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Survey on server/network monitoring software

Q: Survey on server/network monitoring software

Hi. My friend is writing an article about network and server monitoring systems. She has prepared a 2 question mini-survey to determine which of the most popular systems are most widely used and the correlation of the used system with the size of the infrastructure. The survey is inteded for system/network administrators who are responsible for network and server support and maintenance. The survey is available > here <.
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Preferred Solution: Survey on server/network monitoring software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a 2 PCs that are randomly powering off. One more than the other. Both are giving the same symptoms but I have no clue how to figure out what is going on. I need help from a software to figure these out.

1) Event logs are clean no stop signs or exclamtion points prior to shutdown.
2) Just gives an indicator last shutdown was unexpected.
3) memtest runs through fine.
4) Shutdown is 100% random not any timed thing.
5) Happens when idle and at full use.
6) No blue screen at all.
7) No dump files.
8) Different power sources have been used/on top of the fact one is a laptop with a fine battery.

I am all out of troubleshooting ideas. Any thoughts on something that is a realtime system monitor that might catch WHY these systems are shutting down?
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I am looking to upgrade our TV to use as a monitor for a server I built to keep our videos on. The TV we have now only has S-video' Any suggestions as to how to use what I have or what should I upgrade to?

A:Monitoring my network server

Monitors are so cheap these days... In our part of the world, the White Elephant, Salvation Army, and GoodWill sell 19" monitors fo $5.00 as the world is donating them when they move to LCD.
You can find TV's that will work, but at relatively low resolution, and always too much trouble to be worth the aggravatioin.
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does anyone know of any software out there that i can monotor all of the computers in the lab i have set up??
I know apple makes something called Network Assistant, and I have used it in the past will good results. IS there anything made for PC's that works the same way?

A:network monitoring software

A Google search for "PC Network Monitoring" yielded a little over three million hits. Somewhere in all those links should be what you're looking for.
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Heya Guys

I am looking for a application that works like Netlimiter but for computers on a LAN..
I wanna be able to see what the other computers on my LAN are Downloading/Uploading from the comfort of my own computer..

I have searched and tried many a Google searches and apps but to no avail...

If you know of a app like this please let me know.


A:Network Monitoring Software :D

WireShark? Wireshark: Go deep.
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Can anyone recommend a cheap way to monitor a entire office network software wise.

I am looking for some potential software out their for a client and they would like to get web and maybe even email monitoring for a office

would like reporting and allow us to block certain categories.

Also if possible have the mgmt. console be web/cloud based if possible.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I posted this same post a while back Network Looking For Software Monitoring but the only result someone gave was not exactly what I was looking for Specifically I am looking for a software only solution that will tell me which devices are using bandwidth on the home network Looking For Network Monitoring Software and how much of the bandwidth per device Something simple to use I m pretty tech savvy but this is really just going to be for rooting out existing problems This is a relatively new problem but we have a lot of devices and I am trying to determine if this is the result of bandwidth reservations being made by the router for all of these devices or if it is specific behavior by a certain device or if it is user created i e downloading uploading streaming etc What I am looking for is an interface that does NOT need to be installed per device and will recognize devices Looking For Network Monitoring Software that are not pc s i e wireless console connections smart phones tablets etc and be able to give me that information as well It doesnt need to know exactly what it is though that would be helpful it just needs to see EVERYTHING that is connected and tell me how much bandwidth it is using Our home network is encrypted and Looking For Network Monitoring Software our only nearby neighbor is a yr old country boy who I had to help fix his quot broken quot computer by turning the monitor on for him not even joking here so I know its not the neighbors bumbing off our WiFi Thanks in advance Kyle nbsp

A:Looking For Network Monitoring Software

souredspirit said:

What I am looking for is an interface that does NOT need to be installed per device, and will recognize devices that are not pc's (i.e wireless console connections, smart phones, tablets, etc) and be able to give me that information as well. It doesnt need to know exactly what it is (though that would be helpful), it just needs to see EVERYTHING that is connected, and tell me how much bandwidth it is using.Click to expand...

By definition, in a home network, only the router could provide such information, but it would have to be a rather more sophisticated router than those usually provided for home use. Otherwise I think you would have to run a server version of Windows to be able to analyse network traffic. Maybe any network administrators here could advise.
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Sorry guys new here. I did a search but couldn't find anything related to what I was looking for. I am getting some unauthorized usage of my network and want to see what is going on.

Here is what I have: 2 routers (one wireless), 3 computers (one being used as a file server with 2 NICs), one laptop with wireless.

What I would like to do is put my file server between the two routers, acting as a bridge, so that all network traffic from the the wireless router has to pass through the server. What I need is some kind of software that will tell me what the traffic is, and where it is going.

Sorry if this not allowed but I didn't think it would against any forum rules. Any help would be appreicated.

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I am looking for something that I can use for a couple of days, whether it be a trial or freeware, to monitor my network. I am experiencing some slowdowns and I think it is because of a client machine. I don't know if someone has a virus or what, but every now and then my network gets bogged down by data being sent out of my network to the internet. Is there any software that will monitor the bandwidth usage by IP address? If I can find the client machine that is causing the problem, I should be able to get it fixed.

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I am in Iraq and a small group of use have a dish setup so we can access net from here. We have a very small download limit, like 6gb a month or something, its great for talking to family and surfing the web but I'm afraid that someone is doing some things they shouldn't be doing, either downloading or gaming. We have a spare laptop, and I'm trying to find out if there is any software we can install on the laptop to monitor which the traffic, we'd like to see which IP is using how much bandwidth and which ports they are using. Any suggestions? or is this even possible? We don't want to buy a firewall or anything.

A:Network Software for monitoring traffic

Hi jimmylee7706 and welcome to TSG

A shareware program like Wallwatcher may work for you if you are using a router supported by the software. The software does not directly monitor the traffic but depends on a suitable router sending its log data to the connected PC running the software.
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Well I have just got my first Router Wireless Access It was a freebie from a generous Freecycler who had upgraded I have it hooked up and installed both computer are on it Via wires and it is working great as a Router I am concerned that because I am in such a large residential area that other people will try to Monitoring Wireless Software Network mooch off of it and try to access my computer I would like some sort of monitoring software but I have absolutely no clue where to start looking or Wireless Network Monitoring Software what is even a good product Any good ideas or solutions I would of course prefer something that is free over something that is not But I understand that soemtimes you get what you pay for I have a Linksys BEFW S v it is b If there are any opinions problems from experience with this specific product I would like to hear those as well Again I am completely new to this whole network thing But Hey I got both connected to the interent and got each of the computers to recognize each other YAY I even got the second computer to print something from our printer that is connected to the first computer WooHoo Anyway any advice would really be appreciated TIA Paul nbsp

A:Wireless Network Monitoring Software

Did you set up WPA or WPA2 security? Do that. Enable MAC filtering and don't worry about mooching - only a very dedicated attacker would be able to break your small home network now (and it would take weeks/months).

