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Good price for Excellent software

Q: Good price for Excellent software

This is great backup software!!!! I bought this version a couple of years ago BUT the latest version is 10 and 11 is on the horizon. Still though, version 9 does a great job for me and I have restored my PC over and over with an image of my hard drive; an image that was made at THAT time. I bought it for $30 with a $20 matching coupon and I hardly think this will ever be cheaper; not in a BOX delivered to your front door. Postage is probably an extra $5. Your call. (I have bought from this vendor before---no problems.) Some may think it is pirated software but I would not know!! And I doubt there would be support from Acronis for it!!

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Preferred Solution: Good price for Excellent software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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First off i have a Thermaltake Armor Jr. Case. The problem is the front L.E.D standard intake fan isn;'t taken in air at all. There is no wind blowing in the case, and yes the fan is mounted properly when i checked.

So my question is, what is a good intake fan with good airflow and at a good air rate.

Also, anyone know if the side window vent is a 90mm or 92mm fan placement?

Note: The intake fan is 120mm.

any help will be the best thanks.

Please provide links with the item please.

A:Good to Excellent intake fan please.

the best way to guage a fan's performance is by the CFM rating. the higher the rating, the more air it can push or suck in. and one of the best ones i've seen has a cfm rating of about 63. normal ones i've seen are around the 35cfm mark. and this is one is advertised as being exceedingly quiet as well. it's very high quality. you might be able to tell that from the price. but it's well worth it if you want performance and quality.

25 dollars. it's 120mm as per specifications.

i'm not sure about the side vent. but it appears to be a simple 90mm vent.
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I am building a budget computer for someone and need a beige case that is well built. I have used the slk1600 from antec in the past but that is hard to come by. Is there a model out there that is the same price point as the slk1600? Around 50 -55 delivered? Also the same quality build? I really like antec. I can't find it for under 65 now except one place and they only have two and others had it but can't get it any more. HELP>

A:I need a really good case for a good price

Get your friend to accept a black case and check this Antec SLK1650B

or the beige version: Antec SLK1650
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Hey People! I'm new here... Greets for everyone!

Anyway, I wanna build new system and now I am looking for the best processor to use?

As motherboard I am using Biostar Hi Fi A85W and I wanna put 6 GB DDR3 RAM on it. My graphics card will be my prior GTX 450. what do you guys think? my budget will be 200$

A:Good processor for good price?

Well, the best processor you can get is the A10-6800K which will work perfectly with your budget of $200. I believe the CPU is only about $150.00 at most retailers online.
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I spend quite a bit of time in hotels so I am looking for VPN software that is fast and will connect to a trusted secure host server with a reliable reputation. I tried HotSpotVPN and found that it worked very well. However, I discontinued with HotSpotVPN because they have filters that block various websites that they feel are unnecessary for a business computer. My laptop in not a business computer but my own personal laptop. I also tried WiFi Guardian 2009 trial but discovered that it does not work with Windows 7 yet. Anyone with suggestions? I prefer the payed for software because they are usually ad free and are also usually connected to a dedicated fast and secure server. Thanks!

A:Looking For Excellent VPN Software.

Here is more information on setting up a vpn on a Windows 7 machine: Set up a remote connection to your workplace using VPN.

If you are looking for compatible software I suggest you search at the Windows 7 compatibility center and compare based on your needs: Windows 7 Compatibility Center home.

Windows Outreach Team
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G.Skill, 8 GB kit (4x2GB), PC2 6400, DDR2 800 MHz.

For the $175 price tag, is that good RAM? I've heard rave reviews about G.Skill, but only from a few people that don't really know much about computers, and I've never used it. I looked at that and the old saying came to mind "You get what you pay for", but I've seen better prices on newegg, they never fail to deliver.

So, coming from people who have probably used this RAM before, would I be crazy to get this, or crazy NOT to get it? I have 4 GB (4x1GB) now of DDR2 5300, 667 MHz, but moving up to 8 GB would help with gaming and all sorts of other stuff. And before anyone asks, yes, I have Vista Ultimate x64, so I can handle 8 Gigs.


A:Is this good RAM for the price?

You could buy two 4GB kits of cas 4 memory, which is faster, for a little less money.

I've been pleased with the g.skill ram I've bought. I haven't had any problems with it (knock on wood).

Edit: I'm using this ram, and am happy with it so far. If you don't want/need ddr2 1000, then the 800 kits will be better as they have lower latency.
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Hi all,I'm considering installing Windows 7, but which version should I go for?I've found this link, but what are your thoughts?

A:Good Price?

If at all costs, I would like to suggest going retail. You get 2 versions of the same OS.
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What are people's opinions on what CPU is good for the price? I was think of upgrading to a Barton 2500+ since this has been the deal since I can remember. Its still a deal yes?

A:Good CPU for the price

Barton 2500+ is definitely the best lower end CPU you can get. Newegg has them for $86 ($91 for retail)
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I am thinking of selling my current machine to a relative and building my own. My relative just wants a half-decent PC as the one he has is very poor, but i'm not sure how much to ask for my machine.

These are the specs for my machine :-

AMD Athlon 798MHz CPU
NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro (built into motherboard)
56k Modem
Windows ME

If anyone has any knowledge of buying/selling second-hand PC's and has any advice, let me know


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Hey, I found a Good and interesting website for All softwares.

A:Hi, Excellent website for All software!

Closing duplicate post .....
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What kind of computer parts do i need to build a pc that can handle the game World of Warcraft perfectly with no lag? For a budget of about $800. I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

A:Build PC for a good price

Ok, here is the best for the $
113 7600GT-

180 E6300-

80 Mobo-

186 RAM 2GB-

80 Case/PSU-

95 Fast HD-

Good DvD Burner 29-

Total Appx- 758$ For a great PC!
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In a previous post (can't link due to anti spam feature) I was deciding on getting a new PC but since then I've come to the conclusion that the best performance for my PC would simply be a new graphics chip set since the processor and mobo are still up to standards and probably don't need to be touched for awhile longer, so I decided to budget for a $300-$400 (may be more) card(s) and would like some opinions on what would be a good buy, I'm looking to run games like Mass Effect, UT3, Supreme Commander, Oblivion, Spore, Crysis etc. and any new gen games coming soon that utilize the Physx and DX10 technology. Currently I'm looking to upgrade my dual Geforce 7950GTs and put them into a second more economical PC for home use.

A:Good Vid Card for the Right Price?

Because its not always up to the GPU to provide all the game performance, but also depends on other components, such as the CPU, it would be best for us to know your other specs first.

