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Need to fix mbr or replace bootloader?

Q: Need to fix mbr or replace bootloader?

Okay so i installed partition magic and accidentally installed bootmagic too. I was preparing to install windows xp and ubuntu. after i reboot after installing bootmagic, i get this btmagic.img error. i think "oh well, ill just install ubuntu. I installed ubuntu on my entire hard disk (therefor removing vista that bootmagic was on). halfway through installation i get some errors and then my dvd drive ceases to function (again). i am currently running off a ubuntu off a usb. Does anone know how i can remove the btmagic error from when i boot up, or at least replace btmagic with somethin that works? I need to do this via usb too. Please help. ( also i tried to install windows xp via usb but i keep getting error 8?).
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Preferred Solution: Need to fix mbr or replace bootloader?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My work laptop has whole disk encryption (safeguard utimaco). My hard drive is full so I convinced the IT guy to temporarily decrypt my hard drive so that I can image the original drive and copy it to a larger hard drive. This saves me from reinstalling windows and starting from scratch.

The problem is that even though the drive is decrypted, the bootloader for utimaco is still there. So when I imaged the new drive and tried to boot it, the utimaco bootloader freaks out and won't boot. So, I'm thinking I should be able to just run the xp recovery console from the xp install disc and do a fixboot to reinstall the windows bootloader, but I thought I would double check with the experts...

Thanks in advance.

A:remove utimaco bootloader (reinstall windows bootloader)

That would be the first step to run FIXBOOT from the Recovery Console, you may need to do FIXMBR if that doesn't work.
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I installed linux ubuntu onto my new laptop which was originally rinning windows vista ultimat -bit in order to dual boot them I chose in the llinux install to install grub a bootloader designed for linux I decided I didn't want linux anymore and deleted it's partitions This was stupid I turned on my computer the next day and apparently the grub bootloader was dependant on files on the partition so now it won't let me boot to just windows and I can't just exit grub and get to the vista bootloader either once grub opens it says it's starting then displays ERROR After that I'm forced to shutdown I've tried to use the startup repair feature in the vista os dvd but it says nothing is wrong since you can boot vista perfectly fine after you get past the grub bootloader which I believe the startup check this feature performs begins after the grub won't bootloader let (a to bootloader for vista through me Grub linux) thing comes up I've tried doing things in bcdedit but haven't found anything that has worked I Grub (a bootloader for linux) won't let me through to vista bootloader need a way to either uninstall the grub bootlaoder yes uninstall the bootloader we can do this because the vista one is fully intact and would pop up after grub while I Grub (a bootloader for linux) won't let me through to vista bootloader was still able to boot normally before I stupidly wiped the linux partitions or I need a way to bypass the grub bootloader to get to the vista bootloader Also please no idiots telling me to change my BIOS boot device priority to boot from cd first obviously I'm able to boot from my Vista os dvd in order to get to the recovery features I want to boot from the hd not a cd

A:Grub (a bootloader for linux) won't let me through to vista bootloader

Originally Posted by kautzken

Also, please no idiots telling me to change my BIOS boot device priority to boot from cd first, obviously I'm able to boot from my Vista os dvd in order to get to the recovery features, I want to boot from the hd not a cd.

When requesting help from us, it's best to be polite.

1. download EasyBCD
2. install it
3. go to 'Manage Bootloader' tab
4. select 'reinstall the vista bootloader' (this may be different)
5. click on 'Write MBR'
6. go to 'Add/Remove entries' tab
7. select Linux tab
(should be)
type: grub
name: neosmart grub
drive: (select drive that says something like 'Linux native')
8. Add entry
9. repeat 7 & 8 but the drive should be 'linux swap'
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Hi all The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite A -S A few weeks ago it got dropped right on its adapter? Replace the replace the or jack power corner Replace the power jack or replace the adapter? with the power plug still in it the little metal plug of the AC adapter is now slightly crooked and the power jack has a little chip off the plastic part of it Anyway after this mishap it worked fine for another weeks and then suddenly this week it s refusing to power up Its battery has been shot for a while can t hold a charge and I ve been using it with the battery out Why the sudden refusal to boot I took the whole thing apart---minus the little chip the power jack looks totally fine and cosmetically sound Put the whole thing back together taking care to check that plugs were snug---still no power Stuck in the crappy battery booted just fine and then shut itself down after like minutes How likely is it that it s the power jack which is broken And why did it take this long to crap out if it IS broken A new one of those silly jacks costs over on eBay so I want to make sure that it s the jack before I just up and buy one Of course if it s the AC adapter that s broken that would cost even more Bah Input nbsp

A:Replace the power jack or replace the adapter?

AND/OR inside the case the the jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. Is also possible that
1) It's already cracked
2) If not yet, it's gonna crack

So look to see what connection looks like between power jack and motherboard, If you feel u wanna/can re-solder yourself or the typically price to redo the whole power thing seems to run $125 parts/labor/warranty if you take it somewhere. So how much is it all worth to you?
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For some reason W7 has decided to change 'Copy and Replace' with 'Move and Replace' when picking a file up with the left mouse and dragging it to another folder where an old version of the file exists.

My Excel SS is in two places: My desktop and USB which I use for backup. I would simply open the folder on the USB pick up the file on the desktop with the left mouse and drag it to the USB folder. Then I would get the message 'Copy and Replace'.. But not anymore it's become 'Move and Replace'.

I know I can 'Copy and Replace' by holding down the Ctrl key but I dont want to.

It looks like there should be a simple answer

Can anyone help? I swear I didnt change anything.

A:How can I 'Copy and Replace' not 'Move and Replace'.

Have you ever tried right click drag and drop ?
There will be a list option after you drop,
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Hello I need Replace in Find Column) different (but Replace & a to Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column) know if there is a function perhaps a Macro or Query or a more complex Find amp Replace that can accomplish the following cause my database is huge amp I m hoping not to do this manually I keep an Access database for my homeowners association on the condition amp conformity of different exterior attributes for about townhomes The Board of Directors wants to move away from using the term quot Grandfathered quot which is distinguished by the acronym quot GF quot in the database column that shows conformity labeled IAW We use this database to generate annual architectural reports for our residents Our board wants the entry quot GF quot replaced with a quot Y quot they want the GF entry removed from the report completely amp they re serious about it Now I have already created a Query that has located all the GF entries in their various columns of various records which our Board wants me to use in an internal quot in-office quot database in order to keep track of what attributes actually were grandfathered originally as a reference for our field inspector when he inspects the townhomes But we also want to create an unassuming symbol on the report perhaps an or a something that will alert the inspector to an attribute that once was grandfathered on his field report This is to be done so that he will not be flying blind when he comes across a non-conforming attribute i e he will see the symbol amp know that that symbol means there used to be a quot GF quot in it s place BUT we want to move that symbol to a different column a column labeled quot Comments quot I could run the Find amp Replace function find all the GF s amp replace them with a Y but that symbol would go right back in the very same column that the GF came out of So is there a way to find all the GF s in one column amp replace them w a Y in that same column but have a symbol quot quot appear in another column of the same record I know it sounds complicated but can it be done Thanks mark man Access nbsp

A:Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column)

see attached. But actually getting that data back to the table, if that is what you want, is a bit trickier.
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I had windows XP on my laptop and decided to try out windows x I created a new partition for it Bootloader XP can't see and installed it on that partition leaving the other partitions XP partition and an other for file storage untouched Windows is working smooth other than Bootloader can't see XP the fact that there's no flash for bit browsers but the problem is that I can't Bootloader can't see XP boot XP It just never gives me the option to and when using EasyBCD it doesn't even recognize that I have windows XP on my other drive Also when I start my computer it Bootloader can't see XP now beeps times beep long pause beep shorter pause beep even shorter pause beep before installing windows it never beeped at all I've got a Ordi computer Estonian company Intel Core Duo P GHz GB RAM nVIDIA GeForce M GT GB GB RPM HDD Don't hesitate to ask if you need more information on something Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help me

A:Bootloader can't see XP

Boot from the 7 installation CD and select Repair your computer from the Install screen. Then, select the Windows 7 partition. Startup Repair may run automatically, but if not then just select it from the next screen. Try booting back into XP once it finishes.

If that doesn't work, try the same thing, but choose the XP partition instead.

Let us know how it goes. Good luck.
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Hello,in this this hard drive I have Windows 7 installed(had it and before) and on the other hdd I have Ubuntu 10.10. Before that I have dual boot with those 2 os's.
Now after I formated my hdd with Win7 and installed again Windows,grub loader has been deleted. Was searching on the internet and found EasyBCD as program that can help me. Downloaded and install it to pc,and now I want somebody to advice me about it how can I get back Ubuntu 10.10 in OS selection menu on starting up computer. On that hdd I have a plenty of files(maybe 150GB of files from my previous Windows 7)and I want them back.
I tryed to copy them using Ext2Explore ,but program is crashing after something start to copy/move/delete...
So If anyone can help me,I'll be thankfull.

A:Help about bootloader

Sorry - Do you want Ubuntu to show up on the Windows Bootloader? Or do you want to get rid of the Grub Bootloader because you can't boot into Windows?

Many Thanks,
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Can someone help me I recently installed ubuntu then after I uninstalled ubuntu I didn't restore the wjndows 7 bootloader , is there a way for someone to restore the boot loader without a cd drive and windows 7 recovery disk/windows 7 disk?

