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Solved: Backup Software - Server End

Q: Solved: Backup Software - Server End

Hello All

I am looking for a backup software that can support backing up to multiple media sets. I wish to use it to backup all data on my server to an offsite location and the media sets to be used will be external HDDs.

Please help

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Backup Software - Server End

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Backup Software - Server End
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Hi all

i currently use 'iDrive' which does a daily backup of my computer. This is all good but i have got my own web server which has a 1 TB hard disk inside and is always connected to my home network and the internet.

I am looking for a piece of software (preferably free) that family and friends can use on their computers and connect to my server and backup their important documents automatically.

Without sounding horrid, a lot of my friends and family are not very experienced with computers and so i am needing a piece of software that once setup it will backup their documents and pictures etc with out them having to do anything or only having to press a few buttons.

Not sure if this type of software exists but if anybody knows of software that does this i would be very grateful.

Thank you


A:Free Backup software + Own Server

Check out Syncback.

There is a free version.
Here is a comparison chart between their commercial and free versions >
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I am looking for a good backup solution for 2008 Server std x64. This server is an upgrade from 03 and I really liked that solution but no support for 2008.I had a USR 8700 NAS on a fiber connection to another building. Using the falconstor Disk Safe Client. I liked the ability to mount the backups as a drive. The speed of the iscsi interface. and the monitory with e-mail notification, I have looked at falconstor's site and saw some of there current software however no pricing, and price is a big issue.I have also found backup assist. I looked at it and seems more a wbadmin script writer with a couple needed perks. Anybody know any other options, or a way to make falconstor disksafe work on 2008 x64??
Thanks in advance
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Okay I want to go over pros and cons of some of the things that my boss wants done First off let me explain what we have Users are on a domain system Both laptop and desktop users No users have admin rights Now let me explain what we want to do We want a backup of their My Documents and possibly Help Solved: certain users server! to getting Finally backup this a file Need server. PC's to other directories in the future but we want Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help it to be as invisible to them Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help as possible I looked into the Folder redirection GPO and has a good pro - Simple to impelment I did a test on my own PC did it in about minutes cons - in order to allow laptops to work they would have to have offline folders enabled and synchrnized and worst of all synchrnization won t accept PST s MDB s and Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help other key files that we would need synchronized as well gives errors in the synching process I then thought about a file sync program letting them seemlessly work on their PCs and just sync the files to the file server - Pros Can install a server side client that just polls for connected PC s and copies the files to the repsective places Cons costs money usually does not sync in use files making some of the files be missed Lastly I considered a batch file to run at login - Pros easier to setup to copy things out Cons only runs at login so people could leave their PC up for days and have day old software As well I do not know how to copy only modified files so some people with large files would copy over a ton of data unless I can find a solution for this Anyone else have any Ideas possibly something with all pros and no cons nbsp

A:Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help
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Can anyone point me in the direction of a free simple to use backup download that will backup my documents folder once every day to my remote hard drive


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I was wondering if those of you who back up your PC's to an external HD if you disconnect it after it is backed up or do you just leave it connected?

Currently, My pc is backed up to an external USB HD. Imaging is a plus if it includes backing up my drivers.

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I would like to know the pros and cons of some of the backup software available on line and advertised on TV. Specifically, Carbonite, and IDrive. Are these safe, reliable and easy to use. Are there better options and what are they? Thanks for any suggestions and ideas.

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I have had 2 computers with recovery disks. they were wonderful. whenever anything was wrong I just reformatted and they were like new again. my new current computer was built for me by a brilliant friend but I can't reformat. it just doesn't work. My question is will backup software such as spotmau (which seems good and has gotten a lot of awards) help to restore the computer to a clean state. If not what else would anyone recommend? i want to be able to restore it to a new state when things go wrong. I am not knowledgeble enough to fix it a lot of times. thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know of a good backup software that is free and is user friendly. I used to have norton ghost and I didn't like it that much. Thanks for the feedback!!!

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I have plenty of storage space, but in need of a solution to backup all my important files. I don't want to have to manually copy them every so often. I heard Windows Home Server will do this, but I don't have the funds or time to build a new PC right now. Could anyone recommend some home back up software? I would like to automate this if possible.

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Can you recommend a free back up program? I've had a look on and downloaded one but it's not great. I want something very simple to use and will back up specified folders and will back up on to CD - I have no need for compression either. I also want it to save the folders in exactly the same tree formation as is on my pc. Is this possible and what program can you recommend?


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Hello Friends!

I need a backing up software which supports scheduling. I want something in which I can add some files and folders to the backup schedule task and every time I double click its icon or it reaches its schedule time, every file or folder mentioned in the backup list gets automatically backed up at the specified location. Compressed and encrypted backup would be even better.

I hope I am able to explain what exactly I need. Please help me in this. I dont mind a paid software also.

Thank you.

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I have a drive in my PC around gb that I want to back up to an external hard drive on a regular basis to ensure I have a backup Backup Recommendation Software Solved: of my important files I am looking for a simple piece of software that Solved: Backup Software Recommendation will either backup on a weekly or daily basis ensuring extra files I have added updated are copies over I tried Momeo backup that came with my drive but it didn t work very well at all and kept stalling half way through - Solved: Backup Software Recommendation I never managed to get i to do an entire backup I ve tried a demo of norton save and restore which was ok but seemed to compress the files in some way I couldn t just go to the Solved: Backup Software Recommendation backup drive and look at the files - they just showed up as norton files I don t really think I wan to pay for the full version Can anyone reccommend a good reliable piece of backup software to use that doesn t compress files Thanks nbsp

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First of all, I am running Windows 7 with two internal drives (500GB Windows installed on it and a 750GB drive for backup/syncing purposes). I also have two external 1TB USB/eSata Drives.

I want to be able to backup or sync my folders that I have chosen from my windows drive to the other internal drive either at shutdown or when I asked it to. Also I want the same to be done immediately when I connect the two external drives (1 will be kept offsite - weekly).

I know this might be asking too much, but FREE would be good if possible. Two pieces of software is OK if that's what I need to use.


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Hi guys, I am looking for a software (if it exists) that does the following job:

For example, I will choose a selection of folders then the software will create a duplicate copy of these folders. Now I have 2 copies of these folders on 2 location (maybe on different partition or HDD), then whenever I update the folders in one location, the other copy get updated as well. Windows Backup may have done this job well but is there any better software provide this feature and with more functionality?


A:[SOLVED] Software Similar to Windows Backup

Do you want the software to update the folders at the same time the original folder is changed or could it update it during a scheduled backup?

You could download and try syncback, or second copy.

