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Solved: Recommendations on automated imaging software for Win Server 2003?

Q: Solved: Recommendations on automated imaging software for Win Server 2003?

I will start by saying what I have been using for desktop computers. I like the way Ghost 15 works. It lets me set the days of the week or month to back up and allows me to specify how many backups it saves and deletes the oldest backup image as it makes a new one.

If Ghost 15 would work on Windows 2003 Server, I would be well pleased.

What is there that is similar that will work on Windows 2003 Server?

And that doesn't cost a fortune?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Recommendations on automated imaging software for Win Server 2003?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Recommendations on automated imaging software for Win Server 2003?
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I have a new Vista x64 (64 bit) machine and I'm looking for recommendations for a good backup/imaging program that I can use to boot and restore my system. I don't need anything with a lot of whistles and bells. Something that's easy to use and dependable would be ideal. Any suggestions would be appreciated


A:Looking For System Backup / Imaging Software Recommendations (Vista)
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Document imaging for windows is not included in Server 2003. I have office 2000. I know it's included in office 2003 but I do not have it. Any suggestions?
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My firm has a number of PC s running Winfax software to print faxes direct from any application under Win se After various tribulations involving putting a correct line in Win ini believe me this works Fax software server recommendations just fine and is an excellent solution It s expensive on individual phome lines however so we wanted a networked fax solution with just one PC acting as a fax server The network is Novell IP only We were advised to use RelayFax and installed it on a brand-new Win XP pro server PC There are problems well basically it doesn t work First we found we have to add Microsoft client for networking as well as the Novell client on each PC before we could even see the fax server Having sorted that the faxing works but Fax server software recommendations extremely erratically Sometimes fax pages are not sent sometimes a cover page several times and no furthe pages oh you name it Are we douing anything wrong or do we just junk it and get something else Any recommendations welcome but please only if you know it works in our specific environment - Win clients IP protocol Novell server nbsp

A:Fax server software recommendations

I think you may find Tobit FaxWare a good contender:
FaxWare 7, Complete Fax Server incl. 5 users, 1 Port (ELD) 475,00 / 551,00
incl. 25 users 975,00 / 1.131,00
incl. 50 users 1.975,00 / 2.291,00
(Prices in Euro, Nett / Gross)

Lots of UK reps all over the place:

Lots more to wade through, if you feel so inclined:
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Ok so my situ is i work for large gaming company and in previous deployments rollouts of xp we used to have partition & Imaging automated recovery the Imaging & automated recovery partition harddrive partitioned in - XP - recovery partition Automated created with ping software We created this setup as the users need to be able to hit the recovery partition on boot to have a clean install of xp after finishing there game testing Now that Windows has come along i need to have a setup on harddrive as - xp - Windows - recovery or - xp - recovery - Windows - recovery I have managed to Imaging & automated recovery partition do the sys prep amp image of both os's and get the option of - xp - Windows - recovery on boot up But i cannot seem to get the recovery partition to be automated or contain both os's with out screwing up the mbr I need to have a automated no disc to be inserted recovery partition as there are thousands of users and would take up too much time for the Imaging & automated recovery partition IT department Even if I could get it to recover from the network that would be good I have spent weeks trawling the net forums but to no avail Can anyone advise please Thanks in advance system specs vary

A:Imaging & automated recovery partition

What I would try is install Win7 first with the 100mb System Reserved partition which is assigned when you format the HD during install.

Next in Disk Mgmt. shrink Win7, then install XP which will remove System Active temporarily from Win7's 100mb Sys Reserved partition. So recover System Active MBR to SysReserved by marking it active, then run Startup Repair from Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD up to 3 separate times with reboots.

From Win7, type "backup" into start box and cue up a Win7 System Image to find out its size. Include in the image XP partition. Shrink Win7 again to make a Primary partition large enough to store this image.

Now boot computer and by tapping F8, access the WinRE Recovery console which 100mb SysReserved places on Advanced Boot Tools menu. Select "Recover Using an Image" and test that either or both OS's can be reimaged from the stored image using the utility. In some cases lower RAM will restrict the ability of WinRE to load itself into RAM sufficiently to reimage entire HD, at which point it will request reboot from Repair CD.
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Ok so my situ is & automated Imaging partition recovery i work for large gaming company and in previous deployments rollouts of xp we used to have the harddrive partitioned in - XP - recovery partition Automated created with ping software We created this setup as the users Imaging & automated recovery partition need to be able to hit the recovery partition on boot to have a clean install of xp after finishing there game testing Now that Windows has come along i need to have a setup on harddrive as - xp - win - recovery or - xp - recovery - win - recovery I have managed to do the sys prep amp image of both os's and get the option of - xp - win - recovery on boot up But i cannot seem to get the recovery partition to be automated or contain both os's with out screwing up the mbr I need to have a automated no disc to be inserted recovery partition as there are thousands of users and would take up too much time for the IT department Even if I could get it to recover from the network that would be good I have spent weeks trawling the net forums but to no avail Can anyone advise please Thanks in advance system specs vary

A:Imaging & automated recovery partition

What about Acronis true Image or any other of the Acronis software? Have you taken a look at those?

I can not be sure but I think I made an image of my Vista/Win 7 dual boot but I can't tell you whether they work or not because I have yet to use it or test it... I guess that would have been the first thing to try after I was done doing so.
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Back in the days of good old DOS, we had tape backup programs that could be preconfigured to run a complete drive backup on a schedule without user participation.

I'm looking for something like that for Windows 2000/XP. Norton Ghost is a great imaging program; but, I don't see anything in it that will cause it drop to DOS mode at the same time every day, image a drive automatically and then return to Windows--all on its own.

Any suggestions on anything about $100 and down that you know really works well with Windows 2000/XP would be appreciated.

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I have a set of 5 machines - 2 desktops (one being a thin client and the other to function as a 'server' ) and 3 notebooks. I was wondering what was the difference b/w the 2 versions Windows Server 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003. Is it true one cannot use a thin client but need a regular cpu setup to use Small Business Server 2003 ?

There is a difference in costs and since i have windows 2000 on the desktops and xp on the notebooks wondered if i needed to shell out so much more $$ for the Windows Server 2003 . I plan to put in a wireless networking system to link all the 5 machines.

Thanks in advance for any and all advise.


A:Solved: Difference b/w Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server 2003

ok i got the answer to this from another source.
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I have a set of 5 machines - 2 desktops (one being a thin client and the other to function as a 'server' ) and 3 notebooks. I was wondering what was the difference b/w the 2 versions Windows Server 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003. Is it true one cannot use a thin client but need a regular cpu setup to use Small Business Server 2003 ?

