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Stuck key?

Q: Stuck key?

I have an older xp computer that hasn't given me a lot of problems until recently. It appears that the "5" key is stuck. Any where I click is immediately filled with number 5's. I have connected two other keyboards and it still happens. I can't even log-in because the password box is filled up with "5"s. Is something else fried?


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Preferred Solution: Stuck key?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Stuck key?

What kind of keyboard, PS2 or USB?
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Hello It may seem like a simple problem but I know nothing of the subject and I ve had the problem for ages Whenever I copy large files Movie size think MB the copy progresses very remaining" drives "5 sec Copying to/from stuck before for flash on 30 finishing seconds fast MB s until it reaches about where it gets stuck for about seconds to a minute and it says quot Time remaining seconds quot during all that time I have this problem with any flash drive in any USB port amp It also happens when copying to network drives and external harddrives which leads me to think it s a software windows issue Some vital information Copying to/from flash drives stuck on "5 seconds remaining" for 30 sec before finishing The flash drive I mainly use is USB quite new and easily capable of MB s writing speeds It reaches about - MB s during the copy until the final point where it still says MB s but does nothing for seconds USB port is also and I ve also tried every single other port in my computer None are broken and none ever show any signs of being slow The flash drive is NTFS formatted but it used to be FAT I ran checkdisk to see if there was anything wrong but there wasn t It s NTFS since I occasionally need files gt GB I tried using TeraCopy to bypass the issue but this way doesn t reach speeds of over MB s which takes even longer in the end It does fix the hanging at issue I tried converting the drive back to FAT which removes the issue of it hanging at but again the speed doesn t go above MB s which means it takes longer in the end making it not worth it What bothers me is that the files transfer at the maximum speed right until the very end where it just magically gets stuck for seconds or more before finishing like nothing happened Please advise P S I shamefully have to admit I never safely remove my hardware nbsp

A:Copying to/from flash drives stuck on "5 seconds remaining" for 30 sec before finishing

Marty9231 said:


It may seem like a simple problem, but I know nothing of the subject and I've had the problem for ages.

Whenever I copy large files (Movie size, think 700MB+), the copy progresses very fast (~100MB/s) until it reaches about 99% where it gets stuck for about 30 seconds to a minute, and it says "Time remaining: 5 seconds" during all that time.

I have this problem with any flash drive, in any USB port (2 & 3). It also happens when copying to network drives and external harddrives, which leads me to think it's a software/windows issue.

Some vital information:

The flash drive I mainly use is USB 3.0, quite new and easily capable of ~150MB/s writing speeds. It reaches about 120-130 MB/s during the copy until the final point where it still says 130 MB/s but does nothing for 30 seconds.

USB port is also 3.0, and I've also tried every single other port in my computer. None are broken, and none ever show any signs of being slow.

The flash drive is NTFS formatted, but it used to be FAT32. I ran checkdisk to see if there was anything wrong, but there wasn't. It's NTFS since I occasionally need files >4GB.

I tried using TeraCopy to bypass the issue, but this way doesn't reach speeds of over 20MB/s which takes even longer in the end. It does fix the 'hanging at 99% issue'.

I tried converting the drive back to FAT32, which removes the issue of it hanging at 99%, but again the speed doesn't go above 20MB/s which means it takes longer in the end, making it not worth it.

What bothers me is that the files transfer at the maximum speed right until the very end, where it just magically gets stuck for 30 seconds or more, before finishing like nothing happened.

Please advise!!

P.S.: I shamefully have to admit I never safely remove my hardware. Click to expand...

Although I've had the same happen on my downloads, this "P.S.: I shamefully have to admit I never safely remove my hardware." could be part of the problem, good luck.
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Hi so for starters this is my rig AMD A - K Quadcore Gigabyte F A M D H rev motherboard X GB Corsair Gaming Memory DDR RAM PowerColor HD GB TB HDDs So anyway I ve noticed that my performance was pretty strangely bad with games these days I just haven t had much time to play but now it became stuck .924v at A8-5600k and 1400mhz terribly clear some games like Outlast and Dark Souls had low fps at times my friend s PC which has an AMD ghz dual core processor and a GT with GB RAM does far better he can run Outlast all A8-5600k stuck at 1400mhz and .924v very high with stable FPS I ve rocking it at medium and it still dips to fps Both of us were puzzled by this because HD is far superior to GT and the A - K can clearly be seen in benchmarks everywhere to outperform that processor of his significantly as well After doing a stress test of my A - k with prime or even AMD Overdrive torture tests either Overdrive or CPU-Z would display that the clock speed is only mhz and the voltage is or a bit more like x and it would just be stuck like that during the tests So it points to my processor not running like it should So maybe it s my A8-5600k stuck at 1400mhz and .924v board I ve disabled C APM cool n quiet set turbo to ghz in BIOS it s still does the same thing I ve even tried disabling turbo and overclocking with the BIOS to ghz or even ghz as well still stuck at mhz Game performance still weirdly bad What should I do nbsp

A:A8-5600k stuck at 1400mhz and .924v

Do you have the ability to disable the onboard graphics for the A8-5600K from within your Bios (or) change the graphics over to PCI-E only? Also, check the Windows Power Management and make sure that it is not limiting the maximum cpu percentage (or set to balanced or power saver modes - you want Performance mode). Not the only solutions, but try these first and see what happens.
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I have an external hard disk of Samsung 650GB which got damaged when I was transferring some files to my pc through it. Now when I connect to any PC or Laptop it shows the safely remove icon but there is no letter assigned to it and also doesn't show up in My Computer though it can be seen in Disk Management.

I tried Mini Tool Partition Wizard but when I create a new partition it stops at 90%. I tried wiping out the partition but to no avail.

Is there any solution for it??? Please help.

A:Creating A New Partition Or Wiping A Partition On External Hard Disk Stuck

I would check the manufacturers site for a windows utility to low level format it. If you cannot find a utility to do that on manufacturer's site, then try this: to wipe the drive. WARNING!! this will destroy all data on the selected hard drive!! be very careful when selecting a drive to wipe that you don't inadvertently select the wrong disk. After a low level format, unplug the drive, plug back in, windows should detect as a new, virgin, drive and it'll prompt you to format it. Format it and hopefully everything will be fine from here on out for you.

Post back, Hope this helps!!
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Hey there I own a Samsung laptop the model is NP E C I left my computer on the couch rushed off to work and came home to find it on the ground I figured it fell off the couch which is about a foot off the ground When I turned it on the fan was making a loud noise and it was clearly damaged or out of alignment Instead of spending money taking it in I decided to have a look and popped the back off I took the fan off and cleaned it and then put it back However the hard drive was connected to the back cover by a little plug which went into the motherboard so I took that off in order to screw the fan back in place I put the cover back on and tried to put the hard drive chord thingy into stuck menu at Computer boot the motherboard again but it seemed a bit loose I then turned the computer Computer stuck at boot menu on after screwing everything back and now it only goes to the boot menu and no matter what I do whether it be changing the settings back to default Computer stuck at boot menu or trying to keep that plug stable nothing will get me to Windows Did I take something apart that was not supposed to come off nbsp

A:Computer stuck at boot menu

Seriously? No one has any advice? lol
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Hi I purchased a seagate tb drive Installed it and using windows bit disc management I was able to see the drive in two partitions - tb and tb They were MBR at 2tb 4tb disk stuck Used a utility called EaseUS Partition Manager I converted the type to GPT It saw tb so I hit the quick format and for some reason it made it a tb partition I could not get back the remaining tb s Seagate s Discwizard previously was also able to see two partitions but now it only sees the tb and says there is nothing else and cannot fix the problem Tried to fix it using Minitool s Partition Wizard Windows Disc Manager doesn t seem to have a tool to address this problem - it only sees one partition at tb s Can t seem to go beyond the tb partition or get the rest of the tb s back in any form that I could see allocated or unallocated or Can someone direct me to a tool or method that could fix this I would ideally like to have one partition for the full tb s Thanks in advance nbsp

A:4tb disk stuck at 2tb

If it is only seeing the 2 TB then it is back to being MBR.
I suggest deleting the entire partition and making sure it is GPT.
If this still does not resolve the issue I would return it as defective and try a new one.
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My ASUS EEE PC laptop keyboard has gone crazy. A few months ago I noticed that keys were getting stuck randomly, typing all Cs or colons or commas. I could usually clear this problem with the delete key and the problem would stop for a while during the session but it would eventually come back.

Then a few weeks later I notice that some of the keys would not work at all. Again this was random as some days certain keys wouldn't work and then other day they would start working again. Recently many of the keys completely stopped working.

A couple days ago eith one key either sticks or the whole keyboard won't work.

I have tried using canned air, popping keys off and cleaning them and even resetting the ribbon. I have now attached a USB keyboard and disabled the notebook keyboard and this is working but it is a bit of a hassle.

A:Keyboard keys are intermitantly stuck or not working

Perhaps I am jumping the gun on this one, but it sounds like this is a permanent hardware issue that will require either a new keyboard or mobo.

Have you tried going into device manager and completely uninstalling the drivers for the built in keyboard, then restarting?
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I upgraded my cpu to a 3GHz cor2duo E6850 from a E4500 2.2GHz
now my pc is stuck on bios logo screen.

When it powers with the new CPU I get one beep then it just sticks on bios logo screen, I left it for 20 minutes.

So I put my old CPU back in and updated bios then it stuck on logo screen witch ever CPU I used.
So then I tried to reset cmos, that's when it really crapped out, no beeps no display.
so then I took my cmos battery out and drained the board put my old processor back in and (thank god) it booted into windows.

Bad CPU?

Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Motherboard is a foxconn 45cmx (Bios has been updated)

A:New CPU PC stuck on BIOS logo

Anyone have any thoughts
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At random times, the CTRL key on my laptop will act as if it is constantly pushed down. I am unable to type and it is annoying. I have turned off sticky keys, and have tried pushing both the left and right CTRL keys simultaneously to turn it off. The only solution is a reboot of the computer. Is there anyway I can fix this??

