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Adobe Reader 10 (or X if you're into Roman numerals!)

Q: Adobe Reader 10 (or X if you're into Roman numerals!)

If you have to use Adobe (or just want to), the latest version (which includes Sandboxing protection) is now available;

Interesting piece about why you should probably upgrade (if Foxit or the other alternatives don't appeal to you) here at;

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Preferred Solution: Adobe Reader 10 (or X if you're into Roman numerals!)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Adobe Reader 10 (or X if you're into Roman numerals!)

Thanks for the alert. It is a very useful security feature to have.

I'm now very annoyed with Adobe for sticking their McAfee scanner onto my machine without so much as a checkbox of permission, but at least that uninstalled cleanly.
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I need to indent Roman Numerals to the left from the period following the Roman Numeral This is the standard indentation found in written text if the indentation is done properly What I have done is use the quot space quot Roman Indenting In w/o Numerals CSS HTML htlm code as you will see below The problem is the letter quot I quot and the other wider letters do not justify I tried CSS but beyond the number CSS is not justifying the numerals to the left of the period after the numerals Does anyone have any ideas Code amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp I Career lt a href quot I Name Indenting Roman Numerals In HTML w/o CSS EN quot gt GoTo lt a gt lt br gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp II Career lt a href quot II Indenting Roman Numerals In HTML w/o CSS Kindred EN quot gt GoTo lt a gt lt br gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp III Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a Indenting Roman Numerals In HTML w/o CSS gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp IV Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp V Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp VI Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp VII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp VIII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp IX Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp X Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XI Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XIII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XIV Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XV Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XVI Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XVII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp XVIII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XIX Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XX Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XXI Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XXII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp XXIII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp XXIV Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XXV Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp XXVI Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp XXVII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp XXVIII Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp XXIX Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt a gt amp nbsp amp nbsp amp nbsp XXX Career lt a href quot III Career EN quot gt GoTo lt br gt lt br gt Thank you in advance for any replies nbsp
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i know the =ROMAN(number) formula to get roman numerals, but what i have a problem with is getting text in the same cell as the roman numeral

A:Roman numerals in Excel 2010


the whole cell, including text has to be a complete formula...



Hope it helps

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What is the Excel formula to change text date to 'pipe' delimited Roman numerals (e.g. June 8, 2009 should be converted to VI|VIII|MMIX.)

A:Change Text Date to Roman Numerals

Rather than my simplyy posting links to quite a few possible solution, if you do the google trawl/search I did using the string (search words):Roman numerals in excelyou'll get some clearly viable results. Top of the list I got is from MS office support...
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I updated to Adobe Reader 9.2 from Adobe's website this morning and when I got home, it said Adobe updater needs attention. It was offering to install 8.1.4. Maybe because I haven't restarted yet. I thought that was weird. Several problems trying to open a pdf file after updating. Said tab has been restored and kicked me out of reader a few times. Finally it let me into the PDF and said it was parsing the data or configuring the file for reading or somesuch. I hope it stops behaving badly after a restart. paj692

A:Solved: I'm using Adobe Reader 9.2 why is the updater offering Adobe Reader 8.1.4

Adobe has released some information about some big security holes in Adobe software:

You can turn off the updater as follows:
1. Load ADobe Reader
2. Go to Edit, Preferences
3. Select Updater at the bottom
4. Select 'Do not down or install updates automatically'
5. Click OK
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2815 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940886 MB, Free - 891582 MB; D: Total - 12879 MB, Free - 1571 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

My desktop computer is running quite slow, so I am checking all of the software that I have installed to see if something might be causing the problem. Do I need the above items please? I have Foxit Reader and I am running a free Office Suite called Open Office.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind regards


A:Solved: Do I need Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader, please?
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Do you guys remember when Adobe Reader was just this nice simple little PDF file reader I had such a problem with Adobe Reader and the site that I manage with all of Adobe Reader s add-on crap that my once fine Adobe Reader that came in at MB s with version came in at over I kid you not I m sick of software companies piling on all this extra crap that has nothing to do with the performance or enhancement of the product A PDF reader should be to Just HATE Adobe Reader? PDF 9) Was Remember When Basic Reader (I VERSION A read files That s it I don t need some graphic enhancing garbage window washing calender singing man Find Blimpy The Clown game install the optional toolbar crap Remember When Adobe Reader Was Just A Basic PDF Reader? (I HATE VERSION 9) Luckily I was able to uninstall version and go back to version with the within the program Than I read at Adobe s site that there were some critical security patches for Reader Well Adobe if you would focus Remember When Adobe Reader Was Just A Basic PDF Reader? (I HATE VERSION 9) on Remember When Adobe Reader Was Just A Basic PDF Reader? (I HATE VERSION 9) the product necessities rather than the unrelated garbage performance might be enhanced instead of hindered I can t wait to see what Blimpy The Clown does in Version UGGHHH Jack nbsp

A:Remember When Adobe Reader Was Just A Basic PDF Reader? (I HATE VERSION 9)
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Hi there
I've just installed Foxit PDF reader -- It works fine -- now am uninstalling Adobe pdf reader.
Don't know whats up with adobe these days --if I could find a decent alternative to Photoshop I would --Note the GIMP is fine but I NEED photoshop unfortunately --it's still the best out there in spite of Adobe's messing up the latest releases of its software.