If you want something with a lot more options I would suggest Acronis. Its not overly expensive and has many options to choose from.
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Hello all I m looking for an automatic backup software that fits all of my criteria free or paid is fine although free is preferred I have a GB internal HDD that I want to fits Solved: software backup A criteria that backup automatically to a TB external HDD that I ll keep connected almost all the time through a USB port I am running Win -bit on a Samsung r laptop Is there a way to have Solved: A backup software that fits criteria it backup daily but only change the files that have been deleted added on the internal HDD In other words the backup is quot updated quot to the most recent version much like what the program Everything does whenever it starts up I want to use the rest of the space in my external HDD for other things such as storing videos and pictures Would the easiest way be to create a partition for the image and a partition for this other stuff The last criteria I would like is Solved: A backup software that fits criteria for the process to be automatic I m thinking that might be the most demanding criteria if it cannot be done that s ok Thank you in advance nbsp

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Does anyone know of a company that can rewrite old tape backups to new tape backups.

My old tape backup system ran ArcServe software with with a 150gb Exabyte tapes.

I am now running Veritas software with 400gb Verbatim tapes.

I am looking for a service that can take the ArcServe tapes and write them to the Verbatim tapes so I do not have to keep the old tape backup system connected.

Thanks in advance!

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The company I work for is expanding and I have been tasked with organising the backup policy. I have opted for Microsoft System Center: Data Protection Manager 2010 installed on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

All the backup files are kept on a dedicated HDD in the data store.

My question is can I use Windows Server Backup which comes with Server 2008 to make a working backup of the DPM data store to an external HDD? If I can then which locations do I have to include in the backup.

I would also appreiciate any links which might help.

Thanks for any help.


A:Can I backup DPM 2010 store using Windows Server Backup?

Tr this link below.
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hi everyone,

i have all my music and what not on my PC, but i want to stream it to my PS3. i am currently using "simple centre" the free edition BUT its very awkward as ps3's only play .mp3's whereas all my music is in .aac

i noticed the paid version of simple centre handles the encoding of songs it to whatever format you want, but id rather not buy a media centre program anyone know of any good free ones that will be able to handle the encoding automatically for me?
thanks in advance

A:Solved: Media server software

doesnt matter ive just discovered my PS3 can handle aac and lossless now
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I have a HP Pavilion a c that will no longer boot to Desktop in Normal or Safe Mode I'm ready to run a Software Recommendation [SOLVED] to Copy/Backup Need Hard Drive for Factory Restore but would like to copy all the data from the Hard Drive for temporary storage then after the Factory Restore copy the data back over The Hard Drive has a Recovery Partition Vista and a quot Regular quot partition and so I do not want to copy the whole physical hard drive just the data on the regular partition I don't want [SOLVED] Need Recommendation for Software to Copy/Backup Hard Drive to mess [SOLVED] Need Recommendation for Software to Copy/Backup Hard Drive with permissions issues system amp hidden files etc I just want to push a few buttons and come back a few hours later and have all the data copied I'll be copying the data from the hard drive while it's mounted to an external USB caddy to a secondary HD on my computer then after the Factory Restore I'll remount the HD in the caddy and copy the data back Is there a software that will do this

A:[SOLVED] Need Recommendation for Software to Copy/Backup Hard Drive

Use an Ubuntu Live CD
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I have a new vista home premium computer that is supposed to have dual hard drives and windows backup as the software that controls the daily backups to the second hard drive The manufacturer offers zip for assitance as to how to configure and run the computer contrary to the glowing before sales service statuing I would be in good hands after purchase Questions are how do I determine if I indeed have two hard drives that are in mirror of each other and are they backing up data on a daily basis Is there a spot in the my computer that would detail and confirm this and drives backup hard dual vista software [SOLVED] with information as to the number and size of hard drives in the tower Vista has a backup and restore icon when I select my computer Within this icon are three graphs displaying available space on three disc drives OS C [SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software of gb free Backup D of gb free and Recovery E of gb free The recovery E drive has been steadily decreasing since the daily backups began days ago It is now more than half full At this rate E will be full in another week I was told by the seller that recovery E drive was a separate partition in which information would be used in case of a problem to restore my computer back to its shipping state without have to reload the operating system and program discs [SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software I did not think that any backup information would [SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software be transferred to the E drive during backups The seller has a differing tale every time I call to ask about the fact that the E drive is decreasing at a rapid rate They have also told me that I do not have and alternately have stated that I do have dual hard drives for this purpose Independent confirmation of these items would be appreciated along with instruction of the proper way to run the backup if indeed I do have the dual hard drives that was paid for in the initial purchase

A:[SOLVED] vista with dual hard drives and backup software

Further information for this question.

Backup D is selected for the daily backups.

It also states in backups that "there is more than one disc in your computer. the disc that windows is installed on will always be included in the backup. you cannot include the disc that you are saving the backup on."

Also a warning is on this page

" You have not selected all the discs that are on this computer. the files on the discs you did not select will not be included in the backup." That disc that was not selected is E which had been selected uyp to yesterday which was why the disc space was decreasing.

If it is as the manufacturer states, just a means to restore the computer nothing should be backing up to that file. Am I correct in this assumption?

By unselecting Recovery E the drive space has remained constant for the last backup.
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I keep trying to use the backup software that comes with Windows but it never does the scheduled backup like its supposed to... Does any one have any suggestions for different software that may run alittle better, i will be running it on an XP Pro machine.

A:Solved: Need backup software for Certance Travan Tape Drive

Just in case anyone runs into the same problems i had with the built in backup programs, i went out and tested a few programs and found Genie Backup Manager Pro... easy to use and runs when its supposed to... it doesn't seem to be too expensive either only 70 bones...
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I have a new HP that drive? Is a backup backup transfers can read files there software I my on Pavillion Elite HPE with GB of memory running Windows I am an average computer user I have a WD external backup drive with TB memory I don't like the backup software that comes with the computer Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive? I can't access anything to see how old the files are The only option is to restore Thank God I haven't had to do that I have the files important to me backed up manually I tried Nova backup but all I had was a bunch really- a bunch of files again that I couldn't access I had Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive? a copy of Norton Ghost that wouldn't work with my old XP computer so I tried it on this one After days with support manipulating Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive? my computer going through three people to the software engineer they could not make Ghost work on my whatever computer I don't know if I need a mirror or clone or whatever I've been reading about that I don't understand I have plenty of room on the backup drive and have CD's and DVD's that will restore I think Best Buy made me some when I bought it and the computer made me make some as well when I got home I can manually do a system backup less my files that doesn't change So what I really want to do is to find a software that will enable me to choose the files I want to that sometimes change My Documents and have those backup on a regular basis I also want to have those so I can go to my M drive backup drive and see my files just like in windows explorer That way if anything does happen I know my files are alright and if I have to I can drag and drop

A:Is there a backup software that transfers files I can read on my backup drive?

and welcome to the Forum

I use Syncback for that:

SyncBack Freeware - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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I m preparing to before Computer files,etc? upgrade backup suggestions,.bkf software XP--backup to upgrade from Windows professional to XP I would like a perfect backup of my C drive in case Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc? the worst happens and XP kills my computer so I can revert back to and my old system without a problem I have hard drives so I have the room to put an exact image of my C drive onto the slave drive Just wanting to get some feedback as to the best way to do this So far I just used the quot backup now quot option in Windows and saved Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc? a bkf file of my entire drive to the slave It actually didn t take up that much space--the bkf must contain some sort of compression Anyway is this the best way to go about protecting myself or would it be worthwhile to instead invest Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc? in a rd party backup program instead before undertaking this There are tons of programs out there of course Norton Ghost Backup Now GoBack or what have you If Windows option works well I don t know why people would buy a rd party program but I hear about it a lot so I thought I d ask Anyone ever restored an entire system from a windows bkf file before and had difficulty Protecting myself is pretty important to me Any advice would be helpful nbsp

A:Computer backup before upgrade to XP--backup software suggestions,.bkf files,etc?