A:CTRL key "stuck" on laptop, Asus N55S series, Windows 7

It may be time to replace the keyboard. They're not expensive and relatively easy to replace
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Hey all. I have a realy irritating problem regarding the resolution being stuck in all games video options. I have my pc set up through HDMI to my 28" JVC TV which works fine when on desktop. I have the resolution at full hd 1080p. however in everygame I go on I cannot change the resolution to any higher then 640x480 and 720x480.
Never used to have this problem before and not sure what has happend as it never realy gets used. I tried to switch from HDMI to VGA and it still happends.

I am using windows XP 32 bit and have installed all the latest drivers on my hd5770.

Any help would be greatly apprechiated as im completely stumped at this!

A:Resolution stuck at 640x480 and 720x480 in video options

Have you tried another video card?
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Hi -
My wife's laptop has a sticky "x" key. If it was a laptop then I could switch in another keyboard. The key works, a little, but is quite annoying. Are there standard tricks to fixing this?

Thanks so much.

A:Stuck "x" key

a HAMMER ? :sigh: Sorry for the cheap joke at your expense, but this happens all the time with laptops.
A roommate has the 'M' all over the place immediately upon logon (sometimes during messing up the pwd).

Plan on a trip to the PC Repair Shop
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I used to DBAN the other day the wipe my hard drive, completely forgetting that I needed a driver for it before I can install Windows. But I'm not particularly sure if I need the original driver, or if I can just use another program to partition the drive. I'm currently in the process of trying to get GParted to run on my bootable Linux (which is proving to be a real problem) so I wanted to know if it's even worth wasting my time if it's not what needs to be done. What's the best way to get a hard drive back into working order?

A:Wiped the hard drive, now I'm kinda stuck

Your question is vague and leaves open many assumptions. Let's try to clarify what you are asking...

Is this drive you wiped the main drive in your computer?!? Windows Xp and newer allows partitioning during the windows install process, so gparted may not be needed.
Why do you need Gparted?? Gparted should boot if you have a bootable linux disk with the application on it. Simply make sure the CD rom is the first in the boot order and it should boot to the disk.
The best way to get a drive back in working order is the format it. I recommend NTFS if it's windows, HFS+ if it's a Mac, and let linux partition however it wants to - different flavors of linux will partition & format as they see fit.

if you need a drive to install windows, generally the manufacturer has the necessary drivers on their web site to download to a floppy or a usb key & then during the install of windows it will prompt you to put in the "3rd party RAID or Controller drivers"

Hope this helps, please reply so we can help you out further.
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I've been having this problem for the past week.
In CPU-Z the core speed , bus speed , HT link are ALL on very low settings. PC feels very sluggish
I've resetted the BIOS , disabled AMD C&Q , I dont know what to do anymore.

I've tried stressing the CPU but the max core speed I seen was 300-350 mhz on core speed from CPU-Z stressing with prime 95.

Thinking about RMA'ing this MOBO
Any ideas ?
Screenshot below from Cpu-z CPU tab & Memory tab

my specs:
MSI 790xt-g45
4 gb ddr2 g. skill 1066
msi 7870 gpu
500 gb hdd

A:X4 965 CPU stuck at 100MHz

The DRAM frequency looks low. Did you RMA the motherboard?
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Hi, I'm wondering whether this RAM: Kingston KHX1600C9D3

Will work with this motherboard: AsRock 970 Extreme3 Motherboard

I'd greatly greatly appreciate any help!

A:Will this RAM work with this motherboard? I'm completely stuck?

Yes, that is DDR3-1600 RAM.

That motherboard accepts a maximum of 32GB using up to four sticks of DDR3 2100(OC)/1866*/1800*/1600*/1333/1066/800 non-ECC, un-buffered RAM.
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A friend of mines samsung laptop keyboard is having a problem with the z key. when you open word or log on to the computer it acts like it is stuck and just types out the letter continuously but when you press the key physically nothing happens please help

A:Laptop keyboard key acting like its stuck but unresponsive when pressed

Sounds like it could be a bad switch on the letter Z.
Read these before "experimenting". I just googled "dell laptop keyboard and key sticks"
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I have something visible on the screen which I can best describe as pixels which brightness is slightly more than the rest of the screen.

I can't say it is dead pixel, because the color changes appropriately to what is viewed making it difficult to spot. So it isn't color stuck, but more like brigtness stuck.

I think the correct term is brightness burnout or something.

Anyway is there a way to fix these? I know there are a couple of pixel testing software ad some say they repair them. Do these software actually repair them or hide them? How could a software fix something like stuck pixels?



A:How to fix stuck pixels on PC screen?

Theres a few methods i have read about.

Putting a SMALL amount of presure on the offending pixel with your finger.

Using a video like this : ( Seizure warning, contains strobing)

Never had a dead pixel so no idea if any of these actually work, but the you tube comments seem hopefull.
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htt p w ww techspot com vb topic html What was the fix please I ve had the same problem with the same mobo I wish I could have multiplier on CPU stuck 4x sent a PM or even posted on the thread but I can t send him a PM because I have no post count and I can t post in the thread since it got locked First home-built computer and it was working fine I overclocked it to was working fine for a bit then crashed brought it back down to figured that d be safe worked fine for a bit and then suddenly in game it crashed on me Ever since then no luck it s stuck on x multiplier and mhz and I can t figure it out I m fine with just default but this is of what default is supposed to be cpu Phenom II X CPU stuck on 4x multiplier Black Edition Deneb GHz mobo GIGABYTE GA- XA-UD AM AMD X Help please edit wow I can t even post a link to that thread Lame I m just trying to get some help nbsp

A:CPU stuck on 4x multiplier

Umm, basically the CPU fan wasn't spinning because ... umm ... I forgot to plug it in. The CPU throttled itself, which was why the multiplier was stuck at X4. I doubt that was your problem, but hope this helps anyway....
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So, I got a new LCD TV/monitor and it had a stuck pixel that was red set it back and got one with a blue stuck pixel this time. How do I fix this? I've tried several methods and none of them seem to work and I'm get frustrated.

Tried rubbing it through a cloth, tapping it with a pencil through a cloth, tried the color flasher things that claim to fix it and nothing. Is there a definitive method to fixing this?

A:How to fix a stuck pixel

Learn to ignore it, or return it if they have a "1 dead pixel" return policy. Some have a 3-5 minimum dead pixels policy before they will accept an RMA. IIR.
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I ve had this computer for about five years give or take the only thing different on it from factory is a new graphics card or two The current graphics stuck in Monitor standby card I ve had for almost a year or so My problem is suddenly Monitor stuck in standby out of nowhere no changes that I can think of my monitor started giving me issues One day when powering Monitor stuck in standby on my screen would turn on flash a normal computer start-up process and then go back to sleep-mode standby the power button is usually blue but orange during power save Sometimes like now I can get it to turn on and stay on but it takes a huge fight on my behalf I usually open something like control panel while pushing the on then off button repetitively every five seconds once it blackouts to get it to decide to stay on I haven t been able to figure out what makes it stay on but it is getting quite irritating If it goes into sleep mode the screen starts giving me issues again I have checked my video card driver I manually installed the latest from the Nvidia website Still having issues Here is what I m working with Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Build Service Pack vistasp gdr - System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Dell DXP BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Card name NVIDIA GeForce GTS Monitor Dell SE WFP Digital nbsp
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Let me first start off by saying I have limited knowledge on PCs.

I was browsing the internet when out of nowhere it started acting up. McAfee popped up in the bottom of the screen and my laptop began lagging pretty bad. Well it got stuck at that point with absolutely no response to any commands so I powered it off. When attempting to power back on, it loaded about 2/3 of the way on the welcome screen, and then froze at that point. It repeatedly does this. Upon hitting ESC, it says that my system BIOS are shadowed and my video BIOS are shadowed. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Studio 15 laptop stuck at welcome screen

Can you get into the Windows Safe Mode, by pressing F8 repeatedly when the computer is starting up?
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I've tried installing numerous operating systems including:
Fedora 14 (x86 and 64 bit)
Ubuntu 9.10 (x86 and 64 bit)
Windows 7 (64 bit)

the issue is the box stops at a black screen with a blinking cursor (linux) or the windows 7 loading screen depending on OS.

my parts are as follows:
MSI 890GXM-G65 AM3
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3
ASUS GeForce GTX 460

The memory passes memtest86+ after 4 hours

I cant seem to isolate the problem down to one part
any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated
i have a hunch that its the power supply not being able to handle everything but cant seem to verify

A:Stuck at black screen during install

I would try removing as many non-essential things from the machine to start with (sound cards, maybe half your RAM, USB devices other than kb+mouse, firewire devices, etc.) Also, you might want to check your bios to see if there's a special setting for memory while installing an OS. I doubt your problem is your powersupply if you can run for 4 hours on a memtest and I doubt it's really the mem if you're not getting any failures. Last thing I'd try is swapping out a video card - I did have an issue once where I'd freeze and couldn't believe it was the video card causing it till I popped that card into another machine and the same thing happened.
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I just bought a new Samsung monitor and it has 1 stuck pixel. I tried applying pressure to it and it didn't do anything.

A:Stuck red pixel on Samsung monitor

Did you apply pressure during a full power on/off cycle?
I don't know if that still works, It's been years since I have tried it. If captaincranky finds this thread, He probably knows the best remedy or things to try....he's a bit of a monitor expert.
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My friend's computer (which I'm using) is stuck at loading screen. It's a Toshiba Satellite 64-bit with Windows Vista. I told him to format but he refuses because he doesn't want to lose stuff he has.

I am currently on the Safe Mode with Networking, so anything you need me to do I can do from here, except install programs.

I tried to do a virus scan with avast!, but the computer shut down. Tried again, and it shut down again. It shut down when it was about 70% done, and it had found 18 infected files. I did another scan, but this time I stopped it when it had 11 infected files and moved them to chest. And now when I do the scan it shuts down on 4%.