Since you are new to this networking thing, any kind of advanced network monitoring program is probably useless to you.
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As of late, my internet has been getting worse and worse. As it's provided by my apartment complex, me getting on the phone to complain with the ISP I have been talking with the IT person with the apartment complex (offsite) and he has asked me to document these frequent slows and drops. I am certainly at my computer a lot, but not so much ( I work, I sleep, I eat etc), that I can keep a real time tally of every time the connection speed drops to nothing, and for how long.

Can anyone suggest any software that will simply monitor the connection and log the results over an extended period of time, ie, an always running speedtest, but something passively, so it wont actually slow down activities that are running during that time.

Thanks as always!


A:network monitoring/logging software

Hi Zoloft, welcome to 7F!

My apologies that no one has come to your aid. Do you need further assistance?

You may want to try PsPing, PsGetSid, or Portmon for Windows

There is an indexed list here: Sysinternals Utilities

There are also Network tools here: Network Monitoring and Inventory Tools Package some users flinch when they use Nirsoft because of false positives, but I use them and haven't had a problem. See second FAQ down: Frequently Asked Questions
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I would like to know if it is possible to stop the access of a network spy software such as Network Spy Pro, network spy, and similar, from the computer which hosts the connection to any guest computer.

In short I want to know if the guest pc has any power over the access of the host or if it can do no better than being a sitting duck while the user is being monitoring without him knowing. How can I stop the access?
Also, if the latter case is true, would anyone who has the details of my computer and connection be able to access my computer activity?
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Any suggestions for a network monitoring software? It's for a company of about 400 people. Im not looking for anything too in depth or as expensive as Orion Solarwinds or HP Openview. Just something to tell me if my nodes went down.
Thanks in advance

A:Any network monitoring software suggestions?

How about...

Servers Alive:
Or, if you're running SNMP:

Both have fully functional Eval versions (Servers Alive = 10 devices, OpManager = 20 devices) to see if they meet your needs before shelling out the cash.
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Anyone have any suggestion a program that can monitor network PCs and devices and keep inventory (hardware and software).


A:Network & Inventory Monitoring software

We use Whats Up Gold
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Can anyone recommend a good/cheap network monitoring and filtering software
What I am looking for is something that let us record traffic within a network and also allow us to block and filter out certain categories (gambling, porn, etc)
I am not looking for any form of big brother software that lets me watch users desktops like a security camera, just the network side of things for a office.
So far everything I have seen is a bit out of our price range as we are looking for something for 10 or less users at a low monthly cost.

A:Network Monitoring And Filtering Software

bump for assistance.
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I'm looking for some software that can monitor inbound and outbound traffic through my D-Link DIR- router by individual workstation I'm running a XP machine as a server x with coldfusion MX for our home website and a syslog server on the same machine The software would run on this machine The criteria are I should differentiate between intranet and internet traffic It should be persistent that is it keeps track of stats between reboots of server software like active wall does not retain stats when server reboots It network Internet software Looking monitoring & for should also be able to run when server is in logged out state either as an application or service preferrably a service It should not cost alot It should be able to collect stats on all connected workstations whether DHCP or static IPs including consoles like PS Wii and xBOX It should support XP Vista and in both and bit versions Preferably no agent should be installed on each of the workstations flexible on this as long as footprint is small All workstations Looking for network & Internet monitoring software are bit This is a home network with connected devices windows x x Win XP x x PS Wii xBox and iPhones Please forgive if this should have been posted in software or other forum I thought this one Looking for network & Internet monitoring software fitted because it's related to networking thanks Tanya

A:Looking for network & Internet monitoring software

we're using work examiner internet monitoring software to get a lot of information on web traffic usage. scheduled reports are sent to admins and managers every monday, in pdf and xls. Great tool..
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Hi my friends!
If you know Network bandwidth monitoring Free software please tell me. Currently i use "Networx" its actually good software. But the problem is it eat lots of Ram capacity (2,200K -Averagely), my Internet security software also not eat that much ram capacity.
So If you know or If you already use that type of Good lower ram eating software please inform to me.

Look at this screen shot!

A:What are the Free Network bandwidth monitoring Software's?

Quote: Originally Posted by killer bee

Hi my friends!
If you know Network bandwidth monitoring Free software please tell me. Currently i use "Networx" its actually good software. But the problem is it eat lots of Ram capacity (2,200K -Averagely), my Internet security software also not eat that much ram capacity.
So If you know or If you already use that type of Good lower ram eating software please inform to me.

Look at this screen shot!

First that is nothing in terms of ram. You need to click the show processes from all users and you will see many things that use more. how much ram do you have anyway????
Currently my firefox alone is using 25 times that much ram, my network monitoring tools 100 Megs, and those are the small ones
Ken J
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Hi I was thinkin about attempting to earn a few pounds by completing online surveys..

However, some of them want me to D/L "survey software"

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences by goin down this path?

Comment would be appreciated


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I want to know what is the best and easy to use Parental Control Software to filter and monitor the internet usage of children?

If there is a free version, that would be great!

A:Solved: Parental Control Software | Internet Monitoring Software

Hi smartcard
Here's an earlier thread on the same topic with some free progs and others' views:

I hope this is of help?
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hey i just felt like doing a survey since we could get to know your computer MORE lol!!
This may take a while to do.. but i am only gonna give a few questions i will put the rest after a hour this is posted and please don't post untill all the questions are posted.

Lets begin:

Kind of OS: Home or pro?
Computer type (expamples: compaq emachines, etc)?
Laptop or Desktop?
When did you buy it (if you don't know just put n/a)
is your pc good or a dumb computer?
Do you have anti spyware programs on it?
If so .... what kind?
Antivirus programs ?
if so what kind?
Fast computer or slow computer?


A:Survey: Computer Survey Only For Winxp Users.

well post now. i will post more questions tommrrow.
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Does anyone have any reccomendations for a reliable and easy to use website monitoring software for windows? Right now I I'm using Monitance since they have a freemium service to try out. Anyone know of any others that offer free services that I could test drive? Has anyone tried Thwack or NewRelic? Thanks!

A:Server Monitoring

I am using the software called Anturis which is extremely easy to use for server monitoring. This is a SaaS tool which can any type of servers, quick to set up and various types of alerts even by the phone which I like more as you will always try to answer the call.
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Hello fellows!

