoding .MKV Problems encoded into mkv format with AAC audio When I load it up in VirtualDubMod I get a warning that tells me that the video might be quot Variable BitRate quot and to use another program in case it doesn t work I looked at the frame-rate and it s at quot quot So I safely assume that it is .MKV Encoding Problems Variable Bit Rate When I play the video on a regular player in Windows such as Media Player Classic everything syncs perfectly However .MKV Encoding Problems when I play it in VirtualDubMod the video seems faster in the beginning then the audio eventually takes over and that goes faster than the video The same thing happens when I encode it to any other codec I can mess around with the framerate and such and make certain parts play normally but it s still out of sync Another thing I did was split the mkv into files video audio using MKVExtractGui which turned it into a avi and aac file I opened the avi changed the frame rate to I believe something around that and I converted the aac file into wav and imported it and put it with the video file I encoded it and everything was synced but the video was really jumpy for some reason I really forgot how to do this though I ve done soo many things I don t even know anymore lol Anyway any help is greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:.MKV Encoding Problems

Seems VirtualDubMod can't handle the latest MKV files.


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Is there a faster way to encode an AVI to an MPG than Avi2VCD so I don't have to leave my computer on overnight?

A:Encoding MPEGs

it takes a while no matter what you use........visit the link below for eveything you ever wanted to know about vcds
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I have an ACER T35(don't laugh at the back there) which I use to burn my holiday dvd's.I use ULEAD 9 Video s/w. AMD Athlon XP 3000 (1.8mhz) 1.5 gig Ram.
When burning , from start to finish, it equates to approx 4 hours processing time for 1 hours video. My original files are MPEG4 which have to be encoded etc.

Is this an acceptable time frame??. I do not have problems with time per se, I just use my other PC for browsing in the interim.
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I've recently started using Opera instead of IE at the recommendation of a friend, and I'm mostly happy that I changed.

Thing is, now that I'm using it, the text on the boards I frequent don't always look right.

Originally Posted by Example

No. None what so ever. Ah wish ah did…maybe ah would if ah could clearly understand what in tha hell she’s talkin’ about. Ah mean, who tha hell speaks like that anymore?

It's mainly apostrophes and ellipses that are the problem, and as the main forum I use is a role-playing one, a lot of "I'm" type words are used and it's annoying that this keeps happening. Changing the encoding doesn't seem to work either.

What's happening?

In a slightly non-related question... text enclosed in the glow tags doesn't glow on Opera (or Firefox apparantly) either, why is this? The boards run vBulletin Version 3.0.3 if that makes a difference.

A:Opera encoding?

I don't think I'm understanding what your initial problem is. Can you take a screen shot and post it here? I primarily use Opera and haven't had any issues with the text.

As far as the Glow feature, that only seems to work within IE. I have a feeling it's a Microsoft only HTML feature and not part of any web standard, although I've never checked to see if that's what the case is.
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I wanted to compress a folder that was GB so that it would fit on a GB DVD so I right click the folder went into properties and under the General tab I went into Encoding File Advance and then Advanced Attributes under the option Compress or Encrypt attributes I checked the option to compress contents to save disk space thinking that disk meant my DVD and not the Local disk c It even went further to ask whether I wanted to compress the folder only or the folder along with all the sub folders and I checked that option as well To my horror every file that I ve attempted to download is coming in the format of or what I believe to be an ISO file If I burn a movie I may File Encoding be able to view it on my computer if I burn that same movie I am seeing from my DVD player Not supported file or Check disk with a yellow exclamation mark or Error Downloading my games is also to me a waste of time since I can t run it in this ISO file format It seems to me that I File Encoding ve totally changed the way my local c drive saves my files and I ve asked friends and technicians at my job for help and no one seems to know what to do I ve tried the utility System Restore set my restore date to the beginning of this month and to no avail My question is How do I make my computer download and save files the way it used to NORMAL so that I can play my games and watch my movies without ALWAYS having to convert or Encode the files first which takes hours I might add before I could use it Your help would be greatly appreciated Tech Support File Encoding Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc TT Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp
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When my old laptop died the computer shop backed up my documents and now I cannot open them in Vista. They ask me to select text encoding for conversion. What shuld I select to change them from gobbledy-gook back to writing? The files are TMP files.
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Hello Guys For over a week I've been facing an issue with a certain website It's an arabic forum I dont know what have I done to it but more than a week ago it was operating fine the language was appearing correctly and it was from right to left document as it is a Arabic forum Now I dont know what has happend but everytime .. encoding need with I help Page please I go on it the letters are not correct when i try to set the encoding by right clicking the mouse and then selecting encoding Western European ISO and Left to right document is selected already then I choose arabic and right to left document because I need help with Page encoding please .. these are the settings I have for the the other arabic websites then it appears to be fine but as soon as i leave the page and come back to out it's back to what it was like and I resit it again All the other arabic forums are operating well and they I need help with Page encoding please .. are all from right to left and the charectors are appearing right it's only this page There is something wrong with my settings as the website is operating well from my sisters website Can you please help me with resolving this matter I've searched all over the Internet but couldnt resolve it I want the page to pick up these settings automatically as it used to Thanx and Thanx inadvance

