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Save data typed into PDF Form

Q: Save data typed into PDF Form

Hey I have PDF Form which would not let me save the data typed into it...

Here is the form

I want it to save the data typed into it so that I can email it to my relative...

Any ideaS?

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Preferred Solution: Save data typed into PDF Form

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Save data typed into PDF Form
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How do I make it so IE doesn't save things I typed in search boxes?

A:Getting IE to not save things typed in boxes

Tools- Internet Options- Content- Auto Complete
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Hi.i dont have ms office. was typing data in wordpad.There was a power cut.i do not have an ups, and i did not save the data.The document is huge and important. i cannot afford to lose it.Please suggest me a technique to retrieve this data. i did not make any changes to my computer. i use windows i being foolish in requesting this help?i dont mind ,, because the document is very very important.Thanks in anticipation.I sincerely believe that the experts will have the solution.

A:Lost data being typed in wordpad

I am sorry but if you had not saved the document, I do not think there is any way to get it back. As far as I know, Wordpad does not have an auto save feature so it is just gone. This is why people always say, save, save, save.

When working on a document, it is a good idea to save it every few minutes, just in case something like this happens. I use WordPerfect and have it set to auto save every 3 minutes. Your time would probably better spent just recreating the document than trying to find a way to retrieve it.

I am sorry you lost it, I know that is very frustrating.
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Hi there I don t have enough experience in VBA excel or word and would you mind helping for the following Q The below macro code add row below the last row And Would Data to sheet as Form Excel data doc as Import Entry database from word you mind telling me what is the Import data from word doc as Data Entry Form to Excel sheet as database code that can add row for word document table between the last row and the row before the last ActiveDocument Tables Rows Add Q My second question is related to export import between two different programs or files Excel and word document Would you mind providing me the proper code for Wordtable copy Workbook xls - sheet past speical value Suppose the word tables excel workbookD sheet are as follow Table in word document -------------------- Cell - Cell Cell - Cell -------------------- Table in Word document ------------------------------------ Cell - Cell - Cell Cell - Cell - Cell ------------------------------------ WorkbookD xls Sheet Rows Column A B C D wt Cell WT Cell WT Cell WT Cell WT Cell WT Cell WT Cell How I write a macro to make the value or text in Cell in word table to be copied and past in Cell A in sheet of WorkbookD xls and the value or text of the range from Cell to Cell of table or word doc to be copied and past in sheet of WorkbookD xls from range B for n rows in table and table of word doc Thanks Hamdy quot nbsp
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In access, I have a field that connect to a popup form for selection and after selecting the data required, the data did not print in the field. How can I have the data in the popup form to be printed in the field.

A:Transfer data from a form to another form

aattas, welcome to the Forum.
Can you explain a bit more about what you are trying to do and why you are using a pop up form?
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I built a form called PO Log that contains input text boxes that the user can enter the different iputs that will add an existing row to the worksheet called PO log I have the add function working perfectly But I want to add a function to the form that if the record data already add Excel form or that updates data new current VBA: data exist using the PO number as an identifier to udate the existing record data rather than adding a completely new row of record data Here is the code I have below for the adding function Code Private Sub cmdAdd Click Dim iRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws Worksheets quot PO log quot 'find first empty row in VBA: Excel form that updates current data or add new data database iRow ws Cells Rows Count End xlUp Offset Row VBA: Excel form that updates current data or add new data 'check for a part number If Trim Me txtVendor Value quot quot Then Me txtVendor SetFocus MsgBox quot Please enter a Order Info quot Exit Sub End If 'copy the data to the database ws Cells iRow Value Me txtVendor Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtPONumber VBA: Excel form that updates current data or add new data Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtPurReqDate Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtRFQSent Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtSentToVen Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtDateOfPo Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtOrderConf Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtAmt Value 'clear the data Me txtVendor Value quot quot Me txtPONumber Value quot quot Me txtPurReqDate Value quot quot Me txtRFQSent Value quot quot Me txtSentToVen Value quot quot Me txtDateOfPo Value quot quot Me txtOrderConf Value quot quot Me txtAmt Value quot quot Me txtVendor SetFocus End Sub Private Sub cmdClose Click Unload Me End Sub nbsp

A:VBA: Excel form that updates current data or add new data

Closing duplicate.
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Hi everyone, my software(data acquisition software) works well and saves data in the folder with full control permissions, but when I try to save my data in the restricted folder(only delete permission is denied) it displays an error access denied.
Is there any workaround to disable the delete option and keeping the normal functioning of software intact, as my intention is to allow the users to generate the data and restricting them from deleting the generated data
Thanks in advance
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I am a beginner with tablets and networking. This should be an easy answer.

I have a new tablet. TCL 9020A Android ver 5.0. This is thru At&t network LTE cellular data. My question is, can I use wifi to save on data usage? I have this tablet and Galaxy S5 that both have mobile hotspots available.

Do hotspots use more data? Is there an app available to reduce data usage while on the internet?
Is there any way to get cheaper wifi than paying for tons of data use?

I downloaded the TSG sysinfo utility but my at&t Trek HD would not let me open it. Please advise.

I love this site. I have learned a lot. Thank you.

A:new tablet on data plan want to use free wifi save data

Yes, if you use your own WiFi network or free WiFi hotspots, you won't be using your cellular data. You can connect to those in your wireless network settings.
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Hi I have a Microsoft word Form that needs to be saved twice a Save on exit Form day This form is used by different people who log on usually one person per shift The form is used by the day shift hours to hours and then by the night Save on exit Form shift hours to hours the next day but it is still part of the first day as our company clock goes The day ends the next day So they need to use a clean form from the template every time and it needs to be saved by date and there is a section field for the employee number to help identify who wrote the log I have been hunting the net for similar examples and code that I could apply to this scenario but I have not found any Could any body point me in the right direction please I am new to this kind of thing any help would be greatly appreciated Don nbsp

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I have a form that i created in word 2003, i protected the doc. and only allowed form areas to be filled. after i fill in some of the form areas and click save. it asks me to do a save as. I rename the the doc and save it on my desktop. then when i go back in the doc to finish comleting the form, it asks me to save as again. it will not let me resave the doc over the same form. This has become a problem because people do not always finish the form the first time they open it and have to keep doing a save as to save the doc. is there anyway that you can just save the doc to your desktop and edit the form when ever and just do a save to that doc.

A:Solved: can't save form in word

You need to make a protected form template rather than a protected form document. In other words, create a template file and protect that. Then, when users need to fill out the form, they use the template to create a new doc. That way they won't be trying to overwrite a protected file.

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I am working on another clitch I found. When I open my frmProjects as acNewRec to make a new record and then click on my "Make Comments" button that opens FrmRemarksInput and enter a comment, then save and close, it is not saving and displaying the comment. However I also have manually done a save before making the comment and then it saves and displays it like I want.

I have tried putting a DoCmd.Save several places to make it do a save before the comment is entered but nothing is working. Is this the wrong command? Do I need to tell it what form or "Me."

It would be nice to put code in the buton to open the remarks form so that it saves it prior to the remarks form opening

Thanks, Joe

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I have a form A which calls a subForm B Form A has a 2003 save to : Access FORM unable changes in a field which needs a drop down but doesn t have it at present Conversely subForm B has a field which has a drop down but shouldn t I can access subForm B go to design mode select Properties and reset fields Enter Key Behavior to Default Scroll Bar to None and Tab Index to I then get prompted whether I wish to save changes and when entering YES am Access 2003 : unable to save changes in a FORM taken out Access 2003 : unable to save changes in a FORM of the subForm and the changes are saved OK However when I try to similarly amend Form A I cannot save the changes I set Enter Key Behavior to NL in Field Scroll Bar to Vertical and Tab Index to But when I enter YES to the save change prompt I am not taken out of the form No matter how often I select the X and then enter YES the form keeps displaying The only way to get out is either to enter No or to quit via Task Master Either way the change is not saved Permissions must be OK else I wouldn t be able to amend the subForm Are there further things to watch out for with Access 2003 : unable to save changes in a FORM a calling form nbsp

A:Access 2003 : unable to save changes in a FORM

Can you post your database, without sensitive information of course?
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I joined this forum because I found this post Access Not Saving Changes in Design View http forums techguy org business-applications -access- -not-saving-changes html Unfortunately the thread was closed without providing an answer Wont Access Form 2007 Save I believe I have the same problem Access 2007 Wont Save Form I am overhauling an old Access database I ve converted it to One particular form will not print I open the form in Design View and see that the print button s quot on click quot property is set to quot event procedure quot and I change it to quot print quot It works fine I click the SAVE icon When I close the form I get quot Do you want to save changes to the design of form so and so quot I click yes and the form does NOT close This can go on forever It will only close if I click no And then of course the form is NOT saved I am using Access on Vista Why Access 2007 Wont Save Form will Access NOT SAVE this form Thank you nbsp
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I have a form in a 2007 access database. When I make a change and try to close it, I receive the message "Do you want to save changes to the design of form..." I can do File Save and it appears to work with no messages. However, when I try to close it, I get the error message. If I choose "yes", it appears to save, but doesn't close. When I try to close it I get the error message. And around and around we go. The change is never saved. Can anyone help? I have tried copying the database but the same thing happens with the copy. I have tried company and repair but not joy.

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I am using similar code to this thread:
but instead of required on print, I have fields to be required before saving and printing.

To accomplish on save I used the same code except for the Title line of code:
Public Sub wordApp_DocumentBeforeSave(ByVal Doc As Document, SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)Click to expand...

I am using a 2003 Word Document Template.

My question is, I have a custom calendar userform that seems to break the field requiremens whenever the calendar pops up (I have a macro set to run on entry on certain date fields).

Is there any way to work around this? I can post up some sample code as necessary.