A:Bootloader help

You need to run the Bootsect.exe /nt60 command, but you need the Install DVD to do that.

Bootsect Command-Line Options

Download Windows 7 ISO (Official 32-bit and 64-bit Direct Download Links) ? My Digital Life

There may be some option to put it on a flash drive if you do not have an external DVD.
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I am using a live linux distro as of now I wanted to install it in some free space I have on my Hard Drive This is where I messed up I couldn't proceed with the installation because I had to complete one of the steps I still can't complete it http imgur com a t RgA when I click the step http imgur com a ExwsQ when I click quot Done quot http imgur com a IEqEo So then I used Gparted to mess around with the space I intend to install the distro in But with so many tries it still bootloader? to fix How didn't let me complete I gave up and when I booted some error words appeared I How to fix bootloader? hope I didn't mess up my Win I DO NOT want to re-install it again So what to do now Btw How to fix bootloader? I'm using Fedora Screenshot of Gparted showing my Hard Drive Imgur The most awesome images on the Internet The space I want to install it in is the dev sda

A:How to fix bootloader?

So sda2 has what on it?
Looks like sda3 is WIndows.
What about sda5?

If you have a Windows 10 flash drive, you can rebuild the bootloader that way...unless you want to use GRUB as the bootloader, then you'll need to boot off of one of your Linux installers and rebuild the GRUB bootloader.

Also, no need to post multiple times in a row. You can edit your posts to add information.
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I have windows xp and fedora installed on my PC 1xhdd 2 partitions.

i had the fedora bootloader. very nice .. like the grub one on redhat 8. anyway i dont use fedora much so i have removed the partitions and im left with the usual windows boot loader. im installing Vista shortly and wondered if i could use grub/fedora boot loader to choose the os as the windows one is boring. if not are there any other graphical bootloaders out there. maybe ones i can customize with my own gfx etc.?


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I've noticed sometimes when I first powerup my windows 8 machine, it turns on, but I get no display on my monitor (has happened with 2 monitors). I am using the latest beta ATI drivers for my card. The weird thing is, pressing delete i dont even get the bios to appear, just a black/dark monitor screen. I am wondering if repairing the bootloader could fix this? Anyone know how to repair the bootloader? I won't loose any of my data, will I?

After turning off, turning on the computer a few times, I finally get display and can get into windows 8, but it's annoying.

MB is an ASUS P8z68V/gen3

A:Fix bootloader?

Do you have all the latest drivers for you mobo installed? I see there is a BIOS update as well as a chipset.
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I Had a problem with my windows vista computer and needed to format the disk and reinstall windows.
the disk loaded but I never got a message saying what language or to continue.
it just freezes there on a colorful startup screen. I also can't boot onto my computer.
any Help i can get will be greatly appreciated.

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I have two os's in my internal drive, a windows 7 and an xp. Now my brother owned a laptop but no hdd's so i bought a new drive and installed in my pc so i can install an os to it (i used my pc because there is also no cd rom drives in the laptop) i finished installing the os, which is windows xp by the way. Now i know that shouldn't have installed an older version of windows after installing a newer one, but i didnt know that it was gonna write the boot files on the drive i booted from, i thought it was going to write the boot files on the destination drive. so now bootmanager only sees two os's, the old xp and the new xp but no window 7.
is there something i could do to restore the old boot files?
can anyone help me pleease ( i'd be forever grateful

A:Bootloader gone :(

Hello, and Welcome This may work but I can't make any promises.
Download and install EasyBCD. It's free for home use. Run the program. You may have to install .NET Framework 2 in order to run it.
Click the BCD deployment button on the left. Under MBR configuration Options click the Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR then click the Write MBR button.
Reboot. You should be able to boot to Windows 7
If you do not have a XP entry, that can be fixed later.
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Hello Yesterday I did a Vista home premium over my xp The computer had been experiencing slow operation for about a week in xp and I unsuccessfully attempted recovery partial and destructive So I loaded xp all over and with good success so I took it a step further and then went with vista It performed nicely until the computer went into sleep mode When I woke up I found this screen Windows boot manager windows failed to start File Boot BCD Status xc f I reinstalled the cd and it started the install all over like yesterday but stopped and shut down Now this is where this gets interesting This is the only screen available It will not go any further I have tried f f f aqnd f with no avail I cannot get into the os no matter what This laptop is a hp dv and has plenty of space bcd bootloader to run the program So if you ask me to use the boot up cd it will not go any further My question is can I get to the OS prompts to repair the bootloader Or can I bcd bootloader reformat bcd bootloader the hard without the system disk A bit more to add bcd bootloader I suspect that the cd is not being recognized I can change the boot order however if it does not see the cd drive well it wont come
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I have two computers - a desktop and a laptop The desktop has multiple hard drives attached - an SSD Windows two internal drives and an external drive The Windows installation Fix bootloader was on the SSD with the boot partition One internal drive contained the system partition I had erroneously marked the SSD c as the active partition which caused the computer to stop working and display a failed boot message When Fix bootloader I tried to load the BIOS settings this failed too The BIOS loads basic information such as RAM info but gets stuck and does not display other information such as fan speed processor info etc Also the mouse does not move I have an installation disk but am unable to boot to it as I had removed all drives from Fix bootloader the boot order except the SSD I tried connecting the SSD to my laptop and marking it as inactive to no avail How would I go about recovering from this mess

A:Fix bootloader

I would doubt very much that you removed all your boot devices from your Bios settings - Disabled Maybe...

With the drive out - Go into your Bios and Restore Factory Defaults..

This should allow you to bring up your Boot Menu during post...

Unless we can get it to boot SOMETHING we are pretty much SOL.. You gotta be able to at least boot the setup media

Once you boot to setup media > F10 or Shift+F10 will bring up a command prompt and you can then follow this guide..
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We have Ecobyte find not replace Need utility and robust Replace - a 2.2 text but Text Like a TON of text based INI files for our companies software deployment scripts We also have a TON of people who use different ways to deploy the same software On one server alone we can have a bunch of different ways people install E G msiexec exe quiet norestart i dfs dfsshare SAV Symant msi msiexec exe quiet norestart i lt qt gt server Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not share WIN Symantec Client Security msi lt qt gt msiexec exe quiet norestart i server share SAV WIN Symantec Client Security msi msiexec exe quiet norestart i lt qt gt dfs dfsshare SAV Symantec Client Security msi lt qt gt and so on down the line I LIKE the abilities of Ecobyte Replace Text but the problem is I have to type in the whole line as it is in the file to then replace it with the new one for the new deployment What I want to do is have a search based on PART of the line so I can then put in Symant msi and Symantec Client Security msi and replace the ENTIRE line with a new line Is there any multi file utility that allows you to search for part of a text line but replace the entire text line nbsp

A:Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not
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I'm not really sure which category this would go under, but here's my issue. I got a PC that has Windows 10 preinstalled on it and I wanted to run windows 7. I created a different partition then installed Windows 7. All the drivers worked and got installed. I wanted the Windows 10 graphical boot loader which has the mouse so I tried to install that by going into recovery and doing the bootmbr and fix commands but now whenever I try to start the PC with fast boot on it goes straight to windows 10 and without fastboot it shows the old boot menu.

A:Bootloader Issue?

Something got hosed up and now Windows 10 thinks that 7 is the main OS.

You will most likely have to format the drive and start fresh.

What do you mean by 10 having the mouse? Are you talking about the initial screen when 10 first starts loading?
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I have downloaded, compiled and installed Burg for windows from here.
I have followed the guide, and did nothing wrong.
So, I try to boot from it, and when I choose Windows 8.1 from the screen, it just loads my default windows boot manager. It shows the items, Windows 8.1 and Start Burg. Please, anyone help me.

A:Burg bootloader

Never read someone intentionally downloading a Grub before :/
My question is why
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I read about dual boot win xp (first ) and win 7. It says: win 7 does not see the win xp partition/drive and change made in win 7 ALMOST makes no change in win xp.

So change in win 7 in this case does make change in win xp. What is it ?

A:windows bootloader

Windows 7 will replace the XP bootloader to
control booting.
If windows 7 does not see your XP partition,
you can run easybcd to add XP to the windows 7
Run it from windows 7.
There is a free community version for personal use.
If you are planning to resize your partition to install
windows 7,make sure to backup any critical data.
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Running windows XP,

i booted ubuntu 8.4 off a live CD, and did a full install onto a flash drive.

now when i boot off the hard drive it looks for a bootloader on the flash drive and uses that instead


A:Grub Bootloader

Do you think you might get more help in the Linux forum here at TSG? I've seen (and used) some very helpful replies there?
You could ask a mod to move this thread if you think that's a good idea.

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I am going to make some changes to my system. I will move my SSD connection from port 4 to port 0, my DVD players from ports 2 and 3 to 3 and 4 and my Raid drives from 0 and 1 to 1 and 2.

I think I will start by disconnecting the SSD and move the DVD players and boot back into Vista to see it it looks OK. Next disconnect Raid drives and move SSD, set DVD as first and SSD as second in boot priority. Boot to DVD for a clean install of W7. Next is the to reconnect the Raid drives with Vista and create a bootloader for them.

The whole purpose of this is to get the bootloader away from my Raid array as intel Toolbox will not work when the bootloader is within my Raid array.