A:I need help with Page encoding please ..

Ooh Can any1 help pleaseee ...
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I would like to know encoding used for Japanese charcters used in Windows XP and also able to see the hexavalue of Japanese charcater(In Ascii encoding If I type A,the correspondng value is ox41) If write a some Japanese characters in MS Word and store it as a text file..anyone can help me..

Relevancy 38.7%

hi there i have downloaded some video from the internet legals ones that is and unfortunately a couple of them are in avi format. i am trying to burn them into a dvd rewriter which have bough a couple of days ago.
i have many different application such nero and dvd burning professional. when i am burning the dvd in nero it is very quick but it takes 1 hour or more to encode the video format to pal or ntsc is there any software that does encoding much more quicker.

also i have used anyvideo conter that encodes avi format to pal= MPEG but it takes more than 1 hour with a file size of 699 MB.

can someone please help me with this problem i am need of help thanks alot in advance.

A:Problem with encoding dvd

I use WINAVI it takes about 30 minutes on my pc to do a 700mb avi file. try it and let me know
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I am running windows XP on Dell Inspiron 9300.
I am not able to connect to internet, as I can see connection shows connected but page stays totally blank.
Further researching I found that when I click on View/ Encoding, it shows none.

I just downloaded the new IE8, but it is still same.
Can any one help?
I am suspcting to have virus on the computer, but not sure.
I did ran Vcleaner from Grisoft in safe mode and did not find any virus.
I installed spyware doctor and melware bytes and scan but still no result.

Please help.
Thank you.

Relevancy 38.27%

I am an avid windows user not a pro for years My only question isn t that odd involves video encoding for years I wondered why movie maker had such conservative settings even when there are standard definition videos recording at mbit lucky me I have a panasonic that does so for my x TV Anyway my vids Encoding Video vista and are junk I got a new hd card capable of bigger vids than mine avivo helping things along and an external editor called ulead video studio god forbid windows has to do anything with it I want to upgrade for dx and the next level of goofy graphic things I never know the name of basically for pixel shader four Video Encoding and vista and my vid card is already capable Do I need premium vista as that is the one that claims to do HD encoding in movie maker I am certain it goes beyong movie maker but for programs that use windows media encoding as well given windows track record Before I spend too much could someone inform me I only learned recently that the hd is a world seperated from regular windows I have Video Encoding and vista always run and it has been a bad time I am assuming for now premium vista is a must do and can I upgrade my upgrade retail xp ugrade edition for the upgrade nbsp

A:Video Encoding and vista

I'm not sure of the full intent of your post but some things; dx10, any direct X layer has always been aimed at graphics display where games are concerned when it comes to the "fancy" stuff.

HD video is much more ubiquitous than that, relying on codecs, horsepower and capacity. In other words I can encode any HD video on Vista or XP (or other OSs) as long as I have the right program that can decode and encode in HD, have a video card with at least 256 mb of memory (512 is better), a processor fast enough not to take an unreasonable amount of time in making editing changes or encoding, and a very generous amount of free hard drive space.

Personally I work with Hi Def on an old Athlon 3800+ system with 2 gigs of memory running XP pro with a squeak-by 256 meg memory video card. Studio 11 is the program that I use for the HD processing.

As you may know from the specs above, working with HD is dead dog slow and the only reason I would go to a system with Vista is if it came with the sweet quad core processor, 512 mb video card...etc...for the power and capacity, not for Vista or for any special features that the OS or hardware might otherwise have for other purposes.