With the windows backup you have to reinstall windows and then restore the backup to get back to where you were. I use and love ghost because it makes a 100% exact copy of EVERYTHING and all you have to do to get it back is to restore the image and you're up a going again - no need to reinstall windows. Is also fast and can clone one drive to another or create an Image file.

GoBack I don't like and Backup Now needs windows to be installed to restore the backup
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G'day everyone

Does anyone know of a simple backup program that is capable of backing up large files incrementally by splitting the file and backing up only changed parts of the file? The files I'm talking about are files that get altered by appending stuff at the end of the file, e.g. log files or mailbox files, so it's generally possible to split a new version of the file at the exact point where the old version stopped, purely by file size.

Specifically, I want to back up Thunderbird and SeaMonkey mailboxes without having to create additional subfolders within those programs.

I understand that if something had changed near the beginning of the file, then the whole file will have to be backed up, unless the backup program is capable of some very clever searching, but mostly the files will change only by having data appended to it.


A:Backup software that splits large files for incremental backup

You may want to rethink incremental backups. Where I worked, until I retired, we first used incremental backups for our servers. That seemed like a good approach - make an initial full backup on one day of the week and then only incrementals the rest of the week. That allowed smaller backups however when it came time to restore it was a nightmare making sure the incrementals were installed in the proper order, and it took much longer to restore. A decision was made to only do full backups every night and although the backup was bigger if a restore was needed there was no confusion on order of reinstall and it took less time.

I do the same thing with my own PC backups. I use Acronis True Image, which has incremental backup ability, but I only do full hard drive backups, to a separate hard drive.
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How come the built in Vista backup utility doesn't backup software? Does anyone know of a way to do this, or know of any software that will create an image of my harddrive? I seriously need to reformat my computer and I can't do it without this.


A:Vista Backup Utility Doesnt Backup Software?

Norton ghost or Acronis True Image... the latter is the easier of the two apps IMO.
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I have tried to create a batch file to backup our important data from our program to our server(drive letter Z)on our network and cant seem to get it to work.Could someone look at it and be able to tell me what is wrong with it. We also decided to include backing up our my documents folder too.

@echo off
:: variables
set backupcmd=xcopy /Z

echo backing up procare data
echo please wait...

xcopy "Z:\Procare\DB\*.*":\\dataonserver01\users\Jeannie\"

echo Backing up My Documents
%backupcmd% "userprofile%\My Documents" "%c%\My Documents"

echo Backup Complete!

A:Software doesn't backup so trying batch file backup

I guess it depends on what you're backing up. I use Beyond Compare to sync files between machines.
Relevancy 51.17% Note that the impact on desktop systems should be 'minimal' so home users need only install Update 24 (which fixes this problem) when it is released next Tuesday, 15th February.

A:Solved: Potentially serious exploit for Java server software!

This is supposed to be fixed by Update 24 which was released yesterday. If you allow Java to update automatically you should already have it, otherwise you can get it from here;
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I will start by saying what I have been using for desktop computers. I like the way Ghost 15 works. It lets me set the days of the week or month to back up and allows me to specify how many backups it saves and deletes the oldest backup image as it makes a new one.

If Ghost 15 would work on Windows 2003 Server, I would be well pleased.

What is there that is similar that will work on Windows 2003 Server?

And that doesn't cost a fortune?

A:Solved: Recommendations on automated imaging software for Win Server 2003?
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We are purchasing a new server with Windows Server 2012 standard as the operating system. What anti-virus anti-malware security software choices do we have?

Thank you.

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I recently purchased a Seagate 500GB FreeAgent Desk external hard drive for backup. I have tried their software which leaves much to be desired. What would you recommend for both purchase and free backup software which will work alone with this external hard drive? I want the capability for full disk backup, selected files backup, and incremental backup as files are changed.
Only simple to use software. Is PC Backup version 10 a really good and simple to use backup program to purchase and will it work alone with my Seagate external hard drive? What about other backup programs to purchase and for free?

A:Solved: Conpatable Backup Software for Seagate 500GB FreeAgent Desk External Hard Dri

You should take a look at Acronis True Image Home 2009, it can do all the things you are looking for:
They have a free trial so check that out if you are interested in it.
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Please let me know any backup software this is free or retail of backup software... i need to collect my college USB work (128 MB) and backup them..

Then im looking for secure backup online... Size about 130MB is okay

Thanks for help.

A:Backup? Sercue Backup Software needed!

I like the free version of Syncback for continous backups, though if you only have 128mb and its basically one time or infrequent why not just copy it to a backup?

Online, 2 gigs or less, I'd recommend Mozy for free secure backup.
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After a heavy-duty malware infection that wreaked such havoc that, on advise I got here, I decided to nuke-and-reinstall.

Also , I was subtly tipped that perhaps I should consider backing up the system against future incidents using, say, Macrium Reflect.

I did as I was told, but only remembered today that I had tried MR before, with not-so-impressive results which soured me on them at the time (2013):

perhaps the software has gotten better since, but I remember thinking then that I would henceforth not so to speak leave the (encryption) key to my data to anybody else, but make straight, unencrypted backups.

Also, the cost of storage is very low now even as compared to then, and in my case incremental backups or other such finesses, are not necessary.

What, then, would be the argument for using backup software in my particular case?
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I just bought a USB TB external drive for making backups After some searching I decided to use EaseUS Software (EaseUS/Windows Backup Backup) Todo Backup because CNET rated it highly I plugged the drive into a Backup Software (EaseUS/Windows Backup) port and did a backup It was a file backup not an image backup but it still puts everything in one file PBD and then apparently modifies Windows Explorer to be able to browse the file Windows Backup the one that comes on Windows seems to work similarly though you need to use a wizard to restore things The backup took twice as much space as my data takes up on my internal hard drive Also it took and a half hours which I calculated to be MB s So my questions are Why doesn t it just put things in the drive in a normal folder file structure Why did it take up twice as much space Why did a USB backup go so Backup Software (EaseUS/Windows Backup) slowly Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it took up twice as much space but that s still slow considering I ve gotten speeds of MB s and I do realize transferring a lot of small files will take longer Am I just better off with using Windows Backup or is restoring a pain with the wizard Thanks for any advise nbsp

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After a heavy-duty malware infection that wreaked such havoc that, on advise I got here, I decided to nuke-and-reinstall.