Anything to be aware of?

How do I best recreate my bootloader for Vista? I just have an OEM original Vista Disk and Vista is in SP2.

A:Bootloader for W7 and Vista

Take a look here:

Startup Repair - Vista Forums

Create a Recovery Disc - Vista Forums
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I was resizing and moving a couple partitions around with easeus partition manager it had to reboot because I was bootloader corrupt? moving my c drive towards the front of the disk because somehow I had MB unallocated in front of everything and I also deleted an ubuntu partition from the end of my disk and resized c to fit the whole disk Anyways after the reboot it bootloader corrupt? said it was running in safe mode I left and returned a while later seeing only a black screen I still thought it was working away so I just went to bed I woke up the next morning and it was still blank So I went to work and got home about hrs later and it still was just a blank screen So impatient as I was getting I just shutdown the computer and rebooted My HP splash screen comes up showing me ESC for boot options F for setup and so on then goes blank Nothing I didnt have anything valuable on that drive that I was worried about so I just grabbed my windows install disk and booted it I go through accepting terms and it starts the installation then midway through one of the processes it just reboots to a blank screen Then when I just let the computer boot my bootloader screen has window options and no recovery D partition anymore I have tried to install from my disk times now with the same results now I have windows options on my bootloader screen and none of them work Ive tried system restore but it rebooted to black as well Getting desperate now hope I couldnt somehow have hardware failure Is there anyway to save it or do I just need to wipe it How would I go about repartitioning my whole drive with out an operating system Do I need to get a MSDOS disk I know I can just take it to another computer and format it which I will if I have to Any ideas thanks in advance

A:bootloader corrupt?

and I also deleted an ubuntu partition from the end of my disk

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot
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My apologies if this as been asked already. I'm surprised there isn't more information on this on Google. I am dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8 on their own partitions. I would like to add Ubuntu on a third partition. Three questions:

My understanding is that Grub will not pick up Windows 8 and Windows 7, only Windows 8. Is this correct?

If I select Windows 8 in Grub, will it give me the Windows 8 bootloader which includes Windows 7; and

Is there anyway to install Ubuntu into the Windows 8 bootloader?

I never had luck with Easybcd, but that might be an option, but would prefer not to. Also, I don't care for any kind of VM setup. Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

A:Windows 8 Bootloader

I haven't played with *nix in a long time but this will help you add a *nix OS to the Windows 8 boot loader and do all sorts of other wonderful things without having to resort to getting all command happy:

Download EasyBCD 2.1.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
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I have dual boot windows and windows setup windows is the main system windows is a hard drive taken from old broken laptop I used bcdedit to set it boot up WIndows Microsoft banner would come up for seconds then system would turn off and restart I wanted to problem bootloader see what was loaded on the system so I used windows repair disc to make it start The repair disc 'says could not automatically repair the system Then I restart the system Then the Microsoft windows blue flash icon would come but then screen turn black system stay on nothing happens hit any key on keyboard push power button on computer bootloader problem case screen still black the power button bootloader problem on computer case would not turn off system this stay long time about minutes then the blue boot menu come on The next time system restart windows boot menu become windows style classic menu http i stack imgur com qQYB png The GUI windows style boot menu is gone http i stack imgur com TtJkk png I looked through different websites tried different commands not fix So I give up windows and put windows server on top of it hope to bring back the blue menu But still same how to fix this
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Hi, my computer is dual boot linux / Windows XP SP3.
When I boot it up the grub loads fine and linux will load sucessfully.
However when i try to boot XP the windows bootloader asks me wether i want to boot in Safe mode, safe mode with networking...
the usual list. I have tryed every one and i get the same results.
It comes to the bootscreen.
When the bootscreen would normally finish and the
GUI (not sure if this term applies to windows) would start the system simply restarts, giving the same results time after time.

Can anyone plz help me?

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I have installed Grub bootloader on my windows computer using this tutorial, but when I boot into Burg and load windows, it doesn't work. Please help me.
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how do i reinstall vista's bootloader without installing. i've tried vistabootpro 3.1, which works great for uninstalling, but the reinstall option doesn't work.

A:restore bootloader?

hey drum, i ran across an article in smart computing that might help you out, not sure if it pertains to vista or not, but it's worth a shot. the part you need is about half way through the article.

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Hi. In the past I had someone install an alternate operating system and alternate bootloader on my computer after a RAT got onto it. I just found some RAT on my flash drive that i use on this computer and need to know if someone is on my computer again. I have done the adware, tdsskill, farbar, jrt, rkill. I ran an updated malwarebytes but it didn't give me a report but it didn't find anything.I would really appreciate it if you could tell me if my computer is infected at this moment and if your tools are definitely able to tell if there is an alternate os and bootloader on anyone's computer since that is what I am probably trying to avoid.
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Here are the drives I have on my computer:
-Windows 7 installed on a 1TB drive
-Windows XP on a 500gb drive
-2TB drive for storage.
-1TB drive for storage
-500GB drive for storage

Windows 7 was installed before XP, and I believe XP came after the physical installation of the 2TB drive.

I always have to press F8, and then select the first hard drive in the list, and then I'd be able to select to boot "Windows 7." Otherwise it'd give me "boot disk boot error, please insert system disk." The drive I'm selecting is my 2TB drive.

My computer won't boot if the 2TB isn't plugged in. I've tried Option One and Two from here with no luck:

Anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thanks

A:BootLoader - Very Confused

Life Lesson # 2135: ALWAYS unplug ALL hard drives EXCEPT one when you are installing an OS.

Otherwise, you're going to end up with a mess like this with bootloaders and stuff scattered all over the place.

The thing is, even if you tell the OS installer to install to hard drive "ABC", the bootloader is installed on the first disk (Disk 0) in the system. The boot files (C:\Windows, etc.) are still on the drive "ABC" you told the installer to use, but the bootloader that points to them is on another drive (hence why your computer won't boot if the 2TB isn't plugged in).

Make sense?

We can try to unscramble it (it's possible, but can be a pain sometimes). However, the best policy is the first line of my post.

How do you wish to proceed?
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While playing around with linuxmint 17.3, I accidentally pulled out the USB from which the live linux distro was running. When I tried to boot into Windows, it's now stuck in Automatic repair loop, it goes into loop whenever I try to boot into safe mode and startup repair cannot solve the damaged bootloader. I have tried bootrec utils (fixMBR/ rebuildBCD/ fixBOOT) but to no avail. Also I have important data on the C drive so I can't reinstall Windows because "Reinstalling windows without losing all your files" shows an error saying that the drive is locked. I'm currently using live linux, x64 bit architechture. I need Windows back. Is there any way I can fix the bootloader?

A:Damaged bootloader

two options: boot into the live distro such as the linux boot disc. a useful tool.

it will also help to salvage all your crucial files and folders. also the top entry of tools in the link is useful with boot repair. other then that without a repair i would carry on saving all my crucial stuff and reinstall the original os and upgrade to win10 from start.
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Hi...Is there a program ( except EasyBCD or VistaBoot Pro ) where you can physicly EDIT the NotePad-Style?


A:editing the bootloader?

The only way I know of other than the two apps you have already mentioned is via BCDedit at the command line.

BCDEdit Reference

BCDEdit Commands for Boot Environment
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I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit installed on my Compaq laptop. I wanted to dual boot with XP so I partitioned off 40gb and installed XP onto that. Afterwards of course my Vista bootloader was wiped out. Using a Vista Recovery CD I was able to recover the bootloader and load into vista, but this wiped out my boot.ini and I can no longer get into XP. I have used bcedit in the past when dual booting a Windows 7 machine so I am somewhat familiar with it. When I use the command bcdedit /enum, the XP partition is not listed, so I cannot add it to the boot menu.
I also tried rebuilding the bootcfg through the XP recovery
All I want to do is have the menu to choose from either Vista or XP. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


A:add xp to vista bootloader

I don't understand how repairing Vista had any effect on your boot.ini on a separate partition without affecting any other files there. Do you have anything else unusual about your setup?

Of course, XP would not be listed in the BCD. If it were, you would not need to add it as a boot option because it would be there already.