A:Foxit Reader works fine -- uninstalling Adobe pdf reader

I've used Foxit reader, but it wasn't totally compatible with Adobe Acrobat created PDF files, but in most cases it sufficed quite well. As for Photoshop replacements, there are a few others available and PaintShop Pro is not a bad alternative, though when Corel bought it out initially, it completely stuffed things up. I understand that it's fixed a lot of update issues etc in that time and it's leagues cheaper than Photoshop.
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A critical vulnerability exists in Flash Player and earlier versions (Adobe Flash Player and earlier for Chrome users) for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android, and the Authplay.dll component that ships with Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.0.2) and earlier 10.x and 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh operating systemsContinue reading Security bulletin

A:Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat

This further enhances the point that these software mfg's need to start putting security first when they build their code.

It's completely ridiculous and irresponsible nearly 15 years later after they were all warned about it!
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I have Windows Vista 32 bit and from the beginning I have problems opening pdf's from internetsites: my computer suggests that I install the recent version of Adobe what I did (succesfully as adobe says). I tried some of the suggestions I found on the internet: uninstall - install, execute as administrator, change the compatibility to Windows server pack 2, upgrated the internet explorer, but still it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot, Swaantje

A:[SOLVED] problem with adobe reader and adobe flash player

Here is a link to a cool Adobe Reader alternative the program is not even close to half the size of Adobe's Reader.

What type of problem are you having with flash player?

Can you watch a youtube video?
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I'm considering changing from Adobe Reader to Foxit Reader because of all the problems Adobe seems to be having.

Any thoughts on this?


A:Change from Adobe Reader to Foxit Reader

Most people that know there is an alternative and are not required to have adobe switch. Another alternative I use which I like even better than FoxIt and also free is PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER.
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Anyone using this foxit?????? Is it worthwhile?????????? Thanks

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I noticed that i have these 2 programs (abbyy reader and Adobe reader 8). Do i need both of them for it run properly? I would like to only keep Adobe Reader 8 as i have files saved with this program. Please let me know if i can get rid of the Abbyy.

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What are your reviews on Foxit Reader?Small Question: Can Foxit Reader view PDF files inside IE just like Adobe Reader?Edit:I was reading one of the reviews in and the user says:"Danger: Create a restore point if you have to install!"by (Name Removed) on November 26, 2008 Pros: Unknown. In order to do anything that Adobe reader doesn't already do - better, you must install other spyware-laden crap.Cons: Created a toolbar that would not uninstall, even after uninstalling program. Created unasked for shortcuts and entries in favorites.Does it really do this?

A:Should I replace Adobe Reader with Foxit Reader?

I have used foxit reader for awhile now and have not had a problem, I love it.. Yes it does open PDF file in IE as well as in Firefox

And the only reason that guy said about the toolbar is because he installed it!! It does not come prepackaged with it!
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SITUATION I created a pdf file from a document that had fill-in forms I used Adobe Acrobat Professional to create the PDF file I then I burned the pdf file on to a CD When I used my Adobe Reader to open the PDF file I could fill-in the forms but not save them I received a message that said I could not save the information only print it unless I enabled the local save capability in the original pdf file I will be selling the CDs and need the buyer to be able to fill-in the forms and then save the document on the CD or the buyer s computer QUESTIONS How do I enable the local save capability on Adobe Acrobat Professional saving the document with the information typed Acrobat Adobe Professional & Adobe Reader into the fill-in forms How can I write protect the pdf file so no one can edit it except for the fill-in fields nor duplicate the disk Has anyone bought a software product from www SoftCaptain com and if yes what was your experience with the Adobe Acrobat Professional & Adobe Reader software product company nbsp

A:Adobe Acrobat Professional & Adobe Reader

I can't answer all of your questions, but data on a CD is read only, you won't be able to save the edited file on that CD.
It can only be saved on the hard drive & then burned to CD again, if necessary.
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I use both Adobe Reader 8 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. Whenever I open a pdf document, it always defaults to the Adobe Photoshop Elements. Is there a way to change the default so it opens with Adobe Reader? Thanks.

A:Adobe Photoshop Elements And Adobe Reader

Navigate to where you store your pdf files.
Right click on one of these files and a dialogue will open inviting you to nominate which prog you wish to open that file.
In that dialogue, scroll down to "choose a program", when that opens,?scroll?to?Adobe?Reader,?click?on?that?and?then?click?on?"always?use?this?program?to?open?this?type?pf?file"
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Win Professional x EMET amp Adobe Acrobat Reader were working together Not sure what my EMET mitigation settings were for Reader Upgraded 5.5 to Reader causes Reader is if in 11 fail Acrobat Mode" DC EMET "Protected enabled Adobe to EMET and now I get a message when launching Adobe Reader saying quot Adobe Acrobat Reader DC cannot be opened in Protected Mode due to an incompatibility with your system configuration Would you like to open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC with Protected Mode disabled quot If I select open with Protected Mode disabled Adobe still crashes for certain operations My default EMET settings for AcroRd exe are everything checked except ASR If I disable all mitigations in EMET Adobe Reader works normally If I return mitigations to default and then additionally disable EAF the problem persists although I found a post saying that fixed the issue in earlier versions EMET 5.5 causes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 11 to fail if "Protected Mode" is enabled in Reader of EMET Question Is there a custom set of mitigations that enable Reader to work or should I disable Reader mitigations in EMET or should I disable Protected Mode in Reader or should I use a different PDF viewer like SumatraPDF Thanks
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Hi Guys,
I was thinking if anyone can help me with this.
I would like to know if there is any setting under Group Policy preferences to set Adobe reader as the default pdf reader.
Server :  Windows server 2012 Standard 
Client : Windows 8 
Windows 8 comes with a WIndows PDF reader and we do not want this to be the default program.
Any suggestions to set Adobe reader to default ? or either disabling windows reader ? Many Thanks !!