Also , I was subtly tipped that perhaps I should consider backing up the system against future incidents using, say, Macrium Reflect.

I did as I was told, but only remembered today that I had tried MR before, with not-so-impressive results which soured me on them at the time (2013):

perhaps the software has gotten better since, but I remember thinking then that I would henceforth not so to speak leave the (encryption) key to my data to anybody else, but make straight, unencrypted backups.

Also, the cost of storage is very low now even as compared to then, and in my case incremental backups or other such finesses, are not necessary.

What, then, would be the argument for using backup software in my particular case?
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Hi Because the amount of data stored on my drives is continuously increasing I've decided that it's time to find a way to backup the most important part of it So I'm looking for a software capable of making a backup copy on a secondary HDD of certain folders and of certain files from certain folders and keeping it updated I'm also interested to make a Looking for software/backup a backup good plan backup copy of files that are locked if possible I have some VMs and I'd like to back them up too if possbile I'll check to see whether VMWare Workstation can backup itself by taking snapshots on a different HDD at certain moments The software really needs to be able to cope with paths longer than characters it has to be able to retain all the file's attributes creation date modified date attribute fields etc and it has Looking for a good backup software/backup plan to ba able to do bit-by-bit checking in order to prevent corruption Also there are some large files that Looking for a good backup software/backup plan I can't backup it would take too much space and in this case I'd like to have a list of their names and sizes and if possible a checksum TTH or emule's MD in order to redownload them easily in case of a disaster What software would you advise me to use BTW I'm also very interested about your backup methods for your sensible data PS Neither RAID nor a ZFS NAS box are solutions for me at the moment and I'm not looking for a software that does backup to an entire partition Regards Nick

A:Looking for a good backup software/backup plan

You dont want much do you Nick?? Im not aware of any program that will do 100% of everything that you have listed ... that would require custom software ... the easiest solution IMO would be a program like Acronis/Macrium image, backed up to an external 2tb hard drive ... it may not be the most elegant solution, but it would work...
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Got kind of a weird issue. Bear with me, I'm a hardware guy that got SQL Server dumped on me.

I use Enterprise Manager to run 3 daily backups...2 differential and one full. It's a pretty small operation, so there is only one database that actually contains OUR data. That is the only one I back up. The copies go to a folder on a separate drive in the server. Because I'm required to test these backups (dang Feds, leave me alone!), I know they work. Enterprise Manager, they say they have failed. When I look at the job's history, it says it failed at step 1. If I can restore the backup, and everything is I need to worry about this? Why am I getting that error?

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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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Can NT Backup Server (BDC) administer a domain?How?

A:NT Backup Server

the bdc will receive a read only copy of the sam from the pdc. so any changes to the sam on the pdc will be automatically copied to the bdc.

the purpose to a bdc is to answer resource request to the domain such as logons, file use request, and print use.

ideally you would want one bdc per network segment.

so it does manage a domain. it just happens to be the same domain as the pdc.
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i created 2 servers, one core one GUI standard. i was attempting to run a backup to remote location from serve GUI to server core. i created a share folder and gave admin full rights to the share. the folder was shared successfully. going through the backup
wizard i type in the file path for the backup and get questioned about credentials. i type in credentials for both local and domain admins and still receive error saying that either i am typing in credentials wrong or do not have privileges to the share. i
just lost 10 points on an exam. thanks Microsoft. thanks for making server 2012 just as horribly garbage as windows 8
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What software do you guys use for backing up your servers? Got any freeware recommendations?

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I m kind of playing with the idea of having a server I just dont know how to go about it I have my old athlon machine gathering dust and it needs a few new parts However server Backup with i wouldnt mind experimenting with it as a storage backup server Lets say for now this is my goal run the server quot tower quot in the corner without any input devices monitor keyboard access it from my core duo and other athlon xp machine at my desk also if it works well the dell down stairs and my other athlon pc store whatever i want on it have it back up each machine automatically every night or week month etc I figure this way is cheaper than buying hard drives for each pc data stripping integrity raid and personally i think its cooler As of right now i have a gig WD drive that works when it wants to in the server ginnea pig If i can get this setup to work ill go get a few or gig drives for it Im looking into linux rather than windows even though i have no idea how to use it in a quot geek quot manner I just avoid Microsoft as much as possible So far ive downloaded ubuntu server Backup with server and last night i downloaded fedorea red hat i guess I want to keep this as free as possible minus buying new parts also im going to link the server and computers in my room together via network cable for quot internet access quot i will buy more netgear pci cards except for the server i dont think theres a reason for it to connect online sorry if i rambled a bit or asked a question thats already been addressed i did a search and couldnt relate this setup to anything i found All help is greatly appriciated nbsp

A:Backup with server

That's ironic, Jobeard posted info on that a day or so, ago.
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Hi Guys.

ok, I am planning to set up a backup server.

I want your guys's opinions on what software to use as an OS etc.

Please help!

Currently each of my server (I have 4) manage their own backups and just copies them to a mapped folder on the network.

any advice will do.

Thanks ^^

A:Backup server

What OS do you have? Server and Client? If you have Windows 2003 Server Enterprise or if you're in home office Standard. SBS Small Business Server is ideal for small business it comes with Exchange Mail Server. But in your case XP 2002, 2003 Server, MCE 2005, VISTA 2007, which ever you want will work?

Vertias Backup Exec now under Symantec Backup Exec is the best for this purpose. There might be some opensource ones available at
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Hi everybody, where can I find some info to how to setup a backup server or any server. Thank you.

A:backup server

depends on how much money you want to spend and how much you need to back up.. if you just have a HDD to back up, then just get a RAID setup..
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I shall try to Server Backup keep this as straightforward as possible Currently have NT PDC and K member server Intend to move all data apps to K and promote to DC AD The desire is to make the current server a complete backup server including data If K is installed on this machine as well and made a DC then all will be fine as far as authentication is concerned but I think my problem is going to be replicating the data What is the best way to go about this Could I use DFS Would it be simpler to merely write a script to perform a flat copy overnight though there s probably too much data about Gb currently Do I need some Backup Server expensive third-party software Is it going to be practical at all given the resource overhead of constantly replicating between the two machines Perhaps I should just buy a compatible tape drive and perform data restore from that I maybe missing some very simple solution or reason why this can t be done but any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated nbsp

A:Backup Server

The resource kit has a utility called WINDIFF that will check for folder/file differences between 2 machines, then give you the option of copying the different files/folders from one to the other.

It may only be in the NT4 resource Kit.
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I'm trying to find out which disk image backup to apply to W2K Adv. Server. Just found out that a whole lot of backup proggy wont install on this OS. Can anyone help?