Just in case because you might be better off with a CPU upgrade as well.
Anyhow this one go's for 410$ after rebate;

Another other good choice would be something like this;
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is this a good system fro Description Specifications AMD Sempron bit socket latest technology gB DDR RAM DVDRW GB Hard Drive rpm Integrated Intel Real bit Graphics X USB x front x rear Eithernet Lan Port Channel Sound for this a the price good system is quot TFT Join the bit revolution with the latest Sempron bit processor These machines offer stunning performance at an affordable price Make no mistake these machines are fast Don t be stuck with an old slow bit PC make the is this a good system for the price jump to bit Case W Power PSU x quot Bays x quot Bays x Front USB Processor AMD Sempron Mhz FSB Processor The AMD is this a good system for the price Sempron processor is designed to redefine everyday computing and meet the evolving needs of home and business PC users This full-featured processor is is this a good system for the price designed to deliver best-in-class performance for today s value-conscious buyers of desktop PCs This is the latest AMD bit Sempron processor and is capable of running windows XP bit Do not confuse this processor the old socket A bit model This is a much faster processor than the old socket A model Motherboard Socket SiS GX Chipset Integrated Mirage Graphics upto MB shared Supports AGP X X v x AGP X X slot Supports Serial ATA x Serial ATA Gb s CMedia -channel Audio Ethernet LAN ATA DIMM slots x DDR Max capacity GB Memory In order to provide maximum performance this base unit features GB of the fastest DDR Memory Harddrive Fast ATA Enhanced IDE Compatible Ultra ATA Data Transfer Speed Quiet Drive Technolog Optical Drive X Speed max Duel Layer Able to read and write and - disk USB Front and Rear Sound With the addition of a speaker system this base unit can be turned into a media pc with surround sound capabilities This is a feature that allows for the atmospheric game play and a realistic film experience Network A LAN port allows a computer to be connected onto a network This has become invaluable as many households have more than one PC and wish to share printers and an Internet connection Grapics Integrated Intel Real bit Graphics Monitor Screen Type TFT Active Matrix LCD Screen Size quot Viewable Display Area quot Colours Million Dot Pitch mm H mm V Horizontal Frequency Range KHz - KHz Vertical Frequency Range Hz - Hz Response Time ms Contrast Ratio Brightness cd m Max Resolution x Resolutions x x x x View Angle Horizontal Vertical nbsp

A:is this a good system for the price

Does it come with any software? Keyboard/mouse? Speakers?

I am tempted to say that no, this is not a good deal. It's not a BAD deal really, but certainly nothing special. At least it has a good monitor (or so it seems).

This system above has three big negatives against it:

1. It has a sempron CPU. Semprons are designed for budget level systems. Practically speaking, this means they are in general, slow. Now, if all you ever do is browse the internet, and write word documents, you will have no complaints I suppose. You system will boot a bit slower than a system with say, an Athlon64 CPU, and will "unzip" files slower, etc.

2. It is a 754 socket system. These types of systems are already one generation behind, and will be 2 generations by the end of this year. In other words, it severely limits your upgrade options.

3. It's graphics. Onboard graphics can be fine for some users. Again, if you are only browsing the internet etc., then you'll have no complaints. However it is important to keep your upgrade options open for future considerations. For example, windows will be releasing "vista" soon. This will require more powerful graphics. Or if you ever decide you want to try some PC games, you will need stronger graphics. The system above has an open AGP slot so you can add on a graphics card later. This again is limiting your upgrade options. There are some very powerful AGP cards on the market still, but this is slowly changing. AGP is the old generation, and are slowly being replaced by PCIexpress graphics cards.

Hope this helps!
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any one know of a good power supply for the price....need at least one pci-e cable in it.....500 watts and up.....atx size or standard or what ever.

A:GOOD psu for the price???...500 watts and up

My Favorite:
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I'm out of the loop as far as GPU's are concerned (Current: Gigabyte 670 Windforce 3x) but am considering an upgrade. I was kinda sold on a 970, but have since been made aware of the 390 & have been told (by many) that for the price, there isn't anything better at the moment.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheapest place to pick one up?

A:R9 390.. good card for the price?

Hi George,

The R9 390 is a strong card, and for the money it's probably the best high-tier card on the market right now.

At $330, it's a little cheaper than the GTX 970 which is also a powerful card for the money, but I've witnessed a couple of people having trouble with GTA V on highest settings with it, while the R9 390 runs it just fine.

If that matters to you, you'll definitely like the AMD card more.

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Price Specs CAS off Mail-in Rebate Xion III Gaming for this Is a this good computer? price Mid-Tower W Case with Side Window BLACK COLOR CASUPGRADE NONE CS FAN Default case fans CPU AMD Athlon X Dual-Core CPU w HyperTransport Technology CD Special Price LG X DVD R RW CD-R RW DRIVE DUAL LAYER BLACK COLOR CD NONE CABLE None FLASHMEDIA INTERNAL in Flash Media Reader Writer BLACK COLOR FA HDD None FAN AMD ATHLON CERTIFIED CPU FAN amp HEATSINK FLOPPY NONE FREEBIE OS None HDD Single Hard Drive GB SATA-II Gb s MB Cache RPM HDD - HDD NONE IEEE CARD NONE KEYBOARD PS MULTIMEDIA INTERNET CONTROL KEYBOARD BLACK COLOR MOUSE NONE - MODEM NONE MONITOR NONE MONITOR NONE MOTHERBOARD Asus M N Is this a good price for this computer? SLI NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP Chipset DDR SATA RAID PCI-Express MBoard w GbLAN IEEE USB amp Audio MEMORY Req DDR MainBoard GB x GB PC DDR Dual Channel Memory Corsair or Major Brand NETWORK ONBOARD NETWORK CARD OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic w Service Pack -bit Edition Is this a good price for this computer? PRINTER None PRINTER CABLE None PRO WIRING None POWERSUPPLY Watts Power Supplies Recommended WIN- XSPX APEVIA W JAVA Power Supply-Black RUSH NO READY TO SHIP IN BUSINESS DAYS SERVICE STANDARD WARRANTY -YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY PLUS LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT SOUND HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD AUDIO SPEAKERS Watts PMPO Subwoofer Stereo Speakers TEMP NONE AS SHOWN TVRC None USBHD NONE UPS None USB Built-in USB Ports VIDEOCAMERA NONE VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce GT MB X PCI Express Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA VIDEO NONE VIDEO NONE WNC NONE PRICE view detail Is this a good price for this pc Also should I be able to run games like CoD with no problem on this pc nbsp

A:Is this a good price for this computer?