I wouldn't trust Windows Movie Maker to be competent working with any HD in any version since its never been a reliable or robust program.
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HI everyone,
I wonder if anyone has a problem with Windows mail live on windows 7. I am having problems when i write a email it seems okay on the screen but when i print it the apostrophes change to other characters..
even when i print it to PDF the same thing It mails okay.... something with Encoding maybe but what??
If anyone have an idea I would appreciate.

A:Encoding on windows mail maybe

I don't know where to do it in Windows Live Mail, I use Thunderbird, but, if you're in the US or UK, the best general setting for character encoding is Western (ISO-8859-1)
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Just wondering if there is any basic codec available to ENCODE in x264?

I have tried using the old x264 installers that i have, but none of them correctly install and show up in virtualdub.

I simply want to encode with x264 like i used to.

Does anyone have an x264 encoding codec that is compatible with Vista x64?

Relevancy 38.27%

I am in a forum quite a bit and have noticed that the "encoding" is always unicode (UTF8), then I'll be in another area and the encoding changes to something else. Is this the reason that I keep getting that little square with the red x in it, instead of showing the picture that suppose to be there? Should the encoding be set at something specific, or does the site I'm on just select whatever it need to be?
Relevancy 38.27%

Whenever I try to open any field with text it appears to be encoded, unreadable. Can anyone give a hand on resolving this issue?
Thanks up front!
Relevancy 38.27%

Hello All:
The titles of a couple of my files (in a USB key) have been altered by the system. These titles are now not readable (I can't open them) because they are full of special characters, as well as very long. I am also not able to copy them to another location or change the names.
I am using Windows 10 and most of these files are Outlook pst or ost files. Is there any way I could modify the names in Windows 10?
Thank you for your help!
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My yahoo page am in Windows 8 read below

please anyone have a fix
Content Encoding Error Firefox IE and Chrome ?
Content Encoding Error

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem
please anyone have a fix
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I bought the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10, and i was starting to put some of my recorded movies on it, and when i when i slip the button for it to start burning, it says THE BURNING PROCESS FAILED BY: ENCODING FAILED. I used it on my friend computer and added the exact same movies that i added on mine, and it worked perfectly on his. But, the thing is, i use DVD-Rs, but when we used his, we used DVD+Rs. The same thing happens with the Super VCDs, mines says that
THE BURNING PROCESS FAILED BY: INTERNAL ERROR WHILE PROCESSING. But this time, i used the same exact CD-R on his, and it worked perfectly. i seriously need to figure out what im doing wrong on my computer. If you would be so kind to help me with my question, i would greatly appreactiate it. I Thank you for taking time for reading this.

A:MAGIX Fails Encoding

Have you checked to see if there are any patches/updates on the Magix website?
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I hate Windows feature that enforces installing localized software - e.g. I live in Poland so if I set my location as "Poland" many apps will be installed with Polish interface, which I don't want to.

Therefore I've installed my OS in en-US version and left US as my location. Now it's all nice in terms of apps interface, as it's always English. Most programs cause no problems with one exception - Notepad...

Whenever I open a txt file with Polish national characters, I see "bushes" instead of them. I tried to open them as UFT-8 encoded, but it hasn't helped. I've changed Notepad default font into CE encoding - no effect.

I tend to believe the default Notepad encoding is set to westerns somewhere, but I can't figure where to look for the appropriate setting - can anyone advise me on how to change it, so txt files displayed correctly?

Relevancy 38.27%

im recording programs to my tv card using windvr, which creates an mpeg file.
iv been trying using all sort of programs to make those movie files smaller such as TMPGENC, but nothing really makes it easy .. it changes the resolution and tweak it like hell ..
is there anything out there that transform a simple mpeg to a simple avi/divx using the same resolution and elements?

A:encoding MPEG to DIVX

virtualdub will do that if you have the needed codecs . remember to change the settings for video and audio to reduce size first.
Relevancy 38.27%

What kind of program will encode/decode simple text with select all and code/decode and a password for such as text in postbox on forums.
The safety on forums is not guaranteed And I don't wont sensitive info to be read.