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I have set up an HP XW 9400 Workstation on my local network to serve as a backup server for my other four computers. The system disk drive (c has 156 of 186GB free, and the drive on which I save the backups has 109 of 465GB free.

I set up the backup drive with separate folders for each machine being backed up, since I ran into a problem trying to do an image backup of more than one machine. Now I'm getting messages saying that an invalid MediaID.bin file exists when I try to back up one of my systems.

Why is it so difficult to make Windows 7 backup work? Am I missing something? (Probably am. It's usually the nut behind the wheel that's at fault.)

A:Backup server problems

You have to have Win 7 Professional or above to back up on a network using the built in back up.

Backup and Restore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I have been tasked with coming up with a solution to backing up the 3 network servers we have. Currently there is only one Dat 72 drive in one of the servers backing up that server and a few files from a second. I am looking for a suggestion on what would be the best way to backup all three servers, in a fair time frame and not kill my budget. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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I have a server sitting here with an Act database that must be preserved.
At the moment, no one seems to know the password (Server 2003), so I want to be sure I copy the relevant files.
I suspect I want the .pad file. which I have.
What else do I need to be sure I have everything needed to transfer the proper info to the local machine running Act?
I've copied everything in Program Files and App Data.

A:Act Backup-No access to server

The PAD file is about the only file you don't need as it's re-built when you move the database, anyway.

You can't copy the Program, so copying anything in Program Files and App Data won't help either.

Have a look at:
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I am trying to migrate an NT4 server to more powerful hardware. The customer does not want to incure the cost of Win2003 Server and Exchange 2003. We are trying to move from an HP server to a Proliant DL380. I have been able to image the HP C drive to a network share, then restore that image to the Proliant, but it does not boot to that system. It boots to the Compaq configuration utilty and do not see a way to designate C: as bootable.

I do know that there is a good chance NT will still not function on the DL380, just because it might not reconfigure properly. But it seems worth the chance.

Does anyone know what step I missed.
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Hi, I currently host a dedicated Exchange server at, and I have no issues with it, but I am looking to host a backup server at a second data center and have the two server replicate either multimaster or master-slave with the esecuredata server being the master and the new server being a slave. I have two questions:

1. What software would I need to implement to have the new backup server automatically update itself from the master server?

2. Can anyone recommend a good dedicated exchange server provider for my proposed backup server? Ideally it would be outside North America for redundancy. I can spend up to $100/month.

Thanks in advance.
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I am trying to use NT Backup on a 2000 SP4 server to backup 2 shared folders and the system state. I am setting it up as a scheduled job and it keeps failing because it cannot find the correct media or no unused media. I basically want it to do a nightly backup, a different tape every day of the week, and I just can't get it to work. The media label and pool is confusing me. It seems I can get it to backup once to the tape but then when I want to overwrite the tape next week it fails because it cannot find the appropriate media. I have even tried the /um switch in the backup job but I can't get that to go either. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?? Or is there a freeware backup program that may make this easier. I am backing up to a Travan 10/20 GB drive.

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I am looking for a offsite server backup solution in Canada. I would like to know which are the best providers.
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I am looking for a way to daily backup the My Documents folder to a mapped server drive.

Is there a utility within Windows XP to do that? Where? How?


A:backup folder to server

I have a batch file at the following address that will do what you want.
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HI, I backed up my server using acronis server backup and put the file onto a dvd. i had a problem with the server and had it changed for the exact same machine with new hard disks, which are SAS. i boot with the server software and can copy the backup onto the hard disk. but when i reboot i get the error message :

cannot access boot hard disk. check your hard disk configuration.

One of the tech support people we deal with said to setup the RAID configuration first and then copy the backup across, but this does not work either.

If anyone has any ideas i would be most grateful, otherwise i am going to have to start from scratch.

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Hi Geeks!
I want to backup my DHCP server. I want to make sure that if my DHCP server goes down for some reason there is a server at standby that can come and takeover as a DHCP server and start leasing the addresses.
Or if i can add an additional DHCP server.
My Current DHCP Server is Windows 2000 Professional.
Is there any way that i can create a DHCP backup server as in case of Active Directory...

Kindly let me know if anyone has any sort of solution

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Hi Guys,
Got an Intermittent problem with a NT Server machine. It fulfils backups every night to a Seagate Tape Drive, it will do this for around 3 weeks no problem, then it stops responding. Error message asks to check connections Etc.
If i restart the server the tape drive will work away for another 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and go through the same routine ???
Seems to rule out the Tape Drive as being at fault, tried the Obvious like cables, Tapes Etc. But the problem persists.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

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I have a file server running off of an ESXi host with Vsphere (2008r2) I have a file server with a 600gb capacity which is more than enough.

First, i'd like suggestions on a service I can use so that, anyone who deletes a file, I can recover that file.

2nd and actual, somewhat real-time backup of the file server to the cloud, possibly? Aby suggestions will be great. My first concern now is that people can delete. So I want to be able to recover a folder if they accidently delete it and its contents.
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Hello all I'm new to the forum First let me give some background I am a police Backup Solution Server officer in the New Orleans area I am in charge of my departments laptops desktops and server network I have no formal computer training I Server Backup Solution am one of those people who likes to know how things work and over the years I have taught myself how to work on and fix computers I am the Server Backup Solution quot IT quot guy at my department even though I have no formal training google is a big part of what I do Whenever I have an actual computer guru working on something for me I pay attention and take notes I have some knowledge now of basic networking things I currently have servers All Windows based Server and On two of my servers I have external drives for storage of video files I currently have Lacie TB drives set to RAID and a TB drive also RAID These two servers run and save video and audio from our in car dash cameras and IP crime camera network One server is my domain controller and DHCP This server also contains all of the departments network shares as well as all crash reports Each officer has a folder to store their documents such as warants trip sheets and whatever they need or want to store The administration stores their statistics in a shared folder including stats for the FBI and other state nad federal agencies we are required to report crime stats to The last server stores all criminal reports including the report statements evidence forms and anything that is printed on paper that is attached to the case file This is what I need I am looking for a cost effective backup solution I do not have a large budget as we are a small department I have looked into Barracuda networks which is an appliance and a cloud backup option This will cost - depending on the appliance plus the yearly cloud backup fee I have also looked into Backup Exec This will cost about for software and then I would need a large NAS and a seperate cloud solution My next idea was a NAS with backup Exec and instead of a cloud backup I would get a second NAS and place it off site either at my house or a city owned property and backup to that also My question is is that possible with Backup Exec and high speed internet service that the department and I have I was thinking that would be the least expensive option although not as secure and rock solid My DC and DHCP server does have a RD drive but those disks are expensive and the server treats it like a CD rom drive and not a HDD so recovering a single file is not possible Then that disk would need to be changed often and it will not backup all the data I have from all the servers so I ruled that out I do have Symantec Ghost for my laptops and desktop images but I'm not sure if that would image a server and that is still not a good backup solution I would also like to hear any other suggestions any of you have Thanks for your time

A:Server Backup Solution

you may want more than backup. do you have a DR / BC plan in place?