I don't think so, but it should run COD4 in med/Hi details in 1024x768 just fine.

1 - Both tthe included "420watt" and 500watt PSUs (I don't think anyone actually gets those 420s) are junk brand. Antec, Coolermaster, Thermaltake make some decent low-end 500watt units for $50 or so. Best ones are $80~110 : Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ.

2 - Rather OLD OLD motherboard. Limited to AM2 CPUs. Being that its a budget system, its a bit expensive board - in which 1% of users actually upgrade to 2 cards.

3 - when listing items, please remove "NONE" items are they don't apply.

4 - PMPO speakers? Sound like $10 speakers. A good set of $40 20watt speakers from a better company will sound a lot better. Get this for $50, these look great, sound great.. and about the best on the market for the price: (PS some people complain, but many speakers BUZ when the cell phone is getting a call - also, Subwoofers belong on THE FLOOR)

But here are some choices for under $50 (note these REAL speakers are 6~30 watts - and a quick google search says those 600watt in your list ARE $10) 4025&bop=And&Order=RATING

3 - a company that sells junk cases, junky PSUs and junky speakers are not to be trusted. "Major brand powered by Nvidia"?? pretty much any maker of video cards are KNOWN.

4 - Below is my QUICK LIST of budget home/Gaming system a person could order/build from

$87 CPU : AMD 2.8 Ghz X2 : (-$30 = 2.4Ghz X2 CPU)
$90 Mobo: Gigabyte ATI :
$38 RAM: 2GB G.Skill :
$75 HD: 500GB WD : (-$15 = 250GB)
$31 DVD-Burner: Pioneer :
$50 Case: Coolermaster (Comes in Silver, blue or RED)
$45 PSU: 550watt CoolerMaster :


Note: The mobo has onboard graphics with DVI and VGA output, recommened for Vista office and basic home usage. Will play games made before 2005 okay.

$100 = Vista Home Prem. Or Windows XP PRO ($135) (Media Center gone, XP is no longer manufatures - limited avail)

$100 = GPU: ATI 3870 card :

Total = $616~645.

You can get parts in 2-3 days, build it in 1-3hours.
Has a better case, better PSU, better motherboard, better DVD and faster GPU.
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I'm upgrading to...something from an integrated one, I just don't know what yet. - XFX HD-545X-CDH2 Radeon HD 5450 2GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

Basically my max is 50 and it has to be a Radeon.

A:Is this a good GFX Card for the price

depends what you intend it for, modern gaming will be a no no. older games and movies will be ok. or just to speed up day to day things, normally hogging RAM
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Good morning.
I would like to purchase an SD card 32 Gb class 10.
Can anyone suggest to me an e-shop with low price?

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OMG Is a good price for this Laptop I this for price Is $425 laptop a good need high mobility and the quot screen is exactly what I want Item Specifics - PC Laptops Brand Toshiba Hard Drive Capacity GB Family -- Screen Size inches Processor Type Intel Pentium HT Operating System Windows XP Media Center Processor Model -- Primary Drive DVD -RW Processor Speed GHz Condition Used Memory RAM MB Like New Toshiba Satellite P -S quot WXGA Notebook PC P GHz MB GB DVD-SuperMulti LAN Wi-Fi bg WinXP Media Center Edition Product Features and Technical Details Intel Pentium Processor with HT Technology MB of Main Memory GB hard disk drive NVIDIA GeForce FX Go MBDDR video memory DVD-SuperMulti drive widescreen WXGA TFT active matrix Is $425 a good price for this laptop display Internal TV Tuner Integrated V K modem Integrated Ethernet LAN Integrated Wireless LAN abg Operating System and Software Operating System Windows XP Media Center Edition Special Features Hyper-Threading Technology Keyboard and Mouse Keyboard Full-Size Hard Drive Size GB Manufacturer Portable Optical Drives Other Mass Storage Additional Drives Secure Digital expansion slot Graphics and Display Graphics RAM MB Display WXGA TFT Ports and Connectivity Modem Kbps Network Connection Integrated Wireless LAN Atheros bg nbsp

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Just thought I would share, hope it's not a repost....
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I'm using Windows ME and I'm shopping around for an external DVD drive that I can use to burn DVD's and then play them on my JVC DVD player. Anybody seen any good deals lately?

A:Need a good price on an External DVD Burner

i thinnk if you like in the USA , you could look at this
hope that helps if your in the US .. if your in sweden (STHLM ). check this
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So, basically I want a pretty good gaming PC that will allow me to play most games with high detail and all that stuff, rather than playing it on low detail and getting some low frames. Can someone give me some advise to which I can get an amazing PC that will allow me to do this.

A:I want to get the ultimate gaming PC for a good price

All depends on how much you're willing to spend. You'll get the best value by building the PC yourself though.
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$700 camcorder, 1920 x 1080, AVCHD format.

Does it matter that the camera only shoots in 1080i, and not 1080p, if the main target media is movie theaters.

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Hi i'm selling my EVGA 9800gtx+ and someone made me an offer for $50. Is it a good deal? here is the website with the specs.

A:Selling my 9800GTX for $50 -- good price?

i would think you could get $75 for it.
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Is $899 a good price for an aspire f 15 non touch laptop- core i5 1.70 ghz cpu, 8 gb ddr3l ram, windows 10 home 64 bit, 15.6 inch led display, Intel hd graphics 4400, DVDs-writer, Bluetooth,front camera/web cam, HDMI and sub 3.0 ports. They are also adding 500 gb Samsung EVO 850 SSD. 

A:Is $899 a good price for an aspire f15 non touch w...

Have you tried to comparison shop yet on Amazon or google with the keywords "acer" "f15"? Jack E/NJ
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When I first started building my own rigs decades ago I used Computer Shopper magazine to help find the best prices. Then, with the advent of the Internet I moved to That site fell in popularity and functionality and I, like most everyone else, moved to PriceGrabber. Now I don't find PriceGrabber all that useful. Are there any good price comparison sites still around or does most everyone do like I have been and buy from Newegg and Amazon?


A:Are there any good price comparison sites still around out there?

PC Part Picker is a good one it can see what parts cost at a given time, and has a pretty good device database. Here's a link to my system as an example. Intel Core i7-4770K, MSI GeForce GTX 780 (2-Way SLI), NZXT Switch 810 (White) - System Build - PCPartPicker this is what I have put into it but if you click the merchant tab it will show you what those parts cost per merchant currently. There is also if you know the part number google shopper can detect this stuff.
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Can someone help me find a good mobo and cpu for cheap? Im building a computer for someone but all shes going to do with it is surfing, word, music and videos, no gaming. Im going for 150-200 limit. Thanks in advance

A:Good mobo and CPU for a cheap price?