I am being heavily monitored by the company server (AS400), I keep my computer downloading torrents almost 24/7.... The chief at the computer department called me to ask me what where 5 archives of 700mb each my computer downloaded the past 5 days..... I was shocked to hear the question!

Can they really know what I'm downloading?... Is there a way to bypass their monitoring system?..... I don't see any unusual software on my computer so I guess it has to be windows based(WinXP no service packs)...... Please Help!

Thanx in advanced!

A:Server Monitoring!

Firstly, the internet is transparent. Anyone with access to the wire sees everything you do with the exception of encrypted content (your online banking is safe).

Secondly, if it is your work computer then your work admins can do anything in there with their administrative rights. And there is nothing you can do about that either.

You just have to accept that it is the company computer and the company internet connection and that you will have to use them on the company terms.
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what tools do you used for monitoring win2000 server performance?
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I ve written a socket server in C running as socket service Monitoring server a a service on NT that serves one or more wireless devices on my network Since its inception I ve wanted a way to watch the traffic going back and forth Monitoring a socket server service on the socket between the server and the client and the other night as I was trying to Monitoring a socket server service go to sleep the answer came to me I developed a simple visual basic program containing a list box and upon program startup I send a message to the socket server containing the hwnd of the list box Then the service uses the SendMessage API to insert rows into the list box through the provided handle All of this works beautifully in the ide debugger but when I run it in a production release environment the messages don t get put into the list I suspect it has something to do with permissions - the service is by nature a system level program while the vb application is running as the logged on user but the service is using the same user account in its startup parameters What am I missing nbsp

A:Monitoring a socket server service

Have you tried to set it up to run as a system account using an admin account running locally? Setting it up a service might give you better results.
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Hello friends...

I had used Windows server monitoring tools of are a great product. But I am looking for another company products to compare the functionality?please let me know some windows server monitoring tools...
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I have windows 2000 server with about 15 users on it. I was wondering if there is a way in this OS to monitor sites ppl are going to, when they were there, for how long, etc. Also what about monitoring any programs that they are using?

If this is possible through win2k server, let me know and explain how I set it up, or where i navigate to to see it. If not, what programs are most commonly used to monitor these types of things. Thanks
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I've got a windows 2000 domain runing with active directory. How do I monitor who is logged into the domain and at what computer they are logged into and what files they may have open on the server? Is this possible?

What time they logged in? etc?

where can I find this?
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Help! I'm looking for a network tool to monitor network users, sort of an MRTG, that will graph bandwidth use (packets in, packets out) for each client machine. However, I also want to see where the packets are coming and going. The tool I'm looking for should allow me to retrieve the logs or graphs remotely.

Thanks for anyone who can help.

A:Network Monitoring Tool to view how clients use the network

try Ethereal
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Is there anyone that is familiar with the Black Box plus Alert software, made by eFLITRATOR?

A:Monitoring Software

....and what might you like to know about it?

I might be able to help....

Have a great day!
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I'd like a monitoring software with the following features,
-realtime remote monitoring (where i can see the cursor of the target
computer moving)
-records and logs all windows accounts on computer
-discrete (doesnt let the target know you've gained access and are
I only plan on monitoring my home computer while at work. So dont
Thanks in advance.

A:Best monitoring software?

I dont think we can give advice here
I'm closing the thread
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Has anyone got any recommendations for internet filtering software in a 2K, exchange server environment. We've had Cyber Snoop and have found we have to upgrade to Echo4 which we are trialling.
Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
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Hey guys, my network at work is growing and I could really use some software of which I can use to monitor other users. I have seen software that does exactly what I need but I never got the name of it.
What I would like to do, is view all the computers that are currently connected to the network and be able to see what they're doing.

I work at a training college and we want to stop users on games/harmful sites that kind of thing.

Any reccomendations, the cheaper the better?

I presume I'd have to have remote desktop links and they're all set up.

A:PC Monitoring Software

Im no expert at networking, but I have heard about software named wireshark mentioned a lot for network monitoring which captures packets and allows you to examine their contents. Hopefully someone can provide more information on this software for you.

If you are looking to simply block certain types of sites then you may wish to try OpenDNS, which is free for business and personal use. You can customize what you want to block (which includes proxy sites to help prevent people using workarounds) You can also add individual sites in a filter which will either allow or block access to that specific site. I used this software myself for my home network and it did a great job of blocking the kids from unsavory sites!

Wireshark >>
OpenDNS >>

Hope this helps.
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Can someone give me an idea on what type of software is available for monitoring a DSL Router? I would like to monitor what web sites are being accessed from inside our office. I'm new to this so I don't know where to look. I would need something for Windows 98 if possible.
Thanks for the help!

A:Monitoring Software??

IS is a peer to peer or clent/server network? If it is a Client/Server are you using NT?

Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.
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Hi to everyone this is my first post , I would just like to ask which Monitoring Software comes highly recommended
thank you

A:Monitoring Software

Welcome to BC! Kick back have some fun and maybe even learn/teach something.

Could you Explain which type of Monitoring Software you are looking for?

Pest Monitoring?
Home Monitoring?
Surveillance Monitoring?
Children Monitoring? (Could also be in Pest category )
to name a few.
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I?m looking for a freeware piece of software to monitor my home LAN. Basically to keep some stats on usage etc..

Could anyone recommend a decent one?

Many thanks,


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Monitoring Software? Any suggestions

A:Monitoring Software


Keystroke logging?

What are you trying to monitor?
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Hi Guys,

Please let me know if there is any software available (free/paid) which can hide itself in employee computer and track what the employee/user is doing on it. If Yes, can we record the session as well. Any suggestions for this type of monitoring software would be very helpful. Thanks.
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I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghtz processor. I confirmed this by going to Computer and clicking on Properties. What is puzzling me is that I have tried to find a program that would tell me CPU temp, etc. I have D/L Core Temp, Real Temp and about ten others. Even though in the instructions of the program it says it works on WIndows 7 single core Intel CPU's every one I have downloaded gives me an error "Does not work on CPU detected. -- Geniune Intel". I had someone build the computer for me, I suppose he could have substitued a different CPU, but I even have the box the CPU supposedly came in. I am at a loss as to why I keep getting this error. Any ideas?