There is a difference in costs and since i have windows 2000 on the desktops and xp on the notebooks wondered if i needed to shell out so much more $$ for the Windows Server 2003 . I plan to put in a wireless networking system to link all the 5 machines.

Thanks in advance for any and all advise.


A:Solved: Difference b/w Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server has the following restrictions:
- Only one computer in a domain can be running Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server.
- Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server must be the root of the Active DirectoryŽ forest.
- Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server cannot trust any other domains.
- A Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server domain cannot have any child domains.
- Each additional server must have a Windows Small Business Server 2003 client access license (CAL). You can use CALs for each user or for each device.
The standard edition of Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes Windows Server 2003 technologies, including fax service, firewall service, and remote-access service. Additionally, it includes Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, enhanced tools for server monitoring and administration, and an out-of-the-box solution for internal Web sites. The standard edition is ideal for customers who do not require the higher-level functionality included in the premium edition

The premium edition includes everything in the standard edition, plus Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, and Microsoft FrontPageŽ 2003. The premium edition is ideal for small businesses with more demanding IT needs, such as data-intensive line-of-business applications, or advanced firewall and Web-caching capabilities

The standard edition has most of the stuffs inside.
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i m not sure where to start here i have an older compaq that originally ran win it was giving me grief so a friend made some changes and installed drive image on it it was running great so he made the image and we burned it to disks he said i could use it basically like the restore disks that came with the pc time with imaging software (Solved) help went bye and i bought a new system but now i want to fix this one up for a starter-pc for my son instead of a new one to learn on i thought i could clean it up by restoring it and when it rebooted it said no OS was found on the system i found a download for the imaging software and put it on the new pc to create rescue disks which got the pc back up and running (Solved) help with imaging software but its back on win again and showing the same (Solved) help with imaging software errors it did before the fix up im not familiar with this powerquest drive image software and im at my wits end here trying to replace the old set-up with the image disks we burned i havent spoken to this friend in awhile and theres no help there all i wanna know is how can i wipe this pc out and restore the last image we made ive been reading the help section and trying and im beginning to think i might be just adding more and more stuff to it is there any way to just format the hd and start with the image disks btw i burned the image software in case i lose it on that pc again i just wanna get this thing back how it was so my kiddo can learn on it my mind is now warped so pretend im a first grader lol thx Pee j nbsp

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Hi Tech Guys,
I am in need of imaging a win 7 system that was given to me. I could use all the opinions I can get from you good folks as to which is the best free imaging program to use. I should add that I need to image the entire disk including all partitions.

Thanks, Bill

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I would like to get some imaging software for my computer but I do not want to pay an arm and a leg for it.Googled for free imaging software and got a ton of returns.What are some good free imaging software programs?Need it in case my computer crashes.

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Hello all. My company (small - about 10 computers) recently did some computer upgrades that took forever. I had to go individually to each computer and install every program to each one. So, I am looking for a drive imaging program so that I can just make a clean snapshot and go from computer to computer and get it done easily.

So, anyone got a suggestion for a drive imaging program at minimal cost?


A:Solved: Drive Imaging Software

I haven't tried it, but the Easeus Todo Backup is free for "home use, noncommercial, small business and enterprises"
Most of the other free ones from companies are for Home use only, and the commercial versions require a license for each PC, so that can add up.

You might find an open source program from this list:

I've seen Clonezilla mentioned a few times.

If you have a Seagate HD, you can use this, which is based on Acronis:
Seagate DiscWizard
Western Digital has a free version as well I believe.

Acronis True Image
DriveImage XML
Macrium Reflect
Norton Ghost
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Hey all I have a question. I am working at a company that was using Ghost 7.5 for disk imaging. It worked pretty well, however we now have computers with serial hard drives which 7.5 doesn't support. I am looking for a disk imaging program that can read ntfs (most of our network is 2000/XP) and can write an image to a networked drive (not external HD). Everything I read about Ghost looks terrible, and version 10 doesn't even write images as I understand it. I have looked at Acronis, but we don't have dvd burners, and I'm not sure they can write to a networked drive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a terabyte raid5 running on a server 2003 box. It has a separate system drive. I was wondering, if that system drives fails and I reload 2003 on another drive, will it pick up that software raid5 configuration and all the data? Thanks.

A:Software Raid5 in Server 2003

If the OS is not part of the array and you have installed applications on the array you will have to restore those applications as well. I am not even sure you can make the OS part of an RAID 5 array. Your best bet would be to restore the OS volume from a full backup...the OS won't know the difference since the array looks like one big drive to it.
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I am setting up Server 2003 and would like to have the server push applications to workstations. Any pointers as to how this is done? Thanks.

A:Pushing Software in Server 2003

I think this should fully answer your question;en-us;816102

You'll be looking to assign
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Here at the school that I work at we To That Solved: Update Allows Programs Software Imaging Certain have lab that has computers that are identical Win quad core gb ram and we wanted a way for the student to be able to use the comptuers and us not having to deal with virus and such So we went with Comodo Time Machine we made an image with everything how we wanted and told the computers to restart at am and comodo to restore to that image Now it is time to do a bunch of updates and Solved: Imaging Software That Allows Certain Programs To Update that means for us to sit down at all computers and update everything then tell comodo to restore to the updated sanpshot We want to know if there is a way we could have some programs update with out us having to be there and make a new snapshot and if the updates will carry over after the reboot using comodo Or if there is program like comodo that will lets us do this nbsp

A:Solved: Imaging Software That Allows Certain Programs To Update

If you don't need to be present for the updating, why not just schedule Comodo to make an image at a time after the updates?
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I occasionally need to fax documents and have been using the built in MIcrosoft fax program in Windows XP. Today, a five page document took 30 minutes and that seems really slow.

Would Fax Talk or any other such program be that slow?


A:Solved: Fax software recommendations

This evening, I resent that fax through FaxTalk (trial version) that I downloaded tonight. It took 3 minutes as opposed to over 30 minutes using the Microsoft WinXP program.

This may be due to something I did or did not do in the Microsoft program but the interface on that program is not conducive to easy setup beyond the default.

Over the last few months, I have sent several faxes using Microsoft and each time thought that they took a very long time to send. Now, I see why.