Thanks for your help =)
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Hello everyone I've been fighting with my ISP for months over this but it just might turn out that they may be telling the truth for once Basically I have an unlimited mobile G plan with three SIMs after save. WiFi 4G power to connection form 512Kbps waking drops each of which is in a G Android phone the hotspots of which I use alternately as and when needed In our household are two desktops and three laptops all running Windows Pro and one laptop running Lubuntu In about November I started noticing that my connectivity speeds would drop from multiple gigabits per second to an average maximum of about kbps after a certain amount of data usually two gigabytes downloaded and uploaded has been consumed within the respective hours speed would go back up to G levels the moment the clock hits AM every night The throttling affects all machines and all SIMs I took on my ISP with this and every agent I ever talked to said that they don't have a fair usage policy in place for subscribers of unlimited plan - in fact that one of their marketing points they even say so on their website They firmly denied the implementation of a fair usage policy even after I showed them screenshots of the moment the connection speed dropped I even tried running YouTube continuously on my phones for a stretch of 4G WiFi connection drops to 512Kbps after waking form power save. time to see what happens with YouTube's autoplay feature turned on and indeed I noticed that after a while of running videos at p I could barely run any videos at a resolution higher 4G WiFi connection drops to 512Kbps after waking form power save. than p Then today as I was syncing my wife's OneDrive folder on her new account on one of the desktops I noticed that the speed actually dropped only after I moved the mouse pressed a key on the keyboard to wake the machine up from power-save mode i e turn on the screen So I started having doubts as to where the problem actually lies - is it a 4G WiFi connection drops to 512Kbps after waking form power save. setting on any or all of my PCs that I had overlooked somehow Any thoughts Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks
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I have a very large file that records our staff Annual leave and other absences. but all the information has to be entered by me, when people request leave via e-mail or via paper leave forms.
I would like to be able to automate this, the best way would be for a form to be sent via e-mail. If it could some how then update my existing data base this would be great.

Andy body out there who can help


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Does anyone know where IE's auto-complete form data is stored in the registry??

I want to be able to make a batch file/registry file to clear the contents during the logon process but don't know where the details are stored.

I'm not referring to the typed URL's...just the form data, like the drop down lists from search boxes.

i think the following keys are involved but not too sure:
HKEY_USERS\*******\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Cached

Any help would be cool :)

A:IE AutoComplete Form data...


Does anyone out there know the answer please????

Further to my previous post, i'm not sure that those registry keys are relevant at all.....I took a snapshot of the registry before clearing the autocomplete data and one afterwards and then compared the two and those two keys were modified but I repeated the process and it was different so i'm even more confused now
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Hello, I am trying to copy data (fields) from one form to another and I found a VBA code as follows:

Create the command button on the form and double-click it in design mode.
You now are the VBA mode for that button in the click event.
Simply add all the fields in this form:
Anotherform![fieldname] = Me![fieldname]

I tried but im getting the following error message:

"run-time error 424

object required.


A:Copy data from one form to another

Before I try and answer the VBA question can I ask why you want to do this?
As copying data is not supposed to happen in Relational Databases, data should be referred to.
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I recently did a cleanup on a users laptop, effectively nuking all of his form data to a miriad of websites he had usernames/passwords saved for. Not a happy guy right now.
He has a desktop that has all of this data intact. Any way I can "export" this data back to the laptop ? Not sure if the data is stored in reg keyes or temp files on the HDD.
User is running IE on both systems. He actually running Firefox as well... form data on desktop is also intact. Need to get that exported too... but one thing at a time.

Any help would be GREAT !!!

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I have been working on this for most of this week and I cannot figure out the SQL code in Access 2007. I have a table called Agent_List and a table called Matrix. I have a form to fill in data from the Matrix table but I want to lookup a PBXID and have the First Name and Last Name fields on the form automatically fill in.

Can someone help me?

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The names, email addresses, and scrambled passwords that I use in my logins
and forms have suddenly disappeared. I am now compelled to retype the whole
ball of wax each time it's asking for it. Has a check-mark somewhere gone

I can't find anything under Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.

Sacramento, CA (USA)

A:Login and Form Data

Hello have you used any programs to remove temporary files ?
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I have an excel spreadsheet with many rows and columns. What I need to do is take this spreadsheet data and populate it on a form, like a word form, or even a web based form that I could print. So for each row on my spreadsheet I will need to create a form and the data in column A will need to be populated on one specific field on the form, column B on the spreadsheet will need to be poplulated on a different field of the form, etc...

So is it possible, or is there some program that can do this? - export data from a spreadsheet into defined fields on a form? What I'm guessing is that I will need to create an Access database and it could be driven into a web based form??

Hoping to find an easier way than manual input


A:Extracting Excel Data onto a Form

There is nothing I can think of that will automatically do this for you, although there easily could be such a thing out there.
However, you could easily import the spreadsheet into Access as a table and then base a report (for reading what is there already) or a form (for entering more data) on that table. From within Access, you could make a page that you can post onto the web.
Another alternative - if you just want to see the data row-by-row - would be to do a mailmerge into a Word document with the various fields representing the different columns of information you have.
If you could post a copy of your Excel sheet - with dummy data, preferably, and perhaps a Word doc or a page in Excel showing how you want the data laid out.
The more we know about what you ultimately want to do with this the more we can help you.
A VBA whiz could probably whip up some code that would turn your data into an HTML or XML file, for all that matter....
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Need help please.. I need to create a Form with Combox which will display the list of data to the user to select. The selection I want to show is data list in the due date. This will then filter that data and copys the result to a new sheet.
The data is in the other spreadsheet. I have attached the data for example.

I can create the form and thats about it....

A:Using Form with Combox to filter data

I have attached an excel sheet that has a command button to show a form with a Combo box + lots of VBA.

However this application should really be in Access.
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Does anyone know of a tutorial or a program that will do the following?

Allow a customer to go to a HTML webform. Fill out the data, then after clicking a button (submit, next, etc) will create a .pdf form for the to print out with the data inserted into it?

Any help would be great.


A:On The Fly PDF creation from HTML web form data?

see if this works...
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HI - I'm trying to enter data in an Access form. It works fine from one table, but when I link 2 tables it won't let me even if the Edit and Dataentry boxes in the property sheet are yes. The two tables have an 'undetermined relationship' without referential integrity, which may be my problem, but how do I figure out what is allowable in the 2 table relationship? It's Windows 7...the 'error' is it's greyed out - uprseponsive.

A:Entering data from 2 tables in a form

Welcome to TSG elstevek.
Most likely your table is not keyed or or indexed correctly. Allen Browne (one of my favorite Access Resorces) list a number of reasons here: Why may query is read only.
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Hi I am trying to create a data entry form for a large database There is a parent form with forms linked with a one-to-one relationship due to a large number of fields and several tables linked with a one-to-many All have auto update delete checked The date entry form uses tab control across tabs and subforms for some of the tables I have two problems Firstly if I enter part all displaying not Access form data of the data for a new record in the form eg fill in tabs - and then close it the data appears in the tables but Access form not displaying all data when I re-open the form the record does not appear so it is impossible to complete the data entry Secondly when using the tab key to move through the fields in the table when I get to the end of a tab control instead of moving to the next tab control for the same record it moves to a new record on the same tab I am fairly new to access and not familiar with all the code etc behind it so I would be grateful for any advice Thanks nbsp

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I know that there is previous thread along this same line but I have a different issue I am a beginner with VBA and have been using examples from the Internet to write my codes I have a User Form that I created in Excel that adds the information entered to the first empty row without any problems Since then I have been creating a new User Form using the same code however I m getting the quot Application-defined or object-defined error quot Debugging takes me to the code for finding the first empty row Here is my code Private Sub cmdSubmit Click Dim iRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws Worksheets quot Inventory Request Log quot check user input If Me txtName Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please enter your full name quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me txtName SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me txtPhone Value empty to Form User Add first row data from quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please enter Phone Number quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me txtPhone SetFocus Add data from User Form to first empty row Exit Sub End If If Me cboCampus Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please select the Campus item is located quot vbExclamation Add data from User Form to first empty row quot Inventory Request quot Me cboCampus SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboProdReq Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please select Type of Request quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboProdReq SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboType Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please select product type quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboType SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboCase Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Must indicate if needed for a specific case quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboCase SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboLoaner Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Must indicate if a Loaner item is required quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboLoaner SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me txtItemnumber Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please enter the Item Number quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me txtItemnumber SetFocus Exit Sub End If find first empty row in database iRow ws Cells Rows Count End x Up Offset Row copy the data to the database ws Cells iRow Value Me txtName Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtDate Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtPhone Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtEmail Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboCampus Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboProdReq Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboType Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboLoaner Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboCase Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtCasedate Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtVendor Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtItemnumber Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtQuantity Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboUnit Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtComments Value ThisWorkbook Save clear the data Me txtName Value quot quot Me txtPhone Value quot quot Me txtEmail Value quot quot Me cboCampus Value quot quot Me cboProdReq Value quot quot Me cboType Value quot quot Me cboLoaner Value quot quot Me cboCase Value quot quot Me txtCasedate Value quot quot Me txtVendor Value quot quot Me txtItemnumber Value quot quot Me txtQuantity Value quot quot Me cboUnit Value quot quot Me txtComments Value quot quot Me txtName SetFocus End Sub Private Sub UserForm Initialize Dim cProdReq As Range Dim cType As Range Dim cMeasure As Range Dim cCase As Range Dim cCampus As Range Dim cLoaner As Range Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws Worksheets quot LookupLists quot For Each cProdReq In ws Range quot ProductList quot With Me cboProdReq AddItem cProdReq Value List ListCount - cProdReq Offset Value End With Next cProdReq For Each cMeasure In ws Range quot UnitList quot With Me cboUnit AddItem cMeasure Value End With Next cMeasure For Each cType In ws Range quot TypeList quot With Me cboType AddItem cType Value End With Next cType For Each cCase In ws Range quot CaseList quot With Me cboCase AddItem cCase Value End With Next cCase For Each cCampus In ws Range quot... Read more
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Hi everyone i have a database with 4 forms in, when i fill the data in one form i want to be able to press a command button that will print the data into a report. Is this possible? Im using access 2000 on xp pro

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi i want to know that are dvds good form of data storage?
How long does data remains safe if i keep it clean in dvd pack?