Can this be the cause of my problem? Or is it another thing? Solutions?

A:Computer stuck at loading screen (Windows Vista)

Can this be the cause of my problem?Click to expand...

Yup. Start a new thread in the Malware forum on this site and the experts will help you to clean it.
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Hi i just recently installed a E8400 and i check on CPU-Z and the clock is stuck at 2ghz.

I look online and it tells me to turn off speed step but in my bios there is no option to do so.

My mobo is a 0RY007 from dell.

A:E8400 clock stuck at 2GHz in CPU-Z

There is no need to turn off speedstep.
Put your CPU under load, there is probably nothing wrong.
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The speakers won't work only if I plug something into the headphone jack will sounds come out.

A:Asus G51VX-RX05 stuck in headphones mode

the line may be muted... you should go into your sound card's control panel and check.
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Ok so i sent out my girls laptop about 3 months ago, because the motherboard and keyboard went bad. They said oh it will take 2 weeks to get back out to you.... Anyway they replaced the keyboard and the motherboard, and everything works great now. But there is a tiny slide switch button on the left hand side for a wireless connection that will go left or right. It is stuck and wont go right or left. So i pushed it a little to hard and the button popped off. How can i fix this... Should i unscrew the bottom of the laptop and try to fix the switch? I'm def not sending it back out again to wait another 3 months.

Computer itself is a gateway t series laptop.

A:Tiny slide switch button on the left hand side of my girls laptop is stuck?

Joe, it would help to have the model number of this Gateway T Series.
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I am trying to fix a gateway laptop that keeps getting stuck at the xp title screen. I did a restore that saves the data files and it went through the entire process only to be stuck at the xp title screen again. Was hoping to be able to save some of the old data files but thats not looking too likely. This is a last ditch effort before I have to do a reformat of the drive and load it all up again. Hoping for any suggestions that could be a work around.

Thanks in advance

A:Gateway laptop stuck at XP title screen

Without more information we are kind of shooting in the dark.

And I may not be the one to carry you through to solution...
(I only have limited exposure to Win7 so far.)

Based on experience with other OS...
Could be Hardware (HD most likely, though Ram is not impossible)
Have you tried HD diagnostics? WD offers a diagnostic program for their drives.
We regularly have referred people to Memtest for Ram testing... not sure of use with Win7.
There may be other utils if Memtest is not compatible.

Both Memtest and WD's drive util run outside of Windows, so boot failure is not a problem.

Another way this kind of problem can result (with XP for example) is with driver conflicts, or with application conflicts, including security software. (For example, a firewall might cause a hang at boot, but the next reboot, no problem... your problem sounds different; but without more information it is hard to tell.)

Again... I am not familiar enough with Win7... someone with Win7 experience will need to weigh in.

A Product like Apricorn will help you rescue your data, so that if you need to to a system restore, you will not have lost your data.

Another possible option is to boot to "Safe Mode"; if you can, then this will help resolve the driver or application conflict causing the problem.

See here:

I hope this gives you a start.
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So I got an Alienware laptop. Joyously, I start up Serious Sam, only to see stuck pixels everywhere. I try another game. Same thing. Completely black screen? Same. The pixels are in diagonal rows. There are about eight columns, some of them blinking on and off. Some additional columns appear and disappear at random. In the columns, the pixels are spaced very sparsely. Every stuck pixel will have one more spaced ~75 pixels up and ~75 pixels right. They are green on a black background.

My video card is a GTS 260. My OS is Windows 7 64-bit. I've had this laptop for a little over a week. Anyone ever heard of this before?

A:Stuck pixel grid on a new laptop

It's new and under warranty. I would take or send it back for replacement under warranty.
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Hi everybody I d like some advice please I seem to have three basic choices on taking boxcarloads of VHS and turning them digital here at home all because of the older but reliable USB video capture device that I ve got whose vendor is gone and for which I haven t found Vista or Win drivers As this is not the only piece of XP software I 7? Stuck windows to old XP capture with boot or dual device, VXP video need to keep going Stuck with old XP video capture device, to VXP or dual boot windows 7? I either rebuild another XP machine to run these on and file share on my LAN take either Stuck with old XP video capture device, to VXP or dual boot windows 7? of two reasonably new laptops running Windows and teach them to run XP Virtual Mode again with the laptops but make them dual bootable with an XP partition My old HP Media Center machine had Gb RAM on it and the transfers worked fine but when it burned up its d hard drive drove it in to SMART death I said enough with it I tried running it on another old XP machine that only has MB RAM on it and I have unacceptable frame drop on the captures did not have this on the GB machine prior to its toasting itself into oblivion So I need bigger machine and memory But I have two laptops a Dell Studio bit Win system with GB and a Sony Viao bit with GB I don t have any idea how much of a memory hog the virtual machine mode is and I don t know if either laptop has the HAL built in to it but it seems this is no longer required for it to run VXP but it may affect performance I see the tradeoffs as follows Probably straightforward but it does become yet another computer to maintain XP Virtual mode does make file transfers between systems easy its USB management seems to suggest that the only XP drivers needed are what I d load for the device s I need to carry on using and it seems easy to install but what s the processor and memory overhead I ll experience Drivers I ve read posts in the Mobile Computing forum that some folks have had real fits trying to find XP drivers for VISTA generation laptops I haven t looked yet Any thoughts advice experience greatly appreciated Any other traps I need to look at And yes there is option spend bucks or so and buy a current generation video capture USB device that comes with windows drivers if I could find one with a time base corrector in it for that price I just might Thanks nbsp

A:Stuck with old XP video capture device, to VXP or dual boot windows 7?

Shop for the video capture device in option 4 and see if you can find one to your liking. If you can't find one, you still have options 1-3.

Option 5: Stick a new hard drive in the old Hp media center PC. They aren't very expensive these days.
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I ve troubleshooted my laptop for the past few days and finally realized why typing on it has been so frustrating My laptop seems to be spamming the home key so it makes it impossible to type My key isn t physically stuck either It presses down fine etc etc I ve tried taking off the key and cleaning it i took apart of the laptop and took off the keyboard and dusted it off with a tissue It seems that when i hold down my function key it all types well but i can t do that obviously Things to note i have an HP and a chopped version of XP plan on buying windows too because updating drivers without being able to run windows update is a pain thanks I m sure theres more you guys need to know but thats all i can think of Update not sure why or how but it seems that WoW is causing the issue as soon as I enter the game i start experiencing the spam of my home key and when i exit everything is perfectly fine Still might take my keyboard off again and clean update seems keyboard "stuck" Laptop key home like holding down function key helps really stuck on what this could be any advice appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop keyboard home key "stuck"

If it only happens in WoW, then it's obviously not a hardware problem.
Sounds like it may be some sort of malware that runs a script to lock the Home key on when WoW is loaded.
Assuming you had run WoW on this computer without any problems in the past,
I'd follow the steps outlined on the sticky for the Virus and Malware Removal forum
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Is there something wrong with it?

A:Temp1 (Speedfan) is stuck at 85 degrees C

Speedfan reports a ton of temps, not all of them are valid. If it never changes I wouldn't be concerned about it.
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HP DV5-1233SE won't past the HP logo screen


This is my 2nd time having issue with this laptop where it will not boot and just stuck at the hp logo screen. The 1st time it happened about 8 months ago and it was still under warranty so HP fixed it by replacing the system board and ram. This time it is out of warranty and looks like the same problem. Has anyone encounter the same issue? Can anyone share how you guys fixed it without having to send it to HP?

I am pretty technical guy so I should be able to fix it once I know what is the cause of this problem. I am suspecting it is the motherboard as i could not even get to the BIOS. I tested the ram and harddisk seem to be working by switching them to my friend's hp laptop.

Please, please, assistance is needed here.....Thanks!!

A:HP DV5-1233SE stuck at HP logo and will not boot

what a pity
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Ok not sure how or why this happened but I have tried removing the controller from the device manager and rebooting but it still shows up in PIO mode.

Transfers etc are slow obviously so I would like to fix this

I have also tried a program that resets ATA devices to DMA mode

I had this HDD in another computer without a problem so I am not sure why I am having this problem at all..

Its is a 1.5 TB Seagate HDD if that matters at all

MB is a P4M800 and I am running Windows XP Pro 32bit SP3

A:SATA drive stuck in PIO mode

Repair XP, but if you don't have the XP SP3 CD then you would need to blow out the OS and re-install the OS. Once corrupt no turning back. You could try to re-install SP3 but I think you would be better off re-installing the OS to get it where it should be.
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I have a g15 keyboard, older style (blue LED and flip up screen), that many of the keys are stuck. Awhile back, I took all the keys off to clean the entire keyboard. After cleaning I put all the keys back on with not much hassle. Ever since then, I notice that many of the G-keys on the left are stuck.( really hard to press down and will not come up after pressing) Is there a way to fix this so it will work better? I checked the keys and there is nothing in the way. The keys are also in the right position. Should I apply a little amount of light oil to help it? What do you recommend?
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My 5 year old is rather the pc wiz and he has his own computer that has games and such on it for him. What I need help with is his cursor will only move up and down in the middle of his screen and I don't know how he did that and what to do to fix it. This is the 2nd pc that he has done this to, is it a setting that he played with that he shouldn't have. Can someone please help me fix it for him.

A:My cursor is stuck

What does he use to control the cursor, a standard or wireless mouse or a trackball?
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I've read somewhere that the problem could be the synaptics (?) drivers, but how can I do anything about them when I cannot move the mouse?

I tried a separate mouse in the USB key, but that didn't even appear to register.

Help?!? I'm a computer user of limited ability, and thoroughly frustrated!


A:My mouse freezes after login (Asus x61s) and then I'm stuck

Ok, what seems to me to be the problem is the system is having an issue with recognizing USB devices. This might be a problem either with your physical USB ports, or with Windows. Your USB ports might have been damaged, or Windows is having an issue recognizing USB devices once it loads up. Windows is weird in that it loads up all the device drivers and recognizes USB stuff as it starts up and sometimes a USB device that's plugged in before it books will make it go screwy. I've had a similar issue once before.