Try EasyBCD.
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Hi I have a GB HDD that I have partitioned into sections Windows XP Linux Windows After a spending some time tying to find the bootloader so I can choose what OS I can start up on I finally had to install EasyBCD and configure that to allow me to boot to what ever OS Windows 8 Bootloader I choose My question is if I am on XP side and I go to the Startup and Recovery Settings and change the Bootloader Default Notpad to configure or change the name and rearange them in this notepad will it work or crash Here is what I am trying to say This boot ini was automatically generated by NeoSmart Technologies' BootGrabber exe Use EasyBCD from EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies to manage your bootloader boot loader Windows 8 Bootloader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows XP on C quot fastdetect Changed to this boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows XP on C quot operating systems fastdetectulti disk rdisk partition WINDOWS Will this allow my XP to come up as my first choice

A:Windows 8 Bootloader

Windows 8 doesn't use a boot.ini file, that is Windows XP's boot.ini file. Changing that will likely just stop XP from being usable. What order did you install the OS's in and how did you install each one. I believe Windows 8 will normally install its boot loader in the system reserved partition. If its there it will be a hidden partition and be the first partition on the drive. If Windows 8 detects another Microsoft OS on the drive it will replace that OS's boot loader with its own and setup the dual boot. I have no experience with Linux so I'm not sure what that does to things. What do you see on screen when the PC boots up and what OS loads by default?
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So I'm having some trouble with the windows bootloader I have nightmare Bootloader a dual boot system with Gentoo Linux as the other operating system I have Linux installed on partition swap on partition Windows on partition and a storage drive as partition Partition was NTFS format but I formatted and encrypted it Turns out unbeknownst to me that the Windows bootloader was installed on partition and now I cannot Bootloader nightmare boot windows Windows was apparently installed on a logical extended partition for some reason thus it had to use a different drive to Bootloader nightmare install the bootloader on I tried using my Windows recovery disk and the automated startup repair didn't even detect the Windows partition at first but running bootrec scanos from command line did detect it I used Partition Wizard to convert the Windows partition to a primary partition and marked it as the only bootable partition in the whole system After that I was able to run the automated repair wizard a couple times I also ran bootrec fixboot Everything seemed like it should work but when I try to boot Windows I get a blinking cursor and after a great while it will timeout and report quot Disk Read Error quot The startup recovery tool reports there is nothing else it can do but now bootrec scanos does not report any operating systems I am able to view and manipulate the files both under the Linux environment and the Windows Recovery environment so I know the file system has not been damaged I'm at a loss for as to what I need to do next I'd rather not have to re-install Windows if at all possible I consider that to be a last resort option because there are some RSA keys that I'd rather not lose I'm looking for a little guidance because I do not know enough about the windows bootloader to know what to do now

A:Bootloader nightmare

Hi arwing welcome to the forums

Can I ask, how did you encrypt the drive, was it using Bitlocker?
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Hello there, I have created two boot entries in boot.ini of xp..Is there any way to create a background in the windows bootloader??
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Hello all Just started having an issue with a pc that was acting suspisciuosly of late I ran my normal tools Malbytes malware remover and Hijack this Hijack this found nothing that seemed out of the ordinary Malbytes found infection and cleaned it open reboot did not get log Trojan/Bootloader Possible New It was working fine for the past couple of days until now when we go to use a internal Java website it try to load a suspiscious JS script ga consol uri http ga js I read a few other articles and believe it is the new rootkit out in the wilds Please find Possible New Trojan/Bootloader the following reports attached Scan With RKUnHooker RkU Version Type LE SR OS Name Windows XP Version Service Pack Number of processors gt Drivers xAA C WINDOWS system drivers RtkHDAud sys bytes Realtek Semiconductor Corp Realtek reg High Definition Audio Function Driver x D C WINDOWS system ntkrnlpa exe bytes Microsoft Corporation NT Kernel amp System x D PnpManager bytes x D RAW bytes x D WMIxWDM bytes xBF C WINDOWS System igxpdx DLL bytes Intel Corporation DirectDraw reg Driver for Intel reg Graphics Technology xBF Win k bytes xBF C WINDOWS System win k sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Multi-User Win Driver xA D C C PROGRA COMMON SYMANT VIRUSD navex sys bytes Symantec Corporation AV Engine xBF C WINDOWS System igxpdv DLL bytes Intel Corporation Component GHAL Driver xF C WINDOWS system DRIVERS igxpmp sys bytes Intel Corporation Intel Graphics Miniport Driver xF Ntfs sys bytes Microsoft Corporation NT File System Driver xA DBE C WINDOWS system DRIVERS mrxsmb sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Windows NT SMB Minirdr xA E C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCDrv sys bytes Symantec Corporation SPBBC Driver xA D C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared EENGINE eeCtrl sys bytes Symantec Corporation Symantec Eraser Control Driver xA F C WINDOWS system DRIVERS tcpip sys bytes Microsoft Corporation TCP IP Protocol Driver xAA AC C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus savrt sys bytes Symantec Corporation AutoProtect xA D C WINDOWS system DRIVERS srv sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Server driver xBFFA C WINDOWS System ATMFD DLL bytes Adobe Systems Incorporated Windows NT OpenType Type Font Driver xA C WINDOWS System Drivers HTTP sys bytes Microsoft Corporation HTTP Protocol Stack xA F D C WINDOWS System Drivers SYMTDI SYS bytes Symantec Corporation Network Dispatch Driver xF F C WINDOWS system DRIVERS rdpdr sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Microsoft RDP Device redirector xF ACPI sys bytes Microsoft Corporation ACPI Driver for NT xF D NDIS sys bytes Microsoft Corporation NDIS wrapper driver xA C WINDOWS system DRIVERS mrxdav sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Windows NT WebDav Minirdr xA E D C WINDOWS system DRIVERS rdbss sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Redirected Drive Buffering SubSystem Driver xA EDC C WINDOWS system DRIVERS netbt sys bytes Microsoft Corporation MBT Transport driver xF FDF C WINDOWS system DRIVERS e b sys bytes Intel Corporation Intel reg PRO Adapter NDIS driver xBF C WINDOWS System igxpgd dll bytes Intel Corporation Intel Graphics D Driver xF EF dmio sys bytes Microsoft Corp Veritas Software NT Disk Manager I O Driver xF C WINDOWS system DRIVERS HDAudBus sys bytes Windows reg Server DDK provider High Definition Audio Bus Driver v a xF FA C WINDOWS system DRIVERS ks sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Kernel CSA Library xF C WINDOWS system DRIVERS USBPORT SYS bytes Microsoft Corporation USB amp Port Driver xA EBA C WINDOWS System drivers afd sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock xAA F C WINDOWS system drivers portcls sys bytes Microsoft Corporation Port Class Class Driver for Port Miniport Devices xAA A C Program Files Symantec SYMEVENT SYS bytes Symantec Corporation Symantec Event Library xA F C C WINDOWS system DRIVERS ipnat sys bytes Microsoft Corporation IP Network Address Translator x E ACPI HAL bytes x E C WINDOWS system hal dll bytes Microsoft Corporation Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL xF B... Read more

A:Possible New Trojan/Bootloader

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process. Please also continue to work with me until I give you the all clear. Even if your computer appears to act better, you may still be infected.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.Once we start working together, please reply back within 3 days or this thread may be closed so we can help others who are waiting.We need to create an OTL report,Please download OTL from this link.Save it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.Under the Custom Scan box paste this in:

drivers32 /all
%systemroot%\system32\*.dll /lockedfiles
%systemroot%\system32\*.sys /90
%systemroot%\Tasks\*.job /lockedfiles
%systemroot%\*. /mp /s

Click the Quick Scan button.The scan should take a few minutes.Please copy and paste both logs in your reply.We also need a new log from the GMER anti-rootkit scanner. Please first disable any CD emulation programs using the steps found in this topic:Why we request you disable CD Emulation when receiving Malware Removal AdviceThen create another GMER log and post it as an attachment to the reply where you post your new OTL log. Instructions on how to properly create a GMER log can be found here:How to create a GMER logIn your reply, please post both OTL logs and the GMER log.
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Hello everyone,

I got serious problem and don't know what to do. I have notebook Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2540 with Vista Home Premium preinstalled. There are 3 partitions on disk: C system, special reserved partition for recovery and D. I installed Win 7 Ultimate. Everything gone fine, but after restart following happens: computer stuck in cursor screen without any error message and boot nothing. Booting from USB or DVD doesn't work. I have removed disk and put it in external reader. I formated C partition. Result is the same. Computer doesn't boot any way.

1) Is there any possibility to recovery old Vista form recovery partition?
2) Or is there any option how to rewrite bad bootloader?
3) Or what else can I do to let my computer boot?

Thank You very much for any answer.


A:Win 7 bootloader failure

Quote: Originally Posted by codeholder

Hello everyone,

I got serious problem and don't know what to do. I have notebook Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2540 with Vista Home Premium preinstalled. There are 3 partitions on disk: C system, special reserved partition for recovery and D. I installed Win 7 Ultimate. Everything gone fine, but after restart following happens: computer stuck in cursor screen without any error message and boot nothing. Booting from USB or DVD doesn't work. I have removed disk and put it in external reader. I formated C partition. Result is the same. Computer doesn't boot any way.

1) Is there any possibility to recovery old Vista form recovery partition?
2) Or is there any option how to rewrite bad bootloader?
3) Or what else can I do to let my computer boot?

Thank You very much for any answer.


First you would get more response for a vista OS on vista ( but.

Do you have a working Vista dvd? It works on another computer?

Ifr so boot from the working dvd (not a restore dvd). What happens?
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Ok here is the thing I installed Windows Vista beta a while back and deleted it by going back to my XP OS and deleting the file structure for the vista as well as Bootloader messed up all taking it out of the boot in msconfig Now I have since installed Windows Vista Beta and that was on yet another HD so now I got vista on an HD vista on an HD and Bootloader all messed up win xp home on another home is what i deal with and when in it i seen some files on not my local disk that said boot so I deleted them they weren t on the local disk so next time i booted it gave an error saying bootmgr or something missing so i have since tried everything in the book i think to get it to recognize my xp home and boot to it and delete the other nothing works right now its to the point where i got what i think is the vista bootloader showing windows xp windows xp home and as OS s to choose none of them are working right now i have just the main HD install with xp home but the older bootloader is on it now im trying to fix just that one Can anyone help nbsp

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Hello frends,
Can anyone sy how to password protect each entry in windows xp bootloader without any software????
Thanks in advance

A:Windows XP bootloader

I have no idea what you mean?
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Hello !