A:Is DVD-R a good form of data storage?

Hi Vexxum. As long as the DVD is not exposed to sunlight or submerged in water for long periods, it will last indefinitely. With the cost of large volume flash drives going down, many people are migrating to them.

A personal choice really. If the 4.7GB capacity is enough for you then it's a pretty safe storage medium.

Oh yea, much better than the old tape/floppy days.
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Ok I have created a database, split the database, and provided multiple users with the Front End copy of the data. Everyone is keying in the form and adding records to the table.

I have a little problem.

One user will key in the bulk of the information but another user will need to finish the record. I have a "Find" command button on the form for them to be able to look up a record number but the problem is:

The user that needs to finish the record cant see what the inital keyer has keyed until she goes all the way out of the database and back in.

Is there a refresh button somewhere that will allow all the users to see all that data that has been keyed in at that point? I hope thats clear enough.....

(Access 2003 )

A:Updating data within a form/table......

Figured it out . For the readers all I had to do was add "Me.Requery" to the code of the Find Record command and it updated the database before they actually would look for the records.
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Hello I have a MS Word Form that is delivered to it s users as a locked document The reason for doing this is supposed to be quot ease of use quot because of the quot easy tab quot feature of going from form field to form field and also to prevent the user from manipulating Devours Form Word Data the form or changing it s appearance The quot users quot are my employees - inspectors - who enter the results of their inspections into the form The user must first unlock the form to enter the job into the header and then re-locks the form and begins to enter the rest of their data into the body of the document The problem is that some of the users always seem to find need to Word Form Devours Data go back and unlock and then again relock this document Word Form Devours Data either to change some Word Form Devours Data information or use spell check If the document is re-locked after data has been entered into the form fields that data instantly disappears Vaporizes It s gone There is no way to go back and get it No quot un-do quot Does anyone know a way to prevent this from happening We re all actually pretty happy with the way the form works right now except for this little detail so I don t want to go away from it entirely I do have reasons for wanting to stick with a locked document too so it can t be altered after being sent to clients etc All I need to do is STOP the program from devouring our data the second we click that lock button again Thanks for any help that you can provide Wild Spirit in Alberta nbsp

A:Word Form Devours Data

Open your empty form.
Hit Alt+F11
At left, open your document so you can see This Document underneath it.

Paste this code into the code window at right:

Sub ReProt()
ActiveDocument.Protect Type:=wdAllowOnlyFormFields, NoReset:=True, Password:=""

End Sub

Close the VB Editor.
On your document, create a toolbar button to run the macro.
For help with that, see Step 2 of:

We could create a toolbar for Unprotect and Reprotect if you like, but requires a bit more VBA coding.

Otherwise, they can only use the Reprotect because macros cannot be run (except by a separate toolbar button) when the doc is protected.

Hope this helps!
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Hi I had excellent help the other day when I was talking on this forum so I decided in new auto data a form populate I would try it auto populate data in a new form again I have been searching for a way to auto-populate data into a new form What I am doing is I have a form that is called Invoices I have a combo box called Customer Name I have it set so it pulls the customer names from my Customer Information Query I have it set to Inherit value list I have never used this before Anyway it works great except that when a person enters a new customer name that is not in the value list it will prompt you to add the customer they click yes and it opens the form to add the customer This is everything I want it to except that when they click yes I want it to open the form to a new record and already have the new customer name populated into the form So then all they need to do is add the additional details and save the record How do I do this The way it set up now it opens the form to the first record and I am leary that data entry users will write over that first record instead of opening a new record and re-enter the new customer Does this make any sense to you If so please help I know it is possible as I have seen databases set up this way I just am not as expierenced in doing this Thanks for the assitance nbsp

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Hi. Is there a way to transfer existing information from existing original Outlook 2007 Contact Forms onto a newly designed format Contact Form?

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I have a problem with my database that I cannot get my head around I can email it to be looked at if required As far as I know I had normalised the tables and all was fine However there have been some design changes and I am now stumped I have a table that contains aanything between to records at a time Timetable listing details of teaching classes These records form a tables using between Transfer Data will never change much or be added to a lot There is a junction table Junction Timetable connecting it to the main students details table and this table will contain all students who are scheduled for particular classes What I wish to achieve is when a user opens Transfer Data between tables using a form a form from table Timetable and subform from table Junction Timetable after the class has been held they can edit which students have attended and can then somehow save all the data from both forms to a completely different table Completed Classes This is required so we have got historical data on all classes held and students attending or not attending I did receive good advice on here when I normalised the original table design and was hoping for help again I have put a lot of thought and effort but my mind is fuzzy with it all It is probably simple and I am probably capable of working it out but I cannot seem to nail it down OBP you have already seen the table structure a number of weeks ago but if you need to see it again let me know and I can send it to you nbsp

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Hi all. New install of W7 Ult, and fully updated. I use webmail for my Comcast email, and also my personal website email (different address, obviously)

With auto complete on, I open IE11 to my Comcast email, and enter my email address & pwrd. Both are remembered.

I then open the link to my site email, click in the email field, and the email address previously entered at the Comcast site is there.

How do I get rid of that? Clearing the form data and pwrds from Int Options will get rid of the email address & pwrd from the Comcast site, which I do not want to do.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:IE11 form data question

Are you using Comcast domain or something with your site :/
Could you post a screen shot of both sign in pages and or a hyperlink to each one so we might see if there is any similarities ?
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Access 2003

Standard split database with a back end and front end. The form that is being used has one field that is not transfering its data to the table. Its a calculated field. Its called Premium Difference. Its taking one field and subtracting it with another and the total is populating in the Prem. Diff field within my form but its not saving to the table.

Can someone help. Its really probably something simple ..

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I have received a list of data which is in the form of a table containing several columns. This list contains something in excess of 300 lines which I want to put into an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. Is there any way I can achieve this without the tedium of manual input of each line ?

A:Converting Data in tabular form to Excel s/s ?

The following guide does not actually say which Office version they are using. However, hopefully it might provide the necessary information:
How to Convert a Microsoft Word Table Into an Excel Workbook |

Please post back with the results, or if you require any further help.
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I have received a list of data which is in the form of a table containing several columns. This list contains something in excess of 300 lines which I want to put into an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. Is there any way I can achieve this without the tedium of manual input of each line ?
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Hi, I have a form with a subform. I wish to append and delete records from the form and subform as appropriate. Deletion is not a problem but appending is.
If I wish to append the current record the only way I can perceive is in the append query leave all criteria blank in which case every single record is appended or to enter a parameter value thus appending just one record.
Each record on the subform can have anything up to five records and I want to delete just those each time.
Please can you help?


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If more than one lot is sold to the same person , the only data on a new record that needs changing is lot number. All other data would be the same in the new record. Can a button be used if we need to carry over info?
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Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of advice on the way that internet explorer stores previously entered form data.

A few days ago I used the royal mail tracking service to track a delivery that I am expecting. This involves entering the unique reference on the receipt into a search box, and it looks up the shipment details.

Unfortunately I have now lost the receipt, and royal mail cannot give me another copy of the reference number.

As a bit of a long shot, I was hoping that internet explorer may have stored the data in a temporary internet file, or cookie or something.... (As you may be able to tell I'm not a computer expert )

If anyone can offer any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated
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Sorry for all the posts but as I work through - 2010 Entry Access Form Data the design I think of new ways to make it better easier which is the main requirement of it So here s my question I have a data entry form to at items Movies Games into the inventory The form comprises of ItemID TitleID Title Producer Category Type HireFee and Copy I Access 2010 - Data Entry Form am unsure on TitleID at the moment but where the title is entered once into the tblItemDetails table it can be entered numerous times in the tblInventory table so I am considering this TitleID to reduce data usage Now is Access 2010 - Data Entry Form there a way to repeat the entry numerous times without having to re-enter data As in there s five copies of a movie input five entries to tblInventory in one go rather than having to re-enter all the information again and just have a new ItemID and Copy number for each That or can I just have it so that I enter a new title e g Fallout along with all the details then create a new entry and having title as a combo box being typing and select Fallout and have all the other fields auto filled Because all that will be different is the ItemID which is an autonumber and the copy number Sorry if that doesn t make any sense Thanks in advance Mark nbsp

A:Access 2010 - Data Entry Form

Mark, the TitleID (like all repeated data) should only be entered once.
ie the data goes in a table for the Game/Film and then the titleID is used in the inventory along with a Quantity field ie 5 copies) which is updated when the item is issued or returned.
The issuing and returning should be logged in a separate table.
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Hello Thanks in advance for any help that this forum can provide in solving this problem I have a form in access based on tblSubmissionTracker that has some comboboxs that allow a user to select predefined values for records to be updated to tblSubmissionTracker This all works good The fields in tblSubmissionTracker are Country Sector Business Report Date Submitted Inside the form I have a subform subfrmContactDisplay that is based on tblContacts subfrmContactDisplay is set to display the following fields from tblContacts Country Sector Primary Contact E-mail and some others What I want Data SubForm Solved: Form with Entry to happen is each time a user enters a selection for country business in the main form the subform shows the corresponding tblContact record for that country sector combination each business is linked to a sector and the sector populates in the main form via a list box linked to a query which uses the business selected in the main form as a parameter I also want to be Solved: Data Entry Form with SubForm able to edit fields in that record should Solved: Data Entry Form with SubForm they need editing I ve placed code on the change event of the business combobox to requery the sector list box and then requery the subform Through the process of Solved: Data Entry Form with SubForm building this I haven t been able to get it to work properly I ve tried playing with many of the options but to no avail Sometimes I get some parts working other times I don t Right now I have the mainform set to data entry and all edit options checked to yes add delete etc the subform set to no data entry and only to allow edits The problem now though is that the subform is not pulling the data through I have Master Child link on Country amp Sector I know this is a bit windy but anyone help would be greatly appreciated Perhaps I am complicating things a bit here nbsp