First of all, what I'd like you to do is unplug the mouse and any other unimportant USB device you have. USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB flash drive, USB external drive....whatever. If it doesn't need to be on there, take it out.

Start up the computer. Once it loads up Windows, try plugging the keyboard and mouse back in. What should happen is Windows, having already loaded the USB drivers and such, will see you plugging in the USB devices again and it will try to detect what they are and get the necessary drivers to make them work.

After you've tried this, let me know what's happening. If it isn't fixed, then there's something even worse that's wrong with Windows or your USB ports.
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My pc Cyberpower i Andromeda Infinity Vista seems At Boot Loop Stuck In Up to be stuck in some sort of loop at start up Since rebooting my pc this afternoon the following happens Starts with the normal small message NVIDIA Geforce etc Can never catch what it says Its too quick and is partially obscured by a monitor pop up Which is normal Also mentions VGA bios Then a new black screen with Award Bootblock V Copyright c Award Software inc Scanning Bios image in hard drive Whilst also attempting to access the DVD drive green light is on Then it restarts Stuck In Loop At Boot Up and goes through the process again This goes on until i hold down the power button and turn it off which makes me cringe Checked inside the casing and everything s Stuck In Loop At Boot Up still connected as far as i can tell Been searching around and apparently this seems to be something to do with the BIOS and is a common problem with GIGABYTE motherboards which i have Sorry if the info I m giving is a bit vague but this is totally new to me Posted on the Cyberpower forums but so far no replies Any ideas nbsp

A:Stuck In Loop At Boot Up

Turn off automatically reboot on error in Control Panel, System, Advanced Options. You probably have a hardware driver gone wrong
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I can not get my Dell XPS 720 to work. When I start it up it beeps 3 then 2 times and the monitor LCD screen says Auto Detect (Digital Input) in power save mode, press any key to start, then goes blank. Neither the mouse or keyboard can get it out of power save mode. This just happened suddenly. It worked fine one day and then the next day it was in power save mode. I have spent alot of time surfing for an answer and trying to figure out how to fix it but am at a lost. Any help on this would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Lisa

A:Dell XPS 720 stuck in power save mode

That beep sequence usually represents something wrong with the RAM.
Have you done any memory upgrades lately? The RAM has become loose and not seated properly?
The only thing that honestly confuses me is the power save mode.
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Hello I loop in an Nv4_disp stuck infinite have a nVidia Geforce GT and lately I Nv4_disp stuck in an infinite loop ve experienced an interesting problem If I try to play a game watch a dvd or use the computer too long something along the lines of the screenshot will happen No this isn t from my computer or even a game I ve played but this is what it looks I will either be forced to reboot or get Nv4_disp stuck in an infinite loop a blue screen which occasionally says there s an error with quot nv disp quot or quot nv disp all quot When the computer comes back I ll recieve an error saying the display drivers were caught in an infinite loop Last night after the computers colors went bad and I had to reboot I could t get to the desktop without getting the blue screen This happened numerous times When I finally got to the desktop I recieved the serious error again saying the drivers were caught in an infinite loop I ve unistalled and reinstalled the display drivers and even had the video card replaced I really don t know what to do anymore And sorry but I m not THAT computer savvy but this is the best I can explain it Thank you Oh and I have a Dell XPS Dimension XPS nbsp

A:Nv4_disp stuck in an infinite loop

Are you running XP or Vista?

First thing I would try is uninstalling the video drivers the normal way (i.e. Add/Remove Programs) and then running Driver Sweeper, which is available for free. This handy tool will completely clean out the existing video driver files and then you can do a fresh reinstall of the drivers downloaded from once you have rebooted. Reboot again after the installation is complete and the try running a game for at least an hour.

If the blue screen or error message(s) appear again, you might want to look into updating your chipset drivers, which are for the motherboard and are usually found on the Dell site in your case. There is also the possibility that the card is overheating. 8800GTs, depending on which model, can run quite hot especially whilst gaming. If I were you, I would download RivaTuner to monitor GPU temps and adjust the card's fan speed manually. This way, you can run the fan up higher before playing games and hopefully the heat levels will be suppressed.

Worst case scenario is the card's vRAM is corrupt. This is quite rare but we've seen it before, even on replacement cards! In that case, your best bet would be to find something else or have it serviced.
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I changed monitors on an XP computer and had it working fine until I changed the resolution to something this computer OR monitor just couldn't resolve.

Now the monitor is in a state of balck screen except for in the middle saying Auto Detect is on (Analog) the also shows "Cannot display this video mode", Optimum resolution is 1920x1200 60hz

The screen cannot be taken off this no matter what I tried.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

A:Monitor stuck on Video Mode warning

Reboot the computer and press F8 until you enter Safe Mode... Select VGA and restart
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I m looking for some help please My computer was giving New of event HDD/XP lots gets stuck errors booting, viewer me lots of BSOD slowed stuck bootups and errors originated New HDD/XP gets stuck booting, lots of event viewer errors from Device Harddisk D in my event viewer My hard drive failed generic long tests and had bad clusters so I got a new hard drive installed it New HDD/XP gets stuck booting, lots of event viewer errors with XP and it was fine for a week Then my computer would boot New HDD/XP gets stuck booting, lots of event viewer errors to a blank screen and wouldn t boot in safe mode So I yesterday reinstalled XP again and now it s staying on the XP loading screen but never actually loading Safe boot got stuck as soon as I went into event viewer I managed to get it to start up normally just now and I am seeing these errors in event viewer -Error event ID The driver detected a controller error on Device Harddisk D -Warning event ID An error was detected on device Device Harddisk D during a paging operation -Error event ID The DHCP Client service depends on the NetBios over Tcpip service which failed to start because of the following error A device attached to the system is not functioning That same error repeats only instead of DHiverCP NetBios it s DNS Client TCP IP Protocol Driver and IPSEC -Error event The following boot-start or system-start driver s failed to load Aavmker AFD AmdK AsIO asuskbnt aswSP aswTdi Fips IPSec MRxSmb NetBIOS NetBT ohci RasAcd Rdbss Tcpip Does this appear to be a hardware issue or is there a problem with the copy of Windows I obtained I m so frustrated I almost want to buy a premade from Dell and forget about it My current system specs Asus M N-SLI Deluxe mobo AMD Athlon X GB Corsair -Pin DDR SDRAM Please help nbsp

A:New HDD/XP gets stuck booting, lots of event viewer errors

It appears that you have a nice system, if you can get it back to normal.
We have to suspect other hardware, since two hard drives have similar symptoms... but you may have copied evil stuff from the one drive to the other. How did you transfer files? Or an infestation.
What did you use to scan your system for virus and spyware infestations?
Have you carefully checked your cables... or even tried replacing them temporarily?
Examine all sockets for dirt and debris, and clean your system thoroughly but carefully.
You may need to rule out some things that do not seem part of the problem... as it may be a long and slow process to figger out where the problem is... I would start, if the drive will work well enough, by running MemTest86 for four hours or seven passes, which ever is longer... or removing half the memory to test the other half, then switching.
We always suspect the cables first. They can fail and look good.
Any defective hardware part can cause problems elsewhere if the conditions are right... so I would begin by making a check list, then trading out everything on the list... video card, modem even if not used, ethernet connection or software, .
I would also try another drive and cable... any other drive, even using the first drive, fully reformatted and reinstalled with Windows and basic software....
Windows will not normally cause these of problem, but if you have scratches or smudges that would make it difficult to read, then you could theoretically introduce errors... unlikely though that is.
You could have an optical drive error that is not seeing the software properly.
But it is also possible that your Asus board, good as it is, has a defect.
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my problem is that the socket of the cards is very deep. now i got my memory stick pro card to the back(the furthest place of the sockets).it worked, but now i want to take it out, i have no idea how to do it beside opening it... theres no mechanism when you push it and it jumps out, tried many times. the computer is Lenovo 3000 N100. (that's written on the computer)
Thanks for any help guys.

A:Memory stick PRO stuck in the socket

Bumpy, anyone can help me please? appreciate...
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Afternoon everyone I am having a problem that I hope someone here save in Stuck power might be able to help me with On this site I have posted my computer specs under Fink and it is with this system that is my issue When I put Stuck in power save this sytem together I had no problems with it everything when together and worked just fine There were user accounts set up for me and for my daughter On mine I went in and took off the power save options in windows My daughter did not A few days ago she was on and was distracted by one of her friends When she went back to the computer it had gone into power save - and now we get into my banging the head against the wall issue - and it WONT come out I have tried everything to get it to restart and it wont Right now I am down to just the motherboard power supply cpu and ram The bios wont even log on Any ideas as to what the issue is Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Stuck in power save

Try a hard power down. Press and hold the button on the front panel. Or unplug and replug.
And welcome to TechSpot.
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The "b" key on my laptop repeats continuously. It doesn't seem to be depressed. This only starts happening after I log into Vista.
Have ran scans with AVG, Norton, SpyBot and also tried system restore to no avail.
Any ideas how to solve this? Its making it impossible to do anything. Thanks in advance

A:"b" key Stuck or Virus?

while certainly there have been keypress viri it is not likely. I think you just need to replace the keyboard.

BUT before you do so, boot into safe mode command line. If the key is still repeating in DOS - it's the keyboard.
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Hi all..

Sometimes I got this error message when I turn on my laptop.

0210: Stuck key 39
Press <F1> to setup..

Tried googling but can't find the solution. Tried pressing F1 but didn't solve the problem.

Please help!