Most programs offer folder encrytion only.
Relevancy 38.27%

hi wonder if anyone can help me, I have just put together a quad core system which is not over clocked, system includes q core q6600 housed in a gigabyte P35-DS3/S3, using 2 sticks of matched one gig ocz 6400 ddr2 my graphics card nvida 7900 gto 512 of ram, creative sound card audigy 2 zs psu jeantec 600w, two sata drives, one ide drive, dvd burner, running on win xp pro sp2 fully updated after clean install, bios updated

my problem is while encoding in nero vision express 4 which uses all four
cores, it gets so far then the screen goes black and the system reboots tried diffrent video files same results..

seems fine in everything else including 3d rendering in bryce 6 though I have not tried it on any games yet

A:system crashes while encoding

Try Using Virtual Dub ... FOr Encoding
Relevancy 38.27%

HI, I just made a home movie on my DV camera and encoded the captured movie on TMPGenc and it came out all nice as one single mpeg file. I took it to a DVD authorizing program, nero vision and it wanted to rencode it. What is the deal? shouldn't TMPGenc have done all the work?

Relevancy 38.27%

I have some avi files which are encoded with a divx decoder filter - is it possible to remove the encoding and how? Thanks!!!

A:Solved: Removing encoding???

Its possible to remove the avi wrapper but the only way to get rid of the divx encoding is to convert the file to a different format using a different codec.
Relevancy 38.27%

Can anyone suggest some software for encoding DVD to high quality xvid and/or x264/mkv format videos? I'm not concerned at all with speed, it can take as long as it needs to for the highest quality results. I've had meGui recommended, but it's far far far too complicated for me. I'm looking for something that is simple, and high quality, though, as I said, speed is not of issue.

Running x64 Vista Home Premium, NVidia 8800 GT


A:XviD/x264 encoding

Hi Zoloft,

There are few converters out there so you can give them a try, but they are not free. The one is Video Converter: Convert video, AVI MPEG WMV MP4 MKV video converter and the second even better is DVD Ripper - DVD ripping software, rip DVD to AVI, MPEG, DivX.

You can always try the free application first, right. I guess this is what you are looking for:All DVD to DivX/Xvid Converter 1 - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET

Relevancy 38.27%

I taped both of my sisters' graduating ceremonies in the last 2 months and I still have a previous vacation to encode as well. All from a Sony MiniDV Camera, what's the best software I can use to get the BEST resolution & quality? I know codecs are probably required as well.

I'm not worried how much the software will cost either, miniDV tapes seems to be expensive around here, I rather pay enough for an encoding software and be able to re-use the tapes.

I was using Windows Movie Maker before that came with Windows and damn, that's horrible stuff.

A:Need a good encoding program ^^

Do you want to just encode the video, or do you want to make transitions, effects, etc.?

VirtualDub is a free and great utility for the first variant, but I don't know if it supports DV format (guess not). Didn't you get some software with your camera?

Edit: VirtualDub does support capturing video from camera's so you can use it. For the codec, I suggest xVid (just configure it well)
Relevancy 38.27%