Take a look at this one:
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Hello, I have been on a long journey to try to make my computer good enough to be World of Warcraft worthy. I was trying to upgrade my parents' Dell Dimension but was having no luck (First, it is almost non-upgradable in the first place thanks to Dell, and second, we had a $100 Dell Giftcard that I was using to upgrade our computer which we got a month ago and we placed the order and it still hasn't been confirmed). Now i am just really mad so I'm gonna try and buy a totally new computer (I wanted one for my room anyways). So, to the point. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a decent gaming computer with plenty of upgrades available, the only catch is that it can't be over $1000 and if possible $700 or less would be awesome!
Thanks in advance,

A:A Decent Computer for a Good Price
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I've not built a pc in years as I've been buying laptops instead. I've just spent the last half hour picking parts of dabs, can someone tell me if this is good for the price or would it be cheaper to buy pre-built? or can you suggest a better site in the uk to use?

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2HGz AM3 Black Edition Processor £242.99

Gigabyte AM3 AMD 880G DDR3 ATX £88.11
Kingston ValueRAM 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 £88.84
Sapphire Technology ATI Radeon 5550 HD 1GB PCI-Express 2.1 x16 DVI HDMI £68.79
LG Electronics 22" W2261VP 5MS DVI HDMI HD LCD TFT £140.98
Samsung 1TB SpinPoint HD105SI 3.5" SATA-300 5400RPM 32MB Cache £52.81
Antec Three Hundred Case Black £44.23
Best Value 850W 80+ Dual 12v V2.2 HE PSU £44.46

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I've Been looking in getting a new headset for my PC and I'm not good at figuring out any sound devices really. Are there any good headsets for about $100 or less? I'm not looking for anything fancy just something that's good and wont c**p out after a couple of months. My top two priorities are sound quality (the louder the better) and good comfort for long usage.

I've look at ones such as the Thermaltake Shock Spin HD or SteelSeries 4H. But I'm stuck, I don't really know the difference (beside the fact that they look different).

Any help would be really appreciated.

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I have been looking a Sunday's ads at office depot, Best buys etc for computers.
Of couse the offer the usual HP, Lenevo, and Gateways computers. I really don't
like those major brands.
I prefer to have a computer with a tooless case that is upgradable. Nice
up-to-date computer with DDR2 memory. I know that there is some venders
that allows the person to custom select case motherboard etc in text selection
windows but I can't find them.
Any suggestions where to look for good custom computers at a good price
from a reliable vender? Buying a kit to build a computer is also an option.

Thank you,

A:Where to by a custom computer at a good price?

muckmail said:

I have been looking a Sunday's ads at office depot, Best buys etc for computers.
Of couse the offer the usual HP, Lenevo, and Gateways computers. I really don't
like those major brands.
I prefer to have a computer with a tooless case that is upgradable. Nice
up-to-date computer with DDR2 memory. I know that there is some venders
that allows the person to custom select case motherboard etc in text selection
windows but I can't find them.
Any suggestions where to look for good custom computers at a good price
from a reliable vender? Buying a kit to build a computer is also an option.

Thank you,Click to expand...

Hi muckmail.
It is always best to build your really is not difficult,I recommend you read the sticky by crjdriver above.As we do not know what country you live in we can not recommend a custom builder for you.But what I would suggest is that you give the operating system a lot of thought,as to what you are going to do with your new PC,If gaming is your thing it may be better to stick with XP for the next 12months,But you will need to check out vista before you buy it.
All the best
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Is $899 a good price for an aspire f 15 non touch laptop- core i5 1.70 ghz cpu, 8 gb ddr3l ram, windows 10 home 64 bit, 15.6 inch led display, Intel hd graphics 4400, DVDs-writer, Bluetooth,front camera/web cam, HDMI and sub 3.0 ports. They are also adding 500 gb Samsung EVO 850 SSD. 

A:Is $899 a good price for an aspire f15 non touch w...

Have you tried to comparison shop yet on Amazon or google with the keywords "acer" "f15"? Jack E/NJ
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Thers a kid thats new in my CS clan and he wants to sell me some, he's a parts dealer and I'm curious if 200 is a good price and if you guys know a place to get it cheaper. Kingstons a good name in the ram world.

A:What's a good price for 1GB of DDR433Mhz(kingston) pc3500? lists the lowest price for 1 GB pc3500 ddr RAM as $192. If you can get Kingston for $200, then I'd say it's a good deal
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How much money would you charge on top of a license?

A:What would be a good price to charge to downgrade windows 8/10 to 7?

Not quite sure of what you are asking is this something you are doing for someone else because in this forum really isn't the place to ask about recompense for helping someone out.

I personally will do things for nothing except charge for parts of course (if those parts are reasonably pricy) and I have to incur a cost of new part/s and I just like the challenge of doing whatever is being asked for.
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I have an epson 1400 stylus photo printer, and I use the "HP Premium Glossy Paper" I get from Sams. It's good paper, but thin. The pictures do not stay straight, the bend when you hold them. I think the mil thickness could be larger. Do you have any suggestion on buying about 200 sheets of a good brand of premium glossy paper that will hold ink for a long time and is thicker similar to standard paper you get when you used to have photos developed.

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I recently had my headphones short out in one ear and need new ones but I don't know what ones to get cause I don't want to keep having the same problem. So recommendations would be nice. I just want good sound quality with a mic on it. Preferably something like the ones I had (see link) but I heard those always short out after a year or two so I don't really want to deal with the problem in the future.

$50 is as high as I'd like to go, I don't know if that too low to find good quality headsets though.

A:Need a good quality headset at cheap price

Grab a Razer barracuda HP-1 from ebay for a low low price,, 80ish maybe but their killer 5.1 headset, with outputs to your sound cards rear and front and center and sub.. gl
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I am looking into going completely mobile with my wireless lap top when I get it. I was wondering whats the best cell-fi internet service provider, with good rates, to do so. I only really know of verizon, sprint, and atnt. I'm guessing there's a few others, but I was wondering which works the best. I am also hoping to not spend over 35/40 a month. Any personal experience with any would help as well. Thanks! -Nick

A:What is the best wireless anywhere isp and a good price (sprint, verizon, at&t, etc.)

don't confuse cell-fi with wifi.