A:Solved: Data Entry Form with SubForm

It sounds like you may be over complicating it.
First of all if you set the mainform to Data Entry = yes it means you can only enter new records in it.
Second you should not need to requery the Subform if the Master/Child links are working correctly.
Can you post a zipped Access 2000-2003 version on here with some simple dummy data.
Or at least post a Screen Print of the Table Relationships and the Forms in design view.
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I have a form called GET ORDERS that requires input( i.e. Customer #, product, qty...etc) The form has a field called TOTAL PRICE. In the properties for TOTAL PRICE, on the DATA tab, I have the following calculation in the control source field
Now that expression works fine and displays the correct total price. However, I'm looking for a way to commit that value to my ORDERS table, in the TOTAL_PRICE field.
I'm assuming that I can do this under PROPERTIES and the Event tab..... I'm looking for someone with a little more Access experience to provide some help. Thanks in advance for your time.....

A:MS Access: Enter data into a table from a form.....

Hey. Will this help?

That'd be cool, 'cause I found it pretty quickly.
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I am using Access to hold data. The table in Access runs across from right to left. I want to copy the data that runs from right to left and paste it into Excel from top to bottom ( up and down). Is there a way to do that without doing one field at a time. When I copy out of Access now and try to paste into EXCEL it of course paste's it across not up and down like I need it to


A:Data from Access table to Excel Form

Once it's in XL, you could try re-copy ; then (in a free area), Edit -- Paste Special -- Transpose -- OK.

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I am trying to make an database of members for a racing organazation.

Each member has a word document which contains the membership form filled out with Word's Form feature. I know you can do Options > Save > Save Form data only, then save for each file, but i'd like to automate the process and save only form data for all of the documents at once.

Secondly, I'd like to import them into an excel spreadsheet. I've used the data import feature, but once again, the process has to be repeated for every single file. I cannot select more than one. Again, I'd like to autmate it. How?

Better yet would be a method to take all the .doc file's form data straight into excel without going to the middle .txt file.

Thanks for your help,

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I am working in a call centre where have a online contact form when it submits it sends the data directly to the dialler and is then called almost instantly by our agents The problem we have is recently our dialler got hacked and we had to increase our security We had to whitelist any IP addresses that wanted feed form live to allow data! IP an to whitelist our to PHP Need to access it externally Since this has happened the form does not send any data in to the dialler The website is hosted on Namesco We have whitelisted the IP address for the Namesco server where I assume the PHP script is run and also the IP address for our website where the form is hosted None of the above has solved the issue We now have no idea on what IP address to whitelist on the router to enable the form to start feeding the data in to the dialler again We have no idea what to do fix the issue All help or advice is highly appreciated Thanks James
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Rollin wrote this code for someone who wanted to dump Word Form Data into Excel It was quite a while ago so I guess it was for Office or some such I have Office and I want to do the same thing The code seems to run OK as it opens the Word files and dumps them in the Processed directory but nothing turns up in Excel I have tried into Form (Again) data Capturing Word Excel with xlsx docx and xls doc files I ve been at this all day and I can t suss it Please how do I get it to work Dim vField As FormField Dim fso As Scripting FileSystemObject Dim fsDir As Scripting Folder Dim fsFile As Scripting File Dim wdApp As Word Application Dim myDoc As Word Document Dim vColumn As Integer Dim vLastRow As Integer Dim x As Integer Sub AddFormFields vLastRow ActiveSheet UsedRange Rows Count vColumn Set fso New Scripting FileSystemObject Set fsDir fso GetFolder quot C Documents and Settings Colin Desktop IFR Applications UnProcessed quot Set wdApp New Word Application wdApp Visible True For Each fsFile In fsDir Files wdApp Documents Open fsFile Set myDoc wdApp ActiveDocument For Each vField In wdApp Documents myDoc Capturing Word Form data into Excel (Again) FormFields vField Select vValue vField Result Workbooks quot Applications xls quot Activate Cells vLastRow vColumn Select If vField Type Then Select Case vField Name Case quot Check quot vColumn vColumn - If vField Result quot quot Then ActiveCell Value quot YES quot End If Case quot Check quot If vField Result quot quot Then ActiveCell Value quot NO quot End If End Select Else ActiveCell Value vValue End If vColumn vColumn Next vColumn vLastRow vLastRow vFileName wdApp ActiveDocument Name wdApp ActiveDocument Close Name fsFile As quot C Documents and Settings Colin Desktop IFR Applications Processed quot amp vFileName Next wdApp Quit End Sub nbsp

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I have a database with multiple records which track training records of individuals To update a record I open a form using a combo box linked to the table One of the fields need to be checked against the current date and colour value adjusted as needed I am using the following code to set the value problems data 07) loading (Access Form CurrentZoneMonth DateDiff quot m quot ZoneStart Now When the value reaches first month of training window it flags until the training is completed The problem is the value is not Form data loading problems (Access 07) being set Form data loading problems (Access 07) It works fine when I place it in the FormLoad event but using the combo box it is only initiated when the form loads Because of the combo box search it needs to be placed in the OnCurrent event instead and it keeps causing an error due to Update or Edit method not being invoked When the code is in the FormLoad event it will work when I go and manually re-input the ZoneStart value it updates correctly and changes the field Any push in the right direction would be appreciated nbsp

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We are currently running access 97, we have a database table created, but when we enter on the form that we have created the date and time does not show up on the table. We have on the form the date and time automatically set. Is there a way to have it transfer to the table??

A:Access 97: Transfer Data From Form to Table

Sounds like you don't have that form control linked to the table. I'm not sure how to do it off the top of my head, but you can try right-clicking the data field in form design view, and go to the Data tab and check out the control source. It's gotta be something like tablename->field. If you hit ctrl-F2, you should be able to "build" it. It may be helpful to you to look at how another control in the form is set up, then duplicate it, but change it to the date field.

(Maybe that'll give you something to do until the troops arrive.)
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I am using Microsoft Access 97. I have set up a database with many fields. I have created a form for data entry.
I want to print a form with the fields and names of fields on paper so that it can be used by people to fill in the information and then someone else can enter the data.

I cant seem to get this done automatically like the form was set up with the wizard. I cant print the blank form from the wizard.
Please help.

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Hi all I want to DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet Access with form data MS use the DoCmd TransferSpreadsheet MS Access DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet with form data command to transfer multiple queries into separate tabs in one MS Access DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet with form data Excel workbook The issue I have is that many of the queries I want to export use Query by Form for the user to enter date selection Is there anyway I can use one form for the user to enter the dates amp these dates feed into the other forms that drive the separate queries As an example there is a form called Form and Query has field Forms Form StartDate and there is a second form called Form and Query also has field Forms Form StartDate Is there anyway I can have ExportForm display and have the selected date Forms ExportForm StartDate automatically feed into both Forms Form StartDate amp Forms Form StartDate in their seperate queries Without opening the individual forms and queries How would I change this code to do this Code DoCmd TransferSpreadsheet acExport quot Query quot quot c Test xls quot True DoCmd TransferSpreadsheet acExport quot Query quot quot c Test xls quot True Thanks janie nbsp

A:MS Access DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet with form data

If the Start date is the same for all the Forms, why not just have one form for all the Exports?
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Hi Everyone Thank you for all your wonderful work on these boards Your advice has helped me time and again although this is the first time I m posting myself Here is my trouble I adapted script written by Rolin Again written for a poster named DougS data Form Again, Word into Again Excel... Capturing when he was attempting to move Capturing Word Form data into Excel... Again, Again data from a Word Form to Excel I too need to have my Form in Word as it s a mass email Capturing Word Form data into Excel... Again, Again and most of if not all of the recipients of the form will not have Access oh how I wish they had Access I have Capturing Word Form data into Excel... Again, Again written my Form and attached it for you and saved an Excel Workbook called quot Registration quot The sheet is also called Registration When I first ran the Macro I ran into the same trouble the poster did here with the Form opening when I used the macro moving to the quot processed quot folder but no data transfer into Excel I tried the fixes offered in that post but not successfully it seems I am now having a new error and I have highlighted the line that the debugger points out as a problem Run-time error Script out of range Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated I have never written code so this is all very foreign to me Thank you in advance I have seen how helpful everyone is on these boards and I m very grateful for the help Best Heather MACRO Dim vField As FormField Dim fso As Scripting FileSystemObject Dim fsDir As Scripting Folder Dim fsFile As Scripting File Dim wdApp As Word Application Dim myDoc As Word Document Dim vColumn As Integer Dim vLastRow As Long Dim x As Integer Sub AddFormFields vLastRow ActiveSheet UsedRange Rows Count vColumn Set fso New Scripting FileSystemObject Set fsDir fso GetFolder quot C Documents and Settings Heather Desktop Dance Unprocessed quot Set wdApp New Word Application wdApp Visible True For Each fsFile In fsDir Files wdApp Documents Open fsFile Set myDoc wdApp ActiveDocument For Each vField In wdApp Documents myDoc FormFields vField Select vValue vField Result Workbooks quot Registration xls quot Activate Cells vLastRow vColumn Select If vField Type Then Select Case vField Name Case quot Check quot vColumn vColumn - If vField Result quot quot Then ActiveCell Value quot YES quot End If Case quot Check quot If vField Result quot quot Then ActiveCell Value quot NO quot End If End Select Else ActiveCell Value vValue End If vColumn vColumn Next vColumn vLastRow vLastRow vFileName wdApp ActiveDocument Name wdApp ActiveDocument Close Name fsFile As quot C Documents and Settings Heather Desktop Dance Processed quot amp vFileName Next wdApp Quit End Sub nbsp

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I have made a form for displayin an order and the items on that order and i want to build another form which will be filled with buttons so that when a user clicks on a button it will add for example a pen to the order record but i cant figure out how to do this using either the expression builder or the macro builder, i'm tryin to avoid usin vba as i have very little knowledge of it.