I bought the FaxTalk program this evening.
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Somebody please help me. A walkthrough would be great. This is my problem. I have a server at work, I am a computer engineer, however the problem is I have not had much experience with servers. My task is to install some software onto the server (Windows Server 2003) so that the software can then be accessed and run on each client computer (PC that is connected to the server)

Would anyone have any tips, or be able to walk me through doing this ?

Please help, and thanks.
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I am looking for recommendations for a software package that will produce an artist rendering from a photo. I work with several cabinet shops and each of them have a need for renderings of the product they build, but they are not artists. I would like to take an existing photo of the millwork, scan the photo and turn it into a drawing or rendering.


A:Solved: Rendering software recommendations

i have been using Ulead software and it seem to work well
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I have a server running Windows Server 2008 64bit and the C: drive is getting full... very slowly, but still. The drive is partitioned into two drives and I wanted to expand the C drive so it has more room to grow. My D drive has 335 gigs of free space, so this shouldn't be a problem, I just need some good software to do it.

On my home computers I use Gparted, but I'm not sure thats the best choice for a 64bit server?

Any tips or suggestions are welcomed!



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I belong to a private beach club with about 75 members. Can anyone suggest a program that we might use for recording and monitoring dues, assesments etc.?

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can anyone here tell me from his experiences what is the best Anti Virus software to protect a Windows 2003 Server? The server doesn't run an Microsoft Exchange Server.....this Server runs only a Microsoft SQL 2005 Server.


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I have a 2 PCs that are randomly powering off. One more than the other. Both are giving the same symptoms but I have no clue how to figure out what is going on. I need help from a software to figure these out.

1) Event logs are clean no stop signs or exclamtion points prior to shutdown.
2) Just gives an indicator last shutdown was unexpected.
3) memtest runs through fine.
4) Shutdown is 100% random not any timed thing.
5) Happens when idle and at full use.
6) No blue screen at all.
7) No dump files.
8) Different power sources have been used/on top of the fact one is a laptop with a fine battery.

I am all out of troubleshooting ideas. Any thoughts on something that is a realtime system monitor that might catch WHY these systems are shutting down?
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Hi i ve been using iolo System Mechanic Professional for a little over a year now and for the better part of the first maintenance software Solved: system recommendations Need for year it ran great and kept my system running pretty quickly with little problems Now however it causes my computer to keep compressing the registry files on startup after i turned that feature off months ago which causes it to reboot once when finished and overall prolongs the time it takes to boot up and also will no longer defrag my main HDD the SATA device listed with Windows installed on it This is getting very annoying and i am desperate for some serious recommendations on good software to keep my system running quickly and a good defrag tool is a Solved: Need recommendations for system maintenance software must-have since the windows vista defrag tool does not seem to work I really appreciate all the help i can get P S I d appreciate recommendations on both good premium software as well as free software whatever works well i will be interested in nbsp

A:Solved: Need recommendations for system maintenance software
I wouldn't use the memory optimizer.
It's hard to get rid of.
The rest is decent.
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I was just thinking doing downloading AVG free, Adaware SE, Spybot, and Spyblaster for protection for my clients. Why don't I store these install files this time? Then I thought why not just get WMI files of them if possible. Then I realized I'm a total noob to pushing out things and should probably ask how is the preferred method before doing it. Now I know that MS Server 2003 can push out things but I am unclear about 2 things.

1. Where should you store those WMI files you want to push out to select later?

2. If I can't get a WMI file is there a converter or should I get a third party product that can push out?

Anyone that can help would be great, right now I'm just storing the .exe files in a folder on the server. I know in theory you can do it, I just haven't done it yet with anything.

A:Good place to get WMI Files or autodeploy software for Server 2003?

Nevermind got it but it gives an option in the form of a box instead of just installing is there a switch to auto run?
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I have both versions & have found a great deal of info on MultiCast & doing this manually but need to know what files are required on the PC to run this from a scheduled task. Computer is running XP Pro w/ 2GB proc & about a gig of RAM. PC has 2nd 20GB hard drive as the destination for image.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

~Thank You
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What are the steps involved in sharing Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server resources over a network?

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I'm looking for either freeware or shareware automated email software. I need the software to read addresse from a ascii file, excel ect., one at a time (until end of file), use the attachement file - also listed in the ascii file, then send the information to the email address automatically. This program should be able to do this until it reaches the end of the addresses in the ascii file (or other file format). Anyone know of a automated email software pkg. which can do this?
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What's the best automated back-up software? I want to back up certain directories to my external hard drive every single night, so I'd like a software that detects all file changes and additions within those directories and backs them up onto the external.

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Hello all,

Going through my dad's old sets of slides and have found that a lot of the sets either have a slight blue or red tint to them (I'm guessing it's because of the types of film he was using at the time + the age of them). I was wondering if there was perhaps some way to have a completely (Or at least semi) automated color correction done to the photos after they've been scanned?

Just as a note I'm scanning the slides in 28MP with a Canon Pixma MG8120 and the software that came with it doesn't seem to have any kind of color correction built in.

Here's an example of one of the slides that has a blue tint to it:


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At work I spend over 90% of my working day filling out online forms (peak season, i guess). Is there anything more advanced than Password Manager out there that could ease and speed up the process? Would really appreciate your recommendations!

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After installing Spy Sweeper, all of my imaging software programs no longer work. Has anyone heard of a problem such as this. I have Photo Explosion and HP Image Zone. I deleted both imaging programs and have re-installed HP Image Zone, but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions??

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i'm looking for a straight forward inexpensive (free!?) solution to being able to create client installation images for new PC deployment. As well as to manage and deploy security patches and software to these PC's

any recommendations?

A:Software deployments and automated client installations

Hi nvisibl,

You should read up on Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) for image deployment with the operating system of your chosing. To be able to manage and deploy security patches and manage these clients you're going to need a Server with a Windows Server (ie 2003 or 2008) with a valid license.

You will not be able to get away with this free as all licenses costs. Worth mentioning is that this is nothing for the average home user. It might sound easy on paper, but it really isn't.
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does anyone know any software that can make a site load over and over again?

A:Automated software or scripts to load a site over and over?

Opera will do it. Right click in the page and there is a "Reload Every" option where you can select some predetermined times, or you can enter a custom time.

Firefox will also do it if you get the Reload Every extention, but why get a browser that requires an extention to do stuff another includes from the start...