You are asking for cell-fi.
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Circuit City has 40 GB Harddrive for $29. I rely on for bargain recommendation. They usually mark hot deal if its around $0.50 per GB.
Is there any good rule of thumb as to what is cheap and what is not ?
Another question I have is wheather I should by external or internal Hard drive ? External is expensive but has its own advantages...
For now I am looking for cheaper hard drive around $20-$30 and I can get enough disk space to watch movies.

A:What is good price for Hard Drive (40GB for $29 ?)

HDs being cheap as they are, you should look for something like a 120GB disk with 8MB cache, rather than a puny 40GB. You get more value for your buck with them.
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Would ?109 considered a good price for Vista Ultimate, inc. VAT??

Software: Cheap computer, pc parts and components at

Bit short of cash at the moment but want to go 64bit ASAP. May have to wait a couple of weeks though....

A:Windows Vista Ulitimate 64 bit - good price

Sounds about normal. I'm not sure of the excahnge rate but OEM 64 with sp1 is $179.99 from Isn't it now about 2 dollars to a pound? If so it's cheaper from newegg if they ship to Leeds.
Relevancy 58.91%

Hello Everyone. I am new on this forum.

I just opened up a tech shop in Dominica and I am planning to take on some cases for HDD data recovery. At my previous job we used PC3000 and DeepSpar DDI3 and DDI4. However these are incredibly expensive for my operation. Each one is over 3500 USD :-0.

Software, no matter how well it?s built can?t do recovery right because of PC limitations itself. Does anyone know if there is a hardware solution (Data Recovery Imager of some sort) that doesn?t require to sell a kidney and one of my kids? Any experience that you had in the past?

I would really appreciate your help
Relevancy 58.91%

I'm looking for a Windows laptop. I'm not looking to play Unreal 3 engine games at highest settings or Crysis or really anything new, the most important games are TF2 and CSS, and while people like to say how forgiving the Source engine is, I'd like to hear from someone who's certain of how the laptop will perform. I am in the U.S., linking to newegg is fine if that has the best price. Under $800 would be a good estimation.
Relevancy 58.91%

Hi guys i bought my new gaming laptop $1600
CPU I7 3610QM
Graphics Radeon 7970m
Screen 15.6 inchi 1920/1080
Ram 8192mb
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Its Korean brand though, does it look like a good one with $1600

A:Bought my New gaming laptop $1600 good price?

Quote: Originally Posted by red0595

Its Korean brand though, does it look like a good one with $1600

Not given that you are already having considerable problems according to your other post!
Relevancy 56.76%

We are in desperate need of the most recent version of Powerpoint Software.
We are trying to find the best price
available. So far $178.00 is the best
we've seen. There's got to be a cheaper
price somewhere on the planet right?
Please help!

PS: To Dreamboat, thank you for your assistance on the report I had to do in Powerpoint. My instructor gave me quite a bit of help and I was able to get it done. However, I had to do it at school, not at home. That is the primary reason why I need to purchase Powerpoint, plus my father will need it for his Phd program.

Relevancy 55.9%

We're all interested in spending as little money as possible and will or can use free security tools, if they are good.

My question is: what would you consider to be a fair price for a quality security application or suite? Are current prices fair? Are they too expensive? If the price was something you consider fair, would you still use a free application instead of paying for one?


Relevancy 55.47%

a friend is currently bidding on a Brand New Office XP Standard "Academic" from Ebay, can anyone use that software? It's a quastion i wondered about also? As i have never seen a straight answer.

A:Question On Academic Price Of Office Software

Hi Izzy, the teacher and student editions and the Academic editions are intended to be used by well... teachers and students. Here is the relevant section from Office XP's EULA:Academic Edition Software. If the Software Product is identified as "Academic Edition" or "AE," You must be a "Qualified Educational User" to use the Software Product. If You are not a Qualified Educational User, You have no rights under this EULA. To determine whether You are a Qualified Educational User, please contact the Microsoft Sales Information Center/One Microsoft Way/Redmond, WA 98052-6399 or the Microsoft subsidiary serving Your country.While the EULA does not spell out exactly what a "Qualified Educational User" is, this old article from CNET does:Any student, including those in kindergarten through grade 12 or those being home schooled, technically qualify for the discount. Higher-education students and faculty also are eligible to buy the software. your friend is a student he/she does run a risk that if Microsoft ever found out that they were not eligible to buy it at the time of purchase they could rescind the license to that copy of the software. Your friend would not be guilty of pirating the software because they did purchase it but they would have broken the EULA by using the software in a manner that it was not intended for. Considering that Microsoft choose to offer these editions for sale at retail stores where no one is going to check for a student ID before selling it to you instead of just selling it through the schools I truly can't say if they would rescind the license or not but the risk does exist.While these editions are really great deals (I purchased my Office XP Professional for only $200.00 while in college, compared to $500.00 retail) they do have one glaring draw back:from the CNET link;The academic version cannot be upgraded to the nonacademic version. When a person finally decides to upgrade to a new Office version they cannot just purchase an upgrade version, they will have to buy the full fledged product or purchase another Academic version and live with the possibility of Microsoft rescinding the softwares license.
Relevancy 55.47%

Hi guys Okay my camcorder is a Panasonic GS- I bought it year ago and still not for sure if that was a good purchase or Best Video Price Editing Reasonable Software @ A not but oh well i m stuck with it now and I mostly use it to make movies w friends and family I write screenplays and direct them act in them what not and I m hoping to finally upgrade to a better video editing software besides Windows Movie Maker Now I have no big complaints about WMM its been very kind to me and user friendly but I ve way over-used all the Best Video Editing Software @ A Reasonable Price transitions and video effects they have to offer Also my ideal software would have Best Video Editing Software @ A Reasonable Price the ability to put a clip on top of a clip I don t even know if that s possible but it sounds like a neat idea to me sense I don t have a green screen handy I am just a meager wanna-be M Best Video Editing Software @ A Reasonable Price Night Shyamalan here My budget is minimal and I m hoping not to exceed Any advise opinions tips amp tricks and what-not is very appreciated THANKS GUYS YOUR AWESOME

A:Best Video Editing Software @ A Reasonable Price

Hi mightyflail.On an $80.00 budget, you won't do much better then Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.5 Titanium.Looks like it's on sale as well.
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Good day i hope to find a solution through same price spare the like total price!!! parts is your kindnessI live in Egypt my uncle bought for me hp split from US mar it get issue on keyboard attach on oct and spare parts price is same like the total price!!! repaired through geeksquad replaced the slate dock board when my uncle was on US last jan after just one week when he came back to Egypt it got hardware failurei try to solve it through hp Egypt agent feb and give them the receipt on mar so i have all my rights for warranty servicehp respond that it wouldn't deliver theSpare parts while there is someone who in US find that the parts is available on price where i shocked the total hpSplit price is around i hope hp to solve this complicated as they have the parts why they didn't send it to their agent here in Egypt to solve my problemthere was a communicate with hp social didn't find a way to handle this problemAnd all what they can help me is to arrange for the unit to be shipped to a friend relative within the US so that they can arrange for servicebut it isn't allowed to ship the laptop so they give me email for CEO and President Dion WeislerI send email by the problem mar and there was no respond and send again on apr and wait and no respond tooI really don't know who is the one who got the ability to take responsible for helpWith all my respect to you
Relevancy 51.17%

yes i am searching for a good software that can pack all of my software collections into one single installation.exe pack which i can install for later usage will some pliz give me a recomendation of such software to pack all the my files into one installation pack ?