A:GPO to set adobe reader as default PDF reader

Thanks a lot for your post,
Just discovered another way of fixing this issue.

Cheers ,

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I use IE6 and Firefox 3. Do I have to? What are the up's and down's?

A:Do I have to upgrade from Adobe Reader 7 to Reader 9?

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I was working on my home computer yesterday and got a notice saying that Adobe Reader wanted to update. I allowed it to update and for the first time I realized that I have PDF Reader on my computer as well. Can someone tell me if there is any difference between the two? Should I go ahead and uninstall one of them? Both are the free version but they do take up space. Thanks.

A:What's the difference between PDF Reader and Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader (current version is 11.0.13) is the most popular and most used PDF reader out there, but there are several others.
It's one of the "must have" programs that I install in every computer that I own or service.
Most of the on-line guides, manuals, etc. are in PDF format, so you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to be able to open and view them.

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Hi all I need help Strange things are happening My computer freezes Adobe Go? 5.0 Where Adobe Confusion, Did Reader when I open a web Adobe Confusion, Where Did Adobe Reader 5.0 Go? page and click on a link Sometimes the link will partially load sometimes not but if it freezes I cannot X out of the whole thing I have to use Control Alt Delete Also Adobe Acrobat has disappeared It shows in the Adobe Confusion, Where Did Adobe Reader 5.0 Go? Add Delete programs in the Control panel Adobe Acrobat but on the list of programs shown is I put the cursor at Start Adobe name is there but it is empty I tried to update it yesterday thinking that was part of Adobe Confusion, Where Did Adobe Reader 5.0 Go? my problem but I was told there was no program to update and I cannot find it on-line anywhere to install again That is the difference between Adobe Acrobat Adobe reader and Adobe Flash Player I am a new user and an old granny and am having real problems figuring a lot of this out I have cleaned up everything I can think of and do not know how to address this problem Any help is appreciated

A:Adobe Confusion, Where Did Adobe Reader 5.0 Go?

Is this problem still existing?
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I'm using windows 7 professional a 64 bit. Used to have and worked fine. Try to install IE, firefox and use the preinstalled on chrome get adobe and followed instructions enable, removed any download of adobe player. Disable Norton for 15 minutes to try and prevent from blocking still didn't work. I just get a black screen after hitting run or even save. I've been trying to fix for two weeks I've been also getting message "RegSvr House\appdata\ocal\webexaqyxwstt.dll. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Call Norton did a scan did not show anything wrong. but they took control of computer couldn't understand what was stopping it from running told me to contact adobe posted for help with no results. Can't open any PDF

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I have downloaded the latest Adobe Reader and Reader Adobe it does not work with IE Firefox is ok I get a new screen in Word with the title File Conversion and then the title of Adobe Reader the pdf It reads Select the encoding that makes Adobe Reader your document readable Text encoding Windows default MS DOS Other encoding with a list of other encoding Then the preview reads PDF- followed by strange letters obj lt lt Linerarized L E N etc The rest of the page is gibberish So the question is how come this is happening and what can I do to read pdf files in IE Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU G GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard LENOVO To be filled by O E M Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp
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I can't open pdf files on the web, only if they're on my computer. If the correct file name is displayed I can save them to my computer and then open them, but if the file name is hidden behind another hyperlink, I can't even do that. Adobe has an extensive series of fixes for this problem. I've gone thru them all several times to no avail. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter as it's quite inconvenient.

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Today when my Adobe reader went to display a document a error message appeared. The message stated "Could not find acrobat external handler". It would freeze the page and I had to do a control alt deleate and close the program. Need help and thank you.

A:Adobe Reader 6.0

See if anythig here helps:Error "Could not find Acrobat External Windows Handler" occurs when you view a PDF file (Acrobat and Adobe Reader 4.x-6.x on Windows)
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I am trying to uninstall adobe reader 7.0.7, but my computer will not let me. This is a Dell running Win XP home. Tried many ways, but it tells me it not installed. When I try to install it, it tells me that there is a newer version already installed. This " newer version " does not show up in the Add or Remove flle....HELP

A:adobe reader 7.0.7

Why are you trying to install version 7.0.7? The newest is version 9....
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i need help my babylon have problem in Adobe Reader
thank you

A:Adobe Reader

That makes absolutely no sense to me. Could you explain your problem a little better.
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I need to know how to delete or clear recent open files fron Adobe reader 9

A:Adobe reader 9

Hi there

I'm presuming you're using Win7 ... ?

Below are guidelines I had found online and used before, to get rid of the recently opened files in Acrobat 10 ... maybe the same works for the 9 Reader:

1. Open the Start menu and type "regedit" in the "Search programs and files" field. Press "Enter" to launch the registry editor application.
2. Open the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" folder on the left side of the window.
3. Open the "Software" folder.
4. Open the "Adobe" folder.
5. Open the "Acrobat" folder.
6. Open the "10.0" folder. (maybe in your case the "9.x" folder)
7. Open the "AVGeneral" folder.
8. Right-click the "cRecentFiles" folder under the "AVGeneral" folder and select "Delete."
9. Click "Yes." This clears the recent document history from Adobe Reader X.

The next time you run the application, it recreates the "cRecentFiles" registry key and begins tracking the document history again.

Hope this helps
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I get constant updates for Adobe Reader.Nobody updates daily.Is this a program I need,or can I uninstall it?