Both are free browsers, a lot of people still think you have to pay for Opera, but you don't, its been free for quite some time now.
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My operating system is Vista and I have been using Microsoft office amp Document Imaging amp for OCR and passing the text to Word Recently it has been exhibiting strange behavior When I try to send the text to Word amp Send text to Word amp amp Document Imagining amp gives an error message amp Server Busy This action cannot be completed because the amp document - Microsoft Word amp program is not responding amp OCR Imaging" Solved: problem Word Microsoft with software "Document amp However an empty Word document window appears anyway When I minimize the empty Word document window a small dialog box appears asking me amp Do you want to convert from list of Solved: Microsoft Word problem with "Document Imaging" OCR software file formats to Word amp If I select HTML the text appears in Word Sometimes the Word amp Document Imaging amp programs hang up completely in which case I have Solved: Microsoft Word problem with "Document Imaging" OCR software to go to amp Task Manager amp to get out of the predicament I have uninstalled and re-installed amp Microsoft Office amp with no success in solving the problem However if I I implement quot Document Imaging quot on a different computer also with Vista everything works as expected Can anyone tell me what is going on How can I go directly to Word instead of having Solved: Microsoft Word problem with "Document Imaging" OCR software to convert from HTML How did it get to HTML in the first place nbsp

A:Solved: Microsoft Word problem with "Document Imaging" OCR software

Have you tried going to Word Options ? Check in Advanced under Compatibility and make sure Word 2007 is selected in the "layout this document as if "
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Good day all,
Looking for advise on the following problem;
I am currently installing two new Windows Server 2003's, I have about 70 computers (all running XP w/sp2) spread out through 3 states. I need to save/backup each of the comps onto the server (including user profs). I have read quite abit on the proscess of doing this. However I was thinking, could I not just install a prog like Norton Ghost 10.0, copy the C: image, save it as a partion on the server (making the partions be just another drive for each comp). If this is possible, then could I access these partions from a different comp (so as to image a new HD when one goes bad)? I know, it doesent make sense to me either, lol.
Please let me know if i am on the right track with this, and thanks in advance.


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I have put a image on through peer to peer and when the image finish copying to the disk on the master and it ask me to reset the computer, which i do. Windows trys to load but never actually loads and then it crashes. Do you think this could be a problem with my image?

1) I use peer to peer to transfer the image from a server to the computer
2) i created a bootdisk with a static ip as dhcp doesn't seem to work when i try it
3) peer to peer>tcp/ip> master (the comp i want to format)
4) disk>from image>(image name)

is there anything i am doing wrong?

please help
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How do I change the look to classic look, please?

A:Solved: server 2003

Right-click on an empty area of the Taskbar and choose Properties. From the box that pops up click the "Start Menu" tab and then select Classic View from there before clicking OK to confirm your choice.
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I have upped a machine to Windows Server as I acquired it and have one simple question I use this as a workstation and server had to enable acceleration audio video etc I have another machine with ten user accounts whose documents are stored on this machine In the past A user would log on Solved: Pro XP Server 2003 and there and a visible batch script would run mapping printers and drives via VB scripts The J drive would always be documents and on Solved: Server 2003 and XP Pro every account it mapped to a different share The problem with that setup was that the user had to maintain an identical password on this machine and the other to maintain access to the network drives thus if they changed the password on only one it wouldn t affect this and the script would give them authentication errors thus giving them no printer or document access In upping this to Server I had hoped Solved: Server 2003 and XP Pro to be able to store the user accounts documents at the least on this server then have them log into the account on it from the other machine so that when they changed a password it would change Solved: Server 2003 and XP Pro on both the server and that machine Almost like a domain environment with AD but I have no domain so I can t use AD Any ideas Thanks nbsp

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Before one is able to install users on server 2003, you have to uncheck some feature. I forget where that feature is but it's there for added security. Can someone tell me where that feature is and what is unchecked. I appreciate the help.

Thank you.

I believe it's under group policy somewhere.

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I monitor the server in my office. I do not have any protection than an AVG server security. Lately I have noticed the mouse cusor move when I am not even close to the mouse, keyboard or server. Its in my office and I can see the screen, somtimes some of the icons highlite. I am afraid that someone is accessing my server, can someone give me a piece of advice how to check if someone is in, how to protect or what protection to buy???

Thank you very much

A:Solved: server windows 2003

Run the "netstat -an" command and see what machines the server is talking to. If your sever is meant for local LAN use, you should only see connections to ip addresses inside your LAN range. If you see some internet ip addresses, then verify that they aren't Microsoft or your time server. If after all this you still have some foreign ip addresses connecting, then you start to worry.

Also note the ports that says LISTENING, and check to see if you know what those programs are.
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I have some windows server 2003, most of them can be accessed via UNC \\<computer-ip> from clients of XP, Vista, Windows 7, except one can't be accessed from Vista/Windows 7. I keep getting the error messasge "The specified network password is not correct".

Any advice is highly appreciated.

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Question to the collective genius of TSG I have had some intermittent problems with internet access from the Server and using Hamachi I have NIC cards in the server with different Solved: a 2003 Dual on NIC Win Server subnets Only Solved: Dual NIC on a Server Win 2003 has a DNS server and can access the internet Solved: Dual NIC on a Server Win 2003 The other connection is LAN WAN only Seems that from the Server internet traffic DNS is being sent to this nd connections NIC X Subnet Gateway DNS is working HERE NIC X Subnet Gateway NO available DNS here Can you all see if the following solution will work st Step From the Network Connections window select Advanced Go to the Advanced Settings option Then confirm that the network is the top or first on the network list nd Step Then from the network go to the TCP IP properties then select Advanced at the bottom On the DNS tab at the bottom of the page Uncheck Register this connection s addresses in DNS rd step may not be necessary From the General Tab When using the Following IP address take out the Default Gateway I m not sure about the third step I will be implementing this tomorrow so any advice would be appreciated nbsp

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I have a new install of Windows Server 2003 and have installed SQL server 2000 with sp4. I am having issues with some users when we try to use the Enterprise Manager. When they log in to the Enterprise Manager and go to Data Transformation Services to add a new package, a new window opens up and then the all program shuts down. This is only happening on a few users. They have full admin privileges on local server. Any ideas why this may be occurring?

A:Solved: SQL 2000 and Server 2003

Did a full reinstall of Windows Server and SQL and now all is working fine
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This probably isn't the correct forum but grateful for any help.