I would be greatful if anyone could offer some help

A:Buttons on form to import data to a record

I do not believe it is possible to do simply with macro builder. You will need a little VBA, though it would probably be really simple for this sort of program--just doubleclick the button on the form, and in the handler it gives you, add a single line updating the order. The one place I foresee trouble is in communicating between the two forms. You might want to look at moving the buttons over. Good luck.
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I created a MS Access form for data entry. As the user enters in the address information, I want to check the table to see if the name and address is a duplicate record. Does anybody know a way or have some code to help me out?

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Hello OBP and others,

I have 3 Access XP survey forms that are not displaying the uploaded data in the tables, though they are restricting the number of records to the number of surveys in entered into the tables (as they should be doing). The "Data Entry" settings are set to NO for all forms and subforms. Do you have any suggestions as to how this can be fixed?

Thank you,

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So, subsequent to my previous thread...

(Basically, I have an Access database which is to be used by many users to make changes).

...once the record has been amended, I need to allow the user to either "save changes" or "exit without saving". At the moment, the data is updated as soon as I leave the form - how do I get round this?



A:Solved: Saving (or not) changes to data in a form in Access 97

If the user does not want to save the changes (or additions) they can press the Esc twice to "Undo" the Actions.
However if you want to have a second Button that says Close without saving then before the button's VBA code Docmd.close enter
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How am i able to modify data in a form that is loading data from a query? I only seem to be able to retrieve data, but not upload. More specificly I use a query to filter some data from my table. With a form, i then want to be able to update some of the values (in my table ànd query). I have to use the query since not all colums/rows from the table may be displayed.
Any help is welcome!

A:Access 2000: Data entry in a form

What application are you using?
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Hi there,

Here is what I want to do with my current excel file:
Click Save button to save all required data to another sheet
The number highlighted in reed need to be auto increment (+1) each time save button is click
Then the file will save as a new excel file with the form number (SRF-ABC-1001-14.xls)
And clear the current form and exit excel

Please refer my attached file for the sample what I want to do.

Please note the number highlighted in red should be auto increment number, once click save button, the file will automatic save as a new excel with the Form name.

Thank you so much for your help and time reading this.

A:vba to save file as a new file and record data into existing data sheet

anyone able to assist me?

I'm looking forward to learn hence I appreciate each code have a comment on top of it and provide me some samples of code and I'll workout the rest.

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How do I get the new record entery to show up at the top of a continuous form? It currently is the last record and I would like it to be at the top.

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Hi Database supporter s I need your help 3.2.1 Form, Base Automatic OO Multi-row field-data in a I m not used to work with the OpenOffice database Base and the Forms so this is my problem that I need you to help me with I want to register all my shopping-payments using the receipts from Automatic field-data in a Multi-row Form, OO 3.2.1 Base the Automatic field-data in a Multi-row Form, OO 3.2.1 Base stores in a Database for later analyze I want to find out where and when I spend my money and to what purpose my shopping habits So Automatic field-data in a Multi-row Form, OO 3.2.1 Base I create tables Table Shopping Payments items Field ID INTEGER automatic value primary key Field Date DATE the date when I bought the item Field ShopID INTEGER The shop where I bought the item reference to the ID field in the Shop table It s a list of the stores that I use Field Price NUMBER the price of the item DKR with no decimals Field ItemCategoryID INTEGER The category of the item reference to the ID field in the Item Category table Ex of category could be ecological food Field Description VARCHAR if a description is needed else empty Table Shop Field ID INTEGER automatic value primary key Field Name VARCHAR name of the shop Field Description VARCHAR if a description is needed else empty Table Item Category Field ID INTEGER automatic value primary key Field Name VARCHAR name of the item category Field Description VARCHAR if a description is needed else empty And this is how I would like to enter the data All data is entered via a multi row Form Shopping Payments Form where I easily can enter new data into the Shopping Payments table via the rows in the form like in a spreadsheet - When the form is called and the rows are empty the field-values of first row are set to default values like current date id of the first shop price id of the first item category and an empty description - When the real data of one item is entered into the fields of the row and the focus of the cursor row changes to the next following and empty row below all the data except ID and description are copied to the fields of the new and empty row That would save me a lot of time because some of the field-values of each item are the same like Date and ShopID and sometimes ItemCategoryID -If it is possible it would be nice if the ShopID field could be a combo-box field with a list of all the shop names from the Shop table where I can choose the shop by the name in the list and the corresponding Shop ID is automatically entered into the ShopID field -If again it is possible it would be nice if the ItemCategoryID field could be a combo-box field with a list of all the item category names from the Item Category table where I can choose the Item Category by the name in the list and the corresponding Item Category ID is automatically entered into the ItemCategoryID field - When I am finished with entering data I can commit the data and they will be stored in records of the table Shopping Payments - The form can also be used as a normal form with queries If you have some sample codes and databases that describe how you do it it would be very nice It is also OK to use other means methods than Forms to entering data as long as I can use SQL queries on the resulting data when I want to analyze my shopping habits I hope you can help me With Regards MicSan OpenOffice org OOO m Build Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack nbsp
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Okay I ve got an Access database For this particular task I have a form with comboboxes and a textbox all four unbound The data on the comboboxes are populated RowSource from three separate queries which data Solved: Add 2003: form Access from table to run fine I have a button which when clicked I want to take the information and add it to a table tData My SQL is very rusty and I can t get it working right Here is the SQL statement Code INSERT INTO tData CowType CowLocation CowMovement User Date CowValue SELECT Forms fData CowType AS Expr Forms fData CowLocation Solved: Access 2003: Add data to table from form AS Expr Forms fData CowMovement AS Expr CurrentUser AS Expr Date Time AS Expr Forms fData CowValue AS Expr FROM tData As you can see the form fData should take the controls and add the value of each to the respective field in the table tData It s not working though and I m getting the retarded quot Invalid SQL statement expected DELETE INSERT PROCEDURE SELECT or UPDATE quot Can any Access SQL guru tell me what I m doing wrong Driving me crazy here nbsp

A:Solved: Access 2003: Add data to table from form

Nevermind, I got it. Went away from the Append query I was trying and did it via VBA...
Dim rsData As ADODB.Recordset
'Create data set for entry into table
Set rsData = New ADODB.Recordset
rsData.Open "SELECT * FROM [tData];", CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
If rsData.Supports(adAddNew) Then
With rsData
.Fields("CowType") = Me.CowType.Value
.Fields("CowLocation") = Me.CowLocation.Value
.Fields("CowMovement") = Me.CowMovement.Value
.Fields("User") = CurrentUser()
.Fields("Date") = Date + Time()
.Fields("CowValue") = Me.CowValue.Value
End With
End If
Set rsData = Nothing
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i have just created a search form. I will select a job number from the combo which displays my results on a form.

Now what i want to do is have a button on the search form when pressed it transfers all that information to my invoice form to the corresponding fields just leaving me to fill out the payment side of things.

If anyone could help me with the VBA i will be greatful. Thanks in advance.

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I am trying to make a database based on survey data collected in Microsoft Office Forms.

Each subject has submitted a word document which contains responses to survey questions filled out with Word's Form feature. I would like to automatically populate an Excel spreadsheet with the form fields from a large group (25-50 documents per batch).

I have seen questions similar to this raised in other forum posts, but I seem to be running into problems with the suggested macros. This might be because I am working on a Mac (the only computer at our company) in Microsoft Office 2011. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

A:Exporting Microsoft Word Form Data to Excel

Hi Sasha
If you are wanting to use VBA to copy / move between Word and Excel you will almost certainly need appropriate boxes ticked under references in the VBA editor for Microsoft Excel XX Object Library.
I've no idea whether the Mac version is set up the same and would imagine you would have a bit of work to do to translate VBA written for windows into a mac variant.
What you might do is consider providing some dummy data and files and seeing what we can do to help.
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Hi Everyone I have a form that I created in Word see attached There are a few things that I d like to accomplish with this to Exporting Data Form Word 2003 [VBA] Excel form [VBA] Exporting Word 2003 Form Data to Excel once the form is completed by the user I want to be able to export the entered data into an excel spreadsheet via macro button submit export - and VBA for [VBA] Exporting Word 2003 Form Data to Excel the actual transfer of data for of the sections with radio boxes employment type rate your experience and the st line of availability shift wk shift wk I would like only one selection to be made So the user can only select one of the options and not multiple Actually the Teaching Experience one I need it so they can select whichever grades they teach but only one selection of years taught They can select any all the MPMxx but it s the years that is important I have a very basic understanding of VBA but I work with excel all the time so I m relatively comfortable with some things and willing to learn try new things Can someone please point me in the right direction as to how I can accomplish this What I envision is the form being completed then sent back to me I then hit a button embedded in the form that will then export the data to my excel spreadsheet where I can sort etc Any help would be much much appreciated as I ve tasked myself with completing this when maybe perhaps I should have tried to figure out how complicated this might be first Thanks for reading nbsp