A:Stuck key 39

When surfing for a solution to a problem like yours, you'll get much better results by enclosing the error message in quotes (" "). This will return matches on the exact text within the quotes (vs. returning matches individual words)

So try again, and this time enter the text below (including the quotes) . You'll find many search results
"Error 0210 : Stuck Key 39"​
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Hey everyone I ve been trying to Stuck FSB 402 - SLI at P5N32-E overclock my E past GHz MHz FSB on my P N -E SLI motherboard the past few days and it seems that no matter what I try I can t get the motherboard to post with Stuck at 402 FSB - P5N32-E SLI an FSB past MHz I ve read plenty of reviews for this board where the reviewers got at least MHz FSB and sometimes over MHz but mine just seems limited at I ve set the CPU multiplier way down at x RAM speed is unlinked from the Stuck at 402 FSB - P5N32-E SLI FSB I just feel like the board can go further than this because it runs perfectly until exactly then no matter what Stuck at 402 FSB - P5N32-E SLI I do it will not post at anything above that not even Basically I m asking if anyone has had experience with this board or at least this chipset i who can give me suggestions as to where to go from here Of course there is the possibility that this IS the limit of my board but I m having trouble accepting that without a nd opinion tl dr My motherboard wont POST past FSB tell me how I can make it work nbsp

A:Stuck at 402 FSB - P5N32-E SLI

I remember you telling me that you had to keep increasing your voltages in bios to keep your oc stable on your old cpu, I mentioned it was a psu issue, which you didnt think of at that time. What kind of heatsink are you using.

What psu are you using right now?
Have you tried bumping the voltage up on the northbridge at all?
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I have a memory stick pro duo and someone stuck it in my computers card reader slot without using the adapter thingy to make it fit! :dead: (see example here)

The card has slid all the way to the back of the reader. I did try using a tweezer like most people used to solve their problem, but i bought 3 different sized tweezers and they don't fit because the card has went above the rail that you slide it in.
Any ideas on how to remove it?

If you don't understand what i mean, i can take a picture and attach it. Just ask.

Thank you

A:Memory card stuck in reader

Take the picture, but you might have to get some micro tools to take this out. Let me see how close you can take a micro image of what you have to work with...
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Hi I recently got a monitor from one of my friends saying that it was broken Its a Dell in LCD I have my main monitor a in Samsung wide screen So i just plugged it into the not my display is stuck dual Computer in monitor will Samsung and monitor mode second Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor DVI slot on my graphics Card When i went into the display config i set up dual monitors just to see if it was working The dell monitor would blink up then quit on me When i was messing with the Display settings I made the Dell Not my Samsung the Default Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor Monitor I Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor unpluged the broken Dell and restarted Now my computer regognizes the Samsung as the second monitor and it just shuts it off and recognizes nothing as the main I managed to get it into safe mode and it recognized the samsung but every time i try go back to Normal Start the screen is blank How can i get it to recognize the Samsung as my main nbsp

A:Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor

You might try reinstalling your cards video drivers
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Hi For the past week this error message has appeared on my screen upon boot USB Over Current Status Detected Computer will shut down in seconds I ve been determined to solve it but it error status stuck USB current detected over device - I'm just won t go away I cannot get my computer started at all or even access BIOS settings My computer specification can be found in the link in the top right the motherboard in question is the ASUS P K-E After reading forum discussions involving USB device over current status detected error - I'm stuck the same problem I ve tried nearly everything Disconnecting front USB panel Removing all USB devices before switching on Resetting CMOS Powering up the computer with minimum components connected Checked for short USB device over current status detected error - I'm stuck circuit problems spare screws motherboard touching case The remaining suggestions are starting it up outside of the case loosening the screws that connect the motherboard to the case I m going to attempt them solutions tomorrow I would like to know if there are any other solutions to this problem though as I am quickly running out of ideas Perhaps the error is not caused by a short circuit and could be something else Lastly I must mention that the computer has operated without the problem for months HOWEVER one USB port onboard has been unstable for around two months since I tried connecting my keyboard instrument to my computer I seen a message pop up in the bottom right hand corner indicating quot power surge on USB port quot or something close When I seen that message the mouse usb powered and other components would stop working until I reconnected them The quot USB Over Current Status Detected quot error came about last week after I shut the computer down but I recall that the last thing I done on my computer beforehand was inserting my gb memory stick into the defective USB port and seeing the quot power surge on USB port quot message appear Thank you very much if you can help Schmutz nbsp

A:USB device over current status detected error - I'm stuck

Howto -->Benchtest<-- your PC
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my laptop screen is suffering from stuck pixel problem. i used some software and videos that changes color rapidly to fix the stuck pixel, but that did not work. now the stuck pixels are grownig in numbers. is there any way to fix the stuck pixel problem. it's really annoying.:bounce:

A:how to remove stuck pixel in lcd?

Replace the LCD. Yes, there are urban legends about "fixing" stuck pixels, but they shouldn't appear in the first place. The LCD is bad and you should replace it.
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I have an incredibly beat-up laptop that I'm still trying to use. There a external parts missing (a few keys here and there), and the backlight's broken, but otherwise it seems to be in good enough condition.

My current problem is that the fn key won't turn off. It's bothersome when the 'L' key makes the page go down... Any way to fix this?

A:Laptop Fn key is stuck

"Any way to fix this?"...

Yes stotbug,
replace the beat up keyboard... many replacement laptop keyboards are under $40
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right when i turn on my computer it goes to the usuall first boot screen that shows the processor, the memory and some of the drives. then it stays on that screena dn doesnt move at all. i have recently tried to change the video card and this is how it ended, so i pulled it out and put everything to how it was before. but it stills freezes on thte boot screen. i cant figure anything out plz help.

A:Computre stuck on boot screen

You may need to refer to your m/b manual on resetting the bios
I'd also check all connections are secure on the m/b and devices (harddrive ; cdrom etc)
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Stuck on HP Invent screen - HELP HELP HELP HP on Invent screen Stuck HELP HELP Please I have a question I am working on a HP Stuck on HP Invent screen a c desktop model The computer is stuck on the HP invent window I will not let me into any thing I try to use the keyboard prompts like ESC F and so on It just stays there I have disconnected every thing on the PC The only thing that is running is the cpu and ram I have also tried Stuck on HP Invent screen to clear the cmos and reset it but no luck When the computer was running I hit system restore and thats where all the problems started It slow went downhill and this is where it end up I have the HP manuals and tried their solution but none of them worked The Hp manual says when clearing CMOS you turn it on and it should come with a CHECK SUM Error I didnt it all i got was the hp invent screen The pc doesnt have a floopy Is there another way to reinstall the BIOS Can some one please help me figure this out I have run out of options nbsp

A:Stuck on HP Invent screen

Did you try F8 (repeatedly)? I'm not sure what's going on here. Did you recently install software? Are you trying to do a system restore? I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember you must start in safe mode.

I see you added detail, but not enough. If the above doesn't work, please give details as to what you were doing just prior to the problem.
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Hey i have this laptop that is really bugging me. this is the problem It is having as soon as i turn it on it on i get the boot screen with the HP logo but it freezes there i can not run any disk or go into bios also sometimes the screen will not even light up just stays off. Any help thanks

Things i have tried:

removed wireless card

A:HP Laptop wont do anything, stuck on HP logo

and what is the model of laptop?
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I moved my hard drive from 1 comp to another. After doing that windows wouldnt boot it kept crashing, but it would boot in safe mode fine. I went to msconfig and went to boot.ini then did /safeboot and then i found out that i needed to activate windows because i moved the harddrive. So i was stuck in a loop to where i couldnt get to the desktop any more. So i did the XP home repair install from entering the CD. Now when it finished it wanted to boot windows to finish the repair it is still in safe mode so it wont allow the repair to work unless safe mode is off. Safe mode was turned on from msconfig /safemode so with normal boot safemode is still on. Any idea on what I can do???

A:HD Stuck in Loop Please Help

IF a major component of your old comp is dead, then call MS$ and explain and use your install disk to re-install XP again.

If you don't have a disk, then buy one.

Somewhere here I am missing WHY you moved the drive.

Ya know?
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I was looking everywhere for a solution to this problem - it ended up being in the setup menu upon booting.

In the setup menu (F2 when first booting up) under the 'cpu information' part, there's a cpu speed setting. On this machine I was repairing it was set to 'compatible' - I set it back to Normal and the computer now runs super fast.

I had reinstalled windows on differrent hard drives, looked for spyware and all, and this ended up being the culprit.

Hopefully ths might be of some help to anyone else who might get stuck in this situation. Good Luck-

The machine was a Dell Dimension 2400 - P4 2.8 - 384 Ram - 80 GB HD - WinXP Sp2

A:CPU stuck at 100%, runs slow

You're talking about CMOS setup
Mostly I say load defaults, or optimized defaults (usually the last screen area)
I wonder if defaults, make your CPU "Normal" or "'Compatible" (I might even check mine!)
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I have an abit motherboard with realtekbuilt in audio and logitech z-5300 speakers. My problem is that my sound would get stuck or hesitate very now and then. I tried downloading different drivers and nothing fixed the problem. So I thought well maybe on board audio is cheap so I bought a Sound Blaster Fatality. I disabled the realtek drivers and updated the sound blaster drivers and here's where I'm stuck. The welcome screen sound skips and doesn't play smooth. I have not found any other problems but its still annoying that it doesn't work 100%. Please give me your suggestions.