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My adobe reader 8 will not read PDF files. I attempted to change it and got a message cannot locate setup file I get the same message if i try to remove it. I can't download as it is still on the system. Have tried to download 7 but cannot as it says i already have a better system installed.



A:Adobe reader 8

Try Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and select Adobe Reader. After, try and reinstall Adobe Reader 8.
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Hi Guys

Using Vista as operating system.

I have just downloaded the latest version of adobe reader and now everytime i open a pdf file I get an "Invalid plug in adobe reader will close" error message.
I have uninstalled it and re-installed a few times and still no joy.
Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Many Thanks


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I use adobe reader when I downlod a pdf sports newsletter it shows the pdf symbol dose not show the sports newsletter symbol can I make it to be the sports newsletter symbol ?

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I can't seem to be able to download pdf documents from the web even though I have Adobe Reader 7 and Adobe 4 acrobat loaded.
what should i be doing differently?
please help

A:Adobe Reader and pdf

Choosing File > Save should do it.
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How do I download adobe reader to flash drive then put it on PC that doesnt have internet?

A:Adobe Reader
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I want to delete adobe reader and upgrade to adobe 9.+

A:adobe reader

You can uninstall a program by going to Control Panel > Add Remove Programs. To install the latest version of Adobe Reader (10.1.2) visit the Adobe website:

Adobe - Adobe Reader download - All versions
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Hi, I'm new to this. My problem is as follows;
I have downloaded Adobe Reader 8, it appears to have loaded ok, but when I view a pdf page on the internet, I can't print it. I can print from within Adobe Reader help menu & other programs with no problems. Can you tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.

A:Adobe Reader 8

How are you trying to print it? Are you using the IE print icon? If so, that probably won't work (mine doesn't either). Try looking for a print icon within the Adobe window and that should work.
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I advised my friend to download the Adobe Reader 9.1 from this site,
and she received mesg. that this may be unsafe for her computer.

Could you please advise me on this as I have not had this happen often enough
to recall exactly what the results of ignoring it could be.
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I recently clicked on a hotlink in Adobe reader and a message came up that read (something like) "This program is trying to access the Internet and will you allow it to do so" (of course it didn't say that exactly). I accidently clicked on "don't allow." And worse, I had it set to remember my choice.

Now whenever I try to hyperlink from Adobe Reader it does nothing....

I am running Windows Vista 32-bit.

I checked the default programs list... nothing.
I checked the Firewall... nothing.

I checked a bunch of other places... nothing.

I may just be missing something, because I am not that tech-saavy. Please help me so that I can use links from Adobe reader.


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I've updated my WinXP and Win 7 computer to Adobe Reader 11.05. However, cannot get Vista to update to 11.5. It only updates to
Does anyone know why Adobe does not update Adobe Reader on the Vista to 11.05?

A:Adobe Reader

uninstall reader & install the new version
often reader will not update from 10 to 11
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Please Help!

I am running on Vista Business and suddenly some of my Icons on the desktop have changed to pdf Adobe reader and it seems as if Adobe reader wants to be a type of default now and try to open my programs in Adobe reader. When I uninstall Adobe reader everything seems fine again but the moment I install it and I want to open something on my desktop it wants to open in pdf. I then get the message "the file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the set Associations control panel" . When I tried to open Default programs it gives me the same message.

A:Adobe Reader

right click on the file that you want to open and choose 'open with'......then find the appropriate app that needs to open that file (word for .docx, excel for .xlsx, etc) and set it to 'always open' with that app.
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I recently reverted to Adobe 8.0 because after updating to 9 my audio driver started crashing, requiring repairs and re-activation . Now Adobe crashes about 20-30 minutes into what ever I am viewing. I have been experimenting with other PDF readers, but they either crash as well or are very slow. Can anyone help me solve this or recommend a better PDF viewer?

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I have an old ghost returned. For some unknown reason my Acrobat Reader 7.0 is not opening PDF files (see previous posts). I have uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted and searched the Adobe Knowledfe base. I cannot get a positive change to this situation.

The error indicates: The instruction at "0x763617f0" referenced memory at
"0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

Can anyone helpme get this corrected?


A:Adobe Reader V7

A new version 7.02 is available. Open Adobe Reader, click Help then Check for updates now.
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I got this message when trying to use Adobe. Plug in 'paper Meta data Api failed to initalize. Thanks for your time.

A:Adobe Reader 6/1

You should try updating to 7.0.
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When I try to open something with a picture I get the message "A drawing error occurred" How do I correct this?

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I have been trying to help a friend who OS is XP Fairly new computer -came with adobe reader She was installing some software on it that installed adobe and messed up the She tired uninstalling it all but computer won t let her through add remove programs Next she went to adobe site and downloaded When that didn t work - she did some internet searching and reader adobe tried to download That adobe reader download did not work adobe reader She asked me if I could put back on her machine I copied it off my computer and installed the on her computer What I ve tried Her computer shows adobe and - none will let you uninstall I tried detect and repair for and and that doesn t work I thought maybe there was a glitch with the downloading process and tired downloading the again It tells me to uninstall - but again it won t allow me I ve checked the preferences and have gone through everything the online helps say to do with those I ve gone into folder options -and into the start with quot quot and linked the pdf files to start with abode which they do -if you are off line I ve check the quot manage add-ons quot and noticed that there is no add-on to for adobe at all Files will open offline automatically in If you open the program or by itself it works great and you can open files directly once in either program When you are online you must save pdf files on your hard drive and then open them offline to see or print them etc What you can not do is click on a pdf file online to open - when you do that a new screen comes up with a little square box in the upper left hand corner and all else is blank For some reason the web browser IE is just not talking with the adobe software I appreciate any direction anyone can offer Thanks so much Renee nbsp