I'm looking to edit the Domain Information box that pops up as soon as someone logs on to my network domain. Not even sure what the actual Microsoft name is for it. I thought I could find it under Group Policy Management.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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I want to hook my printer up to my server so that I can print to it from any computer on my network. The problem is my printer does not have drivers for Server 2003 and the XP drivers, or any other OS version of the drivers, won't install for 2003. My printer is a HP Photosmart 7600. I don't care if the server can print to it or not, but I do want my laptops to be able to print to it. Anyone know of a way I can do this? I've thought about putting a wireless adapter onto the printer, but that would cost money, and I don't like to spend money


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i hope this is a simple question - can i change from winXP home to windows server 2003?
the reason for this is i wish to set-up my home pc as a server for my home network with 2 other laptops and a printer. is there a way to do this without change the OS?


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Hello i have just recived a new server with server on it i am wanting to use it as a game server for wolfenstein enemy territory but when i try and tart the game i get this issue GLW StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem Here is the console on start up ET win-x Sep ----- FS Solved: 2003 Server Issues Startup ----- Current search path C PROGRA WOLFEN etmain pak pk files C PROGRA WOLFEN etmain pak pk files C PROGRA WOLFEN etmain mp bin pk files C PROGRA WOLFEN etmain ---------------------- files in pk files execing default cfg couldn t exec language cfg couldn t exec autoexec cfg Hunk Clear reset the hunk ok detecting CPU found Intel Pentium III Bypassing CD checks ----- Client Initialization ----- ----- Initializing Renderer ---- ------------------------------- ----- Client Initialization Complete ----- ----- R Init ----- Initializing OpenGL subsystem initializing QGL calling LoadLibrary C WINDOWS system opengl dll succeeded setting mode FS using desktop display depth of calling CDS ok registered window class created email protected x Initializing OpenGL driver getting DC succeeded GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed failed to Solved: Server 2003 Issues find an appropriate Solved: Server 2003 Issues PIXELFORMAT restoring display settings WARNING could not set the given mode setting mode Solved: Server 2003 Issues FS using colorsbits of calling CDS ok created email protected x Initializing OpenGL driver getting DC succeeded GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed GLW ChoosePFD PFDs found GLW ChoosePFD failed failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT restoring display settings WARNING could not set the given mode shutting down QGL unloading OpenGL DLL assuming dfxvgl is a standalone driver initializing QGL WARNING missing Glide installation assuming no Dfx available shutting down QGL ----- CL Shutdown ----- RE Shutdown ----------------------- GLW StartOpenGL - could not load OpenGL subsystem The GFX card in the server is an ATI Radeon PCI nbsp

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can i make the images of my installed applications?

A:software imaging

Are you hoping to use these in case you need to reinstall the application? If so, the answer is no, because installation makes changes to the registry and it is these entries that you need to make the application run.
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I'm looking for the "best" imaging software. If I had my preferences they'd be: free (or cheap) and easy to use (shadow copy for example). A really "nice to have" - hardware independence (able to install on another machine even if not 100% the same machine, like a MB change).

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I have Ghost 2003 and while I have apparently made a successful image to my external drive and a successful integrity check, I want an imaging application that is a little more intuitive. Also, while it has been my experience that virtually all software support falls short, Symantic is in a league by itself.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

A:What is the best imaging software

I always used Ghost until I started working on a Netware network. Has always worked great for me. I still use it for my home network which includes my Linux servers.

I see alot of people recommending Acronis True Image.
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I've been a long time Norton Ghost user, but they still don't have a Win 8 compatible version. So I am looking into other brands. I've read some older threads here on the topic, I see Macrium comes up a lot, and I have used it a few times in the past, never on Win 8. I've used Acronis, but it has a bad record for reliability from the reading I've done on the Acronis forum and other places.

I've used the Win 7 imaging app. I don't really like the lack of flexibility and features. Especially when it comes to incremental backup.

What I need is an app that will do incremental images, that will backup and restore the MBR, and that is reliable.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


A:Need imaging software

For Windows 8, I purchased Paragon Backup and Restore 12 home. It has backed up and restored MBR as well as GPT with UEFI/SecureBoot enabled. I've created backups on 3 different machine types and have been able to restore on all 4.

It's $39 and you can build a Windows PE disc with the Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Kit (free download), and easily pack in any drivers you need. Unlike Acronis which requires the Plus Pack to build custom Windows PE, you can do it with just the $39 Paragon software.
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I'm interested in creating a complete image of my hard drive to an external USB drive. Eventually I would like to create images of 2 laptops to this external drive also. I've heard good things about both Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image. I know Acronis True Image is about $20 cheaper than Norton Ghost, but has a good price on Norton right now along with a $42 rebate. The cost is not the big issue. I'm more interested in a product that's going to work and be hassle-free as much as possible. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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I want to make an image of my Win 7 OS install. Already did it with Acronis True Image 2014, which saved it as a .tib file, but I recall having troubles using its cloning features some months back. I have some doubt that the .tib/Acronis will work if I need it. Is Macaroni Reflect a good alternative? Or is the built in image creator in Win 7 worth using? That can be helpful as no extra software is needed.

A:Best Imaging Software

I've used both Macrium Reflect and Clonezilla successfully.
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Whats the best 'Free' imaging software available for manipulating your digital photos to your desire?

One that is pretty straight forward & no need to read masses of information first & can be done quickly?

Any help is appreciated !!

A:Imaging software !!

Not sure if I understand your question photos

But if you need a good imaging software which is 'Free' try -

Irfan View
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I am looking for some imaging s/w so I can backup my PC and store it on an external HD. I prefer not to use Acronis. Can someone recommend some. Doesn't need to be free either.


A:Imaging software

This may be what you seek, Cobian Backup
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Doing some investigation for my dad who has a mac with snow leopard software.

Any suggestions on imaging software that work with a mac. That way, if his hard drive crashes he has his os and other programs on an external drive.

I found two-Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper, but both were free downloads which I am always hesitant to take advantage of do to possible viruses and malware issues.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:imaging software for mac

Go to the bottom of your page and click on REPORT Then ask to be moved to the apple forum You may get more help there . Thanks
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I am looking for some imaging s/w so I can backup my PC and store it on an external HD. I prefer not to use Acronis. Can someone recommend some. Doesn't need to be free either.


A:Imaging software

Hi bruinator.What OS are you using?I tested XXClone on XP a few weeks ago and worked well. It's also a freebie.Just make sure you duplicate the volume ID as some software uses it to function correctly.There is also the option of make the drive bootable in the "cool tools" menu.Not listed as Vista compatable though.
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Can anyone please let me know of any software that will allow me to image my servers... The servers have hardware RAID and i believe Ghost, etc does not support RAID configurations.