So i have been trying to diagnose this for a while TLDR When i am signed into my accounts anywhere i get the Content Encoding Error but if i use an account that is not mine it works fine One thing i just thought of i do have RSS feeds Error Encoding on my accounts and the other persons accounts does not could this be the culprit Below is the post from the mozillazine forums Encoding Error they tried to help troubleshoot but i don t think its specifically a firefox issue anymore Spoiler Other Encoding Error Forum Post So i have been trying to fix this issue for a while now my yahoo com quot Content Encoding Error Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem quot The issue is intermittent sometimes the page will load but of the time it does not and i get the error above This happens in ANY Firefox based browser on ANY machine and on ANY network and only seems to appear after i am logged in and does not matter what account i am logged in as all my accounts tested say my name in the corner and are alike When i tested with another persons account on my machine i do not get the error i used to get a similar error in chrome using western encoding but i change it to utf- in chrome and the issue has never shown up in chrome since I very much prefer Firefox over chrome The error shows up of the time if i switch the encoding in firefox to anything but unicode So far internet explorer and chrome using unicode utf- works of the time no issue quot quot JayhawksRock Does https www yahoo com work if not restart Firefox in Safe Mode and see if you can Do Menu Help gt restart with addons disabled What safe mode does gt http kb mozillazine org Safe mode quot quot EncodingNightmare I have tried A fully refreshed uninstalled and reinstalled firefox with extra addons or extensions if the issue happens in chrome as well until I switch the encoding from western in chrome is this a yahoo incompatibility And this issue happened on another PC with a fresh Firefox install yahoo com is fine and oddly enough my yahoo com is fine unless I am signed in I m fairly certain safe mode won t help but I will try and let you know when I can Edit Safe mode was tested and issue still present Edit Could this possibly have something to do with the account names they are all named alike Also this issue just randomly showed up and started happening in both chrome and firefox but i was able to fix chrome but not firefox quot quot JayhawksRock What happens with IE or whatever its now called What A V security software are you using Whatever it is turn it off return to default encoding restart the computer in Windows safe mode then launch Firefox and carefully browse a bit quot quot dickv You can check network http accept-encoding on the about config page to see if it has the default value http kb mozillazine org network http accept-encoding quot quot EncodingNightmare Tried the quot network http accept-encoding quot and right click reset to defaults issue still happens Now this is interesting i signed on with my mom s yahoo account and no matter how many times i refreshed it never happens at any location but when i sign in with my account at any location witch just uses basic letters and a few numbers no ascii or anything i get the encoding error all of my accounts start the same with different numbers at the end but in the corner they all show my name not my email This HAS to be something on my yahoo com s side right the fact that it happens with my accounts no matter what setup location browser network safemode debug mode etc Also if anyone knows if this is legitimate http www yahoo-support-number com i am trying to get in contact with yahoo but i cannot find a phone number quot nbsp
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I'm trying to get as much music as possible onto my MP3 player.
That said, I have a question out of curiosity. I don't mind encoding media in mono-channel, but I am wondering if bitrate can be cut in half?
Basically the question is: does mono @ 64kbps = same quality as stereo @ 128kbps?

A:Question about Media Encoding

No.Personally, I think encoding music to 64 bps, much less mono, is a waste of time.In doing so, you will miss out on a lot of the intricate bits of the music.64 bps mono is fine for speech, or non-music radio, as there is a small range of tones in speech, but not for music.You just loose too much of the sound quality.Music has multi levels of sound, and tones, that need to have a wider range to capture all the detail.It's like listening to the same song on an AM station, compared to an FM station.AM sounds like they're singing in a bucket. What are you using to encode your music?Have you tried encoding the same song at 64 bps mono, and 128 bps stereo, then listening to the difference?If not, try it.If you have a half decent system, you should notice definite difference between the two, in sound quality.I suggest, at a minimum, 128 bps stereo.That's roughly equivelant to CD quality.But, all of this is irrelevant.It depends on what you consider acceptable.
Relevancy 38.27%

is it normal for it to take 40 hrs to encode a 407mb avi file in tmpgenc and nero?

i have done a search for this question and found no answer. one person asked this question but never got an answer. that person was directed to; i went there and didn't find the answer.

just a simple yes or no would be fine; of course, if it's a no, then maybe someone could tell me why its taking so long. it encodes fine, but just takes forever.

specs for my pc; not the laptop: windows xp; 20gb; gf2/quadro2; 256ram; 7200 rpm ide hdd.


A:tmpgenc encoding time

Yes, it took my computer about 36 hours to encode a 450 mb. avi. The codec youre using might just be a bit slower.
Relevancy 38.27%