A:CPU Monitoring Software

Here are a couple of programs to try.
Speccy - System Information - Free Download
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I'm looking for something to monitor my temps on my mobo, like gpu,cpu,hdd, and ram. I've a Asu P5N-E SLI board. Input would be appreciated. TIA

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Can anyone recommend a good application to use for monitoring PC activities (particularly website access)? I work in Computer Security for a large medical institution and from time-to-time we are requested to monitor the activity of an employee who may be abusing internet access (as dictated by policy). I have done a Google search and found Spector Pro 5.0 and SpyAgent 5.12, but would rather review a product that someone has used and would recommend.

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I wanna ask if there's a software that can monitor a process or an application what it does on the file system like read, write, deleted or created something in my computer?

A:Any monitoring software for me?

Your request covers a multitude of things.
For sizes of Apps installed open Settings, System, Settings, click on Apps and Features.
Open Task Manager to gain access to running processes.
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Does anyone know if there is a software program, preferably free, that enables a person the ability to monitor another pc without some kind of notice (like a message on the screen when the second pc is booting up, stating that a remote accessing device is being connected)?

I know there is software for monitoring an additional pc from a main server, but the software I have found posts a message upon booting up the pc to be viewed as I stated in the above sentence, I am not looking for software like that, & I am wondering if there is such a software program that does not alert the second computer in any way, shape or form that it is being monitored.. Anyone that might be able to give me some feedback is very much appreciated..

Thanks - addyca2005

A:Software for Monitoring a second PC

You could try has a feature in it that disables any notice that a second pc is being controlled.This may be whay you are looking for plus its a free download.
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Good Afternoon,

I am looking for some free monitoring software for my MACBOOK.

I work on a PC and leave my MACBOOK at home. I would like to be able to invisibly monitor the activity on my Macbook at home.

I do not want to make the intruders suspicious, i want to be able to be invisible.

Kindest Regards,


A:Monitoring Software

What exactly are you looking to monitor?

If anyone physically goes on your computer?
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Hey y'all Looking to replace Commodo as it been giving me monitoring for software Looking some headaches I was speaking Callendar a bit who provided some suggestions as well But I wonder what everyone else thinks based on the following criteria Software File Protection -Alerts if any unauthorised file is being executed aside from media files -Alerts if any unauthorised program is making file or registry changes -Alerts if any program is attempting to access a network -Integrated network real-time monitoring -Can block exempt executed files Looking for monitoring software programs -Permanent file deletion -File Monitoring ability to have certain files watched -Integrated installation monitor automatically detects install files and captures them -Integrated installation removal tool -Integrated installation option to make portable Hardware Protection -Hardware Service Change Detection -Hardware Integrity Monitoring detects faults errors -Integrated Latency Monitoring Logging -Latency Troubleshooting amp Alerting if it goes above the average threshold -Integrated I O real-time monitoring logging -I O Monitoring alerts if there is a large amount of writes or reads occurring Operating Protection -EventLog Alternative -EventLog Monitor reports issues as they happen and works to correct them -EventLog Filtering ability to remove logging of certain events -BootTime Monitor Logger -BootTime Troubleshooting amp Alerting if load times exceed average Essentially this one program is an all-in-one proactive alerting system then for cleanup there is CCleaner which is constantly improving Process Hacker for seeing what's going on And I know it is a lot to ask for so if you know more than one application that can do this and be nice on resources it'd be appreciated Thanks

A:Looking for monitoring software

I can't answer all your questions but here's what i know about. Anything that I personally use is marked with an asterisk.

Software/File Protection

-Alerts if any unauthorised file is being executed (aside from media files)

SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting * - need the No AV version. Checks any unsigned executable that attempts to run with the option to block. Plus a few more options. Also see:

Note: I'm not using the current version.

VoodooShield *

Note: Pro version is cheap and much better than the free version. It does require a user to train the program and aslo reset the whitelist and retrain if a mistake is made in allowing something that should have been blocked.

Spy The Spy*

allows the user to specify directories to be monitored for the creation/ modification of executables.

-Alerts if any unauthorised program is making file or registry changes

MJRegWatcher* - real time registry protection.

-Alerts if any program is attempting to access a network

Well I use Threatfire for that. It's no longer available and there's no development or support but I can provide a download link if you want it.

-Integrated network real-time monitoring

I use Comodo CIS for that but also if you are using Windows Firewall take a look at:

Glasswire - Note: Only works with Windows Firewall

-Can block/exempt executed files/programs

See VoodooShield and SecureAplus (mentioned earlier)

Actually blocking specific files is tricky if they don't already exist on your machine and are legitimate. Maybe take a look at This Post.

Maybe take a look at: Smart Windows App Blocker

-Permanent file deletion

BlankAndSecure * - for folders or individual files.

SDelete* - to wipe free space and MFT free space (NTFS Drives only). I can help with command line usage.

-File Monitoring; ability to have certain files watched

Personally I only check for modified executables using Spy The Spy (mentioned earlier) and a few other files (like HOSTS file) using Threatfire.

-Integrated installation monitor automatically detects install files and captures them
-Integrated installation removal tool
-Integrated installation option to make portable

For that I was using Comodo Programs Manager as it does all of the above but it's no longer supported and it's stopped working on my machine. You could test it and see if it works for you. I've tried lots of replacements but none of them have been much good.

Hardware Protection:

-Hardware/Service Change Detection
-Hardware Integrity Monitoring, detects faults/errors
-Integrated Latency Monitoring/Logging
-Latency Troubleshooting&Alerting if it goes above the average threshold

No idea. Sorry.

-Integrated I/O real-time monitoring/logging
-I/O Monitoring alerts if there is a large amount of writes or reads occurring

Nothing that I've used has been any good.

Operating Protection

-EventLog Alternative

Windows Inspection Tool Set * - also great for monitoring on an as an when needed basis. Not for constant real-time monitoring as it would use too many resources.

-EventLog Monitor, reports issues as they happen and works to correct them
-EventLog Filtering, ability to remove logging of certain events

Don't know!

-BootTime Monitor/Logger

Currently i use Process Monitor if and when I get a slow boot issue. See:

How To Enable System Boot Time Logging using Process Monitor Tool*

-BootTime Troubleshooting&Alerting if load times exceed average

No Idea!
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Are there any good apps that does this? Also any that can report directly to my LCD display on my keyboard. I have an old version of Aida64 but don't wish to upgrade that as it costs too much.

A:PC Monitoring Software

Are you looking for an actual app....if so, you'll need to check the MS store under utilities or tools. For the actual software there's a few out there.....but Aida64 is top notch in my book.

HWmoitor HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
Relevancy 54.61%

What type of fan monitoring software do you guys use?

I'm curious because I was wanting to stick one on my Desktop so I don't have to go to BIOS every time I want to monitor fan speed and CPU Temp.