The Disaster Recovery Plan - Business Insider

otherwise, i've been wanting to try out Crash Plan's services for backup. If i ever get to it, I'll set it up for a home server,

Online Data Backup - Offsite, Onsite, & Cloud - CrashPlan Backup Software
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I am what passes for IT dept mostly self-taught for a small company Our server is an older Netfinity with RAID array running Windows Server pens? 2K Backup USB Server to - I know it s old but serves our needs fine Backup regime using NTbackup has been as follows daily M-F backups to hard drive plus second daily M-F to mm DAT as well as separate weekly backups to external USB hard drive and to a NAS device Currently backing up a 2K Server - Backup to USB pens? little less than GB in each daily Lately the tape backups have been giving me a lot of grief media not found read failures on verify bad blocks detected Have replaced both drive and tapes - currently on second used drive and third all new set of tapes in the last months Was thinking of switching over to using USB pen drives in place of the tapes I can get a good deal on a bunch of GB Kingston DataTraveler s Just wondering first of all if anyone has experience opinion with regard to this kind of backup particularly as compared to tape backups Secondly if I do go this route I m seeing that pen drives show up as removable storage as compared to the GB IOGear external that shows up as a local drive Should I be preparing the pens with RSM as I would with tapes or treating it as a HD based backup Thanks in advance for any replies nbsp

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Have an issue where scheduled backup only seems to be running every 2 days (instead of every day as per the schedule). Simple full backup using shadow copy and hardware compression. Tape is switched each day and backup does not run, leave same tape in and next day backup runs. Note: I'm using the /UM switch so it doesn't matter about the tape label.
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Hello all!

We have had a situation at our office which has questioned the way we do backups. We are looking for a system which will allow us to backup our information off site and to be secure. I have a little experience in Dedicated Server systems like the ones that 1and1 offers, but I am unsure of which companies our now at the top of the totem pole.

We are looking for about 500GB - 1TB of Hard drive space, and fast transferring, so our backups won't be hanging for an extended period of time.

If someone could possibly give me some options on experiences they have had with some companies and find me some companies which have a good reputation with good pricing I would be extremely grateful.

P.S. Any other insight or input you can give would be great as well.


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In our organization we ve got about computers or mobile users about a combined gb of data up until now we ve been using a rd party online backup solution to keep the help Need with Solutions Client/Server Backup users documents and outlook data backed up The more the data grows the Need help with Client/Server Backup Solutions more the monthly price grows and is becoming a budget problem We have windows server standard machines and I m building a sandboxed environment replicating the current users connected to the domain getting ready to test debug deploy windows server and some vista clients on the server I ve tried setting up backup schedules with windows backup ntbackup exe and its not doing what it s supposed to Every time I set up a schedule and wait for the right hour mins mins whatever for the backup test it doesn t work too well I need a cost effective solution to replace our online backup service It doesn t matter if we don t end up upgrading to windows server vista I m simply building a test environment to compare security and performance We have like I said about desktops - XP SP Outlook and some documents etc about laptops - XP SP Outlook documents etc production file dns dhcp server Windows Server SP The outcome I d like the server to be able to backup all users documents outlook data at regular intervals so if the mobile users go out of the office for a few hours or couple days the backup program will just pick up where it left off keeping the data up to date pretty much the same way Apple s Time Machine program works only for PC I appreciate the help and a viable solution Thanks nbsp

A:Need help with Client/Server Backup Solutions

Issues here;
the program for backup and its technique to move the data,
sizing how much capacity you need for the storage,
protecting the data from prying eyes (ie encrypting it),
and the product or service for the storage (is it on or off site?)

all users documents, outlook dataClick to expand...

By all user documents to you mean explicitly the My Documents folder or the
entire user profile area \documents & settings\user-login-id\ ?
The User Profile is much bigger and the Application Data folder (eg mine @ ~ 400mb)
and the Local Settings (mine @ ~483mb) are sizable but certainly 'not critical user data'.
The exceptions are Outlook keeps the PST under Local Settings and Oultlook Express is there too.
Some third part stuff (eg Thunderbird email) is found under Application Data.

Personally, I use Allway Sync for replicating my data (but it's not encrypted).
The selectivity of files is excellent any it is fast due to duplicating only changed files.
As I use it in manual mode, I've not tried the scheduling feature which is available.
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I have a question.
This network has Windows 2008 Server with Acronis Back for Windows Server. Along with 9 Windows 7 Professional machines on the domain that access the active server directory and the mainframe files that all 9 access and work on excel files.
My question is this.
Is there some way I can select to backup the PST Outlook 2013 file or folder containing it and My Documents folder from each of the 9 machines? Is it possible to do it incrementally after the initial backup is done?
Or Is there a way to say, set the Outlook folder that contains the pst file as a shared folder on the network, then somehow have that backup to a folder on the server each night?
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I'm trying to manage a large number backups for Windows PCs using Acronis 11.5 but I've constantly been getting an error on Windows XP machines that is preventing me from doing so.  I came across the error through cmd using ipconfig /registerdns
and it is "RPC server is unavailable" which only happens on select Windows XP machines. 

I have checked The RPC service is set to start automatically and is running.  I've also checked that the registry files and they are there.  The event viewer has no errors relating to RPC (quite a few relating to WMI however).  I have
checked some other things I just forget what they are so if you suggest it I can try it again.
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I was asked to see what is being backed up on a Server. When I open the Microsoft backup utility I see there's a daily differential backup that is running. But how do I see or find out what data is being backed up?
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We have some XP work stations that needs to have a folder on their desktop backup up nightly to a folder on the server.

How can I set this up? Is there a utility in XP?


A:Scheduled backup to folder on server
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Hi I work for a very small company people We each have laptops and a desktop that we put all the shared files in This desktop is left on The whole desktop is backed up weekly using Acronis and daily differential is taken The desktop is also used for daily work owning vs server a Backup Online beside being our quot file server quot We have about gig of data on the desktop that need to be saved Our problem Online Backup vs owning a server is that sometimes when traveling we have need for the data one the desktop I ve been thinking maybe we should use an online backup service that can also sync files or we can purchase a file server most likely from Dell since that is what I use all my life I will then have to be responsible for a file server which means I have to read up on what I have to do and what I have to be concern with Can anyone recommend a good online backup service I ve read the reviews but am not sure if I am reading sponsored sites or not Is there an unbiased site you can recommend Would we do better having our own server Any suggestion is greatly appreciated nbsp

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I run nightly automated file backups to USB drives different drive on alternate days using the Win Backup utility in Server I recently tried to test the backup by running one of my bkf files through Backup s quot restore quot function on a remote win XP Pro machine - but I can t get the restore function to recognize the bkf files The XP machine s Backup only finds backup sets from backup jobs run previously on that machine When I browse to one of the Server 2003 XP Backup from Pro to restore Win bkf files and try to create a catalogue for it I get an restore from Server 2003 Backup to Win XP Pro Unrecognized Media error message quot the backup fIle contains unrecognized data and cannot be used quot Am I trying to do the impossible restoring a Server bkf on an restore from Server 2003 Backup to Win XP Pro XP Pro machine I know I can test the backup on the Server machine but what if it dies completely amp I need to restore files to an XP machine to get my business running again Thanks guys Kirk nbsp
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Any Ideas on the best software to use to backup data from a Server 2008 to External Hard Drives that will be rotated every week?