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I am having problems with Adobe Reader 7.0.8 I am running windows xp. I try to uninstall in add/remove but I get error1316A network error while reading from c\windows\installer\Adobe Reader7.0.msi Uninstall not completed! I want to unistall and reinstall can someone help me? Thank you
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A friend is having trouble download Adobe Reader 9.1. Her laptop is sev. years old, 256 RAM and runs Windows XP. I have this version and 8.0 on my computer. How can I burn either to a CD and then install it on her computer. This is free software. When I attempt to "SAVE" it to a CD or my computer, the program immediately goes to INSTALL, without the option to save anywheres.

Thanx for your help.

A:Need CD of Adobe Reader

You could use Foxit Reader for PDF. It's free and can be run from a flash-drive

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Recently I had windows software reloaded and am attempting to install some of my programs back on PC.
I installed adobe reader free, version ll.0 (121 mb) but I think maybe I installed the wrong one. When I click on desktop adobe icon, a box appears and there is mention of creating a PDF file which I thought the free one did not allow. Clicking on help/about Xl is all about copywright and a little box with 'credits' to click.

Isn't 121 mb an excessive size? Before the windows software re-install, the version I had on was - Apr. 12/2012.
How can I cleanly & completely uninstall it? If it is the wrong version, could you please direct me to the one I should be installing?

I am not a computer whiz and would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

A:adobe reader

Version 11 appears to be real.

It appears to have more features than older versions, but I haven't figured them out yet.
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I bought an electronic digital voice recorder on eBay and had to download the manual into Adobe Reader. The font is so very tiny. I tried enlarging it and it was fuzzy. It appears to be many 3" x 2" pages "crammed" onto two Adobe pages. Is there a way to enlarge the font and pictures/diagrams so that they can be printed and viewed at a size that won't distort the font?

A:Adobe Reader

so you already have tried zooming in. Try this: OCR the pdf. You could also try selecting the text and copying-pasting it to wordpad/notepad.
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I tied to open a passport application document that requires Adobe Reader 4.0, but it only opens up in Word 2003. I have Adobe Reader 6.0 and I'm using Windows XP on a Dell. Can someone help? I'd appreciate it

A:Adobe Reader

Can someone help me? If so please reply.
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I am having a problem getting adobe reader to stay on my Window 7, 64 bit computer. It's good for about 3 downloads, .............usually I'm dowing loading IRS forms or Pubs. & then I have to re-install to download anything again. The Adobe Reader I'm using is 9.3 which is free by going to their webside.
I have tried downloading another reader, but it's not compatible with all Tax websits.

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I have tried time and time again to remove Adobe Reader 6.0.1 to install the latest version.However when I do this I keep getting this error: The feature you are trying to use in on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Adobe 6.0.1 disk and click OK.

Can somebody please tell me how I can get around this as I no longer have the disk.


A:Adobe Reader

Welcome to Bleeping Computer.Are you trying to uninstall Adobe from the "Add or Remove Programs" utility in the Control Panel?Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs
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Hi, I have a problem with the adobe reader..Would appreciate your help.
How do u combine the pages from 1 file into another file such that there would be page 1 and page 2, cause i realised there is no cut and past option for the page. Hence unable to bring over a page from a file to another file.

Thanks for the help..

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beginner to comutors have a toshiba windows 7 i have adobe reader x installed i cannot print of more than the 1st page what am i doing wrong or is it not compatable

A:adobe reader x

What happens when you try to print out several pages?
I know that it's certainly possible to print properly from Reader X on Windows 7.

The first things I would check are
Have you got enough paper in the printer? (It sounds dumb, but I guarantee it gets more people than would care to admit it)
Can you print without problems with any other software such as Microsoft word?
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There doesn't appear to be an option to insert pages. Does anybody know what is going on with this?

A:Adobe Reader 8

Are you creating your files PDF files before you try to insert the file?
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Adobe Reader 9.2 is available



Other free alternative..

Foxit Software - Foxit Reader 3.0 for Windows

A:Adobe Reader 9.2

And create PDFs for free!

CutePDF - Create PDF for free, Free PDF Utilities, Edit PDF easily;.
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Can anyone tell me when I create a PDF file I receive an error:
Cannot find or create the font MSShellDlg,Bold. Some characters may not display or print correctly.

A:Adobe Reader PDF

What application is creating the file?
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I have Adobe Reader 6.0 installed and it usually displays PDF files properly. Sometimes I cannot get the program to run, either by selecting it from the Programs dropdown menu or by opening a PDF file from the desktop.
I have been reinstalling this program each time the problem recurs.
I could use some advice, please.

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I hv windows 2000 and i am trying to print a pdf document using Adobe Reader 7.0, it is printing fine, but it is not including the comments.

Any idea if Adobe Reader 7.0 allows for printing of comments?

If there is a way, thanks for ur help.
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I have a new problem opening Adobe reader 9. Used to work fine, but suddenly my pc goes into safe mode the moment I open Adobe reader, or click on a pdf file to open. What can be the cause?

A:Adobe reader

What do you mean by "safe mode?" Is your computer shutting down when you open a PDF and then booting back up in safe mode?

Is your antivirus software or firewall software giving some kind of warning?