I recently installed Ubuntu on one of my other HD's (Windows 7 on SSD).
I ran into problems right after install with GRUB (Linux bootloader), and I could only enter Ubuntu.

I fixed the problem by disconnecting my HD with Ubuntu, and now I cannot boot proberly with the HD with Ubuntu unless I disconnect it.
I tried to boot into Ubuntu LiveCD and formated the drive (the drive have several different partitions - and I just formated the partitions with Ubuntu on it, because I have some file I need on the other partition) but it dosen't seem to help my problem. I cannot boot into Windows with the drive unless I disconnect it.

I tried to fix the problem with my Windows 7 DVD, but I get an error message saying "bla bla bla... Not compatiable with your version of Windows"..

A:Bootloader problems

You already have one thread open on this - why not respond to the help given there?
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Have win7 on one drive and ubuntu on 2nd drive ,my son has deleted the partition with the ubuntu and now i have a system i cant get into cause the win bootloader is corrupt and nothing will boot from any disk or usb drive as boot
Can anyone help

A:Bootloader corrupted

Boot up using the Startup disk CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
Make sure no USB drives are plugged.

Do a Strartup Repair:
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

If you have not made your Startup Repair
System Repair Disc - Create
Do you have a mate with Windows 7 & CD/DVD RW Drive, how could burn one off.

But IMO, as Linux was install, you looking at a Reinstall.
For help to reinstall, Can you post your specs.
Filling out System Specs
Dont Know What Hardware You Have..??
VistaForums SysInfo Tool - Vista Forums
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I really have no idea what I did wrong here A while back I Screwed bootloader? up got a new hard drive added it to my current computer and re-installed XP Pro on it The computer's been running great and the old drive's been there as a second hard drive so I can get files off I think I unplugged the old drive as I was installing the new one but I'm not sure Yesterday I re-formatted that old drive from within Windows effectively wiping it completely Today I re-installed XP Pro on that old drive I left the new drive with Windows in while I did it For some odd reason the installation process thought my new drive was the D drive Windows Explorer has always called it C and called the old drive D But anyway I selected the old small drive and successfully installed Windows on it The problem is now this and two-fold I did not get the handy-dandy bootloader Screwed up bootloader? thing that these Internet Screwed up bootloader? articles say I should have gotten If both drives are plugged in it loads the new version of Screwed up bootloader? XP on the old drive and that's it If I load the boot menu it only gives me the option of booting to a SATA drive or floppy or CD-ROM or USB nothing about WHICH SATA drive to boot to If I take the old drive out and re-boot with only the new drive plugged in after I shut off that old drive in Setup of course the computer takes something like TEN MINUTES to boot up It's ridiculous But it does finally do it It does the same thing at shut down A note In Setup it's calling my old drive DISK and the new drive DISK There are no other disks on that cable so I have no idea where DISK went or why it chose those I did discover that if I switch the motherboard cables it switches which one is DISK and which is DISK and now I'm wondering if my trying that is what screwed things up Can anyone tell me how to fix this without having to reinstall Windows on the new hard drive It took me days to install all my programs and transfer my files etc and I really don't want to have to do it again And can anyone tell me what I did wrong to begin with

A:Screwed up bootloader?

you have two boot.ini files one on each drive. when you installed windows on the old drive it was the primary drive in bios and a new boot.ini file was written to it instead of the original boot.ini being edited to create a dual boot system.
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My pc isnt booting to normal windows.. It gets stucked to the bootloader screen.. Plz help

A:Bootloader corrupted

Do a Strartup Repair:
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?
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Forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

I previously had two partitions on my hard drive, a small one for Ubuntu and the rest for Windows XP. Earlier today I got rid of Ubuntu, and extended my Windows partition to fill the empty space. Unfortunately, Ubuntu was, for lack of better terms, "in charge of" booting up my computer. Now when I start the computer, it sits at the blinking command prompt-esque cursor.

My question is this: how do I put the Windows bootloader back in charge?

I do have the installation disc, if that is of any concern.

A:Restore XP bootloader

Have a look at this ...

How to Restore Windows XP Bootloader |
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I dualbooted W7 with Linux a while back but now want to go back to using just W7. I need to know how to restore the Windows bootloader from the disk. I search the tutorials but can't seem to find the one I need. I know its there because I did this before about a year ago...

A:Restoring bootloader

Here you go, MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record.
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how make bootloader ??

how create bootloader ??

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A:how make bootloader ??? help

Step by step instructions
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well im having trouble removing one of my operating systems.
i had xp prof x64 double booted with xp home, i think xp x64 was set as default. i removed the partition with xp x64 hoping it would then run with just xp home, then i deleted xp x64 from the bootloader, but now the bootloader comes up with xp home and windows (default). clicking on the windows (default) option takes me nowhere because the partition no longer exists. how do i get rid of the bootloader all together so my computer runs off of xp home alone?

i read a post online that told me how to remove it from the Boot notepad file, which i did and now have xp home set as the default, but that document still says i have 2 partitions, which i dont.

confused much?? if i havnt explained it very well just ask, but all help will be greatly appreciated

A:remove os from bootloader

Reinstall the boot loader for XP home. You need its OS disc.
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Where's the bootloader file for Windows XP installation located?
Like the screen that shows up when the machine starts up and the preference for what OS to boot is proffered.
Where does that info reside?

A:Where does Bootloader for Win XP reside?

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Hey guys, question for y'all:

I was running Windows 7 64-bit with a dual-boot configuration with Ubuntu 10.04. When I wanted to get into Windows I'd just select it from the GRUB menu upon booting up. Everything was working fine until (for a reason I still can't figure) Windows was dropped from the bootup menu. The partition Windows is on is still mountable and browsable from Ubuntu, so I am assuming it is not a hardware problem. I booted from the install DVD in the hopes of repairing Windows, but without a bootloader present, the disc doesn't know that Windows is there, and gives me a "StartupRepairOffline" error when I try to run its repair function. Is there any way to repair the bootloader without a full reinstallation? As far as I know the Windows files themselves are fine and workable.


A:Win 7 lost from bootloader?

If you cannot add Win7 back to GRUB bootloader, then uninstall GRUB, Boot the Win7 DVD or Repair CD, make sure Win7 partition is marked Active, run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to write the System boot files to Win7 and start it up:

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
System Repair Disc - Create

Then install EasyBCD 2.02 to Win7 to add Ubuntu by name, drive letter, Linux type on Add Boot Menu Entry tab.
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Hey guy's I wanted to try out Ubuntu so I made a live USB installed it but I wasn't paying attention and I installed grub ubuntu boot loader over my windows boot loader Current Setup Now I have HDD's in this PC My GB is my old Bootloader Issues hard drive and has xp still installed on it I use XP for things here and there but I also use the hard drive for Bootloader Issues storage My main HDD is my gb which has windows installed on it It's the one I installed ubuntu on and messed up the boot loader I dont really want to have to reinstall windows but I guess I will if I have to building a new PC Situation So right now I boot off my gb HDD and it will just take me to a black screen so I used the install CD to try and recover my bootloader but it installed the windows boot loader over my XP boot loader on my gb hdd So now I boot off my gb hard drive and it will boot windows from my gb hard drive Because of the recovery I did with the install disk I tried unplugging my gb hdd and using the install disk to recover my bootloader but it didnt do anything to help Still same issue boot from my gb hdd and I get a black screen windows doesnt load Now what I'm wondering is would I be able to make a small partition say gb I have over gb of free space on this hdd and install windows on it Wouldnt that install the boot loader also Then I could just delete the partition and I would have my windows boot loader on this hard drive It would probably try and boot from the gb partition but could I use my recovery disk to fix that

A:Bootloader Issues

Mark Win7 partition Active in order to recover the System boot-critical files so it will start on its own. Unplug XP HD to do this.

Boot Win7 DVD Repair console to access a Command Line to use Diskpart: Partition - Mark as Active

After marking 7 Active, close Command Line, run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to write the System MBR to Win7: Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

It would be much better to keep your OS's on separate HD's booted via BIOS so they remain independent and can come and go as you please. This is especially important with Ubuntu as GRUB can corrupt Win7.

So if you're able to start Win7, plug back in the XP HD and boot it via one-time BIOS Boot menu which is normally F8, ESC or DEL on Asus mobos.

Then reinstall Ubuntu to another HD booted only via BIOS Boot menu to keep it separated.
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I want to remove the non default os and just have the one os, The one i want to keep starts 'multi' the one i want rid of has 'signature(c4fcc4fc) could anyone please tell me how to edit, thanks..

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

signature(c4fcc4fc)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect


A:Editing Bootloader

Just Simply Remove:
signature(c4fcc4fc)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

and then save boot.ini
Remove using BCDEdit
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There are a total of 2 entries listed in the Vista Bootloader.Bootloader Timeout: 15 seconds.Default OS: Windows Vista ™ Starter (recovered) Entry #1Name: Windows Vista ™ Starter (recovered) BCD ID: {default}Drive: C:\Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exeWindows Directory: \WindowsEntry #2Name: Microsoft Windows XPBCD ID: {d8dc1789-d585-11dd-a71b-001b38fcf09d}Drive: C:\Bootloader Path: \NTLDRHow can I make "Windows Vista ™ Starter (recovered)" to "Microsoft Windows Vista"?
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Hello all,

Here's my problem: Windows rewrote my MBR after installing a different version on a different partition, and now I can't access Linux. I didn't make a boot floppy D) and even booting from the (seperate) hard drive Linux is on gets a "Error loading operating system". Can I re-write LILO to the MBR through linux rescue?