(On the subject line I meant to say External Drives not Tapes)

Thanks, Brad
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I am planning some disaster recovery for a Windows 2000 Server heaven forbid something should ever go terribly wrong.

What is the best method to back up server settings/configuration to migrate to a new server or just to restore in the future to current server? Is it good to "ghost" an image of the currently good system state to use in case of just a drive failure?

I guess sort of along the lines of the first question but how would you backup just the AD?

I am thinking of building a new server and dread the thought of having to setup all shares, OU's, users, permissions, DHCP, etc. on the new server. So I would like to be able to just reinstall Win2000 Server and then restore the configuration from the old. Is this possible?

A:How to copy/backup server settings

If you have the the latest version of Ghost it will work, but generally they become out of date very quickly because most people don't have the time to keep it updated. I use it myself but I also use Windows Backup and run it daily. I restore using Ghost and add in the latest updates using the Recovery from Backup. You can backup only the system files, which include AD with Backup.

Good luck and experiment so you are experienced if the restore is needed.
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I'm using the free version of Yosemite Server Backup that came with my tape drive but it's having two problems:

1. It always fails to backup system files, does this mean the backup won't be usable for a disaster recovery

2. It will only run scheduled backups if you leave the main program window open 24/7, I find this absurd and it's the only backup program I ever used that requires leaving its main window open for scheduled backups to be run

Issue 1 may or may not be a problem, I don't know if these system files would be required for disaster recovery. Issue 2 is mostly an annoyance but that's not really an acceptable problem for a backup program as if I ever accidentally close the window all backups will fail without warning.

Anyone know if issue 1 is really a problem and if issue 2 can be fixed?


A:Yosemite Server Backup questions

If you are booted into Windows when you do your backup to tape, you cannot backup Windows System Files in use.
If there is disaster, you would need to reinstall Windows, and then restore your backup.
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Hi All
I am hoping someone may be able to help or advise.
I am evaluating GBM Server ver 8 for the company I work for (as an option to backup the server). I installed the GBM Server ok and then created a bootable disk, but when I tried to create a disaster recover job, I immediately received the error "win32 exception occured in GBM8.EXE [6596]. The server is Microsoft SBS 2003 Service Pack 2.
Any advice would be much appreciated - Thank you

A:Genie Backup Server 8 Error

Genie Backup Server 8

HI All,
Just some feedback. I have posted on the Genie forum and received advice regarding the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) service in windows small business server. Basically the VSS can cause issues when backing up - windows have issued a hotfix but this did not work. Now I will try true image backup package and see if that work.
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Hi, I would like to backup a copy of this windows2003 server we're running now, this is just in case the harddrive is bad, so i can restore the image back to a new harddrive. So, i bought a copy of Ghost 9 and i tried install on the server but it dosen't support win servers. So, any help on how to backup our win 2003 small business server as an image?

A:backup a copy of win2003 server

see if this helps

or can do backups with out you having to reboot the server
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Here's my question, and any/all help is greatly appreciated.

I have a Windows Server 2003 system by Dell. It has 2 internal hard drives, one a 16gb (approx) and a 160gb (approx). It also has a tape drive in which you can insert tape media for backup. I believe it also has a CD/DVD+/- writer in it.

Which way is the best to backup my drives? Cost is somewhat an option, allthough I would like the setup to remain as automatic as possible.

Thanks for any feedback!

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I have a small business where I would like to backup about 100GB. I would like some type of backup software that doesn’t encrypt so that when I want to retrieve it, it doesn’t take me an hour to decrypt and after the initial backup it would only backup what has changed from the last backup. I would like to schedule them to do it in the middle of the night every night. Has anyone got any suggest as to the best software to do this.

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I am looking for a simple piece of software which ideally will copy all my files Documents Pictures Music Movies and a few others on to an external USB HD and now and again when I ask it to will automatically find any individual files that have changed and re-copy overwrite them and only them in full and if needed allow me to manually copy back some or all of the files individually Files will rarely change I don't need incremental backup compression encryption the Cloud nor scheduling of update times my backup drive is normally kept off but there would be no disadvantage if these features were in included but optional Software like this is apparently called Continuity Software By incremental backup which I don t need I mean the type which creates an additional backup of only the parts of a file that have changed accumulating a separate part for every change to a file I have looked at Capterra's site Best Business Continuity Software Reviews of the Most Popular Systems and found programs which seem potentially suitable They all cost between and and Software for Backup Looking are to be installed on the computer that is not subject to a subscription The names are Fastbackup Ahmed Software Genie Timeline Home or Genie Backup Manager Home Edition Genie Backup Platinum Softlogica InstaBackup Stellar Information Systems Handy Backup Standard Looking for Backup Software Novosoft Uranium Backup Nanosystems Can anyone rate any of these What do you use Thanks PS MAX SyncUp had these features but messed up my computer Windows produced a red yellow triangle saying it was incompatible I want to go for established commercial firms and paid-for software

A:Looking for Backup Software

I've never heard of Capterra or any of those recommended applications.

There are a number of free choices that work well. I use FreeFileSync. It works well, but might not be the easiest to understand if you don't have experience with these types of programs.

But you want to pay. In that case, I'd recommend Second Copy, which I used to use.

It is $30, very easy to understand, and has been around a long time. Highly recommended. I gave up on it only because I'm too cheap to pay $30.

You can include or exclude by file extension or sub-folder through a simple interface. You make "profiles" to your own specifications and then run the profile with a mouse-click, on demand.

Windows backup software Second Copy: Pricing and Ordering Licenses
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Is there any backup software which can backup just windows sytem only instead of the whole partition.

Any experience in Driveimage XML and R-DriveImage. How are they when compared to Acronis trueimage v.8.0.

May I expect an expert's opinion?


A:backup software

you can use tapeware or novabackup
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Does any one know of software that will allow you to backup software on a remote desktop and sync an upload of the backed up data to a central point?

A:Backup Software

That all depends on what you are backing it up to! However, if you are talking about replicating or mirror the information between more than one computer, this software here is absolutely awesome for doing this and much more!


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Does anyone know if the Veritas Backup Exec software needs SQL to be already installed on a computer?