A:Imaging software

Server Magic from Powerquest would work but it's expensive.
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I work for an Audio Visual Rental company and I just started working in the computer department. We have an inventory of nearly a 100 computers going out frequently. Sometimes 2 or 3 a day, sometimes 50 a day. I am trying to look into options for imaging software as we image every computer every time it is rented. So looking for software that is easy to use. and able to image a lot of machine at once if needed. We do have a 16 port KVM switcher. I have heard of a few different types of software so just trying to look at my options. Although I don't have the specs we do have a new server to run it if needed. Any opinions would be appreciated and or suggestions would be appreciated.

Edit: For windows Xp

A:Imaging software

Norton Ghost (I use this one)
Acronis True Image (most users like this one, images and backup incrementally)
Acronis Migrate Easy (Just disk clone - quite good!)
Drive Image (Basically an alternative)
DriveImage XML (This one is free!)
MaxBlast (I haven't used this, but it's free)
pc-disk-clone(Home Edition: Up to 2GB/min, Pro Edition: Up to 7GB/min)

Imaging: Backs up your entire system, including Windows and data, plus your partition as well. The image can be stored on removable media, such as DVD. And usually takes under an hour (depending on size of image) to fully recover to a blank HardDrive.
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i am looking for any software that is capable of taking images of servers which are using RAID (hardware RAID). I thought initially of Ghost, but on checking their website, this does not work if server is configured using RAID... Any idea's
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I'm looking to streamline some company procedures, and would like to know if anyone can recommend a fax server for a small business.

Our service techs fax in their worksheets currently, so we end up with hard copies floating around the office. We're thinking that we can use a fax server to facilitate storing digital copies for better record keeping. I know small biz server 2003 has this capability, but I'm leary about installing a modem on my server (power surge more than security). And most of the server based apps cost more than I can justify spending.

So essentially what I'm looking for is a stand alone program for XP pro. Big plus if it can route traffic by the ID of the senders fax machine. Stability and a relatively simple user interface are also important.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Precision IT

A:Fax server recommendations

Ok,,,I'm looking for basically the same thing. I was using a client/server setup, but now most of our applications are web-based and we are going back to 5 workstations setup on a peer to peer network. All workstations are windows xp pro and we need to be able to share one fax modem to send and receive faxes. Any fax server software recommendations???
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Host OS Windows Server running on domain under NIC - server 2003 - virtual machine Solved: Active Directory Guest Virtual Machine OS Same The Host Machine and Host OS operate as expected and can interact with everything in the entire network including Other w k servers Domain Controllers XP PCs Linux servers Linux PCs However the Virtual Machine was created using - and runs within - MS Virtual Machine The VM thinks it s a stand-alone server It doesn t quot see quot the HP i gigabit Network Interface Cards NICs anything else in the network the proxy server internet gateway anything Solved: server 2003 - virtual machine - NIC on the host s hard drive The VM DOES see a non-existent NIC a generic Intel adapter the host machine s CD-ROM As an aside I have the same problem with a PC Host OS XP SP Guest Virtual Machine OS Ubuntu Linux That VM doesn t quot see quot the NIC and lives in its own dark cave In each case the VMs see all the other hardware - except the NICs and hard drives not internal to the VM How do I get the VM to acknowledge the NICs so that I can install the NIC drivers and open the VM s eyes to the rest of the Domain nbsp

A:Solved: server 2003 - virtual machine - NIC

That 'non-existent' NIC is a 'virtual' one running as a Device on the Virtual Machine.
I'm using Virtual PC 2003 but I think yours is similar.
Try setting the 1st virtual NIC to use each option in the drop-down list in the Settings window.
I think NAT will work but I'm not sure, I only have a small home network so am not familiar with your situation.
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Hello Am looking at configuring one of are Windows Servers as a Router I have as Router Solved: 2003 Server Windows gone though the basic set-up which was Start RRAS by going to Start All Programs Administrative Tools Routing and Remote Access Locate the server in the left-hand pane and right-click it Select Configure and Enable Routing And Remote Access from the shortcut menu This launches a wizard On the first step of the wizard select Custom Configuration and click Next On the Custom Configuration page in the wizard select the LAN Routing option Click Next and click Finish In the RRAS window right-click the server and select Properties On the General tab you ll see the Enable This Computer as a Router option Solved: Windows 2003 Server as Router selected along with the Perform LAN Routing Only option On the IP tab you ll see the Enable IP Routing option selected An yet I am still unable to connect to the other side The setup that is required is The main network which is x and on the other network is two routers which connect to a WAN the internal IP addresses are and a HSRP address of and the subnet mask of The routers are connected via a hub and the server with the RRAS is also connected to the hub I am able to ping the LAN but unable to ping the routers but if i disable the NIC connected to the LAN I am able to ping the routers then Any ideas what might be causing this Many Thanks Karl nbsp

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I am trying to do a full install of Windows Standard Server 2003 on a Intel-based server.
The server has a Promise Fast Track 100 Raid controller. This system previously had Windows 2000 Advanced Server on it with no issues. When i try to install Server 2003, I press F6 and load the proper drivers for the controller but then Setup comes up and says that it cannot find a hard disk. Yet, when I restart the system, it boots into Windows 2000 with no problem. I can delete and rebuild the RAID array so I know the hard disks are being recognized. I used WipeDisk to completely erase the drives.

I then tried to reinstall Windows 2000 again and am having the same issue that setup cannot find the hard disk. Any ideas why this may be occurring?

A:Solved: Problem installing Server 2003

its because you have a SATA hard drive....all windows os's before vista don't recognize these drives by default. There is a way to do it, by pressing F2 or F3 when prompted for a disk. I'm not completly sure as I've never done it before
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-rubbing bridge of nose- Ever had a situation that nothing in the universe that can go right does Well I m experiencing that right now I m building a small Unable (Server Solved: to to connect 2003) AD business network and I ve installed and configured my AD and DNS servers on my Virtual server that s going to be housing this great bunch of fun stuff I set my IP statically my Gateway and my Subnet mask I ve even set my DNS servers to the ones my company wants I Solved: Unable to connect to AD (Server 2003) went through to my DHCP server and made sure it s DNS servers are the same I went and added my first user account and my first computer to the network When I tried to add the computer to the network that I added this is the message I got The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location Solved: Unable to connect to AD (Server 2003) SRV resource record used to locate an Active Directory Domain Controller AD DC for domain quot THEFIVESTAR LOCAL quot The error was quot DNS name does not exist quot error code x B RCODE NAME ERROR The query was for the SRV record for ldap tcp dc msdcs THEFIVESTAR LOCAL Common causes of this error include the following - The DNS SRV records required to locate a AD DC for the domain are not registered in DNS These records are registered with a DNS server automatically when a AD DC is added to a domain They are updated by the AD DC at set intervals This computer is configured to use DNS servers with the following IP addresses - One or more of the following zones do not include delegation to its child zone THEFIVESTAR LOCAL LOCAL the root zone I m not sure what to do now I m at a loss because I m normally a Mac guy and they re determined to use this Archaic software Anyone wanna take a stab in the dark and tell me what I m doing wrong nbsp