Hi all,
it's a very annoying problem, i hope somebody could help.
I do video encoding for a long time, this means for me capture video from my camcorder in DV format, edit and compress with DivX. Last step usualy is performed in VirtualDub.
Now the problem: the Select video compression dialog is empty (just the uncompressed line is there). I have all codecs installed, and it's worked some days before. It happened once and I did not find any solutuion but reinstall Windows, now the same again (in SP1 this time).
So, the codecs are installed (I can watch movies) but the encoder apps can't see any. What could be done - repetead reinstalls not an option.
This never happened on any other Windows.
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I am having a weird problem again with HandBrake I am trying to encode a ripped decrypted DVD HandBrake Encoding Error Final Destination From the year The error is apparently caused by HandBrake Encoding Error the chapter list The movie will encode fine as long as I don t add the chapter markers which I obviously want I have the chapter list http webpages charter net formatc images Misc Projects HandBrake Encoding Error Final Destination - Chapter List csv and here is the error message http webpages charter net formatc images Misc Projects HB Err txt Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the movie to encode with the chapter list intact Thanks Code An Unknown Error has occured System Reflection TargetInvocationException Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation --- gt System NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object at HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility ChapterCsvSave IEnumerable chapters String filePathName in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility cs line at HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility ChapterMarkersQuery EncodeTask task in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility cs line at HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility GenerateTabbedComponentsQuery EncodeTask task Boolean enableFilters Int verbosity Boolean disableLibDvdNav Boolean disableQsvDecode Boolean enableHwd Boolean enableOpenCL in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility cs line at HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility GenerateQuery EncodeTask task HBConfiguration configuration in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Utilities QueryGeneratorUtility cs line at HandBrake ApplicationServices Services Base EncodeBase SetupLogging QueueTask encodeQueueTask in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Services Base EncodeBase cs line at HandBrake ApplicationServices Services Encode Start QueueTask encodeQueueTask in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Services Encode cs line at HandBrake ApplicationServices Services QueueProcessor Start Boolean isClearCompleted in C HandBrake hbworkspace workspace Release WindowsGui HandBrake win CS HandBrake ApplicationServices Services QueueProcessor cs line --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System RuntimeMethodHandle InvokeMethod Object target Object arguments Signature sig Boolean constructor at System Reflection RuntimeMethodInfo UnsafeInvokeInternal Object obj Object parameters Object arguments at System Reflection RuntimeMethodInfo Invoke Object obj BindingFlags invokeAttr Binder binder Object parameters CultureInfo culture at Caliburn Micro ActionMessage lt cctor gt b d ActionExecutionContext context in c Users Rob Documents CodePlex caliburnmicro src Caliburn Micro Silverlight ActionMessage cs line at Caliburn Micro ActionMessage Invoke Object eventArgs in c Users Rob Documents CodePlex caliburnmicro src Caliburn Micro Silverlight ActionMessage cs line at System Windows Interactivity TriggerBase InvokeActions Object parameter at System Windows EventRoute InvokeHandlersImpl Object source RoutedEventArgs args Boolean reRaised at System Windows UIElement RaiseEventImpl DependencyObject sender RoutedEventArgs args at System Windows Controls Primitives ButtonBase OnClick at System Windows Controls Button OnClick at System Windows Controls Primitives ButtonBase OnMouseLeftButtonUp MouseButtonEventArgs e at System Windows RoutedEventArgs InvokeHandler Delegate handler Object target at System Windows RoutedEventHandlerInfo I... Read more

A:HandBrake Encoding Error

If you're encoding to an MKV container, just do it without the chapters and then add them manually using mkvtoolnix or some other tool. While it's probably not the cause (but it could be), that last empty chapter marker might be causing an issue.

Scratch that: for whatever reason, that chapter csv file is seriously borked; it has no actual timestamp info in it (this is exactly what that file has):


1,Main Titles
2,Flight 180
4,Early Exit
5,"""I Didn't Cause This."""
8,A Visit With Clear
9,Death's Design
11,Path Of Destruction
12,Miss Lewton
13,Looking For Alex
14,"""Who's Next?"""
15,Safe House
16,Alex's Revelation
17,Race Against Death
18,6 Months Later
19,End Credits
Not sure what's going on and I don't know where you're getting the timestamp info but that csv at that link doesn't have that info inside it which could be the reason it's all busted.

From experience I've never been able to just feed a csv file to HandBrake as a chapter list, it requires a very specific format which irritated me so much I just stopped using chapter markers at all in my own encodes. If you yourself are adding the chapter info and timestamps you're probably going to discover it'll balk at what you're creating which again is just another possibility for the error.

You might consider checking for potentially useful chapter lists as well, they tend to be a bit more accurate overall in my experience (and a somewhat proper format depending).

You could always ask this kind of support question at the actual HandBrake support forum located here too.
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when i encode some films they play ok as avi but when converted to mpeg everything is ok for awhile then the voices come out all wrong for the mouth movements . i have used different encoders and have have the same problems .

A:encoding avi to mpeg going wrong

It's best to copy the audio file (wav/MP3) from the avi to a separate destination first. Then when you're in converter prog and are prompted for the location of avi plus audio file they're coming from different locations. Otherwise thee will be audio out of sync probs.