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I was wondering what you guys/gals use to backup data and to make cd with. I have used Roxio forever, and I did use version 9(very slow encoding dvd's), but with Vista I was thinking of going to version 10. I thought I would see what your opinions were about Roxio, Nero and any other software out there.


A:cd/dvd backup software

hi warpedhifi-
Roxio has a new solution for backup, launched last month. Its BackOnTrackOnline, which allows you to select the files you want backed up and it does it automatically for you whenever a file is updated. Storage is secure online. I used it for the first time a couple weeks ago and personally thought it was quite easy to use, and very efficient. There is a free 14 day trial on the Roxio - DVD Burning & CD Burning Software - Creator & Toast Software website which will give you a good idea of the product, and an opportunity to see if its a good fit for your backup needs.
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Used Drive Image on my old WIN computer-worked like a charm Tried it on New WIN XP computer- no good Symantec suggested updating to version -same problem It would say the back up was good but verifying said no good Tried software backup working with Symantec to no avail and then purchased True Image Same problem Says back up is successful but verification says quot corrupted image quot Sent Acronis e-mails but getting nowhere Have tried everything Checking RAM and deleting all unnecessary programs backup software even virus protector used Disk Cleanup Chkdisk and defrag on all hard drives-problem still exists Have hard backup software drives Main drive is partitioned into two drives C and D both NFTS C is my main drive containing the back up software backup was to the D drive Also have a second drive G which is in FAT form but this should have no effect as it isn t being used in this situation I am confounded Do I have a successful backup or a corrupted one Is this a software problem or a WIN XP problem What can I do to get a proven backup BEFORE I really need it nbsp
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Hi,,Does anyone know of really good backup software for win2000 need free software to make a good full backup and daily incrementals from there onwards

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So what's a good backup software to use?

I have an external HDD and I want to be able to easily backup some files I have on my internal HDD. Would be great if the backup software can essentially mirror a few folders on my internal.

A:Need backup software

It depends on whether you want to simply backup data or if you need to make a clone of your hard drive - apps and all. I don't think anyone will recommend one single product to you. It's a matter of taste and pocketbook, features and usability. There are lots of them in each category ranging from free to a couple of hundred dollars. Try a search on clone (or ghost) hard drive or backup computer data. There will be lots of hits and lots of opinions.

Good luck.
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Is their any good free backup software so i can copy over my hard drive to an external hdd.
Want to do so as a back up in case of problems?

A:Backup Software?

Acronis True Image (whatever the latest version is but I'm using True Image 2013) has always worked for me, never had a problem with it and I've been using it for more than ten years.

It's not free though.
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Right then as we are constantly reminded about Backing Up our PCs software Backup one?? -which i have purchased a gb Seagate Expansion XD w o software Now the software to Back Up IN Entirety including Differential backup I am running Windows Vista Ultimate x Service Pack build Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S A ATA Device CD-ROM drive Hitachi HDP GLA Hard drive GB -- drive s n GEK RH AXMSG rev GM OA CA SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Usable Installed Memory gigahertz AMD Athlon X Dual Core Board ECS GeForce M-M I have Nero suite incl BackItUp No good as it doesnt support bit and u Backup software -which one?? cannot update Full Drive Backups So I need software that will clone my drive in case the unthinkable happens and which i can update with updates as and when Differential BU is it I thought it would be great with Vista Ultimate bit when installed on my new PC in Feb but very few software companies programs use bit I shouldve stuck to the old bit on XP As there arent many bit applications out there which Backup software works with Vista bit It seems i have to pay again to preserve my HD contents First an X HD now a Backup Application I ask all this only having read conflicting reports that Vista s own Backup Utility isnt very good although it would support its own system i guess I know the answer is quot Any Backup is better than none at all quot I havent taken the Ext HD out of the box yet so nothing has been tried - Not even Vista Backup Question is should i give Vista s BU a go - or spend the hard earned readies on a rd party version Sorry to ramble on - Any Advice would be welcomed and taken on board Incidentally as the Ext HD is double the internal one i was planning on partitions of gb each One for the Vista clone and one free for anything else Is this wise I currently have everything including Windows on the single internal drive Thanx in advance I think that s it Del Derek nbsp

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I am trying to use EaseUS Todo Backup and my windows 7 system does not read .MBF files .
Backing up on a Toshiba 500 GB external hard drive , any sugestions ?

A:Backup Software

.MBF files are Microsoft Money files.
EaseUS ToDO Backup creates .PBD files.

I don't understand your post, or what Windows 7 not reading .MBF files has to to with EaseUS backing up files to an external drive... I think you're leaving out all the important details.

If you are migrating data from one computer to another or restoring data onto a computer, then you need to ensure that you have the required programs to open the files on that computer, in this case you must have Microsoft Money installed to be able to open that file.
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Hello everyone and sorry for the trouble again.

I am looking for a backup software but wasn't sure of which one is really good to use. I am going to buy the software but I am holding back on which one to go for.

I was told that Acronis is really good with it's boot-disc and software and can do incremental backup monthly. The backing-up process seems really fast though and since I am only going to backup my SSD's data. All the information I know from there are based off what my friend said but haven't really seem it in action.

Is there any other software that could out-perform Acronis?
Or am I better off using the default Windows backup?

Sorry and thanks.

A:Help in the right backup software


Can you clarify whether you are addressing full system images, or individual user data/file backups?

If its the latter, you might consider SyncToy. For full system images both Acronis and Macrium seem quite popular. I'm not familiar with Acronis and use Macrium.

Imaging with free Macrium

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I have used VISTA to backup my files,but am curious if there are any free programs that are better?

A:Backup Software

If the files are important to you then programs you pay for is the answer...Acronis will clone your HD or backup whatever you want...but is not free but it works
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What is recommend for backup software? I have a 1TB Network drive that is connected via a router. I want to select folders and file type to do scheduled backups.


A:Backup Software

Hello Tstright,

You can try the free Cobian Backup software which you can find in the List of Free Software thread in the Software section. The link to download it is here

Here's few words about this application:
Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories from their original location to other directories/drives in the same computer or other computer in your network. FTP backup is also supported in both directions (download and upload).
Cobian Backup exists in two different versions: application and service. The program uses very few resources and can be running on the background on your system, checking your backup schedule and executing your backups when necessary. Cobian Backup is not an usual backup application: it only copies your files and folders in original or compressed mode to other destination, creating a security copy as a result. So Cobian Backup can be better described as a "Scheduler for security copies".
Cobian Backup supports several methods of compression and strong encryption.
Hope this help...cheers...
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Hey Guys..

I am currently using the software that came with windows to make scheduled backups, however i am finding it to be unreliable, most of the time it does not complete the backups and i am just not trusting them.

Can anyone recommend a good piece of backup software that is very well known (can be paid for or free, ideally i just need a very reliable one)...

It would be great if the software had a feature that would alert users (preferably by Email) if a backup has not been completed successfully, this way it can be checked...

Thanks very much in advance!