A:Rewriting Linux bootloader

We will need to know what flavor your might be able to boot off the CD, mount the linux partition through that and just run linuxconf or liloconfig -- i know that is the case with slackware 9.
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Hi guys,
anyone have ever destroyed bootloader like i did?
If someone can help here:

bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot do nothing in my case :-(
Any solution?

A:Windows 8.1 bootloader corrupted!

No way... Reinstalled OS.
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Hi all,

Today i was trying to install Windows XP on a partition drive with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on another
So i have 3 Partitions
I have lost the Windows 8.1 Bootloader and cannot boot into my Windows 8.1
I tried using EasyBcd but this has not helped
The only way i can think of is to reinstall Windows 8.1 again, This
will mean install Windows 8 FIRST because i have NO
media disc for 8.1 as this was a free download when i had Windows 8

I only has a Windows 8 iso that i burned onto DVD

Is there a way to reinstall the Bootloader again without having to install Windows 8
first, As this shall take a long time

Thank You

A:Windows 8.1 Bootloader - Can i restore this?

It would help if you post a screen shot of Disk Management then we'll go from there.
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Okay so I'm trying to have everything set up on the main BCD bootloader. I currently have Vista, XP, and Ubuntu running fine. I decided to seperate XP installations into 2 partitions for reasons I'm not going into great detail about. By default both my XP installations are put into their own sub bootloader from the BCD loader. I have to go to that one and it brings up both the seperate XP installations. How can I set it up so both these XP installs show up on the BCD loader without have to go through a separate screen? I use easyBCD but I'm not good with it.
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Hello everyone i had previously installed Windows 7 and later i removed it by formatting the partition but the Windows 7 boot loader dint get removed How can i remove it??

A:Remove the Windows 7 bootloader

You can use EasyBCD to remove it, used it to remove the Windows 7 beta bootloader from my other system. Install it in XP, read instructions.Louis
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I may have done the wrong thing. I was running XP Home and the Evaluation version of Windows 7 and I read that I could delete the Win 7 partition and then do bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force from C:\boot folder but that doesn't work as I cannot see a bootsect.exe in C:\boot.
So although I am left with my XP Home working I need to remove the Win 7 reference in the boot options (7 or XP).
How can I do this please, is there another way?

A:Alter bootloader to leave only XP

Run a repair install,
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On my laptop I triple boot: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, Windows XP Professional 32-bit and Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit. Recently, I had problems booting WIndows XP so I wanted to fix it by using VistaBootPRO but I ended by losing both WIndows Vista & XP. Now, only Ubuntu works so I can still access Vista & XP drives. On VistaBootPRO I installed Legancy Bootloader over Windows Vista Bootloader then I was not able to boot Vista. I got this error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupted:
<WIndows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
Please re-install a copy of the above file.
How can I solve this problem?

A:I screwed up Vista Bootloader!

Hello looi76...

You can try booting from Vista Installation DVD and select Repair Computer at the second screen...then select your Windows Vista installation, and it should start a "Startup Repair" process... Probably this will automatically fix your bootloader.
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OK i installed linux then decided i didnt want it so i deleted the partition.BUt the partition also has the linux boot loader so i was locked outta the system unable to boot into anything so i had to install another linux distro just for hte boot loader.My question is how can i get the windows bootloader back so that i dont have to have any linux installed on my computer?

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Hello all, it's been a while...

I have Windows 8.1 installed and then I installed Windows 7 afterward and now the system is using the Windows 7 bootloader as opposed to the Windows 8.1 bootloader. What I want to do is get set the Windows 8.1 as the default bootloader. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:I Need To Reinstall Windows 8.1 Bootloader

I think this Tutorial might help.
Read the Note section about the default boot OS. That may be the trick.

Startup Options - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

If you dual boot Windows 8 with another OS (ex: Windows 7 or Vista), and the other OS (ex: Windows 7 or Vista) is set as the default OS to run at startup, then you will not see the new Windows 8 Startup Options GUI boot menu. Instead, you will only see the old Windows Boot Manager screen.

There are other Tutorials at the bottom for more help.

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I tried installing a copy of Win XP Pro on a USB Harddrive from an ISO image, and it went and rebooted itself, and now that I don't have the ISO (obviously), when my computer initially starts up, it gives me a bootloader to choose my copy of Win XP Pro on my main drive, or the install for the external drive. If I go to the install option, it obviously hangs, looking for a virtual drive, but I can continue normally with the other option. It's really just a minor annoyance, but the side affect of this is that I lost my GRUB bootloader for Linux . I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to remove that bootloader, or do I need to wipe the MBR and reinstall GRUB?

A:Win XP Setup Bootloader - need to remove!

You will need to reinstall GRUB, as the Windows boot loader overwrote it. As far as removing the "Install" option from you Windows boot loader, follow these steps:

Open My Computer and go to C:\
Look for a file called BOOT.INI (you may have to show hidden and system files to see it)
Right-click on BOOT.INI and go to properties.
Uncheck the "Read Only" attribute and click Apply/OK.
Open the BOOT.INI file in Notepad.
Remove the line that refers to the "Install" copy of XP.
Save the file.
Reset the Read Only attribute (not really necessary, but will prevent accidental modifications in the future).
Reboot the PC and ... viola!
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Hey all,

I just installed Windows 8 CP on primary hard drive, which consists of 2 partitions. One for W7 and one for W8. However, I'm not able to boot into W8 since I don't get the W8 bootloader at startup, though the installation went fine.

What to do? Already tried reinstalling.

A:No Windows 8 (CP) bootloader after install

EasyBCD 2.1

Just add an entry to the correct W8 partition... but you will have the old (W7) boot loader style.
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okay long story made short Solved: fix to Need for vista bootloader I need to get my Vista machine fired again so that I can save my kids pictures including my Daughter s Make a Wish trip she had leukemia before we Solved: Need to fix bootloader for vista reformat the nightmare and start over I ve had to buy a bootable disk download that had repair options as my Vista disk did not have repair options included I ve tried the startup repair which failed multiple times and gives me the following in the log Root cause found Boot configuration corrupt Repair action partition table repair Result failed error code x So I have found some instructions to do the repair but I m not real confident I understand what I need to do to actually get the correct result I m sorry guys but I think I need some hand holding As I understand the bootable doesn t contain the file I ll need I m not sure my Vista disk does HELP Vista is the original operating system on this machine so I can t backup to XP or anything like that Help would be appreciated more than I can even explain Thanks in advance Flaxxie nbsp

A:Solved: Need to fix bootloader for vista

Hello and welcome to TSG Forums.

Most importantly, to take out the files you want in case this system is about to fall over completely, buy a cheap USB converter or dock to enable you to slave your hard disk to another machine. E-Bay will have them and they're well worth having - just make sure you get the right converter - either for a SATA disk or IDE (PATA).

While the disk is in there, run Checkdisk with both find and fix boxes ticked to see if that overcomes disk problems. As an alternative, you could download and burn to disk a LiveCD version of a Linux Operating System to allow access to retrieve the files but that won't allow the Checkdisk examination.
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Hello ,

Today I downloaded an Activation for Windows 7.

It requires a reboot.

When I rebooted suddenly I was in a "Grub Command prompt" apparently.

Just like this :
Important :

I downloaded Ubuntu couple days ago but I removed it.
I mean I had a boot loader with windows and ubuntu but I removed it.

My question is this :

How did it happened? , is this a Virus? and How can I go back to my previous bootloader when I would turn on my computer or reboot it and it would just go to Windows.

Thanks in advance.

A:My bootloader Changed suddenly.

You are better off in a Linux forum for bootloader questions.

To get access to the Windows installation, you could try startup repair x3 times.
Startup Repair

For everything you can do about booting to Windows Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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I have Vista installed on 2 separate partitions on my C drive. I installed it the 2nd time because I screwed up the boot loader whilst playing around with Linux.
The original install won't boot but the new one will.
I really want to go back to my old install because it is set up the way I like. Is it possible to use the boot info from the new installation to fix the old one?