A:finding a good software to make a collection of stuffs software into a installation
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Today, the price of gold sits around $1660/fine ounce, maybe Huawei should put their E173 and E220 drivers on wall st. The price per unit would surely surpass that of gold before the close of trade.
On the Vodacom website there are two downloads for the E220, a pc software for vodafone and a VMC update for the dashboard. I downloaded and installed the software for Vodafone onto the laptop, and thereafter dowloaded and updated the E220 with the VMCLite_E220_3_2_1_156_standard program.

Now, since the modem's dashboard could be updated, it would be safe to say that the modem was detected, right?
Well, this is what happens when I open the Vodafone program:

I have been struggling to sort this out for a while, and I'm sure I'm missing something so simple...
Please can someone help out?
Relevancy 45.15%

Someone I know just finished putting together a DVR using a refurbished dell PC and a nice TV tuner card by hauppauge. But the software that comes with it isn't all that impressive (though he may find a few useful features I didn't have time look for).

I was wondering if there are any better DVR software programs out there that will help him achieve his goal of building a Tivo from scratch (so to speak). Specifically, we're looking for something that will download TV schedules but not cost him any sort of monthly fee like Tivo does. The system is running XP so it'll need to run on that.

Any suggestions?

A:Looking for some good DVR software

Although I haven't tried it myself I've heard good things about GB-PVR.
Relevancy 45.15%

I just bought an HP a n withan AMD Athlon processor MB DDR SDRAM running Windows XP with an Nvidia GeForce FX graphics card My camera is a Sony MiniDV Handycam the TRV- which was pretty high-end about two years ago when I bought it I m connecting to my computer using Firewire When I plug in my Sony Handycam DVD software? Good it gives me two software options the Windows default program and the basic WinDVD that came with the computer I know that the Windows program is pretty basic and it looks like alot of options in WinDVD aren t available unless I upgrade I ve never burned movies before and I m not doing any professional quality videos just home movies but I want the best quality I can get for a reasonable price and I want to be able to do edits and basic effects on the computer What program would you recommend Can I get Good DVD software? a decent one for under say Or will I get the best quality in that price range already by just sticking to the basic WinDVD already installed Like I said I m just wanting to get good quality home movies with some basic transition effects and maybe some captions possibly add music into the background once I m more experienced One reason I m asking is I m noticing some tracer-effect when the camera is panning and it s almost as if a few frames are missing when someone moves their mouth it looks a bit like a japanese movie that s been dubbed in English I improved the problem by changing it from MPEG duh to DVI and HP had me remove the Digital Audio and DMA capability of the DVD writer drive but it s still there to a lesser degree and I m not sure if this is inherent with MiniDV tapes or if it s the software I m using nbsp

A:Good DVD software?

Firstly, it's better to have DMA enabled as this takes pressure from the cpu and eliminates errors and speeds things up like rendering, capturing, burning and print to tape.

This editor is free and better than WMM And this one is Sony's Screenblast (once Sonic Foundry) which I've found is more stable than Pinnacle, Ulead etc. It's also best to have a separate burner prog like Nero 6.
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I don't really have an issue with software so i hope i posted this in the right spot. I was wondering if anyone knows any good software to buy, I usually only game on my computer so i am not familiar with the rest of the software industry. Just wanted to know if anyone knows any good programs to try. thanks..
ps. let me know if this thread is ok for this area on your site. thanks again

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hey all. i have some "stuff" that i need to turn into iso and burn as iso as well. rigth now i cant find a crack of magic iso to do this. whats does the rest of the forum use? I need something to turn my stuff into iso and burn then aswell i would normally use nero but since im without my computer rigth now i need stuff that words on my dad machine "os vista" thanks!

A:good iso software

iso reply has under audio/video burn4free that should work.
or you can search thier files.
Relevancy 45.15%

I need software to ‘create PDF dynamically from ASP’ or ‘create PDF dynamically from VBSCRIPT’
can anyone recomend any?

A:Does anyone know good software

Might find it here
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Okay, I just realized Valve patched Portal and added encrypted messages inside encrypted messages! I want to take a look at these personally, and one of the things I need is a nice BBS program.

Anyone familiar enough to recommend one?


A:Need a good BBS software...

Are you trying to get into encrypted messages that you aren't intended to be in? And what does BBS stand for?

Let us know,
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Hi! I'm always interested in windows drivers. Don't want to fix what ain't broke, but I also want my PC up to date. I'm wondering if this software is any good and does anyone here use it or support it.
It's software driver update from AMD!
Thanks for your replies and advise!!
PS It shows I have the latest drivers!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 18 Model 1 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5610 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6520G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461781 MB, Free - 413179 MB; F: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 612320 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Relevancy 45.15%


It's free today and wondering if it is worth it.

A:Is this good software?

Yes, I downloaded the last time it was offered for free and it is excellent. That being said, Macrium Reflect, which is always free is just as good and easier to learn.
Relevancy 45.15%

I recently got a new Blu-Ray drive for my PC, but found that software used to play said movies seems to be a rarity. The only ones I can find seem to cost $50 to $100, which is definitely an amount I don't want to spend. Does anyone know of any good (possibly free) software that plays Blu-Ray movies? I heard VLC has limited support for it, but haven't heard much else besides that.

A:Good Blu-Ray Software?

Free Blu-ray media player/codec??? - Multimedia-2 - Applications

There are several free programs that some of these people recommend.
If not satisfied just Google ....Free Blu ray movie software and check out each one...
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I am working with a patent attorney on one of my patents, and need to be able to generate a high resolution PDF output from 2D drawings I'm creating from my CAD software.