A:Fan Monitoring Software

Speedfan is what i use. Has worked great for me! here is the link(s):

either one will work.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi all,
What software do i need to be able to view another persons desktop over IP and be able to do things like install software and basically control their pc from mine?


A:Monitoring Software?

Remote assistance will do that provided it wants to work.
Relevancy 54.61%

Does anyone know of any software that monitors signal strength in warehouse distribution applications? It must be compatible with a 2.4 GIG frequency system and run either VT100 or VT220 emulation.

I am basically trying to prove to the powers that be, that 8 access points in a 1.3 million square foot warehouse are not enough.

I had a app at another one of our DC's that would monitor this. But it was on a 900 meg frequency system. Running a diferent emulation, so its not compatible now.

A:RF monitoring software

Not sure but is this any help?
Relevancy 54.18%

A software to install on client machine to report to server machine if it's alive?
Preferably using web port.
Is there such a freeware??

currently in use, Teamviewer. but it'snot freeware

A:HELP! freeware server/client based pc monitoring?

If I'm understanding what you're asking, you simply want to know if a machine connected to the server is turned on?

If that's the case, you shouldn't need a program; every server software I've ever worked with maintains a list of connected clients. Even if it doesn't, couldn't this function also be performed by pinging the computers?
Relevancy 54.18%

Hello, i want to check why my bandwith is overloaded. I have server on my own computer, and want to check what exactly users are downloading from it, is there any program for it?

A:monitoring folder on server(what users are downloading)

This tutorial might give you some tips: Audit (log) Access to Shared Folders

Relevancy 54.18%

hi there..

I'm handling a win2k advanced server as a firewall in my department. Before this, we're using linux RH9 and in linux, i can even view current activities of all clients within the network using ETHERAPE programme. Is win2k server provides any similar facilities??

Thanks in advanced.
Relevancy 54.18%

Does anyone have any experience with a temperature monitoring unit we can install in our server room that we can use to moniter the room temperature? We had a near catastrophe recently when the air conditioning unit failed to restart following a power outage. I've looked a couple, but if anyone has a suggestion, I'd be grateful

A:Server room - remote monitoring temps

It may be overkill but here's one:
Relevancy 54.18%

Dear All,

My company is looking for a website monitoring software to record website users have visited during working hours such as URL, time and date.

We have 8 offices and users on set up on Windows Exchange.

Can anyone recommend an reliable software to perform this activity?


A:Looking for website monitoring software

Welcome to TSF....

I tend to stay away from recommending any particular types of software basically every time I do it comes back to slap me in the face.

What I have provided is a Google search for this and will let you all make your decision.
Relevancy 54.18%

I'm looking for something like MSI Afterburner's detachable monitoring thing but with some additional features like putting multiple things on one graph or choosing what colors different lines on the graph have
Relevancy 54.18%

Employee monitoring software

Any way to monitor computers on my network and get reports on employee activity? like how many hours is outlook is used? how much time spent on facebook? I have over 70 PC's in my network.

A:Employee monitoring software

Prior thread
Relevancy 54.18%

Does anyone know of a good software that allows me to monitor my computer and possibly with the usage of my webcam? I'd like to monitor the usage of my computer and who is using it by capturing images with my webcam, but I can't find anything anywhere...
Thanks for the help.

Relevancy 54.18%

Can anyone recommend a GPU temperature monitoring program?
Something light, and which works with:
1.Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition
2.Intel Core i7 i7-740QM / 1.73 GHz/Max Turbo Speed 2.93 GHz
3.Quad-Core/L3 cache - 6 MB
4.Chipset-Mobile Intel PM55 Express
5.Graphics-Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M - 1.5 GB GDDR5 SDRAM
6.Technology DDR3 SDRAM

I have a Chipset Mobile Intel PM55 Express and the nvidea.

There was supposed to be a monitoring tool (Windows Task manager) I'm damned if I can find it.
I have browse and I come w/ thes result, If you come across wit better software.
Would you please! Give me you Input.
Thank you, Very much. (Links below)

NVIDIA System Monitor
GPU Monitor 7.5 Download - TechSpot
download from

Relevancy 54.18%

I have good reason to believe my roommate has put some kind of keylogging parental sysadmin computer monitoring software on my computer To make a long story short -I m certain it s installed on the machine not remote -There things are not quot malware quot according to most antivirus spyware software and are not picked up -They won t show up under active processes and can even hide their files and processes from specified users -They pretty good at being invisible and collecting blackmail that can actually be useful for extortion unlike normal infections -They generally consist of keylogging screen captures website recording etc etc the works Generic programs like Avast and COMODO scans aren t finding anything Software Monitoring Legitimate Downloading MBAM now I ll try that I was looking for some kind of keylogger detector but all I could find are some really shady programs I did come across several tools claiming to be specifically for Legitimate Monitoring Software finding this kind of software but they were all shady too Am I just going to have to google for quot parental monitoring software quot and then manually look up manual detection and removal processes for all thirty something existing products

A:Legitimate Monitoring Software

Hello quizzor and to BleepingComputer.Let's see if we can find anything hiding on your system.Please install RootRepealNote: Vista users ,, right click on desktop icon and select "Run as Administrator."Direct Download (Recommended)Primary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorZip Mirrors (Recommended if you have a slower connection or if the Direct Download mirror is down)
Primary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorRar Mirrors - Only if you know what a RAR is and can extract it.
Primary MirrorSecondary MirrorSecondary MirrorDisconnect from the Internet or physically unplug your Internet cable connection.Close all open programs, scheduling/updating tasks and background processes that might activate during the scan including the screensaver. Temporarily disable your anti-virus and real-time anti-spyware protection.After starting the scan, do not use the computer until the scan has completed.When finished, re-enable your anti-virus/anti-malware (or reboot) and then you can reconnect to the Internet.Extract RootRepeal.exe from the zip archive.Open on your desktop.At the top of the window, click Settings, then Options.Click the Ssdt & Shadow Ssdt Tab.Make sure the box next to "Only display hooked functions." is checked.Click the "X" in the top right corner of the Settings window to close it.Click the tab.Click the button.Check all seven boxes: Push OkCheck the box for your main system drive (Usually C:), and press Ok.Allow RootRepeal to run a scan of your system. This may take some time.Once the scan completes, push the button. Save the log to your desktop, using a distinctive name, such as RootRepeal.txt. Include this report in your next reply, please.~BladeIn your next reply, please include the following:RootRepeal log
Relevancy 54.18%

Does anyone have any suggestions of a program for monitoring my connection status? Lately my modem has been dropping off line considerably, and I would like to keep a log of when it is connected and when it is off line, so I can report it to my provider. They have repeatedly sent techs to the house to no avail, and I am sick of talking to their Tech Support Reps, who do nothing but read the script in front of them. (Sorry for the rant.) I would like a history to read back to them to hopefully enforce my case. Thanks for any suggestions.