The reason I'm asking is, there is no such thing as running a program in safe mode in Vista while maintaining a session. You'd have to restart your computer to run Vista in safe mode.

If it's some sort of dialog box informing you of something going on, and it's not the Blue Screen Of Death, can you screenshot the message for us, please?

1) First, open up MS Paint.
2) Open up Adobe or a PDF.
3) When the error message or whatever happens, happens, hit the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard.
4) Go to MS Paint.
5) Paste. <Control>+<V> or from the Edit menu, either way works. You'll see your whole desktop as an image in Paint.
6) Go to the Image menu, select "Crop," and use the cursor to box in whatever it is that's telling you about safe mode.
7) Go back to the Image menu and select Crop again to crop the image to just that dialog box or whatever it is.
8) Save it to a Photobucket account and copy the image's URL location.

Insert the image into your reply to this thread.
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Is there any way to get into preferences for this program in order to specify opening percentage size etc?

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I have an IBM T43p laptop. In the process of getting rid of programs I never use, I have Adobe 9.3.4 in the add/remove program list. Unlike the other programs, I'm not given the option of removing it. Anyone know why? Thanks

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Hi there I'm new to this kind of thing and not very techy when it comes to my computer but here goes Last night my computer told me there was an upgrade to Adobe Reader XI which I duly accepted and it downloaded When I then went to open a PDF it took ages to load the user agreement and then Reader XI Adobe it froze the screen Adobe Reader XI with the 'not responding' message I closed it and re-opened it half a dozen times with the same Adobe Reader XI thing so I decided to uninstall the Reader with the intention of re-installing the earlier version How wrong was I First of all it took me through the steps to download but then nothing happened when I hit the 'run' button The next time I tried a different tact and saved the file on the desktop before running it which got me one step further but once the window came up initialising it just froze again telling me it could not be completed and the 'not responding' message came up again When I then went to close it it just kept freezing even when I went to task manager and end task so in the end I had to just restart I tried this about three times each with the same thing I even tried to go to the control panel to see if there was any way of undoing my uninstall but alas no such luck After ejecting the battery and trying again In the end I shut it down and left it for the night hoping someone could help me this morning as I really don't like using the Windows pdf reader app thing Would now be a good time to mention that although I have windows I don't actually use it as I can't work it so I have a shell thingy which makes the screen look likes windows if that makes sense I hope someone can help Hannah

A:Adobe Reader XI

I don't know why you are having these issues with Adobe Reader, but why don't you try another PDF reader?  I dumped Adobe Reader for PDF-XChange Viewer a long time ago.  IMHO, it is smaller, lighter and better than Adobe's bloated reader.  You should give it a try.
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adobe reader is installed on this HP Mini from factory.
when do u use it?

A:adobe reader 9

All I can say is that you had better remove Adobe Reader 9 and install the latest version (Reader X):
PDF reader, protected mode | Adobe Reader X

The link above will also tell you what you can do with the program - its main function is to open and read PDF files.

Adobe Reader 9 caused Windows Explorer to crash on my Windows 7 HP computer. In addition, older software versions are vulnerable to malware - they're a security hazard.
Always keep your OS and programs up-to-date :-)
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 75579 MB; D: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 57499 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G31M-S2L
Antivirus: GFI Software VIPRE, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I am now receiving my bills via online billing. When I print the bill which is 2 pages with Adobe. The print on page 1 is OK however on Page 2 which prints on the reverse side is complete gibberish, (See screen shot) Any solutions please?

A:Adobe Reader

Are you printing to a printer or to a PDF printer? Some companies encrypt their documents to prevent them from being printed.
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you have it mates its driving me nuts,error1714,the older version of adobe reader 8 cannot be removed, I am
trying to download adobe reader no some bright spark can help me and it would be appreciated!
change my outlook fromthis to this

A:Adobe Reader

I ran into this one also, which is why I removed Adobe everything and use Foxit Reader now.

Two ways that I approached this:

a. Adobe has installed so many files in so many places...that it has begun to rank right up there with QT on my hate list .

b. To remove all of those files, I can

1. Use jv16 PowerTools, a program I purchased years ago, to remove all files and reg entries that have "Adobe" in them.

2. Manually use regedit to search for and remove all registry files with "Adobe" in them AND manually remove all files/folders which are even remotely linked to Adobe...being mindful that Adobe Flash can always be installed later (with a more current version).

I don't use CCleaner, but I believe that it is what I might suggest for the average person to use to remove Adobe (or any other) junk files. Someone will come along to clarify my belief.

There are other "uninstallers" that do the job, but I have no experience with them.

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Adobe reader wont open pages that have documents on the web with adobe reader attached to them....................If I go to a pdf file on my computer it will open it any ideas..

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We've had Adobe Reader 9.3.3 on our 3 WinXP computers for quite sometime.
A day or two ago, when we turned on our computers, we got a (red) pop-up box asking us if we wanted to update or download (we don't remember which) 9.3.3.
We clicked on it and it downloaded but we failed to realize it was 9.3.3. and we already had 9.3.3.

Did anyone else get this pop-up / download?

Could this have been a trojan or virus we downloaded? How can we tell what has happened?
We are now quite frightened that we have done something to damage our computers.

Please, can someone help?


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One of our users is having a problem with Adobe Reader 6.0 Professional. When he saves a PDF from Lotus Notes 6.5.1, he gets an error message "A drawing error occurred". After uninstalling and reinstalling 5.0.5, a different error occurred, "Insufficient Data for the Image".