Good luck.
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Hi, I have a pent II 450 with 320 mb ram. It takes me roughly 3.5 hrs to encode one hour of avi (250,000kb) at 350X240 to vcd. Would having a pentium 4 make it much faster?

A:encoding and processor speeds

You would think.
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The sound doesn't match video I encoded.

It is Language 1 DTS Ch 5 on the video file.

Do I need to encode it special way using DVD Flick ?

I have a forum account with DVD Flick Forum, which doesn't seem to work anymore.

I tried to login- DVD Flick &bull; Information

I can login but no forum postings appear nor could I post anything.

Is that forum still operational ?

It says Information- Offline


A:DVD Flick encoding Language 1 DTS Ch 5

You might find a guide to help you here Guide, How To, Tutorial and Article list - you will need to look for yourself I don't have time to do it.
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Hi there.
I have one avi file that I want to burn as VCD. I have Xing Mpeg Encoder, but when I select the source file it says "this avi is not supported format or you need the same compressor used for this avi on your computer" something like this....

but I can still watch the avi movie no problem with Windows Media Player. and I did install all the decompressors I can find on the web.. such as Divx Mpeg4 Mpeg2 and stuff...

Is there any way to find out exactly which compressor is used for this AVI? or is there any other way I can make this a VCD ??

Please help!! Thanx!

A:encoding avi to VCD ready mpeg.

First you need to vist the link below and read up on what you want to sounds as if you are missing a codec that you need....all are on the link below
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I am suddenly finding it takes longer to encode files to dvd video files with DVD flick.
It use to be 4 hours to encode now it about 6 hours or up to 9 hours. Using video file of
similar size like avi files, time duration and quality.

I delete a lot of large video files after I done with them.

Is this a fragmentation problem ?

Should I defrag my hard drive ?

Will that help in making the files encode faster ?

I close off all other programs that are usually running, but still slow.

Any other hints what I could to improve my encode speed ?

Sometimes it just stays at 4 percent and doesn't progress any further in progress bar
when using DVD Flick. Could it be a bad file sometimes ?


A:Dvd Flick encoding files

Run disc clean up,and defrag your hdd clear out your temp files and recycle bin run superantispyware and malware bytes plus your anti virus just to be sure all is well,are you getting dvd flick to burn to disc or create a iso or both
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When trying to burn a DVD with Magix Photostory I continue to get an encoding error The following is the last lines of the log for separate attempts Step of Creating DVD image Error F MDA reports error x fb - read file from source failed Step done ERROR PrepareDVDVideoFiles failed with errNo - encoding failed DBK error in BurnProject - movie encoding failed I ve tried several changes adjustments to my transitions photos etc cannot DVD burn errors, Encoding but get the same results My burner will copy another DVD so I know it is working properly I have uninstalled amp re-installed Photostory but doesn t the results I ve struggled with this program for weeks Does anyone have a suggestion about how to Encoding errors, cannot burn DVD correct this I ve sent requests for help on their forum but they don t respond Their forum has over requests less than have been answered Some questions are over a year old How does this program get a rating Does anyone have experience with this program I appreciate your help My computer Dell DHP Win XP w svc pack Pent GB GB RAM GB Maxton HD GB Seagate ext HB nbsp

A:Encoding errors, cannot burn DVD

I have no experience with your program, but it sure sounds like junk. Maybe it is choking on the image files being too large. If you have photo software, resize all the images to 1000 pixels and save them in a new folder. Then redo the slide show and see if the DVD will compile.
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I'm having encoding problems with IE7. I used to be able to view korean websites by going to view>>encoding>>korean. But now, I can't view any korean websites. The text comes out in jibberish and nothing changes when I try to encode it to korean. Actually, the encoding always stays at western european and I can't encode it to any other languages. however, I am able to view any other asian websites (chinese, japanese, etc.) and the text comes out just fine in the appropriate language.

One more thing to help with the troubleshooting, I uninstalled something a couple of days ago that may have caused this problem. But I'm pretty sure I uninstalled a useless thing, but I could be wrong.

PLEASE HELP!! I would hate to have to install the korean version of the IE7. I like the English version, i just need the korean language to work properly!!


A:encoding korean text

did you ever figure it out?