I'm importing my CAD drawings into a software called Snagit, Snagit allows me to add numbering and text per patent specifications. My issue is when I output the Snagit image as a PDF file, the PDF file comes out in a much lower resolution.

So I'm looking for a good, high resolution PDF file creator.


A:Looking for a good PDF software

Adobe Acrobat? PDF writer, create PDF | Adobe Acrobat X Standard
Relevancy 44.72%

Can anyone suggest good proxy software?

A:Looking for good proxy software

there's plenty of poxy software out there, its best avoided
oops sorry, you asked about pRoxy software ...
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Under which Technology a good Medical Health care software is develop? Is is good to make user friendly medical health care software? I mean people who use medical software don't need to be software experts. Software usability at the center of medical software developing process.

Relevancy 44.72%

good day.

i would like to know on what software to use to burn music from an audio cd to my hard drive,or directly to my dvd burner.

and software to burn a dvd into my hard drive or to my dvd burner directly also..hope it can be downloaded from the internet for free,or trial.

Relevancy 44.72%

I have Vista Basic x64. I know many techs suggest to stay away from so-called "tweaking programs" but over the years I've used some that made a big impact on performance, and let's face it, Vista needs all the help it can get.!

I'm not looking for anything too elaborate, just something that makes a few registry tweaks in key areas. I know that some of these types of programs do more harm than good, but I also know that there are decent ones out there, which is why I'm posting for suggestions.

For starters I'm wondering about Tweak VI for Vista by Total Idea and Vista Manager by Yamicsoft. I'm sure that there are others too.

Relevancy 44.72%

Any software recommendations for hiding one's IP address from internet surfing? I tried a couple demos and most seemed to slow internet surfing to a crawl and/or were kinda confusing to use.
(By the way i have no fraud intentions and realize authorities can find out a real IP if they want to)
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Hi all,

Please help. I used to use MusicMatch to convert Audio files into MP3s. I had a problem with them about 6months ago and haven't used them since. I then used another company that I downloaded, but it would always cut about 30 seconds off the end of the songs.

Does anyone know of any good software that will convert files completly.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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i just got out of being inpaitent at a mental health facuility :giddy: and my moms threatening to break into (hire someone to hack my login pass basically) my computer and rid me of my precious music collection. i need a way to keep whoever she pays out for as long as possible. anything that i can use beyond the xp pro login screen will be ok, but if its something powerful that will be better.

i have a bios password too. im worried that my mom can just open my case and have some dude reset my bios. anyway to stop that aside from locking my case (she may have a key...not sure). im thinkging it needs to be as cheap as possible

A:Good Encryption software

Encrypting it will only prevent someone from accessing the music, not from deleting it.
If you are that mad about the music, copy it onto another harddisk, then take it out and hide it in some safe place. Everybody will be happy!
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I'm currently studying hardware at my college but I was considering moving to do software. I have no previous experience of software, but this doesn't bother me as I'm a pretty quick learner. So, is software a good career choice to go for? Thanks for any advice.

A:Software a good area?

If you want to go in Software development field; then you need strong logical and aptitude skills. Start from C, C++; then go for any professional language such as C#, .Net, PHP, Java, python etc

For more software development faqs visit Tech QnA portal
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Hi All I have recorded some CDs of my own music that I want to put onto my computer and sort as I have various recordings of some songs and I want to find the best one s and delete the rest I don t want to take up alot of space on my computer as software? making MP3 good Any it s a family computer and everyone uses it for various things so i m looking for some software that will burn the songs from the CD into MP format onto my hard Any good MP3 making software? drive I have tried CDEX But this will burn about of the CD and will then say there is a problem and Windows needs to shut it down I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it does the same I have also tried other CDs to see if Any good MP3 making software? it s just mine but still the same problem If anyone has any ideas then I would be very grateful Thanks in advance nbsp

Relevancy 44.72%

What is a good (tested) software that allows the user to switch from one OS to another. I have two hard drives and have Xp Home on one and Xp Pro on another, and would like to toggle between the two.

Relevancy 44.72%

I would like some dvd audio software to run my dvd audios. There is something wrong with my dvd audio player from creative and it won't work no matter what. Does anyone know of a good one?
Relevancy 44.72%

There are so many choices out there, which are among the top to buy?

A:Good security software

There are a lot of threads on this. Scroll down a few pages or use the search function. This comes up weekly if not daily here.

Several of the top choices are free.

Random names that get a lot of discussion here:

Free: Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, Malwarebytes

Not free: Symantec, Kapersky

If you mean firewall, I'd guess the most commonly used one is built into Windows 7.
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I'm looking for a good recovery software which can help me do following things.System Restore
Total recovery in case of windows failiure
Data Restoration from external HDDs

That'd be all, i'll appreciate your help.

A:Which recovery software is good ?

All you need is the free Macrium Reflect. I used it and it saved me several times.
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I recentlly purchased a Server. It will either be accessed by myself directly or via Remote Desktop (From LogMeIn.Com) to set up a client. I would like to encrypt the entire comptuer and everything on it so that the data cannot be stolen as it will contain quite sensitive data. I do not wish to deploy the encryption to other computers or anything because no other comptuers are using it as a server just accessing it to set it up and work on it.

I looked into McAfee total Data Protection but they only offer a minimum of 11 license purchases which is quite expensive. I only need it to encrypt everything on the ONE comptuer and make sure it is really secure.

I am looking for something quite affordable and perferably under $100.00. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.


A:Looking for Good Encryption Software


Is it using Windows 7 Ultimate? If so, you can use the in-built BitLocker:
BitLocker Drive Encryption - Internal Data Hard Drives - Turn On or Off

If not, I recommend trying TrueCrypt - it is free, but highly regarded.

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I have a Pinnacle PCTV Plus (India version) TV Tuner card.I haven't installed the default drivers for it but a better third party driver from Connexant, so i cannot use its built-in tuner software.could u name a good tv tuner software with preferably FM Radio reception?I'd prefer a freeware but a Trial/Shareware will do.

Thanx in advance.
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i use Microsoft security essential and malwarebyte is microsoft essentials a good software? looking to scan for virus to see if its the cause of websites loading slow in firefox

A:what is a good virus software

Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2016

I use AVG/ZEN Free Edition 2016 and it works well for me. You need a real-time scanner like this
or others mentioned in link above. But you also need a couple scan on-demand scanners because
ONE program does not necessarily catch all the bad guys.
Good luck.
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I ran furmark for 3 hours loading the gpu 99%. After 3 hours it was running mid 70 degress C. The cpu was saying that it was loaded 99 %. I did notice that it was intel dual core 3.0 ghz 4800 and only one of the processors was being loaded the other was not loaded at all. The symptoms was the unit is shutting down while playing online games. The video card is only a ge force 4800 but it still passed the furmark burn in. I am convinced it is the cpu overheating. Does anyone know of a good stress program that will load both of the cores ? Thanks .