This is a new PC build and everything worked fine before, on his old PC. He is running XP Pro SP2, Notes 6.5.1.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Notes, give Administrator access to both adobe and Lotus, uninstalled/reinstalled Adobe 5.0.5 and 6.0 Pro.

Nothing we have come up with has worked as of yet. Anyone have an idea that could help us out? Google and various other forums don't give alot of help.


Oh, if I view a web based PDF and save that, there is no error, it works fine. This is related somehow to Notes and Adobe.

A:Adobe Reader

OK, fixed it. It was a permissions issue. The user was an administrator of the local machine but he was a power user of his domain account. Made him an administrator of his domain account and he was then able to view and save the PDF's from Notes.
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triedto download adobe reader it didn,t work something about os something but i also didn,t see window 2000xp to choose from

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Can any one tell me how to get this off the Computer... I've tried add remove won't take it off says that the patch package could not be opened... I've even tried to manually delete it by just right clicking on the folder and clicking DeleteI was just going to update to the newer version. I called tech support and they want $39.00 not worth it for them to probably say well You need to do a Clean Install.. Any Help..?Thanks,JeffModerator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum, and added a topic descriptor. ~ Animal

A:Adobe Reader 7.0

Take a look in the Adobe Reader Program Files folder. If there is a file in there called something like 'uninst. exe' double click that. At the worst nothing will happen.
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I am getting VERY sick and tired of Adobe Reader 8 freezing my system every time I run it with that 'updater' thing. If I want an update I'll go to the Adobe website and download it. But I haven't found any way to disable it. Can this be done? Or is there a decent third-party PDF reader available? I tried a few found in random searching, but they seemed clunky and unreliable.

A:Adobe Reader Is A Hog

Have you tried Foxit Reader?Light, fast opening, and does all I need it to do.
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I have adobe 6.0.5 installed now on my computer, they have Adobe 7 out now. Do I have to remove adobe 6 to install adobe 7? I have lots of adobe updates to 6 in my add/remove section, update 6.0.1, 6.0.2 6.0.3 etc to adobe 6.0.5. If I update to adobe 7, can I get rid of the other updates or are they needed? Seems like adobe doesn't override the previous update and keeps it on the computer.

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maybe i'm behind the times but here is a link for the adobe 8 reader you can also get adobe photoshop. edit to provide link rather than a direct download.

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Can someone lead me thru installation of Adobe reader?

I have removed the old version, which did not work, by deleting it from the program files. Control panel said it did not exist.

If I now ask for the newest version, it gives me DC, which won't install because a newer version is already there. But there is no version there.

If I ask for Reader XI, I get a zip file, and the setup there won't run beause I don't have a specific file in APPDATA.

Can't I pretend I have never had reader and start form scratch?

Working on a ACER Netbook D260 with Win 7 Home premium.

A:Adobe reader

Use the Adobe Cleaner tool to fully remove Reader: Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs
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Adobe suddenly would not print pdf documents. This occurred after installation of Open Office Suite program (not saying there was a connection). Tried to install Adobe Reader 8.1.2 from Adobe download, but message stated had to remove 8.1.1. first Tried Control Panel Remove Programs, but message to the effect that it was not possible to remove then appeared. Downloaded from adobe instructions for manual removal, followed these instructions, but after typing "del AcroPDF.dll" and similar for other dll files, message appeared stating "access denied".

Then I've turned to Tech Support Guy for possible help.

A:Adobe Reader 8.1.1

Try and download Adobe Reader 8.1.2 from that site and see if you can install it
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I changed computers that now has Vista and can't figure out how to get Adobe Reader to work. I think I downloaded the free version correctly but I can't get it to work. Must I buy it again or is it possible to retreive it somehow? Thanks, Charlie

A:Adobe Reader

Have you turned UAC off by any chance?

Moving to general chat
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I used to read *.pdf file with Adobe Reader. I've deleted then downloading it. Using it at deployment at accepting software agreement it freezes. What to do? felfele

A:Adobe Reader

Hi, why not try foxit reader?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 503 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39197 MB, Free - 24205 MB;
Motherboard: Lite-On Tech., 0888h
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled say this patch cant be found verify patch package exist It wont let me uninstall it to reinstall get the same mesage

A:Adobe reader x

Try using Revo Uninstaller to remove it:
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Hi there...wondering if someone could help me out please..recently installed adobe reader 8.1 but everytime i try to open it i get a window saying adobe reader 8.1 has stopped working...cant open any pdf files........thanx in advance

A:adobe reader

Uninstall it and try installing it again.
By the 8.1.1 is out
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Does Adobe reader X 10.0.1 need Adobe reader 6.0.1,..I have both on my desk top and I'd like to open up a little more space on my computer.

A:Adobe Reader

Unless you're completely in love with and must have adobe. You could opt for an alternative with a smaller footprint and get rid of adobe altogether. But no, if you have reader 10 you don't need 6 unless you have an old application that isn't compatible that uses it. But you can always reinstall the old version if you find you need it from here:

My .pdf reader of choice happens to be PDF-XChange Viewer if you were looking for a suggestion.