A:Sound gets stuck or skips

just to make it clear,did you disabled the on-board sound in your
device manager or in BIOS?
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hi all i have a rather amusing issue to me but its starting to be persistant and with card stuck Problem fake gfx - pixels not going away and has turnd into a semilong post doing my best to describe it i have looked on the web to try and find something similar but alas i have found none with the exception of stuck pixels why am i pretty darn certain its not a stuck Problem with gfx card - fake stuck pixels pixel on my lcd first time s i saw one was while playing Warsow i noticed there was a red pixel prolly a couple inches in from the left and almost in the center vertically it wasnt always there while playing but it was pretty constant it also would sometimes persist afterwards untill i moved another window app over the top and then away why is this not a stuck pixel because i hit printscreen opend ms paint and it was still there and ms paint was on the other side of the screen with the pixel visible in the same location in the screendump it also when i dragged mspaint over the pixel s spot it would add more red dots to the screencap i could in theory draw with it whether or not they physicaly stay with the image file i havent been able to test yet ill try when i get home from work none the less i could live with a pixel then i noticed on some rare times it would be visible in other games crysis for example and there were other red pixels on rare occasions in other locations then there comes yesterday while watching the weekly anime in vlc i noticed when it was dark to near black on the bottom there were white pixels that would flicker on and off even when paused the fun part with this pixel if i had the size almost fullscreen so i could see one of them center bout Problem with gfx card - fake stuck pixels inch from the bottom and then moved vlc to the right the white flashing pixel would follow the window like as if it was part of the vlc window and when moving back to the left it moved back but once it hit the original point it wouldnt move any further to the left unfortunately i dont have a differnt monitor at easy hand to test but i have tried to gently rub the screen etc with no avail my thoughts are that a something is funky with the mobo cpu b something is funky with the gfx more likely forgot to put in something is funky with something after the system is warm hot peak recorded gpu temp while playing stalker for a few hours was C i think might have been when i get home from work after midnight ill try see if ican take a screen and see if it sticks to the file any ideas Mobo - intel D GTP Gfx - asus gtx mb Mem - dont know brand gig ddr CPU - intel dual core ghz psu - new thermaltake toughpower W lcd - benq fp gx age of my system is - months old lcd is months ish and the new psu is a month old any hints tips or things to try anything at all thanks nbsp

A:Problem with gfx card - fake stuck pixels

Heat and or cooling issues maybe? Try cleaning your case out with a can of canned air. All that comes to mind.
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Recently while playing unreal tournament I realize there was no sound coming out of the speaker once I unplugged my headphones I restarted thinking that it would fix the problem but that didn t help so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the sound driver from realtek no good either Finally I deicided to reformat my computer using the recovery partition Reassuring myself that this will definitely solve the problem I was shock and confuse as to why no sound came out of the speaker after in Asus mode) working G1S (stuck speakers not jack headphone the recovery After going to the Realtek sound control panel I realize that the computer thinks or detected that a headphone was plugged in when clearly it wasn t The sound does work with the headphone in and I am Asus G1S speakers not working (stuck in headphone jack mode) sure the speaker is not damaged because the POST sound quot boommmmm quot comes during bootup I really don t understand what is going on and I already reformatted the harddrive times I have read that the problem can be temporarily solve by replacing the motherboard but after about a week or two the same problem will arise I have also read that other brands including HP DELL and Sony has similar problems I can live without the speakers but I am not sure if further problems will persist with this laptop since its only been month that I have purchased it Thanks for many reply help nbsp

A:Asus G1S speakers not working (stuck in headphone jack mode)

Just some real quick ideas

Speakers plugged into power outlet and on
Speakers plugged into back jack securely
(actually if you heard the startup booom sound, then they must be)

Sound volume up on speaker
Sound volume up on Windows
Sound volume up in the game that you are using
(That might be it)

If you play a song (through Windows media player) can you hear it ?
If so this must be an in game setting (ie mute sound) Please check all settings in the game.
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i was trying to boot up my new system and i ran into a wall, after rechecking everything i went to re-seat the new 8800gts in its socket, and i cant get it out...

its stuck near the tail end, i dont want to break anything and the thing is so large, i cant see underneath it to see whats holding it up.

any solutions?

A:8800gts stuck in the pci-e slot?

Like I said in the other thread there should be a clip on the back end of the slot that holds the video card in so it doesnt get loose.

If its there pull it back or pull the tab to one side and try again.

Be sure the card isnt getting stuck on anything nearby as well.
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Here is my case, power supply, and mobo.
The dial to control the fan speed was working for the first week or so then all of a sudden one day, it just stopped. I can turn it either way max or minimum and it just stays at a medium speed. Im sure this is no critical problem but i would like to be able to control the speed just in case. Anyone know of a solution?

A:Power Supply stuck at one cooling speed.

return the psu or RMA it. This is not a good sign.
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yeah another guy stuck in the AGP days, anyways, I just bought a custom comp for 269 bucks off ebay with OS and all that included, primarily why I bought it. I'm going to wait a good year before I upgrade from AGP and I'm wondering if the GeCube's ATI Radeon X1950XT would be the best solution(first question) besides the X3750s or whatever the newest crazy AGP PCIe convert is.

I have a Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz that so far I've only clocked 10% and it runs great, no problems and 1 gig of ram, and a 450 watt power supply.

is that enough specs to meet the requirements of the X1950? will I need more ram? I'm pretty sure from my research that my Pentium with maybe 20% oc giving me 3.00ghz+ would support it no problem. ya?

A:Stuck in the stone age, and I need to stick it out a little longer

anyone have a reccomendation?
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I can see the bad pixel on a white, green, and yellow. Looks fine on a black, blue and red background. (using DPT.exe pixel tester)

A:How do I know if a pixel is dead or stuck?

It's a "stuck" pixel - the green is not working.
Relevancy 24.08%

I didn t know whether to put this here or in the gaming section because second rate per Stuck frame it deals with a game but anyways I play counter-strike and i have the FPS Frames per second counter enabled and it constantly says i have right around FPS I never changes more than FPS to each side I have a Max FPS rate on Counter-Strike set to FPS I run an EVGA GT on an LG Flat Panel Moniter with refresh rate at x I know Counter-Strike can run at a much higher FPS because I have seen it myself on Stuck frame per second rate other computers I have all updated drivers including Direct X My video card can t support Direct X I am pretty sure that this video card has the ability to go beyond FPS because my last video card the GT had the same problem as well as other worse problems that are behind me I don t really know whats going on does anyone else have any ideas nbsp

A:Stuck frame per second rate

You have enabled vsync in your video settings? (Windows or in-game)

Also, 60 FPS is just fine and there is absolutely no point in trying to get more - your monitor would be unable to display those frames and you aren't able to see them. You would only stress your CPU and GPU, wasting power and generating heat.
Relevancy 23.65%

I have an X Model - Lexmark All-In-One printer that is just outside of the warranty period by three weeks Because of very limited use in the location where I initially installed it I recently moved it to another location several miles from the Lamp Lexmark Scan 8350 Stuck first location On plugging it in at the new location the print cartridges made their usual cycle to the center and back again but Lexmark 8350 Scan Lamp Stuck rather than the start button lighting up as it use to the lamp cable mechanism clicked - times on the left end of the bed and the cycle started over again with the print cartridges moving to Lexmark 8350 Scan Lamp Stuck the center and back again followed by lamp cable mechanism doing the clicking again And this sequence just repeats itself over and over again until I unplug the printer Upon closer examination I noticed that the lamp was quot stuck quot on the right end of the bed as opposed to being on the left end where it should be Any help of course would be greatly appreciated With thanks Gary French Syracuse New York syrocrat twcny rr com nbsp

A:Lexmark 8350 Scan Lamp Stuck

Hey Syocrat I don't know the answer to your problem, But I'd remove your name and email address from your post, post haste! You a lawyer? I've taken a few printers apart and returned them to service after cleaning clogged gears of paper or such. It sounds like to me that you either forgot to lock the printer before the move and it's possibly broken or you forgot to unlock the printer after the move and it may need to just be unlocked.
Relevancy 24.08%

please answer my each questions below. thanks in advance.
my sys config pentium D @2.8, 512 ddr2 ram, agp 128mb 5200fx.
1. my case's side panels donot have small holes to help airflow. i have two case fans at the backside one for intake and other for outake.while running my anti-virus scan(i.e. at about 30% average cpu usage) my temps become cpu-53-54, hdd-46-48. so do i need to change the side panels or make small holes in them???
2. what is the safe temp limits for CPU and HDD under stress like anti-virus scan or playing games? i mean the temp above which i must be careful for my case airflow/system cooling.

A:Case airflow... got stuck

1. Side vents always help, more airflow the better if you're using air cooling. However, having an intake and out fan right next to each other seems inefficient to me. I've never tried it because it doesn't make sense to me, so I could be wrong, but it just seems to me that having intake in the front and out in the back always made sense for me.
2. Under full load, a CPU should be at around ~70C, at most. If it's reading 55C under 30% load, then there could be a problem, but I would get a program like TAP and run a full load test. If after about 20mins of that it never goes over 70C, you're relatively okay, but 70C is still kind of high. I would suggest an intake in the front and out fans in the back. Also, if your CPU still has high temps you may want to try one of a few things:
-Open up the case and make sure the fan is clean. Dust is a huge problem for cooling.
-Take the heatsink off, clean it and re-apply thermal compound
-Get a new CPU fan that is a little more powerful.
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Afraid of dangers involved in OC i tried it on my old PC running P3 600Mhz with 128 MB RAM. I cahnged the BIOS settings to OC. But the is no effect. Whatever may be the settings i used in the BIOS, no changes happen. FSB remains 133 and multiplier 4.5. I changed FSB to 133 and multiplier to 11 but no change. then multiplier to 3 again no change.wat may be the reason behind this? is my procedure to overclock is right? or i m missing something?
plz help

A:I cant overclock - Help i m stuck! after numurous experiments i marked that changing bus speed changes the spped but changing multiplier doesnt affect my system...wat may be the problem with the multipliers? are they LOCKED?
Relevancy 24.08%

When ever I turn on my YP-T9 it has a black screen saying "Bluetooth Mode" and in the bottom right it says "F/W v1.20". How do I get past and STOP this screen from popping up?
Relevancy 23.65%

I got an hp pavilion a520n from one of my buddy's but it dont work it's stuck on a blue hp splash screen and it has the F1 F10 it wont load windows can i format the pc to just run a fresh install of windows xp pro without getting the hp screen. Thanks in advance

A:Computer stuck on blue hp splash screen.

you should be able to do a fresh install but that wont promise you success, why did he give it to you anyway, because it didnt work? Did you ask him why it didnt work at all.
Relevancy 24.51%

Is it possible for a CD to slip off the vertical drive and fall into the drive? I'm using a vertical Dell PC, inserted the disk, but when I opened the drive, the CD wasn't there. Without taking apart the PC, I used a flashlight to see if I could see the CD, and I can't. But, is it possible for the CD to have fallen off the drive and remained inside the secured drive? Another CD was put in and read by the computer with no problems, and the drive continues to open and close.