A:Vista bootloader damaged

Take a look here
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Ok so last night I downloaded and installed the Windows Beta Resized the partitions and subsequently repaired Grub I now have a small problem Grub works I can navigate through my three OS choices Linux XP amp Linux boots fine but selecting the entry I previously used to Boot XP now takes me to the Windows Bootloader where I Grub Windows Bootloader & have to choose between amp XP both of which boot correctly I added an entry into my menu lst which i m sure points to the correct location for However when I select it I receive an error - BOOTMGR missing What I want to do is to be able to select any OS from Grub and go directly to it bypassing the Windows boot selection screen Here is my boot grub menu lst Code SIZE quot quot timeout color black cyan yellow cyan gfxmenu hd boot gfxmenu default title Boot Linux kernel hd boot vmlinuz BOOT IMAGE Boot Mandriva Linux root UUID a c- f c- Windows Bootloader & Grub db - f-dee bb resume dev sda vga initrd hd boot initrd img title Boot Windows XP root hd chainloader title Boot Windows Seven Beta root hd chainloader SIZE I ve noticed that has added comments to XP s Boot ini I don t know if this or any other changes are affecting it Code SIZE quot quot Warning Boot ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems Warning Use BCDEDIT Windows Bootloader & Grub exe to modify Windows Vista boot options boot Windows Bootloader & Grub loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition quot NOEXECUTE OPTIN FASTDETECT SIZE I ve not really used Vista that much so I don t know where the boot ini or equivalent is Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

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I need help creating a BCD file that will install Windows from my Dell N Laptop Rescue Disk on a USB Flash Drive My DVD drive wont read a disk any disk Of course I didn't know this till I completely disassembled my laptop to install a SSD and tried to install the OS from the Rescue DVD I called Dell and all I could get without paying I'm a cheap skate was quot Just copy the DVD to a bootable Flash Drive quot Easier said than done After trying a plethora programs GRUB DOS Rufus Universal-USB-Installer etc that all assume your trying to install from a windows DVD I gave up So I went old school from bootloader to BCD Edit boot USB and did the diskpart bootsect nt route and then xcopy my Rescue DVD to the flash drive That got me to quot BOOTMGR MISSING quot Unfortunately the rescue disk doesn't have a Boot directory with a BCD file So I copied the Boot dir from my workstation installation DVD to the Flash Drive Now the the boot manager comes up with quot Failed to startup quot saying quot Required device inaccessible quot If I hit enter I get the Boot Loader quot Choose OS and quot Windows Setup quot for a selection When I hit enter again it goes back to the Boot Manager So I gather the BCD file from my workstation is the culprit Below is the current BCD file Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier bootmgr description Windows Boot Manager locale en-US Edit BCD bootloader to boot from USB inherit globalsettings default default displayorder default toolsdisplayorder memdiag timeout Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier default device ramdisk boot sources boot wim dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f path windows system boot winload exe description Windows Setup locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings osdevice ramdisk boot sources boot wim dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f systemroot windows detecthal Yes winpe Yes ems No In a nut shell Edit BCD bootloader to boot from USB I assume I need to set the quot device quot to the USB What do I put there set the Edit BCD bootloader to boot from USB quot path quot to the Installer AUTOCDR EXE set the quot osdevice quot to the same as quot device quot set Any other necessary settings What are they remove any unnecessary settings What are they It's been days to get here and I can almost taste success but I need help to get the last mile Thanks in advance RodmanB P S YES I could just wait till my new DVD drive arrives but I can't let this beat me

A:Edit BCD bootloader to boot from USB

Why not just make a bootable USB with Rufus, then Xcopy to it?
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Hi everyone I tried to install ubuntu x on my GB flash drive using the pendrive program When i restarted my laptop and selected boot from usb drive i then selected install ubuntu on my dva using ext and quot quot on mount After finishing the process i restarted my laptop and i was keep booting in ubuntu os without even asking me if i Bootloader for Windows lost wanted to boot in windows I then removed usb from laptop Bootloader for Windows lost and the only os that exists is ubuntu The only thing i noticed is that in the partitioning menu earlier where i selected the GB flash drive it also said Windows loader next to it something that was a bit strange since my windows was installed on my Gb ssd I enter in ubuntu without usb and i can see all my files from windows desktop Is there any possible way to recover my windows College is opening next week and i could really use some help Thanks a lot

A:Bootloader for Windows lost

I enter in ubuntu without usb and i can see all my files from windows desktop.

Do you mean you can boot into Ubuntu on your HD. From there you can see your windows 8 partition?

If so, try installing boot repair in ubuntu, run it and it should be able to add windows to the boot menu.
Open Terminal and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

run it by typing


Check the menu is not hidden
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Hello everyone Though this issue has been discussed already here I've been unable to solve this puzzle for the last two days So I have a new ACER Aspire U all-in-one with Windows pre-installed Intel core i M RAM GB DDR For some reason I decided to return this PC to the supplier and get another one this has nothing to do with the OS Now have to fully restore the factory settings My problem is I tried Fedora Linux on this PC Grub therefore installed itself as the default bootloader I restored the factory settings on the Windows drive manually removed Fedora partitions and extended the Windows partition Everything fine except Grub which is still the bootloader and offering to boot ? to bootloader? How remove please help! grub Fedora every time I investigated numerous forums and sites and tried many ways to remove Grub using the command prompt in the Windows recovery environment typing 'bootrec fixmbr' 'bootrec fixboot' 'bootrec scanos' 'bootrec rebuildbcd' completed successfully but no effect on Grub using the command prompt in the How to remove grub bootloader? ? please help! Windows recovery environment typing 'bootsect nt SYS mbr' actually I didn't understand what it did manually removing fedora boot entries with the bcdedit facility in the command prompt typing 'bcdedit delete UUID of fedora entry completed successfully but no effect on Grub doing essentially the same with the EasyBCD utility no effect on Grub boot-repair CD Ultimate boot CD and Super Grub CD all did not work because failed to boot either from CD or live USB Grub still appears at every re start and offers to boot Fedora My impression is that Grub sits quot on top quot Windows and all Windows utilities If I succeed in removing Fedora entries they seem to re-emerge at the next restart I can't quot kill quot Fedora permanently Perhaps it should be removed not by Windows but by Linux utilities i e by a live Fedora DVD Is there any hope to get rid of GRUB I'll appreciate your ideas

A:How to remove grub bootloader? please help!

To clean install:
1) Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Help Forums
2a) Clean install with the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk.

2b) Clean Install - Windows 8

2c) UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
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I'm trying to resolve the problems of my friends PC. I think the bootrecord have been corrupt or something like that because firstly it didn't find anything to boot on. But, after some gently forced reboot, it gets to the bootloader that ask me to choose to boot to safe mode and others. I've tried all choices and they all loopback to the bootloader ... Will reinstalling the MBR with a boot disk have a chance to work (don't have physical access to the comp presently will try it asap) ? Is there any logs I could check ?

Thanks for your time,

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I am a Linux neophyte and I have Kubuntu Linux on my Windows XP computer and am using the GRUB bootloader. By default it seems to have put Kubuntu on the top of the list of systems. Could anyone explain how to edit the bootloader to move Windows XP to the top to be the default?

A:Editing the GRUB bootloader

"The GRUB configuration file is /boot/grub/menu.lst. Some distributions use another configuration file; for example, Red Hat Linux uses the file /boot/grub/grub.conf.

How do you change the default OS that GRUB loads?

In menu.lst, perhaps found somewhere beneath /boot, there is an entry: "default."

"default" is the index number of the title entry that you want.

default 0
title foo
title bar
title baz

In the above example, the default is "foo." If you wanted to change it to "baz," you would set default to 2"

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I have recently Dual Booted my Computer with Win 7, XP and Windows 8.1.

I now cannot boot into Windows 8.1

I installed Easy BCD and was able to make a bootloader but i can
only boot into Win 7 and XP

Please can you help

Thank YOu

A:How to Restore Windows 8.1 Bootloader

Try using Easy BCD in Windows 8.1.
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Hi Friends,
I have a problem with windows 8 bootloader. It sometimes shows the gui bootloader and sometimes it shows the text based bootloader. I used Easybcd to add an entry for my linux OS.I just want it show GUI bootloader everytime i start my computer so that i can switch between different operating systems just by using mouse. Also if i run bcdedit in command prompt it shows Bootmenupolicy as standard everytime. Please Help.
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I am currently running windows 7, and would like to install the windows 8 bootloader.  I do not currently have windows 8 installed.  how can I do this?
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i currently have a hdd with vista and W7 on it

vista was on it originally and i shrunk this partition to allow me to put 7 on

my question is, when i come to delete vista, will the computer boot straight intop w7?

does w7 have its own bootloader or do i need to do some sort of transfer?


A:Bootloader question [partioned HDD]

Quote: Originally Posted by al4x

i currently have a hdd with vista and W7 on it

vista was on it originally and i shrunk this partition to allow me to put 7 on

my question is, when i come to delete vista, will the computer boot straight intop w7?

does w7 have its own bootloader or do i need to do some sort of transfer?


It will be fine.

If it still has that question at the boot, you can DL Easy BCD and use that to scrap the option panel.

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I have searched around on ths forums but can't find an answer.
My work laptop that has pointsec (disk encryption) on it, which is the first thing that loads.
If I was to install Win7 onto a external usb HD, would it overwrite the bootloader on the internal laptop HD?
Should I go into the Bios and try to disable the internal drive (not sure i can get to the bios)?


A:Win 7 Bootloader - multiple drives

Welcome to SevenForums schander
Not sure if you can do that, I would love to see the documentation if I am wrong. Good luck to you in finding your answer. Hope that you enjoy your time on 7 and SF.
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I want to put multiple boot discs for multiple computers on a thumb drive. I assume I need to create a multiple bootloader so I can select which boot loader I want for each computer ?
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Hi all,
Ive been using a hard disk with XP Pro installed first partition and Vista Ult installed second partition. Yesterday I installed Win 7 Home premium on first partition where XP was installed. During installation I deleted the first partition and created new one for the win 7 installition. Obviously XP is gone, dont care.