Relevancy 54.18%

I have multiple webcams connected to my PC and I was wondering if someone knows a software that will allow me to stream them on one monitor. Somethings like security surveillance software.
Relevancy 54.18%

Im looking for something similar to netstumbler, but I want it to be able to minimize to tray, and provide popup alerts when it finds an access point.

Any recommendations?
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi all

I have recently installed an Air Source Heat Pump (to replace my oil C/H boiler ) and have purchased an energy monitor. Is anyone in the forum using software to monitor trends within Win7 and if so what are your lessons learnt?


A:Energy Monitoring Software

For anyone that is interested, I've decided to try Techtoniw Energy Station (30 day free):

Current Cost Techtoniq Energy Monitoring Software

I've also invested in the Current Cost Envi Energy Monitor:

Current Cost Envi CC128 Energy Monitor and Datacable Set

Although it is a bit depressing when I see how much leaving my PC on costs...

Relevancy 54.18%

So a friend Removal Monitoring Software of mine has a crazy ex She says he put monitoring software on her laptop I have a DDS log I am attaching If someone could shed some light on the situtation that'd be great DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD Internet Explorer Run by Owner at Monitoring Software Removal on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT - AV Microsoft Security Essentials Disabled Updated F -C A -C -E C-E BA FB SP Windows Defender Disabled Outdated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF SP Microsoft Security Essentials Disabled Updated Monitoring Software Removal E -E -C D -D BC-D F Running Processes C windows system lsm exe C windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS c Program Files Microsoft Security Client MsMpEng exe C windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C windows system svchost exe -k Monitoring Software Removal LocalService C windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C windows System spoolsv exe C windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files x Common Files EPSON EBAPI eEBSVC exe C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM armsvc exe C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files Common Files EPSON EPW SSRP E S STB EXE C Program Files Common Files EPSON EPW SSRP E S RPB EXE C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components LMS LMS exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware mbamservice exe C Program Files x Microsoft Application Virtualization Client sftvsa exe C windows system taskhost exe C windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows system TODDSrv exe C Program Files TOSHIBA Power Saver TosCoSrv exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TECO TecoService exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE C Program Files x Microsoft Application Virtualization Client sftlist exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exe C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Virtualization Handler CVHSVC EXE C windows system Dwm exe C windows Explorer EXE C Program Files x Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware mbamgui exe C windows System WUDFHost exe C windows system taskeng exe C Program Files CONEXANT cAudioFilterAgent cAudioFilterAgent exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files TOSHIBA SmoothView SmoothView exe C Program Files TOSHIBA FlashCards TCrdMain exe C Program Files Microsoft Security Client msseces exe C Windows System spool drivers x E IATIGCA EXE C Users Owner AppData Local Google Update GoogleUpdate exe C Users Owner AppData Local Facebook Update FacebookUpdate exe C Program Files x Skype Phone Skype exe C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office MSOSYNC EXE C Program Files x McAfee Security Scan SSScheduler exe C Program Files x Walgreens PictureMover PictureMover exe C Program Files x OneMediaHub pushfnbl exe C Program Files x TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Service Station ToshibaServiceStation exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe C Program Files x Epson Software Event Manager EEventManager exe C windows system igfxext exe C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe C windows system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C windows system SearchIndexer exe C windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Program Files x TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Service Station TMachInfo exe C windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C windows system sppsvc exe C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components UNS UNS exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TPHM TPCHSrv exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TPHM TPCHWMsg exe C windows system SearchFilterHost exe C windows system SearchPr... Read more

A:Monitoring Software Removal

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.
If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps.
Please download ComboFix from any of the links below, and save it to your desktop. For information regarding this download, please visit this web page:
Link 1
Link 2
IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop
1. Close any open browsers.
2. Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.
3. Do not install any other programs until this if fixed.
How to : Disable Anti-virus and Firewall...
Double click on ComboFix.exe and follow the prompts.

When finished, it will produce a report for you.
Please post the C:\ComboFix.txt

Note: Do not mouse click ComboFix's window while it's running. That may cause it to stall
Note: If you have difficulty properly disabling your protective programs, refer to this link -->
Note: If after running ComboFix you get this error message "Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion." when attempting to run a program all you need to do is restart the computer to reset the registry.
Third party programs if not up to date can be the cause of infiltration an infection.
Please run this security check for my review.
Download Security Check by screen317 from here.

Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.

Search and delete the AdWare, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed on your computer.
Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.

Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Delete tab follow the prompts.
A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.
Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.
You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Rn].txt (n is a number).

Please paste the logs in your next reply DO NOT ATTACH THEM.
Let me know what problem persists.
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Hi I am looking for some software to install on my home network whether it be installed on router or all computers that will help me monitor my network and limit how much can be Downloaded in a -hour period everyday I have computers that use my network I have satellite internet so all users who use Bandwidth Monitoring Software the same internet as me go through the same satellite in space and share the bandwidth So my ISP uses FAP fair access policy which limits downloading MB every hour period per day to my network We have been going past this limit quite seldom and so now i am looking for Bandwidth Monitoring Software some software which will both monitor and control how much bandwidth can be Downloaded Bandwidth Monitoring Software each day I found some useful software like this called Networx but it only monitors not control I need the software to like disable internet connection upon a download limit set by the program example or something like that I think you get my drift thanks in advance Desion
Relevancy 54.18%

Does anyone know or can recommend any software for gathering stats on servers such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage.

I know you can use perfom, but I dont find it very good when you want to get some decent data to do analysis on.

I am wanting to get trends on when my servers are busiest and which servers and under utilised.

Anyone used anything that gives that sort of reporting?

A:Performance Monitoring Software

Some suggested free progs of this type at TechSupportAlert (independent reviews)

Relevancy 54.18%

im looking for a program that can monitor my systems temp that runs with windows vista ultimte 64 bit, if anyone knows of anything please.


A:Temp monitoring software

Have you tried speedfan?
Relevancy 54.18%

I manage lots of small networks that use shared ADSL connections to the Internet. These connections are capped at 3Gb per month, after which there is no connectivity. I have spent weeks trying to find a simple program that will enable me to see a list of LAN users and how much bandwidth each has used within a certain date range. I just cannot find anything that does the job - they are either way too complex or just don't give me the info I need.

Can anybody suggest a package?