A:CD stuck in drive

Try and put a little more of a descriptive title to your posts "Help" is not a proper title. Something like "CD Stuck" would be much better. Anyway, welcome to TechSpot...

When a CD drive is mounted vertically there are tabs on the CD tray that should be positioned so that they will hold the vertical CD in place. If the CD drive opens and closes fully, there is no CD caught inside the drive. I suspect that the CD drive is faulty. The only way to check this is to remove the CD drive and remove it's cover. Have a computer savvy friend or a computer shop take care of this for you. It should take 15 minutes or so
Relevancy 24.08%

My mounting bracket is here:

The center of it seems to be glued to the Mobo as it is almost impossible to remove. My question is, is there any way to get it off without damaging the motherboard, or do I need to buy a new one?

A:Mounting Bracket is stuck

Try to get a screwdriver (non magnetic) with a straight bit to pry it off. Or try a floor tack remover if you have one. Just use something thin to put under it and pry it up. I don't know if that would damage your motherboard but I highly doubt it.
Relevancy 24.08%

Hey Folks I am hoping someone can help me fix my problem with my Pioneer D DVD-RW drive There is a bit of history here so bear with me I built a brand new machine with an ECS KA MVP Motherboard and an AMD Athlon X CPU I swapped hard drive from an old machine and did a repair install of XP pro and everything went fine I have a gig HD and a gig HD as master slave on the primary IDE bus and Pioneer DVR- D as master on the secondary IDE bus However after about a week my DVD drive started fail when I tried burn any discs I did some Google searching and discovered people had similar problems with this JMicron JMB chipset that is used as the secondary IDE bus on my motherboard I did install JMicron drivers from the CD that came with my motherboard when I first set it up In an attempt fix the problem I downloaded a new version of the drivers from the JMB website for the chipset When I ran the installer it gave me two choices to either install in RAID mode or install in IDE mode Neither one worked If I installed in RAID mode my DVD drive was recognized as an SCSI drive and it would fail with IO errors every time I tried burning discs If I installed in IDE mode it worked but was stuck in PIO mode which meant horribly slow and error prone burning plus it pegs the CPU I could not no matter what I tried get the drive to be in DMA mode So I tried hooking both of my hard disk DVR-111D in Stuck PIO Pioneer Mode drives up to the JMB seconday IDE bus and the DVD drive to the primary Big mistake When I booted back to Windows it gave me an error saying my Windows profile was corrupt It tried to install some Pioneer DVR-111D Stuck in PIO Mode driver then rebooted When it did Windows would not boot It kept cycling back to the bios Somehow the JMB chipset erased my windows partition I lost everything on my main drive I had to reformat and re-install Windows However once I Pioneer DVR-111D Stuck in PIO Mode got everything back up I DID NOT install a driver for the JMicron chipset Windows installed its own PCI-IDE driver It worked great for a week or so my drive was in DMA mode and it was working However last night I was burning a disc and all the PIO symptoms came back I checked the device manager and low and behold the secondary IDE bus was in PIO mode only Grrrr its so frustrating I have tried everything to fix this In the device manager there is an option to set it do DMA if available but it doesn t get it out of PIO mode I have tried various different apps scripts that hack the registry to get it go Pioneer DVR-111D Stuck in PIO Mode into DMA mode none have worked I have tried uninstalling the entire IDE channel in the Device Manager and letting Windows re-install the drivers Still it is in PIO mode I am completely at a loss now I don t want to install any JMicron drivers I am NOT going to try and hook up my Hard driver to the secondary IDE bus again Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the DVD drive back into DMA mode Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Pioneer DVR-111D Stuck in PIO Mode

Take it back to where you got it or just replace it with newer technology. No sence setting there and worrying about a optical device, they do go bad nothing is perfect these days..
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Q: stuck

hello everyone, i really really need some help with my computer!
everytime i try to play the sims 2 pets, the computer monitor switches off and a message comes up saying "no input signal" what does this mesn? why is it happening? and what should i do?
please help because i am really stuck!


what kind of computer do you have. Is this a new problem, or have you had this trouble for a while?
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i have a 2.5 mb connection recently upgraded from a 2 mb

when i dl from irc i am caped at 150 for some reason, when i download mulltiple downloads it all add up to 150.

if one goes up to 100 the other goes down to 50.
even if i download stuff from 2 or 3 different networks it ads ip tp 150 kbps.

is my isp capping me? cause i should get 300 kbps on a 2.5 mb conection
or does the dcc send gives less then your max ability.
what else could be capping me on a pricise download limit?

on all other tests it downloading from the web i get my max band (300)
any ideas?


when i had a 2 mb conection i was getting the same cap only on 130 kbps
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I'm in the process of replacing a failed mobo on an eMachines T2682 (yea, they all fail). When I pulled the heat sink/fan assembly, the cpu came with it, stuck to the heat sink. Is that typical?

Any way, no broken pins on the CPU, but now I need to re-install in the new MSI 661FM2-LSR mobo. Given that the no insertion force-lever setup would only seem to work as designed if I install the CPU by itself first, I'm thinking I should slice it away from the heat sink with a razor blade, and then re-install it with some fresh Arctic Silver. Am I thinking correctly?

Appreciate any responses - I'm at a hard-stop until I get some guidance - don't want to screw up the CPU.


A:CPU Stuck to Heat Sink - Swapping into new MSI MoBo

No Problem

I have pulled many CPU's out, and most of them come out on the heat sink if they have been in there any length of time at all. Usually you can seperate them with a fingernail. If it is stuck tighter just use somthing like a pocket screwdriver to gently pry them apart. When reinstalling be sure to clean off all the old grease and apply new dielectric grease between CPU and Heat sink.
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if it matters this is the first time i have had trouble with this type of error, i just finished backing up over 20 movies from my parents collection last week, and today i got a weird error except i am backing up an iso.

i ripped the iso from dvd decrypter, and it said opperation finished successfully. then i try to burn and it gives me a "Check Condition Error, Cannot Write Medium" then i try burning the file with Nero and it says "Could not perform start of Disc-At-Once"

im stuck, i have no clue why this is happening, maybe a bad rip? ive tried ripping it several times and it says completed successfully, and ive tried burning just the mds file and then the whole image with the same error, please help me guys!!!

A:New DVD Burner error, im stuck?

i just tried again with alcohol, and near the same error "Cannot write Medium-Incompatible Format" whats going on?
Relevancy 24.08%

Tried to remove the heatsink to replace it with a different heatsinl and to my suprise my Athlon 64 X2 3800 was stuck to the bottom of the stock heatsink!

I didnt dare try to put it back in the socket with the heatsink welded onto it because the locking lever was still down, the cpu was pulled while the locking lever was down.

Now I'm stuck with a cpu welded onto my heatsink and I'm scared I might break it.

Do I just try to pry it off with a small screwdriver?

A:HELP!! CPU stuck to heatsink like super glue!

get electronics cleaner at your local electronics shop. Spray in between (like you were using wd40 -but don't use wd40!). Then GENTLY apply pressure with a small screwdriver. You might have to let the cleaner soak in a little.
Relevancy 24.08%

I dont know what to upgrade to. I originally planned on getting a seocket 939 system with a Athlon 64 3700, but then everybody started saying

"Dont get that, wait for AM2 to come out."

So 2 months go by and AM2 comes out and I am ready to get it, but then everyone starts saying

"Dont get it now, wait for AMD to cut the prices for the Athlon 64"

So 1 month goes by, and now everybody is saying

"Wait for Conroe to come out" :suspiciou

So I'm like that for 3 months. What should I get? Just wait for conroe or get AM2?

A:I'm stuck in a never ending cycle

Too funny!

On the one hand, there is always something that is coming down the pipes and people will always tell you to wait for it. But at the same time, it is a wacky time for CPUs right now with some of the biggest changes we have seen in a couple of years.

Me? I'd wait for conroe if you can.
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I have a Liteon S about a couple of years old One day for some 1x stuck burning at DVD problem, reason it just refused to burn above x the drop-down box for speed selection in Nero is grayed out Prior to this I had burned dozens of data DVDs just fine I don t burn movies or anything just got the drive to backup my HD stuff The drive can still burn CDs and can read DVDs fine But it wont burn above x and since then every single DVD I ve tried to burn DVD burning problem, stuck at 1x has been a bad copy The burn finishes with no errors but when I try to access the disc my PC hangs p About of the time I get BSOD with XP telling me its shutting down to prevent damage p Anyone have any ideas how to solve this I ve tried reinstalling Nero and deleting the drive from my device manager Far as I can tell this model of drive just uses generic XP drivers can t find any specific drivers for it Though I could be wrong Im not so expert in this area Any DVD burning problem, stuck at 1x advice would be very welcome nbsp

A:DVD burning problem, stuck at 1x

All optical drives (bar the ancient non-IDE CD-ROMs) use generic drivers.

You could update the drive firmware.
If you have another optical drive, then you could boot Knoppix and see if your problem is with hardware or software. (If it fails in Linux too, then it's obviously some hardware-related issue)
Relevancy 24.51%

I just used System Mechanic 6 to cleanup old internet files and clutter, and it said to restart. I'm stuck at the post screen and can't F*/DEL/F11, or anything. I have tried turning off the power and back on, but it is just hung up on the screen:
Phoenix-AwardBIOS v6.ooPG, An Energy Star Ally
Copyright (C) 1984-2005, Phoenix Technologies, LTD
W7100NMS V3.6 071505 16:22:34
Main Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+

Press DEl to enter SETUP, F11 to enter Boot Menu

Can someone please help?

A:Help, I'm stuck in startupland!!!

Once is enough. Please post your questions in one forum only, and please try to make it the correct one.