Win 7 is booting fine. Problem is I cant boot from Vista which is in second partition D. No vista entry on bootloader. PC boots from Win 7 straight away. I used easyBCD to add vista entry but no luck.

QUESTION: How to get my Vista back?

Thanks in advance,

A:Cant see Vista entry on bootloader After Win 7

Can you post back a screenshot of your EasyBCD listings page and full Disk Management drive map?
Use Snipping tool in Start menu, attach files using paper clip in reply box.

Can you see Vista in explorer?

Were other HD's plugged during install?
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I have a duel boot pc which runs Linux and Windows 7. I not sure if this is Windows or Linux fault but the GRUB (linux bootloader) give me option to either boot to Linux or to WIndows 8 which isn't right. However if I select Windows 8 it will boot to Windows 7 correctly.

I did used to have windows 8 on my pc last year as a duel boot to Windows 7 (no linux was on the pc) but I have wiped it but it seems that there is still bit of windows 8 bootloader code lying somewhere around.
I have tried bootrec many times but it doesn't change the name. I did try wipe GRUB again and install it but it still saying Windows 8.

Please could anyone help?

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So hey guys I've bit of a weirdest problems over here It looks like I flushed out my boot-loader from the whole universe I've already tried WinRE Startup Recovery Option resulting failure I've also tried EasyBCD it won't even start because it can't find the boot loader and not even able to fix it there by hitting another big failure on my face So what I actually did that I installed Mac OS X Hackintosh which again was failure installation So I accidentally removed Mac OS X because I didn't liked it much Macs can't do anything btw but it took away my life D It also removed the W7 Universe from the Bootloader Removed - boot loader from which I booted in to Windows But luckily that Mac's installation is still in my Thumb Bootloader W7 - Removed from the Universe drive so I plugged it in and I was able to see the loader from Bootloader W7 - Removed from the Universe which I selected the W 's partition I'm in Windows now but I don't wanna do the same thing again I want my boot loader back I couldn't find on Google either NOTE The boot loader is not available in the quot Advanced system settings quot under the quot Startup and Recovery quot All I see is a clean shaved list NOTE It is neither available in quot msconfig quot under quot boot quot Again clear list and non-selectable options Thanks Rafay

A:Bootloader W7 - Removed from the Universe

Please post back a screenshot of your full Disk management drive map and listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu.
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i installed linux on one of my partitions as an alternative os. i went through a couple of versions before i was happy and then discovered i had deleted my windows bootloader somehow. i had previously had linux installed through wubi on the same partition but deleted it to try something else.

pc boots fine into linux but gives me no os choice. my 7 drive is fully intact.

is there a way to remedy without reinstalling 7?


A:Bootloader gone, Windows stays.

If you have a Windows 7 DVD, just boot from it and use the "Repair your computer" option and try the "Startup Repair". If that fails, with the same DVD, boot to it and then use the "Command Prompt" option instead and use the following commands:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot

If that doesn't fix it, let us know.
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Hello everyone i had previously installed Windows 7 and later i removed it by formatting the partition but the Windows 7 boot loader dint get removed How can i remove it??

A:Remove the Windows 7 bootloader

What OS is installed now? What ever it is you need to restore its own boot loader.
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I got my desktop with XP and Ubuntu down, and wiped off the whole HDD to install W7. Then I installed Ubuntu back and when I start my PC, I get the Ubuntu bootloader. Is there any way to reclaim my W7 bootloader? (The only thing I don't like about Ubuntu is the bootloader)

A:Win7 and Ubuntu bootloader

Quote: Originally Posted by NSDCars5

I got my desktop with XP and Ubuntu down, and wiped off the whole HDD to install W7. Then I installed Ubuntu back and when I start my PC, I get the Ubuntu bootloader. Is there any way to reclaim my W7 bootloader? (The only thing I don't like about Ubuntu is the bootloader)

I don't believe you will still be able to boot ubuntu if you do,
Maybe this will help; Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
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Since a picture is worth 1000 words....

I can't figure out how to edit booloader paths.

I had the triple boot working- 7, vista, WUBI ubuntu. Then I installed Snow Leopard and tried to add it in via easyBCD.....and all hades broke loose.

Anybody know how to fix? And how to actually set OSX to boot from windows, since there's no drive letter?

A:Edit Bootloader Paths

Open an elevated command prompt in Windows 7

IMPORTANT: make a backup of your bcd file first. To do that, type:


bcdedit /export C:\SAVEDBCD

For Vista:


bcdedit /set {*insert here*} device partition=F:

* insert the Windows vista BCD ID, too small for me to read (take out the *'s)

ok, Vista should be working now, please test it to make sure

For Ubuntu: - optional; this will rename "nst Linux Loader" to "Wubi Ubuntu"


bcdedit /set {*insert here*} description "Wubi Ubuntu"

* insert the "nst Linux Loader" BCD ID, too small for me to read (take out the *'s)

It is getting late, so try those, which should get Vista back on its feet, also go to the elevated cmd and type "bcdedit" please post back the results right-click the cmd prompt and select "mark" then highlight every thing, then post the results. Please copy the results, so i will be able to copy and paste

Also, what is the "EFI snow leopard" partition for???
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Hello This is a very urgent thread as this is my problems GRUB bootloader primary laptop and I need to be able to boot into windows ASAP My friend installed Linux mint as a dual boot partition on my HP laptop alongside Windows The installation went fine but I wasn't happy he'd done so and GRUB bootloader problems tried to uninstall it Tutorials on the internet assured me I could use a Windows XP Cd even with a windows installed and run fixmbr and the problems with GRUB would be solved Only problem being the XP cd doesn't work it gives me an error once it has finished loading its files How can I get the boot manager back I also can't open the HP recovery partition because of the GRUB bootloader which fails to recognize anything now that I've deleted the Linux partition It seems to me I should have tried to delete GRUB before the partition but blame the stupid tutorials for that and my noobishness Anyways any and all help as soon as possible is appreciated Many thanks Andrew

A:GRUB bootloader problems

This may help.
Download EasyBCD 2.1.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
EasyBCD Download Registration Page &mdash; NeoSmart Technologies
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I just installed windows 8 on a second partition, alongside win7. Everything went fine this time throughout the whole dualboot install, but i have a question.

The new graphical windows 8 bootloader is really nice, but when i go into the settings and change the default os to win7, the old boring text based bootloader is used instead.

Basically i want to have windows 7 as the default os, but still have the nice graphic bootloader of win8.
Thanks in advance.

A:How to Keep Windows 8 Graphical Bootloader

Do a refresh, this will restore the Windows 8 graphic bootloader.
How to do a Refresh:
Refresh Windows 8
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I have currently installed Windows alongside a pre-installed Windows and I have got pretty much everything working except that when I select Windows from the boot-loader the boot is extremely slow and it takes too long to show the quot Microsoft Corporation bootloader Slow and startup quot text then again slowly followed by the quot Starting Windows quot text and the Windows Flag logo Eventually is does boot into the desktop but I've never seen such huge delays between the little parts that make up the start up screen This is a really clean install and no programs or tweaks have been made so I'm expecting it to be a really fast start up maybe like seconds or so When I have installed Windows on low ish spec Slow bootloader and startup machines with a bare minimal GPU and RAM etc the quot Microsoft Corporation quot text and the Windows Flag appear together at the same time and all that happens differently is the Flag spins around for a bit longer However this computer seems to take minutes to get past start up screen to the login window Very Slow indeed The other thing is the bootloader itself is slow at loading Slow bootloader and startup up The white bars appear from left to right in a fancy graphical way and the text with all the instructions show at a line at a time as though someone is typing them in real-time as we read them Like before using Windows the boot loader usually just shows up instantly This is all very weird and I've never seen anything like it If you lot think this is weird and abnormal maybe this is what is causing my slow start up I'm also have problems with the keyboard not working at all when using the Windows boot loader I've mentioned this in another post - Keyboard won't work in Windows boot loader The specifications of the PC I'm using Windows on are as follows - Intel i - Ghz GB RAM DDR Mhz Western Digital TB HDD Windows Professional x

A:Slow bootloader and startup

I'd have installed the OS's in their order of age to benefit from the improvements in the boot loader of the newer OS.

In this case you can probably accomplish this by running Windows 8 Automatic Repair.

If this fails then what I would do is from DVD Command line wipe the HD with Diskpart Clean Command of all code, then install the OS's in order of age: Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista - Windows 8 Forums
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Hi guys.I have a laptop with Win 7 .I recently installed windows 8 consumer preview in different partition.
I want to remove windows 8, i thought of restoring windows 7 bootloader and deleting the 8 partition .Could someone help me to restore the windows 7 bootloader ,cause when choosing 7 on startup it restarts the whole system which takes twice the time to boot into 7.

A:How do i restore windows 7 bootloader

How to delete Windows 8 install.
Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 - Delete Windows 8
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I was using Windows XP pro and tried a clean install of Windows 7 but, instead of installing it, i got the above message. Assuming that all had been lost, I installed Ubuntu Linux from a disk i had lying around.

Can I fix this. How? I'd like to have Windows back on my PC.

Thank you in advance.


A:bootloader.exe does not exist or is corrupted

clear the drive with killdisk

then format and install

[email protected] Kill Disk. Hard Drives Eraser. Free Download.