A:[VBA] Exporting Word 2003 Form Data to Excel


Okie, my objective here is to transfer the data from a word .doc into an excel spreadsheet. The form is all bookmarked with proper tags. I have started the VBA code, but I’m at a loss as to why some things aren’t working…

Sub Report1()
Dim path As String
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim wdDoc As String
Dim curDoc As Word.Document
Set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.application")
wdApp.Visible = True
path = "C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\APPLICATION FORM\FINAL COPIES"
'Get first document in directory
wdDoc = Dir(path & "\*.doc")
'Loop until we don't have anymore documents in the directory
Do While wdDoc <> ""
'Open the document
Set curDoc = wdApp.Documents.Open(path & "\" & wdDoc)

ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = curDoc.FormFields("DATE").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Value = curDoc.FormFields("FNAME").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3).Value = curDoc.FormFields("LNAME").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 4).Value = curDoc.FormFields("EMAIL").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 5).Value = curDoc.FormFields("OCT").Result
With ActiveCell.Offset(0, 6).Value
If FieldName = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "PERMFT"
ElseIf FieldName1 = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "LTOS"
ElseIf FieldName2 = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "RET"
ElseIf FieldName3 = True Then
ActiveCell.Value = "OTHER"
End If
End With
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 7).Value = curDoc.FormFields("SBOARD").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 8).Value = curDoc.FormFields("SNAME").Result
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 9).Value = curDoc.FormFields("COMMENTS").Result

'Get the next document
wdDoc = Dir()
End Sub Click to expand...
What’s not working:

1: I have set it (or so I thought) to cycle through all the .docs in a specific folder and for each doc, use a new row to input the info…only thing is…it cycles through the docs in the folder but inputs the info all into the same row (1st one). It just overwrites the info until it reaches the last document… how can I set it to put each docs info on another row? What did I do wrong?

2: regarding the check boxes on the form…I set the VBA to read ‘IF” true etc…but it’s not working. I get no results when I run the code.

Can someone please help me with any aspect of this? It would be much, much appreciated =)

Thank you very much.
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I am trying to make a text box update to Now() whenever someone changes the data on a form using:

Private Sub Form_DataChange(ByVal Reason As Long)
Date Changed = Now()
End Sub


Private Sub Form_DataChange(ByVal Reason As Long)
[Date Changed] = Now()
End Sub

Nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?

A:Solved: Update date when form data is changed

Been struggling with this one for hours! My boss wants to know if any of the form data was changed, I don't need to know what was changed, just that something was changed by populating a date everytime a change was made. (Probably should also include who changed it by using Environ("username"))

I have been looking for code all over the web and keep seeing that I should use the "Before Update" event but when I use this it populates the text box with a date just by simply going to the form and looking at it (Not what I need) I thought that using the "Data Changed" would work but I can't get it to do anything.

My text box for the date is "Data Changed" and the text box for who changed it is "Changed By"

Does anyone know how to do this with code, macro,???
Thanks, Joe
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Evening all I m very new Desperatly Query from Specific Help: a Need Opening Data Form to VBA and am struggling badly with this one I ll explain what I need to do as the title is a little unclear I m making an insurance calculator for classic cars and on my welcome screen I have a button Desperatly Need Help: Opening a Form from Query Specific Data called lablled Edit Existing Quote What I would like this button to do is upon clicking ask the user to enter the Reg Number the PK in my client data table of the client whos details they wish to edit Once a reg number is entered and submit or something has been clicked I want that record to then appear in form view I ve got as far as the DoCmd OpenForm quot frm New Quote quot acNormal The form is named so because I use it to add new data as well using the DoCmd GoToRecord acNewRec code the form otherwise shows client data for the last record entered I m guessing it ll involve vbQuestion somewhere in there or possibly some SQl I m really not sure I only have a very basic knowledge of VBA and the two lines I ve pasted there are about all I know I m staring at my VBA book but failing to find the relevant pages So can anyone help me out with this one It should run like Click Edit button on welcome screen then little box pops up asking for reg number then that clients details is presented Please help P S my client data table is called Client Tbl at the moment nbsp
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Hi there,
I'm trying to export data from Word 2007 form fields into an Excel spreadsheet. I was hoping to have the spreadsheet contain data on a cumulative basis for the year or quarter at a minimum. Not sure how the code runs and if this is even possible. Does it scan a folder for all pertinent info to populate the spreadsheet?

Currently we are writing about ten of these docs a day and the data entry is becoming burdensome.
I have attached an example of the spreadsheet for reference.

I can provide specific examples of file paths or folder names if that becomes necessary.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


A:Exporting Word form field data to Excel

Here's the word doc with form fields associated with the spreadsheet.

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I apologise in advance but although I was once fairly proficient in Access I have had a baby and not touched it for over years and am now using instead of and feel like my Grandma would trying to send an email I have a really daft issue I have a basic database Client table Treatments table and various lookup tables I have a form to view enter Client table records frmClientandTreatments twith a Access data related Form Display Solved: subform showing related Treatments I store a Condition e g Arthritis in the clients table which is looked up from another table that provides the category e g Muscloskeletal I want to have the category display on the Client form when a Condition is selected How do I do this as the record source of the form is the Client table I Solved: Access Form Display related data tried setting up a query as the record source but themn the combo boxes didn t seem to work and it wouldn t let me add new records I am confused Also should I create relationships to lookup tables Enforce referential integrity nbsp

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I have a form with a couple of subforms. I need to add another subform to display the many side of one of the subforms however they are joined through a junction table. I need people to be able to add and edit records through this form if needed. I am puzzled at how to add this as an editable subform. The subform is an Action Item List and the subform that I need to add to it is a list of Department POCs for each Action Item, there could be more than one. The three tables are: tblActionItemList; primary key, lngActionItemID, tblDepartmentPOCList; primary key, lngDepartmentPOCID, and tblDepartmentPOCDetails; primary key, lngActionItemID and the lngDepartmentPOCID. I will need to do the same thing with the Action Item and the Actionee POC data.

If you need additional information, I will be glad to provide it.



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I am trying to built an application to display the availability of data from different tables in a form of calendar.I have a table A, B, C.Now, I will have to display data availability on a certain date.if A, B and C are available display the date in the calendar as Green.if only A is available, then display the date in Orange and like wise.Kindly assist.

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Here's my situation: I've been working on an Access 97 app to assist in finding various properties in an external database. It's easy to check all the fields in the tables and their properties (the better to spot inconsistent data types, etc) but I'm having trouble doing the same with forms. For any given field I want the user to see what forms use that field in a control, but I can't seem to find a way to iterate through each form's controls and check its record source the way I can iterate tables or queries (For Each thisField in thisTableDef.Fields, etc).

Can anyone help me out? I'm real pleased with the way the rest of the app is going, and this is kind of annoying.

--Don S.

A:Finding individual data sources for controls on a form

I have to experiment with this, but I believe that in order to view a forms controls, the form must be open. Once the form is open you should be able to go through it's controls using 'For each Thiscontrol in Forms!frmMyForm.controls'. In fact you could probably loop through all open forms using a nested loop.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code:</font><HR><pre>
for each ThisForm in Forms
for each ThisControl in ThisForm.Controls

If already know this and it's still not working, how are you trying to go through the controls? What happens when you try?

Keep us posted! Good Luck!
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I have been given a last minute assignment to create a survey to send to a few end users and I want to compile the data of all the forms I receive into one excel workbook I tried a few macros but they aren t macros and so I am running into issues I just don t have to time to re-write and could use a little assistance I think the main difference is that I am using radio buttons instead of text fields ALSO I want to automate the entire thing Meaning I want to open the workbook and run the macro to pull unprocessed forms from one folder scan for data import data and then move them to another folder for archiving Also in my form I don t think I made the comments section into a text field I am sure I am going to have to correct that in order to capture the data Right now I am too Data Form Word Excel Workbook into Export tired to think on it At the end of each section I there is a comments field and I want to collect that data onto different sheets in the workbook I already labeled the sheets I have attached the drafts for reference I only shortened it for upload the original draft has about questions total I need to get this done by so that I have time to receive and compile data by Please help nbsp

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Hi I have had some strange days with my Windows Firefox and data redirecting cannot and IE web on post pages form XP Pro SP computer having problems downloading all web pages Sometimes of the page is coming to the web browser sometimes nothing and mostly something in between Often the style sheet is missing which makes the page to look different I have also found out that I cannot post for instance the username and password any HTML POST so it is not possible to login at all forums etc even this now I am on another computer GET method is working I have run scanning by AVG Free without finding anything Have tried to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware but it will not be installed The Spybot S amp D was installed successfully seemed to run since it was visible in the systray but it was impossible to open the GUI and do any scanning I also had problem installing HJT but finally I got it in and it worked I have run the instructions quot Preparation guide quot on this forum and have now come to the step wher I shall post a new Topic Here is the result from the DDS execution Hope for a quick reply and solution RGDS Inge

A:IE and Firefox redirecting and cannot post form data on web pages

Hi, this is Inge1 again!I finally got MalwareBytes Anti-Malware up and running by just changing the name of the .exe file, and then it ran nicely.I made a full scan and found the Rootkit.TDSS/Trojan.Agent that had infected 8 files (see logfile below).I could successfully use MB's suggested "Delete infected items" button and then reboot, and now I have re-run the full-scan without any found malware. This issue is closed for me, you don't need to continue working with it...Regards./ IngeMalwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.34Database version: 1805Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 32009-02-26 09:23:37mbam-log-2009-02-26 (09-23-37).txtScan type: Full Scan (C:\|)Objects scanned: 186219Time elapsed: 32 minute(s), 10 second(s)Memory Processes Infected: 0Memory Modules Infected: 0Registry Keys Infected: 0Registry Values Infected: 0Registry Data Items Infected: 0Folders Infected: 0Files Infected: 9Memory Processes Infected:(No malicious items detected)Memory Modules Infected:(No malicious items detected)Registry Keys Infected:(No malicious items detected)Registry Values Infected:(No malicious items detected)Registry Data Items Infected:(No malicious items detected)Folders Infected:(No malicious items detected)Files Infected:C:\Documents and Settings\inge\Local Settings\Temp\UAC2f1d.tmp (Rootkit.TDSS) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACiromyutu.dll (Rootkit.TDSS) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACldvwxvaq.dll (Trojan.TDSS) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACpsghlnyn.dll (Rootkit.TDSS) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\UACpjyonsae.sys (Rootkit.TDSS) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\uacinit.dll (Trojan.Agent) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACbejeonhx.dll (Trojan.Agent) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACcwybfyyb.dat (Trojan.Agent) -> Delete on reboot.C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACxuxdnroa.log (Trojan.Agent) -> Delete on reboot.
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My form in Access no longer displays records from the table. All records are still in the table. New entries show up in the table, but are not retained in the form. When I check form Properties, it indicates that the record source is that particular table. Any help appreciated.