I sincerely doubt that your little cleanup excercise could have damaged your machine in such a way that it freezes before windows has even started loading though.
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I accidentally spilled some water on my Toshiba Satellite laptop, and ever since my control key seems to be stuck down. I have removed the key and wiped off the electronic pad with alcohol. This problem persists though. Any suggestions of what I should do?

A:Stuck control key on a Toshibe Satellite laptop

A few more cleaning suggestions -
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When I start my pc it gets stuck on the ASUS mobo splash screen. I cant even get into my BIOS. I cleared the CMOS. POST is one beep which should be good. I even went as far as connecting the hd from the bad system as a 2nd hd on a working system and it wouldnt boot as well. Wont even boot to Windows XP System disk.
Here's are list of components on my system:

ASUS A7N8X mobo
Samsung 1gb PC2700 RAM
ATI Radeon 9800 graphics card
AMD Athlon XP +3500 CPU
OS: Windows XP

any help would be greatly appreciated


A:PC stuck on ASUS mobo splash screen

What happens with just the motherboard, memory, and video card installed?
Relevancy 23.65%

Hi all am new here so would first like to say hello to all here.

I have a problem whenever i switch on my PC the monitor wont start up it stays constantly in standy (green light flashing but wont fire up). I have tried the monitor on my laptop and it is working fine, so then thought it could be the graphics card have installed a new one today and still the same problem monitor wont start. Please if anyone could help it would be much apprciated as i am running out of ideas now and have already purchased one graphics card that was not needed so dont want to waste more money on components that wont solve this.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this

Matty B

A:Monitor Wont Start Up Stuck In StandBy

does your video card have its own power cable? if it doesnt disconnect any other hard ware such as sound cards, ipods, hardware that drains poweer. also make sure your power supply can handle all that hardware

also double check its CORRECTLY connected to the right output
Relevancy 23.65%

The problem happens suddenly. Was working fine before. Don't recall installing any new software. On switching the PC, sometime display will appear on monitor. Other time nothing. The time when the display appears the last message is "Memory testing : 524288K OK". Cannot go into BIOS setup, even on pressing the DEL key. Used to work before.

My setup:
Gigabyte GA-8I915P Pro
Intel Pentium 4 3GHz
3 SATA disks
Antec PSU Truepower 2.0 480watts
Gigabyte X600 Pro 128D

Please help.

A:PC will not boot up completely. Stuck on POST screen. Please help

Further details to above problem. On pressing the reset button, the monitor goes blank. Nothing appears. On cold boot again, after a couple of minutes, nothing appears, no beep either. However if I leave in off for say 2-3 hours, display comes back on again and the computer stuck at the same point. I'm really in deep sh##, am I? Please, please someone helps. Don't want to spend any more money. PC is only about 13 or so months old. :blush:
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Im building a computer for the first time. I have an a8n32-sli deluxe motherboard and a cm stacker stc-t01 case. I am having trouble figuring out which cables to plug into which motherboard connectors for the lights, power button, reset sw, etc. I have looked at the diagram in the manual but it doesent do a good job of explaining what goes where. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Stuck on hooking up tower cables to mobo.

Alot of people do the connecting through trial and error loosly based on the diagram shown for the mother board, i honestly cannot think of an easy solution to this, unless someone would like to help out?

I have always done this through trail and error, this doesnt always work for me but try noting down the wires that are labelled and lining them up the same in the diagram rotating the digram or pc in the same direction, its annoying but it does work eventually, ideally i need to look at the diagram + mother board together to try and link them...
Relevancy 24.08%

I replaced a fried motherboard and got an ASUS P4 V 800. The ASUS Probe shows the temp on the CPU at a cool 28-32 and motherboard is 30-32. My chasis fan seems to change RPM and is somewhere around 1200 rpm but the CPU fan is stuck at an annoyingly loud 5700 rpm.

This is the third motherboard (I got two defective motherboards) from :unch: ASUS and I'd rather not get stuck with another RMA, everything else seems to be fine with this mobo.

Do you think its the board or the fan? The fan came with the CPU, a P4 2.6GHz. But I changed the case and the chasis fan recently too, the new power supply is a 350 W Antec.

A:CPU Fan stuck at a constant 5700 RPM

i think its the mobo
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After I install windows XP I install the drivers for my motherboard Then when I restart the computer freezes on the loading screen where it says Windows XP and there s that little blue bar thingy that goes across the screen But the computer will work fine in safe mode I ve wiped the hdd and re-installed Windows XP more times but it still keeps happening Any idea what s wrong And am I right in saying that the DFI Lanparty NF SLI-Dr doesn t need to have drivers installed for SATA hard drives I have a sata hard drive and when i put in the driver CD all it has is a driver for RAID Computer WinXP screen. gets stuck on loading not for just SATA Here s my setup DFI Lanparty NF SLI-DR gb Computer gets stuck on WinXP loading screen. Geil value select gb Maxtor SATA hdd Geforce GT AMD A And that it I m going to try Computer gets stuck on WinXP loading screen. and flash my bios right now and see if that makes a difference nbsp

A:Computer gets stuck on WinXP loading screen.

is your 100gig maxtor HD the one that's being effected by the nforce4 chipset? there are reports that some maxtor's HD have compatibility problem with nforce4 chipset (I think all the 16mb cache ones). Check your model number and do a google search. Also, what version of bios is your mobo? I have the same mobo and I am running at hte latest bios (with similar specs as yours) and I have no trouble with windows.
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hi there

i've recently upgraded my whole system.

parts are

P4 640 800 fsb
pc5300 ddr2 corsair balistix ram 2x512mb's
200gb sata drive
2xdvd drives
and a abit aa8xe board.

Problem is everything is install correct i push power and all fans spin for 1 second then all go off? so far ive tried resitting the cpu only to find a couple of bent pins on the motherboard. I replaced the motherboard today only to find exact same problem. i've tried replacing the ram with older ddr ram (as board supports both) and dont have any spares to try eliminate any thing else. i have checked for short's. is it possible the cpu is damaged from the older damaged motherboard even tho it's a pinless design.

i cant get into bios or get any display on screen etc. it has puzzled me and im running out of creative ideas

please some 1 help.

A:Cpu motherboard problem totally stuck help plz :)

I believe I had this exact same problem building my computer.

Note: I am not responsible for the events that occur after if you choose to do this.

Anyway, when I replaced my mobo, I had a similar or exact same problem.
The only thing I did to fix this problem was to reset the CMOS and use a different power supply if all the fans run after resetting the cmos but still no screen.
After doing this, be sure you have a backup copy of your OS if you need to repair the OS, don't worry, you shouldn't lose your files unless you format.

ALSO, if that solution doesn't work:
Make sure your motherboard is mounted on the metal mounts it came with. OR
make sure you don't have any thermal compound on the cpu pins. OR
Make sure your screws aren't too tight.
Relevancy 24.94%

I have a major problem and I cannot figure out why Specifications CPU Intel Ghz HT RAM Patriot X Mb HD X Gb Maxtor PATA OS Windows Media Center VIDEO nVidia FX or GT MODEL Sony VAIO PCV-RZCG I 15 BF2 fps on stuck have tried BF2 stuck on 15 fps setting up the video cards listed in this desktop and another one which I built with an Intel MB for comparison When I run BF I get a fixed FPS the way I mesure the fps is with the following command quot renderer drawfps quot in the game console The fps is fixed it never goes up or down no matter what I do and the game it is extremelly slow With a similar configuration on the Intel MB I get normal behavior fps dependent on the video card as well as the map loaded or the game action and is in average above fps I have tried several versions of nVidia drivers both for WinMCE or WinXP with the same results Even if I overclock the video cards I am always stuck on fps This does not make any sense It appears to be a some sort of limitation by either nVidia drivers in WinMCE or even with WinMCE itself I have no reason to suspect any installation problems or inteferance from other programs since I tried disabling just about all of them the only difference it appears to be the OS Any toughts knock nbsp

A:BF2 stuck on 15 fps

The 6600GT should be performing better than this, but the 5500- sounds fairly normal. BF2 is very shader heavy and shader performance for the 5500 is pretty low/poor.

I'd remove the 5500 and concentrate solely on the 6600GT. Use driver cleaner pro ( and follow it's instructions to ensure drivers for the 5500 are fully removed and try the latest Forceware from NVidia (

Also, make sure you have VSYNC disabled in the drivers and the game. VSYNC can curb framerates unusually depending upon refresh rate. If the resolution/monitor you are playing on is set to 60hz.. 15 fps will be solid for any framerate under 29fps due to vsync. BF2 is a fairly taxing game, so framerates of 25-29 fps may be the case with that system depending on your game settings, with VSYNC locking it at 15fps.
Relevancy 24.08%

I have just got a new computer and have taken the graphicsw card out of the old to put in the new.
The card I am trying to put in is a GeForce 4 MX-440. The PC currently has OnBoard S3 graphics.

I have downloaded a driver for the new card, but it won't let me install it unless the graphics card is in. So, I put in the card, but then my screen just shows a blank.

Can anyone tell me how I can get the new card to work? Possibly the driver I downloaded isn't the best one...any idea where I can get a good driver for it?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


A:Changing my graphics card...bit stuck

There are a couple of options.
When you add the new card, keep the cable hooked up to the old card. Boot into windows and install the new drivers. Move the cable to see that the new card works..
Then reboot, go into the bios (usually <del> at the post screen) and disable the onboard graphics.

The easier way (if it works) is to go into the BIOS first and disable the onboard graphics, and then add the new card, boot with it into windows and install the drivers. Of course, if it doesn't work, you'll have to clear your CMOS and re-apply any custom settings you were using.

Either way should work just fine.
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hi i have a problem with my computer , it is a clean pc no programs or anything on it , extremely basic . when i turn it on it is stuck in post screen , it gets up to were it says , found D drive bladi bladi bla , and then stops , nothing works , very ocasionally when bin disconected from everything for a month it will work for a few hours then stop again , what could it be ???? plz help .