A:ADSL Monitoring software

We use Wiswan here:
Relevancy 54.18%

does anybody have reccomendations for software that monitors a users usage? websites visited, emails sent, chat, that sort of thing. have an employee that I need to build a file on. sad but true. obviously I do not want it to be detected by the user, be reasonably priced.

A:computer monitoring software

Try SilentMonitoring.
A friend of mine used it to monitor her kids and in the website it says the software is also used to catch cheating spouses ;)
Relevancy 54.18%

I want a good, reliable, easy-to-use monitoring software - looking for one that runs in stealth mode & doesn't cost a fortune. Also captuing screenshots would be a plus.

Anyone have experience with them? I've been searching online, but there are just too many to choose from.

A:Activity Monitoring Software

The people I know that have had a reason to use it, liked IProtectYou
Relevancy 54.18%

I am just looking for some monitoring software that will log e-mail's, im's and websites for employees. It needs to be able to work with Microsoft Exchange as well. I have tried SpectorSoft but was curious if anyone knew of any other programs. There are other monitoring programs available but they do not support Microsoft Exchange, just POP3 e-mail.

Any input would be appreciated!

A:Employee Monitoring software

Check this out, Krazeecrw
Relevancy 54.18%

i have seen so many threads here with people having heat problems either with their processor or Video card, i am also a little concerned, so could people post their preferred software here for all makes and brands

A:Temp monitoring software

I use speedfan. My girlfriend has one that similar. Not sure what else is out there. The only downside is that you have to look up the temperature ranges yourself as it defaults everything at 40-50C It also maxes at 99 so it doesn't do so well for one of my temps. I have something that I'm unable to identify that aparently runs at 126-127 on my model mainboard.
Also, it can only monitor temps that your hardware has a monitor for. I'm not sure but I think this is the case with all programs of this nature.
Relevancy 54.18%

I'm looking for some programs, gadgets, etc to use to monitor CPU/RAM usage, core temperature, power supply usage, etc.

Can anyone make any recommendations??

A:PC Monitoring Software/Gadgets/Etc

check out CPUZ or SIW.....I prefer SIW, but that's primarily my choice.
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi, im getting very annoyed sometimes when a certain family member takes up all of the bandwidth with their laptop or phone so im looking for a program that will let me see the download/upload speeds of devices connected to the network so i can yell at that person to stop or maybe a program that even lets me throttle their speeds to reasonable levels. My modem config page doesnt offer anything regarding bandwidth. It would be great if there was some kind of software that i can install on their PC and then log into some kind of web interface that lets me see the speeds or maybe even throttle them. Anyone know of something like this? Thanks

A:Looking for a bandwidth monitoring software

Networx will monitor internet usage rates. I just use it for myself but it appears it also can monitor individual users. I don't know of anything that can be used to throttle usage unless your router provides that feature.
Relevancy 54.18%

Anyone here have any experience with a good program to monitor what people do on a computer? It can't be a keylogger as thats too simple to work around(just click to go from page to page and never type anything) and they've already get around that, and they've found and disposed of a hardware logger already as well. It needs to be able to record websites visited, time on the site, and screenshots would be a big asset. Computers are networked and running XP Pro, and multiple people log into it. Browsers in use are IE8 and Firefox, but it should be able to monitor any browser even if its launched from a USB drive - one of the reasons the screenshot option would be useful.

Relevancy 54.18%

I am looking for a software program that will allow me to monitor multpule Computer systems in a LAN,WAN, and dialup setting. I need to be able to tell if a drive has failed or a has system crashed and what programs are running on the system. This would be used on mutipule PC based Security system DVR's. If any one knows of a program like this please let me know.

Thank you


A:PC Health Monitoring software

It may not perhaps do all you want, but have a look at Diskeeper 9 Admin Edition
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi I want to whether my computer have keylogger or monitoring software I know that there are pretty good monitoring and hacking softwares are out there like perfect keylogger and kgb keylogger but is it possible to remove every spyware and viruses in the computer The following is the log file of the HiJack To Or Keylogger Want Monitoring Software This Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Want To Keylogger Or Monitoring Software WINDOWS Want To Keylogger Or Monitoring Software System svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgemc exeC Program Files Alcohol Soft Alcohol StarWind StarWindService exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC WINDOWS system igfxtray exeC WINDOWS system wscntfy exeC WINDOWS system hkcmd exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files BroadJump Client Foundation CFD exeC Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exeC Program Files Ad Muncher AdMunch exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgcc exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm RoboTaskBarIcon exeC Program Files SurfControl CyberPatrol cpserver exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files SurfControl CyberPatrol cpCCtrl exeC Program Files Yahoo Messenger ymsgr tray exeC Program Files DAP DAP EXEC Program Files Best Buy Rhapsody rhaphlpr exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Sunbelt Software CounterSpy SBCSSvc exeC Program Files Sunbelt Software CounterSpy SBCSTray exeC Documents and Settings Administrator Desktop HiJackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http us rd yahoo com customize ie defaul rch search htmlR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http us rd yahoo com customize ie defaul www yahoo comR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www quranonline net cgi-bin qexplor p dispby bychapR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http us rd yahoo com customize ie defaul www yahoo comR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http us rd yahoo com customize ie defaul rch search htmlR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http us rd yahoo com customize ie defaul www yahoo comR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http us rd yahoo com customize ie defaul www yahoo comR - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dllO - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dllO - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO no name - d a - d - d - - e a - C Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm roboform dllO - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - Toolbar Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dllO - Toolbar amp RoboForm - d a - d - d - - e a - C Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm roboform dllO - HKLM Run IgfxTray C WINDOWS system igfxtray exeO - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS system hkcmd exeO - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run BJCFD C Program Files BroadJump Client Foundation CFD exeO - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Prog... Read more

A:Want To Keylogger Or Monitoring Software

Hi Salman Farooqui,

If you still need help please post a fresh HijackThis log and I'll be happy to look at it for you.

Thanks for your patience.
Relevancy 54.18%

Does anyone know if there are any software or scripts that will monitor job listing sites, free lance sites, for sale classified sites, etc. and notify me when a new post that is of interest to me is made?

A:Software for Monitoring Job Listings?