A:Solved: Access form no longer displays data

Check that the form's property "Data Entry" is NOT set to yes as this restricts the forms action to adding new records only.
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Hello I need help finding a solution to a specific problem I m facing I need to import data automatically from an Excel spreadsheet into a web-based form multiple times over times in fact spreadsheet? from Excel web Automated form entry data The data is neatly organized in the spreadsheet and Automated web form data entry from Excel spreadsheet? each field in the web form directly correlates Automated web form data entry from Excel spreadsheet? to a column in the spreadsheet So I don t think this should be too terribly difficult to Automated web form data entry from Excel spreadsheet? accomplish The only problem is that in addition to text fields the form also features drop down menus But like i said there is data in the spreadsheet that directly correlates to a selection in the drop down menu So to put if briefly the following needs to happen The data is input from the spreadsheet to the web form A button needs to be clicked to submit the form A link needs to be clicked to bring the form up again This needs to be repeated until all the data is entered I think I ve covered everything I hope I ve made it as clear as possible Thanks a lot for your help This would be saving me hours upon hours of work nbsp

A:Automated web form data entry from Excel spreadsheet?

You could write an AutoHotkey script to do that. You would need to:

Activate the Excel spreadsheet window. (WinActivate)
Go to a particular cell in the spreadsheet. (Send tabs)
Copy the data. (Send Ctrl-C)
Activate the browser window. (WinActivate)
Go to a particular box in the web form. (MouseMove)
Paste the data. (Send Ctrl-V)

Then put all of that into a loop to run as many times as the number of cells to be copied. (Loop)

Submit the form. (MouseClick)
Bring up a new form. (MouseClick)

Then put all of that into a loop to run 300 times. (Loop)

The terms in the parenthesis like "WinActivate" and "MouseClick" are the actual AutoHotkey commands you would use.
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I have created an on-line form in an Office application to gather survey data, and need to link it to an Access database. What is the easiest way to do this? Can I use a word document formatted with fields? Can I use a form created in Excel? How do I create a web based form that will be linked to the database? If anyone can answer one or all of these questions, I would be most greatful.


A:Linking data from a form in another application to an Access database

Access 2000 has a new feature called Data Access Pages that are designed for displaying data on an intranet or internet. They would probably do the trick for you.
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I recently had old data from several old hard drives transferred to my new computer by a computer shop. One of the pieces of data is an Acronis .tib file; I chose to use Acronis as a backup tool a few years ago. When I try to "recover" the .tib, which is presumably their term for "extract," I get the following message: "Cannot recover a disk from a backup stored on the same disk."
However, I discovered that I'm able to browse through the .tib in Windows Explorer. I tried copying and pasting a file from the .tib to a folder on my computer and it worked.
So I suppose there's no severe issue, in that I can copy and paste individual files and folders, but why does the program stop me when I try to extract the whole .tib file?

A:Old data in the form of an Acronis .tib file. Trouble extracting.

Just spoke to Acronis about this, and they basically said that's just the way it is, and Acronis backups are special. Nothing against them, though. Chat is not the place to find out the details of why a program works in a certain way.
So, Acronis backups literally must be extracted from one drive to another drive; but individual files and folders can be extracted with no restrictions.
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I have created a protected Word form, which comprises of text fields, drop down fields and tick boxes. I have an Excel spreadsheet with columns corresponding to most of the labels in my Word document.

Is there any way in which I can selectively export data from the Word form to the spreadsheet such that selected form fields data is exported to selected columns as row entries?

Hope my request makes sense.

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Using Word and Access I am attempting to form Importing 2010 Word Access data into build VBA code that will automatically import word form field data directly Importing Word form data into Access 2010 into my database table I have copied code found on the net and modified very slightly I am pretty confident I have the word side of the puzzle setup corrrectly The Access side using VBA has ben throwing a number of errors I have modified the statement in Code COLOR black FONT verdana cnn Open quot FONT COLOR FONT Calibri Provider Microsoft ACE OLEDB Data Source c Users XXXX Documents Testing accdb quot FONT That got me a step past not being able to open the word file assume that is correct Not sure of the required references but here is what is curently checked I suspect there may be a mismatch between my provider statement and the references Visual Basic for Applications Microsoft Access Object Library OLE Automation Microsoft Office Access database engine Object library Microsoft Word Object Library Microsoft Office Object Library Microsoft Visual basic for Applications Extensibility Microsoft Active X Data Objects Library Microsoft Office Runtime Type Library Currently I am getting the error quot Object required quot No luck finding the source of this I attach that code below in hope someone has a tip that gets me moving again Code FONT COLOR COLOR black FONT verdana Sub GetWordData FONT COLOR COLOR black FONT verdana Dim strDocName As String Dim blnQuitWord As Boolean Dim appWord As Word Application Dim doc As Word Document Dim cnn As New ADODB Connection Dim rst As New ADODB Recordset Dim AccessConnect As String On Error GoTo ErrorHandling strDocName quot C Users XXXX Documents doc docx quot 'strDocName quot c users XXXX Documents quot amp ' InputBox quot Enter the name of the document quot amp ' quot you want to import quot quot Document quot Set appWord GetObject quot Word Application quot Set doc appWord Documents Open strDocName cnn Open quot Provider Microsoft ACE OLEDB quot amp quot Data Source c Users XXXX Documents quot amp quot Testing accdb quot rst Open quot Table quot cnn adOpenKeyset adLockOptimistic With rst AddNew ' my data InputsWC docx FormFields quot fldInputsWC quot Result InputsEXT docx FormFields quot fldInputsEXT quot Result OutputsWC docx FormFields quot fldOutputsWC quot Result OutputsEXT docx FormFields quot fldOutputsEXT quot Result Context docx FormFields quot fldContext quot Result Update Close End With doc Close If blnQuitWord Then appWord Quit cnn Close MsgBox quot Document form Imported quot Cleanup Set rst Nothing Set cnn Nothing Set doc Nothing Set appWord Nothing Exit Sub ErrorHandling Select Case Err Case - Set appWord CreateObject quot Word Application quot blnQuitWord True Resume Next Case MsgBox quot You must select a valid Word document quot amp quot No data imported quot vbOKOnly quot Document Not Found quot Case MsgBox quot The document you selected does not quot amp quot contain the required form fields quot amp quot No data imported quot vbOKOnly quot Fields Not Found quot Case Else MsgBox Err amp quot quot amp Err Description End Select GoTo Cleanup End Sub FONT COLOR COLOR black FONT verdana Thanks nbsp

A:Importing Word form data into Access 2010

I am not familiar with your code, but I do have code that works, however it does require the use of a Word Doc with "Bookmarks" set.
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Hi folks, I have a multipage form as part of an Excel development that requires checking the completion of fields on page 1 when a user enters page 2. All very straightforward I thought having done it many times before in word macros

eg If Multipage1(0).<variablename> = "" then
msgbox(<error message>)
multipage1.value = 0
End if

but no. The tab of page one is activated but the form controls displayed remain stubbornly those of page 2 and vb sicks up because it can't see <variablename>. The only reference I've found to this is that it was driving people mad and 'appeared to be a bug in XL2003'(sic) I'm using Office 2010.

Has anyone else had this problem, and more importantly found a cause/solution?

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Hi I m completely new to vba and trying to modify a code I found here but failed While the original code exports cell data row only from excel into the form fields of a Word document I tried to modify the code to work for multiple rows one after the other My code works for the first row and generate a word file as supposed but immediately stoped with an error message quot Runtime Error - quot The Object Invoked Has Disconnected from Its Clients quot Could anyone help me modify the code so that it works please Thanks a lot I m using excel and word P S I know this can be easily done by mail merge but I would like to use form word into data fields excel import Word form for further process Code Option Explicit 'Requires reference to Microsoft Word Object Library Sub Copy Cells To Word Document Dim rng As Range Dim row As Range Dim wdApp As Word Application Dim wdDoc As Word Document Set rng Range quot A E quot Set wdApp New Word Application Set wdDoc wdApp Documents Open Filename quot C Desktop import excel data into word form fields file doc quot ReadOnly False wdApp Visible True For Each row In rng Rows Copy Cell To Form Field wdDoc Range quot D quot amp ActiveCell row Value quot Surname quot Copy Cell To Form Field wdDoc Range quot E quot amp ActiveCell row Value quot Forenames quot Copy Cell To Form Field wdDoc Range quot B quot amp ActiveCell row Value quot Ref quot wdDoc SaveAs quot C Desktop quot amp Range quot B quot amp ActiveCell row Value amp quot quot amp Range quot D quot amp ActiveCell row Value wdDoc Close savechanges True wdApp Quit Next row End Sub Private Sub Copy Cell To Form Field doc As Word Document cellValue As Variant formFieldName As String Dim i As Integer Dim wdFormField As Word formField 'Find the specified form field bookmark Set wdFormField Nothing i While wdFormField Is Nothing COLOR red If doc FormFields i Name formFieldName Then Set wdFormField doc FormFields i COLOR i i Wend If Not wdFormField Is Nothing Then wdFormField Result cellValue Else MsgBox quot Form field bookmark quot amp formFieldName amp quot doesn't exist in quot amp doc Name End If End Sub nbsp

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I have a data entry form that logs materials purchased on a single invoice. Master Form contains the invoice number, date, vendor, and amount. The sub-form has the details. Item description, quantity, and unit price.