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Hiya All Hope I have this in the right forum We are in the process of upgrading our Exchange Server With that in mind I m looking for some Server 2003 2007 vs Solved: Exchange input as Solved: Exchange Server 2003 vs 2007 to which would be better - or Currently we have Exchange and the database is reaching capacity hopefully we can keep lower than capacity until last qtr this yr or first of next so the upgrade is needed AND we are also on a NT environment I am currently in the process of getting Windows Server R set up with Active Directory to meet that requirement I also know Exchange k requires the -bit hw sw Now we have approx employees here in this location - in this building - in the building half mile away and approx in Berkshire England This building here is where all the servers are housed We are connected to the building down the road via a T Wi-Fi and to Berkshire via T Any Pros Cons or reasons why we should or should not go to Exchange K that any of you can think of right now I m keeping the financial aspect out of the equation Thanks Ahead of Time nbsp

A:Solved: Exchange Server 2003 vs 2007

I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion on this. We recently tried to upgrade from exchange 2003 to 2007 and ran into some problems getting it to work, so we ended up sticking with 2003. I must say i did like the new look of 2007 owa.
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Hi there,

Even though I am an Administrator on the server, sometimes I create files or folder on a network drive and when trying to access them later (or immediately in some cases), I am getting an "Access Denied" box.

For example, I just created a folder, moved an item into it, then tried to rename the folder and was denied access.

Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Solved: Server 2003 forgetting permissions?

Maybe check the ownership?
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Hi all,
How do I administer SMTP Server on Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2?
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I am running into a problem with newly upgraded windows computers not being able to register DNS with our existing domain controller that is currently on server I am getting the following error The system failed to register host A or AAAA resource records RRs for network adapter with settings Adapter Name D F -B - -BE E- B FE A Host Name Primary Domain Suffix com DNS server list Sent update to server lt gt IP Address es The reason the system could not register these RRs was because of a security related problem The cause of this could be a your computer does not have permissions to register and update the specific DNS domain name set for this adapter or b there might have been a problem negotiating valid credentials with the DNS server during the processing of the update request You can manually retry DNS registration of the network adapter and its settings by typing ipconfig registerdns at the command prompt If problems still persist contact your DNS server or network systems administrator See event details for specific error code information I blanked out the computer name and domain name Any ideas Thanks nbsp

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Didn't see a server specific forum. What is the best way to do the following? I have an entry in active directory for a server that is no longer in use. I need to add a new server and need to use the same name as the no longer used machine in AD. So do I delete/reset/remove/etc...?

A:Solved: Active Directory Server 2003

If the server is no longer in use then you can safely and happily delete, then add the new one.
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the title pretty well much says it all thanks in advance

A:Solved: can you use tweakui autologin on server 2003?

Googling the topic brought up a few results. The answer is yes, but some people say you need TweakUI Version 1.3 and others say it needs 2.10.
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OK I m aware the title is a little vague but I couldn t put any more in without it being a hugely long title Basically I bought a new Server installing Problem 2003 Solved: laptop a few weeks ago with Vista Home Premium on it and although I m happy with it I want to dual-boot with Server yes Solved: Problem installing Server 2003 it s legitimate - Dreamspark software but the laptop has a SATA HD I didn t think this would be a problem but when I booted from the CD I was told that no hard drive was detected and setup won t go any further I ve checked the drivers CD that came with it and they appear to be on there but rather stupidly in a floppy format I m aware that you need to use a floppy to install third-party drivers in Server s setup phase but that s where I have the problem The laptop like virtually all out now has no floppy drive I m fairly sure if I wanted to I could get around this by purchasing a USB floppy drive and going that route but that s a bit much for something so simple Is there any other way around this I d really rather not splash out on a piece of hardware I ll use once or twice nbsp

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We just added a new domain controller and moved the shared folders from the old dc to the new dc. The old dc was on server 2000 and the new one is on server 2003. I have given proper access to all folders so the security should be fine. However employees are unable to access the Shared drive. If I go under the Sharing properties from the share and add Everyone, they get access, but this also allows them access to read all folders in this shared drive.
Not sure what extra setting I'm missing. Any help would be great.


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Not sure where to start with this. Ok, I have a 2003 server with IIS that host my website. It has two nic's installed in it. One is connected to my static DSL which hosts my website. The other nic is configured for my private network. Is there a way for me to setup routes so when on my private network I can get to this server but anything related to the website always uses the default route related to the web server? Currently I had to remove the default gateway of my private network because the website kept going down after a few days. I determined that gateway to be the problem when I went on it showed the wrong ip. Any help would be greatly appreicated.


A:Solved: Default route on 2003 server with two NIC's

You already have the proper setup. You don't need any routes if your connectivity on the private end is all on the same subnet. Traffic which stays in the same subnet is just layer 2 switched traffic.

One thing you need to factor terms of security. Be aware that you are exposing your private network to possible hacking as your web server can be used as the entry point into your private network.
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How much space will I need for Windows 2003 SB server? I tried 6 gig and I am getting message that not enough space to upgrade to R2. Thanks for any suggestions. (Dell 6300, 300 gig HD+)

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Okay guys, I have a problem. I have a server running Server 2003 but whoever set it up, set it up so the first partition for the OS is only 8GB and the second one for data is 66GB. I was trying to install adobe and I got a message saying that I only had 337mb of disk space in that partition left. So I cleared the page file and removed any software that was not needed but it was still not enough. Rather than reformat the server and fix the partitions, what other options do I have? Also if I do this does anyone know here the terminal service liscences are stored so I can write them down?