There are others like Foxit and Sumatra as well as others.
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Hi all Recently I got a wild hair got tire of Adobe and deleted everything I could find about Adobe Weel it seems that there are some PDF files other PDF programs will not open At least that is what I am going up against Some PDF files I am trying to open says quot can not open reader quot reader adobe or something to that effect When I try to download Adobe it lets me download but when I try to install it gives me this quot Internal error Updater api NON OPT quot If I try to download a older version of Adobe it tells me I alreaady have a newer adobe reader version on my computer and will adobe reader stop at that I have seasrched Adobe Forums sent Adobe Support messages and noone seems to want to give a clear suggestion as to what is causing this problem and how I can fix it Is it true that some PDF programs such as Cool PDF Foxit etc will not open some PDF files Anyway I am seriously in trouble because I have completed my tax reports and some of the return documewnts are PDF that is giving me this quot ca not open reader quot message Help claude nbsp

A:adobe reader

Here's another to try:
PDF Xchange Viewer
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I downloaded Adobe Reader 8.0 sometime last week and tried it out. Besides sucking 90 MB of memory (compared to 20-30 MB with Adobe Reader 7.0), it has a totally different and impossibly difficult to learn user interface compared to previous versions. I wanted to try a newer version of Adobe Reader... not learn how to view PDF documents all over again.

Another steaming pile of crap failure... right up there with Word 2007.

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Is there any way to work with a document that comes in Adobe? I know you can only read it but was wondering if you can export to word or turn on any controls that will allow you to work with the document. I think that is probably why you use adobe, so things can't be changed. I have cute pdf writer that saves documents in adobe reader. Any thoughts?

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could anyone give me a hand this is a strange one i downloaded adobe reader 8 installed it and restarted computer as instructed when reebooted i could'nt connect to the internet so i uninstalled it restarted again and connected straight away as i have a couple of pdf files to read iwas wondering if anyone could help

A:Adobe Reader 8

Did you download Adobe Reader from This Site?Just click on 'Get Adobe Reader' over on the left side of the page and follow the prompts.
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Hi guys not sure if this in the right place, so if its not i apologise in advance!Basically im having trouble with adobe reader. I downloaded version 6 (this was a while back) but it just wont work. Everytime i try to install, repair or uninstall, i get a box saying that it is 'trying to use a network resource that is unavailable'. It says that 'the path 'C:\WINDOWS\cache\Adobe Reader 6.0\ENUBIG\Adobe Reader 6.0.msi' cannot be found. Ive tried installing a newer version but it just says the same as above and then that the older version (which is the version 6) cannot be removed.its driving me mad, anyone got any ideas?? ThanksModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum, and added a topic descriptor. ~ Animal

A:Adobe Reader 6

Reinstall version 6.0.1 than uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs.Re download Adobe Reader 6.0.1 from hereOnce that is done download and install Adobe Reader 8.
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I have been trying for days and hours to get adobe reader 7.0 on my computer. I have Windows XP. I have downloaded the installation, installed it and I get an error message stating "Adobe Reader 7.0 had encountered a problem and needs to close". I have been on the phone for many hours with adobe tech support and they cannot solve it. Can anyone help me? I need adobe to be able to start online college courses!

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I have had a Adobe with Help Need Reader. problem with adobe reader I hardly use adobe reader much but i recently tried to reinstall Need Help with Adobe Reader. the new version of the reader Need Help with Adobe Reader. when i did what happened was that it asked me for a File called data cab and that it cant find it in C WINDOWS Installer i then tried to remove the program and it asked for a Acroread msi which i then found in one of my folders and placed in in the installer section I tried to uninstall again and now it began asking for the same file data cab i have no idea were to obtain this file but apparently without it i cant Uninstall Reinstall or Repair its a very annoying issue sigh cause I m stuck and unable to do anything If anyone can offer me some help or advice it would be greatly appreciated PS I am not sure if this is even the right topic section to ask about this issue if not please tell me i will move it to another area thank you for your help nbsp

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Latley my adobe will not run.I tried to uninstall it to reinstall it but when going to add/remove and trying to remove adobe it says"Patch cannot be opened.Verify the patch package exists and that you can access it".Now adobe had been working fine till about 2 weeks ago.
I run AVG daily,CC cleaner and Anvanced Window care on a regular basis.
I am running XP.Any suggestions.If any more info needed just let me know.Thanx.

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I am trying to install belkin . 838 driver to my computer, when I do it downloads adobe reader 9.2, for some reason, i can not remove it from my programs, that is the adobe reader 9.2, it has taken control of my conputer and can not access anything to remove it. any help out there

A:adobe reader 9.2

Hi JoeyS,

I assume, since your problem is posted in the Win 7 forum, that you are running Win 7. As I see it, you have three choices :

1 Since nearly all of us use the Acrobat reader from time to time, you could just update it to the current version which is 10.1.1 .

2 It does not come with a built-in uninstaller, but you can delete it using Control Panel : 'Start' , 'Control Panel' , 'Programs' , 'Uninstall a program' . This comes up with a list of your installed software, click on the Acrobat reader, click 'Uninstall' . This should remove it, if it doesn't, then :

3 Get hold of a copy of a utility called 'Your Uninstaller' . This is a little utility which is brilliant at uninstalling software, I use it quite a lot and it normally uninstalls everything associated with the program you tell it to uninstall.

Best of luck,

Chris Cosgrove
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I saw where one should update to Adobe Reader 8.0 because of a vulnerability in the plugin. Like a dummy I uninstalled the and tried to download from here: in Firefox first and then IE and they both failed to execute. Had to restart in order to delete the corrupt or unfinished downloads. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem or should I look further as to why I can't install the reader.I tried to update thru the program that I had before deleting, but it was not offering 8.0 even though it is a final release.

A:Adobe Reader 8.0

Try downloading it from the Adobe Reader 8 Site.