After all information is printed I want to print a report which is based off a query.

I want a single command button on the form that will print the report using the information entered. Either the IDNbr_FLD (autonumber index) or the InvoiceNbr_FLD

While I can get it to print the report it BUT it prints all of the invoices not restricted to the invoice I'm data entering.

A:Solved: Print Report From Form Using Data Entered

Do you have a query for the report?
If so add in the Criteria first row of the IDNbr_FLD column
forms![name of your form]![IDNbr_FLD]
where name of your form is the actual name of your Mainform.
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Hi, everyone! I am a newbie to this of the issues with being a newbie is that there are so many posts to go thru to see if your question has already been asked. I have made an attempt and could not find my question. If it is a repeat, I appologize in advance.

My address bar in IE drops down as I type with previously typed URLs plus many URLs that I haven't typed (but have visited), as well as some things on my desk top or favorites, and stuff I don't recognize. I have tried "typed URLs" in the registry, tried everything under Tools/Internet options, tried "URLBoss"...nothing seems to help at all.

Any help from you folks would be greatly appreciated.

A:Typed URLs and some not so typed...

Are you saying you want to clear that dropdown list? If so just go to tools>options and click clear history.
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In Office XP, I need to make a template or form or something (unsure of correct MS term) to enter client data, name address b-day etc. Then, whenever they come in, want to take that saved data and have it entered to a preprinted, normally hand filled , company form. The company form is 2 page carbonless copy so a dot matrix printer will have to be resurrected to print the data to the form. New dates are all that would be new info. All data is presented horizontally except a few items that are on right edge at 90 degrees to normal portrait orientation. Word? Excel? I have a copy of Office XP for Dummies but can't find what I need. I don't have a MS Office book. Software came as disk only. I probably would have an easier time if I new the correct terminology.

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:In OFFICEXP How do I Enter Data Base and Have it fill a Pre Printed Form?

Steve, it seems to me that the easiest way to accomplish this would be using Acess (assuming that you have the Pro version of Office XP -- the Standard version lacks this program.)

With Access, you can create a database containing all of the fields of raw information that you need to enter, an onscreen form for data entry that closely resembles the preprinted form needing to be filled in, and a printed report format that duplicates the layout of the preprinted form (or could possibly be used to actually print the data in the corresponding locations of the actual preprinted form.) Access also allows you to share the information you create with Word or Excel if needed. All of the data tables, reports, and data entry forms are objects that are contained in the Access file itself.

Lacking Access, Excel could be used to hold the data (spreadsheet programs are often used as database programs), but you would not have the same flexibility as a dedicated database program like Access provides. There is a great deal of info in the Office XP program help files -- the hard part is just in sifting through to find the information that really applies to you. Picking up an Access 2002 (or Excel 2002) for Dummies would give you more detailed information than the general Office XP book would -- I bought Access 97 for Dummies years ago and still refer to it often.

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I have been posting this question all over the place but nobody seems to be able to help, so this is my last effort.

I have a new form template that I want to unlock after the form fields have been entered. I put a macro in the last field to trigger the unlocking of the form, but once the form is unlocked, the data that the user entered disappears. How can I unlock the form and keep the data that the user entered? With the code that I have below it is not working.

If ProtectionType <> wdNoProtection Then
ActiveDocument.Unprotect Password:=""
'Do your processing
ActiveDocument.Protect wdAllowOnlyFormFields, True
End If
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Through a form (html code),
 how to write the data from the form to a TXT file ?
If necessary to create a button inside the form, I'm agree.
(please, if it's possible not to use a VBS or PHP script)
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Foolishly I downloaded a 'darkcoin miner' file from Sourceforge on November or of this year The software at Sourcefourge was only days old I can't tell which program it was because those dates are missing from my Firefox browser History even though I didn't delete them That's a symptom of the infection I assume The order in which these events seems to be mixed up and it alters Browsing seems to be as normal box clicking opening image/data form to an when input ads Tabs on for around Tabs opening to ads when clicking on an image/data form input box - minutes or even a few hours then i might receive a message bar and a red lego block x looking icon with the message Firefox has prevented the outdated plugin Adobe Flash from running on http www whatever page address I'm on com Before and or after this message occurs I have had one or two tabs open to advertisements instead of the page Tabs opening to ads when clicking on an image/data form input box I actually want Another time when i clicked on an image to enlarge it I had redirected new tabs open to ads When I downloaded ATF Cleaner and attempted to clear out all of the cache cookies history saved form info I get the message that it has 'finished and no files were deleted' When I downloaded SuperAntiSpyware the 'start scan' option is greyed out so i can't use it I use Firefox with Adblock which during one session told me that it had blocked pop ups then pop ups then pop ups but this happened only that one time When i tried to use McAfee Security Scan Plus it gives me this message McAfee Security Scan Unavailable We cannot check your security status now because your PC is not connected to the Internet McAfee Security Scan is temporarily unavailable Please connect to the Internet and click Re again later ' There are two tabs 'retry' and 'cancel' and 'cancel' is greyed out but when cursoring over it the hand symbol appears The right hand end of this dialogue box is missing When I went to afterdawn forums and tried to register there each time I clicked to add form data a new tab or two opened with an advertisement for computer antiviral software or such like making joining there impossible It took numerous failed attempts to download both SuperAntiSpyware and ATFCleaner before they finally were downloaded and then as i posted neither worked Sometimes I use Tor and Cryptostorm Narwhal V as a VPN when i do this and today i noticed that suddenly the VPN icon momentarily flashed as if it was turned off when it is turmed off there is displayed a message that a cable is unplugged then the icon appeared againn as normal with no interruption to service Also whilst i was using the darknet I received a message at the bottom of the screen that the page i already had fully loaded was in the act of connecting again and without me clicking on anything Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by Sam administrator on HOME- BACA - - Running from C Documents and Settings Sam My Documents Downloads Loaded Profiles Sam Available Profiles Sam amp Administrator Platform Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser FF Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved Atheros C WINDOWS system acs exe Google Inc C Program Files Google Update GoogleCrashHandler exe Intel Corporation C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe Intel Corporation C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe Realtek Semiconductor Corp C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE Cyberlink Corp C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe C Program Files TP-LINK TP-LINK Wireless Client Utility TWCU exe Vodafone C Program Files Vodafone Vodafone Mobile Connect Bin MobileConnect exe C Program Files Dodo Mobile Broadband ModemListener exe Vodafone C Program Files Vodafone Vodafone... Read more

A:Tabs opening to ads when clicking on an image/data form input box

I forgot to add a detail to this post, ie I have previousoly posted some text online and when I returned to that site one of the words had been altered so that it was a highlighted link to an advertisement. It most certainly would not have been done by the site.
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Running WinXP and Office Hello This is similar to http forums techguy org business-applications -exporting-word-form-data-excel html I tried using and tweaking that example but am having a hard time because there are several different things I will be having hundreds of word documents The first page on each doc is just a form that a user fills Excel Word Data Spreadsheet to Solved: Exporting Form out on the computer I would like some help with the macro that would run and process a folder of these docs I would also like to have sheets in the one excel file The doc file will be filled out generally by departments Is there a way to have a drop menu in the doc to indicate which dept and also have this transfer to their respective sheets in the excel file The rest of the doc fields should be the same Also I need the hyperlink to the file in their respective cell Sorry I am new to code in excel and am starting to learn its power Thanks for your help nbsp

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Learning as I go so be gentle I m trying to include a simple form in my webpage using FP I have text box on the form If the customer enters in the correct data in the form I want it to go to a specific webpage when the submit button is hit If not pop up an invalide error msg I have the validation working but I can t seem to another form Validating webpage. a text when in and correct data box to redirect get the redirection to another webpage working I keep getting a couple of verb error Code and error msgs below If there is a simplier way to validate a customers text entry and when correct redirect to another webpage let me know or send over some sample code Thanks HTTP - Resource not allowed Internet Information Services HTTP Error - Validating text box data in a form and when correct redirect to another webpage. The HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed Internet Information Services IIS Here is the code I m using to test and learn on lt html gt lt head gt lt title gt Form Validation Example lt title gt lt script gt function ValidateCouponForm var coupon document CouponForm Name if coupon value quot quot window alert quot Invalid Coupon Validating text box data in a form and when correct redirect to another webpage. Code Please try again or hit the new user icon quot coupon focus return false return true lt script gt lt head gt lt body gt lt form method quot post quot action quot http usatoday com quot name quot CouponForm quot onsubmit quot return ValidateCouponForm quot gt lt p gt Enter Your Coupon Code lt input type quot text quot size quot quot name quot Name quot gt lt p gt lt p gt lt input type quot submit quot value quot Send quot name quot submit quot gt lt p gt lt form gt lt body gt lt html gt nbsp

A:Validating text box data in a form and when correct redirect to another webpage.

Because your target page isn't set up to process a POST. If you set your form action="GET" this should work OK.