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Low gal on the totem pole at a new job so I have the oldest slowest machine And then another gal left and left behind a nice new fast machine I d like to swap machines but have no help at work other than someone carrying the unplugged machine I installed Norton Ghost v on my machine thinking I could make copy a disk image Imaging Disk Drive to the Local Server of my machine Disk Imaging Local Drive to the Server into my folder on the server unplug move machines and then restore the disk image to the new machine Norton is asking me for quot Domain quot quot User quot quot Password quot info I can browse to the path location where I want to put the disk image I don t use a password to log onto my machine and know the password for the server I ve tried filling in different info but am getting an error message I ll write down the specific message next time I try this at work I m familiar with individual pcs home network and using this program to back up make disk images of my own pcs but am not that familiar with more quot formal quot networks Can anyone explain these terms to me Or explain what info the program might be looking for I just don t get why it s not working when I can browse to the location for the image THANKS I appreciate your help LuniLadi nbsp

A:Disk Imaging Local Drive to the Server

Problem is, depending on the version of Windows you're using, the image from your old machine likely won't work on the new one. If it's Windows 2000 or XP, the two machines must have the same I/O chipset, or the image will bluescreen on the new hardware, and you'll need to at least do a repair install to get it working again (there are other workarounds that can be done before imaging, but they get somewhat involved). In the end, it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

If you're mostly worried about your work on the old machine, just take the drive from it and plug it into the new one as a secondary drive, so you can access and copy off your files.
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Hi, i need to image a harddrive of a computer and was wondering what the best way to do this is? any good programs to try?
many thanks


A:Harddrive imaging software

try macrium, it's free.
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Does anyone know of any imaging software which can back up large hard drives to a smaller image file, either onto a dvd or 2 or to a partition.

I would like this software to create bootable dvd/s containing the image.

This is basically to back up a system drive typically 500gigs with up to around 20gigs of files, & in case of system failure I would like to boot directly from the dvd/s or partition to fully restore the system.

I have used Ghost 12 in the past, but the compression does not seem to be high enough, It worked ok for Windows XP, But not Vista as it is a much larger operating system.

I have seen pc manufacturers restore discs which can do this, & some systems allow the user to create their own.
I have not been able to find any software like this which is commercially available.
Thanks for any replies


A:Imaging software with compression

This will compress to about 60>70% of the occupied space in any partition.
The trial DL is fully functional for 15 days.

Better price ..

It's best to put your personal data in another partition .. If you have many gigs of it ... then back it up separately.
You can also store the Image file in another partition .. preferably a physically different HD.

It will make a bootable CD that will run it in your computer .. once loaded into Ram.
then you can tell it which recovery Image to restore from.

I would not suggest trying to use a DVD for the Image .. an External HD is the best.

Here's some freebee's recommendations ...
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Hey all I've been using Macrium Reflect Free Edition for some Software Imaging Features time now to safeguard against catastrophic failure I'm considering getting a licensed version of either it or something like Acronis True Image that will support incremental Imaging Software Features backups As it stands now with the free version backups take many hours which would lead me to Imaging Software Features think the process is putting undue wear and tear on my backup drive I've also seen some free software that folks claim to be excellent Clonezilla comes to mind To get more to the point I'm noticing features listed in comparisons for various backup software packages some of which don't seem to be explained very well I've read a bit about 'Restoring to dissimilar hardware' features and the like but I'm wondering if all of that is really necessary or can you just implement a Windows recovery and get the same effect If anyone has any recommendation or would like to share their personal backup formula that would be appreciated Network backup would be helpful as well

A:Imaging Software Features

I don't know what you are backing up...but I find my backups using Macrium Reflect Free take minutes.  I just back up the Windows partition (which also reflects programs installed) and I don't include data files (I already have duplicate copies of all).
I keep it simple .
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I just bought a Canon S5 IS camera, which comes with imaging software.

I also have a HP PSC 1610 all-in-one printer, which has imaging software installed already.

Is there any problem with having both of these programs installed? Or should I remove one first before installing the other?

There is no other camera software on the computer at all. This is my first camera.


A:Canon & HP Imaging software

I have a HP Puter, HP camera, two Sonys and a HP AIO 1610xi

I have removed all but the basic 1610 scanner software and will not install any other camera software.

Instead .. I have installed the freeware Irfanview for all my Camera Viewing and basic Editing work ...
and it also runs my 1610 Scanner.

For any advanced image editing .. I would recommend Photoshop Elements 6.0

Not familiar with Canon .. but you could probably install it and use either HP Image Zone or Canon if you want.
But you don't need any Camera software to get your pics from the camera.
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Hey guys, i want to move a windows XP system to another hard drive. What disk imaging programs are available to me? Any free options beside having to buy norton ghost?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I love starting my day with a freebie so here goes, Look I know that Irfanview is a wonderful do it all program for your pictures, but just found out that Google bought Picasa Software and while I tried it when it cost $$ its even better now that its FREE! You can get it here at Picasa
So hope you can use it, good luck,

A:FREE Imaging Software!

Thanks, cooldep. The site looks great.
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Hello does anyone know of a good software that allows me to create and restore images of other PCs over a network. Also one that does not need a license for every computer that you image only the work station which will be holding images? Thanks.

A:Disk Imaging Software

Acronis and Ghost are the two I have used, Acronis is much easier to use. I don't know what the deal is with licenses, sorry - look up their sites and see what they say.
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hi guys,
i know about macrium reflect imaging software, what other free imaging/cloning software do you guys use and recommend ?????

thanks for your time, bluesfloyd

A:imaging/cloning software

Clonezilla, Acronis and EaseUS todo free.
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This is my first time to post a question so bear with me please. The problem I'm having is with HP Software that came with a PSC 2210 All-In-One. My OS is Windows ME, Pentium II processor, 233 Mhz. I have tried several times to get help from the HP technicians but they can't help me so I'm hoping you can. When I installed the software, it all installed but one program (Memories Disc) won't open. When I click on the icon, the screen just flashes and nothing else. I've uninstalled and installed the software so many times I've lost count. I can't think of anything else to tell you about it so I'll just say, please help. Thanks.

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is there any free disk imaging software to create backups of my hard disk?

i heard about things like Goback and Northon Ghost, but i think neither of them is free ware.

Any recommendations?

A:Imaging software ? (HD backup)
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I now use MS Digital Imaging for correcting my photos, (red eye, croping, exposure settings, Light balancing, etc).

Can you recommend a good software package to do the same. MS does not have a new version of mine, they don't make it any longer.


I need many functions, since I make DVD's from these photos.

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I'm looking into creating an image my computer but before I began, I was wondering if anyone had any recommended software to do this with. Thank much.

A:Recomended Imaging Software?

Are your system specs correct in saying you are using XP?

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you can use the built-in backup program. See this tutorial:

If you're not using Vista or 7, look at Acronis or Macrium Reflect.