No I don't but I am registered at a job list site and they send me emails most days of their new listings according to my preferences.
Relevancy 54.18%

I ve just had to deal with a spambot infection on a client PC of an SBS served LAN Just to make sure I really have dealt with the issue are there any point and shoot apps to monitor port for unusual activity I monitoring spambot software ve tried using wireshark on the SBS server but there s just too much traffic for it not to die on me with a memory error after a few minutes I m sure there s a way to only capture smtp instead of capturing everything just filtering SMTP but I d rather use a simpler more dedicated tool if there s one available If possible I d like to monitor the source and destination IP addresses the port the application sending spambot monitoring software it I m not bothered about the email contents but the sender receiver and subject might be useful Failing that some instructions on how to use Wireshark to only capture SMTP data would spambot monitoring software work at a pinch

A:spambot monitoring software

Is there an anti-virus on that SBS server? There are several AV products that monitor and filter traffic to port 25.
For example, McAfee Enterprise allows you to specify which processes (for example outlook.exe) can access port 25, all other are blocked and reported.
Relevancy 54.18%

We have a conflict at the office between two colleagues. One is accusing the other of surfing the internet most of the day, the other one says that it's not true.

I've tried checking the history file on the computer, but I really can't find a lot of non-work related stuff. But he could be erasing the history of course.

Can anyone recommend any monitoring software that I can install to check what is true? All computer access the internet through a Small Business Server 2003, the ISA is not active.

Relevancy 54.18%

Hello All,

I work IT for a local middle school that runs about 20 student laptops per class. Lately we've noticed that there are students who've found ways of goofing off and going to youtube and watching videos or what have you (as one would naturally suspect). Anyways, I now find myself in need of some sort of monitoring software that would allow us to catch kids in the act of goofing off and not staying on task. Can anyone recommend any commercial software for this? Our computer total is at 95 and ideally we'd like to be able to monitor all screens so that we can find out who's not doing their work when they're supposed to. Of course minimum pricing is preferable since we're a public school and are therefore on a budget. Thanks for the help!

Relevancy 54.18%

so i bought an m-audio usb audiophile but it of audio monitoring software turns out it doesn t handle the monitoring of the line-in directly so basically what s happening is i can t hear what s going on in the line-in normally microphone or guitar until iv e recorded it and can play it back this poses a problem to me since i sing over backing tracks and all i can hear is the backing track i can t hear my voice m-audio says my recording software needs to handle the monitoring digitally which for US they could ve put direct monitoring in so right software monitoring of audio now i m torn between changing from cool edit pro which doesn t handle software monitoring but i ve used for years and love dearly to something else or finding another way of resolving the problem maybe there s something i can download that just sits in the background and plays whatever s going into the line-in or something thank you nbsp
Relevancy 54.18%

I sometimes overclock my system and I'm wondering of any good software for monitoring the computer components on my desktop so I don't have to go into BIOS constantly. I had a program that did that (forget the name), although it would give me readings like 30c, and withing 2 seconds it would jump to 55c, and then go to 20c withing ten seconds.

A:Temp Monitoring Software?

you mean like speedfan, everest home and stuff like that?
Relevancy 54.18%

So long story short, pc been acting very strange,I long suspected my emails, social messaging was being interfered with before I had a chance to even see.I cant seem to search/find anything on it tho. So without further ado, hes one of many files i have found, most which i dont have permission to open even tho im the only admin.,157891.0.html
Relevancy 54.18%

I am wondering if Monitoring Computer software anyone knows of a good stealth monitoring software I hate to even ask this but a situation has arisen in our family where I think this has become necessary My wife s father has started showing signs of dementia and seems to think it is alright for him to blow Computer Monitoring software large amounts of money on pornography sites fraudulent dating sites etc Now yes it is his money but it is obvious he has some problems For the years I have known him he has never wasted a cent and now has made a complete about face He even thinks if he keeps sending money to Readers Digest that they will send him two hundred million dollars Anyway Computer Monitoring software his daughters my sister in laws and wife have asked me to look into some sort of program they can run on his system to monitor his spending so he doesn t run out of money he s retired and doesn t have much income by wasting it on crap sites I have suggested they get his credit cards taken away but I also think he may be stubborn enough to get another online if that is even Computer Monitoring software possible I m not sure and that is reason for the monitoring software I hate like heck to have to do something like this but it seems the only way to be able to protect him from himself Any help would be really appreciated nbsp

A:Computer Monitoring software

the best thing to do is get him professional help. unless he lives in your house. where you can just turn off the internet. theirs not much you can do. since he's a adult. if you did put a stealth monitoring program on his pc. then confront him about it. then it wont be stealth any more. and he can just remove it. then he will be aware of what you are doing. and keep a eye on whats on his pc.
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Looking for some software that will monitor my cpu usage.

Basically after I'm done gaming I would like to see how hard my cpu was working....

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im looking for a program that can monitor my systems temp that runs with windows vista ultimte 64 bit, if anyone knows of anything please.

A:Temp monitoring software

I am using this utility for my Media Center System Monitor. I do not know how robust of a program you are looking for, but give it a try.

SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer

Good Luck,
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hi everyone, i suspect that a family member has planted a monitoring program on my pc and i have no idea what to do,
i have malwarebytes and an anti virus but i think they might not detect some subtle softwares
i have installed TCPview and did a couple of scans but i dont know what to do with the results as my knowledge is very limited
can you please help

A:suspecting of a monitoring software

Good job the urls you posted gave me a popup for a fake repair program saying my computer is broken and now i probably have adware (AGAIN).
Anyway antiviruses are meant to detect malware so you will probably need to use process explorer or task manager to see if you are being watched and see for anything that seems out of place or look at programs and features.
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I am looking for Limited user monitoring software so i can check the statics result what Limited user was doing...

Im looking for software like Administrator spying on Limited user and what activity they are doing like Firefox, Settings, or anyelse because im decide to allow users to install their own program with Admin rights.

A:Limited User Monitoring Software?

CrazyComputerMan, Are you looking for free stuff?
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Ive tryed out some software but its all freeware and stuff. I want to be able to monitor a webcam inside of my home that is connected by USB. Probably by a webpage. Im already hosting a personal webpage from my computer, so i can access remote desktop and get files from home, so thats all set up. Anybody have a reccomendation on good software? ive tried out alot so far, but i have a feeling theres some software out there thats free and really good but i just cant find it.

A:Reccomend webcam monitoring software

F-Lock said:

Ive tryed out some software but its all freeware and stuff. I want to be able to monitor a webcam inside of my home that is connected by USB. Probably by a webpage. Im already hosting a personal webpage from my computer, so i can access remote desktop and get files from home, so thats all set up. Anybody have a reccomendation on good software? ive tried out alot so far, but i have a feeling theres some software out there thats free and really good but i just cant find it.Click to expand...

I looked for that very same type of "broadcast your webcam signal" freeware for a long time and never found it.

I wanted it to leave my cam on when I am not at home and have the software to upload it to my website on a schedule every few minutes and save the files there.