A:good stress software ?

I've run a copy of Prime 95 on each core for CPU stress testing.
Relevancy 44.72%

Just brought my Windows 7 (Home) laptop home from the tech.  Apparently it was infected with malware that corrupted/deleted a number of drivers. 
Machine's working fine now ... but the tech recommended I delete and permanently stop using Waterfox, Scrivener, Rhapsody.  In fact, he went on to say, most of the other programs I work with regularly may be similarly dangerous -- even if I deleted them completely and reinstalled them.  I should also never bank or shop online.
I've been using Windows daily since 3.1.  I do lots of things, but none are weird or shady.  Admttedly, I've run into a few problems, but they are far from a common occurrence.  I'd never heard recommendations anywhere close to these before.
Are such recommended restrictions The New Normal?

A:Good, but Vulnerable Software?

As a matter of fact, inorder to gain revenue from free software, some developers and 3rd party file hosting websites bundle them with unwanted programs like browser toolbars, popups, hijackers etc. I would like to recommend you to create a new post in Am I Infected or Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware removal logs subforums after reading the preparation guide pinned on those subforums.
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I'm Just wanting to know what software would be good to convert a png or jpeg or jpg to dst file. I am needing to convert an image to dst so I can put my image on a hat
Thank you in advance

Relevancy 44.72%

Hi guys,

has anyone ever worked with keyloggers? I need a recommendation. I have found a couple of keylogger on Google, but I've never worked with those programs before. Has anyone ever used one of these keyloggers:

Links removed.

Thank you for your help.

A:I need a good keylogger software - help

Hello ShouldAt3,

Please be informed that assistance in such activities is not condoned in this forum.

From the forum's rules:



You may not ask for assistance with any deemed illegal activities such as but NOT restricted to the following:-

* software pirating
* hacking
* password cracking
* keystroke recording software
We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.


We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.

Sorry, but this thread will be closed.
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I did a test with my friend and I told him to try connect to my computer using remote assistance and then my Sygate will pick his ip up and then ill backtrace it and see if it actually works. Works out that this did not work. I got his IP and tried tracing him but it gave me some random address that was way far from where my friends computer was.

I was just wondering does anyone know/have any good ip tracking software because I wanna see this work
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Can someone suggest me few good virtual machine backup software? I found this free software called VMBAK provided by a cloud storage company Any feedback on the software? I would like to better alternatives too!

A:Good backup software?

Veeam - they have a free edition too
Relevancy 44.72%

Anyone know some good pdf editing software that will edit lines and objects. Something
that can edit pictures and provide text if need. Public domain and free software is prefered
but I might consider purchasing if the software is good.
Thank you,

Relevancy 44.72%

i have a specific need so if anyone has experience maintaining a home budget within a software program would be great to get your feedback i've tried money quicken etc and even though they all say quot automatically track this and that quot they don't work like how i describe below and they're not simple i could use simple here i want a financial program to be able to get my bank account good software financial transaction history and automatically categorize each transaction based on some kind of templatefor example see below table i want to be able to assign quot MCDNLDS quot to the category of quot Fast Food quot and quot E-BAY quot and quot TOYS-R-US quot to the category of quot Shopping quot good financial software so that i don't have to click on each transaction each month to say quot this is that that is this quot etc Date Transaction Debit Credit BalanceAug E-BAY ------ Aug TOYS-R-US ------ Aug MCDNLDS ------ i read a book named quot Automatic Millionaire quot once it absolutely described how i like to manage money no thinking no doing no clicking no checking just set it all up and be on your way now where's the program that does that

A:good financial software

Have you looked at QuickBooks?
I think it will do the categories but it isnt cheap!
Relevancy 44.72%

I am looking for good professional pc diagnosis software and or hardware packages. It seems there are a lot of options out there. How do I weed out the good from the bad?

For instance...

I found this site:

The packages looks promising but I can't find reviews by users.

If anyone has had any experience with this, help would be greatly appreciated.


Relevancy 44.72%

Hi All,

I do Desktop/ Entry Level Support for a small bank in NJ (12 branches about 125 computers) I am looking for some Network Inventory Software. Some software that can scan every node ( computers/printers) within my domain, and keep track of all assets on the network.

anybody know of any software?

A:Good Inventory Software?

If you are an entry level support person don't you think you should consult the IT director/manager? Especially if you plan on putting anything onto a banking network.
Relevancy 44.72%

I need some good software for making movies and DVD's from mpeg and avi files. Pretending that money is not an issue what would be the best software out there? Also is there any good freeware or trial software I can use in the meantime.

A:good moviemaking software

Try soemof the Ulead trials, they have a products varying in price from $50 up. Basic authoring would include Movie Factory. Basic editing would include Video Studio which is probably the most comphrehensive all-in-one on the market for the novice.
Relevancy 44.72%

Each day I need to scan the entire network in our facility for audit failures in the Security Event Logs and for Windows password changes. Does anyone know of any software (preferably free) that can do this and generate a report?

I'm tempted to try to write my own program in Visual Basic that can do this. If you don't know of any existing software, does anyone know what VB commands allow you to read a Windows Event Log?

A:Anyone know of good event log software?

Might take a look at Eventquery.vbs, included with XP and Server 2003
Relevancy 44.72%

I hate windows 7 email, I hate RoadRunner Web Mail.
Anything I forward to my husband (he has Seven and I have Vista) disappears and can't be added to the Contacts BECAUSE WE CAN'T FIND THE THE LABEL NAMED "CONTACTS" OR SOMEOTHER FOOLISH NAME.

About all we do is e-mail and downloading. Maybe a letter to the editor or two, and why didn't we keep XP?

I hope someone can recommend an easy e-mail software to buy and maybe we can get on with out lives like before SEVEN.

A:I need a good email software now!

Would recomend either buying Office to get Outlook - or even use something like Mozilla Thunderbird for a free solution!
Relevancy 44.72%

Does anyone have good hardware diagnostics software for Windows XP (Preferably free/shareware) as I only need to use it once. I want to scan a PC for motherboard/CPU/Memory/HDD problems that don't show up in the event log.


Relevancy 44.72%

I already tried Sage and Beyond TV and that's far too much for what I'm looking for. I just want a simply program that lets me schedule taping of TV programs.